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Well, that was fun, wasn't it? I have a roundtable with Stu and Pat and Steve Davis, and we also are going to have Dave Reuben checking in. Ali Stucky is going to be checking in a couple of other people. We'll get the opinions. Let me just start here. I thought this was evidence of a civil war with an very uncivil debate. I don't think it served either, buddy, for a knockout. I thought there were chances missed on on Donald Trump side.


We'll get into it was round after round after round of mischaracterizations and outand out lies, I thought from the left. Donald Trump strangely seemed to have a grasp of the facts much more than he did four years ago. He I thought he had some some really good moments, but I don't know if anybody is going to see them or remember, the big thing that I took away from it is that Donald Trump spoke to the American people, even though he wasn't looking into the camera, which Joe Biden was doing.


He was giving the message that I think is resonating with the people who are actually watching my job. What's going to happen with my job? What's going to happen with the economy? When am I going to stop wearing the stupid mask? When are we going to go back to normal? That's what people are talking about. And I think Donald Trump reiterated that and and Joe Biden was speaking about some sort of alternative America, some sort of alternative reality where Donald Trump screwed up the the the economy and never really had a good economy.


I don't think that was connecting with the American people.


Donald Trump, it's really easy. I'm not for white supremacist KKK terrorist group. I'm willing to do it. You just you just said that. I also said that with Antifa. Now ask him if he'll do the same.


He blew that. There was nothing solved. I don't think that the American people were well served by this. I don't think that they were talking about anything that people are actually going to vote on. Very few times that I go, yeah, OK, that's where people are living. That's what people actually care about. The rest of it was I thought it was just it was garbage and unlistenable. And Chris Wallace asked the questions that I would expect a mainstream media personality to ask.


He seemed to be playing referee for Joe Biden, who Joe Biden to me seemed like my grandfather. He started out, you can hear he has no wind power. He's talking from ear and he's just really and he sounded bad. And as the night went on, he got weaker and weaker and weaker. He didn't have any Metamucil moments. But I do think that he he is certainly not the man that he was even in the primary season. How is he going to last four more years?


One last thing. It is absolutely reprehensible. That in this season. The moderator of this debate, when the major news came out about Hillary Clinton and the entire Russia hoax, it is now verifiably a hoax. The news that came out last late this afternoon, for that not to be even a question for Joe Biden is remarkable and reprehensible. But nobody is going to know that because we're all watching our own sides and not listening to the other side.


So let me go to Stu just to add on to what you said, because I agree with that. I would say one of the biggest accomplishments of this administration was, I mean, if you go back to twenty sixteen. Yeah, we had there was debate after debate. A big portion of it was about ISIS and how they had a caliphate going. Yeah. The fact that that's not even a topic of conversation and not just ISIS, the Middle East, that's going to say, yeah, I mean, this is this is the biggest story in the Middle East in the past 30 years.


And how Trump doesn't bring it up on his own is one thing. The fact that there's not even one question about what happened. There is really, I think, a shame. I think people will remember this a lot because there's just a lot of chaos. There's a lot of them talking over each other. I think Joe Biden goes into this thing and can't have a Metamucil moment, a brain malfunction in the middle of it. I don't think he had that moment.


I think it seemed like the Trump approach there was to say, let's get under his skin. We'll go after him early, we'll get him angry and he won't be able to control himself. It seemed like Biden was prepared for that tactic at some level where he kind of tried to force himself this weird, mellow state. I don't know. It was it was a very strange tone from Biden.


I thought the whole time he never really emoted except for when he's talking about his son, which seemed like a totally forced monologue. He said, shut up. He called the president a clown. He did. He called him a liar, a racist. Right.


But I think it was all in that same I don't know, that same speed, that same tone.


I mean, he never emoted. It was like it was a very odd like the sleepy Joe thing felt accurate watching him do that tonight. I don't think there's a huge knockout blow for either side, though. And I think from Biden's perspective, considering all the help we'll get from the media, he's probably going to look at that is not a not a disaster. Steve Davis is head is going to explode. But I'm going to ask you to hold on for a few more minutes because I want to get Pat's point of view on what you thought.


Worst debate maybe of all time. Whose fault? You got to blame the moderator, right? You got to blame Chris Wallace because he's supposed to maintain control. He didn't. He didn't. How do you do that when you have. It's very difficult to win the two. It's really difficult. I had a real problem with with Chris Wallace when he said, keep it down. You promised you said you wouldn't do it. Stop it. And Trump said, you mean that to both of us, right?


Well, I mainly mean it to you. Well, wait a minute.


