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In the beginning. The universe. Was silent. Cloaked in darkness. It must have been so peaceful back before the scrawny punks in the black block, you know, started shouting about, oh, dreadlocks, maple syrup, they're all racist.


Oh, in the beginning, those people weren't there. But as the hysteria of 2020 grows louder and more volatile, a few things keep me going. Family comedy, justice, democracy, truth, Chick fil A.


Have you tried the new Popeye's Chicken nearby, all of which are currently under attack now by bloodthirsty leftist mobs, anarchist radicals who have launched our country into a deep moral turbulence? Would you be surprised if we were at civil war in three months? Today's guest on the Glenn Beck podcast is the unshakable Dennis Prager. For the past few decades, Dennis has challenged the left's most dangerous narratives. He has fought the left's worst depravity and worsening depravity. And he turns 70, too.


I used to think seventy two years old. Now I'm like, Go, brother, go. He's just as vigorous as ever. He is a professional lion tamer in the world of political media. He just like opens up. The lion's mouth is like, yep. In your mouth, out of your mouth and your mouth out of your mouth. And it doesn't affect him like me. Many Americans, sometimes he is hopeful. Sometimes he's one breath away from feeling irreversibly defeated and faithless.


Faithless might not be the right word discouraged. Join us for the next hour. I promise you that you will feel a little more sane by the end of it. A lot less abandoned, a lot less alone. And hopefully we'll come out with a little more hope for the future and a little less a little less nostalgia for that empty, silent universe.


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Dennis, I want to start with probably your biggest regret, which has to be you started Prager University as a non-profit organization. Oh, that's funny.


You know, nobody has asked me that. That's very perceptive. It was actually Alan Astron whose idea it was did want to started as a for profit original.


And you said no. And we it's. Yeah, I didn't think it was a good idea, in part because I didn't believe you would make a profit.


Not in part. It was like entirely why? It's like, yeah, I was up for the Harrison Ford role in Star Wars. I turned it down. Yeah. So even the smartest among us sometimes have no one have to understand.


No, no, no. You're going to like this because you are a God centered man. So here is my theory on what happens before we're born. There are any number of cues, as the Brits would say, or lines as we would say in America. You could stand in. So, for example, when God gave gardening ability, I was not in that line. Right. But it was a very much more important line I was not in.


And that was natural. But, you know, no, I'm not joking. No, I know I don't know how to make money. So it is I've always felt that if I could buy all the books, have the audio system I want and live in a nice house, I am wealthy. I never assumed having money made me wealthy, just having these perks that I want. Yeah, which are stupid.


What if you have hit the perfect example of of my lack of financial acumen.


So but it doesn't I mean I do what I do and I don't do it for money. It's it's nice that I can live in a nice house and I have a nice life, but I don't do it for the money. And I know you don't do it for the money either. What did you expect Prager University to be? Well, so, again, I'm very. I am very the word I'm using is transparent. Somebody on my radio show, I think it was a few a few months ago just said, you know, we call you Mr.


Transparent. And I thought, that's correct. That's good at a very early time in my radio career. I thought, why should I hide anything about me? The more reason I am to people, the more effective I'll be. It was a gamble and it worked. So so I'll be very transparent here. I'm very lucky at a very early age. I know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I wrote it in my diary in my junior year in high school.


I want to influence people to the good. I wrote that in my diary at the age of 17. And therefore, when you ask what I what I foresaw with regard to Prager, you all all I want is to touch people with the wonderful set of values that I think are the answer to evil. I, I have felt since high school that I had a cure for moral cancer and I knew the only problem in my life would be marketing it.


And I was right. I understood at 17 the issue. The issue was not do I have a cure for evil? It is. How do I get it to enough people? You have led an amazing life.


You you were there for the Helsinki Accords with Ronald Reagan. I mean, I was just a dopey just a dopey kid, probably in my college years, still figuring out how to buy milk and make macaroni and cheese on my own.


And there you are at the Helsinki Accords. What what do you remember from that? What was. Well, I.


