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We do want to turn our attention to German football. It's been a fairly sensational level of achievement by various German managers in recent seasons and this year is no different with three out of the four managers and the semifinals ending up being from Germany as well. I'm delighted to say we've got Christian Falk with us. He's head of football at Build Christian. Good morning to you. How are you? Good morning and stable and strong and tell me, how did it come to pass that the current crop of German managers are absolutely sensational and conquering the world with these?


I know now there are three in it, but, you know, these are special coaches. I think not that the education itself we're watching for a long time now, Kessman, is very, very, very young manager. You know, he was nearly by a Munich coach a few years ago. So they're very special. And so sometimes you're lucky and you have this generation and now we are watching what they do in Europe. Somebody recently was crediting the turnaround in old German football fortunes to Euro 2000 and the decision afterwards to focus on culture is a significant change in style of play, how you train people and to get the people to get a critical mass of people who are going to go out and implement those plans.


You need to invest heavily in coaching. And what we're seeing is the generation come along after that to have not necessarily had a stellar playing career. This isn't long term. For example, this isn't really Voller that you're turning to. It's like players, people who understand the game, but who are more curious about it because they weren't actually geniuses themselves. Yes, but I think sometimes you have to to work a little bit more if you have this career like a lot of Matteo's.


I think he was a very, very good coach in foreign countries, but he had always problems in Germany. But you see back, you remember he was our captain from our biannually team in 2001. He tried to get into this coach shop directly. And I think that's not often a good idea because they know think always they know best, but you have to learn it. And I think once you flick the coach off by Munich is a very, very good example because you started very, very low and was getting first assistant.


He was sporting director of the FBI, the German Football Association, where he worked with youth talents. And I think if you go step by step, this is the right way. And the organization is another example. But he is very young. But he started also when he was a youth coach and the big chance he had was from Torkel, who said you has to be coach in future. So I think this is the secret of this generation because, you know, everybody has a different age.


So you can't say this is just going to school at the German Football Association. I think it's the best to do it in the youth leagues like Klaus is doing at night by Munich. I think this is the right way. And remember, the sports closer, I think will be a very, very good coach to in future.


That's because obviously he's got an incredible pedigree as a player as well. So is he earmarked as a successor immediately after a flicker? How long does he have to wait before he can actually step up to the senior job? I don't know if that's his plan, because, you know, it was very interesting because he was coaching the Youth 17 and then they wanted to give him directly the chop uniting coach. He said, no, no, I want to stay here.


I start a little bit slow. So I'm not sure if he would have the chance. I don't I don't think he has it very, very early because he is doing a very, very good job at the moment. But I think he didn't sign up everywhere, very contracted by a Munich to do the next step, perhaps at a club, which is not so big. But, you know, it happens often. A coach getting fired like coach and the assistant coach has to do it for a few weeks and then they see that it's doing good like flic.


And then he's the head coach. You never know.


Yeah, he's on the verge of winning a Champion's League at this point, which would be, you know, not bad. Yeah, yeah, but we know for a long time he was our assistant coach, when we get the world champion, you know, a lot of players, he knows what a bowler can be, what a Boateng can defend. And, you know, it sounds a little crazy, but he's also a man catcher like like a lot.


But he's a very quiet man. Catcher is doing it in a different way. But he is remembering it. Sure that he is very, very good. Murka, the background, his know how to talk with people. I think it was such a German Furguson, so sleekest, a little bit kind of discount. And so you can be a man catcher in different ways, you see. Yeah.


I mean it's not a bad pedigree to have, not a bad combination of different characters. It's not just German coaches that are riding high at the moment. Obviously, some of your best young talent have become some of the most sought after players. Young players in the world, and particularly the Premier League is very interested in a couple of players. You a big breaking story overnight that talks for cohabits are at an advanced age and you expect him to become the most expensive German player of all time.


Yes, it's true, and they did a little bit longer because they played Euroleague and I think Chelsea don't want to pay one million euros, but Leverkusen says they have to. So now they're talking. But we know that Hobbit's talked already with the club and said, let me do this step. And you had the promise from the club, even in the last year, that when such an offer is coming to the club, they will help him, that he can do this step.


So at the moment, there's a difference between two eighty or one hundred million euros. I think the offer at the moment of Chelsea is sixty five million plus fifty million. So Liverpool is still one hundred. But I think they will find a solution with X on so they can meet at a good part. And I think it will happened very early because the training starts at Liverpool and I think in one week on a few days. So it's going further and further.