Hang on. They were both doing Biden did plenty of that. Yeah. If you asked me who won the debate early on, I would have said Donald Trump. Me too. But later it is the debate we're on and chaos ensued. I'm not sure anybody won the debate, but I think Biden will be declared the winner by the mainstream media. Of course they will. I mean, we knew that before the debate even happened. So there's no surprise.


But I mean, they've got a legitimate case. He I guess he interrupted less maybe. I don't know.


What did he say? Very little. Very little.


That made sense. He did have a couple of almost really serious Metamucil moments, especially toward the end. He almost melted down. But somehow I'm thinking drugs is the way he held on to it. But he did hold on to it. And I I think one of the reasons that they wanted the three breaks was the three breaks in a half an hour, an hour and a half, three breaks.


But every half hour. Every half hour. Yeah. So six total.


Nine total.


I thought it was one per half hour, but I kept one brief story for the whole thing still. And I think that's because of the medication he's taken. He probably was where it depends while he was standing there at the podium. I don't think I really I think that I think gave him because he he lost energy.


He started out with very little and it just was almost gone halfway through.


All right, Mr. Days, I feel like that Jonah Hill gif, OK, first thing we all need to do is pray to a law. But this is our final boomer election. I think we can all agree on that. Yeah. As far as is the rest of what transpired here, I think if the goal was to see if you could use the debate process to lower voter turnout, I think this was a rousing success. I think if you are.


One hundred and fifty thousand percent committed to voting for each of these men a few times, you love this. OK, I think that if you went into the clicking click Baity faction of each candidate and said, hey, make sure you call him a racist and a clown, OK? Check, check, check, check. OK, bring up Hunter Biden more often than you bring up anything else that people care about. Check, check, check, check, check.


And so a lot of people that tuned in looking for a reason to vote for either one of these individuals that maybe were undecided I think are now would prefer to not have to decide. I think that this was there's playing to the converted and then there is whatever this was the airing of grievances sponsored by Festivus. I'm not exactly sure what it was, but I don't think that it advanced anybody's cause. I think it simultaneously helped and hurt everybody all at the exact same time.


And one of the issues you had mentioned, the problem with the moderator. Well, the problem with the moderators, Chris Wallace asked every damn question from Joe Biden's premise. Sure did. And so when you do that to Donald Trump, he is not George Bush or Mitt Romney. He is going to not accept your premise. Now, the problem is the way that he communicates is thus he won't accept your premise. He then needs to take 15 to 20 seconds to tell you how great he is.


And now he's done whatever the issue is better than anybody else. He then takes another minute to minute and a half, give you the correct statistics often, though, in sort of an indecipherable context before he then hovers back around to what the right answer is. But now we're a three and four minutes of a two minute answer, which gives Chris Wallace the excuse to go in there and interrupt him because he's past his time. And we just did this dance like the damn time work for for an hour and a half.


Meanwhile, it provided Joe Biden an opportunity not to have to do very often what he was the most scared to do, talk. It provided him an opportunity to sit there and be a spectator and just call Trump names whenever he wanted to, to not have to provide any policy specifics at all. I thought the two most damning parts of the debate for Joe Biden were when he could name any law enforcement agency that was supporting him when he refused to answer the question on stacking of the court.


See, that's what Trump should have done far more of than defending and debating Chris Wallace. He should have forced Joe Biden to go on the record more, and he missed numerous opportunities to do that. I think that's what that's why I think I felt comfortable sort of with Trump at the very beginning because he was saying no answer that.


Just tell me just tell me if he would have just been doing that yes or no tonight or not tonight or not tonight or not.


It would have been much more powerful because you needed to put him on record.


I think he he did have a plan because he was just doing body blows. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba.


I think he thought that and antagonizing Biden. Yes. Would get him off his game and make the senior moments happen. The problem is this is still an adult male. All right. If you followed Biden on the campaign trail, the pugilism isn't his issue. He's a long time political combatant. You saw what he did to Paul Ryan. You mentioned that earlier today when we were talking about this. Do that actually woak Biden up. All right. What Biden doesn't want to have to do is offer specifics on policy when he can't it just can't articulate it cogently.


And then to when he does, he's he's instantly outside the mainstream of at least fifty one percent of American voters.


Or if he is in the mainstream, he's alienated his real base. That's exactly right. It's an unwinnable proposition for him. And he was let off the hook because Trump made it more of a personality contest and less about issues.


