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Give him a give and try to satcom back our call. Eight three three Glenn. Thirty three. That's eight three three and thirty three. Give him a call today. Radioshow here starts in just a second.


What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. Program, Hello, America. I. Want to have a conversation with you regarding the headlines just from this weekend and what we all feel is going on, I think we all know something isn't right. And it's easy to say it's the Democrats, it's the Republicans. Did you hear about the shooting this weekend in Portland? They just executed a Trump supporter, just executed him. It wasn't a fight.


It wasn't a riot. It was an execution. We'll have more on that here in just a second. There's also a video out shows a man in the subways in New York just trying to rape this woman. And no one does anything but film it. No one or the black man that walked into the auto zone and just killed the employee because he needed to find a white man to kill or the activists in Wisconsin that stood up in front of the crowd was one of the selected speakers and said it's open season on white people.


It's time we start killing yours. Times have changed America and a clarion call in 60 seconds, this is the Glenn Beck program.


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Eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four.


Well I want to talk to you here.


I must say some things out loud that no thinking human would ever say out loud for a myriad of reasons. Nobody says these things in public.


But that's my job. I just want to recap before we move forward, if you've listened for a long time, you know, I warned New Yorkers on ABC that bodies, bloods, bodies, blood and buildings would be in the streets of Manhattan and the mastermind would be Osama bin Laden. And I said that in ninety nine, the financial crisis of 08 didn't surprise you because I warned in strongest terms beginning in 06, I told you the Fed would print money.


Eventually our credit would be downgraded and the Fed would eventually buy all of our debt. That was crazy. They're doing it now. The Arab Spring, I warned, would be the catalyst for a caliphate turned out to be called ISIS.


I was mocked for that before ISIS. I told you we were even funding and arming them through Benghazi.


Nobody nobody else told you that in 2010 I began telling you the unrest would sweep into Europe and eventually make it to our shores, where the communist, socialist, anarchist and Islamists would all work together to destabilize America and the Western world that one day the coming insurrection would be put right here on the streets to intimidate the cause.


Chaos in our cities and the hatreds of the 1930s would become reality once again.


I told you about the labor unions role in the past and what we're seeing now on the streets. I told you about the Bubba Effect, which we experienced this weekend in Portland, Chicago and Wisconsin.


I told you we were passing all of the exits and eventually trust would implode to a point where we wouldn't know who to believe. Trust would be absent in the list of government, mediatheque, finance, justice, cops, corporations, unions, edu.


We together have warned our neighbors that our history is being lost, not not exactly lost, more destroyed, stolen, erased, and we had to do everything we could to plant it deep into the hearts of our children.


But it would become increasingly difficult because of the systems and the attitudes that produced things like Common Core. You're not surprised by the tech takeover of free speech or their surveillance or the latest displacement of jobs, even now because of covid as cities begin to collapse due to tech changing our world?


You won't be surprised if you listen to the show when the banks close to reset and open with a new currency because the dollar eventually will be worthless. I've been mocked and ridiculed and at every step told to shut up, to not warn you that it would destroy what little reputation I had left after Soros and Media Matters ravaged by name.


But that's OK. This isn't my job. I believe this is my calling. And I'm unfortunately not here to fix things because I've tried. I'm not here to give you political analysis.


I'm here to tell you how to vote because that doesn't work.


That's not good. That's me, what I'm here to do is sound the trumpet to warn you of what is just over the horizon that no one else will tell you. It's not a fun job. But like the role you play or will play in the coming days, weeks, years.


It's a role that is a small piece in a very big puzzle, but all pieces need to be on the table and it's a puzzle that man has watched snapped into place for thousands of years.


And it's that puzzle that I want to talk to you about. Somewhere in the back of your mind. If you're a living, thinking, breathing, being, and I don't mean just on the right, I mean on the left to you know, that things aren't OK.


They aren't normal. Many of us have this feeling we're headed towards something, something not good. It's natural for something as precious as freedom and liberty, there's a high price tag on that.


And when you when you actually possess it, it makes sense that there would be some sort of warning or alarm bell on it that would go off when our rights are being stolen.


What is it? It's a fuzzy picture, I think, for a lot of people, but I want to point out some solid lines around it so you can get a sense of exactly what it is.


But right now, you're feeling that maybe we're controlled by liars, whether those liars or politicians and journalists or or strangely other politicians and journalists, maybe you feel like our churches are impotent and lost their way.


Our schools have become indoctrination camps, focused more on the teacher's interpretation of morality instead of math and writing.


Even religious schools now are teaching the interpretation of the Moyal, the morals of the state or the teachers union, rather than that of God, the church or religion.


You might feel that justice today is liquid, that there is no equal or blind justice prosecution now starts in the media and what follows in the courts as a result of that, pretrial innocents are persecuted and criminals are released to walk among us.


Maybe you see the institution of the family that we've known for thousands of years falling apart in a into a hookup world where relationships are a left or right swipe, porn is mainstream.


Single women freeze their eggs for later, and children are now a community's responsibility rather than a parent's.


A lot of people don't feel they're in control of their country anymore, maybe you don't feel like you're in control of even your own destiny anymore.


You might feel like it doesn't matter who gets elected anymore, the best they can do is help the pieces fall more slowly. I think that's what Trump is doing. And I think that's a good thing, I believe he is doing his best to help gird the foundations of this nation. But the the melody we suffer is not one that can be fixed by one man alone or a politician, if you felt any of these things, I want you to know this A, you're right.


It's not your imagination whether you're on the left or the right. It's not your imagination. Something's very wrong.


To. You're not alone, you are not the only one feeling this and three. This is the difficult beginning of a new era. It's not the end of the world, but it is a new era.


I mean, maybe that is why leftists feel that climate change is going to cause the end of the world because they can feel the barometric pressure falling out.


As the pages turned in, a new chapter begins. Maybe that's why 20, 20 has become its own ominous meme. People realize it's not a plague that's befallen on us, it is a blanket of darkness being lowered over our lives. Has anybody noticed the forces of evil or full steam that every abortion that can be had will be met by a knife? Every perversion. Is celebrated. Every effort to keep the common sense of old. And quite honestly, where that common sense came from, the word of God.


It's being inundated with charges of hate and intolerance. I've told you before that we are passing all the exits. And the bridges is out just ahead. Well, we've crossed that Rubicon. I believe we have passed a threshold put there by our maker. And we'll tell you what that means in 60 seconds.


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What you want is car shield, get coverage. Did a seewhy car shield goes further, car shield cars just keep driving 800 car six thousand eight hundred car 6000. Mentioned the promo code back and you'll save 10 percent and you can use that promo code back at carsales.com as well. Its car shield dotcom promo code back deductible's may apply 10 second station ID. For many years, I have told you about the warning signs and pointed out the exits along the way.


But if you look back in your rearview mirror, you're going to see something falling behind the horizon. That's the last exit. That's the bridge that is out. That is the threshold.


The twilight of the common era. I hope to God I'm wrong. And there's a good chance that I am. But I believe that we are now seeing that we are squarely in the days the Bible foretold. I told you there would come a time when we passed all the exits and we're there.


We need to fight to slow down the chaos, we need to do everything we can to slow chaos down and to not hasten the return of the promised one, as they say, in Iran.


Perhaps we need to now begin to look at our problems differently, not to just save the nation, but to save our children and our own souls, because even the very elect will be deceived.


And how many of us are struggling with our children and our families and our family members who have been deceived?


How can we save our nation? If we fall into the Calaca, the clutches of collective justice, how can we save our nation if our churches fail to stand?


To this nation, God was a thread that wove it all together, held it strong, kept the seams from splitting, it was the Judeo-Christian principles that mended the holes born from our growing pains and stumbles. And right now, before our eyes, that thread is being pulled out of the fabric.


And not only the holes returning, but the whole thing's about to fall apart.


And I'm telling you now, because in the middle of an emergency is not time to make your emergency plan and you can be lost quickly now.


You know. The great promise to the freedom of mankind was the union of the United States of America. But by far, the greatest threat to the freedom of mankind is the dissolution of the United States of America.


If or when this country falls apart, the great danger is not from the loss of our culture or our humanity or even our Constitution.


