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Welcome to the podcast. Today's guest is, I would say, a certified badass, and he's my neighbor.


That is by way of the technical term. He is a fifth degree black belt in Tai Quando, football star in college. He won the Heisman Award in the NFL. He played for the Dallas Cowboys, the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. He has been an MMA fighter, track and field savant, an Olympic bobsledder, a ballet dancer, a chef, a restaurateur, an author, a reality TV star.


He does everything at the top. He's also an advocate for mental health and advocate for physical health. He's he's sharing a story in this that is really phenomenal conversation. You don't want to miss a second on. He's now co-chair on a presidential council, outspoken political voice when he doesn't have to. He's a man who has undergone an unimaginable journey. And a friend. Please welcome Herschel Walker.


Herschel, how are you man handling is this good?


This is my last day of covid quarantine, the family had it and so today is my last day. I can't believe I'm in my house and you're like four doors down and you're in your house. But good to see you. Yeah, good to see you.


I walked over to your house and stayed in another room.


Yeah. So I have so many questions. You are a fascinating guy. I want you to know, first of all, I don't know anything about sports, so I've got I've got a couple of questions that I had my staff come up with. You know, if you have Herschel Walker on, you got to talk about sports. I know nothing about it, but I know your name. You know, that says something to me. A guy who's completely oblivious to sports.


I know.


I know that that's what people probably know you best for. But I don't think that begins to tell the story of you at all. You're a bobsledder. You're a wildly successful businessman as well.


I mean, I, I if you don't mind, I just kind of want to run through your life a little bit and just kind of get a snapshot of you and and how you did all of this.


But, you know, I think the problem that people have with me is that they think that I am an athlete and I said, guys, I don't grow up. And this is honestly, I grew up watching sports. I didn't grow up wanting to be an athlete. And today I was guilty. I think I'm a good competitor. I don't know whether you can say I'm an athlete, but I'm I'm a very, very good competitor. I will compete on any level.


I don't care what it is. That may be the reason that I'm his sister, that a lot of different areas because. Yeah, I think when you go out and work, you work hard like you're the best at what you do and you work it. Yeah. It ain't like it just happens. And that's what I tell people right now. If I'm going to do something, I'm going to work at it and I'm going to work as hard as anyone else and I'm going to get better.


So let me let me start, because I think there is something to the way you were bullied when you were a kid, the things that you have overcome, you you've overcome in your life that I think may have led to this attitude of I'm just going to be successful, I'm just going to overcome because you had a speech impediment and you were a fat kid, right? Yes. Yeah.


My mom's I was big boned. I wasn't fat. I was big boned.


Right. But you know, what's funny is, you know, I was raised in a church and my mom would always tell me because I remember when a doctor told my mom and my dad that I would never be anything. And this is coming from a doctor because I was a little boy. Like I was saying, I was overweight. I had the box on my knees at the barrel of wall and having a speech impediment. I was a beautiful little kid.


And the doctor told my parents, you know, he's going to be OK, you know, just keep him comfortable. He'll be all right. And I remember getting in a car, driving home, and my mom turned to me and she said, my nickname is Bo. And she said, Bo, don't worry about it because he is not the true Dockland. And I don't know that you're not going to use excuses like. And I remember getting beat up on the last day of school in eighth grade, I remember this guy about nine a.m., Ogonowski remembers, and I remember getting beat up by Hill and all the kids that me and I was proud of them.


And I remember getting home. And I stood of the door, said, enough is enough. As no one has ever beat me up again and no one would ever put me in the corner again because I had teachers that put me in a corner because I had a speech impediment and never learn. So I went out on my own to start training. I went and started getting books out of the library and start reading my speech got a little better.


I got bigger and I started feeling good about who I was. And I went back to school and almost with blinders on that what kids was amazed about me that I had to run faster than anyone now.


And I was I was in my class. And now people are amazed that this kid is nothing has changed almost overnight. But it was a whole summer. But that's what you call dedication. And that's why I keep it a day. And you know this. If you want something, you got to dedicate yourself to go get it. That's what's sad about going on in this country today. People want something they don't want to dedicate themselves to to make it change.


They think they can take it from someone. And that's a reason I get because I know it takes work. It takes work to go out to everybody. Want to be everybody going to be Steph Curry? Every kid in the inner city, every kid in America want to be Steph Curry or Tiger Woods and all the guys. I've seen them when they were three years old. When that day, I had never seen a basket, I hit a golf ball.


This is just hype. These people have trained over and over again. And a prime example. I've been in martial arts for almost 40 something years. I'm talking to when I was in college, I used pride in our martial arts tournaments on Sundays at our place and go to church. And I thought in Sunday afternoon. Well, upper age and when they are older, well, I'm going to get a date to give, it may whirl and people I know you can do it.


