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Big, big, important show today. Stand by.


What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. Program, Hello, America. You would imagine that the strongest hurricane to hit Louisiana in one hundred and sixty years might be a lead story, but it's not. In fact, this is probably the only time I'm going to have time to mention it today. Mercury One already has volunteers and services on the ground in Louisiana ready to offer aid. If you would like to help and be a part of a solution and not a problem, just go to Mercury one dog.


Now, let's go to Wisconsin. There was more violence last night. And finally, the governor of the governor said, OK, OK, OK, Donald Trump, help. And so they're sending in troops. We have Ken Cuccinelli, the acting secretary, the acting deputy secretary of DHS. He's going to be on with us in a half hour and a look at the shooting that happened the night before last in Kenosha. But the truth, not the way the media is spinning it.


And because we had reporters on the ground, we know the truth. We share that in 60 seconds.


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All right.


There is a story at the blaze.


Unfortunately it's still an exclusive story. It came out yesterday and we pieced the shooting and Kenosha together with all of the videotape that we had Daily Caller, and we piece this together yesterday. And by yesterday afternoon, we know we knew what the real story was. The mainstream media is still not picking it up.


Go to the Blaze Dotcom and read the story. Video evidence appears to show first Kenosha shooting victim charging the shooter. Now, I want to go through this with you. And if we can, we're going to play some of the some of the video. If you happen to be watching us on Blaze TV right now, which, by the way, you watch for free the live stream, which doesn't give you everything from Blaze TV, but it gives you a live daily stream on Pluto TV.


And I think that's a free app. You just download the app. It's free television. All right. So what we have what the media is saying is that this guy came down, the 17 year old kid, because he was all hyped up on Donald Trump and guns and he wanted to shoot some people. That's the way the media is spinning this. But I want you to know they're going to have a hard time proving that with all of the video that we happen to have now on this, first of all, let me play the MacGinnis interviews the shooter.


Now, this is the guy who is called a murderer now, and he's 17 years old. This happened about a half an hour before the shooting. Listen and watch you doing out here.


Obviously, you're armed and you're in front of this business. We saw burning last night. So what's up? So people are getting injured. Our job is to protect this business, part of my job. But there's somebody hurt I'm running into. That's why I'm so glad that I make it.


OK, so this seems like a nice kid and he's not calling for a revolution. He's not. He's saying I'm here to protect this business and he's just standing on the side of the street. And he said, I'm going to protect myself, but I have the med kit and I'm going to go out and help people, OK?


Now, let's show the video. Do we have the video of the taunt? I don't know if we can play this because it has so much extreme language. But what we have is the video where the guy who gets shot is seen wearing a maroon shirt, Capri length jeans, which were fabulous white sneaker, white socks and a tan belt. And he comes up to that kid and he is calling him the N-word. Why? He's calling him the N-word, I don't know.


But he's like, come on, man, shoot me and shoot me, shoot me in. And he's just taunting that kid.


Kid doesn't respond. Then we have that video is from Julio Rosas, the next video we have shows that kid being chased by the guy in the Capri pants and the red shirt and the tan belt and the white sneakers being chased while he's throwing things at that kid, shouting at him. So he is taunting him again and the kid is running away. Then the third video is the shooting. Do we have the actual shooting where he is walking around that building where he was interviewed being peaceful just 30 minutes before he's walking around that building, he turns around and he sees the guy in the Capri pants in the red shirt again chasing him.


And he's chasing him and he's right up on top of him. He turns around, freaks out, shoots. He doesn't hit the guy. I don't think at that point then he continues to run. The guy is continuing to chase him. He turns around, shoots him in the head.


Now, that seems like self-defense. Not what you were hearing from Lawrence O'Donnell. Let me play what Lawrence O'Donnell said last night. It does seem as we sit here tonight, like an inevitable outgrowth of what's been happening with Trump rhetoric, with Trump rhetoric, the concept of open carry and caring to every public demonstration and public demonstration. There you see the 17 year old just firing away, firing away stops.


So Lawrence O'Donnell is absolutely either uninformed or lying. There's only two things, so Lawrence, which is it you're you're uninformed and you're intentionally uninformed, you refuse to look for video evidence before you go on national television. You had the whole day, Larry. There's video, all kinds of video, but the problem is it's not from any of your networks because none of the networks are there, none of the networks are there. Why? Since when don't we have networks covering things like riots in the United States?


We had cameras everywhere in the riots in the Middle East. We can't get riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.


Can you get cameras there? You don't want to know the truth. So we have cameras, cameras don't lie, you can manipulate, but we have it from so many different angles now, the one that he was showing, look, there's that guy, he's just shooting. People know, Larry, if you look at the video evidence, we now have the video evidence that the guy he shot in the arm and practically blew the arm off. Do you know what was in the hand of that arm?


A gun. He was coming to execute that kid in the street. He was coming. He had a gun and he was pointing it right at the kid. The kid shot his arm, didn't shoot and killed him, shot his arm. He dropped the gun. Interesting. This is thank God for these reporters, but I I beg of you to pray for them, one of them, I think, is from The Daily Caller last night was robbed.


They took his bulletproof vest. These guys are in real, real danger, real danger. And they're doing it because somebody has to record it or it's the rice dog moment. Look at the lies that are happening on mainstream media. They want to paint this as Donald Trump. It's not Donald Trump. Let me play the mother yesterday, we play the mother of Jacob Blake. Now she just lost her son. Listen to her. You see the destruction.


But Donald has been taking place in cities across the country and in and in Kenosha. I heard you speak about that. And my question is, you said that you don't want that in Jacob's name and neither would he.


Tell me more about that, please. Absolutely not. My family and I are very hurt. And. Quite frankly, disgusted. And as his mother. Please don't burn up property and cause havoc and tear your own homes down in my son's name. You shouldn't do it. People shouldn't do it anyway. But to use my child or any other mother, father's child, our tragedy. To react in that manner is just not acceptable. And it's not helping Jacob.


It's not helping Jacob or any other women. How can I get her to say something bad about.


Do you have anything to say, Mr. Jackson, to the politicians who are out there or anything you want to say?


To the president's or the candidates or be saying this about Trump, because Trump made a statement about President Trump. First I want to say a family member, and I don't know if it was her or not, said something that was not a crime. She is hurting and I do apologize for that outburst, that of that does not reflect our behavior. Listen to that and then also go to take the camera off. So this I'm sorry I missed your call.


Because had I not missed your call, maybe the comments that you made would have been different and I'm not mad at you at all. I have lost respect for you as the leader of our country right now.


Producers like get her off her, get her off the air, get her off the air.


Like I said before, and I'm not saying this to him directly, we should always get the details from the right source before we start throwing bricks. OK, thank you very much. She's obviously grieving and doesn't know what she's talking about. She's a boy. You can't ever really we hate to have people on who are grieving like that.


We should probably stop or vet them more before we have them on. That's amazing. The graciousness, the graciousness of this woman and the common sense, clear thinking. I'm going to tell you what. I had a conversation with my kids last night on a way to be killed. You want to be.


You want to. You want to. You want to be dead. I'm going to show you how to be dead by this afternoon. That's the conversation I had because my daughter came to me and said, Dad, now this my youngest daughter. She said, Dad, this guy was just trying to get into his car to take his kids to school. That's all that was happening. And the police shot him. I said, where did you hear that?


Social media, OK? Well, that's not what happened. And so I explained it to them and I said, I just I want to stop talking about this particular shooting. And I want to tell you right now, kids, the way to die by tonight. If you want to die, I'm going to show you how to do it. I'll share that in 60 seconds.


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It's it's so well worth it. Something you need to protect your family. Norton Dotcom back 10 second station idee.


All right. Hey. When my daughter started saying this, and like most people, most people, most adults are like 14 year olds right now, they just see it on social media and they just buy it.


That's not what happened. That's not what happened. However. Take yourself out of that situation, here is what we should all be telling our kids, black, white, brown, yellow doesn't matter. Here's what we should be telling our kids today. If you want to die, here's what I recommend you do. You wrestle police officer to the ground, you first give him back talk, you treat him in a hostile way, maybe you even tell him you have a weapon, then you wrestle him to the ground or he wrestles you to the ground because you're not doing what he asked you to do.


So they wrestle you to the ground, you escape, they pull their guns on you. You see that they pull their guns on you and they're saying, stop or we'll shoot, stop or we'll shoot. And you run to a car and you disregard them and you open your door and lunge for what looks like you're going for your glove compartment. Kids, you'll be dead by this afternoon. So if you want to die, go do that, because that'll happen to you.


I don't care what color you are, that's how to die.


Now, there's another way to die. You don't say you're on the side of the police or law and order. There's another way to die or go to jail. And that is you can be Mother Teresa and you're going in to give aid and you want to help the situation. Well, do what Mother Teresa did. Don't pack a gun. If you want to do that. I don't recommend it because you might die just for being an angel of mercy.