The greatest danger is what will be built back from the pieces of what remains our military, our technology, our power to spy and control with inescapable omnipresence.


All of it will be used against all of us and the entire world. And it is already started. It will be a constitution of freedoms or constriction of freedoms, unlike anything we have ever experienced. See, what the world is missing right now is the difference between those who live by Judeo-Christian tenants and Marxism. A Christian believes we have a soul that we're responsible for ourselves and our actions, Marxists believe that humans are simply, I don't know, like a liquid silly putty that will shape into whatever mold it's in.


Marxist believe the environment dictates who they are, not the spirit inside the person.


Marxists believe that to tear down the society, they'll be able to build back a utopia that eliminates sin and suffering. But Christians and Jews, no sin is within the human heart. No matter what you tear down around someone and build back up, the sin is not going away. The Utne, the new utopia will be built back around all the original problems and a likely a bunch of really scary new ones, because the blight on the heart of men can only be repaired with the help of God.


It's not saying in polite society to say perhaps we're nearing those days. Because the world's been through a lot. But the signs are appearing. Dreams and visions. Promptings don't dismiss them. In fact, doubled your efforts to hear the spirit and follow where it leads. Remember I told you there would be there would come a time when you would be walking down the street and you might hear in your own head, stop, turn around, go the other way.


This is that time. Do everything you can to foster that. And follow where it leads. It's going to be hard a lot of times, because I can guarantee you that voice will lead you towards peace and away from chaos.


We're going to be talking about a lot of this over the next, you know, two or four or however long we have to speak freely amongst ourselves, but we're going to be talking about it. But I want to start today because the time to make an emergency plan is not during an emergency right now. Pray like a person who fears God's wrath. Pray like the entire world depends on your prayers, and then go out and behave like a man or a woman determined to be free.


This is the Glenn Beck program, American Financing and MLS one eight two three three four in the MLS Consumer Access Dog.


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Go there right now. We have more on all the big tech stuff coming up this week, a go to Blaze TV dot com slash Glenn, use the promo code, big tech and save 20 bucks off your base subscription. This is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome to Mr. Pat Gray from Pat Gray on the podcast. You can get wherever you get your podcast. I want to play some audio before we start with Pat.


I'd just like to get your opinion on this. This came to me from a listener in New York that said they were just they were just, you know, going to church and everything. They thought everything was fine until the priest did this.


Listen, I now invite you to step in and joining us in the prayer for racial justice, but we start responding. Yes. To each of the following statements. Do you support racial justice, equity and compassion in youth and human relations just to affirm that white privilege is unfair and harmful to those who have it and to those who do not? Yes, you affirm that white privilege in the culture of white supremacy must be dismantled wherever it is present. I don't agree that there is that culture to support racial equity, justice and liberation for every person.


Can I change your question? Yeah, no, it's you affirm the inherent worthwhile dignity of every person. Of course, yes. Therefore, from this day forward, will you strive to understand more deeply the injustice and suffering white privilege and white supremacy cause. Oh, good gosh, yes. I mean I mean to help transform our church culture, one that is actively engaged in seeking racial justice and equity for change for everyone, church culture. And we're going to find another way to get people with the same respect.


You see this is this America wake up Catholics. Wow, that's wake up.


That is a Catholic church in New York and not New York City. Catholic Church in New York.


And this goes to remember remember the hell that was unleashed on me when I said, if you have a church that talks about social justice, run for your lives. Oh, yeah.


And I, I corrected it by saying I understand that Catholics have social justice from the eighteen hundreds. That doesn't mean the same thing. However, many interpret it as the same today. And so you better know which know which social justice you're on because one is collective, that's the collective right there.


And if you're in a church like that, you have got to stand up and clean out your own church or find a new one. But you are in danger. You are in danger. When our churches start to preach this from the pulpit, when they won't speak out about the loss of freedom, yeah, they are on the wrong side. And just talking about this from the perspective of extreme leftism where I have to accept all the white privilege nonsense.


I'm not going to. I'm sorry. I don't I don't either. I don't. I don't I'm not I'm not going to accept your premise. So you need to change the question a little bit. Do I want anybody to suffer prejudice? No discrimination? Absolutely not. No way.


I work for the rest of my life to make sure that we are fair. Yes. And we are. We are equal. Yes. Not equal in ending. Not equal as as my sin is my father's sin and is your sin. No, no. I'm not equal in that. I didn't I didn't have slaves. I would go there for that matter. Did any of my ancestors. Neither did any of mine or yours. My ancestors fought for the north to end slavery.


One died and one never recovered from it. I mean, hello. Yeah, it's.


But you're white so you're responsible for this is that is legitimately. That's what they're saying. That's the kind of racism that's being. Oh no. But jammed down our throats.


Oh but there's, there's, there's more. Here's a DC writer talking about what he's ready to do for the police and the White House and to Congress. Listen to this.


I'm at the point where I'm going to be great. I'm at the point where I want the White House down on the White House, down British to the twentieth. I want to take it to the Congress. I take it to the Congress, OK? I want to take the fight to the fight. And at the end of the day, yeah, if they go hereth, we burn them. The same guy that said he was going to drag Trump out of the White House and not wait for the election.


Is that the same? I don't because there was another guy that was saying he's going to drag Trump. Maybe you're thinking about Beddoe O'Rourke. Did you hear what he said this weekend?


I didn't listen to this. All of us understand it's not up to Donald Trump or any person, any one person in this country as to whether or not the results are accepted in the election. But let's go into this eyes wide open. If this election is close and even if Joe Biden has lawfully won both the popular vote and the Electoral College vote, make no mistake, Donald Trump will do everything he can to try to create chaos and confusion about the results and then probably seek to invalidate them with as attorney general, both of whom Donald Trump and William Barr have talked about, mail in ballots being fraudulent, though we know that the truth is.


Twenty percent are it is one of the safest, most secure twenty.


It's not voting. Twenty percent may not accept the results, but who gives shit because the. Most of the country will be forced to. The rest of the country will be forced to live with the results, what does that mean? I don't even know what that means. I don't know. I'm it's better he probably doesn't even know what that means.


But that was an interesting I thought maybe that you were talking about. And, of course, the the rioter that was killed in the riots in in Portland this weekend. Of course, he wasn't a riot rioter. There wasn't a riot. There wasn't even a fight. This was an execution of a Trump supporter. And I think the audio proves it. Listen to what's being said here.


I just got word the person who died was that person. I think our community, that's all I took out the trash. How are you? I want to talk about the point where we can take out the trash on our site tonight. I'm not sad a fascist died tonight.


How vile. Take out the trash ourselves. Now, the audio. I don't know. Do we have the audio of the actual shooting where the the rioters, the Black Lives Matter, people are heard saying, we got one.


We got one right here. Where? Right here. Boom.


What did they have?


The two Trump supporters as if they were hunting for Trump supporters. You found a couple right here, found a couple right here, and then you hear the gunshots.


It's amazing. It's unbelievable.


This is an execution. Remember when he said this would be the summer? I've said it for the last. Well, I said it in sixteen, the nine and sixteen.


And then this year just took a little while. You've always said you're off on time. Yeah, I'm always off on timing, but here it is.


Yeah. This is sixty eight. This is if not worse than sixty eight.


Well haven't gotten to the political assassinations yet, but I believe this is the threshold, this is the beginning of that. Now we saw what happened that that video of people going home from the White House.




On the on his wife unbelieve. Terrifying, not just Rand Paul. Did you watch video after video. After video. Yeah. That one girl with the know skull and crossbones on her on her hat. That is just did you see that one where she's following several couples just screaming at them the whole time?


I hope this week's wakes everybody up because it's amazing to me that they thought they were going to have a situation where they could let people walk out of that speech and walk to hotel rooms afterward.


Yeah, I'm not a good bill are waking up and these circles because something it's not safe, really bad is going to happen one of these days.


So people are dangerous. My one of my relatives has a has very good friends in New York, a lot of good friends in New York, young friends.


And this person is not a Trump supporter, not a Biden supporter either. Not a Trump supporter. Doesn't like Donald Trump.


She told me that she was online with some friends and her friends are now starting to share how to build guillotines, and they thought it was funny what was being done in front of Jeff Bezos house.


