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I ask for I ask for you to listen today and even take notes. I ask you to listen without getting angry, if possible. We are on the edge of civil war and the mainstream media is not covering it. And I believe we are going to start losing some of the people at the blaze to violence and that this is not hyperbole.


We are going to if you're a subscriber of the blaze, you will see some video that you're not seeing on CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox, you're not getting the truth. Even if you're watching Fox, you are not getting the truth and you need to know what's going on. We begin there in 60 seconds.


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I have to tell you, I don't know. And I mean this sincerely.


I was on with Mike Fasano yesterday from Tampa in Cleveland. Great guy. And he said to me, we're getting all kinds of tweets, people, you know, texting into the into the studio saying ask Glenn what he thinks of talk radio and the survival rate. And I said, Mike, I know you. You know, Mike, Mike is he's a a jovial guy. He's a fun guy. I'm sure, you know. I mean, he's great.


And he said, I, I don't like my job anymore. I don't like what I have to say anymore. And he said I'm worried. So what do you think the future of talk radio? And I said, if Donald Trump loses this election, even if Donald Trump doesn't win in a landslide, it's got to be a landslide. They're going to tear this country apart. They're going to tear it will be at civil war. And if they if Joe Biden wins, I don't think our voices are going to be around this time next year.


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Tonight, the Black Lives Matter agenda is moving from the streets over organizations to your kids classrooms. Why can't we have that revolution in America?


Smuggled documents reveal how public schools have become a training ground to push cultural Marxism. And it's all happening behind your back and exposes the war on the minds for America's children. Watch Brainwash. Tonight, 9:00 p.m. Eastern, a place to be dotcom. Com Glenn. Welcome to the program, I planned on starting talking to you about the amazing things that happened last night on the GOP convention, it was very unconventional, but it was it was really good.


The speakers weren't as good, I thought, as the night before.


But the things that happened were remarkable and very uplifting. And and, you know, Trump is getting heat because I can't believe he would use the White House and he would have a swearing in ceremony of of immigrants there during the convention. How dare him? You know why he does that? Because you won't cover half the crap he does. And then when you do cover it, you cover it all in a negative. So he's going right directly to the people.


He's cutting you out. This is the one time he can have full coverage in the country and you can see it. That's why press, that's why he's doing it. Congratulations, you don't like it, you created it. Now. Instead of starting their. There is a clear choice. Good versus evil. And we are headed towards a revolution and a civil war. And it is it is, make no mistake. It has been the plans have been laid by revolutionaries who have very high connections and lots of money.


We have laid this out on our Wednesday night program, whose funding BLM, what is BLM? It's an it's a corporation. Why won't the Democrats come out against these these protests calling them peaceful protests, their riots, they're burning our streets down and all that has to happen is for the state, the the the governor to call the president and ask for the National Guard.


You don't want him to send in the National Guard without being asked. That's unconstitutional. That is the job of a fascist and they want him to do it.


So he sets the precedent. They want him to do it so they can say he's a fascist and blame it on him.


But what's happening in our streets last night? Last night, one of our reporters. A guy who has a guy who I think honestly is. Is crazy. But then again. So is Laura. So is Laura, what's her name? Logan tells Laura Logan, going in the middle of the riots in Egypt. That's craziness. But why does she do it? Because she's a journalist. She's a war reporter.


And her network, CBS, had no problem. Sending her in with a detail to go in to Egypt. They'll do they'll send reporters in to war zones, but they won't send them into Wisconsin or Seattle to document what's really going on.


Last night. There was a shooting and I want to show. The video. There was a shooting in Wisconsin and it is getting out of control. One of the rioters was shot in the head. That Elijah Schaefer was there. He was recording, he was he was broadcasting live last night. Can you please play the video? You see a guy who has been chased with a long rifle. My gosh, I mean, it's happening in the middle of the street and Elijah is on the sidewalk.


There's a few different reporters, I'm not sure of that one that videos from Malaysia, but I know he was right there. He interviewed the supposed alleged shooter before the shooting happened. You go I mean, you have to follow atomizers. Shafer he has all the videos posted from last night. I mean, the guys you guys were risking his life to get this out there with a select few reports, about four of them.


Yeah. That are going and risking their life lives to tell these stories that the media will not talk about.


And is anybody paying attention? Is anyone paying attention? This is critical that you know what's going on in our streets now. I'm going to tell you what happened. Now, if you're seeing this, you're seeing another this is Alija and his camera. It's a guy who was trying to burn down and loot some store. And somebody who was trying to protect the store came out and just started shooting and shot that guy in the head and all of a sudden it got really real for everybody.


You think? Now, if if the media is covering this, I can guarantee you the media is saying this is a white supremacist.


Now, why is it a white supremacist? I'll tell you why this is happening. I talked to somebody who I don't really know, I've talked to him maybe a couple of times on the phone, seemed like a normal business man. I'm not going to tell you where he's from or give you any identification.


He's a normal businessman, and in his area, things are getting bad. And I said, hey, how are how are things? And he said, well, you know, I live in a place where there's a lot of militias and I said, God help us. I know. And he said, you know, Glenn never thought I would be involved with any of those people, he said, but I need a team. I'm a business owner, I'm a dad, I need a team, I need someone that will stand up for me.


This is why they won't ask Donald Trump to send in the troops. Because people who are in at risk, people who are having these monsters go down their street at night and scare the hell out of their children. No one is protecting them. So who will? Well, you'll get in bed with the devil if you have to. And then what do we have and then what do we have? This is the clear fault of the Democratic Party. This party is a threat to the Constitution.


They know exactly what they're doing. We can document everything that they've done, they will not call out the violence. The press is in bed with them.


Now, for all of you people who might be saying, oh, my gosh, I believe Glenn Beck said that, really? Could we please play what Nancy Pelosi said about Republicans yesterday? We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system and our honoring our Constitution are at right at sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States. But again, let's just get out there and mobilize, mobilize, organize and not let the president deter anybody.




They are now saying so she's just called the Republican Party. What what traitors to the Constitution? They went crazy when Donald Trump said the press is an enemy of the people by not telling them the truth. I was uncomfortable with that when he first said it. It's absolutely true. This this lie about stealing the election is a lie. Here's what it's about. It's not about it's not about getting a bunch of ballots going through the post office and then they don't arrive in time or they haven't been sorted.


Here's what's going to happen. Mark my words. Here's what's going to happen. The post office is going to be flooded with those things they're all going to go through. Then the board of elections has to open all of them. They have to verify the signatures. They have to make sure that it was checked right. Filled out. Right. You know, on an average year, on an average year, we reject about 10 to 20 percent of those because they're not filled out.


Right. Then. All right. So we throw them out. Can you imagine if we throw out five million votes? Can you imagine? What do you think is going to be said, this is why they're bringing up the post office. It's a ruse. It has nothing to do with the post office. It has everything to do with disenfranchising the vote. They're going to say, how do you know they're throwing five million votes away?


This is the we are on the precipice of civil war. Our police are under attack. Our cities are under attack. Our homes, our neighborhoods are under attack. Our children are under attack at school like never before. Tonight at nine o'clock, I urge you, if you have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, anyone in school, I cannot ring this bell loud enough. What is happening in our schools this semester?


This, I mean, all the way to kindergarten. What is happening this fall in our schools? If you are not virtually sitting in the classroom with your children, you're a maniac. You're insane. You're insane. Under attack. So now what do we do? More in a second. Give me 60 seconds.


All right, ahead, Mike Lyndell on the program yesterday. He's just he's got more energy than anybody I know, and he's a fighter and he is not going to sit down and he has come under just.


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You know, I have been so positive this week, and I do think we will see miracles in our day no matter what. Joe Biden, you please play that Joe Biden, no miracles. Think this one of the craziest, most evil thing I think I've heard in a long time. You play that, please. We have it as president, the first step I will take we to get control of the virus that has ruined so many lives because this president hasn't from the beginning, we will never get our economy back on track.