Don't go to a riot. Don't don't for any reason go to a riot. Don't be around a riot. Don't say, hey, it might be fun to watch the riot. If you want to be an angel of mercy, I suggest you talk to your priest, your rabbi, your bishop, your family and say, hey, I want to do this. And then you can have that conversation of, well, you know, you may not make it home.


You may get caught up into something because it's a volatile situation. And then somebody of reason would say, but don't bring a gun, because unless you're somebody who's really good with a gun, you're probably going to have it turned around on you or in this atmosphere. You will definitely, definitely have the situation turned around on you.


So if you don't die, you're most likely going to go to jail because I don't believe there is such a thing as a fair jury anymore because you're going to be convicted in the press.


So you want to go to jail, you want to die, that's how you do it. Now, what parent isn't telling that to their kid, what parent that actually cares about their kid isn't saying those things, isn't pointing to these things and saying don't do it, don't do it.


The whole world is on a on a on a hair trigger right now.


Don't do it. Maybe that's just me. Seems like a fun conversation to have. Hey, kids want to know how to die. That's that's the Glenn Beck home with my kids conversation right now.


No, I didn't it didn't come out of the blue. They were they were saying, you know, defending the kid who went for medical help. And I hate to condemn him because I think he was trying to he seemed like a nice kid from what we've seen. The kid came with medical help and had the rifle end up shooting people. You know, he probably wouldn't have been targeted if he didn't have a gun. You have a right to bear arms.


You do. But he thought this was not his community.


He came from Illinois. This is not his community. So and what parent said to him to their 17 year old son, oh, you know what? School night. You know what? Here, grab my rifle and go to Kenosha by yourself.


Yeah. We have no idea if anyone actually, you know. We have no idea. Yeah, that's the part. You know, especially like if you're a former special ops and you're there to, you know, to to protect a neighborhood, I can completely understand it. You're a guy who you're seventeen year old. I mean, that's the man that's I and I. I appreciate the fact that I think this kid really was trying to be a good kid from what we know.


Right. And this is what happens when chaos rules because your elected officials won't do anything. You know, here's here's a way not to die. Stop electing these morons. This is the Glenn Beck program, Goldline, a lot rides on this presidential election. A lot rides on it. The Democrats approach to handling the economy is bad enough, but with the things. That have happened so far this year and how far they will go. You think our spending is bad now?


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We're glad you're here. OK, so last night things got out of control again in Wisconsin.


I mean, I can't believe we're here even without the conventions. I told you for, what, two years, Wisconsin, I would sell my house right now in Wisconsin. Democratic convention is going to be held there. This is going to be a summer of blood. And and I wouldn't want to own property there because it's going to be riots without the convention.


It's happening.


And I think worse than than I would have expected this this quickly at least. And the federal government has finally been allowed in. The governor yesterday said to Donald Trump, OK, OK, help.


So he sent them in. Now we have Ken Cuccinelli on the phone. He's the the I want to get this right. Hearing on it and have you and have my glasses on.


He is the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Ken, welcome to the program.


Always good to be with you, Glenn.


So can you. You guys are in a really tough position. Tell me what you're planning on doing and when does help arrive in Wisconsin.


So that's fair to say. But I would note that unlike, say, the Portland story that we've all been following for three months and of course, I've been in the middle of it here we have a governor who at least is willing to use his National Guard for one of the things they are they exist for. Right. And that is keeping the peace. He didn't bring enough numbers initially, but he kept moving the numbers up to get to a point where they're adequate.


And he and president spoke, of course, and president has spoken vehemently about his desire for peace in all these communities and the willingness to move people in. And this is the peace through strength plan in the civilian environment. Glenn, it's you know, you bring enough law enforcement responsibly executed and there is no violence. We saw that happen in Minneapolis after the tragic killing of George Floyd is the first reaction Minneapolis was given room to riot, the old Baltimore concept that didn't work.


And so then they brought in the guard. And lo and behold, things were calmed down because those who contemplated violence, there were consequences. And we're seeing that shift take place in Wisconsin. Do we wish it happened faster? Yes. But you'll see the Department of Justice is moving over two hundred marshals, FBI agents, ATF agents into Kenosha. They've also got extra prosecution help up there, all in addition to the to the guard commitments from the president and the willingness of Governor Ebers to use them.


So here's the problem that we have. The left has run unchecked and the American people and five million new gun owners in the United States just in the first quarter of this year or second quarter of this year.


And that's all because people feel like there's there's nobody to protect me. This is why the Second Amendment says a well regulated militia and a militia is happening as your last resort. There's there's nobody coming to help you. And that's, I think, where people are starting to feel and that becomes very dangerous. So how do you guys at the federal level?


Because I'm a I'm a federalist. I believe in the state power. Yeah. You YouTube. So how do you balance this? So it doesn't spiral out of control because the left wants a fight. They want it.


They do in many respects. I mean, you can see lots of these politicians on the left to encourage the violent protesters, but without condemning the violent correct and and even using the phrase violent protesters is not accurate. Those are rioters and criminals. Yeah. In some cases terrorists. So we need to you need to fix that even myself. But but that kind of encouragement reaches a situation like we saw in Portland last weekend, where you then get in Kenosha, frankly, you get people who don't believe that law enforcement is going to be provided or allowed to do its job adequately and they start showing up to do it.


And very sort of frontier mentality, if you will, in some cases, but also it's other groups who are looking to fight. And if you don't calm that violence soon. Relatively quickly, unlike that kind of violence, which really spirals out of control, that that's that's war in the streets between different Americans and they may all be misbehaving, to put it mildly. But but they're they've been given free reign to do so by the left wing leadership in those communities.


And you us the federalist question, which is one I'm very sensitive to, I'm sure that's no surprise to you that we have limited federal jurisdiction. The federal government isn't just another police. We can't operate and we can't be. No, we don't want that. That is a you know, it's really about what you vote for. Yes. And in Portland, they're getting destruction and they're not going to I mean, who would you open a business in Portland in the next 50 years?


I would no, no. It's going to destroy these cities. It is going to destroy the city. That's right. And the people least able to adjust to that are the poorest people in those cities.


So can help me out on this. You used to be the attorney general for the state of Virginia, this kid that shot the guy in the head the other day and then shot the other guy in the arm. He is being painted as, you know, just as militia, white supremacist kind of guy. I would not want my kid down there. I would tell them not to go. I would say even if you want to be an angel of mercy, then you have to be like Mother Teresa, don't bring a gun.


It's a dangerous, dangerous situation. However, we have him on tape a half hour before talking about his view. He seems like he's just there. He's like, look, I'm only bringing my gun because I'm not stupid. I know it's dangerous and I'm going to defend myself, but I'm here to do medical aid. Then you have the guy who was killed. We have him on three different occasions taunting and chasing and tackling this kid. The third time is when he turns because he's right on top of him and shoots and he continues to chase him and then he shoots him in the head.


Then the other guy that he shoots while he's laying down, we have video of that guy approaching him with a gun, pointing it to him like execution style. And that's when he shoots that guy's arm off. They're charging him with first degree murder. How? So that's a pretty knee jerk reaction and, you know, they're charging him because he shot people, but you're going to see undoubtedly the self-defense argument made. I tweeted on this yesterday noting with a lot of the interviews that this could happen give beforehand.


He was not speaking against any of the people protesting or anything at all. You know, so so, you know, you've got to my point is that I was tweeting about it. This is a complex investigation. And to your point that the instant labeling is likely inaccurate, though I don't have enough information to draw conclusions. Neither do I want to do that either. But my point is, neither does anybody else. Correct. And but there's a desire to paint a narrative out there that there's a lot of evidence just with this particular kid that doesn't seem to fit.


So I would note that to our earlier discussion. When you let violence run amuck like this, you get people who just feel like they're doing their duty, backing up police, correct? Obviously, without the training, without the coordination of mutual support of other security forces going out there and trying to do what this kid was doing. And you end up with this kind of scattered violence. And I don't think anybody wants that. No. Anywhere in any of their cities.


And yet, I mean, Kenosha, it's not like I know. You know Detroit. I know.


But I tell you, can it be any city in America?


They they we had several reports last night of neighborhoods, people walking down the street, three o'clock in the morning. Wake up, wake up. You know, give us your houses.


That that's emails from Richmond. You know, there's nothing has happened in Richmond. Persay, I got an email yet this morning about incidents like this from last night and when that multiple gunshots as well.


When that happens, you will have, you know, citizens watch parties and they'll have guns. And because if they feel the police are not going to help them, they will band together. And that's a bad situation. But I completely understand it. If I think police are not coming to my neighborhood, you damn right I've got a gun and I'll shoot you on my property.


