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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and. Program. Oh, well, the news this morning is the presidential debate, Joe Biden has decided it's going to be virtual. The president has said, I don't think so. No, no virtual debates. What do you think? Somebody could be writing notes. Maybe he could have a prompter or a computer screen in front? No, no virtual debate. So we'll see how that turns out.


But tonight or today, I want to talk about last night's debate where Mike Pence wiped the floor with Kamala Harris. They are not the mainstream media is so deeply in the bag for these guys they are not covering. It's as if they watched another debate. They talked about how expertly she put him in his place and stopped all the mansplaining. She was the most unlikable individual I think I've ever really seen that really unlikable. We go there and we begin with the the debate recap with Donald Trump Junior in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program.


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Last night, I thought it was amazing, I didn't think it started out real well, Mike Pence came out and he kind of seemed like the typical politician and I didn't think he did well with covid, surprisingly, shockingly.


And then he just unleashed and Kamala Harris looked horrible.


I talked to Donald Trump Jr. right after the debate and here's what he said.


And then he just destroyed her and he did it with a smile on his face. He had an answer for everything. He called out the lies when it was appropriate. He kept his cool. He pointed out to, you know, the cold, hard facts of Joe Biden's failed 47 years in the Washington, D.C. swamp. He called out Kamala Harris, his disastrous uber leftist record in the Senate, and the disaster that that would mean for the American people.


And he did it with a smile on his face. And you could see just the cringe, you know, on that, just the least authentic person in probably American politics. It's not just America, period. Kamala Harris. And she's just getting destroyed by by this guy who just did it in the nicest possible way. It was amazing.


I saw her one more time say I'm speaking, I'm speaking.


Yet she tried. She tries to do this like I'm cute thing, but she overplays it. You know, it's sort of like the fake laugh when she laughed for no reason that you have not tackled, which she's laughing at something that's not a joke that only she finds funny that no one else is going on. I mean, there's really like there's a failure of personality there that's truly sad. It's sort of embarrassing to watch. And, you know, I think a lot of that was present tonight.


But I think more importantly, her refusal to answer real issues, her, you know, the gibberish she gave us about what they would do about China and holding them accountable. And just dismal record in China where he sent American jobs abroad for decades. The fact that she wouldn't answer the question about stacking courts, which obviously means that's totally their plan. They're just not going to say it because it would be negative for them. But if they don't give an answer, at least then when they do it, they can say it's not a lie.


So, you know, I think all of that has been exposed and the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party has been exposed. And honestly, I think she was just a charitable choice for BP. And tonight's performance shows just that.


I will tell you the the thing that I liked about Mike Pence and I thought she did a horrible job on this was the economy.


There was just no credibility coming from.


And I wanted Pence to say, I want somebody to say, you guys said this is as good as it's ever going to get. We could never create any more jobs. You mocked Donald Trump for saying he was going to create. You said it was impossible. Now we're seeing that continue to grow it. There's no magic wand for that Obama. He did say that that was their plan. So he actually brought it up. I definitely did. But, you know, that's the problem.


You know, the media will say, oh, you know, they did a great job growing jobs that they inherited. They got an economy as it was just started, an uptick from one of the biggest recessions we've seen. A monkey doing nothing would have seen growth that they saw. You know, it didn't take anything to actually see growth. But if their economy was so good and they claimed it was for eight years because of their policies outcome, Donald Trump was able to make it skyrocket the second he took over.


I mean, it literally on November 19, 2016, before he even took office. But when America knew that Donald Trump had won, when small business and big business alike realized that the person in the White House for the next four years would not be antibusiness, would not be for excessive regulation, would not be for excessive taxation, that's when the market started skyrocketing. I mean, Obama gets credit for sort of the period between the Election Day and when my father took office at the inauguration, but consumer confidence went through the roof.


It was like fifteen hundred points in the market because they finally knew they wouldn't have an enemy in the White House.


I want to play something. Kamala Harris said repeatedly that they would not end fracking. But I want to play I want to play something from Joe Biden, July 30, first twenty nineteen. The Democratic primary debate watch.


Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in a Biden administration?


No, no. We would we would work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated. And no more subsidies for either one of those either way. Any fossil fuel.


He says there is no place for any fossil fuels in a Biden administration. He he was very, very clear as president or vice president.


Pence pointed out it's on their website. The Green New Deal is on their Web site. Yeah, it's one of her no one points is what it is, no one points, but that's the problem and that's sort of what we're up against. The mainstream media knows that they're not as stupid as they seem, that they would neglect point number one or point number two of his actual platform on his actual website. They just know that highlighting it to the people of Pennsylvania, that the people of Ohio and Michigan and Oklahoma and Texas and places all over the country where that is a huge boost for the economy, where that creates lots and lots, thousands and thousands of good paying jobs that, you know, it would be a decent amount of there.


So and say that he's not against it, even though it's part of his platform, they will let him have both sides of every argument. I put up a tweet about it literally during the debate because they are not just one example. There are literally countless examples beyond what's on his arbitral website, beyond what's on his platform, where he's literally reassuring people that he's ending this stuff immediately because we don't have the luxury or the benefit of having a mainstream media that will function as our marketing department that will sort of, you know, pretend we didn't do.


But just pretend that this is the case, allow us to get away with anything we get back, check they don't anyone decent, whether it was talking about, you know, Joe Biden and his covid response, whether the idea of keeping travel open from China, whether it's disastrous policies as it relates to China on a trade perspective, whether it's the disastrous handling of Joe Biden of swine flu back in 2009, where even Joe Biden's own head guy, because Joe Biden had a similar role to Mike Pence in leading the response, said, man, we basically got lucky because it was a disastrous response.


We did everything wrong. And by the way, they forgot to replenish the Puti after it was over. No one talks about it just like they don't talk about Hunter Biden and millions of dollars from China and millions from the Ukraine and a million from a Putin associate in Moscow. You know, that's OK. They get a pass for that. The stuff that they dreamed for years that I was doing, Hunter Biden was actually doing. And now that the collusion is on the other foot, no one wants to know anything.


But this is what we're up against. And that's why it's so important for the American people to see it.


It is. It's amazing. I spent about 30 minutes privately with Don Jr. last night, and I will tell you that they are fighting fires on so many fronts and they have so few allies.


I think the I think the GOP is despicable. I don't think the GOP is is fighting.


They are. Have they abandoned it? I don't think they've abandoned him.


They're just not doing all that they can to to fight the fires. I really got the feeling in just talking about a couple of things that they are so I mean, they're battling the taxes, they're battling impeachment. They're battling the Russia gate. They're battling covid. They're battling the president's covid. They're battling the press. I mean, it is it's just overwhelming.


I urge you to pray for the president and his family because they are they are fighters, man. They are fighters, but they really are the firewall. They go down. This whole thing goes down.


You know, the the press last night, Mike Pence did such a great job about talking about the economy.


He kept bringing it back to the economy, which is the number one thing people are concerned about. And, you know, when when Barack Obama said there's no magic wand, they're not going to they're not going to be able to create all of these jobs, I knew that was wrong.


And you knew that was wrong because you believe in the American people.


They do not remember you didn't build this. They believe the government is the reason jobs are created. I believe you believe that government is the problem, not the solution. We are going to go back to draconian regulation beyond what President Obama had and the and the the press is covering for it.


And the reason why is because they believe Orangeman bad and they believe in what these Marxist revolutionaries want to do. It's why they're covering for antifa, because anything that helps their cause.


They support they are not going to say, for instance, about fracking because they know that will hurt the vote in Pennsylvania, it will hurt the vote in Ohio, and they can't do anything to hurt to vote. So they'll just leave it alone. They won't they won't necessarily deny it. They'll just leave it alone. They'll leave it out. It's exactly what they're doing with the CIA papers or the all of the investigation papers from the the investigation of of Russia gate.


Have you noticed they're not reporting on it? They just it's a sin of omission as they are committing crimes of commission. They are also committing the same kind of crimes of omission.


