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What are you talking about? Are you out of your mind? Are you crazy? That's a brilliant maneuver by Matt Cooper.


And it's been a hell of a life and a career. Yeah. And thank you for giving me this platform to announce my retirement.


I need to go into treatment. Most of you were given every encouragement and every chance to survive. When I was 13, 14, I was playing in front of 13, 14 teams that had OTB gold, the very best of all, the bull weekdays from one p.m. and six p.m. TV Sports Radio, live 24/7 on the gold up football off the ball with Paddy Power as obnoxiously passionate about soccer as Frank Lampard after the final whistle responsibly CWI done that.


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Good afternoon, Lance. I think by looking at social media guys, you might have been at our rovers last night, rovers and shells, as I don't know if you saw the Europa League final, but severe winning that again a sixth time. It's strange that teams can be just subspecialists in competition. And it was a great final three to win. I looked young, scoring twice. Former Newcastle player Lukaku scoring for Inter but on the losing side. But I think they deserved it overall.


And a good story with a lot of redemption. Sacked by Spain, sacked by Real Madrid. Well, the Spanish thing didn't work out and he's got redemption now.


It's a villa he has. Yet both David and I were in Tyler last night. Strange experience, John, with obviously nobody there. And what would have been maybe a raucous Dublin derby was was quite tame. But the interesting thing about the I suppose the game from last night was just the record of Spanish teams and fighters, but also how seriously the likes of Sivy and the Spanish take the Europa League, which I don't think should be looked down upon, maybe to the extent that it is in Britain.


I thought I said I did fancy that can't do the job at Inter, but maybe that defensive game plan that he has, sometimes you need a bit more than that and it set it up nicely for what should be like. I think sometimes you can build up China is fine as a football game too much and everything is in place for it to be an awesome game. But it's just as everything going for it's noise, I think it it'd be one for the ages.


Yeah. And David, I think if you're struggling out there, anybody in the country, if you're wondering if you'll ever catch a break or things might turn your way, just think about as you end a lot. Petechiae, the Spain team is leading into the 2018 World Cup are absolutely flying. I remember being over there in Russia at the time and it was a major story when he was let go for taking a job around Madrid. The Spanish president, the president went bananas, I remember at the time, dismissed.


And four months later from Real Madrid, it all went wrong on so many levels because he could have won the World Cup. But Spain and I won his first season in charge of severe. They won a European trophy. Afraid we have an issue there with David's line, Johnny. Yeah, it's it's it's a strange one. Lapita like he was crying after the game and I think it was just coming out the emotion of the last couple of years.


Yeah. I mean, what happened, obviously, as you mentioned, with the whole Spanish thing was was completely nuts and the likes of Ray Allen, some of those clubs did do the kind of change managers quickly. And you do have the chance of redemption. Spain. Spain's a very interesting footballing culture over there, and this means an awful loss. Whereas if if even if Manchester United were to have won the Europa League and it's questionable how their fans would have they would have celebrated.


But I think it's quite different over there. And I'm not surprised because emotions after the game, you know, and this has been an interesting week in the League of Ireland in terms of my own goal. You know, you did last year. They basically got rid of Ballymurphy as manager and who was very early in his career. Veny parts and faces an uncertain future as a manager after what happened at Dundalk. And I spoke to another couple of managers about this.


When you can just we can only imagine and speculate what it's like. And this is only a League of Ireland able to be sacked. And I've lost a job in the past. I've lost jobs in the past. And if you lose this, this is out of the public eye, you would you start reflecting and say, why would that happen? And when it's like a manager and you lose jobs like that, it's in the public glare. And also this kind of narrative that you're a failure probably and can sweep in.


And it's good to see retention like that because, you know, you look at even the game that's going on at the moment, John Simpson and Bohemian statesman Rosie O'Donnell, great hopes for him, but they're having a rough time and managers like one time. But time isn't there anymore in football. I think managers in general deserve two years because you need a long a long time to embed your football philosophy. You don't get that in sports, in football anymore.


It's all about immediate success. And it's great to see when it works out the other way.


Yeah, but he means meetings and parties in that tunnel. And president and founder arrives with the goals for both in the first half. They're closing the gap with Mark Rovers there.


They're flying JADI. And in fact, it was you know, I remember like people would have said er in season starts, there's absolutely no chance it won't be balls, it won't be done or overs with the league and having watched rovers last night and we maybe we'll talk about it later on. But I mean I'm not convinced that they're certainties and bows wouldn't have anywhere near their budget. And it's a nice story as well because they they're fighting very, very hard with a really good coaching staff, a great attitude.


I wouldn't have the budget whatsoever on always but out fighting them tooth and nail.


Yeah, but we have you back there now, a lot of Taegu. I was just saying that for anybody out there, whatever walk of life you're in, you're going to get setbacks in life. And he's really bounced back from his. Yeah, well, it was it was weird that when I got back in the game last night and you just saw that clip of him in tears when you won, and so was it being true, you know, but you can only imagine what's actually gone through his head over the last the last couple of years.


And as you said there, the manner in which he kind of lost his job in Spain, then it was a disaster, Real Madrid. And like a lot of people, sometimes you go through things and you come to your side and just emotionally, you see we're going shows you what it what it meant to him. And sure, he would have been dealt he would have been thinking like he's the manager. Spain get stuck on the eve of work and then get the biggest club job in the country.


And it's an absolute, absolute disaster for him. So for him to get that great a success, the way he's got to switch to the highlights of the trading game even a bit later. Proven true as you are watching the game last night. And it was just there just seemed like a crack for him. Redemption. And you kind of wonder now, is this the robot maybe for him to get back to one of the elite clubs again, but then maybe he has this taste of success.


I hope to be who I think is in their pedigree in the Arab League. And this is whether whether or not they can actually make that leap into being in the league. And what you have to do anyway, they're going to do it maybe is by being a force in the Champions League, too. And I think that's going to be difficult.


Yeah, I read Madrid, I thought always acted shabbily around a lot of Taghi, first of all, to attract him when he was doing business with Spain in 2018 and then to let him go after a few months that poorly, in my view.


Lukaku lards thirty four goals a season remain united, maybe a bit premature to get rid of Lukaku.


And no, come on, come on, he's going to defend these morality based decisions for the rest of you don't know.


Thought it was a great quote. It was a great quote from a plague on our souls not so long ago in the funding system where it wasn't basically said you didn't want to you didn't want to see this squad are assholes saying you'd rather have a hole in his squad than an asshole.


So please watch your language there. Yeah. Yeah, sorry. That's basically what he said. And it was very pointed in how he was talking about it just being brought up about you want obviously Sanchez was another and with another look, if you look at what we're trying to achieve with the Rat Pack, some which went through the pack, which is breaking down constantly and is gone on, and he's not a good player. And he was a he was phenomenal.


And even the EU to score goals in enjoyed and he's been exceptional for Milan. But I don't think you can suggest that. Well, you know what you need to do. And I was wrong, but we get rid of them like I think they were it was clear was also trying to deal with the way he just didn't fit in for someone like he's just decided to do further and is within his own goal. He's just been exceptional for the season.


And I thought maybe that JT, I thought one of these issues of know it was his little play around the box just wasn't good enough. And Lukaku was kind of a Flatrock bully in the standard of football in Italy versus England will be a little bit different. And I thought in bigger games he was badly exposed to shock and awe and big games and more. So when you want really quick injury around the box, which you see an awful lot of this even didn't get that, would Lukaku.


A lot of their talks broke down because he's maybe half seconds kind of behind the other players in terms of that quick movement. And I don't think was necessarily the wrong decision.


Yeah, it's also Champions League. So much to look forward to ahead of the match tomorrow night in Lisbon. We just got some text and tweets in here on five three one zero six on and off the ball on Twitter. And I was just asking people about like Champions League mammaries, you know, the competition has changed so much from the European Cup where it was I remember when I was growing up to like knock out competition, Liverpool winning like all those years between like seventy seven and eighty four at Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest twice in a row.


And then you like the Champions League. It became then in the early nineties and you've got Marcey went in for the first time I believe in nineteen eighty three, nineteen ninety to ninety three. So it's asking people like for great memories of Champions League finals. What stood out for them folks out there. Five, three, one of six. Were you at the United Game against Boston in 1999 in Barcelona where you at the Liverpool finals in Athens or in Kiev or in Istanbul.


Obviously the famous won two thousand and five. So AC Milan for Barcelona nil in 1990 for an incredible performance that many forgot when mentioning the great teams in history. That is from Ernie Fahey. We've also got these texts, Michael Dalton spending the best three days ever at a football game in Istanbul, the roundabout routes taken to and from Kiev in the brilliant Afternoon and Shevchenko Park project, nearly 99 heard tonight as to when he goes on the radio coming back from a hurling match.


Oh five in Istanbul will always stand out and probably never be topped. Thirteen clops Dortmund failing and falling short and nineteens by the day and night on the Liverpool Fourth, the city was on wheels and Matthew Reardon is Liverpool fan two thousand five ranks high but thought twenty eleven was the best I've ever seen. Messi, Pedro and Masterclass with eight o'clock. I kick off tomorrow night in Lisbon for Paris, German and Bayern Munich dies. That's completely changed football.


This competition, the way it has transformed not only as a competition itself, but the game in Europe. And it's become to me the Champions League final when it has fans and hopefully will have soon. The next couple of years is almost the European Super Bowl. Yes, sorry, that's that's actually not a bad comparison, Judy. I would have mixed feelings on it. You know, if you go back to the old days where, you know, Nottingham Forest could do what they did and and when it was a proper knock out competition, and as much as it was an amazing thing to do well in Europe, it was obviously like it was a small part of your season.