We will never get our kids safely back in schools. We'll never have our lives. Never, never deal with this.


Fine deal with it. The tragedy of where we are today didn't have to be this bad.


I know they said it could be two and a half years this time.


It's not this bad in Canada or Europe or Japan or almost anywhere else in the world is picking cherries.


And the president keeps telling us the virus is going to disappear. He keeps waiting for a miracle. Yeah, listen to this. Well, I have news for him. No miracle is coming.


Hello. America, no miracle is coming. Let me just pee all over any hope. I don't know about you, but I get my I don't know about you, but I'm hoping these are the end times because Jesus comes and when Jesus comes, I know who wins and my children won't be enslaved by a global state. So I'm hoping I'm hoping that Jesus is coming in the next, I don't know, 10, 15 years, wouldn't that be nice?


Just survive until then. I could whistle in the dark all night long for 15 years, if that's the way it ends. Destroying hope, telling you, no, miracles are coming, I'm telling you right now, miracles are around the corner like you have never imagined, but so is trouble unlike you have ever imagined.


I told you that we would see the 1930s hatred come up again and it would happen in our streets. It's happening right now. The the the tactics of BLM are brownshirt tactics, no exaggeration. Did you see what happened in the restaurant in Washington, D.C., where the woman was surrounded, who's a supporter of BLM, and they said make a fist and put it in the air and demanded that she give them the BLM Hitler salute if she wouldn't do it.


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This is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome. All right, I want to tell you what is what the steps are that you should be taking right now with your family.


And it's a little overwhelming. But I want you to go to Glenn Beck Dotcom and look for my survival guide of the American Revolution or the revolutionary fires. I can remember what we titled it. I put it out about four months ago and I'll have to look at it again. But I thought it was pretty, pretty good coverage of what you need to do.


We're going to add a couple of things to it, but you need to first thing you need to strengthen your trust in God and you need to strengthen your relationship with God. If you have something wrong in your life, correct it right now. Stop. We are coming to the time where I mean, the one reason why I I don't fear for Elijah, as I mean, I do. I really do. But the one thing he has going for him is I know he's in touch with the spirit.


And we are in the times where you must be so disciplined where when you hear stop, don't go there, go the other way. Stop. Don't be involved in this. You do it, do it, do it. Without question. Listen to your promptings when they are telling you, stop, step away, turn around. Don't be involved in this. Anything that is preaching safety and peace, follow it.


Second thing, God does not deal in fear, I will tell you before the the event that I did this summer, restoring the Covenant, I was I had nightmares every single night, every night. I couldn't sleep. Horrible nightmares. And they were the kind of nightmares that live with you all day long. And every time it was a nightmare of somebody I really looked up to, somebody that I knew was really strong and solid, a hero of mine, you know, the spiritual leaders of my church, all of these people that I really admire and I know would not freak out.


And every night it was a different person. Everybody was freaking out and I was freaking out and I thought, I've got to talk to them and I'd get to them and it would be a chaotic scene. I'd finally get to them and they'd be cowering in the corner.


And they're like, there's no hope, there's nothing we can do is no hope, and I'd wake up and I'd carry that with me all day long. And I know where that story came from because that's not the way God deals. He does not deal in fear.


I know where that comes from, and if you're not under attack, you will be. And if you're not under attack yet, you might want to ask yourself why. Maybe, maybe you're not standing in the right place.


Are you are you aware of what's happening or are you just cowering in the corner and saying, I'm not going to get involved? This is going to take real courage. I want to show you something that happened in a restaurant the night before last in Washington, D.C. Play this and I'll describe it for the ratings.


This is a restaurant where all these BLM supporters come in. And they are and they they're telling everybody in the restaurant, you have to raise your fist in the, you know, black power fist, they're all basically they're all white punks and one person in the restaurant won't do it. Everybody else is doing it and they are just berating her, berating her.


She won't do it. Now we find out later. She's a supporter. She's been marching with BLM. But she said this just felt wrong. Of course it felt wrong.


This is the bullying tactic of the Blackshirts or the brownshirts. These are MOUT, this is the Mao revolutionary squad, the revolutionary army of youth that he said sent out to change everything in the Cultural Revolution. That's what is happening now. They're using the same playbook. They're using the same playbook that all Marxists use, including Hitler. He was a socialist. It's why you send the brownshirts out, that's how you got everybody to do the Hitler salute. Let me tell you something.


You know who you want to be. You make a promise to yourself right now, you'll be this guy. If you're watching you, you you even if you're not watching, you probably remember this picture, it's a crowd of people that all are given the Hitler salute except for one guy, huge crowd. One guy has his arms folded. He won't give it. That's who you want to be. That guy didn't care what was said, he married a Jew, he was a German.


Had to get a divorce, have to get a divorce. We're going to take her away. We're going to take her away. We're going to take you with him. He went to the death chamber to.


I would much rather have my children, my grandchildren, my nieces and nephews have a photo of that like that with me or like that woman in Washington, D.C., sitting with her arms folded. And everybody is saying, give the black power salute. And she, who is a supporter, says, no, that woman has videotape for her ancestors.


Someday that videotape will be in the hands of her ancestors and they will say, this was my great grandmother, this was my aunt when the world went insane. She wouldn't go along. You have to make that decision now, you have to say, will I give the salute or will I take a beating to the head?


You have to ask yourself right now, will I get into bed with people who are just as bad?


Look, I came in this morning. Do you know, are they going to cover this? Do you know that the Seattle writers, they tried to set a Seattle police precinct on fire. They were throwing Molotov cocktails.


They did everything they could to set this building on fire. What, you didn't know if you were watching them on the outside or you're watching them from the front of the building in the back of the building. They took all of the fire exits and they poured quick create. They were trying to burn the police officers alive. They were trying to trap them there. Then you have the video that came out last night of an incident last night in Wisconsin, store owner was there, they're looting his place.


He's using a fire extinguisher to get them out. Stop it. Stop looting my place.


Something I wouldn't have done, but I have a right to protect my store. Some guy from the crowd takes a baseball bat and just clocks him in the head, older guy, too.


Yeah, you know, elderly guy just trying to defend a store and using non-violent, nonviolent means to it. And he wouldn't play.


That poor man got his his business caught on fire. Now, here's somebody who I think is a supporter of BLM who's there but doesn't like the violence.


I'm sorry, sir. I'm very sorry about that, man. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Hey, I had nothing to do with that.


I'm trying to stop this dude. I'm going to hell. So I don't give up. I get beat up. So she's so she this woman is videotaping this as he's just. Some of that. An older guy just trying to protect his store clocked with a baseball bat in the face. I mean, this is sick, but I'm telling you, if you get in, you have a right to defend your family. You have a right to defend your house.


You have a right to defend your store. But if you join roving vigilante mobs.


Who are just going in the street and they're going to take matters into their own hand. You will be part of the problem. They are on the verge of losing every American because no American in their right mind is for this, no Democrat in their right mind is for this and it's eating at them. What's happening to my party? How can my party is doing this? How can my mayor that I voted for is doing this? How can my governor that I elected is doing this?


It's eating at them. And if you give them the roving vigilante mobs, who do you think who do you think the press is going to put all over the place? You're on the verge of winning. Do not engage. Americans will see evil and they will see it next to good. And they will reject the evil because no one wants to live in that world. Oh, they're taking away the guns. They're also taking away the police. Who do I have me that cannot and will not last?


I will show you in a minute how you can get involved, but please, please, I beg you, do not strike back. You are so close to winning.


I've been saying this since 2008, I know, I know, I know. But I am. I am convinced that you cannot call for the blessings of God. If you are. Part of the shedding blood of blood, unless it is in defense of yourself, your person, even your property. You cannot do it and you cannot back vigilante justice, you cannot. And I'm warning you now, because it's going to grow, that's what's growing now in Wisconsin and it makes sense because if I had a family in Wisconsin, I would say, who's on my team?