They're not talking about court packing today. That was the biggest part of the debate. That was the most stunning part of the debate.


Do you know what The New York Times reported today?


The New York Times reported at the very end of their digest of of the debate, they got into court packing, but here was their spin.


Donald Trump has appointed so many lower court judges that he has packed the lower courts. And so many believe that the only way to balance this out is to pack the Supreme Court.


So even though Donald Trump, Barack Obama left, what was it? Fifteen hundred judgeships open.


It was some ungodly sum that he just didn't care. He just didn't point them. So Donald Trump, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, they got together and they have filled all of those and he's still filling them. That's not packing. That's just not leaving it empty. Your job as president is to appoint judges to lower courts and to the higher court. That's a consequence of an election. Barack Obama left all those judgeships open, I guess he shouldn't have it was his choice.


They were they were absolutely out of control on what they were doing then.


So now you see the media already softening the ground. If anybody doesn't think that they're going to pack the court, they're going to I don't know.


I don't even know if people know what that means anymore. But for one hundred and fifty years, we've had nine Supreme Court justices.


They will take it up to 12. 13, 14, 11 doesn't matter until they get the majority and they get their way. That makes that's a rubber stamp. They stopped FDR. He was the only one that's ever tried to do this. And the American people became outraged. Now, I don't think the American people are going to get outraged over this. But that is a rubber stamp for the president, whatever they want, they will get passed in the Supreme Court.


That's why you don't rubber stamp it. That's why you don't pack a court. But I you're not going to get this from the mainstream media. You're not going to get the truth on fracking. You're not going to get the truth on the green New Deal and the jobs that that will cost.


The the the choice is so clear, I've never seen it this clear, this is this is the clear choice that I wanted 10 years ago. I wanted somebody just to look, if you're for Marxism, great. Let's have that debate. Therefore, Marxism, they're telling you nobody's correcting any of this stuff.


What they they don't have a problem, they're not in hiding anymore. Are we so asleep that we're just going to accept this? More in a minute.


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Did anybody have a problem with the way the economy was painted?


Everyone knows the economy was great and roaring until covid and somehow or another, the people who want us to stay in lockdown even longer are saying that Donald Trump screwed it up, he inherited a great economy and then he screwed it up.


No, covid came.


And and I couldn't take the fact that, you know, they're talking about and we care about the little people. Really? Then why won't Congress and Nancy Pelosi pass a bill that is clean? Just help the people who need help. Why won't you do that? Because you need the pain.


I have never seen anything quite like it. They're inflicting the pain. They're behind the pain. They're behind the riots. They're behind the shut downs. These draconian laws of of keeping everybody locked in place. Look, where is it the worst?


It's the worst when you have real big socialist style governors.


That's where it's horrible. And how how how am I am I just missing something, Pat, what what is it I'm missing, Tom, that Democrats are liars.


I just she was horrific, horrific.


Yeah, it was horrific, so hard to watch, she was and I and I started I don't know if you did, but I started watching it and I thought, oh, no, he's going to look like a politician. He's not really answering the questions. He's to stop it. Oh, she absolutely didn't. But then he switched it. You're right. He switched gear and he was great. Fantastic, remained calm, answered the questions. He was fantastic.


For the record. He was he was she was humiliating. Yeah.


This is the Glenn Beck program. I have something on her little Lincoln story, too.


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Senator Harry Susan are voting right now, they'd like to know if you and Joe Biden are going to pack the Supreme Court if you don't get your way in this nomination.


Let's talk about that.


Are you willing to tell the American people tonight whether or not you will support either ending the filibuster or packing the whatever position I take in that that'll become the issue?


Would you seek to increase the number of U.S. Supreme Court nominees? No, that's exactly what they want me to talk about.


Will you go along with what some Democrats are proposing to expand the court? Well, I'm not going to do. I hope you understand is play the president's game.


Do you support the idea of packing the court? I'm not dodging the question. What I'm doing is staying focused. If I answer the question, no matter which way I answer it, then that becomes the headline tomorrow.


Have you dealt with any any. I know I know issue. But I am not.


And I know you're going to be upset with my answer. But what I'm not going to do is play the term game. Should the Supreme Court be expanded?


You know what? Let's I think that, first of all, just been very clear. Senator Harry, should Democrats try to pack the court next year?


Is that an idea that you're willing to think about? We are thirty five days away from an election that is probably the most important election of our life, not a question of court packing. Adding more justices to the court just sounds like a straight up dodge. Why won't it is? Talk about what he wants to do. What do you think should happen? Well, I think he's very clear.


He's very clear that he wanted to question. He's very clear on he won't answer the question. And it is it is something that only FDR has tried. We've never had more than nine Supreme Court justices.


As few as five. Yeah, as many as nine. Right. So we'd never had more. They want to pack the court, so they want to add more justices so they can get their way. And the media is is is going along with it. They're starting to make the argument for them. You know, she said last night, oh, I'm glad you want to talk about packing. Let's talk about packing.


She didn't finish that. What was she going to say? She is they're going to make the case after the election that Donald Trump packed the lower courts.


He didn't.


He just filled the open slots. That's his job. He didn't pack it. He just filled the open slots. They're not going to fill the open slots.


He didn't add more justices than there were before.


No. And, you know, I am I'm so sick and tired of being called the party of fear. We're not scaring you into vote. If if you if you honestly look at things, honestly look at things. When you're talking about an end to the filibuster, when you're talking about changing voting rules while the election is going on, when you're talking about an insurrection, which they are in their own words, insurrection and riots or protest, peaceful protests after the election, they're talking about packing the court.


They're talking about cutting California up into several states so they can have more senators and more representatives that lean or are progressive and then adding to states all within the first 100 days.


Those are their plans. If you don't see that the republic, as you know it is at stake, then you're never going to see it, you're never going to see it. But that's not fear mongering.


That's telling you the truth. This is fear mongering. Listen to cut 12 Komala on health care. If you have a preexisting condition, heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, they're coming for you.


Oh, my gosh. They're coming for you, wow, she kept saying they're coming for you if you want a job and you're, you know, 20 something in college, they're coming for you.


Mike Pence, cut 16, please, Mike Pence. Finally said this and he said it several times on several facts that she she laid out and again, the senator, you're entitled to your opinion.


You're not entitled to your own facts. Joe Biden was vice president. We lost two hundred thousand manufacturing jobs. And President Obama said they were never coming back. He said we needed a magic wand to bring them back. In our first three years after we cut tax rollback, regulation unleashed American energy. This administration saw five hundred thousand jobs created. It's exactly the kind of growth we're going to continue to see as we bring our nation through. Thank you for this pandemic's green.


It was amazing to me to talk about this and the whole time she's shaking her head like he's lying. Yeah, those are verified that every time, every time. Verifiable facts, verifiable facts. Back to the scaring you. They're scaring you that Donald Trump is not going to be able to bring the economy back.


Which one do you believe the guy who did it once or the guy who has been in government for, what, 50 years and has never really done it, never created a job and was part of the administration that did everything they could to tell you you'll never get ahead, it will never get better. Which one do you trust? Which one has the record? They're trying to make you afraid and they're trying to say that we're the fear mongers. Well, finally, Mike Pence had enough on the covid vaccine where she said, I won't if Donald Trump tells me to get a vaccine, I won't get a vaccine if the doctors do.


Well, why do you think Donald Trump is going to tell you to get a vaccine that the FDA hasn't come out and said this is a good vaccine, that they're they're suddenly just going and dumping all of this vaccine on that hasn't been approved by doctors and the FDA? It's a ridiculous argument. It is just so fear that Donald Trump is somehow or another dangerous cut.


Five, please. I would like to go back, I think, to move on, that I would like to go back because the reality is that we're going to have a vaccine, Senator, in record time, in unheard of time, in less than a year. We have five companies in phase three clinical trials and we're right now producing tens of millions of doses. So the fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine if the vaccine emerges during the Trump administration, I think is is unconscionable.


