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Holy cow, what a night. Right, still lots of fun. Oh, my gosh, what a great debate. Oh, we cover this one six ways to Sunday. We also have Steven Crowder. We have Cheryl Atkinson on to talk about the theft of the election, the the the the actual voting process with mail and voting. George Soros. Then we have Don Jauron. We have a way for you actually to make a difference. This is a full meal today.


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Here's here's today's episode.


You're listening to the best of the program. Very different than your standard debate as he was dressed as a fighter, and I always love to see those crotch shots up your shorts there.


Stephen, it's great. It's definitely the best part of the coverage. Oh, there's a there's a hell when they were regulation sized boxing shorts, but I didn't realize they don't typically do the interview seated and they don't have I mean, I just think Scottish I mean, the American thighs.


Great show last night. Stephen, tell me your reaction to the debate, your thoughts.


There were there were really no winners and there was no moderator. So, I mean, that's kind of the summary. Here's what I would say on the issues and the substantive issues. I've been asking everyone, can you name me any any specifics from Joe Biden? So we'll go to the personality and the shouting match in kind of two guys with their walkers and someone coming in with a folding chair.


Well, the economy outside of raising the corporate taxes to twenty eight percent. Anything else? What about violence and riots in the cities? Anything. Just stay out of the way. How about covid, aside from Donald Trump being racist, anything anything specific? The only thing I can really remember, as I'm saying, that he didn't support the Green New Deal before he used the rest of his time defending it. And of course, his website does praise the Green New Deal, which, by the way, is a five page bill that takes over the entire economy and all of your rights.


So if you ever had any doubt as to who was pulling the strings with Joe Biden, as to who the puppeteers, it's it's the heresies, the seas, the squads of the world.


And he was really veering to the social justice left outside of that. I don't think I don't think Trump did a great job in giving Joe enough rope to hang himself any time. Right. Right. Exactly.


Yeah. I just needed to leave him alone with his thoughts.


Yeah. We can't find them. I got it in here someplace, Stephen.


Last night we were watching it and we were talking and I don't think people really understand. And I'm going to have Cheryl Atkinson on next hour and we're going to talk about what the press is doing and also what social media is doing and preparing people for, unbeknownst to them, of the silencing of voices once this election happens. If you disagree with the mainstream media, you're going to be silenced. How real do you think it is if this election goes awry?


Your voice. My voice just not going to be able to get out.


I don't know if we won't be they won't ban people like us. And that's the thing. Sort of like what the media people say. Why don't you talk about Rachel Maddow? Listen, come on. When you when you have an open lesbian with the Princeton number three boys haircut out there talking about how Donald Trump is Satan incarnate, I don't really have any gripe with her.


She is who she is. My issues with the lies by omission is by people trying to act objective. And so my problem with social media is if they say, well, we're not going to we want all voices and then they change the rules and they do things behind the scenes that limit your reach.


Something hilarious. You know, I was do you know that I was fact checked early on in the covid pandemic because we had friends at Orange in Maine who had made masks. And at this point, the CDC was saying, don't wear masks. It's actually worse for you. And I went on air. I just said, hey, listen, the truth is, if you look at the science in these countries, if you happen to be sick yourself or you feel the sniffles and you're working in close proximity with someone else, this is before the lockdown's I said may not be a bad idea to use one of these cloths.


Cloth mask. It's not a ninety five mask. It won't prevent you from from breathing in any actual respiratory droplets or any aerosols.


But yeah, if you feel sick and we were fact checked because at that point they said masks are bad for you, these people are the ones in control.


I know the same thing happened with us. I said if it doesn't work then why are all the people in the hospital wearing them if they don't? Well, of course. Of course they work to some degree.


What's your problem there, Glenn, is you're looking to medical professionals who are actually serving patients as opposed to the experts like Falchi who haven't served a patient or taking care of anyone for four decades.


You have something coming up on Friday that I cannot I can't wait for.


You are taking your show and you're going to hold a Michigan rally on the steps of the state capitol. And you're demanding what?


Well, we're going to have a hashtag. We're going to have a call to action for people and we're going to have thousands of signs that Michiganders can put in their yard. Let me kind of tell you where this comes from. I'm I'm from Michigan. I was born in Detroit. I lived there for years. We only recently moved away from Michigan. We still have a home up there, a small home, a cottage on a lake that we go to.