Well, and honestly, self-defense is the most the single most important thing the Second Amendment is for. Right. So there were no police in 1791 when when that was ratified. And, you know, there weren't for many, many years in the United States. So people are used to the cultural requirement of police being protected, being their first line of defense. We are our own first line of defense. Correct. And when you are in cities where you've got politicians who refuse, as we see in Portland, to to do police work, then you can fully expect to see more of this kind of response.


People are going to take things on themselves and they don't have, you know, crowd control munitions when they're threatened. They only have one next step to go to and that's shooting for self-defense. If we want to avoid this, we need we need better leadership in many of these cities.


Can I know you are here a little busy today, so I know your time pressure. Let me just ask you one more question. I started the show saying normally the biggest storm to hit Louisiana in 160 years, the most powerful storm to hit that area in 160 years would be the lead story in all anybody is talking about. But we have so many other things. I don't want to lose sight of that. What are you guys doing down there?


So that made landfall at 2:00 a.m. this morning, Eastern Time. It was it came with a big storm surge, very big. And, you know, we we measure these hurricanes on wind, but the water does so much damage. And and that's that's where our fear resides more than anything. We prepositioned 500000 meals, 100000 liters of water and numerous teams to be prepared to respond as soon as the danger struck. And all our teams are in action right now.


Laura has moved out of Louisiana. It's moving northeast, probably crossing the state for the duration of the day, headed into Arkansas. And the secretary's talk to both governors yesterday and there's much teamwork and preparation as we can do, is in place. And we in the federal government are supportive. That's our role is to support the state and local responses. And while. Louisiana is experiencing this, it's not the kind of experience any state wants. Yeah, so we're we're prepared to do an awful lot of work to help keep folks safe there and to help those communities recover.


And that's something the president already declared emergencies. He's got he's he's got us leaning forward as far as we can, 81 miles north of Lake Charles.


The real scary thing in New Orleans really is New Orleans, because it's just a bowl and it fills up. How is New Orleans doing? Have you heard?


Well, as of yesterday, I actually talked to folks in New Orleans. And when you compare weather across the whole front, they were doing pretty well. And as you know. You know, we talked about water. The flooding can can hit New Orleans later. It doesn't have to be immediate. So that's something that the Army Corps and the rest of us will keep our eye on as well.


Ken, thank you very much. Ken Cuccinelli from the Department of Homeland Security. Thank you.


I feel so much better having somebody like that in the Department of Homeland Security, where he has such a strong federalist, does not want federal control of of police.


All right. I want to tell you about Jason. He's from Texas.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Hey, it's another fun day, isn't it? Still it's another. Fun every day is fun. Twenty, twenty is the greatest year of all time.


Really, it really is somebody I heard somebody describe 2020 as having an argument with somebody who keeps trying to leave the room and then comes back and goes. And another thing.


Yeah, the thing I keep getting scared about is every year since at least twenty 15 people were like, oh, I can't wait for 2016. And then it was, oh I can't wait for twenty seventeen. This year has been a disaster and every year everyone says that at the end of the year and every year I'm not hoping for twenty, twenty, twenty, twenty one is going to be worse. You imagine twenty days of your pandemic. You imagine what twenty, twenty five is going to be like.


Oh gosh. Oh my gosh. Look there's, there's an A.. Over there that's not on fire. Hey little Bobby doesn't have the chip in his head yet.


It's a scary it's a scary time is. But you know what I was you know, because as you know as a conservative was totally for white police officers just going after black people for no reason whatsoever until they canceled those NBA games last night. Now I'm against racism. So that really worked. You know what? Thanks a lot, guys. I was shocked by with the with the NBA News. And, you know, I don't follow sports, but I was shocked.


I think everybody was the WNBA is still in existence and playing. Wow. Right. Right. Who knew? Who knew? Shocking, shocking news every single day.


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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and. Floods, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, let's see, riots, wars, rumors of wars, I mean, you welcome to America. Twenty twenty one of the what would be a lead story in any other parallel world. The the landfall of Hurricane Laura. Laura slammed into Louisiana, the highest winds, the most destructive force of a hurricane in Louisiana. And one hundred and sixty years we our thoughts and prayers are with those people in Louisiana in the path of these storms.


But I want you to know, Mercury One is also already on the ground. If you want to help them, please just go to Mercury One dog and donate. You can help to help your neighbors in Louisiana. We've got to keep track of the people that we we are and continue to help. Kenosha, Wisconsin. Finally, National Guard and FBI and ATF, all of them are coming in at request of the governor. But there's a lot to talk about.


And we have a firsthand witness to talk about that in the bottom of the hour. But also something else that's got to be on your radar. And I know nobody's talking about it, but it's got to be on your radar. Our kids right now are being trained to be change makers. They are trained to be Black Lives Matter activists in schools. We last night exposed a dump, a document dump from what's being taught in schools all across the country this fall.


You need to see it and you need to get out in front of it. But it's worse than what we told you last night. We're going to continue in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program. But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? Let me tell you about relief factor. The best testimony I think I can give you a relief factor as I was feeling fine, but feeling great. My niece came to the house. She has bad back pain. And she said, Uncle Glenn, is this really factor really working? I said, yes.


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So last night on our Wednesday night special, and you can just find that on demand at Glenn TV, just go to you, just go to place TV.com, Glenn and then look for Glenn TV. And it will be our Wednesday night special there. And last night's special was about brainwashed. Your kids are being brainwashed. Black Lives Matter have hijacked our schools. And we showed you just some of the things, all of the documents that we presented last night and a lot more are available at Glenn Beck Dotcom.


We ask for volunteers that will go through these these dossiers, if you will. They're there. It's not 800 pages. It's eight hundred files. And we need people that are just, you know, bookworms that just go through this stuff and show us what we're missing and and help us out on research because we're a little overwhelmed with all of this stuff. We have a very good friend of the program, Yakubu, and he is the president and founder of Share Together.


And he is he's a guy from South Africa who just has a passion for children, has a passion for slavery, ending slavery. Kind of a good one to have. Yako is with us now. I was talking to him the other day and told him what we had uncovered in our schools. And he told me something that I hadn't even heard about that is is being introduced into all of our schools. And I don't think you're going to be comfortable with it.


Yaka, welcome to the program.


Glenn, thank you. It's an honor to be with you. And I will tell you that special last night was so timely, so on point. I want to thank you and the whole staff at the base of your team. It was excellent.


You know, Yako, I think and also the things that we're going to present with you in a follow up special, I think the average person will think, oh, that's not happening at my school or not. Why am I not hearing about this everywhere? And and the the the knee jerk reaction, I think, for most is just blow it off.


I've got other things to worry about. Absolutely. Look, the American the general American public's radar, what we call situational awareness, is zero. We don't know what's going on in our country because we are very comfortable. That's a good thing, because we are free we are a free people about on the brink to lose freedom. And I've lived under, you know, the regimes where freedom wasn't there. But we're going to talk to you, Glenn, in addition to what you did last night about something that's in the school system that's going to make the parents spine tingle, is going to shake them to the core unveiled last night, shook me to the core.


And I'm in this fight for children every day of my life. And this is a multi pronged attack. And you highlighted just skimmed the surface on what you've uncovered on one of these angles. And this is how you dismantle a society. You've got to hit it from multiple angles. And our children hear me today that target is the children because the children is the future. If you can corrupt the children, you can corrupt America. That was Hitler.


And you are.


And and Yoko. I've said this several times, but I stand by it. This isn't the Hitler Youth, but this is the seeds of the Hitler Youth. These this is how they did it.


And you've got to turn the children against the parents and you have to teach them that your parents don't know they're old. They're living in an old world. They don't really understand. So you need to tell us if your parents are are, you know, haters or disagree with these things. And that is in some of this document. And you are you have been working on something that was brought in by Gavin Newsom in to California. And I just want to just want to hit on this because there are votes that are coming quickly.


But, yeah, tell me what tell me what this is in your case.


Are you talking about an indoctrination of the children through political and societal rhetoric? In our case, we're talking about them using the same groups, using sex in the classroom, but using sex as a weapon. Glenn? Yeah, as a weapon against our youth. And Gavin Newsom volunteered and said we will be first. California will be for this. This program was tested in Africa, then Europe. They tested it. It was birthed in the World Health Organization.


And Gavin Newsom said, I'll be first. And Governor Inslee said, I'll be sex. Now, it's going to be tested here in Texas, not tested, implemented in Texas, a vote comes down on September 4th and it's most likely going to be in your schools. And when you see it, every every adult I have shared this with, they have all said I'm sick to my stomach. It it talks about mutual masturbation for third graders. So if Johnny and Luke want to go out and pleasure each other, it's encouraged this kind of stuff goes right in line with Black Lives Matter and what they are pushing as well.