I knew the communism was evil, like I knew Naziism was evil, I claim. I take credit in this in the sense that I know that I have this gift, I don't take credit for the gift. Right. I, I know good and evil, like a person with perfect pitch, knows what a flat or an E flat is. And I've known this my whole I know what in people that I meet. That's why I have virtually never been personally hurt by a person in my life.


Well, I.


I detect crap. So quickly that it would it doesn't explain our friendship, then I may be the first to feel if you turned out to be a bad guy. I will. I will. I will advertise you. I was fine. I want all your great wealth. You sitting there in an office looking like Mr. Potter from from it's a Wonderful Life. So tell me. So anyway, I know communism was evil.


Yeah, I of course, I knew Nazism was evil, but Nazism was dead and communism wasn't dead. Right. Communism is not dead now. Communism is now making its first serious inroads into the United States. So I don't want to I don't know how it happened, but my name was given to the president at that time. Reagan, I was. Let's see, what year would that have been? So, yes, he was president from eighty two.


It was probably eighty six somewhere.


So so far I was in my late thirties. OK, so yeah. So it was, it was a great honor that he would have picked me that they do, which they take to non diplomats to be part of the delegation. So I went to Vienna, the Helsinki Accords where the human rights accord signed with the Soviet Union, which of course was a joke to the Soviets but was not a joke to people who wanted to be free in Eastern Europe.


I had spent a lot of time in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. I knew Russian. Oh, I had I had a I had a discussion with the Soviet diplomats one day. I'll never forget where I just said to them, you know, we we can print whatever we want in America, in our media, including criticizing our government.


And he says, oh, your magazines are just as much a part of your government as any of ours in any way. We print whatever we believe. I mean, it was it was like talking to a leftist in America today. It was pointless to argue. But it's it was it was a great experience. It was more of an honor. I didn't I didn't do much for the country in Vietnam. The country did a lot for me.


Did are you the how does it feel having that conversation then with what you knew was evil? And while we we had a free press, it still was it still was pushed to the to the left. But it isn't what we have now with the Cancer Council culture and everything else. What do you what are your thoughts on being there then? Seeing that evil? And now we have it, now it's over here and gaining in strength.


Right. Well, you will find this very interesting, Glenn. I'm often asked, you know what? I'm sure you're about to. What have you changed your mind about as you've gotten older? So here is a revelation that came to me in the last. Really, I would say in the last four years, that shocked me, and it's, I think, a pretty unshockable because I don't have much expectation of humanity. And it is this I I studied Russian in order to be able to read Pravda, the Soviet communist newspaper, not in order to be able to order a tuna sandwich and not not in order to be able to read Dostoyevsky.


I was at the School of International Affairs at Columbia. I had only interest in. And by the way, to this day I could say the Soviet Union condemns the Israeli aggressors against the peace loving people of the Arab countries. I could say that in perfect Russian, I cannot say, can I have a two to say? So I have prov the Russian. It's really a joke.


Anyway, I was convinced that the ability of the media to brainwash a society depended upon living in a police state. And I was wrong. The media can brainwash a society in a free state. That's what I now understand is happening.


So Dennis. You you see it, you have a good judge, James Lindsay is the mathematician, did worked with Helen Pluck Rose. I can't remember the name of the third guy. And they did the they did the white papers where they just took Mein Kampf and put white males instead of Jews and then had it submitted to peer review. I have not seen that. Oh, you have to. They're incredible. Right. And there and they are people that are all liberals.


They're liberals, but they're more classic liberals now. And they have they tried to show that the university system and the the peer reviewed system is nonsense. I mean, they they wrote a paper and it was peer reviewed and published that taking your dog to the dog park, if your dog tries to make it with another dog, that's dog grape. And it was peer reviewed and accepted. It's crazy. Anyway, I talked to him about a year and a half ago and he said, you know, I'm very concerned about things, but he wasn't over the top.


I just did a podcast with him a couple of weeks ago and he said a couple of things that were really interesting to me. One, he's he's an agnostic, I think, at best. And I said, you know, I've tried to stay away from the word evil over the last five years because I think we overuse it. But I look at what's happening in our country and how it's being dismantled and the lies that are being told through critical theory.


