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This is the Fox News rundown extra. I'm Dave Anthony. Today, a bit of a mental break from the hard core politics going on. Consider it a little halftime entertainment between the Democratic and Republican conventions. Our entire conversation with Joey Fatone of in-sync fame, though you might better remember him from Dancing with the Stars or other TV shows he's been on, including the one that's getting an expanded audience this month. Joey Fatone hosts Common Knowledge on the game show Network, and it's airing this summer on some Fox stations as well.


But we talk about much more than that, including how the coronaviruses affected music and entertainment so much more. We couldn't include it all in the Fox News Rundown podcast earlier this week. So thanks for listening. Hope you have a great weekend. Be sure to come back for all the convention coverage starting Monday. But now, Joey Fatone on the Fox News rundown extra.


So, well, thanks, I appreciate you doing this. Obviously, there's a lot to a lot to talk to you about. And I want to you know, we'll start, of course, with your game show and move on to think you were in a band once.


If I'm not mistaken, it was a while ago with a group that I hung out with. All right.


All right, Joey, if you're ready, we'll get started, OK? Yep. Hmm. Joining us on the Fox News Rundown podcast is Joey Fatone, famous, of course, for being one of the members of In-Sync. Also, you might have seen him on a lot of different other shows, including the one he hosts. It's a game show called Common Knowledge on the Game Show Network. Joey, thanks very much for joining us.


My pleasure. Glad to be here.


So tell us about common knowledge. I mean, here we are at a time in which, like, everyone's stuck at home or has been for months, for the most part, I'm sure people have watched a lot of reruns. How is your show been doing?


Are you getting back to filming at some point? Are you getting back to new episodes?


Yeah, the cool thing about is that we shot we did the game show network where I believe, gosh, it's a little bit of a blur, meaning we've shot, I believe now it's like two seasons and we shot a total, I think of probably a little bit over 200 episodes already. Wow. They're going to be they just started syndication as far as testing it out on FOX, of course, affiliate network stations and gave to a network, of course, is still shooting.


Of course it's still airing. I should say it basically what coming out of the show that has those practical kind of like everyday questions that everybody should know. The key keyword there should, because it's amazing how you think, you know, you're telling these simple questions and you think they would know the answer. And they're pretty, very fairly practical, you would say. But it's amazing because people do the trick questions. So they'll answer it with some random thing.


Even when you give them multiple choice, you're like, wow, OK.


Yeah, because they thought you get to when they figure that you're messing with them.


Right. I mean, they figure out exactly.


I think it's the jeopardy. What's really hard questions like. No, it's fairly simple if you pay attention or, you know, kind of common common knowledge, common sense things, it should help you, you know, but it's always like, you know, simple things like, you know, should mix up go refrigerator or something like that. Or can you tell if a watermelon is right? You know, if you see a yellow spot like things like that.


But it's two teams. We go through about three with three rounds, I believe. And then we basically have a showdown with with the three the three people on the team and they win a chance for them. But no, obviously, it's not going to break the bank, but, you know, pay some bills, help them out. Great time, you know, need right now at this moment. And we just, you know, hopefully people enjoy the show.


It's a fun and family show. That's the beauty part about it. It's anybody that everybody can watch and play. And you can actually even go on Alexa and play. Actually, if you call it a Alexa play common knowledge, we come on and we can be part you could be part of the game basically by answering some questions.


All right. So I have to know, do mixed nuts go on the refrigerator? I have no idea.


I forgot. Now I think they can go in the refrigerator. One of the questions a while ago for the very first question that I ever did. So I think you can I think it's good to put them in the refrigerator for that mistake and see. Now, what about the watermelon?


I don't even know if I don't know about the watermelon. I don't know.


But I do want to ask a question. I got a couple of them. The last one I'm going. I'm sure I'll get them all wrong. Go. Here we go. Great. Wow. These holy cow came out of nowhere.


You're socially distanced. I appreciate that. Yeah, I'm. I'm by myself. I let this play everywhere we go. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends more money annually on which of these is the food, entertainment or transportation. I'm going to go with food. Everybody says food, no, it's actually transportation. What's on an average American spends nine thousand and forty nine dollars on transportation per year. Wow.


Wow. I figure we, you know, people dine out a lot or they used to, you know, go right as store. All right.


Well, for one. What else? What else you got? All right.


