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Hello, America. Well, I feel like we should have a gloat fest. I know it's early, but I feel we should have a gloat fest on this convention last night. Now, Stu, he's going to rain on my parade. He's going to be a little black rain cloud. But I'm telling you, I haven't felt I haven't felt this way since 1980. And the convention with Ronald Reagan. And I I think I understand why last night, I think the Republicans well, it was like the Democrats produced the convention.


You know, all the big Hollywood elites, they produced the convention. They're like, oh, crap, we just produced the wrong convention because the DNC sucked. And none of that was in last night's convention. And it was so uplifting. We'll give you my take on it coming up in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program.


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It's really affected tomorrow night. The Black Lives Matter agenda is moving from the street over organization to your kids classrooms. Why can't we have that revolution in America?


Smuggle documents reveal how public schools have become a training ground to push cultural Marxism. And it's all happening behind your back and exposes the war on the minds for America's children. Watched, Brainwashed. Tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. Eastern, a Blaze TV dot com slash Glenn. So Michael Steele sucks. I just want to start this program with with that, you know, he said there was no platform last night that was just about love and Trump.


I don't know. I thought it was a pretty inspirational message myself.


It was. Yes, we can kind of message that America is at a crossroads and that crossroads is the choice we have to make right now between returning to the founding message and the founding promise of you can do it.


Let's just get government and people out of your way. You can do it. It's a it's a place of law and order and fair and honest justice.


Not one of social justice and certainly not a cancel culture. And everyone is involved. Last night I saw the Democrats, the Republicans do a couple of things I have not seen them do before. One actually produced something that wasn't a piece of crap. I mean, usually the Republicans produce things and they're just like, oh, come on, stop.


It's like the the version of like the bad, you know, religious movie that gets released. Yes.


And it looks like it's going to that looks like a good story in the Washington, like they put 12 dollars into this budget. So last week, the Democrats did what I expected the Republicans to produce. And it was horrible. And I and I'm like, just can we learn from that? Let's not do that. Well, they didn't. In fact, it wasn't that. They just didn't do that. They did something really, really good. And I think actually covid helped.


I think the fact that there were no crowds there allowed everyone except Guilfoile to talk to you one on one to actually just speak to you. We didn't have the annoying applause lines.


We were like, come on, come on, come on, come on.


It gets to gets through it a lot faster. You get more content, you get more content. And it allowed people to be really, really personal. So what happened last night was no bells and whistles.


No, no, no fake balloon drop. You know, where where the Clintons or the Bidens were like, whoa, what happened? Balloons. Where do they go or what are the balloons in the situation? There was there was none of that. And it it was it was honest. It just felt real to me. I don't know how many people watched it. I almost didn't watch it because I'm like, oh, this one of it's going to be.


And then I watched it and I couldn't believe how good it was. Now, the second thing I said, I haven't felt this way since 1980 with Ronald Reagan.


Here's why what happened in 1980 is we had gone through 10 years, 10 years, more than that, 12 years of just being beat to crap from nineteen sixty eight to 1980, America was the worst. We went from burn it down. Everybody's a racist to crap. You can't trust the president. All politicians are corrupt to Jimmy Carter and the economy.


And Ronald Reagan came in and said, enough of that. It's not who we are. And America was so hungry to be told you're part of the solution. The problem is the government. That's what happened last night, and we are 12 years into being told how crappy we are. So we're repeating this is like nineteen sixty eight to to eighty. This is 08 to 20. And and we're tired.


The other thing that happened that I have not seen in my lifetime, because it probably happened maybe in the 60s, but by 68, you know, with the with the Great Society garbage, the Democrats work some sort of magic and hypnotized all of of African-Americans and basically said, if you're you're not black, if you don't vote for Democrats. And the Republicans in my lifetime have just given up, they're like they're never going to change. They're never going we're never going to be able to get anything.


Why waste the time? And you're like, because they're Americans. Last night, without any placating, without any promises of I'm going to make sure that you have a new big screen TV. They actually invited African-Americans to the table and said, help us make America better.


Come and claim your seat at this table, and I thought it was extraordinarily powerful, extraordinarily powerful. Let me give you a couple of pieces and highlights, first of all. Well, let me just give you a couple of highlights. First, let's go to Kim Classic. She was on with us last week. And I said, boy, the Republicans need to listen to her. Well, they did. And here's a piece of her speech.


The days of blindly supporting the Democrats are coming to an end. And that's where we had the highest number of black Republicans in the entire country running for office this election cycle. Joe Biden believes we can't think for ourselves that the color of someone's skin dictates their political views. We're not buying allies anymore. You and your party have neglected us for far too long. We want safety in our neighborhoods. We want to make the most of the federal opportunities. And I'm standing in right now in West Baltimore.


We want higher paying jobs and more business opportunities, we want lower taxes, we want school choice, we want a chance to get ahead, not just get by. That's what President Trump promised and that's what President Trump delivered. I want Baltimore to be an example to Republicans around the country that we can compete in our inner cities if we reach out to the citizens and deliver real results.


There was a real concerted effort to speak to African-Americans as as if they are actually capable of doing something on their own.


Where you don't get that from the Democrats. You don't get it there, they're always like, oh, these poor people that have always been, you know, kept down, blah, blah, blah, the Republicans gave you dignity.


I mean, it was a dignified approach to saying, hey, stop it, stop, come over here and just do what you're meant to do and help us build a better America. It was I thought it was so refreshing, so refreshing then Herschel Walker. And it wasn't just a speech or a package. It was the theme of the whole night. And it was for all colors.


But they had so many powerful African-Americans speaking. Herschel Walker. Here's the next cut cut to, I take it, as a person.


And so the people will think I've had a 37 year friendship with the racist people who think that I don't know what they're talking about. Growing up in the Deep South, I've seen racism up close. I know what it is. And it isn't Donald Trump to call someone to love and respect the flag. Our national anthem in our country doesn't mean they don't care about social justice. I care about all of those things. So does Donald Trump. He shows how much he cares about social justice in the black community through his actions and his actions speak louder than stickers and slogans on a jersey.


Now, that was another theme that I thought was subtle, but very, very good. You'll notice that last week with Joe Biden, it was all about I know Joe. I've known him for 40 years. I've watched him over the years. And I know him. He's a good guy. That was the message last week, this week, the message was, I've met him, I don't know him.


I mean, we're not pals. I haven't watched him over the forty years. In fact, this is only the second time I've been with him or I was only with him once. But I feel like I know him because look at what he did. That was the difference. Joe Biden was. He's got a long record of saying he can do things and there hasn't been a lot of stuff done.


But but I know him. Trust him. This one last night was I don't know him, but I know what he's done. That was much more powerful. It was a secondary theme.


I don't know if anybody picked up on it, but it it was that theme. Look, I don't know him, but because of this, this happened and I saw him in action. Let me give you one more. This is Tim Scott who just hit it out of the park last night on the evolution of the Southern Heart.


After starting my small business and spending some time on local government, I decided to run for Congress in 2010. The district is based in Charleston, South Carolina, where the civil war started against a son of our legendary Senator Strom Thurmond. You may be asking yourself, how does a poor black kid from a single parent household run and win in a race crowded with Republicans against Thurmond because of the evolution of the southern heart in an overwhelmingly white district? The voters judged me not on the color of my skin, but on the content of my character.


Thank you. That is America, that's America. This is what we heard last night, the real America. It was so nice to hear people say we're not a racist nation. We're not the people of the 1960s. I'm going to go into some more audio.


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Second station ID.


Nikki Haley was unbelievable last night as well, but let me give you the let me give you the other side.


I thought this was a pitch last night to suburban women that are afraid of what's coming for their children. And they also are afraid of Donald Trump because he seems really mean.


I thought it was a pitch to them and a home run, home run pitch to them.


I thought it was a pitch to African-Americans that we're not who you think we are and we're not going to we're not going to say that you're too weak, too stupid and, you know, just vote for us because you're not black. If you if you don't vote for us, we actually value you. And we want you to have a seat at the table, a real seat at the table, because this is America. And I thought that was a home run.


There was another one. And this is really the theme of the night, and that is freedom. This cancel culture and the socialism that is being pitched is not American, and you have a clear choice.


Let me give you a couple. This is maximum Maximo Alvarez, who was on the program a couple of weeks ago on socialism and the gift of freedom.


I've seen movements like these before. I've seen ideas like these before. And I am here to tell you we cannot let them take over our country. I heard the promises of Fidel Castro and I can never forget or those who grew up around me, who look like me, who suffer and starve and died because they believe those empty promises. They swallow the communist poison pill. I may be a Cuban born, but I am 100 percent American. This is the greatest country in the world.


And I said this before. If I gave away everything that I have today, it would not equal one percent of what I was given when I came to this great country of ours, the gift of freedom. Right now it is up to us to decide our fate and to choose freedom over oppression.


It was powerful, so powerful, and it was quiet and humble and it wasn't waving a flag. It was just true. And I this is one of the things that I felt that feeling all night long. That was something that Americans are starving for, somebody who is not trying to win or trying to be boastful or anything else, just somebody who is saying America is a great place and believes it and knows it to be true. That's that's that is the message tonight.


