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Do you do it now? What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. Program. Well, hello, America, and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. They did it. They actually did it. They nominated Joe Biden or what's left of Joe Biden to become the next president of the United States. But is he really going to be the president? Is he the one directing the policy or is it Kamala Harris? I don't think so. Who actually is going to be the president of the United States if Joe Biden is elected?


We're going to go over the convention. Which new. But he watched. We watched. So you didn't have to. We begin our coverage in 60 seconds.


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I stand by the the charge I made yesterday that the DNC would have higher educational expectations of the audience of Sesame Street than they do of the audience of the DNC convention.


They they are aiming so low, they're aiming at people, I mean, it just shows the contempt they have for their own voters and how stupid they think people really are because they're there.


Last night was was absolutely incredible.


Everything they stand for. Yeah, we're for women. You had Bill Clinton speak and Bill Clinton was talking about the behavior in the Oval Office on the day the pictures come out of him being massaged by Jeffrey Epstein, victim.


Isn't that incredible?


A tad incredibly, a tad incredible. And it's and it's as if the DNC doesn't think that people who vote Democrat are actually paying attention to the news at all where they're saying, oh, yeah, the riots on the streets.


Oh, yeah.


Those are peaceful. Those are peaceful. Nobody believes that anymore. Nobody believes that. Everybody knows this is a riot. Now, everybody knows this is an TIFA. These are these are people that are trying to destroy America revolution, calling for revolution.


Everybody knows that now, except for apparently the Democratic Party who are still trying to get you to deny what you're seeing. You're four women, deny what you're seeing on the screen. You have Kamala Harris, who said she believed the accusers of Joe Biden of sexual harassment. She believes them and yet she says he's the guy to be.


Everybody else has to be canceled. He's the guy that should be president. Oh, and by the way, to talk about how you should behave in the Oval Office, here's Bill Clinton.


I mean. Wow, wow, is that incredible? Let me play some audio of CNN where somebody actually had the guts to say how, how, how is it that Bill Clinton has survived the canceled culture? Listen to this.


How how is it that Bill Clinton has not been canceled by the Democratic? How has he survived all of these waves of cancellation when he has been one of the biggest violators of these rules all these years? I mean, we talk about the character. We talk about we talk about the use of character to try to say Donald Trump is a man of low character Joe Biden. OK, fine. Trump is fine. If he's fair game on that, that's totally fine.


So you're going to say that in one breath and then say character matters. Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton. I mean, does this make sense to anyone? This has already been asked and answered decades ago. The point is that Bill Clinton is excellent at explaining stuff, especially the things that matter to everyday people like his excellent Clinton, Bill Clinton. So am I.


Well, don't you have me up there with my chalkboard? That's an unbelievable one. Decades ago, the whole point of this Metsu thing doesn't matter so that it doesn't matter. We're going to how many people have been busted on things that they did decades ago. We haven't even talked about Epstein. He's palling around with Epstein again.


That was decades ago, too. But I mean, he has the other is we believe in redemption.


OK, well, you know, Donald Trump hasn't asked for forgiveness on anything. OK, so, you know, you've got to have redemption. OK, Van. Got it. Got to have it. What about all those people who have said, oh, man, I made a horrible mistake.


It was a different time. I would never do that today. You know, you don't forgive them. What about all the white people that didn't own slaves? In fact, no. White people that I know, except for people like Eppstein have ever owned slaves.


What about redemption there? What, you can't redeem white people, but you can redeem the first black president, Bill Clinton. Oh, and by the way, don't you dare appropriate anybody's culture. I mean, it's ridiculous.


I mean, Van Jones, I think, has a case where he could say personally, he he's he believes in that. But I mean, when you talk about the Democratic Party, they don't they they they believe in redemption and really closer to ignoring anything from people on their side.


I'm surprised they even had Clinton there, to be honest with you.


I am surprised, especially after the Eppstein photo came out that day.


But what are you going to do? It's hard to pull them off then. I mean, look, he's still a he's a living president. Usually they have those people at the conventions, though, right now.


I Clinton think of the former presidents right now. I mean, obviously, Obama does his thing, but George W. Bush isn't doing the Republican thing. You know, was Carter at this? Yeah, Carter was at this. He was. But at this. But he was on this, right? Yeah. Nobody was at that. Nobody was at this.


Pretty much everybody in the Democratic leadership right now should not be going to any gathering. That is the.


Yeah, they're all in the vulnerable category. Yeah. They're all about three hundred and nine years old. Yeah. Could we please play the the audio of John Kerry talking about the great foreign policy of Obama says, hi, I'm John Kerry.


Hi. For the eight years of the Obama Biden administration, we led by example deju. We eliminated the threat of an Iran with a nuclear weapon. We need 60 nation coalition to destroy ISIS right before 190 to do doing to attack climate change. Oh, well, before it became a pandemic, Donald Trump inherited a growing economy and a more peaceful world. And like everything else he inherited, he bankrupted it. When this president goes overseas, it isn't a goodwill mission.


It's a blooper reel. He breaks up with our allies and writes love letters to dictators. They stop our kids. You can't take it.


I mean, this is hysterical. How can he make this case with just the news coming out of the Middle East this week? They've done everything they can to make this into no big deal. But you now have not only the UAE, looks like Morocco is now saying they're going to be the next to normalize relations with with Israel. There are five countries that announced yesterday that they are looking to normalize relations.


That's Bahrain, Oman, Morocco, and looks like Saudi Arabia is quietly sniffing around and gutter or Qatar. As we used to say today, the news comes out that Sudan, the Sudan is going to normalize ties with Israel.


How can you possibly say, well, we had a safer Middle East, you didn't stop ISIS. In fact, you guys were the ones who armed ISIS when Donald Trump came in, he ended ISIS. Now they're not completely gone and they're going to come back. But still there.


It's a major accomplishment, a major accomplishment, totally ignored.


Now, it was the biggest foreign affairs issue when Trump came into office. And now it's not even an issue, not even an issue. That is something he should get points for. And the Middle East, what what Donald Trump did on the Middle East is unbelievable. It shows stop listening to the State Department, everything. He doesn't care what the State Department says. In fact, I think he probably does a lot of stuff the State Department says not to do just because they told him not to do it.


But if you look at what the State Department has always said and all of these experts that this if you oh, my gosh, if you move the embassy and you recognize Jerusalem, you're going to set the whole Middle East on fire now. Didn't happen. Didn't happen. In fact, the opposite has happened. Oh, if you annex the West Bank Judaea Jew Day and swear if you let Israel take those, it'll be war.


No. Huh. And I swear to you what he did with Judea and Samaria and the settlements and annexing that part of Israel is Tiffani's his Tiffani's experience, his threat to Tiffani's I'm going to build instead of the Trump Tower if you don't give me the airspace, the ugliest building ever.


I think he and Benjamin Netanyahu, I think he got him on the phone and said, let's just tell everybody, we're going to annex it.


I'll support you. Let's go. They don't they're not serious about any kind of peace. Let's take it. See what happens?


Yeah, there's a nugget just like that in the John Bolton book to where I think I want to say it was early on in the North Korea time was it was one of the foreign affairs issues, one of the major ones we've all been talking about, where he says to his people, look, what do you need?


What do you need to make them to do this? How about I threaten this? Just say I'll just threaten this and I'll hold onto it. You know, I'll I'll be the crazy guy. I'm fine with that.


Like, this is the way he does this is.


And he he's fine being the guy who's looked at as the crazy guy. If he can get those things done.


And look, even The New York Times went through this and gave the credit to the Trump administration and all the work that they did and said the entire thing happened during the Trump administration. So there wasn't like a big lead up of like, OK, here's the Obama stuff that that found built the foundation for this. The only thing that built the foundation for this was how poorly they did with their Iran strategy, which allowed this all to occur. But I mean, this all happened from twenty eighteen on.


So there's no way for the Obama administration to take credit for this. This is the exact reverse of everything that they tried to do in the Middle East. And it's one of those times where every right wing pundit who said you should do X, Y and Z was right, was right. 100 straight out, percent right.


No arguments like right. You never know with the Middle East. Could this all fall apart? I mean, of course, because everything always falls apart there. But this is more promise than you've had in the Middle East in decades. It seems like the momentum is going the right way instead of the wrong way for once. And this is all it's going to turn around and it has to Jesus is coming.


So it's going to turn around.


But but we've never seen this kind of historic action before, ever. And John Kerry talks about, you know, how he's insulting our long standing allies.


