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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. In this program, you know, you got to love Michelle Obama speaking from her 11 million dollar home right on the Atlantic, which of course, I mean, that island is going to be underwater soon. Could be in five years. We don't know. I don't think we're going to get past the Michelle Obama speech today as we cover what happened last night with the Democrats between that and opening with the national anthem.


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Oh, my gosh. When the when they started with the. Do we have the national anthem from the DNC last night. Oh my. When this hit I thought I was going to lose my mind.


Oh, no. And nobody smiling. That's fantastic. OK, stop. I can't take it so you knew you were in for a very long night of agony, a very long night of programming, honestly, Sesame Street has a higher standard sesame for education. Sesame Street has a higher standard. This thing was jam packed with information for absolute morons and idiots. You start with the national anthem. An educated person says, how can you start with the national anthem?


Because everybody's taking a knee. You guys aren't defending the national anthem. You guys are saying that the national anthem is racist. So how are you doing that without any self-awareness? They're totally self aware. They are programming to morons. They don't think you're aware of it. They don't think, you know, anything that's going on. And the people that will buy this don't. So you have to watch it in a different way, like Michelle Obama's speech.


I'm going to try to get through. I just have, I think, ten pieces of her audio to get through. I don't think I can do it. When you listen to Michelle Obama, first of all, the worst thing anyone can do on the right is tear Michelle Obama apart as a person or anything else because she is so liked.


That's different than likable. You don't have to like her. You don't even have to understand how other people like her. But you need to understand how liked she is.


We don't feel this way because I'm sure she's a wonderful person if you agreed with her. So I don't feel this way because I know so much about her. I know that she doesn't love America. She said the first time she was ever proud of her nation was when Barack Obama was elected, the first time she was proud of her nation. We have heard too many off camera comments from her. I know who she hung out with. I know her Marxist friends.


I know who she went to church with for 20 some years. There's no way you can have the kind of love and appreciation for this country that maybe you have now. Maybe she appreciates it in a whole different way, like it's a great place to start all over again.


Maybe. But we see her differently because we've been educated, we've paid attention, so let's listen to her speech. Here's cut one.


Good evening, everyone. It's a hard time and everyone's feeling it in different ways. I don't like it so far. And I know a lot of folks are reluctant to tune into a political convention right now or to politics in general. Believe me, I get.


Why do you hate it so far? I just don't get it.


I know everyone thinks she's amazing and she's this incredible person and she's the most beautiful woman that's ever walked the face of the earth. She's an average person. She's like, there's nothing wrong with being average looking, but that's just what she is. She's an average looking person who does who. So who I again, like I watch her speeches and I feel like I'm in another universe. I watch every blue check on Twitter, say how it was the most amazing thing they've ever seen.


And it's I, I look at it and I'm like, that was that looked like the wife of a politician trying really hard to read a speech who was written by a pretty good speechwriter. Right. And she's overacting it and overdoing it. And she's not really great at this. But like, hey, let's nice work out separating her from who she is and what we know about her and her politics. Like, I just don't see her as this amazing, transformative person.


She has everyone else. She has a way. Now, remember, we're talking two different things. What you see it and the way the half of the country sees her, they have not been exposed, nor have they listened to all of the things that make you go. She is not telling the truth here. She's not telling the truth. That's part of it. So it's part of it. But she hasn't said anything yet. All she said was, you probably don't wanna tune into a convention.


I was like, oh, she also says all of the things. Now, this is a speechwriter saying all of the things that everybody feels. And she has a way she is good at one thing. She can look into the camera and connect with an individual. Maybe not you, but she can connect. And that's a very rare skill. And I do think she has that. She seems overacting to me. But if you're not predisposed to think she's a fraud.


You may not feel that from her. All right, continue. I get that, but I am here tonight because I love this country with all my heart, this problem. And it pains me to see so many people hurting. I've met so many of you. I've heard your stories. And through you everyone, I have seen this country's promise. And thanks to so many who came before me, thanks to their toil and sweat and blood, I've been able to live that promise myself.


That's the story of America. Wow. All those folks who sacrificed and overcame so much in their own times because they wanted something more, something better for their kids.


There's a lot of beauty in that story. There's a lot of pain and to a lot of struggle and injustice and work left to do OK.


And I have to tell you. But but see, this is the problem.


They say things they don't mean because if you meant that, we wouldn't have a problem. Yes. There's a lot of pain and let's work through that pain. But that's not what's being said. What's being said. There is no beauty in the people that struggled in their own time, as she said, in their own time, to make life better for their children. They did in their own time. Their times were different. So they didn't meet today's standards, but they moved the flag forward.


And now it's our job to move the flag forward even more. But that's not what the left is saying. That's not what the Democratic Party stands for anymore. They call for the destruction of America a rewriting of our history, a washing us of everyone in their time that was trying to do the right thing for their children.


That's a real problem. Now, let's go to SOT to listen to this. Tell me who she's describing.


I am one of a handful of people living today who have seen firsthand the immense weight and awesome power of the presidency. And let me once again tell you this. The job is hard and requires clear headed judgment. Yes. Mastery of complex and competing issues. Yes, a devotion to facts and history, history, a moral compass, ability to listen, and an abiding belief that each of the three hundred and thirty million lives in this country has meaning worth.


OK, ok, stop, stop. Now, remember, she's giving the speech for Joe Biden.


So let me just go through this. She's seen it firsthand. Immense weight and awesome power of the presidency. She's seen it. Can we say real quick, this country is not supposed to have an awesome power. No president. That's not supposed to work. Yes. So but she's seen them. Yeah, she has seen that. Let me once again tell you this. The job is hard. Agree? Sure. Yes. It requires clear headed judgment.


Does Joe Biden have clear headed judgment? How could anyone say that with a straight face?


Can't how can't a mastery of complex and competing issues?


He can't even get to multiple syllable words at this point. He might have five years ago. Ten years ago. Certainly did. When he was with with Barack Obama at the beginning. Certainly did now know a devotion of facts and history. No one on the left has that.


I didn't even have that back. And when he was going with Obama, I remember the what was it, FDR and the television. Right. I mean, he just didn't have it. And if I may, a devotion of facts and history. Let me go back to Michelle Obama in 2008.


And Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices. We're going to have to change our conversation. We're going to have to change our traditions, our history. We're going to have to move into a different place.


So we're going to have to change our history. So a devotion of facts and history, does she really mean that?


And does Joe Biden have that? A moral compass, a guy whose son.


Has built with his dad millions of dollars through through gun running drug lord, you know, Mafioso style people in Ukraine and gotten deeply in bed with the Communist Chinese Party and made millions of dollars. Is that a moral compass that you think he has?


I'm not saying let's not we don't have to compare. We could say Donald Trump. Just assume I haven't seen it, but just assume, oh, his kids are dirty as hell, too.


Well, a haven't seen that evidence, but be. We're talking about Michelle Obama saying we need a moral compass. Does Joe Biden have that moral compass? Oh, and an ability to listen. The only reason why he's listening is because he can't speak anymore. I mean, who is she describing here? I mean, it's almost as if she's just she's making the case that they should not nominate Joe Biden. Right. It's almost like she's saying, like, you know what?


You should give the job to me or Carmela or somebody else. You know, it's almost like she says, look, you know, me and I, I've seen it jobs hard. We're clear headed judgment, mastery of complex and competing issues, devotion of facts and history, a moral compass and an ability to listen.


That's why we picked Tomala to be on the ticket, because she's got that Joe is lost it a long time ago, but he's not really going to be president.


You can, with a straight face, make that statement about Joe Biden. All right. We're going to pick it up. I got to I'm all we have to. We've got 12.


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Slot four, please, here is Michelle Obama from last night.


And here at home, as George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, and a never ending list of innocent people of color continue to be murdered, stating the simple fact that a black life matters is still met with derision from the nation's highest office office.


No, it's not racial. It's really not.


First of all, you named two people and then said and a never ending list of innocent people of color that continue to be murdered. I don't know if you've seen the murder list of black people. They do, but they seem to be murdered by other black people, not the police. Have you noticed that?


It's very much of an end to the list there? Is there a nine and one year? Yes. Well, at the end of that law, the police. For the police. For the police, yeah. Is this this idea that you can just string together in this case? Shouldn't even go as far as they normally do with five or six names. Listing a few names is not an argument. No, especially when some of the usually go to five or six names.


They start naming people who are like attacking the police at the time of the shooting. Right. And then stating the simple fact that Black Lives Matter is still met with derision from the nation's highest office, Black Lives Matter registered trademark Black Lives Matter ink. It is a company.


It's not a movement. It's a literal company.


We can say that black lives matter, absolutely they do, absolutely they do.