Who's going to stand up for me? I can't stand up by myself. If you want to have a team, find a team that will surround and lock arms and protect and take the beating, take the beating, it will end it faster. America will not the world will not tolerate decent people who have love in their hearts with locked arms and take a beating, the world still has enough decency, but it's slipping quickly.


They still have enough decency to reject that. More in a second. I don't. I don't know what I should be doing right now. I don't I don't I don't know.


My job is to warn you it's my job.


All right. Let me talk about my Patriots supply.


Do I need to say anything to you? I need to say anything. Oh, you're crazy for stockpiling food, really, really, really, are you are you crazy? Think about let's just think about November 5th, it's a close election, they still haven't gotten the ballots. They've dumped a whole bunch of ballots because they didn't have the right checkmark. The signature didn't match whatever it is. They were all signed. Mickey Mouse and Nancy Pelosi and her crew are saying he stole the election.


Look, they're disenfranchising. What do you're comfortable going to the store? Call them now? My Patriots supply at least a four weeks food supply of emergency food.


And I would have it close to your station wagon or your van or whatever if you live in a city.


My Patriots supply dotcom, my Patriots supply dotcom, do it now, my Patriots supply dotcom, this is the Glenn Beck program.


I want you to listen to this quickly, this this confirms what I'm saying, you're about to win. Listen to the freak out on the riots with CNN, Don, and what's happening in Wisconsin.


It's a Rorschach test for where this country is. And I think it probably represents the biggest threat to the democratic cause. But when you said it's too little, too late, I don't know about that. I mean, we still have a lot of time left until Election Day.


And I do think that this what you said was happening in Kenosha is a Rorschach test for the entire country. And I think this is a blind spot for Democrats. Thing I think Democrats are ignoring this problem and hoping that it will go away and it's not going to go away. And so unless someone comes up with a solution over the next seventy three days, sixty eight days, 68 days. So it's not going to the problem is not going to be fixed by then.


But what they can do and I think maybe Joe Biden may be afraid to do it. I'm not sure. Maybe he won't. Maybe he is. He's got to address it. He's got to come out and talk about it.


Stop this. Look, look at what's happening. What's happening. They know they're losing. Do you think that CNN wants to say bad things about the Democratic Party, wants to tie these riots into the silence? They are the most silent. The media is not covering it. They call them protests for months and then they're turning back into riots because they're seeing it in the polls. Yes, they're seeing that people are turning against Democrats in the polls. And the thing that they need is somebody to respond to it.


That is anybody that they couldn't even say. He saw a picture of Hitler when he was in third grade. He's a Hitler Youth. That I mean, the anything they will use, anything you're on the verge of winning. Don't do it. Don't do it. They are being exposed for who they are in their arrogance. They are being exposed. Donald Trump, please. Somebody at the White House, please listen to me. When this coverage is happening during part parts of the GOP convention where it's talking about who we are as a nation, just put up a secondary box with live riots in one of these cities and just say the choice is clear, the choice is clear.


We're talking about a bright future for America. And this is what the Democrats are silent about. This is the America they promise. The choice is clear. Please, Republicans start doing that, please. It is a clear, stark choice between good and evil. Put them next to each other and listen to the words of Martin Luther King.


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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. Reason one thousand five hundred and seventy nine to not watch the convention on any network. Watch it on C-SPAN. ABC News said they brought the extremists out whenever the networks weren't covering the convention, which was, what, all of about eight minutes of the convention. Whenever the networks weren't covering the convention, they brought out the crazy people. Well, we have one of the crazy people on and we have the network audio of it as well.


Gee, I didn't I didn't know that the networks could only cover certain speeches. You would think if they wouldn't connect with the American people, they would cover those speeches. Why didn't they cover Abby Johnson? We'll tell you why in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program that had so many writes, and she was very skeptical about trying rough greens with their little dog. She said, I sure my dog wouldn't eat it.


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All right. So on the ABC podcast where they were covering the convention they stumbled onto the secret combinations at the RNC convention. Listen.


Last night though, the Republican National Convention, some of the more fringe personalities of the party were not on the fringe anymore.


Oh, nothing prepared me for what I saw on the screen. An unborn baby fighting back, desperate to move away from the section.


Early in the evening, a former Planned Parenthood employee gave a graphic description of what she described as a horrific work environment.


See, for me, abortion is real. I know what it sounds like. I know what abortion smells like. Did you know abortion even had a smell?


Planned Parenthood had already said her account was not supported by documents of the real questions were over her mother past comments when she suggested reverting to household votes where husbands voted for wives or comments earlier this summer where she said police would be smart to profile her by race.


Democrats pressured schools to allow boys to compete in girls sports and use girls locker rooms. Those are the facts.


Yes, they are.


And Abby Johnson is here to answer for her fact crime fringe personality. Abby Johnson.


Hello, how are you? I'm doing well.


Your speech was very powerful, to answer your question. No, I did not know that it had a smell. And I I'm just so wildly curious, but I don't want to ever know. So thank you for your your testimony last night, being a fringe candidate. Let's let's have a fringe speaker. Let's just first ask you a couple of questions. The thing about, you know, profiling your your son, biracial son, is that because you don't trust him, because he's he's mixed race.


Is that what it is?


Yeah. Well, I mean, it's just I just. Yeah, I know I know the five year old kid.


I know he's probably out hijacking your car car jacking your car right now. Right now. Is that right now.


So what did you mean by this idea? What did you mean by that or did you even say that?


I did. I did not say that. And I, I did a video. I talked about different converse. And that I'm going to have to have with my biracial son, then I'm going to have to have with my white kids and I'm basically just I talked about statistics. I talked about violent crimes in the black community. I talked about what that's going to look like for my son. OK, and I got it. I got it somehow.


Somehow that turned into me being OK with police profiling, my filing, my I got anyone with the common sense in treating and treating him unjustly, which I clearly said in the video, if my son is treated unjustly because he's biracial, it's not OK.


So let me just ask you this. Why do you want your husband to make all the decisions in the House and vote for you?


And so, you know, here's the other thing. I, I mean, I write this tweet, I, I put this tweet out is actually sort of a funny tweet for a long time ago, like, hey, guys, tell me the most interesting, most controversial things that swirl through your head, which we got the funniest responses, the most interesting, funniest tweet ever put on Twitter. And I say in their case, there's this thing, the concept of household voting.


You know. All of a sudden now I want to take back a woman's right to vote. Women should never be allowed to vote. And you know what, MANPAD woman Abby, I have to tell you, the household vote, women voted.


Women did vote. If the husband was dead, it was it was a household vote. So it didn't matter if it was male or female who was the head of the household. And they did it because they wanted people to have skin in the game.


So you would vote if you owned your house, you had skin in the game so you could go, but you had one vote per household anyway.


It's I mean, why we're even talking about that is crazy, because I just think it's an interesting concept.


And I never was like women should never be allowed to vote. But this is the thing, Glenn. They were so concerned, here's the thing, I made it very clear what I was going to talk about in my speech. So now here come all of the leftist pro-abortion that are like, let's dig up everything she's ever said that we can completely take out of context. That we can misconstrue and let's twist it around and let's take the focus off of what she's actually actually been like in her talk, because she's going to expose the barbarity and the reality of abortion.


We can't allow that to actually be the focus. Yep. Been there, done that.


So, Abbie, let's talk about what you did say. Unbelievably powerful. You know, there's a movie out about you that I think you are a real hero. You were a Democrat and you were the employee of the year for Planned Parenthood. And you talked about the Margaret Sanger Award. And I read a story a couple of days ago that they're quietly backing away from Margaret Sanger now. Do you believe any of that's genuine? No, I mean, I think it's I think it's just sort of a PR stunt right now because they had.


They had seven employees come out and talk about, you know, how Planned Parenthood is racist and they talked about these employees talk that Margaret Sanger and her jaded history. And so now I think they're sort of trying to to back away from Planned Parenthood. New York came out and said, no, we're change the name of our building because of it and all this. But I don't think it's anything. I don't think there's anything genuine.


