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Well, hello, America, and welcome to the Glenn Beck program, quite a show for you today. We're going to talk about the debate, which is tomorrow. We, of course, have the update on the Supreme Court. And we're going to start with you, your life, your business. We do that in 60 seconds. This is the Glenn Beck program.


And morning, Stu, how are you? Good, how are you? Oh, my gosh, we ever seen a news cycle like this? No, there are a hundred huge stories today. There's no way we're getting to all of them.


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A letter to the editor from The Washington Post letter to the editor, I grew up inside this restaurant.


And now my wife's helping out in the dining room, my daughter is working at the hostess stand. It's a family place for generations and counting. I know every inch of pipe and wire that have is running through this building. I've been the plumber, the busboy, the handyman, the butcher, the bartender, the prep cook, the manager. I've done every job there is in this restaurant, and now I'm the one who has to shut us down.


Kills me. My wife and I were supposed to be getting ready to celebrate our sixtieth anniversary, a sixth anniversary of our restaurant this year, but instead we're we're packing up and closing at the end of this month. I'll find another job, but it's more than that, this is my home. These walls are like a family photo album. I try not to get too sentimental about it because it won't change a damn thing, but sometimes the stress hits me and my heart starts going like crazy, I get frustrated.


It makes me angry. How does this whole situation make any sense? I don't know a single person that has gotten covid, and I know that makes me lucky. But right now I can tell you about at least a dozen businesses going under and a few hundred people completely going broke. I know this virus is real, OK? It's real and it's awful. I'm not disputing any of that, but our national hysteria is worse. We've allowed this virus to take over our economy, our small businesses, our school, our social lives, our whole quality of life.


We surrendered and now everything is infected. I like to believe this restaurant is resilient. I tried to outlasted my father, worked here five days a week until he died at 82. Because that's in our DNA. When the governor first shut us down in March, I got together with my brother and my cousin and we agreed to think of this as an opportunity, the restaurant was doing pretty good at that point. We had a little money to spend. We said, let's reinvest back into the business like it's supposed to be done.


We took our time and remodeled the entire bar. We put in new bathrooms, new draft lines. We gave a tour to a few of our loyal customers that said, wow, when this place opens up, you're going to fill it every day. You'll be bigger than ever.


At first, the state was only allow us to do carry out. OK, we have five dining rooms, eighty five employees and thirteen thousand square feet of space, and now you want us to operate like a Burger Shack.


How many people do you know who are willing to spend 40 dollars on a lukewarm steak that's traveled halfway across town?


That's not our business. We're old school. We don't have frozen hot wings that we heat up and toss in a cardboard box in five minutes. We buy the chicken fresh, we cut off the fat ourselves, we pound it out, we bred it, your wings will take twenty five minutes while you're enjoying a conversation in the cocktail or two. But that's the old world, right?


What choice did we have? We redid our menu and cut the prices down and teamed up with Door Dash and GrubHub, we created themed menus for Mother's Day and Easter. We delivered charity meals out to the hospitals, opened up a crab trailer out front so we could sell by the bushel. We're spending eight hundred dollars a week on carry out containers and there is no profit in it. You lose out on booze, you don't get the same tips we kept hanging on through March, then April, then May, but our revenue is down more than 80 percent.


We had to lay off seventy five people that seventy five people dealing with unemployment and financial hardships and not because the virus made any of them sick. When the state opened up for outdoor dining, I ran out to every Costco in the area, bought any picnic table I could find, we got twenty four, one hundred and fifty dollars apiece. We roped off the parking lot and put up buckets of cold beer.


We tried to make it look nice, but it's summer in Baltimore. It's 90 some degrees outside and you're selling cream of crab soup to people who are sweating on the asphalt.


Why would they come? We stood out there for nine hours each and every day and we waited. We got more creative, we kept on trying, we opened up at a 50 percent capacity, had live music themed dinners, mistery nights, a meal with a psychic, we reinvented this restaurant a dozen times and none of it worked.


And what support did we get? More rules, more restrictions, more regulations, more mandates and curfews. We had to close at 10:00 p.m. because I guess maybe covid comes out at 10:00 or one, except apparently they didn't have to do that at the casino down the road because they have political leverage. They get to stay open as long as they want.


You can sit at our bar and have a drink, but you can't get up and mingle because that's considered a health violation. So now I'm trying to serve you and police you at the same time. Hey, thanks for coming. We really need your business now. Put on your mask or sit the hell back down.


I have to buy disinfectants, individual ketchup, paper menus, personal salt and pepper shakers or anything else that I might get fined if I don't have my employees have to wear their masks all the time, even when they're alone in an office. But meanwhile, we have a group of 40 people in the dining room with no masks on, and that's deemed safe because they're drinking water.


None of this makes sense. We had a customer come in the other day, she said she couldn't get seated. She couldn't get seated because we had a few other tables and we'd hit our 50 percent capacity in the one dining room she likes. I had to ask her to wait. I'd rather sit her down and take her money. I hate this rule, but I now have to enforce it. But she could see all the empty tables, she didn't understand she got mad and decided to call nine one one and tell them we were over capacity to armed police officers came through here.


The whole FOIR was empty. Nobody was at the bar. I have a max fire rating on the wall for three hundred and twenty three people and they couldn't count up to 100, I told them I dream about being over capacity, but I doubt that will ever happen again. It's like Trump said. The cure is worse than the disease. People spend too much time at home watching all the news all day long, drinking in this histeria until they were spraying down their groceries and afraid to leave home.


It became another anti Trump thing in the press, the impeachment didn't work, the killer bees didn't work. So let's blow covid out of proportion and see if it hurts him.


But it's the rest of us that got hurt. It was the day after day of failure. It's a slow and painful death. We went to see our accountant at the end of summer. He looked over at the numbers. He didn't say much, that's not like him. I said to him. What would you do? He said the way things are going. You'll have nothing left to lose in just a couple of months. We made our decision right then and there, it wasn't really much to discuss.


Our last day is September 30th. And then we're done. This is happening all over America. People had good jobs, they had businesses, they built them. And the reason why the left insisted that Donald Trump do what he didn't do, thank God, and have a national mandate, is because they would have blamed all of this on him. They would have said it was the president's national mandate. Instead, he says, I'm going to leave it up to the locals, the state's.


The city's. And how many cities are going through this and how many citizens in those cities, both independent, Democrat, even Republican, are looking at it now going, what the hell is going on? Why are we doing this? My kids are going to a school right now, supposed to be one of the best schools around. Really, because it doesn't seem like they are smart enough to figure this one out. The teachers are wearing masks, the children are wearing masks the entire school day.


They're also sitting behind little glass partitions. Each of them have a glass partition. The teacher is standing behind a glass partition. So you've got a mask, a glass partition, a glass partition and another mask. My son sits in the back, says, I don't understand a thing that's going on. I can't hear anybody. They have to wear their masks outside. This this is insanity. Truly insanity. And I hope the American people see it as such.


I hope the American people are figuring this out. I think they are. This nomination. Of Amy CONI Berrett. If this is a trial and an impeachment of her character and an impeachment of her religion.


The Democrats are going to pay a very big price for it. I don't think there is anyone in America. That is still a decent American, remember? Don't think so highly of Americans. Americans are really good, they want to be good, but when they have people leading them into madness, they will follow.


I know it firsthand, I've seen it firsthand. My family has been attacked publicly in crowds spat upon. People chanted, get out, we don't want you here.


My family and I, we we saw this behavior and we thought there's no one that we know of, no public figure, no personal figure that we would ever treat like that, no one, because it violates every bit of common decency. It's one thing to say, well, I've said that on Twitter because Twitter, Twitter goes to the worst parts of us. We suddenly become brave because we're on Twitter. We can join a mob on Twitter, but most people, I don't think, want to join a mob.


But that's what's happening, there's a mob and there's a mob that has been organized in Washington, D.C., it has been organized. By. Groups in secret secret combinations. Political groups. People that are just after power and money and they don't care how they get it. And they have flushed our way of life down the toilet. For what, a presidential campaign? Partly. But for a whole new system, see if you kill the entrepreneur in America, you kill America.


Because you're killing the individual, the individual just has to go to work at some chain restaurant, they can no longer express themselves in their own restaurant.


They lose the desire to say, I'll take that risk because anything can cut that risk, destroy that anything can change the variables and they have no recourse. This is the biggest theft of not only money, but of heritage. And of hope. Where's your hope when the government can come in and you have a successful business and tell you what to do when the numbers don't bear it out, when they came in on a false premise, 15 days to flatten the curve and you're still doing it?


Where do you go? See, this is the conservative argument against big government. Because there's no place to go when the government makes the decision there, the police and the criminal. The United States government. And many of our states. Are responsible for this. Not you. And hopefully someday soon will return to some semblance of sanity. And those responsible for this. This rape of the Western world. We'll be held responsible for. All right, you know, I I'm not listening to Cardi B's, you know, whap, at least on endless repeat, but I could and I could listen to all of the beautiful lyrics and hear them just perfectly with my Rakan Wireless earbuds.