I think it would have been helpful to have to give Biden more rope to be able to hang himself. Where you said that halfway through during the debate, you said I'd let him give up. And you're right. Yeah. You got to get out of his way for him to have those moments. Right. A lot of times I think Trump a couple of times I think you use this tactic effectively. Biden would be trying to have this moment to the camera.


This big moment where he would have a sound bite, you could tell was planned and Trump would jump in over it, kind of ruining the sound bite. He did it a couple of times effectively, but more often, he interrupted moments that could have led to the Biden downfall. He kept jumping in and then Biden could just stop. And of course, Biden comes, gets into his trouble when he keeps talking and tries to finish these sentences where he doesn't know where he's going.


So so let me ask you this, because for me, the biggest thing was Biden seemed like the crypt keeper to me. He seemed like somebody who hasn't really even lived in the last four years and is all of a sudden showing up.


And he's like, that's not the way it is. You're like, where have you been? What are you talking about? That's not the way when he was talking about Donald Trump and his the covid, the early covid, everybody remembers. Everybody remembers about that when he talks about, you know, I'm going to make I'm going to make the economy greatest. He shut it down. Everybody knows the truth of that. When we didn't have a good economy under under Donald Trump, everybody remembers is did that.


To play a role, it was he. You know, there's one thing to say, yeah, you're lying about this, the the Hunter, Biden, Biden thing, that's not true. Yes, it is.


And you can do fact checks all you want, but the fact checks that I think matter are the ones that people watch and go. Of how we've lived our lives, what they witnessed, do you think that's going to matter? Did that bother anybody tonight with Joe Biden?


I think when he was trying, he has this idea with the current situation where he wants to push. It's funny because you know, where Biden stood on every position, if you know where Trump stands because he disagreed with him every single time. So when Trump was saying we're going to close down flights from China, of course, it was xenophobic at that moment for Biden to do that. And, you know, it's just a matter of like this is the constant opposition.


And I think people do remember those things. Look, Biden was out there saying that we were just hating the Chinese for a very long time at that. At that point, I don't know if any of that's going to those moments where it's obvious to the average person, to the most effective ones. People are not going to they're going to go back and check your farm bill. Stato That's not what happens. You know, the media likes to toss those things around afterward.


It's more about what hits people the wrong way. Trump had a pretty effective part where he was talking about shutting down the economy. I thought that was where he really he really laid that out in a way. I think that's important, really.


If people got that far, there was a couple of something else with covid. Did anybody else feel that Donald Trump now there are a lot of it was just chaos. But there were a few times where I went, that's presidential. That's not the Donald Trump I saw four years ago, for instance, the covid part where he was talking about here, the stats and the companies, and he knew the ball.


You could tell he had been truly engaged in that and knew what he was talking about, which I hadn't. You don't see what Donald Trump very often.


And I think that made a huge to me, if I was just somebody that didn't know what was really going on, what he said, I believed what Joe Biden said was kind of like, well, I don't even understand that if I were on the Trump debate team and you guys weren't around and we were talking privately, what I would be stressing is the opportunity costs that were missed.


Tonight, he let Biden get away with hammering him on pre-existing conditions when he actually just issued an executive order that, frankly, a lot of conservatives like myself are not in favor of. Telling you that you have to cover pre-existing conditions would happen at the end of the debate with with white supremacy when he just issued an executive order less than a week ago that that was the worst. He just issued an executive order less than a week ago, calling it declaring the KKK a white I'm sorry, a domestic terrorist group.


Do we happen to have do we happen to have that cut where he was talking? I don't even know what he said. The white supremacist white supremacist cut. We have a little glitch in the feed around that time, but at least that's what I thought. Maybe he just just listen. If you had the Cowboys getting mentioned in tonight's presidential debate, bingo, dude, you're the one in a million. When I didn't think that was ever possible that we were complaining a little bit about Chris Wallace.


I thought you got what you what I expected out of Chris Wallace, which he did. A couple of good questions, a lot of bad questions. He was on the wrong side of a lot of that stuff. But the worst moment of the entire thing from Wallace to me was when you're trying to get Donald Trump to denounce white supremacists for the nine thousandth time and why Donald Trump just didn't do it, I have no idea. But he has done it one hundred times in the past.


We've heard him all say it a hundred times. Joe Biden has denounced Antifa zero times. He has never been asked about it. The fact that you would ask Donald Trump to do something he's already done multiple times and not Donald Joe Biden to say, hey, antifa, how about the elements of Black Lives Matter that are advocating for the destruction of the nuclear family? Will you denounce those things?