But when you say Black Lives Matter, that's a registered trademark for a company. It's like saying, you know, just do it.


Just do it. Oh, my gosh.


When it's met by with derision from from Adidas, of course, it's a slogan for another company.


I disagree with the company. Black lives matter, not the idea. Then she goes on and she says, you know, we're seeing people shouting in grocery stores unwilling to wear a mask to keep us all safe. They see people calling the police on, folks minding their own business just because of the color of their skin. Excuse me. We are seeing people beat other people because they're not wearing a mask.


We saw a black neighbor go out and shoot a kid point blank. Why? Because he was white. What are you talking about? Then five, they see people shouting in grocery stores unwilling to wear a mask to keep us all safe. They see people calling the police on, folks minding their own business just because of the color of their skin. They see an entitlement that says only certain people belong here. I do see that greed is good and winning is everything, because as long as you come out on top, it doesn't matter what happens to everyone, you know, anybody who says, who believes.


And they see what happens when that lack of empathy is ginned up into outright disdain. Unbelievable. They see our leaders labeling fellow citizens enemies of the state while emboldening torch bearing white supremacists. Oh, my gosh. They watched in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages and pepper spray.


Stop, stop, stop.


Your husband built those cages. Your husband built those cages for them to claim at this time I didn't.


What I didn't know that I know I just saw the pictures is ridiculous, is absolutely ridiculous.


Shows an immense amount of confidence that no one will look into what they've done. Incredible.


Because no one will. Because no one will. There isn't anyone sitting in the in the seat in the national press that is going to say, wait a minute, wait a minute, guys. Seeing people in cages. Wait a minute. The you know, people are unwilling to wear a mask to keep us all safe. Yeah, we are seeing that. But we're also seeing people beaten. We're for that. We're seeing white people shot and frightened off the streets because black people and not all black people, just this small minority of of socialist and Marxist that want a revolution, are saying to white people, you have no place here.


They're literally saying that in the streets. So isn't there some sort of balance maybe that. This is the Glenn Beck program. Nope. Stephen Crowder is coming up next. All right. When I started real estate agents I trust with my brother Robert a number of years ago, I remember I was thinking helping people like you to avoid having the same kind of bad real estate experiences that Tonya and I have gone through over and over again. And you know you know it.


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This is the Glenn Beck program, joined now by Stephen Crowder, Blaze TV host Lauter with Crowder. Did you watch the did did you watch the convention last night to stay with.


No. We'll be live streaming Thursday because that's when Biden and Kamala Harris will be there. But we plan on live streaming every night. And thank God we didn't because nothing happened other than Obama saying that Donald Trump is not good. So, like, gosh, it was bad. It was bad. How they opened with The Star-Spangled Banner is beyond me. But, Stephen, first of all, congratulations on getting re monetized on YouTube. Let's just say next time we go out for dinner, you're picking up the check, but I can pick up a portion of the orders.


No, no oysters. Let's just, you know, like like some mozzarella sticks. Yeah, I'm sure it's nice. And I actually wouldn't do that to you because I don't think it's going to last long. How first of all, you have a great attorney. How did this happen and how long do you think it's going to last? Well, to answer the second part, your guess is as good as mine, probably a week. But this has been going on for 14 months.


For 14 months, it's been going on with a box of chocolates. People need to understand that you to change their rules because we didn't violate any guidelines. That was those were the words uttered by the YouTube CEO, Susan Wood, Jet Ski herself. So then they changed it and create a new guidelines for advertising and then new community guidelines where you can't really insult people because we listen. We understand that it's YouTube's playground and we play by the rules and then they've changed the rules.


And then there were some things behind the scenes where they tried to do a little more massaging and tweaking of the rules with which I was no longer comfortable. And now here we are. I sign in and it's a big monetizing. But the weird thing is, you know, YouTube, let us know that we will be re last Thursday and everyone knows this is the place because we said, hey, this is going to happen. Don't let anyone know.


We're going to announce it Thursday. YouTube requested that it's just them and us. We're the only ones who know. And lo and behold, two days before that, it gets leaked to the VIRGE owned by Vox and the little buddies at Mashable. So I have no idea how that got out. Wow. But, you know, it's. Well, it wasn't wasn't anybody on on your your staff or our staff that leaked that to Vox? Gee, I wonder how that happened.


I thought you have Ezra Klein on speed dial. But let me you did an amazing interview with David Dorn. His wife, David Dawn is the the former police captain in St. Louis that was was guarding and helping out at a pawn shop. And somebody came in to steal a T-shirt and killed him over that really hair raising and gut wrenching scene wasn't really didn't make a difference really to the mainstream media. But anybody who really watched it was touched by this.


First of all, how did you how did you get the interview with with his wife? Well, you know, I can't that's credit to my dad. He's the booker for our show. And that really happened because everyone else was too afraid to book the show. So thanks, Dad. So he's gotten a lot of these interviews. You know, Stephen Willeford after the Sutherland Springs shooter? Yeah, I can't take credit for it, really. We've been blessed with that and debrief people in the story.


Yeah, we do have a shirt. It's the David Dawn shirt. Can go to a lot of with of shop dotcom. One hundred percent of the profits are going to go directly to his family and quite excellent. It was over thirty years that he was with the St. Louis Police Department. But I think the story's more important because he was off duty and he came in to help a friend to answer a call in distress, a pawn shop that was being looted and he was shot.


He was a black man, black police officer who served a black community for a very long time, served it well. You can't really find any dirt on this guy, which in twenty twenty is it's almost impossible. And believe me, we really tried to search to see if there are any skeletons in his closet. No, there was nothing there that we found thus far. You know, no one's perfect. And he was shot over a video by another black gentleman in that community.


And this is someone the reason I think it's an important story is not just because it's a black police officer and these people have been left out in the cold despite the fact that there are more minorities in the police force than in the general population at large. And that's because they see it as a way to serve their community. We also see over 80 percent of black Americans who want at least as much police presence, if not more so. Black Lives Matter doesn't speak for them.


They just have a megaphone with the media. But this is a man who not only is an example for the black community, but anyone, any young men. I mean, if we want to talk about heroes, a guy who served his community for thirty plus years was answering a call off duty and was shot dead while protecting his neighborhood. That is a hero. And you know why? Because no one would have ever known if he'd ever respond to that call.


That wasn't a police call. There was no record of it. No one would have cared. No one would have judged him for staying home in his comfortable bed sheets with a soft pillow. And instead he was going out doing the right. And when no one was watching, no one cared, and unfortunately no one cared after he died in the media. And so we've really tried to take it upon ourselves to make sure that his story gets told.


And, you know, Glenn, I will say this. I've watched you quite a bit in the past and present. You've had a lot of big interviews. And I always struggled with these because I never want to be you know, I never want to exploit somebody. Yes. But I also want to ask the questions that I think everyone would like to have answered. I don't want to be Barbara Walters, you know, know what kind of tree would they would be or Oprah getting them to cry.


So it was it's always tough for me. And I hope I struck that balance because I really do admire both the late Officer Dorn and his wife, who, by the way, is also a police officer. They were married police officers and they started programs to help youth in their community and even help them enroll in the police force. So when people talk about reforming the police, when people talk about making it better, when people talk about tangible solutions, right.


Solutions that have observable metrics, these people dedicated their life to it, were shot dead for it, and no one tells their story. So that's a shame. Let me play a couple of clips here. Here she is. This is Sergeant Anne Dawn talking about why her husband's death wasn't covered in the media. Listen, why do you think it is that this story with your husband has received comparatively so little media coverage? And we've done everything that we can, but we're obviously only one show.


But the big ABC, NBC, CBS, almost nothing. The easiest answer is it doesn't fit their narrative. It doesn't fit the narrative of, you know, a policeman killing a black man. It doesn't you know, it's a black on black crime. We have those every day in St. Louis. And I hate to say that it's very sad. That's one component that we need to fix what this piece marks and we need to address. You know, all lives are precious.


Every life out there is precious.


And you just didn't fit the narrative then cut to please.


She went out fighting the good fight and helping people.


I believe everything happens for a reason. And, you know, we're going to speak through me. And I'm I'm hoping the reason is to help heal the city, to realize, hey, you didn't have to die. You know, the young man didn't have to pull that trigger. You know, there's all there was no reason to pull the trigger and save David's life. Yeah. And David, you know, David, what I honestly, you know, fighting.


So I can't I can't ask for anything more. I don't I wouldn't have wanted it to happen that way. I'd like to grow old with him. Right. But if he had to die like this. Yes. You know, he went out of here and I'm just hoping I can bring meaning to it.