And as it has progressed and I even remember when they used to have two group stages, which I think entail 17 wins, 17 games to to win to win the Champions League in many respects. And, you know, it has become the all powerful thing, as you say, the Super Bowl. I think my first memory of it would have been maybe Marcey in nineteen ninety three. And the three games that stick out to me as finals then would have been 99.


The reason for that would be I absolutely hated it when I was when I was growing up. And I always felt that they came up short in Europe. I thought as much as they were unbelievable in the Premier League and Fergie got rid of those big players and brought one to three young players, I thought it was a step beyond them. But they finally got over that gap. And obviously the nature of that game was absolutely manic and ran in 2002 in Scotland because of sedan's goal, which is, you know, the closest thing we'll ever see to Ronnie Wiggins, the old lady, I suppose.


And that was for you, just because everything about Rafa Benitez was thrown out the window in that game, they just had to show heart and all that. But I think the powers that be have been kind of trying to fight off superleague by placating the bigger teams, the Champions League. And, you know, I've always felt the name is a misnomer for you. Why do you have a Chinese league with the team? The finished third in their domestic league and will not exist in four?


Doesn't really make sense to me. Now they're bringing in a Tatiara competition to kind of further wideouts and the smaller clubs. And against that, a lot of the group stages are kind of cannon fodder stuff that isn't that interesting. And the romantic part to me would actually be the way it was, where I was sort of a knockout competition. But if we're going towards anything and now I'd say it's probably more towards some sort of super league. And it's it's great this and I think the Premier League is really held on to its kind of intrigue and integrity.


And the domestic leagues haven't maybe so for the way some people thought they would push down the road. I'm not sure what's going to happen.


Yeah, we've spoken down to Stephens after four o'clock, and it's just brilliant. Glenda Stephens can play for Sheffield United and Ireland and on a day that can be Chelsea that can beat Spurs, which they did when the season resumed in June. I know myself like when I grow up. I remember like Porto beating Bayern Munich in the eighty seven final with a Blackhill rubber major Algerian. Just memories stand that obviously the Milan team were an amazing team of reichard.


Hello from Boston. Like even like some of the other players in that team of the late 80s, early 90s, you had. So I've done a and Barbara's Marlenee. They were just an amazing team and then United, obviously it was just in the stars that they went there in 1999 when they won in 08, there were much more advanced team with Ronaldo in the side. And then, of course, Liverpool, which is a miracle, wasn't it?


In twenty five, consider the barn, the AC Milan team they were facing. You went to a final David, I think it was oh nine and Romera. Yeah, I went as a fan, as a fan, all well, not as a drama before, so I had to grow up and I'm good at giving away my liaison's.


Is there? Yeah. I was just thinking back to that time, I think a lot of fans and I'm sure you see that we've gone to games and you go to games. It's like obviously the 90 minutes football are what you want and what it's it's going on a bit this week. And the games on the air you just saw so disappointed that two great teams are going to be no fans there, because that's what you're saying about being Super Super Bowl.


Only enjoyable because you see what happens around with the stories you have in between to expand with people. That's what support any football team is a bad one little bucket to help them win. Yeah, you might be missing me missing a train, but is aware of this thing and sleeping on it, sleeping on the floor. And Roland Hamani station on upscaling bits and of a mask with a little backing. And recently my best friends are kind of like these on these moments of people.


And that's what you go back on and that's what you're going to do as a support and what you think is what people have realized over the last year, watching all these great games. And there's no fans there that just it's just not the same. It's just as much as everyone loves football along these great players. So when you see Neymar a little back up and go during the week just to settle the brilliant moans, and there's people not there to the people who should be there to witness it.


And there and it's just it's just so sad. It's probably one of the least devastating aspects of what people have lost their lives is what people have said about these things.


And it just makes you sad that people aren't there to see it. It's like now to give them this one week. It's like it's over ten years ago. They're just friends of a lifetime ago. And then some of the best moments, will you be with the best friends and great moments.


And it's just. Yeah, for six for six minutes. And it was great. And then it fell apart from Barcelona to control.


You know, I think JD, I think that's probably one of the aspects of that Liverpool win in Istanbul, because Istanbul is such a unique city, like it's basically a cross between, you know, it's on the gateway between Europe and Asia. Yeah. Yeah. And it feels exactly like that. It's it's kind of half Middle East. In fact, like parts of the city feel like you're in like somewhere in the Middle East, parts of the city feel like you're in Europe or for the Liverpool fans.


You know, on a few of my mates that have been over there, I think it was like a life changing experience for them. It was just everything was so mad. There was probably one of the things that took weeks, if not months, to actually get your head around. And but just the fact that it was Istanbul and it was like you never it's really, really unique city to visit football mad. I went to a game over there, a friendly game, Galatasaray in quarantine.


I've never seen anything like it. And it was it's just like a perfect setting for a game of that nature.


Yeah, I was in Brussels watching the final and I actually sang You'll Never Walk Alone because it was just such an amazing I was the Spurs fan.


Is that the first time you've admitted that? No, I probably admit I didn't tell the same stories in a kind of a loop about five stories. And so, yeah, that's probably on the fourth part of the loop.


But it was it was just bizarre. And because I remember you're a gambler, Johnny, I don't know if you like about David, but I felt at halftime this wasn't over at the gamblers got to tell me at halftime. This was not over between Liverpool tonight. Maybe the only person in the world who thought that. But then I was so good that I actually found 50 euro on the ground in Brussels. So it was it was a pretty good night.


But I went to I was lucky enough to go to the bar Munich, my game in thirteen at Wembley. Ninety thousand fans, most of them German, split in half. And Wembley is one of these stadiums that doesn't get the credit it deserves. It's an amazing stadium. But what always fascinated me, they all traveled together on the tube. No hassle, no violence, no tension. They all travel together on the tube to the Champions League final.


And it was an amazing game, which I and Robyn scored the winner in two one. I think that a very well there, David. It's about identity. It's about belonging. It's about all these parisotto German fans, whatever. But the club and the guitar influence, they'd love to be there in Lisbon that tomorrow. And I go into this match. Bayern Munich haven't won it in seven years and fan culture and being a fan and having that identity is something that we do miss at the moment.


That's absolutely. And the Champions League, the Champions League teenager nature, isn't it is the is competition, especially at this stage because the rest of the best teams in Europe, obviously moments on over the last few years because of just what's happening in those PSG aspects in terms of sports production and what's going on, that you have to remember things like the fact that obviously the bigger universe and all the rest of it and they're just go along for the celebrity, although I suppose for these clubs to have to have people who.


Just a leaf to support men who are from the area who just give me a comparison. We don't have identification with these, you see, like if you're looking for them all. Holy ground, please, for the Koran to win our kids. We know that there is no evil. And what it would say is not positive, so-called super, especially if you and you shouldn't you shouldn't look as long as if all these positives, as you say you to a energy is like this one is there, and who will go home and away and just want to be a policeman waiting for you to even watch because they relate to it, because it's just permanently frozen.


I've seen it in my chest where people are not there. And just because one of the biggest boobs in England is on the doorstep, just to look at the draw for them, you know, and it's just, again, on the political side of the pond that can't be there because that's what makes it that's what makes this all tick. And they are big, big institutions like how it is the European Union is saying this old money versus new money, because we think it's a bit too simplistic for me.


But we added up those equity there. I.A. elements are what the shareholders can get away from. The yield is going up for a second. Is the passion of for people what it means to them just because it's just grown exponentially and it's just incredible from the Champions League that we've rebranded the total prize money in trade with less than two million, whereas like last season, you know, and it's just incredible. Stocks have gone. And that's what we should be talking about.


Here's what's happened to get taken longer. That's what happens is because it's just grown massively beyond this age when people for extremes. Yeah, that's the practice.


That's the pact between commercialism and which we just have to accept. And and the quality of it obviously is improved. There are super clubs. But it doesn't mean that just because he's a participant club that you are, you know, you become something that you're not. I don't remember myself last year trying to get to the Spurs Liverpool game didn't get there. In the end, there were seven tickets. People were willing to pay ten thousand euro in Madrid for a ticket.


But for the Liverpool Spurs Champions League final last year, this Texan here and five three one six and tweets out off the ball, European Super League is inevitable. I predict all of the major domestic leagues are boring strolls to the title, with the exception maybe of England most years, all the super clubs do not want to compete with domestic minnows year in, year out. They want to compete with fellow pan-European super clubs that are some brand and an awfully Joe Turner on Twitter.


I've been to four finalists, got tickets to Glasgow in 2002 through the ballot, and your wife has a website, paid a fortune for trips to Istanbul and Athens went to Kiev to in twenty eighteen the route home involving the seven hour taxi drive to Moldova. Jimmy Smith, yes, was next on board. I know five incredible trips. The stadium in the middle of nowhere, an incredible AC Milan team. Six minutes of madness in the second half, the greatest Champions League final assist ever from TACA and the key introduction of Harman to shore up the central midfielders from Jimmy.


As I said on, Mark Riley was in Athens, couldn't get anywhere near Macedonia. They let everybody in without tickets before we got there. Watch from the stairwell. Extremely limited view we lost, so not too bothered. I got to Paris and I was six for Arsenal against Barcelona. Can still see Andre below me making a tunnel. But wait, he's got it. I thought of some Jack and Cork and the Champions League final. It's not been the same since they moved it to the weekend.


But I've got to disagree with you. And they're looking forward to tomorrow night's game in Lisbon. Five three one on six tax on the Champions League final. Your best finals you've seen on any trips you've been to or out off the ball. On Twitter, we will preview Bayern Munich against Paranzino German with Johnny Ward and David tonight.


