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But you guys got any free pod banner for me, free pod banter, banter, banter, banner? Is it banter?


I even heard Binnaz name brought up in a few rooms. Oh, yeah. I slept with Rory with a famous manager.


This is a thing that when you introduce me to people, you got to tell me, like the level of thoroughness is you might have known Bennelong and Rory is I'm sure I have to know fuck with Jodo where, you know, he's never brought that up to me, only speaks highly of Drogo.


Don't think he like the way he was treated. Locksmithing last month was on the road. Oh, I can see that happening. And he was managing locksmith at the time when you did a little touring together. I don't know. The locksmith likes me.


Yeah, I thought I mean, he probably likes you, but I don't know. What did I do? Locksmith. I didn't say locksmith.


I said I just don't like I don't think they're biner like the way you would kind of like treating them on that run. That shocks me because better in general, I could smoke more cigarettes than any human being I've ever seen. They just get along. I thought maybe now.


Yeah, but back then I don't remember any animosity or feeling any animosity when he wouldn't tell me. Yeah.


Oh well I was yeah.


I knew one was close with dinner at that time and he never brought up anything. He said nothing but good things.


Take that, take that more. But he loves me you know. I hope he does a he's a good guy and then there's a great guy. When we going to talk to your manager right now.


Right now, you might not get your own manager on the phone. How is the worst? It makes sense to make friends in the family. Mother. Oh, my God.


I will say that when your manager, like, starts to get more popping and doing other shit, it does get a little annoying when you can't get him on the phone the way you used to be able to. Like when I started doing the Tai product manager and I'm like family.


I have a lot going on over here. Can you stay? I'll call you like six hours. Yeah, exactly the fuck man. I'm in the same boat, but yeah, I was in to meet with Netflix for five hours fam.


OK, I understand that, but we got a contract, he's like, oh something's going on. And then me and him on the phone.


So I get, I get. I understand. But shout out to being a good guy and shout at the locksmith to end locks and you know, how long before any worry we've been here for, like a big management firm. Now Rory's now he's a lifer. Yeah.


Know me better than we've been business partners for a while. That's not going to change. We're always a lifer. He'll come with me to rock you go see him like that.


I like that too much. Rory, come on over. Maybe I'll get a manager one day.


You have a manager. She's upstairs. You know, buddy, I got a manager over a review. These contracts for women.


That's pretty funny. All right, what you got for us regular black people cookhouse, you OK? Just might be on my own. Let me try to impress Black when I have scored. This song, your oh, your aunt got the most money, pulls up to the cookout. She got the best car. Yo, yo, yo, all the talking. Now we got a topic. Tell me about your mom and your aunt's beefs. Yeah, my mom and dad, bless my dad passed away.


They definitely had lifelong beef. Oh, I could do. Oh, yes. Oh, my mom and my lifelong beef. I have to hear it all. My auntie did what she did. What is seventy eight. Seventy eight. Still, Barbara will cook family beef is crazy. It is crazy but I love my stuff now. Obama is feeling good. Feeling great. I'm not ever. I'm thicky. Only me like a fucking idiot. I knew that was going to backfire on me.


I'm only on Earth to find creative ways to fuck myself. There's no way only on earth woke up in the summertime. Whoever lived in my house before me. I think I told you this right. Whoever lived in my house before me automatically set the temperature on my own, my the thingamajig, the thermostat. So I would put it to like sixty eight and it would automatically go to like seventy six, five times throughout the day. In the summertime I was burning up so I took like a day and preset all of them shifts to like sixty seven on some angry shit.


So now. But he said at seven and you say spiting the thermostat you turn it off now you open the windows to battle drink prodigy and thermostat and central essentially base. Got these guys. Come on. Well that was a one way that these folks in this district. No one shot at my enemies. I'm joking. We love you because I'm in the film. I've been a little light on the gunshots, these last few fires, we back go in and make up for lost time.


I the. Rory, keep your little wide eyes off my Cerrado, I see you get out of here, get some name I was looking past. I don't know, honestly, I wasn't even looking at you looking past them. I was. I was. I was. Walking past me. Come on, let me do this for D.C. in Jersey right quick. Some people tell me that Detroit know a little bit about this two. Everywhere they go.


How my list is all over the world, you know, the Bible. Dr. James Derickson, get at it. Oh, oh, Erichson. You stood on the side in the club and watched niggas like me dance when I was dancing by yourself. Nigga with pride or something. Shut up. I went to the bathroom when it came on. You didn't have the right to. Steph, shut up. Tell me about the fucking cameras. I need to check everybody's level up there on this movie.


Movable. All I mean is that for her and her friends, the his that was turned away by that. Can I get you ladies around? What are you ladies sipping on the show? Because it's so corny. I've done all of that absolute. He was in there with the shaker real sorry, I was never able to fuck his Seagirt. It was like Tom Cruise was not on the table. Don't even think the shaker would add to as was juggling bottles and shit.


I want to show you definitely after the shake. Look at that. Did you like what? He just made it up? No, he's just freestyle. No, no, no, no. God forbid the streets find out you can make a nice drink. No, I make a good drink, but I didn't have to shake it. I don't think that's going to be like when I found out you can make grits.


Joe is so great to so difficult. It's not the mold. Don't let me find out. A nigger can do some Google search and look at, you know, your family. I mean, I know how to make grits. I did it all parts cooking only to be at his house for seven consecutive weekends. That's fags.


Oh, man. Let me get these drops out of the way. That reminds me some other stupid shit, I thought.


No, no, no.


Worryin Sumter, South Carolina. I'm over. I'm over Uncle Mike's house. That means Michael Paul. My cousin Michael is over there and my cousin Sabrina, all my five years old, Michael Boyd. But it's crazy. I know the part you were talking about being rolled over, it's only. To see how Nick is here, to talk, you get that you can't get that off no more. Oh, that's what it was referred to as. Michael Paul had the as part you know, the part that Spanish thieves tried to do.


The little man's part. Yeah.


But anyway, Michael Paul was trying to tell me at the time at five years old that the way that every every human got on this planet was through sex.


I have to tell you, I just don't know what he was trying to say. I mean, he was right at five years. Michael Paul, you mean to tell me you think everybody here is having sex?


That's fucking I wonder if you will remember that by.


But we not start. What was your counter argument?


I didn't have one. Interesting that he later went on to become a doctor and be a rapper. But I live his you guys went down the right path and it was right and he was right, you know. But when did you learn that man? Why do you know that?


Five know when I was I might have been six and he was five. But let me take a look at first grade. I don't know how old you are at first grade. Probably when they teach you that in the first grade. I know it was like my sister's friend's brother wasn't the appropriate way to learn the birds and the bees. Yeah. When I was really young, my mom told me, God just gives you a child when you're ready.


And then that had me judging every parent on my block like, oh, no, if that person was ready.


Yeah. Then I'm still doing I don't know what God was thinking. They were not ready. I know why you blessed them with the child.


You are taking it there now. How was your eye when you found out your God mom was your mom when you went on your own with your mom and your grandma and your grandma? Were you you follow your mom was really your mom. I'm still waiting for that day. I know. I do not want that. That's some crazy shit. Oh, you tax. And that this is your real what you find out about your family later on in life.


Yeah. Oh, all right. Welcome to Episode one episode. Is this a month, huh? Three eighty seven. Welcome to Episode three, The Day My Fucking Mouth is Mandry Jesus, my lipo actually not.


I think about it. My dad was convinced that my older cousin was really my mom's daughter that she had when she was like 13 and they just tried to clean it up, saying her older sister was the mom. Oh, so you're not an only child? I guess not.


I always thought that was a little fishy, by the way, that Rory only child story coming from an Irish man. No, it is weird for Irish. It definitely. Yeah. Maybe too many drunken nights. Just didn't have the talk with you. Sit them down. You're going to have a brother come forward soon. And I'm sure that's what happened to me.


It was when I found out I had a little brother. Ten mom didn't report it like the greatest, the news was a very loving type of hard. We do it to say, Oh, I'm feeling great about this hearing today. Yes, she was tired, that's all. And I might be by tomorrow.


I don't remember it, but yeah, that was. Wow. So is he my brother or not? Yes. A lot of I to share my toys with just stories going on. Oh, man. All right. Episode three eighty three eighty seven. The Joe Biden podcast. I'm your humble, gracious, grateful, highly favored and sic host Joe Biden here with a few of my nearest and dearest Mowgli's here.


Pal Parke's trying some new quarterback about the power back. Trump, Howard and Howard are feeling good about themselves. Yeah, Parchester, Rory's here. IRAD is here. Savon Cheatle, Don Cheadle is here, and Alex de Great is here. How's everyone doing, you guys? Good smelling good. I think you speak for everyone. Everyone, the All Blacks. We're here. That's that's true. That's true. We need to be here. All right.


We let people speak for themselves, OK? My bad fellows know people might not be feeling blessed right now. Oh, some of our mental health may be plummeting. We oh, it's it's been for like a year now.


I've been melting for. You've only been just projecting that on this podcast and no one will listen. No, no, no. I'd be listening.


I'm hoping we secure a deal before you get better. Yeah. You get better. Yeah. Now because Rory's spiraling is helping us take it, you know it s yeah. It's helping itself and take us there. I see myself. You match the kikes with Dennis's hair. Oh.


Maybe I'll try to do today for yard footage. I would appreciate that old Danny. Right. Yeah. And you know the icon and so icon himself.


What kind of hoodies do us collide. Collide. Rory's got on his hipster sneakers I, the Scotts today. Oh, he wrote some light with a subtle, subtle if they know they know I gave him a black shirt, by the way, if you know you know, even though they gave Dennis Scott Snyder's desk.


Oh, it's my Michael Scott in the Scott offices. You got the Dennis Scott. They don't make it to the finals without it. Come on. Right there. Yeah.


Dennis Scott. Oh. All right, gentlemen, where would you like to begin? What would you what would you guys like to start with?


Oh, well, we finally got the verses solidified.


Hey, as a content day, we should take the credit for that challenge, planning it. We did say it the day before. Yeah, it was probably us. Yeah.


Yeah. We kind of felt like this was going to be the one that could. I couldn't.


I'm sure they've been planning this for long. No, of course it wasn't us. You know, they made the graphic the moment they heard us. They heard the pod. Let's take that credit. I said that is a good idea. Why don't we think of that? If you asked me, everybody heard the pod.


When they say something like the Joe Rogan show, I'm like, oh, hey, listen, you're not a Faraldo.


They need to hear the word travels. All right.


So Tingay, before this was announced, we discussed the idea of it on the last pod, right? Yes, we did.


And then later on that night, I was around some friends and we were talking about a potential tie versus Jeezy match up a notch was one of those people. And and when I said that I thought I would win, you were hanging out with Nas and discussing. Yeah, I was not.


I was going to finish about just casually and I'm not in Niger.


And Nöjd almost lost his mind when when he found out I thought t I would win. He started going crazy.


Really is not a fan. Jesus as a cult fan base led by ice. True.


I'm taking cheesiness. I think A has bigger records, without a doubt, but I think we like more of Jeezy's records. Personally, when I was thinking about that, I was like, I it's going to go with, like, the cult favorites. Like the cultural favorites. Like, yeah. When he plays the teat, when he plays his Rihanna record, of course, it would be a bigger record, a bigger record. But that song go crazy too.


That I'm picking. Go crazy. Right.


Right. And I say this in the same league, but that's kind of the argument like many fresh first Scott Staats. So yeah. Like versus versus actual the songs you play now. Right, because I don't play a lot of records too though. He has the culture. He does.


I don't think he has more than GZA. No I don't think so. Yeah. But I can, I can see someone easily saying t I would win this just because he has bigger records. I have Jeezy.


I looked at his first album and he can play about nine, eight, nine records off of that first album and possibly win those rounds that we plays those records. That says a lot. Just your first album, you can run one on one top to bottom and. All right.


Well, before I was rudely interrupted only for you guys to go through every nuance of this conversation in two minutes where you interrupted.


I'm sorry. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, well, the platform is yours, Senator.


I was I was saying, Senator, you're a senator, Joe, you know, a Senate girl and a real goofball move today.


I would say more that that conversation led to us simulating a battle. Yeah, I took t'ai he took Jizzy and after after. And I won. We had judges. I won. But I won by one point. It was tied. And then we had over time and I one by one, because I want to over time, but I'm here to walk back what I thought before, OK, and what I thought before was that I don't even see why this would be happening.


And that's wrong.


I mean, I maybe had t'ai winning by a lot more than what I think will happen now. I know. And depending on Jeezy's selection, I'm not so sure that I would win.


Mm hmm. And I think it's OK to give Jeezy some of these flowers that when we talk about Jesus, we always go to, oh, he's got a cult fan base, but enough of that. He's retired now.


So now so now retired. He said he retired.


He put out an EP last like six months ago. Not even rappers don't return. And after that he said he retired.


Oh, OK. Well, he dropped a single last week, but he did say he retired.


All right. I remember a retirement. Don't retire, but he still looks retired. But I'm still for the music. He looks retired. He's well, he suggested retire. He's engaged in like retired. Hiring from one game is absolutely getting married. You're retiring from one game for sure.


That's what he meant by retiring. Yeah. Yeah.


I'm just saying now, the people that weren't necessarily in his cult fan base, we can appreciate that we as in me, but we can appreciate just the greatness of him. Jesus, he's going to be tough to beat because one of his sliders that probably beats everybody else is just voice and impact. Yeah.


Impact of that first album alone is going to be cause he allowed to play.


I can't tell you nothing. His ad libs are on it. They are, but don't mention it and didn't do a remix. I think you threw a verse maybe on it at some point, but also mixed emotions. I'm not saying that would be a go, too, but that's like an automatic. Haymaker, I'm actually plays dead and gone. I don't want to hear Dinnigan in a battle, not one of his biggest records, right?


I don't even know if that's the name of Jesus. He has 20 records that is going to make is going to make it a tough night for TII. Yeah. And I guess for me, it depends on how you feel about the the other that other stuff T.R. does like Blurred Lines. Yeah. Yeah. No Tiamat Records.


Oh, I'm a soldier. Justin Timberlake. She was a superstar Timberlake joint.


Like he's got a few will. He has has a lot of records. He has a lot of hits. But that's what I'm saying in this battle. Depends on how you feel about swagger like us.


So that's something some people feel that it has aged bad and it sounds dated and. Yeah, but that's a win. If you feel like the rest of the people feel about that, then that is a win I won when I played. It doesn't win swagger like this is the one.


Then again, it was young, some young thing I was going to say, who are the judges in this battle that you won? It was G.S. was a judge and he thought to you I would win.


And Mariah was a 22 year old. Mariah, really smart girl.


No, no, I don't say you even hit me. I'm getting a record. Oh, look at you stiff. And she was going for Jeezy. So did your battles take place or.


Well, I came back to myself.


OK, no, really. After pot. Oh, OK. It was after. After after we did the part. I wasn't hip it shut up part.


I wasn't. If I didn't know you were out here battling invite me to your birthday party.


I was going to say everyone in this pod seems to be having kickbacks and not inviting any other members of the pod. But I've seen a big story posted. You had the fireplace with like, would you be mad? It was mad wood. It was just him and his fiance. Fiancee would sleep like he wasn't making it look very nice.


Oh, no, no. I was home. I was enjoying myself. That's what it was like. I was I was staring at the skyline. That's like some old lady still light up with fire and have a whiskey in the freezing cold outside by yourself.


Except now my jacket smelled like smoke.


You guys have made me reconceptualize that. Yeah, that's kind of swaggy. What is this battle taking place? November, right? Yeah.


I didn't like how they announced this early on. Is it November 9th. Want to say nineteen ninety.


Oh man. She does on Thanksgiving.


This is going to be in Atlanta somewhere I'm assuming. Oh yeah. I would imagine too some buster really didn't like try turning him down. Did you see the other videos he put out. Feel like he's been going on a press run of just the turn down.


I'm not, I'm not going to play him, but you got to hit him a little bit.


I want someone to battle Bustelo. Mesi, somebody has someone tweet us missing. That's actually a really good. But we had said before that I don't care about what they told us.


But you said that before, but misses the one. Misses the one that person and was right.


But then that goes into the other bag too. I don't like I don't like that that we just put in Boston in a battle with Missy. I think he needs to be in a battle, one of these male emcees that think they got hit records, like I think that his career, his records, his his lyrical ability, I think.


Yeah. What I think that no, I think that that's where he belongs. He belongs in this house, that misogynistic. I don't see anything. Missy is a legend. He has hits. She can rap for real. I'm not.


Yeah, but can Missy rap as good as Busta Rhymes?


Yes. No, she can probably cut it out a stop. We ain't got to do that. I love women and I support women in hip hop too.


But I'm not saying it because she's a woman. I just cannot rap as well as Busta Rhymes.


Stop. How do you think now why you want to go and do that performs in a battle? I lost that round when I played that, I didn't think that truck I lost, I lost fancy to drink like the judges was wild.


Nancy, you know, I was TIAR, but Nöjd played every Jeezy and whole song and that always won the crowd.


And I forgot just how many songs they got put over there.


That would not stop. He gave his in law, making some them I never heard.


Oh, cee of really underrated over's.


They have great records together. Yes. This is going to be one of those battles.


I was going to start with one of them until they actually announced the battle. And I didn't want to show favoritism, but one of them fucking OMG, it's like, wait, why didn't I hear this before? Yeah, he won all those round.


We lost the fancy. I mean, one was dancing, one of them home in Jersey Records. I don't know why one run this town. I would hope so.


Like playing that fucking monster will record who's on the floor. Were you Rihanna?


Look at this guy. Jesus, my witness.


I'm trying to tell you, he has eight or nine of his first album alone. That could be a win for him.


Eight or nine tracks Officeworks, and he's got enough circulated through the rest of his career where he could take. That's why I asked how you thought that song would be received from you. How do you think some of the songs will be received? Because what I was feeling in that battle, the battle that we simulated was very hard, hard track that I got from that I played from t'ai. Where was that rap sheet he was talking to you?


