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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and. Program. Well, in many places. First day of school. If you can call it school, a lot of people are now online with their kids. Course, many parents are not allowed to be online. Wait until you hear the latest and how our educational system with our kids in elementary school in kindergarten has been hijacked by the radical left. What you need to know also, I began with a little history lesson for Jemele Hill and all at ESPN.


We begin there in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program. Several months ago, Indiana native Troy began working out. He found that he liked it, God knows why, and not too long after he started running as well.


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All right, you sick freak. Welcome to the program. Oh man. You know, sometimes I don't even watch ESPN, but sometimes I learn a lot from the geniuses at ESPN.


Do you know. Oh my gosh.


Jemele Hill, can you tell me a little bit about John Jemele Hill?


Well, she was actually so woak she used to do SportsCenter version of it and all she would they had a problem with her.


Never talking about sports. Never, never, never. I'm sorry. Say that again. Yeah.


There's an issue with with Jamal where she would she would do Sports Center, but the center of the sports show was never sports, it was never sports.


It was just always like hiring me.


I'd much rather hear your commentary about sports, frankly, much more entertaining. OK, so then she got she's no longer at ESPN.


You should be you should know that she was let go and she was first pushed out of of SportsCenter and onto something called The Undefeated, which is basically ESPN's effort to tell you everything in sport. Is sports racist?


The entire website dedicated to how racist sports are, which is a great I mean, wow, what I what I can't get enough of it.


Can I tell you something? I'm I'm I'm opening up a website this week. I'm working on it right now. You see how evil talk radio is, how cool and how bad talk radio is and how it's just poison just being dumped into the system. I have terrible news for you, about 50 of those sites that already exist. Yeah, I know, but I thought it would have more credibility if it was coming from me. Yeah, I guess that's what I mean.


And then she left that again. When I say left, I pushed out, went to the Atlantic.


That's where she is now, the place that fired Kevin Williamson because of one comment he made fifteen years ago. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was so now she's there and writing about her brilliant analysis of the United States there.


OK, so she's she tweeted over the weekend, been reading Isabel Wilkerson's new book cast.


Oh, and if if you were of the opinion of the United States wasn't nearly as bad as Nazi Germany, how wrong you are.


I encourage you to read this masterpiece.


Well, I gotta tell you, I just from that tweet, I'm thinking, wow, we are as bad. No, we're worse than Nazi Germany because we apparently. We're the model for Nazi Germany, Nazi Germany, look to us and thought, wow, they're really bad.


Can we tone that down just a bit and bring some of that luvin over our way? And according to Gemal, that's exactly what they did. Now. She's. Not as wrong as she usually is, but as always, she misses, I don't know, some might call it a subtle nuance. I call it a huge difference.


OK, so let me just set the record straight for Jamelle, who I'm sure you are a deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep scholar on the issue.


The Nazis, you're right, did learn from America. They did, except they didn't learn from America like the founding the founding documents or anything like that.


In fact, they hated the founding documents, but they did learn a lot from well on, let's just say, race standards. They got that from the progressives, the Southern Democrats and the Klan.


Now, I don't know if you know this, but that's not the founding documents. None of those things have anything to do with the founding documents, have nothing to do with our Constitution or anything that anybody of any common sense would say is good.


So they got their marriage laws, did you know that I mean, you probably didn't know this, Jamelle, but we didn't have marriage laws, so there was no George Washington didn't have a marriage license.


You know, he just got married.


Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln. He didn't go down, you know, to the to the state office to get a blood test and make sure that he could get married. No, no, no. He didn't have one.


You know, when we started doing that in the progressive era, when they wanted to make sure that not one drop of Negro blood was being spread anywhere to anybody of any other race.


Got it. To keep the the race pure. By the way, that was Margaret Sanger and her progressive friends. You see, they they did learn a lot about, you know, not one drop of blood from the Klan, the Southern Democrats and the progressives in America.


Black lives didn't matter all that much to Margaret Sanger.


No, no, no. They they got a lot of their weeding out of imbeciles from American progressives as well. They learned a lot on eugenics and sterilization. Did you know that we led the way on that? Yeah. Yeah. It was during the progressive era when the progressive Democrats under Wilson decided, you know what, we should start sterilizing people who are just not very smart. Yeah, so they got that. They got that.


In fact, a lot of the Nuremberg laws were based on Southern Democrat race laws, and the Nuremberg laws were based a lot on Woodrow Wilson and his progressive laws. And they're great and they're crazy how it works. In fact, gerbils, he learned a lot from an American as well, not America, but an American. In fact, he said he learned propaganda from Bernays. You know, the guy who worked for Woodrow Wilson, isn't that nuts?


Hitler, in fact, watched FDR and thought for a while he was pretty good guy. He said, quote, He's a national socialist just like us. Isn't that great in that? Great.


See, what you fail to understand, Jamal, is not all white people are not all white people, you know, point of personal privilege.


Yes. Yes. All white people are bad. I'm pretty sure I've been watching the news there pretty bad now. So not all white people are bad people who have made mistakes should be granted forgiveness if they ask for forgiveness because. Well, I mean, it's your responsibility to give it if asked. But I don't really care if you give it to me because I get forgiveness from God and he gives it to me weirdly, personally. He gives that to me strangely as an individual, not as a collective.


Isn't that weird, Jamal?


Another thing you know, we have different from the Nazis is we believe in the individual.


They believe in the collective, which is weird because I bet you believe in the collective more than the individual.


Don't you, Jamal? Oh, OK.


So I just wanted to point that out that, you know what, you need to understand, the Nazis were not watching America and reading our founding documents as a whole. They didn't get any of these things from our founders. They got them from the re founders. You know, the people still fighting the civil war, the progressives, the Democrats, by the way, the Klan and Democrat.


I mean, it's redundant to say the Democrats and the Klan because they were an arm of the Democrats.


So, you know, it's and I hate to go too deep for you, you know, in this master class. But, you know, what's really crazy is apparently some Americans learn something from the Nazis, too. Yeah. Yeah. Apparently, some Democrats, some progressives decided, hey, what did they do with their gun control laws?


You know, could we adopt any of those things? You know, in Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, you have to carry ID card based on format's from the Nazi weapons law. Isn't that weird? Nazi based laws here in America? That's weird.


I mean, because didn't we lose a lot of people fighting the Nazis, wanting to wipe them out? Yeah.


Yeah. And then and then we get their gun control laws from them.


Isn't that strange?


The Gun Control Act of nineteen sixty eight, a new approach, if you will, to gun control it, replace the Federal Firearms Act of June 30, nineteen thirty eight, which was based on the federal power to regulate interstate commerce.


See, that was a commerce law. That was the way for the government to grow even more powerful, just like the Nazis did. And in nineteen thirty eight, who was well, there was FDR. That was a progressive hero of the left.


That's right. That's right. Yeah.


So only dealers could ship firearms across state lines normally, you know, before nineteen thirty eight you could just get them shipped from, from dealers. But they changed that you know, once, once FDR got a taste of this National Socialism stuff. So it was, it was really it was really great that we could take some of these things that Nazis did. And and like they strangled the people because here's what happened in the 1920s, they said, hey, we need to register all these people who have guns and we'll never use it for anything else.


You could trust us. Who a little do they know that the government would fall into the hands of madmen?


Yeah, I'm sorry. Not fall into the hands.


They were democratically elected officials, you know, like you love so much democratically elected Nazis.


They took over and then they were like, oh, my gosh, we have these communist. We have these people in the streets, like the Tea Party, like these communists. And we've got to protect the American I'm sorry, the German people. And if we can just save one life.


And so when they took over in March nineteen thirty three, the Nazis had access to that vault that will never, ever, ever, ever, ever be used against Germans, you know what I mean?


And that list is what they went to use to to seize private firearms because people weren't reliable, because some people weren't for the Nazis.


So they knew who owned the firearms and the Nazis just revoked the, you know, ownership permits or declined to renew them. You know, for the people who weren't for the Nazis, which is, you know, fantastic, because then in nineteen thirty eight they, you know, barred Jews from businesses involving any firearms, you know.


And then it was only a day after the Nazi terror squads savaged the Jews in the synagogues and the Jewish businesses. And then new regulations on the new weapon law barred Jews from owning any weapons, even clubs or knives.


So I am so pleased, Jamal, that you brought this up so we could educate America on on who the Nazis got all of these ideas from, because it wasn't from our founders who you just seem to hate.


And I understand if you think that the founders were responsible for arming the Nazis with a whole bunch of bad ideas. But no, it wasn't. It was the Democrats redundantly, the Klan and redundantly, again, the progressives.


That's who they watched Jammal. But thanks so much for chiming in, as they say, in the South. Why, bless your heart? All right, our sponsor this half hour is Blind's dotcom, changing out the window coverings in your house is actually no small feat. If you want it done right, you're not going to just wing it, put anything else in anything up.


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10 second station Heidi. Hello, Stu, to Mr. Beck, how are you?


Oh, my gosh, I'm fantastic, really. Oh, good weekend then, I guess. Oh, my gosh. Well, it's good for you as a German.