I have a ninety seven year old grandma in Michigan. I have several family members and good friends who are nurses who, of course, have been laid. Offer furloughed in Michigan, and if I have to see one more God awful sign that says thank you, Governor Wittmer, for keeping us safe, let me be really clear here. The only leg that Governor Wittmer has to stand on in Michigan is that she locked everything down, irreparably destroyed the Michigan economy to keep people safe.


She actually enacted policy that has directly led to the death of the most vulnerable citizens in Michigan, the sick and the elderly. And she has refused to give an account, to give a tally and to be transparent about what kind of results her policies have created. What do you mean? She's we have some from. What do you mean she's refused to give a count?


Yeah, well, she gave an account that said thirty four percent of all deaths come from nursing homes. That's not even close. That comes from less than a tenth of the actual homes that are licensed in Michigan. And we have some numbers that were we're waiting to verify, Glenn. I don't want to speak out of turn. We should have them by Friday or not, because the governor has said she doesn't have to respond to requests for information to which we're legally entitled because it's a pandemic.


So how convenient is that? But there are some numbers here that are startling here. Here's the thing, too. It's going to be in Lansing. I should be clear here.


Probably I'm going to be plugging it right October 2nd on the state capitol steps at noon. If you want to protect old people, Glenn, if you and we all do, this is the thing.


Republicans want to protect the most vulnerable among us. If you want to protect the sick, you would do the exact opposite of what Michigan has done.


What do I mean by that? Let's say you lock everything down.


Is there any safer for an 80 year old two months from now when they come out? No, it's the exact same situation. You don't quarantine the healthy, you quarantine the sick. And instead in Michigan, they quarantine the healthy by governors order, by the way. And Republicans presented a bill to stop this and she vetoed it. But let's go to the first step. The governor quarantined the healthy, the entire state well, sending not old people back into nursing homes.


Right. Who were sick, who went to the hospital, got covid 20 year olds, 30 year olds who had covid into nursing homes and adult foster homes, homes for the aged. Yet you just saw that video that the gentleman beating up the eighty five year old who eventually ended up killing himself. That's because the guy had covid. So they sent the paranoid schizophrenic who, by the way, his own dad said had no business being in a nursing home.


And Governor Whitman said, well, you know what? We have fail safes in place.


That'll stop these people from getting into into nursing homes and cross contaminating. You couldn't stop a Crip in the making from beating up grandpa. Keep in mind. And these nursing homes, the klap has been on the rise by like 52 percent because old ladies get around slowly, literally, but figuratively, very quickly. This is a problem. If they can't control that, how are you going to stop people who go in there with covid? It's the only state that I know of that has done it.


And they have not given an actual account of what the death total is. It's not even close to thirty four percent.


What they're saying what they're saying is one thousand nine hundred forty seven nursing home residents and twenty staff members died of covid-19. Those account for one third of all virus deaths in Michigan. Is it OK?


That am sorry.


I sound evil because I'm thinking of Governor Wittmer. It's not even close, Glenn. It's not even close. That number comes from four hundred and forty two nursing homes. There are over four thousand currently active.


Oh my gosh. And I thought, Glenn, I thought now there to be clear, that's not even the worst part. They're comparing it to Indiana, to Illinois, to other states that have comparable rates. Right. You go, OK, it's somewhere around 30 percent. Those numbers. Thirty percent. Thirty to thirty three, depending on the state of all deaths. And these other states come from nursing homes, assisted living facilities, homes for the aged and adult foster homes.


Governor Wittmer is including that thirty four percent total of all Michigan deaths from four hundred and forty two homes. And there are many, many thousands. You would have to assume there was not a single death in any of the others. And we're going to have some more official numbers on Friday. But it is when I was looking into this, Glenn, I would say, first off, it's my home state. It should be the best state in the union.


It's beautiful. The natural resources voted most beautiful national park, several years running sleeping bear dunes, and it has been brought to its knees by Wu Wittmer. So that when I started looking into these numbers.


Thank you. When I started looking at these numbers, I thought I must be wrong or this is really deeply evil.


And and then I had to say, why, why would she do this? Like what is the reason to send twenty year olds, 30 year olds, not nursing home patients into those homes with covid? Well, here's the thing. Let's look back at what did everyone say before this pandemic, Lynn? What do we have to do? We had to protect. We had to flatten the curve. Right. Instead, they flat lined grandpa. They said we had to flatten the curve.