I think it will happen.


Quick question. There's a chance that Chelsea will be playing in front three of two Germans and three former Bundesliga products in attack with Pulisic Ferner and have our next season. How terrifying a prospect is that? And I'm particularly interested in how you think Verner and Harverson play together. I think this is very, very interesting, you know, to that when I was first thinking of going to Liverpool, Harvard said the idea of going going to Real Madrid to Barcelona.


But I think it's the right step for this for its players because they're young. They didn't play on top top level Champions League final final. So they have to educate. And I think it's a very, very interesting moment to go now to Chelsea. And they have the chance to build a new team. And they're at the first moment important for this team. That wouldn't be at Liverpool. The club get the idea to bring a slowly in. So I think they're directly Lidice.


And I think this is very, very important for education. And I'm looking forward to what Chelsea will be and perhaps one or two years international. It seems that they can go right to the top with that attack, doesn't ask like the question maybe is around Frank Lampard and if he can grow as a manager with them or Roman Abramovich is going to get frustrated with the steps that need to be taken, because we've seen that in the past. He wants success here and now, especially when he is spending big money like that.


So the question really is question, how long will it take for that front three to be on the level of ad that the buyer and attacker to Paris and German attack at the moment? You know, Ranna wanted to go to Munich a year ago, so I think at this time he wasn't that player he is now. It was I'm a little bit sorry that he didn't play yesterday in the final because I think he would be a puzzle which which Leipzig needed to go around further.


So. So you saw how important he is already. So I think he will work immediately at Chelsea and Hobbit's. He's a brilliant player. He can be everywhere on the pitch, but I think to be a leader, he needs one or two years more. So I think they should give him the time. But I think nobody expected that they would win the championship next year already. But they have to play a role and they have to play a role in Europe.


And you see what what is possible when you saw Leipzig in the final or I understood the year before. So I think Chelsea is the next team on this level, which can be the next big thing. But winning a title, perhaps they should give them two years and not one from imploding.


Demiraj the incredible new album from The Killers. Featuring the hit singles Caution and My Own Soul's Warning. That killers imploding the mirage and now could I ask you about Jaidyn Sanjo then, because it's been a very interesting few weeks where it seemed almost like a done deal, that he was going to go to Manchester United. But actually it was just really personal terms that have been agreed and the clubs hadn't agreed on a fee whatsoever. Do you fully believe at this point now that Sanjo was going to play another season that Dawkins'?


I think the transfer window is still open until October, so things can happen, but I think the point was that, you know, the clubs in England are very, very rich. And when they get four players in Germany, they always think they get them, but don't want us doing a next step in the education step, which by Medika seven years ago, to be no longer a club, to be a buyer club. So they are now in the position to say no if.


They pay the price. Manchester United. I think they will sell essential, of course, but they are not in the situation that they have to sell him. And so if they don't pay the one hundred and twenty million euros and they don't sell him this early next year, next year, there's no guarantee they extend the contract one year more secretly. And no, it's a new situation. And then just the United, I think, belief that it could happen that they say, no, 80 millions are not enough or 90 millions is not enough.


So if they pay the price, it will happen. But if they don't pay it, so they have to wait a year longer. So Central think is not a player like the Mbalo, which will strike and he's fine at the moment at Dortmund because there is also a big chance. You know, if you see the clubs I was talking with Everychild and he he said at the moment, Dortmund is as big as Manchester United. So why should he go this year when he can go so next year?


I'm not sure what will happen because just Manchester United can say how much money they like to invest. But I think it's not about the money.


But that's an interesting point that you may question, that this is kind of a changing of the power struggle in European football that Perusia Dortmund now feel. We don't need Manchester United money. We're ready to hold onto our stars and challenge our political titans. Yes, so I think that's also very important, the Bundesliga, because they're in the last year, it was just by Munich, which always can play a big role in Europe, but you know what I mean?


Because eight years in a row champion in Germany, and that's not a good education for the league. So they still have something to happen to them. Well, our former president said that it's not OK, that they don't always sell the players because they need rivals in the league. So I think now it's the point. Well, Dortmund wants to win titles again. So that's a better situation for Manchester United at the moment to make it.


