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Not how that type, that type of not schools. Exactly. They were never around the schools on not they would do that, not over there, not disrespecting the garden. They would never disrespect those kids education. They wouldn't do that school anyway. In session. It is from the Zoomlion. Before the mikes went on, he was talking about cars and shit. I said the more I can't wait till he gets a car. And part of why I said that, I've got my George Jefferson out.


I know how LeBron feel again.


But again, when was the first time you felt like felt? Brawne took his talents to Miami and you felt. I play for you. OK, I'll play for you. I'll let you know. Rory Wolfboy was 13 when I said something like that, young LeBron, but it's still room for Darko and Carmelo. I did. I gave Joe was giving him Nassau's Dacko, you know, to rap dark.


Doug Duncan had a great career Dudko movie, but Dudko military assistance came up. I remember that one. Don't go to Rome. Oh well now niggas just think I'd be positive thinking about your dad.


Come on Darko Dark. Check that dubois' dagoes AK 47 if you ever call me Darko Millichap.


When he was called, Shawn Bradley was going to fight.


So I wanted to I wanted more to get a car because I feel like, you know, mall is guarded and sheltered and shit. So I feel like certain moves will help me cloud his personality more like I don't matter what car he get.


Still jokes coming. Oh, I'm chilling.


That's what Nicosia's I am killing him to get like a exi go and get some tax he something where the gas pedal raises. But he wanted me to gas pedal up high like light and low. When you open the door you like me. He got a weird request like that. You want to see it to go up higher than it normally goes. Like that standard now. But it's ok a standard in every car.


I mean I've seen you inquiring about when Tom Brady posted his old Escalade, he was like, oh, that's the swag I need. And you want me to use it? I want him. You want to Migo escalate. Right.


Hopes for inspiration, remember? Oh, I don't know what you would have told him. I'm nothing. I'm no one. Nobody dreams and nightmares. I'll repeat what you think me used to ride around in. You guessed it this. You take I would tell somebody I don't tell a story once you get the call, I don't know what you see on the ground, who used to own this when you get you know, you don't get you know.


So I'm always saying that that is who Rori want a used car from Jamil's shout out to shout Nagavalli. I like move one legged.


Who I here trying to buy a used car. One of them giant things that was done deal was on defense, but the car was beautiful to me anyway. Mom said he'll buy a car when he gets a safe place to store it because he's worried that reasonable people will take it from him if he parking on the street. That's what I heard. I'm not saying what you said. I'm saying what I heard. OK, that's what girls don't want to say in.


It's a garage. It needs a garage. Why do people need garages? Because if you have a nice hard you know, there's some way of parking is terrible.


Can't find a parking lot to keep circling the block if I want to keep going or when it snows like it just did, I should get snowed in and see what he did. He took the window off the front. I really like because when you get past this terrible. When you get past this terrible, terrible thing to try and give you money when you get parked, his character was parallel park. That's horrible.


And they lay you out in front of the building in front of your. Look at me now. You've got PTSD. Every time you walk out your own house can knock you out in front of your building as well. So it's tough to lose. You can't go home? No, I use use at home. That's what sucks. And who will knock you out in front of your building like a neighbor, someone that had a drug or someone that conveniently saw you park your zevin in front of your crib or nonchalantly look in park and like, I see you go outside and knock him off.


He thought he thought it was a school zone. So it's OK. That was the craziest excuse ever because I go there, those bad parking over there, because after some time, teachers leave is over. Here departs battery in there. Let's see if he gets charged up. Now. You didn't like that like you are you are a clown in the art work was was a charge the clown I like clown it. I'm here. Clown it. They got to deal with me, I went to Detroit, they got to deal with me now, I went came back some energy, I went out there.


Come on, man, went out there, did a lot to did knowledge.


Give us the. They were there. They put you on to chill to get some jets. Pizza, check your tickets.


Yes. Yes. My voice put me on the high opinion on there and all that shit they got on sunny Detroit pizza spot in the city now.


Yes. I had the sunny Jim. You Sunny Jim. It's a pizza. I'm just like said thought it's been week ninety three. Say anything on the gay thoughts. I just said, hey yo. You put the table back, wants to do it. Let's get to it, come on, let's get over to the table. Let's get this three in and let's get it on as we move to table as a smoothie.


There's no fight, nothing down there. I mean, let me get back health vitamins when I get back healthy on these dudes.


All right. Hold up, man. He pays some pay some homage, pays an homage right quick. OK, thing is on. Come on. Turbulence is the price you pay for flying high through all the hell and high water. You kept us you brought us to this point. My check, my check. And to deal with one, two, one, two. No need for introduction. I know who it is and you know what time it is.