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Welcome to the program.


Tomorrow is the first debate and I have no idea what to expect, you have any your wildest guess, I mean, literally, literally midgets could come crawling out of Donald Trump's pants and on unicycles and could ride around the stage.


And I'd be like, oh, I didn't see that one coming. But it makes sense.


You know, it really is. I mean, anything can happen. Anything could happen.


I'm interested to see because I think the audience expectation from the conservative side is that Trump's going to wipe the floor with blood. Yeah.


And so, sure, the bar set very high. Yeah, it really is.


I mean, I feel like Biden could come out and like mumble a bunch of syllables that don't connect into words. We'd be like pretty impressive performance by Biden there.


I mean, he got through it. He he didn't make sense all the time, but he said we're right the entire time. I think Donald Trump keeps asking for a drug test, which I think is really weird, but he keeps asking for a drug test, maybe because, you know, that thing that they you know, like did you see the movie The Rock as gas, that that thing that they stab into your heart and they inject you.


And so, like, when you're dead, you go and you come alive and you have all that.


I think that's what maybe Trump wants to see if they've done that to Biden, if right before he goes on, they just jam that into his chest and inject it right into his heart.


He does seem to have his good days and bad days. Biden I'm hoping for a bad day and it just seems odd, right? Like why is this person so up and down? Some days he seems to have energy and be moderately coherent, and other days he's almost asleep on stage and can't get through the most basic.


So that's I mean, do you think there's a chance that he's and he's not snorting cocaine, but they're giving him something to.


Well, Biden's had this weird, like, super soft spoken thing he's been doing for ten years. Yeah. And I don't know if it's that you don't like there's all sorts of rumors on the Internet from suppose, you know, all sorts of. That's all rumor, right? There's nothing. There's nothing except for the jamming that syringe into your heart. That's clearly, clearly true. I think I think, you know, what Trump does is get under his opponent's skin.


And I think Biden is at that point in his life where he feels like I can do it. I won't say I can't do it. I can do it. Just put me out there. Oh, I saw Slaughter this guy on stage. And I think Trump wants to draw that. We're going to get under his skin.


Mentioned his son the first two minutes on that program.


All right. So in a world where who we are individually is being raped and taken from us, you might want to hold on to your identity and everything that that means.


Boy, I was so we watched what was it, the social dilemma on Netflix with my kids?


Oh, yeah. They're totally fine with absolutely everything about them being out.


And I'm like, OK, that doesn't make kids. Ah yeah. It doesn't make me like an old fashioned fuddy duddy that makes you completely unaware of what that means. Yeah.


What your kid. I know, I know everyone makes jokes when they're kids and says things so everything is at risk every time you get online or they get online. Is your information already out on the Dark Web.


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I have to tell you. I've got an announcement to make, I was all for voting for Donald Trump, I was on the bandwagon. It's on the bandwagon. Then The New York Times came out with this.


Just absolutely can't believe it is true story about his taxes that he took advantage of, of tax code loopholes.


Not only that, but he hit it while he was admitting that during the last debate. Well, no, he didn't.


He actually admitted that he took advantage of the tax.


But not he didn't he didn't go that far. He just said I'd be stupid if I didn't. But when in twenty sixteen, when he said he paid almost no taxes. This confirms that. Right.


Because it does is not going to change anybody's mind. You notice there's nothing illegal. There's nothing illegal. They're not charging him with anything illegal.


No, but he actually took advantage of tax loopholes and took the best part.


Is there anybody within the sound of my voice that if it was legal, you're not going to jail? You had the attorney to do it and you were paying zero or seven hundred and forty dollars a year in taxes? Anyone within the sound of my voice bravia a big enough liar to call me and go, I wouldn't do that.


I would I would send a check to the government just to help and the next room and leave a little extra to give it to me.


Yeah, I it would be your patriotic duty, honestly. It's your patriotic duty to pay taxes when they're not pissing all of your tax money away. But when they're pissing your money away, when they're there, they're a horrible, bad steward to your money.


I can guarantee you that the money I give in tithing and charity, that money goes further than the, what, 50 percent that they take from me. You know what I mean by far. By far. And there's stuff in there that, like, he might have to pay fines for in theory or that he could get in that quote unquote, trouble for.


But this is all there. As in fines. Yeah, fines. Right.


He's been in a long term battle over about seventy million dollars that he got in return, which doesn't seem exactly like he followed the rules on it.


But the bottom line is this is exactly exactly zero minds are changed by it. Exactly. But can you count all of those money. Yes. Zero no. Not one person would change it. In fact, I found myself and I've never found myself in this position. I found myself this morning listening to the news again, the way it was reported by The New York Times. And I was cheering.


I was cheering. Good for him. Damn right. Zero. How do I get those attorneys right now, Chase?


And I don't know what they're what the point of this is. I mean, the only the only thing about it is, of course, how did they get this? How do they get 20 years of his tax returns? Well, they don't want to say that. They can't. They have to show us the document so they they can.


They have to they have to preserve there one there, one anonymous source. And I'd like to show you the paperwork, but I can't you know what else is great? Not a word about the fact that he accepts no income as president, that he doesn't take a dime from the government. He doesn't get any of the four hundred thousand dollars in salary. I mean, wouldn't that be a good place to mention? Oh, and by the way, he doesn't take a salary by the president of the United States.


Here's the thing that everybody should be talking about.


Here's a guy who has a global hotel chain, hotel chain, OK? And it pretty much verifies what we all know. It's successful at times and really not successful in times, you know what I mean? So we all know that. So there's no surprise there. Here's the thing that everybody should be asking about Joe Biden's three million dollar tax returns.


Yeah. Where's your money coming from coming from?


He's a he's a guy who is is, you know, living on a government salary. Now, I know when you were vice president, you wrote a book, et cetera, et cetera. But how is everybody in his family so, so rich that one middle class, Joe, three million dollars lunch bucket. Wow, that's a lunch bucket.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It is laughable.


And it's funny to to think back at all the things that we begged the media to dig into during the Obama era that they never did.


We never like his college transcripts like basic crap that wouldn't have made a big difference at all. We never got there all those years. They were able to get twenty years of Donald Trump's tax returns in in something that is not illegal for The New York Times to do. But whoever gave it to them certainly committed a crime. Right?


That's why that's why while we can't reveal our source because it's a criminal. Right. Because the person who gave it to you just committed a crime. Don't think it was Mary Trump. Isn't that what you suspect is that was it? I think so, yeah, I think no, seriously, seriously.


I think seriously, I don't know. I know I can't remember. I read an article, though, that they suspected strongly that it might have been married. Well, I have news for you.


I wouldn't I mean, you say, how would she do that? She's she's a judge. You don't think that there's people that she could call because it came from. Not the sister. The the the niece. Yeah. Oh, no. On the books. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I mean, unless they they might share the same accounting to me, but still there would have to be somebody who did something very wrong here. Again, just because he's in the United States does not mean he does not have the right to privacy.


So let me ask you, Amy CONI Barrett, you know who's going to be responsible for her becoming Supreme Court?


I really think in the end, I've got a couple of names. Yeah. One would be Harry Reid.


I was going to say Chuck Chuck Schumer, Schumer, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein.


I would say that no, Dianne Dianne Feinstein, these they did everything they are. They're the reason why you don't have a 60 person vote. Yes.


No Harry Reid that's got that in. Yeah, right. Started the ball rolling. I mean, they did everything that just the Kavanaugh turned enough people that they said this is not right. Kamala Harris was big on that one.


Big, big.


And and the the one specific question about the dog more lives loudly within you came from Dianne Feinstein, which is like the kind of a big slogan of the of the Amy Koni Barrett nomination.


And I love this. The dog lives loudly. So in other words, you have a problem that I believe in, the things I profess to believe. That's that's the dogma. So and so. Nancy is fine because she's not Catholic. The pope is coming out like every ten minutes going, hey, stop with abortion, you know, but the dogma doesn't live loudly, doesn't even live in her neighborhood.


The dogcatcher cops don't want to talk about dogs.


But I should point out, we have the notorious AKB shirt up now and still does. Match.com are really the chopped up place media. Stu does Match.com. We'll get you to the whole story.


But the notorious AKB, I feel like I got to have that love. That's that's that's what you need. Yeah, that's what you do. You get those overnighted for all of us. Probably.


I can at least we have the because we have the we have the debate tomorrow we're going to do what is the promo code.


Glenns debate. Hold on. Let me guess anyway.


So, so sign up for the blaze because tomorrow we're doing our hour.


It's like a mystery theater. Three thousand thing, right? Yeah. Well, Stu's starting his show at like eight o'clock, so he'll do his show. Then we go in at nine o'clock into just we're really second screen. We're going to be saying all the things that you want to say.


We're also going to be doing some live fact checking, but we're not going to we're going to try not to interrupt except when we cheer or have really something very sarcastic to say that's happening tomorrow.


And then at ten o'clock and this will be on YouTube in the blaze and everything else. We're going to give you our rundown and our analysis of the debate, because, quite honestly, I don't care what anybody says anymore. Do you know, I don't care what any of these people on TV say anymore. Oh, in fact, I can't listen to it.


