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Football's on off the ball with Paddy Power more confident than United before a Europa League final gamble responsibly CWG dot net.


Yes, you're welcome. Along to the football show, that music means Pat Nevin is with us. Good evening, Pat, and hello to you.


Good evening, John. How are you doing? Are you. Well, I'm very well. Look, I'll be honest with the listeners. We've already spoken today and that was streamed. Some of them may have seen it, but events, dear boy, events. So, I mean, we're going to talk to you ostensibly about the Champions League final and a few other bits and pieces. We now have to talk Harry Maguire and Lionel Messi. The other extraordinary news this evening.


Can I start with the Harry Maguire latest? Because I say his life has taken a bit of a turn in the past week, which he wasn't expecting so guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, attempted bribery by three member misdemeanors court today over in Greece. He's been given a sentence of 21 months and 10 days that has been suspended. He be very happy to hear because they are just misdemeanors and because of his clear criminal record.


And Maguire has promptly responded to say, I've instructed my legal team with immediate effect to inform the courts we will be appealing. I remain strong and confident regarding our innocence in this matter. If anything, I say our family and friends are the victims. Garozzo Kate was out earlier on today at two o'clock named Harry Maguire in the squad for the Iceland Denmark Games. Subsequent to the verdict, Gacek has withdrawn Harry Maguire from the England squad. As for Manchester United, they released a statement strongly supporting Harry Maguire, saying he's pleaded not guilty.


He it should be noted that the prosecution confirmed the charges and provided their evidence late on the day before the trial. It gave the defence team minimal time to digest and prepare. A request for the case to be adjourned was subsequently denied and on this basis, say, Manchester United, along with the substantial body of evidence refusing the charges, Harry McGuire's legal team will now appeal the verdict to allow a full and fair hearing at a later date.


There we are. Who?


What an afternoon. It's extraordinary. No, there was no way Heidi could have gone when she found out that he'd been found guilty after which seems an extraordinary turnaround with limited opportunity, give evidence. And then he found out he would have to pay anything. It wouldn't be spending anything in the jail. He could have just said, now forget it and move on and blow it up for me. Well, and then it would have disappeared. But something else is going on and something's rotten here.


Something's a mess here because that was dead easy for him to do that, as far as I can see. But he said no and he wants to appeal it by appealing it. It's now an ongoing court case and suddenly you've got a problem, got a circuit who was comfortable before, as was I, with a possession almost storm in a teacup stuff. Suddenly it's not because there's no life again and because it's live again and it's appeal and he's been found guilty again.


Suddenly it will have legs and will have a long legs. No, no y you can't get your head. Why with his legal team do that. Because there's no words to say you can go and us again. So there's other islands, you know, and it's a weird one and it's I don't know if it's the reason for it, but it seems a wee bit like he said, I'm not them. That's nonsense. That's trumped up. I'm not taking them.


I'm not taking my clean record to be blemished, again, real in August. So it's very real or is communicated well by saying he has limited information, obviously, because he's hearing two sides of the story and a lot of time if hear if it was and you and I talked about this earlier, you know, I, I just put my hand in my head and go, oh, my God, to make it back again. But this doesn't seem like that.


And particularly because it's taken to the I think the agreed and accepted beginning of the story is that his sister was attacked and she was injected with something, I mean, the fear and collapsed, the fear of that. And then when they tried to get to the hospital, they then end up via stopped by the police and going to the police station. You can see with the panic comes out and it looks to me and it seems to me as after just a you may have some charges, but just the grabbing stuff from everywhere thrown ever get in there and destroying everything they possibly can.


It seems all it does. It seems right now, I'm guessing how many of us I would I would argue me, you know, if I had seen my sister, like there may have been seriously ill after being attacked by people. And the police are having a dig at me and not going after and people have been left. I really would get about left. And and it's it's an ugly possession is now kind of going into. But there's a bit of time ago and it's purely a moral thing.


He's not letting this drop and it's going to make it worse for them, i.e., it's going to last longer is about me saying go down there. If you don't believe in this, you've got to. And yes, by the looks of things find. Hmm, so your assessment of his appeal is not that he feels he should to be seen to be innocent and therefore not to castigate himself any further.