But that message went all night long. For instance, let me go to Natalie Harpe here. She's talking about Biden and what happens to America if Biden wins and God forbid, what the next four years would look like for and Joe Biden's America.


China would control our drug production. We'd be one step closer to government run health care. We wouldn't just be unable to keep our doctors. We'd be lucky if we could see any doctor. And even then, some of us would be denied care for in socialized medicine. You don't beat the odds, you become the odds. And I would lose my right to try. Just like Charlie Gard, the terminally ill British baby whose government run health care system decided it was too expensive and too cruel to keep him alive, she was allowed to try an experimental cancer drug.


We've said this forever. Why?


Why you're dying. There's nothing else left.


Let me try it. Well, Trump cleared the way for her to try an experimental drug, and it worked.


That's America, the right to try the right to try one last.


This is where they were positioning Donald Trump and I thought extremely effectively as the final shield against what's happening.


Charlie Kirk, we may not have realized it at the time, but Trump is the bodyguard of Western civilization. Trump was elected to protect our families from the vengeful mob that seeks to destroy our way of life, our neighborhoods, schools, churches and values. President Trump was elected to defend the American way of life. The American way of life means you follow the law. If you work hard, you honor God. You raise your kids with strong values and you work to create a civil society.


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Wow, I cannot I cannot get over the the little Nellies here in the room, but last night's convention, I thought was I thought was unbelievable, really.


I don't know how you read it another way. I really don't. First of all, did you watch it on C-SPAN or did you watch it?


I watched it on my iPad. OK, so you watch it without commentary. Yeah, OK.


Because that is that's where I started watching it on Fox because I couldn't I knew I couldn't handle the commentary on CNN Fox and they kept interrupting and I'm like, I won. I don't care about anybody else right now.


You could have Jesus commenting on it and you wouldn't want to see Jesus comment on it.


Only Jesus would know what the other guy was saying so I could care about the commentary. But so I switched over to C-SPAN and I was watching it on C-SPAN last night. Tonya just was not interested at all. She was like, I'm so tired of all of this. I don't even care. And I think that's the blame for that. Yeah, I think that's the average person because I almost didn't watch it myself. I was just going to watch the clips.


It was really good.


So you disagree with my take and I felt this was 1980.


Reagan Oh, you didn't think. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I'm not saying Donald Trump is Reagan, right? I'm saying I haven't felt that way at a convention since Ronald Reagan where we were so beaten down for so long. And finally a group of people get together and say all that crap you've been hearing. None of that is true. Here's who we really are.


And it's going to take all of us and the government getting out of the way to make us the nation we all know we can be. I haven't heard that since 1980. And it connected with me like crazy, you know, that's apparent.


Wow. You know, I said last night on the first tweet, I said, maybe I'm alone in this. Maybe I'm alone. I don't think you're alone.


I think a lot of people loved it. And I. I liked it. I liked it.


I there was a couple of segments that really rubbed me the wrong way. Gilfoyle Guilfoile was just awful, awful, awful. Oh, my gosh. She was bad. And I did not like this segment. I thought it was self-serving. The whole segment that President Trump did with the the discussion of the hostages. That was too much for me, really.


I don't like I would really like could really live without the self-serving stuff, the patting yourself on the back all the time. And maybe I'm a little dead inside on that because I expect that you that that's that's Donald Trump. You're going to get that. But I really I didn't have a problem with it. He was deferential to the other nations. He kept saying what Erdogan was a big help. They didn't have to help India do that praise of Erdogan in any situation.


No, but it came to me.


It came off as diplomacy. Right. OK, to me, it came off as I mean, I tried to make sure. Yes, yeah, yeah. And I really didn't have a problem with it because I knew those store. I knew a couple of those stories. I didn't necessarily know all the stories. I've never seen the people before on TV. I hadn't either. And I'm like, I have no problem. If nobody else tells your story, sit down.


Go ahead. Say tell me what happened.


But clearly, he could get people in the Republican Party to tell a story. I don't know. Is it more effective, though, to have these people say to him, like, thank you so much for what you did for me? Maybe it is. Yes. And it's like we've learned we've learned this. We learned this a long time ago. Well, if you're coming to watch my show, you're coming to watch me. And the minute we take the camera and we put it on another individual and they take it for a while, it's not as effective.


And it's not it's not a grandiose thing of saying, oh, you got to keep the camera on me. It's just that some people can connect with the audience. And Donald Trump, at least with his base, does every time. And even without the base. You're watching him because you're either going, I can't believe somebody is doing this or I know something. He's going to do something stupid or I love it. Yeah, but he is the key to that.


I thought Sean Parnell was fantastic.


I absolutely loved him and I think he spoke for five minutes. That was great. I really liked Vernon Jordan from Georgia. Yeah.


I think Herschel Walker trying to get Vernon Jordan on or Herschel Walker today.


Both of them were great. I mean, absolutely great. And there's nothing better than a black Republican saying the things that they said last night about especially Herschel, who's known him for thirty seven years and have been close to him for thirty seven years. And he said, look, I. I didn't associate with a racist for thirty seven years, I thought it was really to notice the difference. Besides Hershel, did you know the difference last night?


Was everybody during the convention last week was like, I know Joe. I've known him for 50 years and he's great. And I've seen of course, he hasn't really accomplished anything, but I know him.


And last night was I don't really know him. My first time I met him. Yeah. Other than Herschelle, first time I met him was because of this event. But I saw him firsthand on what he actually does. And so one was, I know him, you can trust him. The other is I don't know him. But let me tell you what I saw him do, which I thought was really powerful.


Yeah, well, Vernon Jordan talked about a lot of what he's done. I think it's just. Oh, yeah. Jordan was the Clinton era, right? Yeah. No, you're right. It's Vernon Jones.


He talked about what President Trump has done over the last three years.


And it was pretty powerful, I thought, to Tim Scott was really Tim Scott was fantastic. He's a star. He is a star.


I'd go for a Haley Scott or Scott Haley ticket. Twenty twenty four in a heartbeat. They're going to be among the leaders I bet on Christie know she's going to be talked about as well. And obviously Pence is going to be a big factor in that if he feels like running. The Herschel Walker thing was really, I thought, really interesting in that that's a really powerful testimony of a guy who who's known him for a long time. As you know, the USFL, there's a connection there.


Yeah, this is solely for Pat. I went back and looked at it.


Herschel Walker's career in the US sefl it is insane.


His nineteen eighty five season. He had twenty four hundred and eleven yards rushing. Oh my. I'm four hundred and thirty eight carries with twenty one touchdowns. He threw in like another four hundred and sixty seven yards receiving almost three thousand yards from scrimmage in that season. I mean I don't see no wonder he had eventually you've got to get hurt when you're doing that. I mean that's like that's carrying an entire franchise on your back for three years. Yeah.


That is an increase for I mean I knew he was great, but I mean, I had forgotten how that's the most dominant season by a running back in professional history. Yeah, that is. I know Glen's looking at me like, what the hell are these words?


What is he saying? No, I think this is no going to take our dog. No, I'm going to take it from you. This is impressive. The guy who was like last night was OK.


So what did you think of the McCluskey's?


I missed the McCluskey's, some people are saying, I don't know, it's very attractive.


Again, these are the people that were in St. Louis that had to defend themselves and then were threatened with jail by the prosecutor.


And aren't they Democrats? I think they are. Yeah.


And they were it was I thought it was very, again, very effective to have real people. The Democrats chose to put celebrities up.


The Republicans chose to put real people up, which usually doesn't work out well a lot of times.


And it did I thought the McCluskey's or McCluskey's or whatever their names are. I thought if you're somebody if you're a suburbanite and you're worried about people walking down the street in the middle of the night with a guillotine, I thought their message was a really powerful, really powerful.


I thought that was a strange fit for a convention in that, you know, usually so much of that is stagecraft, right? It's like like they have an Dawran coming in and speaking during this convention, which seems to me to be a perfect a perfect addition to to a Republican convention. This is the wife of the police officer, black police officer that was going to try to help in one of these riots and was murdered. You know, that is like communicating, I think, in a really powerful way, the negative side of everything that's glorified in the media with these riots or excuse me, mostly peaceful protests where the McCluskey's, like, struck me more as like they looked like, you know, they're very, very, very rich people, which are not normal.


It's not normally acknowledged Democrats or Democrats, which is good. They're out there with maybe not the best trigger discipline in their Democrat against Democrats. They're gonna start work again. They're Democrats. I mean, it is interesting and I guess they did pretty well, which is I wouldn't have said necessarily it was a textbook good pick. No, I don't think any of the stuff that they did last night would be textbook at all. I just thought it was effective.


And especially, you know, everything was last week. The the the the press was saying, oh, how uplifting it was. I don't know where you found the uplift unless you hate America and you think finally America is going to be over, you know what I mean?