And there's no other word to describe it but evil. He agreed.


He said, you know me, I don't like that word. I don't like any of the theology around it or anything else, he said. But that is the only word that can describe it. And I asked him for a look into the future and. It wasn't a real optimistic one. He wasn't sure if we make it so let me ask you two questions. America has been overtaken by something, is it evil that we're all feeling and how do you see this moving forward?


Oh, it is evil. I don't I don't have a hesitation. The work should not be overused, but no word should be overused. Even the word awesome.


Yeah, you you you you order something in the restaurant and the server goes, oh, awesome, awesome. But so no work should be overused. But yes, the left has always been evil. Liberals are not evil. Liberals are weak, which enables enables evil to triumph. But liberalism and leftism have almost nothing in common that liberals will not acknowledge. This is because they have been brainwashed. And I can't think of a better word into believing that their enemy are conservatives, whereas their enemy is the left.


As Alan Dershowitz said to me in the movie, No Safe Spaces, what could see it in his apartment in Manhattan? He said that Dennis, as a liberal, lifelong liberal, lifelong Democrat, American, a Jew, I am far more afraid of the left than of the right, which is exactly how I feel. I am much more afraid of the left in America, in the right over in Europe.


And this way it always gets confusing the right over in Europe, it's just a different it's like a train track. One is National Socialism and one is global socialism.


You don't want either of them here. It's our left is maximum. I'm sorry. Our right is maximum freedom and as close as you can get to anarchy without it.


And indeed maximum liberalism, we really we don't want to close down left wing thought, right?


Well, they want to close us down for good reason. A The left has never been pro liberty, never from Marx to Lenin to Soros to to the contemporary Democratic Party and your local university. The left has never been pro liberty, French Revolution versus American. Yes, this is your classic example. The liberals have always been for liberty, but liberals are useful idiots to the left and the left uses every group. But that if you want to ask me about that, that's fine.


Afternoon. Say yes to your first question. Yes, it is evil to destroy the greatest country that has ever been made. And remember, unlike the left, I compare America to other countries, not to Utopia they compare. That's why their favorite song is John Lennon's Imagine. They imagine a world where everything is perfect. I never imagine that. Here's the irony. I tell my fellow Jews, most of whom are on the left, if there's any group that should be afraid of what happens when civilization gets weakened, it's us Jews because the building first falls on us.


When when the when the pillars of civilization crumble, Jews get hit first, never last, but always first. So this is that that Jews would be pro left is is not only morally awful, it is suicidal. But listen, Americans are committing suicide right now by voting left. I mean that just the way around. Your other question was with regard to optimism and where do I see this going? Yeah, I ask me ask me after Election Day if if the if the left, which is now the Democratic Party, it's no longer liberal.


If the left takes over both houses of Congress and the presidency, it is I cannot see reason for optimism. However, I just want to make something clear as I have to my listeners for quite some time now. I don't fight based on whether I'm optimistic or not. The guys who stormed Normandy Beach were not optimists. If they were, they wouldn't be peeing in their pants as depicted very powerfully in in Saving Private Ryan. I don't fight because I'm an optimist.


I fight because I have to. It's true. The guys who fought for liberty in America before me were asked to give up their lives. I'm not asked to give up my life so the least I could do was fight while I'm living. So I don't I don't really ask myself if my optimistic I ask myself, what do I have to do?


So, you know, Dennis, I was with I was with one of the righteous among the nations. And I've told the story a thousand times. She was a woman. Sixteen years old. She. He started saving Jews from Auschwitz, she was in Poland, then the Iron Curtain came, she couldn't speak about it because nothing really had changed with the Russians coming in. She wasn't open about any of it until the wall came down. And I took my family to visit her and to learn from her.


And one of the last things she said, I said the tree of righteousness is in everyone. How do you water it? And she looked at me and she said, You misunderstand. The righteous didn't suddenly become righteous. They just refused to go over the cliff with the rest of society.


That I understand more every single day. The courage that it takes to hide a Jew, to hide any one doesn't happen. If you don't have the courage and the backbone to stand right now and say now that that's not true, I'm not I'm not going to go down. I'm not going to go down that road with you.