You know what they did? They said, look, look, look, look, look, look. Our hospitals are not overburdened here in Michigan. Toss them in the old folks home. So Governor Whitman can go out and claim that she flat on the curve because twenty five percent keep in mind, Glenn, twenty five percent of all deaths in any given month come from nursing homes and assisted living facilities. So at that point in time, they can say which was the most important.


Right? This was the most important point in our multipronged approach to fight covid was flat in the curve. Well, they did flatten the curve in Michigan. You have record layoffs and furloughs for nurses and instead we have a debt. We sent these sick people to nursing homes like a buzz saw. I don't know how you justify it outside of optics. And now she wants to launch an investigation into President Trump for not doing enough with covid. OK, Governor Whitman, you first.


And you didn't not do enough. You did too much. You enacted policies that directly led to the death of American citizens.


And anyway, if we're going to find common ground, let's find common ground on the truth. You should have the far right, far left and every centrist in between right now say, hey, you know what? We may not agree on the policy going forward, even if I agree with a full lockdown or I think we should reopen our economy, we certainly are entitled to knowing how many people actually died as a result of these policies. If you are not interested in that, you are not interested in the truth.


And we are going to have signs that you can put up right next to those. Thank you, Wittmer, for keeping us safe. And I'm very happy with them. I want to hold this little authoritarian that could accountable. What are the backyard?


What are the signs saying? Can I you know what if that's all right with Wittmer. All right. I'll give you a hint. It's in Michigan and it has to do with Wittmer. Oh, OK.


This rally is going to be noon on Friday, October 2nd at the Missouri Michigan State Capitol in Lansing.


I mean, I want to put one of the signs in my yard and I live in Texas and go, if you are anywhere near Lansing, go and see and be with Steven Crowder to hold this. As he said, authoritarian wannabee hold her feet to the fire. This if if this is what you're saying, if you have the numbers and they are much, much worse. This is I mean, this is I mean, this is this is just slaughtering people.


It's slaughtering people for for political reasons.


And what happened to trusting the experts? The experts said we can't handle these people in these homes. She said, sure you can. They said, no, we can't. And then you saw these deaths and you saw that video of that guy getting beaten up. They couldn't prevent a young, known, criminally insane person from beating up an old man. How do you think they're going to quarantine people in the same building which they had no interest in doing?


All right, Stephen, thank you so much. He'll be there at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, handing out signs live streaming the rally on YouTube, dotcom slash Steven Crowder, also Blaze TV.com and Stephens Facebook page. That is noon Eastern on Friday, the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing.


You're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. Sharyl Attkisson is with us and Cheryl, this is going to be called a conspiracy theory. I'm sure you're aware of the the transition group that the the left has put together. That is, they're plotting different scenarios on on really how to throw the country into chaos and how to negotiate a win for Joe Biden by, in their own words, encouraging the Washington, Oregon and California to secede.


Well, I don't think that's going to happen, and I think some people would welcome that if it did, by the way. Yes, but but I do think well, you know, Lanny Davis got on Twitter the other day and said this is former for the current, I guess, Hillary Clinton confidante, friend, and said something like New York, California. We ought to just we're going to leave. And a lot of people tweeted back like, please be my guest.


How soon can you go?


Yeah, I know, but I agree with that. You know, I heard it again in twenty sixteen, something that some of my contacts on the right were saying was that the left accuses us, they mean the right of doing everything that they did. And I just thought I kind of chuckled like oh that's kind of a funny thing, but I didn't really think of it as literally true until now. You look at their refusal to accept the outcome of the election, which they're, you know, accuse Trump of doing in twenty sixteen and now again in twenty twenty.


And then I get chills when I think about Ukraine accusing Trump of interfering with Ukraine when they knew some months before that this is probably going to come up. Yep. Because of what Biden and his family had been involved in, which was exactly what they accused Trump of doing. Only their their deeds were documented and acknowledged versus the sort of accusations, the generic accusations that turn out not to be true against Trump, although he was impeached for it. And yeah, I just go back to this.


The friend who said that, and I'm like you. You're kind of right. You're proving right. So when they say something, a lot of times it makes me now think, OK, what have they done that they may be trying to deflect from or what are we going to learn that they did do?