I can't either. That's the fact. Yeah, I just can't listen to it. So we're going to be the group that you can listen to. So tomorrow after the debate, make sure you go Blaze TV or the Blaze TV, YouTube channel and and listen to our our recap of the debate and blaze TV.com. Aglen The Coatis Glenn debates.


Did you actually see the Wolf Blitzer? Twenty percent, by the way, interview Richard Blumenthal. We did know every once in a while.


Every once in a while, Wolf, we'll do something, I don't know, journalistic. And it blew me away.


I don't believe that that's that's a pretty strong word in today. It is. Yeah, it is. But he called him out because here it is. Real quick.


What are the Republicans doing that is illegal or illegitimate? Because the Constitution says the president has to nominate Supreme Court justices. The Senate has to advise and consent and confirm. So what is illegal about what the president and the Republicans are doing? You say it's illegitimate.


It is illegitimate, say a senator. Where does it say that's illegitimate in the US Constitution or in the law?


Where does it say that what they're doing, the Republicans, is illegal, illegal?


They do not under the Constitution, legal and legal and unwritten rules of the Senate. Yes. Is illegitimate, unwritten.


Do you agree that there's.


Legal or totally illegitimate as to what they're doing a third time, it may not violate the letter of the Constitution, not write the letter, the letter or even the whole words or the spirit of the entire document, you you could take one of those needles. They're jamming into Joe Biden's chest tomorrow right before he goes on stage to do that to all the founders. And they would also say now has nothing to do with the Constitution.


Do you remember doing an interview with him? Yes, a long time really is a boxer wasn't singing then. I remember someone said it to me this this weekend because they were like, he's doing the same thing because you had him on about AIG bonuses or something. It was some story and you were holding his feet of guard because he was trying to make this big deal about it. You're like, what is illegal about this? And he did the same thing, the same thing.


It's not illegal to say, say, Ill-Tempered. Yeah, yes. Ill it's a you or a gun at the time.


You're the attorney general. You should really be only concerned with what's illegal. Right.


You made that point pretty clearly. Him in that interview was not happy.


You did, by the way. So, you know, all the social justice warriors relax.


Wolf Blitzer had his beard removed with duct tape right after that interview.


So he's learned his lesson.


Learned his lesson. Really? Oh, yeah. Wow, that's true. You see him today? Well, nobody will see him. He might even by the time you see me, you probably have his beard grown.


But my guess is Wolf's beard would grow it every day. If you removed it every day, it would go right back. His name is Wolf, right? That's what I mean. It's just bare. All right. Here's a fun fact. Getting older every day and the things that come with getting older, aches and pains, your joints start to wear down. The normal exercise of everyday life begins to catch up with you. And see, I told you, exercise is bad for you.


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That's a relief factor. Dotcom 800. Five hundred eighty three. Eighty four.


You're listening to Glenn Beck. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. I want to go to Linda in Pennsylvania. Hi, Linda. How are you?


I'm good. I'm I'm just I have to call in because I'm constantly watching the news and constantly watching Fox News. Yeah, that's where I get the data. Got it. Yeah. Good for you. I'm a senior and I, I was went to this store a few weeks back and I saw this punk bumper sticker and it said, did you realize that those people that support abortion were born? That's a big car to have.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah it was. Yeah. OK, it just hit home to me. Yeah. I was born and raised Catholic and none of the people that are out there that are proclaimed the big Catholic the way I was brought.


Did you call about the Amish? Because that's what my note says, that you had something comment on the Amish. Yeah.


And also in 2016, I was up in Lancaster County and I had to have some work done on a doesn't matter. OK, OK.


Well, and when I went in when I went in to in the Amish man said to me, Who are you voting for? And I said, I'm going to vote for Trump. And he said, I'm glad to hear that. And he came out. My cousin was in the car. He came out and asked her, who's she going to vote for? So there are a lot of probably Mennonites or Amish who are out there and they are going to do the voting.


And so I cannot rely on all these polls. OK, stop them.


Not well, I don't know. OK, Linda, thank you very much for your phone call. It was a long journey, but the I don't know how many. I mean I mean, I don't know that the Amish are really going to affect the vote. Oh, I think so.


And that's the only to me the only demographic that matters. Did they Trump doesn't come out A.C. electricity tomorrow night dead. I mean, this election's over. Right. Right.


I mean, what would change their mind of the Amish really been affected by? You know, they don't they're not watching the news.


They're not like, oh, man, CNN is really pull the wool over our eyes. Literally the wall, too, because we haven't even made it into anything. We just sitting here with wolves close to our faces, piles of wool wins, the piles of wool vote who no one's even talking about does.


Let me go to Philippe or Filipe, as they would say in Houston.


Philippe. Yes, yes, go ahead, you're on. Hello, Ben Clemenceau, so happy to be able to come through. Thank you. OK, so the reason I'm calling and you're doing good work. Very good work, by the way. So the reason I'm calling is because I'm tired of that souce. He's a farce. He's a farce. And you know, something a little bit disappointed at Fox News because they're also peddling some lies. You know, some like Bob Taylor saying that that she's an innocent dove.


I mean, somebody that that has a dead body in his trunk is not an innocent dove.


You know, I think she was definitely she's not dating an innocent dove. I don't think he said that. She really the guy she was dating was pretty nasty. Yeah. But she I mean, she she wasn't the shooter. She didn't have the police do not believe she had anything, anything to do with any of it. So I appreciated those were that was fun. We need to give the callers more practice. We're not doing enough. We take enough calls.


It is our fault. We got cut to the chase as quickly as we can and we apologize for us. It's our fault falling down on the job. But thank you so much for for listening and calling in Senator Mike Lee and a lot of information on the nomination of our next Supreme Court justice in a minute.


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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and. Program, hello, America. Welcome to the program. Some numbers for you. We are two hundred and thirty three days since the last death in Afghanistan of a U.S. soldier. Two hundred and thirty three days. Where's the press on that one? That's a remarkable, remarkable stat. And we haven't heard anything about Afghanistan. Congratulations to the president and our military. Two hundred and thirty three days without a death that is substantial.


Now let's get the rest of our boys home and end this this madness. Another stat for you. It looks like it's going to be about three weeks before we hear from Amy Coning. Gony Barrett. What? Why, why? Why, why? Why, why? Why, why? Mike Lee is going to be here with the answer for that. And we are one day away from the first debate. Me, I can't wait. I cannot wait.


We'll give you all of the updates on all those things and much more in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program today. Can't wait.


Tomorrow, we have the coverage of the debate tomorrow night. Make sure you join us. By the way, you'll get 20 percent off of your Blay subscription if you join us now and use the promo code. Glenn debates, Glenn debates. And you'll you'll find that at the you'll find that it plays TV.com, Glenn.


All right.


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Baik deductible may apply.


From the state of Utah, Senator Mike Lee joins us today. Senator, how are you, sir?


I'm doing great. Just eating behind bars. Yeah, one right after the other. Yeah, like our show. But all that. Yeah. Shut up.


Have you ever had a bill passed? Never. We should I mean, look at you a little punchy.


You want to go forward. We're going to speak up or eat little else other than Bill for the bill for all the time.


Good. Our economy. Really glad to hear it. What are you drunk today? This is the I mean, this is the Mike Lee I know. But Mike Lee that is usually on the air is very buttoned up and very serious.


And this is what happens when a woman has a Diet Coke before.


All right. So, Mike, congratulations on the nomination. I think this is the person that you really wanted out of all of the lists. Is this a person you would have picked?


She's fantastic. And I think she's going to do an amazing job. And I told the president this really was good work on his part. We're going to get her confirmed.


So may I ask why is it going to take until October 12th to start the process?


Yeah, that's a fair question. I wish we could start it faster than that. I was told by the chairman that that would be the date that we would start. There were a couple of us who asked whether we could started a week earlier or even sooner than that. And we pointed out that there are a lot of paperwork that has to be filled out by the nominee, a lot of process that has to occur behind. It's already filled that out.


Yeah, but the FBI's already done that, but nonetheless, we were told needs to happen. So let me put it this way. Yeah. All right.


If he decides to start the hearing tomorrow, I'm here. I'm ready to go. There is nothing in the Constitution. There's nothing in federal statute that requires us even to hold a hearing. There's certainly nothing in the Constitution or federal statute requiring us to wait a certain period of time before starting said hearings if we're going to have them at all, which we're going to do. So I think we ought to do it sooner rather than later, because the sooner we get that started, the sooner we can get her confirmed.


So we need to face down the uncertainty and we need to resolve the uncertainty so we can get this job done so they can't pull crap like what they pulled with count.


The reason why I say October 12th is in the year. Twenty twenty. That's a lifetime. We could all be speaking some space language by that time and it pushes the vote to October what.


Twenty ninth still October. Twenty ninth. That's, that's right away. Just a few days from the election, if it's stalled, delayed anything changes. You would, you could see a vote that doesn't happen until after the election and then you know. Well I won't put words in your mouth, put words in my mouth. Then the Romney weasels will all scatter and go well I don't know. Trump didn't win the election should he not win.