Thank you. That's America. Thank you, everybody. Thank you. MISCUE four point. Hey, the white guy of German descent felt he had a good weekend. Isn't that great? Yes. America, yeah. America KKK.


Well, I'm sending you know, it's a good weekend because my kids start school this year. When I say start school, I mean, they just get on their computer, which is entirely different from all the other time that they've spent this summer.


Right. You know, there's not not enough screen time. Screen time. That was a big problem. Yep. And so, you know, my son looks like Dracula. Well, it looks like he hasn't seen the sun in 50 years. But we're we're we're we're appreciating the the back to school thing. And I'm sure my wife I'm praying for today. I'm sure it's all going to be great.


Oh, yes. Kids love it, too. Kids love my kids love it.


Yeah, that's all I know. I love the whole computer meeting thing. I've been a huge fan of it. Yeah, I know. It's it's working out great for me.


You know, the only part I like about it is the instead of having to go to the stupid school and listen to them and they just go like, can I walk out yet?


Will I be seen? Will I be noticed? If I'm walking out now, I have to act like, oh, my gosh, I just got a phone call. I got to leave this meeting of the school because it's boring.


It's not. Now you get them online and it's great.


Yeah, no, I mean, not that part of it is fine. I guess. From the kid's perspective, though, did you see this thing that Seinfeld wrote for The New York Times? No, basically just trashing James Altucher and his, you know, New York is dead column that we featured, we talked about last week. And his point is that, no, it's not dead, it's resilient, and you're just running away to Miami. It's just seems like he hates James, although, honestly, one of the anything else I don't know if it's more that he loves New York or hates James altogether, but he's just trashing him and, you know, saying how he gave up and he moved to Miami.


But, you know, he's the one thing that I did connect to me in the Seinfeld column is.


People like, I don't know, maybe I'm in the minority here, I don't like having meetings via Zoome, I hate it. I hate looking at people on Zoome. I hate all the awkwardness when people talk over each other, I, I don't know if it's just, you know, the radio background where it's just makes me cringe every time everyone is talking over each other. The, you know, it doesn't work half the time everyone tries to love it.


I don't know, I love it. The only thing I like about it is I haven't been sick in six months. Yeah. Which is amazing.


I absolutely love it. I think it's fantastic because do you really at any time you can just click the little X and they're all gone. That just means you don't like meetings.


That doesn't mean that you like zoo meetings. Right.


But zoo makes meetings, I think a lot more tolerable because you're just like, you know, being pong and then you just click on it.


Yeah. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.


And then you turn your camera off, do whatever you want. I just just check in once in a while ago. Uh huh, uh huh.


I think there's a perspective difference here with you being the boss, as I because I know not everybody can just sign off of their meetings in the middle of them because they don't want to talk to the people.


I didn't say no. I didn't say sign off.


You said click the little X. Well, yeah, that's when it's you know, when it's over enough. Right, OK, yeah.


And you do that in person meetings all the time. Yeah. You could tell, you tuned out, you click the internal little X and you're listening to my pajamas. You know what I mean. When I have to have the meeting. Yeah, I can still get up but I had to get dressed. I have to take a shower. Yeah. You know what I mean. OK, well maybe, maybe you're on to something here. Maybe it's not zoom, it's just meetings are awful.


We shouldn't have we shouldn't have them. Right. Especially now. We shouldn't have them anymore for safety. For safety. If we can just save one child. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Back in just a second.


How. This is the Glenn Beck program. All right, Goldline, according to a recent statement by Bloomberg and Yahoo! Finance, the Fed will likely ramp up asset purchases and there's more stimulus coming as well.


All those things continue for a argue for a continued bull market in gold, driven principally by money supply growth and dollar debasement, as opposed to real inflation fears.


There's this argument now on whether we're going to have inflation or not.


Of course we are. As soon as there's any velocity of money, of course, as soon as it gets into the hands of regular people, which I'm not sure it's going to, you know, it seems like a giant money heist. The Fed is doing bankrupting all of us and then letting the big corporations and the guys like Soros and everything else just swim in money, which I love.


If you don't love it, may I suggest Goldline? They're offering a new free silver coin, the heroes of two nations silver bullion coin with a purchase of every gold liberty coin, the ones I buy called Gold Line. Now find out how you can be a part of this. Do it now. 866 Gold Mine eight six six gold line and go to Bleys TV.com. Glenn, you can use the promo code, Glenn, to save ten bucks off your Blaze TV subscription.


Hello, America, and welcome to the Glenn Beck program, I just want to show welcome to Pat Gray. I want to show the audience if you happen to be watching us on Blaze TV, otherwise, I'll tweet this out and you make your own calls here. I don't think this is demeaning at all. You know, food service workers have been asked to put a plastic shield across their face, you know, so.


OK, yeah.


Well, the governor of Maine doesn't think it goes far enough. So the governor of Maine has ordered restaurant staff to wear anti covid visors in a different way. Just tell me if you think that's demeaning at all.


It is.


That's like the the cone. That's like the joke photograph you did with the cake years ago. Yes. The same thing. It's like. But that was a joke. Yeah.


This is a dog cone that's around your neck.


It looks like they took a giant red solo cup and cut out the bottom of it and just stuck her head in the middle of it.


Is that not humiliating to go away? No way. Don't don't do it. Don't do it. If somebody says you really have to tell people to not worry. Yes. Yes, Dog, I think so. I think so in today's day and age. Yeah, you do. So you do.


I don't know why, but you do will be given because we're doing every stupid thing.


People suggest every stupid thing.


I don't I also don't think that that would be effective at all when it comes to covid just know to your mouth that is just literally it's like a funnel of covid you imagine how much sweat and drool would be in the bottom of that if Jefford.


Oh gosh, I didn't mean so. Anyway, I had.


So this is just to humiliate people and to let people know we can do anything to you that we can do anything to.


Again, that's unbelievable.


And we let them, not me. I mean everybody has to have their line in the sand. And I want to talk about that this week.


OK, I want to I want to really explore that.


What is the line that you draw and go, oh, I'm not doing a mandate on vaccines?


Yeah, I'm not doing that. I'm not doing that. We're not doing that.


I think that's a I'm actually I'm actually inclined to get the vaccine unless they say I have to.


Yeah, exactly. Right. Yeah. And I'm I'm inclined to get the vaccine as well. Just not right at the beginning.


I want some other people to go ahead and try that crazy idea to it to be a little patient. I just I guess I you know, let's let other people who really need it get it first, which is how it should be anyway.


Yeah, right.


Protect the most vulnerable should all get it. No, they're not going.


I mean it would be interesting to see. Is there any evidence of you guys know is there a nationwide vaccine mandate of any sort. I don't think so. There might be.


I just don't because it would be states. I can't imagine the state with polio. Think about polio. When we were kids, we got the polio sugar cube. You got it, too, right? Yeah. Yeah. I don't I don't know if that was mandated, but we all got it right.


Everybody remembers having the sugar cube and then and then the polio vaccine.


Did you ever get a polio vaccine because you left a ring on your arm?


You remember if you got it, it left a ring. Mark Well, that was a shot. Yeah, well, the shot at first it was the polio cube, sugar cube. And then I think it went into a shot, didn't it?


It was either that or maybe maybe you're thinking of the tetanus shot there. I don't know. Now there's something that left a ring on your arm.


Somebody somebody my age would remember, and we liked it. We did it anyway. Make those little circles in happy faces.


But so I cannot remember if those were mandatory. I don't. I was a kid, so. Yeah, he didn't I don't know. I mean, it seems like that typically comes from the state. They're definitely state vaccine mandates of different sorts. Yeah. You know, it'll be interesting to see what they do with it.


I, I would think that a lot of people will, as you point out, Pat would want to take it right.


I mean, take care, especially if it gets you the ability to go back to your normal life.


Right. A lot of people are going to be like hell. Yeah. So I don't know, the vaccine mandate would be necessary. But, you know, they they keep saying that there's huge resistance to it from the left because they don't trust Trump. They think Trump is going to just force through some fake vaccine so we can get real. I got news for you. It goes two ways. It goes two ways. If you have it's not that I don't trust Trump.


I just would like I'd like more time to go by. You know what I mean?


Because you're right. It's down. So it's not a Trump thing. It's just like that. Slow down just a little bit. We're dealing with people's health. What are you putting into everybody's body?


Right. But in an emergency. Right. You don't want to slow down operation. Warp speed is to make it not an emergency anyway. OK, it's not it's not it's the big it's definitely the largest pandemic yet hit the world in 100 years. Yes, it is. So that's that's helping him. Yes. It's a totally fair description of a health emergency.


It's it's under control. We're not overwhelming our system. We're not we're not overwhelming the system.


Oh, well, hospitalizations are way down.


Yeah, that's that's one aspect of it. Right. But still, people are dying. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. But people die from the flu as well. Anyway, it's a problem. It is a problem. It's just not the problem. Where we have to wear dog cones around our head would agree with that and have an emergency vaccine that is mandatory if they come up with one. That's great. And if you want to take it, that's great.