We do know, according to confectionary news, which chocolate candy do Americans buy more of a Snickers, Eminem's or Hershey's Chocolate Bar.


I'll go snickers It's actually Eminem's sales over four hundred and fifty six million dollars Eminem sells outsells Snickers and the Hershey's Bar. Wow. All right.


Over to the three strikes out. Is that what happens? Yeah, one more. Yep. Three strikes. You're out. Let's see if we can. Let me look to see if I can give you an easier way, basically.


OK, Dave, you're pretty dumb. Let me find one that you might know.


But again, this is the fun part about the show that everybody knows. Somebody thinks some people I know what it is and some people just don't. There's nothing wrong with that. Here's what more even get this one right? Yeah. According to food and wine, which of these snacks was invented by a monk to reward kids for saying their prayers? Is it pretzel, potato chip or popcorn?


Oh, I'll go with I'll go with pretzels.


They're old pretzels. Well, you are actually correct. You got it right. I knew I could get one. So among.


Yeah. My padded out. Great pieces of leftover bread twisted to look like arms crossed in prayer in what became known as the pretzel.


Wow. See, I'm going to tell people that now when I you know, this week I was going to say at a cocktail party. But who goes to those anymore?


Yeah. You ever heard of those anymore?


If you're lucky, you're lucky you won that show, Joy, because you get you hold the card. You have all the answers. You don't get quizzed.


Well, to be fair about it is I really do look at the questions and all that stuff beforehand, but I just look at it for more of the, you know, the reading of it as far as on a on the prompter to read it and make it have it written phonetically for me just in case it there's a little bit of a difficult, you know, word or two. So what happens, though, is I really don't pay attention.


So I'm actually a lot of times play along with the contestants. I really don't know a lot of the answers. I don't. I don't. And I don't want it really, for that matter, too, because, again, I don't want to lead them into either getting the right or wrong answers. So I keep a pretty you have to keep a pretty straight face when it happens to because they like you saying the right answer and you're like, oh my gosh, you got it right.


Or say you're wrong, you're like, oh boy, you got it wrong. But you can't, you know, you can't say anything, have any facial expressions.


How have you been keeping busy and all this? I mean, so many people, everybody's locked down and not doing so much. I mean, you haven't been able to do a lot of taping of the shows. You already did a lot of them, as you said, and have them have them ready.


So what have you been doing? We're going to be hopefully shooting in January again. That's that's that's the goal we plan to do 20, 21 start shooting more episodes. But also, again, when we first when this whole thing first started going down, you know, nobody knew what was going on. There was kind of hole. And I actually started doing this show on YouTube called What is Joey? No buddy of mine who actually is kind of like the host of it.


He basically accuses me of music. And I saw him do this on Facebook. He was just messing around like this would be kind of fun to do on a platform just for fun. And it's myself. Jason Logan is a guy whose name was the host and my manager, Joe, and another gentleman that we all kind of chime in. But he basically questioned me. But we also get celebrities to come in and get credit as well, but also do an interview.


So it's a nice Segway with the music and playing it, having them guess which are the bad guys, the AT&T Snider from Twisted Sister. We've had to see all we it's a bunch of people we had. It was just it's it's been a lot of fun, you know, again, trying to do something. And we re you know, I don't say, you know, reinvent myself, but just kind of do things that we normally do or something that I would normally do but have fun with it.


And again, I'm not making money off of it or anything like that. It's just more of a fun thing. But again, things like this work leads to work. So we've been getting phone calls actually do shows for this. You know, we've actually got a private zun call to do for, I think, a graduation party where they want me to to have them, you know, have to have their family guests on and stuff like that.


So, again, it leads to other things. You know, the comedians do those got canceled. Like I said, all the other stuff they're supposed to do kind of, of course, got held or cancelled and things remain like probably in 2021. So I just been kind of trying and brainstorming and kind of coming up with things and just just trying to be creative.


I read something you mentioned Zoome calls. I read earlier that that you guys from In-Sync Days have been doing some happy hours and calls to when we first started.


Yeah, we were doing a few of them, obviously, when things started back up again. A lot of people running all over the place. But we was fine. Yeah, we had we had one or two little happy hours. We did. And then we also did Lance's birthday where we Skype, which was really funny. So it's cool. You know, it's a great it is. You know, we never I don't think a lot of people use it really to its full potential of, like, really to get.