If there has been comments from memory chat about Manchester United not being that Dortmund are as big a club as Manchester United at the moment. What do you think he would say about Liverpool? Is there a feeling in Germany that Liverpool are a step above Manchester United and as a result, Thiago won't be able to avoid the flirtatious eyes from Liverpool Football Club over the next little while? A JAG always is a different situation, you know, he's playing now since seven years and boy, I'm unique and he wants to do the next step.


That was really surprising for boy Mónica. He had a contract he just had to sign. The money was OK for him, the years work for him. But I think it's a very, very special person. I know when he arrived to buy Munich Unique, he wanted to go there to be the next Messiah or the next Renaldo. But seven years later, he's a brilliant player, international top player. But at Biem Unique, he's not the face of this team.


And you saw that when he was in the play also, Maribelle. So perhaps he now is trying to do a step in a new team that he can show what he can and to do a last big step in his already career. But he's now twenty nine, I think, and thirty millions of BiOM unique ones for him because he's a good player. And I'm not sure if Liverpool at the moment likes to pay the price. Klopp wants him definitely, but also wanted to.


I didn't get him because of money, so I think it will happen that he would go to Liverpool. But at least like Sancerre, it's a question of money. Christine, one last one last question about the general power of German teams, it seems, as you said already, the Premier League have so much money, it's difficult to resist when they come calling. And yet we see that the best talent in Europe is clearly in the Bundesliga. The best young players there are there are loads of players at that 30 million level, some of the 50 million.


And now we're seeing some at the hundred and hundred and twenty million. Obviously, the talent scouting and their ability to turn players from other leagues into superstars is the best in Europe at the moment. Yes, that's perhaps true, but I think it's also the thing that we are not the biggest leak in Europe and the policy that they have a chance to play here, you know, and we have very, very good clubs which play a very good role in Europe.


That's why two teams are now in the Champions League final. But in Germany, they get the chance to play. And that's a big thing at the moment for four young players, Sancha was a perfect commercial for Bundesliga. So now players are coming here because they see, oh, here I can play and I play not just somewhere in the league. I play directly Champions League, and then I can do the next step. So Holland was saying no to Manchester United and saying yes to Dortmund not well, I think normally would join United because he will be there in a few years, I'm sure.


But you see at the moment the best to play here. You have full stadiums. Normally when there's no Caronna, you have good clubs, a good competition. And if a. The FDA is a package which not everyone the Premier League can give because so many superstars already there and they can pay the price for them. So I think this is a good chance for the Bundesliga, but it's also good for the Premier League because you get a very good educated place.


Yeah, for sure.


Christine, great to have you on. Thanks so much for being so generous with your time. It was a pleasure to meet with Christian Faulkner, the football editor of Bild OTB. Good morning to you.


How are you? Yeah, I'm good. Did you enjoy last night? I did, yeah. It was a decent game of football. Obviously, the better side. It may be a little bit disappointed. Featherbed, sorry for Leipzig, probably similar to a couple other games that I've watched on of the Atlantic. And it just felt when the moment arrived, they didn't quite find the right game. So what we love the best when when it really mattered one or two of the players and not quite at the top of the form and the teams so far.


So I think without a doubt, the best team went on the night.


Yeah, it's funny, isn't it, that the way this tournament is set up, you kind of felt like you would have played yourself into your best form to get to semi finals, but that obviously wasn't the case. Yeah, that's what would would have been a one off game, Jemmett, the two of you can kind of know you play it maybe 70, 80 percent capacity in the first leg or go down at the end of the war. You can easily turn things around.


But what if a game such as these, you've got to be close to, ah, you've got to be close to your best. You need most of the players kind of functioning within the team and in our possession of the football. And that wasn't quite the case where you said I'm a big fan of resets the table. Now, you got no problem with the kind of small tactical changes he made clear, went to a platform ukulele and came into the game today with the threads and back and actually started walking where he's a great athlete.


Ukulele. I thought he did well against OMGPOP to the extent that they shifted over to the other wing in the in the first half. But they were a little bit unbalanced. Apart from that, LeMelle was playing as of the right side of midfield that he's predominately essentially midfield player and pose and kind of and them postpone it again. He's probably a little bit short at the highest level in terms of quality for a number nine unconquered. He's quite a good player, very kind of dynamic player off the left.


I thought he did very poor. Even so, yeah. A couple pasture's didn't really focus in on the Asian and they just couldn't it just wasn't enough against a really solid and that a solid PSG team without obviously that court edge players across the front line. That was enough.