Jeezy's voice on whatever came next was a lot to deal with. It didn't matter.


The song didn't matter to beat the hook.


As soon as he said something like, oh, fuck, drug dealers feeling this like I think what he was was thinking when he first started talking. His battle thing was he does have a lot of hit records. He does. But in this type of setting, I don't think people care about people care about which song do they like more? What song do they play like more? What had more replay value? That's like like whatever you like one or two as big as records chart wise.


But people don't play that. People don't want to hear that people are not doing whatever you like to play that probably that's one of his biggest records. It's probably going to play.


I didn't play it.


And the twenty two year olds like to play whatever you like, but that's what I'm saying. That's one of his biggest. Yeah. And that wasn't her voice but yeah.


So but he has a lot to pull from though because he has a lot of records to choose from, but it's going to come down to what people have, what has more replay value versus or do you just like the bigger record. Right. You know, I mean, like that's what this battle is going to be. And I think if you just play with people like more, I think Jeezy has more records that people actually like and have more replay value than chart topping records.


Well, we shall see.


Yeah, only man weeks away. I think he knows the opponent in that way. I don't think he's just going to try to cross over his hands to death when he knows he's going against Jeezy.


Right. Because because he still has that coat down South Shirt the same way Jesus does.


I think he probably has more of it when. Yeah, I think he knows who he's going against.


I know he's very definitely. If your status ain't Hood ain't checking for, you better be straight if you're looking at me. I remember, I remember the tune We need a soldier, what she's been going through, a lot of them dust Destiny's Child lyrics, trying to break it down. Listen, not not now, but one day it's coming.


They have a lot of lyrics that just that was a that was Solange's pregnancy reveal. So in the video, she started that whole. I remember when I came on when I was six, oh, she's pregnant.


Look at this. She Rory's brain retains. But how do you remember that? You remember he wasn't outside.


I was. I wasn't. I wasn't. I'm still here. You got me up with this talking about there might be a Salangi album dropping last week.


We was we was Catfish man. How do you get Catfish on the album?


I, I don't pay attention to the when people are really good at making fake pages, like they just change just one little letter capital.


Oh yeah. And I was sneaky. They call me man in the person that sent it to me I consider a reliable source.


And then he hit me after and was like I got, I got duped man. When you got to run it through Binner. Yeah, you're going to go to that thing. One look, he would have no filter that he would have no people to sort of I like looked fake. All right.


So speaking of albums that may or may not come out right, Rory, hit it on the head with that top dollar sign review last week when he said this is real cool music. If you had to kick back and listen in the background and you're not really listening. I tried it. It worked. I'm sure it worked.


It was a lot better that way. Yeah. If I'm if I'm left to just focus all of my attention on this album, then I'm going to nit pick right now because there's a lot to nit pick about. But if it's just on in the background, awesome.


That's the best way to listen to music though. But now sometimes no fuck that.


Whether any unsuspecting women that we're looking to fornicate their suspected terror suspects. No, fuck me no more.


No, no.


It's not like this topic. They'll take it if it's like laying there. Yeah, but they don't go for it. Like at forty. I'm out of the earth. I'm out of it. I learned that clubhouse too. I was the man to a fucking party showed up.


I tell you, that's a popular question. He blew me off six six. Wow. I didn't know. You don't even go in there with six six. Oh, wow. I mean, they're like, hey, you seen that freestyle you did for the Black Queen? You really lose that one. Yeah. Oh, my God. What are we talking about? Because we're all over the place. We're talking about the time. It's all about the time in a man's life when he realizes that women don't want to talk about him.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. At forty forty for me, they know they're not doing that. They're not checking. I mean you could pay for it though. Yeah. But you know they want to do that.


I'm glad I'm not single. It's going to be hard to woo someone these days. It's terrible to it's going to woo and then that's the other problem.


I'm looking to be wooed. Right. Where do men get wooed?


We've got to find a woman that knows.


Hey, for those of you that would like me and thought it would happen when you got rich. Yeah, well, here to exist, we got to die where it exists. Support. Yeah. And then die.


You know, it's horrible. See, she knows she's she's laughing at me. We're going to be playing now. Oh, yes. So this is what I was saying. So apparently because some of you really, really tore me up about my harsh criticism of Saddam Hussein, but I stand by it.


Fuck you all.


But now this is another part of my. Of my. Of my concern, allegedly, there is. A rumored toddler album that the entire industry has heard already, and they all say it is indeed the greatest album that they've ever heard. It's one of these and it's not this.


Mm hmm. So maybe he wants to he owes somebody a man.


I wish I could. I wish I knew what was going on with these artists. It could also be just asking. Some people don't really like their great work if they can't tour it. Hmm, because I would do if I was like, that's interesting, if I had something that I would like to tour, I'm not punishing this right now.


I'm going to give you the some feature you should appetizer.


Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if I'll give you twenty five songs. Well if you got as much songs as time. Well that's true.


Well they, they guesstimate that touring will be back summer. Twenty, twenty one. I don't all the way believe that yet. Yeah.


I'm not sure but I mean not for huge acts, for smaller acts they might be able to get away.


I'm just saying. So you're talking about potentially holding off music for.


Mm. Another year. Another year. Well I could see people putting out projects that they are maybe as passionate about or, you know, just doing some fun shit but keeping their, you know, masterpiece or whatever to the side for a little bit as long as possible. You get it. I get it. But I do want to hear this album. If there is a secret top dollar sign album that exists where he did all that shit I thought he would do on this album, I it.


Hmm. I want it and I'll just wait for it.


Artist to give us live albums right now. I agree. I think now is a good time for an artist.


How does a live O to perform his album live and then stream it put it out. Yeah.


Because I always liked live versions of records that I loved, to like to hear the band play like an older hip hop record and the rapper still has a really good idea.


Yeah, they should do Laverne's albums now and just stream it, put it out and do the visuals.


Dropping the ball right now and not bring unplugged back. Yeah. And all of that type of shit I think is dope right now. That's perfect for right now.


Yeah. La Vergis albums stream it, put the video out as well of the show. The live show. Right. Yeah, I don't think this is a good time for that. That is a good idea. What else we got? Oh, well, I was about to do a tiny desk, so. Oh, nice. Let's kind of. NEVINE Yeah, for sure. Oh, no, I just I believe in Tony does shit on YouTube for the tiny desk.


You don't like tiny. Tiny, this amazing really man.


And Clemens again he everywhere and I see you boy you working. Hello, Anthony. Yeah, he's working. When does this come on? Oh, I think it said two days ago tomorrow. The hip hop awards, the hip hop awards, BET hip hop awards were yesterday. Of course, we're recording before they air.


So we don't know anything that they're doing.


And if you're in this now, we have one. This may come back to bite me when we lose. Acceptance speech.


No, I was asking them all why he didn't go down to the red carpet to, uh, to represent us. I didn't know what to have a speech ready. The virtual red carpet. Yeah, who knows. Except just kind of all you walk out starting your block and film it.


I'll do it. Yeah, do it. Oh yeah. Thank you all for supporting us. Continue to support us. And the rest of these nominees were not hip hop platforms.


I'm not even quite sure where hip hop like are we apply for. We're not hip hop.


I have a lot of dip on your chip right now. It's jokes. I don't think we're going to win. I think they'll give it to one of their major labels. I think this is funnier when we lose. Yeah, exactly. This is a joke. That's the point. Yeah. This was that was a losers speech. But I mean, this is this is coming from someone that is a big social award winner. Well, that's true.


I mean, I have the trophy in my living room. It's a hashtag. I said you have to get it.


Sociales, I got you. Yeah, but listen, congratulations. Was nominated. Yeah, congrats to everyone.


Oh, you receive our loser speech to your fucked up ego. He's going to snatch that award out. Charlemagne's him, right.


Do we know if it's like a real it's it's all virtual, I'm sure. Yes. Yeah.


And if they sold it cyphers. Yeah, because it says Herzen decipher, Tionne tells him aside for today's delic assume cipher switches screen.


Yeah, your line is open. I don't do this in Atlanta. So they have that. So they have what do they have singing cyphers now? It appears what it looks to be. I mean, even though her does kind of do her rap thing every now and then, and we know psionic and rap to put Brandy Randy, I don't know, maybe Jill ghostwrote or something. I don't know that that's true. I mean, come on. Just working.


I city girls performers a punch drunk when the brand. Oh my God. I don't know what you're about to take that to. I know exactly. I am so corny. I don't care though your little bugger. All right. Who's this guy. Listen, I don't spend time on this show. Shout out all the nominees.


Should I tell the winners? Hopefully it was a great show and I enjoyed it. Oh, watch. Me, too. I think we should support old Betty Awards. Betty Awards.


If there's still time, vote for us. Does that time. So but you know, there's no time. It's late, but yeah, it is.


We should support black culture and anybody still trying to create shows in this pandemic as best they can.


And, you know, some of them have done a great job so far with the virtual show. So absolutely. I want to see what Betty has for us. What what would you have given them if we actually would do the red carpet?


Oh, no, I would a game some crazy you know, they know how to put it on a and black on black, some almost a midnight black, though not oxtail black. This fact oxtail black. Anyways, moving forward. Oxtail black. You know what I'm told that's the white black because you know and that should be independence. You know what I'm talking about. You know, tomorrow I have no idea what I'm saying about the black, the part where I stood up when I don't know which now because Paques has different blacks that he throws.


Yeah. So it's like a time game, midnight black for the red carpet where the blacks. The blacks. Yeah, yeah.


I'm sure. Sure. Whatever he donned would look great.


He used that word correctly. Yeah. Well anyways. So against you, ma'am, let's do it, Yamagami, let's do it. What about them? Did you guys watch the, uh, Joe Rogan and Kanye West's three hour interview? I watched half of it. I couldn't watch three hours of this bunch. I watch most of it. Yeah. Yeah, I can watch the hours.


I watched the whole thing. It took me a couple of days. Oh, OK.


I thought I was going to do that, but I didn't. I know I might have had to go back and refresh where I was at and all that shit, but, um, it was interesting to say the least. Yeah. Uh, we can start with some love and we can get to the hereafter.


Mm. I mean, what do we what do we hear that we didn't already know or didn't already hear. Can you talk.


From what I saw, not a lot. Right. A lot of ideas but ideas. He's always got a lot of ideas.


So my brain doesn't even have the retention capabilities to retain everything that was said like he did.


He said a lot and a lot of it he said before. Right. But he just. Look, I get it with the way that the way that he speaks. And the miscellaneous random facts that he'll bring up and how he intertwines his story into whatever he's saying and he does all of this while seemingly never acknowledging the present at all, it's almost like he's always the future.


Yeah, I was thinking.


Yeah, like it's I cannot hear how his brain works. And it's fascinating to me.


Well, he's brilliant. Yeah. He's a brilliant dude. Just sometimes that brilliance is, I don't think, projected in the right way for most of society. Yeah. I think what makes sense in his head, he doesn't articulate the best sometimes.


Yeah. And I can relate to that idea. Yeah. I'm not saying that's a fault of his. Yeah. But I'm just saying a lot. He gets misunderstood with certain things. If you don't really analyze the simple surface thing that he does say because it can come off wrong.


Yeah you're right. But let's move that to decide what I also thought looking at this was the way that he does indeed understand black plight and our history here. Again, is why it's confusing when we saw that time, the mega mega mega man was coming here saying, yo, how how could guide him in college dropout think like this?


Yeah. And this interview I did say that. I said, oh, so it's how he gets you get some of this stuff. Well, he's been saying those things. I mean, before he went on the slavery was a choice Trump rant years. It was very vocal about these exact things he's saying his entire career, even when they were taboo to say from a rapper. Mm hmm. So, yeah, I do believe Kanye really believes those things.


Again, I think he's projecting new ideas in a way that isn't really digestible to people that just hear words like slavery was a choice. Hmm. Because he's not properly articulating what his actual thought is. Mm hmm. And most of his thoughts are brilliant. Yeah. I think it's also because he's so passionate, you know, and passionate, creative people and thinkers when they speak, sometimes it rubs people the wrong way just because people are not able to comprehend their level of thinking.


But then years later, you'll see what he was thinking come to fruition. You like. Oh, genius. Yeah.


I mean, with Kanye, though, like, you know, I still stand by the disdain I did have for a lot of his actions over the past year and some change. Mm. But I think why that was so dangerous is because Kenya has such amazing thoughts that he doesn't say correctly, it's dangerous when you start talking in that world like it's cool. You can be passionate and you can say all these crazy but great thoughts to the world. But once you start entering something that affects people's lives and puts them in danger to some degree, that's where you need to articulate your thoughts completely.


You can't just have random outbursts. You have to say things when they affect people's actual lives that way with the influence that he does have. Yeah, you have to articulate those better. The reason why it never a lot of things that can you you know, that chalked up a lot of things to mental health.


And I'm still grieving over the loss of his mom. Like, you know, when you have that, the scope that he has on him is hard to be correct all the time, every day like that. Nobody can do that. So a lot of the things that he says, it never really bothered me, because I know that I know that Kanye is not an evil spirited person. He's not a bad hearted person who does not want to bring harm to anybody.


So when you know that people are genuinely good people, when they say things sometimes that you don't like or don't agree with him, you can kind of just let it go because he's like, I know he's not a bad person.


He doesn't mean harm to anybody. He's just talking. And maybe he didn't flush his thoughts through thoroughly. He didn't project them thoroughly. And that's OK, because it's like, you know, we can't expect everybody to say all the right things all the time. Yeah, but just knowing that he has his heart is in where his mind is and what he sees for people and what he sees for creatives and things that he's trying to create and the platforms he's trying to create for creatives, you know, that he has a vision that maybe we just don't understand because that's his vision.


And sometimes you don't understand people's visions and that's fine. That doesn't mean you start hating someone and not liking someone just because you don't understand their thoughts or what they what they see.


But, yeah, this this interview was just from what I saw, it was just Kanye basically trying to answer what people he hurt. So people thinking about him, saying about him, what is he doing? What does he have going on? What does he mean when he says this? What does he mean when he does this? And I think that this was just more of that just to just putting it out there, what his plans are or what his ideas are and what he sees for the future.


From what I saw, which wasn't much I need like a footnotes or an ice cream man to just, like, have Google ready right there to pull up some shit because he was covering a lot of different countries.


So I had to stop a few times in, like, look it up to fully grasp what he's saying, or I'd like to watch it again as well. But I mean, moderate to what you were saying about Carney's thoughts throughout this interview is kind of my only problem with it. I didn't want zero going to get in there and like, berate him or like Odey, try to challenge him too much, like get into an argument. I wasn't looking for that, but I was looking for Rogan.


To try to question some of the things that Kanye was saying so he can go deeper and explain them better. Hmm. And I think Rogan's really good at that. Mm hmm. So that's why I was excited for this. So when when Kanye goes on these Kanye Paschen rants, that makes so much sense in his head. It'd be nice if Rogen kind of stopped on certain points and had him dig a little deeper in what he was trying to say.


Mm hmm. And I felt like Rogen kind of sat back too much. The only time he really went. To that place was when he kept asking, all right, what is your actual policies for the presidential thing? And even then when Kanye tried to explain that Rogan kind of just let him off the hook of what he said. And again, I'm always looking for him to, like, argue him down on everything right now just to, like, really pull some more things out of him because he is so complex.


Yeah, that's that was kind of my issue from the Rogen side of it, because I know Joe Rogan is so good at that and does that with every single interview, some of the things Kanye said about, you know, the presidential thing and not maybe on this one, but when we heard him do his town hall before, I like some his ideas, the whole agriculture thing, teaching kids how to farm and how to ensure like I like that.


Yeah. Like art. To me, that was like, oh yeah, this is I absolutely would implement this in schools or somehow teach kids some young how to farm and how to learn how to be resourceful themselves, like things like that.


I like some of the other things is a little too, you know, out of there for me. But things like that I'm not mad at, if that's some of your thinking. And I would like to see that actually happen. I mean, I don't think Congress should be president, but I'm not mad at all. And having someone like him or him in some type of position that has impact on our country politically.


Well, I'm in a presidential space, but yes, you don't get him. Talk about the farming stuff is much needed.


I'm not even mad. I'm not the visionary. I'm not by any means. Supporting Cain is a presidential candidate, at least not right now. But similar to how and I'm not comparing the two gentlemen, but you need people to bring ideas to the table.


But the same way Bernie Sanders brought ideas to the table right now, you might not ever be president, unfortunately, in Bernie's case, but you need people to bring ideas, new ideas, and the way it's going to put it with the visionary thing.


I know that becomes cliche and people kind of make fun of it. But, yeah, I think you need visionaries in certain roles for our country that will think of things that aren't the actual norm, because clearly the norm is not working and it hasn't been working visionary quite some time not to be held down by man made titles and infrastructures.


I think on you. I think on it. And I'm not never supporting you being the president, nor would I ever vote for him, but. I think he will just be tied down by that position. Yes, I do not think he would be able to accomplish all that I think he could accomplish. If he had if he had the spot, I don't yeah, probably right there, but I still think in a position you can put there rather than, I mean, I guess position inside or somewhat of the same level.


His ideas. Those. Yeah. Any idea person in. Put in a position of power that can really get things done. Can you just seize? Greater. He sees his vision is broader. Like, further it goes further than most people, it's one thing to know that because we've said that about Connew a few times, but it's a whole nother thing to actually submit to that thought. My mom tells me that all the time, like when her and I talk, she says, oh, you my brain can't see that.


Like you see further than my brain is here. And Khania. That's how I feel on. That's his whole career. Yeah, any younger minds, I think you need younger minds, you need a that's a big problem with politics.


Yeah, I think younger mind presidential candidates, new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing the world.


I hate his mustache. Yeah, I love his accent. Like, when you get to a certain amount of money in life, you start talking like you're British. Forget it. Forget it. Forget colleagues from the guy who sounds like a Beatle. Now, like you forget, he's from Chicago. Like he doesn't sound like he's from Chicago, does he is worldly now. Do you think you have an accent? Absolutely. He's talked his way for a while, though.