I, I will take it once we know that it's stable. But I have to tell you, go the other direction. If Barack Obama or or the Biden people I can't say Biden because Biden's not going to know what's going on.


He's not going to be involved in anything. OK, so whoever is running the Biden, you know, circus, if they were doing this, would you want to take the vaccine?


Because I'd be convinced there's they are going to put that little thing in that will track you to be able to show you, you know what I mean? Because they're talking about doing something where they injected and you just put it under some light and you'll be able to verify that you had it. I don't want any of that stuff. This is part of the issue here, though, is that, like the president doesn't make the vaccine like this. That's why I think it's you don't judge whether a vaccine works or not based on who the president is at the time the vaccine is made.


I know that. But that's why this is one of the thing I'm not saying in reality. I'm saying it's two ways they don't trust Trump. Well, I don't trust them. No, I don't trust them either. But like, that's why, again, I think it's totally sensible to look at this and judge it on its merits. Right. Like you're saying, the president didn't come up with the vaccine and came up with a hydroxy Klaric.


Oh, he did. Almost a cure for it. Yeah, he came up with that. No, on the rim disappear. No, he did those two things and now he's pushing this blood plasma thing. And if you hurry up with it, you know, it's like why we are obsessed with the office of the presidency.


And that is not American traits, not that justice, that's a fascistic, left, fascistic kind of thing. That's National Socialism. You the president doesn't have that kind of power. He shouldn't be able to make any one afraid. If you're afraid of the president left or right, it's because the Constitution is not being followed.


That's why the Jemele Hill thing is so stupid. Right?


It's like we are advocating for a government that would have no ability to do the things you're talking about. Right? Right. Like what? Not with. And the thing that's crazy about the whole thing is that people are like, I can't believe she said that.


You can't believe she articulated the mainstream position of three quarters of Democrats because that's what they believe it is. That's what they believe. This is not a minor position in the Democratic Party any more. This is a when you have the nation's premier newspaper making history in the 16 19 project and it's going into schools, going into schools to prove exactly what Jamal was saying. It's the same case. We act as if it's a shocking thing. It's not at all.


This is every single person. If they were honest that was on that stage last week would be saying the same crap Jemele Hill is saying, yeah, that's why she's valuable, because she just says the quiet thing. She's saying it all. They they they don't want you to believe it. They're all because Joe Biden will implement all of this crap that they want.


Whoever is running Joe Biden's office. Joe Biden is the perfect vessel, though, to get this stuff in because there's no one. He seems like he's this old fuddy duddy that's going to fall over and maybe sleep through most of the presidency so that he's not going to do anything. You think they're not going to try to get all these policies passed?


Morsey are finishing this fundamental transformation. I'd say this is it. If we if we if we lose the presidency, then they finish. They finish. The job they do is one hundred percent and or two.


I mean, can you imagine this? Let's just say, God forbid, Joe Biden is the United States, but he's the next person United States with a Democratic Senate. Well, can you imagine?


Because they will get rid of that filibuster in ten seconds. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And they won't have any problem doing it. Like the the Republicans wring their hands and. Oh, it's a very fair. Should we do that. We're the majority. We shouldn't run over the top of the minority. They won't have any compunction about it.


They'll do it instantly.


Someone asked Chris Coons, the Democrat that came after Biden in the Senate, and they said, well, we're going to get rid of that filibuster and say, look, we don't see any reason for that. But, of course, obviously, if if we can't make progress on. These issues, something I'm not going to sit here and not progress, I'm not going to go if we have the presidency in the Senate, we're going to have progress.


So, I mean, the Republicans could work with us, but we need to have progress and that's going to happen.


So are you saying that the same thing that Antifa says, look, you can come with us, you just better do exactly what we say? Exactly right. And, you know, they they said they followed up and they said, so are you saying you'd get rid of the filibuster? What I'm saying quite clearly is I will not go through four years of of no progress on these issues.


The answer is yes. Yes. Get rid of it. They will get rid of it in seconds. So that is the same kind of answer they give on antifa. Are you a supporter of and will you condemn. I'll condemn violence. No, no, no. Will you condemn Antifa and Tifa? Will you condemn them? I've already spoken out on this issue. When just now I told you I rejected violence. No, I mean are we.


Oh is it Bud Abbott. Who Castelo.


Is that you and fellow radio Hall of Fame members. Yes. Yes. Thank you.


Did you see the thing where this is The New York Times again, same thing off the 60 19 project conversation. They ran a giant story and I think it was New York Times magazine this weekend which said basically Antifa is not even real, like the sign of the fever dream, not even real thing. It's absolutely nothing. You know what is real, though?


You know, the real danger are right wingers in Hawaiian shirts, but right wingers in white shirts in Hawaii.


And I have a Hawaiian shirt. Oh, I do.


I can actually. They were right. They they were right, though. Pat, if Glenn is the problem.


No, seriously, this is their thing now is they've now come up with this new group of people that are the real danger and they're right wingers in Hawaiian shirts that apparently are going around and they're very serious threats to our society. And Antifa is just a fever dream. That's a total you know, it's a made up thing on the right. But the Hawaiian shirt guys are the guys you got to watch it to send me.


You have to say it's amazing to me. It's true, too. Is this is the this is the whole Boogaloo boys thing. You may have heard that. Yeah. Yeah.


Heard that term.


It's and they go through this long history about how this is really the big problem. And they're they're threatening everywhere and blah blah blah blah, antifa, nothing.


I have to tell you something.


I don't know what it's going to take for antifa to be to be declared a domestic terrorist group.


But that's what they are now. You can say no, those are peaceful protest. I'm sorry, three o'clock in the morning in neighborhoods, scaring people in their homes with guillotines, with guillotines, guillotines. They are marching with guillotines. What is that? If that's not domestic terror, your kids go to the window in the middle of night.


Mommy, Daddy, what's going on? Nothing, sweetheart. Nothing, sweetheart. Police are going to be here. The police don't show up. This is domestic terrorism. Yeah.


They highlight in the story this one avan, I guess, of a couple of people who came in and they shot people in this. They shot a couple of police officers. They're very antipolice. This right wing group, which is is very consistent with right wing beliefs, as I'm sure everyone in this audience really just can't stand police.


And so they they they had this this van goes by and it shoots a couple of, I guess, security officers and one of them dies and is a really legitimately bad thing. And I guess when it first happened, people blamed Antifa. One of the reasons they blamed Antifa is the rest of the city was also on fire at the time. So they assumed it was connected to all the other mass raging fires in the city and all the broken windows and everything else.


Like we could talk about that one incident, which was obviously bad if these people were involved in and I know the whole story, but like there was fires raging throughout the entire country. Some of it was Black Lives Matter. A lot of it was was antifa as well. It was spread around the country. These people do these things. We see it every night in Portland, every night they're asking you to deny your own eyes.


Thank you so much for stopping by. Let me take Justin quickly in Colorado. Hello, Justin. How are you? Oh, hi, Glenn. I'm doing well. I'm pulling over right now because I was driving. All right. I got. Pull it. All right. Yeah. So, yeah. So I don't experience. So I'm actually coming I'm heading back home is coming from West Texas. I was out in Marfa and there was a my friend and I, we were eating outside when one of the employees came and told us that we need to be wearing that.


Sitting outside eating breakfast in in West Texas.


Breakfast burrito. Yeah. Sounds good. Yeah. Sounds good. It was a very good burrito, but not that good. Hard to eat when wearing a Mac. Well, no, you can suck it through the mask.


And get all the flavor, a little hole like I see some people do, they just cut a hole in the mass. Yeah, yeah. So at any rate, this was a very specific instance that just really kind of hammered it home for me. I'm a I'm a Ph.D. student up in Denver and I've been doing my research for the last year, has been really focused on totalitarianism, origins of it, the way it proceeds through society. And there's something that's really, really key to what happens here in a book called The Origins of the Proletariat by Hannah Arendt.


Yep, yep, yep. My five year if I were caught. So and it's this it's this idea of of dehumanization, which we're kind of aware of. But there's a psychological aspect that has to do with covering your face. Where where you do you not only do you feel that that that you don't you can't see other people's faces, you can't really get an idea, then you sort of they lose their humanity to you, but you also lose your humanity as well.


I have to tell you, you're exactly right. Justin, thank you so much for calling. That is the problem. They're now moving to dog cones. I mean, anything else that they can do to dehumanize us any more? How about a leash on our on our new collar under the dog cone?


You're listening to Glenn Beck. The RNC convention begins tonight. Trump has his new platform that he unveiled over the weekend. We'll talk about that and how the press is going to handle this with Ari Fleischer coming up in just a couple of minutes. Stand by. So what's the number one sign of bad home security system, a home security system that is so complicated that you never use it? That is exactly the type of security system that simply safe has spent a decade fighting against.


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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and. Program, somebody said to me the other day that, oh, the press has always been like this, it's always been this bad. No, no, no, it hasn't. No, it hasn't. It was bad under Reagan, then strangely cleared up for a while. And the press, you know, just was wonderful to the president. And then George Bush got in and it was ugly, but not like this.