You think it's a heartfelt I mean, I've been wrong here, right?


Possibly there's another possibility. OK, he behaved and his friends behaved dreadfully and were British and were attacked the police and put people in danger and all the other stuff that you said there. And and then you think that he's basically getting off with a suspended sentence. And how many people in that situation going on not have not. I'm going back. I'm going to have another go. You think that's not intelligent? No, I don't work in logic, not technical aid.


Would a guy do that and think, wow, this threw himself back in that because they may have cameras and videos of what went on. And I make a call. And the other thing, he's got a legal team there who'd say, wait a minute, why are you going back in that? If there's any debate in your mind, it's all about it. So, I mean, again, I work in logic talking about these things and thinking that these are thinking it through.


And and I just don't think it makes a hell of a lot of sense at the moment. Hey, anyone out there, if I'm proved wrong and proved wrong, we've all been wrong before. And if it was, I'll be honest with and again, I've been I've spent I've spent time. They've had a skinful. And the behavior is dreadful sometimes. And something's horribly illegal and definitely immoral. Yes. That doesn't fit the pattern. It doesn't fit the pattern, the system that all that stuff, it doesn't fit the pattern for me.


So that's why I have a real discomfort about where that says at the moment. And I don't top it off, which is the weird thing is I spend every resegregate Kaitlyn's. I love the Greeks, I love the games. I love the people. That's why I go there every single year and have done for last 25 years. And I find astonishing that this would actually happen in that situation. But as I say, I do spend a lot of time with the Greek police.


I'll be honest with the others. Everyone else that I'm fine with this is for something that I thought would go away. We had a trial and I thought this would go away quickly. And I still think the horrible just drop that and let it go. But I know absolutely isn't going to be enough.


No cheering. Please let me go. I am very rich. I can pay. I'm the captain of Manchester United, one of those headline grabbing comments that he allegedly said. And he denies his friend, Ashton Morley was in the court today, as was McGuire's father, by the way, just for people who are pretty catching up in this story, because I think I was in this bracket anyway, I'd seen the headlines and I was like, you know, some kind of curfuffle.


McGuire, Greece, it's much ado about nothing. I didn't know we were headed for this situation. But Ashton Morley, he was called by the defense. And as you mentioned, McGuire sister Daisy, her eyes were rolling back in her head. He said she'd been injected with something. So the group called the driver of their rented van to take them to hospital. And they found themselves being driven to a police station because there were undercover officers directing the bus driver to do that.


And then he talked about a moment where the group, he says that they were going to be kidnapped because men came on the bus. They were obviously not in uniform. Our bus door opened five or six miles, tried to force us off by physically pulling us. And presumably at that stage, the arrest happens. And then a Maguires not best pleased that he is finding himself been arrested and his sister has been injected with something. And then there's the alleged attempt to bribe his way out of the situation, which he denies.


And it all kicks off.


That's kind of seems to be the flow of the night in so much as you and I who were not there can piece it together.


And it doesn't sound like Harry Maguire was out with a bunch of me getting drunk, being attack, attacking folk. And that's our way. It's not that type of story, you know, and that's why there's a real discomfort. And I do think the police would even say anything like that type of story. And I have to put myself in that position now. My old man, a guy someone tried to attack and inject my sister and I then get people on board to my bus.


I'm heightened. I'm I'm I'm willing to fight this off. I'm willing because you're in a foreign country, you can be sure you've already had a group of Albanians attacked you already. Who do you know? You don't know who they are. So there's a lot of things and everyone should be calm in certain situations. But can we all become in a situation that you think you're taking someone who you feel might be serious and you have no idea what that can be in that injection?


You have no idea that it could be lethal. So far as you know, you have no idea. So that's in your mind because you wrote the worst things in mind, so you are an utterly heightened state, unless it strikes me as incredibly heavy handed, just what we've had and all the way is blown out completely out of control for what was the part of it would appear to have been wronged, is the one that found themselves getting pushed into this and found guilty.


And in no time at all with no someone else would make an argument before you jump and would say, well, why didn't you just stay and face the charges? Well, I don't think he's really trusting law enforcement at the moment if they've done the previous two. So you can see his point there. Yes, you probably can't. Right, and so Manchester United are going to support him, you would fully suspect. Do you think there's an issue now with him playing for England with an appeal hanging over him?