When I was uncovering the Tides Foundation back in 2008 and George Soros, that's what I told my team. They will self diagnose whatever they accuse us of they're doing. Because you recognize disease in people because of you, you know what I mean?


You're like, oh, they're probably doing this because that's the way you behave and they can't help themselves. They always self diagnose. This is what's happening. But it's actually happening on their side. Usually the The New York Times, let me see if I can find this came out today or is this was yesterday about disinformation in the twenty twenty presidential election.


And they say election misinformation, the the biggest category of election misinformation is the mail in ballots, that there's going to be a problem with the mail in ballots. And the other one is George Soros, the investor and Democratic donor. There's so much misinformation about him.


We continue to get flagged all the time. When I when I say things like George Soros is investing in district attorneys and he is trying to change things by changing the system from within at the local and the state level, that's all proven. How is that a conspiracy theory?


Agreed, because if you don't dig in the way you have, it sounds crazy. It sounds far fetched. And I thought so, too, you know, at one time before I looked at some of the details. And most people don't have time to look into it and they can't believe that stuff, this stuff can be connected or how it's connected. I mean, the mail in ballots and I wrote about this at length and slanted. How can the media fact check in advance the future?


You have people fact checking as Paul Donald Trump's prediction that there would be fraud with the mail in ballots. And I'm like, how do you how do you false fact check something that hasn't occurred yet, that you have no idea what what's going to happen? Right. And then you follow the money and you find out that the fact checks, let's say in the case of Google doing a fact check or, you know, taking down information, and they're owned by Alphabet, which is one of the biggest contributors to Joe Biden's campaign.


When you look at employees by company. Right. And they were the biggest contributor to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, I believe, and or one of the biggest in twenty sixteen. And then you start looking at all the fact checks. And this is again, sounds conspiratorial. So I looked into it for an article I wrote for real clear investigations. So many fact checkers, and particularly the board at the supposedly independent board at Facebook, connections to saurus groups.


Oh, yes, I started getting chills when I look and just like maybe a couple of these people will have links to Soros. One worked directly for the source organization. Yeah. And I think all but one or two out of you know, more than a dozen had worked with these groups. He's founded and funded and paid for gotten money. It's just so much money out there that the odds are that if you're looking at any kind of advocacy on the progressive side, it's been touched by money from a Soros group.


And what is what what is your opinion on Soros? Why does he do that? People say to me all the time, he's a Karplus is a rich guy. Why would he want to destroy capitalism, the free market system? Why would he want to do these things?


I don't know. I can only assume and I just don't know that he's a real believer in these causes. But it seems like the way he funds a lot of them, he's giving away his fortune. He's doing something that's not benefiting himself financially in a direct sense. So he must believe in it. But it does tend to be disruptive in terms of a chaotic sort of throwing chaos into the mix, trying to it creates confrontation. The types of groups and the causes that he takes on in the way that he takes them on.


My objection is not so much with him because what he's doing appears to be perfectly legal, but it's so successful in a sneaky way of getting the media. I blame us to report things a certain way and not scratch beyond the surface and to pretend that things that we see are, you know, majority opinion because somebody says it is or because they want us to think we all should feel a certain way. The media is not doing a good job at sorting through these ties so that we can at least give information and a neutral sense and with context and not just pick up these narratives that are being pushed out by big money interests in these second and third hand ways that people are completely unaware of.


Let me go back to the story in The New York Times and ask you what it means. The story in The New York Times is about how misinformation, false, misleading information about this election has got to be curbed.


And I'm going to give you the the leading categories mentions. This is from The New York Times mentions about absentee voting or ballots, such as the false idea that it is an unreliable way to vote.


That's their first misinformation.


Is is that even close to true, that it's not an unreliable, reliable way to vote when you're throwing away sometimes up as much as 30 percent of the ballots? Well, certainly they're not in the position to state as if it's a fact that they've somehow disproven or established that it's not an unreliable way to vote or that they're saying it's completely reliable, they can't. This is my problem with the fact checks. That's not really a fact check. That's an opinion.


Yeah, prediction. That's a claim that they're making, but they're presenting it as if it's a founded fact. And then I look at the big picture. How many things have The New York Times been wrong about? You can go look at my media mistakes in the era of Trump and see how many times they're on the list for completely false information reporting whether by accident or on purpose doesn't matter. But then they want to be the arbiters. Right.