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Welcome back to Off the Ball Saturday here on News Talk. John Dugan with a three to five o'clock in the company of the journalists, Johnny Ward and David Sawney, talking about football time at the Champions League final tomorrow. Nonpartisan Germán against Bayern Munich five three one two six for your text messages and out off the ball on Twitter. Our football coverage brought to you thanks to Paddy Power. For more information on responsible gambling, visit on Liquidnet. We're also streaming the show as well so you can watch us on.


On the off the ball, social channels for Periscope on Twitter are off the ball on YouTube, on Facebook and on the new OTV sports app Search OJB Sports in your App Store now to download it for iOS and Android living in Barcelona.


At the time I was at the 1999 final, queued for two days the company with my friend's grandfather season ticket and paid 4500 pesetas for my ticket about twenty five. Pontes was immediately offered eight hundred pounds by British. Toute said no, kept the ticket and no regrets. Eight hundred pounds be well spent, but the memories are still there. I'm a fully paid up Liverpool fan since the league final in eighty seven. But in Milan as my foreign bid on the side, thanks to the Channel four Football Italia, that 90 FA Cup final when they beat Barcelona fornia was one of the greatest performances ever by any side that Robin Monaghan was in Glasgow in 02 to win Zinedine Zidane absolutely stunning goal for Madrid against BA Leverkusen and my father went to his first European final in nineteen sixty three.


He's been to over forty and he's definitely, although he's got a soft spot for United that the team of the seventies was ahead of anyone. The seventy two game against Inter and scoring twice that as Tom from Limerick. Laughs For God's sake, we all miss being at the games both football and Jabel, you bloody journalist going on and on about it makes it only worse. Talk about the match, not covid-19. Everybody wants that from John and Kilkenny.


Well, let's talk about the game. Alabamian Hands In Flick is an amazing job. Hanzi flick was a balmy player in eighty seven against Portland. The last, the final and he was Yogi Love's assistant in twenty fourteen when Germany won the World Cup and he's got them playing a very much and attacking game, a very high line defensively. Lewandowski is an incredible form. Fifty five goals. But what about youth in the team. Davis as well I suppose.


Especially like he's only a teenager isn't he. The left back Alfonzo Davies. They've got to back into the groove. Bayern Munich, haven't they guys? It's hard to believe. I just can't believe it. It's seven years since they won the Champions League.


Seven years, yeah. Against the team who've never won it. And I was just watching the Virgin preview of this game the other night with Neuquén and David Delaney and Joe Molloy mentioned Bayern scoring record. They scored four point two goals for gay. And I was like, this is absolutely insane. How do you score four point two goals per game without doing a Kevin Keegan and conceding four point one goals for game or whatever? It is just this is revolutionary football, the high line.


I mean, it's obviously it's setting it up for for a massive fall if it goes wrong. But the intensity of their play and the sheer number of goals they score. You know, one of the questions I think Joe asked was, is, are these rescue teams in Europe? Now, that's a hard one to ask to answer because you think Liverpool and Manchester City, if they were in the last four, they sort of fancy their chances border.


You know, these two teams at the moment, it's kind of do look like the best two teams in Europe, and it'll just be the most the the biggest anticlimax ever if this isn't a very good game, because it just says everything you've highlighted that that is basically based on rushing up so that the midfield gets possession quickly taken on players like him. Bapi, who's one of the fastest gazelles you'll ever see in the pitch and with a midfield of ingenuity that can find the man with Neymar.


So and you mentioned the bat like I saw that it's starting to eight to thirteen in terms of batting, which is fairly profound towards Bayern at Geddie. But I think it'll be closer than that.


And Melbourne lawyer will have to be on his game on T Day, but. Well, he's a sweeper as well. Yeah. Yeah. But you have to be on his game the way they play because like I know, they've been winning matches by a huge aggregate, but even in this one tough competition. But there have been exposed to the back a few times. Yeah.


And they have and it's going to be an interesting one to see if he holds his nerve on this because you're coming up against someone like him. But they a Neymar who is the deadliest combination you've got, as Johnny was saying, kind of you got the ingenuity of Neymar who can pick these pick these passes for probably the quickest forward in Europe. So it's going to be a test of boyens on own kind of identity, really. Are they going to stick with what has got them here?


Or once they come up against a team who offers a challenge and maybe others haven't, what are you going to do? And of course, as they're going to just continue on, the team comes out for you. If you change now, we can throw things into into disarray. And I think when you have partner about to be a betting man just because of your mistakes is how we all have David.


We all have him maybe because they have that pedigree, maybe in Europe. That's possibly why they would be saying absolute favourites and. I'm just looking I just I just don't understand. I just don't see how this isn't going to be a game because it's not a case of you've got one soil, obviously defend and just destroy it again against the order. And it have seen a thousand years in play in those teams or whoever, just a manager or a manager would actually revel in your spoiling.


Again, this strikes me as two teams who want to win the game their way, which they both is the right way on. You know, how to play football is just exceptional to watch. And like, there's so much wrong with it in terms of how the hands of how we got to this point. Now, again, both have to be honest. And when it's done that 90 minutes of of a match and when they turn on it just as a football fan is just fantastic to watch.


And so when I'm watching it tomorrow as a neutral, that's what I'll be. I'll be walking. I'm just going to be watching it closely as as a fan. And is it is one of those games where you just want that you'd want to be there because it's just going to be going be set up to be to be it.


Yeah, it reminds me it reminds me a little bit of the football final in 2001 between me than Goldway and me that absolutely demolished Kerry got into the game. And I think Byron's kind of expectancy in this game is based a little bit on the Barcelona game. And I wouldn't I wouldn't throw that out the window. But I think that you should not be reading too much into that. Barasso were an absolute shambles. They were so bad. I think, like a mid ranking Premier League club would have done a lot better against him that night.


The masterbate and PSG, if you look at PSG as much as they don't have the pedigree of winning this and it's been a bit of a project for them with all the money they've invested in all the superstars they've had, the Atlanta game is probably that game changer game where you're going you're going to win the competition. Absolutely, completely galvanises. And I think in terms of the belief that they have and will go in there probably half thinking that they they've already won it, I think PSG will relish the fact that the expectancy's the firing will probably win.


And I think togetherness has come from the fact that they came out of such a hole in the Atlanta game and they just have a ferocious pace to exploit that Bayern system.


So Neymar is the park choice, is what you're saying, Johnny? Yeah, actually, that's a fair comparison.


I hope choiceful might be compared to Neymar Borislow 99 Deliverance Glasgow to Zidane. Incredible goal must always make in Dublin glory days. I'm thinking if there's one man like obviously it's set up for him now to to win it for Barnet's Landowski. Fifty five goals. He's improved his all around game. He lost the final one playing for Dortmund seven years ago at Wembley against amazing.


He's never won a Champions League. He could be the the knife through the heart for PSG tomorrow and tomorrow as well.


Even though he's just been one of our players who's been around for so long, I've never really felt too much about the times of whom I agree. He's never really kind of know. It has always been this debate. Messi, Renaldo Leventhal's has just been there in the background. Brilliant all the time. I read an article just this morning in The Guardian on a new article.


Yeah, great article. I just it's the fourth time maybe maybe I should just go and look at myself for more detail on him. But he he's someone who I was always struck me as someone who was always brilliant, just an absolute natural striker. And importantly, this fellow has his mold himself into that player. You know, I mean, we Pepes warfare on the gladiola. He's worked on the clock. He's worked on the Angellotti Pep Guardiola. Describe them as the best professional that he's worked with, you know, and it's just little things.


And he won't give too much away about the athlete, but it's definitely more. And if you want to learn just a little bit more about the man and a sense of like everyone talks about Neymar excuse me, I talk with Neymar and saying, oh, this is why he left Barcelona. He wants to go to he wants to be the main man. This is going to be his crowning glory to win. What do you see? It is about what?


Eleven. Those guys don't get here in his career like you are sort of wanting him. You want him to deliver. You want him to actually have the game where he does maybe win or just do something special because he has actually was getting tired of reading the ad because I'm just taken like this fellow has just been relentless in his career to get to this point, because you kind of look at him and you can only think archetypal kind of striker like that in terms of just natural little finisher poor.


He has worked so hard to get to this point in his career and to stay here. And these continue. I just had a difficult point as well. Where do I leave to actually win the Champions League? And he's on the cusp of it now. And just, you know, look at reading this thing and so much more development. Even the fourth paragraph of the article on this is phenomenal spoiler cause it's just really. Well, great. Yeah.


What has he focused on? He's got a good mixture of youth and experience. Thomas Motors revitalized lawyers. They're voting, but also leukemic koretski Nebris. There are only twenty five years of age, Dave. Because I've just commented on how young he is, I'm Nebris as well, I just just even the first couple of nights was just of absolute belter. And this is the thing that got my twenties all over the pitch. And with the speed and the way they're playing, they're playing a really I don't know whether a club that's ever been really loved, Bayern Munich, but they're playing a football that you definitely love.




And it's also kind of inspiring that Knowler 11 Damski, you know, Muehler turns 31 this year. He was actually born in the old West Germany. If you want to feel a little bit old, that's a little mulberries and Ivanovski party too. How do you get like a team that's daccord with two players that are in their early 30s and it's not. It's football footballers. No country for old men know the way it has developed. It's it's an incredibly pacy game.


You look at Messi sort of demises. He's gotten older and I know that's probably a bit harsh on him, but that's the dramatic thing about them. Dave is indefatigable kind of way about them. 11 DANSKY Maybe it's Goldstone Report this season. If there is no Balen, don't worry. I'm sure he would have won this. And it's absolutely off the charts, which was the way that they've been able to maintain that level of performance and maybe slightly reinvent themselves as well.