Tell me tell me how people grow in courage.


How do you water that?


Well, No one. I mean, which is typical of you to ask these perceptive questions. The number one I have said all of my life, the rarest of the good traits is courage. There are many nice people, kind people, honest people, loyal people, but there are very few courageous people. And the problem is all the good traits are worthless. Without courage, nice cowards are as dangerous as evil cowards. So cowardice is the human norm.


This is. Explain that. Can you explain that.


Yeah, sure. The it takes no effort to be a coward. It comes with your nature. We're all afraid. I think I'm courageous, but it doesn't mean I don't have fears. It means I don't allow them to dictate what I do. Now, I've given a speech actually how to be courageous.


It's it's at the Prager store Dotcom about trying to make money, you know.


Yes, you are. That guy will bilk you for every dime you look out. I wish I were. I wish they were federally.


But anyway, people should know I did. I gave a speech on it a very people were asking me because a lot of people would like to become courageous. The first thing you have to do is want to be courageous. You can't be courageous. Not it's not by magic. It's like, how do I play piano? Well, the first thing you have to do is want to play piano and then you practice playing piano. So you want to be courageous and then you practice being courageous.


So how do you practice that in small ways?


OK, I'll I'll tell you how. It's a very important question and I'll tell you some of the ways. One way is that you ask yourself this, is it just a practical question? What is the worst that could happen to me? So let's say you speak out on your on your social media and you send a Glenn Beck blaze peace. OK, thoughtful. The blaze is terrific, by the way. I read it every day. And so you send that out to friends.


Just I would just respectfully request you read this. People won't do it because they're afraid. But what are you afraid of? That you'll be defriended? Why do you want to be friended by people who are so awful as to defend you because you sent an article? They don't agree with what you do that I wouldn't write if somebody in my life, a relative or an acquaintance or even a friend sent me an article from move on dot org or this or the the equivalent The New York Times, I would have read it.


I probably already did read it because I actually read The New York Times because for the same reason I read Pravda, I want to know what the other side says. Wow. And so the first thing you have to do is ask, what is the worst that could happen now? If the worst that could happen is if you save a Jew and the Nazis find you, they'll kill you. That that's I don't judge people who did the rescue. Jews like judge people who participated in snitching on Jews, but that that people did not risk their lives to save a stranger.


I don't expect that much from most human beings. But in America to stand up to the left, your life isn't threatened. Maybe friends will be friend. You are the friend you. But OK, so when you ask what's the worst that could. And that could already begin to give you courage. Number two, you have to not want to be liked by everyone. People should seek this is really important. You should seek to be loved only by your spouse and your friends.


That's it. You cannot do any other thing in life. Well, if you seek to be loved, you will not be a good teacher. You will not be a good leader. You will not be a good talk show host. You will not even be a good parent. If a parent wants to be loved every day of their lives, they will not be a good parent. You should seek to be loved by your spouse and your friends.


That's your peers. That's it. So, James, I think it was James said to me. Glenn, you have to say the first thing you have to do, everybody needs to draw a line, they need to know where's your line, because it'll continue to move.


If you don't say, you know what, they cross this line and that's just too much for me. And if you don't know it and don't set it. But as we were talking, they've already crossed so many. I mean, but I'm speaking out. Others are not. What lines are left here, Dennis, to get people to be able to say, OK, that's a reasonable line, that if they cross this, I got to stand up.


That's a really excellent point. I didn't make it in my speech. I would I would have added it had you told it to me earlier. That's that's right. So I'll give you a living example. I get this call or email me periodically, if not regularly. Dennis, what do I tell my daughter? She's at college. And she said to me, Mom, if I write what I think, meaning not not leftist, I will get a bad grade.


So I say to the parent so often I sort of have it memorized. I might say, look, I can't tell you what to tell your child, but you're asking me. So I can only tell you this. This is what I would say as the non parent to your child. If you compromise on what you believe for a grade, when will you not compromise on one Bulleen?


