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I'm Stuart Varney, I'm Martha McCallum. I'm Jason Chaffetz, and this is the Fox News rundown. Tuesday, August, twenty fifth, twenty twenty. I'm Jared Halpern. The Republicans attempt to tell the great American story during the opening night of their convention.


You know, I think they think that they can they can actually get some momentum out. I'm Dave Anthony. She's a black Republican running for Congress in a very Democratic district. And Kym Classic went viral with her video touring areas of Baltimore. You know, when I meet people, they say I asked them if they go, what can we do to get you to vote for Republican this time around? We don't have that one party mob rule and they'll call me straight up.


You're the first Republican I've ever met and I'm Christian.


I've got the final word on the Fox News rundown. Republican delegates in Charlotte made quick work of renominating President Trump for a second term, handling the roll call of states early Monday, the great state of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia.


Now comes the task of making the case for four more years to the American people during the four nights of the Republican National Convention.


Look, this was a mission accomplished in the first night for Republicans. Fox News Radio political analyst Rush Cross our is my co-host for Fox News Radio's Democracy 2020 coverage of the convention. He says on the first night, Republicans tried to check two boxes, exciting the base and building a broad coalition.


Look at a time when the party needs to broaden its appeal needs to both go after Democrats while also offering an appealing message for their own party. The last two of the last three speakers, Haley and Scott, really did the trick.


You know, during our broadcast you spoke about sort of the messaging. Who who's the message for as we listen to all of the speakers? And on this first night, there were certainly speeches that that seemed to really be geared toward the base. Right. Making sure that the base is sufficiently fired up. You also had in Nikki Haley and in Tim Scott speeches that seemed to be painting with a bit more of a broad brush. Right. These were targeted at perhaps independents.


They were targeted at maybe that that Obama Trump voter. Is that the message that needs to be highlighted here over the next three nights is President Trump starts to build out this coalition?


I think oftentimes we get kind of stuck in caricatures and we talk about the affluent suburban voters that have abandoned President Trump. We talk about the working class voters that are going to be with him no matter what. There are some, like exurban college educated voters that are not as culturally liberal as the Democrats sort of appeal to at their own convention that are very winnable, that are very they have left Trump. They definitely, you know, may agree with him on policy.


They don't agree with him on his tweets. They don't necessarily like his character, but they may agree with him on a lot of issues. And that's what this first night was all about, trying to bring back some of these softer Republicans, some of these more, you know, center right Republicans who don't like Trump personally, but but like the Republican policy, bring some of them back in the fold.


What is the key to winning those voters back? Is it talking about the economy? Is it just hammering the economy and the judges? Is it talking about some of these social issues, the cancer culture that we heard from Donald Trump Jr.?


The bet right now is that it's portraying the Democrats as far out of the mainstream, trying to connect Joe Biden to the most left wing voices in his own party. You saw Tim Scott do that.


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want a cultural revolution, a fundamentally different America. If we let them, they will turn our country into a socialist utopia. And history has taught us that path only leads to pain and misery. You saw Nikki Haley do that.


They want to tell Americans how to live, what to think. They want a government takeover of health care. They want to ban fracking and kill millions of jobs. They want massive tax hikes on working families. Joe Biden and the socialist left would be a disaster for our economy.


And you certainly saw folks like Donald Trump Jr. And, you know, more and more red meat speakers do that as well.


Joe Biden and the radical left are now coming for our freedom of speech. They want to bully us into submission. If they get their way, it will no longer be the silent majority. It will be the silent majority. Will it work?


We don't know yet. We don't know. It's a big hurdle Republicans have with the president down almost 10 points in national polling coming into this convention. But I think the first step they need to do is get some of their softer voters, you know, Republican, typical Republican voters that may have been alienated over the last couple of years, certainly alienated in these last five or six months during the pandemic. Bring them back in the fold and kind of, you know, utilize some of the time tested rhetoric of American exceptionalism, patriotism and Americana to kind of bring that Republican coalition back together.


Last week, Democrats relied on some Republicans to to portray Joe Biden is a very likable guy. You heard, for instance, Cindy McCain, John McCain's widow. You heard from John Kasich and some others that said, listen, we don't agree on everything all the time, but. You know, he's a decent guy and he can work with us and we were great friends, and you and I talked about what you referred to as the empathy gap as it relates with President Trump.


We heard Monday night directly from President Trump having these White House conversations, one with essential workers, with front line workers responding to the coronavirus pandemic before the nurses and for the doctors, for everybody.