Well, I decided that I had to start focusing on it. The time is running out a straight. Well, he brought me to California, and he is not on the top of the charts, though, and he met me up at five different Esslin, Amy Makone. When I did, I did another great idea. He said, if you don't if you dedicate yourself by going to a great deal, I'll get you a five. Well, for almost nine to 10 months, I went out to San Jose, California, which AK and train with some of the best fighters in the world who got together to fight for the world championship again.


Then my wrestling coach claimed the last year as one of the best fighters in the world for almost nine and a half months, almost six days a week, almost nine hours a day. And I got to fight, but I'm gay right now, if I had not gone to that camp, even though I was talking to all gotten destroyed and I said, you have to dedicate yourself if you want to be do you don't want to be gay? It's OK.


It's OK if you don't want it. OK. If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done and a lot of times that's just working, I know a lot of people that, you know, would like this job or this lesslie for that celebrities.


No, you really don't, because when you really look into it, there's too much work for people.


There's just, you know, I don't live right. I've been trying to paint and I've been taking lessons and I work, you know, in the middle of the night sometimes get up and I'll just work on my painting. You know, it's it's not even a second job. It's just a love. But I want to be good at it. And most people just aren't willing to sacrifice the time and the effort to really get good at something.


No, and as I tell people this year, people laugh because I'm not a. I never I didn't lift weights, so I grew grow up in an area that had a great weight program. And I remember my mom and dad told me not to make excuses, and so I started doing push ups and sit ups and all that, and people laugh like it's a joke. And I said, God, my problem I got is I don't have 500 pounds of weight that I can go out to try to lift to compete against those guys that I'm going to have to compete against.


But what I do have I got a floor. And I got a couple of trees that I can climb a tree limb. So were people have been lifted, 500 people show up to compete against Herschel Walker, then, you know, I will be your Huckabee because I'm not going to lay down for anyone. And I worked my tail off. You know how hard it here in Texas get one. Well, do you know how just the wrong way to pull warmup suit when there's 180 degrees out and people use a lot?


He's crazy. No, no, no. I got to play football next year, so I'm not going to be playing against your grandma. I'm not playing my grandpa. I'm playing some of the best athletes in the world. And they don't like Herschel Walker. And I said, I'm so sorry. And so that's but that's what you call dedication, but I tell people something you don't have to be here, you know, like right now, everybody wants to see the couch and tell people what they need to do is that not everybody wants to be.


So why don't you dedicate yourself? And then then you can tell me how it's supposed to be like and not to be mean, but so like. I didn't know how the president should be raised. All right, all right, all right, you got to do something.


Yeah. So, Herschell, do you think I mean, you you had severe difficulty with weight and your speech when you were young. Was it really over a summer, just one summer, where you turn that around? It was it was the summer of from the eighth grade in ninth grade, but, you know, when I work I that summer I tell people I'm doing about 5000 student 5000 pushups every day. And it may have been more because I love television.


So I may have started like at seven o'clock at night and during every commercial of a TV show, I would do push ups, I do sit ups, and then in the mornings I'm up where I'm climbing trees that up on a tree limb and then I'm out where my father was a farmer. I get I'm running this video and this is every day like seven days a week. I would go to church Sunday morning and then I go out and have a new mom out there working out.


So it wasn't that. And this is every day and this is what I tell people today. I worked out every day of my life now since I was 12 years old. I never missed a day of work out. People say your body got a rest. And I said, yeah, it may be, but I'm fine. I'm healthy as a horse. I feel good. So I don't I don't argue with people, you know, I just go back and look and feel.


I I will tell you that have you ever met Tony Robbins? Tony Robbins. Yeah, that guy is the same way he gets up, no matter what, every single day he goes into a plunge pool I think is like 55 degrees or 50 degrees, something like that cold.


And and he forces himself to do it. He never takes a day off because as he told me, he said, I have to tell my body I'm in charge of you. You're not in charge of me.


And they're right. There's something there's really something to that.


And in all of this, if you quit one time, you're going to quit the rest of your life when you have a workout and you say, OK, today I'm going to do like four miles and then I'm exercise maybe 50 miles, and then I'm going to go out and maybe do some if you don't finish. You're going to quit every day the rest of your life, and I said, I don't care about the role. First of four miles, I don't care if you have to go slower, right, at least the distance you say you want to do, because if you don't today, it's going to be easier to quit tomorrow.


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Do you think you would be the same person if you would not have had those difficulties, do you think? Oh, I'm yeah. Because I mean, I'm an alcoholic and I've had, you know, my yeah.


It changes you if if you can conquer whatever it is, you are a stronger, better person.


I mean, I tell people to quit and beat me up. I say I love to see him today, if he was old, would you beat him up? No, no, no. Thank you. I probably thinking because he beat me up, he woke me up, but, you know, later in life I had a problem because of that, because I didn't deal with it in the same way as you talk about you being an alcoholic, you know, sometimes you you you put other things too aside.


You don't deal with that problem. But once you dealt with it and you've gone through it, you understand. You've been on that solmi. Now you know how strong it makes you stronger. I again, I don't know anything about sports, so please, I'm going to butcher the story.