One of those high vibrations. High frequencies only in your loving shoes, right? Oh my God. What are you getting the rest fast? Yes, sir. So when my shoe, despite his backlashed around, like, get the fuck you seem familiar is how we all know what time it is that I'm the New Testament, the last five chapbook. And God said, you will come back by rapture, even lets me lie about the past just so I never told the truth to the plain-clothes, just a flashback from the homes of my Durango that I had.


Still at the Wrangell, used to be he stays on the central. Premonition. Hey, what happened to. Yeah, but the problem is the Stepanova don't like the outcome, I'll be screaming school week all about the and we say everything I want to see. Is. Her calls for money for me, a sports outside, but the back of a play collegiately begs the question again, and that's exactly my mathematical method. I'm like that. But I know that that was it seemed to be the more the burden of my life is Leonardo.


When The Revenant, listening in the lab, playing at night in Boston, joined before we got the blow up hit Johnny Depp, it the only thing the police don't follow me is the weapon. Last night we decided that the ghetto, you know, feed the ducks. So keep it up and you'll be better selling cuties in the hood. You get shot, you go out, say, man, what a way to start a fucking.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no job, no worry in my part, the microphone check one, two.


What is this? The J beep boys bike to business episode for twenty high vibrations, high frequencies only. No need for intro. You know what time it is. Shout Our first and last time listeners gang is back. Rory's here. Mall is here. Parks is here. Iribe is here. Savon is here. Alex the Great is here. I want to shout out to the app that powers us, empowers us, sponsors us, tolerate such puts up with us none other than the greatest app in the world.


Kashyap Gentlemen, how's everybody doing?


How you feeling. What's going on?


Good. Talk to me. How was your weekend? What's happening? Weekend was a little eventful, but everything's cool. Eventful weekend you have my apartment got flooded but lost lost karma because you used to flood the streets.


So yes. Where he works for you. He just said it. Yeah. It's not that was people. But other than that, he was writing down his notes. You know, I seen him in his scribbling, you know, created your life.


I just that that would pass because the word is scribbling is no creative life. Yeah. We showed you the first time.


It wasn't it wasn't it wasn't on the large Professor Taylor, I'll tell you that.


So she got flooded. Yeah. Yeah. Got flooded. Lost a bunch of my sneakers and some clothes.


So I'm not sure I saved Holy Grails though. I had to get out the shower. I heard the alarms going off.


I don't know. I just felt something about the holy grails. What's happening. I grabbed the important sneakers, the point pieces you got to grab.


So I thought you meant to hold out. No, that's not my phone. My phone was cut. You don't you want to grab it all the discomfort, the physical beauty of the vinyl. Oh, no, not the album from the Samsung phone number. I had to grab that the most dangerous. Yeah.


Grabbed the most important sneakers and look them all grabs and not a family member. No, your niece was not. I grabbed my passport.


I grabbed the most important sneakers and make sure they was in a plastic bag because that's all you need to travel.


I shop when you land mass.


We're still able to put a fit together with some repairs on the wheelchair. You know, these are usually one of the few that made it. You know, I refuse. That means that was the fray on the Nike check from the flood or that was that was predestined. I'm not this is predestined right here. These are the Black History Month. So I believe these are the blood of my ancestors to watch them out. OK, I'm to watch your mouth.


No, seriously, look at the whites. Are you still black? It I know it's March, but don't get it twisted.


It's woman's month too. It's always woman's, of course, every month. We love the way it's always black owned the from the blacks. The lady still trying to take it on black women. I love black say women but black women. My great big one up right now in all of them. Smart. I like it. It's ready right here.


I hate Azealia Banks love list. We're back to a list of Earth. I love you, but I don't know you see your list. But it's a list of wait.


Did I finish intro initially? I was good. No, no, no, no.


Let's stay right here. What's the loveliest? We talked about them already. Where are you listening and shut up. And who's the who's spelling the words in our subtitle. And you do enough now. Who is it? It's you. It's snug. No, no, no, no, no. No. Yeah. That's YouTube, YouTube is doing it. Our. I'm so confused, it's like closed captioning on the clip, yes, the closed captioning, that is that's not a person doing it.


Who is it, Drew?


All right. Got it. We're going to talk about I've called you later. Yeah. Look, somebody called teacher. Wait a minute. Will you put out a loveless and I'm not on it and I don't like that. That's a little crazy.


Eubanks was told by her cord cutter healer, holistic person that she spends so much time hating. Why doesn't she make a list of people that she loves?


So she did that and I agree with that.


But sometimes writing things out really helps, just helps things it doesn't. So she wrote down a list of all the people that she loves and I hate who she loves, why some people love Stiles and Jill Scott, Jewelz and Whitney Houston Lambed.


She loves lamb chops.