This information for the twenty twenty valid issue number two, they say, is misinformation mentions of voter fraud, such as mentions of misleading stories about criminal conduct involving mail in ballots. Well, criminal conduct and there has been I've been tracking some of those stories, but again, this is a new notion of fact checking the idea that you shouldn't and this is very Orwellian that we should be censoring facts off the top even when true, because we don't want people to conclude a thing about the facts they hear.


That's just crazy. That's just not facts are facts. And you're not supposed to, like, shape and curb them or claim that they're somehow illegitimate if they're true, just because you don't like the outcome or what people might conclude from them. But that's quite the trend.


So the book that comes out around Christmas time or Thanksgiving, the subhead line is how the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism.


We're in real trouble if we can't get the facts out and if the public square, Facebook, Google, everything else shuts people like you or discredits people like you or even me, if we can't have opinions and and different look at different facts that are not being reported.


And we have the documents. We're over. We're over.


Well, that's that's my biggest concern. And I agree that even I've had pieces of mine that are completely 100 percent factually supported, no opinion, no conjecture on my part. Both sides represented fair, not controversial flag this fake on Facebook by, it turns out, people that are conflicted. If you if you can even find out who's doing their fact checks that people connected to the story. And I, I worry, as I say, in slanted that in in the not too distant future, like my child will hearken back to her kids, that there was a time when you could get all kinds of unfettered information on the Internet because we're reaching a time where you can't and you won't be able to search and come up with true information about topics you care about, because someone will have decided off the top, you know, in the beginning when they were saying, don't wear masks, that's all you would have been able to find because Google made a partnership with the World Health Organization to direct your search as to who and who was wrong by their own admission, if today if you want to take their word for it.


So they're deciding to direct you, these third parties, corporate and political interests to information they want you to see, and they're keeping you away from what may be true information they don't want you to see. Think about that. You know, it's very frightening. Is there is there free speech, if if your voice, my voice, others are relegated to our own websites and we cannot advertise or put anything out into the public square.


Do we really have free speech in America?


It's a good question. And I I'm kind of redefining censorship. People say, well, you're talking about censorship, but those are social media companies and it's the news. And I'm arguing they're so inextricably tied now to government. For example, when Adam Schiff can call Facebook and say, take down the story on vaccine safety, because whoever I'm assuming pays him or donates to him doesn't like it. And then Facebook does it. I think that's you know, that becomes government censorship reaches into a whole new definition.


And I think that's what we're seeing. And if if this isn't dialed back, there may be some people who are perfectly happy to have their news curated and their information sorted through. But obviously, they're not thinking down the road of, well, some it's not going to be the people you want to do it who are doing it. You know, just think about the consequences once you open the door, the slippery slope to allowing people to tell you what you ought to see and think versus you being able to decide for yourself if you'd like to.


Cheryl, thank you so much. Always great to talk to you. Appreciate it. Thanks, Glenn.


That's Sharyl Attkisson. The name of her book is Out for Preorder. We'll have our own to talk about her book sometime, but it's called Slanted.


You can order it now.


She is she is somebody who used to be on 60 Minutes. I mean, is an actual journalist who's telling the truth.


That's great, however. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program.


Donald Trump Jr. joins us now to give us his thought of the the debate last night. And, Don, I. I don't know why your father won't answer for the 840 seventh time, why you know how bad the KKK is. I mean, he did issue an executive order last week saying that they were a terrorist group. But why are you holding Klan rallies in the White House?


Hey, I'm going to use can't make it up anymore. He by the way, he answered the question twice. I know. The problem is they weren't talking about that. They were talking about. So I think that he was trying to figure out what the heck he's even talking about. Joe Biden doesn't have to denounce if he can pretend, you know, tonight. It's an idea, Glenn. It's an idea that magically burned down half the cities in this country that are looting and rioting, that are literally killing people.


You know, it's an idea like this is the double standard by which we go again. So Donald Trump can literally call the KKK a terrorist organization. Donald Trump can actually do things to fix the African-American community like prison reform opportunity zones. Joe Biden gets to talk about it for 50 years and not do anything. Has his own vice presidential candidate essentially call him a racist during the debates? Be friends with the biggest segregationists in the world, push for a crime bill that destroys so many in the African-American community.