I've never seen it in my lifetime. Now CNN is saying we have to have real time fact checking for the Republican convention. Where was that last week on the Democratic convention? Oh, that's right. They trust them. A guy who knows a guy who's been there and was there when we thought it was bad under on under George W. Bush can tell us how bad it really is now under Donald Trump. Ari Fleischer in 60 seconds.


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Ari Fleischer, former Bush White House press secretary, president now of Ari Fleischer Communications, joins us now.


Hello, Ari, how are you? Great to be with you, Glenn. Yeah, so you are. I saw an interview. Was it in The New Yorker or The Atlantic was a New Yorker, wasn't it?


Recently there was an article.


You're talking about my criticisms of the press. Yes. Everywhere. Yes. Yes. No, there was a there was this this this question and answer thing that you did. I think it was The New Yorker and it was the it was the most hostile interview I have seen. Is it. Everything was.


Yeah. Well, what about this. Yeah. Well, what about this and the left in the press in particular, they think they have a handle on the truth and what's going on and they just don't even want to hear any anything that disagrees with them.


Anything that. Right. You know, I've been in this business a long time, multiple decades, dealing with the press. I loved it. I loved being a press secretary on Capitol Hill at the White House. What I do now and it used to be that the press was just liberal. You knew ideologically they were coming after you that Republicans always had to work harder than Democrats just to get a fair shake. But now it's just resistance. Donald Trump has made the press lose their minds and it wasn't hard for them to lose their minds.


And you see it almost every day. You pick up the news.


You know, I tell you, I was you know, I was not in favor of Donald Trump when he ran the first time because of the chaos that he I think he loves.


He loves to live in it and the way he handled himself.


But I will tell you, he has exposed the press in ways I would have never imagined.


He he is like a cat and there a mouse.


And he just knows how to bat them. And they fall into that every single time and they've gone crazy. Yeah.


You know, over the weekend, the first lady showed everybody the new Rose Garden. Yes. She made a lot of improvements to it, put in a walkway to be compliant for folks with wheelchairs. And it was beautiful. Howard Fineman, who was a reporter with Newsweek when I was press secretary, who used to have some some sway and some influence because he was a big voice. Now, NBC analysis analyst, he said it was a neo fascist parade ground.


This comes from a senior mature reporter, a neo fascist parade ground, the first lady's renovations to the Rose Garden. What's happened to the media? What how did they lose the limits? It used to be that they would report. Then they would opine. Now they're just trolls. Yeah. And they're trolls in bad taste.


And they're they're also I've I've never gotten to the point until recently where there's absolutely no reason for me to read anything if I'm personally interested to read anything written in in certain places, like I've always liked The New York Times. I know that it's liberal, but I've always liked the coverage of The New York Times. I can't listen to the daily at all because all I'm getting is propaganda. I knew this morning if I listened to the daily, I'd be getting anti GOP propaganda.


I knew if I listened last week, they'd be saying it was the greatest television event in history and they never surprised me.


Yeah, no, that's exactly right. And they really have crossed the line between one stage opinion seeped its way into the facts, into the news reporting analysis became what they did. But now it really is cross the line into resistance. They can't stand Trump. They want Trump gone. Everything is done through a filter of getting rid of Trump on CNN. And I watch CNN every morning. I deliberately watch CNN in the morning. I watch Fox in the afternoon.


I like a little diversity in my news, but CNN jumps down the throats of any Republican guest. I watched a Republican congressman from Georgia on there this morning and the anchor, Jim Sciutto, kept interrupting him, badgering him. They never do that to the Democrat guests, every little bit about it from the way news is made to the decisions about what is news, it makes it on the air to the way the anchors behave. That was done through the eyes of anti Trump resistance.


And the press is just killing themselves. That's the problem. Every survey from Gallup, from Pew shows that people's trust in the press to tell the news fully, fairly and accurately is that almost all time lows, they're only hurting themselves.


So do you think they're you know, I called people like Chuck Todd and everything when they were like, you know, what happened after the 2016?


And I said to them, if you really want to know. There are people that can explain it to you, but I'm not sure you really want to know, but if you do, you know, give me a half an hour and I can tell you where I went wrong and and what I learned, there was no interest at all. There still isn't. And I wonder if they're not making exactly the same mistake.


They've just they just bet the house on it this time. They just said we're all in.


That's right. That's right. And it'll be a worse mistake if Trump wins in 2020 because they won't accept it. They just can't acknowledge that they're wrong. But here's the fundamental problem with journalism today, and it's cultural. The people who go into journalism school, who become the next generation of reporters and this has been the case for decades, are almost all cut from the same college educated, well-to-do Democratic liberal cloth. I have twice addressed students from Columbia Journalism School, once in 98 and the other actually in March of this year.


In both cases, I asked the students about 12 and each group in the last election, how many of you voted for the Democrat, how many for the Republican, and every one of those instances, all 24 hands voted Democrat, every single one. The one exception was one guy in 1998, when the election was between Bob Dole and Bill Clinton, eleven hands went up for Bill Clinton. So I said to the twelfth guy, So you are the only one who voted for Dole.


He looked at me, said, no, I voted for Ralph Nader. Oh, my gosh. You can't have newsrooms that are 20 for nothing and think they're fair. I think they're not biased. I think they're neutral. They buy culture line up on one side. There's nobody there to check their thoughts. So we said, wait a minute, there's another side, let's think it through. So they do instead is look for diversity in terms of orientation.


Right. Gender or race, but ideology that which matters the most, a world view is diminished.


So let me ask you this. You know, I used to give people the benefit of the doubt and then I actually worked in those places. And I realize, no, they're just hard core in their belief and they don't have anyone in their circle to challenge them. And so they they just they think monolithically.


Now, I am really wondering, because of things like the post office, what's happening right now is the Democrats and the press are setting up a scenario that is very dangerous, saying that there's no problems with mail in voting. There's it's riddled with look at what just happened in Detroit. It's so screwed up.


I don't know if you'll ever know the answer. And and yet they are pushing this narrative that Donald Trump is somehow or another screwing with the the Postal Service. And they're going to challenge the if they don't win, even if he won in a landslide, they would be challenging this. And I think they're part of the problem. I think they know what they're doing now.


Do they? They do. I mean, this is this is such anti Trump ism. But I do have to say on this one, the president has framed this issue wrong. The threat from mail and voting is not fraud. The threat from mail and voting is that the system can't handle it. Mail in voting. Historically, if you cast a vote by mail, absentee or otherwise, it is three times as likely to get rejected as when you vote in person.


Correct. Voting in person is perfectly safe, even in the current environment with improving it with all the primary elections. So the switch to massive mail number one is not warranted by safety. But two, unless a state is like Washington state has been doing this for a considerable amount of time and did it in a bipartisan fashion, the states are not ready for it. So what happens is and The Washington Post has done good journalism on this in the 2016 election, you had some 500000 ballots get thrown out because of errors, because it wasn't postmarked, because a person didn't sign it.


It's going to be more than a million ballots thrown out this time. So it's not fraud. It's going to be close elections. Ballots are thrown out, Democrats cry, voter suppression. And then we're going to be arguing about should that ballot count without a postmark. Oh, and it's going to be voter suppression all over again. That's what they're going to allege. Shoot in the Democrat York City, where Democrats lost narrowly to each other in primaries.


They were alleging voter suppression against each other. So this is the risk here. It's not fraud. And I wish the president want to talk about it only in terms of fraud. The risk is that the system just can't handle it.


Well, when you say the system, I think I would correct you there. It's it's not the system. It's not the post office.


It's the board of elections. Correct. We are going we are headed towards the hanging chad, which I know you remember seeing that picture of that guy with the glasses and he's like looking at that. Chad, is that a dimple, what exactly is happening with that chad? That's what we're headed for. And then on top of it, you're exactly right.


They're going to say two million people or a million people. Their voices weren't heard. They disenfranchised the voter, which just lazy.


And all of this, even if a vote comes in without a signature, let it count. Even if it comes in three days later. Let it. Yep. Now, here's where fraud can come in. And I just wish the person was more careful and precise with his words. If there is a really close election, whether it's for the president or for the Senate or the governor, the dogcatcher, and you were allowed to have a ballot come in without a postmark up to three days after the election, particularly where ballots were mailed to everybody.


And there's old harvesting. People can collect 100, 200 ballots, take a chance, send them in the next day, deposit them into one of those boxes if you can get to that three days later and influence the course of the election year. And particularly if there's no voter signature match. I mean, that's where the fraud can kick in after the election. And again, I go back to fundamentals and voting in person is safe. Yeah. And socially dist.


, we've proved that every day you walk into a Wal-Mart, you see how safe it is to do things in gigantic places. We can have safe voting.


And voter harvesting, by the way, was put on steroids with the Democrats in the in one of the stimuluses that were just was just passed.


We're talking to Ari Fleischer. Ari, let me can I do you have time? Can you can you wait for one minute and we pick our conversation back up? I do.