Yeah, let's just say that we'll stipulate for the record that that would be bad if you were to quit until after the election, because once it's sort of like crossing the screams of Ghostbusters, once you do that, all sorts of bad stuff starts to happen. If you wait until after the election and if we lose the election, either the Senate majority or the White House or heaven forbid, both. Then you've got some people doubting whether we should be doing this or not.


And so, yeah, this needs to happen sooner rather than later. And he needs to get started.


So did you read the the op ed from Bloomberg written by somebody who I think clerked with her for a different judge, for a different judge in the Supreme Court?


And he said, I disagree with Trump's judicial nominee on almost everything, but I think she's brilliant and he's a lefty who doesn't agree with, you know, with with the way she does things or what she's going to pass as far as he said.


But she is so smart that you want someone like her on the court to analyze. He said, even though I disagreed with her, he said I would go to her for the understanding of what these tangled words meant, sometimes because she could just so clearly cut through it and explain it.


Yes, yes, I read that and I thought it was fantastic, and I think it's one of the many reasons why she needs to be confirmed, why she will be confirmed. I mean, look, this is somebody who has dedicated her life to law and also dedicated her life to raising her seven children. She's fantastic. And Professor Noah Feldman was exactly right. She needs to be confirmed. So we've got to get the show on the road.


So do you do you have any inkling on what the Democrats are going to try to use again?


Because if they use religion or they try another Kavanaugh, it's going to kill them. It's going to kill them during the election?


Yes, it is. And so one would ordinarily think that that means that they won't try that because it would be extraordinarily harmful to them. But it's sort of like those nature videos that we watch on the Discovery Channel when you see the wildebeest approaching the water that they know is going to be important to it and they're really thirsty.


Yes, they've got to get to that water and they can't help themselves. That might be what we see here. The last time in Judiciary Committee, when I brought up with some of my colleagues that maybe we shouldn't start questioning a judicial nominees, religious beliefs, because there are at least two, arguably three provisions of the Constitution that prohibit us from doing that.


And because it's evil, because it's piped in and they honestly said, oh, no, no, we really think that if a nominee has crazy religious beliefs, we're going to attack them for that. And we should. This was on the record. This was in the light of day.


So you don't think that they're going to stop because they did something? I think just as bad. They say it's not unconstitutional to do this, but they they attacked her, her adoption of her non-white kids. And somehow or another, that's racist. Yeah, yeah, apparently so. I didn't know that, and neither and neither did she. But yeah, apparently they are the deciders of such things and they have made that decision. They've also made the decision, as came out in her last confirmation hearing for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit that she was apparently too Catholic.


But that dogma lives loudly within her and that that's somehow bad. So, yeah, I suspect those two things will come out, not because it will do them any good or not because it will enable them to defeat or not, because it will help them in this election, but because they can't help it.


Do you think things would have been the same? Do you think she would have been nominated and you could be as assured as anyone could be that it will go through if Kavanaugh wouldn't have happened? I think they really push their luck on Cavanough, I think they threw the Hail Mary pass in the very final seconds of the game and they lost. I do think it's going to be a little bit harder for them to pull this trick this time, especially because, as I pointed out in our Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, I went through the list of people they personally attacked and just getting started, just rattling off a few names as Brett Kavanaugh And of course, there's Robert Bork.


And of course, there's my former boss, Sam Alito. And then there's Clarence Thomas, all of whom had their their character personally attacked to the core of things that turned out to be really untrue and really uncorroborated. And I said, no, I want you guys to name me one. Name me one. Democratic nominee who's ever been treated that way by Republicans. Crickets, yeah, from a group of people who can't shut up, this from a group of people who spoke for a really, really long time a day about everything else, they had no response to that because that's not how we roll.


And so I think deep in their mind, they realize that what they're doing is wrong, that what they're doing to them and and demeans the process.


And so I hope they will find some conscience in their talking to Senator Mike Lee, speaking of Democrats clowning themselves, great word, by the way.


They're threatening all sorts of procedural delays, including an up to throwing random impeachments in the process to try to delay this thing so they can get it past the election. Is it possible that any of that can work?


It's possible they can delay it. So I was on the ABC Sunday News show yesterday and one of my Democratic colleagues, Dick Durbin from Illinois, was opposite me and being questioned by George Stephanopoulos. And Mr Stephanopoulos asked Senator Durbin whether they would be doing that. Senator Durbin, as I recall, basically said, look, we can delay this by maybe a couple of days, but I really don't think we have the procedural wherewithal to just stop it. I hope that that remains the case.


I hope that that's not bluffing and that that's this is true, sincere and correct assessment. But we're going to have to plan for that because there are procedural tools that they can pull, including those that involve impeachment that can at least make it more difficult for us.


So off of the off of the nomination of the Supreme Court here. And one last question, because you will know what this means. You know, when we declare an emergency, people don't understand that.


That gives all kinds of new power and spending and everything else. There's a story that came out over the weekend. President Donald Trump slated to announce a measure that designates far left movement and TIFA and the KKK as terrorist organizations. What does that designation mean? Anything.


OK, so it's been a while since I've looked at that designation, but it allows the president to utilize certain assets of certain levers of authority within the government, including a Treasury Department, to block, among other things, financial transactions carried out by the organization in question so that we can stop them from engaging in acts of terror. So this could be a significant move. I certainly think that in both cases, in the case of the KKK and antifa, you've seen a whole lot of evidence that terror is their game.


So and I know of no reason why the law as written wouldn't extend to those categories. So it makes sense to me.


OK, Mike Lee, thank you very much. God bless.


Hey, thank you very much. Bye bye. Back to your Diet Coke.


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There was a great story in The Washington Examiner I read this weekend, If Amy Buried joins the Supreme Court later this year, conservatives will rightly be thrilled. But maybe Democrats and the left will question their scorched earth tactics of the past few years. Had Democrats been more restrained and more bound by norms of the judicial confirmation process, Barrett wouldn't be in the position she's in today as the nominee, with 51 very likely votes in the U.S. Senate. In the U.S. Senate, when talking about judicial wars, it's always possible to go back to Estrada or Robert Bork or even Roe vs.


Wade. But here it's not necessary. You can go back to 2013 and look at four decisions made by Senate Democrats that if they wouldn't have done.


And maybe even just one of these for Barrett wouldn't be here first one nuking the filibuster. Harry Reid, former Democratic majority leader, faced heavy pressure for years from liberal judicial groups, especially abortion advocates, to go nuclear. Finally, in President Barack Obama's second term, Reid pushed the button. Reid abolished all Senate rules, in effect by declaring for the first time ever that a majority of senators could change the Senate rules. Then the Democratic majority used this power to abolish the filibuster on nominees to district and circuit courts.


It only took 51 votes rather than 60 to invoke cloture and proceed to a nomination of the circuit court judge. About four and a half years later, Barrett's nomination moved to the floor with 54 42 cloture vote. Were it not for Reid's nuclear attack in 2013, Barrett might not be even a federal judge today.


Second, filibustering Gorz Gorsuch the next filibuster nuke was by Republican leader Mitch McConnell. In twenty seventeen, Democrats filibustered the eminently qualified and totally uncontroversial nominee Neil Gorsuch pick to replace by the late conservative Justice Antonin Scalia. The filibuster by Democrats made it perfectly clear they intended to filibuster every single President Trump nominee to the Supreme Court no matter what. With that fact evident, it was easy for McConnell to convince enough Republicans to vote in. There are no rules environment that he inherited from Reid to nuke the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees.


Had Democrats gone the high road and allowed a vote on Gorsuch such as Republicans, that allowed votes on every Democratic nominee for a generation. Then McConnell would not have had the opportunity to push the nuclear button had they not filibustered Gorsuch. Trump might have been forced to nominate a 60 vote consensus candidate and to replace Kavanaugh, and the filibuster might still exist today. Next, the dogma lives loudly within you. Conservative legal scholars were always going to be excited by Barret's nomination to the circuit court.


But what made her cause celeb a celebrity was the Democrats nasty culture war attack on her. They never marshaled any evidence that Barrett substituted on her own religious beliefs for the law of the Constitution. And so they were reduced to utterly distorting her record in just admitting that her living as a religious pro family Catholic creep them out. It was the naked admission of Feinstein and her case against Barrett that Barrett actually takes seriously the teachings of the Catholic Church that doomed the Democrats.


This is becoming a rallying cry for conservative Catholics and religious conservatives. Broadly, it laid bare the bigotry of the other side's culture warriors. And so for a guy who likes to fight like Trump, it made berrett the natural pick. The four thing that they said if the Democrats wouldn't have done, things would have been different, smearing Kavanaugh.


Now, I'm I'm wondering if they're going to or if the press will even start to see a pattern here that everything is falling apart on them. You know, the support for Black Lives Matter is down in the 20s now. They were more popular then the military just a couple of months ago. Why? Because it was jammed down everybody's throat.