But but it's Donald Trump. I mean, this is sort of the insanity that that Chris Wallace wouldn't push back on a question to tell Joe Biden to denounce Antifa. I mean, they've waited six months to denounce antifa, but no one talks about it. And that's the problem. That's why he needs to be out there needs to be that aggressive. You know, it's not the tone we'd all love. We get that this is. But when you're up against that sort of onslaught, it's insane.


I mean, when we last spoke, I talked about it a little bit, but like, it's actually very personal to me because these clowns spent three years trying to throw me in jail. They tried to say that I was colluding with Russia and doing it. But now we hear that Hunter Biden is actually that guy. There's Treasury wires that confirm that Hunter Biden took money from a known associate of Vladimir Putin, the wealthiest woman in Russia. Guess what?


You don't become the wealthiest woman in Russia without associations with Vladimir Putin, and they won't talk about it. This is the dream, Glenn, that if I'd had done it, this was what they were looking.


This is what this is everything that they do, everything that they accused you, your family, your father of.


They themselves have done Hillary Clinton. The news came out yesterday that Hillary Clinton, KOMY Brehmer, who else was involved? Peter struck.


They all knew Paige McCabe. They all knew. They all lied about it. The ones that actually didn't lie about it before Congress still went on TV for two years after their sworn congressional testimony, saying exactly the opposite, you know, because they can get away with it. And that's the problem. So when people say, well, he's very aggressive as like he has to be, look at the hypocrisy he's had to deal with. I mean, Hunter Biden has now a tie, a direct tie to Vladimir Putin in Russia.


And you don't think they would use that over crack head hunter like you don't think that we need leverage over Joe Biden later on in life. Same with China, you know. Yes. No one's ever heard of Hunter Biden. He's never been an investor. He's never done any of those things. The Chinese government just gave him a billion dollars because they thought he was going to be really good. Come on, man. It's insane.


He can't talk about it. You're using the Biden. Come on, man.


Come on, man. I mean, that's his answer for everything. So he wasn't pushed on any policy. He didn't have to articulate. And he's able to say he doesn't support the Green New Deal, even though it's on his Web page and he gets the best of all worlds. Then Chris Wallace let him speak for two minutes. But the problem with other like, well, Trump interrupted him. You can't let the guy lie. Just things that are just demonstrably false.


He denied that Biden got those payments. He said it's all aboveboard. He denied that he had the thing that he's on videotape, essentially bribing Ukraine with aid. I mean, lie after lie after lie for minutes at my father's not supposed to get involved. He's not supposed to interrupt. And then when it's done. Well, sir, you already had your chance to answer that question. It's like, well, I'm not supposed to retort to just never ending lies.


And that's been the story of this presidency. The media has chosen to be the marketing arm of the Democrat Party. And Chris Wallace is no different. Everyone always from Fox. It's like if anyone really believe Chris Wallace conservative can be a break.


You know, I I saw last night and I thought this was the choice in front of America. They were talking about covid and Biden was talking about masks and safety. And your dad was talking about opening the country up, trusting people with with. Make the right decision and open things up, and at one point your dad said people want their life back. They want to be able to live their life. And Biden immediately after said they want to be safe.


And I thought that's really the argument here, a big government that keeps you safe from everything except for them and freedom. That's the deal.


Well, but what's what's going on when your business goes out, when you lose your job because you get the company that employs you can't stay in business because of an artificial mandate. That's ridiculous. You've seen Florida and conservative states have treated it differently. They have less death rate than New York, which is a much more extreme left and while destroying businesses. But the real problem is the left doesn't care if they destroy your business, you may become dependent on big government.


That's a win for them in the long run. If you're independent, if you're successful, if you don't need big government like the left, it doesn't offer you all that much. So that's part of the problem. This notion that you know, well, we're going to keep you safe. I don't know what would keep New York safe. And he destroyed the economy down in Florida, Republican governor has an older population, a larger population, a fraction of the death rate, and he didn't destroy the economy when they talk about the economic numbers and the rebound there, Glenn.


Well, the economy is doing pretty good. They've rebounded like never before. They don't even talk about that. Well, how about New York, California, Michigan, Pennsylvania? Major states, they're not even back into the economy yet. And it's already doing well because Donald Trump built a fundamentally great economy. The fundamentals are there. These guys would love to shut them down forever. It's ridiculous. And by the way, they don't even talk about the notion of when you lose your job, when you lose your home because you can't go to your job, when you end up in a divorce, when you start drinking heavily and taking drugs and the suicide rate that ensues, they don't talk about that.