England. England, Barack Obama, England, you know, I know they punch above their weight, but please don't talk to me about our traditional allies, what you did with Iran versus the probably the strongest ally we have Israel left. Everybody wondered what the hell is going on.


You left our allies in the dirt, Donald Trump is just trying to say, you know what, pay your fair share, pay your fair share, because I don't think any of this works. And you know what? I'm beginning to believe that he is operating under that Tiffany's strategy to be able to get his what he wanted. He bluffs, but you don't know he has and he has a twitchy you don't know if he means that or not. And so you take him at his word and you're like, he's crazy, man.


He just might do it. Would he have built the ugliest building on Fifth Avenue just to spite Tiffany's? I don't think so, but he might have. He might have. All right, stand by.


We have more coming up in just a second. We also have some Joe Biden audio that I think it's very, very good.


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Also tonight on our Wednesday night special, this lie about Donald Trump and the post office, this is a setup so they can say Donald Trump, see what he did with a post office and it's a way for them to be accusing him of something.


So when you say, look what they're doing, they're suggesting that we just take ballots after the election, that postmark days after the election. That's insane. They're also saying, oh, no, there's never any problem with the mail in ballots. Also completely incorrect. All of the facts on this that the mainstream media will not give you. You need to be armed with the information that we have for you tonight. Blaise TV.com, Eaglen, use the promo code.


Glenn, you're going to save 10 percent on your subscription or you watch it on Pluto TV.


Two thirty eight, by the way, again, remember that 9:00 p.m. Eastern, the Wednesday night special.


You don't want to miss it right after Easter. Does America, by the way, which you are doing what? I don't know yet. We are still putting that together. But I wanted to go through the I love this post office thing.


I could we be a dumber nation that we're sitting here talking about the freaking post office in the middle of this. They are coming up with all these B.S. conspiracy theories where, oh, they're taking away mailboxes.


Look at this, piles of mailboxes where they're refurbishing them to put them back out. Look, they're taking mailboxes. Well, they're leaving other ones there. So it's not really crazy.


The latest one is the Trump administration, I guess. Well, I guess the post office, the guy he appointed is backing off a lot of these things that they had planned to re re, you know, rework the post office because it's such an inefficient and terrible, you know, money loser.


So they're backing off some of these things they were going to do until after the election because they're like, well, we don't want to like we know we're not doing these things, but we don't want people to get the impression that we're screwing with the democracy. So we'll just wait until December to do it. Like none of this stuff doesn't need to be done this second.


And so they're backing off of this stuff now and they're talking to these these operatives and they're saying like, well, does this this settles it, then they're not doing it anymore, right? Well, no. Or is the twenty five billion dollars. Well, they put that in another four. Yeah, but what about overtime for these workers. Like it. It has nothing to do with the things they're saying it has to do with it. No, it's just a bad argument.


It's a setup. It is a setup. I can't wait to see.


The special tonight is the Glenn Beck program.


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Go to Blaze TV.com, Glenn. He's the promo code, Glenn. Now from the wild and unruly streets. Of New York City. James Altantuya is with us, the host of the podcast, The James Alzner Show, and entrepreneur and comedian and comedy club owner in New York and a guy who has just written an amazing article. And it's really sad. And I can't punch a hole in it about why New York City is dead forever. Welcome to the program, James.


How are you?


Good, Glenn. How are you doing? Thanks for having me on the show.


You bet. Long time we haven't we haven't talked to each other. It's nice to have you on. Yes.


So go briefly over your your thesis here that New York City is never coming back.


Well, there's a lot of you know, there's only so far you can pull back a slingshot before it breaks. And right now, we have at least 30 to 50 percent of the restaurants and storefronts in New York City are out of business permanently. And there's not it's not like there's tenants dying to come back in. These are gone, which means commercial real estate is going to get affected. Also, you have all of these companies now going remote forever, Citigroup, Morgan, Google, Twitter, all these companies.


That means all the office space empty. They're going to need to rent less office space. Again, commercial real estate and the entire economic ecosystem around those things are going to zero. Meanwhile, New York City, the deficits are rising. People are fleeing. There's more apartment vacancies than ever. So the tax base is going down both from businesses and residents fleeing. So how are you going to make the revenues to make up for the deficits and all the bankruptcies and one out of four evictions are going to happen?


So I think I don't know what you do, even if you know covid is fine and people start coming back, there's just going to be too many bankruptcies. There's going to be nobody paying for all the deficits that New York City is racking up now. What what happened?


And you can't it's not like you can cut back on those things or the city will just decay. I mean, that is a very expensive city just to keep running.


And if you don't have those, you don't have those buildings. What happens to them?


I mean, New York City offices are technically open right now, but they're all empty, like they're about 90 percent empty because companies are going vote. And, you know, here's the difference between other periods is now people have the bandwidth to go remote. We never had the bandwidth to have remote office meetings before. So there's no big rush now for employees to come back. If that companies are making much more money, being more productive with employees not at the office, again, they could rent less office space.


They don't have to pay those city taxes, those property taxes. So I don't know how New York City is going to raise the money to pay for the services that they normally do. And again, this is not like a temporary situation. Oh, when when the pandemic is over, everyone comes back to work. No, everybody's already gone. They've already left. And that's not a bad thing for the country, by the way. It means you could have opportunity now everywhere, financial opportunities being dispersed all through the country.


You don't have to just be in Manhattan or L.A. or San Francisco. You could be in St. Louis or Nashville or Miami or Dallas. You could be anywhere now and have opportunity. It's not just, hey, come to Manhattan. Everything's here. Nothing's there anymore. Business is not there. You know, stores are not there. No one's waking up and saying, I need to start a pizza restaurant in New York City today. I might go out of business the next day.


Yeah, it's it's really sad. I mean, I love New York. If you have ever lived there, you have a love hate relationship with it. There's lots of things about it that you might hate, but it balances out to where the the access to things is so off the charts and not like any other city that you put up with it.


But now that is that's that's all gone.


The one nice thing about it is people are starting to look at the cities that they want to live in, they can live in. And as you said, Will, we now will have you know, I miss the America where you go to towns and they're all different. You know, there was a while where they were all gap and all, you know, and Taylors and every town was the same. This this provides an opportunity for one town to be high tech, one town maybe to be focused on on, you know, something else where those people that think alike just kind of want to gather that they don't have to, but they just kind of want together there.


So you'd have the cities. It would have real different personalities.


Like over four hundred thousand New Yorkers have left since March and many more are going to leave when eviction moratoriums are off. I mean, one out of four New Yorkers are up for eviction. And again, you know. Thirty percent of the restaurants and stores out of business, all the. Major companies going remote, people are dispersing to the cities they always wanted to live in, does it mean opportunities going away? It just means finally opportunity is going to be spread out throughout the entire United States.


So the frontier now is not going to be in Manhattan or L.A. It's going to be wherever you are.


So, James, you are you're an angel investor. You're really up to speed on a lot of things. I've been talking about the tech disruption that was going to come and it and I kept saying it's going to come between 2020 and 2030, where technology just changes enough stuff. There would be enough disruption of 20 to 30 percent unemployment. We won't live the same way. We won't work the same way jobs will be taken. We're going to have to retrain.


I think covid actually push that in faster. I think we're seeing the tech disruption now.


We'll look at it. I mean, covid has been the great accelerator. Look at, you know, Zoome, for instance, Zoome added 400 million new users. Four hundred million who now realize, oh, I could see people on video now for the first time ever, I could have remote meetings, I could be productive. And then you have AI and automation. A year ago, everyone was afraid of it. But now every store is going to be, you know, cashless checkouts and, you know, there's going to be much more automation is going to be much more robotics.


So what happens to the people who have those jobs? Well, this has been an excuse to say, hey, we don't need anybody anymore. We're going to go cashless and people are going to have to figure out what to do. The infrastructure is not there for people to figure it out. But you're going to have to be much more people are going have to be up on these skills in one way or the other. And like I said, opportunity is going to be spread out throughout the entire country, not just in New York City, where they sort of hoarded opportunity for a long period.


So what teams what happens to a city like New York? And it's going to be all these cities. I mean, why live in a dense city where crime, especially with the way things are going now, where crime is bad, decay is bad, taxes would be high. What happens to the cities?


It's going to be hard. I mean, look, I'm a New Yorker. I even own a storefront in New York. And people aren't going to want to pay thirty eight dollars for avocado toast anymore. If they could move to Phoenix, Arizona, and pay a buck fifty for an exam, I'd like and still make New York salaries and still work remotely for companies that are based wherever. So what happens to a city like New York City? Services start to go down, crime goes up.