I mean, I don't know how long the appeal takes, given the prosecution took no time at all. I mean, this seems like almost unprecedented in terms of how quickly it all happened and appeals for an adjournment to prepare for the trial by the defense, which fell on deaf ears. So maybe the appeal takes a month, maybe it takes longer, maybe it takes less time. Can Garozzo could pick him to play for England with the press and the attention with this ongoing and.


Well, he can just whether he will or not. And the fact is so quickly released them from the squad just now on the question. And I personally, I would think until, you know, until you know, that I would be tempted to pick them. But the other thing is, if he's picked now and then somebody else does something which is quite gross, I mean, serious, and they were just playing what we, like, got away with it.


You can get away with it. You've been thinking a lot about who you and I. I'm not absolutely convinced that he wants to do that. And the games that Harry Maguire is going to mess are maybe games England should win and they probably got enough incentive to cope, although he would be the cool one. And it's a it's a tricky one for Gareth. Gareth, it's a really tough one to decide on, I think. And because he wouldn't let it play out, but he knows that this will haunt in the future if someone else comes up with a problematic possession, really political possession.


And my suspicion is would have been before him to step down. Now he's dropped from the squad. It probably would. Lionel Messi, goodness me, I mean, it's just absolutely extraordinary. It's kind of surreal even to imagine him in a non Barcelona jersey. So the news has come through. He sent a fax to Barcelona. He wants to leave the club. This is official. And this is not just a media story. This is real.


According to Oracy one radio, he had told Ronald Neumann when they met that he felt more out than in. And also, apparently in that meeting, according to Spain's, as the new Barcelona coach told Messi that your privileges here are over or something to that effect, which may not have been the best approach with Messi said made the point.


And it may all hinge on this. Massie's camp believes there is a clause in the contract which allows him to leave for free. As in, if he expressly asks to leave, then he gets to leave for free and that is in his contract. Barcelona will insist he's still bound by 700 million euro by a clause in his contract expires next summer anyway. So that's all in the air. I mean, initial reaction to Messi officially sending that fax saying I want to go.


I mean, it's just extraordinary as an extraordinary story. And it came really quick with the coach coming in. You know, the politics are like this. Go Real Madrid and Barcelona, the politics of incredible ownership, presidency and all that sort of stuff as well. And that's all kind of weird enough that the discussion about whether he has not said that transfer request early enough. I think it was June the 10th that was supposed to be in by this is a school year and it's kind of the competitions have all moved on.


So that could go through the course as well. And that can be a 700 million euro loss of that one as well. All that stuff, there's a million things and it's strange to see. Right. Let's jump two steps ahead, which is dangerous to do, particularly today. Where would to go? Oh, I've been thinking that since the broke. I just thought. Manchego know there's plenty of them. Let's be honest, there's lots of clubs at home where would seem right.


So it's got one hundred percent better club unless you go to Japan or whatever. It it's great that we get. That's right. And so if it's a top club, who are the top contractually bound by American tech. Right. Because it's not that that take that way PSG maybe. Yeah. Possibly they start looking towards England and you think I'm not too sure actually who does take them because you need Plimmer, you can't leave them out, but you have to type A team.


So it would possibly take them with Liverpool, take them with the style that they play in the temple. They out and you start thinking, actually, I don't know, there's probably only three to three teams that can take them that can afford to pay them. And you don't even know if they can but can afford to pay them. What I do suspect, though, as he knows exactly who is going to take him out and he's been told he's going to take them happy with it, and but also come down to this legal legal argument, whether it goes a three year or 700, because the money you make on paraphernalia said you're putting me that my back.


So you suspect he fully knows where he's going if he's going to. Yeah, I'm not putting the facts here. So, yes, it's fair enough. So is the man city or I mean, they're the only two for me. I was trying to think as well. I mean, I don't suspect Chelsea are going to have him.


So it's PSG or Manchester City. Is there any way, say, your man city, for instance? Is there any way in which now it's a first class problem to have? But Messi to some extent or there is a bit of a problem, i.e. where you play him, you keep him happy, and you're also going to be fast approaching the point in his career where he'll be droppable.


And that's a difficult scenario to bring into play as well now.