And, Senator, I just ask you, stop playing politics with people's lives. Reality is that we will have a vaccine, we believe, before the end of this year, and it will have the capacity to save countless American lives. And your continuous undermining of confidence in a vaccine is just it's just unacceptable.


He did so well last night, so well, here's here's Kamala Harris on another lie, because they know the press will not correct it.


They lied over and over and over again about what the president has said about racism and everything else.


Here they are.


Now, I want you to remember that Trump calling the veterans losers or suckers, that was completely false, including John Bolton, who, you know, has no love for the president. He wrote an anti Trump book. He was there. He said it was an outrageous lie. It never happened. But because the media is in bed, she did it again. Cut twenty one.


But you mentioned Sulimani. Let's let's start there. So after the strike on Sulimani, there was a counter strike on our troops in Iraq. And they suffered serious brain injuries, and you know what, Donald Trump dismissed them as headaches. And this is about a pattern of Donald Trump's where he has referred to our men who are serving in our military as suckers and losers. Oh, my God, Donald Trump. It's unbelievable. Who went to Arlington Cemetery.


Unbelievable. And stood above the graves of our fallen heroes.


OK, I'm not going to give it any more airtime. It's absolutely a lie. Here's Mike Pence. Cut twenty two so far.


Orders against President Donald Trump regarding men and women of our armed forces are absurd.


I'm sorry, but doesn't happen in the United States Marine Corps. My son in law is deployed in the United States Navy. I can assure all of you, with sons and daughters serving in our military, President Donald Trump not only respects but reveres all of those who serve in our armed forces. And any suggestion otherwise, it's ridiculous.


I say to people, disagree.


Finally, finally, and let me leave you one more time with this. Uh, give me Komala on fracking.


Here it is. Cut thirteen. I will repeat, and the American people know that Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact. That is a fact. OK, stop. I will. That is a fact.


That is a fact. Here's Joe Biden on fracking, would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking?


In a Biden administration, no, we would we would work it out. We would make sure it's eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those either or any fossil fuel.


Hmm. It's a fact. It's a fact. Geez, if I can show you where she said these are fact and look you straight in the eye.


If I can show you just that. How do you trust them with anything? How do you trust them with rebuilding the economy when we know they believe in the new Marxist philosophies?


When we know the people behind read their website, don't listen to me read their website about the Green New Deal, the Green New Deal has nothing, nothing to do with the environment, nothing.


It is a whole makeover of our economy to where the government controls the economy. You don't believe me? Believe their website, you must. I want you to find I want you to find one friend, one one person, don't worry about anybody else, one person in the next four weeks. And I want you to talk to them peacefully, calmly, somebody who is just on the fence, one person. This broadcast has a monthly footprint of 50 million Americans, that's between our website and everything else, 50 million Americans, if everyone in this audience convinced one person of what the truth is.


That's a third of the population. If five million people did it. One person you convinced them to go and vote. That's enough to completely overturn any election, assuming that Donald Trump is going to get the same number of people that he had last time, if you can add the 10 million people to that, there's no way they can win. You're smart enough to do it, and you may know right now who that person is, don't go for the hardest one, don't go for the one in your family who's just not going to list.


Don't stop.


Stop. One person who will look at the truth. Who will say you can take them to their website, don't take them to any conspiracy stuff, don't take them even to me, take them to their own words. Who do you trust? Back in a minute. So last night I get home, it's almost midnight by the time I get home and Uno is outside and he greets me at the car door in the driveway with his ball like, oh, no, man.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck.


Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. I'm going to talk about the polls with Steve Davis here coming up in just a second. He is he's a guy who looks at the polls.


Rasmussen came out yesterday with a devastating poll for the president.


What really Rasmussen? It's always positive to the president what's happening with the polls. I'm going to talk about those here in just a second. And I want to ask you a series of questions, and we'll do that in just a minute. Right after the top of the hour. News and a local station break. Stand by. Hey, everybody knows PayPal, but did you know that they were teaming up with honey to save you money? Honey is the free online shopping tool that automatically finds the best promo codes and applies them to your card.


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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and. Program, hello, America. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. I want to talk to you about the polls and I have several questions that I want to ask you. And then I want to talk to Steve Davis, because Steve has been looking into these polls and everything he says makes total mathematical sense. But why are all the polls so skewed? Is Donald Trump in that much trouble or what's happening?


We go there in 60 seconds.


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Whatever. We've got the new year. What is it? You're entitled. You're you're entitled to your own opinion, but you're not entitled to your own facts T-shirt that's available right now. Great, great. From Mike Pence last night.


All right, before I get to Steve Dace, I want to ask you just a series of questions. First of all, do you know, forget about the media, forget about polls, if you didn't have the media, you didn't have polls telling you what everybody was saying, what would you say was going to happen a month from now in the election? Would you say it's going to be close?


Would you say it's going to be a landslide?


What would you say? Next question, do you know anyone who voted for Trump that will not be voting for Trump this time?


I don't know anybody. Next question. Do you know anybody that didn't vote for Trump and Will this time? Quite a few, I know a lot. Next question, do you know anyone that's excited about voting for Donald Trump?


Every Trump voter I've ever met, do you know anyone excited about Biden or Harris or any part of their campaign? I don't. Do you know anyone that is a secret Biden supporter and just won't say it out loud but has every intention of voting for Biden?


You don't have to be a secret Biden supporter. Do you know anyone that's a secret Trump supporter that won't talk about it with anyone but is going to vote for Donald Trump?


Now, here's where it gets really interesting, because the decision that you have to come to is either you and I are completely wrong about America and we are no longer the republic, but for which it stands.


We are no longer that those people. And if that's true, then it's over. But that's the decision you have to make, either something's askew. Or everything you thought you knew about America is over, because let me ask you this question traditionally. Are the Democrats taking stands that are in line with traditional America, antipolice, they double down, it was that Trump people were racist. Now it's everyone. The entire country is racist. They are anti founders'.


They are for the Green New Deal. They are for more shutdowns because of covid, therefore mandatory mask laws, therefore repealing taxes. Or tax or tax relief or what else do we have there for the riots on the street? They won't deny that those are are actually that are they won't call those actual riots. Are these traditionally American thing, if I was if you were ever advising a candidate, would you ever say take any of those stances, hey, you know what you need to do, leak it out there that you're going to pack the court and then don't answer that question?


Would you ever do any of those in traditional America?


You couple that with no crowds, no enthusiasm, and then the fact that they have zero ground game, they're not doing a ground, they're not doorknocking, there is no ground game. We learned that from Obama and Donald Trump. You have to have a good ground game. That's that's politics one on one.


Why don't they have a ground game? Then. That party changes election laws, they start pushing for mail in ballots which have not been done before, then they start saying there's going to be massive voter fraud.


Then they also hire attorneys, hundreds of attorneys to sue in multiple states for recounts, millions spent on war gaming that dirty tricks impeachment, having the media lie about things that are verifiable. Does that sound like a party that believes those polls? What the hell is going on, because something's not right. Those two pictures don't fit. Steve Davis says he has. Do we just lose him like we lost the farm sponsor down?


OK, well, Steve's going to Steve's going to join us in a few minutes.


And what he has to say about the polls you need to hear because the Rasmussen poll shows Donald Trump, I think, getting, what was it, 76 percent of the Republican vote? Excuse me. He got 80 like four last time. Do you know more people that are Republicans are like, I'm just not going to vote for him, that doesn't make any sense. No, you don't have anybody else to vote for. There's no third party. There's no one skimming votes, the lowest in history that a Republican has gotten since these polls were being taken.


And the stats kept George H.W. Bush the year Ross Perot was running.


And no one has had that kind of a bad turnout for the Republican president with Republicans. No one has had that except George H.W. Bush. How is that even possible?


Add to that the number of polls that have said Trump is polling at right around 20 percent of the black vote, in some cases. Twenty five percent.