Finally, we're going to get rid of this this anchor around our neck. Everything was about how bad we were, how racist we were, and how once we really social, you know, distance like you're in a gulag. And I'm not when we really social distance, then we'll fix America and it'll be great. I don't find that a positive, uplifting message. This one was I mean, the difference between everyone saying all we need to do is get people out of the way, get government out of the way.


You are the key you can do and stop listening to people saying that you are bad, you're not bad. That's very uplifting.


It's good. And especially at a time when I think people believed covid. And here's where I think Americans are or should be covid was real. We didn't know what we were dealing with. We had a fifteen day thing to flatten the curve. Then it got a little hinky because we still didn't know exactly and New York was so bad and that we we wanted to make sure that it didn't get worse. So we kept going. We're now like one hundred and seventy one days into the 15 day flattening of the curve.


And everybody knows that we didn't hit the two point five million people that were going to die if we did nothing. And we hit the midway point of best case scenario. If we do all these things anywhere from one to two hundred and forty thousand will die, we're at one hundred and seventy. That's pretty damn good. Mission accomplished. And now they're talking about, you know, dog cones and everything else. And I think people are starting to say this is bull crap.


Something else is going on. This is bull crap.


Now, the virus may have been real, but this what's going on is bull crap.


You're referencing, by the way, a picture of a woman in a dog cone from yesterday. If you don't know that story, it just like they're talking about dog cones. Yeah, yeah, yeah. They're talking about waiters and waitresses now wearing dog comb place of masks or face shields. Basically. It's crazy. It's crazy. Was that was. And I think Americans are tired of it. So when you hear somebody say, look, we got to go back to work, most Americans are like, yeah, let's go, come on, we are America.


We can accomplish anything as opposed to the very uplifting message last week. From Joe Biden. Listen to this, do you remember as president the first step I will take we to get control of the virus that is ruined so many lives because I understand something this president has said from the beginning. We will never get our economy back on track. We will never get our kids safely back in schools. We'll never have our lives back until we deal with this virus.


We are we had a tragedy where we are today is it didn't have to be this bad, really.


Just look around.


It's not this bad in Canada or Europe or Japan or almost anywhere else in the world.


Not entirely true. President keeps telling us the virus is going to disappear. Now, listen, this keeps waiting for a miracle. Well, I have news for him.


No miracle is coming so believable. Imagine Moses, the leader of his people, seeing the pharaoh coming with his armies and his back is up against the Red Sea. And he's like, guys, I just want you to know you got to keep following me. And please understand, no miracle is coming. It's above your pay grade and they're job to tell you. You don't get to decide whether miracles are coming a little bit and a little disheartening. Just a little bit disheartening.


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Doug. This is the Glenn Beck program, we're so glad that you're with us today. Thank you so much. We have Mike Lyndell coming up in just a second. He was savage. OK, I'm just looking down at MSNBC and I'm I'm sorry. At the moment, they're all wearing masks.


Look at this. They're all wearing masks in this interview. The no, I'm sorry, the anchor is everybody's at least 10 feet away from each other. None of the people that are interviewing are wearing a mask.


But the the host is wearing a mask. Why? Why, why? It's totally virtue signalling.


It's just come and it's the dumbest thing in the world. It just like hydroxy chloroquine. Your position on it is dictated apparently by the party you're in. I mean, it's ridiculous. It's like and that's mask's, right? Right. Now, showing a mask on MSNBC is playing to your crowd. It's got nothing to do with the virus at all. It's just signaling. That's it. Just ridiculous. Just ridiculous. All right. I'm sorry I lost track there.


And but Mike Lyndell is coming up. Also, some guests from last night's convention that you're going to want to hear.


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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. Glenn Beck program, hello, America, and welcome to Tuesday. The Republican National Convention was phenomenal last night. We just covered that in the last hour. You can hear it in the podcast. We'll continue with our commentary on that. But this hour, I want to focus on two people. One is an employee of ours that I ask you to pray for. He is under attack. Last night he was doing his job and had a gun pulled on him.


I got a call in the in the middle of the night last night about what's happening. And he won't stop. He believes he is doing God's work. And I think he is. Please pray for his safety. He's going to be on with us in about 20 minutes. Also, another man who I ask you to pray for, who is absolutely under attack like I've never seen before. Mike Lyndell joins us in 60 seconds.


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Full disclosure before we start anything, Mike Lyndell is the inventor and CEO of My Pillow, my pillow is a sponsor of ours. Mike, though, is a friend of I would consider you a friend. Mike is a friend of mine. And that goes beyond business. I'm not having him on because he's a sponsor. He has not asked me to be on.


And I don't ever put people on that say I'm a sponsor. I got to be on the fast to get to not getting on. But Mike is here because I've I've saw something last week with you, Mike, that I've never seen ever before. I've never seen anyone treated like you were treated by a friend of mine, Anderson Cooper, who I just question everything I know about him because of the way he treated you.


I'm going to we boiled this down to one minute, but we can we can edit it. It's a 20 minute segment we edited into one because one minute was just like the other nineteen.


Listen, I'm just telling you, this is the answer when you want to save lives. This is what my heart is. I gave it to my friends and family. I mean, this you could be in the old West standing on a box telling people to drink from their God. I do what Jesus tells me. Do I give the glory to God and I want to help. Jesus wants you. And I know I'm not remedies that are not remedies.


They've never been driven. And why would I do this? Ask yourself, why would money and my reputation if I didn't? If I don't believe in this profession, you don't have a great nation.


You know, I've been up the Better Business Bureau. You're in my prayers because they destroyed me when I went all in for this great president. That's what it was. I was in the Better Business Bureau.


There's going to you know, the answer to that is yes, because Mike actually told me that story a few months ago off the air. I know the story of the Better Business Bureau in Minnesota. And yes, it is because of Donald Trump treaded wildly unfairly. Mike, welcome to the program and apologize for a guy I thought I knew before Donald Trump was elected.


Yeah, it was I was I was surprised, but I guess I was surprised. I was supposed to be. A five minute interview was twenty three minutes. I'm twenty three minutes of attacks and I'm going, wow, I must really be on the right page here. You know, the right course.


It was it was an absolute bloodbath. And I just I was when I saw it the next morning, I was like, oh, I wish Mike would have known this piece of information.


Stu, you look this up to we have it. All right. I believe the Chris Cuomo doctor, the remedy that the Chris Chris Cuomo guy on.


Right. Or before or after, I don't know.


I don't watch CNN, but the guy that precedes or follows Anderson Cooper, what had covid his doctor and his wife's doctor were we're on television and on the Internet talking about astral bodies and how crystals and weird oils and everything else.


Wow. Really are the the key to changing everything. Wow. They never questioned.


Do you remember that? Still, she is the she runs a little like lifestyle website and like publication. And in there it's that's all they talked about. And, and she, she blogged every day when they had covid and Chris was being treated by this doctor who had all sorts of claims. Right. Yeah, right. And whatever you know, you do what you want to do, but it's still like for them, for CNN, of all places to come after you.


It's just remarkable that for that because you said that you had found something that. And are you selling it at. No, no, I'm not. Here's the thing. Yeah. It's not for sale. It's not for sale. This guy called me a little background here. I went to, you know, when I spoke at the Rose Garden. Well, at that point from that point on, everyone in the country would reach out to me for twenty four hours, sanitisation all these years and everything.


Well, this guy called me on an Easter Sunday and it just sounded different. He said, I have we have all the phase one and phase two testings done. It's just came out of University of Texas Medical Branch in the lab. It was all tested and and it works. And and and I said, really? Well, then I called my friend, Secretary Carson, and he's on the task force. I called him immediately, like I do turn other things in.


And he looked into it with them and he says, while, you know, he was just this is the real deal. It was safe. They said it was because of all the safety things. I started taking it myself as a prophylactic and and then any of my friends. And family that got covid give it to him in two days, they're fine. So I did my own due diligence plus all these testing. I read this stuff, the tests done over a thousand people, it was for 19 years have been around for they had done it for cancer treatments.


So that's where they got their safety tests from. OK, well, anyway, these guys, this company turned it into the FDA and everything in April and April just to get on the dietary supplement list because, you know, there's no reason not to put it on because it's passed everything.


And now I see it work more and more. And I see these other tests they're doing on people. And I'm seeing it from my own eyes. I'm going, this has to get out there. This is going to save our country. It's going to save lives. I'm saving personal lives. And people that knew me are calling me up. I got the call it and and they would be, you know, a couple of days. They're fine.


And then they're tested negative. They're back at work. I mean, it was it was just a it's like hydroxyl chloroquine. Yeah. It's where they were. They suppressed it, where they where it's almost as if people don't want things to work. Right. It's almost like the left is trying to destroy. Look, I don't care if if Chris Cuomo was sucking on a crystal every night and he thinks thinks it works. Go ahead, talk about it.


I'm not going to suck on a crystal. But why why do I have to make him into the worst person in the world?


Yeah, well, you know, that's what they you know what? Especially when it's actually medicine. It's not crystals. There's actually there's actually medicine.