And it's strange. Any response to those that I've heard him speak off the cuff about that he knows that and Trump knows that. Trump no, I'm criticising Wallace on it. But you're right. Trump needs to bring that up. Should have just said at that point. Wait a minute, Antifa. They are peaceful or not, do you approve of them or not? You know, Black Lives Matter, the actual organization that wants to destroy the family, you approve or not.


And if he would have stood around and said no, Chris, Chris, Chris, I want those two questions. That's a reason to cause chaos and stop the debate.


Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris. America wants to know the answers to those two questions. I think what each of these candidates did is not make this process accessible to people who were honestly trying and earnestly trying to make up their minds. They made it about themselves. The other thing that was really egregious was that Trump and Chris Wallace let Biden get away with not answering the. Will you pack the court question? Yes, he should have been forced to answer that question.


You're running for president of the United States. We're supposed to be blown away with saying that's going to make it the issue were not the issue. What are you talking about? You get to define that answer the same question. Kate will decide what's important. Thank you. Let's cut three. Play that, please. Vote now to make sure you, in fact, let people know he doesn't. Senator, I'm not going to answer the question, answer that question, but this is left what you should.


Who is on your list, Joe? All right, gentlemen, I think this is the record we're going to give. We have ended the segment. We're going to move on to how do they do all of this is all we should say. There is no certainty. That's right. It's a yes or no question.


And he should have honestly done that with Donald Trump on the KKK. Yes. Yes or no. Are you for the KKK or do you denounce them? Of course I denounce them. You know, just and he's done it a million times.


I don't know why he hesitated there, but he has done that a million times. We've all heard him say it. Think about the questions here. We're talking about that people didn't get answers to how many justices on the Supreme Court does one of the presidential nominees think we should have? Is white supremacy bad? Will you cover my pre-existing conditions? But everyone did find out how much money Senator Biden made for Berezan. And I think this goes to something that we were talking about this morning on your show.


There is a disconnect. And I see this working in conservative media. And I'm totally fine if Hunter Biden is guilty of everything that people are accusing him of, it could put him in the basement of SingSing and we can never hear him sing for the rest of his days. I'm totally OK with that. But that's a criminal prosecution, not a presidential election. If I'm sitting there wondering, is my kid going to be able to stay in school if there's four positive tests next week?


And if he gets sent home, do I have to lose my job? Agree. The things that people care about didn't get addressed. The things that the most fanatical elements of each of our partisan media is get their jollies off of all got addressed.


Well, but the stuff people care about never got addressed. So I would just I would disagree somewhat in the fact that this goes to how many Supreme Court justice is there a deep state? Is there justice in America? You you prosecuted and persecuted me. Today we find out that was hoax and you knew it and Brennan knew it. Everybody knew Comey knew it. We've got the documents that came out today. So I got to know you were the guy in the office that said it.


Your son took three million dollars from the mayor of of of Moscow.


When are we going to have a conversation about that, Joe? I think with one question, I think there's a way you have to frame that, though, in a way that makes voters care. Are you guys if I beat you guys again, are you going to try to do another coup against the 60 plus million people that voted for me? So you did for me for four years ago. See, it's a there's difference. People want elections to be about them, not about the candidates.


Right. And both these guys made it about themselves and not about the people that are actually watch.


Here's something that I think he tried to say. He tried to cover that, but it wasn't he didn't do it well when he said there is no peaceful transition of power. He's right. You know, that means what you're saying now is not a peaceful and that is something everybody wants to know.


Are you going to abide by the rules? And the answer to that? If you would have said that, will you accept the election if everyone abides by the rules that we all know?


Sure, I am. If somebody is breaking the rules, no.


Can I go back to the the packing the core question real quickly, because it was not just packing. The court is also the filibuster. Right. And here's here's Joe Biden, who's in the Senate for one hundred and twenty seven years. A guy who who's supposed to be hundred eighty five is supposed to be a guy who cares about the Senate rules. Right. This was his blunt, right? He he lived and died in the Senate. And he goes through this and he his answer to both of those questions, packing the court and getting rid of the filibuster was I don't want to answer that because whatever I say is going to become the issue.


Well, it doesn't become an issue if you say you're not going to do it. There you go. Right. So that was an answer. He is going to do it. The American people should know that. And if there is one journalist left in America, they got to get him to answer that question. It's not it's complicated or there's not one.


Let me go to Ali Stucky, who was watching this. Were you at home watching this, Ali?


Yes, my husband and I were at home watching this while some of it we were actually watching some of some of the time we had to divert our eyes right out of sight.


So tell me how it played to you and how you think it's going to play to millennials and to and to women.