There's going to be less ability to afford health care. There's going to be again, how are they going to pay deficits? They're going to have to raise taxes to the few people who stay. Remember New York City, only one percent. The top one percent of New York City pays over forty percent of the taxes in New York City. What happens when you don't even have that revenue? How are you going to provide any what happens to the transit system?


What happens to all the public services that New York City offers the universities, the the subways and so on? It starts to go down. The police starts to go down.


And what happens to the universities themselves? I mean, they're not you're not back the universities.


Right? I mean, right now, New York City is at all time vacancies. What happens when 600000 students in New York City college students are told, oh, we're going to do a remote four for six months or a year, they're not going to rent apartments, hence more vacancies, hence more bankruptcies. Hence more buildings go into litigation, hence more, you know, again, worse services to neighborhoods and crime goes up. And who knows? I mean, I don't it's hard to predict when you have a city that's just combusting in ways that hasn't happened before and people say, oh, no, people want to come back.


Now, people have already left the employees who are forced to be remote. They've said, oh, well, I can choose anywhere in the United States. You know, United States is beautiful. New York City is not the only city people have spread out already. It's not it's not my opinion. Like this is already a fact that four hundred thousand residents have left since March.


I will tell you that, you know, I bought the Paramount movie lot here in Dallas.


So these gigantic movie studios.


And I went up to my ranch in the mountains for three months and did everything remote from my house and then from the ranch. And every day I got up and I thought, why might why am I why am I going back?


Why am I going back?


For me, the technology is not quite robust enough to be able to do it. But for the average person, it absolutely is. And I know they're all saying the same thing.


And Glenn, you're running a media company, so you need video and audio, correct? Yard perfect. So the average person who just wants to do remote meeting and still be at home without the commute, without dealing with all their cubicle neighbors, whatever, they're happy. And, yes, some of them like to go back to work and people are going to miss the social conveniences of work. They'll find it elsewhere, but they'll miss it at work.


But it's not it's not going to be their decision. Companies themselves are cutting costs by not having people go back to work using covid as an excuse. Oh, we have to be safe now for covid, but they're going to eliminate six out of seven floors that they rented in a major office building in New York, which the commercial real estate goes bankrupt, which means, you know, litigation means potential financial collapse means less tax revenues for New York City and again, lower services to pay for education, health care, police, social services.


It's and again, as a New Yorker, it's scary. But as a U.S. citizen, you say, well, OK, the economy is not up or down, it's just tilted. Things are going to spread out throughout the U.S. opportunity is going to spread out. And you don't have if you've traveled to any other city other than New York, this beautiful spots all over the United States. I wish the best for New York. I'm a New Yorker.


My kids are New Yorkers. I lived there all my life. But you have to face reality. There's problems that can't go away. It's there already fact.


So, James, one last question.


People still I think Americans are slowly coming to the realization it's not going to be the same anymore.


We're not we're not we're not going back. There's it's just not happening, you know, trying to build in some parts of the country. You just can't get supplies. It's very different than even the Great Depression. There are things that you just can't get. And I think people haven't really felt it all yet. When do you think we're all going to come to the conclusion, oh, wow, America and the world is just never going to be like it was?


It's such a great question, because a few months ago, people were asking, when are things going to go back to twenty, nineteen? And then a few weeks after that, they're saying, well, when is there going to be a new normal? And now I think it's starting to people are starting to realize there is no new normal. It's a it's a great reinvention is what's happening. Everything is not quite starting from scratch. But like you say, automation is on the rise.


So that's going to affect people's lives. Zoome adding Four hundred million people essentially, you know, to United States Zoomed added that number of users. That's going to affect the way we work and interface with each other and interact and so on. So I think people who are ahead of the curve here are going to start looking for the skills they need, whether those are, you know, marketing skills, sales skills, technical skill skills, you know, setting up e-commerce sites, you know, whatever it is.


Are you. But go ahead.


Well, I think I think we're going to start to realize over the next year that there is no if things are going to get worse in the major cities and you're going to see more and more of an exodus from the first tier cities to the second tier cities, and people are going to start to realize more and more every month that, OK, maybe a lot of people are in denial, but I'm going to start making changes in my life and gradually everyone will come to that realization.


And I don't say this with glee. I wish I know I were the same, but this happened.


So, James, I don't know if you've been following what the economic forum has been doing with the Great Reset. They've been working on it for a while before covid. And I would love to I'd love to check back with you after you've kind of looked into that. I think we'll probably disagree on, you know, maybe whether it was a good thing or a bad thing and what it means. But it needs to be discussed out in the open because the world is changing.


And I think the average person needs to be involved in what that means for our future. So I'd love to have you both.


I think we've spent too much time outsourcing all of our political decisions to leaders who haven't, frankly, accomplished anything for the past 50 years or so. Yes, we'd love to go back and talk about it.


I'm well aware. OK, great. James, thank you so much. And I'm sorry I sent your article around and I sent it around with this is the saddest article you will read in a long time.


And everybody emails me back and goes, it's I can't disagree with it. And that's what makes it so sad.


Thank you very much, James. You and I appreciate it. You bet. By the way, it's we posted it last night on my YouTube channel. I think it already has 100000 views. I mean, it's connecting with people. You can check that out. On on YouTube. All right, our sponsor this half hour is LifeLock. Troubling news in the cyber world. Over nine hundred enterprise VPN servers were recently hacked.


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How what are you going to be what are you going to be responsible for if you own something in that city? And what is the tax burden going to be?


This is the Glenn Beck program.


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What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment. When you need to take control and you know you can't win because you just don't have the winning argument, what do you do? What do you do? Well, you create as much chaos as you can and then you cheat. When we come back in 60 seconds, we're going to show you the candidate that just cannot win and the cheating and how it's being done right now. We begin in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program.


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OK, I want to start with the audio that we put together where Michelle Obama yesterday or the day before was describing what it takes to be the president of the United States. And I want you to listen to this and honestly ask yourself, is that Joe Biden?


Now, listen, I am one of a handful of people living today who have seen firsthand the immense weight and awesome power of the presidency. And let me once again tell you this. The job is hard. It requires clear headed judgment for children just as bright and just as tall as white kids. Play the radio, make sure the television excuse me. Make sure you have the record player on the phone. Make sure the kids hear words.


A mastery of complex and competing issues. We got to. Yes, but you got to I mean, we got to reassure, look, a devotion to facts and history, we choose unity over division, we choose science over fiction, we choose truth over facts.


When Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King have been assassinated in the 70s. I got engaged. The moral compass. You've also been criticized about your interactions with women. Seven women accuse you of touching them without their permission, a picture as bright as your eye and an ability to listen, you know, they're rapidly rising up with.


With I don't know. Wolf, that's Joe Biden, does he meet any of those qualifications? To be president of the United States, so if you have that is your candidate and you know that the world is up for grabs, I mean, covid has made the world up for grabs. It's going to be completely redesigned. It's called the Great Reset. And who's going to be designing it?


Certainly, if you are somebody that likes to hold all of the power, you're not going to give that to Donald Trump. He stands in the way of all of that. The Constitution stands in the way of that. Our history stands in the way of that. That's why everything is being challenged right now. But you also have to ensure a win. So you want to at least if you can't pull it off. You at least have to to convince the American people that you can't have any confidence in the vote, and that is the campaign that the Democrats are on right now.


The group that is really the one that is watching over our right to vote over this pandemic is Judicial Watch. The president is Tom Fitton and he's with us now. Hi, Tom.


How are you going? Good to be with you again. Thank you. So let's just go through some of the things that you know that they are they are saying now about our elections and that we really need to jump on the vote through the mail. That seems insane. But they're saying that there's never any problem with the mail in vote. Can you give me the facts on this? Well, look, they're going to be problems with voter fraud, it's going to happen through mail in and absentee ballots, everyone agreed prior to it become a partisan issue just now is that that's where you have the opportunity of fraud if you're voting away from the oversight of government officials and party activists who go in and monitor the polls.


But on top of that, we've got a radical ramping up of people voting by mail. At least there's this push. I think there will be ninety to ninety three million ballots and ballot applications that will be mailed without anyone asking for them. Fifty I think it's fifty one million ballots alone will be made without anyone asking for them. That's a number that is is far and above by multiples of any prior move, I mean, you had a few states here and there who have vote by mail programs that were set up after years and years and frankly, still aren't trustworthy.