He's had money for a while.


Is there an accent, though? I didn't really pick up and I didn't hear any association.


So very proper ways I could see him sounding a little John Lennon ish now that. Yeah, it's a little old McCartney with that mustache comes from when you have a lot of money, you just start getting creative. I tell you, you get a certain amount of money. You go to the barber. Yeah. That don't make the goatee connect. Yeah. Make it yo yo unconnected. This knife that cut cut just right by my chin. What is going on.


Neck this. Yo fuck me up right here. I'm going to go for the patch.


You look like it's interview did eight million in like two days. Wow.


And somehow the culture skipped it.


I didn't see a lot of the time, honestly, I mean, come on, man, and because on this because so much of the time line is reactions to in time type of shit, and this was three hours, it's hard to digest that and react to it.


We're off of getting news from the timeline. Right. Just so we're clear, there is certain news.


We still need a timeline for certain things, but it's not as informative just because you got a little chatter, chat room chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter. I don't use Twitter anymore. Have Twitter. Can't get information in your house. And your phone here shattered that house. So let me just twenty one. Savage is sitting here drunk and he's like, well, she's a doctor in real life. He's British tight enough to the coach and let that one go.


We found out you're British. We let that one go quick. Like, oh, his believe his dad is a doctor, right?


Oh, that's yeah. I believe it's only one savageness fault is a doctor someone who he was dropping Jim's ball compared like that. Nigger's a doctor. There's a British accent now. He doesn't have to show up.


He goes, oh no he doesn't have I met Elon Musk. Excellent. It's coming though, when he meets Elon. Alan is what I believe they call it. What you once you get to that, it is still on me and guap.


Dad or Steve.


He's smart, Tuto. He's a really televises. That's why he makes W6. That's why I brought it up.


Yeah. He's a really intelligent do because he's really, really, really intelligent.


And I would have never I was so taken aback that I interrupted.


I was like, yo yo, you real smart guy. You come up with that name like, well, I'm judging these guys by their names and he might be a father and he has money.


There it is. Put two and two together. Right, guys? I mean, he's the father of money. We don't know.


See, I even put it it's not past and give it to where you can't even understand how you came up with it.


Why don't you just talk British? Yes. Just talk to British and and it and it.


Well, what else happens on your your club?


We don't care about it. I do a deep dive. You want it to.


Nigga, I've been on there one night out of having it for a month. Brewery was in there shaking it up. Yeah. I was shaken up a little bit.


Gave me one night in front of the fireplace. Oh that's what you're doing with the whiskey in the wood. The audio. All right. Yeah, OK.


Yeah. They couldn't see the fire. They could hear it though. What are you doing over there. I was building a fire, Samuel. Killing this fuel killer they got here.


I pop I in everyone worries and I hear worried about engage engagement.


Now what he was doing was engaging in the chat room at that time.


I think Joe popped in there around five a.m. when he woke up, I woke up and I was drunk and quiet. At that time, I was just trying to add people to speak of AV's.


I've got to learn how to now see I don't know how to do nothing. You can pull a Luban Tubin not off the voice. I got to learn how to navigate a good or do I got to fuck with it. I got to fuck with this morning. I don't know what I'm doing. I can leave your boys up. Well the point is you got your creative and is Coolmore.


I should've listened to Joe. It's the right rooms because I went on there when I first guy I was like, this is the worst thing. I'm trying to speak to less people.


I'm so sorry love, but I haven't got the energy. I mean, maybe, I mean we are all my friends are on there and they don't let me invite. It's fucked up as anyone I don't even know.


I really don't know how to I really don't know how to navigate that shit. I don't know what I'm doing on that shit. Those rooms are going to be sick. Wow. I just know they have to have is made for more question.


That is, I think he was probably on it a lot and just not telling us, you know, I been on once. I have a room and I say a word. No, the first night I was on it. I know it is this. You know, he's going to have mad words there. Yeah. I didn't understand how to how to navigate that shit. I don't know what the fuck to do the.


All right. Well, we were talking about some important I thought before his must know.


No. What did you like his Easter egg hunting. Oh, no. See, no, I'm not doing this with you.


Is that aficionado day long I was talking about. This video received so many views, all right, and. The culture not talking about it. Yeah, that's odd. That was odd. Well, this is the audience watching this. What is Kanye still?


Yeah, but it's Kanye introducing himself to an audience that may not be too familiar with him. And we already know Kanye. We love him. We support it and we champion him and we put him where he's at today. I expected to see this. Double the amount of times I saw talk about August, I've seen on the red on red tabletop and it was quiet, almost like almost like somebody was almost like it was being suppressed.


No, it was just too long form without the little clips. There's no space you can headline and do the click bait shit like August. I was sitting there for 30 seconds being like we're not fucked is going to do way more on a timeline than a three hour interview that is based. Did he bring up anything about Burkin bags or cheating?


Fuck, no, no.


Let's not talk about stupid shit. But, you know, he did say something interesting. He was like, you got your first sound sound bite and like after an hour, something he said, like jokingly like that's the first thing I said that you can take a clip and that will go viral like. So I don't even think this was that type of interview where it wasn't there, just saying, wow, I wasn't salacious.


Yeah, it wasn't that this was everything a time timeline.


But I don't I don't subscribe to things having to be salacious to gain traction on the Internet.


I don't know what else to know with the Internet. Yeah, that's not specifically though. All the time.


Talking about the time timeline is you all keep you brought up August Alesina. I'm not. That was the most salacious mechanisation ever. OK, but it transcended your timeline, is what I'm saying. Well, we all keep introducing the timeline and I keep saying that's what, you know, not in your state and question what.


That's because he says something like it's been it's being suppressed.


And I'm not talking about people on a timeline, any news outlet anybody should be talking about.


And I just didn't see it. I think it's deeper than he didn't say anything salacious, because if I'm a click bait nigga, he did say man where I could clip it and it could be taken out of context and his condition is broken. So it'll get numbers. They've transcended that. They're not in the hey, we need to do fuck shit to get.


Oh, no, no, no, neither of them. So what are we talking about? We're talking about the audience. The audience doesn't know they did what they both do. Yeah. Which is intelligent shit. This is just a long form, non sliced up thing that news outlets, even the credible ones, survive on right now. Like they do it in politics. They're not going to sit here and slice up something that isn't really going to get numbers the way they want them to.


They want they want the easy, you know.


Well, twenty thousand people gave this a thumbs down, if you are wondering. I wasn't, but I wasn't.


But I got it. While we're on this complex reports Union of Musicians and Allied Workers Demands Equity with Justice at Spotify Initiative.


I wonder what justice that Spotify could be about. Oh, come on, you guys, fuck you up.


That was a funny just said Spotify.


Look, the fight continues.


The marathon continues. Look, see, justice is point seven. Who's reporting this conflict? Paul, what do you know? Isn't that a litany?


All your work workers in the music industry have banded together to demand better treatment from Spotify. The Union of Musicians and Allied Workers has created the justice that Spotify campaign to push for radical changes to the screamers business model. The group of musicians, DJs, producers, road crew and others aims to collectively take resources and power from the few wealthy companies that dictate our industry. So far, the petition has garnered over six thousand seven hundred fifty signatures from industry workers in New York.


We're going to need a whole lot more than that. Why did you even publish this? A million signatures. Sorry.


Six thousand. We're not giving you your money now.


Six thousand enough of the you made collective lists, a number of demands for Spotify. The group wants a per stream royalty rate of at least one cent, OK, with payment sent through a user centric payment model. Good luck. More transparency in closed door contracts and label deals.


They listen to me removing payola or pay to play schemes used for the streamers, curated playlist credit. Everyone involved in recordings.


Yes, that's. That's that's me. Makololo. That we sounds title. It's the only one really doing the right and terminating legal battles aimed at artists at the moment, the company doesn't pay royalties through a first remodel, blah, blah, blah, blah. You see the vibes. You see what's going on there. The fight continues. Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.


I mean, people just they start to get hip. Yeah. They're tired of it. They're starting to learn more and saying this is bullshit.


So you can only be signed by industry workers. I don't know, that's a good question at this point, they need to take that shit just up the street and get anything that they can get a million signatures on, any listeners, anybody that streams.


And first listen to music on Spotify should be able to sign it.


Mm hmm. I find a petition opposed to it. So, yeah, I think that's important. It is very important. I agree. Um, it does suck. That title is marketing plan.


When they first announced it was just done incorrectly, which they've admitted to because this is what they were saying when they brought all those artists on stage and was like, hey, we're not doing this anymore. Right.


We're going to come together and make sure all of us are compensated for the work that we do.


Yeah, but just the consumer saw a bunch of rich people on stage talking about some shit they don't even know about and was like, sorry, guys, I have to go to work.


Yeah, we need credits on every DSP, easily accessible credits. Absolutely. It's unbelievable as a thing. And I can't believe that the industry in general is not fighting for that because all of the people like myself and musicians and songwriters and producers, this is how we make a living.


It's by people saying, oh, who did this record? Oh, you did this record. OK, we find them on whatever. Right. Get a hold of you. My record, right. Absolutely. And the fact that it's not readily available on any of the platforms except for Title and Spotify is like very limited credits is disgusting.


And not only that, a good engineer is very important to an artist in his session or her session. So that's something that should already be a thing. I don't I can't even believe they're still fighting for shit like that. But yeah. What do you gentlemen think, and this is a pivot, but what do you gentlemen think is or has been the most impactful project in the last 15 years? Yeah. Yeah.


What was fifteen thousand five the most impactful project, 13 years.


I don't care. Whatever, whatever so far gone would be on the short list. And that's my answer. That would be dark. Beautiful Twisted Fantasy would be on the short. Yeah. With Aydogan Heartbreaks is up. Always good kid. That city good kid, bad city would be on the short list anyway.


To heartbreak I think. When that came out, that was I mean, that would be the one that changed the sound that we have now trapped me music come up.


Self-love is somewhere around six, maybe 2005, 2006, maybe that would be on the short list. Those are some of the albums for sure. Mean, it's funny you ask that when they travel used to come out, because that's one of the questions I asked when trying to figure this out. And that led me to how long it takes me or how long it's taken me in the past to warm up to the results or to.


Culture in other regions. Mm hmm, like trap. Like Houston, with the travel options dropped.


It took me a little while with that well, for the job, the scrutiny, I think you would have to really spend time in Texas, Houston in particular, to really understand that it's true.


It's just transcended to know it's transcended, but to really understand nature.


I think that I had to go to Houston to get the full experience of that lifestyle.


It's a feeling you shoot when everybody in Philly was coming out, took me a second to get used to how they wrapped the voices. Same with St. Louis. Yeah. Like and then I just went across all of it and like them. It took me a little while to warm up to everything that I had experienced. Yeah.


And I just thought that was a pretty general life life experience. Yeah.


But it's so fucked up in music though, because the music it should be. You hear that. How does it sound to you. Yeah, but it's so much more that goes into the culture.


I would say that the culture is on that list too and I don't think the album maybe had the impact.


But whatever Fut. first album was, because a lot of people have taken the I can't really sing, but I'm going to sing sort of rapping auto tune thing. Yeah, he was he was a big part of that. Yeah. But not in the same way. Not in the same way. It's a different sound. Yeah.


It's still melodic but there's a different I guess the word trap.


It's like trap iterates and heartbreaks is really just what drums like.


The drum pattern. The bass. Yeah.


Like that's just a difference in the significant difference in trap and regular hip hop or you know DC go go. Oh yeah that's. Yeah but that's something you like.


If you witness that live it changes your entire year. Yeah. Go go. Music like you listen to it differently after you see it live. It's more of a life.


Do you think with the Internet, a lot of what we're talking about with the feeling of certain regions has changed and blurred a bit.


I think I definitely think it still exists. But I think with the Internet, a lot of people are starting to talk the same. A lot of influences are not so much coming from where you grow up, but rather what you see.


And like on the Internet, the Internet is allowing for regions to borrow from other regions without without actually bringing them together, which is why the Internet is a beautiful thing, because there's a lot of cultures and sounds we probably wouldn't understand, like if we didn't have the Internet.


But I mean, I do kind of miss that, though, of more regional.




Like really finding out about each region and are fully trying to understand it from the outside, looking in like I thought that was a really part of my upbringing. Yeah. When it came to music. Oh this is what you are doing in St. Louis County.


Kanye was a proponent of intermingling that stuff early. He was rapid withdrawal. That was a Southern drawl and Chicago accent kind of has a little bit of that. But he was a little extra sauce on it. Sure.


Drake, to me in a in a more recent example, 50, when he got shot in the face, it was like he was from the South.


Yeah, like my first few times in Detroit, every club we went to, like they sped every song up. Damn different people like. Yeah. And it was really annoying to me, like my first two times there.


And then I asked somebody about it right now that's what we do. Yeah.


We will take any record. Yeah. And just be that shit all the way up. Yeah. And then if you hear it a certain amount of times, money out of the brain just play tricks. If you hear that enough you get it.


It seems normal. It makes it.


Yeah. Regular versions seem weird. Yeah. But I was only man because it was playing like one of my songs like in the Detroit You. No no.


It was like she don't put it down or something that shouldn't you would think you do that.


Your brain never the greatness in it is if you make it slower, not faster. But fuck it. Yeah I understand. Shout out to all my Detroit people.


I mean that was also too would like Baltimore and Jersey to with club music like making house versions of everything my fucking mind when I found out about that shit.


And that was right around the time I was really going outside to party and shit and it was women like I missed that part that the Internet has kind of ruined. I just really discovering shit in person. Yeah. Like, holy shit, what is this world?


Yeah. I miss MC Show Records. Oh yeah. I mean that's my favorite type of music. It's over. It's over now. Streaming. Streaming is the mixture of record. Well actually I'm not going to blame it on streaming the fucking radio programmers make sure. Yeah well yeah for sure.


Except for on Sirius in places where they still do streaming finished it streaming came in and choked all the rest of the life out of it. Oh and that was a tangent.


What what is the new mixology for the people. I don't know. Mixture records. It was kind of like the street single you put out to just remind people that you're coming before you put out your actual radio. You're usually some up-tempo, but not.


And you typically wrapped a little bit more on it than it would on actual single.


What does that video what is the new record? I don't know. The game is to record a playlist every day now.


Yeah, but these niggas can't get on the playlist.


Well, you know, a lot of people say no payola. Yeah. Yeah. So.


So all connections and on. And me being such a dinosaur, I didn't realize how big of a deal that was until artists started really spazzing about them being banned from these playlists. Like when when the Cosby was screaming about it, he looked like that hurt his feelings. Yeah, Tory looked like it hurt his feelings.


A few other people that have I'm not on his playlist like that. That's really important here as well, because I listen to the radio.


The main consumer of music is the casual fan that doesn't want to go through a rabbit hole to find new music. They want to go to your popular playlist. That's where you get the numbers.


Look who's running hip hop playlists and tick tock. That's saying yes, I don't get why people don't like, but I mean, as opposed to what I like and that's why I should.


But I have a miscommunication.


I come from the yeah, that's a random weird shit.


That's where we come from, that finding a record, having to actually go and find the CD.


And so looking for something that people don't have. Yeah. Like I love finding new artists on the Internet. That to me is like subadult when I play in people. Who the fuck is that? I'm like, I have no idea. Some kid I just found. But to me, I come from that like I used to go to the to Virgin Megastore and put the headphones on to stand there for two hours just. Yeah. And different shit.


Like I was doing it because you only had 12 dollars so you could only get one. I would sit here and find one example. You buy the tape, you buy two tapes because one that was my move.


Times have changed. Yeah. Yeah, that's a consensus and animes, posters. I'm getting posters at the start out my share, no loser. I love a good post of all the fucking good poster was all that was important. Your way to a tape store and purchased no words gets posted it.


Well, I took out a magazine in a magazine from the magazine. Oh yeah. OK, well, I mean, even I'm from the magazine era.


No you're not from the magazine era where they were. Want to tell me the era I'm for? You're not from the magazine era. You talking to young folks.


So I'm talking about right on Rori now when you weren't born, that was the only magazine. That was the magazine. That was mostly posters, not for nothing.


The source was definitely trash by the time you're now. And I'm trying I'm really trying to get here.


And it wasn't just posters. We ripped the shit out of the actual magazine and put it up.


But what I'm trying to educate you on is that magazines back then were predicated on the poster on the bottom. You would only buy it if you fold it out, man, because centerfold I did win by saying, like, I did the same she with Slam magazine, you know. No, no, you definitely were. But like, right on.


No, no I don't. How what age was niggas doing this at like the cassette store at Virgin Megastore.


Maybe they get a little for you.


You were not doing it in town. I was three. I wasn't worried. I definitely I was doing in the 90s. I was sure I was young.


I was like fourteen, fifteen. And this was like ninety five, ninety six when I was doing it. Even younger than that I had posters on my wall since ninety one maybe that you bought.


Don't you wonder why I'm so amazed by that. Absolutely. I would only bother you would go to the store and you would look at the magazine.


You couldn't unfold the whole poster but you see pieces of them like, oh, this is a dope. You would take it out like I'm buying this magazine. You go home yet because it was stable, you had to do it carefully or you would rip the whole poster right from that.


It was good at it. Yeah. I'm from Fox. So many photos know.


But then you got hip and got a razor exactly by my ear. They, they showed and you could just put that to the rack and they had the little tubes underneath it and you would steal them. That's the real poster. I'm talking about the magazine for the poster. That's different.


I used to be so mad and ripped my salt and pepper poster.


Look, what he was mad at this table was to take over. Man, I was Pepper fan. I love this great Stumbo. Look, you know, my whole life Pebble's look great. I don't care what you say about me.


The boy is coming. The boy is coming. He is.


So it seems that way. January two thousand, the loverboy certified certified lover boy.


You can I can. I just did I do I have to admit my my fandom. I caught myself and felt really weird after you got the hard part. No I thought about that at my hairlines. Rory, if you would have came here with a heart you just know that would have been a greatest show ever. Would be the greatest episode. I'm trying to say I couldn't pull it off. No, you can definitely pull it off one thousand percent.


