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This is OTV a.m. This little girl team are going to close to a league title. Fair enough. That's a great achievement. But that man United team where an all time great because they weren't playing very well early in the season. Does everything have to happen in the same period of time, though? And you cannot have those elements on that team in the Champions League. That's got to be the you this year. But but not if they're to equal Manchester United travel season.


They have to win at least the Champions League in the league. Right. And you could say that by not winning a cup, if they don't want to go, then they're not sars-cov-2 season at all and say we want to travel. Did you want to travel? No.


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And this is OTB Sports Radio.


Delighted to say. We're joined by Kenny Cunningham to discuss the match last night. Kenny, how are you getting on? A lot to argued that is this type of candidate, I suspect you really enjoyed last night. They're not necessarily alone, I must admit, I'm guessing you're alluding to the fact I enjoy a good defensive encounter to change to a set of well, defensively to be able to do that. I didn't necessarily think that was the case last night.


I thought at times it was actually a poor quality game, kind of from attacking and a defensive point of view. The game was very fragmented, wasn't a natural kind of rhythm to the game. A lot of individual errors. I got a misplaced pass on a poor decision making, probably the occasion, I'd suggest maybe go to a number of the players and the took the game an awful long time. Maybe it was a two day second half when you felt as if there was a bit of a game on for a pretty short period of time.


But either side of that, I thought the game was kind of very kind of fragmented, littered with mistakes.


But obviously, as with every game, regardless of the quality, some key moments in the game and times which decided the outcome, there was always a possibility that Bayern Munich were after hammering Barcelona in two rounds, going to the Leon game was just a little bit of a up for the final. They could have come out of the blocks last night roaring didn't happen. And that might be one of the biggest regrets of Paris and German might have going into this off season was that they had Bayern Munich on a day where they actually weren't Grace.


You're absolutely right. I think you're right. We're looking for that quick spat, if we've seen a lot from a bar and, you know, high energy levels, kind of high pressure, not wanting attack, that didn't really happen. So they almost invited CSJ into the game, which is kind of what happened. PSG were probably wouldn't say the dominant team as the forest have progressed, but they kind of got into the ascendancy and in that period had some huge moments in terms of getting in the open go.


I'm thinking about that expertise. The situation on the edge of the box early on didn't quite make the best of them. Try to reverse passer by now for me, when he should have been looking to get on his right foot and shoot and just didn't make the best of a few situations, then, of course, was a big chance for Neymar is actually a double chance when he was sliding and he had the shot with the left for which Noya saved.


It was one after that from me, which is actually the bigger chance. All you have to do was square the ball today, Maria, and it would have put the ball into an open goal and steady yellowwood. No, just a, you know, extend his left leg and kick it away. And then, of course, there was the unbaptized not not long after that when they dispossessed Alaba in the box. So they would have big moments.


Obviously, I genuinely think if they had to cut their noses and throw and that's exactly there was a fair chance they probably would have gone on. They would have decided to go on and win the game because they had the structure. The team has kind of settled the court to protect the lead. We've spoken had could have been defensively positioned to midfield three back for that the shape of and of the penalty box really well. But they really would have been settled down with that one.


They laid the play that corner counterattacking football, which they which they like to do. And it would have been a difficult road back before and the way they were playing after that. But of course, they didn't take the they didn't take those shots at the opportunity, pass them by and in unique second half eventually got to impose themselves on the guy.


Was that exactly he was hands you think would have wanted at half time? Kennedy because a lot of the prematch talk was about how the pace of getting them back is finally going to exploit the high line of Bayern Munich wasn't a reaction to that sort of idea that there might be an Achilles heel exposed. They say he was there for and it was only on the page for about 25 minutes when the time came off, the most advanced part of, you know, it would have been breathing a sigh of relief when he when he came off the pitch and suddenly came on, sort of made the fire.


Better player, better athlete, similar type of player, or just just a better all around player. If it hadn't been for his injury, he would have been fine ahead of our time. So for me, that was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. But they of those opportunities that if you think it should be Maria Chapnick, he came from a plane out from the edge of the penalty box. The ball was played up to and Neymar, who flicked a soak them both times, flicked it around the corner, the space from byplay who was causing Kimmich problems.


And I'm a huge fan of Kimmich, but very few players can deal with him, but they want to win in those situations when there's plenty of space to run into. And he broke down the last time. So an offensive to the American forwards. And he, you know, he took it on his voice, but he was never going to score off his right foot. So there was a couple of small opportunities and I saw a bit of pitch.