This is a radical escalation of this vote by mail. And in two thousand six one three hundred and nineteen thousand absentee ballots, mail in ballots were thrown out. Imagine what the numbers are going to be now, so you've got the vote by you've got voter fraud opportunities, the ballot harvesting fraud opportunities, but I think there's this emerging issue that I think we all need to be concerned about. And frankly, the left should be to. Votes being thrown out by the millions because they don't get there on time, because they can't be counted and the system breaks.


And if that happens and and and states are challenged, all of that goes to the House and the Senate ultimately. And then since Nancy Pelosi decides which, practically speaking, who could be the next president.


So if you if you look at the mail fraud that we have had in the in the past, the mail fraud happens when. Let me give you a few examples. West Virginia postal worker last week indicted for manipulating eight voters absentee ballots in twenty nineteen. Oakland County clerk outside Detroit charged with illegally altering 193 absentee ballots. Minneapolis, a man was charged with helping 13 others falsify absentee ballots ahead of the twenty eighteen election. Dallas County, Texas, man convicted after seven in 700 to mail in ballots were witnessed and signed by a fictitious person.


North Carolina's 9th Congressional District race scheme was to steal twelve hundred absentee ballots and fill them out in a race that was decided by only 900 votes. So when the Democrats and Michelle Obama said, you got to go out and vote like your life, depends on it, because sometimes in 2016 they were voted by an average, you know, they lost by an average of two votes. These numbers may seem small, but in the right districts it changes everything.


Well, that's exactly right. You've got the presidential race at issue and then you have these lower these races down the ballot, including in the House that can be overturned through fraud. And the other reason we want a process in place that frowns upon fraud and secures the vote is so that people feel comfortable voting. That's one of the reasons we have voter ID. That's what the courts have said. It's not we don't have to prove fraud. The purpose of voter ID is to ensure people and reassure people that the elections count and matter.


And right now it's chaos.


I tell you, there's been nothing like it in American history where you have nearly a hundred million ballots and ballot applications being thrown out, flooding the mails, 10 percent right now, 10 percent of first class mail, Leslie. When you look at the percentages of ballots that are returned, you're talking potentially millions of ballots that won't get to the place they're supposed to be. So this is an opportunity for fraud that we've never seen before. And I said, as I said, as importantly, you can't be sure your vote will count unless you vote in person.


That's the best way to ensure your vote will be counted, and I'm not guaranteeing your vote won't be negated because someone got your mail ballot and votes in your name and there's a dispute there. But, you know, you can't rely on the system because I think it's going to break or I fear it's going to break. And when you're talking the percentages of ballots that get thrown out, the percentages, in my view, are too high for me to risk my vote by mail.


If it were four years ago, and certainly I wouldn't necessarily say I don't vote by mail, you're likely to lose your vote. I wouldn't advise anyone to vote by mail these days.


So, Tom, how I was listening in the news today, they are in riots in Belarus because Russia was interfering in the election. And the opposition is saying to the world, please don't recognize this administration. And I think in Belarus, they probably are right. But I see that kind of scenario playing out no matter who wins this time.


This is a constitutional crisis on the horizon that we've never faced. The left is already gaming it out plan, we are already planning it, go and look at this document created by the Transition Integrity Project and who's and who's the war gamer for them and for Joe Biden when they were doing a little war game. John Podesta. So someone who is a leading light on the establishment and they're talking about having states threatening to secede from the union unless they get their electoral count, electoral votes counted, I guess, despite allegations of fraud.


So they're prepared for a revolution. I mean, we're kind of seeing it already. Their revolution is a revolution in Portland. You've got the violent communist insurrection in many cities as it is. And believe me, they're preparing to apply it to the presidential election. You can read about it in The New York Times.


What do you say to the people who say, well, then why isn't the president stopping what's going on at the post office? When the train's left the station, the states have decided they're going to mail these ballots to fifty one fifty two million ballots going out, that's going to happen. The post office is going to do what it can do with the volume, but, you know, on a good day you have five to 10 percent of the material not get to where it's supposed to be or get there late.


So to me, that's an unacceptable risk for voting by mail. And that's what we need to be talking about. If I were the president and frankly, honest Democrats are now beginning to talk about because they're nervous, they recognize these issues, you should be voting in person. Michelle Obama highlighted that in her talk the other day. You know, what's really been interesting is to see people like Stacey Abrams, who for months the the far left candidate from Georgia who lost the governorship there.


She was on TV again yesterday for the DNC telling people they shouldn't have to decide between their vote and their lives. So they're scaring the bejesus out of people from voting in person. That's suppressing the vote and suppressing the vote, and I think some Democrats are thinking, what are we doing here? We we're going to tell people to vote by the mail. No one really trusts the mail. Maybe we need to go back to the basics here and start getting getting people to the polls in person.


Even Dr. Fauci says you can vote in person so the coronavirus isn't a serious excuse anymore.


What is who is watching all of this, Tom, that is trustworthy to, you know, at least the majority of people that that we can we can look to.


That is his monitoring all of this. Is there anybody I know that's what you are doing.


But the right trusts you left, doesn't trust you. So who do we turn to?


And we you know, Glenn, you and I and groups like us, we can do fifty thousand fifty thousand foot view you. But at the polling places, that's where the parties have to provide the oversight. And when it comes to oversight, the left is far beyond the Republicans. They've got they do their work. They're organizers. This is what they do. And so you'll have leftist poll workers who are warriors and sophisticated and know how to challenge.


And on the right, you'll have volunteers, fairly trained, young or not sophisticated in terms of areas of law, and they'll be outmatched. And then on top of that, you've got the political side, because we think it's going to be decided by lawsuits and these fights at the lower levels. Now, it's going to be decided in Congress. Ultimately, that's the way our constitutional system works and that they have already game that out. And I could tell you the Republicans and conservatives are split.


We don't know much about how that would work in Congress. What do you mean there?


But what do you mean? They've already gamed that out. What you're talking about and this transition integrity project where John Podesta games out the election being resolved by the House and the Senate. And if there's no decision by a date certain in January, I think it's January 6th or a little bit later. You know who becomes president in an acting capacity, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Nancy Pelosi. I think you've probably just dropped the phone after speaking words that would give most people a heart attack.


Yeah, at times. I mean, it's that's the way it's going to work. And, you know, what's interesting is each member, each delegation of the House has a vote. It's not by person, it's not by vote. It's not by House member. And currently, Republicans have a majority of the delegations in the House. So that's why Democrats in the left are gaming it out. And, you know, if it comes down to a kind of an honest political fight, that's one thing.


But we already went through a coup. Do you think it's going to stop? Of course not. Well, it's been cheery talking to you, Tom. Thank you. We got to we got to know what the problem is. I know we have to dress it. It's it's not I'm not trying to be negative. I'm just trying to highlight the real issues. So we can't. So we're not surprised.


How can people help? Well, individually, they should figure out how they can become poll workers and figure out what the rules are in your state, contact your local party and volunteer. Encourage your encourage your your your circle's to vote in person.


Who's watching over the post office? The post office, to me, it's kind of like a meta issue, it's like are they can you trust the post office to get the ballots to the location on time? No, don't use it. And frankly, you know, it's not too late to pull back and you can call your elected officials at the state level, don't mail those ballot applications unless someone asks for them. Do a traditional absentee ballot program where someone proactively has to ask for a ballot.


Don't drop ballots into the mail unless they're requested. It's not too late to pull back. We've got three or four weeks. But the train, the train's about the lead. Tom, thank you. I appreciate it. Tom Fitton, you can follow him at Tom Fitton. All right. If you're looking for the alternative to the AARP, I have some good news for you. The Association of Mature American Citizens, or AMOC, is the fastest growing 50 plus organization in America.


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Better for you. Better for America. Ten second station and.


This is so well designed, so well designed, this hostile takeover tonight, you're going to see my special on what's happening at the post post office. We will give you the facts.


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I was glancing at my Nancy Pelosi Suk's pen, which is that Nancy Pelosi sucks pens, dotcom.


We did it for a, you know, a commemorative of the exact pen that she she signed the impeachment with and her stupid signature. And just instead of Nancy Pelosi says Nancy Pelosi sucks.


I was looking at that directly when he said, who's the next president? Nancy Pelosi, an acting capacity, can you imagine you want to talk about our our country in chaos right now, if all this stuff happens and Nancy Pelosi becomes acting president of the United States?


I I have no idea if our Constitution holds up through something like that.


That's that's a scary thought.


I don't want you to miss a single episode of my radio TV program every day. We meet here on Wednesdays and Fridays, we meet on television at Blaze TV. I please don't miss any of it. I've got a shoehorn in something, an update on a couple of things that you need to hear. We'll do that at the top of next hour. Now, what about social media? How do we watch them? More in a second.