There's no way if that's true, there's no way he wins in a landslide. Landslide. Hispanics, if he's up five percent with Hispanics and five percent with blacks, it's over. For the Democrats, it's over. Yeah. So what is happening? And Pat, I don't know about you, but I am no longer willing to say. Oh, well, I I think I'm right that this is all just this is all that there's no way that Joe Biden wins on election night.


There's no way, because I. I honestly don't know. Right. Yeah. I watched that debate last night and deju. I was so.


Amazed at the simple lies that they told, I mean, the ones that with one Google search and it's out and they just spewed them.


Yeah, and I thought halfway through I thought, I wonder, though, if you've been watching CNN the whole time, if you're not thinking that's what Mike Pence is doing and you just believe Kamala, because that's what your media has told you.


I'm not sure that changes anyone's mind anymore based on the fact that Harris won the CNN poll by twenty one points. Twenty one points. Yeah. The CNN poll, twenty one points now on Drudge, Trump won seventy one twenty pence, one seventy one twenty nine.


That was the I can only think of one presidential vice presidential debate that went worse than that. Senator, you're no John F. Kennedy, Dan Quayle, yeah, he looked like a deer in headlights.


He looked like he was 14 years old. He was just decimated in that. Just decimated in that. But he at least was likable. Kamala Harris was decimated by Mike Pence, and she's not likable. I mean, I, I started out with I, I think she's going to be likable. I think she's going to be likable during the first covid part.


And then it just of, oh my gosh, she's so unlikable.


Haiti is hideously bad. OK, the phones are back up. We've got Steve coming up in just a second. First, let me just pause and then we don't have to interrupt him because he's got really good stuff to say. My Patriots supply, if you think 20, 20 has been crazy, I love these people like, oh, I can't wait 20, 20 years. Zoar Guzan Baby New Year comes under baby New Year's. There's good out a year.


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All right, Steve Davis, please explain, because would you agree that either these polls are right and we are completely wrong about America and the then the republic is over because people just think differently now or there's something really wrong with these polls.


There's really no other conclusion you can draw. Because, Glenn, if you looked at every other metric by which you judge in elections environment other than the public polls, I mean, even look at something that would be kind of a secondary data point. The NBA is hemorrhaging viewers in the middle of its finals with one of its marquee franchises, its marquee team. And it's because even in its own, pardon the pun, bubble there, it's just exhausting to be politically preached at with the message, even from what's probably the most liberal sports fan base in the country.


You look at you look at voter registrations, you look at early voting. I mean by every other metric you would judge an election with the unemployment rate going down, the final report before the election, every other metric you would judge an election, you would think that Trump is coasting to victory except for the public polls. And so that's why I have been doing for weeks now a deep dive on their methodologies.


OK, so tell me, because the one that everybody was freaking out about was Rassmussen, because when Rassmussen, their polls have always favored Donald Trump to the point to where you look at it and you're like, I'm not sure I want to see another.


Right, right, right, right.


This poll has him losing by, what, 12, 12, 12? Yeah.


What happened? Well, I got I have to give them great credit. This is a great marketing scheme. It got me to subscribe to their platinum package. That's why I could look at their methodology. And I, I got to the very first point. And just to put that 12 points in perspective, that would be the worst. A Democrat challenger has beaten a Republican incumbent president since FDR Hoover nineteen thirty two, almost one hundred years. That would have Joe Biden outperforming FDR, his final reelect in the fall of nineteen forty four while he was winning World War Two.


Oh, my gosh. So so I looked at I looked at their first data point and then I just stopped and wish I had not subscribed. They are projecting that Donald Trump is only going to win seventy six percent of Republican votes to put that in perspective in the last seven presidential elections. And I don't go back any further than that because then you get into an era when Republicans can win California and Florida wasn't a toss up. All right. So it's just not pertinent.


If you go back to the last seven presidential elections, the lowest percentage any GOP nominee has gotten off the Republican vote was George Herbert Walker Bush only got seventy three percent in nineteen ninety two, but he had Ross Perot on the ticket siphoning away votes from him. There is no such third party candidate this time. Trump got eighty eight percent of the Republican vote four years ago, Glenn, and that's when guys like you and I with platforms were sitting out not supporting it.


All right. I mean, the idea that if he only gets seventy six percent of the Republican vote with the Democrats, the most left wing they've ever been, if that happens on Election Day, I'm coming back here on Tuesday, the fourth you name your stupid human trick, I'll do my best to perform it.


That's not how you have to give hats, underwear. You have to eat Patts underwear, preferably three or preferably three.


OK, all right. That's a deal. It's a deal. It's a deal.


Please, let's for the first moment, I'm torn. Vote for Donald Trump or not. I mean, that's that's staggering.


So how do they how do they justify that? I have no idea.


And maybe that's why you've got to subscribe to some of their internals is they don't want you to see how they came up with their math. If someone came to me and as I've mentioned before on your show and you have mentioned it, I've covered and worked on these campaigns. I worked on a presidential campaign last time. One of the things I did was analyze polling data and how we should strategize in response to it. If someone brought me a poll that showed that the president but this president with the dude, he has almost a level of loyalty among Republicans that drives guys like you and I crazy Glenn.


OK, and if they came to me and said he's only going to get seventy six percent of registered Republicans, my response would be either you're fired or paid or refund me the cost of that poll. That's a ridiculous assumption. And that and that's a 12 point decline in where he was four years ago. And if you look at their top margin of their top line results, it's a 12 point spread. It's pretty much all that data point right there.


Tell me about some of the other big polls, because all the polls are saying this. NBC had a mole at 20 points behind.


Yeah, that that's just not going to happen. OK, but if you look at some let me look at Monmouth's, because when I was a. The Cruz campaign, we took them seriously, we thought that they were a quality public pollster that rated a plus by five thirty eight, so they just put out a Pennsylvania poll that has Biden winning the state by 11. Now, that would over perform what Obama did in that state in 2008. And Obama 2008 is the biggest Democratic presidential victory since LBJ.


Sixty four. And they're saying that Biden's going to over perform that in a state that Trump just won. But if you look at the voter registration numbers, since 2016, Democrats have lost almost forty two thousand voters in the state. Republicans have gained one hundred and sixty thousand voters in the state. To put that in perspective, Glenn, in the last election, Trump won the decisive three states by seventy eight thousand combined total votes, which means Republicans have gained one hundred and fifty percent more than that in Pennsylvania alone.


And yet Trump's going to perform worse. That just doesn't make sense to me. I don't think NBC News is a scam.


OK, so let me ask you this. This is because this would play into but this is conspiracy stuff.


This would play into the fact that they all will say, I guarantee you, if it's a landslide at night, they will all say the polls didn't show this. Something is radically wrong. There has been fraud somewhere.


There's no question. And then if they want to steal an election with mail and voter fraud results, yes, they can say, well, this just matches up with the polls. They can go the other way. Now, I don't believe Monmouth is in on that. I certainly think NBC News is I mean, look at their news coverage. I think Monmouth is probably just doing a poll based on a 20 16 voter file that doesn't reflect a net gain of one hundred and ten thousand Republican voter registrations in the state.


That's probably what's going on there. But but for every Monmouth's that might just not have the latest information to start a sample from.


I mean, would it be would it be a huge leap of logic for the people that gave us Russian collusion? Brett Kavanaugh, marauding rapist to just fake the polls?


It's a scary time. It's a really, truly scary time. Thank you, Steve. I'm glad that you're a voice that we can trust. By the way, you can hear Steve on Bleys radio right after this program. You hear every single day you can watch his show.


Bleys TV.com is the Glenn Beck program.


You want to subscribe place TV.com Aglen and use Glenn debates and you'll save 20 percent. All right.


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It's his birthday.


He's 92 today. 92 to this guy is amazing and still full of life. And I met him 15 years ago. And it's really kind of a spiritual adviser of mine.


And he when I first met him, I had so many questions. I was at CNN and I was finding all kinds of stuff. And I really wanted some spiritual guidance. And I said, so this is what I found. What do I do? He stopped me in midsentence and said, Stop.