It was kind of a contrast to the quarter final performances where, I don't know, I didn't speak to you. Immediately after the quarterfinal, Pakistanis beat Atlanta in stoppage time. Maybe you felt like they were the better team and that was an inevitability that was actually always common. The goal was just happened to come late in the game. But that was clearly something that has given us some sense of psychic freedom to go out and perform to their best level because they weren't amazing in the quarterfinal.


But now they're performing at a level that's like 10 percent, 15 percent. There has been a confidence dividend, I suppose, to the point I'm trying to make.


Yeah, I think you're think confidence has been built upon every victory. And I got the whims of Paul. And you're absolutely right. I don't agree with you in terms of the goal was Kuhlmann. I think Atlanta let them off the hook. I'm a big fan of Atlanta, probably similar to Leipzig. Didn't feel as if we saw the best of them, but actually thought they they they didn't do enough. Obviously, they lost the game. But I just felt I was frustrated with the game because I think they just need to make a couple of tactical changes.


They want to go ahead. And they came on the second half. They never changed anything. Atlanta and they play with three and a half and two wing backs. I want to baby comes on the page and isolates himself and only be one situation against you when you go back three. You have to react to that. You have to get people around them and play to be one against them. But you can't keep sending your fullback Hoti Barel high up the page, I think was tolerate the time they gave them one by one situation is what unbaptized.


So I thought a lot and missed a trick. Just not making a small tactical change in terms of just getting people around like doubling up on. And because he turned that game four in the second half, they couldn't deal with him, but they couldn't. They would have because they prepared to leave and won't be one situations with Atlanta Defender. So I thought actually let that pass you off the hook a little bit. But they took advantage of the game.


And you're right, your confidence is built within the team. And I'm impressed with what I'm saying, because I look at that center midfield edge and it's kind of I say functional. Sergei Herera and Markwayne US, who's played by majorities, is said to have for most of his time at PSG, played the previous game. Paradies came in last night. He's more of a technician, but those three players, they they don't leave the center of the page.


I mean, they just don't leave that area. They stay beyond the ball. They hold their positions. They keep a good defensive discipline. And really, the letter from three get on with it. It just there really to say there from three and follow the two fullbacks and occasionally get forward. And I don't even take the two fullbacks carefully. He's never impressed me as an attacking fullback. It doesn't look, he's not the most productive when he gets into the opposition.


Half the pitch think he's a reasonably solid defender. So this isn't a team that you look at. You think, wow, top class footballers all over the page. You look at the two and a half, I think they're rock solid. The partnership with Can Bambang Sylvette. How many times can we say that? Look, that's up and top the club teams. You can say that at Manchester City on a number of the other top teams in terms of the top class defensively rock solid combination.


PSG have that and that's that's served them well. That's been the bedrock of their success to made up. That said, have a combination of sale, probably has the legs, as he had in his probably vastly experienced, very clever defender and can bend you, has the athleticism, you know, very kind of aggressive defender alongside him and that kind of solid spine to the same that midfield should have spoken about. That's kind of been the rock and all the talks about from three and Neymar sets it.


But that's been the key for me to do. You want to win and actually people in Munich that does point out the fans have supported the team is going to be absolutely because it's too easy to make a comparison between how Paris and Germany set up and how Liverpool set up. Just given the influence of the fullbacks, given that midfielder often don't tend to grab the headlines and it's all about enabling a star studded country. Yeah, yeah, I think there's a slight comparison in relation to the front train said to call in terms of the quality that they have across the front line.


They'll think the balance is perfect, I think, to go from three in terms of how they interact, the combination played a lot more fluid. Possibly then I'm not exactly sure of knowing my essentially and Bobby and Maria, I mean, they function, don't get me wrong. They have BOP in particular, always looking for each other. But for me to kind of the front three Liverpool for dropping in and the movement, either two in the same is is probably better.


I don't think there's much of a comparison with the full Beckstead, to be honest, which makes it OK and the right back position. Not a big fan of him going forward. I think Thomas Mutya is actually the better attacking fullback who's been there for a lot the past couple of years, and that's a really solid ready to play. He's obviously a bit more productive going forward. Got himself a clever little goal last night. So small compared to his own in terms of the the front three.


But that's how much the fullbacks, I think probably PSG more dependent on those from three and obviously in particular for me is the one a lot of talk about Neymar can go overboard to be on the switch. And Samms is so many miles from the final product products been offered really in terms of his finishing, but taking responsibility look to get on the ball maybe and make things happen. Some good individual play won't be one situations that catches your eye. Absolutely.