And you were told that these are peaceful instead of what they really were. People want to make up their own mind and they know when they sniff out a lie. The same thing with Donald Trump in the media. I think the media and impeachment and the Russia collusion thing, I think those two things, along with the media, are the reason why Donald Trump will have the votes that he has come November 4th. I think people have been red pilled by the media and the overreach of the left.


This is the Glenn Beck program, leftist corporations like Verizon have empowered radicals to tear our country apart by funding their efforts, most recently sending 10 million dollars to Al Sharpton and others like him. Look at what the leftists have done to this country. Started with impeachment. Then they exploited the pandemic, then came to rioting and looting. And now they're threatening violence over filling a vacant seat on the Supreme Court. Where does this end? Well, it can end with you.


Stop funding these movements by sending a check to a company that is sending some of their profits to those movements. Patriot Mobile shares your values won't send your hard earned money to aid in the destruction of America. In fact, they'll work for the causes and the values that you believe in, not against them. You're going to get the same nationwide service, all supporting a company that loves America, shares your values, supports the police. You're going to get the same great service, the same great coverage from Patriot Mobile at a better price.


It's just better all the way around. Patriot mobile, dotcom back, patriot mobile dotcom back or nine seven two Patriot call and make the switch now. Tomorrow on YouTube, you can check out the Blaze TV. Incredible TV coverage, don't want to miss it tomorrow right before the debate.


This is the Glenn Beck program. Hey, I, I do have an early report, I asked my researchers to look in to see what can you find against Amy CONI Barrett that the Democrats might use. And they have found some things about her youth.


I I hope they're not going to use these things, but they very well might. They're already saying she's a racist because she has kids that are not white and that all of a sudden is racist. Oh, OK.


So they might. But a man has come forward under the banner of hashtag men, too. It hasn't caught on yet. But he said that in the second grade, Amy and her best friend at the time cornered him at a birthday party at Chucky Cheese and gave him cooties. And I apparently injected him a full dose of cooties, which if true, I mean, that would disqualify her.


I don't even want her on the court, if that's true.


Yeah, there's a there's another woman who says that when she was nine, she lived on the same street as Amy CONI Barrett, and she said that Connie Barrett borrowed a voice tape. Herbie goes bananas, didn't return it for like six months. And then when she got it back, it wasn't even rewound.


So that's kind. Rewind. Yeah, well, the FBI is interviewed at least two witnesses so far. They say the tape wasn't rewound and it was very upsetting to the nine year old owner at the time. But it's troubling that kind of integrity, you know, that you you want to see in a Supreme Court justice was not there when Amy was nine, apparently.


And the real bombshell that I think they're going to be using is about the drinking problem that she had when she apparently in elementary school, she liked to drink milk and lots of it.


And the neighbor says she frequently witnessed Connie Barrett and her friends chugging those little cartons of milk.


The stuff that stuff from the utter of a cow. Yeah, often whole. I mean, not even two percent. Just whole milk, chocolate milk sometimes. I mean, they had so much of it. She said that she actually witnessed Amy wasting it, blowing it out of her nose after she drank it. Oh, my gosh.


So now she wasn't responsible for Herbie actually going bananas?


No. OK, no, we don't know that yet. I would not be surprised. Know. But going bananas is what is being charged that she made another kid now man go bananas because a group of four or five of her friends, they don't know where yet where this happened.


The recollection is a little fuzzy, but apparently they gang raped him on the playground during recess. What happened? He was gang raped. Women gang gang raped. Gang gang raped. Yeah, gang raped. Yeah. They would take grapes from the cafeteria and then just pelt him in broad daylight there. They think they think they remember it happening, this horrible, horrendous gang rape that happened on the playground. And apparently he recalls Amy and her friends just laughing the whole time while they were gang raping him.


So, I mean, obviously, if any of these allegations, even half true, no senator can can do that. In fact, Romney was really upset of the gang raping.


So a lot of fruit related issues she's had in her past, as well as the abuse of illicit cooties, you know, the the very questionable calcium habits that she had.


And, of course, the gang raping calcium's the drug, in my opinion, should be banned. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow.


Well, now I know. Where was Michali on any of this on an even even even if any of these are not used, I mean, they can always fall back on the deranged preference that she has to let babies be born.


Now, you know, that's the whole thing's gross, right? That in it I mean, you want a Supreme Court justice that it was gang raping people. No, no, I know.


I don't know. Thank you. I know. I don't. Thank you. I'm much more disturbed about the hold babies being born thing, though. That's that. Yeah, that's right.


Well, but if you do believe that you should adopt unless you're her, because that is just a sign of her colonialism. Right. I mean, for adopting a kid from Haiti, stealing children that are black from Haiti doesn't make you a nonracist, right?


Well, it's because Amy and I'm I'm quoting somebody who doesn't know her quote, she sees a chance for this white coloniser to save these savage children in the superior ways of white people. You're talking to Abraham Kendy here. Yeah. Who doesn't know Amy at all, but no, but he does know white people. He does because he is a racist. This is why they use these black children or brown children or yellow children or whatever kind of children you have except for white.


And it props in their lifelong pictures of denial. They're just they're just they're like scenery on a stage, you know, it's just a or a tool. They don't actually seen them, see them as kids. Oh. And they cut the biological parents, you know, the the relationship that they had with their their parents and cuts that right off.


Now, if you think all of that sounds as sensible as we do as gang rape is gang as the gang rape being done by gun by Amy Barrett.


And don't forget four or five of her friends and we don't even know we don't know their name, probably serial killers today, probably. If you want to book by Ibram Kennedy that's targeted at your baby, feel free to go to Target and get it, because that's where they sell it. Antiracist Baby by Ibram Kennedy is available at Target.


And almost every bookstore you'll walk into if you look up books can see how many how many copies that book has sold.


That's not how books can works. You can't just look up books, scan and see how many copies you actually can, but you're not me.


And if you were you, you would be again, you would be breaking the rules by saying it on the air anyway. So I wouldn't want to give on the air it out on the air. I'm not saying it on the air. Point is this guy selling us stations. Edit that out.


You could see him on the Today Show. He's everywhere. Oh, he's widely accepted. And here is a man who is outwardly advocating for discrimination against white people. He is saying that because there was past discrimination by the system, which, of course, he defines basically exclusively as white people define the system, Western way of life. The only solution to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only solution to present discrimination is future discrimination. He is telling the American people he wants white people to be discriminated against and his book for babies is on sale at Target.


So when when I said I wouldn't say for say that he is racist, but he seems to have a deep seated hatred for the white culture.


Does that seem like it's really super accurate right now? You know, it does. That does sound pretty accurate.


Not I did. It's not like he just hates white people. It's just that he hates the white culture. He pretty much does hate white people.


But, you know, I'm very well aware of that. But at the time, I may have tried to be a little more sensitive in my insensitive and racist comment that seems to hold up now over time seems to be like, oh, now I don't know, Katie. When I said white culture, this is what I meant about white culture.


It's these this is the same this is essentially an academic face on the rantings of Jeremiah Wright.


So, yeah, it really is Ibraheem Kennedy and he is widely accepted.


He is designing training programs for your company. And you could be racist and your kids and your kids and your kids like legitimately, directly a book to kids. There's a there's a book that and this anti-racist racist baby book. You'll see the pictures where there's this wonderful child of color that is being held by their parent and they just want to they want to touch the butterfly.


There's a butterfly flying around. I love butter. No, there's a white kid. No, no, no. Because there's an evil white arm in the side with a with a net for all the butterfly catching all the way for the white kids. And we stomp on them after we catch them. But you know what? Go teach your baby that because babies. Here's a thing about kids, Glenn. They don't give a crap about any of this nonsense.


No, they don't care about your stupid color of skin. That's nonsense. Will continue to you know, kids will not play with kids that look differently in any way, shape or form. Shockingly, they will all the time. They don't care. They don't care until their dumb parents start making this a big deal. Science denier, just like they don't care about eye color science, don't care. They don't care about other immutable characteristics. They only care about skin color because for some reason we're teaching them about racism when they're babies.


And by the way, teaching them not just about that racism is wrong, but that white people are inherently and cannot avoid the racism that they have inside of them. You speak the truth now. Oh, I forgot which side I was on, OK? Sorry gets confusing.


We're going to talk debate when we come back in just a minute. First, let me tell you about simply safe somewhere out there, maybe in your neighborhood right now as a burglar, a man of very fine tastes.


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This is the Glenn Beck program. OK, so we have the debate tomorrow, I mean. Who's going to miss that? Seriously, who is going to miss that first one is always, you know, the biggest rating. Oh, yeah, this is the one.


This is tomorrow. Yeah, it's here. That is terrifying. And are you? I'm not confident that Trump will will win, I think I think people are always so that we have lowered the standards for Joe Biden so far. That if he just he shows up, remember a couple of weeks ago, we didn't know if he'd even show up, I would say half the people around this building have made the prediction to me that he's going to, quote, unquote, get covered and not make the debate.


Oh, that's funny.


He'll make it. He'll make, I think, make the first one. Yeah.