She was very composed up until that when she started talking about growing old with him. You can tell how much she she loved him. Do you think that there is a problem and racism in the media itself, the fact that she is white and he is black, do you think that played a role in this not being covered, Stephen? You know, I don't even know if they got that far along the trail. I'm just like with the hydroxy chloroquine lady who clearly well, who I believe probably knocked off her husband.


They didn't do any research and find out that she was an anti Trump activist and donor to the DNC. I think this was a story that didn't interest them from the get go, just like last last night or yesterday when a man was beaten within an inch of his life, dragged out of his truck by Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists. I just don't think that it suits their narrative. And I know that that's a phrase that's used a lot, doesn't suit their narrative, but I don't think it's ever been on more crystal clear display for everyone to see, because if we're talking about Black Lives Matter and all black lives do matter and all lives matter, but let's say all black lives matter so that, you know, we're not accused of burning crosses and having a white hood.


If you say all lives matter, but all black lives certainly matter, wouldn't it stand to reason to look at the number one cause of death? Number one, cause of death for all black males under age forty four? It's it's homicide. It's not even close to death from police officers. Doesn't even crack the top of the list. Do you know that a black police officer, any police officer is actually 18 times more likely to be shot by a black man, a young black man than he is to shoot them?


So we're talking about, hey, all black lives matter and we want to help the black community, which is what David Dorn and his wife dedicated their entire lives to serve. It wasn't a hashtag. They were doing this when no one was watching before. Hashtags were a thing. We should be talking about how to curb homicide with young black males in the community. And I want to be clear. I'm not like a Nick Cannon saying that homicide is because of melanin in the skin.


He thinks that white. Folks don't have sold because it's melanin. No, I think we have a spiritual and a culturally broken from the United States. I think it's across all colors, but I think particularly in the black community. And David Dorn obviously knew this because he served the youth. They are raised in fatherless households. And not only that, but in communities where there aren't other dads. And so you have record numbers of black lives being taken by other young black males.


So, Stephen, I've got 90 seconds left. I've seen so many of your change my minds recently. And I I wanted to get a sense from you when it comes to Black Lives Matter, when it comes to Marxism and everything else, are you seeing a turn at all, even a small turn, or is is everyone just locked in to that, that, you know, Black Lives Matter? Ink is good.


Here's the thing. People hear the term Black Lives Matter think it's good, right? If you pull people just like don't kick puppies. OK, that's good. When you actually read the demands and you read the history and the charter from Black Lives Matter and their founders, nearly everyone unilaterally disagrees with them. Most of all, black Americans. So Black Lives matter. The idea we're all on board with Black Lives Matter. The organization, just like Antifa, is a domestic terror organization, 600 million dollars in property damage, fourteen thousand nine hundred officer casualties, over 20 people dead.


If you don't call that a riot, I don't know what is. Stephen Crowder, thank you so much. By the way, become a mug club member. Just if you're not a Blaze TV subscriber, go to Bleys, TV.com Crowder and joined today. You'll get interviews like Steven just did with David Dorn's wife that aren't available anyplace else. Bleys TV.com Crowder joined now and make sure that you get one of the t shirts. Like he said, one hundred percent of the of the profits on that will go to his his wife and family.


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Zip recruiter tried for free at zip recruiter dotcom back that zip recruiter dotcom beck zip recruiter dotcom back the smartest way to hire tomorrow night the Democrats plan to rig election twenty twenty.


You're saying that voter fraud is a thing and I'm telling you that it's not. And your mom. The water. Glenn exposes the dangerous truth about mail in voting and who is behind the real election interference. Watch the enemy within. Tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. Eastern, only a TV dot com slash, Glenn. So we're just talking about to the convention last night, the big takeaway for you last night, still the most offensive thing of the evening was the fact that they would let Andrew Cuomo get on stage.


And actually he's something other than directly from the bowels of hell. So that part of I thought that was a mistake. I mean, look, I think Michelle Obama is going to get the high billing here. Again, I don't understand why people love Lord of the Rings so much.


OK, I don't understand that everyone in this audience loves Lord of the Rings, I'm sure. To me, it's a bore fest. I can't get through it. So maybe I'm just different. And this is why I don't see the Michelle Obama thing that everyone else seems to see, this amazing woman who is who is transformative in her language and her ability as an orator. I don't get it. I don't see it, but I know everyone else does.


So I guess that's the big moment.


But I think your don't dismiss the power of the press and the power of persuasion of the press. Nobody wants to say anything like she's an average woman.


I mean, it's a great and a lot in her life or whatever. But like, you know, they make her out to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Look, she's not she's she's she's an average looking woman and they're totally fine. And I feel like the same thing is happening here, that that is happening. Like when they talk about like Caitlyn Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner is the most beautiful woman in the world. Well, look, she's not she's she looks like the guy who we just saw was Bruce Jenner two weeks ago.


Now it looks like he I guess he's a woman and OK, that's great for his journey. But like, I'm not going to tell you that I think she's a beautiful woman. Well, I don't think that Michelle Obama looks like a guy in a dress.


I mean, to say to compare the two, Michelle Obama is a very pretty average woman as far as appearance goes.


Now, look, I'm way below average. I'm not I'm not criticizing this. I'm just saying that we all know we can look at Melania Trump and see someone who's ridiculously beautiful. Right. The model supermodel. Supermodel, beautiful, right. They act as if Michelle Obama is as good looking as Melania Trebor. Honestly, much more much better looking. And it's just it's just ridiculous, OK? It's just ridiculous. We should all be able to admit the fact that not everyone in politics is beautiful.


Just because you like their policies of higher taxes doesn't make them beautiful. OK, it's OK. She's just average. That's five. Wow. If that's what you took. As the world burns itself down because of global warming, if that's what you took from it, still, it just shows how far out of touch you really are. It's hard not to look at it with all the flames lighting her up. This is the Glenn Beck program.


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It's keeps dotcom safe. Keeps dotcom safe. What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. Well, we know this week during the convention it's going to be agonizing on a lot of fronts, but one of the fronts is climate change and they're going to say that we're all going to die in the next 10 years. And none of that is true as people who actually care about the planet actually care about the environment and would like to see politics taken out of it.


What can we do? What is nonsense? What is real? We thought we would get Bjorn Lomborg on. He is the least skeptical environmentalist. He is a guy who will take all of the I see the IPCC studies and say, let's just take the science at face value now or any of the solutions. Good. What should we prioritize? What shouldn't be done? His book is called False Alarm and he joins us in 60 seconds. This is the Glenn Beck program.


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Bjorn Lomborg, author of False Alarm, president of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, a visiting fellow from the Hoover Institution, I believe he was part of our first climate special that we did at CNN back when CNN actually would have opposing views on kind of it took everything in them to let us do that special.


But I am somebody who I own property out west in the mountains. I believe in the environment. I love trees. I love animals. And I want to keep our our water and our air clean and pure. I don't know of anybody who doesn't care about that. I'm sure they exist, but I don't know anybody who doesn't care about that. The problem seems to be with taking the climate change attitude and then applying it into an emergency panic. Everybody is going to die quickly.


And so we have to do this. Well, what should we do? Bjorn Lomborg is joining us now. We are.


And how are you, sir? I'm good. How are you?


I'm very good. So we wanted to we wanted to talk to you about a couple of things, the alarmism. But first, who who is this book targeted to?


So, look, I talked to a lot of people and very many people are really, really worried about global warming and especially their kids who are worried about global warming. You know, lots of kids are saying, why should I study if there's no future for me? Because, of course and that certainly is what we're being told. A new survey showed that almost half of the entire global population now believes that global warming will lead to the extinction of the human race.


And that is simply crazy. Look, global warming is a real problem, is something we should fix, but we need to get a sense of proportion. The U.N. climate panel tells us that by the 2070, the impact of global warming will be closer to somewhere between zero point two and two percent reduction in your average income. Remember, by then, you can expect there will be two and a half times richer. So instead of being two and a half times richer, will be more likely in less than two and a half times richer by 2020.


That's a problem. That's not the end of the world. So this book is really to all the people who are worried and of course, all the people they know who are worried. And me, look, it's a problem, not the end of the world.


So you are kind of in the category of Michael Shellenberger that except you're probably more in line with the IPCC, you take those reports as as gospel and say, look, we're just going to accept this as fact. But then you look for the things that we we can do that will actually make a difference. Would you put yourself kind of in Michael Shellenberger kind of place?


Oh, sure. And I think there's a lot of people in that camp because honestly, what that means is you take what the science is telling us there is a problem. But then you also insist we need to look at the economics of climate change and actually take the best science there. And most people don't remember. I take my starting point. And the guy who actually got the only Nobel Prize in climate economics, William Nordhaus from Yale University, and he says, as do almost everyone in climate economics, that there is a real problem with climate change.