My frustration at the beginning of this, I was talking to a lot of my friends who consider themselves conservative, but mostly apolitical. I was talking to the women who follow me on Instagram. Our first frustration was with Trump that he seemed to not let his own greed and his consistent insistence on the bullying tactics. I didn't like that. But as the debate on my frustration grew with Chris Wallace and it becoming this two on. One debate to where Biden was never held against the wall for the things that we are actually concerned with, I wanted to know his stance on the police and BLM and critical race theory and law and order.


I wanted to know his plan for the suburbs. I wanted to know if he's going to be soft on China. And I get the answer to any of those things.


Did you did you have a problem with Chris Wallace saying that these were civil rights education classes when indeed they were classes on critical race theory, which is completely different?


Right. He said what's wrong with racial sensitivity training? Well, critical theory is not racial sensitivity training. I thought Trump did really well in this, that this is a lesson to hate America. And that's absolutely right. Chris Wallace has a lot to learn in this area. He probably didn't even realize how much he showed his bias. But, yeah, I did have a problem with it. It showed ignorance in obviously just an antipathy towards the conservative stance on critical race theory to millennials.


Even watch this while my millennial friends did. I can't speak for all millennials. But, you know, millennials are getting up there now. We're in our thirties and some of them are starting to get in their 40s. And so we've got kids, we've got mortgages. We have to care about this kind of stuff.


And do you think it changed anybody's mind?


It depends on if they watched the whole debate. I think if people in the middle trying to decide who really cared more about personality and individuals than they do care about politics or policies and platforms, which is wrong. But some people do. If they just watch that 30 minutes, the first 30 minutes of the debate, I think they go because they don't like his personality. But the whole speech, I actually think that Trump ended up being a little bit better.


Do you think that Joe Biden looked like he was starting to be like my grandfather when he was towards the end? I mean, it was sad. I thought he started winded and he just didn't look like the Joe Biden even of the last primary. I said to still halfway through. If this is how much he's lost in the last nine months, what is he going to be like four years down the road? I mean, it's just it's just not even I can't even comprehend that he would be the president in four years based on the rapid growth or the rapid decline.


Did that come across to you at all or not? Yeah, it did, and I think it would have come across more if he had been allowed to speak, because what we saw is that he can't speak for longer than about, I think, five to seven seconds without losing his train of thought. And Chris Wall is having to step in and remind him what he was talking about. This is true when he is in interviews as well. But Trump being who he is and maybe some people think that this demonstrated strength, somehow I didn't he would insert himself into Biden's response when it would have been a lot better for us to see that weakness on display provided to dig his own grave by wandering off into these trails and talking about nothing.


So, yes, I did see that weakness. I saw that cognitive decline. I think Trump distracted for that a little bit by being so bombastic. I wish we would have seen more of that from.


Let me play a couple of clips and I'd like to get your thoughts. First, I will play three clips, get your thoughts first, and then go to the table as well. Let me play cut 13, cut 14 and then cut six. You'll get the final word.


Well, it's hard to get any word with this clown. Excuse me. Let me just tell you. No know.


OK, first the clown. Next clip. That's the end of the segment where we're moving on. It didn't take them by surprise, I know, to be honest, it's a very try to. I know the answer to the question is no. Ukraine, sir.


Not true. You're doing it. You're going to have a true gentleman. Flashbacks.


So I don't know if we even got there, but that's what Joe Biden said, just shut up. And and then the last clip here. Donald Trump turning the tables and doing a bit of his own.


He panicked or he just looked at the stock market, one of the two, because guess what? A lot of people died and a lot more are going to die unless he gets a lot smarter, a lot quicker. Mr. President, did you use the word smart? So you said you went to Delaware State, but you forgot the name of your college. You didn't go to Delaware State. You graduated either the lowest or almost the lowest in your class.


Don't ever use the word smart with me. Don't ever use that word. Oh, give me. Because you know what? There's nothing smart about you, Joe. Forty seven years you've done nothing.


OK, Ali. He was called a clown. He was told to shut up, that you would have never done that with any president before. Now, the left does it regularly. Does it matter anymore? You know, I've always said you can't out Trump, Trump, Trump is like Teflon, you can sling the mud at him and it will just slide right off. And when you see someone kind of going to the level that sometimes Trump goes to with those kind of ad hominem attacks and telling people to be quiet and all of that, it just makes you look weak.


I mean, we saw that with Marco Rubio in 2016. It didn't work for him. I don't think it's going to work for for Joe Biden either. I just think it kind of looks embarrassing. Trump somehow in his persona, he can kind of pull that off, whether people like it or not. I don't think Joe Biden can. Like you said, it comes across as very slow and very weak and very routine. I just don't think it's an effective strategy for him.