Do you really believe that the abortion clinics of Planned Parenthood are placed in the black areas of towns primarily because they still want to eliminate the black race?


I think it's I think it's twofold, I think that there is a racial component there, but I think it's also a business strategy. I mean, but when you look at the allegations that are being made by these employees that have left Planned Parenthood, you know, the allegations of racism, I mean, there is still definitely this this foundational racism that still flows throughout the corporate culture at Planned Parenthood.


You said last night that this is the most anti-abortion president we've ever had, and I think that might be true, but back that up.


I mean, if you look at the policies that he's passed, if you look at the number of policies that he's passed and if you look at the two Supreme Court justices that he has appointed and their votes on on issues that have come before them, pro-life issues that have come before them and the way that they have voted, I mean, it's pretty. Classifiable, I mean, it's pretty it's pretty clear and I mean, do we still have work to do?


Absolutely. But even just with the convention, I mean, there's never been a former abortion worker step on that stage. I mean, life has really been a core component of what's been raised and talked about at the convention. And when you compare that to the fact that for the first time in years, no one from Planned Parenthood, no one from the abortion lobby stepped on the stage at the DNC this year, that's that's pretty telling.


I think that it's the tide is turning. The tide is turning. Yeah.


I will tell you that, you know, I found it interesting that the networks were saying that, you know, you were on you were a fringe candidate and you were on when the networks didn't cover.


Well, who's making that rule?


You have the list of who's on. If you think this person is so dangerous and so fringy, that would be the one I'd say move the commercials or, you know, shut Stephanopoulos up or whatever. We're covering this because this person is a crackpot. But they didn't cover you, which to me says they know that your message last night would be very effective. So don't cover it.


Yeah, you know, MSNBC actually cut away to commercial as soon as. I stepped up and began speaking. They don't want their audience to hear what I have to say. Right. Surprisingly, CNN, they did.


There my talk, they did not hide away. It's you know, it's it's really a game. I mean, it's a game. What do you think this election? Is really all about because I don't think it's about Donald Trump and Joe Biden. What does this election mean? So. I mean, I think that. I mean, you're right, I don't think it is about I don't think it's about Trump, but I don't think it's about any of that.


I mean, I think that. Where do we go? I think we're on the verge of being on the verge of anarchy right now in our country. You know, I just did an hour where I said, you know, I think we could be in civil war by Christmas time. You know, this thing is coming apart at the seams. You know, all the crazy things that I was talking about in 08, nine, 10, 12, they're all it's all happening right now.


And for the first time, I looked up to Stu and I said, any of that sound like hyperbole? And then the break.


And he said, no, I think it all could very well happen tomorrow.


And I think Americans know that. I think we all feel it.


This is a choice between good and evil and it is a choice between survival and suicide really is.


I think the left is a death cult. It's just a death cult. What is lawlessness? And I don't think America wants lawlessness and we're seeing that happen in cities and democratic cities across the country right now. And I think the more that it happens, the more people are being convinced to vote for Donald Trump. Yeah, yeah.


Abbi, thank you so much for everything that you have done in the past and continue to do. You are really an American hero. And and thank you for your courage.


You're great. Of course.


Thank you, Ben. Amy Johnson. All right. Our sponsor this half hour is Norton. Whether your kids are going back to school in person or, God forbid, continuing to attend school from home, they are apt to be bringing all kinds of things, delightful new devices into the house, as if, you know, you didn't have enough things sucking your souls of your children out.


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All right, I want to I want to talk to you about this document dump that we have received that we are we are going to go through tonight.


It is it's 800 files, 800 files, not pages.


Files of information on how Black Lives Matter has hijacked our schools. The special tonight is called Brainwashed. It is at 9:00 p.m. Please become a member of Blaze TV. This one is so incredibly important that you watch. You have no idea. This is actually part one. Part two is just as disturbing, if not more so.


Our schools have been lost and this dump came from a teacher that has been a teacher for 25 years, a black teacher that had to go to a, you know, some sort of what do you call it, a summer, you know, recap where they go to school, get together and all the teachers get together.


They're like, OK, so here's here's our plan for this year. Well, some people came in and they were teaching and they were showing curriculum that is now in New York, I believe, in California. And not all of it is in schools. But a lot of the teachers walked away and said, OK, so I can use this. Right.


They were teaching how to just kind of subvert everything else and just kind of plant this in even in gym and art and everything else. One of the documents, I don't know if we have time to show it to you tonight.


It is it is written by a professor, an academic paper written by a University of Pennsylvania professor. And it's called Why Don't American Cities Burn Very Often? And it is to teach our kids to be social justice warriors and to go out and riot in the streets. I'm not making this up. What you are going to see tonight, they are pushing everything into our kids. You are going to your kids will not be the same. It's not good enough that they got them in college.


Now they're getting them as low as kindergarten. And we will show you what they're doing. You must must be aware of what is being taught in your child's school and who their teachers are. I have Betsy divorce. Betsy, divorce does not do interviews. This is the second interview we've done with her. She is the secretary of education. The problem is, is she believes, like I do, the federal government should have nothing to say about local education.


This needs to be done by local people. But she will be on to talk to us about what's happening in our schools and what parents should be doing. They are trying right now to shut down all private schools, public Catholic schools, Christian schools. They don't want any home schooling. This is on the agenda for the Biden. The the Biden. Campaign and the Biden administration, that you will see these things happen and they are already positioned in all of our schools and they are teaching BLM, Black Panthers, Marxist, they're teaching all of that stuff to third graders, fifth graders, eighth graders, high school.


And it is going to come back and destroy us and destroy the future of your children, because there's going to be documents of everything they say. You don't think that's going to come and bite people in the butt. You've got to watch it tonight. Please join us at 9:00 p.m. Tell all of your friends, please tweet this, please. Facebook this. Tell them 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Brainwashed How Black Lives Matter hijacked our schools only on Blaze TV. Join us now.


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This is the Glenn Beck program. I, I beg of you to support and pray for Elijah Schaefer and everyone who is working now on the streets in these riots, please pray for for a hedge of protection around them. Yesterday, we had Elijah on and he was talking to us about, you know, somebody who pulled a gun out. And as we told him, he didn't realize at the time the guy drive fired.


He just pulled the trigger in Elijah's face. You could hear it. Well, last night, he finds himself in the middle of a shootout where somebody is actually two shootouts. One guy was shot in the head, the other the shooter, Elijah, had interviewed shortly before. And I, I, I said to him yesterday, please reconsider, but these guys are the war reporters of our day analyses joining us now.


Hello, Elijah. Hello, Glenn. Thank you so much for having me on. So, Elijah, first of all, I saw you on with Steven Crowder yesterday on The Blaze. And again, terrifying for me, at least watching you. I wish you would come home.


Can you tell me the names of the reporters that are with you, not just with the Blaze, who's with who's with you every night?


Yeah. OK, so I would like to say this to these are the people who are with America considering the fact that in these in this event, Twitter likes to curate this event as breaking news, that the people they referenced and the articles they used happened to be the people who were not actually on the ground. It's a disinformation campaign. But the people who were there, I always say this. Even if you don't like the commentary, video evidence does not lie.


Yes. And we have amazing journalists. There is George Ventura from The Daily Caller. Doing great work is also Shelby Talcott and Richie McGinnis. They're all from Daily Caller. And there's a couple more. There's Caitlyn Almeda. He is from Scriber News or independent think tank and news source. And then we also have on top of that Julia Roberts from Town Hall and then Drew from his independent from the Lives Matter show. There's this group of people not directly connected, just eager to show America what is actually happening, because I think America is desperate to know and they deserve and have the right to know what's going on there.


All right, Lisa, I don't know if I can get my hands on a I think I counted eight, but I am going to send up bulletproof vests for you and all of these reporters.


I don't care if they work for the blaze or not. You guys need vests. So I'm going to I'm going to see if I can raid even my my family's vests and get them up to you right away.