Yeah, this is a medicine. And it's hilarious. You know, saw the FDA then for the last four months, they've been dragging their feet on this for about either the virus or indeed just let's try it. That's safe. So why don't we try it? Well, that's company then. Know, obviously, following along, I wanted to, you know, to get out to the public to save lives. Well, then the company said this about two weeks ago.


I was the same week I went on to Anderson Cooper. They said, would you be on our board? And because they when this thing was getting ready, we thought the FDA is getting ready to put it out there. So we needed to scale it. They don't know how. You know, this is there's some massive thing and I'm pretty good at that. I've saved a lot of things. And and so I went all in. I said, OK.


I said, yeah, I'll come on your board. And I said, I'll look at your manufacturing, which was right here in the USA. And it would be probably, you know, very inexpensive care for our our country. And I would never believe in something if I didn't see it work with my own eyes and stuff. So I did that. And then Anderson Cooper going, you know, you did this for money. I, I everything I do, I don't I'm not doing it for money.


I do it to help people. And then the money will take care of itself. If if not, that's fine too. You know, like my mask. He got me, he tried to get he didn't say on the mask, I have four million dollars of my own money into that. Give away the bottom line dollars just giving away and and all the stuff that we've done.


Mike, I do have to ask you this. What the hell were you thinking? What were you thinking? Here's here's what I thought. You know, every time I'm controversial, CNN, they never had me on The View, never has been. And they say they're going to and then they don't. And I wanted to go right into the lion's den, right into the, you know, right into the hurricane. And so because the word gets out there more now, when I went in when I went on there, I expected, OK, I expected some, you know, him to attack, but it actually kind of worked out the way I want to because of everybody knows about this now, even though it's negative.


But now all the good media's coming out about it. And you know what? There should be some pressure on the FDA, because I'll tell you what, if they're suppressing just just say I'm telling you 100 percent true, which I would put everything I have in this world on it. That's that's all I'm all in a while. And let's just say that is the answer. OK, now, if it's the answer and the FDA in this time of this pandemic and they're suppressing it or holding it back and how deep this thing goes, you know, why would CNN, you know, not want this out there?


Why would Anderson Cooper, family members not want it? You know, so you wonder how deep it goes and you wonder what they do to our medicine in this country if there's not a pandemic, you know, cures this Israel and Mexico and every place else that never get to fruition.


So I understand that. But if I didn't know you, for instance, I know the story of what happened in Minnesota for the Better Business Bureau.


Right. If I didn't know you, if I only knew you from the guy in the commercials with the pillow.


Right. I think you might be a snake oil person. I might watch that and go. Well, Anderson, I mean, he's had to he knows and well, the Better Business Bureau, I didn't know that. And, well, that's ridiculous that the BBB would do that because of politics. I think they I think they. What is it, libel or slander?


I mean. Oh yeah. I defamation of character. I mean went over the top and he did hurt, he did hurt us in that, in that you know, you're bringing up stuff from the past that he didn't even give me a chance to address. But I think I'm you know, one of the things is it's kind of I'm so branded with the president in that respect. So people are going on. A lot of them probably said, oh, they're just attacking him again because he backs this great president, you know?


But like you say, there is a whole segment because I watch my Twitter and I watched the Facebook and the social media just made worldwide news, I know, all the way across the world. And so, yeah, there was a there was a lot of defamation there and a lot of libel. I mean, he's a tech call me a snake oil salesman. Then he tried to backtrack or. I don't even know. You know, you don't know your guest, you know.


Yeah. Because I think the people in his ear are telling him stuff in his ear. I think he was fed stop. And I think he he knew he went too far because he was getting angry. And I don't know why he was getting angry. You know, it was because I kept saying, no, it's not standing my ground. I don't know. But it's like he's trying to destroy me and I've never backed down in my life.


I'm not going to back down now. So it's kind of you're kind of doing some frivolous things here, Mr. Cooper, because I'm not going to back down.


And the fact, Mike, I don't think people know you. I mean, we did a podcast together, and I urge you to watch the podcast with Mike.


It's you know, there's one thing because I mean, no offense, Mike, but I mean, you were a guy on a TV commercial and you were a guy that kind of looked to me like, you know, the you know, the mattress Mac guy who's a really good guy in Houston.


But he's you don't see any of that. Just see the salesman. Right, getting to know you. You you have depth, unlike what I've seen in most people that are in television, you know, or doing business or anything else, but you are actually driven by God, are driven whether you want to make fun of that or you believe that or not. I know Mike believes that.


Yeah, absolutely. You know, he didn't mention that I was the next crack cocaine addict. You know, he didn't mention that. You know, people like to hear they like to see hope, especially where we're at now. The American dream minds like the American dream on steroids. I mean, it's you know, I come from the depths. I come from all these different addictions and set free by God. And you see what God you know, that in the Bible with God, all things are possible.


Here I am. And and it's also being in the United States of America, the freedoms we have that we're, you know, that we could lose. This wouldn't be possible. Hardly any other place in the world. My story guarantee you would not. My friends are seeing me sitting in the White House with the president. They're going, Jesus is real. There's no way there's crack at it because then that's a miracle. No, these all these miracles that have happened in my life.


And I think that maybe that's what Mr. Cooper was afraid of, is that, you know, he's seeing you know, I feel that, you know, I. Every time I go on anything and pray that God guides my words and guides my path. Mike, thank you for coming in and addressing this. If you don't mind, I want to take a quick one minute break and then just want to get a view from from you on the convention last night and the choice that America has in front of them.


In one minute more with Mike Lyndell, then one of our employees had a gun pulled on them last night. And they are in real danger. And I will have them on. And we ask for your prayers of those who are on the front lines, quite honestly, like Michael and is some of them some some people in America are taking a bigger risk than the rest of us. All right. Let me tell you about EMAC. If you're looking for an alternate to AARP, I've got some good news for you.


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In my opinion, they sold the elderly bright, just just sold everything from out underneath them and sold them a bill of goods of socialized medicine that only helped people like AARP.


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AMOC is better. Better for you and better for America.


Ten second station Eddie. This is the Glenn Beck program, and Mike Lyndell is joining us. Mike, did you get a chance to see any of the convention last night?


Just bits and pieces. I came back from Charlotte. You know, I was a chairman of our delegation from Minnesota. And from the little bit I seen, it kind of fits what you know, what I think, you know, keep America free, keep America safe. You know, these are two things that are going to be real important, I think, during this convention. It's like and then all the like I said in my when I read my minute thing and in Minnesota, I just did commercials for the president, one of the things we did is we brought in Democrats that are flipping and and we brought them in and it was just organic.


I started asking them questions and it was amazing, these Democrats that are flipping over to the Republicans or Donald Trump or whatever, for whatever reasons. But they they have seen what's happened in our country, all these terrible riots, all these things that went on starting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, my home state, that terrible decisions made by Democratic leaders. I have friends are Democrats, but now they're flip. And these are people we're all people, you know, one nation under God.


And and to see them finally, maybe this is the time in our lives where we finally see this brainwashing that was going on by the media. And somehow this time they can see with their own eyes, hey, these are terrible decisions that were made and everything we voted for as a Democrat. But we had some of the commercials that 30 or 40 years they voted Democrat and now they're they're flipping because they're things they voted for, the family values and all these things.


And to help call, they were gone. And they see that that's what Donald Trump's been doing. That's what he reformed the Republican Party to the common sense party.


Yeah, it's it's really it's it's amazing to me how if you're a Democrat, you're you're seeing the things that are going on and you're not questioning the leadership of your own party. I mean, how in you go back to Anderson Cooper, the Better Business Bureau in Minnesota would do that because of Donald Trump? Yeah. Yeah. The people in Minnesota, you know, that are burning down the the city. Yeah, they're not necessarily all that common sense right now.


They're politically motivated.


The terrible decisions that were made in my home state, you know, and sort of by the way, as even as this week, it's a dead heat. We haven't voted red since. Seventy two, the longest state. And it's really never a lot of it never went out, voted because it's going to be it's not going to matter. But this time around we will win by a landslide because we're right in our own backyard. I think what the independents are feeling, if the Democrats in Minnesota are going, this is terrible, our leadership, it's the Democratic Party.


And then if you vote, this one guy said, if I vote as a Democrat now I'm voting for something that my party ship, that ship sailed. I'm voting for this radical left progressive craziness that is very narrow, that's very few people. But they have this big media voice. And as we know, this other this other entity that's out there that suppresses. I went on, I went on. I won't even say the program, but I went on the program to it to kind of fight the Anderson Cooper thing right away last week.


And it got suppressed on Twitter. The content not available for two hours till I called the owner of the station that owns it. And he must have did something called up Jack Dorsey or who knows? And all of a sudden the content came back up. But guess what? It's not getting any legs. Yeah, it's it's it's it's a strange world we live in. But I, I just last night gave me hope that the truth will prevail and set us free, like.


Thank you so much. Thanks for having me on. God bless. Bless. This is the Glenn Beck program. All right, let me tell you about Patriot Mobile. You know, I'm really I am I can't thank in fact, Mike is sitting here, so let me thank him because he is a sponsor of the program. I can't thank the sponsors enough for standing up. And more and more of the sponsors are saying, you know what, I don't care anymore.