And it brings it brings many, many positives and many of those places a great play in the hype around your club, the same way you can make it out of the, you know, world class club mindset. I know they are a world class club anyway, but while we're a world class club, if they've got Lionel Messi for the last two possibly great years of his career, that's absolutely fantastic. But everyone else has to shuffle along. So you might be in the brain.


But, you know, second by by the way and the other side of the equation is not getting any younger either. Do you really want to be surrounded by a keener agenting, considering what's happened to Manchester, say, this season with the power and the pace and the vibrancy of Liverpool? You know, that that's what they are trying to follow to the right. There's there's a lot to take in.


When you get right down to it, you still take away you take a bunch of oh, you take a crucial Yeosu, you take on about baggage as well, not even necessarily current baggage. Maybe some future baggage may actually be a create problem for you. The good thing, I suppose, with peppers this day, right. Would say, you know, this fight is OK, this the state of Pennsylvania, you move and you go and you're going to play left, right, ten fold.


And they say you can you can do all this is no problem at all. And then you maybe start thinking we're women and we're talking about, you know, Jesus is pretty good, but not the very, very best ways to make a mess in the end. Doesn't alter egos for you. And another thought it goes goes a long way to one of the things and you get out, you know, even for the last year or two a season, because remember, Manchester said about the ball that it's been a team on the border and it wouldn't have to do a hell of a lot.


Running back wouldn't do anyway. So if I was him, I couldn't see past Manchester say I couldn't see past. And what would your thoughts on Paris be at the right time? Is it the right time? Because obviously you can start seeing where Neymar gets a move, you make it back that it's link, it wins every year. So when we can score a bunch of goals and does he make them after playing in a team that has been beaten to by by, he thinks he may be making a step up to a better team.


But we we had a quick chat about it. Is that really where you want to go? Keep on spending. There's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of pounds of that stuff thinking should we not be looking at not losing people at Kingslake instead of going the other direction? But once again, they will take them. They would absolutely 100 percent take them and I wouldn't blame them for them. So let yourself take the Japanese one out of the whatever you can go in and the dollars.


Fair enough. But those two seem obvious. Can you think of anyone else, do you think?


I saw in court on Twitter? I think it was make the point that apparently Inter Milan have had an ongoing, diplomatically friendly relationship with the Messi family. And there's been lots of plimoth in the years. And God, if you know, if you're ever if you're ever in the market, you know, think of us. And I think they've been making a lot of money, Chinese investors in the last while they crossed my mind. But really, I see it as Mansehra and then PSG in that order.


And after that, there are a bunch of reasons to rule out the next few in line for the next year, laying off a bunch of reasons because they've got a very different direction and they're not looking at that. They will. There was love Messi five years ago, four years ago. Great. But do they want. Absolutely no. And what you would have to give up for that? Because he's not. Yes, he may you may even get Minifie, but, boy, you're going to pay a lot in wages even if we get money back and sale of merchandise, etc.


, and you have to see Liverpool, you have to almost change your whole concept in some ways. Yeah. But on the other hand, they might say, well, you know, Moussaoui gets tired sometimes. Well, got messy. Do you really think this he's going to go for that. I'll be a kind of stand-in for Moussaoui. I can see it myself and Winslow being the stand in for him. I just I really it's tough but surprises it, doesn't it?


And but that would be a real shocker if we went that direction, because that's a very you don't think of gay in prison. And we know these days he doesn't really know and quite in the market for.


So where does he play for Man City? Is he on the right hand side everywhere?


Those of us just gone. So it's always going a few years younger than ourselves. DAVIS Our started last Saturday, you know, cruised in areas where it was dangerous, see where the problems were. And that is the fluidity of that. And remember the Pepsi, did it change? Yeah, they play for three three sometimes, but they play different systems at different times. And if you're very if he's happy playing, there's been times when you've worked Lionel Messi, he plays central plays left with the normal, but recently for a long time, played the right hand side to finish and then say great playing for Barcelona and, you know, scored a lot of goals from now.


It came that we have I honestly don't think it was within anywhere that he can go in attack and cause trouble because there's other players around them that will cover them. You know, it's not necessarily what for them, but we'll work with them. And I think that would work with mindset I had as either. And reality, it's almost a hope as well, because it would be lovely to see him in the parliament will be great.