And and a please wear them. Please wear them, will you? Yeah, I absolutely will. I think I think, like probably the person who's sitting there listening to this, you think, why would I need to wear a bulletproof vest on the public streets in the neighborhoods of the United States of America? Because I know we all know America is a great place, but it's it's got it's wild. It's got its wild characteristics. And and there are certain areas and certain jobs that maybe would require them.


But using a camera and just filming what our constitutional rights said that put you in the path of a bullet, tell America what to tell America what you witnessed last night, what happened last night.


OK, I need to give a precursor, which is something that at least we do at Blaize. But if they don't do everywhere else and it just lets you know that all this is alleged that people are innocent until proven guilty. And so all of these details should be scrutinized. And we're still putting some of the story together and we don't know everything. But I will tell you this, that I was following some black bloc, what appeared to be antifa inspired individuals as well as Black Lives Matter rioters.


This is during a state of emergency violating a curfew and in an unlawful and illegal assembly declared by the sheriffs and local law enforcement. We were pushed back outside of the uptown Kenosha, Wisconsin area. Now, by who?


You were pushed back by who? We are pushed back by the law enforcement. The mayor was given emergency powers to handle and to disperse rioters. Now, Washington Post, I will say, called the victims in this shooting protesters. And I'll tell you why they're wrong. This group I was following was armed with metal bats, with hammers and in some cases bricks or in finding large stones. We came upon a car lot, sort of like a car shop and immediately, like any peaceful protester would do, fighting for equality and against police brutality.


They decided to completely destroy every single vehicle that they could lay their eyes on and not just through minor, you know, kicks and bumps. I mean, throwing boulders through the front window, glass shattered one by one, taking hammers and knocking out windows and lights. And even to the point, brand new looking infinity SUV, something that a family probably used. Somebody loves, you know, cars are a part of our lives, lighting it on, lighting a fire.


I mean, just straight up being arsons. They were they were taking apart every car piece by piece. And the worst part is, is, according to one of the rioters who was with the group, he's going, that's my lot. That's my my at my place. So the tables have turned. The rioters can't even tell who's their own destroying their own city. Right before this happened. This was chaos. This was anarchy. This wasn't just rioting.


This was felony criminal targeting of private property.


OK, so then you do an interview with somebody and they're being labeled today as white supremacists.


Yeah, you know, unfortunately for us, that seek the truth, everybody who does something that is advantageous to the radical and far left agenda will be labeled a white supremacist. Even if you're black, you'll be labeled that if you're a Jew, you'll be labeled that even if it doesn't make sense. But these groups of individuals, I, I did something that lost and you know this we actually interviewed people instead of speculating to find out who they were and what they're there for.


There were a couple groups that I don't know if they're connected. There were people wearing Hawaiian shirts, maybe inspired by certain movements like movements. I don't know if they're directly affiliated. I don't think they were. There were also libertarian libertarian militia style, multi-ethnic, by the way, multi racial. And then there were some other individuals in similar fatigues that were defending businesses using CS gas. And I asked them, you know, what are you doing?


And this is what I want to point out. I don't know if all the groups were connected organizationally, but everybody I talked to who clearly was in military fatigues of some sort had two common factors. Number one, they said that they supported the riots, that the and the protests. In fact, they believe the insurrection against the government in some ways is part of the protected right of the people. But they also remember to continually said that they didn't believe that we had the right to attack each other's private property.


And I watched as this man who we are going to find out is the alleged shooter innocent until proven guilty. And we don't even know if he's in the wrong one. Investigations happen. We're not sure yet what what the full situation is. He is an EMT from his own words, and he was offering medical help to injured Black Lives Matter protesters. So I don't know about you, but that's a pretty bad white supremacist riots. Not only he verbally supports the Black Lives Matter movement, but also offers medical help for people who are hurt.


OK, so but he was carrying a long rifle, was he not? Yeah, and he told me that he was he himself was only carrying lethal rounds. So that is confirmed. And he was capable and willing to use lethal force if he had to, to defend the property of his city.


OK, I want to play a little bit of that interview in just a second. So hang on, Elijah. I want to play a little bit of that and explain to the people will play a little bit of the the shootout that happened. It was terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. And we'll have that coming up in just a second.


This is Elijah Shavar. He's Bleys TV host, slightly offensive. Support him on YouTube, slightly offensive. Go to his page, like it and subscribe. And then please join us on Blaze TV and subscribe. We really need your support right now. Things are heating up quickly.


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I trust dotcom. This is the Glenn Beck program. This is the Glenn Beck program, we're talking to Elijah Schaefer, who is a Blaze TV host, slightly offensive, and he is one of the guys that is that goes out into the streets and is actually documenting what's happening in the streets in Portland and Seattle and now in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And there was a bad shooting, two bad shootings yesterday. And can you set up this interview quickly for me?


Yeah, so there is a pretty interesting, interesting moment here and there you were framed by interviewer to just what what actually happened or the interview, the the interview with the alleged shooter.


OK, perfect. Yeah. So approximately an hour before the shooting, there was a business that was previously targeted by rioters in the in the first two nights that was completely boarded up, that was surrounded by what appeared to be militia like, you know, nothing criminal. There's nothing wrong with Americans holding guns, especially if you don't think the police are coming.


If you're protecting property, God bless you.


And if you want to defend the police or someone's going to have to step in to protect their own property. Yes. So, you know, I approached them because something in me actually enjoys seeing people step up to to have pride in what they own. And so I ask these people protecting this place, you know, do you guys own this property? And the individuals told me, you know, this was belonged to a friend. I can't confirm that.


But they said that. And so then I noticed that they had used tear gas or gas on the writers who were approaching and successfully got them away from the building. And so I thought that was very an interesting thing as well. They actually properly defended a piece of private property without using lethal force, but also successfully were able to do in what appeared to be a better job than local law enforcement who seem to have their hands tied protecting the government property.


So I asked this young man, you know, who was down there, just do you do all these guns basically loaded or do you have lethal rounds? And are you prepared to use lethal force to protect property?


Let me play the you know, let me play the interview. Here it is.


We're projecting from the citizens that I just got pepper spray by a person in the crowd. So you're non-lethal. You didn't respond. We don't have non-lethal aid. So you guys are ready to defend the property? Yes, we are not. I can ask, can you guys step back medical I right there. I'm an EMT. You did a medic. I'm on my team.


So it shows that they were there to protect that er that that particular building. But also it shows that they were providing medical and it didn't matter who was was hurt then.


How about an hour later I'm going to play the video and describe the scene. What's happening here. This is a guy laying down on the street, I think that's the guy you interviewed and he had a long rifle and he was shooting at people. Tell me what happened.


Right. So while we were at the car lot, I. I do not know what started the initial altercation.


And the reports are still not clear. And it's OK as a reporter to just say, yeah, we need more more video evidence. But at a certain point there was an altercation between this man and another man at the car lot. He did open fire, multiple shots, several. So at least more than three or four in a very quick burst, which sent a lot of us running because they, you know, appeared to go through the car.


I was standing right there. And when you see someone raise their rifle and start shooting, usually that's a good time to not be there anymore. But the moment within seconds, somebody screamed, you know, I shot someone. Oh, my gosh. And people are going, I it was just chaos for a second. I'm going, oh, man. Someone got shot and I went ahead and ran ran over as fast as possible right back to the situation.


And a man had been what appeared to have been shot in the head. I I'm not going to give it everything else, but I know that the guy who who allegedly shot him did take off running and good for him because I'm pretty sure they probably would have tried to kill him. I've seen this happen before, like in Dallas, whether it was justified or not, I'm not I can't speculate. However, when he was running there, there was a altercation to try to disarm him, it appears.


And there was a disagreement over the rifle. And the guy who jumped on him to try to disarm him got his arm badly, badly shot. OK, Elijah Schaffer, please tell all of the reporters with you, please, please listen to promptings and and do everything you can to stay safe. Elijah Schaffer, thank you for what you guys do.