And she said, man, this is you're not making a statement here other than behead this guy because he's rich. When did you guys when did you guys slip into the dark side without knowing it?


And the French Revolution? You're right. And that is the choice. The American Revolution or the French Revolution. And what did the French Revolution lack? What was it that Thomas Paine was trying to. He was he was condemned here in America for the rest of his life. He was buried in a popper's grave because he was misunderstood.


He was not an atheist, he was against religion, he had a problem with organized religion, he was not an atheist and I have his own letter to prove it.


But he was not an atheist, what he said was to Ben Franklin and and John Adams, he wrote a letter and he said, what are you guys doing to me?


What are you doing to me? I was there.


I saw the miracles. I know that God exist. I'm against religion. These people are against God. I'm trying to appeal to them and say, yeah, yeah, yeah. You don't need the church. Yeah, yeah, yeah, right. We don't need the church, but the churches and God. This is the argument we're having right now and people are saying you don't need God, God is bad. No, you know what?


The churches have gone bad from time to time. Some of the churches are bad. Some of the churches are great, but God remains the same.


And if we don't have God, we go the I mean, I can't believe we'll look out that revolution when I know I'm not only did they kill all of the all of the royalty, then they started killing the leaders of their own movement.


Yes, well, they're all the same. You don't think that they will come after the left itself?


They're already doing it. They're already doing it. If you don't toe the line, you're a traitor. I mean, it's it's exactly the same. And and I can't believe how many people have been duped by the Trojan horse. You know, the Trojan horses in America, the real and actual plight. Of the black man in America, the actual plight, the actual things that are real problems, the Trojan horse is the is the big bad policeman.


And they're wheeling this sacrifice up there, wheeling this thing up to us and saying, look at the poor men that have been abused by the big bad police inside is nothing but a death cult.


You can't let that through your gates. And it's being wheeled into our churches. It's being wheeled into our communities. It's being wheeled into our schools. You cannot it's a Trojan horse.


Black Lives Matter, I just going to put the square up, don't put that square up, don't do it. Do do all black lives matter? Yes, they do, but when you say Black Lives Matter, you are endorsing Black Lives Matter Inc. and it is an incorporation. Look it up. It's an entity. And the biggest Trojan horse that I've ever seen, and just like everybody, if that actually happened, there had to be a bunch of people standing around going.


Have we checked what's inside that thing? Yeah, no, it's a gift.


Thank you, Pat Pat Gray from Pat Gray unleashed wherever you podcasts.


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My pillow dotcom promo code back.


You're listening to Glenn Beck. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. We have a dynamic hour coming up next. You don't want to miss a second of it.


Some really, really important information for those who think that, come on, man, China is a threat.


We'll give that to you coming up. Also, Stu is going to break down the story from The New York Times that is being misinterpreted to some degree.


Some people are just reading the headlines and they're like, what? The test, the covid tests are 90 percent wrong? No, no, no, no. It's saying that 90 percent of the people are being diagnosed who are being diagnosed, are being diagnosed as positive. Right. And that there is an error of a few percentage points in that 90 percent. Yes, sort of.


I mean, it's a it's a sort of a longer break down, but like it's definitely being misinterpreted by some people, you know, which is not a surprise. Right. This is in the cockpit era.


That's this is what it is. It does say that 90 percent of the people who get a positive test are no longer contagious and don't need to isolate.


And that's the important thing because that goes to did we just we just naïf ourselves where with a million dollar fires on this, we should go into it all. We will. We will. That'll be our number three will break that down for us in our number three. You don't want to miss you miss a second of this show. You miss a lot. Let everybody else around you be surprised. You don't have to be surprised on what comes next.


You listen to this program.


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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. It's an excellent program, you know, we've been telling you in the last couple of weeks about something that is coming our way, it's called the Great Reset. Read about it on the World Economic Forum on their own website quickly before they take it all down and change the language like BLM did. The great reset basically is, hey, we've got covid. It'd be a shame to waste this opportunity to make us all into China with public private partnerships for business.


Oh, that's great. Well, some people say China is not a threat. Come on, man. Oh, yes, it is. And will show you exactly how much of a threat, especially when you couple it with Joe Biden in 60 seconds. This is the Glenn Beck program. Come on, man.


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Peter Sweitzer, I love him, Sweitzer note, he's the author of Profiles in Corruption, the president of the Government Accountability Institute. He has done a new documentary that we released on The Blaze TV for subscribers only on Friday. It's called Riding the Dragon, The Bidens Chinese Secrets.


And Peter Schweizer is with us right now. How are you? Great to be here, Glenn. Thanks for having me. Great to have you.


Peter, I tell you, I you must feel very, very alone. Yeah. Yeah.


It's you know, it's interesting. And I mean, we talked about this before. I mean, you sometimes in in the in the past and in the present will we'll talk about something and it's sort of ahead of its time. Yeah. We first started talking about the Bidens and China back in twenty eighteen when I wrote a book called Secret Empires, came here to Dallas and talked with you. You know, it got a lot of attention. We hit number one on the New York Times list, but it basically was ignored by the major media, was ignored in Washington, D.C. And part of the problem is there are other people in Washington, DC that have deals with the Chinese as well.


But we're now at a point where Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee. He wants to be president of the United States. And the single biggest financial tie that his family enjoys is with the foreign government of China, not a foreign company, not an American company in China, the foreign government of China. And it seems to me that in an America where if a congressman owns ten thousand dollars of GE stock, they have to disclose it, yes, we should be interested in that, especially when you're talking about the size and the scope of the deals that the Bidens enjoy.


So to me, it's a central part of the conversation we need to be having. Right.


And it's amazing to me that Joe Biden could say, come on, man, they're not they're not a competitor.


They're not a worry to us. And what we're talking about here in America is.


A movement run by Marxists, and it's in the street crying out for a new system and a Marxist system, we know now that countries who have opposed us have infiltrated and have China in particular, poured money into our universities, poured money into our universities and and and have have come out and now said, you know, we're not a threat.


They're pouring money into there. They're pouring money into politics. And that's a Marxist quasi, you know, capitalist state.


It's a hybrid of private and public corporations. Right. And nobody is tying this together. Nobody is saying, wait a minute, is Joe Biden part of this Trojan horse?


You know, it's a great question. Here's what we know, Glenn. We know that Joe Biden is is essentially on an island by himself in most people in Washington, D.C. that talk about China. And I put Joe I put Barack Obama in a different category. Barack Obama has said China is a threat to the United States. We need to see China as a rising power that's going to challenge our interests. Those are not things that Joe Biden says.


That's what's so remarkable about this in the film. When you see the beginning of the film, you have sort of a collage of people left, right and center. I tell you, it is so powerful. You're hearing four minutes of everybody, literally everybody on all sides of the political aisle saying China is a threat. China is a real threat. It's the threat to our economy. It's a threat to our nation. It's a real threat. And then.


Come on, man. Yeah. And he said it repeatedly. I mean, there's the famous come on, man. But he has said for years, we welcome. Yeah. The rise of China. Yeah. You know, we we think a rising China is good for America. He is on an island by himself. And so what we try to do with the film, Glenn, is answer the question why? Why is Joe Biden so far on an island when it comes to this issue compared to Barack Obama compared with one of the people in the opening collage is Ben Rhodes, the former national security adviser, saying China is a much bigger problem than Russia is.


The question is why? And you can look at Joe Biden's record and, you know, Joe Biden is a guy that tends to shift with the winds. We all have seen that in his 40 year career. But to me, there is that fundamental question of he became much more soft on Beijing when his son started getting very lucrative exclusive deals courtesy of the Chinese government. And you have to ask yourself, I mean, if we're worried about and talk about is we should, you know, Wall Street fundraisers for politicians.


We we talk about big tech fundraisers for politicians. We better darn well be concerned about a foreign government making a presidential candidate's family wealthy through this cut out deals that they have no no qualifications to get. People say that, you know, I think it's what is it? 60 percent of those of Democrats still believe that Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians. Right. 60 percent still believe that. And it's proven to be false. Right. This is true.


And no one in the Democratic Party and many in the Republican Party. Right.