Remember, they're they're pushing an end to sexual norms. They're pushing an end to the nuclear family and all of the things that the Western world has said, this is good. This is bad.


They want to flip all of those things. So this is not separate from Black Lives Matter. These are the same people, same groups, same kinds of people.


I'm 100 percent it's like a boxer, you need a jab and an uppercut, right? And so they'll deliver the jab with political rhetoric and then they'll bring the most violent weapon of all sex, immorality, destroying young lives. Because if you can destroy that life morally, that that child, when he's in his 20s, 30s, will fasten the ankle bracelets to government himself. He'll be a subordinate and he'll be trained in the classroom, as you showed us last night, what rhetoric to follow, what lies to spew.


And they'll literally become subordinates, but they have to break the children. They'll indoctrinate them. You said last night, open mind incomes, the rhetoric. And if you can break them morally by having them agree things such as what we're going to unveil through your show, giving children sexual agency at age three. The parents do not have agency sexual agency in Texas has to wake up. This isn't over. Twenty seven states in the United States, it's being mandated like a brushfire through our country.


It is literally to break the children morally and then indoctrinate them with this far left rhetoric.


Yako, thank you so much for what you do. Thank you for the help. You're you're working with us on a couple of specials, and I thank God for people like you. Thank you so much. President and founder of Share Together, Yako Booleans, the host of the Jacobean show. You can find that also you can follow him at home while you know how to spell it anyway. But just go to share together now. Dot org booleans jako at booleans Jack Yako on Twitter as well.


OK, I got a letter in really disturbing and I want an expert to answer it. We'll do that in 60 seconds. Stand by.


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So please, please prepare my Patriots supply.


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But I'm telling you, don't delay. Please don't delay. Get at least a four week supply of emergency food for my Patriots. Supply the original Patriot preparedness company, my Patriots supply dotcom. Do it right now. My Patriots supply dotcom ten second station idee. So yesterday, I had Rebecca Friedrichsen, she she wrote a book called Standing Up to Goliath, and she's the founder and president of Four Kids and Country.


And she she just gave the speech at the RNC on the teachers union. She knows exactly what's going on. And she's very brave. Used to be a teacher now standing up against the teachers union. And that is the problem. The teachers union. And Rebecca, welcome to the the program. First of all, did we miss anything last night in our special that you thought Marie really needed to hit?


Oh, you're special. Was so great there. I mean, there's just millions of things we could have added to it. Yeah. You know, some things I would love to address later and just help your you and your listeners to understand on a deeper level that you are on the right track. OK. And I would love to help.


OK, so it's amazing how many people reached out to the show with additional information last night. And I do want to have you in and I do want to have a long conversation with you, probably on radio for sure, because it's the the broadest audience. And we'll do some specials on this as well.


Let me let me give you a an email that I got last night. And this this is just one of many like this.


Dear Mr. Beck, I live in a small Missouri town in the center of rural America. After hearing your show this morning, I called my son's school politely and I asked them to find out what my child would be learning this year in reference to Black Lives Matter, social justice and the history of oppression. The secretary, the answer, the phone continued to say, I don't understand what you're asking, but we have to have the name of the student.


I politely declined to name my child because I assumed it would be public information and I didn't want to take the chance. My son being singled out due to my questions. Secretary reluctantly took my number and first name. She said she would pass it on to the superintendent and she hung up on me and midsentence. So the superintendent called me back a few hours later and I explained to him that I simply want to know how I can find out what my child will be learning this week.


This year, the tone from him immediately was condescending, and after asking for some clarification on some of his answers, I was accused of wanting to argue. Regardless of what he said, I assured him that was not my intention or what was happening. The end result was him finally telling me that I should email each teacher and ask them what lessons would be, as he didn't know what every individual teacher taught. So I asked for clarification once again.


How can you tell me that there's nothing like that in this area and then say you don't know what teachers are teaching? I was then called crazy paranoid and once again asked for my son's information. I politely refused. Again, I explained that I didn't want my son being targeted regardless of how small the chance was. I was called such an imaginative thinker and hung up on.


This is this is the usual response that people are made to feel stupid and like conspiracy theories theorists.


OK, Glenn, your listeners experience is exactly the same experience of every parent and every teacher I know who has tried to push back against all of this agenda. And so last night you said something. You'll lose your children. That's not hyperbole. You are exactly accurate about that. And that is what's happening to this parent, this mother who sent this letter to you.


This father. Yeah, go ahead. Well, the father. Well, good for him. We need our men stepping in. Thank you, Father. Get out there, Dad. So what this father experience, these school districts are so fully controlled by the teachers unions who are Marxists. So people need to understand when you go in to talk to the secretary, why isn't she just handing you the curriculum? That's what should happen. You have every right to see the curriculum.


The reason you don't is because the teachers unions are in full control of the schools. And and even if you're in a safe state like Tennessee, do not blink your eyes. They're they're they're in every single state and the state. Teacher's unions are just as brutal as the national teachers' unions in every single state. So their goal is to fully undermine parental authority. That's what Marxists do. You want your kids. So, in fact, just just so your listeners know, in most states right now, a parent cannot even view their children's own, their own child's medical records.


When the child, 14 years old and they're trying to push for younger years, parents have no idea. We've already lost so, so many of our rights as parents. That's what this parent is experiencing. What do they mean? They can't tell us what each teacher is teaching. That is ridiculous. They should know what every teacher is teaching. And if they're teaching something inappropriate, they should be fired. But the problem is they want teachers to teach something inappropriate and they want to undermine parents.


So what does this person do? They've been humiliated. They've gone to the superintendent of schools.


I'm sure they're going to go to the the the teachers, but that his concern is my child's going to be targeted now.


Yeah. Yeah, exactly. And his child will be targeted if they figured out who he is. That's what they do. They isolate people, even children. So last night, you and secretary divorced. We're talking about how parents should approach their local school boards. They should approach their state legislators for help. Well, that would be a good idea if the school board and the legislatures weren't corrupt. So in some instances, you can talk to your school board, but it's rare.


Obviously, this guy can't corrupt. So in California, we have done this. We have gone to the state legislature and been bullied and we've been bullied by local school boards, county school boards, by all sorts of, quote unquote, public servants. So my goal is to make government unions outlawed. That is my number one goal in life, to make sure that they cannot be in existence anymore in our government school. We shouldn't even have government run schools.


They should be local. So I would encourage this dad to you know, he can reach out to us and get on board with helping to expose what's going on in these.


OK, so sharing it with you.


All right. So here's what I would love to have you on. Maybe we'll do this next week. I would love to have you on and and gather the information of people need to start. If they've got a union, we need a union. We need a union of parents all across this country that are standing together in one block. So if you can tell us how to do that and how to approach our schools, what to do, how to organize in our in our own schools, I mean, we're so far behind the eight ball because we're not organizers.


We're just doers that.


Well, you know what, Glenn? We started an organization called For Kids and Country. The whole idea behind our organization is to help get parents and teachers, good ones, standing together to reclaim our schools, to restore things. This is our whole mission. And we're just thrilled to have you on board now because we're small and we're new and we don't have a loud voice. So with someone like you helping, there's no stopping it.


Well, I urge you to go for kids and country. And as Rebecca just said, this is not hyperbole. You know, you're on the verge of losing your country. You feel it whether you want to recognize it or not. You feel something is very wrong and something dangerous is coming. I'm telling you right now, you are also on the verge of losing your children and you must stand again. These teachers unions go to for Kids and Country Dog and watch the special on demand.


Now, the blaze, last night's Glenn TV special.


This is the Glenn Beck program.


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Man, I mean, there are so many things going on today, and we want to keep track of as many as we can and bring you up to speed. Yesterday, we told you what was going on in Kenosha and the shooting that happened. And this morning we had the deputy secretary or an assistant secretary of DHS on with us, Ken Cuccinelli. He was talking about the National Guard not only going down to Louisiana and everything that's been happening with the federal government down in Louisiana.


But also the Wisconsin governor finally said to Donald Trump, OK, OK, we'll take your help.


So they're on their way up to Kenosha, one of the really the only reason we know what's going on and that there is a chance that what's now being called the Rittenhouse incident is is known and doesn't become the Reichstag fire is because we have people on the ground, really brave reporters, who are willing to go in and and videotape.


And so we have this incident from like four different angles now, none of them from the networks. The networks are saying this was straight up murder. Well, I don't know.


I think you could make a case that not even close, but we'll see how this plays out. Richie McGinnis, he is with The Daily Caller and he is the chief video director. And he has been there. In fact, he's the guy who first rushed to the guy that was shot in the head and helped him into the ambulance, help carry his body to help. And Richie is with us now.


Richie, how are you? I'm good one, thanks for having me on. First of all, I mean this sincerely, it's not just a quick how are you? You guys have got to be you running on very little sleep and there's got to be some PTSD going on.