And and all in a in a team that is I mean, it must be an absolute pleasure for an attack there in that team because because of the high line, because they compress the pitch so much, you're going to get a lot of chances and and they're going to be so many traps. I think tactically it's going to be fast because I don't think Byron can can really change. It's like the cheetah changed its spots in the space of a few days.


We've had a manic season. The games have been very compressed. I don't think they can do an awful lot to change the way they play and and everyone is expecting to exploit. That would have to be on guard because like Mueller is, is he's just a sensational goal scorer for what he can be. And they will can't make mistakes at the back. And a lot of games now, these games where, you know, your goals expect to see aren't that great and see all the Horsfall going to be massive.


I'm not sure what is in this game, to be honest. It could be seven more.


Yeah, five three, two, six, four text messages on the Champions League final great show Lobstering. PSG could win this easier than people think. Last season, Liverpool ripped Byron asunder by PSG, calls them awful problems out of some tomine or more. I went to the final with my wife, who's not a fan of a Liverpool fan, so I wanted them both to lose. Got a picture with great Yaghnobi outside with no hotel. So it was great that I went all the way to penalties from Declan.


And course it was the rain in Moscow, wasn't it, man? United against Chelsea and Bapi. One hundred ninety million for Monaco to PSG. Turkey goes the season. Twenty one years of age. He's already won a World Cup. The pace from deep could be frightening. He's my favorite player in the world. I just love the way he plays the game. And if he's on song tomorrow night, which should be exceptional.


Well, it's easier said than done. Interesting. Well, I'm kind of going off topic here a small bit, but you made the point of just how they is so much about this game and everything is analyzed. And I think it's 40 years since Nottingham Forest. Be humble to wear your pink and your earlier in the year just. Got in touch with Anderson, and I was I just wanted to speak to him about just what it was like in the buildup to a European Cup final was in in Madrid, DP World, which Kevin Keegan.


And it was just amazing, some of the details he was telling about what Loincloth did like 40 years ago. And now imagine how it used to always talk about when he's your manager and but he can sometimes be rolling your eyes. But it was interesting. They took him away into the hills, I think it was in New York or somewhere and just did it. They didn't watch a football till the day before the game for the week. They didn't watch a football.


Or Shilton was going stir crazy at one point. And they want to, like, grasp in the middle of a roundabout just to do some handiwork without Cliff knowing with one of the coaches because he just needed to to get a handle on the ball. And Dave Anderson was saying that Kloof just wanted to take all the stress away and all the pressure away. And that is one point that maybe is what has to be taken to be touched on is like when players get to this bigger stage, like the biggest game in our club career for for a lot of them, because you look at it like Boyin haven't won this competition for seven years.


PSG obviously this is going to be the crowning moment for we'll play great players free. Like, how do you get into the shape? How do you get into the mental framework to actually perform and to deliver? And just from looking at from just looking at the tournament, I do think I think Boyan will be slightly better suited, like the Afonso Davis is just phenomenal as a footballer. Just he's just he's just incredible potential to have an affair with Thiago, someone who can just maybe dictate to play a bit more.


I think they have I think they just have the edge that way and were born in terms of that maybe that they've got more trip around the pack, but also the ability that if things aren't going great, like when they conceded their own goal against Barasat, where he can just calm things a little bit and may maybe PSG because of what happened against Atlanta as well, maybe that they have confidence from that. But it's just I gets it as much as I like how often you can deal with it mentally, because these are these lads who are at the peak and our powers and these are the elite.


So people upstairs in our head who can proxy out here now and deliver is where the manager is. I suppose we'll know what our players inside out and how we get in that ball to actually just go out, try and relax. And maybe the fact that there's no fans there will help to you know, it's going to it's going to be you can see that way. And it's just that's that's the thing. That would be the big thing, because it is the subplot in terms of what it means for different players to actually win this, to win this tournament.


You know, Kieran Boyle has been in touch from Florida on Twitter, said My first big football memory was my eighty four study, Olimpio and in and I, Liverpool, Rome and the glamour of the final home game for Roma, the color in the market, magic, different era. But for me, that was the time that final European Champions League. The thing about Graeme Souness as well, a member spoke before about the fact that Liverpool went on a break as well.


Before that Champions League or European Cup finals wasn't the time in eighty four against Roma and then played them off the park and did go to penalties. But Liverpool won. Thomas Dukat, I suppose, is the man, isn't he, who's got to get into the PSG heads Johnny to get them right. And he's followed the Klopp rush through meit's through Dortmund and now he's on the cusp of a satisfying the Qatari owners and dumont's for the likes of whom I am sure he couldn't.


Yeah I know Dave was talking about fans knowing that it's, it is that, that the Qatari owners are still in the background and it's, it's probably an unsavoury aspect of football now with these kind of owners are involved, which seems an amazing coach. And they've agreed to give them to say when you put together a group of millionaires like these guys with eagles like Neymar and all that, and Neymar has emerged as more of a leader, I think, from sort of the games I've seen this season as well.


It seems to be taking on the mantle and that it'll be very interesting as well. You mentioned he will be interesting to watch him. And in that I think this will probably be his last game, I think, for Bayern. And if Liverpool fans are watching this with the expectation for so long, this is going to go to their Liverpool will have to get a notch higher next season. He could be that there. And he'd be massive here because he is the fulcrum of that team and would like this.


Highline is fine, JT, but like if you have somebody as quick as in a high line is so vulnerable, I think that's going to be a key aspect of. Well, let's hear from Damian Delaney.


Your reference to earlier on there, Jonny. The former Republic of Ireland International says he doesn't think PSG can stop the barmy juggernaut.


No, I don't think they're capable of anything born. Once you're going to get rolling, I think they'll do this to anybody. But if there's anyone can do it, if there's anybody can, you know, because you look at it the opposite of Imbaba and Neymar, but then you look at the other midfield players under Herera, you get absolutely run right over. Yeah. And you look at MacInnes, you know, he's got a couple of goals and he's a very good player, but he'll get run over, over the top of and then the other boy paraders as well just get like blown over the way you're telling me.


If any team could it would be what they want. Yeah.


Team. And that goes to your point, what you stand. They are the best left hotel in the bar and the best team equipped to do this to burn, but I think they have a plan for Naimah and the plan from BAPA because it's one thing getting in and they're anemically on score tonight. And I'm going to go ahead. Even Italians go to in the first seven minutes all evening that have been the least bit worried in the same way that Barcelona pegged back to one one.


They just want to win. You know, we're going to get out of the system because it is risky. But the greater good it is, we're going to tack on four you here and we are capable of doing that when we hit Wall Street. So even if Leon got the nose in front, not one person. I remember when Alaba score that on goal and Roy smile. I remember thinking when he was getting up off the floor, as in like Jesus wasn't worried because he knew, like, no problem, we're on top.


This goal is coming into one play. It's been an own goal. But I know my goal can get the job done here.


Everybody's got a view on Bayern Munich against PSG tomorrow night. Now here's Kenny Cunningham, the former Republic of Ireland captain on the man that may be able to unlock that bar in defense in boppin.


Particular for me is the word. A lot of talk about Neymar go overboard, to be honest, which at times is so many miles from the sport and products been offered really in terms of his finishing, but taking responsibility look to get on the ball maybe and make things happen. Some good individual play won't be one situations that catches your eye. Absolutely. But if I to defend their space would have absolutely terrifies me. I was watching them last night.


I made about half a dozen runs in the first half lads in behind. He never got the ball once. I just saw him of the car to the TV screen because obviously the cameras follow the ball and sometimes you can't see those runs from far our players that they're already commercial. But I caught him a number of times just to stand in off the center house, just look at disinterested and just suddenly sprint in behind. And the ball never arrived.


The defenders never saw it, never anticipate. And anybody with the ability to pick a pass over over the top. This really is that type of player. And this area is probably the only one, but they haven't got enough. Look, those players who can actually pick those rulings out, but he's the one who can kill you because he's always looking to go in behind into the air to pitch what he knows he can. He can do the most damage, Sombat, by families that wanted to get him on the ball sufficiently and often in the royalties.


And he gets into the reality is he doesn't indulge himself like Neymar coming to date DeBerry's to get rid of Santos, etc. He stays high on the pitch in the areas of a place where he knows he can hold teams, see if he does it tomorrow night, lads, or even Lewandowski.


This is the tipping point. And I think with Bolander and Ronaldo and Messi, this is the tipping point season. This is the season when things are going to start to change.


We're going to have a maybe a new era of superstars, happy and sad case that you just any any any defender, particularly as Kenny was saying there would be absolutely petrified of him back. And it just completely flies against the face of all logic that you would try to deal with that threat by playing the high line. And that's going to be the thing, because as Kenny says, if you have a player that has a bit of past stability and essentially you don't even have to be able to pass the ball that well, if you have that much space and he has eased that quick, he can have like he could be six, seven yards off a player and still make it.


So you just need and that's going to be really interesting when when the ball breaks down. That's Byron's attitude then, is it all? Well, we have to be very, very wary of this. Are we going to stick to the principle or say, I'm like, he's you know, it would be probably Heyman's and Brian would be my two my three favorite players anywhere in the world. And I think the stage is set for him and I think he's ready for it.


And and maybe he doesn't get as much, you know, sort of Neymar gets a lot of the love with him, but he has everything and it's impossible to deal with that pace at times. If you can kind of isolate a little bit of space, you see a tipping point with there regarding Bolander is in this kind of thing now, David.


You would imagine so now in terms of it's going to be the first time in what seems like 40 years that Messier Renaldo aren't going to be listening to the Champions League or are in the latter stages, but I'm going to just try and get her name in here on the as mentioned to Maria. So we're talking about PSG and Maria Martin Luther King would have operated maybe off the right hand side. It makes no sense for PSG to try and pull him one on one against Alfonso Davis because he's just not going to get the better of them in a in a race.