Steve, do you agree with that? Because wholeheartedly. I mean, it felt weird when Marco Rubio did it. It just felt like Joe Lunchbox.


I think that there were times that Biden had very effective counterattacks where he seemed like more of the adult in the room. But I think he diminished his own argument, dropping. You're a racist. You're a clown drop. I mean, are you running for president United States or do you want to take over the Young Turks, make a decision? You won't be able to do both. And I think that they believe that the answer to defeating him is to get down and into the mud and the muck and the mire with him.


You actually need to come over the top is the adult in the room. And I think those were strategic errors on Biden's part that took away opportunities. He had to maybe have maybe more of a legitimate or clear victory tonight. Ali, thank you very much for joining us. I appreciate your your perspective tonight. Anybody else on this topic before we move on?


I mean, look, if if you're if the opponent is Donald Trump, it's hard to get too upset at someone using the word clown. I mean, Donald Trump does things like this all the time. I don't think it helps Joe Biden, though. I think you're totally right on that. And that's what they'll say about it. They'll say that he doesn't deserve any respect because he gives nobody else any respect. And so that's that's what's going to come of that.


That's what they think on the Today show or on MSNBC. But I don't think that a lot of suburbanites think that way. And I think that they were actually looking to Joe Biden to get to get beyond this stuff, not to not to indulge more of it. Right. And so I think he disappointed a lot of people that could that came into this potentially looking for something positive out of him by allowing himself to get relegated into into these back and forth.


I want to get into the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter stuff with Dave Rubins going to be joining us in a few minutes. But let me play cut 15. This is Trump. This is Biden saying that Trump has been disastrous for blacks. Listen to this.


This is a president who has used everything as a dog whistle to try to generate racist hatred, racist division. This is a man who, in fact, you talk about helping African-Americans. One in 1000 African-Americans has been killed because of the coronavirus. And if he doesn't do something quickly by the end of the year, one in five hundred will have been killed, one in five hundred African-Americans. This man, this is the is the savior of African-Americans. This man cares at all.


This man has done virtually nothing. Look, the fact is that you have to look at what he's talking about. You have to look at what he did. And what he did has been disastrous for the African-American community. How's that going to play in the African-American community? I hope not. Well, I think hopefully it'll play like if you don't vote for me, you ain't black played in the African-American community. So really well, you know, and it would have been great if Trump would have come back at him with I'm sorry, how many blacks have been aborted since nineteen seventy three.


Let me give you that number at 16 million. I do care about the blacks being alive. I do care about black lives. Apparently Democrats don't. You certainly don't, Joe, because they're 80 percent of Planned Parenthood. Abortion clinics are located in minority areas. I mean. Well, I thought such an opening was this, but did he did he take any advantage of that? Here's Trump's response. Cut 16.


You have treated the African-American population community, you have treated the black community about as bad as anybody in this country, you did the 19. And that's why if you look at the polls, I'm doing better than any Republican has done in a long time because they saw what you did. You call them super predators and you've called them worse than that. He goes on to talk about the crime bill, et cetera, et cetera. Is that enough? I mean, I don't think I mean, again, I guess we're Republicans are supposed to be against the crime bill now while we're running.


Maybe I'm alone. I think it's the last piece of really good bipartisan legislation, frankly, in my life. So there's a lot of going on, an idiot and a conservative perspective from the black perspective, the super predator thing.


I remember being Hillary Clinton. Did she do this as well? She did the super predator thing we're all doing. They were was. I mean, look, I think Trump is using what he has, right? This is a controversial thing. The black community doesn't seem to like that, bill all that much. It's been something the left has been beating up on the right for for a very long time. And I've lost track at where we're supposed to be on this thing.


I mean, to me, it looks like a pretty good piece of legislation with some things that have been tweaked over the years that could fix it. But again, I. I don't think that that helps. I think a better a better case is what Pat said. I think a better case is as well is his economic record with African-Americans looking at these. There you go, Orwick. Low unemployment rates, which Trump says really at every opportunity he has, usually I don't know why he didn't really get into that.


That's another opportunity cost to me. That's the theme of the night.


If you're pro Trump, I mean, a far better line of attack is to say, Joe, while you were presiding over the funeral of the former grand wizard of the KKK, Robert Byrd, that you referred to at that funeral while you were vice president as a friend, a guide and a mentor. While you were doing that, I was cleaning up your mess and we had the best and the lowest black unemployment rate since they started keeping the stat.