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It really is. We are presenting information that you're not getting anywhere else. And quite honestly, I heard from a a somebody who used to watch me all the time, hasn't watched the blaze in a while and happened on the show and was watching the show a couple of weeks ago and said, how come I don't know any of this? Can this all be true? Why are you the only one talking about this? Well, remember, that's what we used to say to Barack Obama supporters because they were only watching CNN.


If you're only watching Fox News, you're not getting the truth. You're not you're getting portions. And it is much this is this body is disease beyond your comprehension if you're only getting mainstream news. What happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last night? We just talked to the Blaze TV reporter that that was there. Talk to the guy who shot who was involved in this shooting. Really horrible, horrible night in Wisconsin. You're not getting the truth on that.


We showed it to it was happening live last night. Please, I urge you to watch tonight's TV special on schools, because what's happening in our schools is way beyond the 16 19 project, way beyond. And you must know about it. If you are not a subscriber of Blaze TV, we need you now more than ever. Subscribe Blaze TV.com, Glen Blaze, TV.com, Glen. Use the promo code, Glenn, and you're going to save money on your year subscription.


But you must watch and listen to these shows like your life depends on it, because at least the life of your country does. And it may be all of our lives. In the end, we need to hang together or we will certainly hang separately, as Franklin once said. We're going to tell you about what's happening in the schools. And I believe I hope that it will spur you into local action. We're going to do that in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program, by the way. Betsy Davos, the secretary of education, who does not give interviews, is part of this special tonight.


She's going to be on with me live tonight at 9:00 p.m. after I show you just a glimpse of what was smuggled out of our school systems by a very brave teacher. All right. First, let me let me tell you about AMOC. It's an alternative to AARP. Let me just cut to the chase. AARP is just like all the rest of these organizations that have sold their souls to the devil and are are just nothing but mouthpieces for the for the left.


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Better for you. Better for America. OK, Rebecca Friedrichs is joining us again.


She's the author of Standing Up to Goliath. She is the founder and president for Kids and Country.


The teacher unions are out of control and she spoke at the RNC on Monday. Do we have a clip of that speech? Can we bump in with this, please? OK, apparently not, she had said they have intentionally rewritten American history to perpetuate division and pervert the memories of our American founders, disparage our Judeo-Christian virtues.


Their lenient discipline policies morphed our schools into war zones, and they backed defunding police and abolishing ice. She talked about the poison of these labor unions and it is much worse. Think of the worst thing that you could think of. It's worse than that. Welcome, Rebecca Friedrichs. How are you?


I'm great. And it's so great to be back with you. Thank you. So, Rebecca, tell people who are who look at their teacher and say, oh, it's not my teacher, my teacher is good.


My kids love her and she loves me and I meet with them.


Tell me what's wrong with that?


Well, what's wrong with that is the teacher may be great. Look, I was a great teacher and love the students and supported the parents, but that teacher is teaching inside of a very corrupt system and great teachers don't have a voice in that system. I know that because I served with in the union as a union leader and even as a leader, I was I mentioned in my speech I was bullied, brutalized. You know, we were booed off the stage.


So the unions who are radical Marxists, who are part of this authoritarian totalitarian group of of organizations that are working together, they're the ones controlling what's getting into our public schools. They're controlling the curriculum through Common Core. They have a lot of power. And teachers like me are silenced and actually bullied and oftentimes chased out of our jobs if we stand up and speak against this corruption. So it's worse than anyone can imagine.


So, Rebecca, it is it is remarkable to me how fast this has come on now.


We've known that it's been bad. We know that it's infiltrating. But there's a new sex ed curriculum that is spreading across the country. Texas has to vote on it on September 4th. And no one I know even knows a word about it.


And it is radical, absolutely radical where they're teaching or they're teaching mutual masturbation in third grade.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. Look, when I wrote three chapters about this in my book and I and I wrote that in twenty sixteen, launched in 2018, nobody knew about it. I found out about it in 2013 when a parent contacted me from Northern California and she sent me this curricula that was being used in her daughter's fifth grade classroom. She points out this lesson called the condom relay races, where the kids in mixed company were having to face a fully erect male penis model and put condoms on it.


And the teacher was told, make this a fun activity. I mean, it's child abuse and it starts in preschool, actually telling our children, your parents didn't know your gender when you were born, so they assigned you a gender. And someday you'll figure out your gender based on this spectrum of an unending number of genders. This has been going on for a long time. It's been pushed through the United Nations for decades. And we have folks fighting it there.


They get bullied and the teachers unions are the root key bringing it into. Do you remember that? Forget about it.


Do you remember Rebecca? First of all, let me just say that we're not covering the sexual stuff tonight. That's going to be a follow up episode. But this is now the standard as it was in places like California. This is now being standard. It's in Texas. It is coming to Texas. And you have about two weeks to stop it from coming to Texas.


But that's because the unions control every right. So do you remember 2008? I remember reading a story about the California Teachers Union where they removed a by law that had been put in in like the 1970s maybe. And it was if you were part of any movement that was calling for the destruction of the United States of America, or if you were involved in any communist organization, you could not be a member of the teachers union. And 2008, they reversed that and got rid of that by law.


And I remember saying, yeah, why would you do that? Why would you want someone in your organization that would say that was part of a violent overthrow of the United States of America?


We know now because that's who that. Yeah, that's who they are. They're not hiding it anymore. They've been doing this stuff for. Decades in the dark underground, and now they're coming out with it, thank God they're out in the light now, and so people are finally listening and awakening to this and we don't have much time. Our kids are on the line. Our country's on the line, and it's huge. I'm so thrilled that you are bringing attention to this.


And I would love to help in any way I can by that's my message to you. I will help you in any way I can. When you say where where the time is running short. No, no, no, no, no.


The time is out.


If you are not monitoring your kids, if you don't know everything that is going on, if you're in a school district that says, well, no, you know, the teachers know what they're doing and you don't need you don't need to know what they're teaching or hear saying this. It says that you won't eavesdrop on the on the Zoome calls. You pull your kid out of that school right now. You want to march, you march for the safety of our kids.


Tonight, we're doing the episode, Brainwashed How Black Lives Matter hijacked our schools. I was just talking to Pat Gray. He walked in and he said, So is this is this like the 16 19 project? And I said 16 19 project. That's nursery school stuff compared to what they're teaching now.


Have you seen this document dump?


I haven't seen that document, but I know an awful lot about how they've be bringing Black Lives Matter into our schools. And this is what what I'm trying to get out there is teachers don't realize they're the ones funding all of this. The teachers unions are behind helping to start Black Lives Matter. In fact, many government unions are involved in this AFL-CIO and these others. And and so they have a lot of power. They're collecting billions annually in tax free dues from teachers and other government workers.


We fight to free them. They don't have to pay for that stuff anymore. People don't realize that. So we can help them to realize that. But I'd love to chat with you about how they're bringing it into our schools. Would you like to chat about that? I would.


What would you seem like, Rebecca? You see, I mean, you just gave a speech at the GOP convention. And and you are you feel like I do look quite honestly today, like I need to talk to anybody who will listen. But people people are starting to hear it, and there are things that they can do tonight. I have Patty Davis on this, a second interview I've had with Betsy Devar.


She never gives interviews. Never good for you. Yeah. And she's she's doing one tonight in this special. And I'm going to talk to her because she's kind of in a rough place because she doesn't. Nor do I believe that the federal government has any right to tell local school districts what they can and cannot do. But I want to talk to her about the federal funding, stop the federal funding if the school districts are teaching any of this crap.


And also, I want to talk to her about the teachers unions because.


Yeah, please, I can't imagine how this is even legal to teach this stuff.