But Michael Jordan, when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, shocking how he used that moment to call out all of the people who had done him wrong.


And he was still he was carrying that with him where, you know, I personally think a more enlightened person. And it shocks me that Michael Jordan was fueled on that anger. You would get to that point and you would be like, you helped me because you said I couldn't do it. I thank you for saying that because I did do it. You drove me. Well, that's that's it. You know, when you say that it brought tears to my eyes because, you know, in my life I used my anger as my coping mechanism to have made it and almost everything I ever done, I used that as my coping mechanism.


I put it back to bite back here. And I went on and conquered everything and everything I ever competed in. I've won it and and I didn't deal with it. And then when I got out of sports now is being displayed in my house and on the streets and people thought Herschel Walker was crazy.


And I'm thinking, wait a minute, person can't be crazy. I was I got a problem. It's not me. And I later found out it was me, and that's why I used that I said at. The anger that I had helped me to overcome so much, but I didn't deal with that, that I didn't deal with that pain. So I use that pain as my coping mechanism to overcome. And I said, so what I did, I end up going to a hospital, people, you know, Herschel Walker went to a behavioral health hospital called a crazy hospital back in the day, which, you know, I want to be.


And I went to this hospital and I sort of think of everybody in this hospital as crazy as it hurts to walk because, you know, I play on all of these wars. I'll my pleasure from. And then it hit me that we all fall short of the glory of God. We thought that was a young woman in there that was going through what I was going through, I know to have a social identity disorder and as I know. Right, that that used to be called, I think, schizophrenia or a personality, split personalities like a sibling.


It was almost like that is crazy.


And I don't think in that crazy world I know I'm not civil because I seen that TV show and I think I know I'm not that person. And as I look back over my life, blandest, what a freak you out. I look back over my life and I write and journal all the time. You know, I win a Heisman Trophy, NFL rushing title, NFL fastest man on Olympic team, all the great things I ever done. I've done all the time.


Well, all my journal that I wrote was all saying it was all anger. I never really read this stuff and it scared me to death. I never talked about all I talk about the pain. And I said, you know what's going on with me? Well, what was going on is I was angry all the time. So going to that and that was young lady that was being abused by her husband. Her husband was beating her. And when I first got into the hospital, she gave me a different name and who she was and she trusts me.


She gave me a name and adopted. It is because she was being abused and to protect herself, she became a noted. Well, I didn't like that guy kind of taking on I don't like that guy killed or beaten up, so I became this incredible hook person that can do some amazing thing, run faster, jump out, jump higher and do all these amazing thing and go out and deal with all this pain. You know, some people may use alcohol, Remi's drugs.


I mean, you could treat it as a coping mechanism, go. They don't want to deal with all the stress in their life. Sure. And if I went to this hospital, I realized that's what was going on with me, but not the way this.


But but hang on just a second. But a split personality disorder. It is to protect you, your core from the pain, if I understand it, right.


Yes, but it's it's the way you're describing it is a little confusing to me, because it it there's a lot of people that have used pain to, you know, comedy is fueled by pain, et cetera, et cetera.


But but you had the Dezso decis, disassociated personality.


Right. So you didn't know you were doing these things, did you?


Yeah. Let me help you to understand, OK, and deal with it. And you never know in a different sort of leaving home with their own head on. And there's a happy. And what I'm talking about, you know, I work with young men and women today in the military. We take our young men and women today from the America, the greatest country in the world where they grew up in my little hometown, Rifaat George. Well, they don't hear gunshots, bombs going off.


Oh, this happened. Well, also, we take them and send them over to these terrible, terrible countries where every night I've been over there. When you hear bomb go off, you hear gunshots, you hear all this stuff going on that you have all these different smells, all this stuff is happening, and then you send them outside as well. And this is what I want America to hear. You send them outside the wire to the area where they never know if they're coming back.


Never know if they're hair can be blown off. But yet they plan to do their job. Then they come within that wire where they say, what you hear gunshot your nerve and what you're going to do? Well, that person, at least inside and outside of what may become someone else to survive because limited ended person can't take it. Some people can handle it, but some people can't. But one that can't handle it doesn't mean they're crazy.


But they did what they did, they became someone else so they could deal with that fear. They became so as they could deal with that firestorm like this was going to freak you out. Do you know I'm afraid to speak? You're afraid to speak? Yeah, I am really a crowd of people. And people will be in one of the top hundred whatever whatever speakers in the country, but I'm scared to death and speak alone, afraid, afraid of crowds.


But I tell people this. I got a personality of I can handle that.


And that's what I said. That's what happened, is not that that it just that I didn't like that little stuttering kid that was growing up.


I didn't like you. Yeah. Yeah. I didn't like it. So I became this vocal. So I went out to conquer stuff. I became this guy. They've become Valetta in my class. I became so. You had to you at some point you find yourself in the hospital, you have to deal with that and put it right, otherwise it will eventually destroy you.