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So I don't know. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. I don't know why we are not doing more as a nation other than we cannot get any kind of bipartisan support.


But I think we are headed for something we have never seen before in American history. Unless it's a blowout for Donald Trump. It's got to be a blowout.


If it's at all close, you will see the left do you're going to see riots in the streets anyway.


But if it's at all close, they're going to contest and we're going to be torn apart.


Magin, think about how united we were in 2000 until we started arguing over the ballots. Once you start going down that road, it's it's very possible to have civil war.


It's very possible for the Democrats to cry out to the U.N. or even the Republicans to cry out and say, we need some we need some allies here to watch what's going on. I mean, we are about to become a banana republic.


And there are many things to worry about, the absentee ballots, the mail in voting, just our polls themselves.


But the other big thing that if if Donald Trump is within the margin of error.


Big tech can easily throw it to Joe Biden if he's within three points, three points is no big deal for big tech to be able to skew and to move the population to cover those three or four points.


They can move up to 15 million people, as has already been demonstrated by Dr. Robert Epstein. He has been monitoring these elections. He monitor in 2016. Remember, he was a guy who voted for Hillary Clinton. He found that the the left was using big tech to influence the election for Hillary Clinton. He did it again in 18. He has been looking for anyone with deep, deep pockets to step up.


I'm shocked that the to the Republicans or the president hasn't stepped in and said, we're just going to fund this. I've talked to several people. They always sound interested. And then in Washington is typical. They never do anything about it. I am going to ask you today, he needs ten million dollars. This audience has raised ten million dollars before. And I know it's asking a lot at this time, but I think this is the most important thing we can do.


He wants to monitor big tech and actually have all of the the evidence in real time so we know what's going on.


Big tech is a giant, invisible enemy. They can cover their tracks and no one will ever know that a crime was committed unless we have this kind of monitoring. Dr. Epstein is with us now and is going to tell us about it.


Doctor, how are you? Well, Glenn, I'm a little I'm a little perturbed, actually, because I don't understand why the money has has not turned up. We got the money pretty easily in twenty sixteen, twenty eighteen. This this year is far, far, far more important. There is so much at stake here. People do not understand what's happening. But this year we either hand over democracy to these big tech companies or we fight them.


This is the year if we we don't fight them, we are literally handing over our our government to them.


And they know it and they want it and they're just they're ready to take over.


I know not only how to document what they're doing, but I know how to stop them in those critical few weeks in the swing states. I know how to stop them. I know how to get them to back off and to capture so much data that if they don't back off, some of these people will go to jail. Do you think that Roberts, some of this is not coming through because everyone is so in bed with big tech?


I don't know what's going on. It doesn't make any sense to me. I mean, two days ago, Fox News ran a big story, Donald Trump junior saying straight out, very strong language that these tech companies are rigging the election this year. Of course, we've heard the president say that in the past, but here's Donald Trump Jr. just two days ago. I mean, he knows what's going on. I can tell you I'm in touch with other members of the Trump family.


They know what's going on. I'm in touch with Ted Cruz's people and with Ted Cruz. They know what's going on. I've had calls from Senator Ron Johnson, from Wisconsin, from several members of Congress, from the last week, from two attorneys general there. A lot of people who understand what's going on. They understand what's at stake. I had a call from the president, a one point five billion dollar foundation, OK, because she she's concerned.


I don't. But where where is the funding? I don't understand. It's almost as if there's something screwy happening here.


There is. Because, yeah. Everything's okay. So so there's it's weird.


With ten million dollars, can you have something effective that will show and possibly stop what's going on?


Well, let's put it this way. If I had never done this before, I would say I don't know. I have no idea. But because I've done this twice before, I know for sure that what I can do for that much money is set up something in the swing states. There's six key swing states there, nine others, you know, one could look at. But the point is there's six key swing states in those states, and that's where all the crazy manipulations are happening and are going to happen at a much, much larger scale.


As we get closer to the election, we can have a what we call a panel of field agents. These are anonymous people. We would have at least a thousand. We would be looking over their shoulders as they're using their computers and their mobile devices. And just like the Nielsen Company does, you know, when they look over the shoulders of, yeah, people watching TV, same thing. And we set up these systems, we know how to do it really fast.


We will not only be looking over their shoulders and seeing what these companies are showing them, biased news feeds, biased search results, targeted messages, tweets, suppression. We'll be able to document all of that and announce it day after day after day in real time. That's the key here. We will get these companies to back off and give us a free and fair election.


OK, give me a refresher for somebody who hasn't heard one of your many appearances here. Give me a refresher on how they fixed the vote. How do they do it?


There are a number of different ways. The one we're studying right now, which I haven't even discussed with you, but it's the scariest one of all. It turns out we call it YMC, the YouTube manipulation effect. They show people a sequence of videos. People have absolutely no idea they're being manipulated and and they control this through what they call the up next algorithm. And that, it turns out, is probably more powerful than anything we've discovered in the last seven years.


Do you know that 70 percent of the videos that people are watching now on video on YouTube are suggested by that? Up next algorithm, 70 percent. So they're taking people down rabbit holes now. Are they are they influencing your opinion? Not very unlikely. But the point is they're going after the undecided people and they know exactly who they are because they have profiles on all of us that are a mile long. They're going after the undecided people and they can shift people with sequences of YouTube videos, with search results that favor one candidate.


News feeds. Give me the polling.


Give me give me the the stat on just on the news results, the Google search results on how many people who are undecided can be swayed without them even knowing that they're being swayed. A single search for an undecided person is just looking up something election related, looking up something about immigration or the law or taxes or anything on a single search, they can shift 20 percent or more of undecided voters, up to 80 percent in some demographic groups. And they know they have this power and they exercised this power deliberately.


And how do we know this? I've been saying this for a long time, but now we know for sure because the whistleblowers, people who have either they fired or have been quit or who have quit, they're telling us they're confirming if this is what's happening at these companies. We have I mean, I'm in touch with now, I think five or six of the whistleblowers from Google and Facebook, they're confirming what I've been warning about for so many years, that these companies are deliberately doing this and you can't see it.


The companies know what they're doing. They know how to do this. It's all subliminal, very, very powerful.


And it uses what they call ephemeral experiences, these fleeting experiences, you know, some search results pop in front of your eyeballs or search suggestions or news feeds or something, pops in front of your eyes, impacts you, disappears, is gone forever. And no authorities can go back in time and see what you have been shown. If that's stored anywhere, it's ephemeral.


That's why you need that's why you need the people behind the shoulder of the people online to be able to to record what they're seeing, because that's when you can start breaking it down and saying, look, look at the manipulation here. And there was no record without your research.


Doctor, what is the where can people donate if they want to donate right now when you have raised more money than any single individual has? Period for us. And I'm so grateful and I'm I'm just I'm so humbled, really. It's my Google Research dotcom. Very simple. My Google Research dot com. You can donate there if you if you can make a major gift that explains how to do that. And I'm so grateful for all of it to all of your listeners and to you.


But having said that, OK, we have to find major donors at this point. And I can't even tell you how many people have contacted me in the past few weeks saying, don't worry, I've got a direct line to Sheldon Adelson. Don't worry about a direct line to Bernie Marcus.


So this person happens when we have Donald Trump Jr on tomorrow and I bring it up to him, but I don't put I don't put my faith in big donors. I really don't. I never have. But how many weeks do we have before we crossed the Rubicon?


Well, you kind of cross it. What's the what's going to happen from this point on is that are the number of field agents we can recruit is going to be dropping. So in other words, to be credible with mainstream media and with the courts and with the Federal Election Commission and with the AG is the larger the number of people we have here. Right.


OK, so I want you to go right now to my Google Research dot com. And please, if you know somebody of wealth, please get them to donate if and I know this is not the time, but as I've said before, I think this audience is the audience that will save the republic.


This could be one of those moments. This election is going to be contested and we have to have some documents on our side if they do indeed manipulate. But they've all said that they're going to, in so many words in 2016 after the election. And we we know it because they're doing it to us now. So please go to my Google Research Dotcom and donate whatever you can and help protect the election. Doctor, we'll talk to you again soon.


And let's stay in touch on what's happening with the dollars and we'll see what we can do in the next week or so. But we'll get you as much money as we can. Thank you so much, Dr. Robert Epstein. You can find him again at my Google Research. Dotcom, please tweet this, please. Facebook, please send this to everyone.


You know, this is a red alert and last call. If you want to make sure that they are not manipulating us, you've.