We just have to make this China virus go away and it's happening. Please go ahead. I'm also a nurse. I represent and this is Health Care, which is a skilled nursing facility company. I want to thank you and your administration for all the supplies and support that you've given us skilled nursing units.


Without that, we couldn't do as well as we had done in other with those who under the Trump administration had been freed from hostage situations abroad.


I'm very pleased to let everybody know that we brought back over 50 hostages from 22 different countries. We worked very hard on it, Ambassador O'Brien and others. And I will tell you, we were very proud of the job we did.


Those were attempts certainly to try and I think personalise President Trump a little bit more.


You hit the nail on the head, Jared. It's about neutralizing the president's weaknesses. You're never going to win against Biden on empathy. That's is not going to happen. You're probably not going to win when it comes to, you know, which candidate people view is dealing better with the pandemic. Trump has a big hole to dig out of, but I think Republicans believe that they can win on the economy if they can win on some of these cultural issues and then neutralize their weaknesses on the pandemic and on, you know, the personal traits that that are often very unappealing to to your average voter with the president.


You know, I think they think that they can they can actually get some momentum out of this convention. And I think there were some moments in the first night that really accomplished that goal.


So night two, we'll have a lot of of Trump's speaking. I'm not just referring to President Trump, but we'll hear from the first lady, Melania Trump. We'll hear from President Trump's younger son, Eric Trump, and also his younger daughter, Tiffany Trump. Are those speeches also going to try and expand on what we were just talking about, trying to to make President Trump somebody who's a very relatable figure, a family man, and try and make up, as you point out, that that empathy gap with Joe Biden?


We will see what they have to say. But my instinct is Trump needs a lot more average people. He needs a lot more Nikki Haley. He needs a lot more Tim Scott than he needs members of his own family that I can almost underscore one of his weaknesses, which is that, you know, he is playing the nepotistic instincts rather than a meritocracy, trying to get get the best and the brightest of the Republican Party on center stage. Look, they may humanize their dad and their but but I think the more people from the outside, the more people who speak to Trump that have no familial interest, probably a better move for for for the Republicans.


We will also hear from the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, talk about the significance of a sitting secretary of state speaking at a political convention.


Yeah, usually you wouldn't hear a cabinet member, someone serving in an official government role, speaking out at a political convention. In fact, some of the footage from this first night was taken at the White House, which was what would normally kind of be off limits for a political event, their previous conventions. But look, Pompeo is someone who has presidential ambitions of his own. He's going to be speaking from Israel where that's a big issue.


There's Jerusalem where the embassy was moved. The president can credibly claim a lot of big accomplishments of the Middle East, whether it's cutting the peace deal between the UAE and Israel or dealing with Iran, taking out one of the top, you know, Revolutionary Guard leaders in his administration. You know, there are a lot of things that that are sort of good stories you can tell out of the Middle East. And Pompeo may be doing that for him. It raises some ethical and legal questions, perhaps.


But politically, Pompeo is going to be one of the more interesting speakers to watch.


First Lady Melania Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, both on the speaker slate for the second night of the Republican National Convention. Our coverage will kick off at eight o'clock Eastern Time on the Fox News Radio Network in the Fox News app.


This is Chris on your Fox News commentary coming up from Fox News podcasts, the campaign with prepared with updates from reporters on the trail and in studio experts, it keeps you informed on the 2020 race. Go to Fox News podcast Dotcom and download the campaign with Brimpaen now. Kim Classic is one of the Republicans who got the spotlight Monday night speaking during the convention, Democrats still assume that black people will vote for them no matter how much they let us down and take us for granted.


We're sick of it. We're not going to take it anymore. The days of blindly supporting the Democrats are coming to an end. She's a black Republican running for Congress in a very Democratic district in Maryland. And her recent ad went viral, showing her going around rundown neighborhoods.


If the politicians walk the streets like I do, they would see exactly how their policies and corruption affect them.


And she says it goes beyond Baltimore, the worst place for a black person to live in America is a Democrat controlled city. It's 20 20, nameable a city where black people's lives have gotten better.


Try Outweight Classic already tried to win the Seventh District House seat, but only got twenty five percent of the vote back in April in a special election to replace the late Congressman Elijah Cummings, who died last year. Democrat Kweisi Mfume won. The former NAACP president is now the incumbent running again, and his platform includes raising the minimum wage, more funding for real small businesses to preserve jobs, expanding Obamacare, health coverage and more federal resources to fight crime.