You're exactly right. I to tell you something that's going to freak you out. People get nervous about it as a Comikaze, something that people don't know about. I'm a Christian. I love my Lord Jesus Christ. I love Jesus. And that's a reason that today I speak. When I speak, I speak about it, about what's going on in this country. People kind of dislike me and call me names, but my Lord Jesus Christ is without sin.


Cast the first stone know. How do you ask your father to forgive you if you can't forgive your fellow man? So my thing is we all fall short of glory. Well, what I had to do is deal with what was going on with me. I knew I'm not for. I used to take a gun and people came to my house to compete against me. I was so screwed up I almost like screwed up that personally I screwed up.


But he was lost. Yeah, I'm so lost.


I would take a gun and put a bullet in his brain and put it in my head and pull the trigger. I didn't even think about it. And people say you tried to commit suicide. No, no, no. That's how competitive Herschel Walker all our training is. So, wow. I trained so hard that I don't think people train the way I train. People don't go out in 110 degree weather and run five miles. People don't do five thousand pushups.


They don't go do all that. They don't go out. Another prime example. You know, I competed in a superstar my very first year. You know, I was a pretty good athlete. I remember nineteen eighty six, I was a decent athlete and everyone expected me to go to the phones and they have five, ten athletes on this side. On the other side and five from each side makes the finals. Herschel Walker didn't make it around on his first year because I was too arrogant.


I just knew I was going to do. What I was so disgusted with myself, I flew home to Dallas, Texas, from I think we went Bahamut, I flew all in Dallas, Texas. 2:00 in the morning, I went out to the Cowboys training camp to start training. I said it never happened to me, I think in the next year.


And I say because people didn't work the way I would put it. Well, that's how dedicated I was when I got to, because I had a lot I can do that. But I had it, but you do want to hang on, but you also you do it now without that anger.


So I do it limited. Yeah.


I don't think everybody should get a baseball just because they lose. I don't believe in what you're rewarded because I said there's some kid in Tupelo, Mississippi, that reading about Herschel Walker. You remember that movie like Rocket Rocket three when he was a rocket, was a champ and he was kissing these babies in Vegas, taking pictures instead of the cutaway to Midcity, and he's hitting the bike and he sweatiness to be called Mr. T really wanted to fight rock.


Iraqi will now be became. Whereas a horse walk as I walk out, it doesn't matter about my age is a matter about who I am. They want to take you ready to compete against me. Even my nephews, a niece, they're getting ready, they want to compete against uncle. I'm not going to let nobody just show me up on YouTube. They don't have to compete, so you show up. I let you know I'm ready. I'm not going to, like, just lay down.


And that's why I said that I can still do what I do because I can do. You know, I'm not like I can't you cannot play today, and I will probably I can. Do you want to play just as well as some people? Like I say, I'm like I want to. But I guarantee I can give a couple of a couple of things today that can help a team. I can promise you that you couldn't eat. I was going to kill you.


Couldn't you couldn't play as well as Colin Kaepernick, though, right?


Well, I guarantee I probably could your people.


Let me say this, you know, and I say this people get mad at me and that's what that's why I hate this culture in today's. Kevin, maybe he can play, maybe he can play, I don't know, but he was not playing when he decided to new. And I said, guys, I don't have a problem with him, Neilan, my problem was that he was in a San Francisco 49ers uniform doing it on the job. You have a contract when you sign.


And I think everybody said, sir, thank you for doing your job looking. Well, when the people start saying, oh, yes, you can do that freedom of speech, you do have freedom of speech, but not on your. Yeah, my job. Tell me what you want to do is right where we come. Now we're going to bully someone into doing what you want them to do, not what we do. All right.


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When I was at Fox, you know, I would say things on my radio show, which I owned, et cetera, et cetera.


But when I was at Fox, I worked for Rupert Murdoch. That was his licence. That was his company. And there were things that he would say, you know, please don't. Now, I would never say the things that if, you know, somebody was telling me to say them. But as I said to, you know, the the Murdochs and and Roger Ailes. Look, I work for you, so you can't tell me what to say, but if that's not what you want representing the company, I'm your employee.


It's not my right to come in and pee all over your room. You built this. And if I don't like it, I'll go find my own room.


And I don't you people don't understand that today and you don't have.


That's why I want America to stand up. Yeah. Stand up for what's right. You know, stand up was right. I'm not telling you what is right.


Do you think do you think we I mean, I just did a monologue today about I'm becoming more pissed off at the people of Seattle than the rioters.


I am, you know, the leaders elsewhere. Right. Where where are the people of Chicago standing up saying, stop this right now, where are you?


And to have more people to see out of that and say, stop it. And I don't want this. There are people that are doing it, you know? Muhammad, are you sure you're one of the great words Muhammad Ali said? And I tell people as God, I'm not saying this, but you've got to think of it like this. How many haunter would go hunting if a rabbit could carry a gun?