Are you are you sleeping or are you doing all right?


Last night I slept quite well, actually. Actually taking a bit of time to sink in. Yeah, but yeah, as far as that, I mean, that's the kind of stuff that our first responders and law enforcement. I know.


Do you do you have a bulletproof vest? Not yet. OK, you have one coming because I got it from you. I think I should go. Yeah, OK.


So I would I would like to supply you with one and I will get you a vest and we'll see what we can do to protect you. I know you know, you don't work with me and we don't really know each other, but I really respect what you're doing. And I really thank you for being there to document it because we're in real trouble.


If somebody doesn't do what you're doing, tell me tell me exactly what happened that night. What did you see? So actually, right before the shooting took place, I witnessed the riot control to clear out protesters from an area that had been burned out two consecutive nights. And actually the night prior to the shooting, I saw the business that Kyle was standing in front of burning with the business owners and some employees of that business using a power washer to try to put out the fire just because the fire trucks weren't coming.


And so the next night, I saw Kyle, along with a number of armed men, some of them also on the roof of the business, standing with what looked to be 50, at least on the shoulder. And I really asked them to be interesting to the interview as to why they were there, how volunteer actually didn't volunteer his name, but he said that he was willing to appear on camera. So I interviewed him for about two and a half minutes.


And actually after the interview concluded, they said, we're going to go try to find if anybody needs medical aid after this. After the riot control, this came through serious people. So they actually went out into the crowd to let the dealership to Kyle's trying to straighten out. Does anybody need medical aid? Is anybody need medical aid? And that was just a few minutes before everything took place. So that was where everything started. Obviously descended into chaos pretty quickly after that.


Is there any indication from you, Richie, that he was, you know, a white supremacist, that he had the intention of going out and shooting people or I mean, they're charging him with first degree murder?


Any any indication that that's who this guy was? So obviously, I'm not going to speculate on that the legal side of things know whether it was murder or whether it was self-defense. That's that's a horse to decide. But what I what I can say is that during the brief time that I met him, he came across as a very young and innocent kid who could not the that he was. And again, I only spoke to him for about two minutes, and that was the first time I had ever seen him before.


But that was my first perception. He told me that he was there both to protect the business and to make sure that anybody who needed medical aid would get it. And he also did note the absence of police and society for somebody to provide a degree of law or so that was only about a two and a half minute interaction. So I went, right.


OK, so you were there when he was he didn't trip and fall. He was kicked to the ground and a guy came at him with a skateboard, was going to beat him with that. And another guy came at him with a gun. I mean, he he this looks like total self-defense to me.


Did you see did you witness that part of the shooting, too, or were you with them?


So actually, I was in the hospital by that. OK, well, actually, I was heading to the hospital by then. The shooting that I witnessed was the first shooting, like the one I'm playing right now. And that was when things really started. I believe that the second shooting that took place right very soon after. But after the shots were fired, people were just looking for individuals with guns to. So the pain or whatever, so even even the New York, even The New York Times said in their tick tock that they released today that the the guy who was shot was pursuing.


We have him on tape as being a real antagonist to these guys, calling them all kinds of names that we can't say on the air, the N-word, et cetera, et cetera. He was picking a fight. He had tried to jump Rittenhouse several times, at least to that we know of. And when you look at what The New York Times is reporting, they're saying that and you can see it on the videotape, your videotape there, there is a shot.


He's running. He sees the guy behind him. He hears a shot. He thinks he's being fired at. He turns around, tries to shoot at the guy. The guy continues to chase him. I think it's six shots ring out from elsewhere that you can you can hear.


Right. Yeah, actually, that was my two of my colleagues who filmed the video, I was actually six or seven feet behind them, and once I realized that the situation was turning into a situation where someone would get shot, I actually focused more on what was in front of me than, yeah, anything else. And actually, I was about seven feet behind them when the blue dot reached for Kyle's weapon. I saw that happen and he basically avoided the reach and then fired.


What I saw were three shots from Kyle's gun. But I also heard some other shots coming from elsewhere. So you all happened. You were behind.


Did you fear for your life? Is it reasonable to believe that that Kyle was freaking out thinking they were shooting at him? So actually, I was running behind that because during the middle of three brothers, my first instinct was to yell at them to to chill out because I knew what I've been in Seattle and Portland. I've been at these protests. Things spiral out of control very quickly. So knowing that Kyle was a young man that I just interviewed with a very powerful weapon in his hands, I was trying to emphasize the fact that everybody should stop because this was going to get that quickly.


Basically, the moment that I was going to run behind them, Kyle turned around. And I'm not sure if you turn around because the shot rang out or if you turned around because the man was pursuing and he felt cornered. But what you know is that the moment that he turned around, I. Entered the line of fire because I was behind that man about to be, you can see in the video, I'm actually standing right there. I take about two steps back.


I'm not sure if it was Kyle's weapon or if it was the other shots that were fired, but I felt some concrete in my legs. And I assume that that was some kind of ricochet or something. But once I realized that I actually hadn't been hit, I ran over to provide medical aid. The man was lying lifeless on the ground. And I actually didn't realize at the time I saw Kyle run and I assumed that he was gone. But he actually goes around the car and comes out as kneeled over him and actually turned and just saw legs next to me.


I said, What are you doing? Call nine one one. And the individual who I now realized I was I was later named Kyle pulled out his fall. I don't know who he called or what he did, but he ran away very to that I pressed send on the body that I was trying to report to. Richie, again, thank you for what you do. I have to ask this question, why are you doing this? Glenn, when all of this stuff started after Floyd, it's guilded by.


Our team is based in Washington, D.C., and you were there at the White House on the ground when things really started to spiral out of control. And as these protests sprung up around the country, what we noticed is that nobody was on the ground and it's wild and boy, and when all the actual violence takes place. So we went to Seattle, for example, and see all the network news reporters out there. Well, it's very much a party like atmosphere out here.


And you see them do their case. I hate to see them do their hats at 7:00 p.m. and it was at that time, but they weren't out there at 12 am or two at three a.m. when fights were happening with individuals who were all armed with no police officers and in scene and no chance for police to even come in there because they couldn't. So we I knew that that was our video team's responsibility to tell the American public exactly what was going on in those zones at that time, because the prevailing narrative was that it was peaceful.


And I'll by what we saw and what we reported on.


I don't I don't know if this was your video last night, but I saw a sheriff's armored car come in to Kenosha last night and these guys had guns.


They were calling the sheriffs all kinds of names. Come on out. Come on out.


It was ugly. What are you expecting people to do when the feds arrive?


It's interesting because what we saw happen in Portland is, I think, very much being reflected here at the courthouse is really, in this case, the county courthouse, not a federal courthouse, but it's very much the center of all protests. And actually, they put up a fence that's almost exactly the same construction in Portland. And what happened in Portland is when the feds arrived, things escalated because the perception of the protesters, whatever you want to call them, was that, you know, Donald Trump was putting his foot in that community.


And I think that this is only the beginning of the protests that we're going to see as well, similar to what we're seeing. All right.


Richard, thank you. Please stay safe. Please stay safe and reach out. If there's anything that I can do for you, you please reach out.


You are doing important work. Thanks. All right. Times of courage in times of courage.


OK, so I want to talk to you a little bit about an easy way and a less expensive way to shave, and I know you're like shaving, man.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck. This is the Glenn Beck program, if you've been listening to me for a long time and you've been following the, you know, things that I said were coming, you you now know that almost everything we warned about is happening right now.


Just for those people who you know, I painted this painting a while back.


I don't know if it's ever seen on TV. It's the Van Gogh painting where, you know, he cut off his own ears, except I put my face in it and I call that.


Yeah, but what if he's not crazy? And if you are one of those people is like, well, maybe he's not crazy.


You probably know now. I'm definitely not crazy.


Let me just say raise your situational awareness. It's time to kick it up a notch. And if you have been prepared, you you need to understand that these are the beginnings of times that could lead us into I mean, I think there's a a it's not unreasonable.


To have a concern that the United States could go to civil war over this next election, the intent from Hillary Clinton is Joe Biden should never concede, and those are her words, he should not concede.


And, you know, we need to bring it to the courts and we've got attorneys and everything else.


If we go through a, you know, a 2000 style election, you remember how we were at each other's throats, then. Can you imagine what it would be like, especially when you have organizers that put together the millions of people on the street after the last election, except this time they're pissed off antifa, you know, revolutionaries. Please be aware. This is the Glenn Beck program. All right, let me tell you about rough greens. Rough greens is what I'm feed my dog pats feeding his dog Stu is doing.


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Yeah. Like they would crack. Yeah. Dog crack. And then of course it's very healthy and good for them. Yeah.


I brought this stuff because especially after I saw you know, I did it once and it was just like, oh my God.