Well, that's an indictment. I mean, I'm just reviewing, you know, well, it's it's a challenge more than an indictment. You have to say to yourself what you just said, Glenn, where is my line? OK, so I shut up and and and be one of the herd for a grade. When will I not shut up and be one of the herd? Grades are not that important. Livlihood is more important than great. Just to give an example.


So when when will you when will you take a stand if you don't take a stand in college for a bloody grade. I'll tell you of Dennis, and I'm sure you've gone through this, but there was a point in my career where right before I left Fox that I knew if I didn't leave, I would not leave with my soul. And this is why there comes a point to where you've convinced yourself that you have influence and you now are positioned to be able to do things that you couldn't do before.


And yeah, there's some compromises that you have to make. But, you know, compromise is a part of life, etc..


And I was so shook to the center of my being.


You don't leave. You start wanting this, you start saying, well, I know, but you're done, you're done. You lose your soul. Well, I could give you a parallel you'll find fascinating in the nineteen nineties, I had on national TV shows on all over the country. I remember.


You do. I do. I want to be one of the 11 Americans, remember. Right. I met nine of the others. Yeah. Yeah. We're having a convention get together. Yes, that's. Yeah. In my bathroom.




The one day they come to me because you don't want to see their ratings every day on radio once every 14 years.


So they came to me, the producers, and they said, Dennis, you know, it's a great show and it was a great show as it happens. But it doesn't matter. The they said we got to spice it up, though, which meant sex. Now, you have to understand I very libertarian views on consensual sex. Just for the record, however. I knew I wasn't given my gifts by God or by nature, but I think by God, but doesn't matter.


I wasn't given the gifts I have in order to have Semin nudity on a national television show, which is what they wanted. They wanted lingerie models to come on the show. That would have been so weird.


Well, yes, essentially, that's right. So interestingly, by the way, I said I will allow it once I drew my line, but I will not be with the models, which I never saw them, as it happens. Number two, it was people from Frederick's of Hollywood, which has long range stuff, which I'm totally supports, which industry said, fine, but I will talk to them intellectually about the issue of sex between between couples sexual titillation, which are very legitimate subject for serious discourse.


I allowed it once. It was the highest rated of my shows and I never and I said that was it. I said to you once, but that is it. And of course, ultimately, the show lasted a grand total of six months. But I felt, as you were just describing, I am not in media to be in the media. I am in it to do good. If I can't do good, I have no interest in being so.


But that's that's a problem now, Dennis, because they used to accuse people like us. We're only saying these things for ratings and for money. Well, people are saying these things now for likes and friends on Facebook. Our audience has an audience. So now everyone is in the same boat. And there seems to be this this love affair with with fame and and being liked, which I think fame is battery acid to the soul. It is the fame and fortune, the combination of the two, the most destructive thing to any human soul.


We all know about young popular figures in music or Hollywood and the and then you read they couldn't handle the fame and or the fortune. I have actually said two things about this. One is I believe that fame is more difficult for young people to handle or even middle age people than heroin.


It's you can you can break away. And we all know people who have been addicted. But if you were addicted to fame, it's almost impossible. Yeah. So, number two, you will love this. So I get a big kick out of talking to kids. So I will go into a seventh grade class and I will. What do you want to be when you grow up? And the most common answer is famous. And then I then I go, good, you'll doubly love this.


So I go, famous for what? Which they've never thought about in their lives, and they go, it doesn't matter, I say, well, what if you're famous for most hamburgers? Equant Great. Not conquering cancer, right?


Most hamburgers eating right, right, and it is a it's weird because we are now entering a time where. Where you can be the most genuine and the most real, that people are starving for authentic people to starving, it's why you're successful, correct? Yes. You know, just I'm going to tell you, I don't really care what the consequences are. This is what I believe. And they're starving for that. And yet our children are being raised on social media to pose.


There's nothing real on social media. And you can see it in the you know, I remember I was in top 40 radio and it's when I knew I had to get out, I was doing I was judging some, I don't know, cover girl modeling thing. And they did 20 somethings. And then they also had young teenagers and preteens that were modeling. And I was so grossed out by the 12 year olds that were acting sexy, they had no idea what sex even was.