Yeah, it'll be magic to get to three years of him and much of the day and, you know, to be just amazing. And, you know, we do lots of brilliant things which would still electrify even at his age. I just can't get my head around the fact that the Barcelona massive thing is ending this badly, like this terribly. I mean, you know, it's like will he ever even go back to the new camp in 20 years to wave to the crowd?


You know, he's so disgusted with everybody. They're like, that's the sensational aspect of the story. Whatever he does over the next two or three years won't define his career. But there was something very clean and romantic about him, a one club man, Barcelona. It was like a career as close to perfection almost as you can get. And now this ugly finish to it. I just can't believe it.


And it's horrible. But he may see as uglier if you see a team that's just getting battered eight to. Together, that he doesn't know what's coming in below from his position, he must think we're going to look dreadful for the last two or three years of my career. Can I have a lovely glowing end somewhere? Because if you go to him and say trophies is fine, you went to family score goals and you get more points the next two or three years with Barcelona, if you don't win the Champions League and you get battered really badly sometimes and you don't believe what's around you is good enough anymore.


That's a hard thing to be in. And that stuff is not that not that many over the years that stick by that, you know, stick by a thing falling while you are still utterly broken. I can see his thinking. You can see I don't think it's money, by the way. I'm not I'm sure it's not money. Well, money, but I'm sure it's not the main thing. I think it was the number one thing. Now, it's pretty, very pointed, flattens out the statement of his statements of his decline, if he's planning a really good team.


I mean, Chase, as for Barcelona, like the whole thing is going up in flames. Luis Suarez greeted the news on Twitter by responding with two applause emojis.


You know, just they'll be put in a transfer request tomorrow afternoon.


But then Suarez is he's lost. The pace is going that I mean, he's not of you don't look at him in the same way. He's still a great player and he still Spanish and the goal scorer in that last game would have to have scored against. But in reality, at that level, when you're going to win Champions League Champions League winning team, win by him, not because he's not quick enough and he's not sharp enough in that comparison to get it all in context.


And still a great player, but not that type of great player. That's to me. You just look around and you look at, you know, Zimbabwes and the numbers and the standings. Given the pace of these people in the pace of these players, intelligence is going around the fact that they're willing and hard workers as well, and the lack of baggage with most of them as well. That's the way everyone's looking at the moment, the very good club.


So they're not looking at. So handing out applause. Well, good luck, but that's just kind of sad. I think Suarez is more likely to go to an end to Berniece than I think that's a Burset. Yeah, a great and a very last point, I mean, maybe the worst way this could all finish for Ron Kuman would be if he doesn't get his move and he's sat in the corner of the dressing room for the next year, disgruntled and unhappy.


But for whom? And then, I mean, he's just left with an absolute mess and Jarvie waiting in the wings to come in. I'd like to get a year tops, and the whole thing will implode.


You would suspect the way it's going and the sadness of Rabassa, what they had been before, because it was just going to be one thing that I was all about for years. The way that they go through periods and there will be foul periods and it's up to you to choose the right time when to come in. Zhovtis No, it's just that you choose the right time to come in and they know absolutely no one is ever going to get another opportunity.


Do you take that and grasp it as much as you can? But that job is absolutely gigantic. What you need is two, three, four years to build that job. And he's not getting that. There's no way, no way in the world is he getting up. But can you tell them? No, I couldn't turn it down either. It's a saddening. Yes. Well, could they be back? Well, I wouldn't be surprised because in the heart of that song, Somewhere Deep in the heart that looks quite ugly and mild at the moment is still something beautiful.


And they may get it back, but it looks years it really years away and messy even unless we look something else.


Yeah. The end of the messy era. Thanks very much again.


Football off the ball with Paddy Power and more electric team up than Salah and gamble responsibly. We done at. Now, you're very welcome back, happy to say that David Snead is with us. David, good evening. Good evening. There was not much we were just digesting the McGuire news there with Pat Nevin. Twenty one month suspended sentence, a rather bizarre story, all told. And yet the pace of it all happened pretty quick, doesn't it?