And he hates to eat.


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Rough green dot com slash back rough green dot com slash back eight three three. Glenn three. What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and. In this program, oh, my God. All right, we haven't even had a chance to talk about the convention last night. Yeah, there was what was the night before last? There were nineteen point four million viewers of the RNC convention just to put that into perspective. It is down from the twenty sixteen election, but the twenty sixteen election that night was nineteen point seven.


So it is doing really, really well and connecting. I can't wait to see it tonight. It's just driving the left out of their mind, driving them out of their mind and they're doing anything they can to make people just look horrible. Just doing a Google search for Burgess Owens. He spoke last night really, really effective. Really a good guy. The top result, RNC speakers with a past plagiarism, hostility to immigrants, Kuhnen and anti-Muslim bias with his picture next to it on believable.


We are talking to Burgess Owens. Not any of those things in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program. That crazy time to step up on your grilling game.


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I want to play a couple of clips from last night, here's Burgess Owens on what the people want you to believe.


I was raised in the south to the days of Jim Crow and the KKK, even through the challenges of segregation. We were taught that anything is possible in America. When I was 22 years old, I thought all my dreams come true. When I was drafted by the New York Jets 10 years later with a Pro Bowl nod and a Super Bowl championship under my belt, I left the NFL to start a business I thought I could never fail. But years later I did.


And I lost everything as I moved my family of six into a one bedroom basement apartment in Brooklyn, New York. I had a choice to make, feel sorry for myself or get to work. I worked as a chimneysweep on the day, a security guard at night. It was humbling to be recognized cleaning a chimney by someone who was me as an NFL fan. But those hard days would pay off and eventually I started a career rewarding career in the corporate world.


We live in a country we're encouraged to dream big with. Second, chances are that the core of our American DNA, we don't hear that same message from Nancy Pelosi's Congress. Career politicians, elitists and even a former bartender want us to believe it's impossible. They want us to believe that what I did with my great great grandfather did is impossible for ordinary Americans.


Burgess Sullens is with us now. Burgess, first of all, hello, gov. I didn't know you were a chimney. I didn't know you were a chimney sweep.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yes. That's a very important chapter in my life because maybe it's called a humbling process. Yeah, it was good. I get it. I bet it was.


I mean, I know I know what it's like to be at the top of the world and then not be at the top of the world. And that is a really difficult thing to if you don't expect if you don't accept that as a great lesson of humility, it can really drive you crazy. Congratulations.


Well, thank you, Glenn. And I say this is the thing that one American told us the greatest words, not words of hope. If I can do it, you can do it. And we all go through the obstacles. That's what we have to realize. There's nobody exempt from it. We just have to embrace it, not hold those tough times, let people know this. I know what it looks like. So country, as long as you dream big, as long as you hang tough and just keep up the good work, keep the faith, good things that happening.


That's what it's all about.


So I noticed during your speech they put last night, they started putting up to register to vote, text this number.


And I think that the RNC has done the best job of reaching out to a community that they have only just kind of scratched the surface because they've never believed it was worth the time that nobody would ever change their vote. No black person would ever vote for a Republican over a Democrat.


And this convention is so different than any RNC convention I've ever seen.


Well, you know what it is. We had a point, Glenn. I'm look at this. It's been a really rough year. It's also a year in which the more gray we're seeing, the no question what we've been talking about for years, it's no longer hypothetical with social advances. Looks like we see a full face to face and we have Americans across the board and finally have conversations about what we don't want. We want light. We want we want hope.


We want opportunity. We don't want dark depression, death and destruction, just as we not have been there. And I think that the left, just because they have no vision, they have no idea they pushed and pushed its way too far and American people are just not going to put up with it.


So, Burgess, let me ask you this. I know to some degree, because I've been told what it is like to be a conservative and black and so many times and I've had this experience being conservative in New York, where people will come up and say, I'm conservative, too, but don't say anything.


Is that changing in the in the black community where they're not whispering as much? Are you seeing?


Oh, my goodness. It's a sea change. It is, I think the greatest the greatest president. President Obama was such a lousy president that black people say, you know, whatever happened, hope and change, what really was the deal. And we have to people literally when I go through airports, black people, one megahertz, we have we have a walkaway campaign. We have the Blixseth that is scaring the left so much. They have they have been addicted to us for decades.


We're finally realizing that we walk, not just walk away with sprinting away. So, no, I'm excited about what's happening. And for those who just kind of you know, what I think is going to happen, those who still don't quite understand all of the the the ways we believe in our party, they're realizing when they see their homes being destroyed or their their their lives just upended the real realized. That there's something wrong with the part they were part of and we have to have more voices like ours, and that's going to continue to do to move us in the right direction.


I feel very, very hopeful given what's happening across the country.


You know, it was a lot easier to make this case before covid because people were actually seeing it. Now they're struggling again and the the black communities. And it's not helping in some cities when they're burning things down to the ground Antifa is doing that is how is the attitude towards the economy?


Because when people are hungry, you know, they they they're hungry. Well, here's the deal. When you have black people, all they want is life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And they see these these white BLM people coming through with a few blacks that are kind of with them. They see on paper and they're destroying the community, destroying their livelihood. And they tell us that the sun, the black community is finally getting it, that they'd never have been a party to the left.


And it would be more a message to get out there like we're doing right now. The more they're going to they're going to understand. So I think this will be a big sea change, to be honest with you. And I'll say this, Glenn, I've always believed that the black community and the Hispanic community and the those minorities that we've been kind of marginalized to a degree are going to be the communities that, as we pull ourselves back from the abyss, will put our country back.


They should be told that it was a black it was it to meet those minority communities. That truly was a salvation for our nation because we're getting it. We're waking up. And as we do so, the draft has so little power and they can't they cannot get their illegals in fast enough to replace it. So they can't get enough of the ballots in two places. So this will go down in history as as a minority, as those who had trouble assimilating, as being the people that bring our country back and show the rest of the world what America looks like.


We're talking to Burgess Owens. He is a candidate of the fourth district in Utah. Right. Not something. I mean, I've known you for a long time.


Not something that you've ever wanted to do, which which I think you should wear that as a badge of honor.


Well, you know, Glenn, when our conversation is always about the second chance, a little youth is all about the kids that that we all believe is our future. And I realized this time last year that if we don't get the house back, our kids here in Utah, around the country, does not have a chance because it's always been about policies. And as we know, the left elitist loves put in policies to keep people miserable, dependent and hopeless.


And you see that now across the country. So we have such a good group. I say that those are listening. Look at your district. If you have you have a Republican, a standing vote for him or her support them. This is a this is a very different class of individuals that are patriots that know how to replicate a president who understands what leadership looks like. We can change this country in such a big way by giving the House more backbone in the Senate and doesn't have four more years.


I say this, we have a renaissance ahead of us. Great things will come together and we will finally point out who our enemy is. It is not each other. Is that hard left and socialist? There's so much damage to so many who trust them in the past that we're talking to Burgess Owens.


Burgess, when you stood on the stage last night and did that, can you just take me just a personal kind of thing, take me through what it's like to receive a call from whomever? Does the White House call you and say, we want you to speak and then to find yourself on a stage knowing that 20 million people are listening to your words? What is the pressure like? What is what is that like?


Thank goodness. Glad we didn't talk a little bit about 20 people that might have had a different approach on it if I had known that. But but here's the thing. This is a dream come true. Two years ago I wrote and I wrote my last book where I Stand, and I was hoping nothing about politics would just get a person so I could some way to go across the country and help give a voice to those those who are running for office that needed my voice.


And so and I've always hoped that maybe hopefully I can maybe be part of a convention, maybe my voice could be there, so to speak, for me to get that call. It was it was just a confirmation dream big go toward it, know that there's a perfect plan out there if you want to make a difference how this all will find a way for you to do that. And I just thought it was just remarkable. And to get through it and then to say, finally, you know, that that worked out pretty good for me.


That was the magic moment. I could relax and now go back and enjoy. So it was it was a good win. It really was an exciting moment.


That's good to watch you go through this whole cycle and thank you for everything that you have done. You were fantastic on our special this summer when you were out at Gettysburg talking about was it your great grandfather, your great great great great grandfather, Sam.


Birgersson And as we get to know about them, and I'm so thankful because that is the American dream, that's the American way. Tell her real quick how you get here. Tell her a great great great grandfather. Salisbury's came here. She was always our escape. And the Underground Railroad got us to the success of the first black church, the first black elementary school. Our first one hundred two acres of land paid off in two years and was a tremendous Christian who was able to forgive because the people that are coming across the plains realize that that all that all whites were not bad.


They're good Americans out there helping them to make it happen. And that's what we, the people have always done. If we ever learn our history, we can never, ever start go to the races. Right. Because we have been so good to helping each other out. It doesn't matter what color or what our religion is. We the people have done great things. We just have to remember that. And he's a good example of that. By the way, Burgess, thank you so much.