They were just they were just reenacting what they saw people do. That's our whole society now. They're just they're just acting like those people. Maybe you'll remember better than I, but is very recent, like even within the last 10 days. Where there's a movie, Alex, and it's yeah, Netflix released it, by the way, Netflix did not allow no safe spaces to be streamed. This great film, Adam Carolla and I are in about free speech.


That's not OK for Netflix, but 12 year old girls twerking. Is that that's OK.


Yeah, we were talking about this earlier today on the radio. I don't know. When it happened, but it is impossible now to watch anything that. It does not cross every boundary that we would never have crossed 10 years ago that you cannot find and I brought things to Netflix, I brought stories to Netflix, I brought them to Amazon. I brought and they say there's no appetite.


That's not true. There's got to be people in this country that still want to watch things that are good, funny, maybe a little edgy here and there, but but are not pornographic and not, you know, has has a little higher brow than the F word.


That's right. Well, I mean, look, your success as an example, the fact that, Prigg, you get two billion views a year and that sixty five percent are under the age of thirty five, you know, we have pretty sophisticated stuff on the Internet. I know. And it's and it's drawing a lot of people, you know, you don't want to give you an amazing little piece of data because of the I believe now I originally called it the greatest mistake that humanity is made, not the greatest evil.


I made that clear, but the greatest mistake, the world wide lock down. I was right. I'm more right every day now. I believe it's criminal. I think it's gone from mistake to to a crime, but in any way.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I want to stop and talk to you about that. First of all, the biggest mistake. I'm playing devil's advocate here. I think I can justify this in my mind. But how can you say this was the biggest mistake in the history of the world and yet it was done by the guy, Donald Trump, that you support? His instinct was not to do it.


He understood he was he was in he was in no man's land if he didn't call for it and by the way, he has no power to enforce it. So it's almost irrelevant what he came out, its governors and mayors. But every death would have been attributed to him if we didn't have a national lockdown. We should have done what Sweden did. Every country should have done what Sweden did. The virus will take a certain number of lives. It is a tragedy.


It has been true of all viruses. We we have crushed children. We have crushed the society. We have ruined tens of millions of people's livelihoods. And in in the name of pseudoscience.


So now give me the second give me the second half. Now, you say it's crossed over into criminal.


Yes. In California, that restaurants are still closed for four in room. Dining is is, I believe, a crime. I do not understand how Gavin Newsom gets away with it. I, I really don't. The the supine nature of the American people is one of the most distressing aspects of this, that there I had a rally three months ago in front of city hall in front of another little man with great power, Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles.


I spoke at at a rally to open up Los Angeles three months ago. Only two hundred people came by the way. I hugged. Forty people mask free I and one of the reasons is that I, I believe that I will be taken care of because of hydroxy chloroquine and zinc.


The this is one of the scandals of my lifetime that the the social media shut down doctors, epidemiologists.


Who tell you the obvious truth? Uganda has virtually no deaths. One of the poorest countries in the world. You know why? So almost everybody is already taking it for malaria.


Yeah, I'll tell you, Dennis, everybody in my family was diagnosed with covid within two days of each other. As soon as anyone in the family had symptoms, I was symptom free, but everybody else started getting sick. I took zinc. What is it? Butanol and hydroxide.


Chloroquine never got it. I have a I have a compromised immune system.


I'm the most vulnerable to it.


Right, exactly. So are you. Anyway, I just so I just want to I remember one of my tasks, whatever because of radio and speaking. I remember where the discussion began. Sorry. So I don't know. No, no, no, no. It was my task to remember it. So because of the lockdown, people could not go on Passover to Jews, could not go to other Jews homes or not Jews go to Jews homes for the Passover Seder.


So I conducted one on the Internet with my dear friend of mine who is a psychiatrist at UCLA Medical School. So I conducted this with my friend and I expected a couple of thousand people. I'm only making your point about the hunger for quality.