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Bleys TV.com Ashqelon. Use the promo code, Glenn and save ten bucks. Oh, yes. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. Or just sipping our martinis. Hello, ladies.


It's Tuesday. We have some more on the convention. I thought it was I thought it was great last night when I was keeping one eye on the convention and the other eye on Kenosha and the riots that were going on there.


The main reason is because a co-worker of mine, Eliza Schaefer, is what was smack dab in the middle of it and find out later that a gun was pulled on him. I guess the guy was not threatening you, but it sounds on the videotape that you have that he actually pulls the trigger. So it was it appears to have been an empty gun. If that was the trigger pull and he was explaining what he was going to do to cops if they rolled on him at that point.


Alija is with us now. Alija, you're in Wisconsin. You're safe.


Yes, Glenn, I am safe. And thank you so much for having me on the show. But unfortunately, this city, already under the heavy pressure of covid and race tensions, is definitely in a very bad position right now.


Tell me what happened last night. What did you see? What I saw is something that I don't think you would ever want to see, especially in this country, something that looks like it's from a movie. These are wild people under the guise of fighting for black lives and against police brutality, indiscriminately destroying public property. And what I mean is, I've never seen this before. They destroyed every single lamp post. These are large, you know, 15, 20, five foot high public lamp posts.


They knocked them down in the street, broke open every window they could find. Lit buildings on fire in huge acts of arson, destroyed dozens of city vehicles with Molotov cocktails. And they just they burned the city to the ground. So where where was anyone to stop it? Was there a police presence at all? I mean, this this was this a city under curfew? They blocked the freeway exits to make sure that people were not exiting into downtown doing everything they could, you know, as a curfew.


But was there any police was there anything to slow these people down? And I know your viewers probably already can predict what I'm about to say, but despite the National Guard being there, they were deployed despite what appeared to be some sort of state or county troopers and police, they were not there to protect the private property. They were not there to protect the citizens of the town. They were in a line protecting the county courthouse. And believe it or not, the only people that were there deterring crowds during the state of emergency and the curfew were what appeared to be vigilante or and or right wing militiamen who were armed in brigs and were successfully deterring rioters from burning down and destroying additional businesses while law enforcement pretty much did nothing a while.


That's not a slight that's just a report of the facts.


Well, the the law enforcement on the street is not making the decision on what to do. Those are the people above them. That's the governor and the mayor. So this is I mean, Madison, Wisconsin, is one of the most progressive cities in the country. Wisconsin is a progressive state. What what are the city leaders saying today? What's their plan?


Well, I'll tell you this, I am I'm on the streets, I'm with some of my friends, George is in charge of The Daily Caller and came and made a scriber news. And we're out here where the ABC, whereas CNN, where's MSNBC? But most importantly, where are the leaders? And I haven't seen them. And I'm looking at business owners, people that are just confused because they're experiencing something that you shouldn't have to experience in the most powerful country in the world.


We have the power to stop this, and there's not much that the city leaders can say besides condemning the violence. But when you condemn something but yet turn a blind eye to it and allow it to take place, your words really don't mean anything.


But are they actually condemning it? Are they saying antifa and these riots, are they saying these are peaceful protest? You know, the usual crap from Seattle and Portland is are the leaders in Wisconsin any different than those leaders? You know, as of today, I'm not sure of any public statements that have been made, I could be wrong if one of your listeners will correct me. I'd love you to reach out to me, Elijah Shafer on Twitter, and let me know if you know something I don't.


But I know that some of the live streams that happened yesterday were not adequate to condemn this to the full extent. And what happens is and I think you'll notice, I'm predicting it's possible that the violence and the arson could be worse tonight because it accelerated last night and the night before, because the city this is going this is this is where it gets crazy. I showed up after the first day I drove up here from Chicago covering protests and riots in Chicago, an hour and a half south.


And when I came here, they had not even cleaned up the city from the night before. There were still burned city vehicles that were in the streets. They were barely putting up some barriers. There was to be two police officers that I saw within a few square blocks of the uptown region. I mean, this city was not prepared for what happened. They did not properly prepare the following day. And from what I could see, they did not provide the resources to this area that were needed to prevent this.


And you have to ask yourself, being from a state, being from a country like this, how do we not have the resources? How do we not have the ability? The National Guard now we do have those resources, especially in a national crisis like this. But why were they not deployed? It could only make you think in wonder.


Well, I will tell you this. I've been saying that Wisconsin was going to be burned down to the ground this summer because that's where the convention was supposed to be. They should have been more prepared on what to do in case of riots and civil unrest than any other city in America. It looks like we don't need the Democrats to come to town. They got their operatives. They're burning things down anyway, Elijah. I'd be interested in hearing from the owner of the car dealership that had the sign Black Lives Matter up on the on the, you know, the car dealership sign, and yet they burned every car in the lot.


Yeah. You know, I'm actually sitting in front of it right now. This is to your surprise. So the first night they only burned part of the car lot last night, they successfully destroyed the rest of it to the array of massive explosions of fuel tanks combusting due to high temperatures and absolutely on tolerable or on tolerance and tolerate that just. Yeah, yeah. Intolerable heat that you just could not handle from even even 20, 30 yards away. I mean, these are these are intense flames.


I'm looking at that sign right now. I'm not sure that belongs to to the church right next to it or to the car lot. But I will say this. It is it is melted. These cars look like they're out of a Steven Spielberg film set. That's what I feel like I'm looking at. I'm on a tour at Universal Studios, but unfortunately, this one doesn't have a nice end to it. It just continues with violence. And it has to make you wonder and you still love this.


The Democratic the Democratic building right next to this is just about a block away, boarded up along with every other business. And it has its nice banners above, says Vote Blue in November. I'll tell you what I mean. This is what you get when you vote blue. It's ironic to tell people while your entire city is shut down, it doesn't matter what you put on your doors or your windows or your signs. Criminals do not follow party law.


And a party that allows criminals to remain and to act unlawfully without proper consequence is not really a party at all. In fact, they police themselves against the American people and they are ashamed or hiding it anymore, and it's just sad.


Tardieu Elijah Schaefer of Blaze TV, it must follow on Twitter. Abdelaziz Schaefer. Elijah, you bring up something with his car dealership. This is what I keep coming back to over and over again with every story you're covering like this.


Day one, I understand. Night one, you have this incident there. It's a surprise. Out of nowhere, they burn half the car lot to the ground night.


I don't understand why on earth is the other half of this car lot being destroyed on night two as if they were shocked that this was going to go on? Why isn't anyone there to stop? Isn't there any uprising from the community saying, this is crazy? Stop this? I wish, but I'll tell you this, this is not the only carlot that ended up being destroyed. There was at least three other car lights that were the targeting of these vigilantes, those black lives matter rioters, which were which were the colors, et cetera, and the markings.


But also there were Black Bloc. And I noticed some journalists and people from Portland, these people get around, they move in directions in the same direction, which is towards chaos. And I I cannot tell you how sad it is to realize that we do live in a country where the government cannot protect your property and cannot protect your livelihood. And the only businesses that I saw that did not get attacked were the ones that took their own precautions, put up boards.


And in many cases and this is where I this is where I love I love this Middle Eastern gas station owner. Oh, believe me, he was out in front with his boys, holding back some very serious firearms. And I'll tell you what, nobody damage that business because he was he came prepared and he knew what it was going to take to live out the American dream. It's crazy business still stands. All the car lot next to it is completely burned to the ground.


OK, I've got so much to maybe we'll have you on tomorrow, if we can, to cover what happens tonight. You say it's going to be worse. Let me just let me just wrap up with with this the video.


Let's play the video of the guy pulling the gun out of his pants and pointing it right at Alija and pulling the trigger what we do.


That's right. That's right. That.


And what he was talking about is what he was going to do to the police, but when somebody pulls a gun out a large gun and pulls the trigger, what did that feel like?


Well, amidst multiple gunshots in the area, constant explosions, I didn't realize he drive fired until I got a call from the CEO of the Blaze TV saying that you just got drive by and you did this PSA, you know, get out if you need to get out. And I I'll tell you what, I I realize that this is why it's so volatile. I mean, if that was demoted or if it had not jammed or whatever happened, I might not be here today.


And I think that governors, mayors, city officials, senators need to realize that we are in a culture of civil war and we are very close to this becoming violent, not because of the people they're accusing, but simply because when people are emboldened and, you know, to commit crimes because they're not held accountable. All it took was just one bullet in that gun to change this from a normal night to a bloody night. So that's where I leave it.


Thank you, Elijah. Appreciate it. Elijah Schaefer, Blaze TV host, slightly offensive on the riots in Wisconsin last night. We hope to talk to you again tomorrow.


I would ask. He's nuts. I love Elijah's in his 20s. I, you know, ice balls, man. I did the initial interview with him when I flew out to Los Angeles doing some work. And at the end of the day, I met with him. And I remember thinking, I think I walked out and saying, this guy really, truly believes it.


He'll walk into a lion's den. Oh, yeah.