It's an honor to be your friend. Burgess for Utah, dot com Burgess for Utah. Dotcom, thank you so much.


Burgess, go and get him to win. He needs to win maybe. Great. Yeah. By the way, the last the last poll, there's only been one poll that I've seen from that race. It was an exact tie.


So this is a very, you know, very winnable for Burgess. You'd be great in Congress. And it's in Utah. It's a swing district. I can't believe that he wouldn't win.


But, you know, I don't know who the American people are anymore. I really I really don't I really don't think he's the right guy with the right message.


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Oh, hi, still, Glenn, how are you feeling confident today, papi.


I'm actually very excited to see what happens at the convention tonight. I think this is going to be a very big night, big speech for Trump.


I mean, big speech. You figure the campaign seems to believe that they have about four chances here to make an impact for the American people you have tonight and three debates.


Obviously, the strategy of showing Biden as relatively incapable of speech goes more to these debates, tonight is the night for Trump to kind of tell his story.


And there's look, there's a lot of good things to tell. I mean, it's tough because with covid, it is a difficult thing to say, which he has to say all the time before this, the economy was going great. It's hard for people to remember even going to restaurants and a lot of places in this country right now, let alone remember when the economy was great.


We were trying we were trying to remember we're going to the movies next week. What's the new movie coming out we've been waiting for yet? So we're going to go to the movie next week.


And tonight we're talking we're like, when was the last?


I mean, we go to movies every year, every big movie people. And we're like, what was we couldn't even remember the last movie we saw. Yeah. I mean, our lives have changed dramatically.


It really they really have. You know, I've been to two movies since the movies have reopened. And it is weird. The first one I went to, I went with Pat right after the radio show. One day we went to go see it. Terrible Vin Diesel movie.


I did see was it released now was released in March. So when they open up the theaters, there's one theater near our studios that open before everyone else basically in the state, right. When they were allowed to like day one and they showed they just kept all the movies that were in there in March, just kept them in. So we went. And that was the only one that we have.


Oh, it was bad indeed. It was not a good movie. It's Vin Diesel. But I mean, it's Vin Diesel. I've seen Fast and Furious many of the forty seven that have been released.


As you might point out, it's Vin Diesel. Right. But you see the dumb explosion, right? There's was a couple of funny scenes and then there's Vin Diesel. And he's not good because he's Vin Diesel. Like, let's just say let's say, you know, Rotten Tomatoes has the scale of, like, you know, zero to one hundred percent.


What if there was a Vin Diesel only Rotten Tomatoes, which only rated Vin Diesel? OK, great. The best Vin Diesel movie ever made. One hundred percent on that.


You saw like 10 percent and one hundred percent is just the best Vin Diesel movie ever. Yeah. Wow. So it's a major, major difference. What was the name of that. So I can avoid it.


I want to say it was called blood sport. Wow. Yeah. Wow. Blood sport. Sorry. Vin Diesel was bad. Was it a good decision. I will say that. I mean you would say avoid it like the plague. Yeah. Yeah, I probably probably did. You probably should. It's funny you were begging for the play you can play through.


You can actually see the video of Pat and I going to see this movie because we were all excited and we did this big buildup of like we're going to do this like life death defying thing. We're going to go to a movie theater. This is what none of the none of them in the country are open at this point. And we go in, you can see like we're excited. It's this thing we haven't done in so long on the way out.


We're like, so the movie's over.


It's because you go from, like, really excited to then realizing the movie stars. Vin Diesel. Yes, so I saw that and I saw I actually saw Outpost two. Have you seen? Have you heard of Outpost? It was based on the Jake Tapper book about this Afghanistan war situation where they had this area. Wasn't that good? Yeah, it was actually pretty good. I mean, it was very violent. My way was too violent for my wife who went to go see it.


She was this is someone you still love, going to see horror movies all the time. That's changed. And now every time someone gets shot, she closes a rise. And that movie, we didn't see much of anything. But if you if you had that policy look like can we pick this conversation up with an observation next, oh, this is the Glenn Beck program.


Why should not listen moving forward specifically, our wives should not listen to a recent statement by Bloomberg.


The Fed will likely wrap up asset purchases.


I mean, doesn't that sound that doesn't sound bad. Oh, they're going to ramp up asset purchases, but they're going to have. It's great, right?


What are those assets? Have you thought? What are those assets?


Nice things. Your home, your home, your business, your company stocks.


Oh, so they're going to print a bunch of money and they're going to buy a bunch of stocks so they could be large shareholders in these companies. Oh, that's great.


Are you out of your mind? Don't you see where we're going? This can't last.


It cannot last. Please, I want you to call Gold Line right now. They are offering a new free silver coin, the heroes of two nation silver bullion coin with a purchase of every gold liberty coin. These are the ones that I have been buying gold, but I didn't get that deal. Gold mine. Find out how to get the free silver special just for being one of my listeners. Call them now eight six six gold nine eight six six gold miner gold line dotcom and go to Bleys TV.com Eggland use the promo code glan you'll save ten bucks.


And quick reminder to both of our wives.


Stop listening now Vin Diesel. This is the Glenn Beck program tonight, the president speaks, accepts the nomination of his party. And we'll have all the coverage for you on tomorrow and we'll be watching it right along with you and be commenting, I'm sure, on Twitter and Facebook and whatever. I'm actually excited to see it.


He is not a good teleprompter speaker. He is best off the cuff and he's also best live when you see him in person.


It's a totally different experience and it doesn't come across the same way as it does in person. He is he's a he knows how to work a crowd and he knows he's funny.


He is actually funny. His timing, his comedic timing is really good.


And I didn't realize it until I saw him speak live.


And when you do, you're like, I see why everybody goes. It's really fun.


It's like you're hanging out with the president.


It's like, you know, he'll start reading part of his speech and then he'll be like, Yeah, but let me tell you what really happened.


It's I mean, it's it's crazy. It's crazy. So we'll see how he does tonight. But I think the convention so far has been a dramatic success and and really, really good. Last night, my wife and I may have not watched all of the convention because we are fans of Yellowstone. Have you watched Yellowstone yet?


I've heard nothing but really good things about it, but I have not watched this would be in the old days. This would be the number one show on television, I think. Really? Yeah.


I'm Kevin Costner. Right. Kevin Costner. It's ranchers up in Wyoming. And they just have or is it Montana?


They just have a really different way of living.


And it's kind of like, you know, last night there was a line where the the cattlemen all get together and they say, you know, to the to the new guy who's the head of livestock and protection and everything else.


And he's like, you know, I have to tell you, you need to be governor.


He's like, oh, you know, I really don't think he's like, no, I'm telling you, you're exactly what Montana wants. Somebody steals your cow, you kill them and you take the cattle back and it's like, oh, OK.


All right, there you go. But we were watching that last night. And it I mean, you do remember you're probably too young. You probably might remember who shot J.R..


Yeah. Yeah. For Dallas. Yeah.


This is like who shot J.R. on steroids. We forgot that it was the season finale and like.


This one is who shot all of them. I mean, they they've all been shot and it's like, wait, what? It's a great show.


Kevin Costner is great in it. It is the best. I don't even know what you would call her villain that you love. You know how you love to you see people who are just, like, really bad, but you're kind of rooting for them, you know what I mean?


This woman is she's not she's not a good person. No, but you.


But she's fighting for her dad and everything else, but she is just ruthless and she is the best hero villain I think I've ever seen on television.


And when you find out that she's English, I can't even imagine it. I can't imagine it because she just seems like a foul mouthed American rancher. It's great. You would love this show.


Yeah, I got to check this out. OK, so now my wife and your wife should not be anywhere near the radio. Unfortunately, my wife now has friends that text message her and say, did you hear what he said? Thanks a lot. So you're Alanah. I'm talking about you.


Yes, but she knows she's evil. I don't think so.


OK, she does now anyway. So so I don't know if you've noticed this.


And it's kind of a slow boil, but and maybe I'm the only one that's noticed. Have you noticed that almost every show now is almost full out pornography?


Has anybody else noticed that? Janell, are you watching? Exactly.


I you know, I watched the the peacock network. Oh, that's NBC thing. Yeah, I haven't put on that. And I've been on it either. It was free, so I just you know, I'm looking for shows and their number one show. What was that.


It was on Oh Brave New World. Just straight up. Just I mean, I don't need to see the, you know, the letters stuffed in the envelope.


I'm saying, you know what I mean? I don't need to see is there no subtlety anymore? When has everything become so pornographic?


I just mean, you're seeing a lot of nudity in the U.S.. No, no, no. You're not seeing a lot of new. Well, yes, you're seeing a lot of nudity, but you're also it's they're absolutely unwatchable. If you are if you remember who, you know, you used to be, you know, before covid. Yeah.