Don't seem to really care all that much that there are massive amounts of money being transferred into the Biden coffers. Right, by China. Yeah, forget collusion. This is this is you know. Right. This is worse than was about collusion with Russia. That's about winning the election. So you can be president. This is about just enriching yourself, right?


I mean, exactly. It's even less honorable than the most dishonorable thing you could do. Well, that's exactly right.


And but I think an important point to add to that, Glenn, and we talk about this in the film, is this is not just the case of the Bidens getting wealthy and the Chinese kind of laughing and saying, this is great when you look at the deals that Hunter Biden did. And we go through this in the film in detail. When you look at the deals that he was involved in with the Chinese, these were private equity deals where the Chinese government financed private equity deals.


Hunter Biden was on the board of the firm. His business partner was the the vice chairman of the firm. What did that firm do with all that Chinese government money? They ended up buying companies and doing commercial deals that benefited the Chinese militarily. And I don't say that loosely. What do they do? They bought a Michigan based company called Hanukkah's that produces precision machine tools, anti vibration tech. Everybody recognizes, including the federal government, its dual use, you can use it on civilian things like like cars, you can always also use it on military capabilities like like the, you know, stealth plane, things that we do not want people to have the ability to do.




So here you have the sitting vice president's son involved with a Chinese funded firm and a Chinese firm that buys a machine to a company in the United States that ends up benefiting the Chinese militarily in the technology space.


It's more than that. It's it's not just that he happens to this is a company the Chinese military wanted to acquire. Exactly.


Couldn't acquire. Yes. Because of the laws. And then when Biden gets involved, all of a sudden there's no one standing in the way. What happened to the the oversight from the United States government on that?


Right, exactly. It goes through a process called syphilis, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. Well, who sits on the board at the time? That's Joe Biden's friends.


And, you know, the Chinese are very shrewd about this. I think they they calculated pretty early on, if we try to do these deals and we don't have the camoflauge of a prominent family attached to these deals, we're going to have a very hard time getting these deals approved. So you have the biggest deal. You have this incredible situation. We've talked about it before, but has not been picked up by the media that won. One of the things that Biden's firm does is they invest, invest in a company called CGM in China, general nuclear.


They invest in it. They're an anchor investor in it. And what happens about eight months after they invest in it? Again, the same firm that now the vice president's son is part owner of is charged by the FBI of stealing nuclear secrets in the United States, nuclear secrets tied to small reactors that are used in US submarines. The Chinese don't have a nuclear capability with submarines, but they're a step closer now, courtesy of CGI and a firm that the vice president's son was an anchor investor.


And it's astonishing.


It's not only that and there's not a surprise there for the Bidens. There was no surprise there because they were charged months later.


Yeah, but the vice president and his son had to have known. Yeah. That that firm was being investigated by the FBI for divulging state secrets. Yeah. That the that firm engineers connected to that firm had been spying on the United States for like nineteen years. So it's not a question of was in a sketchy company that the FBI was looking at. They absolutely were. And as you point out, it's the charges that came eight months later. And the point is, you know, do we really think that the Bidens are naive enough to to believe that if you're going to invest in a Chinese nuclear firm, that there's not going to be a military component to it?


I mean, the entire Chinese economy, especially under President Xi, is geared towards every technology being dual use, whether it's artificial intelligence, whether it's a new energy propulsion system, everything is deemed to be new, dual use, that is, use it for civilian purposes and for military purposes.


So would you would you when we come back, I want to take a one minute break.


And I don't know if you're I don't know if you're prepared to do this, but I would love you to explain how the Chinese system works over there, because we just we've been the people try to convince us that, oh, no, this is a good capitalist. No, it's not right. It's nothing like a free market. Exactly. And I'd like you to go into that. When we come back, there is a new video out. It came out today Riding the Dragon, the Biden's Chinese secrets.


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So, Peter, explain explain the Chinese system, the Chinese system is different from the Soviet system slightly, but what people have to remember is the Chinese system is a Leninist system. What matters in China is not what the Chinese government ultimately wants to do. It's what the Chinese Communist Party wants to do. All the leadership, of course, is tied with the Communist Party. And when you look in the business space, people will look at like Jack Ma and these guys that created these Chinese tech firms.


And they're kind of cool and hip and like Silicon Valley, they're basically all Communist Party members. Jack Ma is he has been for a long time. They don't necessarily advertise it in the West, but they're party members. And it's very clear in Chinese law, if if Jack Ma decides that he wants to do something that is contrary to the party, there is a party committee within his firm that says, no, you're not going to do that.


He may be the CEO, he may be the founder, he may be the owner. He may be the biggest shareholder. But if the party says you can't do that, you can't do that. It's a public private partnership and compulsory like private that you have to answer. I mean, I would describe it as the system that the Nazis used. Yeah. Where you still are in private business. Right. But the government tells you what you can and can't do in a in a very different way than just regulations.


Exactly. It's you're right. It's like sort of a fascist system or you have, quote unquote, private companies in a way. But those private companies are at the beck and call. And what's happened, particularly under the new leadership, President Xi going back to 2011, is he's really even asserted more control. So you not have a situation with these tech companies. For example, if the government wants the data, they don't have to go to a court and try to get a ticket.


They just take it. They say give us the data. Right. And that's why it's so insidious with what Facebook and Google is doing, because there is no such thing as a separation between business and the government. That's if you're doing business in China, you are doing business with the communists. Exactly. And if you develop a technology or you you buy a foreign firm as as Hunter Biden's firm did that anything that's related to that company that has military or strategic application to China, they are going to take and use as they see fit.


So it's it's you know, and the great argument, Glenn, has been really since the early 1990s after Tiananmen Square has been, well, we're we're going to get China to liberalize. The more we trade with them, the more they're going to become like us. The fear is we're kind of becoming more like them. You have you have this political class in Washington, DC that and I would put the Bidens in this category. There are some Republicans in this category that will not criticize China.


They want to excuse Chinese behavior because they have become economically wedded and tied to their family's fortunes, to the fortunes of the Chinese government led by the Chinese Communist Party. I believe, Peter, that. You can call it deep state, you can call it just corruption, you call it whatever you want, but this is why the elites feel so passionately about getting Donald Trump out of the Oval Office, because we are on the path to reset and become like China.


And the embrace of China is very, very important for the future of of all business in their eyes. Yeah, and they they and Donald Trump is standing in the way of that easy money.


Well, it's ironic, Glenn, because what you hear a lot of times, the criticism of Trump is that, well, you know, there's a certain set of rules in Washington, D.C. There's a decorum. He's he's not doing things the way things are supposed to be done in Washington, D.C., some of that's Twitter. But the bigger part of that is sort of these these, quote unquote, norms that they've established of what you're supposed to talk about and what you're not supposed to talk about.


And it does relate to these very specific national security implications. Let me give you a Biden example just to highlight the point. There is the Biden center at the University of Pennsylvania. They are designed to look at national security and America's foreign policy.


They list three threats, three threats on their website, Russia, climate change and global terrorism. They don't even list China as a potential threat to the United States. That's where Joe Biden is as it relates to it. And this film, this film highlights why that is the case. We're releasing Chapter one today. You'll be able to find Chapter one. We'll get into this here in just a second. But you'll find the whole thing on Blaze TV.


Chapter one is on Blaze TV's YouTube. Today, you'll get chapter one and you'll get another piece of the puzzle every day. We release it all on YouTube on Friday. But if you're a blade subscriber, get it. Right now it's writing The Dragon, the Bidens, Chinese secrets.


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And the latest from The New York Times.


This is the Glenn Beck program. We're joined by Peter Schweizer, who has a new documentary out.


And it's one that The Blaze is premiering today. It's up now. I've watched it already. It's really good. It's called Riding the Dragon, the Bidens, Chinese Secrets. But we wanted to make sure that everybody could see it so you can get full access to access to it. Now, today, we're releasing on our YouTube channel, Blaze TV, the YouTube channel for Blaze TV. We're releasing Chapter one, Chapter two, tomorrow three, four.


And then on Friday, the entire documentary goes out and Peter and his team of filmmakers really did their best to make this into something that could be understood in bite size. So you can take those and share them with your friends, because this is a really important bipartisan message. I think there's there's two things that are going on.