Do you know how many people saw it on YouTube and two hundred fifty thousand people, a Passover Seder, quarter of a million views. And you figure most of the views, very few people are alone. That's like a half a million people. And it's not there were no visuals. I'm just sitting there right with Mozza. Mozza is not sexy. Yeah. So the the the hunger for quality IVC this is key. It's another another time I come on your show, I will just I can do an hour on one word.


Interesting. The essence of communication is to be interesting and I learned it because I'm in music, I conduct orchestras and I, I my whole life I have wondered why do I prefer this conductors. Brahms fourth to this conductors Brahms fourth. And it's been my whole life. Why do I don't understand? Then I realized this guy holds my interest. This guy didn't. You're interesting. If you weren't, you would be in a different field. Mm hmm.


I am interesting. You can disagree with me, but I'm interesting. Interesting is everything. So you have to make a Passover Seder interesting. A lot of religious Christians and religious Jews forgot to make their religions interesting, not phony, relevant with a guitar. Interesting.


Dennis, are you familiar with the world economics? The World Economic Forum's The Great Reset.


No, would you do me a favor sometime today, go to the World Economic Forum and look at the great reset, go to their Web site, look it up. When you say it's criminal, when you say it's criminal, I believe we have tied together several big organizations and the World Economic Forum is right there in the leadership role for the great reset where we're not going to have normal, we're not going to return where we are. They are now talking about I can't remember exactly what they call it, but it was like a socialist capitalism.


What it is, is National Socialism. You might still own the company, but the government will tell you what to do with it. And it is a global recession they're working on.


Yes, basically, China will be the model. Yeah, it's terrifying. It's really terrifying. It is, yes. So, Dennis. Talk to me a little bit about the fight you've had with Google and the I've been saying recently on the air voices have been silenced recently in America, and it's it seems strangely to be no big deal for a lot of people. It's a big deal when you silence somebody on the left or the right. To me, I'm a free speech absolutist and I stand up for people on the left when they are silenced and people I vehemently disagree with because that's when you have to stand up.


But I've been saying recently that if the left wins and gets their way, voices like yours, voices like mine.


Once Donald Trump stops being the giant flak jacket that he has become and the attacks are zeroed back in on talk radio, et cetera, et cetera, if they're in charge, we don't survive. You agree with that or is that hyperbolic?


There is no example of leftists in power and free speech remaining. It doesn't exist in human history. Liberals, great conservatives, great left. As I said, they do deliberately, not just they don't. Liberty is not a left wing value, equality of result, not equality of opportunity, equality of result, it might be of value. In other words, is the French Revolution versus the American Revolution. That that's or even now, I would say the Russian Revolution versus the American Revolution.


It's even worse. So there's no question, look, 50 percent of young Americans or forty eight percent something one of the two believe, they say, oh, we believe in free speech, but not for hate speech. Right. But of course, that means you don't believe in free speech. I'll give you an example, Glenn, again, from my for my Jewish background, when I was a kid, Nazis, I mean, real Nazis, not conservatives called Nazi leftists, real Nazis with real swastikas marched in Skokie, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.


The reason, because they're particularly cruel, was to march where a lot of Holocaust survivors were living. Correct, which was in Skokie. Almost every Jewish organization that I could think of defended their right to march. People who advocate essentially the genocide of Jews. That is how committed people are and were to free speech in America, including myself. Do you know that America is one of the only countries in the West that allows Holocaust denial, which is one of one of the most incredible lies in history, the most documented event in history, the Holocaust.


And there are people because they hate Jews, so they they deny that the Holocaust happened in Europe. You can actually be fined or go to prison for Holocaust denial in the United States. You want to say there was no Holocaust fine so that you could say, you know, there was no slavery. You could make up anything you want. But this is dying when when I when I was a kid. And and I suspect you you recall this as well, the commonality of, you know.


Well, I may not agree with what you have to say, but I'll fight to the death for your right to say it. You sort of memorized that line. Yeah.


Yeah, I heard it a lot growing up. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So, Dennis, I know we're short on time and I'm sorry, but I'm just pumping you for all personal information. I'm I don't know if this is good or entertaining for anybody or but I'm personally interested in a few things.