Don't ask me or anyone else ever again what you should do with your calling, that is between you and God and anything that I might say could take you off half a degree.


And that's not close enough for God, so don't ever ask anyone again. What should I do? And I have to tell you, I thought that what I thought that was amazing, we are all we all have a right to here for our life directly from God.


And happy birthday, Russell Ballard.


Dinesh D'Souza is joining us now with his take on the debate last night. He's got a documentary out called The Trump Card, available on DVD right now. And it was just released a couple of days ago and headed toward video on demand on the 9th of this month. He's also going to be on the Friday exclusive to talk about the trump card. That's the show that I do on Fridays just for Blayse supporters. It's a great show and I can't wait to have him on to talk about that.


Dinesh, what do you think last night? Well, it was a it was an interesting debate to watch. Obviously, a big contrast from the presidential debate that was a mud fight and may fight. This was kind of more like a fencing match with two kind of adroit fencers dancing around and trying to score points. I thought Harris was evasive throughout. I think it's interesting that the left, although they claim that their policies on fracking and guns and taxes have enormous public support, whenever they're called in front of the American people to answer for them, they run away.


Oh, no, no, no. We don't really support those policies. So it was a little bit of a fleeing match for Harris, I thought.


Well, she didn't. You know, what's strange is they're not denying those things this time. They're just not admitting it. You know, they're on record. Their own website says it and they won't come out now at the end and admit it, but they also won't deny you're going to pack the court.


The answer to that is no, no, OK, but I think the reason the reason they can't say no is that their whole strategy, Glenn, I think is to do all these bending of the rules because they believe that we are the party of the nice guys and we won't do the same. So their idea is we'll knock down your monuments. We know you won't knock down our bottom. We will use the deep state against you. We know you won't use the deep state against us.


We will pack the court. We know that even if you control all the branches of government, you wouldn't do the same. So ultimately, that's the way in which they take advantage, if you will, of our innocence. So our virtue in order to try to play dirty, that's their game.


Dinesh, if you didn't have poll numbers. What would you say is going to happen in November? If I didn't look at the polls, I would say that Biden is going to be destroyed in November because to me, the any understanding I have of the common sense of the American people is that the Dems have gone way too far. This condoning of lawlessness, the promiscuity of their spending policies, the degree to which they have pushed towards socialism. I think it's out of line with the American character.


So the polls give me pause because I think we always have to distinguish what we want to happen from what is going direct. But nevertheless but nevertheless, my instinct is that we're not going to need a recount or a court decision that Trump will actually win several states that he didn't even win the last time.


So I agree with you, but the only the only other option is that the America that you have extolled and love, the America that I know, the one that based on the founders, the one that's, you know, we don't believe is racist. We do believe in opportunity for all. We do believe in the free market. We do believe in the police and our military.


We do stand for the national anthem that America is over if we're wrong. Would you agree? I would agree.


And in that case, I would propose the following solution, which is essentially that we create the sort of you could almost call the militarized zones. But I don't want to emphasize the word militarized. I just mean that we exit their culture. And by that I mean we create our own schools, our own movies, our own entertainment. We live in our own society, which we care and we protect fiercely that domain. We just refuse to live in their world right now.


Their idea is if we get a political majority, we're going to force you to live in our world by our rules and submit to us or else. So I think we just have to decline that option.


It's a certain kind of cultural secession within America, but they won't do if if they have the filibuster's gone, they pack the courts. You won't be able to do that. I mean, it really is secession at that point. And that's something that they are actually planning. You know, if Trump wins by a landslide in their own war games and their own words that are published on their website, they are talking about the secession of the West Coast.


Well, when Abraham Lincoln gave his very famous speech against secession, this is the first inaugural address, it contained a very important exception. Lincoln basically said, show me if I have violated any of your basic constitutional rights. The implication being that if Lincoln had done that, if he had prevented, let's say, the South from voting or free assembly or exercising free speech, Lincoln's implicit point was then you would have a right to secede. But Lincoln's point was, I've just been elected.


I've done absolutely nothing. So you're just seceding because I won the election. So I think it's important to realize that secession has never been ruled out completely in the American sort of philosophical statesmanship. It remains a possibility if basic rights are violated.


And I don't have a problem. I mean, if people want to secede, I really don't have a I really don't have a problem. Just don't come to mind. I want a wall around my state, because if we're not going to do any of these progressive policies and you say yours are going to work, I can guarantee you that you are going to fail and then you will blame it on us. So I don't want anything to do with it.


You know what I mean?


Yeah, yeah. The Democrats keep emphasizing that they're going to be the party of unity, but I think they know how hollow that sounds because they have no intention of meeting us halfway or creating any kind of accommodation with us. They mean that they want to unify against us. And I think we've figured that out. And all of this means that these are problems that will outlast Trump. Whether or not Trump wins, we're going to have to figure out how we can coexist with citizens when we no longer agree on goals.


But we.


But is that because, you know, I found a I found a speech from Abraham Lincoln and I read it yesterday. And I just want to give you this paragraph.


At the beginning, they knew they could never raise their treason to any respectable magnitude by any name. That implies violation of law. They knew their people possessed as much moral sense as and devotion to law and order and as much pride and reverence for the history of government in their in our common country as any other civilized and patriotic people. They knew they could make no advancement directly into the teeth of these noble sentiments. Accordingly, they commenced on an insidious debauching of the public mind.


They invented an ingenious sophism which, if conceded, was followed by perfectly logical steps. They have been drugging the private mind or the public mind of their section for more than 30 years.


That that could be written and said today.


Except I agree, Glenn, except I would add something that makes our situation a little bit worse. And here is what it is. In the eighteen fifties and leading up to the civil war, both sides revere the Constitution. The Southerners claim the legacy of Washington and Jefferson. And so both sides were arguing within the constitutional framework. But now we have one side that burns the flag and won't stand up for the national anthem and in a sense rejects the authority of the Constitution to be the sort of literal arbiter of these disputes.


So we're not now arguing about what the Constitution means. We're arguing about whether we should consult the Constitution at all.


So how does a public live like that, because you no longer have the UNAM, are UNAM, E Pluribus Unum was always life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Government is instituted among men to protect those rights, the constitution, the bill of Rights. When you say throw all that out, you can't live side by side with somebody who says you don't have those rights.


At the very least, what we can do is we can introduce on the other side the same kind of healthy fear that we have of them. And that would mean that they would realize that if they did certain things to us, we would either do the same to them or we would make sure that they paid a price for it. So, for example, just to take a small example, as long as Antifa guys can break windows with impunity, they're going to keep breaking windows.


The moment a guy gets arrested and looking at a one year lockup for doing that, lots of his buddies go, well, probably won't go break a window tomorrow. So once we start imposing that healthy fear that comes from, listen, I don't I can't engage in actions without consequences anymore, then it introduces an element of pause and you go, well, maybe I should learn to get along with the other guy.


So what happens if Donald Trump doesn't win and they start throttling people like you and me? And, you know, they will they will they will silence our voices.


We may have our dotcom, but we will not be the Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. We won't have the public square anymore. Once that starts to happen, doesn't that shut up?


A lot of people who are weak kneed, there's no question that they will try if they win, to treat the sort of Trump Spain as a kind of ugly mark on the American landscape. They will try to do everything to demonize not just Trump, but everybody associated with Trump. They'll try to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. Well, this means, I think, that we might have to flee to our own platforms where we may have to do the kind of building we should have done in advance.


I mean, we're the party of entrepreneurship. It's a little embarrassing that all of these major entrepreneurial platforms from Facebook, Instagram to Twitter are all controlled by leftists. We need to build our own. I'm taking sort of small steps in this direction already. You are probably as well. But yes, long term, I don't think we can survive with this big sword of Damocles hanging over our heads.


Last question the. Well, actually, I have two questions. Will anyone's mind be changed from last night? If you were watching that and you were educated by CNN, CNN said, you know, 20 percentage points she won by, does it did this change anyone's mind?