One, corruption. And and, Peter, maybe you'll disagree with me, but I think what's coming with this great reset and everything else and with covid, this is the.


I would describe it as the largest robbery in the history of the world, the money that is being transferred from the average everyday average businessman and now going into the coffers of these giant corporations and giant figures is astounding. Would you agree that this is what's happening?


I do. And I think that that a lot of people ignore is, you know, people think that big government and big business are enemies. They're not. They're not. They're not. They're not big government government bureaucrats.


You know, if you give them a choice, do you want to regulate 1100 hundred small businesses or do you want to regulate one large corporation? They would much rather deal with one large corporation, because not only does it make their job easier, they can actually go work for the corporation to make really good money when they leave the government. So we are seeing and this is related to the lock down, this is related to the sort of tax policy.


This is related to the Green New Deal, this fundamental question of do we want a country and a society and a civilization dominated by large powerful corporate entities? Or do we want to have a society and civilization that. Yes, has some of those? You have successful companies. That's great. But you also have this huge plurality of medium size, small size firms because it diffuses power. It it it creates competition. It creates opportunity. It creates hope that you can develop your own future.


And that's sort of fundamentally where we are right now. And that's related to all these issues. So you have you have that going on.


And at the same time, you have another theft, if you will, and that is of who we actually are. The difference between us and the rest of the world, the uniqueness of America and its being, it's being led by the left and the and I and I make a distinction here because I think for the first time there is an opportunity for those who are liberal and have always voted Democrat to see the difference between them and the left right.


And there is no Liberal Party anymore.


That party has been fully taken over by the left, I believe, right there excusing violence in the streets. They are there propping it up all the way.


Yeah, the the what what's happened to the Democratic Party. But what's also happened at our universities is you had before what were sort of the classical liberals and then they became sort of modern liberals and they believed in in sort of plurality. It was about the process of thought and the way that you approached things. What you have today are progressives, progressives or not, about process progressives or about the end result. And for them, the end result is power and reorganizing and structuring power to serve their social events as they define them.


They make a difference. I, I, I split. There's progressive and then there is Marxist. Right. Progressives have always been about no revolution, no blood in the streets and about the manipulation of power. And it never they always say it's going to be Marxist, but it never does. That's the final rift that they battle out at the end.


But there's a big difference between those progressives who have manipulated the system to enrich themselves and the true street Marxist.


I agree. But what I would say is and I agree, you're absolutely right, there's a distinction.


What I would say is in the time we are in right now, those that are progressives that have worked their way through the system, I think their level of anger and bitterness and frustration at Trump and the fact that the American people voted for Trump in twenty sixteen, that level of bitterness is so high. I think their tolerance level for violence has has certainly increased. And I think that while they may not come out and say that they support the violence, I do believe that a lot of them in the deep recesses of their mind, Glenn, believe that, well, this could be helpful.


This this could create an energy that could be helpful so that we can take office and do so, you know, in electoral terms.


And those who have just sought power and wealth have always had a need for useful idiots. Yeah. And I think they see these protesters as useful idiots. The Marxists are using the black man and his plight to get their way. That's a Trojan horse. And the Democrats and the progressives are using the Marxists to do their bidding. Right. You know what I mean? It's everybody's using each other on that side. And and, you know, you wonder, you know, where is the head and where's the.


All right, right, and you wonder that particularly with Joe Biden, I mean, for a guy who, you know, throughout his 40 year career has had various iterations, I mean, when he was first elected, he was sort of a more of a centrist Democrat. He was in a lot of ways a segregationist. Then he. What do you mean by that? You know, and he didn't march with Martin Luther King. I thought they said he did.


He worried about his kids schools with some very choice language.


But, you know, the question is, is what does Joe Biden actually believe? And it's not clear. And I think that's what is concerning to people that, you know, is he an empty suit that's going to be filled up by Kamala Harris and about by Bernie Sanders aides?


Because even the people around Joe Biden are not people that are defined by a certain set of ideas that they embraced and they move forward to. So the question is, you know, if he is elected, whether he himself is somebody that far to the left, is he going to be so pushed along? I think he is that de facto he will he will have that kind of presidency.


Well, I think that those who saw Barack Obama as the the revolutionary that he really was, the reason why his support got smaller in the second election and he didn't have the big crowds is because it was apparent he sold out and he sold out to people like George Soros. That was the deal. So he was selling out, you know, the revolution for the George Soros Hillary Clinton people. I think the opposite is here. Here is the Hillary Clinton people who are selling out for the extreme left to be able to use that as fuel.


And one of two things is going to happen.


Joe Biden isn't in control of his faculties at some point and he's not really running the show.


And so they will just like Soros and, you know, Center for American Progress and all that ran the Obama administration, these guys will start to run his organization, you know, or or if he doesn't, if he is saying, no, we're not really going to do all those crazy things, they'll turn on him.


They will turn on him. And it's not going to be good. Yeah, yeah.


And and I think the dilemma that Biden has now is how do you deal with the violence? What do you say about the violence? You know, he's now come out after all this time after the convention, never discussing the riots, never discussing the violence. He's now come out and made these statements about, oh, the violence needs to stop.


But I think if you just look at the the raw basis, he needs the energy of the left to create this sense of intensity in this sense of need for people to go out and vote for Joe Biden. So, you know, he also sees, however, that this violence is disconcerting and and paralyzing a lot of kids, including the Marxists and the liberals.


Yes. You know, liberals and that have always voted for Democrats. They're not revolutionaries. Right. You know, that's what progressives learned in the early. Nineteen hundreds Americans aren't revolutionaries. They don't like blood and violence in the streets. Exactly. And I think that's what I think that's what they're feeling is their own people, the ones who are left are going, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. That's not what we didn't buy into this.


And it's such a strange approach to in that, you know, one of the groups that's fallen off the most since twenty sixteen talking about Trump voters and potential Trump voters are suburban moms.


And it's like, what possible thought process could there be for Democrats to say, hey, let's embrace violence and looting and all these things when you're when when suburban moms are one of the most important voting blocs here?


This this is terrifying to people who are just who might think Trump is a jerk or not like his policies, but they also are sending their kids to schools that they don't want to burn down. Yeah, no.


I mean, I think you're exactly right. And I think, you know, to be clear, you know, we're talking about the fact that Joe Biden and Democrats haven't really denounced the violence until very recently. But let's take it a step further. Let's remember when the protests began and the protests became violent, you had Joe Biden aides that were donating to bail out people who were being arrested. Now, you don't get arrested in the United States for protesting.


The police don't say you're protesting. I'm arresting. You get arrested for breaking the law. And that means assaulting a police officer, Liu. So you had the Biden people that were actually contributing to bailing out people who were being you had Kamala Harris supporting that very early on. So you're quite right, Stu. It's not just a question of what Joe Biden is saying. It's what they're actually doing. And I still do believe that that most voters pay enough attention and have enough sophistication, particularly as you get closer to election.


They kind of know what's going on. They know that when Joe Biden is using sort of the Washington speak, where he issues a formal statement denouncing violence, that doesn't really mean a whole lot. Right.


And that's I think that's been a unique thing about this particular election. I've been saying for a while that I think, you know, you can't count these. You can't look at these polls like you would in a normal year. I'm not an anti poll guy. Right. But like in a normal year, a steady lead like Biden has had would be, I think, significantly more impactful.


People are not paying attention and haven't been until very recently.


And it feels like it's moving to a tightening race. Oh, absolutely feels that way.


Hang on, Peter, sit in for one more break. Let me just take a quick break and and come back, because I'd like you to tell me what happens if this election is close.


What are you seeing with all of the experience that you have of looking at world events now? Peter Schweizer coming up in just a second. First, let me tell you and thank our sponsor. It's Patriot Mobile. Sometimes, you know, the right choice is hard to find. Sometimes it's super easy. This is one of them, Patriot Mobile. If you are using anybody else but Patriot Mobile, you are putting money literally into the hands of places like Planned Parenthood.


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This is the Glenn Beck program.


This is the Glenn Beck program are just having a conversation off the air with Peter Schweizer, Sweitzer and I.