I'm not going to be lectured to about racism from somebody that did funerals and eulogies for racist. Thank you. I yield the balance of my time.


I'm capable of doing that. However, if you're if you're watching us now on YouTube, the blaze is a place to go for really the best conservative thought. And it's all over the spectrum. We've had Ali Stucky on Selwyn's. If you are a subscriber, you'll hear his own opinion on the debate. You'll you'll hear Steven Crowder and all of his opinions and also people who used to be on the left but have found Jesus. And and probably the biggest person to make that change was Dave Rubin.


He's a member of the Blaze team as well. He's out in Los Angeles. Dave, thank you for joining us. Your thoughts generally on the debate?


Well, first off, it's good to be with you guys. That almost sounded like you had to issue a trigger warning before you interrupted.


No, not at all. I think the audience loves you, loves you. You you brought it around nicely. Well, I think the main takeaway and I suspect that you guys might have hit on this, I was doing a live stream on my channel, which is why I'm joining a little late, is that Biden did not implode and the expectations, I think, were so low for him. You know, there are so many clips of him losing his train of thought, not knowing what he's saying, screwing up numbers, flat out lying and the rest of it.


And he didn't really have a terrible moment. I think Trump Trump kind of went in hot where he was really going after him, trying to knock him off his off his pedestal. And it never fully happened. That that being said, you know, the real issue here is that Biden knows because of the cover that the media is going to run on him and run for him, that he can pretty much lie about anything and get away with it in a way that Trump can't.


So when Biden said the reason I got into this campaign was because of the very fine people in Charlottesville, it's like that line is a lie. It's an absolute lie that I'm sure your viewers know and I'm sure you guys have talked about where right before Trump said there were very fine people on both sides and what he meant was very fine. People on both sides of the debate are of the argument that the point is, he said, I absolutely condemn the KKK and the white supremacists and the rest of it so Biden knows he can get away with lies.


I think I think Trump's worst moment, though, was partially because they were all talking at once. But when when Wallace asked him to condemn white supremacy, even though he's done this a million times, last week, he got flummoxed and he was almost because there was a lot of cross talk, but he needed to put that down. He needed he started saying it and then he stopped. And and I think that was really a bad moment. So I don't think there was really any clear cut winner here.


And as I said on my live stream, it's like it's not whether the partisans think that their guy won. That's not what matters because those people know what they're voting for and who they're voting for. It's whether whatever that slice in the middle. And it's hard to to figure out how many people that actually encapsulate. It's like, did anyone watch this and say, OK, I was truly moved to one of them and I don't think we got that right.


So do you think that. Biden did enough to hold his coalition together on the left, will the left be upset with him at all or did you see any movement on the left?


Yeah, well, look, Biden said he wasn't for the Green New Deal. So now we got Aoki's obviously going to be pissed at him. He did kinda say he's for law and order. Trump was really trying to hit him on that. So he did try to do what all candidates do, whether you're on the left or on the right. Once you get through the primary, then you usually moderate back into something that feels a little saner. I think the problem is and I know, Glenn, I was listening to you earlier today, you've been talking about this.


The problem is that the base is so crazy at the moment that it's like, can Biden be the one that stops that radical energy? I think the answer to that is absolutely no. He did not falter tonight. And I don't think it's right. I don't think he did anything that the base is going to absolutely try to take him out. But at the same time, Trump didn't have a real knockout moment. And I think a lot of the real Trump people and people on the right thought, oh, this is going to be a cakewalk.


And that's the problem when you go in thinking, oh, we're going to win this thing for sure if you don't win, it kind of feels like like almost like you lost.


Let me play cut 18. Listen to this is Biden and Trump sparring over Antifa Watch. And is an idea, not an organization you got, if not, that's what is tonight, FBI, his FBI director, said, well, you know, we're done, sir. Moving on to the next administration and idea should tell you the truth is, I have no idea anybody.


Is there any winners in that one? Yeah, I'm moving on to stop this.


Stop the nonsense. So. So that was a good moment for Trump because anyone that has has a flicker of of a free thought in their head. They know what's going on in the streets of Portland, in New York City and Seattle and Minneapolis and the rest of it. And it's a.. For violence. They're not telling you it's not them. They're telling you it is them and that they are a radical Marxist organization and that they're here basically to take down the patriarchy and capitalism and the rest of it.