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Back tonight the Democrats plan to rig election twenty twenty. You're saying that voter fraud is a thing and I'm telling you that it's not. And you're the bottom line. My water plan exposes the dangerous truth about mail in voting and who is behind the real election interference. Watch the enemy within tonight, 9:00 p.m. Eastern, only a place to be Dotcom's Aglen. This is the Glenn Beck program. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. So I don't know if you saw my post yesterday, I think it was on Instagram or Facebook, but I posted a big board on my on my chalkboard where my researchers work.


And I put it up there maybe a year, year and a half ago. And I said, these are the stories that we have to watch for and monitor, because when they start to go awry, we're headed for trouble. And yesterday, I went in after five months because of covid, there were no check marks on the board. Now, what, 80 percent of them are checkmark. I'm going to go over some of them when we come back.


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American financing done that.


What you're about to hear is the fusion of entertainment and. Hello, America. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program. If you were listening last hour, you heard us talk about the fraud that is being perpetrated on the American populace right now to make you doubt the election and at the same time actually steal the election. It was a little hair raising, but we have some answers for you tonight. And if you thought the last hour was a little bumpy.


Yeah, I want to I want to share a personal thought with you, and I'll do that in 60 seconds.


This is the Glenn Beck program that's been with me long enough.


I had just joined us in the studio apartment with me long enough to when I said that, he was like, boy, that's that's not good.


That's never, never good.


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Get 10 percent off at shave secret dotcom.


Tonight, the Democrats plan to rig election twenty twenty. You're saying that voter fraud is a thing, and I'm telling you that it's not. And your mom, the water line, the water plan exposes the dangerous truth about mail in voting and who is behind the recent election interference. Watch the enemy within tonight, 9:00 p.m. Eastern, only a place to be Dotcom's again.


So I want to talk to you about these are the times. Everything that we have talked about over the last 10 years is really happening right now. And I'm amazed. Did you see Pat James Alter? He was on with us today, his article about how New York is over.


Yes. You can't blow a hole in it. No. You know, and he's a New Yorker, a lifelong New Yorker. And you're look at his reasoning here like that's true.


And to think that the age of New York is over until another great epic begins is really sad, really, really sad.


This this change that we have talked about and this New York is just going to fall into chaos, chaos.


And what did I say to you 10 or 12 years ago when we said, I have to move to Dallas, we have to go because New York is going to. Yes. Is going to implode. Implode.


It's going to and it's just going to be fires in the streets and you're going to be fighting to get out as fast as you can.


And it's doing just that. And the article in the article, he talks about how, you know, people endured some of the inconveniences about New York City because there were so many great things. All of those are shut down at least until next spring. Any reason really?


Kind of there is to be living in New York City and put up with all that you have to put up with is gone.


It's gone. It's gone. And I don't know how they're going to resuscitate that because technology has changed. Yesterday, I went into our research room.


I'm kind of wandering around in this 80000 square foot movie studio where only the talent is really coming in.


And the producers, God bless the cameramen and the producers who have been here from day one. But The Expendables, that's what we are.


Yeah. And here the whole time, expanding. You guys you guys catch a little bit. No big deal. That's fine with a company. We're fine with that. So The Expendables have been in and and and I thank each one of them for keeping us on the air. And patents do have been here. The talent has been here, but pretty much that's it. And it's an empty building right now.


And so I was I walked into the research room where everybody is at home now doing the research, and I looked at a chalkboard that I haven't seen in five months and about a year, year and a half ago, how long we've been in this studio because we've been in here for at least a year.


With that said over there, because we were we were in the other sat on stage three.


When I put that up there and so it's got to be at least a year and I I wrote out all of the things that were coming and and I I don't know if I think I probably told Pat it came to me and a moment of, you know, kind of God inspiration, if you will. And I wrote it all down and then I fleshed it out and I put it up on the board and I said, these are the things to watch for.


And I put them all down and flush them out on the board.


So it was like eight different topics, ten different topics. And I said, watch these topics.


This is the most important thing we can do, because when we start to see these things go awry.


We're in trouble, and when I left here five months ago, there really wasn't any checkmark on that board and I posted it last night.


And if you look at the the the white Xs, those are check marks on.


It's happening now.


I came in this morning and I looked at I boiled all of those things down to four things and we talked about them before and I said, this is how we get to the end of America.


These are the things that you're going to need to watch for. The first one was polarization and civil unrest, critical stage, 1930s, European levels, left, right, Nazi antifa, communist Islamist riots in the streets, huh?


Yeah, fortunately, we've seen none of that and none of that. So. So that's. You check box number one.


Oh, yeah. Box number two, economic destabilization, critical stage now we're fine. I would not check that one. Yeah, bank and central bank failures, stock market plunge, which has gone the other way, price collapse, which is coming. But I would check most of that. Wouldn't you say economic destabilization is at least stabilized. Right. No doubt about it. It's just it's been propped up. But obviously, stabilization is not something anyone would argue over.




OK, so we're halfway through the four things.


Tech disruption, critical stage jobs being displaced because of technology, jobs, finance, communication and privacy.


So what I mean, look at this in the James Ultracor thing that we talked about earlier today where, you know, these companies are going to use covid as this opportunity, you know, cut, albeit not in a nefarious way, but like they naturally had to send people home and then they all kind of realized they don't need it. They just have him stay home. I mean, you know, the Internet's working fine. We're doing these meetings.


I haven't been and maybe every once in a while, but that's about it.


What happens to the commercial real estate market when that happens?


What happens to privacy just because of covid?


Yeah, look at how we're contacting all of that, all of that stuff, communication, the election that all is that's all coming to play. There's less tech disruption. Would you check that box?


Oh, yeah, I would. Number four probably won't check this box, though, trust implosion, critical stage, trust lost with government, media, tech, finance, justice corporations and Edu Teda.


You didn't even include like institutions like the police. Right. All right.


You know, half the country now no longer thinks should even be right exist.


I would absolutely check all four of those all four of those boxes. The only thing that is left is when all four what I said a year ago or a year and a half ago when all four of those boxes are checked, then you're ready for the new world order. I just got the name wrong. It's called the Great Reset. The Great Reset.


And that's what's coming. Even James talked about it today in so many words.


He said there's just going to have to be a new kind of order that comes about because this one no longer works. I mean, that is what this election is about, whether you are going to keep the Constitution of the United States or we are going to be reset in a new global order.


And it's as plain as that and with what's happening. With what's happening now in our streets and what the Democrats are planning to happen after the election, we could be in civil war by January.


I think this and I don't think that's hyperbole.


Well, the left has been setting up trouble after the election for, I don't know, a year or two there.


But they've been really intense about it lately. But even the right is doing the same sometimes.


You know, President Trump has played into that by saying that the only way they can win is if is if it's an election fraud.


Yeah, it's rigged. OK, you're set.


Both sides are setting us up for a non peaceful transition of power for the first time in American history.


Never, never has never has this happen.


This is why I've asked you to please go to my Google Research dot. Is it? Org. It's my Google Research dot com. And please donate and tell everyone, you know, to donate so we can track it on what Google and and YouTube and everybody else, what they're doing to sway this election. We've got to have evidence on it. And which we all we need is ten million dollars. That's not bad. That's not that's not bad.


And we need it. We have done it before. This audience has done it before. But that was to save the lives of Christians. This is only to save all rights around the world.


If we lose this election, especially due to fraud, there's just no coming back from it.


There's just no coming back and. It's it's a little terrifying, however. You should know that. And I say this, knowing what's going to be said about me and I don't care, but it will be used against me to discredit me, but they've already done a healthy job of that.


Anybody who has eyes and ears will know this to be true. I did not come up with these lists.


I did not come up with the things I did, you know, that I told you about 10 years ago and I felt like I really felt like when I moved here, I kind of like was left alone.


I mean, I feel like God just was like, man, you're on your own.


And then with this list, about a year, year and a half ago, it started up again.


And he's not doing these things and warning and showing and giving advanced warning because it's doomed. That's just that's he's not a god of false hope. So why is he warning? Why is he giving me this information to warn you in advance on what's coming? I don't I am not I'm not somebody that anybody in their right mind, let alone God, would pick to go. Yeah. You know, I'd give it to that. Give it to that.


Out of control loser. Alcoholic, let him do it.


And he's I think he's doing it because this audience is has the best chance of saving the republic, I think out of anyone. I think I've always felt this way that you are going to do something that changes the outcome and we have to stick together and we have to be peaceful. Imagine if the left takes control of our country and one person picks up a gun. And shoots people who are who are rioting in the streets. All of our gun rights will be gone.