Think about how many people go over a year ago, if you had to decide to stay out of this anymore, you are going to stop this because we have a system and the leaders in Seattle, you got to go to the mayor, go to that government said, no, we don't want. You know, you got a right to do that, and you know what? Get them out of office, get them out of office, because this is a country built by law, then you could be left or right now.


And I would say to someone, that's assault is the law, not for black people today. Can we do whatever we want to do and we get away with. Can we do that today and and are all white people racist, is this country nothing but evil?


I mean, it's it is you are said about it. My mom said something and I told people, this is God. If you want to know to, why don't we go to some of the old of the. That was around during those time because when I was in Chicago talking about doing things and this for reparation and all that went in during that time, and then she said something about they have insurance and she said, you know, I'm going to tell them I have got insurance.


Usually I think about that. She also put a face out there. So an insurance company sells souvenirs. So they got to pay for the accident. They go out, you know, Gödel's you sit and listen to them and all the people do not want to wake up and say someone else is on the phone and make a lot of people KMEL. Republican Party need to wake up. Aiming high and his top is top of the on the fine, because I see the Democratic Party doing whatever they want to do.


If you say your name well, they want to send you to jail if you get out of the way of what they want to send you to and Republican Party tonight and we want to help you. Oh, really? You know, have been here all our lives. Nothing to. But yeah.


I know you to wake up and start the fight. It's one of the things that I at first I didn't like about Donald Trump, that he is he is an agent of chaos. He lives in chaos. He thrives on chaos. You know, however, because of that, he may be uniquely equipped and maybe one of the only people that truly can navigate through that world and still say, I am afraid of you. I don't care what you do, the more you do it to me, the more I like it.


So keep going.


I mean, it's that you need leaders like that. It is not what he says, what he does. And that's why I keep telling need leaders that are not afraid to step up and do this. And I will say this. We we're going to learn from that. And what I mean by that is there are people in Washington and they got to be a for all people watching that and that whatever, that's a reason nothing has to do. They want to talk about change.


Nothing has changed a little bit. But they won't change anything because this has been going on for Donald Trump when he's been in office. Now we're going on be going on for a long time, it just has happened. Yes, he is he is the product of a system that has failed and people tried to change it and tried to change it and tried to change it. And then they finally said, you know what, I think he'll actually do it.


So this was brought on by what he's done that was so funny.


I'm like, well, you know, I'm not a preacher man, but I'm going to say God given credit because this president had met with people that I can tell you right now a lot of the president would have never met with. And they've had a chance to do certain things he's done that they didn't do anything for African-American, Latino America, for everyone. They've had a chance to do it. They didn't do it. They didn't had a chance to deal with this deal.


And I remember when I started work two, three years ago, they were about to do nothing. And now they want to say something about it now. It is I guess you've had a chance to do that, I think the worst thing that really made me angry is right at this point today. We have a vote coming up in just a couple hours. I'm not going to have too much. Coming up. We have our leaders in Washington.


Well, people go into the voting booth angry because you won't give them money. They have no money and no food on their table. They don't get to keep a roof over their head due to the government. Want to dictate how to live their lives. You want me to go to this voting booth to vote on the most powerful man in the world who should represent us? And then you have to now stand up for they want to represent us like a wolf in sheep's clothing.


I don't want to debate this. Stay in the basement. They don't want to talk about their great person when they've been in office for 50 something. You. I want to know where you stand today. I want to know who you give the people an opportunity to know who you are without having anyone holding up a sign that you have to leave because we're in for a civil war one. We fought a civil war. That's where we're at right now.


You want law and order or we don't, and you also and will say, because people say it, Donald Trump signed off because if this is a society of people with no law and order, Herschel Walker and his family don't want to be in the United States of America. Or in this country, no more. I don't want to be here any. I do want to move and I guarantee. So I am. So the problem with that is, is because I feel the same way, if there is no law and order in America, there most likely won't be any law and order in the in the world.


China will just gobble things up. Russia will gobble things up. Where do you go? It's it's Reagan. We are the last bastion. This is this is the Alamo.


Well, that's what they want us to be and that's what they want us to be. Look at what's going on today. And this was so fun. They don't want you to go to school no more. You can't go to church because you can. You can. Right. You can protest because it's peaceful, but you're in a peaceful protest or something, but they can't fight back. So I'm like I'm confused because they don't want. The change in his name right now.


You know what, when I was say something out of Canada, do you know right now I have something that can bring it to a building that we're cleaning from cover as what it is Islamised? As you walk through the door, it will kick in on your bottom, EPA, FDA approved when you leave, it will kill the virus as you leave because your product then I have some spray down to follow. You know, they don't want to talk about that.


They don't want to hear about that.


I will tell you I'll tell you, Herschell, that, you know, the more investigation we've done, we're like we're over one hundred and fifty days now of into our 15 day flat in the curve experiment. And I, I look at it and I there is there's something more going on and it is teaching us to be controlled.


It is teaching us that we're going to change everything. And it's it's it's frightening, truly frightening. You're in the restaurant service industry. You provide supplies to restaurants, right?