You know, the where we're living at a time when when the polls, like the media, have a stake in the outcome. And in fact, we see this with the moderator to look at the discrepancy in questions to the Republican. It's always, how can you believe or can you explain? But it's the Democrats. It's always more like, will you explain? So there's a complete difference of tone and approach. And I think you have to be a dummy not to see that.


So once you realize that this is an unlevel playing field, then I think people can privately make their own conclusions.


Last question. Should the president engage in a debate that is a virtual.


I think, yes. As an alternative to not debating at all, even though there's no question that this virtual debate is a bit of a fake. It's more like a TV show than a real debate, but it still might be better than not debating it. All right.


Dinesh D'Souza, thank you so much. We'll talk to you again on Friday. Dinesh D'Souza or do it. You bet. Back in just a second.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck.


We are going to we're going to go over some of the election problems with the Democrats just saying, hey, you know what, we're going to we're just going to know we need to do is just start voting in by mail, something that the five states that did it in the past took years to implement and ironed out all of the problems.


They just did it in six months.


But no big deal. It's not going to be a problem. If you were watching Kamala Harris last night. First of all, the the mainstream media's view that Mike Pence was mansplaining to her is so obnoxious, so obnoxious.


It was more like she was Kamala's explaining everything to us. Oh, my gosh. I never felt so down to talk down. So condescending. Oh, my God. And rude to him. They were disrespectful. It was it was despicable.


It was really I mean, if I hurt her one more time, say, excuse me, I'm speaking here, Mr. President. Mr. Vice President. And then just shook her head like.


Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm. Oh, my God.


And how obnoxious was Susan Page? Geez, I guess she was the the moderator. I didn't think she was, didn't you? Oh, thank you, Mr. Vice President. Thank you. Vice President Pence. Thank you for. Shut up for a second. He's wrapping up.


Yeah, I hate it. I thought both of them, you know, I thought she did what she had to do, otherwise it would have been out of control.


But I mean, if you look, Kamala Harris had four more minutes than Penn State to talk, and he was much more powerful than he was.


Do you remember anything really that she said? I remember some of the lies she tried to tell you, right. Yeah, but you don't really there wasn't a home run. No. Anything. He really made all the good points. He did. He did. He knocked it out. And it was, I think, embarrassing for her that Lincoln story. Oh, my whoopsies. I've got got to talk about that because it's not even true.


She had it wrong. Glenn Beck program. It's really interesting for people who say that they are all about the future. They're progressives. The Democratic Party has become the the 1950s party, the one that everybody hated, you know, the one with the Red Scare and the big government and the CIA spooks doing all kinds of stuff and setting people up and and setting up different, you know, coups all around. And the one the nineteen fifties America, where there were only three choices in media and they were all kind of telling you the same thing, where you lose your job if you if you happen to be on the wrong side of anything, that's that's the Democratic Party today with the canceled culture.


It's not the Red Scare anymore. It's the red, white and blue scare. If you believe in red, white and blue, you should be afraid. The big government lies the the games that are being played now for really a coup of changing our election rules. And the amazing thing is, is they really, truly believe, as was evidenced last night, that only the mainstream media matters, that you're not smart enough to do a search, you're not smart enough or you're not you're not obedient enough to only listen to the things that they say you are.


You have you been have you been bad? Are you listening to somebody that disagrees with us? It's like they're in a time machine and they're are stuck in the 1950s, but they're going to drag all of us there if they get away with some of the stuff. We're going to talk about truing the vote. True, the vote, what's really happening in all of our states. We do that in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program. The convenience of modern American life right now complicates our efforts to maintain our values. It used to be that your home was your castle, your home was a safe refuge from the storms that were outside.


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Patriot or Patriot Mobile dotcom back.


Catherine Engelbrecht, she is the founder and president of True the Vote, a an organization that is is trying to make sure that our vote is secure and that our vote counts and dead people's vote don't count or people that don't exist.


Their votes don't count.


Welcome to the program again, Catherine. How are you? All right, thanks for having me back. You bet. I really appreciate you coming on. I watch you every day because this is happening all over the country. We've talked about Pennsylvania. We talked about Montana. We should know something you said yesterday by today. Do we know anything yet? Has anything changed?


Not not yet. Not yet. So still keeping watch.


OK, so where do you want to go today? What do you want to talk about today? What state or I know there's ballot pedia out.


Which do you have anything to do with that.


No, except we use it as a reference. It's very difficult to wrap your arms around all the changes in Ballot Pedia is a great website ballot pedia a dotcom and they have kept a running list of election law changes and lawsuits filed. It's not a fully comprehensive list because there are over three hundred and fifty suits and Fiats and. But it's but it's good. It's really a good spot for people to see it. And frankly, that's increasingly been our message.


We haven't we have a section on our website just called Call Your County. When you have an issue and you have a question, call your county. And we give people the their election administrator information. And it's in in keeping with that ballot Pedialyte. It's just see it for yourself, get involved and understand how messed up this really is about the has hundreds of lawsuits and you can see it for yourself.


So I'm looking at it and it is it's overwhelming how much is being done. I, I, I talked to Donald Trump Jr. last night and I really could sense from him how overwhelmed the the campaign is there.


They have fires all the way around them and and just trying to keep up to speed on what was happening in each state was exactly what the the leftists always try to do. And that's overwhelm the system. Overwhelmed, right? Absolutely. So this this court case that's supposed to come out today, we should know something about it. Can you just recap that for anybody who missed yesterday?


Sure. So amidst the sea of lawsuits that have happened over the course of these past few months related to the fog of covid and the opportunity that has been taken to upend election standards, there was a case that came up in Montana that we jumped into where the governor, who is also running for Senate, decided to change the laws in his favor as a candidate for Senate and make the whole state go into a mail in optional standard where counties could just decide whether or not to send unsolicited mail ballots.


And so it was under that premise, which is unconstitutional, by the way, that approach is unconstitutional. So we sued the state, we sued the governor. But more importantly was the trajectory that that case then took on. And in FlashForward, here we are today, the case is, we hope will be considered by the Supreme Court. It's on their docket to let us know whether or not they'll consider it. And the goal is twofold. The first is with respect to Montana, to get an immediate injunction to stop that state from being able to have optional unsolicited mail ballots go across the state.


That deadline is today. So it's you know, we're we're here at the precipice. But the second piece is is really the crux of the bigger picture. And that is we are asking the court to use that case to set a standard for many of the hundreds of other cases that have that have been formed up unconstitutionally. And we're saying court, consider this. If if if a case has not met the constitutional standard, then set that as the bar.


That is a way to begin to organize these cases. Because to your point, Glenn, it is intentional overwhelm. They are going to tie up the courts to run out the clock to push this election into the House. That is the play.


So two other things that. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. Go ahead. I was just going to say another thing you may not know about in might find interesting is that, you know, how did we how do we find ourselves here and why is the Republican Party nationally so ill prepared? And there's a reason for that. In the early eighties, nineteen eighty two, there was a lawsuit between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party where the Democrats sued the Republicans over what they alleged was vote caging and so forth.


Well, rather than fight. Out, out, the Republicans settled in a consent decree that is known as the New Jersey consent decree. The New Jersey consent decree settlement required that the Republicans not spend any moneys towards ballot security at the national level, that that was in place nationally until 2017. It just expired. And although it didn't prevent local counties or states from doing anything, I mean, there was no national leadership. And so and so for this entire time, there has been no ballot security.


Plan on the right and lots has happened in these decades. What state are you most worried about?


More states. That's well, you have the you have the the lens of the traditional battleground states, and you can look at Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Wisconsin is a mess for a lot of reasons, one of which is that they have same day voter registration. So you can walk in, register and vote in the same day. There's no way in real time to validate identity, residency or citizenship. And so that's a story unto itself. Then you have in Pennsylvania, where you're seeing they're getting rid of your standards for their mail.