But I would have been crying that we need that with the hard part. Larry, you don't you think it's funny that people think that you could potentially get the hard part now?


I think that's five and Irish. Irish, the Irish heart.


Joe, I pulled off the slits in the eyebrows. I pulled everything off.


So do the hard part. You can't do it now. No, I'm not even to I you know, you did not do it. Roy, if if Drake didn't do it, then I think you get it off. But if you if you thirty. What are you going to drink then. Put it. Put your beer. Think the hard beers. I got to remember when Prince brought his shit down like see I could do with the half slave on his face.


There you go.


That's not what I was referring to. I'm just. I'm not. That's not true. I don't agree to do that personally. I know. But I definitely got slave. Like, I thought I'd stop listening when he put him in Princeton to sing.


Don't you dare you know, the purple one verses like the red, red, red one pink one of red rain right now by that single No.


Gingery, do you have any serious talk about like the biggest artists of our time? I was going to go with an album coming and admit a fault of mine of how excited I got thinking this album was coming. When he posted it, I was like, oh, are we going to drink tonight? And then I called myself.


I was like, Wow. Let it go, Savon, leave it there. Fuck you, save. Who are you flagging? That's the part I'm still confused about and the little podcast summary is getting shorter and shorter time stares. You know, honestly, what are you doing? If you think I'm sleeping, don't notice you have me fucked up. You'll have all been keeping his timestamps all over the place. Yeah, the fellow said, what's up?


At five hundred seventy two? They brought up the verses and then they said, wassup f yo, honestly, you get fired. Oh man.


That's so funny to say. Look, it's the only place where you tell somebody going you're fired and they smile at you and not just now. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I know that is what he just did, right.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. But when is this. January. January. Twenty twenty one.


Yes. You guys more great music. But he missed it. No one bothered me. No, no music. They talk about things. He got a yeah. You got a ninja. Here's our drink. Take away more great music to come. Yeah that's what I mean. I think Drake is going to give us some good music.


Changed the game again. Yeah.


I mean we have no music to go for, but we can assume that this is going to be more good music at least. And that's if we don't handle music, we can't really talk about it. I'm not going to talk about the an animated album covers that he did over.


I thought I thought it was dope for a video, you know, with a reporter from home.


But I'm just hoping, yeah, I want to do the commercial.


I forgot who was for we did all the album cover. That was dope but not. I like what they did on this trailer for sure. It gave you did what you wanted to do.


It left you suspenseful like oh shit, the album's coming but not the night that I thought it was.


It's a little it's a low. Reutter It's pretty interesting.


No, not really. I remember it was rumored that he was coming in December. Yes. And he pushed them off, right. Yeah. So yeah.


But but to announce January in October. Yeah. For Drake there's a there's a pretty. Yeah.


I feel like he's had a couple quick drops. Some very much so. Yeah.


When the world was functioning. Sure. Absolutely. And I was going to say now it's even crazy that no shrink is like, yeah, fuck, this year I'm not putting music out.


Do you think he's starting something new, like the top of the year? The bigger acts think they'll follow? What do you mean? Anything more big or will drop top of the year as you go in the year?


I mean, I think people are making music now. I think they're gonna have to look at the. Well, that makes a lot of sense.


I think about why he just fucking thought that they were more interested. I got attacked months ago, Madde, months ago when I was like, I think Drake is coming at the same time tumbly. And I think they looked at each other. I think I said the fuck up know shit.


I don't think we said we said that you don't actually own the oil and coal Kendrick and drink dry at the same time this year. Know whatever good, but they're still saying Kendrick is dropping 20, 20, not like just what I'm seeing with he's outside doing this video. He's over here with this artist like they're alluding to that I think Kendrick is dropping 20, 20.


I don't know. I don't know. I think he is I think everyone is holding off until they can consider deductive reasoning. Tells me that this Drake album is going to be incredible. Like. Yes, I haven't heard any new music, but I've heard all them leaks, some of them leaks I liked a lot.


I heard those last year care package fantasy what it was the name of that fucking city put out. Care package, fantasy demo tapes, yeah, whatever it is, yeah, my beautiful demo tape he's got, he had a care package that he dropped.


He had care packages and demo lanes, road, whatever, that darkling demo tape. I'm just like some of the shit on there, too. And I think he was just cleaning out the stash. So if I like that music that sounded like that when he was cleaning out the stash. I have I have high expectations for this project, and I get it set myself up, but I'm doing it.


Yeah, that's a pretty good and I also think that the fact that he he's had more time, what we've all been gifted more time with this pandemic to sit still and kind of if you're a writer, your creator, I mean, you know, I mean, you have access to your studio whenever you want.


I can only assume that Drake has had more time to write and listen to music and create music with his team.


So and that is where spooky hours come in. Yeah. Because he announced this album and there's no big Drake single out yet, right?


Well, there is. I don't know what's been the laugh now it's correlated.


I'm probably saying that I do love that record. Yeah. Laugh now Carlier.


I think had we been outside that record would be. Yeah. Insane, because it's one of those I know we're all inside. It's a really, really good outside record.


I don't think that homeboy and his team leave anything to chance. So I agree. I think they're now a big record because, you know, a big record is coming. Yeah, sure. All the time. So now he got with his team and the little science lab and a record called for House.


So you call a studio now. That's how long you've been retired, a record your little recording area.


But no, I'm not talking about a studio. I told you I'm documentaries. Pockets is saying I think that he and his team are very scientific, went with the how they construct some of this stuff, the planning of some of this stuff. Very calculated.


Yeah. He spent his whole career. So I think the song is coming about you being home in the pandemic hungry. Well, I take a song like that is coming. No, like, how did he know I was like this right now? I got him. He just tapped into what I was feeling.


One of the oldest comments that is actually the definition in a sentence of Drake's career.


How did he know I felt this way?


He's really good at that. Is how did he know that?


Yeah, I just can't wait to hear. That's it. Listen, I would go with the title of Certified Lover Boy I would love.


It was literally just straight raps of like six pm in New York and just called it certified lowboy over him, just rapping crazy for ten records.


I would always like back and I want to hear some crooning. You need some RB this winter. Yeah, yeah. I need some crooning this winter.


Men and moon threes coming, you know that one as well. I didn't see that drinking out of that.


Yeah, no Cárdenas drink announcing he's out funny. That is funny.


OK, do you want me to give the world this one down to you? Put a date to it, but hopefully it links back up with a meal because that was that was the best idea we ever got.


For sure. For sure. Show to. All right. Well, we need a date. Know that's all you got, Bob.


I'm sitting here quiet so you can give me a reason to cut you off. It also doesn't seem like it right now.


I've said this plenty of times. I'm not really a Cutty fan like that. I just don't let your disrespect his influence on music.


Now, I'm not really the big cutey guy. I love that. I would if you go first album was this was the first album was really good, but I would never disrespect Cody.


A lot of the stuff that he put out after that first Sicari was like, just not if you want to see them.


He doesn't have any cutting his Cerrado. He was he's I go because I disrespect him.


No, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not accusing you of having meant cutting your Cerrado, unbeknownst to me. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.


Take that little screen that takes up those great projects with zero plays on one of them, you know, and the other one is man on the moon.


I just want to tell you all great.


And I'm not talking about cutting anymore because, hey, I know you hate Cuddie.


For some reason, you your time is going to become the cutting stand off. I don't think I think I think Joe hates Cutey fans. I don't think he hates cutting and he doesn't know he personally to hate them. But I just think that he think no, when I met him, he was awesome. Me, I keep saying it is not cool. Real cool to but mad, perceptive and warm it real cool.


But I just think that I have no reason to be with Cuddy now my issue is Zaveri just bring up that influence where I think that your intro that influenced word around a lot for a few people over some of the same shit he he is for sure.


Cuddy's amplify on that influence.


We just talked about how Ayoade someone. I need to know what follows that like I'm done with. It was over.


I just gave you the point. We literally you asked a question about the most impactful albums. The last fifteen years we brought up eight awaits is maybe the number one. As far as how music sounds now, where do aways derive from kid cutting bingo.


It's easy, we're not going to waste time with this because we even on the even on the Congress, it was I've always disagreed with this. I've always this have influenced you.


He'd tell you that he's on the Internet like he put the album together. I think he wrote most of it is sound.


Yeah, awesome. I always refute this with restack.


I do what I like.


Yeah, but how many times what that and that's my issue. Don't just do that. How many times are we going to like if three stacks made the cake. But that's like saying in mad niggas just keep moving the cake. But we do it here. We're not going to say all of them made a cake.


Can I, can I reply to course AIDS when AIDS happened directly after all, music changed to that melodic shit. It was a darker tone than what Lobolo was after Lobolo came out. It was the only thing, the most unique thing at that time and not everyone really followed suit.


I disagree with a lot of aids happened then. So far gone happened and all music sounded like that. But it's, it's not like when Lobello came out everyone started making that music of course, but they were influenced by it, but but had more of a direct impact to modern music because everyone sounded like that immediately and has been and used for the past two decades.


And you're taking that from release date. Oh, yeah, it is, yeah, for sure. Not only that, but when an artist actually works with the artists who put out that type of sound before him, it's like, then what do we want?


But if you want to go this route, then what do we do? We go below. Then we go to miseducation.


Like we could just keep going down that line if we can't, because there's a clear distinction in miseducation and the love below.


Is one not influenced by the other? I don't know, has three stacks up. I don't know them, but I mean, if you just keep going down the rabbit hole of who was influenced by who or who started what good it's going to go in circles. I'm telling you directly what happened after eight weeks was all music started sounding exactly like that and all rappers started singing. Yeah, but if I subscribe to that, that's not what happened after Lobolo that that is what happened because everything you name and happened after love below, like I don't put as much stock in hate this dropping in this drop.


Right after this drop. Right after I believe. I believe.


Let me finish. I believe in that ripple effect. The creative ripple effect with restacked. Could have done something in 05 and you may not hear the effect of that until 2010, 11 and 12. I believe in that.


So I don't subscribe to that way. Let me finish. Let me let me just finish. Let me just finish. One was something you said. So we finished fueling some of that shit you say, because I disagree with almost all of it. I also disagree that you said which one did you say it was more of a dark album, darker by the tones.


Not now. Are you referring to Atabay? It's a dark.


The tones of it are much darker. I don't think it is much darker than the love below.


I don't know, tone wise, not the content.


I remember I played LA below from my father and said, Wow, this guy, he's really going through something like, Yeah, it's a low blow is a really dark album, if you understand what he was getting across. But the tones in the music and the feeling of it is not as dark as what it is. It's actually much more musical.


The love below eight is the darker tones and parks and probably speak better to it instrument wise of what music is now.


There was there was a lot of upbeat stuff on Lobolo Happy Valentine's Day. Like there was there was some roses and the blue and pink to record his roses.


Not a dark record. It is, but not sonically. We're not talking sonically.


The content of love below is really dark album.


It's a really checking me out. No, it's about the content I think I get, which are all the same. You just gravitate towards lyrics and we're gravitating towards sound baby.


And that's what we're speaking to, is the sound not not so much the content because I would say yes, if on an intellectual level with the love below is a much darker album than it awaits.


If you really get into what Andre 3000 is saying in the ups and downs that he takes you through that album From Fucking Prototyp to Roses and and just his life when it comes to relationships, it's a fucking dark album.


But when you listen to it and you listen to stay on vibrate and take off your cool and my favorite things, like it's it's it feels good.


But if you listen, it's not good, right. It awaits sounds like a dark album so far gone, sounded like a dark album and music followed directly after that, correct?


So yeah, I think it had more of an impact on modern music.


I'm not saying where Kanye got it from, who did it first.


I'm saying directly after it happened and so far gone happened.


I think they both are equal impacts on modern music. I think that Edwards in so far gone had a more direct impact on what we're hearing today.


That's what I'm saying right now. Absolutely. Thank you. I think you gentlemen handled that perfectly honestly. And I can't believe now that we're in this room why Connie took Andre 3000 off a cop shot.


Yeah, I'm curious to know how that how that window you got to you got to slip it in there and you know, you know, you know, three stacks was like, nah, a little kiboshed it all for sure. Take me off of that fan.


Not. Well that's not where I'm at to this. No fluid on the beach. No I'm at today. It's no fluke they're going to play this and so hopefully and I'll take them off if I can't come back.




So you're a flute solo on this beat up coffee, which I. What did you expect? Because we got back and just forgot about my movie, about how she to the small box to make a movie about it. The you change the old fashioned shopping in the coffee shop which I don't know. What did you expect. Because we got back, they just forgot about a movie about a cop shoot the small boxes in the small box to make a movie about the cops came in.


Please release somebody.


I'm honestly what I think did happen was because he was just looping that and kept bringing it back. I bet Andre started it and just didn't finish it in time for their deadline.


Remember, sound like remember, he was doing an album a week at that point.


Like, I don't think you change the deadline for him or but you put the remix out at some point.


Yeah, definitely put out the remix. This could have potentially changed the direction of that project.


Yeah, I completely agree because I like that record. Anyway, that's one of the records. I liked the booze. Crazy. Yeah.


I just at that time I didn't want to hear I didn't love the marriage of the beat and that was a complaint that we had about the whole thing.


But I think that maybe if this was thrown in the mix, it may have changed things. It would it would have changed things to change things.


I was turned off just I didn't want to hear any sample of cop shot the kid. Well, what Kanye West was wearing a mega hat at that time and going, Supertramp. I know. Don't rap on this beat. So, like, don't bring this to Nasdaq, stop the way he approached that bounce. That was crazy. This is interesting pocket he made about completely different. I would love for you all to know the feeling of having to, like, go in the studio with one of these wordsmiths and like write a verse as there on the song.


I'm sure it's a terrifying feeling. And I'm putting myself in that spot with Andre and shit like this and it that's terrifying.


Yeah, that's terrifying because you got to deal with these unicorns that are amazing with words, but then their character just jumps.


It takes over the track, like, what could you do?


He's he's three thousand. It's like he's talking about like the moment they get on a record and fuck lyrics, like just their presence of their voice changes everything. Like you stop what you're doing when those type of tones come out of a speaker. Who is that?


He has that tone, but he has all the other stuff too. Yeah. Yeah.


He has got a lot to they were understanding forsight, flutes, flutes, flutes, suspenders. I mean, how are you going to do.


I'm going to a perm like. That's funny because that should be the three stacks.


Slider's should like forsight, suspenders, suspenders, suspenders and facilely you can see the future. Come on.


But I think I don't think Nas would be the one that would feel that way. I think he'd be excited rather than terrified the way other artists would be. Yeah, because. Because cable is a unicorn as well.


Yeah. Just in a different way, the word unicorn than a flow.


And this is what I mean about which you guys like knew about this because you write very. There's instances where both artists in the studio are superior and nobody feels like they're going to get washed, and then the song comes out and someone was watching two different world washing happened.


No one was fully paid. So somebody was here and someone was at the spot sparkling. So as far as a whistle, that's hilarious.


But I think as an artist, as a rapper, you as certain artists you are automatically assuming is like the artist we all love because you're about to go somewhere good and don't want to leave this.


Rory, Rory, in the event that this verse finished.


Oh, yeah. The tension went out spot because I heard what you got to try to get on your queen.


Yes. My sounding now I feel like I know I know what it is. I don't think it what you know is this what you think happens. So when that goes so.


So so Jarosław. Yeah. You know, it was at the soldier. Sure. Sure. Not any manicure. Yeah. Yeah. Not the song. From that pool in, so absolutely, absolutely be singing around a spot, I know where that balance goes and that bounce, I know it ends up yeah, this is the bounce that that had us saying it killed him, killed you all over again.


That and I don't think I think both of them left the studio session feeling OK that day. Absolutely. Absolutely. I love Jesus. We're still renegade. I don't think Jay got killed that as I got older. I don't think he got it was more of the flow.


Yeah, but that'll kill you. And Ms. Voice sounded better on TV that it was his beat. Yeah, well, yes and no.


They didn't already have MS verse and everything. Oh, was the same. Yeah, from from the voice recorder, that's kind of crazy. Yeah.


So Giada's agrees that the verse and I've had the perception that you got lost.


It happens. So was going to happen with anybody is it was one of those guys. So it's OK.


And if if that's considered a washing on Jay's behalf, I don't think that that makes him the greatest rapper today. Kidding. We watch. No, he didn't know what to expect at the time. Yeah.


But at the time, we had to find something wrong with bootprint, so we had to find some role with Jay. At the time, I was I was killing the album cover in the courthouse. It all blew. That was a courthouse.


And it was going on the blueprint. No, it was on. I'm sitting on a pool table, wasn't it?


No, I thought it was I don't even know the cover, but I know he's using a pool table when he's in a courthouse.


Like, I never thought about that. He was on the stand.


Oh, maybe it's a pool with a cigar that is now class. Or give me that one. It looks like that pool table, right?




Maybe it's not always at the jury I'm calling home. Oh, no, you use your home. But he just said, you know, you only get a few and it has to be important. That's pretty clear this up for us. I mean, that's that's a candid that's a desk that would have been an IG photo. OK, so let me leave here.


I can't believe that we're doing this deep dive all these years later. But why are those shoes right there? That's not the jury.


That's he's having a meeting. That's the exact he's a business. You see the jury's feet in the that's mall and all the jury doesn't have matching shoes.


Well, in Rockefeller, maybe maybe you see, that's that's most people speculate. Oh, that's fucking hilarious. But hey, look at me. Look at me. OK, maybe Todd, maybe his feet. Well, now we got to see. Now, put your foot tissue up. Put your feet up. What size you in that you don't know what you see. You look at that. That's a Jordan cement right on my feet, bro.


Snowboards are just not my feet. My feet. Is that the proper way to hold a cigar?


If you know shit, that's fine. I'm going go find some even holding a cigar, right? Oh, man, that's not real.


The only proper eight for Blueprint one is Jega, that person. Like Derek Jeter, that person, that person or that person, that's the one day we will catch Fall live in one day. That was good. That was never the never part. That's a new take.