All this podcast, does it step on my opinion? Thank you. We just we just thank you for your writing, the people that y'all love. But that's what I'd love to. But you you hate you hate talking about her love list was a whole lot of you hate her. Like I hated even the names that I love. I'm mad that they're mixed in with some of these names that I hate. So if you guys take a minute, hey, if you love, who cares if you guys just the people you guys just take two seconds to observe this bucket.


The list observator. Larry David came away with an opinion, which is your name is not there. So you hate it to. I see I feel some type of way. I understand how you guys take a second to observe the list and you guys tell me how you guys feel about it.


I hate it. I hate it. Name number four, Donald Trump. All right. Watch your mouth, buddy.


She kind of put more there. I mean, which is cool until I get to L.A., it's cool until I get to Ella Fitzgerald and I'm like, wait, wait a minute. There's some hypocrisy to these names. There's at this point, this stuff is everywhere. She loves everything. I went further. I was like, you care and I dig it. I understand what other names I had a problem with on here. And what I did come away with is she likes very colorful personalities.


I look at the people, the Billy Idol camp deep and a lot of really colorful personalities on here. Yeah, look, Candace Owens, Omarosa, see, I don't I don't mind that, but we shot a lot of crazy cosily. Is the greatest abuse, the fucking greatest. This list is going just that that list from Vladimír. And then right below it, Amber Rose is everywhere.


You see how you follow the range. Look at the ratings. All right. Vladimir Ambros have the same haircut. Yeah, I don't think it's a problem when somebody could fit everybody they love on one sheet of paper. Well, also the fine, don't worry about it, don't worry about it moving right along the reverse is right, loved ones.


I won't be showing don't to worry, but my list is easily fit on people I love on a sheet of paper, on a sticky pad. It would have been a sticky pad for me and I could write that on the palm of my hand.


Not true.


Well, not in the love. This appears to be people that she admires and about love. Yeah, she don't know all these people, Omarosa, Omarosa insists the soldier being in the same company like absolutely his race would to stay look at the range versatile Joslyn Hernandez.


Come on, man. She's entertaining Dennis Rodman. I got it. All right. I don't want to start there, but I just quickly highlighted she's on my love list. Oh, I love you. Great. Great person. Destroying minds to be a male won't be direct communication between her and snail mail will be pen pals.


Hey, yeah, I'm not. Yeah, learned my lesson there. All right.


The moment we do it. Introduce the next topic. OK, sorry. We're going to go ahead. Yeah, OK. All right, the moment that Rory waited his whole life for what's true and didn't even catch it live, I totally forgot about it.


I remember I was just in a place that didn't have Wi-Fi at the time or good for me. But I did go back and watch it.


D'Angelo versus kind of D'Angelo with friend D'Angelo versus desk D'Angelo versus live streams and. Here's the thing, if you're going to change your entire structure of your platform for an artist, you shouldn't rush it with someone that waits 14 years to put out an album.


This person takes some time to put things together. This entire thing felt rushed to completely change how versus goes and then rush it, I think was the bad move. I don't care who the artist was. This felt rushed, didn't feel together, felt like your scrambled. The friends thing didn't even feel friends. There was a lot of friends, so awkward, we were the friends. Hello, I'm a big fan, you know, if you're a big fan, I'm about I'm about growing versus where it's not just one song, there's one song.


There's other ways to do it. I get all that. But don't just rush it when you're changing how this platform has worked and thrived so far this year, you didn't need to rush it. This was not entertaining. You didn't need to rush it. I was done. Don't. I understand that maybe D'Angelo, you had him for that week, and when you have the angel for a week, that's the only week you're going to have him maybe for 10 years.


I still don't think it was necessary to do. Yeah, I'm with you on that. It was great when we found out D'Angelo was doing it versus only because we haven't seen D'Angelo or heard from him in a few years. Quite a long time, actually. But then as it got closer and the friends wasn't announced, we started some thinking and it was like, OK, what exactly is happening? And. We spoke to Mr. Larry Jackson and he told us he called him a snow leopard, I believe once delivered a unicorn about two or three times, called him a unicorn and told us to buckle up and prepare for the ride of our life.


He did not say buckle up either. So buckle up. Thank you. Said buckle up. He said, I can't tell you what's going to happen because I was buckled up. You know, I didn't come from nowhere.


He was like, buckle up. So we buckled up. And when D'Angelo came out, he let us know exactly who the friends and D'Angelo versus friends were. And he let us know that we're his friends. They are the best rehabbers.


So, I mean, this to me was this just wasn't entertaining at all? No, this was very bad. Not in my opinion. I mean, it's D'Angelo. So, yes, we are some classic songs that we love. Of course. But I think they set the bar with the whole Apollo Theater and name being on the marquee leading up to. We thought that this was going to be epic, one of the most entertaining verses that we've seen.