I said chicken. I'm in the protein business where I got into the food service business initially about 23 years ago. And I've been very fortunate to be on a larger Manado food company in the United States. Sailcloth, Cisco's food restaurants all over the country. Hotel's casino is God has blessed me. And one thing about it is I didn't get into the business to make money, but I'm an idiot. But I thought about giving self worth and I thought, long way to come to pay for itself and help people to work.


That's one of my contribution I can do to America because I've been blessed. You know, I want to talk about all the things I'm here where you can just come from. Herschel Walker came from my Lord Jesus Christ and I'm full to hear all the people. So I want to give them job that I've been very fortunate to be on another company where I'll be there and to give people jobs. And even during this pandemic, I didn't lose one worker.


I put protocols in place that I can hit. I can help people out and we can stay working and keep people, you know, keep people happy. And that's what I don't know. And it's been all. It's hard to repeat what we've done in the last year. We have not committed to helping to while we're not doing it. I know, like I said, I love anyone place. We've got to have a competition. I'm not.


I'm not I don't care what you've got to have a foundation that when you're fall, you've got to be able to find some way. And having that foundation get people to weigh in. That's what I believe. So tell me about the restaurants that you serve. How what is the feeling of people through this covid and being shut down and how are they how are they making it?


You know, it is very difficult, very difficult. And, you know, I think people in Washington so you can do like open 50 percent or 40 percent and I could really lose. But you are paying lip service and you got to pay. Workers got to keep up. And I don't know I don't know what people in Washington think of business, whether they're not going make money doing that. You're going to lose money. Right. And as a bookkeeper, you know, they're struggling and they're struggling, you know, and I'm not going to I am not a name the company, but I'm confused.


Why do you have some people open but some people canel? Something some people can overlook, it makes no sense. And, you know, some of the people that I serve as a hotel industry has really been hurt really bad right now. And I am and I pivoted it without trying to find other ways to help it. And that's one of the things I talked about earlier that I have so that I can help. I have nothing to talk about.


How do I make a difference in this country? Well, in this and I printed it out, try to do some retail, you know, most outdoor furniture, food service going to be hotels, casinos. You know, you are the restaurants and my business picking back up a little bit, but I'm still not 100 percent capacity right now. I'm still doing a lot of group of people a park. And and so you sort of pick it out and try to help them out with the.


Hershel, let me let me change the subject to your son, if you don't mind, and if you're uncomfortable, we don't have to talk about it, but because I know what.


OK, guys, I know how I am with security in my family, but your son, I just saw a video of him talking about Black Lives Matter, and he had the facts down. I mean, he was really effective and very good. And then I watched a couple of other videos from him, and he's talking about how excited he is to be going to college at the university that he's going to, which is not conservative. And and he is so excited about being there and going and he's excited about this experience.


And I thought, you are you because you're outspoken and you're effective.


I don't think it's going to be all that pleasant of a ride for him if you want me or him, a lot of my family. But when I keep the truth is the truth. Will he love the Lord Jesus? And and I told people, this is the Black Lives Matter. As you guys know, almost black lives matter. But to me, American lives matter because my son, not just African-American, he's he's attorney. He's also earned.


Oh, yeah. And so American lives matter and as a people call me whatever they want to call me your words and I'll never break y'all something if you don't want a Croom's one of the on board up. So that's what it was. It's not for me to call me. They call me another school, but a it is a great name. But I go back to my son, you know, I want him to finish school. And it's tough, it's all here, all the stuff you've got, and I'm not God, sometimes I'm saying he's dead, but I'm still hurting to see what's going on, because that's what the other people we have right now.


I leave someone better bring it to live. Who is lawlessness? Your own is because the majority of the people are speaking out, because I can guarantee you 80 percent of the United States of America don't like what's going on, maybe even more. And if we continue to hide on the coals when it comes time to speak out, it's going to be like. We need before the world right now would keep flying is not fair and Christian, as a person, when this was upon the people who are Isleta for graduate high school, who started college and for his.


Speaks four different languages and writes as well, he love, love, love school, he love got it. It's all down. But I tell people, first of all, Chris and his family are Mook's. I have white people in my family all the time and I have spent my time, I even have a rosary in my family today. I have all books where amateur people in America, something that they may not know, God has taken American people, white Americans, Native Americans were all in this in and you got mixed up in.


Then what came out of America was so wonderful and so forth, made it clear in the whole war because it was all us together. And I keep saying, go tell me what you want instead of a fighter. Why don't you come up with a solution? You're not with me. You know, Mhairi, Senator Harry Reid, vice president, by the end of the day, I heard him talk about how the president didn't have a solution. My thing is there was.


So I've heard all I heard is use the money and I count about. So I want to promote solutions like a million and a half a million and a million in Major League Baseball, and I want to be on a board. Let's see what's involved, how we can change it. I will go to Russia with you because we may agree and you notice the amount of money these sports made makes enough money that we can send someone to Washington to sort of help change the law.