OK, I want to talk to you about the RNC convention and what to look for, what to expect and your your feeling on what's really happening as we move towards this election.


Back with Ari Fleischer in 60 seconds.


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I did. Talking to Ari Fleischer, former Bush White House press secretary and now president of Ari Fleischer Communications. Ari, tell me what I mean.


If if this is what the Democrats can produce and they have all of Hollywood and all the writers and all the talent, if that's what they produced and it was horrendous, what should we expect tonight from the people who are like, let's do a talent show now?


It's like a high school production usually. What what what should we prepare ourselves for?


Well, the biggest thing you're going to see people reaffirm the Trump presidency for all its toughness and all of its outsiderness, you're going to see for the first time a string of people come out and say, Donald Trump's doing the good things for America. We haven't heard that kind of talking for years, have we know and you get it from White House spokespeople, but you really don't get it in any organized fashion. Republicans kind of get scared about defending the president.


So that's the first thing that's going to be different. What I'd like to see beyond that is real people. And we're told we're going to get a lot of real people. But here's the real people I want and I don't. You're the busiest man in the world and you keep getting the. Do we lose him or did he just take that call waiting? We lost. Oh, there he is. Glenn, are you there? Yeah, you got it.


Sorry about that. You got call waiting.


People the people that I'm looking for, I don't know that we're going to see. I'd love to see that woman from Rochester, New York, who was shown here, one of the riots. Yes. Send her a little shop at a golf club. Yes. They knocked her down, attacked her husband and looted her store. Or the poor guy in Portland who got beat up last week, the two black eyes. If you want to talk about public safety and who the victims are, that's who should speak.


You know, elected officials are great, will all listen and watch the elected officials be very interesting. Nikki Haley, there'll be several other speakers. But if those real people whose lives are affected by the decisions of policy makers, Gagin and the decisions they don't make the convention that doesn't even talk about public safety in our cities, what message are they sending to the mom and pop store owners who put their life savings into a store to only have it looted, having nothing to do with George Floyd?


Those are the people I'd like to hear from.


I think you are going to hear from some of those. I saw the roster and several of those kinds of people are on the roster, at least that I saw.


Ari, do you think that I mean, it's it's almost as if Democrats are asking you to be blind to what's really going on. They won't they won't condemn antifa.


In fact, there's a there's a story out now that that that's just a myth.


They didn't do anything about that at all in their convention. And I got to believe that there are Democrats out there that are saying, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.


What about what's happening here? Why aren't you guys doing anything about that? Why aren't you speaking out about that?


You know, huge blown moment. The Democrats did two things wrong in their convention. One is they didn't talk policy. The only people who talked policy were the socialist Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandrea Castillo Cortez. They proudly talked about the policies they make to, quote unquote, improve America. They let it rip every other Democrat, including Biden and Harris, basically mum on what specific policies they'll enact because they're so vulnerable on what they're going to do for America.


That's what to is. They didn't talk about law and order, as you point out, plan. And they really should have drawn that distinction between those who want to honor the memory of George Floyd, which we all should do, and those who take to the streets and riot and loot and are just lawless, massive distinction. And they need to be denounced. They need to be arrested. They need to be imprisoned. And you can say those things.


But they didn't. And that's the open and Republicans have this week. And I'm hoping that the president and Republicans show on both policy and on public safety that Republicans are the party that has the interests of working people at heart and all Americans.


Ari, I want to I want to ask you a sensitive question. And I you know, I give you the option of opting out on it.


But, you know, I don't say this with any glee or any malice, but there is a difference in Joe Biden from 2016 and today, and he seems diminished.


And the presidency is one of the hardest jobs in the world, mentally exhausting.


Is he in charge of his I mean, what happens? Do you have any thoughts?


I don't want to ask a specific question will just be.


Well, I have a lot of thoughts on this. I mean, Joe Biden has always, throughout his career, come across as a guy who's a few French fries short of a happy meal. That's just kind a Joe Biden. But the issue is now, if we elect the person to be the oldest president in our history, does he have the strength of figure in the stamina to stand the hours? OK, Ari, sorry to cut you off.


Thank you so much to talk to you again. We'll be watching the GOP convention tonight and the media. Thanks. This is the Glenn Beck program. All right, Patriot Mobile, I'm guessing that you're paying too much for your phone service, and that's just because if you have, you know, phone service from, you know, one of the big phone providers, you're paying too much. They overcharge you for their services. They also take a portion of your bill and they donate it to leftist causes.


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Go to Bleys TV.com, Glenn, you use the promo code, Glenn. You'll save 10 bucks on your Bleys TV subscription. It's Blaze TV dotcom, Glenn.


This is the Glenn Beck program. We're glad you're here. Thank you so much for listening. We have Congressman Roger Marshall on the phone. He's from Kansas. And he he was a firsthand witness to the debacle.


That was the questioning of our of our postmaster general on Friday. It seemed like a pretty open and shut case to me. Welcome, Congressman Marshall. How are you?


Glenn, good morning from sunny Kansas. Yes, this is another Nancy Pelosi manufactured hoax to attack the president. The post office is fully funded for a year. They have access to another ten billion dollars if they need it. No, I've always been a believer that we can do two things at once. We can have a safe and fair election and at the same time rehab the post office as well. So both these things need to happen. And it's just a crying shame that Pelosi wants to make this a political shoot out.


Sad day for America.


OK, hang on just a sec. Let me play a little audio here. Specifically what happened on Friday.


You will give us your word today under oath that you have not taken any action whatsoever in your capacity as postmaster general for any political reason or at the suggestion of any any administration officials.


So I will tell you, my first election mail meeting, what I instructed the organization, the whole team around us and out in the field, whatever efforts we will have, double them. I was greatly concerned about all the political noise that we were hearing. And we have had I've had weekly reviews on this since before this. All the excitement came out. We we are very committed. The boards committed the Postal Workers Committee. The union leadership is committed to having a successful election.


And the the insinuation is, quite frankly, outrageous.


So here's the thing. I find it really the post offices screwed up needs to be fixed. I'm glad he's there fixing the post office. I don't think the post office is going to be the ones that screw this up.


What this is, is nothing more than a way to cause riots in the streets and protests, because if you up the number of ballots that are going through the mail, you are going to up the number of ballots that are rejected.


And if you reject a million or two million votes because of the rules that have always been in place, it's very easy to say this is voter suppression.


This is nothing more than a SUDEP, is it not? You're right.


First of all, I just got to mention Law and order. My dad was the chief of police for twenty five years in my little hometown of El Dorado, Kansas, and in this country was founded on law and order. Those riots are now spreading like a virus, and we need those local people to stand up. But yes, every time we're being set up for failure, here's what's happening. Every time a human or a machine has to touch this polling ballot is an opportunity for fraud.


We saw what happened in the last House election. And goodness, I think eight or nine of my my colleagues on the House were winning on election night and the Democrats kept harvesting ballots. People need to realize is that we are randomly sitting volatile. I even got to for my children at my house applications, thank goodness, for two of my children that have not lived in my house for ten for ten years. So does the whole system is wrought with fraud.


And the Republicans, we got to keep our eye on it. The Democrats think about doing things I just never would have imagined. This type of harvesting is one of the. So they're setting us up for failure. The post office should be able to handle the situation every day. They handle four hundred and fifty million pieces of mail. We're asking them to handle an extra one hundred and fifty million at most over a couple of weeks time. They just did the census.


Right. I'm not sure how many census applications went out in the mail, but it had been, I suppose, close to two hundred million, maybe three hundred million more. So they should be able to handle the situation. But where there's opportunity, there will be fraud by the Democrats.


So tell me tell me about why there seems to be no appetite to shut down Antifa.


And I mean, if if they're not the definition of domestic terrorists as they go through the neighborhoods at three o'clock in the morning with guillotines telling people to give them their houses, that that's not a political statement. That is a fear statement. It's in the middle of the night, you're being woken up, your kids are looking out the window, they're worried about what's going on. This is a domestic terror tactic.


When is somebody going to stand up and do something? Well, I certainly hope that the attorney general is finding a path to do just that, but certainly I think it all starts at the local level that we first of all, as Americans, have the right to protect our families. And this is one more reason we need a Second Amendment and why it's so important to be able to protect ourselves when you can't get the police. And then and then beyond that, we need local county officers, local governors, if they can't handle it, to reach out to the president and Americans, to realize that President Trump cannot be in the National Guard without an invitation.


But hopefully the local folks will hold those local officials accountable and elect somebody that will stand up to to all these hostile groups, because we are a nation of law and order. And Englin, what we ask for our police officers to do now is just incredible. I remember growing up what my dad had to do. We expect him to be a traffic cop, an expert marksman detective, but they also had to be a social worker and a family counselor, a marital counselor to take care of the homeless.


We expect an awful lot of our police. We don't need more funding, not less money. But but you're right. We need to declare some of these groups as terrorists and let the FBI and the attorney general go after them.