Never ending shut down policy for nothing would probably do much more damage than anything covid would do at this point.


I will tell you, your father answered that question. I thought perfectly, perfectly stop with this fake you know, is there somebody at your table that you know is missing a chair or whatever the hell he was and your father put compassion in its rightful place? Yes, we care about those people. But what about everyone else whose life has been destroyed? Let me let me ask you about accepting the the election. In my opinion, I think most Americans like the peaceful transfer of power.


Your father pointed out there wasn't a peaceful transfer of power for the first time under Obama. They were attacking him and plotting against him. And now we have the evidence. But we want to transfer.


We want a peaceful and I will accept what the people vote for as long as it's not dirty.


And I've actually heard people say a hundred percent.


I've heard people say, hey, Nixon walked away even though he knew it was dirty in Chicago. Well, and what's your point? If it's dirty, it's got to stop. And I'm not I worked on this. At this point, I won't accept something that's dirty unless the American people want to choose that. Then God help us all.


But I agree with you 100 percent. I mean, all we want is a fair election. But you see what's going on. You saw what was going on in Pennsylvania and the magical ballots all of a sudden disappearing. You know, they try to conflate the issue of absentee voting in states that has been doing it for years with a new brand new system in a state that has never done it, where they're going to send out three hundred and sixty million ballots every American in the world.


I hope that someone's honest. The Democrats are now pushing to make sure that the signature does not have to match. So she's on the ballot, doesn't have to match the registered voter who's apparently voting that way. I mean, can you give me one possible reason why the signature wouldn't have to match? No. Unless you were planning on cheating, of course. Now, so we want free and fair elections, but that's not what the Democrats wanted, but what they're doing.


And the problem is in many of these states, the Republicans sort of roll over to their asinine rules that will allow them to create a system in which they cheat. I mean, look at just what's going on in the last couple of days with James O'Keefe and what he broke with Project Veritas on the stuff in Minnesota on Omar's district. Did you hear that?


They have videotape of people buying ballots, but the New York Times reported today that that was a setup, that that didn't show anything illegal. That's The New York Times today.


It's a setup. The guys guy's going to tell you the ballots for two hundred dollars and you can fill them out how you want. That's a setup. You know, that's like Nancy Pelosi saying the hair salon set her up. Yes. What if you're able to get a certain number three in line for the nuclear codes that you're set up by your hair salon? Maybe we should rethink your position in government.


It's ridiculous, but that's the problem.


The Democrats can say that. And it's like, oh, oh, oh, oh oh. It's a setup. Oh, wonderful. Everyone tows the line. Everyone buys the soundbites, like I said, I if I had done a fraction of what Hunter Biden did, I'd be sitting in jail right now calling you from a payphone, feeding orders from. Right, right.


And your father would your father would be impeached. Your father would be impeached. 100 percent.


Yeah, 100 percent. And and rightfully so, by the way, impeached and removed from office. I was raking in money from foreign governments with money tied to child trafficking and prostitution rings. I mean, this is real. Joe Biden can get on stage. Oh, that's been debunked. No, it isn't. Why you're from the US Treasury, Joe. But again, Chris Wallace doesn't say that. No, he doesn't question it. You know how many people in media are talking about zero now?


That didn't stop them from lying about me for three and a half years, running all sorts of wild conspiracy theories. CNN was doing it every day. I was in Derechos with I was a real estate guy before we got into politics. It's what I did. I looked at the deal. I took a meeting with someone who I looked at a deal with in the past. That's what you do. It's called maintaining relationships. Someone say, hey, you take a meeting with sure.


You do it right. Hunter Biden is taking money from a Putin associate, three point five million dollars for what services? What exactly is it that Hunter does and knows about Russia? What is it that he knew about energy and in the Ukraine to get, you know, one hundred grand a month in fees for a no show job and a business? He doesn't know anything about any language. He doesn't speak please, because I want some of these jobs and I just have a feeling if I had these jobs, I'd actually pay bigly for let me.


I think America America feels like we're going to war with each other.


And there's just this impasse. And it's because we're not talking about real things like real corruption and real fairness. We're we're being told that America is a racist nation. White people were born bad and they'll always be bad. All this stuff that is just absolutely anti Christian Antichrist in a way, and just destructive lies.


They we're going down this path tonight. I'm doing a special on their war game.