So probably in the order of three to four percent of GDP by the end of the century, that means if you can fix a substantial part for a low cost, that's a good idea. But it's crazy to try to fix a three to four percent problem by incurring policies that will cost 15 to 30 percent of your GDP.


And that's what you're I mean, you did an article in USA Today, Climate Change, Democratic alarmism leads to failing policies. Can you take us through that?


Yeah. So, look, the Democrats have good intentions. They are pointing out there's a real problem. But then they go on to say, and much to you, as you pointed out, they believe that this is going to lead to the end of the world and, you know, 10 years. And that's just not the case. If it was the case, if this was a meteor or hurtling towards Earth, the only thing you should be doing would be to worry about global warming.


You just throw everything and the kitchen sink to send up Bruce Willis and everybody else and, you know, fix that, too. But the reality is, this is a minor problem. It's not a zero problem. It's a three to four percent problem over the next 80 years. And so the risk and what they're clearly suggesting is, you know, we should have no new gasoline cars by 2035 and fossil fuels in power sector in 2040 basically get us to net zero.


So emit no new CO2 in 2050. That is going to be phenomenally expensive. Remember, we only have one estimate that actually shows how costly that will be. So lots of nations have promised only one nation was brave enough to actually ask, so how much is that going to cost? That was New Zealand. So, you know, left wing New Zealand actually asked how much this is going to cost them. Their preeminent estimate was this is going to cost us at least 16 percent of our GDP, more likely around 30 percent.


Oh, my gosh. That's what the US is equivalent to paying five to ten trillion dollars every year. Remember, that's more than what the entire national federal budget is right now.


Every year it's twice the five trillion is twice the revenues of the United States of America. So you tax it's twice the revenues just for that. Yeah.


And and remember, it would not fix global warming. It would slightly reduce the impact because most of the problem from global warming does not actually come from rich countries because we've already, you know, sort of peaked and we're increasingly going towards just. Producing services, which emits very little CO2, but most of the rest of the world, so China, India, Africa, Latin America still want to get rich, they want to get to where we are today, and they will mostly be able to do that by using much more cheap and readily available energy and time telling them, I'm sorry, you can't do what we did.


Unbelievable. You just have to stay poor. Yeah, it's absolutely irresponsible.


But you're not talking about when you talk to global warming people, the the zealots, you can't get them to talk about nuclear energy, the cleanest and the safest energy out there. You can't get them to talk about that. You can't talk to them about let's help Africa grow to be a richer and, you know, an industrial nation and go through the industrial revolution. But in a clean way. We can help them get into the 21st century by giving them power.


Nobody wants to nobody wants to help them get richer and live our kind of lifestyle. They're trying to just bring everybody down to their lifestyle instead of bringing them up to our lifestyle.


There's certainly a lot of truth to that. I actually find that when you confront most people with this especially well-meaning sort of left leaning people, they also want that. And so you expose in some way a very clear twist in their minds between on the one side, they want to help Africa and the world's poor, but they also want to fix global warming. And of course, insults is very often they throw the Africans under the bus because they care too much about climate change.


Again, if you think it's because it's the end of the world, that makes sense. But if you actually realize, oh, wait, this is a problem, like many others we need to fix, you need to get much smarter on this issue. And that's, of course, one of the reasons also why I wrote this book that there are actually really smart ways to fix climate, just not the typical ways that we use right now. Talk to you, Bjorn Lomborg.


The book is False Alarm. It's a great one. Take us through some of this alarmism. One example you talk about in the book, and I've heard it from a million places, is that it's a hundred and seventy million people are going to be displaced by climate change coming up fairly soon. And that's what the science says. You go through that claim and kind of show what it actually is. The story is trying to tell is a totally different perception.


Can you walk us through that one? Yeah.


I mean, look, if you just look at rising temperatures will mean rising sea levels. That's very simple and that's very true. Rising sea levels, all other things equal will mean that more people will get inundated and eventually have to move. And of course, the more alarmist will tell us, oh, my God, they're all going to drown. But the reality is, of course, we actually adapt all of these estimates. So one very, very highly quoted estimate said one hundred and eighty seven million people are going to get flooded or are going to have to move by the end of the century because of global warming.


That assumes no one does anything. So assumes everybody sit on the beach and watch as the waves start lapping up over their ankles and knees and they have to move or they drown. But, of course, in reality, over the next 80 years, we will adapt. We will build better at sea defenses, will build more dikes, will build more nourished beaches and all these different technologies that we've known since, you know, five or 6000 years ago.


We know how to do this. And that's why all the studies and this particular study that generated headlines across all of the US and Washington Post and around the world, it tells you that if you do nothing, you're going to see one hundred and eighty seven million people being displaced. But if you do a realistic assessment of what people will do, you will see three hundred and five thousand people having to move. Remember, that's half the number of people that move out of California every year.


Of course, we can handle that globally over the next 80 years. So you're being told a story that's 600 times more alarming and that's why you get really scared. And this was just one single example maybe would matter all that much. But unfortunately, this is almost entirely how we're seeing climate change. Reporter We're telling you stories that are only true under very specific and very unrealistic assumptions, like you don't do anything that you don't make any adaptation.


And of course, in real world, you will do so. I want to talk to Bjorn Lomborg when we come back. I want to take a one minute break, but I want to come back and talk a little bit more about this. For instance, hurricanes and the damage that is being done by hurricanes. There's a real clear reason for that.


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The author of the book False Alarm, Bjorn Lomborg, do you remember being on our special on CNN?


Of course I do. It was a pleasure. It was it was a different time back then. And it's gotten worse because we can't talk about things anymore. And and you're immediately called a science denier. And we've always wanted to base everything on science. And I happen to believe that there there is climate change. It seems natural to me. It also seems unreasonable to me that man with all that we have done is not affecting the Earth in some way or another, of course.


So I want to get into some of the things that individuals can do, because that's the way it's always pitched. You know, we all have to do everything we can. So let's get to the real things that we can. But before we go there, let's talk about the hurricanes, hurricanes. And this drives me nuts. People are saying, oh, the cost of hurricanes, well, hurricanes are going up because we didn't used to live right on the beach.


And one of the reasons we didn't live on the beach is because the federal government didn't insure people. You couldn't get insurance for your house if you lived right there on the beach where there's hurricanes. But then the federal government said, oh, will insure you. And now there's a right to live on the beach. And of course, we're doing more damage.


Is that reasonable?


Well, it's certainly the right way to describe this. Remember, the number of hurricanes hitting the continental U.S. has actually declined since 1990. That's also true for the major hurricanes of Category three and over exactly what you say. The main reason why damage is keep going up is because many more people live much closer to harm's way with much more stuff. So remember, in Florida in 1930, virtually nobody there. The population of coastal counties in Florida has increased 67 fold since 1900, whereas the U.S. population has only increased fourfold.


So obviously much more stuff much closer to harm's way. You're going to get much bigger damage. That does not mean that just because of global warming. And again, if you want to fix it, as you point out, maybe you should stop subsidizing people's insurance and they feel more responsible.


So let's let's talk about another thing. The Amazon, of course, everybody knows now that this is the planet, the planet's lungs, true or false.


So that's both a stable ecosystem like the Amazon emits no net oxygen.


So it's one of those many, many myths that we hear the world is on fire. You know, you're clearly a denier here. World is on fire. The lungs were on fire down on the bottom and there was a ring of fire in in Australia. California is on fire.


What's causing that except global warming so fundamental?


We need to recognize that we've seen a dramatic decline of fire over the last 150 years, basically because we've gotten richer and we've got much more careful with our environment. It actually matters to most people to make sure it doesn't burn. So burning rates also in the US have gone down by five to 10 times compared to the early part of last century. Thought there is a problem with global warming. It's likely that global warming will lead to somewhat higher rates, much less than what we used to have.


But it is a problem. And again, we need to ask them. The right way to deal with this is not to cut CO2. We should probably do that a little bit. We shouldn't do this because of fire. If you want to help people, you should perhaps make them stop building in what is essentially tinderboxes. Those are simple ways to make sure that you stone people out of very, very dense schaus where they're likely to get like in paradise.


And other places in California do believe in controlled burns. I mean, we stop that in the 70s and. Sure.


And it seems again, it seems like that is a very good idea. Most places and we know how to do that. That's also one of the reasons why we've seen much, much less burn global. We've seen burn rates decrease about 25 percent just over the last 25 years. So we've seen a dramatic reduction. There is part of this that's due to global warming. But again, the extrapolation, the alarmism that we see in the media makes it very hard to understand, partly because this is not mostly caused by global warming and that our best efforts are best.


Houses have virtually nothing to do with global warming. If you actually want to help 30 seconds before 30 seconds before the break is this alarmism is really hurting because people won't pay attention once it doesn't happen. Right.