And if we're talking about what the lads are saying there and he goes what Amy Delaney was saying there you can Kenny as well, the kicking that pass to get the lads through, we wouldn't be surprised if you see maybe Maria, who was all he does have an influence on games. They've got quality quality player. And I wouldn't be surprised to see him drop dropping a bit deeper now. I do think that I don't think he'll win the balance if he has to start on a win.


I do think it's going to be one of those key or possibly up your Neymar for us. If you look at I think Maria is someone who also have a very, very big influence on this game.


OK, got to take a break, folks. David Snyder and Johnny Ward on the Champions League final. Also speaking to Andrew Stevens, the Republic of Ireland and Sheffield United Defender after the break. So don't go away. Our congratulations to Willowra. He won our competition for 300 euro worth of garment fitness products by correctly identifying nineteen ninety seven as the year that Stephen Roach won the Tour de France, all with thanks to the all Ireland cycle, which takes place between August the 20th and September the 6th.


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Good news for Bohemians fans. They've beaten St. Patrick's a lot of tunel in the League of Ireland premier division with goals of Anto Breslin and Andre. Right are just two points now between the great rivals in Dublin Shamrock Rovers. The lead the table by two over bohemians. Ronnell, come on. You were speaking of Barcelona there during the week, Johnny earlier on a Caparo 1992 European Cup final. Who could forget that free kick around some Doria. His managerial career has had a few highs.


Philos did well out of Hampton did about Alex Everson. Might be a bit of a mixed bag, but you got Kumin and Henrik Larsson there. But it might be just a short term thing.


Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of restructuring to do there. Were there kind of like a school, a country that's been under leader for a long time and is going to soon have a new leader because he's been that power for them. And, you know, he's been so overpowering that as he weighs in terms of his own physical ability and all that, it's just it's like year zero, start over again. And he's actually talking to a couple of times we met Chris Hughes.


This to the shoulder pointed out there's a lot of the tough strokes and you are rushing into targets at the moment, which is fair enough because and we're all getting a bit older and made the point. That's when I was going to be an interesting one for two months to look at in terms of if Liverpool are going to bring in Tiago and who lose out now. I mean, obviously they would have had a relationship with him, but ours is going to be fascinating.


I've no idea what's going to happen there. But Messi, the whole messy situation and whatever Messi is this season, he's going to he's going to be on the way next season. He's had an incredibly tough career in terms of what he's given. And it's a big rebuilding job, I think, to be honest with whoever gets the job after an eighteen squad.


Davis, trouble in the boardroom. A presidential election next year, end of an era. As we spoke about on the show last week, if you're buying shares, you wouldn't be buying them in Barcelona right now.


It's an interesting one. Again, the admission about the election, you'd wonder like who's going to be the person who will want to actually say to Lionel Messi, you know, well, it's time. It's time to go. And I don't think there's anyone there at the moment who's brave enough. And you're looking at the fact that ad ARBIDOL has gone, who had a very public falling, falling there with Messi. It's clear that things are happening now to appease Messi in that sense.


But then if you look at it, you're hurting. And is Ronald Cameron the type of manager who would actually be capable of getting rid of amazing star character and stubbornness and really mindedness about a person to say, well, actually, Lionel Messi is not the player that we need? I see him as absolutely crazy to think about it, considering what he's doing, but I don't think it's going to happen. I think Kevin has been brought in possibly with the proviso that we believe the message is still going to be the main man in this team.


But eventually eventually it has to. There has to come Barcelona has to be brave enough and have to say, well, you know, while the game is moving on, teams are even in their own league, are dealing them and sorting has something has to change. If our players aren't able to perform to their maximum. They've broken our transfer record in the last few seasons on players and not in seems to be working. Is is that ultimately it seems that it could be because he's been the best player in the world for God knows how long.


And he's provided the most amazing moments in the last decade or so. But it is it is a short hair is a short time. Is it short term appointment? Well, it will be if they don't get and get results won't last. Barcelona are ridiculous. They won't. They won't. And I just don't see him being the one who's going to actually get messy, get messy out the door. And it's hard to even have to even talk and touch and maybe like the common denominator.


Or do you want to do you want I mean, they're playing a different role because notwithstanding his commercial importance and sad as it is to mention that Messi is still a very, very good player, he doesn't necessarily need to leave. But it's like he has to probably himself realize that I can't be calling the shots here anymore. I'm just I'm awaiting, what, like slightly different part of the scene now and maybe be it be a positive kind of influence to the restroom in terms of the younger players that are coming through because they can still keep them.


What it's like, what role neaz his legs obviously get a little bit slower.


You also have to look at it as well. And again, a lot of tax returns that'll be mentioned in Colvert. Well, we're in an era now where Barcelona aren't going to be able to go and spend the money that they have previously solely to say, well, you know what? Will we actually be brave and take that risk and sell Messi? You could get a fortune from from somewhere and then be able to totally rebuild and totally restructure things, and I do I do with that way almost without that destruction.


But you have to have something has to happen. Or I should say you find a culture is capable of getting something different. What makes you at this point in his career and getting multiple partners around them? And it's just listen, we haven't got we haven't got the culture badges to be able to find out whatever you do that is. But that's what needs to be done. It's all to find a way of somehow getting the we that he has been able to change his game a little bit more and all around the country may seem strange and have picked a fault in someone like him.


But something else has to happen if he's going to be there, because what's been happening at Barcelona, you can't put it down to everyone around him. He's there to, you know. Yeah, OK.


Well, also spending money like Brewster's Millions over three hundred million and barely continue and Griezmann. So hopefully Koopman will get the best out of the likes of Greaseman. We're delighted to be joined on the line, by the way, by the Republic of Ireland and Sheffield United defender Andrew Stevens. And good afternoon.


Hey, thanks, Sandy. You're back playing Premier League football in three weeks time. Wolves on the opening weekend. You ready to go again?


Yeah, and we've gone back a week now. So this week's trains and cross-border. Yeah. And I'm prepare and be ready to go.


And how did you find it and the behind closed doors since June, was it an easy adjustment without the fans. And probably not. All it was a bit taken aback a bit, because you have you haven't got the atmosphere to come and give you the adrenaline. You kind of have to go and find us somewhere else. And they probably took us a little bit longer to adapt to it. But it is what it is.


And same for everybody else. And we kind of got there towards the end. And we've been looking forward to the new season and trying to get down to a strong start.


Would it affect your intensity, do you think? And like you, are your nerves any different with no fans of that kind of thing? It wouldn't be news.


But I do like your intensity. You kind of have to. You're going to have to. Yeah, you're going to have to get that adrenaline for someone else. You haven't got the crowd to give you a lift. And, you know, like if you have the opposition on the back foot, there's no there's no, like, crowd noise. They're the kind of suck their energy away and give us a lift for them. It is what it is, as I say, for both candidates.


And so and we've kind of got to grips with it now. We've got a few preseason games lined up at the top as well and get back used to it. So we'll be ready to go.


I was going to say I'm Brian Lane and I'm watching those matches on TV. And I'm thinking that's like that is a real advantage to play from a lane.


But on the other hand, does it make the games easier now? Probably not. I think the way games are probably more taufa. Well, we found that so far. So we'll be we'll be doing a homework now on how to how to get over that and how to improve on our performances away from home. And the home games kind of speak for itself because, you know, each blade of grass and in your own turf, you know, so you have that intensity, you have that like adrenaline and that the take home in the game, it's just the away games.


You kind of have to adapt to that Aston Villa game. And it was just so bizarre with that goal that that should have been allowed, which wasn't allowed with the technology not working to that effect. You guys at all, do you think? And it was it was a strange it was a strange thing to happen during the game, because even if you watch the reaction of other players, they all knew it was in. And I was kind of just still still waiting for the referee to blow his whistle.


But it never came. And and I think we were talking a few allies talking to him at halftime. I think to be fair to the referee, I think he was apologizing because it was a technical fault. There was nothing he could actually do about it. And did it affect us now? I wouldn't really say so. And I don't think we necessarily played well in that game. And I knew we could win it. So we knew how to improve over the next course of the games and some kind of strange results as well.


Like he beat Chelsea, beat Spurs, but you lost the last three games. Can you put your finger on why was it just that you had the momentum before lockdown and then it was kind of difficult maybe to go back to the same extent? Yeah, I think so. I think momentum was a big thing for us, especially with having a performance on the pitch and Yorketown poverty came at the wrong time us and then when we got back, we had two bad results, I think the first two games and we kind of got to rediscover that farm again.


And I think we got a different in farm in the last game and it probably just affected us a little bit too much. And we kind of never reached the kind of peak performance that we had shown previously.


What was the biggest thing that you probably learned from being such an ever present and during a Premier League season with that team, which I think know? And what I learned in terms of just just looking at whether you're an ever present, like I know you're in a few years ago, but, you know, you're you're constantly in the team. Chris Walton knows what he wants to do. You've got the three five two. Did you feel like you're really hitting the pace and you're playing your best football?


Yes, with football. I think the one thing that I learned was consistency is everything. The manager wants to see consistency. And if you're consistently performances, you play every week because he knows he's going to get me and you can trust him. You've got a guy in the manager's trust. You want to be in a manager's go to team. If he wants the results, you want to be on that team, but you trust to go and give him that result.


Great news for John Egan, your teammates, your international colleague, a new deal for him. Yeah, a lot of the taxes he started down, a few sent out to the club. So it's it's great news, I think. I think a lot of us sign new contracts now over the last couple of months and especially over the last year or so, it's it's going to be something a core group together. And they probably had a few more players in the transfer window, hopefully.


And they'll be looking strong now for the new season.