And I just said, you know, I think my real fear is, is if the Democrats win, that we won't have a voice anymore, that the, you know, these radio shows and everything else will just immediately go away because of the you know, we just won't be able to survive. And you immediately went, oh, yeah, absolutely.


No, I don't agree with things like that so quickly. Censorship is a huge issue as big tech and and the efforts to silence free speech on campuses. You see it now happening in corporate America. And this is, as you pointed out earlier, because the Democratic Party is a progressive left wing party. It's not a traditional Liberal Party. So tell me this. Let's get in. We have two minutes. Tell me what happens this election.


I'm extremely concerned and I'm concerned, Glenn, not just about who wins, it's whether we will actually have a clear winner, because let's set this up for a minute where we are headed. Republican Party is pushing and encouraging people go to the polls like you always do, go stand in line, do what you need to do. Democrats are pushing mail in ballots. Don't go and line up, but let's do a mail in ballot. What that means is you can have a situation where Trump is ahead on election night, but nobody wants to call it because you've got all these mysterious battle ballots out there that haven't been counted.


We could go days or weeks without a clear winner, and it could really drag on in a way that becomes very, very destructive and we become more and more divided as a country.


And that is intentional, I believe, I mean, when Hillary Clinton came out and said it on Friday and then Beddoe said it this weekend, don't give up. And Trump is going to he'll just take that office and he won't care what the law says. He won't care what the ballots say, which is so untrue. Yeah. And they said there's we're never going to give in. Yeah.


And they and they rewrite the I mean, I went back and looked remember Stacey Abrams in Georgia? Yes. I went back and they said, you know, she won that election. It was stolen from her. I went back and looked, you know, how many votes she lost by fifty thousand votes there she. Fifty thousand. So how do you say and my point is, is they rewrite history in a way, you know, be one thing.


If you lost by five hundred votes, but fifty thousand, not close. Close. Peter Schweizer, the documentary on The Blaze right now, Riding the Dragon, The Bidi, the Biden Chinese Secrets. And you can share it with friends by signing up for our YouTube page, Blaze TV and YouTube.


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I'm trying this this next year is going to suck. Just so you guys know, on the on the next tease is going to suck. It is. What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. And this line and program hello, America, and welcome to Monday. What a peaceful, beautiful weekend it was all around the country of oh it's the summer of love it, Rick. It really is. I mean, as long as you define a summer of love as rioting, burning buildings and executions case you didn't hear.


We we crossed the Rubicon last night in Portland with an execution of a Trump supporter. Not a riot, not a fight, an execution. Whoa. What kind of country are we living in? I think one where more and more people who have disagreed with me for a long time on policies, actual liberals, not progressives or Marxists, but actual liberals that have voted Democrat their whole life, are starting to say, OK, I didn't sign up for all of this.


That wake up call is come to six different Democratic mayors, now six in Minnesota. The the tide is changing. And we're going to talk to one of those mayors. In fact, he was actually the one that was at the RNC last week supporting Trump, a Democrat supporting Trump. We talked to him in 60 seconds.


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And I was telling my daughter last night, who is much more of a New Yorker, I think, than the rest of the family, and she was we were talking last night and I said, you really have to watch the convention.


I'm going to send you clips. Watch the convention.


And she said, I don't think I need to see it. And I said, You do. I said for the first time, I felt there was real honesty at a GOP convention and not from the politicians. I don't trust the politicians when they get up and say things.


I mean, from the regular people, there were it reflected the American heart, not just the conservative heart, but the American heart, that we're not into all of these riots. We are into helping each other. We are into real justice.


We we are into cleaning up the cops, but but also holding people accountable, helping them when they're down, helping them up, but then also holding people accountable. It was it was an amazingly diverse group of people, including a ton of Democrats and even some even some Social Democrats were were speaking speaking up for Donald Trump last week. One of the guys who is a Democrat is one of the six mayors around the state of Minnesota that have seen their party.


And when I don't recognize this anymore and are still Democrats but are now supporting Donald Trump this fall, one of them is Robert Vasilievich.


I hope I have that right, Robert. He is the mayor of Eveleth, Minnesota. I hope I have that one right as well. Robert, how are you, sir?


Very good. This morning, it sounds like you were born here the way you pronounce those names.


Well, there you go. There you go. My my my mother was from spend some time in Minneapolis when she was when she was little. So maybe that's it. Maybe that's it.


So tell me tell me what happened to you, Robert. I mean, you've you've always been a Democrat.


Still are, right? Yes. OK, and yet you're voting for Donald Trump. Why?


Well, we've been in a battle with constantly for a number of years with the radical environmental movement, and they seem to take control of the Democratic Party in every policy and platform they had is against everything we have up here. They want to take our wilderness away from us, our jobs. And Donald Trump was the only one who stepped up and said, I support mining. And he didn't stutter when he said that. And I said, this is our guy.


So it's more about jobs than it is about what you're seeing in the streets of Minnesota.


Jobs, number one. But the chaos here, you know, I haven't seen a real Democrat for 30 years, like the people I grew up with, a lot of friends of ours, you know, they supported the working man, middle class America. And we seem to have taken a back seat to these predetermined agendas. I really don't know what what they're trying to do.


So are you stay or are you staying a Democrat because you're hoping the party will swing back and be more like it was and you want to continue to change it or or what?


Looks to me, the political party thing is, I think might be fading out, because right now you can call me a Republican or Democrat because we're all thinking alike. Republican Party and the Democrats. I know we all have a vision for America like our parents and. Wow. And that's that is not Robert.


That is not what we're seeing on television or on the news. The Democrats that I mean, my grandparents were Democrats. You know, a lot of family members that I had growing up were Democrats. And they loved the country. They just they just saw the party as big business or the small guy. And now it is. But they both loved America and wanted it to succeed. Now, I don't see that in Democrats.


And you're saying that you think that there's a lot of Democrats out there like that. There's a lot of them that think like like that. No, because the association with the party, you're seeing the split, the divide, not supporting the working man or the middle class and the middle class built this country and actually supports the whole world. A great, strong America economically helps the whole world. And everybody's speaking up. They kind of kept their comments to themselves.


But now a group of the other media still jumped on the bandwagon. Yeah, with me. And I was really happy for that because that's the undercurrent. The word on the street people are. Really upset. I mean, it's so we're getting beat up by these environmentalists and these radicals in the party, so.


So, Robert, what? I mean, five others joined you is do you think that maybe you kind of were the the hole in the dike, if you will, that all of a sudden it just started to crack apart? I mean, is it scary to do what you just did?


Well, you know, I just took a stand because I really feel for the young people make an investment in our areas, the kids in the small towns who are struggling. And I think the rest of these mayors had just had enough. They gave them enough rope. Hopefully things would come back to normal. How we perceive normal, but it's just getting worse when you have the rioting, lawlessness, people threatening people's public safety, you know what I mean?


That was just pushed it over the edge. Everybody had enough.


Are you getting are you getting heat from your stance? You know, I had such a small amount of negative comments or just getting a deluge of calls from all over the country, different parts of Pennsylvania, even California and stuff. They're glad we took the stance. I would say it's probably maybe like 90 to one. I had one. Wow. And then came up here and did a story on us. They did. They did a real good story up here.


And I got more complaints and some of the Democrats liberals up here that when I said Trump is our guy, I got more calls then than I did over this. It just got really burning. Really.


Why do you do you think it's because maybe the liberals weren't watching last week and they were just, like, oblivious to you. I mean, that was a pretty big deal.


The people are people are speaking out. And I mean, the ones who are calling me are old, long time Democrats here. And they're looking at the candidate because they know we have nothing to support our thoughts. Our thoughts have always been the area, the natural resource based economy and our wilderness. You know, we've kept both in check for years and now we have people trying to take that away from us because anybody can use our wilderness if they get their way, it'll be just a thing of privilege to be able to go up there.


And you don't think Biden I mean, Biden's always been for the working man. He's the you know, the working class Joe is what they call him.


Are you making a funny here?


No, I was just quoting him, you know, that's what they call me, working class Joe. And it's like, no, you call yourself that. Nobody else does.