So can I give you some highlights of how they're doing it? Yeah. And no, it isn't legal. And why, like you said, why aren't we storming and marching? So the teachers unions passed a business item in twenty seventeen that they're in partnership with the Southern Poverty Law Center, the NAACP, the ACLU, something called Gelson Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network and all these other organizations. And in this partnership, they are they make it sound nice that they're human rights groups and that they're going to come against discrimination and racism and homophobia and educate and eradicate hate.


But when you look at places hate list, it's a bunch of Christian organizations, Jewish organizations that they are calling haters. So what they're doing is they're actually working together to attack people of faith, OK, they're after God. And so they do this by bringing in a whole conglomeration of curricula, ones called teaching tolerance, written by ACLC. It's it's major to understand teaching tolerance that could send you information about if you want. Yes, but they use teaching tolerance and then they have created what they call social justice toolkits for students.


And they're for teachers, too. I can send you that. This tool kit, the one I have, is on California Teachers Association, but this is nationwide. Children can click on this site and they can click onto a live link to TLC and they can report their classmates, their teacher, their parents as hater's. What makes you a hater? Oh, you believe marriage is between a man and a woman or you believe there's only two genders?


Or maybe you're just a Christian. This is an all out attack on everything, America. Do you let me ask I said this yesterday and I kind of winced when I said it, but I paused to think, do I really believe that I do. These are the seeds of the Hitler Youth.


These are the this is the spying on your parents, turning the children against the families. This is so dangerous.


Yes, 100 percent. That's what it is. And they are also when we go back to the sex ed issue, somebody disagree with this?


I really do. You know, they they can disagree, but they'll be wrong. You'll be 100 percent wrong. And we have all the evidence that we need. They are they are specifically undermining parents. Why? Because this is what Marxism does. Marxism seeks to undermine the family who control everyone.


Rebecca, I've got to I've got to cut you loose. I've got to. But we will talk again early and often and maybe we even will schedule you for tomorrow after the after the interview and then after the special tonight.


But I want to do a special with you about how parents can get the word out and they they have got to organize right now. Your website is for Kids and Country Dog for Kids and Country Dog.


I cannot tell you in urgent enough terms this isn't coming your way. This is here right now, and it's different than it even was last year. You will not believe what we will show you tonight on our Blaze TV special Wednesday night special tonight. You Don't Want to miss It. How Black Lives Matter Has Hijacked Our Schools. Please don't miss Brainwashed tonight at nine. If you're not a member, become one at Blaze TV dot com Glenn.


And I really wish people would start saying, no, no, you're wrong. I think you're you're overstating. I really wish that would start happening.


All right. What you have to keep giving bad news. All right, let me tell you about the economy. If.


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Let's pause for ten second station.


To say something happy, say, say, say anything, I mean, chime in with Glenn, give me those looks that you've always given me for the 20 years like you might want to slow down.


Well, I mean, you know, I could definitely give you those looks, but I want you to mean it.


Well, it's a scary time. And I mean, you watch the stuff that happened last night in Wisconsin, you know, where people are being shot on camera.


You know, this this whole situation you mentioned of these people having dinner where they're being harassed by rioters or protesters, I guess in this case might actually brownshirt in some ways. But they're brownish. They look like brownshirts. They're screaming at this woman in masks ridiculously as a noose. They just came out, you know, you can do about anything outside except scream at someone in their face. That's about the only thing that you can do outside. When we're talking about the pandemic, the woman who's sitting there, this is this is what she says she was being yelled at, say, yelling, Are you a Christian?


Good for you. You stood your ground. Some guy said, this is a Washington Post reporter who was there. He says this guy who had been yelling at the woman and moments later identified himself as a citizen journalist who writes for Deadspin, told Victor he could. That's the woman he couldn't understand why she was the only diner in the area who wouldn't comply.


What was in you? You couldn't do this, she says. I felt like I was under attack, adding that she felt there was something wrong with being coerced to show support. She says, quote, In the moment, it didn't feel right. I wasn't actually frightened. I didn't think they'd do anything to me. But I'm very much with them. I've been marching with them for weeks and weeks and weeks. And she's the lady being harassed. American stuff happen.


What's your line? What's your line? At what point do you see people with blame and everything else? What do they have to do, set you on fire before you say I'm not with this.


This is the Glenn Beck program, man.


You know, the only thing and I could paint all day long lately, the only thing that makes me really, truly away and takes all my mind off it is painting. And I love it and. For a while, I didn't think I'd be able to do it because my hands hurt so badly. In fact, last week I gave my relief factor to my niece who came up to visit. She's got back pain. And I said, you've got to try this.


Just try take this bag. I'll get another one. Well, it was like two weeks and I hadn't gotten my bag. I just got it last, what, Friday? I started taking it again. I couldn't believe how much pain I was back in and I haven't had it again. You know, three days into it, all that pain went away. I can paint again.


It is a it's a game changer for me and it is for a lot of people who try it.


Just try it for three weeks. You have nothing to lose but your pain. Get out of pain, get your life back and go to relief factor dotcom. That's a relief factor. Dotcom or call eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three eighty four. Its relief factor dot com. Tonight, more cheery programming from Glenn Beck on his special place, TV.com sides, Glenn Beck host Glenn Right to know what you have to know it.


This is the Glenn Beck program. We welcome to the program now, Robert Pundit's. He is a senior fellow at Fordham Institute. He's a civics teacher. Robert, tell me about the Fordham Institute.


How connected are you to the the university? None whatsoever. The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, it's named after an Ohio benefactor, industrialist. But, you know, no relationship.


Good can I just wanted to make sure because my daughter went to Fordham and the price their daughter, that most of the Bible is just made up ridiculous thing anyway. So I wanted to talk to you because you have written some op eds and you are working with Democracy Prep Public Schools. It's a it's a they're charter schools. And you are pointing out the trouble on some of the things that are coming away, in particular here, the Sixty-nine project, and how parents need to be involved and get this stuff out of their schools immediately.


Yeah, well, I would take a position, at least publicly, on whether or not it should be in schools or not. But the point is, and it's interesting, Glenn, that you brought up Fordham University because there's this idea that I think most of us in education, K-12 education, have that we have academic freedom, so to speak. Well, that's an idea from from higher ed. There have been decades of court decisions that say, well, not really.


There's a difference between being a university professor and being a K-12 teacher. So you have academic freedom. Basically, the courts have recognized this university. You really don't have it for K-12. Lots of court decisions have said that we as teachers are basically higher speech, that if school boards that get to decide what the curriculum is.


So it's the school board that has to stand up and say no more. Yes. To these these kinds of things.


That's right. And it was just an interesting Heritage Foundation poll, which is what kind of inspired me to look into this. They did a poll of school board members and they found, and this may surprise you, that 70 percent do not agree with the idea that the school curriculum should promote the view that our founding ideals of liberty and equality were false when they were written. That was the idea from the 16 19 project in The New York Times. An even higher number of disagree that American history should be, quote, reframed so that children will learn that the US has been tainted by slavery and racism.


Now, have to be clear, like at the school board says, nope, that's the way we want to teach history. Well, there's 14000 school boards in this country. Districts, the courts and the Constitution recognizes their right to to to teach it that way. But the point is, someone has to say, no, we will teach it this way. No, we will not teach it this way. And it's not individual teachers.


OK, so you're saying that two thirds of parents say they don't want it. How do the school boards feel? About 16, 19?


Yeah, no. Interestingly, the school boards are even more, quote, conservative about this than parents. Parents are more evenly divided, but about 70 percent of school boards reject the premises or appear to reject the premises, according to the Heritage Foundation poll that the 16 19 project puts forward. And that makes a certain amount of sense. I mean, these are elected officials, so they're probably not eager to to touch this controversy whatsoever. But if I'm a parent and I'm concerned about this, then the first thing I'm going to do is go to my local school board and say, hey, wait a minute, how do we teach this here?


Are our teachers authorized to use this that the 16 19 project curriculum, yes or no? Because one of the things that's important to discuss, this gets a little bit inside baseball, but it's kind of critical. Even though school boards have been recognized as having the ability, the authority to dictate curriculum, there's a huge amount of gray area. All the data that we have suggests that teachers don't necessarily if they have a curriculum at all, they don't necessarily teach it the way it was written.