They will they will not say these are peaceful protests.


They didn't say the Tea Party was a peaceful protest. So what do you think they're going to say? If we stand up and they're in charge, it's not going to go well. Keep your wits about you. Don't miss an episode of this show is tell all of your friends.


Don't stop worrying about the people who have already made up their mind. Could somebody come to you and change your mind with just a bunch of stuff that they heard on MSNBC? That's what they think. When you come to them and say Glenn Beck said this, you're not going to change their mind, get the people who feel something is wrong.


Because when you talk to people, when I talk to people and say, doesn't feel right, does it?


We all have that gut feeling. Something really wrong is happening.


Talk to them, inform them. And don't try to win.


Just inform people. All right. Our sponsor this half hour is American financing.


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Dot net American financing and MLS one eight two three three four in the MLS Consumer Access Dog.


Ten seconds station idee. Stranger things have happened, Pluto TV has not pulled us off, by the way, if you're looking for us, we were Channel two 50, I think, and we have been moved up to Channel three to thirty eight.


We want to thank Pluto TV four for running Blaze TV. Twenty four hour channel. You can see it live.


It's it's a great channel and one of their more popular channels. I'm I'm proud to say so. Thank you. Pluto TV again. You'll find us on channel number two.


Thirty eight if you watch us on Pluto TV. And don't forget tonight's special at 9:00 p.m. It's all about the Postal Service and the the power grab by the Democrats.


So, Pat, I watched the convention last night for as long as I possibly could stand it me to. Oh, it's some of the worst television ever.


Oh, it's just it's poorly done, first of all. But secondly, the lies that they continue to tell over and over and over, just respecting the old lies, everything out of their mouth is a lie. And they know it. It's not like it's not like they really believe what they say.


They they know that they're telling lies and they just continue to do it.


And it's just it's impossible to say to you because to me that that is the most outrageous thing. It's one thing to lie and know that conservatives are disagreeing with you. But what they're doing is they are they are they are lying about things. And it's to their own people. Yeah, it's to their own people.


So they are saying, look, we got a bunch of dummies that are watching this thing, a bunch of dummies that don't know their ass from their elbow. And you can say you get away with it because they won't know. They won't know.


Isn't it hard to believe, though, that they'll stand there and look you right in the face and say that they need the presidency and both houses of Congress in order to pass affordable health care?


I wait a minute, do we go through this ten years ago and is not the excuse you used then? Well, what happened to Obama?


Are you admitting now that Obamacare is a complete failure? We because there people should understand that, right? I mean, it's not just us that look at it and say you've got to you passed it last time. Last time you had the situation you want. Now you did affordable health care.


See, the lies that really bother me are the ones where they talk about how much they love this country and our history in the Constitution it can't take. And they're defending it and. And no, they're not. No, they're not. And they they are a party that's talking about changing our history, our traditions, our Constitution. They're changing everything. And for them to cloak themselves into this jingoistic thing shows they're not they know they have the left.


They don't need to worry about the left. They have the hard left. And the hard left is willing to lie, cheat and steal. And so they'll just go along with it. What they don't have is they have to reassure all of the people in the nursing homes and every place else that might be still watching this thing that no, no, no, we love this nation to. And that chaos on the streets. Oh, that's bad stuff.


And only only we can fix that, really, because you're the ones that won't even call it chaos. You won't call it riots.


You won't call it anything. You're you're gutting our police, you're gutting our our legal institutions, you're you have made a mockery of the Constitution and the only ones that would buy that that they that would believe that now are the ones who paid no attention at all to what's going on in the world.


And as they take no responsibility for anything they've done, they continue to put everything on Donald Trump right now that he takes no responsibility.


There was not a single occurrence that I'm aware of during the eight years of Barack Obama that he ever accepted responsibility for anything that went wrong. Everything was always pinned and shifted to George W. Bush every single time. They're doing the same thing now with Trump. And they've never once taken responsibility for anything.


And this is their entire election strategy, is to get the people who have not thought about this any other day, this last four years, makes you think you just need a good cookie right now, doesn't it? We just happen to have. Yes, yes, yes. The birthday cake in. I'm going to have to charge a snickerdoodle. Isn't this really a healthy apocalypse? Go down a lot easier. Scrumptious cookies, dotcom. Yes. Scrumptious cookies, dot com.


Yeah. No, you leave the last s off for some savings cookie. Thank you. Thank you.


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Well, it's coming. The Fed has a whole laundry list of bad ideas that they are now shooting for. And one of them is just printing money and putting it into your account. While that may sound good to the uninitiated, it might sound good to the people who don't think that's incredibly, incredibly bad idea. Why inflation, hyper inflation, I don't know, loss of every value that we've ever held dear.


I want you to go to Goldline now and see if gold or silver is right for you. There is a reason why gold is going up right now, and that's because they're printing money with nothing to back it up. They're printing more money in the last 90 days than they've they printed in the last 90 years. Call six Gold Line 866 Gold Line. Call them right now.


Tonight, Chad Prater, my wife, is going to be on the show, it's gonna be a disaster for me, followed by Stewart as America and then Glenn TV, the big special tonight, The Enemy Within.


So welcome back to the Glenn Beck program with Stewart here and Pat Gray is joining us as well. NASA is actively monitoring a strange and not an anomaly set anomaly. Thank you. In Earth's magnetic field, a giant region of lower magnetic intensity in the skies above the planet. This is about the polar shift.


Thought I'd throw that in because last week and we just missed the closest the closest asteroid in history.


Unbelievably close, right? You know, they consider it a close call for million miles. Four million miles. Right. Right. This was the same distance as it is from Dallas to Boston. It was eighteen hundred miles.


It doesn't give me. Yeah, yeah. It was a bad one. Car sized asteroid. Yeah. It doesn't really give me a lot of confidence that NASA is up on this one.


No, I mean it does it inspire. Yeah, it does. Confidence at all. No, it really doesn't. It really doesn't. But hey, we're not calling black holes black holes anymore and that's what's important to me. So no more Siamese twin Galaxy Galaxy, no stars.


So. And have we got that?


Yeah, but we did miss the asteroid that almost hit us. We saw it after it went by, though. So what we saw were like, we know exactly what that old. Yeah. Man. Whoa. What was that. That's that's that's pretty good.


That's pretty good.


So I'm just looking for good news about suicide rate, and that's probably not good. How about how about this one.


How about this one? There is a new study on our dogs. And I can't find it now, there's a new study on. Well, which which Hall of Fame is is going into any party, and I'm already and so I'm just curious as to I think it's the hardware hall of Fame, OK, that makes more sense than what he's actually going into the hardware store office.


There it is. OK, OK, here it is. They've done a study on our dogs now.


And and it's it's you're going to have you just a few more reasons not to like your neighbors. So they compared Democrats to Republicans as dog owners.


Democrats are twice as likely to spare neuter their dogs.


All right. OK, I think population control. That makes sense. Population control. Yeah.


And also, they probably live in cities much more and they probably are like, oh, I don't know if a burglar comes in. I don't want them to rip the face off of somebody.


I do. I do. So I keep all that testosterone right there in the body of that dog.


They the company use technology to tap into its database of one point six million dogs, compare it to voting data from the 2016 election.


Now, remember, all your all your information is completely private.


Oh, yeah. Legally. Right. So here are among the findings. Dog names for Democrats among the top five most popular for Democrats, Diamond Prince, Princess King and Bodey. Boat. Yeah, I don't know I don't know anybody that has Diamond Princess, King or boating. I did have Prince as a dog when I was a kid.


Then with Republicans less than the difference, Brutus Ruger sasy Bucchi and baby and you know, baby is not a little dog.


Babies like the dog, that's like, yeah, yeah, that's absolutely true. Babies, the biggest dog on the block out of all of them babies, the one that's going to kill you.


Easiest Republicans tend to think bigger is better, 13 percent more likely than Democrats to have dogs weighing more than twenty five pounds, not twenty five pounds.


That's not a dog.


That's a dog. I want you to weigh five pounds. Yeah, it's like soaking wet maybe.


Or a rat.


Republicans are 20 percent more likely than Democrats to have mixed breed because most Republicans, we just you know, you just go out to a shelter and get it for all the shelter talk that all the left does know, they want their pure bred.


They want their own special breed. This is a doodle.


We pick up whatever dog bit us on the way home. That's how we got dogs, right. Still attached to your leg when you walk in the front door. Now, tell me if this doesn't make sense.


What are the dog's name, three dogs that you just don't like, you would not want to own and I don't mean because of danger, I just being like them sucks.