And there's nothing the federal government can do on voting. If I can just bring it back to that one, just this one last time. There's nothing the federal government can do.


Although Nancy Pelosi put harvest ballot harvesting in the last stimulus, which I don't understand how the federal government has anything to do with that. But if you look at just Detroit, seventy two percent of Detroit's absentee ballot counts were off 72 percent when they went back and and looked at it again.


Their record ballot counts weren't so record.


They don't match the number of voters in Detroit and they're saying it's so screwed up that they don't know if they'll ever really have the answer.


Is this what we're facing in these democratic states?


Exactly. And I just hope that America realizes the folks that they realize that Nancy Pelosi is once more fabricated, an entire hoax, a false crisis, and they'll just go right up the chain and they'll say, look at this was a hoax. Then the Russian situation was a hoax as well. And the whole impeachment process was a hoax. And that house of cards comes caving. And we have to get President Trump re-elected. We have to keep the majority in the Senate.


We got to flip the House back that this truly is a crossroads in history for the United States. Do we want a socialist government or do we want the Donald Trump economy of less regulations and lower taxes? So I hope America wakes up, smell the roses in this November, I guess. President Trump back in there.


Thank you very much for for taking time out of your day and and joining us. We appreciate the work of anybody who is in fighting for the Constitution and common sense and against socialism right now. Congressman Robert Roger Marshall from Kansas, thank you so much for being with us. Appreciate it.


I'm honored to be on your show. Keep up the great work. Keep being that beacon for democracy.


Thank you very much, Roger Marshall. Stu, did you see what the president was saying is going to be his his platform running forward? Yeah, sort of.


The it's not just the president, right? It's it's just the platform that they're male. They're going.


Oh, yeah, they're going through the the regular platform there. They didn't change the platform. It's just what his priority is. Should be.


OK, did you look at it? Yeah. I thought they were good. Yeah, I think so. I mean, they I don't think they were much different than what he's kind of promised so far.


Obviously, the economic recovery is somewhat different because of, you know, the different state. We're in post covid. So there's a lot of focus on that there.


But I mean, there's a lot of good things. I mean, I'm I'm happy once again to seek congressional term limits in there. It was in there last time. I haven't passed. That will be is not focused on it at all. You're right.


He can't he can't pass it because no one in Congress wants their gig. Nobody wants to lose their job. But I do I do appreciate that as a pro.


But here are the things. Jobs create 10 million new jobs in ten months. Now, that bothers me because the jobs are not created by the federal government. They're usually destroyed by the federal government.


However, the way he is doing it is the way that government can help create jobs. And in the normal sense that this would be an impossible promise.


But because of what we're facing right now, you know, this is getting back a lot of the jobs that were lost due to the create one million new small businesses, another something that would be impossible. But I think he is the guy to do it. Cut taxes to boost take home pay and keep jobs in America and act fair, fair trade deals that protect American jobs made in America.


Tax credits expand opportunity zones, which I think that should be the entire United States. Let's expand it to just the periphery. The entire country continue to deregulate for energy independence, then eradicate, covid-19, eradicate, develop a vaccine by the end of twenty twenty.


Wow, return to normal. He's the first person that is saying this in government, everybody else's reset returned to normal. Twenty twenty one.


Yeah, the idea that there is a return to normal at any point has been different than at least it's an optimistic outlook.


Yeah. You know, make all critical medicines and supplies for health care workers in the United States. I think that's smart. Refill stockpiles. Prepare for future pandemics.


Yes. Again, yes, please. No more of this crap. Never again end our reliance on China. Bring back one million manufacturing jobs from China. How are you going to do that?


I'm guessing this is just consistent with his twenty sixteen platform, right? I mean, unfortunately, the only thing that seems to bring back of these jobs in this manufacturing and the trade balance is massive economic cataclysm, education.


Provide school choice to every child in America. Yes. And teach American exceptionalism. Now, he can't do that because the federal government doesn't control our local schools.


But, boy, I'm telling you, you can stop federal funding.


Well, for for schools that are teaching the sixteen nineteen project, that should be done. That's pretty interesting. Kamara, this weekend in that House Republicans are missing an opportunity here on education and that, yes, of course, we're cheering for schools to be open and we all want our kids to go back to school.


But here's a great opportunity to do all sorts of things that could affect the, you know, our education system in a more long term fashion where people are a lot of people are out of school right now.


A lot of people are having to do all sorts of different things.


Imagine if you you know, because there are a lot of private schools are open and, you know, a lot of parents can't afford both the tax problem and a private school. Well, if they were getting the sum of their money back right now, maybe they would enroll their kids in a private school, know maybe they would do home schooling, maybe they would do these little pods that a lot of these parents are trying to do with maybe six or seven kids all of the same age and keeping it small.


These would be positive changes for education generally outside of covid times. And I thought that was an interesting take, that this was this is a real opportunity maybe they should be focusing more on. That's a Betsy DeVos said to me a couple of months ago, you know, she doesn't give out interviews.


And she gave me an hour interview and she talked about the things that this could mean for the future.


If parents get involved at the local level, they can change things. I think she's going to be on my Wednesday special this Wednesday again, because there are some things that we found in a document dump from a very brave administrator or teacher.


I don't know exactly who this person is.


We can't identify because they're scared to death.


But 800 pages that are coming from public schools on what they're planning on teaching and they are terrifying of all share.


One of them with you in just a minute. Let me first tell you about American financing. So Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, they buy or guarantee most mortgages in the United States. Well, recently informed, they informed lead a lenders' that they'll be charging an additional point, five percent refinance fee starting September 1st. Well, they're doing they're trying to protect themselves from higher risks and costs related to the covid pandemic. But if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, what you see is the system is trying to right itself.


After these months of insanity, mortgages hit an all time low eight times already this year.


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A call right now called American financing at eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty eight hundred nine zero six twenty four forty American financing, dot net American financing and MLS one eight two three three four in the MLS Consumer Access.


Doug, this is the Glenn Beck program. All right, on Wednesday night, nine p.m., this is a show that every parent should be watching, you need to stay very involved with your kids when they go into school. We're going to we're doing an episode of special called Brainwashed How Black Lives Matter Hijacked Our Schools. We have a document dump from an insider in one of the states, and they have they have dumped about 800 documents from their school district on what is being put in to the schools.


And this is happening all over the country. One one of the documents that we're going to show you is one from the Black Panthers. They are trying now to make the Black Panthers to normalize them. And they're going to have your kids memorize the ten point program for the Black Panthers when you see what those are. And then the worksheet that the students are going to be given, it is absolutely terrifying. Hope to be able to cover all of that here in about a half hour from now.


But don't miss this special. Don't miss it. It's on Wednesday night only Blaze TV. Subscribe now.


This is the Glenn Beck program.


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Real estate agents. I trust dotcom.


What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. Hello, America. It's Monday, the RNC convention is now underway. Oh, I am so excited. Actually, I am looking forward to watching this. Are you still I'm in in sort of a way.


I kind of I mean, I'm interested to see what they're going to try to do it. It's a tough that they're everybody's in a tough spot here. They just saw the Democrats have to do it their way, which looks ugly, although the Republican response supposedly is they want to do more live speeches, which I don't I don't know if that's going to work out well, either. On Zoome, we'll we'll give you the rundown on what's happening coming up in just a second.


Also, a new friend of the program was in some trouble last week. And we want to tell you the story and get the response from the people she says are defaming her. That's coming up in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program. According to a recent statement by Bloomberg, the Fed is likely to ramp up asset purchases. What does that mean? They're going to just start buying assets.


They're already the largest landowner in the world, the Federal Reserve largest landowner in the world, and they're about to ramp up some of their asset purchases.


Oh, good. More stimulus coming, too. So they're going to be printing more money. All those things argued for a continued bull market in gold.


There is a real a real debate going on. And I can't believe that the debate is going on, but it is on whether or not we're going to have inflation. We're going to have inflation as soon as the velocity of money picks up.


Right now, people aren't going places. They're not spending. They're not doing the things they normally do once that picks up. But there's too much money in the system, too much money.


We've printed more money in the last 90 days than we have in the last 90 years.


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I ain't going to happen.


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So I was minding my own business, I think it was on Wednesday night, and I get an email from a friend, I have a bit of a situation here, Glenn, and I was wondering if you could help me out.


I need a lawyer to help me because I'm being defamed by a business. And I wonder if you have anyone you can connect me with. Long story short, I was evicted from a hotel on Friday after they claimed I was running up and down the halls, banging on door is telling people to be quiet. When I was in my room all night, they have yet to release any photo or video evidence of me to prove their case because they don't have it.


And they continue to release defamatory statements about me, including accusing me of a bomb threat. They also put me in very real physical danger when they evicted me because I was made to stand in the dark road by myself in the middle of the night with all of my belongings where I easily could have been attacked or robbed or worse.


I feel strongly the hotel targeted me for harassment because I was wearing a Magga mask.


But I can't prove that this comes in from the strangest source.


Dr. Karlen Sanco now, Carlyn, I say this is a strange source because she she's the liberal that left the Democratic Party, I don't even know she did that.