And there have already been over five and a half million votes cast. That is over 70 times more at the same point in twenty sixteen, where 70 times more it's it's coming. And there's another issue I know a little disjointed, but this is important. And you have such an important platform. We are getting reports we got just another one just came in from South Carolina where early elections have already started and a voter wrote in to us. We have on our website a place that you can report issues and concerns and we'll get right back to you as is appropriate.


But they wrote in and said they had gone to go vote. And when they got there early to vote, they were told that they couldn't because they had received absentee ballots, but they hadn't they hadn't requested an absentee ballot, nor had they received absentee ballots. And so the there the cure of that is to go to the to your county official and ask that if a ballot was sent to you, it be canceled so that you be allowed to vote in person, which changes to the votes position on what we've been saying all along.


We've been saying vote in person on Election Day and now we are saying vote in person early to account for extra time you might need if you get there and are told, well, we've already mailed you a ballot. Now, there are there are ways that that could be remedied at the polling place. But the people that are working at the polls don't necessarily know all of the ins and the outs. So you just need to have more time to vote in person.


I'm hopeful that that won't happen often, but it's going to happen because it's unavoidable.


Gosh. I mean, Catherine, this is. I mean, this this is there's not going to be anyone who believes in this vote one way or another, they're just not going to believe it. I mean this we lose our faith in this last institution that my voice counts. I mean, we've known that fraud goes on, but generally speaking, we have felt pretty decent about going to vote. If you feel disenfranchised at the at the polling booth because the Democrats have changed the rules.


And no, we sent it out to, you know. Well, I didn't get it. It's it's not going to end well. It's just not going to end well. I completely agree, the one the one the one piece of this that we can hold to, though, is that if we can. This has been marginalized in a way that I would I would submit to you is is a is a game between between bureaucrats and politicos and power brokers and has very little to do with the hearts and minds of the of the everyday American who doesn't want this to end in this way, that doesn't want this to go down in this way.


And so while we may lose faith in this process for a season, we can't lose faith in one another. And so go and serve and be a part of this bear witness to it and then help on the other side to rebuild it, because that's what's going to have to happen. We have to be in this together to rebuild it. It took a long time to get it to this level of disrepair, but we got to be there to fix it on the other side.


Thank you very much, Catherine.


And we'll talk again. God bless you. You know, it's you have to be engaged in this. The good thing about this is it's not a federal issue. This isn't happening from the federal level. This is happening at your local and state level. The state has control of the election. So if you have a problem, you can fix it on the other on the other side, unfortunately. I mean, I will tell you, if I'm going to find the I'm going to find the legal defense fund for the for the GOP, because this the litigation, they are already well-funded on the left.


They already have all of their briefs.


I'm the guy who's doing all of these election changes. The guy who is in charge of it is the guy who is in charge of the ballots and the recounts and all that brought us Al Franken. So that is their plan and they are going to need funds for attorneys, but we're also going to need people that just volunteer their time. And I know that the Trump campaign has started something, what is it called, Trump's army or something like that?


Poor choice of names for that. But they're looking for people that have experience that are attorneys or, you know, people that are not going to be shouters. They're going to be minders and they're going to look for evidence, look for what's going on, and then be able to give good evidence when it is needed. If that is you or someone you know, please get involved. You've we've got to have people at the polls watching all of this.


More in just a second.


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That's American financing dot net.


Ten seconds, station ID. I want you to find one person that you think is open minded and somebody who is really conflicted on I don't know what to do, I don't necessarily like him. I don't necessarily like them. And I just I want you to ask them a series of questions will go into this maybe more tomorrow. But I just want to go on.


For instance, Donald Trump is a racist that has never been charged in his, what, 60 years of public life.


Nobody ever said that about Donald Trump.


It was just until he became president. But let's look at the evidence and I want to show you something that they said last night, that, again, Kamala Harris repeated that Donald Trump said that the the Nazi rally that happened a couple of years ago, he said there were good people on both sides.


They edit to have it sound like this list you all listen to this also had people that were very fine, people on both sides. You had people in that group. Excuse me. Excuse me. I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down of to them a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee.


So when you're hearing that, you think, OK, well, he's not I mean, he could be talking about Nazis, but that's because the media has echoed this lie for almost four years now.


Listen to it without the edit. All they had to do is back the tape up about five seconds and listen.


And you had people and I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists, OK?


Hey, that's what he said right before, but you had good people, so it just start there. How can you trust anything that has been said about this man when they are still preaching this? And the truth is so clear that I'm going to take you next to their own website. I want you to I want you to see their stated plan for the next 100 days and talk to that friend who's kind of wondering and just say this is not coming from a conspiracy website.


This is them next.


This is the Glenn Beck program. I'll talk to you about relief factor if you are in pain, may I suggest relief factor? Everybody has pain and it gets worse as we get older.


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Listen to all the conservative voices. Add Blaze TV.com promo code, Glenn. And this is the Glenn Beck program. Glad you're here. The debate happened last night.


It's as if the media was watching a completely different debate.


It is very, very clear who won that debate and who looked really, I mean, I think self humiliating. You know, that little I think you really want to talk about history. I want to tell you about Abraham Lincoln. That's that's not what happened.


Abraham Lincoln didn't say the people should vote. What Abraham Lincoln was doing during that time was trying to win a war and he needed to win the election.


And so he took two prominent Americans that he said, I might nominate this guy, I might nominate this guy that way.


Both of them were on the campaign trail going for Abraham Lincoln so he could win. The day after the election.


He nominated one of those two and it was passed immediately, had nothing to do with the people who had nothing to do with that.


It was political, political. So Honest Abe was playing politics with it and it's just humiliating. You know, if anybody knows history, unfortunately, very few people do.


It is I am very concerned that if you watched last night and you your friends just watch mainstream media, just watch what's on Twitter, et cetera, et cetera, that they're not going to get the truth because the lies are so blatant now. And we've been going over some of those today.


But I want you to expose things to your friend. I want you to pick in the next month. I want you to pick one person that you think is on the fence and has an open mind and will listen to reason. And I want you to spend your month educating them, trying to get them to vote one person, only one. Here's what you need to do. You need to start arming yourself with the truth in their own words. And the best place to do that are websites run by them.


Jason is with us.


He's our head researcher and national security adviser for my staff.


And he is he and I have been going over this this web of people that are all well-respected, who are now part of this election transition integrity project. And it has nothing to do with transition. It has nothing to do with integrity. It has everything to do with getting the left to win, even if they lose.


And he'll explain that. Hi, Jason. How are you? Good, thanks. Good. So let's start there, because then I want to go to their first hundred days.


But start with who's on the the Transition Integrity Project. Who is that?


So pretty much all of the higher ups within the Democrat Party, even if they're not elected right now, they're all still incredibly connected. People like Donna Brazile participated. People like John Podesta participated when this first started. I guess coalescing was actually several years ago, actually, was it was, I think, 2016 right after.


Right. Sure. Trump won. Right. And there were meetings that are on the record that they were getting together. They were hobnobbing together, trying to come up with a strategy of what to do, what comes next in the next election.


They needed an insurance policy. So what do we do? So now we get all of this information from the source. So it's it's not a whistleblower. It's not a conspiracy.


It is from their website. They are not ashamed of what they're doing. What will you find on their website?


So you will find and I think we've already made this available, but if not, then we will put it put it up there so that you can read it. The biggest thing that I'm concerned about here, Glenn, is that it's not being taken seriously. Oh, OK. That it's not being taken seriously. I know that firsthand. The White House.


I really hope I sincerely hope that someone from the White House is listening right now and also the GOP, because when we get to the first hundred days, they especially need to be conscious of what's about to happen. But they're pulling out all the stops. What you'll find here is that they've got a step by step, play by play, you know, game plan for election night. So this is so if you're in the Trump administration, this is why you need to listen to this or read this is because if you react to certain things a certain way, they've got a response for that.