But it was interesting. But I never made any accommodations that I was interested in. Prior to the game. He was say no, there'll be no modifications to where I thought play will keep the high line will continue to press and I no problem with that. But I know we've had this conversation before. For me, it's when you when you hold the line, it's not so much fun to keep squeezing and getting off the pace is how long you keep the whole line and when you drop in.


So they do it themselves exposed both. You know, they kind of went this time. They got away with it last night, just clinic. I know at Rufous. I know when those opportunities presented themselves for past. Hey, do you know what will go great with this podcast right now? A scrumptious Cadbury snack, crumbly biscuits smothered in smooth, delicious Cadbury milk. Chocolate. Oh, yeah. Cadbury snack. The perfect biscuit he buys for that lunchtime trees.


Pick one up in a store in Dublin now.


And that is I go to this party I'm sorry, I go to this morning Team Kenny. Well, the scary thing is they're going to get better that same that's been on the case for the past two games, for me, that's not their strongest team, even with the players they have looked at said so and they make that same stronger. It's been a half. I'd have provided it right back in Kimmage in the hole, the midfield position ahead.


Thiago, I'm not a huge fan of Jags on holism. They say that nothing is good enough defender. So for me to actually move the pieces around in the end, the same day, you actually get strong that I feel that kind of provide good defender up and down the pitch. Great set pieces at both ends of the page. Kimmage seems more of a natural defender of pivoting in that hole, then added to page. And then when you when you look at it, Steini, he's got a community.


Chaiman pertain to that forward line of eleven whiskey and flanked by Ginóbili column and you could even argue signing a number ten like a supporting three for Llewyn Davis. Keep strong and then you're struggling to find a place I'm willing to take maybe in a deeper position. So it's pretty frightening potentially what they can put on the pitch next season. They don't actually have to go spend a penny, Jeff May, to just have to move the pieces a little bit around the chessboard.


And then those younger players you're talking about, like Davis, is only going to get better at these players, only improving young players to develop and Gorecki as well. And the age profile is fantastic. Kind of mid 20s for this group of players is only going to improve, develop and get better over the next two to three years.


We had been hearing about how it was going to be Liverpool who dominated European football for the next couple of years after the last twenty four months, essentially. But the foreign team are going to go toe to toe with them, obviously. No, yeah, absolutely, yeah, absolutely no doubt you can argue about the danger Liverpool in Bahrain dominating their respective domestic leagues. Fair enough. Although I'm sure the port of Manchester City, such as Jets, have something to say about that.


But in European compensation's, no, you're absolutely right. I actually think it is even a couple of what even the likes of Inter Milan. I think I look at them and how they're progressing on that, cause I think that the club on Europe as well, in that European competition players, they are looking to bring in and talk a message on there. Game that to you by the tournament last year, he's going to Inter Milan. So they're to improve and make up the best partnership, some more football matinées like Lukaku, if they can keep that Strikeforce together so that they potentially are going to get stronger in European terms over the next couple of years, we'd like to think there's going to be some quite a reaction over in Spain, but that might take a bit of time, particularly.


We're kind of at Barcelona over the next two to three years. It certainly won't be a dominance, but you certainly will have Liverpool and sadly bar Munich going toe to toe for the big competition. The Champions League would be great to say because there are some wonderful, some wonderful talent and talent. But you'd have to say in particular, scattered amongst those outside, you'd be fantastic to watch. It's very interesting when you look at the last two Bayern Munich wins in the Champions League KANAE and you look at the managers that UpLinks and Hansie Flic essentially bookend a fairly gilded list of managers that they've gone for, like Heynckes for stepping down, making way for Pep Guardiola.


They also brought in Carlo actually, to a lesser extent, Colebatch was brought in not on the same level of profile, obviously, as the other two fellows, but still on a higher level of profile than Flic would be. It's a real lesson that's actually Bayern Munich. Need to listen to what the players are saying about their manager rather than going for the big name in the world rather than installing a celebrity coach, so to speak, not as Pep Guardiola was ever a celebrity coach.