And and it's it's very concerning to those of us who work with him and know him. He is not irresponsible. He just believes somebody has to do it.


Yeah, I think thankfully he is doing it. But man, it's some of the stuff he does. I don't know how he's doing it.


Please, please, please pray for our staff. Please pray for our staff and anybody else who is walking into these things. Mainstream media isn't doing it. And you wouldn't be getting half of the information if it wasn't for people like Elijah Schaefer.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. I'm glad you're here. Did you see the The Post from Tim Pool yesterday?


Yeah, a couple hit a couple interesting posts yesterday. Yeah.


You know, first of all, seemed to note that Kamala Harris may have solicited help from foreign governments or foreign individuals, which was a pretty interesting pick up in that prank call from the fake Greta.


I'm going through. Did you hear anything? No, I'm too far down this road now. So was a fake. Gretta called Kamala Harris with a fake 70, which is her dad. And there were these two Russian pranksters that have done this to a lot of politicians. And they were promising, you know, like we need to do this on X, Y and Z on the climate. At one point, she says she has a fake. She is a recording of Trump saying something controversial and offers it to Harris.


And Harris is like, oh, thank you. That would be wonderful. And it's like seemingly like playing along with this person who is not actually Gretta Sunberg. So it's it is it's Russia, but it's actually a Russian, which is kind of funny.


So there's that one he posted, which I thought was an interesting pick up from that. And then also his voting preference.


Yeah, yeah. He says Trump dropped his second term agenda and any sane person would agree with it. I now plan to vote for Trump. I dragged it out as long as I possibly could. His second term agenda is more than just his plans for reelection. It's a sign the establishment politicians are being routed and he now may finally finish them off figuratively. Of course, Republicans have put out no new party platform. Democrats are in complete disarray. I don't believe any sane person can support Biden.


And it's true, most people voting for him are doing it because they hate Trump. But for me, the riots are too much, the chaos too much. And Trump is pushing for congressional term limits as well as ending our foreign wars forever.


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Uh, I find it because.


Oh my gosh.


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Wow. It's incredible. They're doing amazing how they do it. Milk Buy.com do it now.


What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. Programs. My hope is the Republicans can do it again tonight. Last night I saw something I have not seen from the Republicans where, quite frankly, any convention in a very long time, I think it was 1980, the country in 1980 that had been going through hell since 1968, where they were killing people and setting things on fire and saying we're bad. Then we had scandal after scandal in the White House and then we had Jimmy Carter and the worst economy.


We've gone through all of that exactly the way people did in 1980, same time period. Well, last night, I haven't heard such positivity and a hopeful message and an outreach to African-Americans, unlike I've ever heard the Democrat other Republicans do before without any pandering. It was fantastic. Hopefully they'll do it tonight. But I want to talk to the guy who kicked it all off, Charlie Kirk. He joins me next in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program. All right. You know you know, you sometimes you'll see people and you're like, oh, wow, man, that was that was rough, really, because I haven't even gotten out of bed yet.


You know what I mean? When you're like, oh, this guy is a tough competitor. But that's kind of like 20, 20 and 20. 21 is if you think 20, 20 is bad yet 20, 21 and even got out of bed yet.


So now I got to go. Well, I'm feeling. And you don't believe me.


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The Black Lives Matter agenda is moving from the street organizations to your kids classrooms.


Why can't we have that revolution in America? Smuggle documents reveal how public schools have become a training ground to push cultural Marxism. And it's all happening behind your back. And exposed exposes the war on the minds for America's children. Watch brainwork tomorrow night, 9:00 p.m. Eastern. A place to be dot com slash.


Glenn, I got to tell you, I wish we could delay this because I'm hoping people are going to be watching the GOP convention. But you have to watch that special tomorrow night with the smuggled documents that came out from a black teacher that we'll explain after we talk to Charlie. I'll explain. But you need to hear this. If you have anybody, anybody you know is in school. Charlie, welcome to the program.


Honored to be here, Glenn. Thanks so much for having me.


Founder and president of Turning Point USA, host of The Charlie Kirk Show last night. You open it up. And I couldn't help but think, how old are you? Twenty seven or twenty four.


Twenty six. Twenty six.


OK, you're 26 years old and I couldn't help but think in my mid 20s I was a loser.


And here you are, one of the smartest guys I know. One of the most well-read guys I know accomplished. You have built the largest Students for Liberty group in the world you've done in the last four years.


And here you are opening up the RNC convention. I mean. Good job your parents should be proud of you. Well, thank you and I the thanks goes to the president and the president, you know, was generous enough to give me that platform. And it's you know, I talked about the president being the bodyguard of Western civilization, and he was the convention planners and the president were nice enough to allow me to open up in the sense that kind of framed the evening in some sense that what we're doing here is we're defending something that we have been given against a malevolent, sinister mob that quite honestly wants to tear our civilization down around us as we know it.


And the president, I like the framing of him as a bodyguard. And some of the media was kind of surprised. And I'm putting it nicely. They were kind of repulsed by that imagery. But the bodyguard is someone who's going to defend you. You don't really care about some of the tweets here and there and all that. But you know why he's there for very specific purpose, and that is the protection of natural rights, the protection of God granted liberties.


And so I was honored to be able to speak last night. I also talked a little bit about getting our kids to love America again. And I tried to bridge kind of the generational gap of people in GenZE to millennials, to a couple of generations beyond that.


I will tell you that I think the generation that is coming up is is remarkable, is truly remarkable. And I don't know if the Tea Party I mean, did that did that play a role in your life, in your upbringing, where your parents involved in that?


What was it that turned you into it played a huge role. Yeah. I mean, and my parents weren't that involved in it, but I went and I used to go to Tea Party rallies to hear you speak and listening to your program. And, you know, the Tea Party movement was organic and it came up and it was really the first kind of exposure I had to something other than Republican or Democrat because I was just my political exposure. Was Democrats bad and Republicans good.


And that was just about it. The Tea Party added a whole new layer of philosophy and conservatism that was, quite honestly, young people kind of desire more so than just kind of Republican good, Democrat bad. And I mentioned that in my speech, too. And it didn't really get this part, actually didn't really get honed in on as much as I thought it would be. But I went after both parties last night at the Republican convention, and that's kind of unusual when you think about it.


I said, you know, our country has been let down by a cartel of insiders from both political parties, which is totally true. And I think that actually establishes a lot more credibility with us, with the American people than just endlessly saying every Republican that has ever been elected has been great and, you know, Democrats have been awful.


So, Charlie, I was impressed last night that the the production value was amazing, which we always screw up.


We always screw that up as conservatives. It looked great. It felt great. It was understated. They didn't do any of the stupid stuff that the Democrats did. And I'm just talking and production of, you know, people clapping and all that cheesy crap that they did. I mean, it was almost like the Hollywood left produced this and then and then realized at the end, oh, crap, we're whoa, we just produced the wrong convention.


It was really well done. And for the very first time since 1980, the message was really clear, really simple. No bells and whistles. Just this is the choice between the two. You can go this way and you'll get the riots on the street. You go this way and they stop.


And the other thing that was amazing was they were reaching out and not some token reach. I mean, a all night long reach out to people who think that they have no place in the Republican Party. Haven't seen that since Reagan.


That's right. I mean, Herschel Walker, Senator Tim Scott, Maximo Alvarez, who I thought gave a phenomenal speech, Nikki Haley, he had Nikki Haley. And I mean, there you have four individuals that I thought all had a very, very tight message to. And I agree with you. In some ways, the virtual convention lended itself favorably in the sense that the Republicans had to shorten their speeches. And I know this from personal experience, speaking where everyone was asked for about ten minutes to four minutes.


Right. And in some ways, you almost had to you had to find more powerful words and then you were able to fit different perspectives, all within kind of a box that, you know, when you have a live audience, sometimes a five minute speech can all of a sudden become a 12 minute speech with something and. Right. And then I'm not to say that I'm not going to say that it was better if there was no live audience.


I think the Republicans just I thought, I don't know how that could have gone better from a persuasion standpoint.


Look, I have to tell you, I have to tell you, I think I think it would have been worse if there were it was an audience there.


Because people would have delivered it like Guilfoile delivered hers, which was which was a speech that she delivered as if she was in a big stadium where everyone else they responded to it just one on one.


Let me just speak this to you.


And there was a connection that rarely happens, rarely happens at a convention. I think it worked to their advantage. No, I think I think that's right.


And it's hard for me to say that because I thought no audience, how is that going to work? And I also I mean, the production team that's doing this did The Apprentice.


And you can see that I knew I knew we would do new and different camera angles to the massive stage, the flags everywhere. You can see the red carpet, you know, the singular podium right at the end of the carpet. And and I thought it was very smart to have Senator Tim Scott close out the evening that you're going to get the highest ratings. You transition all the pundits afterwards and a lot of suburban voters and a lot of people that have been told to hate Trump.


They have no idea that there is a black, freedom loving Republican senator from South Carolina. They do not know that. And I actually thought it was a really powerful but kind of soft pushback against Senator Harris, who's almost been trying to monopolize that whole debate as being a black individual from the US Senate. And whoever wrote Tim Scott speech, maybe he wrote it. And I'm not trying to say he didn't, but the team that was involved in his speech, really, it was every story because every speech fit.