I feel like I've heard that recently. That's a new take. Yeah. I never liked that record.


Maybe because I was young when I dubbed it for the ball. We like it in, like the hood we don't like.


I just feel like to 90 songs named Jega. That person. The other kind is like there's a bunch of those. Oh well this album could be on that list with Just Tohmatsu because after the soul so suddenly everybody went so simple, called to the same argument until space. Yeah. Absolute supreme clientèle get inspired.


This absolutely is one of my favorite back in the circle. So Brinkman's I was before this. Yeah, absolutely, and just and kind of been on record saying we were trying to make beats for groceries.


Yeah, this is just 911.


I don't really remember when I was two thousand with some clients over the ninety nine. You wasn't born.


I was like the first time I really got have right on, right on whatever. I don't remember what car Webb had had at the time. I think when we come home from Shabda, where I don't know what car Webb had at the time in 2001, it's a thousand sprinklered.


But when Holub veto came on in his car for the first time. Any car?


Yeah, I no, but my first time hearing it as a rapper, we were together when watch the Throne came out. The same thing. Yeah, same thing. I was the same thing.


No man when we first heard that watch the throne the intro.


How I reacted to that. You pulled that up. Right. I think you like that freestyle celebrity church.


And while we're close to it, it wasn't that day, that day, you know, because I had to go crazy.


But now you smoked. But that whole B2B novacaine, we did the novacaine, what we did on spot.


Another song, RJD, jokes a lot of hurt and pain. I heard something, you've got to be careful a rappers out there. Be careful what you put in these lyrics, man, because people don't go back years later and listen, you know, for real. Five years ago, my podcasting career and women and like. Hey, went back to catalog the other day. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What do you mean a dark place, huh.


What did you mean when you say yeah. No more signs.


Global Admon deal with you npg. Yeah. He's a global administrator now. It's a good title. The hell does that mean. I don't know.


He's doing, he's administrating something over the whole globe or he must go. You must go see the globe.


They're losing people to the globe. I'm going to go quickly back to the Kanye thing. Can you ask the same question you did?


You know, he took it. Boy, he said the word. You said the United States. But yeah.


And yeah, at the end when he said then I was like, oh, well, Joe just said, who who owns the world would do come up with Tussler?


Nobody. No, I think I did see a number.


They came up with some it was a lot of trillions. It was a lot of trillion about a US world, about earth.


Oh. But then then somebody who was 60 trillion, I think they said somebody hit me and with don't get the girl star, they're going to go from a Burkean back to earth so guys can't even copy the earth.


No, no, no, no. It's bigger than I have learned so much about Bergens this week.


But I didn't know nothing about any of this. I've never bought the army has built it was sold out when I tried to be fly, when all of us were getting those belts and tucking in our dirty, small white t shirts in front of it.


I'm so glad that that was the fit to be natural belt. Oh, that was the peanut gallery.


It was either that or they they wash, they white t shirt so much they had like the bacon bottom. She was just wrinkly like fat.


Don't buy a buy a new Heinz washing hands more than once. It was a nasty error of nasty error of fashion to vinegar. It was a funny error. Terrible. I participated. Well that's all I do. I showed your chest every day. Yeah absolutely. And I feel like three upstairs pop out and I feel like every some of the Viejas got deeper and deeper.


Yeah. Oh yeah. It even like brought her on the shoulder to six. It going up in the change clothes hook. Does falsey change clothes boys and girls.


No. And go and change clothes and go. Yeah that's worse. I know boys and girls is worse than boys and girls. Girls like that. But the nastiest in hip hop history. He said boys and girls change clothes. What? The YMCA. Oh man. Did it sound like they change clothes and. Oh, that's it. That's always a girls boys. These girls change clothes and go Oh boys and girls girls change your clothes in the morning.


They say, well, I'll put you on, Joe. My whole point for guys is like that. That video they put out their body though. Don't trying to tell me why you say boys change clothes and go turn it out. That's all. I did not go like that.


Well, it's mostly fresh on the way tonight at five, I need to speak. I feel like, you know, just change girls. From that point on the tires to the top of the station. Oh, let's exchange numbers and go, let's exchange numbers, boys and girls, no, you die boys around the boys and girls.


So let's exchange numbers and go that's and girl, I promise. Oh, yeah. No, yes. No, but but wait. I just learned about this little clubhouse. Wait a second. There are racing stuff from history. No, yes, since the might have said boys and girls you just heard when it came out. No, they changed the systems. Yes.


No, the only thing they changed was J. Cole's version.


No, no, no, no, no, no.


Joe was getting it because I ate an edible and went on a YouTube bender and I started seeing all the things that we grew up on that changed that don't exist.


Yeah, it's like JC Penney. The whole how it was typed out is different.


Now, the font, it was like an extra letter. No, no, no, no, no, no. I know you think you're looking at me like we had. No. Here, pass me out. All right, men, when they said the world was going to end in 2012, that just changed all the words it did.


This is just a recycle of everything that happened in our past. And they're fucking it up. They're changing things that they forgot what J.C. Penney looked like, this is just a cycle of a simulation that we're in right away, the whole for.


Let me let me add on to that and let me let me go to the ballpark. This is a list of everything before 2001. I know. I came in to tell you what the whole Kit Kat. But you can't eat the whole Kit Kat. I think Rory's crazy. No, I'm not crazy. I'm with him. I'm with him. OK, let me hear another example they brought up with the spelling of the word hypnotic on the on the drink back in the day.


How do you remember it being spelled AYP?


I believe back in the day. I think I was happy, Ötzi, however, there was a queue somewhere. Oh, la oh there was a queue. Oh, remember? No, I didn't hear this from clubhouse. Now, listen, there was one hundred percent up in there. I mean, not a lot. Yeah, there was a Y know for sure. Absolutely. Where's the wymore. I don't know. You can't find a Y.


Not on a new bottles. Here's another thing about the Bernstine bears.


Oh we Berinsky preachers they used to be a change.


Parks, it's the Berstein Baraza. Oh ho. Different logo in name. Look, now you step into the dark side.


Hey, we'll probably find it's OK. What about what about Looney Tunes. You mean think about that one. I didn't think about that one. It was in my nose just while I know you. You see them.


Yeah, it was right now I'm back in the day just. Oh and why it was and why now is just why. See I knew it was in Iowa.


I thought it was just I'm going to really fuck you up now. You think you're looking for Berezan, Sketchers. You remember. Did you remember the Shaq movie Shazam, right.


Yes, classic. Do you also remember damn whatever it was, kazam, do you also remember the Sinbad version?


I remember Sinbad being a genie in a movie, I don't remember the name, though, that I remember doesn't exist. And you're saying it doesn't exist?


No, Sinbad was definitely a genie. Simbad himself is on record saying y'all are wrong and I've never done that.


But he's wrong. That movie exists in Sinbad. Prior to 2012. We did look, if they arrested, they arrested it. So it was probably a bad movie. In all fairness, no, I saw that movie. Look, there's a go there with Sinbad because they you know, he definitely did that movie.


I saw how many thought was in Fairbreeze.


Fairbreeze, I'm going I'm going to be free. Oh, maybe all three, because it was too before 2012.


Now was one of the Rollman.


I'm not going to come back with more. We'll be back. This is off the don't go. And we'll be back with more. Oh, Fairbreeze borrowing the sketch.


You haven't seeing it when you guys. We're going to ask it as a teenager.


Really? The sneaker Sketchers. Yeah.


Oh, I've got to go back to the exam. Don't don't don't belittle Rory and I again. Ever again, as I remember esq. Oh, they're going to be more war overcover.


Oh shit. We found this. So what you have to do is put me in a position. That's what you need not don't do that because everyone wear Balenciaga is now. Now they too good for Sketchers right. When it's the same shoe.


I've never worn pavement's the obvious yogi Sketchers yo you copies get you caught in the new terms. No, not for me. Give me my regular terms. Do the croxton. They determine you know, that you order ice cream for Mr. Softee any time you want a chocolate dip.


Did they did that with the but mad different. Well yes. So pink, blue purple all get the green flavor and the pink flavor.


Yeah. They got strawberry raspberry. That's just green and pink.


Yeah it's the flavors. Yeah. Chicks just put you know. Tim's coming black, brown or that's it.


Yes, it that's I mean, I was always a fan of the Dark Navy back in the day when they first got the Old Navy SEAL, like the dark brown kind of brown, his eyes, those were cool enough.


Can I pivot real quick, young girl, ever put, like, a picture on Instagram that you just had a problem with?


Oh, we've only been saying free for five episodes that you didn't shut up.


Yeah, absolutely. Why these?


Because it's just getting crazy out here. And some some man has to care about these women.


Yeah, but that's why people shouldn't be in, like, Nepal, like, no, go ahead and nibble away. Listen, I support that culture, but if you've got a culture, I'm a big fat pussy. You just you just you're pulling this spandex up so you could show a fat pussy on Instagram, like, come on, y'all are going home. You don't support the culture on Instagram. No, I don't want to teach you anything, but it sounds like you're policing women's bodies.


That's what it sounds like. Honestly, that is what my bad.


You're shaming fat pussy shaming. You should never be this. I don't like fat. That's what skinny. What is it. That's such a good compliment. I give it to my chicks without fat with. No that's real shit. I said I was so sick. I'm like a pussy fat simulated now I know it's like. I mean are you wrong. I'm wrong about you. You want to get out of here, you're going to have to say no better.


You and me. How many times you've been in your beard. I'm telling you, as bad as some piss out here, though, that's Nick is also the chick with a little as yo yo pussy. I am curious to know how he likes to skinny pussy, though.


It's a culture show just like people.


Like skinny women. Like it's a culture so small.


All right, Elizabeth. In space and skinny one would be fabulous. Absolutely.


I was going to be having no amount of. Let's get the fuck out of here. Oh, you got yourself to be clear about that. You brought it to the Jewish people.


You can actually make it to you. Oh, my. Oh, shit. That's crazy as fuck. Yo, yo. Oh, my God. You know what? This is insane for me. Oh, my God. Look at me. And not a joke for asking that question when I was talking about women. Oh, I don't know why the pause looks are in my direction. Holy shit. Oh.


And we're back in a more calm, collected ourselves space. NPR Voices now was was off mic infects you whatever reason.


So that was wild off Mike. But I'm not even going to bring that to my guy to worry like that.


You know, I was off. No, I was mad that it was off. Mike, that smoke is fine. Oh, all right. Cool. Yeah. You know, yeah. For the show. For the. It's at my expense. That's fine. Now, OFF-MIKE, you know, sidebar conversation, I was alerting the gentleman, I was learning my friends and colleagues that. Then it's not even clear who was actually trying to see what's topic.


The reason we tell you about bringing Goonies here, man, a salute to The Goonies. This is not big enough for you and your whole fucking conglomerate. But to people, you guys leave your weapons outside to people in covid. I don't know whose hands these niggas then shook. We didn't do the fever testing them. A jiggy with these guys. Savon, did you get this guy? We're all cording. We're all we were just talking about Tiggers dick pic that you walked in at the right time.


I was telling the story of my walking on the right side of the bed. I was telling Rory off Mike that Tiger had leaked his shit and it all the women were going crazy about a month ago.


Yeah, you subscribers only.


OK, so it's a profitable business, so I was I was telling Rory that, I mean, Tiger stars only fans and league t shirt and the woman said that I mean, he was all right.


And then Rory said, well, I knew that. Are you surprised? I was referring. Does it shock anyone? I mean, we were shocked. There's like there were when you beeped one version of the video, did you see?


I didn't know I had a piece on it. I just want to play a sleeper. I was referring to it didn't surprise me that Tiger would leak his own dick, but I said it in the wrong time. Yeah, it's I was a little Tommy. It's all about comedic timing. Yeah, that's it. Anyways, congratulations, I guess. Transitioning from tigresses. To something much more important, West Side gun school, me to what's happening with West Side Gun saying that it didn't promote his album or something.


Let's grab a reason on this passing and we're back. Oh, you didn't get the good joke. The super engineer from Tool. Stop trying to get your pro tools. We will try to get you to redo the way you working off the overall tone. You know what I'm talking about. Oh, the reason is your reason. How you doing, man?


I'm doing all right, man. I'm doing good. Actually, I'm doing good. Yeah, that's me upset at the driver. So, yeah, I'll get the driver. That's not that. For some reason, Waziri didn't have a Jane Doe and Alexander McQueen, she was.


Oh, he is blessed for where he does have a little you. Is it different is a blessing.


What does it say and say. It says I'm rich. I don't even want to tell him what it says because I'm not going. It says Reeses says I'm rich. I'm doing very well. So who's reason to be going? Oh, I don't like this stupid, but who is reason? That's what they call him and ask me. I don't I'm glad to see you have to say it is good to see that your mom was still a misdemeanor.




Oh, Mom, I can't go back to L.A.. You can't go back where you got to. Ran random out of there, please. I'm not exactly sure. How could you say you don't. Hey, Dad chased him. Nearly happened and never he made a splash in the nick of time. Well, I see what you did there, Nick. I enjoyed it. I like the reason. Who the fuck is with you?


It was a birthday gift to myself, man. That was I felt good. It was like I saw the Mike Tyson interview. This is the trophy. I like that. I like that coin of like chains and niggas by truck at the excuses we give ourselves to buy things.


Like you said, we just want it. And I like it. Like, yeah, it makes you feel good. It makes you think why you get the owner in selling price because you got money. I did. I do. Well, but they sell trees right now. You be me on day one reason with you now on we also. That is a nice idea. I just put my album out Jane. Yeah.


Looks like a congratulations to myself. Yeah. I look at for it. How do you feel about the reception to them.


Actually like it was really, really dope. Like when you said all music for a long time, you kind of like forget that. Like there's going to be weird. That is good because you've been listening to the same shit over and over again. So I had like my couple of tracks that I thought was going to do well, but I didn't think that people were like like I didn't think that it would go over as well as it went over, to be completely honest.


Like, I know I put out a good project, but people are like saying it's like the best project a year and different things. I didn't think it was going to get that reception. I was just trying to take a stepping stone to the next one. That's really what I was aiming for. So what is the OK. Oh, we spent the time like fine tuning shit or you had it. It was now we had it done.


We were supposed to drop like earlier in the year and then covid like we were legitimately like we I had a date in March and then covid hit and then we had to push everything back. So I only added like two records since then.


But Toppo top hold all the albums for nine months after they think especially after they think it's that I thought it was done up top.


He just he he he won the right timing for everything, like I'm not gonna lie. So he just like we waited and then we were about to drop in July and then the Black Lives Matter shit hit. We felt like it was disrespectful to know it was not a dream. Bill, come on, stop that. He's not. You see what I'm saying about small niggas, right? Dude, let's not do that. I don't feel like there's anything I like.


Anything I'm not dancing around is that people know that my niggas what it's like. We're not getting that. Come on. We're not doing that.


I wouldn't walk me through the first listening session with TDE when you played them when no cry and said, I don't trust none of your fucking fuck this label. If I'm be real, would you like to thank my manager that's sitting next to me? I don't trust you either. You're my CEO and son and tell him where you that sauce from sources.


That isn't the only way we going if we want to credit everything. The man in the moon. I'ma start taking my. I've got to tell you who sources that they won't trust, none of you know, the snake is really crazy. It was really a moose's idea for me to play it to the top, though. That's my manager top or whatever. It was his idea for me to play. It was his idea. It was just that once he heard it, it was his idea.


For me to play it for top and top was cool. Top fuck what the top was the only reason why I was on the project, like he was the one that called me and was like, who was like, what's that record that you was talking shit about? All of us. You should put that as an outro. So top acts that the only nigga that kind of scared me a little bit was rock because he was off like a bottle of him when he heard it.


And then like rock just like very like touchy and aggressive. And you don't know if it's like coming from love or you want to sort of put you down. You just know you don't sound like so great, blah, blah. And he grab you. You don't really know where is going after that. But it was it was all love the like. That's just that's one of the reasons why I fuck with the label because they just he just cool about saying nothing else about rock.


Don't know. I get out of his way completely, I get out of his way and it seems like a nice guy friend of the show actually. I love, love, love Taylor. His last album with every one of my favorite albums. That's one of my favorite TV albums that ever came to redemption. So fuck.


Do you think you would have been able you think Jay Rock would have been able to make that album if there was no man on the Moon?


I mean, if you if you go back to this thing about to go back to how you cut it out, I'm talking about the drummer. I'm joking. I'm joking.


What what do you think about Larry Bird? What? I think he's a great player. I guess. I don't know what context where at five. No, I don't think Larry Bird types in the top ten. I don't think he's to top 50. Maybe. That's not to say I feel I'm not a lot, I think a lot of them old niggas is overrated, the whole movie completely. So I told you I just turned 30. But it's just because I just feel like I don't know.


I just feel like I don't think it was good to have you back. And I think it was more big. So I don't feel like they had to play against nobody that was like. Worth much, if I'm be completely honest. Who's your favorite player? Kobe, I know he's not everybody like I know he's not going since, like, the best player, but I think that Kobe have to play against better niggas than Mike in all of them.


Nick, it's not LeBron because he played in the same area. But like I always tell things like naming a top five wing that Jordan had to play against, like when he was so caught, like you going I'm saying like, they just really didn't play nobody. So you respect by Russell? No, to be completely honest with you, I don't care. A great coach. No, no, no, you don't.


And you bought those nine hundred dollar sneakers with your own money. The money is there. Style is a budget. It was going on. It was like a you didn't strike me last time you did. Your situation is the guy who was going to go go out, get all the nine hundred dollars. I don't have all the nine hundred I like we Bishes and I know that, I don't know that t shirt but that cut I know is expensive.


That's the way it is not. I actually got gilded with it. I got it. I got, I was laying on the floor like, like Tiger by leveraging my sleep. Right. But she's ready to keep, you know. Q I'm sorry but enough time. Give me the ways and spending this mega guy. Wow. I was here last night like I was here last, I was here last. Like you looking good. It's a different time be.


But the difference is that shot like last time was like really an accident. Like like I was headed to the airport. You can I'm saying like that's really the difference in like, you know, action and waves do look different.