And I think that's something that, of course, really helped us with the pandemic as far as doing all those, you know, Zoome calls and happy hours and all that kind of stuff. So it's kind of cool. It's really like it's good just out again just to get in contact with people, even though you can't be face to face with them.


Did anybody say, hey, Justin, let's do a full reunion at some point? Can we do that? Did anybody say that?


You know, there's never been a specific talk about it. You know, honestly, I never went down like to say, hey, man, you know, do we want to do it or not? You know, it's one of those things we just never, never really had the full conversation. Now things, you know, as far as conversations and both started getting around once we did the show with Ariana Grande back when we did Coachella with the four of us.


So people even said, you know, that might be a good idea, maybe before you guys might want to do something together instead of a five. If you know, if Justin is still doing other things or. Right, go on with his music, which is fine. You know, it's one of those things, but it's like, do you do to do you not you know, that's that that's the conversation we haven't had yet.


So, I mean, friends is doing they're like friends, is doing a big thing. People remember them from the late 90s, obviously around the same time guys were. Yeah.


So, I mean, like, would you want to if Justin Timberlake said yes and all five of you, would you want to go out and do it again when.


Well, you know, can it really you know what's funny about that? It really all depends. I mean, everybody, again, has their own lives and they're doing their own thing. You know, they're not in the back in the day when we were doing the doing shows and doing touring with a lot easier to, you know, put things together. On top of that, none of us were married. None of us had kids at that time.


Yeah. I just I had my kid first right around the year that we were on our stadium tour. So no, you know, and that's the thing, you know, I wanted this to kind of maybe pull back a little bit and do more do more bad things for say. But it's been you know, it's one of those things where you you know, you do you sit down and have everybody go, OK, what do you want to do?


Does anybody want to commit to this? And do we want to do it? Like, how can we move on if we want to do it? And right now we've just been really obviously with the whole pandemic, really haven't been talking a whole lot about it yet, but I'm sure it definitely will come up at some point, but really has it at the moment.


I mean, the music industry has been so decimated. I mean, there's no live shows. I mean, what do you do?


I mean, this is really hard for me. A lot of people with a lot of albums out, though, you know, they've been in they've been in quarantine there for a while. I want to get out, want to do something.


So but is it a really good I mean, the question is, is being stuck in a pandemic in the vibe of kind of a sad time we're in? Is that a good time? Is that inspiration or is it going to be a lot of sad music?


You know what, depending depending on where the person is in that life, you know, you never know. I mean, meaning, you know, people do writing sessions and stuff like that, they'll go and they'll travel somewhere. Sit back and just kind of either again, I'm sure, in the beginning of everything with a pandemic and there were a lot of songs out there or a lot of people writing, but now it's more or less of trying to.


Let's let's try to overcome this and figure out what we need to do and, you know, maybe get our spirits up in another direction instead of being a Debbie Downer, you know? So it's again, it's one of those things where it's really tough to find that fine line because, you know, if people that have that are out there that are dying and, you know, this morning and stuff like that, you know, you don't just go, hey, everybody, look, everything's, you know, peaches and cream where, you know, in real life it's not, you know, but we know what is.


Despite all that, we still need the entertainment. Right. We still need people to make us laugh and to take our mind off it.


I yeah, I agree with you 100 percent. I think it's a it's a good outlet to get your mind go and to get a completely somewhere else for a while. And it just kind of give a little more of an escape, I guess.


You know, Joy, working people find common knowledge. As you mentioned, Fox is doing some other more than just game show network. Talk about that for us.


Well, coming out is right now is on, of course, the game show network at weekdays at five thirty. And we started doing that. And, of course, to are getting more people and all the people started wanting to obviously see the show. So when it goes into syndication, of course, a network will pick it up. So right now, we're on a lot of the Fox networks. So we're in New York on FOX, Orlando, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, Tampa, Minneapolis, and often all our Fox networks.


Check your local stations because they're all different times. But, yeah, we're excited about it. And hopefully if people enjoy and watch it, they'll be able to come in and, you know, we'll be able to put out more shows. And then hopefully, even when you go online, if you go on game show network, you can actually even sign up to possibly be a contestant as well.


So, you know, Joey Fatone, host of Common Knowledge on the game show Network and the Fox stations that he mentioned also from In-Sync fame. Joey, thanks very much for joining us.


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