I wondered how much coordination there was between the speeches, every speech fit. It was almost written in a universal voice. It was just it just was really, really well done. Let me ask you this. There was a the stupid Lincoln project. They say they had an insider there last night and they saw that people were, you know, saying racist things about Barack Obama.


Can you tell me what the scene was like in in in that room last night?


Well, look, I'm not going to trust the Lincoln Project for any of that. Really? That would be a massive mistake. Go figure. Right. Look, here's what I can say is some of the speeches were prerecorded. Some were live, but everyone handled themselves phenomenally. And I see no evidence at all of any of that. I saw that accusation as well. And I just I just consider it to be, you know, completely outrageous and baseless.


And I will say this. That's really where the Trump people have the anti Trump people have to go. Now when they hear from Tim Scott, Herschel Walker, Nikki Haley and Maximo Alvarez, all them the event and I love what you said, Glenn, it wasn't token. It wasn't it was real experiences, how the policies and also the presidency has connected with their own worldview. Nikki Haley, I thought, did a phenomenal job of really, really well.


And and, look, it's hard to believe that's just the first night you have three more nights of that. And I can just I could tell you, the Democrats are probably really regretting the way they did their their convention. And the one of the things that the Republicans did the best last night was the unified stage. They had a couple people endorsed. But the fact that there was a unified set really, really was a great decision from I'm assuming that they're going to have that same set tonight or that same building.


I would hope so. Yeah, I think I believe so. Yeah. And because when the Democrats it was so it was so disorganized. Right. Different people piping in from all across the country was hard to watch. Yeah.


Charlie, I want to go back to what we were talking about with the message to the African-American vote.


You know, it wasn't token. In fact, it was.


And I've seen speeches where they were honest, like, hey, look, this isn't good for your community and join us.


And it's been sincere, but it hasn't been sustained because everybody's like, I don't know, let's let's throw let's throw an invitation out. This one was a true join us at the table as partners.


And it wasn't.


And I have rarely heard this from politicians because the Republicans just haven't done it. They've written off the black vote for so long and it's just not the Democratic style.


But they were saying, we're not promising you anything. I'm telling you, look at what we've done. Look at the success rate here. Come join us. Just come join us where it wasn't a laundry list of things that were going to promise them if you did.


That's exactly right. That's exactly right. And also, Senator Tim Scott and Herschel Walker just dispelling a lot of the lies that are being told about the president and what I like, which was really interesting. And I completely agree the Republicans had done this in such a long time, which was a direct call to action vote for us. It wasn't just kind of we're just going to kind of put up, you know, a black individual and hope that it boosts the numbers and.


If I were to analyze this, Glenn, I think that it's because the Democrats had become so nasty and so dogmatic and believing that skin color must dictate how you vote. I think it warranted one of the most beautiful counter responses I've ever seen in politics. I think people like Tim Scott, Herschel Walker, Nikki Haley are so tired of the way the Democrats have been connecting skin color to political ideology like Joe Biden did. You know, if you don't vote for me, you ain't black.


What are you seeing on the ground? Charlie, what are you seeing on the ground? Are you seeing any are you seeing anything gives you real hope. Yes, I am.


And so I'm traveling the battleground states, Michigan, Minnesota, Minnesota in particular, is changing in real time. I'll tell you, it is really incredible. But I see a lot of people, especially in the industrial Midwest where I'm from, I grew up in the Midwest that are very quickly moving away from Democrat and going to Donald Trump. And I think it's not going to be reflected in the polling. I think that we're going to start to see some polling about four or five weeks from now that are going to reflect some of the trends that are starting to set in.


And that's a really interesting thing. I don't think polling is actually a snapshot of time. I actually think it's a lagging indicator indicator. It is because people have conversations, they persuade each other to have dinner. You know, it's a lot a lot of people are they're unlikely to publicly proclaim political ideology. They just are the people who are that's there are a small subset of the population. But I see on the ground the doors were knocking on the people we're talking to, especially the issue of law order, crime and riot.


Yeah, especially in the Midwest. Yeah. Midwest has no tolerance for that at all whatsoever.


All right, Charlie, thank you so much. Talk to you again. Thank you. You bet. Charlie Kirk from USA. All right.


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You sick freak. I want to talk to you about our special that happens tomorrow night, and I'm trying to convince the blaze to maybe even run it early during the day if we could cut it earlier, because I think it's so important to see and I want you to watch the convention, too, but if you have kids in school, you have to watch brainwashed. It's our Wednesday night special, 9:00 p.m. How Black Lives Matter Hijacked Our Schools, that we got a document dump from a teacher who was in a teaching workshop over the summer.


And BLM came up and they were discussing how to handle issues in the class. Well, an informal group of teachers put all of these documents into a zip drive.


The the teacher whose friend helped them leak the document said why we were not directed to use this specific content. Many happily shared that they had already found it very helpful and incorporating it into their daily lessons plans. We were told it's already being used in the New York school system. This is an anonymous teacher that I don't I don't know. But the team does been teaching for twenty five years. They're black and they are terrified of what they're seeing. And one of them is this document that I don't know if we're going to have time to show you tomorrow, but let me just tell you about it today.


The left using our children in street protests, we've seen this well, they're using our children all the time. How did parents OK, this the answer is because it's they're being groomed in school, in grade school. Sneak peek of something we will show you Wednesday, 800 page document, leaked link, Black Lives Matter Marxist school curriculum. This one is titled Children and Youth as Change Makers. And this this curriculum is for third graders. It's a five day lesson plan.


Monday through Friday culminates on the final day with the following, quote, one children engage directly in their cause of choice to children, create protest signs for issues that they want to stand up for or fight against. Stage a hallway, protest, Jim rally or go to into the neighborhood for a youth march.


Our children do not stand a chance if at nine years old, this is what they're learning, how to protest in the streets. I don't know. Teach them how to read. Teach him mathematics. Monitor everything your children are learning, get to your school. I can't tell you in urgent enough tones, this is everywhere, everywhere Marxist is Marxism is being taught in our school. Critical theory is being taught in our school. Racism now is being taught in our school, and they're making our children into change makers.


That's 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. Blaise TV.com Aglen, please don't miss it. Subscribe. You can you can watch it on OnDemand if you're a if you're a member or watch it live at Blaze TV dot com.


Glenn, that is tomorrow night.


What is your your show on tomorrow night?


Do no, no, I don't know yet, but we will have something amazing and everyone will be right.


I think is absolutely incredible. Is crazy guaranteed. Right.


Race, whatever it's going to be, is going to be great. I think you're going to come on. Are you to come on. I don't know what you're doing a show on. Well, no, we're going to come on and talk about the stuff coming up on your show so I can get credit for all the work you're doing. That's how this works. You know, sounds fun. You preview all the stuff that's going to come on and people going to watch my show and just blow yourself.


That's how this works. Well, that sounds like a good idea. I know you should do it tomorrow night. Jam packed. Stewart eight. I'm at nine.


Don't miss it. This is the Glenn Beck program and is free.


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Go to R Q dot com. That's wreck tech dot com. And you can get access to all the shows, all the catalogs and everything I place, TV.com, Aglen, Bleys, TV.com, Aglen, the promo code is Glenn. Hello, America, my name is Vernon Jones and I'm a state representative from the great state of Georgia, as you can see, I'm a man of color and I'm a lifelong Democrat, too. You may be wondering why is a lifelong Democrat speaking at the Republican National Convention?


And that's a fair question. And here's your answer. The Democratic Party does not want black people to leave their mental plantation. We've been forced to be there for decades and generations. But I have news for Joe Biden. We are free we are free people with free minds. And I'm part of a large and growing segment of the black community who are independent thinkers. And we believe that Donald Trump is the president, that America needs to lead us forward.


This is no time for sleeping in the basement. Joe Biden has had 47 years to produce results, but he's been all talk and no action. Just like so many of the Democrats who have been making promises to the black voters for decades. We've been there captive audience. When President Trump sought to earn the black vote, the Democratic Party leaders went crazy. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer literally started wearing kente cloths around the U.S. Capitol as if pandering were enough to keep us satisfied.


Stop this. This man is remarkable and very brave. His name is Vernon Jones. He is a state rep from Georgia and he's on the phone with us now. Vernon, how are you?


I'm doing fine, Glenn. Thank you so much for having me again. And obviously, I appreciate your listeners and they can always follow me at Vernon Jones.


So how are things going for you as a as a Democrat?


Well, let me tell you, any fish can swim down the stream, including a dead one. Only salmon can swim upstream. And so I've been swimming against the current my entire political career with the Democrat. It just gotten more and more challenging because they've gotten farther and farther farther to the left and green. You know as well as I do, the Democratic Party has just literally lost its core values, that of fiscal responsibility, that of upholding the Constitution and certainly supporting law enforcement.


And, you know, when you look at the number of years that they have gotten the African-American vote, you look back 40, 50, 60 years. Black voters have gotten nothing in return, but that they have put illegals first and other groups, but not not African-Americans.