Yeah, well, they were looking for an adjournment initially and then the expectation was this would not be done in a few days, let alone one day. And they stayed late to find him guilty. And then they didn't wait very long to give him the sentence. And I Maguire is gone and I presume never wants to think about it again unless he appeals it. I mean, I my good sense at this stage is that this is not a big story and this disappears relatively quickly.


Now, barring Gareth Southgate turfing him out of the squad, maybe becoming a big deal over there. But I would think this will disappear relatively quickly. It's fair to say, obviously depends what you say, if you don't want what you want to deal and then obviously drag out on board, or does he just accept it and then just need a settlement?


And that's what you want to do, want to talk to you about the situation at and dock you and dumbing down the writing about it. Today in the Irish Independent, Filippo Giovannelli, the successor to the Boston Tea Party. This is all very strange. Tell us about the kamikaze mission still. First of all. Yeah, it was, but it's just purely baffling and even in the realm of the league of ordinary, God knows what you can expect.


This is just it's just crazy stuff. So obviously, he would have links in American jobs. He was kind of a director of culture with the Metropolitan Melbourne Academy, which would be kind of an academy affiliated with New York, New York City and the MLS. And there's links there with key execs and they actually who are the owners of the island now. And yeah, this broke and it was obviously with the current situation with Coalwood need to get a new manager in from it, a agreeing this country to try and get things straight away.


She has been in Italy for the last four months as he as he's laid out to explain. So we just basically try to add people in America and locally was able to get details of this and just exponentially. He just said himself, it's crazy. So he said it and said it's crazy, but it's true that he's got this job. And he described himself to the messages of it as a kamikaze mission, asking to be prayed for and to help people in the office of Pakhomov.


It's just a very bizarre situation on which on the face of it now looks to be the culmination of almost two years of behind the scenes. Well, I think that even though on the pitch, things have gone relatively smoothly, despite the fact they've lost even candidacy, obviously the success of the pitch seems to have took over in January. Twenty eighteen. There's just been. More and more warnings of this content just continue. Maybe I would say just maybe inflation is too drastic a bit by bit.


Things have just seemed to be the same. The. So what are you hearing, January 18, pick six, take over. Give us some examples of the murmurings or the issues of contention.


If you're looking just the on the faces very simple claim this be the fact that obviously exists. I mean, star twenty eighteen. We have a new CEO running and he had a pretty decent pedigree with Shepley Sheffield United. He's gone within a year and a half, just after the end of at the end of that season. And then the Monsignor, Mike Devlin, comes in. So that would have been involved with the four Queens Park Rangers Swindon. He's the replacement.


And then along with all this, you also have the CEO, Mike Tracey of P6, who was the chairman. And he was a very he kind of was the face of the group, for Pete's sakes, at this stage. And. You are sort of thinking, OK, well, you've lost one CEO in Baghdad, comes in March 20, March twenty nineteen about the end of the 80s, and he's gone. Even in the midst of all this, you have on the board who obviously is the former squeezebox presenter, rather famously.


You remember last season when European guys got their and I say be sure we get a guest, Jose Mourinho, on the phone based on. This is this is just they're just like the headline moments of how things have unraveled our behind all this, you just it's kind of culture is is it kind of a buzzword? But it was the sense of what's been made. If you look at what happened in Russia, you can in the dark when they were at our lowest and they just avoided that promotion relegation play off.


You just had a report, maybe Lloyd's of London. And given the clue, there was no sense of purpose. And that's the reason why P6 would have been interesting, because obviously what dog had achieved in the Arab League. And just when they did arrive, obviously, there was an element of skepticism, but they don't think that they can come in and say, oh, we're going to change everything and we're going to build a new stadium and we're going to plan for the future.


They were very upfront at the start, which was I think, which was to be almost applauded in the sense that we said we want to be successful in getting to Europe. And that's what we were aiming for. They were talking Europa League group stage qualification for the Champions League. And you looked at them because of their pedigree, obviously with six, with their influence in parliament and in the results. We're going to have a small investor in all of the time your credibility of if it was just these guys coming in trying to make a very quick buck, you had no idea about sport or whatever.