She just went to a mega rally and she was warned by all of her friends, don't do it. You're going to you're going to they're going to beat you up. They're going to be real hostile. And she's finding now the opposite to be true, that it is the left that is hostile.


Carlyn, how are you? I'm doing OK, Glenn. I'm certainly doing better than I was a week and a half ago on Friday.


So tell me what happened, because I saw the letter that the hotel sent.


And, boy, they make you sound like a monster.


Well, they they make me sound crazy. But I mean, so essentially, I got to I was in Milwaukee for a couple of reasons last week. I was speaking at a walk away rally. I was also speaking at the Better Discourse Conference. And so they put us up in this hotel. And as soon as I got there, I've been wearing a mask around, frankly, because I think that if I have to go through this absurd exercise, I'm going to annoy them as much as possible with what I did.


And so I've been wearing this mag a mask around for several weeks as I've been doing these walk away rallies. And usually I get tons of compliments and there's not a problem except for the hotel staff in Baltimore, in Beverly Hills and then in Milwaukee. The hotel staff was just I mean, it treats you very, very rudely if you walk in wearing one of these masks. And so I had had a couple of run ins already with the staff that day where they were just acting really.


They blew things out of proportion. They they flat lied about me in that letter that they issued. And we just it was very weird. And so to make a long story short, I kind of decided, well, all my friends are staying at this hotel. I want to stay here. I'm just going to stay in my room and keep to myself and be quiet. Around eight o'clock that night, I had called the front desk because there were children running up and down the hall for just hours and hours and hours making lots of noise.


And I wanted to know when quiet hours were well. In response to that, the front desk sent security to my room to yell at me and to tell me they weren't going to quiet down the children. And I said, fine, whatever. And I just kind of shut my door went about the rest of my night, talk to my husband on the phone, talk to another friend on my phone, messed around on Twitter for a while, and then finally had fallen asleep.


And around eleven o'clock at night, security comes banging on my hotel, wakes me up out of a completely sound sleep and tells me I have ten minutes to pack my things because they are evicting me from the hotel because I had been running up and down the hallway harassing guests, which is completely not true.


OK, so here's what the they say at approximately ten fifty five pm, the female guest from room 118 called the front desk, stated that a Caucasian female was knocking at her window and door, harassing them about being quiet. I radioed the sheriff's deputies to meet security guard number two with myself in the hallway. Once we entered the hallway, we saw approximately ten people standing in the hallway, around 118, waiting to speak to US security guard number two name removed.


And I question everyone in the hallway in regard what was happening. A female directly matching the physical description of the female and one twenty two was verbally harassing them. These were guests not only from that room, but also at least three other surrounding rooms. Witnesses stated that the female was walking up and down the hallway, pounding on door, is telling the shut up and be quiet. I'm trying to relax. She also stated that she had been the woman stated in one twenty two that she had been at the window pounding and on her cell phone yelling, complaining to someone of the noise in the hotel.


Many saying this female was shouting at them when they were just walking by.


You had to be in a complete mental breakdown if this is the way it sounds like if this happened, you had a breakdown. What's interesting, even more.


Go ahead. Sorry. Even more importantly than that, I think this is the first time in history since cell phone cameras became ubiquitous that this many people have been harassed in this sort of way. And no one has photographic evidence of it. No one has video evidence of it.


It's the address. They say there are video cameras in the hotel. However, none covered the courtyard or or the corridor where the incident occurred.


Where do they have their cameras? Our key card system only records an event when someone uses a key card to enter a room.


If a guest doesn't close their room door completely or it's propped open by the latch common. When someone is stepping out of the room for only a short while, it will not record an event due to the disturbances the evicted guests.


Cause we have had to refund multiple guest room charges, collected statements from all the team members, bla bla bla bla bla.


What yeah, what happened there completely. I honestly have no idea because I was in my room and I have timestamp things of being on the phone in my room of, you know, I mean, essentially at this point now the hotel has has put me in two separate hallways because they've they've released two different statements about this. Apparently, I was in two separate hallways simultaneously. Well, also damning with some of my friends on Twitter, because I have timestamps on that that align with one of the hotels put me there.


I mean, it's absurd, to be honest, like the hotel has yet to provide any video evidence, any photographic evidence. They will refuse to release the key card records to my room, which I've asked for them to release, because it's going to show that I did not open the door to my room, passed around eight o'clock, eight, 15 that night. So they're blatantly lying. And then it gets even worse because after they evicted me from the hotel, I called the conference organizers for the conference I was there for.


And they were they sent someone that was going to pick me up and bring me to another hotel. And they were just fabulous. But the person that was coming to pick me up, it took him longer than he expected. He got lost along the way. And so I was waiting in the front entranceway of the hotel. And then at some point, a security guard came out and said to me that I had to get off the property or I was going to be arrested.


Now, at this point, they had already lied about me. I knew I didn't do what they said I did. And so I was like, well, I have a show. And I'm also, by the way, also taking sleep medicine at some point, not Ambien, but like this over the counter, like like Nyquil pills. So I was very, very groggy at this point as well. I could barely even see straight. I didn't even know what was going on.


So I kind of had two choices. I was like, well, either I leave the property or they're going to arrest me. And which is which is worse. Right. So I basically took all my stuff. I hold it all the way out to the street. It was you know, it's actually it's a very big property. So it's a relatively long walk. And I was standing there in the middle of the night in the dark by myself, cars driving by me.


Anyone could have stopped and robbed me. And so eventually my ride got there and brought me to the new hotel. And but I woke up the next morning and I found out their hotel staff had been posting on the Internet that I was responsible for a bomb threat and was going to jail. And then just last week, another hotel staff member posted that not only was I running up and down the hall screaming, I was screaming racial slurs, which is absolutely untrue.


So Karlen fled the cluster.


Yeah, I know you you asked for an attorney. And, you know, we we talked to Lin Wood and the the the lawyer that is involved in and many litigation like this and has had good results. You talk to them, I guess, today. Right.


What do you what are you hoping happens here? You just want a reinstatement of your name. What do you mean and why did they do this to you?


What is the you know, I think that's the question I have as well, because because I had been treated poorly in other hotels. I mean, I think it did have something to do with the fact that I was wearing a mask. I really Glenn, I just I've racked my brain on this. I cannot think of another reason for it. Now, I don't necessarily think, though, that this was the hotel's management that was doing this was just this was their everyday employee's right.


And so the employees don't necessarily follow the same ideology as the management, whatever that ideology might be. But what am I hoping for out of this? Originally, I just wanted an apology. That was all I wanted. I didn't want to enter into legal action. I didn't want to do any of that. But now I feel like the hotel has lied about me in two separate statements. Their employees are lying about me. I feel like I have no choice but to move forward with some sort of action.


And I'm trying to figure out what exactly that is. Well, I.


I'm sorry to say I look forward to the next installment, but I find it fascinating that out of all the people that you are the one targeted as a screaming, you know, racial slurs and everything else when you come from the left and that's what you were trying to leave, was the people who are just trying to shut people down and shut people up and and screaming all kinds of names when they weren't true.


Carlyn, and go ahead.


And I think at this point, I mean, the hotel has really kind of doubled down on this, which is shocking to me because they have no evidence to back up what they're saying at all. And I think that they've overplayed their hand. And frankly, it just makes me really sad. I, I wish this hadn't happened. This has actually caused me a fair bit of trauma. I'm having to talk to a therapist about this because, you know, I mean, with standing on the road in the mid.


The night I was absolutely terrified and so, so, so so you don't sound it is a big deal because you've also had other experiences that we don't need to go into, that you still suffer from, you know, things like that would would would trigger those those feelings. Carlin, thank you so much. Best of luck. We'll keep you in our prayers.


Thank you. Thank you, Glenn. And thank you to your staff.


All right. All right.


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Still, there's a couple of things that I don't know if you saw apparently another asteroid is headed towards Earth the day before the election and I am pulling for the asteroid endorsing, I am endorsing.


I am officially endorsing the asteroid. It's the day before the election.


They say it is six point five feet in diameter and not potentially dangerous. No, they say consider it to be potentially dangerous. So it's six point five feet. They found it 13 days ago. It's coming towards us the day before election. It's supposed to either near miss us or hit us.


How do they find one like this? But they miss the what was it like the size of a bus or as much bigger and much bigger?


And that one is the closest call we've had in decades.


And they didn't see it till the. Yeah. They're like, whoa, what was that? How did you find this one? This is the size of a pea.


And I mean, what it just feels right that we we get hit by an asteroid right now.


It just feels like the thing that does that that would happen.


Doesn't it feel honestly, would you be surprised and I mean this sincerely, I would have in the past, if aliens appeared, I would have been like, whoa, didn't see that coming?


No, not really. No, I wouldn't be surprised. Jesus, ten years Jesus is here. How could you be surprised by that? How could you be surprised? I mean, there is nothing that would shock me anymore that Gerlach's you know what the IRS said that you didn't pay your taxes. No, here's my tax. I paid them. Here's the canceled check cashed by the IRS. Yep. Good luck for you. I wouldn't be surprised.