I have I've studied revolutions for the last twenty years. I have studied Marxist revolutions and. And coups, and because of that, I was pilloried in public space for a long time by saying, hey, what's happening over in Egypt? That's not what you're seeing here. This is this is this is orchestrated. What you're seeing in the Arab Spring is orchestrated and it's being orchestrated by some very big people. And it's going to spread and they're going to do the same thing here.


And we're going to be we're going to be a bigger Israel and it will be the Palestinians, you know, against Israel. It'll be the whomever against the United States and will be the big aggressors and yada, yada, yada.


As I look at things, I hope we don't go down these roads, but history will tell you that. It happens. I feel like. I don't I don't. There's no place to go, so I can't be the Jew that jumped out of Germany so early, but I am a Mormon where the Jews of the Christian world and our heritage with women and everything else, they're going to they're going to pounce on us. They're going to be we're going to be the first sacrifice.


And Christians will turn their heads because they don't know Mormons. They don't care about Mormons. They think that we're not really Christians or whatever. And basically the same we have the same kind of separation culture as the Jews do in some ways. And I just think we're going to be the first of the Christians. Your guys are going to be the first ones as Jews, but for Christians will be thrown to the lions.


Well, what do I look? What do I look? Sorry.


Going what do I do? What do I look for, Dennis? What do I when do you say it's time to get out of Germany? It's time to reevaluate things. The very fact that we're even discussing this. It's got to be a shock to the system. Four years ago, let alone 40, we would not be having such a discussion because nobody would say, oh, you don't think of leaving America.


You can't think of you think of stopping a hundred million of coming in because this is the place you want to go to. There is no guarantee that that the forces that loathe liberty will not take over liberty, as I have been telling people at speeches and in my writings by Radio Liberty is a value, not an instinct. There's a big difference, breathing is an instinct. Sex is an instinct. Liberty is a learned value. Humans want to be taken care of.


Much more than they want to be free. Guess where I learned this in the good old Bible, which, by the way, is the source of the problem, because without the Bible, this country is wisdom free. It got its wisdom from the Bible, the most Bible free places, the university, and it is the most wisdom free place in America. So I just I want to this is one plug I want to make. I am I know biblical Hebrew very well.


And I've been teaching the Bible all of my life. And I am writing a commentary on the first five books of the Bible, the most important, if I can say, because everything is rooted Christianity. The rest of the Old Testament is all rooted in the Torah. The first five books I have two volumes out. It's called the Rational Bible. If people want to go to Amazon, they could read sixteen hundred reviews of people, many of whom are agnostic and said this thing maybe rethink my agnosticism.


So I'll give you an example of a wisdom thing I learned when I was ten. The Jews leave Egypt. They were slaves for hundreds of years. Right? What is the first thing they do? They complain to Moses. Let's go back to Egypt. We ain't better. They weren't starving in the wilderness. They just preferred the food. In Egypt, people rather be well-fed slaves, then less well fed, not starving, just less well-fed, free people.


That's the human condition. That is why the Bible is eternal, because it's rooted in human nature and human nature is eternal. And one of the aspects of human nature that is eternal is that liberty is a value. What is on the Liberty Bell, a verse from the Torah from Leviticus, and you shall proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. Leviticus Chapter twenty five, by the way, it shows you how the founders knew their Bible knows Leviticus.


You ask an American, what's Leviticus? I think it's a horse running in the third and aqueduct. Right?


Same with Deuteronomy at this point in Deuteronomy is I mean, that was the biggest source for any of our laws. That's where everyone else was. Deuteronomy Dennis, first of all, let me give you a plug for your book. I have I have read your your books, your mere two books on the Bible. And I just think they are so important. And Christians don't understand unless you have you can read the Bible and King James, but unless you understand it with somebody who reads Hebrew and understands all the oral traditions and everything else, you have apps.


You've never read the Old Testament, you've never read it. And it is your life. It is your life's work. And you know the rational Bible, because I only use reason.


I reason takes me to God.


Can we do this again sometime, Dennis? I really do. You are a total joy any time you want. God bless you. Thank you very much for the state and for the same fee.


There he goes. Piling the cash again. Yes. Frager, thank you.


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