Silver, help me out, because this is really this would decide the vote and it's anybody's guess. But is this real? I mean, this last night, I saw the Republicans do something I've never seen them do before. They've never thought they could win the black vote. They never thought they could change anybody's mind because really the Democrats had a you know, if you're if you're black, you know who to vote for that kind of an attitude.


And they could never break out. But I think things have changed. And last night it was a it was an invitation to actually be at the table and help build a great America. But is it real? Are you seeing anything that's actual on the ground that shows to you? Yes. This has a good chance of working?


Well, first of all, yes, to your question. But second, let me tell you, the Democratic Party has been really a paper tiger. Every time a Republican would take a step towards towards trying to earn the black vote, they are the agent provocateurs out, including the liberal media, and to write a bad story and then get a Republican rival, Donald Trump. On the other hand, he has done more to earn the black vote than any president, black, white, Republican or Democrat has probably going back to Abraham Lincoln.


Tell me why. Because, well, let me tell you, he has a real organization on the ground going after the black vote when he said in that church in Michigan, Flint, Michigan, what do you have to lose by voting for me? Not only did he send a strong message to me and others, it put the question on people's mind. But he didn't just talk the talk. He walked the walk. When he came in working with the opportunity of his own district, helping black communities, historically black colleges and funding them, which is a big, big deal.


When he started working on prison reform and got past the first step that whatever whatever Joe Biden, I don't think he's done to the black community was decimated with the crime bill. No other politician I can think of in modern times going back to the civil rights movement, none of. Them had taken the initiative to go after earn the black support on the black vote and deliver on it. And so let me tell you, when they say that they are not out there, that's foolishness.


I tell you what, many whites want to come out and say, I'm for Donald Trump, but they don't want to be called a racist. Maybe blacks want to come out and say, I'm from Donald Trump. And you know what? They don't want to be called a sellout. And then there are many Democrats and Republicans who want to support Donald Trump. But you know what? They don't want to be intimidated. They don't want to feel like their First Amendment right to freedom of expression is going to going to be targeted and they'll lose their job.


I mean, think about it, Glenn. That's what the Democrats always talk about, about voter suppression. The Democratic Party specializes in voter suppression through intimidation and character assassination and other types of ways to keep you from wanting to come out and vote for a person of your choice. They make you feel like you shouldn't that you they make you feel bad. They make you feel that you got your life could be even threatened and the liberal media feeds into it.


Look at what they did to sandbanks that young young teenager. Do anything, Roxann. It was because the liberal media, CNN and others didn't like the fact that Amanda had on and they rushed a judge to throw him under the bus. Why? Because he's a Trump supporter. You know, Trump gave out PIRS today. The liberal media would say that he's affecting people's teeth and cause and care so there's nothing he can do.


So what how are people getting the message? Because I. I don't know how many people even watched this last night. You're not getting this in mainstream media.


Where is where is the community? Not just yours, but I mean, even the white community, where are they hearing it? How are they getting that message if they're not somebody? My wife, she was like, I don't want to watch this. And I'm like, I know, honey, neither do I. But I have to.


And she's like, OK.


I mean, who's watching it? How are they getting the truth? Or is it just manifesting itself in the neighborhoods?


Well, they're getting it through social media. That's that's the best way of getting around the liberal media, because the liberal media will not tell you how popular and how effective Donald Trump is throughout the communities, whether black or white. But I'll tell you another thing. Last night at the Republican convention, I got a lot of calls and a lot of emails and a lot of text. But there's one gentleman in particular. His name is Pablo. He sent me a text message this morning and he works for a heating the air conditioners.


And he said, great job, my friend. I saw your speech yesterday because of you. I will vote for the first time Republican. Now, CNN will tell you that you cannot tell me that's not getting out because of their surrogates like me and Herschel Walker and Laura Trump and all the other businessmen, those first responders, police, law enforcement, fire, rescue, hospital workers, they know what time is. They know what Trump is doing and they are getting the message that's that silent majority they underestimate, in the words of George Bush, they miss the most underestimated in 2016.


So that's what happened.


So we're talking to state Rep Vernon Jones, a Democrat from Georgia, who spoke at the convention for the Republicans in favor of Donald Trump last night.


When you when you look at the things that are going on, you know, the Democrats are betting on Black Lives Matter. And it is a machine. It's an actual corporation. So it's a giant political machine. But I see this.


I see people's lives being destroyed and towns being burned down. And, you know, it's one thing to go with a with a machete or a guillotine in a white neighborhood at three o'clock in the morning. It's another to burn a whole neighborhood down. Is is that appealing to the African-American community at all?


I mean, I know they have problems with police as they should, but but I don't understand.


Is that appealing to the white community? No, I think they're appealing to white Democrats. Many of them is not appealing. You know, the Democratic Party strategist is simply this. They cannot be Donald Trump on his record of accomplishments. They can't beat him on the economy. They can't beat him on fair trade. They can't beat him on making these other countries pay their fair share. That can't be. And so now they're looking to beat him using these cities where you have Democratic mayors to allow anti black lives matter and black lives really don't matter to them and other liberal groups coming in.


Robusta. Burned, including burning churches and even killing young black children. The Democrats want that to happen. They want this pandemic to keep going. Why? Because Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, they don't have any other way that they think that they can beat Donald Trump. And that shows you that he has a solid record of accomplishment. Now, with that being said, we're going have to take their fight to them. We're going to continue to take our message.


And I'm still a Democrat. I haven't changed party, but I know my friends feel the same way I do, including Blackmun's. Again, they don't want to be shamed either back on a plantation or those white suburban mothers don't want to be shamed and called racists, but they care about security, too. And now you're seeing these looters who are leaving the inner cities and going out into the suburbs and to rich white neighborhoods and talking about giving up your home and telling them to wake up in the middle of the night.


And then with the Democratic Party defending police departments and saying, wait a minute, we're going to send social workers to a house call, a domestic house call, who is going to take care of the social worker? Who's going to fix that person? It's OK. But they're that's their strategy. But it's going to backfire because I don't care who you are. Black people, white people who want safe neighborhoods, you don't want your business burned. You don't want your church burned.


And when I see the liberal media being a part of this and making a big deal out of Donald Trump, holding up a Trump call up a Bible and a church that was burned, they spent more time talking about Donald Trump pulling up a Bible than the church that was burned up. But there was a church burning. There's a church burning and has been done by Democrats. And Democrats aren't holding anybody accountable or condemning them for their actions. What does that tell you?


Vernon Jones, state rep from Georgia, a Democrat, still as a Democrat, endorsed Donald Trump last night, a very effective speech. And what I liked about your speech and everything else last night, there were no bells and whistles, no smoke and mirrors, no, you know, a big applause lines. It was just one on one speaking what you believe to be true. And you were very effective. Vernon, thank you so much for being on the program again.


Well, thank you, Glenn. I appreciate all your work, too.


Right. And you can follow him at Rep.. Vernon Jones has a ton of people we had on today that really need your prayers. They are under attack. And I want to I want to I want to address Jerry Falwell in just a minute.


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Go there now. Simply safe back dotcom.


You're listening to Glenn Beck. So yesterday, my wife and I both read a disturbing story about Jerry Falwell Jr. at Liberty University, and it's unfolding now.


And I consider Jerry a friend and his wife a friend if any of that stuff was going on.


Boy, I had no idea that that was going on. She apparently was having an affair with the pool boy.


I mean, it's like so cliche anyway, and it just goes downhill from there, whether or not any of that is true, he says that's not true. He says she had an affair, but the rest of it is not true.


I don't know. Personally, I don't care. That's for him and her and them to work out and then work out with God.


I just want to tell you, I want to bring this up because a everybody who's standing up needs our prayers. They need prayer coverage because they're all under attack. Our families, our friend, everything is under attack. Any chink in the armor and we will go down. So please pray for people like this that are that, you know, are under attack, pray for their safety and pray for their spiritual safety as well.


Also, let's not be like the left. This is why we have forgiveness.


You know, I don't know anything about this, but all I could think of when I read that story is I haven't talked to Jerry in probably four years, three years, maybe went on the air.


Right. To do did we have an interview with him? But I haven't talked to him personally. But all I could think of last night was I got to get a hold of him. I got to talk to him. And I know several people that are going through just excruciating times right now.


And, you know, all of us are going to be there.


Clean up your life, make sure that you're doing the right things, and then just hold on tight. Hold on tight, because they will attack it.


And when I say they, the forces of darkness will attack in anything it can find.


And if it can't find anything, it'll make it up.


So that's the way this works. Certainly, yeah. All right. Tonight, Melania Trump is going to be speaking. Nick Sandeman is going to be speaking as well. It's it's going to be a good night if you didn't watch the convention last night. Now, I'm going to say this and it's going to suck tonight. I don't I don't think it will. But if it's anything like it was last night, it is so well worth watching. Watch it without commentary.


Make up your own mind, but watch it on C-SPAN or watch it online, but watch it without commentary. It was powerful last night.