I'm I'm reading their words, their own words where they are talking about secession as one of the options, if you're the label, is if it's a clear Trump victory, what do we do?


And it's a whole a whole war game of the chaos that they're going to cause after election night. I mean, well, that seems to be their plan.


I mean, you know, they don't have a ground game. They're not knocking on doors. They're not trying to be out there. They're stepping up legal teams to challenge this later on. But that should be no surprise. They've been doing it to Donald Trump for four years. They haven't accepted the results of the 2016 election yet. You know, that's becoming more and more clear again now that we know it's the other side doing it. All of a sudden, there's no interest in that knowledge.


But does this surprise you at all? The reality is this, like they were talking last night about results. Joe Biden's been there for forty seven years. I can't name a single accomplishment of his other than shipping jobs to China. He was really good at that, destroying the American middle class and getting his family rich. But those aren't good things for America. You know, Donald Trump, whether people like his attitude or not, he has a resolve.


He gets things done. That's why we have peace in the Middle East.


Another thing not even brought up in the Middle East, another thing not even brought up because it's positive for Trump. How about ending the endless wars? Because a couple of generals want to end up on the board of Raytheon in a couple of years? Hey, you know what? I'll send your kids to die in Afghanistan for another thirty freakin years. That's their plan. I've been in the room with my father, but he's like, OK, guys, tell us why we're still there, please.


Well, sir, it's complicated. OK, well, the president is kind of a big deal, like tell me. Well, huh. Well, you know, the thing is, it's asinine. They want to be on the board of Raytheon so they can, you know, stay in the war so you can make missiles. And that's how you get your board seat and your retirement package. That's what it is. So Donald Trump has the guts to take on the military industrial establishment, the establishment from both sides.


That is all part of that never ending game when our own generals can't articulate why we're in wars for twenty five years. That's problematic. And Donald Trump is the first guy to actually push back and get those things done. Why is Donald Trump the first guy funding the task forces to prevent human trafficking and the child sex trade that the Democrats seem almost in favor of at this point? When I'm looking at what's going on with Cutie's and all of this nonsense, they're literally normalizing pedophilia.


Glenn, this is the evil of the other side. I mean, I came out against it really strongly. Now, I usually do that. So I'm pretty much all in on any issue that I, I take up. And I think I get a lot even in twenty twenty, even with the device of this, you know, this is an issue every American can agree on. Turns out I was wrong, right. It turns out I was wrong.


I had blue checkmark Twitter liberal Twitter trying to kill. Scold me for being anti pedophilia. Now they're fine with antifa, which is not identified at all, it's just far right, assuming that there are actual I mean, they're literally taking every page out of the fascist playbook from the 40s and running with it. But by calling themselves until, I guess people are dumb enough to believe it and the media will run with it as though that's the gospel, too.


But but I mean, think about it. Cancelled by blue checkmark Twitter for being anti pedophile and the left is normalizing. No one's asked Susan Rice why she's on the board of Netflix and what her opinion is on this. I don't know what her qualification is, presumably none other than she's an Obama lackey. So that's the payoff for being Obama. No one's asking Obama, who's getting one hundred million dollars from Netflix, if he's OK with this and thinks this is normal type behavior.


That's what we're up against. And, you know, that's why I appreciate again and I know that it doesn't always rub people the right way. I know you had issues with it in the past, but I think you sort of understand now the night that Donald Trump faces every day we sort of do why why he has to fight back hard. He's the only conservative actually fighting that left in government. You know, there's guys like us that are loud and vocal, but he feels that it's actually a decision maker.


Most of our guys, the second you have any sort of adversity up, they tail and run a roll over and die, mostly because the other side would like you to. And that's not the way we fight.


I hate to cut you off, but I have to. We have network responsibilities. Thank you for being on. I understand, by the way, thank your father for everything he's doing on the sex crimes against children. He is remarkable on that. Nobody's talking about it. He's done remarkable. God's work on that. And thank him for that.


William, I'll do that. I appreciate it. And make sure everyone, you know, everyone else that you can get understands that because it's such a big issue. It's actually part of the thing I get the most applause with. Yeah. When I'm on the road. And and again, so few people cover it. And I just sort of wonder why no one in government why didn't Obama. But this is a problem as old as time. Yep.


And no one will address it until Donald Trump did. So thank you very much. It's getting done. Finally, God bless.


Thank you so much.