Don't you think? Well, I think a large part, because it both makes us spend much, much more. We're going to spend trillions and achieve almost nothing. And it makes it feel to focus on what really will matter most. Solution to climate and all the other problems are still there. OK, we're coming back with Bjorn Lomborg and we'll talk about the things that we can do that we should be talking about.


This is the Glenn Beck program. We have to focus our energy. There are too many fronts to fight on. We have to focus our energies and we, quite honestly, have to focus our money where it can be best used. For instance, right now you are making phone calls. You're going to continue to make phone calls.


You're going to need a cell service. But are you working with a cell service that is spending money like the big cell service to stop your freedom of speech or the Second Amendment or fund abortions? That's what's happening. They take some of their profits and they spend millions of dollars propping up things that you may be against them. If you're for those things, great. Stay. If you're against those things, there is an alternative. You can get the same great service.


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This is the Glenn Beck program. We have Bjorn Lomborg on with us. He is the author of a new book called False Alarm. If you remember, we had Michael Shellenberger on who is an environmentalist and so is Bjorn. And he believes in climate change and all of that. He just doesn't believe in all of the things that we're saying are going to fix them and the Green New Deal, et cetera, et cetera. And he also believes this panic is ridiculous and actually harming us.


So, Bjorn, I want to I think I want to start with what can the individual do?


Like, you know, I know somebody who brings, you know, Tupperware and doesn't use anything plastic, tries to keep the recycling down, does all of that stuff. Does that matter?


I would love to be able to tell you, yes, that really fixes everything. But the honest answer is no. It doesn't matter very much. It's not OK, but it does fine. And please, OK, all means do it right. It has a very tiny impact.


But if we all did it well, one of the advisers to the UK government climate, he once wrote, you know, look, we've got to stop with this. Every little bit helps. If everyone does a little, we achieve a little. If everyone does all of these things, we will still just have a cheap, tiny bit. I mean, give you one example. So I'm vegetarian and I think it's wonderful more people become vegetarian because it means I can get better food at restaurants.


But we should we should not believe these stories that tell you that you can cut half of all emissions good by going back to turn. First of all, not only if your food emissions, the real number is close to about four percent when you go vegetarian, vegetarian is also cheaper. And that means you have more money to spend on other things. So that means more emissions elsewhere. Totally. You will reduce our emissions about two percent. To give you a sense of proportion.


You could have walked the offset from one of the many carbon trading centers for about a dollar fifty per year. So you can buy offsets for about a dollar fifty and you can eat all the meat you want. This is not what's going to fix climate change. It's a tiny bit, but don't believe this is what's going to be OK.


So we got to look at big things. For instance, it kills me that people look at covid-19 and these environmentalists have come out and said this is the best thing that could have happened because all we have to do is just keep it right here. Well, we're destroying capitalism right now. We're destroying the free market.


And I believe that it's going to be the free market and invention and capitalism that actually will solve these problems is are things like covid-19 where we all shut down. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


Well, I mean, it's obviously a bad thing. And I think most people would have a hard time arguing anything else. But I think it's also a very illustrative case, because the US, if you get a second wave and the second half of this year, you will probably have reduce your carbon emissions about 10 percent. So remember, all of this suffering means you were able to cut 10 percent. If you want to go to zero, that means you need to have ten times the impact every year.


That's ten times the shut shutdowns and everything else that you've been exposed to this year. Now, of course, this was not intended to cut carbon emissions. Of course, we can cut carbon emissions smarter and less hurtfully and then covid-19. But it does give you pause to realise cutting your carbon emissions is really hard. So remember when environmentalists tell us, oh, drive a little less, fly a little less, the world has just done that. It's like we all collectively decided to do all of that.


Yet the total impact by the end of the century will be to reduce temperature increases by one hundredth of a degree Fahrenheit. It will have no impact in a hundred years. Yet it has huge damage to almost everything we care and love. And obviously millions and possibly billions of people have been negatively affected.


Well, OK, then. I mean, clearly, the Paris Accords, those that's something we should have done. Yes.


People love to say Paris Accord has really fix climate change. But if you actually do the estimates and again, the UN did that you were the organizers of the Paris agreement from 2015 actually made an estimate of how much would this reduce carbon emissions in the world? The answer is it'll reduce so little that it's less than one percent of what most politicians claim will come out. The Paris agreement and remember, almost no country is living up to what they promised in the Paris agreement.


The truth is the Paris agreement will end up costing somewhere between one and two trillion dollars. Yes, by the end of every year. And yet by the end of the century, it will only reduce temperatures by about zero point three degrees Fahrenheit. So you have a very tiny impact at an enormous cost, you know, 50 to 100 trillion dollars. That's a bad, ineffective way to try to tackle climate change. Of course, one that you will eventually lose voters from.


Is this is this just stupid people? Is this a cash grab?


What is stopping reason from from working here?


I think there's a number of things that we talked about, the alarmist measures. If you really, really worried, if you think and I think a lot of people genuinely believe this is the end of the world, you're willing to do anything and you do it in panic. Of course, you won't do very well. You won't be very smart about it. But you simply try to, you know, throw everything in the kitchen sink at it. That's one part of it.


The other part is, remember, what is it that drives most media? That's scary news. Scary news sells. And so you get this constant inundation of scary news. And global warming is a wonderful provider that any storm, any drought, any flood, anything really from the weather can be branded as climate change. So it's great for selling a lot of media. And of course, it's great for politicians because politicians move from getting your vote. They get to say you were doomed.


But if you vote for me, I can say to you, that's the best thing a politician could possibly do. And often they get to say this and the cost will only come in the election cycle after next. So I don't even have to worry about that. I just got all the applause, all your votes, and then we'll worry about having to pay for it later. All right.


So let's talk about real solutions and the solutions. It seems to me. I mean, I was a big proponent of the hydrogen car. You can run nuclear power plants all day long while everybody's up and then use that dip at night to make hydrogen. They had a way to distribute it. It was I've driven the car. It was great. I'm for fracking, more natural gas, not less natural gas. But every time there's something that looks like would be a help or a piece of a solution, it's shut down.


So what are the things that we could do that that environmentalists will agree to? Because they don't seem very interested in anything once we get going?


Well, Glenn, I think the real realization is to recognize that most big problems in the world have never been solved by telling people, I'm sorry, can you do less of that? Can you feel less joyful? Can you have less welfare and prosperity that's just not going to work. So I think back in the 1950s in Los Angeles, it was terribly polluted, mostly from cars. The standard environmental approach would be to tell people, I'm sorry, could you drive a little less or maybe stop driving at all?


Of course, that was not actually on the agenda. I mean, you wouldn't be able to get people on board with that. What did solve a very large part of the air pollution problem in Los Angeles was the catalytic converter. It was an innovation that you put on your car and then basically pollute a lot less. Now it has a cost, but it's an OK cost compared to the immense benefit you get. The trick here is to recognize if we can innovate the price of green energy down below fossil fuels.


We can solve global warming as long as we keep telling everyone, and especially China and India and Africa, I'm sorry, you just got to be poor because we can't actually make you rich while you don't emit a lot more CO2. That's never going to work. What we need to do is to invest a lot more in innovation to get green energy to be cheaper than fossil fuels. Once we reach that, everyone will switch not just rich, well-meaning Americans, but also Latin America, Africa, everybody else.


And so you point to the hydrogen car. That may very well be the solution. Remember, there are lots of people out there who believe that they know what is going to power the rest of the 21st century, and all of them are still too expensive, hydrogen car included. But the point is, we should invest a lot more in the research of those because we just need one or a few of those technologies. And those are the ones that will empower the 21st century.


I mean, everything changes when we can get the right battery, everything changes and we should be working. We should be spending all of our money on research in batteries and then looking for things like hydrogen. In cars that could be coupled with those batteries and then the problem is, is solved, I, I don't understand how people can block every single thing and then say wind power, which is so far away from reality, the land alone that it would take just to build enough wind for the windmills for a third of our energy need would be a third of the country almost.


It's ridiculous. And I mean, you're so full of common sense. If this was the green energy movement, what you talk about here was the green energy movement. We would all be in lock step. But I got to believe that you have been called a climate denier and science denier every step of the way as well, even though you're not disagreeing with any of their science. Oh, of course.


Now, a lot of people find it's a lot easier to argue if I just call you names and actually engage in this conversation. And, of course, the real surprises, if you really, really worried about global warming, why would you be proposing the same solutions that have failed the last 30 years? If you really think this is the end of the world, is that a smart move? Of course, you need to find better ways to fix this.