Put it.


What would say be that right now we become a society that you are forced to do certain things we had and I'm not sure and I've got to help me out with this. We had a couple of great leaders of leaders that wrote a letter to the vice president.


And first of all, I want to vote for you and we get off doing that X. And then he comes out. You're going to have to move it out of the ways that I don't like. So what about the people who eat? You decide not here. What are the best person for that job? What about the best person for the job, not just to get a vote? You've got to be honest with you, I think just to say that is a racist statement.


So do you want to get the you're asking to use and not to be not be me, but he had been in office forever. Has he decided at one time to change anything in Afro-American community?


Has they decided in American community? Going to see. And also, guys here tell us about this president here that had been in office for three years, and I'm not going to wonder what would I say to all the people at these historically black colleges, even realize he is one of the people. This historical blood count didn't even know that, because sometimes the news media don't even put that out there. And then I heard this, which is terrible.


I don't understand this. I heard Senator hearer's talk about President Trump during her. Receptionist, vice president, she told about. But now all the news media don't want president to say anything about her because she's a woman of color as vice president. Now I'm going to be called a racist, but I think Biden hired her as a hired gun. Now she's going to sling all the dirt at him. But don't say no, you can't because you're going to be going to be doing here, because I ask you this a few thousand dollars.


I'm confused because did American people tear her over because they didn't vote for her to even come up in English and she isn't dropping out?


So they said, no, I don't know the president, so we went through the process. So are they now trying to get it back? Don't don't don't fool me. This is. No, my leg is right. Because I'm and I'm not saying it's bad, I'm not saying anything bad I'm gonna think about. That's all I'm saying, think about this, we're becoming this country that everyone keeps fighting. We don't want to be because American people are afraid of all races.


Well, I will tell you from first of all, just because standing up for justice or something, right. Don't make the racist. Is there a problem in this country? Yes, it is, but what you saw is probably going to Washington. We moved some of the people in Washington out of there, and it's not going to open up to how does society change. I want this as an Ayles AOC or whatever she says. I totally disagree.


I'm like, wow, she has some really crazy stuff, but I respect her as far as I was alone because her people voted today. But that's what's great about America. They don't have to keep it there and get rid of her late. OK, so I don't have to agree with her. I said it a great about America, but when you're being told this is only what you've got to leave, this is always you got to do this person or I'm not going to vote with you.


That goes back to the I'm a certain thing where I don't like Pursell people. Shouldn't Herschell. You live in a nice neighborhood until the back's rolled into town, but you live in a nice neighborhood, you have all first reverse that.


You live in a nice neighborhood.


I got that, but.


You have you have a great job, you have a great image, you have a great history, you've accomplished so much, you have a great family, your son is going out.


You could you could lead in many ways and you could effect in positive ways. But you used to with military, you stand with Donald Trump. That alone is costing you is antipolice.


Yeah, that is costing you a great deal, there's a lot of flesh that is being paid for here. Why? Why do what you're doing, why, why now do you stand up and even go further and and and put everything in jeopardy? Why?


Well, I don't know whether put in jeopardy, but I got to be able to deal with myself and what I buy, what I mean by that. I've got to be able to live with the truth because how could I live with myself as I'm allowed to hospital or being fake? I went to a hospital for not being honest. What was honest right now is is already out of their fortunes, raised by a mom and a dad. Some people don't have a mom or a dad, and we may not have either.


And I said, you're all for being raised by them. They taught me taking someone else, not breaking the law is not right, that if you want to change something hurtful, you change it through the system or you try to change the system. And I said, you know, they talk about it and maybe they need to get the closest systemic racism and I a systemically examine it as a norm.


Well, and read it as a norm had been happening for a long time.


Well, we just finished with a black president that couldn't happen 30 years ago. We have more African-American millionaires in the United States of America that couldn't have been 30 years ago. Can we change things? Yes, but you don't change it involves violence is what happens when you start throwing the word racism. That's it. Know, that's what you do to hurt someone. Would you quieted down by saying you're racist, you're racist. No racism, racism and racism.


Were people burning racism, beat racism? It go back to those days, right. That's not racism. That's disagreement with some. I disagree with you. That's where there's disagreement because not to me. There are so many multicultural people in this country today. You know, it didn't benefit banks. And that's what I said. And I'm going to fight for my rights. And as a guy, if I have to do this again, I will say this.


If I have a gun, I'm willing to die because I said what is upsetting to me is for people to lie and not want to do anything for these young people that are being killed. These are young kids are being killed. And the people, they don't matter. What matters is what the police do know. What matters is these are people being killed. What matter is there black on black crime? Let's let's talk about what hurt me is we can't even talk about it.


So people want me to go along with something fake regarding and let me into heaven because I'm going to recognize and I said I'm going to try to get equality. And I may not see, but I want my son to get close to see him, and if I'm going to be fake, I won't leave you. And I got to tell you, I'll get up and I'll move. I got to. That's what I'm saying. I'm not saying anything wrong.