Yeah, now it's a fair point on when yeah, I'm not really a huge of to continue looking at stats, look at the facts and an but look, you say you look at gladiolas track record when he was at a bar in Munich and indeed when he's gone to Manchester with the amount of money that he's had to spend there. But the argument becomes a little bit stronger in terms of gladiolas ability to win the greatest club competition. The Champions League, in terms of maybe quality is fantastic.


Coach, you understand that. But in terms of just getting them over, getting them all over the line and winning back, tough competition. And yet really, I think people get tired of it. And managers profile previous history and what he's doing, you know how well he presents himself, profile all the talks, the game, all these type of things. And it's the basic fundamentals, really, which I think still apply. Who are the top class managers?


And I think it's kind of communication. You know, people skills, player management, I think is still OK in your head. And I was kind of vibes coming off the board, many players at the moment. And when they speak about Affleck, I don't think he's revolutionised in terms of their style of play, how they actually play. It's actually very similar to have quite a high intensity kind of high pressure that kind of got back to that in terms of the football, the part of the play, which is, you know, that's kind of very reasonably similar to what you saw.


What kind of guy, Gladiola, kind of position based game look at the play and showed us so well, clearly, he's kind of got into his psyche to cope with the players and particularly key players within that team, the senior players. And he's been able to kind of get them all on board in a very short period of time. Let's turn the whole ship around and get it moving forward. So it's just those kind of people skills. I don't know, human qualities, if anything else was disallowed actually possesses.


And the fact that he hasn't got so many domestic toy as a child trophies in his cabinet to me shouldn't be a huge a huge factor. It shouldn't be as big a factor as it seems to be.


But other managers, what happens over the next little while to Paris and is also going to be very interesting. Are you worried if your fan about the immediate future of Canadian Pathé, of the immediate future of Neymar? Because this was their great opportunity, they've proven a few doubters wrong on this campaign, but maybe the lack of a real domestic challenge could essentially push them out over the next couple of years. It would be too worried about Neymar walking out the door.


I've got to be honest with you, I think it was a little bit overplayed in terms of his contribution over the past couple of weeks. I didn't comment on his attitude. Now he's totally changed his body and he's a team player. Track you, track them back, his winning tackle. How old is he? Well, the same analogy, 20, 20, 25, 28 years of age. And depending Penneys just drop it, he needs to put a shift in for the same and drop in and make a tackle and track around him.


I'm not going and I'm not his biggest fan. So the fact I actually saw him for PSG to begin with is an indication for me in terms of where his priorities lie, in terms of what kind of challenges that he won in terms of his football career is a little bit different. He's the key one for me and terms. He's the one that they need to keep going forward. Probably huge surprise lacerates, as I've said, in terms of like the challenge of playing and no disrespect to the French make you say I'll play them and play very and play very well.


But deep down inside of Pakistan, I can only speak from the outside. Looking in almost a year ago was boy, that must be a little bit of a wrench so that you don't throw when he looks at the premiership, what is La Liga or the Italian league to go and prove himself on those legs, the caliber of managers and players, etc.. There must be a board and decide to do it. I hope there is anyway. But I think you're right, Neymar.


I wouldn't put into that category. I think he's made his decision some years ago in terms of what was important to him, moeny profile, all those type of things. I think I'm happy. I'm hoping it's going to be a little bit different. And I'm hoping at some stage we'll see him make the decision to take a step and prove himself against the very best in the better leagues around Europe.


Was Neymar decision not to step out of the shadow of Lionel Messi? I think players generally speak if he wanted to step out his shadow of Lionel Messi and go and prove himself amongst the best because he goes and challenges himself and no, those that are close and those domestic leagues that we're talking about, that's where the best football, the best, the best players, surely the most professional satisfaction comes from proving yourself. And that was part of bombardment. No, not in the league.


So I understand your point. I just don't think that they were his motivation down there. And it says I think it gives you an indication, a bit of a window into of psyche, the personality, the it was not supposed to get last night out. And people talk about relaid in that PSG chain. Personally, you could change your mind, but when the chips are down, the second half of that game last night and boys began to put their foot down, put the squeeze on PSG and you were looking for a bit of inspiration.


It was not coming from Neymar. He went into a shell and body language was terrible. His chin was down and he didn't provide that kind of leadership that people were speaking about previously when it really mattered most in the second half of that game last night. Kenny Coningham, great stuff, as always, thanks a million for taking the call. There's OTB.


And this is OTB Sports Radio, TV, podcast network with Virgin Media, catch all of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League games live on Virgin Media TV.


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