I would probably be a little bit more technology agnostic than you are, because obviously some people believe very much in batteries. Some people believe very much in hydrogen cars. Other people like Craig Venter, the guy who cracked the human genome back in 2000, he's arguing that we should put out algae on the ocean surface that grow oil from sunlight and CO2, conclude that we basically be able to keep our entire fossil fuel economy, but we power it with oil that we just produced and hence it would be CO2 neutral.


Again, there are lots of these issues. All of them are not cost effective right now, which is why they haven't taken over the world. But the point is research and development can make that difference. And it just needs to make a difference to one of these many technologies. Them will fail. That's fine. We just need one or a few of them to come through. And that's why I think we need to challenge people who are very, very worried and tell us we're going to spend trillions of your money on ineffective solutions.


No, look, you have the right problem, but you're fixing it badly and you're wasteful with the money. Let's do it smartly through innovation and make sure that we actually find something. The luxuries work for rich, well-meaning Americans, but for everyone on the planet.


Is socialism the way to go? Will that help?


Well, clearly, it's not. I mean, I think we've already sort of found out we need some sort of managed capitalism, as we have in most countries in the world. But the idea is to recognize what solves most problems is not wringing your hands or making command to dictate from what you need to do. It is innovation. Coming back in the 1970s, we worried about the fact that there would be almost no food for India and Africa. The solution was not to tell people we worked.


Well, I'm sorry, could you stop eating so much and send it to the Indians? The solution was the Green Revolution that we found a way to make much more food, much cheaper, much more effectively for Indians, which is why India today has not had a huge hunger catastrophe. They're actually the world's leading exporter race because of innovation. Instead of just telling people you're doomed and we got it through with less.


And also, I would add, silencing of people with dissenting opinions. We need everybody thinking and working and being free to be able to work on their own style solutions because it could come from somebody we least expect. Bjorn Lomborg, thank you very much. The name of the book is False Alarm How Climate Change Panic Cost US Trillions, Hurts the Poor and Fails to Fix the Planet. These books that are coming out by Bjorn and also by Michael Shellenberger, they need to be read to your teenagers.


You need to give them to your teenagers because your teenagers are being filled with all kinds of despair.


And the truth is that despair is a lie beyond Bjorn. Thank you so much. We'll talk again. Great to talk to.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck. This is the Glenn Beck program. You know, the the problem with Marxism and in social engineering and all of this stuff that the Democrats are doing right now is it goes against human nature. Yesterday we told you about New York City and how it's just it's over. It's over. And the reason why it's over is because of tech. People have realized now, because of covid, I don't need to go to work.


So why would I go to work in a city that charges me 10 to 15 percent more in a city tax?


I have to spend gobs of money to get anywhere. To go anywhere to cross a bridge is 20 bucks to, you know, to live and have an apartment is like a mortgage any place else. The Democrats, one of their things is solving climate change is just pay everybody and then have them just do whatever it is they want to do and they have to live in a city. Well, if I don't have to be in a city, I'm not going to be in a city.


I want to be out someplace where I can see how beautiful it is. It just goes against human nature, all of it. More on the national convention coming up. This is the Glenn Beck program. Let me talk to a little bit about American Home Shield, if you're looking to protect your budget and your home, should something go wrong? Sure, I've got homeowner's insurance right now. You don't I mean, it's not really covered.


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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. So let me give you just a quick highlights of the DNC convention last night. First of all, Michelle Obama outlined the qualities a president needs, clear headed judgment, understanding complex issues and a moral compass. Although she's not describing Joe Biden, I don't know who she is. Then the DNC focused on the Constitution, but they opened up with the Star Spangled Banner. I didn't know who these people were last night.


It's like you keep using these words. I do not think it means what you think it means.


This is the Glenn Beck program. We begin there in 60 seconds. Stand by. First, let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It's Goldline.


The Federal Reserve is out of control.


I don't know if you've heard about this or not, but the Federal Reserve is currently working with MIT to hypothetically develop a digital currency for them to play around with, I mean, to help manage the economy.


They're also now talking about opening Fed bank accounts for every citizen. That way, they could just deposit money into every citizen's bank account. You just have to go and have a Fed bank account. And one of the Fed banks.


Oh, that's fantastic. Oh, no middleman.


Just money. Just pause in on an unrelated note, meaning that very sarcastically, gold continues to rise in value. Projections for the next year are through the roof. I saw somebody yesterday comment on a tweet of mine said he's been selling gold to his audience cause in fear for years now. Specifically since gold was three hundred and twenty eight dollars an ounce. That's when I started saying buying buy gold that three hundred and twenty dollars an ounce is now worth two thousand dollars an ounce.


So, I mean, you're right. Whoa, what a bad investment. Gold line, please.


I've told you don't I don't buy it as an investment. I buy it as a hedge against insanity. And the world, as you can see, is more and more insane every day. Everything the Fed said they wouldn't do, they have done. We've printed more money in the last 90 days than we've printed in the last 90 years.


What do you say you call Gold Line?


Tell me you want to find out now about their five dollar gold liberty coins? I just got some of these a couple of months ago. They have them in stock again. Please tell them I sent you a call gold line at 866 Gold Line. Just get the information. Don't make any rash decisions. And don't don't be stupid. Balance things out. Spread out your risk. 866 gold line gold or silver. 866 Gold Line or Gold Line Dotcom.


Tomorrow night, the Democrats plan to rig election twenty twenty. You're saying that voter fraud is a thing and I'm telling you that it's not. And you're mine. The water. It exposes the dangerous truth about mail in voting and who is behind the real election interference. Watch the enemy within. Tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. Eastern only emblazed TV Dotcom's. So last night the Democratic Convention happened and it was bizarre. But I want to I want to actually I want to go to Michelle Obama's speech and and find points of agreement.


SOT eight, please.


Here's Michelle Obama.


Joe Biden wants all of our kids to go to a good school, see a doctor when they're sick, live on a healthy planet, and he's got plans to make all of that happen. Joe Biden wants all of our kids, no matter what they look like, to be able to walk out the door without worrying about being harassed or arrested or killed.


He wants all of our kids to be able to go to a movie or a math class without being afraid of getting shot.


He wants all our kids to grow up with leaders who won't just serve themselves and their wealthy peers, but will provide a safety net for people facing hard times.


Is there anybody within the sound of my voice take out Joe Biden once all of those things?


Is there anybody within the sound of my voice that disagrees with that, that I want kids to go to a good, good school?


All kids. I want a doctor to be able to see those kids when they're sick.


I want to live on a healthy planet. I want all of our kids, no matter what they look like, to be able to walk out the door without being worried about being harassed, arrested or killed. Harassed is a really interesting word, because I would like my kids to be able to go to college and have a different point of view and not be harassed. I would like to have a different point of view, not be arrested. I don't want you arrested because you're a different color or different point of view.


I want you arrested if you've done something wrong. And I would happen to put looting into that category. And I certainly don't want our kids walking through the door and feeling afraid that they might get killed. But that's now happening with whites and blacks and it's happening with blacks more than whites, not from the police, but from blacks. Black on black killings is what's killing most blacks.


He wants our kids to go to a movie or math class without being afraid of getting shot. Me too. He wants all the kids to grow up with leaders that don't serve themselves and their wealth and their wealthy peers. But we'll provide a safety net for people facing hard times.


So do I. So do I. Tell me about tell me about Barack Obama. Tell me about the Clinton Foundation. Tell me about the Obama Foundation. Tell me about how you went to a public office to serve and you still had student loans and now you're living in an 11 million dollar house. Tell me tell me about that.


So this is the problem. We agree. Just not everybody actually does those things.


Does Joe Biden want all our kids to do all these things? Yeah, but is it a do his policies reflect those things?


No. We want a chance to pursue any of these goals. I want you to listen here. Here's number nine. Listen to this. And if we want a chance to pursue any of these goals, any of these most basic requirements for a functioning society, stop, we stop, what do we have to do?


What do we have to do if we want to pursue any of those goals, any of these most basic requirements for a functioning society? What do we need to do?


We need to have everybody agree on a few social contracts like looting is bad.


That intimidation is bad. That shutting people up because they have a different opinion is bad. We need to have a functioning society, but she says, no, no, no, we have to do what?


Continue on the side, please.


We want a chance to pursue any of these goals, any of these most basic requirements for a functioning society, then we have to vote for Joe Biden numbers that cannot be ignored, because right now, folks who know they cannot win fair and square at the ballot box are doing everything they can to stop us from voting.


How true it is. The closing down polling places in minority neighborhoods are purging voter rolls.


They're sending people out to intimidate voters and they're lying about the security of our ballots.


These tactics are not new.


No, they're not. And it's funny because these tactics were used by the Democratic Party to stop blacks from voting. And you're doing it again.