And you were trapped in the house and you're watching everything and now you're watching it and you're like, oh, yeah, it's just a couple of people saying the F word, smoking crack, having sex in in ways I didn't know you could have sex. What do you need, honey? I mean, it's it's like it's it has gone so far. There is. Tell me the shows you can watch with your family.


Well, those are pretty good for the kids. Yeah. Yeah. No, but it's an Ozark and I mean last night this way the kids Tanya's like the Yellowstone is just so the language on it.


I'm like honey, honey, nothing else.


There's nothing else. Everything is like this. This is tame. This is like Sesame Street now. Yeah. Even Oscar the Grouch is like if you like what. Well he is a great you with Big Bird. We're buying it down here in the garbage can. If you what happened to Sesame Street. It's episode really weird as it seemed out of character for Big Bird and well apparently they evolve. Yeah. Hey, it happens. I think part of this is this thing that we've talked about over the golden age of television, which I really think is where we are right now.


It's these shows are so well done.


But they're no longer they no longer need to be made for white audiences, can they?


So they somebody make something for what I think is a white audience that wants to watch something with their kids. Can anyone make that?


It's tough because it's what's making them better, too, because they don't have to cater to this broadcast sort of vibe. They don't have to head every second. But now I also can just insert all this crap. Anyone, anyone.


Is there no market for somebody who's just like I you know, there should be I know Pat watches a lot of these shows, but he watches them on with video, which we'll we'll edit out. Yeah, we've got that. We have that. We just downloaded that. OK, well we have that because that works only out of Yellowstone.


It only took like a minute and a half out. And so I OK, you know, try. Have you seen episodes? We watched three episodes of episodes show, yeah, it's with Joey, Matt LeBlanc, and, you know, so you have to be at the bottom of the barrel when you're like, I'm going to watch the Matt LeBlanc show.


We watched like the first three episodes and it was really funny and really smart and really going someplace. And then it's I mean, I'm not kidding you. It's every line is sexual and they whatever they I mean, and they show and it's we put that in video. You get the titles right. That's it. You get the opening and the close. Nothing else. You get all the names. A lot of there's a lot of bombs and the names are the names are OK.


Yeah that's good.


Yeah it is. It is. It's where we go we're going. I mean I talked about this and no one seemed to care because we were in the middle of a global pandemic at the time. But like the fact that ESPN aired that Michael Jordan documentary Non-stop F Bombs on regular television. I mean, it was cable, obviously ESPN, but not on their premium service, not on any sort of something.


You watch, guys, I assume, you know, sit down and watch ESPN with their sons watching totally. I, I can't you can't do it right now. You can't. Because you don't know. Like, I wanted to show them that I want to show my son that documentary in particular, because, you know, you're talking about probably the best arguably the best basketball team of all time, clearly and inarguably the best basketball player of all time.


And I wanted to show him who the best basketball player was just in case someone at some point tried to tell him it was LeBron James. So I could he would know in advance how dumb that argument was. And I couldn't even show the thing to him because even the edited version, which they ran on another channel, the ESPN two, ran the ones with the beeps, which I thought fascinating, weird should be the other way around. ESPN one runs the ones the fallout from every ten seconds version.


I can't show that to came and show that to my kid. He's nine years old. I'm going to show it to him even with all the people in it. And it's like you think you give him some sort of version. This is this should be a mass appeal thing to watch with your children, because nobody no one.


I mean. You know, we lived in New York, so we've heard we've heard fine, delicate ladies using language that ladies just don't use and remember who was it said?


I think it was Mike Huckabee or something, you know, eight years ago said, I am. I am. The people are using the F word here in New York. Women, ladies are using the F word. And I was like, you're not been to New York before, but now it's like there is no language rule anymore. You know, you'd be on TV, you know, you don't want to swear and whatever.


Everybody, everybody, everybody in bigger cities especially. But I think it's happening in smaller cities now to everybody. It's the language. It is. You know, I'm watching. Have you ever, you know, watch stuff on the BBC? Yeah. Speak their language. Their words don't mean the same things as ours.


If you use every word in the T word, which are the same here in America, and they don't mean that or they're right. And so you're kind of watching. You're like, oh, Mike. Oh, my gosh. But they've been loose with things.


You know, Benny Hill, we haven't been. Now, I think we're worse now. It's like you watch British TV and they're a little more buttoned up. You know, we were the Puritans, the English, the English were much worse than we were. They were loose with with standards, much worse than we were. We were the Puritans. Now we're like, hey, pornography right over here. Eight o'clock kids.


Yeah, I think a lot of that stuff I just got out the window with because you had like the major effects of the actual covid and the economy, and that's what everyone's focused on.


Then you have all the race stuff and all that stuff that's gone on like a few layers down from that. You have, I don't know, is bourbon OK at seven a.m.? Yes, sir. Why not? You know, that's out the window now, right. And I think all these things, all these standards, we've just all been so frustrated with everything that we've thrown them out the window.


Everyone's getting like fifty pounds and now fifty. Well, how are you working out?


What's our commitment? But you have that going on and then guarding these little cultural lines that we normally would be focused on is just not a priority of anyone. So they're just going crazy and they're letting everything fly. It's it is crazy.


It is something that I mean and I just I know somebody is going to do it. There is a market out there. There's a market out there. But you can't get Netflix or Amazon pick it up. They don't want it. Why do you think like Disney plus would want it? Right.


And maybe that's what they're going to try to Disney plus. I don't know. I have to start with Disney.


You're not a big Disney fan anymore. Oh, no, I'm not a big Disney fan anymore. No, I am I am not a big Disney fan. I, I used to take my car. I would be the first to take my kids. I would be even without kids, I'd be the first to see the new real big Disney movie. Now it's like, you know, it's in that thing, kids.


You're that guy now. I'm that guy now. It's not fun but in my day, Patriot Mobile. Now, look, do you ever feel like everything is against you? Like everything.


It was like, really, they the socialists have taken that to everything.


Everything with your cell phone.


They are giving the big cell phone providers are giving money to Planned Parenthood, giving money to, you know, anti Second Amendment stuff, you know, and they have a right to do that. But I don't want my money go in there. Patriot Mobile is the only one patriot mobile is not shelling out money to leftist causes. If you are using big mobile right now, you're getting great cell phone coverage because they got these big fancy towers and they're great.


But you every time you make a phone call, you are providing money to Planned Parenthood or other places like that.


Now, here's the secret Patriot Mobile. You're going to get the same coverage because those big fancy towers, everyone's on them. They're the same towers. Everyone's on those towers. So you get the same coverage. You get nicer people on the phone when you have a problem and lower prices.


There's no hidden fees. No all. Yeah, well, this was not a they don't gouge your eyes out and they take a portion of their profits and they give them to things like for instance, I think this month they are giving them to veterans and first responders. If you're a veteran or first responder, you even you even get a cheaper deal then then, you know, people like me, which I feel that is wrong.


Nine seven two Patriot nine seven two Patriot. Call that number. Make this the last cell phone call you make on big mobile where they are just working against you when you're sleeping. Nine seven two Patriot or Patriot Mobile dotcom back switch right now, Patriot Mobile Dotcom back.


It was a couple of pieces of audio. I want to I want you to hear from last night. First, Governor Christie Noem on the Democrat run cities.


Listen to what she said. Now, at times, our country has struggled to live up to our founding principles, another great American, Abraham Lincoln, knew that struggle better than anybody when he was just twenty eight years old. Honest Abe, so wild and furious passions worse than savage mobs, he said, taking the place of reasoned judgment. He was alarmed by the increasing disregard for the rule of law throughout the country. He was concerned for the people that had seen their property destroyed, their families attacked and their lives threatened or even taken away.


These good people were becoming tired of and disgusted with whatever she's saying is support.


But look at her arms. She is. I mean, that's Michelle. Michelle, that's Michelle. I'll put those arms against Michelle Obama's arms.


Yeah. Why are they talking about Christina's arms? Big, right?


The same reason they're not talking about Melania Trump, right? I mean, here's someone who up.


Look, it's not even fair. She's obviously the most beautiful first lady in American history. It's not even fair. She's a supermodel, right? I mean, so and, you know, Jackie O would have been a supermodel in her day. Yeah.


You know, maybe I think she should she could have been she's very obviously very pretty, as everyone would recognize. And she'd be this she'd be in second but blatantly in second. Right. Melania Trump. It's not even fair. It was her walking down the into the Rose Garden. And I was like, this is the longest runway she's ever been on. Like no one ever said no one ever said, you know, I don't like her husband or whatever, but she is gorgeous and well poised and, you know, speaks five languages.


Just amazing. Just amazing. All right. We'll see you tomorrow on radio.