So it was a sense, but it got to the stage know over the last few months, like Mike Tracy, who, as I said, was the face of the group for which he seemed very affable, fairly and probably true himself into things he obviously was the chairman of. He also left just just gone on Christmas. And this is when things have unraveled, because then you have my my old Uriarte, the founder of six. His father, Bill, has now become the main man at the club.


And then this is when all the dishes and all the shenanigans are serious to this moment, just the company. And obviously it culminated with Vinnie leaving and being sacked. And now the new man in charge, Filippo Giovannelli, who took for session with the players this morning. And yeah, it's just some of the players are going to be more prepared for some people to be involved in 20 rooms. They'll be gone for a time anyway with a training camp to leave.


His position to is is becoming increasingly concerned.


As you said in the piece, the chairman, Bill Hozier, amongst other things, he signed Josh Goss on the basis of an interview Josh had done with ESPN. Must have been an impressive interview. But you also say players and staff at the League of Ireland Club are scratching their heads. So there is discontent in the ranks. It would seem there is confusion and the decisions being made, it would seem. Yeah, well, actually, there is obviously the fires within an hour with the fires we're seeing today in the paper and the independent about that and that there's been there's been discontent even in that dressing room, even beyond this, just because of what has been happening within the globe.


And it's by all accounts that the training session today wasn't the worst, was what I was told now. I think there's an element of class trying to actually realize, well, actually, I think this is almost a piece of a rock bottom because the citizens will have to go through them. But we can walk out on the coast of Cornwall if this is still a group with a group of players who are obviously very professional, very proud of it.


They know at the point where they sort of have to help me with this, what the ballet is a hassle. And I can't really go on or even even though some of the moments from the discussion the first day was, well, it wasn't as bad as they would expect of the train. And it's still a manager who himself just can't believe he's in this position. And it's just all male, still sound the same as if he were still in Europe with Europa League.


And it's it still seems absolutely baffling that they are in a position where it just seems so negative now.


And you said as well in the piece, David, that Vinnie PERTS fate was sealed even before the Champions League qualifier. I'm not sure would that have changed if they had won last week or not? Why was his fate so definitely sealed in the eyes of the Big Six group? When we get more information and this has been coming from different angles and basically it has been under pressure exerted players and. That fan, which also is the owner, the owner say will be clear in this instance, we started with this idea of just trying to keep things ticking over myself.


And eventually he just he wasn't going to obviously do what what what was being asked of them. And it was he paid the price. Now, we mentioned the fact that the interview with Josh got the fact that he he was signed. Like, it's almost it's it's it's very, very difficult to say what is the cause of all this, because he's not the most professional footballer who got the chance to come to the play for them and has been stopping the situation to seem as if.


He he is a little bit at the center of this, and there should be no blame attached to him at all because he said, look, he's just trying to make a living. It's just an indication of, well, the kind of the level of recruitment, because they're coming in and talking about want to do things professional, want to energize a group like them. When Dad was appointed the CEO, which is of the fact that they wanted to modernize the operations, and then you want to engage with local workers, but it may be a bit of money into the economy to fill the times.


The players, they just like they just tarnished the reputation of the and will have it built over the last number that the last number of years and. Like it is it is really sad to see because you don't know what's going to happen, but where is this going to end up?


Yeah, it's hard to know what their intentions are. And Vinnie Path has done several interviews over the last couple of days, and he has made the point he's still technically an employee and therefore has been restricted in what he could say. But I thought he alluded as well to disagreements. And I'm not surprised to hear you say that there was pressure on Perth to pick certain players in the team, which for most managers is going to be a serious area of contention, to say the least, if not just outright war.


Well, that's every war as well as ours based perspective and actually haven't spoken to you about what happened, is that in terms of what is going on, on this war, like he was in a position, I suppose, where maybe he was thinking about the stability of the globe, the walk away and for his own reputation, really didn't feel as if he could actually take on the truth of what was being asked about it, as well as an element of appeasement in the sense of trying to almost keep the owners happy to a degree and a sense of what they were asking, but then also staying true to what he wanted to do.


And it just seemed like an impossible like an impossible situation really for them. And as I say, it's it's come to this and I think obviously spoke with The Sun on Saturday on the football show when it was mentioned, like in the baseball world, you can get we couldn't see it happening purely from the point of view of the dog need someone who's pretty to come in and get your baby, but also from the point of view of the club.