You I wasn't expecting waves to come to you right now. We get on the plane. My project did really well, man.


I just feel like New Beginnings is out. And I feel like you're really talking about I feel like it was a real personal project. Respect, you know, you came into to a typical sequence. Well, I work really hard, you know, and I just appreciate everybody all that. How you pushing? Yeah. They throwing it at you like I mean, that's what I want to talk about.


Are you in a relationship. Yes. Oh my. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Don't do that to. Sorry Queen. I'm sorry. Sorry. So you're in a relationship, you've been in a relationship and so you can't really even enjoy your success right now. Right.


Kind of sort of sucks. That part of it is like yeah, I got two good vacations which are Queena.


So that's what you go. Don't you like that. Like I was like no that's true. That's a great case. They quit. Yeah.


I got a whole new spot with this big ass balcony. I was super excited and then I'm moving day. I realized who also lived in my house and I said, why did I waste all my money on something that will not be used for anything cool?


Well, you could have just told you that living with your girl shit is over with.


Look, it was all those days I'm turning back. My house is mine. I go to the when I want it back. Where are you going to find your fucking business. Cannot piss without you, bitch. I'm never going back. All right. Two weeks of said. It's like, oh this is where we used to lay but we laughed, which I really don't know of. When you ask where you're going and you're literally about to go piss, I'm going two feet away if it's OK, bitch respectively.


Because you have to respect. We have good reason. I think I think you would just be like, oh my. Would be in a better spot if you just use my line, would you? I'm not supposed to feel this way right now.


I feel like I got to catch niggas. Before I was late I was all screaming successful to be, to be doing to me like I've seen Matrix pull all that shit out. Oh, come on, come on. WWII, this is important. This is important. I want to share a vulnerable, vulnerable moment. Oh, no. Oh yes. I can wait. We're taking it there. I got that text. Yo, where you at.


Like those. You supposed to be home last night. I said I've been home, I'm sitting in the car, I've been here for thirty minutes. I need a couple more real shirts in the garage.


Just I was just sitting in the. You can't do that. You know, you got to go in the house, you can't sit outside down. You go get in trouble. Like I said, I need some time.


I'm here. Don't worry, I'm right outside. But just give me some time and shoot invade the balcony.


And then I pissed outside so no one asked me where I was going when I was going about. Anyway, so, yeah, album, yeah, that's crazy. What a great of West Side, West Side Gun. Can somebody school me on on exactly what's going on here with this album promotion thing.


Eminem posted Alchemist's on his Instagram and a fan said no post of West Side album. That's and that's on your own label, LOEL with the foot and in which I responded to him with the laugh and emoji and emoji. I object to this. I object to because that's a new thing that people do where they use the crying emoji when it's not crying, like you're not laughing, crying at this thing.


That's like I said, I know at this point you might just be laughing. He was laughing at that for sure. I mean, when the album dropped, maybe he may have felt a different way, but at this point he felt away, it's all right for niggas to say we felt that way. Well, let's just be the first one to tell you he feel away. Away. But it's also with the album, right? Well, he raps.


Well, you know, I'm saying that he's going to do a whole cast tomorrow night. No, no. Because I served here with. Right here. Let me give context. I'm cool with Benny. I'm going to all the context that you just lived to be like, oh, all right, so good. I'm cool with Benny. That's the only one that I honestly think it's nice that I truly listen to and be honest with you. But I know that one of them has like like they're known for like their lives.


And I think that's what's not I'm not 100 percent sure. You ain't. No. Oh, no.


I'm never I'm fine with as long as it's like what I said you can I'm saying like I'm completely fine with what comes with it as long as it's what I said. So I'm not sure. Yeah, but no, he is known for he's the one that's always out there.


Right. OK. Boom, boom, boom. It different when it's aimed at you now. And you can throw darts at us though for a minute though. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh no, no, no, no. That's all right. Forgot all about the fact he's been thrown. You know, he got a shoot that he guys shoot at us like that's so you guys shoot that. But he says something about what the fuck is these niggas?


Hell, like you. I'm saying like, oh, oh, I do. But I do also get what he was saying as far as like how many projects they put out. But it's also not about the quantity, though. You get them saying like it's about the classics, in my opinion. That's all right.


Let me try to push this rap. Big Dick Energy target, high energy leverage over here. There's a brand new record, please. All right. Let me try to push this more than his arm is incredibly weak. What happened in January? Yeah, we can talk about. I let you take the floor. I don't want it. It wasn't mine. It was a situation. I say it was a minute ago. But I know that they had an interview with West Side, said something along the lines of like, they're the greatest rap group or something like that.


I'm not talking about that. We all know that.


I'm talking about what happened in January when you were supposed to rap and people said no.


Oh, yeah, yeah. We was all supposed to rap at us. I forgot was at Apple. It was supposed to be Griselda was going up there and I was supposed to go up there and rap with them.


And I had Benny they said it was cool. They said was gonna check in with the rest of the camp. And then they said that the studio didn't have the capacity for another rapper. I don't like. I don't really know.


Not there wasn't fucking what you know. So, I mean, the studio closed. That's that's my house. My only three mikes. Sorry. You know, Ababil there's only so much. We don't have the capacity. I don't have the capacity. But I mean, for me, while Nikki brings about people to surround us. Yeah. We were supposed to rap though. But I mean, that's was I honestly don't like it ain't even just dumb.


That's sad to me. That's what's missing in the game. Like I feel like like niggas just don't like to cross rapping.


Like I just don't think that niggas like to really make cross moments like that. No more like you. I'm like I feel like it's all about like it's not about the moment of hip hop. I feel like it's more about the benefit of where you're trying to go, if that makes sense. And that's something that I try to push against in my career. Like I try to go with the with the moments like what's going to be remembered as far as like a hip hop moment issue like that, which I know that that's not the traditional way.


Now everybody's looking at, you know, what makes sense for us to be able to benefit the most? I'm just not. I'm not. I'm not. It's just not here for that. Be honest, which I feel. So it is what it is.


Did you know did you sign with Kendrick's new media company or did he not want to fuck with you? I did not.


He's doing that on his own. I signed it's up and he's going out on this. All right. What else do I have to do? I'm in regular questions because you're a maniac. Like it is like I don't I'm not trying to be.


But is the Kendrick shit like we've seen these trailers with George to be out looking amazing? You know, I know what it looks like for you. From what I know. I just know you guys like a thing you always got to like. I don't want to call it a label because I know we're creative. We know what I'm saying. I don't know. But yeah, I know that they got baby came was type I like baby.


Yeah. Fucking baby can't be tight.


So Jessica's is letting that out. That Alpha was the real feeling this year. I can't do this you know, I just threw too much rappers to able to talk to. I can't and I get it. I mean he tries to go like whatever you want out there, you know, he's dope. No nigga. I mean if you do that. All right, OK, look. Werrimull sorry, what you 100 percent, which we jokin good reason, is a good friend of ours that we joke around with our good friends at the mall in Parks.


I do want to hear about your thoughts on this website. Shit.


As far as oh, this is it.


The Eminem should get a shit I've been trying to cover for the last quarter. We know that. We know that for whatever reason, it doesn't promote much. If any of Griselda, for whatever reason is weird to me. But I don't know to it's weird to you where that source came from.


That's more josef's weird to me. No, that's not good. Cutey definitely started. We have to be able to promote you. Oh yeah. More jokes. But Eminem, who was the first one to not get promoted by him, tell the truth. But he's but not only Eminem. Eminem is on your album. He's been he's been on defense. The fans get on him a lot about that, though. He doesn't promote they don't promote artists.


Well, up to a let me help you.


I feel like I told you this a million times before, which I don't have to listen to me. That's not him. That's not him tweeting. But that's that's my point to him.


Instagram shows the label now shows the label because the label was running his account.


This is not a m specific call to fuck this. Paul, know about anything he ran Def Jam. What are you talking about?


Random ear to the ground. You got to do a bad job. If logic is bad enough of the label, did you dislodge it because you reason this is so is logic and reason or. I dropped a great project. It was a battle of the brains. Right. Was logic one reason the left side, right side of the bread get it shot to logic. He did logic and logic consistent. My fucking conscious logic is not on the. But why not on the.


Why is he not on the album. Yeah he wanted to retire. You're not. But he was tired but he wasn't. Don't do that. He was, he was retired, went out to win my project came out. He was not he wanted, he wanted to spend with Reese. Don't do that. Large larger trees. Very sick man. Well, I'll tell you the back and forth on the lodge. And that would be like the new guilty conscience just on two different sides of the brain, right?


Yeah. But I'm really not sure what Slim Shady or Eminem are doing up there, but they're not doing a good job. No. And artists and pushing their artists.


But Griselda's doing a good job, though. They are. Oh, yeah. They're doing a great job, which I think we spoke about it when they signed. We we didn't even really see the need for them to sign with, you know, we're going to clean up.


And also, I'm sure Chris was on somebody made a mess in our somebody made a mess.


Hey, that's honesty. That's the issue with our culture, though. Now, is that like and I know that you're joking. We're just we're all joking aside, but the outside world is like you can't say anything about anybody without niggas thinking that you're, like, coming for them. You're going to sound like that's actually like a real thing. Like so it's hilarious.


But yes. But Griselda is doing a great job.


Yeah. I do know they don't they don't need to promote Bennys album is great.


But why aren't remakes. What, why didn't I read it.


That's a sick question to ask a nigga with Tiger why you didn't remix. What was the second question then. Why do you know that song so no. Oh oh oh back in my day. Used to teach you to use that to take to heart record rhyme. Do it again and not do that. No, no no no. They don't do that anymore.


This season I do treason and I mean no one would. I would if I were to go. I got to be the reason I love you. I don't like to live in New York. He would be my best friend, got a really good album and I legitimately listen. Do not say how much I'm not going to park, but my name is reason I do try to play. My things would have turned that right off. I know you've been gone for a minute.


I'm sorry. So I didn't hit like you should get high before even go. Go. What do you think the logic should and what allowed you to do what I say.


Do what we're doing. I drop my five year anniversary of age, you know, dropping, you know, my one of my managers actually called me recently.


Asked me, do you think he came after you, after your Altro, you added more managers? They actually called me and asked me, do you think you can get Joe to come out of retirement?


I said, fuck, no, I don't don't take it. I don't know why. They called me and asked me that. I don't know why will you rappers want to vote for me to retire. We just heard one and it's not a good shot. See where his skills is that so many rappers have hit me like reversing like a film.


Really tired. Yes, that is crazy. Yeah.


You know, rappers, we try to we try to come up with moments and I guess I mean, I get that. But is a moment, though, you know, I'm just I don't know if it's a moment on that mind.


I wouldn't I wouldn't ask, though, because I've seen you talk about retirement. You seem very, very sick of it. Yeah. So that's what I'm saying. Like, I would never disturb.


I'm going to reach out to y'all when it's time that they are some of you.


All that I do want on them is actually crazy because now, like, you can actually like fuck around and make an album and have everybody on it.


Well now album to nine minutes.


So I mean, they're really only two verses from me to every one song. I can go get the whole gang, you know, like my guy just looking for your wife.


Oh damn. That's a disagreeably. He didn't know. Not you. That's I think it's. Do you know what I'm saying. You snap twice. Yeah. You have to have my homie.


I mean, you just met him on clubhouse last night and now and now that has to bro. That's big bro. You guys definitely owes you big bro. Right. See you tonight. Are you a clubhouse employee? So shout out, go up to the clubhouse. And if you don't know, I don't know. I'm not going to win for the cool kids. When you get to own, you know, the chain down there, you go on.


You can come. Are you are you at Soho House member?


I don't know what that is. Either Beyonce or I'll be out of touch, bro. I'm not going to be I'll be in my own little space. Just. He's married, man.


I'm not married. Well, he's kind of I don't even know where we draw the line. It's a new marriage loving union.


Do so. When are you driving again? Next month. I'm fucked up by media. Right, nigga.


Just put forward is not an outrage. I poured into it. But what are you trying to keep driving Lucy. Like I got to stay relevant. I can't disappear and shit like that. So trying to drop because I'm working on like a little small EP, working on some other shit that we'll talk about when that should go off. Yeah. So I'm just really just working on music right now, trying to stay relevant until my like actual like album.


I'm not this is like a mix tape, but it's like I hate those niggas that say that. And then I became that nigga but like I had to drop though, like I had to drop and I felt like I needed to put out something. So this is more like a play this or a mix tape. But then I felt like it wasn't personal. And so then I added, like, it's a really good reason. I wish that was an album and I mean I mean that in a good way.


That was a really good mix tape album.


This playlist, your playlist album, the playlist like a collection of songs. It is good though, but I am trying to drop again.


Are you trying to be one of those artists that gets the new artist Grammy 15 years into their career?


No, I'm not sure. I don't fuck with me on the next year for some freshman shit they don't even like. You can't be a freshman. I can be a freshman next year.


I just got to work on the industry right now. I just turned thirty. I'm trying to figure out what I could be, how good I am.


This is a dope conversation. Twenty four. Twenty five. But I can't air figure out what about in that industry.


So I really just I think that's I for people care. Yeah. I think people carry that. That's why it's like a thing that's my 40 year old man. So that's what's important about it. I'm sorry. Just sort what we was laughing about. Kendrick being forty y'all was laughing at us, not read his country for you know.


I know he said he knew bad people just like really. And I was being an asshole.


Jay Rock. I apologize for that joke. Definitely. He goes, shoot, you know. Yeah, niggas are really crazy. All right. So snitch.


So spill beans, bro. I'm just trying to be the artist is known for being like the best new rapper. I feel like I'm the best rapper I know.


Jadi sent me some stuff on my phone. No, that's completely fine but that's completely fine. Like I think I'm the best new rapper right now. I feel like I've, I feel like just from a rapper standpoint, not from an artist standpoint, I feel like I'm still growing as an artist. But just from raps I feel like I've. Who's almost as good as you. You think Rapide in Boogie? I feel like those are the two super, super cool.


You think Rhapsody watched you and you know, I think she had a better verse. So that's the first person. I think she had a better I got.


No, not know what it is like, watches like a fuck about, you know, but, you know, whatever she did, she went crazy. Yeah, I do think that her voice is better than mine. Oh, are you gonna change your changeovers?


Because I don't do that. I don't honestly, I don't believe in it. I don't believe in it. I believe that at school I write my shit, like in comparison to what I think I could do. And if you come through and do some crazy shit that you came to do some crazy and I like sitting next to my voice first because I feel like if I don't like, I feel like I'm going to win. I guess honestly, I feel so I feel like it's better if I see my voice as far as the way you at least have the bar and you can just go beat the bar and the song be better and you don't know where they're going to take the verse to what you like.


So if we in the same studio and we could do it at the same time, but I'm never going to change like I know something because they send the beat and I'd be like, you'll put a verse on this and put a verse on it and put our verse on the same time. It's got to work. Yeah, that's what you're making like an album. It doesn't. It don't go well. But I think rap verse was dope because not only just like I have bars but Shehab bars and content like and that's what I think that she did better on her verse went off.


She went crazy bro. I'm not going to lie. Like I might not stand rap a verse for us anymore. I might be like, you got to pull up. Like I might rap over as far as no more. But do you do mystery? I do desperately, mainly the money, but I also miss the fans to shouting fans. Awesome. Oh no. It's same on the money, not the fans. I'm joking fans. Yeah but man those checks like I miss the fans so.


But yeah, I have plans this year man. I have big plans.


I would have to own a home at the own and and when you have a girl tournament group that's a thousand it just got a little more in where we go. You got to go home, you know, there I stopped paying the wi fi so she can't listen to this market.


Oh, if you're smart, you're smart.


You've been paying more attention to your visuals, obviously your visual. I have.


I've been I've been taking pride in the whole shit. Like this is my first time, like being real, like into an album like as far as I'm saying, a mixtape so far as a playlist, as far as like the creative like vision of it all, you know. So I've been really into like actually writing my treatments and actually coming up with, like, the entire concept of it. And then I also have like a great team, like I feel like on the rerelease we just kind of put that shit up because it was already out.


So this time we actually have like a great creative team a show like this. So we actually dove into the creative process of it.


So much artistry, these songs knowing this is going to be a dope video, or is the video now even in your mind, the video?


Well, that's one thing that taught me. It's like when you write a song, think about the video and the performance. So now I write songs thinking about performance and videos and my while I'm writing the shit, that was one of the reason why the stuff about this project was because I wrote a lot of this project thinking about live shows. That's why I, like a lot of the records are are even more uptempo and Chiclets. I went on tour with DJed and even I thought my music was great.


From there you have it. It didn't go well over live, like all the time, like it was some nights it was good and then some nights it wasn't. And I felt like it was because I wasn't thinking about the live show who went on first on Gister. My guy Hado Hado went off and I mean out of you and you to the store. I was open. Yeah. So, yeah, I sent it, but yeah, I don't say anything good reason and because he's laughing honestly, honestly, Jones, because we have the same sense of humor, doesn't it is really funny.


It's hard for me, but yeah, it definitely is. It goes towards it. That's why I'm almost as good as you. I mean, you know, don't want to do what he did me a solid took me on it. So I be opened up for I don't have nothing to do with celebrating, you know, going to know I'm not this the thing about me but this that they know about me and you and I, we have those arguments, like I've told you to his face, that I'm better than him.


He didn't hold me to my face, that he better than me. You're going I'm saying like, we have that type of relationship.


I can see you let me develop that relationship. You work on it. What do you know? I have its phone number to go. Oh, my God, I call my dog, say hi. Yeah, I'm real quick. You got to face time here in Jamaica. I'm saying f my dog. Like, I really nice guys. Really, my nigga.


See y'all doing a project.


You have face time and you do FaceTime audio or face how you do that to your face. I look at my oldest nigga. You do face to face time out here. They don't make it these look, you call them just you're just handsome face down there. You feel like there's nothing cool you like.


How you doing man? Well, you tell them we're being excellent.


We're live on air right now. So don't say anything that would incriminate you.