But I like Donald Trump. He's not a politician. So his word means something because he's used to doing business deals. And I'm tired of these elected officials. We've got a for sale sign on their back and you see what happened. All the jobs left give away everything or any advantage we had because I've seen the economic roller coaster we've been on up here in the money business for years. Well, it is almost shocking to talk to a politician and not have them toe the party line.


And I have tremendous respect for you. And I would I would say the same thing. If somebody was going the other way, I would question their common sense.


But I would I would respect I really respect people who don't toe the line because it's not encouraged in any way in today's society.


So thank you for that, sir.


It's you've got to you have to take a stance sooner or later. It's a survival.


Thank thank you. You're exactly right.


That is the that is one of the six mayors now, the first one that spoke out. And he was at the RNC, Robert Vasilyevich, mayor in Minnesota, a Democrat remaining a Democrat. Do you think that that's true?


Still, what his perception is that there is a lot of Democrats that are feeling this way.


Yeah. Yes, I do, I think there's there are a lot who are looking I mean, I thought he would be more passionate about the actual chaos in Minnesota, and I think a lot of that's winning over a lot of people who wouldn't maybe normally be on the fence because of other things, like they don't like Trump's attitude or we should see if we can get the other mayors on. I'd like to see if the mayors are all about the environment, if they're really all about their own little community and, you know, jobs in their community, if they're mining or if they are seeing something because, you know, with the riots, because that's what I think is shaking people awake.


We had an execution this weekend. We had an exit.


Would you define it as an execution? Sure. I mean, it was you you hear you don't see it, but you hear it. Can we play this video? And we be going, got some over here, put it out here. Is that an execution? We've got some over here, we've got some over here, they were talking about Trump supporters and there is the guy down and there he is.


And they just shot him. And you hear him say, like, take him out or like meeting the gun. It seems like pull it out and they shoot him. It's incomprehensible that this is happening. We know there's all sorts of these videos going on, there's one that's going around today where, you know, a guy is just walking down the street by himself, older white guy. Someone walks up behind him with a brick or a rock and just bashes him over the head.


And the guy goes lifeless to the ground and they walk away and post it on social media. I like I can't even comprehend evil, but, yeah, absolutely just absolutely evil that we have been we are dealing with the forces of evil. We're not fighting men. We are fighting evil right now. And we have to start fighting that way and going the opposite direction.


But it's it's incredible what is what is happening.


And, you know, the one thing I did see I saw a new poll come out about the bump that Trump received from the RNC, nine point jump for African-Americans.


If that's true, if that holds, Democrats are screwed. Yeah. If he's really winning, there's a couple of polls out there. Rasmussen seems to like Trump, but there's a couple out there that have him in the 20 to 30 percent range among black voters. And if that's true, he's obviously one. I don't see how I don't see how he could lose with that with that sort of vote.


Now, that's that's you know, there are there's a lot of qualifiers to that. Right. We're a long way, a long way away. And, you know, overall polling doesn't seem like there was much of a bunch bump, honestly, for either convention. So far, pretty early, though. Yeah. So we don't know.


When I saw that bump, I thought, well, then does that disprove what I've been feeling, that there's a lot of people who just don't want to say they're voting for Donald Trump?


I mean, yeah. How how would you explain a bump in the polls if that was true?


That's a good point. I mean, there is not a ton of evidence that that this is going on now in 2016. There was an interesting split that happened in 2016. There was a split in which Trump did considerably better in online, not in-person polling. So it was not considered, but a few points enough to to make a difference where if people are online, if people are getting automated calls, a lot of them, a lot more people voted for Trump.


And when they were talking to an actual person, they didn't. So the idea being that people were like nervous to say if they didn't want to like.


Sure. I mean, which is weird because most of the Trump people that I know are pretty bold, you know, but they are they vote for Trump.


Right. But there's a difference between there's a difference between, you know, I live in a liberal community or liberal neighborhood. There's I mean, you know, the Trump voter is something that's been talked about. I think it was a factor in 2016. As of right now, we haven't seen a big difference in those two styles of polling this time. That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.


It may be just hasn't shown up yet. Maybe, you know, again, I keep coming back to the same thing. I mean, we've been doing shows this entire time. There's this the pandemic and all the things associated with it have been so dominating and then take into and in addition to that, all these riots and all of the associated violence in the back and forth on that.


I don't think people have settled into election mode until the last few weeks. I agree. And I so it's hard for me to really put too much emphasis in historical polling trends this time where you could look at this. And this is, I think, the strategy the Biden campaign has. They look at the historical polling. They're saying like we're ahead. The lead has been consistent, unlike the Hillary lead, which was up and down. It's been consistent this whole time.


We're ahead. We don't really need to do anything here. And so let's not shake the bow. Well, that's that's going to be a risky strategy.


And especially Hillary last night and especially actually trying to shift gears now and say you are against the riots and the violence. Yeah, it's not going to work, especially when your vice president is saying the opposite, which we'll get into here in just a second.


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Hey, that guy that tried to rape that girl in New York on the subway, they caught him.


They caught him this morning. Good. That is really, really good news.


This is it's really hard to pay attention to this, to the news right now. Society is I know has gone off the rails. It's important. Yeah. Like where we have the American experiment on the line here. So it's important to do. You got it. You got to stay up with it.


But it can be overwhelming.


Hey, I just read the news last night. I was prepping for the show and it was story after story after story. I mean, it started with the execution in Portland and then it went to the four cops that have been shot this weekend in Chicago, then went to the Kenosha, Wisconsin, where one of the organizers of BLM was on the streets giving a speech saying, you know, it's time we put these cops in their graves.


I mean, it's it's insanity what's happening right now.


What do you think about the because the left has gone out on social media and they're posting pictures of their nice, serene city that is not on fire because obviously not every city is on fire. And there's lots of areas in the city, in Kenosha that are fine.


But this is they're back they're basically coming back and saying it's not real. There's a few blocks that are really bad in these cities. It's not that big of a deal. You probably wouldn't even have known about this if it wasn't before the social media era. You know, everyone's overreacting. Not true at all.


That's kind of hard. The 1960s, this would have been front page all the time. And in the nineteen sixties, the newspaper reporters would be saying, where are the police? Where are the mayors and the governors?


A lot of this wouldn't have happened in any other around because they didn't have the police would have been allowed to come in and do their jobs and shut these things down. I mean, again, a protest is is something we all cherish. It's in our freaking constitution. I, I will. It used to be popular to say nobody says that anymore, but I still do and I still believe it. I will fight to the death for your right to protest on something.


I despise you have you want to go out and and walk for abortion and protest and say we have a right to abortion, I will fight to the death for your right to do that? I think you're wrong, but it's your right to do it violently. Oh, no, no. Not a second of support for you.


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We, we have riots going on all over the country.


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Steel cage grudge match this week, Glenn Beck toe to toe with scuba gear, covid test results, New York Times out of sheep boxing since we were going we were going to do it today, but we are just gotten so backlogged with everything.


And I want to take some phone calls. But there is a story that came out from The New York Times that I think Sue and I actually don't disagree with you at all, at least with each other, that people are misreading the headline of this and saying 90 percent of the people tested don't even have it.


No, that's that's not what it's saying. But there is a debate that we've been having off air all day.


And I think we're actually saying the same thing just differently mostly. But we'll let you decide which will probably take that on tomorrow's broadcast. Let me go to Jim in Pennsylvania.


Hello, Jim. I Glennon's do. How are you? Very good. How are you? I'm great, thanks. Big fan of both of you for a long time, thank you. Love the immortal immortal Nicolelis book. Oh, thanks. I just want to touch base with you on my personal history because I think it speaks to a greater movement here across our nation. I'm an attorney for my day to day job. I was elected as a Democratic mayor at twenty thirteen of the town that I'm raising a family and thirty six years old.


And after I was elected, I started to really realize how far gone the Democratic Party was. And I ended up being a Trump supporter in 2016. I actually left the Democratic Party, joined the walk away movement, supported our president and was re-elected a second time. Oddly enough, the Democrats actually wrote me in for me to win the second term, which I'm currently serving. But I wanted to tell you where you are.


Wait a minute. Hang on just a second.


So you're a Trojan horse candidate so that just at this point, I am a registered Republican.