I'm just saying I want everybody to be treated right. Well, I'm trying to work at it. We're supposed to work. I'm not trying to do it by trying to force someone to steal something. You know, it was wrong for you to break into the old people neighborhood. And also now they're going to be prosecuted because they're going to defend our property. We have the local government of the mayor to the police, stand down, don't do anything.


Why people throw bricks, throw all this stuff in there and don't do anything. It's like, what are you doing? You know, is there you don't see the people going to stand up and said, no, we don't want this no more. You got to leave, because I think what we need to do is create American lives, matter and stand in front of the police. And now we've become a peaceful protest to protest against these. And then all of a sudden it becomes this civil war, because I'm confused why we have to keep putting up with it.


And local government is OK. They OK with the OK for people dying, OK, business being destroyed is like, oh, that's what it is possible. Well, that's not right.


Well, I will tell you this, Herschell, it's good to have you as a neighbor. It's good to have you as a neighbor. I think you might have been the person that have coined the term of our house, the the back compound. That's what I guess it's known as around the neighborhood. Now, you and your your in your family, if they come marching in, are welcome. We've got plenty of supplies and plenty of ways to protect ourselves in a day.


Glad I. Yes, likewise. I still like I stay with my neighbors in this neighborhood in a day and I don't care what they believe to be. I can be Democrat or Republican. I will stand with them in a day because the right is wrong, is wrong. And that's why I here my parents taught me that. So let me ask you one sports question, and I have the producers go through and I got a list of sports questions, but I got time for one and I want to tie it to kind of really who you are.


It's about things that happen that don't make sense or feel like a bad thing. And then you look back on it and it actually shaped you. So I'd like some perspective on this in nineteen eighty nine. You were in one of the most controversial trades in all of football.


Everybody said trading you from the Cowboys to the Vikings insane, taking the star player the best player and trading away. But if that trade didn't happen, you might not have had the Dallas Cowboy, you know, the three Super Bowls and the dynasty.


What what are your reflective thoughts on that now? Well, you know, as I look back now and when I looked at that time, you know, I couldn't believe that they even played goes out of the NFC Russian at that time. And but I think Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson did the right thing.


And if you have read him and I have to say it, I said, if I own a team, I will have Jimmy Johnson due to run that team. I respect him any trait. And I even like Jerry Jones as an owner. That's what people don't like. Jerry Jones as long as I've been around Mr. Jones. I've never seen some downside as a coach in Florida. You worry about it. That is honest backing away from it on air.


And I said going to Minnesota, I didn't know Minnesota was going to say, well, how about growing up in Georgia and then Dallas and then going to Minnesota?


Must have been like you were in Alaska or the North Pole.


I went to New York one in Minnesota. I know, but that's one of the best places I made my life in Minnesota. And it was funny that people got to know Hershel. And I told people if I had to run for president, I guarantee I could carry the state of Minnesota.


And I've got no law.


And being honest, despite what I'm doing here, they knew I was going to tell you the truth. I'm not going to sit here and try to sugarcoat anything to try to make myself look good. I have faults. I have my fault. I'm going to look at I try to change and make it better.


And then we'll hang on just a second. How do you feel about what's happening to the businesses and the people? I feel like these towns have just abandoned people.


Yeah, and they're they're all moving.


Well, go ahead. I'm will blame the citizens of Minnesota. Stand up to that. That state and local government. You know, it was you abandoned people business. You abandoned the sort of businesses and the local police know, you said, no, we don't stand that, you know, when all of a sudden the water they have potentially and while they're not standing down, you're all the local community that don't want the police to stand down. Where we need to do that is let's take all the money that they have to security for them and let's now define the security for all the local officials want the police to stand down.


Let's take a look at it, because was a year ago, this is terrible. It is absolutely terrible because people work all their lives. They have something destroyed. You know, that is awful. I wish I wish Donald Trump would hire the the former chief of police of Seattle, she was treated so horribly, she the she had the officers respect. She seems like she wanted to be in there. She should be some liaison to some of these cities because they're not gonna listen to him, unfortunately.


But she's she's remarkable.


Well, I guarantee she's going to get another job. Good for. And I've officers respect her because she wanted something that was terrible. Yeah. Yeah. Let me tell you what's funny. When you want to win a Super Bowl, you don't disband your team. You go out and buy better players.


When you go out and say, I'm taking money out of this team, go and buy more player. And so where to get off the OK to have a better police force? We're going to take money out of the. I'm confused. It makes no sense. Nelson says, Herschell, it is a pleasure to know you. It's a pleasure to be your neighbor and and to spend an hour with you is just it's been real fun. Thank you.


You and I, we're here. You need emergency supplies. We're here.


And we're all these crazy things all the time.


I got to finally work out things, go doing it all the time, but I'm still doing it. Yeah.


Yeah. God bless you, Herschelle. Thank you very much.


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