I'm good. I'm in Jamaica, bro. I know. Reason told me you were in Jamaica.


Destiny, that's what the fuck. Yeah, I need you to call me her, bro. Oh three oh oh. Oh yeah. We're broke bro.


Here I'm in new right here in New York. I'm in New York. What's the deal you say is better know what's going on.


Well, let me tell you, I'm the best rapper alive and I'll get fucked by local. No, okay. If I say the. I told him I was a better rapper to you, and I told him that you think you had better rapping to me, brah.


Bro, JRD is the best rapper in CD, so I'm trying to tell you something. He really believed that bullshit. So crazy. I believe it to now.


The fact that I said it's so easy, you know, it's already in a rap, you know, they've got like nine distractable niggas waiting. I will say that one of them strategic nigga, he he got you just waiting to drop in. I don't do that.


I respect that the way how you have. You got to distract. But nigga that you haven't been with yet.


I got I got distracted niggas who think shit is week and I got a lot of listening to I think see this week you mess a things. I don't know. I don't know. Maybe a little bit. Maybe I'm saying magic. That's why we had we talk about this meet me and talk about this all the time. I'm saying I talk about strategic shit.


Did you just go him, Reese. Yes. What people do call you race. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So it's official. No, I didn't believe it. I thought it changed.


But now I feel, hey, I'm saying it's all yours. You sent this Nakajo two tracks the other day. This nigga has not responded. I thinks he hates.


You know, we give him the line no, because you know what it is when niggas sit up for you, he got to distract you right now. I'm telling you, that's out now. But when he's in the tracks, I go, listen. I know you listen. I know you listen.


I know you give me an emotion. No, no, no, no. I'm not coming to fire you. Are you? Are you? I think that's one of his favorite niggas.


You feel me? No. Listen, if you join, I lose. I tried to say that early. I said you're just shit on my phone. And he said, I'm better than that nigga. I did. I bring him up again. I don't know where the relationship is. I love that nigga so much, bro. You know what this shit about Ebonics, I'll be able to say that she didn't leave it off like so many. That's why his rap sheet is like.


That's why I love reason, because I'll give a fuck Roanoke. You're fucking beat myself up.


But no, but you are both really good though. If either one of you were inferior just in ability, I don't know how easy you go. If I was really. Well, you can. You can. You can just out of control and y'all two.


Who else is like this in your peer group.


Boogie is some Nagasawa. Yes.


Supposedly though supposedly our focus is really don't even even emu's like semino has a different think about him. But he says things.


It's a few people who and really really crazy. Well I'm better than order niggas. I'm not talking really leaves us. I seen the worst. Think about it.


Yeah but it's different when you could say it is different. I believe it all. You want this nigga saying it into your face. Is he gonna join with some crazy.


That's rude. I don't give a fuck about none of these technologies.


What you doing in Jamaica? You're working. I'm working.


I'm finishing the album up on vacation all the time and say he work. Let's come here. We haven't played it.


Look, it looks cute, but what a jazz department. Really. Do me a favor. Your album came out, your rollout happened.


Don't step on his right.


He called here cold. That's the cold thing over there, bro. All right. You're tell me. I know. I know is listen, man.


Omar, when I come out of retirement, if I need a verse from you, a reason I can get I can get one that's very easy for me as long as the artist formerly known as the freestyle tonight. Because reasons things better meet Maqdis.


I'm not lying because. Because he said that is one verse I got you. I'm dropping it just because he said it out loud. He doesn't look now.


He's scared to do it now. I'm a I'm a flexible brodo right now. I'm a little more loose. I want to drop some yo, you know, just prison. Daddy, have fun. When you get back. When you when you back, come over here.


I'm going to be back. Maybe I am. Who are you going to help me when I figure out who the president needs.


Are you, are you, are you still coming. Can we do that. What do you say bro? Are you still coming to L.A.? Can we figure that out? Yeah, I'm coming soon. I got OK. I got you know, we don't you know, I got to talk to you like my chicks be talking to me.


You still coming out here? Yeah. Still coming this way. Yeah. Go ahead, man. We love you. I'm a text back from a text back then. Tracks. No, he's not right now. I'm going to take you to strike.


I'm dropping in like right now. Thank you. Send me. The reason is yes. Love nigga.


I love and I appreciate your bass. Yeah. Yeah. I love that energy to not just good to super solid. That was hilarious man.


And you, you did make a good like if he wasn't tight like that then like I wouldn't, I wouldn't even have those conversations. Not you wouldn't. And I wouldn't even like fuck around with it like that.


I like the job, their relationship. What else do I need to get to before this ends?


I earlier I wanted to talk about the owner of Samsung dying and Samsung being responsible for a third of Korea's economy with a Korea. We should search that bill. No, I'm just going to read it. Rory, Lee Cohen, he who built Samsung Electronics into a global tech giant, but whose tenure was marred by a pair of white collar crime convictions that were wiped away by presidential pardons, died October. Twenty fifth. He was seventy eight. His death was announced by Samsung, which did not specify the cause.


Mr Lee had been treated for lung cancer in the late 90s and was, I can't see, incapacitated, incapacitated for four years. After a 20 14 heart attack that led his son, Jay Young, to take over running the company chairman Lee let go back. Chairman Lee was a true visionary transform Samsung. But I don't care about that. Give me to the fight over his over his estate.


You got to bounce a little bit. You know, some like and when you own half the country, everyone's TVs.


Listen, I just thought it was interesting that his lawyers, because I get scared of stuff like this, like I hear a lot of stories about like lawyers, what happens now. But just what happens? These people die and, you know, with your estate happen with parents and when everybody dies. But yeah. So now his lawyers are fighting with his son over. Who gets this money in addition to his son, survivors include his wife, two daughters, another daughter oh, another daughter, died by suicide in 2005.


Moonen will send condolence letters to the funeral. And I don't want to give it all that you can't tell me about the fight. And that sounded insensitive. That's not what I meant. I just wanted to hear more about the fight, but screaming I won't pull that up.


They fighting over 70 billion, so it's nothing to ask about. You'll take a break that up. Somebody won this early on.


The son who I don't know nothing about it is saying, yes, mom.


They said the son is an ex-con man. I don't know I don't know anything about this. But most of the comments do have Samsung's. It's just a lot of money to fund and dabble in Coke. The last time did kookery, um, we use it twenty twenty. Twenty thirteen maybe.


Oh, so yesterday, seven years. That's a little tough.


OK, so you can take the serious shirt over there. No, that's a wow. Why you got to plug. No I it. I've only done coke twice.


I mean like. All right, is there anything else that I have to get to hear that that that that that that Dez Bryant of the Ravens practice squad? Interesting.


I'm a little terrified to get you right. I apologize. Does. You think it's funny, I'm going to break this one? No. Oh, that is that was just funny that that was something that you thought was news.


I love. I love. I love your music, but I'm so glad that you don't do music anymore just because of the fact that you can be this nigga. I did not care about a career. It's true that this is my guy. I did think that that was new business. I thought it was new. One of the best receivers in the league at one point for sure.


Odell towards ACL. Oh, I'm sorry to say I feel bad for what did I what I feel like he's had like a bad run just to look like. As far as my career go past two years, it's been rough.


I'm hoping that that gives me more production out of Jarvis Landry.


Sorry, yo, you know why I'm here. And I think I'm here to. I forgot. I forgot that I'm here with a high tech. Hey, it's time for another one. Time for another one. I'm early with this one. I'm early. You're going to sound crazy. Justin Herbert, is that the quarterback that I said look good? Yeah, Chargers led my team, led my fantasy team to victory, and Chargers led my fantasy team to victory with 50 points of forty five points or whatever you had.


But that's not what I want to talk about. Justin Herbert.


I've been singing his praises since Oregon, only to hear all of the ESPN quarterback analysts like drop him way down when it was draft time when that was confusing to me because he was clearly the man in Oregon.


But cool, forget about all that, because when I look at Patrick Mahomes today, all I keep saying is, damn, how did we all not see that coming? Justin Herbert in year one look like what I thought Justin Herbert was about to look like. And if this continues. Then what? If this continues into year three pademelons and year three, right? Yeah, yeah. All right. My take is this. Justin Herbert will one day be the second best quarterback in the league.


That's my heart. Take my brother could I'm sure. No, I don't I don't think I'm early. Second early. I like the kid from the Ravens and Patrick Mahomes do the top two in the league.


And I like I like Colin Murray. I think he's going I think is headed towards just shambles.


But my brother coach are herbut so shout out to my brother. I'm just sammis black. But I think that is headed into a black quarterback league though. I think that white quarterbacks in trouble, to be honest with you. I think that is going to be Pat Mahomes Lamar Jackson calamari and then whatever other black quarterbacks come in and then like the fast white quarterbacks and then the slow white quarterbacks, I mean, Russell Wilson, a slowing down.


That's a fact. Yeah, exactly. Like like he looks like the MVP of the league right now. I feel like he's headed to a black quarterback league, which I think will be dope, because I think that the reason why the NBA stands for more shit in the NFL is because black players are the best players. So I feel like once the NFL gets to a point where the black players are the best players predominantly, then the NFL would then have to stand for something like play the most important issue, best players in the NFL for years, but the most important position outside our border, I mean, according to best, best also imports because it's like you take the quarterback away and that's different.


So it's like not exactly just trying to pick up somebody.


It was white, like, you know, I told you that game. I like I thought I was a rookie. I was like, hey, nice thing I'm a fan of the whites. You listen to time to time.


I like to it's a. Watch the Chargers game. I know, I saw I told you he looks I think I couldn't believe he was a rookie. An announcer said, yeah, I got to go on a fantasy team, so I'll be watching you. Don't look rookie good. No, I look at it in a lot of vets. Veteran quarterbacks. He is. I'd love it if they still have Al Gore, but whatever. Oh, and I think the you know, when I stepped on my football.


What else do I need to talk about? None that I need to talk about. Anything I'm done, OK? There's nothing that I have to get to. On this list. Uh, Jay-Z is selling drugs legally, that's great as really as his show, and we didn't announce that this fire. Shout out to Sean Kim and we in weed's not really a drug, but that's by far the awesome Jazy.


We, uh, we'll get into the mic and pussy thing, I guess, another time, because I'm terrified. But of both. Yeah, no, both because like I said, I miss anything. I really don't like topics, but yeah.


You actually pretty good. I know I feel music so I feel like I came into like the the O circuit battle rap sort of man served. Got me hot bro. Like this nigga. The same same thing. I mean I can even say I've been away like avoiding covering it like he's too good to be doing shit like that bro.


I just don't understand it repeatedly and repeatedly. Literally repeatedly bro. I was going to call him on the bottom.


I'm not going to put him in that spot because I would have to ask.


I don't get it because he's like legitimately like in my opinion, from a talent perspective. And I hate him saying it's feel like I'm enabling him. But from a talent perspective, I truly feel like he's the best in the game. Better. I truly feel that way. But this nigga just does this shit every single time. And it's just from a fan perspective, it's just frustrating. I'm sick of it. Yeah, I'm sick of it.


But what I think it is and I'm so sick of this, I wanted to take some I think he might be smoking before he buy the rest before he performs. And I know when you smoke, you get Cottonmouth this last one.


I hate him. And that's why I'm feel like I'm enabling them. But this last one, I feel like he was trying to do more. I feel like he was trying to like rebuttal and kind of get in his bag and fuck them instead of just doing his rounds like this one. I don't think that it was a normal CERV situation. I think that he was trying to like like I watched battle rap, like religiously. I feel like he was really trying to do something else and expand his game and it threw him off.


But it's like in the last battle, he told us that the echo in the room threw him off. But that's what I'm saying.


It's like when you when you have a history or something, now's not the time to pop out willy nilly. Just try to just try to buy and get to the finish line. And you can I'm saying, like, now is not the time to try to do wheelies and shit. And so that's my whole thing about that. But I do think that this time it wasn't like normal surf. I think he was actually trying to, like, rebuttal and switch it up, but it was pretty frustrating.


The West Coast is running about a reptile, so I fuck with that results, not excuses. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, wait, you're daylighting Geeshie Daylight Rumney. Those three I gave you forget forgetting remedies. They just don't count. Arizona's was. Yeah, yeah. I think it's worth. Yes, less so we want to make this.


I mean three daylight's a fucking alien. Daylight is crazy. Yeah.


See daylight for me is overall the most most skilled, most talented.


Or are you saying that before as long lousy about. In all honesty I just honestly want to be OK because I felt that way, but I just wanted to like make I've seen it a lot since I was here, OK?


Whenever he was here actually I did see that episode. You're right. You set it down for that. Right. You did say that. You said that he's the only one that looks has nothing to be able to challenge him. What you did said are always said if they like, just stop.


And I told him this at the total slaughter. Should I say you stop that gimmicked. He was our favorite. A total lunar you. That's crazy.


Just because certain shit he puts together. I'm like, other niggas don't do that. He hasn't done the gimmicky shit in a long time. No, I really don't. Time to. But and miraculously period in his life like so gimmicky should just be like, well, I don't think it's a coincidence that the gimmick stopped and the acclaim came.


Yeah, yeah.


You lean into your strong suit for him and he beat a good rock like that was a great rock. Yeah. Oh yeah. Incredible rock. Like I haven't seen rocking that back for a minute, you know. I mean and that was like a gentleman starty. Clear, like clear every round gentlemen starting.


It was when I started shouting like I keep saying I'm trying to find the daylight looks battle.


I don't think looks want that. I'm the only one. I don't know. I don't think looks want that. I might be a long time but I like call me twice. Once I'm in. No, no he don't listen to me.


He wants that battle. And I think not let down, you think Lex might win? I think so. I'll put bread up. That looks don't win. OK, I would have to watch that battle seven times.


I we're saying I decided I'm going to be doing I think he can't think he I think likes as a whole another thing that he could tap into and he would have to tap into it.


If I'm a B which I don't think looks can be rock like. I think that, I think honestly I'm, I think it looks the album was dope. Let's just get back to work. We get out really good. Like I really enjoyed you say traffic shown disrespect New York like that again. Let's go another time. This is incredible, bro.


But I don't know, like I just found another.


He's one of those. It goes over your head.


You just don't not if he was like really a rapper, you would have do if you really could understand that type of shit that he like.


Like shadow looks. Yeah.


Fluxes beaten Terho. That daylight battle, though, I don't know. Oh, no more.


Do you have anything to say? About India love saying if she's wearing a mask, why the fuck do people keep asking me to pull it over my nose? Well, before you answer that, I saw the videos. I love India love. And I sang with her. I think more fondly India love because it sounds like she's getting her rhetoric from more. I mean, she was sitting there saying, Korona don't exist. It's all for the Democrats.


I'm going keep my mask down. I never said Crow didn't exist.


It was said I think she also said she's an Aquarius. That was my favorite part. She said. You'll have to keep my mask down because I'm an Aquarius. And I said, let me change my birth date so I have to wear this fucking mask.


Either it's going to do anything about that. Know I'll stand with you, love. I love you. Love and support or protector. You all talked about sweetie and the Bergner's. I just want. No, that's not how I was. I didn't even want to dive in now. I discussed it last week. We did. Well it's not, I mean it's everybody said what do you have thoughts. Not just really want to know if you dress them a little ish.


I just really want to know what you felt about it. Honestly, I just wanted to sweeten the birthday shit we love, sweetie. I love you. Huge fan. I let the women talk about birth and I've never seen a Birkins. I've never bought one seen when I'm not on the list of people that can buy one. You never bought a Birkin for a girl.


It took me a long time to succumb to buying the Chanel. Honestly, like the five and six down to the smaller the bag, the higher the price was. Like it took me a while to get to that six thousand seven thousand dollar bag.


How surprised I was doing the Loui bag. They gave you the big, big big bag for thirty one hundred thirty three hundred bucks. If you buy it for your queen and she was the most excited she could put everything in. Yeah. Now they change the bad game.


I'm not that going to more for I'm not you know I knew, I knew nothing about bags Christmas time I went right next to no store because I heard all the wrapper chicks talking about. I said, let me go get her Chanel. I went in there and saw the prices and said, these rapid shakes are the most irresponsible people I've ever met.


Why are you putting this out in the world that we should be buying these six thousand dollar bags?


Why, you know, she cost and why are doing that with white appliances in your kitchen?


OK, I don't understand the relevance of that part.


I have a silver appliance to come on.


White fridge, white stove. Got the all white shit. Come on.


You know, like like white people appliances. That's not the color white. Got you in your kitchen don't you. Yeah. Yeah. As about as Chinese people make appliances. Yeah.


I'm going to play a little tune.


You premiered this record on Fox and now Flipper. Did you really?


Yes, I played it before it came out. I love it on this podcast. That's my so you got good taste. Me and me and partners had a session with them. All right, fine. So I will switch it up and.


Well, that was funny. People make a stallion. Oh, here we go for people. I love this. Yeah. You have to sleep away. Fine.


I was thinking and I like the joy we got, even though that's Robert. All I'm saying is on a rampage to November 20, know to open your album like this, to open your album like this sucks. I still hope to see you down, you jump off a bombshell Ettakatol, though, with the Grono story. Don't start. All right. I'm gonna gonna try to make it to a million more on and all along. I should have made it five years ago.


My nigga was really five years Gerstner's. Everyone should be about as much as my shit is my shit right now until I. I mean, you just picture actually just. From Brooklyn. You guys got the popsicles up, only one substantive. One died, so I don't know my name. I'm not trying to put all my confessions all over my world and I'm going to tell you the. Towns like, say, small town girl. Impressed me on back.


She didn't say, come on, I know, and I'm glad we're doing better. What do you want to tell you? I promise I'll keep it won't ever betray me. Just make sure you give me real good substantive. Turning to car sales are going down. I know this sucks. Email. November 20th, this is the opening track of what a way to start out. I really don't reckon he got a job, which I did a great job, I didn't it didn't dawn on me to just now, but.


He's getting. They gave him a destination to go finish his album, I used to always want that. Go get your mom right, go to Jamaica.