The classic wants voters to think about where resources have been going, leveraging the urban struggles to request federal funds, but never getting those federal funds on the ground.


And I think we see that many cities, but most importantly in Baltimore City.


Her message to them, they are often ignored. And it's not always all over the city. The city has resources and then predominantly black areas, low income households, they don't seem to get the same resources. So, you know, I just want to make sure that there's actually equality going on. And I want Democrats to understand, even though somebody cannot donate to your campaign, even though they're not living in a tourist attraction area, they still matter just as much as everyone else that you ran in a special election for this very seat earlier this year.


Now you're trying again when when you go through this area, when you talk to people, are they surprised?


Yeah, absolutely. And that goes on to my point. Know the message that needs to be said to Republicans. You know, when I meet people, they say, I asked him, I said, know, what can we do to get you to vote for Republican this time around? We don't have that one party mob rule. And they'll tell me straight up, you're the first Republican I've ever met. And that is because we're not doing our due diligence and coming into these communities and offering them an option and telling them how we can deliver real results so that first No one would.


They say, number two, they talk about the crime, the violence, education. There's a lot of people that are for school choice, believe it or not. And then, of course, I know right now the big topic is defunding the police. But I have to tell you, here on the ground, I talk to people and they say, you know what, we need more police. So we need more police. They need more funding.


Black Lives Matter has been a very powerful movement here in the last several months. And defunding police is a big part of the Black Lives Matter movement. Seems like everyone says and agrees with the statement Black Lives Matter. But when it comes to supporting defunding police, is there a disconnect there for you, for a lot of other people?


Absolutely. I mean, I think we can all notice on television, it looks like the Black Lives Matter movement is a little bit different than what we saw in 2015, considering that those that are protesting on the streets are mostly Caucasian. So is it really Black Lives Matter movement or have they been hijacked? I don't know. But one of their main focus is on a mission on their website, talked about, you know, the family structure not being as important.


And to me, that's extremely important, especially what I know, you know, working in Baltimore City for the past eight years with my nonprofit, I know family structure is very important. And so, you know, that's why I specifically do not support them. Are they doing great in other areas? Possibly. I just don't know or myself.


We did on Sunday have another police involved shooting. A black man was wounded in Kenosha, Wisconsin, leading to more protests. We had, of course, the George Floyd death and many other shootings that have led to the anti police protests that have gone on. What kind of police reform do you think is necessary if you think there is reform necessary?


Yeah, so I actually lay this out on my my platform. I'm actually for rolling back qualified immunity out of the Supreme Court, Judge John, back in 1982. You know, we got to be able to hold police officers accountable because there are bad cops. They're not just the cop. And we have to understand that that does exist. And so I'm against oh, I'm for rolling back qualified immunity. And I'm also for taking a look at the chokehold situation.


You know, we need chokeholds in every situation. Can we roll that back in some areas? I mean, when does an officer use that chokehold? But I want to talk to police officers. It seems like we never hear. Their side of the story, you know, we hear from Black Lives Matter. We hear from the media. But what are the police saying? You know, when does the police get the microphone?


When you talk about the qualified immunity, this would allow officers to be sued more readily if that was lifted and changed.


But that puts you at odds with many Republicans who don't think that's a good idea.


No, I understand that. And, you know, I'm a I'm a very open minded person. I mean, we have these conversations and it seems that, you know, we don't go that direction. That is fine. We'll look at it. That's fine. But for right now, there are officers that should be held accountable immediately, not just put on paid leave when they took them out to death. I mean, that's the thing that needs to be changed.


So you're asking me, do I think police reform needs to happen? It does need to happen. Are you asking exactly what the solution is again? I have not heard from a police officer. I haven't heard from a police commissioner. I would love to hear from these people.


So how do you go from people saying that you're the first Republican they ever met to voting for you? Yeah, so.


Well, first of all, I think that gives me a lot of street cred, right. I'm the first one to show up. And other than that, you know, I talk to people. I'm on the streets every day and I tell them what it is I stand for. You know, the difference this time around from the special election is that we're not on this coronaviruses lockdown. So we can go door to door. We can talk to people face to face and help them understand the issues.


You know, I understand that, you know, a Republican from what I know, a Republican has never held the seat. The district was redrawn back in 2013. It's a very gerrymandered districts. But, you know, I'll just let them know, you know. Do you like the way that things are going now? And if you don't really consider changing it all and explain to people, even if you did not vote for me, why say you didn't vote at all?


That would then scare the Democrats into actually doing their job. So no matter what the outcome is here, obviously I hope I win. I think it still will be a win for the people.