This was this is the galling part of this, this is why people can't listen to the other side and the other side can't listen to this because they don't believe any of us believe it, because too many of the politicians don't they don't believe it. They say one thing and they do another.


But these things, the actual people do believe and last night's convention was was programmed for morons, self-imposed morons. They're not they're not morons. They just aren't paying attention. They don't feel like they have to do any work. They just trust that. Oh, yeah. I'm getting I'm getting the news. I'm getting the straight news because I like them. And that's on both sides.


Because you like somebody doesn't mean you're getting the truth. I urge you, do your own homework. Don't don't ever take anything I say as gospel.


Don't be a moron. I've done my best to make sure that it's right, but I get things wrong. Everybody does. Don't be a moron. People had to fight for freedom. We're not even willing to look beyond what's being spilled out onto our couch.


All right. That's true. That's true.


No, it's not. Do your homework.


We asked people to fight and die and sacrifice everything for our freedom. And this generation, our generation's not willing to actually pop the hood and even look at the engine, let alone fix it.


Michelle Obama said even when it all feels so overwhelming. Working parents are somehow piecing it all together without child care. Teachers are getting creative so their kids can still learn and grow. Our young people are desperately fighting to pursue their dreams. That's kind of true.


It does feel overwhelming working parents are somehow or another piecing it all together and many times they can't afford child care because their jobs have been destroyed.


Teachers are getting creative, yes, but so are the unions, the teachers unions are destroying our children's future.


Our young people are desperately fighting to pursue their dreams. Yes, while you tell them that they shouldn't dream because we'll all be dead in 10 years because of global warming.


Is that compassionate? Are we being told and being shown to be resilient? Who's talking about the the average mom and pop business, I'm tired of seeing Wall Street go up. I know why Wall Street is going up. I know why the stock market's going up, because the Fed is in bed with big business and the Fed is printing money and giving it to big business. And then on top of it, they are buying their stocks. But who's buying your stock?


Compassionate, resilient and decent people. Take heart, you will be the ones that save the republic, not our democracy, we don't have a democracy.


You will be the ones that save the republic. And it's not only saveable, it's worth saving. It's worth doing everything we can to save it.


Where is somebody standing up and saying, hey, why don't we help the businesses out, the small businessman?


Here's what we can do. They want to open up and they want to open up responsibly, they're not stupid. They want to open up responsibly.


I can't open up my building. I can't open up my building now because if anybody gets sick in my building and I've opened it back up, I could get sued by anybody, comes in, walks off the street and gets sued. Where is somebody saying the small businessman needs protection from lawsuits over covid because you know that's coming?


That's the that's the final finishing off bullet, that's the bullet where the guy is just laying on the ground, you know, he's bleeding out. You know, he's dead.


But you look at him because you have Spight and you put one last bullet in his head.


Litigation is that last bullet. Governor Abbott, governors around the country. President Trump. Members of Congress, members of the Senate, where are you? Help us. Because we know the Fed is already helping those who have helped themselves over and over and over again with our tax dollars.


We need somebody who actually believes in America, that actually believes in us, that the American people will do the right thing because we're good and decent and honorable.


And the only guy I see standing on that horizon, the only guy who actually I think believes in America, who just won't take no for an answer.


Is a guy that I mean, I'm like, really Donald Trump, Donald Trump, that's the guy out of all the guys in the out of everybody in the country, that's the guy that we can count on.


Now, it seems like it. Seems like it all this crap you heard last night from the DNC is just really good writing and production, that's all it was.


They don't believe a word of it, because if they did, they wouldn't be.


So they wouldn't be supporting the riots on the street and cutting of our police departments and all the other crazy crap that we're all seeing on television every single day. I want to talk to you about AMOC, if you're looking for an alternative to the AARP, I've got some good news for you. The Association of Mature American Citizens, or AMOC, the fastest growing 50 plus organization in America. When you're with AMOC, you're going to get discounts on your car insurance, your hotels, roadside assistance, dental plans, even cell phone service options that you might not otherwise have and many more benefits to make your life easier and save you money.


Amax stands for the kind of American values that you stand for courage, faith, reasoning, all of the good things that are lost right now and amoc fights for the freedoms we hold dear, like individual liberty, free speech, freedom of religion, the Second Amendment, the sanctity of life. Wouldn't you rather belong to an organization that fights for your values, stands up for your God given freedoms? Stand with AMOC as they fight the good fight by becoming a member.


Today, the benefits are great, but the cause is even greater. Join right now at a Mac got us back that's ama c dot USA back amoc is better. Better for you. Better for America.


Ten second station ID. I before we go any further today, I just want to thank so many people for the really kind emails that I've gotten from I mean, Nikki Haley reached out yesterday and said congratulations on the honor, the induction in the Hall of Fame. Yeah, I mean, some really amazing people, but I don't think I did an adequate enough job yesterday because I was trying to be funny and everything else on thanking you, the audience.


You make this job so easy to do. You make this job a pleasure to do. And the only reason why I'm still doing it is because of you. It's not for the money. It's not for any of the other stuff.


It is because I think we have a connection.


And I know you count on us and we count on you. We get as much from you and maybe more than you ever get from us.


I also really need to sincerely thank Stu and Pat and Jeff and Sarah and everybody else that has been with me for 20 years that saw this thing through from the beginning and always believed and never doubted and has never, ever turned their their back or given a sideways glance towards what we were trying to do.


And I can't thank these people, and especially Stu, our executive producer, enough.


Thank you, God. And as much as I hate to say it, you absolutely deserve to be in the Radio Hall of Fame and it's a place you do deserve to be and should be.


So I'm glad I'm glad you're going to be going. I have to tell you, I looked last night at the Radio Hall of Fame that just the bees, you know, can find alphabetically, just the bees.


It is it's it's crazy who I'm joining, you know, Jack Benny and Gary Burbank. And, gosh, I can't think of all of them now, of George Burns. All of these guys, they get back.


You don't deserve. Yeah, really, I don't. I don't I mean, the names that were there, people don't appreciate radio like I think they used to.


And so, you know, you've gotten down to people like me in the Hall of Fame.


Now, it's not true. I mean, you really do deserve it. And it's you know, you went from you were doing this a long time and you've built an amazing thing here. And it's been a hell of a ride, really. It really I thought about that the other day of like she's like, that's what else do you do? You're kind of like the Radio Hall of Fame. Like it's kind of like that's it. Right? You should just go home again, you know what I'm saying?


Think every time I go home and just turn the bath water, the warm, maybe bring a razor in with you. I mean, it's it's basically the ultimate honor of this industry. It is. It really is. It is just like the Baseball Hall of Fame. If you're a baseball player, it's that big of a deal. And it's a great organization, is sincere sincerely. And it's amazing that you're in it. And congratulations. Philly is open.


Thank you. That's all I wanted to say.


This is the Glenn Beck program. And let's let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour, our sponsors relief factor. And I want to talk to you about Alicia. If she lives in Kentucky, she's just about 50 years old. She worked at the local grocery store throughout the covid stuff. And as a result, her knees, which weren't in great shape to begin with, have gotten a lot worse in the last few months. It got so bad by the time of the day that, you know, she was ready to go home.


She was literally limping. Then she heard about relief factor on the radio and she decided that I don't know that radio Hall of Famer probably wasn't steering her in the wrong direction. So she started, you know, taking really factor. She said she started seeing a reduction of pain within a couple of days. Within a couple of weeks, it was gone. Aleesha got her life back. No more limping for her relief factor, not a drug, but developed by doctors.


And 70 percent of the people who try go on to order more so ordered the three week quick start for only nineteen ninety five. What do you have to lose? And then when it works, please tell me about a relief factor. Dotcom eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four. Relief factor dotcom. And go to Bleys, TV.com, Aglen, use the promo code, Glenn, save 10 bucks off your subscription to Blaze TV. I want to tell you a story here about a family with a disabled daughter who the family had saved up to go to Disney World for a long time, and I'll get into what is happening with the seven year old daughter.


But she can't wear a mask and covered by the ADA.


She went they went to the Magic Magic Kingdom. And Richard, the dad, says it was an absolute nightmare.


Nightmare. I want to talk to Richard, this is first interview on the air. Hello, Richard, how are you? I'm good. How are you?


I'm good. I really am heartbroken by this story. But I also have a few questions for you because it's a tough situation. So you live in. Absolutely. You live in Pennsylvania. What do you do for a living?


I used to be a maintenance and production supervisor. I was in an industrial accident. Both of my legs were crushed. We were actually supposed to have this trip last September, but because of the accident, that got delayed.


OK, so you're your daughter has already been delayed. And tell me the situation with your daughter. She has. What is the diagnosis?