Would you hang in there with John and with Dave McGoldrick? Are you take the money off, John, on the golf course. I was just on there for the coffee. Yeah, me and Jonathan will go for coffee from the day after trying and have a chat like he doesn't live too far away from me. So, yeah, we we can play in a bit of golf, hopefully soon. And I think he might be taking the money off me because he's been out practicing every day.


We got our David Sun, the journalist on the line here around. He did a great profile with you. There are a few months ago we also got Johnnie Walker. Johnny, you know, and I think from the social scene, is that right?


And Vega and and actually, I actually met him at an awards night there and a camera was the soccer writers of PFLAG Awards. But the same day, I think you were playing Spurs and then you were absolutely gripped by a VA decision and we were talking about that today. I'm less interested in your social life, which I know you might agree with, that I am in and in just one day and the whole Ireland thing, because obviously there's no no team more relevant party.


That's more really the you did and everything is being a bit mad this year. But in light of Jason McAteer is kind of baffling comments about Stephen Kenny. You know, I was at the Rovers shows again last night and Jamie Dolphus informs me and I know like back to back from Team Abdon, they've been working nearly day in, day out on your opposition and they've been really working hard. What's the expectation and how excited are you? And I suppose as well as ask, what's it going to be like playing on there, Kenny?


Because I imagine you probably play if you get on the team you'll be paying for at the back and you'd be playing the conventional Lefrak that you've been both. Are you excited by it all? Yeah, definitely.


It's been a long time now since international football, so we've missed it. And so now that's only around the corner. We're really looking forward to it. And it's obviously a fresh start for the new manager and the new team. And I was at the ball game against the dark and he was down there chatting and he was just saying, like, they are doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff in the media room, looking at games and coming up with ideas and that.


And and it'll just be maybe it'll be just exciting to kind of learn what they have in store for us and how they want to play. And it's a fresh start for a lot of players now. So there's all there's an awful lot to play for in the next two years and so on. And so if we do well, I'll it means to be very memorable. Yeah, and as well as that, look, how excited are you by the young players coming through?


Because I know like your and Dave McCall, it could be kind of among the more senior players in the squad and all that, but not necessarily expect Kenny to last. He's under 21 straight away, but it must be exciting just to see the progress of the 19, 21, 17 and Irish football seems to be on the off as well. Yes, if you want to see anybody out there playing games a week where you can see them and and a lot of money you got and up blowing in, you got you got a lot of players now just coming into fruition and on setting the mark on the league that we have them now with the international scene.


And once they get in there to do well, that they're staying there for forever, really, and for as long as they can. And it just brings back competition and and and everything that we need, that competitiveness that we need for the audience.


But I've been in touch with Stephen since he got the job back in April. And the resume calls or instructions or is it a case that, you know, once you hook up for the Bulgarian Finland Games, you'll get a sense then not I'll you to lock down.


We had resumed session. I think he went around most of the lines and had a call it the and just had a chat and probably got to introduce himself to a lot of lads and what he has in store for us. And it was quite good, you know, and but that seems like a long, long time ago. And now it's all down there. What? A week away from me. And and it's just excitement. I have to kind of get going.


David, you were speaking to and a few months ago, and it was interesting that you kind of chronicled the whole like growing up in Dublin and was the Honda, the Honda car and all that kind of thing?


Well, actually, I think we spoke near the and this is a perfect end for it. And the chance David was actually I was it was just it was one of those rare events and it was actually one of those where it was good to speak to different people and availability and all it was going to get us. And you mentioned our book on to see. I always have a bit of mixed emotions that work with bows and arrows and all of us going for the toilet, because obviously you make it what you find a star and all know football was.


And it will be key to them actually maybe winning the league because they're really challenging all of us now as well now.


And they won't be rollers drivers.


OK, what is what what is all about money going to star almost as definitive as Johnny Walker dared in the declaration sport and the dollar. So just interesting to about you mentioned later about it was I was up or down the lane at the start of the season, which again four years ago it was the game against Crystal Palace. And I couldn't get over the fact that when you are really that the ground, you have to go through all the fans to actually get into the players entrance that you're not going to separate.


In a way, you kind of are signing autographs right after you were there for like 10 or 15 minutes. And it was just I don't think that happens. And you walk around in the Premier League where the fans are actually and helped get you to players before the game and told me this in a bad way. It's that sort of that maybe awarded the next season, because it does seem as though sometimes moreso than other teams that you do feed off the crowd as a team because obviously everyone knows what Chris Wylder as well as passion will.


Yeah, I think I think the manager stays on that he doesn't want to separate the players and the fans and a lot of fans probably go to the stadium hours before kickoff so it wouldn't be right to just ignore them, you know, and walking to the car park. So we get you get to give them the autograph about pictures and that. And it kind of keeps the family room closed, the players and the fans connection together. And it's just it's a healthy environment for a football club.


And it just helps, you know, and I don't know what's going to happen. Obviously, there's rumors of fans getting back in the stadiums for October. And it's just it's just a massive of uncertainty. Now, the country can't really say or give any comment on because you just don't know what's going to happen.


I mean, a lot of testing for you and as being kind of is it a lot of kind of protocols and testing on this and not completely took a while to get your head around it. The. Yeah, it was just a change, it was such a big change because as footballers, you just stuck in this routine and all services and it's like repetitive. You know, you have your routine, everything's the same. And building up the games.


And once I was taken away and then you come back, it was just it was it was totally different than just the adjustment. Just if I think you can see it took a lot of people on teams longer than others to kind of adjust to the new circumstances. And then I was hired to kind of say, because it's just it's probably to become the new normal now. So you just got to adapt in the test and you got tested twice a week.


And so that was it's actually quite good because you get tested twice a week. So then, you know, you have that confidence going into play like play the games. Yeah, yeah.


I just don't want our Jonny touched upon there about Jason Alkatiri was on a road show and during the week and he made the comments about Stephen Carney's appointment as a Republican rather manager. I think the comments rooted in his experience. Jason's with Brian Kerry. I'll just read them out here. This is what he said. When I think of Stephen's appointment, then it is a pretty big ask from a guy who's only really managed, like a lot of teams and the team in Scotland.


I think the step up is massive. I'm always worried about the pedigree of the manager stepping into an international role. He likes to play talk to football, though it might be a refreshing change. It might be something and needs. What do you think of the common tender? Do you think it is a step up for Stephen? A big ask. It's obviously a step up because it's the pinnacle, isn't it? You're managing a country is the same as the player, the pinnacle of your career.


It's going to be a country. So obviously it's a step up, but it's one that you're going to take the time to make. And he hasn't shied away from what he wants to do. And he has that confidence in his ability to compete around the backroom staff.


And he's got the criteria to kind of make it work. And we have the confidence. And that's what you need to need. You need someone coming in and going to tell us they have that confidence enough to do well as one of themselves. And the change what a lot of fans might want to see is attractive football. And and hopefully he can then he can do to you.


I'm excited about it. It's going to be a new dawn, you know, and I think there's no reason not to be excited about it now. Definitely.


I think it's something to be excited about. I think all the lads are excited about it. And and it's at the end of the day, it's down to the players. We've got to perform for him. He'll give us all the confidence in the world to go out there and play and and prepare and try and understand to us just just on that journey as well.


And in the end, it would have played under Michael O'Neill, obviously, for fishtank grovers and look at the job Mike O'Neill has done. And he got a job, obviously at a very high level in England. But where was Jason Macintyre saying that? You know, Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane being put together was was a bad idea, despite all their experience, you know, because they were there were two managers who wouldn't have been there wouldn't be tactical geniuses by any manner.


And just the last thing I would say, and they said short end is well aware of this, Rory Higgins and, you know, Keith Andrews and Damien Duff are working under Stephen Kenny. It's not all about Stephen Kenny. This is a team here and that are working their socks off. They're they're really, really hungry young coaches. It's not these kind of coaches like who are basically coming towards the end of their career, get the big paychecks and actually retire and ask the Ireland job.


And that's not work for us. I think that's failed. I think we've become a country that hasn't anywhere near achieves. And from what we can achieve, I think the philosophy has changed. And Stephen Kenny's done more than that. He managed the under twenty one to play football. I don't think we've ever seen before at any level in Ireland. And I just don't see where James McAteer is coming from with this and maybe just sour grapes onto Brian Caribou's.


And there's just absolutely no worries on that score. And we've had I don't think this worked and I imagine that all the players, even the ones who don't know under both Stephen Kenny, are excited to work with your friend Keith Andrews. Mary Higgins, well. Yeah, the players are excited to work with the manager as well, because all the US have, you know, they've only heard good things about them. And I just said it is a team game and they're coming together as a team and they're going to come in with their fresh ideas, their philosophy.


And it comes down to the players. We've got to adapt to them. We've got to make it work for them. They'll have all the ideas in the world. But we got to get on board and get on to it and we will. We're hungry. We've got a hunger. We're desperate to do well. I'm desperate to qualify for a major tournament.


Yeah, I remember. Like, you got Thomas to call tomorrow night of Herzen. German didn't have a glittering career as a player. Arsene Wenger didn't. And I don't think players correct me if I'm wrong, but the players really care if I'm on it. How where a manager was as a as a previous manager or as a player.


As long as you perform one on the pitch now. Yeah. Players want to perform to the best of their ability. And I think with the management, you're going to get that from them. They're going to just instill that confidence for you to go out and play and just express yourself as players and as a team. That's what we want to do just to finish.


And have you been homesick? That's been difficult as well. Like not coming back or, you know, Skype calls and calls a family, that kind of thing. Yeah, it was tough for them.