I'll tell you, that's story one, that he did not go to finish this album. He just went to Jamaica. Birthday is Halloween. He went for his birthday. But it doesn't matter if he's staying and finishes out this thing. You know, I love you. You made your album. And of it is. We just went over this. You made me. You recorded just you hear just said. That's why I was a plant manager. Just finishing his album to make you Lauryn Hill.


I'm just saying I always wanted a destination album.


Oh, is he out there with the homies. So you're out there with Ali. Shut out, Ali. Well, maybe he is finishing. Ali's out there. Maybe. You see, maybe that's over my see, my tour. You ain't even want to make sure your vocals did didn't at the time.


I'm also a nigga for good reason. My thing is alcohol is probably the most sought out mixer. I'll leave you on even like that. So we all know how he's the best mix in the game record.


No sermonic. Yeah, yeah, I'm just alone, so I try to stay with my niggas, that's all that is. I was going to play that shit cocktail, shrimp cocktail, key studios, wherever that is.


So to me, it's only two people that can make it out to niggas in the world that makes order up. They are busy.


I was I was going to play the reason record from my project, but I'm not dropping that shit soon, so it's too soon.


St. Louis Lucky Day.


I wanna play some more some bare feet, you know, be a reason not to record the beat. Y'all really like RB podcast.


Now you're the only rap record on my album, not weekly rap for me. And probably a lot of right now about, say, y'all only two niggas. I play rap like when I grow back d I do. That's what I'm sayin. Now we play. That's why I don't understand why this is so retarded and turned his back on. Got I was rapping.


He wasn't a rap on my back.


You didn't listen when you know he was never big on. Right. I just like you so honest because you didn't know that niggas was lying but they get back to oh Nick is go with this shit. I would have been rapping way different had I not I would have switched to Jones about the song. No, this is too funny. I'm playing this is actually Lewis lucky day. Some Buffi shit up uptempo shit.


Get back on my dance shoot. I play this instead of the record. We got this different one hundred twenty four point twenty five percent. And more so for me, it's like for me, I just. Like I where you go to. Mustafi finally made it into. O o o o o o o o o o. As she is lucky day to feed the fire that goes on for another two or three minutes, go gets more pimsleur miles up.


No, not this week yet. You have to follow up. I mean, I'm in this exhibit on my album and I'm really like, I'm crazy. We'll play Joan if you fill out. And this is Surf featuring Masago, friend of the show. Get set up.


I see that the continuation of carnage. So this is the. He knows the right place at the right time with the right food in the middle class. I'll show you better than I can see. You feel the pulse of pull that pressed your side. And every time you bring me to the gate and so I'm. So. My son get on this side of the sofa prior to this moment, the thought of drowning, maybe undetailed shock wave rocked down.


I want to be last to say, floating to John Breaststroke. I know I will let it slide because I've been loving people everywhere. Do you feel the force of pull that raise your child and every time you bring me to the last. So I'm trying to. Some get some sleep, some. Xavier Omar served feet from the Sago. Yes, that's the project on the block.


OK, that album is nuts. Crazy to exhibit. I got to check it out. The place was coach's mug reason. Look it up.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think it took a while to get around. They're to you know, we're going to figure it out like the cigarettes guys are going to want to take a bow down here to pick it up. They can't wait. Wait. We got six like touch get like damn is busted. About seven of us now still about stuff that I can see being a lot of these niggas just don't feel that way because our focus head on straight away pulls out like baseball.


Knock it out of pocket. A little safe. No it out, but there's little reason. Oh fuck. I do know these things. Gossip. I just want private came from bottom one. Larceny. My mama is no special brand of guitar shit. No comment because they really have to shut the rap out. Never no lined up. So no drugs. No you don't have a mobile unit away. If I really really said within the same day I she came from the basement gloater it's not going to make sure it is got keeps on going up.


I say those who don't want to be seen coming up as a kid. I was trying to be Jane. I was trying to be we're trying to be Waymouth instead of trying to be a reason to feel good and I still can't believe was one of my shows. I figure that little bitch, I think I do know we're going to figure it out. It's like a classic. I was thinking to take it off to the drug dealer, then pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.


So you just drop I pick it up, pick up, pick it up. You know, I got at least infinity follows abstract as of absolute infinity stone and gave of my enemy pin game. Incredible big fangs. Incredible big dog on top are APD. OK, wait this is is winning the spelling bee spelling the letter by HIPAA GOP as a mean amazing race. You made your bed and I made my plate bank in Benjamin Franklin face to face to face to face to face the back boy.


His name is on my weight. He's been I'm going to drop the track that made him feel me like cinema. How about that? Now I'm just getting a break for no game. Do you know where you got that? Look at my back. And if we get to figured it long enough, you got the pace. Make it hard. He's talking about brainy, smart enough not to say what the problem is. I'm dropping the gym. You should take a look little bit.


You know, we're going to flip it out for legal reasons.


Told us about his dance with Sugar is video. So I want to, you know, make sure I like Basti. No, no, no. Because he's not very consistent. You know, every every rapper at a video said that the crackhead comes to turn up. That is the best part. You invite them to the video. Do you shoot the free material? No way. She sleep at all? No, no. Go. OK, I got that liquor stores in your car checking where I know exactly what you.


Oh, that's like their version. That's family.


That's the Averroes Marshlack stock market.


I'm doing the part. I'll call you back buddy. Ian is not aware of Tuesday night.


Stay still only manages his body and his defense. His that called him out that. Oh, he's returning a call.


Yeah I want to not not cricket related point of of reasons, visuals and videos. I sent a text out, you know, like to to a lady friend, just a friend.


So I was I. Oh were you at what you doing when I was trying to grab a drink or whatever. Right. Conversation she got reply back and once I was still I know where you was so nervous about you.


As someone said, we're reas right now doing this vid. I think I was crazy as my man even invite me.


I mean, in her defense, you would have looked right in the video then.


I know you was there at that point. I did. And you did. You did invite me my job. I wasn't sure if I know you that I know she was on the set.


That story is a real story. If you wanted her like now, like if you wanted her, then I understand where you taking this.


I mean, we're on a public park and, you know, one day I'm one day. But this is a great topic. This is also the topic shut on my Negroid man. I was in my kitchen washing dishes.


One day I felt away pulling back. Oh, this one. Now I'm going to follow what they're laughing. Yeah, go ahead. No, no, no. Why do they need silence? No Jodan in anything. Why do they think this is so hilarious?


I wonder because we've had we talked about it in that conversation about the girl is really my male friend. But the video that talk about the video is funny.


I figured, like, I think I'm good at listen, don't let Joe get your nigga single man.


He's single now. He wants everybody to be single like that. Don't let me get back out. OK, on. The funny Joe didn't say a word, you know what you said, as Joe is a gaslighted Ingres you chose the gaslighted Dardari that's Raus and Rehana R and R in relationships. And we have jokes about things that people in relationships have jokes about. That's what I was I was faithful jokes with and nothing was going to those very faithful faithful jokes.


That's why you wouldn't know my jokes. And that's when that's when negative in relationships make jokes about the girls they would fuck if they were in a relationship. Is that what you're saying?


I don't want to put it that way. I just sounded like a weird way to phrase one word. Yeah, I would have put it. I wouldn't use those words but could.


But Tyga, though, we have just let me tell you about your man's real quick while we Whiley on this topic. You say this and we don't get out of here of, you know, some rappers you just see like an all the same picks that you like. Mm hmm. But that works in reverse, too. So, like, if you see them, like in all the pics, then they see you like in some pics, too, right.


Well, rappers all like the same girls, they all date the same girl, so I'm in my kitchen washing dishes one day. Recently through like a month ago, I should even say this, but should the first time in Freddie Gibbs face time, we all face time like, oh shit, I hope it's all right, man. Yeah, we make sure my guy Fred is good, but answer the first time he gives out at a restaurant in L.A. and I'm like, oh, here we is.


This widespread reaching out to me while he's eating in a restaurant in L.A..


Alfredo and you could tell Right album how you meet his own brand of freedom. That was a funny joke. That was a very white jobs good. But I know what a dick is having small talk with you that you're not normally used to having. So I'm like, well, is this going in the pans? The camera around is dinner date. And it's one of the girls that we both like. A lot of the pictures are somehow in my head.


I'm judging this shit out of pretty good, good thinking. I give a fuck that he's out with this girl, I believe gives that. I say that's over, Betty. I don't know.


But I want to give my guy. So I don't think he meant to do it like that, but he did it like that. And that's all I'm saying. And you felt away like that? No, I wanted to tell him him. If I wanted her, I would add her immediately, like I get what I want.


I'm not calling the rappers to show them, hey, look, you know, look at what happens with the lyricist. They can actually bag pretty chicks. They're being right. Going to dinner. We know it's crazy. We won't dig into it. But me and my man just had a conversation about I. We just had a conversation about your list.


It's impressive stuff because as I said, we're not going to guess what's happening to me on on this clubhouse app that you don't know anything about. I don't know anything. I'll be in a room and rappers will come in the room and be rappers that I never met. So it's like there's a rapper etiquette when that's when you're I mean, you know what they were saying when you never met a rapper, you never really spoke to me or me. But, you know, so these rappers that come in here and I'll say, I mean, that was absolute fantasy.


You keep Rockin King and I'll be like, yo, yo, yo. I got to tell you your list, yo, a couple of mine is on. You know, my fans just stop talking to me about this right here. Why does that come up now? You and your man is talking about not. We was I told him that we were headed to the box and he was like a jealous crazy like it just comes up. And I was like, yeah.


And I was kind of crazy, like, for you to not, like, have like, Drake hit records like Ulisses like I don't know.


It's just I hate I hate it. I have to say one word, but I mean your more. Has he said anything I've seen he listened to the story. I for me it's a little, you know, breaking news. Yeah. NBA breaking it up like a one to forty ratio. But like you say, boy, what the fuck are you laughing at? Duke laughs That's a good one. All right. You out of Adam. I know that you did good, but not now.


You did your best. You did good. I'm week. Yeah, I serve them up. So, yo, visualize them if I got a record. Well, Wiz in Fresh and then went to the Boys and Girls Club so that all that made up no bullshit that you fortifies. You're going right to the worst gym in the world. So you got a billboard list though. Like for like that's like a billboard list for a song.


I'm impressed by that. Like without any records on Billboard without me.


Like you set it up. I've been drinking. I was I was in the last three words you said what I meant by that is that you did a good job, Joe. That's what I meant by that. That's what I think you I really like you. You can hear me.


Oh, well, you're going to check out NBA video. No, I saw it. You did good. You did good. Oh, but I love you. That bit bit somebody.


They did good on there. So you did good. Yeah. No, you tried your best. Oh very well.


I'm so glad Joe was retired pro like. As one imam said, this is where you opened up for this idea, opened up yesterday, and that was my very first show that was the most global Alos Global says my very first show. I still got fans from this show, All Love Lost, Love Lost Most Global as I remember. Some of you opened up that show. I did. Oh, I want to go to that was the first time, just like JRD right about the crowd.


So did you sign you sign the paperwork that said everyone signed the joke? No, I just had a change, my heart attack. And, you know, I signed up. They were to say, you have to bring seventy five people or you cannot get on stage with everyone by doing so.


Wish I hear to shout, shout, shout, shout, shout. Thanks for hustling me. And then I met Joe in a meet and greet and I told him how proud I was. I'm still a fan, but this one not so. I told you how proud I was like to be able to open. He was like, go look at him, take the picture.


That's how I that's like I say, you saved it to have him better. Let me tell you, I had a horse. Joe used to sit on his opening on his openers.


And I was like, man, I got just appreciate how honest you are, my nigga. You know, I'm honest, too. You know, I just I appreciate the fact I was able to he was good looking for him taking you inside. He said he offered me the lead. The lead singer, the lead singer of Emotional Orange is just the rap. Right. And he's from L.A. and he and he opened for Joe to like like years ago, like movie music time.


I'm everyone's dad and by the way, open for Joe. And he was telling me this image was like way after and he was like, you know, over just like I was crazy full circle shit. And he was like, yeah, he was like kind of addicted.


It was to a point where when I met Joe, I'm like, I'm not going to tell him this picture. I'm I just can't go back. But, you know, the problem is that, like, I feel like as an artist, I was always in my own zone, like my own world.


Like I understand. No, I'm honestly not in like position. Like I like I'm not mad. It's like I'm like and honestly, at the time I didn't feel that way, but not in position. I truly, truly don't fit. It's like, bro, you come to a show, you don't know who the fucking openers are. We just going to call a spade a spade like you're there, you're booked. You go on your set at the summit tonight.


I go to Sacramento four hours after the show with the billboard. It's different about this different. I thought a few weeks ago I saw I saw Warlow from a million dollars million dollars worth of game podcasts to Wallow. And he was talking about when we did all the routes picnic in Philly and he was talking about how more was fucking with them and like giving them my moves and giving them back their game is some knowledge, knowledge. And he said more was super, super, super fly.


And he said, Joe, on some nut shit like Joe wasn't really trying to fuck with us. Joe wasn't really showing love. And when he said that, like, it bothered me for two, six, two seconds because, like, then I don't want to be perceived that way.


Like, I don't want to come off that way. But looking at it, I can see how it comes off that way. But I just was really and I'm I'm not like I wasn't in that zone. I'm not in the zone, like, more Moala going kick it, catch up, running around with you all that shit. Cuz I'm here to get to it and get out like but I don't want to come off like I'm a dick. Well we also landed at fucking six a.m. from Boston and went right to the picnic.


It was like I'm going away. Was the middle of a tour during that.


We do have and I don't think there's nothing wrong with that. Like that's what I'm saying. Like, this should just like maybe I'm drinking too much, but this should just sensitive, bro. Like, I feel like this whole game is just like niggas think that like niggas think that shit is owed to them. Like niggas think that just because a nigga know you're just doesn't know your name. You supposed to show love just because I don't know who you are.


He's supposed to give it up to you. And it's like bro, like one thing top told me I always remember is you not the negative dude. A nigga like you're not the nigga until somebody like that is the nigga says that shit a nigga. And so it's like nobody owes you shit you get. I'm saying, like me and Joe have a great relationship and we talk when we talk. You know, I'm saying he give me game when he want to give me a game he don't owe me.


He don't even owe me to be here right now. You don't say like you don't owe me no game. You don't owe me like niggas don't owe you nothing.


If you do decide to me man to me I shoot you something I'm not I'm not. To promote your album, I'm pretty shout out to Eminem.


Eminem does a great job, is not a podcast, nor do we have a in place. We are. All right. All right. You do know you also sunniness go out so I'm not tired. No, that's better. Let's slow down. So fuck off. Yeah, I'll tell you that much buddy. That's. Misconception. I'm not Interscope yet. I'm not Interscope yet. I don't know. No, don't people people know people. They know.


No, stay away from it. Don't say yes, you're right. Just just be where you at Interscope. And I just stated. That's good, A.J. I got way more support. I think I'm open. I wish I was reason to come to all our pocket, all this innovative music stuff didn't work out and that he's my best man. Thank you for talking with us. We appreciate you being with us. Thank you. Thank you. Guys.


Studio bardoli. And Mike and Mike with the microphone, so you see that right there, I'm working on Halloween. Yes, we're going to do a couple's outfit with you, girl. Are you already know you reckon he knows his schedule? Because I know that moving Nick is a logger face like. Monday, June six, oh, my God, look at this thing, yeah, I didn't even know how to win was away. I don't know.


I don't know. Come on, let's be responsible. Listen, listening now. We just won the best hip hop award for best hip hop last year. Boy, once that award. I know it's pretty. He's trying to say we've back into existence. No. Are we now. You were nominated. Mean, I know it's a category, but I'll take it and we're going to lose. So he brought us the shade room. That's a second double except the Breakfast Club, I promise you.


Put up the nominees. You scream and shout at the Breakfast Club. I'm going there tomorrow. Oh, no, no, no. We kill this fucking press media for you. Media slut is using us.


All right. Enjoy.


Charlamagne asked you if you have anxiety, but what are you saying, somebody? Because I think that was appropriate. I worry a little bit on it. And if you're able, Charlamagne, you're hating on Kevin Hart.


Yo yo. How did he tied at it to see some of y'all? If you know, I'm trying to get out of here, we just making jokes on our friends. Yo, this is a great but thank you all for joining us, Charlamagne, to keep us up when a lot of drug resistance. Here they go. Cancer is going to be good. Everybody has nominated hot new hip hop breakfast club. Joe Biden poured the shade room, double XL.


We are the hip hop platform. Let me shut the fuck up. I hope you enjoy hip hop platform and reason. Can you fucking shut up trying to get home? Bozie I'm trying to think about Miklosi.


Keep us in your prayers. Lord knows we need to be there until the next time I bid you farewell audio to Reeva Darity. So long. Goodbye. Hasta la vista and all that good shit. Remember, life is a series of moments and moments past. So let's make this one last as if it's all we have. Again, I want to shout out all y'all went out and voted early, early voting numbers, breaking records. I appreciate you all keep up that momentum.


Keep that energy going. Love and light to everybody out there. Thanks for your watch, your YouTube. Thank you. Thank you for listening to all of these speeches, except for the ones we don't fuck with you right now to buy some cash and cash and one thousand pieces of cash. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Cash, you know, to buy a valid buy sponsored by. Thank you. Thank you.


The company with a lot of money out there that knows how to do the right thing and knows how to advertise for. Yeah. For real. What is my part right here. Erixon You went to the bathroom break. Breakdown was a catch. I was I was trying to do what I need to know. Ableist level of Thorold. He was in a circle dancing with his cat friends, I was with the bitches because with different, it's different.


This from Cavitat business like Michael, that's a lot of capital. He's got a couple savage. Yeah. So sit Indian style and shut up my place on that bitch for a couple of Christmas. Kabbala cabbies have women. Just how do the cab is doing that leg capping. Captain, we're ready and do the same as crazy as it sounds terrifying. Oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


Cause it won't get the fuck here.


No. Did you see the Joker?


Yeah. I don't know where you're going to have been pissed. Fucking wise nigga.