A pit bull, pit bull. That's because of danger. What's the dog that you have with the smashed nose? The badasses. So I don't want to I don't want to bug and I don't want to. You have one of the rat breed.


Yeah, I've got the glorified rat. OK, you got a problem. I a child. I wouldn't want a Chihuahua. I wouldn't want a Chihuahua. Chihuahua, OK, yeah. You don't like Mexicans, obviously. All right. I don't want a pug.


I would take a bulldog, but I wouldn't want a pug. Pugs are awesome. The Bulldogs are pretty great to. Those are great dogs.


Yeah, except you feel bad for them because they're always walking around going, oh yeah. That's the best part, right.


Yeah. It's like me, it's, it's like you're on a leash. That's all that. And and the other one. You said it poodle.


Yeah. No, yeah. Democrats are six times more likely to have poodles. Oh I believe that or poodle mix is absolutely. Absolutely a labradoodle thing is a big thing.


Now that's part Labrador, part poodle.


If I'm getting the words correct and they look great when they're puppies and then they always like horses, like curly haired horses. And when you get to adulthood, you're like, OK, you can go play with the neighbor's house now.


Yeah, I feel like there I mean, there should be a puppy exchange.


They really should be a Christmas puppy exchange where once the dog first of all, they have to be potty trained, but then they're given to you like in a little gift box.


And then every six months or so, all of a sudden the dog is young again and you're like, oh, look, that's small again. And it's just a service that comes in and switches the dog and you get a new puppy.


What happens to the old dogs?


Don't ask questions, don't ask questions. But they're just.


No, what the rumor is, they wind up in in Southeast Asia. No, no, no, no.


They go on to live great lives in a puppy. And that's what I'm beyond understanding. And we just don't want to talk about that puppy kingdom because we don't want we don't want people to wreck it.




And they will. They will. So they wreck everything. Yeah.


And final thoughts here on the on the convention tonight. Big lineup tonight. Tonight is what's your name? Comilla. Yeah, it's Comilla time, that's somebody else's. Pretty agonizing is speaking tonight as well, of course, are all agonizing. You know, it's interesting because the Democrats today are so bad that sometimes you find yourself a little nostalgic for the Bill Clinton days. Then you see him speak and it's like, OK, that's right.


That's why I. Oh, yeah. He was terrible. That's right.


I remember that. And he was probably molesting all sorts of people. But when when we thought, oh, my God, amazing that that photograph came out the day he was supposed to speak at the DNC and, you know, they let him do it anyways. Do you know who released it? London paper, how come when did we just when did we just give all of our reporters a pass and say, just stay asleep, let's have the foreign press do anything?


The rumor is they paid a bunch of money for the photos. So sometimes sometimes US papers will not do such things. Actual journalistic efforts, though, we have a lot of tabloids, too, so I'm not sure why none of them decided to pony up for those photos. She is coming out and saying she said he was nothing but a gentleman, right?


That's what that's what I know. And nothing but a gentleman.


Yes, she was she was she was trying to say that he did not molester. And that's the great thing he did. We know he did some. The less the better, though, or we always cheer on less molesting from Bill Clinton.


And have you heard have you ever heard of the fashion tycoon from Canada named Peter Nygaard?


Mm. Yeah. I'm the only one in the room that should have heard of him and I've never heard of him.


This guy is out of control.


This is the big scandal in Canada.


This guy is I think I did hear about it. Yes, he is.


Canada's Robert Now, Robert Epstein, Jeffrey Epstein.


And I mean, it's the same story.


And guess who made visits to his private island all the time?


Prince Andrew oh, honey. Prince Andrew, wow, he's a and wasn't was Fergie married to Prince Andrew?


Is that who she married you or any any of these questions in this arena? I have literally no knowledge of, I don't know, gossip with these people. Sounds right.


And she was made out to be a monster and prince, I think Prince and look that up. Do I think Prince Andrew was married to her and they made her look like a monster?


This guy. Yes. Former wife of Prince Andrew.


This guy is I'd love to hear from Fergie about this is a it's a it's a weird, weird one. I mean, the people they're putting on stage should they should be ashamed of themselves. They put on this this, you know, Andrew Cuomo, who comes on after he's killed more people than any other public official in the world, becomes like coronavirus.


Well, it comes with the oh, here right now.


Yeah, there's been a newborn and he's out there touting a new book. Yes. He's freaking releasing a book about how brilliant he was during the coronavirus when he's criticizing Arizona that has one seventh of the deaths of of New York. He's releasing a book, his last book, which I just love this his last book. He got a bonus of seven hundred and seventy eight thousand dollars, I think it was. And he sold thirty two hundred copies.


So they paid him two hundred and thirty seven dollars per book sold, which is not what they charge in stores. There was actually not well Canada. So it's always, it's always higher in Canada, that's always higher in Canada.


And then the woman who they put out there to completely exploit her grief as her father, who is a Trump supporter, died of coronavirus.


And her big point was, you know, his only preexisting condition was trusting Donald Trump.


I mean, the most exploitative thing I have ever seen, this poor woman who lost her dad and obviously is not dealing with it well, but who would write? She's now she and I went back and looked at her posts. Almost all of her posts were upset at the governor, not the president.


The president was occasionally mentioned, you know, in this Trump, you know, like how he's mentioned in every friggin story for whatever reason. But it was almost all about the governor. She wrote a letter to the governor, did not mention Trump. She mentioned the governor, the governor, the governor, the governor, the governor. Now, they've remixed the story to make it all Trump's fault so that she can come out in the middle of the Democratic National Convention and blame Trump because no one cares if he's the governor of Arizona.


She's blaming the governor of Arizona. Despicable. And, you know, of course, there's a million problems with the stuff that she said. And it's you can't blame her. She's grieving. But the Democratic Party is ghoulish. They are taking this poor woman who lost her father and just running her out in front of the cameras to try to get a couple more bucks from donors and a couple of votes from stupid people who will never look into the story.


I mean, it is they are disgraceful in every single way possible.


I've never seen such bald face lies and such serious lies as I have during this convention. And all you need is to do your own homework. Which reminds me, there is a story out I have to give it to you tomorrow. Did you see that scientists are now saying that it is very important that people do not do their own homework when it comes to science? Yeah, so I read that.


What did you read that. Yeah.


Do you ah do you do not have the qualifications, you know, and they start with an easy example is flouride and you have no business looking into all of these things. Leave that to the experts.


Oh my. Wow. Oh my gosh. I've never seen anything like it. Yeah. It's worthwhile to. Yeah. We'll get into that on tomorrow's broadcast. Also, Don Jr., Donald Trump Jr joins us on tomorrow's broadcast.


All right. We've been waiting a long time for that package to arrive. And today's the day we've been tracking it since it left the warehouse and scratch ankle, Alabama or someplace. And at long last, it has been delivered to your front door.


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Who played the who played the dark haired girl, Chrissy and Chrissy, and all you can remember is something Janet Janet was very good.


The name of the character was Chrissie and Janet. Yeah, that's still that's way better than I would have done. Yeah, me too. Me too. Anyway, if you had simply say you can actually monitor and when they ring the doorbell to deliver that package, you can automatically open the door lock, watch them from inside and outside, have them put it in, close the door and you lock it back up.


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You're listening to Glenn Beck. So just to show you our level of research, Joyce DeWitt is the name that we were looking for, Joyce DeWitt.


Oh, we went down a rabbit hole after that.


Yeah. Yeah. We were looking at Three's Company and Suzanne Somers and then the Furley for what was it was the Roper's first Europass role that Mr. Furley and Roeper was played by Don Knotts.


If I'm not mistaken, Furley was Don Knotts. Roper was Norman fell.


I mean, that's really a pretty good cast.


So it's John Ritter and Joyce de It were there the whole time, all eight seasons. So the Suzanne Somers, she was there for four seasons as the main. That's how you remember that show? It was only there for four seasons. The fifth season, they had a contract dispute. She did not come back, but her name was still on the show and she's still in the credits credits. For some reason, it's part of her contract.


So they brought in a new Chrissie replacement, which was her cousin, Cindy Snow. Cindy Snow was a ditzy farm girl that they kept.


They kept her character ditzy because they wanted to use scripts they had already written for the site of a great show. Right. And she did not work out well. She was out for two seasons. Then they brought in Terry Terry Alden. I don't remember any kind I can remember. It's like it had four years of good run and then it was just over. But you really only remember those four years, right? When did Susan when did she leave?


Why did she leave? She only left after four seasons. I think she wanted more. She was seen as one of the big stars and wanted more money. I think the contract dispute by.