I, I away to Greece in the summer and then from Greece of Australia to Dublin. So I got a week at home. So it was actually quite good. It was a bit strange because it's been that long to live in Holland, but that was good. I had a short break, but it was a positive, it was a good one and it was needed and seen a lot of people that I haven't seen for ages. Now back to business now.


So hopefully we can have an open the future. I'm a along so people can get back over them. Come watch me play games again. Absolutely.


If not the ambition for the season. European football's definitely not out of the question.


Yes, definitely. Listen, we just one game at a time. The old cliche.


Yeah, OK, well, thanks so much for joining us on Off the Ball Saturday. And the best of luck at Sheffield United and we'll speak soon. Yeah, sure. Thanks. Andrew Stevens, our gentlemen, speaking to us.


And off the ball Saturday here on News Talk, 550, 100 extra tax messages. We've got to take a break. We're back after this.


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OTB Sports in your App Store five three. One of six is the number of your text, of course, the Champions League final tomorrow. And we're so bad against Liverpool last year. I know they've got a new manager, but how have they turned it around so quickly with the same personnel? Look finish last year. That wasn't Murray. Well, the manager does matter. Has you've done a great job there. And he's got the players believing, again, this European finals got the makings of a classic.


I think the lack of fans atmosphere makes this a level playing field. As regards players dealing with the pressure, how will the Munich deal with a map where they rely on NPE pop that could be crazy tackle or crazy lob attempt on the keeper. Please live up to the expectation. Of course, I think we all want that to be the case when we get to our couch tomorrow at eight o'clock for that appointment for Bayern Munich against partisan German the European Cup with such a storied history.


Great to hear from Andrew Stevens last before the break. The Republic of Ireland, the Sheffield United Defender, so canny Stephen Kenny naming his team on Monday, his squad, rather, for Bulgaria and Finland. But I'm saying team, because who should be in the team? Who should be looking to progress into this round and team with these nations league games? Well, not that important to Slovakia. Game is more important. I'm thinking Jason AvalonBay. I'm thinking James McCarthy possibly coming back.


You know, who should be involved in this?


He set up. Well, I do think it's going to be a he'll be a bit more pragmatic than maybe some people think. I do definitely as a was saying there, it's about pointing to his ideas when when he comes in and he is going to he is going to want to come in and he's going to want to change things. It's not as if he's coming in from a point of view where you can control everything being on Grand Isle. Just try and keep things taken off.


Maybe things would be fine. Fans aren't going to be in a stadium or people are going to be expecting drastic things. I don't think it's going to be addressing drastic personnel, as we might expect with think. Jason, M.O.B. is someone who obviously was captain of the twenty one under Stephen Kenny until someone who Stephen Kenny is big on, I think really kind of has impressed them. But also you mentioned James McCarthy, that's another player director has also been a little one who's been who was being spoken about.


And I just think I'm actually waiting to see what the story is and if it's going to be one of those big provisional squads or if that's going to be doing away with because it's this tricky situation whereby, for example, back in preseason, what's going to be happening will be breaking down and training will not be able to get through pre-season. And then by the time the games go around in September. So it's it's going to be interesting to see who he has.


I think he had to go with the expanded squad, but with so much caution about it, I just don't think people are going to be a revolution straight away is going to be obviously he'll be making his mark. But this is what the Texas idea of a player, Munich, the manager is nowadays is always, always important. But like there can be more can be got from that group of players that have been there with someone like Stephen Kenny, someone who can inspire people, but also give them the platform to do more.


And it was actually something that even in the seventies is going to will benefit from, because even for someone like him who there is so much more to come that can be got out of him in an orange jersey that wasn't there before. And I think we will see on our own there Stephen Kenny. So it's I think there's as much to be as excited about, even with the players who've been around the squads that Robbie Brady, who Stephen Kenny is already name checked, the likes of the Jeff Hendrick, who we all believe are so much more to come from, because it's almost it's almost like a stick that people beat him right now because of Euro 2016, because of what we see in some of these players.


They already we kind of expect them well, they should have kicked on. And there's only so many lads should have. And I think Stephen Kenny could be that person and a manager with the staff. He has to give them that framework to do so.


Jonny, say you rang Stephen Kenny tonight. Now you know, and you're telling them who should be in the team? Who would you like to recommend a name?


And I just echo what David said. They're like the revolution is going to take a while. But what Kenny will do is like the players that he's referenced there, Melanesians, McCarthy and even after and Mackendrick will probably be a more guaranteed starter maybe than any of those three. And our midfielders cannot absolve themselves of responsibility of getting on the ball. And we've had far too much of that, even under Mick McCarthy, who wouldn't be as negative a coach in terms of how we played as Mark Leelah's.


And Stephen Anderson isn't going to admit this, but when Indecisions Stevens gets the ball back for Ireland, frequently, his option is just to play the ball down the line, down the channel to James McLean. And that day has to be gone. We have to have midfielders like Bellambi who's demanding the ball in in brave areas are not not even brave in modern football because of how insipid our performance have been in terms of bravery and getting on the ball and imposing ourselves and feeling that we're actually at the equal of the teams that we're playing against, that just isn't acceptable.


That's just not normal anymore. So if it doesn't, I think Jason Karadzic will be a key player for him. I think Bellambi will longer term Baykeeper, whether he's quite ready to step up yet. We'll see. You know, we've spoken an awful lot more about the kind of the stars that have in these offensive positions, like obviously either Piris Connolly and so on and so forth. Even you look at a very rare thing for young. Are you starting to be scoring goals in terms of and all the family who is probably way down the pecking order despite the fact that he's a very good season many ways in your back Alabi.


But if you look at the centre backs like Darrell coming off an outstanding season in the championship, I think he's going to be a massive player sooner or later because it's not so much necessarily right now about the players he brings in. And everyone's going to be fascinated by who's going to bring in all the twenty one of these lads. It would be more the four of them. And that includes, like the coach said, half saying to to all of these players, what you would've been doing up until now is just not anywhere near acceptable for what we will demand of you.


And I think that transition will be fairly apparent straight away in the first five minutes of the game in early early September. The inevitable Gary Fenland games, I think would be very apparent if even if the personalities haven't changed that much, the narrative will have. David, given there's not going to be a 700 gazillion billion trillion takeover of Newcastle now en masse, he's not going to be there. Jeff Hendrick will probably be there in the next few days as a signing, and that's only go for him.


It's it's an interesting one, because we tomorrow talked about what was hard thinking, well, actually, well, I don't know of Newcastle at the moment. I think Newcastle is the sort of place where dreams go to die, you know what I mean?


It's it's like it's sort of it's weird anywhere. They've got a history in terms of the fans who are so passionate and like I've been to Newcastle, you go to games there and it's like a one club city. And it's just it's a cattail even where the ground is. It's a great inner city centre saying things. Everyone we talk to like it's football, obsessive people like the my gosh, the area is just like it's sucked every little bit of joy and kind of positivity that Kevin Keegan could have seen.


I've thrown into Jordan Jordan in the 90s. And obviously with all the talk of talk to Saudi Arabia and the rights and wrongs of that, it hasn't happened. And you're going to look at it now. And Hendrick. Look, it's primarily a club, it's a huge club, you're going to need to get a decent contract while he's there, they finish below the league last season. Let's not forget that this isn't a Newcastle who will finish in the top half next season.


If he's playing every week, then, yeah, that's great, because that wasn't always the case, even apparently and gave him also, as it was towards the end or even the last year or so, what they did was I don't have any falling out with John Daish, but I think obviously Chandos was beginning to realize when he hasn't signed a new contract, you had taken a look at other aspects of the team. What I think will be good for Jeff Hendrick at Newcastle is if he's pinned down in a specific position, because that just hasn't been the case.


And I still don't know if you think is is his best position, but that that will be the one thing that is if he's playing regularly is Foynes form in a particular position whereby then he can translate that into the international fold. But in terms of on the face of it, yeah, he's gone to a club to play in a great stadium, but it's eye just Newcastle. It's not the most inspiring of places to go. Just, just because of everything else that happens around the globe is just.


But I just don't I think the only way you can walk from is if he actually plays regularly and finds a bit of a subtext in there.


Alan Brown, of course, has to be in the reckoning as well for for the midfield berths. Veni Perth, irreconcilable differences. The fact that he's now left on dock, was it a bit unfair for Vinny like he won the league in his first season and.


It's a complex situation, I know when he was on the coverage of the game last night, I was at the game, so I didn't see it. And I'm sure there's only so much or so little you can say at the moment.


Yeah, and that's the case because it's still ongoing. Whatever the.


Yeah. So, you know, football is quite fickle. Look, I wouldn't overstate what the dog achieved last season and winning the league gave massive resources as much as they've had a lot of injuries in midfield and so on and so forth. They had a team of winners who knew how to win the league and they did the job personally. I thought in Europe last season they were disappointed and they they've really struggled to score goals away from old and they've been really, really poor in recent weeks post lockdown.


And to me, it's like, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me four times. There's something wrong there because the dogs are defended in a manner that I've never seen it since Stephen Gennie era and including the Stephen King era. I never felt confident during the week that they'd win in the Champions League because there's a malaise there. Some of their key players are making mistakes. There's there was obviously talk of of sort of discontent in the dressing room.


And I think the team that Vinny put out, I mean, Vinny is is a very likeable fellow and he's very honest to a fault. He took responsibility after the game and even though his players have made mistakes and he said, I put out the team and the book starts me. And I thought he put out a decent team, but they defended poorly. It was another very poor performance, not a performance befitting League of our two champions. But there is a deeper malaise there.


I think the guys running the club there could run this club into into a place that it doesn't want to be. They have a serious risk of alienating the fan base because and we don't want a Newcastle type takeover that could have happened with the Saudis, even though we know what's happened with Dundalk in terms of the rumours of what's been going on off the pitch. And the fact that they could alienate locals is very, very damaging. And I think Vinnie was probably in an impossible position.