And I mean, you know, one could pray that he, you know, bluff's and just and gets caught and just makes himself it makes it clear to the American people how unclear he actually is.


But I don't I don't know if that's going to happen. I mean, if I were Donald Trump. If he just completely. Melts down and just is like dirt at night and he starts looking like a like an old person really struggling. Donald Trump should just say.


This makes me I feel really uncomfortable right now because obviously we're all going to hit a point to where we're not our minds aren't functioning the way they used to and. The compassionate thing would be to call an end to this debate right now, but we'll continue. But it's unfair what the Democrats are doing to this man. Yeah, unfair what the Democrats are doing.


And look, but again, that is the thing we have to step back from because we've seen so many bad clips of Joe Biden over the over the past six months. Right. Where he's been out of sorts and he's done is this this terrible routine that happens over and over again. A couple things to remember. He's usually talking for long periods of time, and those moments are usually small moments in the context of a longer speech or interview that you have.


The clips just leak out to us on the right and we only see those. There are plenty of moments in where he looks relatively coherent, right. In these interviews. And that's something to remember because the American people are only seeing or expecting him to bumble his way through every answer. He's not going to the second he may. But I mean, if you're depending on that to win your election, you're in trouble. You're in trouble. Secondly, we watched Joe Biden in, well, what was a 12 debates for the primary.


Yeah, he's done this relatively recently. And in those debates, he never had a great performance. He was never, I would say, even good. But there were some of those debates where he was just average. That's all he has to do.


If he can hit average, it's going to be difficult to turn the narrative of this campaign around. You know, Trump is he's trying to pull off something that is almost impossible, right? Trump, yes. Oh, yeah. He's starting from here's a guy who I mean, he came into office right. In a very divided country in a very close election, which he lost the popular vote and won the electoral vote. He comes into office. He's been a president with an incredibly steady approval rating, which has been in the low to mid 40s the entire time through four years.


He is now relentless attack under a relentless attack from the media for years of being attacked by the media.


Then he comes in to the election year with a really good argument to say, look, the economy's really strong, things are going well.


You might not like my attitude, but look at the results and then gets hit by a global pandemic that wipes the economy out and has killed two hundred thousand plus people.


Now, we're at a point where the economy still is is recovering, but it's not all the way back yet. And he's trying to still fight this media against a president or a contender for president, that the best case scenario is to be out of the limelight as much as possible, which he's been able to pull off because of the pandemic.


So now he goes into a a race where he's in, you know, you want to you can say what you want about the polls, but he's had a pretty consistent he's been behind pretty consistent level for a while because people haven't been focusing on the election. This is his turn to say, look, now it's time to focus. Do you really want this guy running this response? Look at him.


And if he if he looks competent, there will be a lot of people who are on the fence right now who are thinking, I don't know if he's going to be able to make it for four years.


You know, they want they want to return to what he what they think he will bring, which is stability, not knowing what he has bullets all around him because the media has been covering for the whole time. So he's is administration is the most radical administration ever in the history of America. If he's not in charge and pushes back on that, you're going to have the most radical administration in the history of the country. But most people don't know that.


And so they'll just watch for his performance. And if he is competent and can hold his own, that might be enough for him. In a debate to be declared. The winner is put it into perspective.


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Hello America.


Welcome to Monday I.


I want to talk to you about the election, the debate, the poll numbers, but also the theft of the election. The newest, latest evidence of Democrats taking these ballots by bulk and doing what they want with the ballots.


Is this even a trustworthy situation? And our latest evidence comes from Minnesota and everyone's favorite, Congresswoman Ellen Ohmar, in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program. All right, I want you to get your financial house in order, I will tell you, I I went up to the ranch this weekend and I met with the LA County sheriffs and both of the counties that I live by and and talk to them. And I wasn't I wasn't alone, which was amazing. There were about six guys that went with me that were from the town. I didn't even know them from the town.


And talking to the sheriff and saying, you know, we support you, whatever you need. What do we need to do to make sure that no crazy business happens here in town? And he was talking about I don't want any vigilante stuff. That's not what's going to happen.


We're just going to have law and order. But believe me, we'll all stand together as a community. If you haven't done that, you really need to. I would like to urge you in the next week to call your sheriff in your county. Remember the sheriffs.


Their only responsibility is to protect and defend the Constitution and help the people that stand with the Constitution. They answer to the people and the Constitution. They don't answer to anybody else. So our sheriffs are really going to be the ones that fix everything or at least will hold the line. But if you have the wrong sheriff, boy, make sure you know who you're voting for. And if they're not up for re-election, make sure that you go and tell them that you support them.


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La la, la, la, la, la, la. Linamar. Yes, that's right. Time for our a lot of our update, everybody's favorite congresswoman. Yeah, she gets herself into trouble from time to time. But just like Lucy and Ethel, you know, this crazy kid has the attorney general to watch her back, kind of like Ethel did with Lucy. So we are going to check in now with David Steinberg. He's an investigative reporter.


He has been following Ellen Omak and had some information on the on the on the actual love.


Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm being talked to in my ear.


I can't understand. Anyway, David Steinberg is here. He has had information on a lot of Marc, as I understand it, hasn't been able to share it because he didn't have the smoking gun. He had bullets and now may be willing to uncover some of those things that he had found on ballot harvesting fraud. It's legal to ballot harvest. I don't know why in Minnesota, but the fraud that goes along with it was exposed by Project Veritas this weekend.


Welcome, David.


Glenn, thanks for having me again. Absolutely. So let let me play the audio here from Project Veritas so people know what the new information is. Listen. Who is the one filling out the absentee ballots? We didn't pick that up, and so many people who work with like have Obama and other candidates work for their candidate in hand of a handful of people. They work for the green movement that they came to us to our parties are the ones that can tell us that this is inappropriate in our absentee ballot.


And I got the letter and they said, you don't go nowhere, you stay home. We'll got to fill out the absentee ballot when it comes to come and get it. You just vote no. You stay here for us. They then fill up about what we are saying, the ballot for a position of themselves and then they. Where do they pay the money? Here I am. I can see the minute we signed the thing, the election.


That's what you can make. That's pretty stunning, David. Yeah, it's pretty stunning. This has also been circulating locally. It's been known since twenty sixteen our first election, it was simply an open secret. Now, this reached me and Scott Johnson at Power Line. I believe we've been hearing this since late twenty eighteen regarding her having arranged a massive, massive vote buying campaign in her primary win in twenty sixteen, the general in twenty sixteen, which is when she was elected as a state representative and then again in twenty eighteen.


It was the primary and the general when she was voted to Congress. So this program is not new. It was massive. I have hinted at it. I did discuss it with you briefly on the air. May be right. And I said, look, this is everywhere. And the way I put it was, look, we are already talking about potentially the worst string of felonies committed by a congressperson in US history. And that's before we get to the bad stuff and the bad stuff, which we were referencing.


Is this perhaps a historically large vote buying campaign for several elections?


So because voting is controlled by the state, do we need to have the attorney general who is watching her back, it's Keith Ellison, or can the federal government get involved in this?


Good question. The answer is Keith Ellison can be bypassed here.


Cannot be or can, because our federal federal. OK. The and of course, this is not something that this isn't a situation like Portland where you get arrested and released and not charged and no bail, if a candidate is caught bribing a voter for as little as a candy bar, you could be facing five years in prison. And now we are talking about hundreds, perhaps thousands of votes over at least four elections.


But you have to believe that those in the Somali community are going to be very apprehensive to talk to investigators.


I mean, it's a scary if this is truly going on, then it means that everything else that is linked to it, the threat of violence, et cetera, et cetera, if you, you know, blow the whistle here, that that's also true.


Well, sure. We've we've published plenty of evidence that her campaign I mean, we have video evidence once again, what we have here, this person actually posted online the video that O'Keefe has posted. He was bragging about what he was doing just posted online. It was out there. That's the same thing we had back in twenty sixteen when Alphonsus, Minnesota, posted a video taken at an Illinois campaign event where they were talking about whoever it was in the community who had leaked the news of her fraudulent marriage, they had to hunt that person down and get them out of the community.


And this was at her campaign posted on their Facebook. The person who actually recorded that video, his name was Google. She was at the time out on bail for a triple stabbing in Ohio. And he was out of state. You know, he had lived in Ohio. He was now in Minnesota running or running her intimidation campaign. That's right. I remember that the same guy, he's running this co intimidation campaign, he's going door to door, knocking on doors, allegedly saying, we want to know that you're going to keep your mouth quiet.


If I'm Mark down here that you gave us twenty five bucks, we'll know we can trust you. So he's running a protection racket. We also have the talk of simply running a vote buying campaign where they have bags of money going out, organized by Alisi, he was the campaign manager spread among the 11 different building managers for these 11 11 towers that mostly housed the Somali refugees in Cedar Riverside. The money was getting spread around to each of them.


It was simply if you show up or get in this van and we drive it down and vote, we'll give you a set amount. I've heard the amount of fifty for the primary and one twenty five for the general. So, David, is anyone going to look into this? Well, this was given to the FBI. I can confirm earlier this year people in again, remember giving false information to the FBI is a felony in itself. We had locals who were willing to give this information face to face to the FBI early this year regarding these four prior elections.