But when. But but, Jim, when you said that Democrats wrote you in, are you saying that others are feeling the same way you are that other Democrats?


Yes. And I think I think what happened was I think there are certain key issues for Democrats that will always be staples of that party. And I think Republicans have even open themselves up to being more supportive of certain topics. But the Democrat Party writing me in, I think that speaks to a more local level. You know, they see what you do locally and partisan politics. It doesn't have as much play in the small town of eighty nine hundred people.


But I wanted to tell you that I was so very proud of you for the Facebook post that you put up recently regarding your apology to President Trump. And that's one reason I really like your show and what you and student Jeffrey do, because you're so very objective. And I think that speaks volumes to to what you've witnessed and to the awakening that I think a lot of people are feeling in this country. And in 2016, if you supported Donald Trump, you may have been called some sort of name racist.


They get something like that in 2020. If you support them, you might get a brick to the face. I think people are more silent in twenty twenty than they were in 2016. And that's what I'm holding on to. The Dow is incredibly high. The enthusiasm for his campaign is, is night and day different compared to sleepy Joe. And Vice President Biden is now going to have to come out of his basement because he sees his poll numbers are slipping.


I was nervous a month ago. I'm not as nervous now.


So you're the second Democrat now we've talked to this hour that has not brought up the riots in the streets.


And I would think that that would be the number one. That would be the thing that I would go, OK. I mean, I can't support this. This is not my party. This is I mean, I don't want anything to do with these riots.


Absolutely. I think it's disgusting. I think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris failing to address it during their convention was a fatal error. I just it's astounding. I see you've posted a lot about the 17 year old from Kenosha. Yeah. Again, it's the liberal mainstream media ignoring the facts and going based on their emotion and what they think plays best to anti Trump people in this country. And I think that Donald Trump is going to be re-elected because while Joe Biden might say, hey, this is actually happening, why Donald Trump is president?


Well, it's only happening where there's Democratic people in charge. And I'm proud that I've left that party and I'm now a strict Republican, except for some of the social issues. You know, I for example, I support gay marriage. That's fine. But, you know, when it comes to the country, when it comes to security, when except when it comes to, you know, just finances, Donald Trump has has proven his worst and he deserves a second term.


And I don't trust the future of my children. Joe Biden, thank you very much, Jim.


I appreciate it. And good for you for being so honest. By the way, just a side note on the post that I did on with Donald Trump. For those of you who have listened to me for a long time, you know, this isn't a new position on his policies. I watched him and I said during the sixteen election, if I'm wrong, I will be the first to admit it. I hope I'm wrong on him. Well, I have been wrong on him on some things.


I think on most things I have been wrong on on others.


He promised people on trade and I don't agree with the trade to things, but he kept that promise too.


But the thing that I said last week, because I've already talked.


I've had a personal conversation with the president about six months ago that I didn't talk about at the time because it was personal, it was between us where I told him these things and he called me and I told him these things on the on the phone. What I did last week was I was feeling awful about his children because I was thinking about what it must be like to be his children. And then I realized, oh, what it's like to be my children.


Imagine a million times worse.


And and then I started really regretting what I had said and how I had said things because of the personal hurt that I think I could have caused the family. And I I felt really bad about it. So I apologize to the family last week and got a really nice note back this weekend.


Yeah, you would read it to me. It said, we need four point three dollars million by tonight. Right. And I said, can you send us a gift? And I like I don't know what do I get a tie? What do I get? I love the personalized fundraising. There's just that I've been e-mailing you all day. Why is the president e-mailing me all day? He sent me a picture. He saw the picture and he said, I thought of you and he sent it to me.


And then he asked me for money and I was like, wow, this is personal. Let's go to John in Florida. Hello, John.


Hello, Glenn. Hi. Hey. I'm calling from Pasco County. I'm a registered Democrat. I'm a veteran. I'm 69 years old. I voted for Trump back in twenty sixteen. I'm going to vote for Trump this year. And I consider myself a Dynel. I don't tell anybody I'm going home.


I know it's an area that I live in is predominantly Democrat. And so I keep my head down and my mouth shut and I just do all the platitudes and just kind of right. I see the riots. I'm glad they're not taking place in my neighborhood. But all the business people that are getting destroyed. Yeah, it's just, you know, it's just crazy out there. I'm going to use the word all out crazy. Yeah. They learn that from New York.


And so, yeah, I mean, I can't say I'm retired, so I don't have, you know, but all the business people. Yeah. I say what I'm saying on the Internet, 40 percent or more businesses that are black owned that are getting wiped out, all the conservative blacks that are murdered. I agree.


John, I have to tell you, thank you for calling. And I have to tell you, thank you for pointing this out about black businesses.


The studies show in nineteen sixty eight where the riots happened in those black neighborhoods, the businesses fled and money and investment in those neighborhoods fled for I think it was fifteen years.


It took a long time for those neighborhoods to come back because people didn't trust that they wouldn't be set on fire again. If I say what's to you, you're not going to make money there.


You're going to go build you're going to put your new restaurant in Watts. 90 percent of people are asking me, like, what do you mean? The riot police going to say is having these issues? Ferguson is going to have has these issues.


You're going to have them in Portland. I mean, everybody oh, everybody is moving out. You know, Portland's a really nice city from, you know, in a lot of ways. But I mean, it would be a win win.


It'd be suicide to have problems. It's another thing for your mayor to buy policy, tell the police not to solve them. Yeah. How can you live in a community that's doing that? How can you survive as a business? Let me go to Tom in Utah.


Hello, Tom. Tom, you're on this. How are you? You hear me? Yes, I can. I'm good. I'm good. I'm good. We have a connection. It's kind of a long connection. But my brother was one of your ecclesiastical leaders in Tampa. Oh, yeah, that's great. I go back to you from that time, and I think I really I come to you for honesty. And that is why it is so important that you stay on the honest part all the time.


And I appreciate that. But to my point, you brought up evil and I wonder why not too many people are talking about the evil we're going through at this time. It seemed like everybody is afraid to say evil, but it is a fight between evil and good. And evil is really pushing at this time, I think, evil.


Well, Tom, if you missed the beginning of the program, you go back and listen to the podcast, because today I addressed evil and where I think we are in time.


And I crossed a line today in a monologue that I for a long time have thought, well, hey, that wasn't going to happen. But if it does, I was never going to say that. And I think it was important to say it and say it out loud.


And it was an address about evil and.


It's interesting to me that somebody like James Lindsay, who is a mathematician, how would you describe James?


I mean, just a Steven Pinker, he's got to be a Steven Pinker fan, you know, he thinks like that, you know, and as an educator and a an a math guy, he's a mathematician and doesn't believe in, you know, God, I don't I think he's an agnostic, but he may be an atheist. And and when I was talking to him last week and I said, you know, I think this is evil.


What's going on? How would you describe it? Thinking he would come up with something that was not theologically based.


And he said, no, I would say it's evil. He said, I think that's the only word that describes it as evil.


And then he followed it with, you know, I've been talking to a lot of my Christian friends.


And then he got a little coy and said and they have some interesting theories about what's going on right now. And not denigrating them, actually calling them interesting theories, and I think if you are awake. When, you know, when you had Joe Biden say that he is the light and they are the bringers of light and they will vanquish darkness for the light, and you're like, wow, I think I've read this in Isaiah.


I think that we need to not be afraid of calling things what they are, not people evil.


We're not fighting people. I think we are fighting something far, far more insidious than people. More in just a second.


Let's remind Pam, she said she couldn't sleep unless she was flat on her back staring at the ceiling.


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Welcome to the program. Well, in twenty sixteen, they said that Russia stole the election, but they didn't.


Our votes counted back then. They may have influenced the election, but so did China and so did everybody else.


But we picked him despite the fact what the Democrats might say this time, you are being influenced in ways that you don't even know you or your vote is being swayed and suppressed before you've even voted.


And it is coming from big tech. And I think some of the swagger from the left of their confidence they're going to beat Donald Trump comes from the fact that they can swing an election, I think up to six points.


That's a remarkable thing if you can actually do it. And I believe they can do it and they know they can do it and they feel like it's their duty to do it. Facebook, Google, YouTube. That's why on Wednesday we have a special digital storm troopers.


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