The vast, vast majority of teachers sometimes are very good reasons to adapt their curriculum materials from outside sources. That's a standard practice and it's not always nefarious. It's often usually for a very good reason.


I personally want our teachers to be more empowered, to be able to to connect with the students in the way they see fit. Let's let's let them bring their own personality. The problem is, is that we have teachers and tonight I'm exposing a document dump. Eight hundred documents, not pages, files, 800 files of of curriculum that is being dumped out into our schools. And the if you can't use it in the schools, the BLM and others are saying, well, yeah, but you can fold this in and there's ways to fold it in two math classes.


Like you said, there's a lot of gray area so they can use example.


My point right now, this is precisely the point, is that I think most of us as teachers, there's. Three point seven million teachers in American public schools, most of us assume that we have broad latitude to do things like that, to cover materials from wherever we will. And in practice, we do. But if somebody makes an issue out of it, then school boards have the right to say, no, sorry, you can't use that material, but we seldom get asked to a school board, seldom get asked to make those declarations.


So how do you feel about the teachers unions coming after schools like yours? You know, private schools, charter schools, home schooling, what's what's happening there?


Yeah, look, I'm a pretty staunch school choice guy. I teach at a charter school. And I should also say I take very great pains to not bring any of my personal views about, you know, education and politics into my classroom. But but I have this other hat that I wear at the Fordham Institute and in my professional work. Yeah, look, I'm staunchly pro-choice, pro charter, even pro homeschooling. So it's been kind of an interesting and clarifying moment to see the degree to which I would argue that the unions are really overreaching and trying to impose their will upon schools at a time where there's just so much uncertainty about whether kids are going to go back to school or not.


And, you know, it's everything's in flux and I think they're overreaching.


Thank you so much for being on with us. It's Robert Penn Deseo and he is with Fordham Institute, Doug Fordham Institute.


Doug, you must get involved in your local school. You must get involved. You have to find out exactly what teachers are teaching. You have to know who the teachers are. You have to start being vocal. That's what I'm going to show you. Tonight is just the beginning. There's a follow up episode that goes into the new sex ed curriculum that is going now mainstream.


Ben in California, Ben in New York, came in with under Gavin Newsom, but it's it's teaching third graders to explore with each other and explore mutual masturbation in your third grade class. What you've seen, what you will see tonight, you've seen you haven't seen anything like it if you think the 16 19 project was a bad, which I think is that's nothing.


They are teaching your third graders how to be activists. How one of the one of the curriculum is for a week long study on how to find something that you think is an injustice. And then at the end of the week, you have to your kid has to have some sort of a protest.


What are they teaching? What are they teaching and this is that this is every parent's nightmare on steroids. Absolutely on steroids and and nobody's talking about it. You need to know about it. And it's happening tonight at 9:00 p.m. on Blaze TV. Do we happen to have Jason on the phone?


OK, I'm going to take a quick break.


And Jason is our chief researcher.


We have 800 files, not pages, files of documents that have come in from this very brave twenty five year teacher who is African-American, who says, look, I.


I just think everybody needs to know this.


We'll talk to Jason here, who's gone through most of the documents in the files and and get his read and his 40 foot view on why you need to watch tonight and share this with a friend. We'll talk to him and so much more before the end of the hour. Stand by.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck. All right, let's go to Jason Botterill, who is our chief researcher and has been going through these 800 files, that is a document dump. This teacher that got this to us is truly terrified. Agree with that, Jason. Yeah, absolutely.


It did not release them themselves, had to go through a friend because they don't even want to be on social media. They are terrified of the repercussions of releasing this. It's a black individual. And I don't even think a conservative. Are they conservative? He is conservative, is conservative. And the files that we got are are stunning.


And people, Jason, I think, are going to see this special tonight and they're going to go, wow, that's crazy.


That's not going I don't see how you can because, I mean, we laid out we tracked. First off, it was hard to find out who the actual individuals that created this we're involved with. But we did track at least one. And by following that, that those breadcrumbs, we were able to follow it to multiple public and private schools. That's key. They're not even safe. You would think you would send your kids to a private school to get away from stuff like this.


You're not even safe, including a private school that's about maybe two or three miles away from my house where I'm at and DFW.


And this is the reason why I think that the person that leaked this is so scared.


This is unveiling and this is very, very important to emphasize a massive brainwashing strategy.


That's what's going on. If you put it on a scale, an anger scale of Bernie Sanders to Bob Ross, high schoolers are getting the brainwashing on the scale of Bernie Sanders Elementary School, including preschoolers, are getting the Bob Ross version. And I'm serious includes, you know, posters that look, you know, happy little happy trees. But they have little Marxists and little and hyper sexualized messages in them sitting in and on the walls of preschools. It's absolutely insane.


I keep looking through this stuff and I'm going to put out a kind of a plea for help for the audience. This is way too much for one person. We're going to put this out on one of our platforms, not sure which I believe, the global economy. And we're going to put out there for everyone to go through because there is so much stuff, like you said. Eight hundred documents, thousands of pages. You're going to have to pore through this yourself just today or actually, I'm sorry, last night I found I was looking through every time they're glorifying violence, they're doing this mostly with high schoolers, but they're teaching the Black Panthers how they justified violence.


I just saw how they reference the coming insurrection and the riots in France. And they ask the question, why aren't American cities burning?


All this is because we're just so good at fascism and we're so good at racism and discrimination.


It's it's it's honestly a redefinition of fascism. You know what antifascists are anti Americans because the American system is fascist. That that's that that's how it's being defined now in our schools. The American system is fascistic. So if you are an anti fascist, you have to be against America.


It's it's insanity. Insanity. Our kids stand zero chance of being free if we don't stop this in our schools. And I mean right now. I mean right now. And if Donald Trump loses, this is all going to go in and more it will officially just go in and he'll just go and you're off to the races. It's done. America is done. This election is the last election for the choice between good and evil, freedom and slavery.


I mean, this is it. This is it.


Weird that close now is the perfect time, especially to to reveal a lot of this, because most of our kids right now are in online schooling. That means you can listen in unless you're like that county in Tennessee that's trying to vote toward that. They're making that illegal. But now is the time. Listen, I've got my son right now after reading all this stuff, he's I'm looking at him right now. He's doing his online school in my home office.


Everyone should be doing that right now.


If you see this stuff, go to your school board.


You should go to your school board anyway, Jason, I have a feeling this is going to be a very big story in the coming weeks, especially when we go to have you have a chance to look into the second episode I told you about this morning. Have you seen those documents yet? A little bit.


And I think I'm forever scarred just from a small amount of stuff.


Right. Like like it's like it is. Beyond mind boggling, is it not, beyond my mind, and it's what it is, it's it's cultural Marxism trying to desensitize and brought us from within. It is it's horrifying. And that is going nationwide, approved by states. It's already in several states. Texas is going to vote on it on September 4th.


The school districts are voting on whether or not it's going to go into the into the schools. And it's it's it's horrifying. It is the first sexual ed revamp for 20 years. And it was brought in by Gavin Newsom in California.


And it is horrifying. Absolutely horrifying.


Look, I said this earlier today, Jason, thank you. And thank you and the team for all of the hard work. And I said this privately and I mean this some of the best work I've ever done is happening right now. And it is and I say this to the audience. It is not me. It is my staff. They are so on top of it right now. So thank you, Jason.


Now get back to work. The eat, eat the blaze is so important right now that you would join us. And even if you don't join us, join Ben Shapiro. But you've got to start balancing your news. If you're watching Fox News, I'm sorry. You're not getting the whole picture and stuff like I'm going to present tonight is going to seem crazy because you're not hearing it anywhere else. If this is happening, why aren't I not hearing it anywhere else?


Because no one's paying attention and many people want it to happen. You are the last stop.


This is the Glenn Beck program.