Now, we did not have any concrete evidence. All we had was several people confirming this. Now, again, early this year, after speaking with the FBI, someone said, you know, let's call James O'Keefe, get him down here, see if he can catch them in the act this year. And as we can see, he was successful. So we now have our foot in the door with proof of her doing it. This year, we can go back and look at twenty sixteen and twenty eighteen.


I feel very confident now about this. Also, just last night, O'Keefe spoke with the head of Hennepin County Attorney's Office. So he said what you have on that tape is illegal and we are looking into it. So it's a great start.


Let me let me play let me play a little bit more of the the tape. This is the ballot, the ballot harvester. What is it, Liben Mohammed, where he is on social media, making a video here about the stack of absentee ballots in his car that he collected for the campaign of a Democrat. Listen.


No, as the numbers go online, we'll get that got. Why was absentee ballots guy? So would you. Well, got he says all these absentee ballots can't you see refuted. My car is full of them today. Three hundred ballots for Jamal.


Is that is that enough?


Because really, he could have 300 ballots for Jamal just because he was knocking on doors, which is called ballot harvesting, which is fine in at least in Minnesota. I don't think it's fine. But he could just go and get the ballots from people that were, you know, signing them of their own volition, although that's not exactly correct.


It is fine to collect three ballots. Three hundred according to Minnesota law. So it is not fine. It is already illegal. Of course, we've got folks like Marc Elias, that person's cooey election law attorney. He has led the vote by mail suits, have been, I believe, three dozen lawsuits to get vote by mail, ballot harvesting, the signature law, to get that relaxed, to get everything relaxed, to have votes be able to count one, two weeks after Election Day.


That's Marc Elias. He's the one who's been suing every state to make what you're seeing in that video legal. Not not the fact that he's purchasing votes. Right to make harvesting three hundred ballots, just going door to door like that legal. So it's an uphill fight across the country in every state.


It is an absolute crisis at this point, and it all should have been avoided. They've been doing this since March of early this year. You'll remember the the moment the coronavirus lockdown started to begin, guys like Marc Elias and the Democratic Party, immediately, millions and millions of dollars came out of nowhere and they started these suits all over the country to implement vote by mail and to change it to to relax all these other laws. Now, vote by mail has never, ever been implemented in eight months, March until November.


The states that do have it and do a fairly decent job of it, it took them several years of refinement and lawsuits and refinement and process refinement. And he was trying to do in eight months, they knew from the start this was going to be a disaster. We now have on camera just how big of a disaster we're going to face in November. David, thank you very much.


David Steinberg, investigative reporter, covering the news that came out from Project Veritas this weekend about ballot harvesting fraud in Minnesota. People are risking literally risking their life to bring information out. You're not going to see this information in the mainstream media. It's important for you to share these things with your friends who are still undecided or, you know, or just just normal people that maybe aren't hearing things. People are not hearing the. Truth, because they're only watching one side or the other.


Thank you very much, David. Appreciate it. Along Omar. All right, I want to talk to you about tech when you're in the kitchen slaving away over a hot stove all the time just to make something that your kids are probably going to complain about anyway. And they say, can I just have chicken nuggets instead? Why not stand outside when it's starting to cool now and and stand over a wrecked tech and cook on a wrecked tech?


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Go there now. Ten second station idee. So all these Democrat, these Democratic senators are refusing to meet with with Amy Komy Barrett, that that is amazing.


Chuck Schumer, Richard Blumenthal, you know, all the people that you would expect. But still, they won't meet.


They're not going to they're not going to even talk to her.


I'd say that it's because you meet someone and you are nice and intelligent. You might like them and then it's harder to call them Satan. But that improve.


I don't think Richard Blumenthal or Chuck Schumer or any of these people have a problem.


Saying whatever to somebody's face and then turning around a knifing him in the back, right, that implies that they have a soul. Yeah, and that's if that's wrong to drive. And that's why I think he should retract that. No, I just that's why I didn't bring it up. I, I. That was my initial and said, well maybe because they know what they're going to have to do is something horrific to another human being. They believe it's their duty that they have to go out there and call her a gang rapist or gang rapist or whatever it is, and they're going to come out and do that.


And you don't want to necessarily have a personal relationship with them. But that implies that they have a soul, that they would have feelings, that they would feel bad about assassinating someone's character and they don't. So no concern about that whatsoever. They're terrible, terrible human beings. They really don't care about the person in the middle, the the average Democrat. They really don't care about them.


They're sending this is done to send a message to the left that we're doing everything we can to stop this. So weird. But it's kind of a weird idea, though. Like what?


What is the electoral benefit here for them? To me, it would make a lot more sense if they went out there and looked at the nominee honestly and said, you know what, we don't think she's appropriate. She's too liberal. Right. And then you come to your state where we voted against her and they had the votes. And that's why you need to keep us in office. That's right. That if you just look totally rational, you could have been meeting in your little secret chambers and say, look, none of us we ever we call her all kinds of name.


Everybody go out and be really, really kind. Just say we're going to take a really open minded look at this. That would be what a normal person would do. An evil politician would also then be conspiring with all of their other politicians to knife her in the back. But that's what I think people want. Just listen to her, meet her, talk to her. You don't treat her fairly.


That's it. That's what I think is also going to be the problem with this election. Americans don't Americans would abide by an election that went to Biden or to Trump if we weren't being convinced that it was going to be stolen. You know, that was are for the people on the left. They're being convinced that Donald Trump's going to steal it. But we actually have the evidence of the Democrats trying to steal it.


This is the Glenn Beck program.


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I trust dotcom. And go to YouTube tomorrow night or to have coverage of the debate, pre show, post show everything in between on YouTube for The Blaze. This is the Glenn Beck program. Let's talk to Steve Davis, who's going to be part of our debate coverage tomorrow.


Make sure you join us on Blaze TV, Blaze TV.com.


Glenn, you can sign up if you use Glenn debates, you're going to save 20 percent on on your your subscription.


And tomorrow in the next few weeks are going to be very well worth, you know, the ten bucks or what is it? Actually, I think it's down to like seven, seven bucks, six bucks after your discount. So make sure you join us tomorrow night. Steve Davis is going to be with us. It'll be me and Pat and Stu.


Also, I think we have Dave Rubin joining us as well, as well as Steve Days. Steve's with us now.


Hi, Steve. Morning, guys. If you don't know who Steve Day says, he's a guy who follows me on our network. He is really, really good, especially when it comes to logic and poll numbers. He's a lot like Stu, but he also has the experience of of running campaigns or being part of campaigns in the past. So he has a different look. We're talking about the debate tomorrow. Steve, how how would you go in and and want us to look at this going in?


How should America be looking at this going in?


Well, as someone who's been on a debate prep team for a presidential candidate, I know a lot of this and has done the spin room afterwards. You know, a lot of this is based off expectations. You know, we're at the point now that it's an expectations game. And the thing that I am very concerned about, and I've been saying it on my show on The Blaze for the last month or two is it just seems like we are artificially lowering the expectations for the opposition here.


Consider yourself in favor of Trump and wanting Biden to lose. And I think it's a really dangerous strategy always in just about any endeavor. There's a reason why football coaches at their press conferences each week, po boy, and talk about how bad their team sucks when you are artificially lowering the expectations of the opposition at this point. If Joe Biden does not look up at the sky and say this is a big one, Alice and breathes, it's going to be called a win.


And I think that is what I am concerned about going into tomorrow night.


So she's when you watch him, have you watched him enough lately? I mean, we see all the clips. You and I were talking about this earlier. You see all the clips of him and he at times just looks horrible. But there's a lot of speeches and things that he's doing where he doesn't look like that. Do you think he can pull this off for two hours?


I think it's possible to sort of bet against Bernie Sanders right before everything shut down. The final debate in the Democratic primary. That was six months ago or more than six months ago now. He also was permitted because of all the shut downs, because, frankly, I think the administration was too slow in aggressively pushing, reopening, you know, for somebody who's older, who already clearly has mental capacity issues, the wear and tear of an election. Remember Hillary's fainting spell in twenty sixteen?


Yeah. Daily campaigning, the travel, the hours that these people log at any age, but particularly his and with his obvious diminished mental capacity, there'd be a lot more tread on those tires in a normal campaign. He has been permitted to essentially choose spots to speak, which makes the clips where he can even more damning, probably, but he's been essentially permitted to save up for this moment. And I think what was going to happen, Glenn, is that if they did not have a strong convention and we did not see good economic news and the polls narrowing, then I don't think we would have had any debates.


I think Biden would have said, well, you know, I'll show up when Trump shows up with his tax returns or some other cockamamie excuse that he would have absorbed some hit, but he would have had enough of a league to absorb it. It's too close now. He has to show up. If tonight he shows or tomorrow night he shows up and he's cognizant and alert that. I don't believe you'll have the rest of the debate.


I agree. I agree. What does Trump need to do?