My daughter's high functioning autism, but she has a severe sensory processing disorder. Normal, normal sensory signals, whether it's feeling or textures with food or sound, her brain can't process them properly. It becomes overloaded. It sends her into a full blown panic attacks. You know, I can boil an egg for nine minutes if I do it for eight minutes or ten minutes. The second she fights into it vomit because the texture is different and her brain can't process it all way up close because of the way it feels against our skin.


When we're sitting and watching a movie. I can't put my arm around her because any type of restriction she again, our heart starts pounding out of her chest. She can't breathe. She goes into a panic attack feeling like she can't breathe. She don't, you know, special therapy. It's called darapladib. You know, it was great before Korona. I mean, we conquered sound. There was a time that we tried to go to a fair and a balloon popped and she ran into a four lane highway that was next to it because of the sound and the feeling of needing to escape, but not knowing why she needs to escape because she's a child.


And they overcame a lot of those issues and got us to the point that we could actually take this trip.


First of all, Richard, I'm just hearing that you can't put your arm around your daughter is just soul crushing. I, I truly feel for you. So so tell me what happened. So you went down to Disney?




Yes. So we arrived Wednesday evening. Disney is doing thing where you have magic fans and there's my Disney experience. So Wednesday morning it gave me our room number. So we arrived at the hotel, walked down the sidewalk to our building, and we used our magic band to get into our room, need to check in for the front desk or anything. We got up Thursday morning. We didn't arrive until late on Wednesday and we went got on. I don't know if you've ever been to any of Disney resorts, shuttles that were to all the different locations, I'm sure.


So we got on the shuttle to Magic Kingdom because we had a breakfast reservation at Chef Mickey based on our needs with food and only being able to eat certain foods. When we were getting on the bus, the driver asked about her mask. I said she had a medical condition and he said, OK, we got on the bus. We went over to the Magic Kingdom. We weren't even going into the Magic Kingdom that we needed to get off there and walk down the sidewalk to a different resort where the restaurant was located.


When we got off the bus, there was a security checkpoint and that's where they stopped her about the mask. I tried explaining. We were just walking down the sidewalk. We need to go to our breakfast reservation. She has a medical condition. She can't wear one. At that point. They asked us to step to the side while the manager came. My daughter, you know, everyone else that was going through the gate staring at us. And my daughter started to instantly regress and start covering our ears and trying to run away.


My wife had a corella. And, you know, I tried to explain to them, listen, I don't even today we're not even supposed to go to Magic Kingdom. That was supposed to be the next day where we're supposed to go to Animal Kingdom. That day, we're just here to go to breakfast. We just need to walk through this metal detector and walk down that sidewalk to the restaurant where she doesn't even need a mask anyway and they wouldn't let us go, so.


We went back to the resort and there I tried talking with the management because it's day one of an eight day vacation. What am I supposed to do? All of our reservations to eat are based on what we're supposed to be in, which day based on what she can and can't eat or what am I supposed to do. And all they kept saying was to layer to layer cloth mask, firmly covering nose and mouth, or she can't leave her room.


And I'm like, you know, so to speak. Well, I need to speak to someone. I need to figure something out because I need to be able to feed my daughter. I'm from Pennsylvania. I can't just turn around and go home. So they told us to go back to our room, told me someone will contact me shortly. This was nine thirty in the morning. Finally at three o'clock, the same person called me back and was like, you can send an email to guest services, but you have to stay in your room or the pool and she can't go anywhere besides those two areas.


So I sent the email Friday morning. Someone called me know same thing. I'm trying to figure something out like can I can I use a face shield? What kind of accommodation can you make? Like, you know, we need to figure something out. It's almost the weekend and no one's going to be here. And again, they told me they would call me back and. All day we waited in our arms for forty five a.m. and they called me back and said they still hadn't heard back from their boss so they wouldn't hear anything till Monday.


Oh, my God. At that point, my daughter had been begging us to go home. You know, she she didn't want to be there anymore. She she didn't want to be trapped in our room. So we ended up booking a flight home for Saturday morning. They told us, you know, where we found our money if we left. So we booked a flight home and we went home and we finished our vacation with the expert because, yeah, you know, they respect yeah, you know, people some people just they medically can't wear masks.


This isn't even a healthy adult we're talking about. You know, it's a child who was made a little bit different. And you see what happened with Southwest Airlines and Disney candidate. You know, it's a disgrace. These kids have need and especially with the school this school year coming up, this is something that really needs to be addressed. What are these kids going to do?


So, first of all, I can't believe Disney treated you and your daughter like that. They usually are not like that. But it just seems like everybody is you know, no one is willing to take responsibility for anything. Isn't she covered by ADA?


So they are trying to cite the direct threat clause under the ADA, which gives them the ability to take people's rights away and the ADA protections, which I find appalling. You can't tell me that covid is not that big of a threat and it's safe enough for casinos and theme parks to be open, but then turn around and say it's such a threat that you can't give equal rights to a disabled person. You can't be both ways. It's a huge threat or it's not, can you?


Did you know that they required face masks prior to did you did you call them and talk to them about it in advance?


So, you know, I got. In a message on the app, when I open the of policy, and I really didn't pay no mind to it, I take responsibility for that because. Where I live, it's everywhere has there's not a single store, it doesn't have a face mask policy, but they. All right.


And you're wearing you're wearing a face mask and you are wearing one and your wife was wearing one. Right.


And technically, my wife should be exempt because she has severe asthma and breathing problems. But we both wear one so that to try to avoid problems with our daughter, we don't want people to think we're just anti mask and flaunting the law or, you know, we want to avoid problems for our daughter because she legitimately can't wear one. So we do. So where does it stand now? What do you what are you going to do now? Well, you know, I saw Disney told me they would refund me when I checked out.


They told me they cut my I to contact a travel company and they gave me the runaround and had me call someone else. And they had me send an email to billing. I got a majority of my money back. They won't give me a breakdown showing me what I was charged for, the money. I didn't get back like, you know, three nights at X amount. They won't show me any of that. They won't give me a complete breakdown.


Well, now, you know, I'm just from the support groups I'm on on like Facebook with other autism parents. You know, the big concern is what happens to these kids when school goes back. I mean, these kids lost all their services since March, you know, or in-person therapy or therapy, like their education. They're in class support now. School is coming back around and they want the kids to wear masks. Well, what's going to happen?


Are you going to start suspending these children from school because they can't wear a mask? Are you going to refuse them entry? Just like, you know, kids need social skills. They need these kids, especially the ones on the higher end of the spectrum, are one day going to be adults that have to have jobs and live in the real world. And in order to be successful, they need the services and programs that were designed to help make them successful.


They need the social skills that they get from interacting and being around other people. They are if they're healthy physically, they're the lowest risk category there is for covid. So to punish them because all adults either made poor life choices or, you know, are older and aren't taking the steps to protect themselves. You know, there is some people like my mom who didn't choose to have the type of cancer she has. She's high risk not because of anything she did herself, but she takes steps to protect herself.


She doesn't demand other people stay inside to protect her. She knows that's her responsibility.


Right. OK, well, you do thank you for sharing this story.


This story is up on the Blaze Dotcom, and thank you for sharing it. I I'd like to take this story back and meet with my staff and see who we know. I was just going through the Rolodex of my mind here, of who I know at Disney and unfortunately, the two heads of Disney that I did know have just left. But we're going to find out what we can do. And it's not really about Disney. It is more about what's going to happen with services for your kids at school.


So let me give me some time on this. And I don't know if we can do anything, but let us look into this and see if there's anything we can do.


And and let me get back in touch with you. I don't think the end of the story is is here.


Well, I appreciate that very much. Like I said, from the support groups for other, you know, child other parents who have children with extra needs, you know, there's a lot millions of parents around the world hanging in the balance because there's no real guidance coming down, you know, to put an end to this kind of stuff. There's no official word either way coming down. And we're just in an awkward position. And I thank you.


Thank you so much, Richard Roth. Thank you. And we will not leave the story there.


Back in just a minute.


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Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Tomorrow, we've got a great special for you. Brave New World. We have the look into what is actually happening with the Postal Service. You're not going to believe it's not the story. You'll find any place else tomorrow night. I'm looking at this name list of names that have been inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame that your name will now be up with Abbott and Costello, Mel Allen, Gene Autry, Jack Benny, Harry Carey, Dick Clark, Jimmy Durante Records, Bing Crosby, you know, Mike Francesa, Bob Hope.


This is disturbing. I think they should take it away from you. This should not be. This is not right, guys.


I was reading a partial part of that list yesterday and I was thinking, it's like, you know, Cary Grant, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Kermit the Frog is like one of them doesn't really work. It doesn't really work. But it's an honor to be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. And I want to thank you for being such a great audience. You make this job a pleasure to do every day. Thank you.


This is the Glenn Beck program.