But it's always the defender unbaptized. What absolutely terrifies me, I was watching him last night was made about half a dozen rolls in the first half lads in behind. He never got the ball once. I just saw of the call to the TV screen because obviously the cameras follow the ball and sometimes you can't see those runs from forward players that they're already commercial. But I caught him a number of times just to stand in off the centre house, just look at disinterested and just suddenly sprint in behind and the ball never rolling.


The defenders never saw it, never anticipated, and that anybody with the ability to pick a pass over over the top, Mark Twain, this really is that type of player. And this area is is probably the only one. But they haven't got to look for those players who can actually pick those rulings. But he's the one who can kill you because he's always looking to go in behind into the air to pitch what he knows he can. He can do the most damage, Sombat, by families that wanted to get him on the ball sufficiently and in the areas.


And he gets into reality is he doesn't indulge himself like Neymar coming to date DeBerry's to get it off centre half. So he stays on the page and the at a place where he knows he can hold teams.


How do you approach again, Kenny, if you're in a defensive unit that can identify one talisman, but then all of a sudden numberplates, all of it now and you've got two pairs of unbelievably high quality to deal with that. Does it complicate things as a defensive unit? And how do you deal with the double challenge that you face? You have to deal with it, what you have to end up being professional, really, if you don't do it.


That's what I was disappointed with Atlanta when she made the change in and come out pretty much left wing. They didn't react to it. There was no solution to the managerially we made. We need to make a little change in how it changes shape. We just need to modify our approach a little bit. We have to get our right wing back in a more defensive position. We have to kind of nullify the space in which they operate, operates.


We've got to kind of suffocate the best that we can. There was no there was no reaction from Atlanta for this game. So I'm sure and I'd be looking at this game, keep it very hard on. We all know they caught it. They press all I have to page and I'm really solid. I'm going to press and they want to be dominate possession and get their forward attacking players on the ball. But they'll be absolutely foolish if that happened.


And having conversations about and Bobby in particular and his ability on the on the counterattack on that holy line in particular, the weakness in the bowling team is down. The right hand side is the presence of both. That defense is not the most. After that, he's not the quickest undertone. Chemical probably plays a right back is responsible. It may be to deal with. And by the way, to an extent, that is a very talented player footballer.


But again, he's not ridiculously quick off the mark. So that's the of the page board are going to have to give a lot of considerate consideration to even a main tweak in that. That whole line is, look, we squeeze as high and if we do squeeze, we've got to prepare to drop quickly into the space. Webapp is going to have the ball. He's going to have it into his feet. Right. Kimmage can go and press where we can show him on the inside where the legs have a holding midfielder Thiago, be coming across both Boateng.


So get that bit of a suffocating effect around them that the pitch we can't begin to squeeze into the halfway line like we've seen previously, even against Barcelona and allowing the likes of Neymar to drop the toe and and just play those little balls in behind Boateng. I mean, they're going to get absolutely they're going to open them up. So I can't believe they're going to be that foolish, boring. And it's interesting, James, nowadays is kind of fearlessly which they have high pressure squeeze the halfway line, etc, etc.


That's all well and good. But you can't do it every time. At times you've got to assess to see each individual situation and react to it. And if you doubt at this high level against this quality of opposition in terms of empathy, in particular, how they can kill you on the counterattack, you're really asking for trouble. So this is a very dangerous game for Borromeo, and I love the setup with its aim. The other favourites for the competition, browny favourites for me, if it's a if they play it smart against PSG, if the gung ho approach were the best, it went to show you how good we are in this game.


We're not camuti that the opposition let them worry about that type of attitude. It just doesn't work at this level. You have to factor in the set and individual qualities of the opposition players who can actually take the game away from it. You're obviously completely writing off the tonight. There's need to even kind of clarify that. But it's very interesting what you're saying there by Munich, Bayern Munich, not incredibly impressive. Have they not been incredibly impressive because of that high line and is then abandoning that ultimately going to lead to their own downfall, even if it might be the safe play?


This one that I know? Well, the thing is, you don't abandon it. You pick and choose your moments. It's not so much actually keeping a high line. It's when you when you drop off the high line, you squeeze and you squeeze and you squeeze the pace and try and keep it as intense as possible. That's all good. But when the picture changes in front of you and I'm talking about the Manchester City, a game hatred or even against layoff when they squeezed to the halfway line.