What the marketing is now, it might not be that easy for him to get the job, a job as a manager and leave our because everyone will say, well, anyone want to win the league and local cricket ended.


Robbie Keane David linked in the back pages with Dundalk today. I don't know how much legs there is. Not story, but Robbie Keane for Dundalk would be a would be something else. I would probably think in my head that Robbie Keane probably looking for an opportunity in England. Yeah, I would imagine so. I would be astonished if that if that comes to pass something that I was like, you never know in terms of pick six, very surprising.


They're going to try and go something. Maybe because you were at that whole model is based on qualifying for Europe, getting within the league in the League Champions League or being around Europa League. Otherwise, there's no point in them being here. Mad as it sounds rubbish. Republicans, probably a little bit of it is would be a major risk. It would be in an interesting way was dark. And when the true Waterford and obviously used to famous the infamous.


Now I just point out the comments don't yet have been public. And it was, I would say, the most routine performance that the writing on the wall there. And it wasn't that to do it. So that's come out now about the influence behind the scenes maybe of the owners possibly trying to influence team selection to a much more significant degree in terms of the dressing room. We get towards just the sense that things have not been good there. And this hasn't just started with the owners, with oil.


It's a I think that has been a slowdown happening in and around that dressing room that just has not been good for the club. And then he just wasn't able to properly get a hold of which seems strange considering last year what was so good. But things can change very quickly in football. And I would say the wheels have been coming off for a while on this. This is certain to speak to people around the world. There it is. Didn't just happened over the last couple of weeks.


This has been this has been ongoing. And I would suggest now and it's going to be very, very important what we do know for the rest of the season, because they still have a European campaign like they need Europa League. Yeah, yeah. Sorry, the European campaign have Europa League. So it's not as if the season now is a real for you can say, well, we're not going to win the league, which I think at this point.


Now, it's fairly obvious that they want to be very surprised if they can put any kind of room. When you consider what's happening above to me, Bohemians and Shumack Rovers for like the Europa League is still so important to them. And the point is worrying about losing the fan base. It just feels there is a sadness to it. This ends dialyse Stephen Kenny departure, the WHO went on this great odyssey and over the last number of years with the Europa League campaign within the league titles and just given a bit of life into the town, you know, there is a bit of that doesn't be a sadness there from so on in terms of how it's beginning to end.


But I would also say that to be people in that dressing room and it's not just one or two more who actually Felsberg, you know. Needed to change it, there's a lot of federal contracts there is you see what's happening here with Shamrock Rovers and even bohemians like to dark the dark. That needs a serious lack of judgment now and proper structure to make a mess because they should have the biggest push in the league that they've got, should have everything going for them.


They need to get things right. And if they don't replace someone who is capable of actually galvanizing that dressing room and also being capable of bringing in players who are going to deliver, well, then as Johnny said, it could be very hard on to a fault. So I just on that, very briefly.


Sorry, Judy, I won't be long on this, but if they bring in and I do believe they may be interested in Arabic, and that's a massive red flag straight away. Robbie Keane has absolutely nothing. Inessive suggests he's ready for this job because the League of Ireland job requires a little bit of specialist knowledge and especially training at the deep end in the sense in the middle of the season, if they had any the deadlock. I used to be looking for Kijang in traffic or they'd be looking for just an encounter.


Would they be looking for the two border managers, Kevin Dougherty and Tim Clancy? That would be the logical thing to do. And I don't believe even approach that they look for a big name, even though there's no bullpen in crowds at the moment, the knockout matches. And Robbie Keane, if that's that approach to be made, I think it's hilarious, to be honest.


OK, five three, one of six massive Liverpool fan. I gave away my ticket to the Champions League final in 2005 against AC Milan, the biggest regret of my life. That is some time in kindergarden. You're not ever going to take it away. Have I ever given to take it away? Now, I bought off a ticket for the final in 2011, hoping to get into. How well at the time so had given up. We had we had a season ticket for a few years not to tell.


Television went wrong in 2009 and I got a ticket to the ballots. But then I moved to Manchester with living there for a few years and actually realized there's actually no need to have a season ticket because it's actually the right people in your around the place you can pick up tickets only gave me season ticket look like an absolute Egypt. And he still went to obviously going away to games and stuff and was down in a pool being killed, won't travel down from Manchester on a bus to obviously all had tickets that were there were rolled up and down Kilburn High Street look like a mad man trying to meet up with different people who are selling tickets.


And all the prices are just ridiculous. And then I listen, fake tickets are going to get you through a car. And the phrase in Manchester is called Juban in Bukidnon, we call it. And it got passed. One car nearly got in, got on. It was a scale in Wembley trying to get into the into the ground. So when some fans were successful, a lot more successful as a me. And then I ended up watching Naturopathy final.


And, you know, it got absolutely battered in a lot. Brooks with six pounds of standard because all the polls were built.


You know, you can't drink at the bookies that that's all it was. It wasn't the bookies and it was absolutely jammed. It was incredibly classy.


MAN Johnny, have you got a story to match that in terms of giving a take it away? I don't know.


I've given tickets away for the dollar and finals, but that's like I give it away from the dog's vital role was like when I bought the ticket was like, it's not really going to bother me if I miss it, whereas and, you know, the fans would be all again. So like I done that, but not in terms of anything that I've really missed out on. Am I even in football or gigs or anything like that? Because we've had this debate.


I'm not a fan of printouts for four tickets. I know you've come down on the other side of that process. David Snead's morality is just another level altogether, trying to get into the particular me anyway.


Yeah, yeah. I gave away my ticket for the Rugby World Cup final in twenty fifteen because ultimately. Throngs of people at that level, like, you know, I love the six nations, I love watching, I'm going to be watching lines from on third tonight to deprive a rugby fan a Rugby World Cup final ticket. And I was too much. I definitely thought to go to Liverpool. Johnny, you were saying that you think that actually might happen?


Yeah, well, this has been going for ages now. I think Liverpool would probably reflect on the season. They've had lots of time to reflect and say this club would definitely be of the opinion that they probably do need to improve a little bit. And they the one thing about Liverpool is that they don't have that kind of classy midfielder who will sort of dominate games. And it hasn't really been part of the way they play because their front trees are so electric and they defend so well with Alison that they don't necessarily need that.


But I think for the next level, you know, if Liverpool Man City and the two other teams that are there now, we're in the last four, who do you fancy our Liverpool quite up to the level of of of Bayern Munich and PSG? I'm not sure, but I think they will need to change it up a little bit. And the things we mentioned for so long, it's been suggested that obviously with Colvard and all that, that he's had time to reflect that he's I think he's 20 now, you know, so he's sort of coming towards the end of his career and obviously character him that it's going to be an issue there.


So I'd say he's definitely I'd say that will happen and it'll be because Man City will surely have to feel like they've left the season behind them in many ways. And they've got to they've got to be intent on some revenge season. So he would be the logical one for me.


JT, how would you call tomorrow night, lads? PSG against Bayern? Oh, you fancy a fancy ball? I just think that know, I just think they have more about him as a team in terms of like if maybe if things aren't clicking for them and they're not playing this national football that they have me down. I just think they have got the ability to be able to shoot the game off even for a little bit, too. And I just think I just think there's no escape.


Obviously, Thomas Muller, Tiago was just an exceptional player. And I think if you look like they just go to a whole new level, even more so than they are now. And yeah, I just fancy I fancy boring Nick. Nick, I think would be Nick. I think I would be too.


Johnny, how would you call 17, 16 to be a three or something. I'm going PSG. I think I just think it's very, very risky to be playing the way they'll play with that pace. And, you know, it's interesting as well as quickly that they don't have that much time to do your opposition. And I believe our first fusion game and then have two weeks ago with the opposition. This isn't quite like that because it's so rushed, but it's fairly simple.


PSG will know Chilian and Bapi simple.


I just before we go down, Shane Duffy, Nikolaos admitted that there is an interest in bringing him to Salta. If it works out, would it be better for Sean Duffy to move to south the guys where he definitely be a mainstay or to try to get another Premier League club?


I don't necessarily think he will get a Premier League club. I don't know what you think, David. I think, you know, it mightn't be fashionable anymore. I think he's good enough to get on board and he's had a good career for me. If that move appealed to him personally, I don't I wouldn't put it against him to go there. And I think his struggles would be keeping his own position. I think that's far from guaranteed. And maybe that'll form part of his attitude as a.


I think you said a Premier League player, I think it depends what options are available to him, and he's no longer speaking to him in Brooklyn after game and even he'd been dropped and he still spoke after the game. And he is adamant that he can do what's needed as well as your grandpa doesn't see the play and the character of the person that he is. The defender is there will always be clubs in the Premier League who would want a defender like him, whether or not Saudek.


Just maybe provides a bit of an emotional attachment there for them. Do you want to go up there every week, obviously, to be a part of something, but instead the role and instead of play for play for on Instagram Israelian chances? It's it's an interesting one. I don't know if he's helping of out with finances. Global terrorism is hard to imagine there's options for to relate to or how you open the championship. So possibly could even go online and say remains to be seen.


But I think he still definitely has a quality to be a prime minister.


Well, I said back in February that it'll be PSG and I'm not going to change now given I can lay off a nine to one. But Gianni and David, you've been a great sport this afternoon. Thanks so much and enjoy the finals tomorrow night. You too.


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This afternoon speaks to Bye Bye Football Off the ball with Paddy Power more confident than united before a Europa League. Final responsibility. We don't match. That was an OTB podcast, network presentations. Thanks for listening to the football show a podcast. Don't miss the next episode, just hit that subscribe button on the new OTV sports at.