Can you think of how the thought of something like, let's be honest, think about if I'm going to start to feel as if he would be in it would have to be the type of person where you could start as well and negative about anyone who's been anyone serious who looked at what's going on over the last year and what's been happening. They're not going to want to come in. And A is going they're going to want to see, well, OK, if six have been in and they show the serious football people in the past, it needs to change at the top because any credibility would seriously consider coming in and it just wouldn't be possible because there's no way it's going to end.


That kind of pressure is being put on you.


Yeah, OK. Well, obviously, six people aren't here to defend themselves. I'm sure they'll argue strongly they're doing everything in the best interests of the club. But I do take your points on the turnover of staff, which is very market and if any part situation and the appointment of Giovannelli. So that's where we are on the dock. Before you go, Stephen, any names? First squad yesterday, Sigatoka named is today. No. Jack in the England squad.


David. David. Yeah. Is it time? And you might be the man to initiate diplomatic relations. Is it time to open our arms to Jack and say, come home, Jack, come home? Well, can't. Carolyn, what I want you want you want you to try what you play, then declared war on the country as soon as the rebels are at the moment, I just don't worry about rules, don't limit rules.


We'll find a way around the rules. All right. Don't get bogged down in the details. Don't get bogged down in details. We'll find a way around the rules.


Welcome. Come home. But we might as well try and get that going as well. Right now, look at this. Know, it's actually journalists, which by so we kind of had an angle that was really impressive for a little bit. But I still play it almost as coaches. We actually really do it. What am I done? Or Sharper Better along with his office, the fact that he's a quality for tonight, a very average team who would have been relegated to safety.


And it is a shame because you are so entrenched in that we're in a show that is not available because you look at what Stephen Kenny is trying to do now. We are on the his plans. If someone like Jack really should to be available to him, it would have been fantastic. But he's made it bad enough that he has to sleep on them. And that's why he is doing now is looking forward. And it's a squad, which is why people would be pretty about times if I don't think we weekend like it was never going to come in and told me to report that the Times of the year he was picking, Kenny told a whole career.


He's always made he's always made players, say, average players. But the players who haven't been maybe lacking in confidence are maybe going through a difficult period or just maybe at the level that they should be. You don't know how to you don't know a lower level in terms of with the League of L.A., you were in football as well. And he's proven you can do that. And that's what that's almost as exciting for me in terms of statements like Jason Malone being part of the Detroit part and obviously a made that.


So the numbers are almost as exciting to see what he can do with players that we've seen in the past. And the exciting some of it from the maybe they've shown glimpses and they've shown kind of libertarian they can do. And that's now what you have to try and get on with or win all of them as everyone else announcement yesterday. And you can stay for a few hours in the Sunday section. Well, it was just very positive, very positive.


And what he was trying to get, even the message he was trying to get across and even that was just different ball. He's going to have to do the walk on the set up. So it's going to be getting down on the try to get as much good water as quickly as possible, getting his message across as quickly as possible because. The jury's got to be overly pretty. Yeah, well, unfortunately, you are right, by the way, once and Jack made the international transfer once, you can't make a second one.


But we saw something that we got connections in. We can do that. The very last word, very last word before we go with the clock upon us, the Obafemi tweet and all that. It's I mean, kind of trying to read this guy's character from afar and hospital has at times said a few stern words to him publicly. I only sense this will become more serious than a momentary young player tweeting a little bit carelessly. And it'll all be forgotten, I would think.


Yeah, I'd imagine so. Lucky we met him once in Dublin for the media work, for no media walk. I just came across as a very, just very confident lad down to earth and as I say, maybe just put it down to the New Prince of Wales. And James McClain has been thought about after that Kazakhstan game plan of having it running against the fact that he wasn't includable at the time. The financial needs, if you need someone for social media at all, under the umbrella of the McLaren was trying to retreat.


Was it loving it? No, no, no, he wasn't. He wasn't.


But the fact that you believe that says everything now might have been might have been good stuff. Listen, mate, I'm sure we'll be reading some more on Stephen King's comments on Sunday, if you were at that. So some Melchers. We've got even bigger football on off the ball with Paddy Power and more electric team up than Sarla and Marnay gamble responsibly. We don't and.