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And you've got to place TV.com, use the promo code, Glenn, Bleys, TV.com, Glenn, get your subscription to Blaze TV. This is the Glenn Beck program. Glad you're here. We're going to talk a little bit about the convention, what's coming up in just a second.


First, I want to give you a sneak peek to our special on Wednesday called Brainwashed How Black Lives Matter Hijacked Our Schools. This is a must watch for anyone who cares about the education of the youth. We are we have been following closely the indoctrination of our kids and the 16 19 project. We thought that having a a bogus cloaked as history lie.


Brought into our schools and taught to our children was bad, well, 16 19 from The New York Times, which has been discredited by several, several very high profile historians, many of them African-American, saying this is a lie.


Well, they changed it from being history to being, you know, well, what if well, what do you mean what if it didn't happen? Now, that's being taught in your schools.


I have to tell you, if I lived in the county just south of Nashville, that that asked parents to sign a release that they would not monitor what was being taught to their kids, it would be I don't know how you weren't packing to move or you weren't packing to live out in front of the the the school board's offices to get that to stop.


But that is a sure sign of my kids are in the wrong place. Yeah.


And that's a real sign of there's a foundational belief that this is not your job as a parent to be involved eradication. And that is and that is very prevalent.


Now, we had a teacher I'm going to call a teacher until I have permission to say other, but I don't know where this person is.


But they provided a document dump of what's happening in the school houses, at least in their state.


But this is not a problem with just one district or one state. It is everywhere.


On Wednesday night, I'm going to show you eight hundred documents and there and one is more terrifying than the next.


Today, I want to show you one, this is this is the Black Panthers ten point program. Now, according to the documents that we have seen, the idea is to get kids to think that the Black Panthers are neat and that they're great.


And they did a great service in the past and they're good friends now.


And this particular school assignment is to memorize the Black Panthers ten point program.


We believe that black, black and oppressed people will not be free until we're able to determine our destinies and our own communities ourselves by fully controlling all of the institutions which exist in our communities.


That's point number one. So in other words, you can't hire a white person. You cannot have a white person in that government. This is the reason why we have freedom of religion.


We have it because the state wanted to control who could actually participate in the state. Wait, wait, wait.


What if you wanted to be the mayor of a town and our founders went from from village to village, town to town, to testify on behalf of a separation of church and state, if you will.


The the churches are protected so the government cannot interfere with the churches. But also the founders felt it was important that you didn't have a litmus test, that you had to go to this particular church or believe this kind of set of beliefs to be able to run for office or be a member of the community.


Well, that's exactly what Black Lives Matter or the Black Panthers want in point number one. Number two, we want full employment for our people. We believe the federal government is responsible and obligated to give every person employment or a guaranteed income. Number three, we believe that this racist government has robbed us and we are now demanding that overdue debt of 40 acres and two mules, 40 acres and two mules were promised 100 years ago as restitution for slave labor, labor and the mass murder of black people.


We will accept the payment and currency which will be distributed to our many communities. We believe No. Number four, we believe that if landlords will not give decent housing to our black and oppressed communities, then housing and the land should be made into cooperatives. So people in our communities with government aid can build and make decent housing for people. Number five, we want a decent education for our people. We believe in an educational system that will give our people a knowledge of the self.


If you don't have a knowledge of yourself and your position in society and in the world, then you'll have little chance to know anything else. Number six, we believe the government must provide free of charge for all people health facilities which do not only treat our illnesses, most of which have come about as a result of our oppression, but which also will develop preventative medical programs to guarantee our future survival. We believe that mass health, education and research programs must be developed to give all black and oppressed people access to advance scientific and medical information.


So we may provide ourselves with proper, proper medical attention and care at once called the Internet.


Number seven, we believe that the racist and fascist government of the United States uses its domestic enforcement agencies to carry out its programs of oppression against black people, other people of color and poor people inside the United States. It is our right to defend ourselves against such armed forces and that all black and oppressed people should be armed for self-defense of our homes, our communities, against these fascist police forces. So blacks could have guns, but others can't. We want an immediate end to all wars of aggression.


We believe the various conflicts in which exist around the world stem directly from the aggressive desire of the United States ruling circle and government to force its domination upon the oppressed people of the world, blah, blah, blah. Number nine, we want freedom. We believe that the many black and poor, oppressed people held in the United States prisons and jails have not received fair and impartial trials under a racist and fascist judicial system and should be free.


We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice, peace and people's community control over modern technology. That's number 10. So your kids have to study all of this.


And then in a really interesting second document, the worksheet that goes along with this, students will be given the worksheet to make sure they retain the information.


And here it is, the worksheet for the Black Panther 10 point program.


Number one, your kids are asked prior to reading this, what impressions did you have of the Black Panthers? What images might come to mind when you think of them?


Why is that a bad question, my why, why, why? Well, I think it's research one, how can we improve our image?


I mean, what what company wouldn't want to have a read of their brand and how they're viewed by everyone under 20?


What healthy what a great free piece of marketing that would be. Also, we're also putting your kids on record.


How racist are they? What images come to mind when you think of the Black Panthers, when the Panthers denounce robbery by the capitalists and say that the government should give every man employment or guaranteed income or else give back the means of production to the community, what political philosophy or system of government comes to mind? Does this sound like someone you something you've studied before?


Which point of the ten point platform do you agree or disagree with most?


Why is there one that you strongly agree with? Why again, research and research and record on your children. Now, you might think all the Black Panthers never well, a lot of people in Germany never thought the Nazis would come in to power.


Would you want a record forever? From your kid's high school career, you know how many people have lost their jobs for something that they wrote about in high school or sad during high school? Look at what's happening. Look at Brent Kavanaugh.


Can you imagine they have a record of what your kids thought about one way or another? This is. According to the Black Panther, what conditions might justify violence? This is obscene. This is one document I get much worse than this. This is one document that we will be exposing that are being floated and put into action in schools across the country. You must be involved in your school if your kids are going to school, you need to know everything that they're teaching.


I'm not somebody who says burn books, that's the left. I don't believe in that I have a I have a copy of Mao's Little Red Book and I have a copy of of Mein Kampf. I've read them both. I have a copy of the Koran. I also have a copy of the Apocrypha Scriptures, I have a King James version, I have all kinds of books in my house. I believe in understanding other people, that's not what this is, this is indoctrination, what this is, is an indoctrination and quite honestly, I believe a trap for your children behave.


Toe the line or else imagine the power that these documents would have if they were held. Ten years from now. Wow, did you know that in 10th grade? Do you remember writing this about the Black Panthers?


God help them. Well, he he. He will, but he won't do anything if we don't act first, get into your schools, do it. Become informed, know what's going on. Don't miss this Wednesday special, we will go through all of these documents and I believe we have the secretary of education on Betsi Davos.


I'm not sure if that's been confirmed yet, but I think she is on Wednesday's broadcast as well. You don't want to miss this blaze. TV.com Aglen, use the promo code clean. You'll save 10 percent right now, but join us and share this information.


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You know, it's really quite bizarre to see the world that we now live in and how open it is, how the masks have all come off and, you know, learn from Nazi Germany. If they don't control the children, they can't control the masses.


And, you know, parents were afraid to speak in front of their own children.


They didn't they never spoke in front of their children because they were afraid the the school had them so indoctrinated that they would turn their parents in and many kids did.


And in this society, you know, of the way this is being handled has consequences. You know, to use a quick example from today's news and Kellyanne Conway and George Conway, you know, she's stepping down from the White House, George Conway leaving the Lincoln Project. You know, they've famously been fighting in public, kind of about politics and other things for a while. And their daughter is out on social media saying she wants to be emancipated and she can't believe she her parents are these homophobes and she wants to be adopted by AOC.


And now so they're all kind of pulling out of political life to do this. But this stop, stop and think about this for a second. She's an extreme example, obviously, because her parents are public figures in that way. And weirdos. Yeah, it's a weird freaking situation, the whole thing is.


But when the media essentially identifies Trump as a fascist, Trump as a voracious racist, Republicans as evil, and they want to hurt the poor and hurt transgendered people and hurt gay people, and that's all they they do. They don't like black people.


When you find out when you believe that, right. As a kid, 15 year old, you believe that because you don't have the ability to to sort that stuff out at that age.


And then you find out your dad is voting for Trump or your mom is voting for Trump. Well, of course, you think they're a bad person. Of course you think they're horrible people. They're supporting a fascist, a racist, a homophobe. Well, of course, mom and dad are bad. And I can I shouldn't listen to them because look at the people they support.


They support the worst people in our society. And that is that has long term effects. Now, maybe when she's twenty five, she is able to put this in perspective and understand, but maybe not. You know, you said people on the wrong course for a long period of time and you start teaching them the 16 19 project. You start teaching the things that we will expose on Wednesday and they are toast. We lose our children. That that is what is at stake right now.


We are losing not only our country, we're losing our children. More on this Wednesday night.


Blaze 27th is the Glenn Beck program.