This Seventh District in Maryland got a lot of attention in July of last year when President Trump fired off more than a dozen tweets, calling it a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess, labeling Congressman Elijah Cummings a brutal bully. The Baltimore Sun.


Mishandled for many years, as you know, Congressman Cummings has been there for a long time, Cummings, as chair of the House Oversight Committee, was one of the many Democrats investigating the president and he didn't want to be dragged into a fight over the tweets.


I'm not going to go there. I mean, I'm too busy doing the work of my people. This is where I live.


And and I said I'm not going to go to the Kim Classic played a role in how all that transpired.


So I try to explain to people, you know, President Trump really only repeated what a young lady said in one of my videos. So I did an interview with a young woman by Coppin State University, and she took me around the neighborhood and was talking about the rat infestation, talking about what's going on. He saw that video on my Twitter feed because he retweeted it and then he went on Twitter and actually tweeted out exactly what she said verbatim. So it wasn't actually President Trump calling it a rat infested city.


It was this young lady in the video who is a black woman. And he was repeating what he heard. And so I do try to explain that part of it. But also, you have to understand this. That happened. Baltimore City has been doing more of their job, picking up the trash. You know, back in the summer before, I guess it was like maybe August. You know, those videos came out July 12, 19 in August.


We found out that there were seventeen thousand backlogged cases at Department of Public Works for maintenance and picking up trash. You know, fast forward that. And so this year, I believe they said in April they were down to two hundred and sixty cases. So they can do the work. They didn't need more funding because they didn't get any more funding. And then the trash can get picked up because obviously all eyes were on that. So I think what Trump did help the city do I have to explain it to each and every one?


Possibly, but I'm willing to do that.


If you are not successful in November, what would you want to do to keep getting the message in to different cities? There is a Washington Post analysis that says that Democrats lead 40 to three in this House race before any votes are counted because so many Republicans are not running in districts like yours.


Yeah, if I could, I of course, I would tell everybody my experience and what I've learned by walking the streets of Baltimore City. But I would hope that President Trump, if he was to win himself in November, hopefully would be open to listening to not just myself, but all the community leaders that I work with here in West Baltimore and expanding those opportunities, doing something about tax credits, understanding exactly even how much property tax they're paying in these areas and they can get their trash picked up.


So there are things that we can do. I would love to understand where all the federal funding went after the riots in 2015. That money has yet to hit the ground here in West Baltimore. That was right after the death of Freddie Gray. President Obama and Elijah Cummings sent millions of dollars here. Where is it? No one seems to know. There's things I can definitely do if I do not win the seat that will still help the people of Baltimore can work.


Can people find out more about you online? If you go to campaign for Congress dot com, you could follow me on Twitter.


Kampai, Baltimore, our Facebook Killelea classic game classic Republican running for Congress in the Seventh District of Maryland. Good luck to you and thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you.


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It's time for your Fox News commentary. Chris Lawrence, what's on your mind as the Republicans go into convention week?


The big question for me is, will President Trump accept any responsibility for the variety of problems facing this nation, including and especially covid-19, which is now claimed almost one hundred and eighty thousand American lives more than any other country on Earth? Look, I don't blame him for the virus itself. I blame him for the pitiful response, the lack of preparation, the failure to contain it in China or Europe and letting it get to this country. The fact that the president took Obama's response plan and just shredded it.


He got rid of our early warning systems in Europe and China. And, look, he has had no national plan. He's taken no responsibility. I believe that leaders need to lead. They need to have a plan. They need to accept responsibility, and they need to push us forward together. This president has continued to divide throughout this crisis. I'm told by the president that this is going to be an upbeat convention. I have a feeling it's really going to be all about how progressives are all about antifa, even as they have nominated the most moderate Democrat in the last 50 years, Joe Biden, who likes everyone.


The fact that we had numerous Republicans come out and speak at this at the Democratic National Convention speaks volumes. What leader in the Democratic Party, past or present, is going to show up and say they support Donald Trump at this convention? I'll tell you the answer to that. Right now, no one of any substance from the Democratic Party in the last hundred years will show up to support Donald Trump at this convention. That should speak volumes to you.


It speaks volumes to me. Hey, it's convention week. Happy convention week, 70 days till the election. Giddy up, Chris. Can you see me on Fox News all the time? I'm at Christopher on Twitter and I'm the host of the Aggressive Progressive podcast and the Christian radio show, which you get on a lot of these stations. Thanks for listening.


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