And you look up and you see the opposition player who's manufactured a position where he's got time on the ball as head. So there's no pressure on the ball. That's the trigger them to drop. So you keep you squeezing, you squeeze and you keep the whole line. But when the picture changes quickly, then you have to make it. You've got to drop you've got to drop into the space. That's where the danger is. Manchester City didn't do it at theatre.


Even La Porte didn't have his hand in the air, allowing him to run into the space. It was the wrong decision to make was the wrong. So it was the wrong decision, not the not nothing to squeeze in, keep the hole to get a hole line, but actually keep the highlight. That was the wrong decision not to squeeze and get the hold, but actually keep the highlight. They should be dropping. Every situation is difficult pressure on the ball.


The man hasn't got time to make that pass over the top. Absolutely squeeze. Get that high line and keep that high line. Wants to pick the picture changes and the opposition players time to make that penetrate. Try and pass and be all you got. Runners are really quick. We can be was the example and do to do it. Or even then you have to make allowances for that. You have to modify your approach ever, ever so slowly.


It doesn't have to be one of the other areas of grey, and that's where individuals have to take responsibility. So bartal have to factor that and they'll have to factor in against the layoff because look at that and combine that. That's why he's into team ahead of them, because he has the ability to make those times those runs. Beyond that, he's very quick. To saved Boy Meyrick, make small modifications for the game against Leon. So Leon are kind of the perfect warm up act for Sunday from Byron's perspective.


Like you are saying, Biron going to win tonight?


I do fancy to win, but that's only the small cavity. That's only small caveat I have. If they totally dismiss the opposition and say, no, we're going to play, we're going to play football, we have the bubble. We haven't got we're going to press or we're going to get to the floor. We're going to keep that oil line. I don't care what's happening in front of us. Which opposition player has the ball if he's under pressure now, we don't care.


We want to keep this highlight. I think, you know what? You can have the arrogance a little bit, if you like. He got defenders who are ridiculously quick on the recovery and funnily enough, down there last time. So they probably have that with Alfonso Davis not going to get anybody quicker. Lob it is ridiculously quick. So I'm actually an opposition player gets a yard to want the men behind the fair chance to get back to that quick.


The principle is wrong and what they're doing, but they're probably banking themselves and their speed on the recovery to get them out of jail. Isn't that isn't the case on the other side of the page with the bow tie is a little bit more clunky on the tone. And if he doesn't get it right, there's no way he's his feet recovering and making up ground on the likes of it and can be so LABADIE interest for me. If they make allowances for that, I think they have to do because we've seen already we shouldn't underestimate this team.


I like the way they said, OK, I like the defensive setup as the team. And not too many of these teams around the world hold the bulk of our possessions, sit in deep. So pressure, I have the confidence to soak up pressure because they have chosen their defensive and settled in particular cross the defensive line and obviously the ability to counterattack teams. They'll do that to say to the guys born, OK, so enjoy the game.


Thanks a million dollars. That's kind of coming. I'm going to some thoughts on last night's Champions League semi-final and tonight's Champions League semi-final. The twenty one minutes past 9:00 this morning. Oh, TBM is live in association with Gillette. Good morning. Start with Gillette giving you the confidence to tackle the day ahead.


Are you also writing them off tonight?


I, uh, I think that it's going to be an extremely tough task for them, not writing them off completely. Obviously, what they did to Manchester City at the weekend is probably to sort of if you want to see an end game against Bayern Munich at the moment. And he does raise a few concerns, certainly of it's driven by Munich in the final. And tonight, I think it's probably going to be one of our UEFA Champions League nights in our back.


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I kind of want to see Sunjammer against Parmelia in the final. Now it's reached that point where it's like, well, let's see what happens. Well, but I like that there's no question about it at this point, you want to see Paris Benjaman, you don't want to see them whenas full stop, I think I think I speak for a lot of people in the US and then coming up against Leon, I think their familiarity and they just feel this is it'll be like a thumb crossing and if they go in and send it out with that sort of confidence.


So this is absolutely what we want to romba against and we want to see what nimar about can do against the cream of the crop and Bayern Munich, pound for pound, possibly the best team in Europe at the moment, maybe just usurping Liverpool over the last few weeks, especially after the Barcelona performance. It's very hard to argue against that at the moment. So we'll see what happens when they come up against two genuine superstars in the OTB.


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