So let's say riots break out in the streets, vandalism, everything crazy starts happening that's planned.


In fact, you'll read it there.


The Biden campaign will call for people to get out into the streets. This is there's four different scenarios. People in the streets is in every single one of them. Right. And the worst for America, I think the worst scenario is a Trump landslide, if you are really, truly wanting a transition to be peaceful and have integrity, a Trump landslide, you would say we concede they don't. The worst one is a Trump landslide.


They go through their wargaming. And what was final recommendation? Call for secession of the West Coast. But hold the nation hostage with protests on the streets. Add two new states. And what was the other one? The other one, there was a couple more. One was putting term limits on Supreme Court justices. Right. Yeah. So all this purple. Yeah. This is and it's from them. So I want you to go. What is the exact Web address, you know, off top of your head?


I don't, but I will put it. Yeah. All tweeted out in a minute.


It is the Transition Integrity Project. And I want you to look at that website and I want you to share that with a friend, OK?


Look for their executive summary. And if it's gone, we will repost it. Can I put one more thing again? If you're in the Trump administration, let's say it's going just how we want it to. It's a Trump landslide, just like you said. And that, by far is the most dangerous scenario. It is. They're not looking at anything, but what can they gain from this? So, for instance, one of the steps says Biden will actually concede.


He'll concede he'll make a public concession, but right after that. And so then I guess that's for the rest of the administration and for the GOP to let their guard down.


He will then renege on that concession. He'll then do that.


And that's because they're going to put their little army of supporters and protesters out on the streets. They're going to say that changed his mind, that changed his mind. So now he's reneging on that concession and he's now pushing for several weeks after the election to begin counting all these.


Is the assumption then that Biden is in on this project with oh, absolutely no. By position and take Biden's people were there.


His people were there. I mean, this is this was done to advise him and the left on what to do. I mean, it is it's it's phenomenal.


One of his one of his advisors, I think his name is Jake Sullivan, was also part of these initial meetings when they were hobnobbing with these transition integrity.


This is all when they say there are former NSA officials, former Pentagon officials, et cetera, et cetera. It's all Obama people.


It's all the old Obama and Clinton people. That's who makes this up, along with Bill Kristol. So they can say Kristol, Bill Kristol is involved in this.


Another one. There's another one. Is there the Lincoln Project?


People played Trump in this in the game. Yeah. So it's it's so Kristol has gotten so hateful of Trump. Oh, he's gone to the other side completely now.


Oh yeah. Oh yeah. OK, so there's the first thing you start with.


But I want you to also know that their plans that they're talking about in the Integrity Project is they're no different than the plans that they have for the first hundred days of an Obama of a Biden administration. The plans that they have for the first 100 days, they plan on being, as Bernie Sanders said, the most progressive since FDR. Well, the first one hundred days in FDR, he changed America forever. Yeah.


And this is just some of the things that they have planned. So this is absolutely we're going to show you and I think two weeks. Yeah. The actual in their own words, what they planned. But they're they're saying that. So it's basically what brought us Trump was basically the electorate was pissed off that things weren't getting done. They wanted someone different in there. That's why Brexit happened. That's why that's kind of breaking out all over the world, really.


But the left also sees things the same way they were pissed off. And again, they say this, that nothing happened during the Obama administration, when they held Congress, when they had everything. Yep, they're pissed off. They didn't get what they want it. They're like, no more. So there's roadblocks. There's things that they have to do away with the filibuster that's gone.


That is the first one hundred days, in their own words, filibuster gone in the first 100 days. Now they're expecting a clean sweep. So obviously they can't do this unless they get 51 votes in the Senate, but they're expecting that. So if on Election Day, if we see they picked up those seats, the filibuster is going to be gone, the 60 vote majority rule that's going to be gone, they're doing this because they need to push through all their radical agenda.


They think now is the time. It is. That's why it is. It's either now or never. It really is now or never. And it's and it's the same with us. If you don't believe in Marxism, if you believe in the free market, if you believe in. The Constitution, if you believe in fair play, honesty, transparency, this is your last chance to step up. Now, this doesn't mean the battle is going to be over, but this is it.


Because if they get these things, it's a there is no road bump.


There's no road bumps at all, no speed bumps. It's a straight shot to hell. And they're taking steps. It's a hyperbolic usually to say this is the most important election ever. But this one literally is it literally is no hyperbole involved. The things that you mentioned before that was mentioned in the transistor integrity project, they were going to use leverage if Trump won to give him the election, basically say, OK, fine, you can have it, we'll call off the riots.


But but but yeah, everything. Yeah, well, all that stuff.


Basically, it's the election of 1876. Yeah. That's that's what they want. Their model. Hayes won only after the Democrats allowed to give it to him.


But basically what followed was Jim Crow and the South, though the Democrats said, OK, fine, we'll compromise, but an end to reconstruction. You get your people out of the south, the Jim Crow laws, all of that stuff came from exactly the thing that the Democrats are saying themselves on their website, on the transition project. It's one of the first things in the summary. We are modeling this after the eighteen seventy six, they say is they say, oh, they say.


And again, not to go not to backtrack into into that, that what we just covered. But they talk about the things that they're going to get out of, you know, this, this compromise and what they're going to do involving even though a state goes for Trump, they're going to convince Democrat governors to send their own electors over and not and not give it to Trump. These are the things that they're going to pull. Wow. That's why the Trump administration needs to listen to this and the entire GOP.


But but they're not. But they're not. But they're not. They're not aware of it.


I hope they're I hope they will wake up in the next day or so because I, I, I made a impassioned case for this and they were not up to speed the GOP and they need to be because we have for weeks they've prepared for four years.


We have four weeks. We're fighting the fire right in front of us. And we don't realize that fire is a part of a bigger fire that's now surrounding.


They have to take a bigger view on this election because it's not just about winning on November 3rd.


The real battle begins November 4th. All right, Jason, thank you so much.


That show will be coming in about two weeks, but we're going to get you some more information on that as we get as we get closer and give you all of the details. Find a friend right now that you think is open to truth. It just doesn't know when you want to do a job, right.


You make sure you have a box full of the right tools. That is a tool box.


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Get 50 percent off your first year now with an annual subscription at Norton Dotcom BECC. That's Norten dot com slash back.


All right, so it looks like so it looks like Joe Biden is caving now on the debate early this morning already. Yeah.


Wow. Yeah. All right.


Already this morning, they they said the presidential debates going to be virtual and Donald Trump. Now, do we happen to have that audio of Donald Trump? He was on he was on Maria Bartiromo this morning.


And she and he's like, not going to do that. No, that's not a debate. That's a TV show. And notes could be there. Prompters could be there. I don't think so.


So he said no. And just a few minutes ago, it looks like Biden says, let's just move past it.


They're going to get to know. Let's move the debate date. Let's move it a week later.


Now, the well, that means that the debates instead of three, because that's when the third debate is supposed to be a week later on the twenty second.


So that would eliminate that. Yeah. Let's say did two nights in a row, which would be fun.


That would be fun. It would be fun. So they're saying let's move the date for the next debate.


That's campaign urging the commission, please, please, can you do it. So the commission will have to decide and we'll see what happens.


I mean, this is this is like I feel like we're living we now know what it was like to live in the former Soviet Union, where the where the press was Pravda.


It was all in and you could see it with your own eyes, like and grocery stores are full with everything that they toilet paper everywhere.


Everyone's got like paper in more than just potatoes. And then you'd be standing in line. There's no toilet paper. Where is it? Shelves are empty. Yeah. I mean, it's that clear now and just bizarre.


This is just not America as any of us have have ever recognized. It's really bizarre. The fun part of that Maria Bartiromo interview with Donald Trump was when he called Kamala Harris a monster and a communist.


Only Donald Trump, only Donald Trump, probably not helpful for those who are on the on the edge. Don't know who to vote for. I love it right now. He's absolutely. Me, too. Me too. I didn't think I ever would have been us. I love it. I love it. Yeah.


All right. See you tomorrow.