He needs to make his case to the American people. I think I think the big trap that the president needs to avoid falling into is he is at his best in the hand-to-hand combat and in a battle of personalities. If I'm Joe Biden, I want to provoke Trump right away and I want to create a galvanizing moment for me and the opening 15 minutes anticipating that I may wear down over the final 30. So I want to produce some moment where Trump looks like he's bullying me.


I get to say, come on, man, let's do some push ups. Everybody laughs and put people at ease. I want to provoke Trump. Trump, I think, needs to avoid the trap of looking like he is bullying. Joe Biden used to make his case directly to the American people prior to March 12th of this year. He had a very strong case for re-election. The job numbers last month, he's almost below the unemployment rate that Obama got re-elected on in 2012.


You're looking at perhaps an over 30 percent increase in GDP here for the third quarter, we should get those numbers right before the election, the last week of October. So he has a case to make. He needs to make his case unfettered around the mainstream media narrative directly to the 100 plus million people that are watching tomorrow and actually let Joe Biden rise and fall on his own as much as possible and not seem like he is pestering him or needling him or bullying him.


Why do you think he keeps asking for a drug test? I think it's to see. Is he taking anything that indicates that he has cognitive disability issues or any sort of artificial means of staying alert? I mean, he's calling these campaign days at noon pretty much every day. And they've been trying to say it's for debate prep while it's been debate prep since about Labor Day. Yeah, yeah. So I think it probably has something to do with that.


But this is, again, where you're the incumbent president. If we're sitting here in the I think he is in a much stronger position than the public polling, which I just don't buy when I actually go. I mean, the ABC Washington Post poll has a twenty one point lead for Biden among independents, Glenn, all in the last seven elections, the biggest blowout of the last seven. Obama won independents by eight. That's never happening. He's winning by twenty one points with independents.


OK, but the president needs to make that case. And so I think he's in a much stronger position relying on that. Well, my opponent has dementia and can't do the job. You've been the president for four years. You need to make your affirmative case to the American people. All right.


I want to get you and Stu into a nerd fight, because Stu is very concerned because of the polls.


And you seem to me like my is great. There's going to be fine. I don't know if you're that far apart from each other, but I want a nerd fight. So tell Stu why you're not buying the polls, because they may have the right conclusion.


But my seventh grade math teacher in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mr. Judit, excuse to tell me I go to a calculator and get the right equation. Answer. I need you to show your work, their methodology. When they show their work. It's not even anemic. It's insulting. It's multiple, simultaneous things that cannot be true, that Donald Trump is losing 11 points of evangelicals. But we'll get. Thirty nine percent of Hispanics. It's that independents by 20 points when no one's won them by eight in the biggest blowout in our current Electoral College environment, that we're going to see a drop, a massive drop of of white working class, or then we're going to see a massive increase of it.


In the Monmouth poll recently, 70 percent of voters, we're not we're going to be white non college graduates, which Trump won pretty convincingly four years ago. But he's still going to lose these men. It tells me they're not entirely sure. There's a couple of options. This is whole cloth, a setup in order to justify calling the election illegitimate. If he wins and say, well, we had all this data, he must have stolen it, or they're pinning the tail on the donkey here with a blindfold, trying to figure out what the turnout of the actual electorate is going to be.


It's one or the other. And that's terrifying.


Honestly, if there that you could tell that they were they were very the whole education difference when they were not correcting for education in 2016 was this sort of consensus mistake they made last time that they're trying to correct. But it doesn't seem like they're uniformly able to correct it in any rational way. I mean, this is all stuff that some of the stuff that we've that Steve mentioned, we've talked about on the air. And I think there's been really bizarre things where if look, if Donald Trump wins thirty nine percent of Hispanics, he's winning the election full winning.


There's no way he could lose in that scenario. I don't think. I mean, unless something you know, something I'm really missing. And there's other polls that show him at 18 and 20 percent of African-American votes. If he wins, if that's real, you know, he's going to win the election. So but you're right. I've seen some of those polls as well.


So I, I hesitate to look at one individual, but I've seen I've seen them in several. So I know, again, like, I think you got to look at these things as a whole and do the averaging sort of thing where you look every time I talk to you, I want to kill myself.


Every time I talk to me, every time I talk to you, you make a really good case.


Like, look, these poll numbers are that is legitimately exactly when my wife put on our last anniversary. Right. Every time I talk to you, I want to kill myself. That's exactly what you said, the anniversary. And every time I talked to Steve, I feel like, oh, OK, this is going to go well, not which is odd normally on the Grim Reaper.


Yeah, I know. I know.


I know.


So I'd like you to to work it out because I don't think you this is what he just said, is it shows that the polls are you can't trust the polls for whatever reason.


You can't. The polls and you've been telling me you got to trust the polls. I don't think you universally trust the polls. I mean, you can look at them, you know, again, I think it's always better to average polls than to take individual polls. I think that's that's a good that's a good safety tip. And I think, you know, you look at them, generally speaking, it's been a pretty consistent lead for Biden. That being said, I think a lot of that has to do with people who have not been in election mode.


They haven't been thinking about this like they have every other election we've ever been through. They've been in another world and thinking about other things.


No, I think this is positive for Trump. I'm saying that like I mean, but if that's your positive, the lead is the lead is misleading. Right? Like, I think you could look at this and say he's got plenty of opportunities here. Three high profile nights at the very least to be able to narrow this. I do think that, you know, election held today, I'd be very, very nervous. I would not think that Trump was going to win if the election was held today.


However, here's an interesting fact, not held today. So it doesn't make any difference what would happen if it was so. So, Steve, show me how he can win. Like I talked to Stu last Friday, he was like, you know, he needs every white person ever born and then some to be able to win.


But because the numbers, the demographics are against him, just if he just had the same number of people vote for him as they did last time, he loses. I mean, it's isn't it a pretty Herculean task for him to pull off?


We've only had in the two party era, guys, when we weren't at World War One or World War Two, we've only had one president ever win re-election who didn't get more Electoral College votes and more popular votes than he did to get elected. And that was Barack Obama in 2012. So historically, presidents win re-election all time in America 70 percent of the time. And then since we went to a two party system post civil war, only one time non World War one or World War two did a president win re-election without having to expand his base.


So that's that's really not unique. I actually think the president in the Electoral College is in a stronger position now than he was at this point four years ago. Heading into the debates. I think really there's only sixty nine contested nice sixty nine contested Electoral College votes that are up between now and November the 3rd. That's it. I think everything else is pretty much spoken for. And those are all in states that Trump won in two thousand and sixteen.


I think now it just comes down to can you defend that territory? And then it comes down to a place like Nevada where the casinos have been shut down all year. They've mildly reopened. There's been thousands of layoffs there. A lot of union employees in that state. Remember, Trump only lost that state by twenty thousand votes in twenty sixteen. So those are some of the local anecdotal notes that are on the ground. I think what he needs is on Friday, this jobs report, no president has ever been re-elected.


If the jobs report was the last one before his election was higher than it was the month before, they've all lost. So he needs that unemployment number to continue to stay about where it was in September or come down. But that GDP report at the end of October, I think that could be an October surprise. But I think on Tuesday night he really needs to make a strong presidential case to the American people and let Joe Biden largely rise and fall on his own.


The 69 electoral votes, where are they? Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota. Those are most of the sixty nine votes. The I think Florida is trending strongly for Trump. Yeah, I think North Carolina has already had kind of the Democrats kind of had their moment. Recent polling has trended in his direction. And I think the demographics in that state trend in his direction. He over performed his polling there. So I'm counting that as a lean Republican.


I don't believe George is a massive battleground state that is a lean Republican. And I think I think Texas is a lean Republican now as well. So I think it's those those states primarily are making up the sixty nine up for grabs, Electoral College votes and those those Rust Belt states. I think if the election were today, I'd have no idea what happened because I think the amount of cheating there is going to be extraordinary.


I agree. I agree. And the cheating you do, you wouldn't think that the cheating really matters, you know, in states like California. But they're going to make a case that he didn't win the popular vote and that will change things. All right, Steve, we'll see you tomorrow. Thank you so much. Steve will be joining us on the radio program tomorrow. You listen to his show on Blaze TV, just about 15 minutes. He begins and he's going to be part of our roundtable discussion.


We're going to be covering the debate tomorrow. You can watch it with us as second screen if you on our first screen. But we're going to be making some comments along along the way, I'm sure. But then we are going to give you our full analysis right after. So it's like at 10:00 or 11:00 Eastern Time, I think is. When we'll be giving you that live digest of of what we think about it, and that's tomorrow, join us, Blaise TV.com, Glen, use the promo code, Glenn debates and save 20 percent now at Blaze TV.


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Dotcom. You're listening to Glenn Beck. You don't want to miss a single show between here and, quite honestly, the New Year tomorrow, all about the debate, what to watch for, who's ahead, who's behind, what states do they need to win? And then tomorrow night, our live debate coverage, which will only lead us to Wednesday's radio program about the debate. Who won and what does it mean? Don't miss a single episode.