I've got a ton of college speaking events that Antipas shows up and protests violently and calls fire alarms and the rest of it. So that's not an idea. If it was an idea, I would go to an event and speak freely and I'd go, oh, well, there are these people called anti fun and they don't like me. But no, I've seen real violence. So. So what the real question, though, is, is why is Biden so trigger happy basically to say that they're not an organization and that gets to the fact that the base is radical.


So I think the average person, when they see things burn and then they they can associate that with a.. But I think that was that was a winning moment for Trump. And I think the critical race theory thing was it was a winning moment for Trump also.


I think the the the other piece of that was the Portland when he asked, what have you called them? Have you called the mayor? Have you gotten from Wallace?


I thought, yeah. And and when when he said that it's only the only trouble comes is when they do come in. That's complete hogwash. And I think everybody felt that. Any minds change. Dave, any last thoughts? I don't think, as I said before, whoever that sliver is, and we just don't know what that number of people is, it's hard to imagine that anyone watched tonight and really said, wow, Trump just just wowed me or Biden wowed me.


I don't think anyone was really moved. But, look, that's why they do three debates. That's why we do a vice presidential debate. That's why we got five weeks left on this thing. I think they'll go both go back in. And I think Trump's people will say, you know, maybe it's better to just calm down a little bit. You don't have to be so aggressive. And Biden's people, I think the fact that he didn't implode, I think they're going to be pretty, pretty pleased with that.


But he will have to go in and talk to the radicals and basically be like, Bernie, did I give you enough there because he can't lose that base. And as you said this morning, it's like if he's the Trojan horse, he owes these guys and that's what he has to watch out for.


Dave Rubin, thank you very much. If you want to see Dave, you can you can check him out of the blaze. Just use the promo code debate and you'll be able to get him on demand. And, of course, at all the other places where Dave Rubin is available. He's like I mean, he's like McDonald's everywhere.


He's everywhere. Thanks a lot, Dave. I appreciate it. OK, to close up, I guess we look to the future. I don't have that pit in my stomach that I had all day because it's over. But my fear was that it would be over tonight. I don't think anything happened that is going to change anybody's mind.


I think if we had real journalists, they might be able to find some things in here that Joe Biden said that were not accurate and would lead you to understand he is the radical that he is. But we don't really have great journalists anymore, except I hope the people that work at the blaze that classify themselves as journalists. We are all talking heads and not journalists. Join us at the Blaze. We have the next debate is next Thursday, Wednesday, next Wednesday.


And it's a vice presidential debate, which will be very interesting. Mike Pence will take on Kamala Harris. And Mike is really, really good. Your thoughts on that pairing. Electric. Yeah, I don't know Mike Pence of a very foreign law and look on his face a lot and Kamala Harris will say or do whatever advances. Kamala Harris. I mean, she's ameba like me.


Mike Pence was a talk show host. He knows he knows how to communicate with people. I think at one point he was really good at doing that. And then he just kind of walked away. He sort of disappeared and then came back on the scene, of course, recently. But there was a time when he was really good at this stuff. He might be he might surprise us to see right now he needs to look he needs to be less of a politician.


Every time I see Mike Pence, he is a very skilled politician. And that's not what people want. Right. He'll do fine. I mean, he'll bore people to death a little bit, but he'll do fine in this. You know, this election will not turn on the vice presidential debate. It will have I don't think it can have a very large impact, but I do think it will do well. He'll hold his own. He won't he will get knocked around by Harris.


I think he'll do. Who will do a good a pretty good job. There's just only so much this matters.


Does anything does it mean anything? Of real substance that no one is going to be talking about the Hillary Clinton thing tomorrow. Yeah, I think that I think it does. I mean, I think what's it mean? I mean, I think I think it is it's interesting because it was released coming out into the news cycle today. You'd think these things, just like The New York Times tax report. Right. It's designed to become part of the debate.


Right. And it didn't. So it's hard to imagine that it's going to have a big impact as of tomorrow. I mean, I think good news trumps taxes did, though. I'm glad they sneaked that right on it.


And that was the first thing people don't care about. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, he is president. They have he has an attorney general, Department of Justice. You want to move this story along, call Hillary Clinton in front of a federal grand jury? Yeah, I don't know the story that there would be some coverage on that.


Yeah, OK. We'll be back early tomorrow. Pat starts at 6:00 a.m. Central Time, 7:00 a.m. Eastern.


We're back at 9:00 Eastern here at 12:00 Eastern. So enjoy your rest and we'll see you tomorrow.


Thanks for joining the blaze. If you if you want to subscribe, you'll hear my Mark Levin's opinion on what happened on Demand and live. You'll hear it at Blaze TV. Just join us. Use the promo code debate.