And this was very underwhelming as far as I'm concerned, in my humble opinion, because, listen, I've. I don't have verses to do, so I can my dad's verses, but this was not entertaining in comparison to. Most of the other verses, I cut the shit that we've seen. It's just this diversity thing you have to know, honestly, it's tricky because this is a professional broadcaster, right? No, listen, it's tricky because you have to be somebody you can have records.


But with these acts like that we don't see or hear from in years is dangerous because you just don't know what to expect. So somebody like D'Angelo Legend, that's one of the greatest RB artist songwriters, big facts, but.


When they don't show their face or pop out for years, it's like the whole nostalgic feel year we haven't seen him. So it's exciting to see D'Angelo. But this is just underwhelming, and this wasn't this wasn't entertaining at all. I didn't enjoy this. It just felt like it was a people were getting calls probably the day, oh, hey, can you pull up to the Apollo? It felt like that. Yeah. Like we didn't know who was showing up because they didn't know who was showing up.


So I just it just this wasn't it.


And I you know, I don't know how they're going to bounce back from this, but I think the first thing might be tapering off a little bit. I think it might be on on the on decline at this point. I think so. I think it was dope during the quarantine when we own the site.


And it was a small thing, but I think once it turns into this big production. Takes a little luster out of it. Yeah, I think I'm about to say one one dud of everything that they've done means it's tapering.


This wasn't I can't judge the one one bad situation.


It defines what they're doing or what they've done. This wasn't the only one. But I think there may be some truth to the fact that unless they adapt it pretty significantly because people just are in the same way. How many more duds do you guys think they have?


That's what that's what I was about to ask. But I just said this was the only dud.


Well, I'm asking which one, but I know another dud. And that's where my Dudley stops. Jagged Edge and one well was a dud. Oh, that's. That's the third one. I think this was the third is I got three dubs.


I mean. Is that the way you got to be Breeden's? What's your thought? I'm not saying, OK, well, yet it is, right? How many have they done? That's a pretty good percentage, right? That wasn't all that was. That is established the brain. I'll show you when it comes. I don't even know what I did. It wasn't personal versus keep going. The manifest for Scott. Sure, it was a bad match.


Only one day wasn't. It wasn't.


It was still good, though. I won't call Fab and Kiss a dud. Oh, it was great to baby face it, Teddy Riley was great. Both times I won't say to one it's not important, but it'll come up and I'll point to the screen and then I'll just say it.


Let's get some edge back to this podcast that wasn't the one for me. Oh, that doesn't matter. I hated Alicia Keys and John Legend. Oh, I and I didn't want to say that because of my respect for both of them, of course, and their families like there in that. Listen, let's be clear.


We respect anybody that's for versus you're alleging that we don't even have to be. That one wasn't for me but this shit with D'Angelo. Say it. Well, while you're trying to get the words together, we are not defining this amazing platform of three alleged duds, this shit is great. I don't think it's going to taper off just because one bad situation happened.


I just think it's going to taper off because I think that the world is going to start to open up a little bit more and people are probably not going to be at home the way that we were during the height of verses.


Right. And not only that, I don't think that. I don't think. Who else would you call that? You know, I'm saying the list is starting to get shorter. Yeah, because a lot of a lot of the people that we love, they're not doing this well.


I think this can end up being really cool once I think we're close to outside, somewhat opening. And I think this could be a cool thing that they could live stream and people could actually go to.


This is a cool you you can do the same shit over you could do. I'd go to Swizz in Tim versus at an arena.


All right. I'm going to rapid fire my opinions off because I don't want us to spend too much time. This is not a vs. cast call, Larry, but I'm not going to call Larry right this second. I'm going to continue with it, Larry.


Say I screenshot a bishop when he said I just want to just want to see what he said. Thought that was funny. All right. I'll I'll try to rapid fire might the snow leopard after his beard. And I'm Leon. Would love to. I'm going to always, always love.


I'm a lean on Azealia Banks swag right now and just list some things that I'm all right.


It open with a scratch opened up. And while I love scratch, all that he does has done and represents in hip hop. Boy, bad time for scratch to open up for me. I loved his opening.


So if I understand why I can't be lover, maybe not so much because he was, he was doing some R&D stuff too, but he it was more of a hip hop deejay said. I think that's generous. OK. A hip hop deejay said is when hip hop records are played. He literally scratched every verse and every hook of every song that came on, which is could be awesome somewhere else for RMV act to be about to grace the stage.


I understand it's D'Angelo, I know it's hip hop ties. It was a lot for me. I did a lot of muting and unmoving during the opening set, but again, I guess overwatching it was Vibha in my living room and LED's on. Oh, yes, just talking. It wasn't time for scratch. You scratch all these records. Cool. D'Angelo comes out oh.


Before D'Angelo comes out, the whole leaning on of us filming and taping in the Apollo Theater. I mean, when Patti and Gladys did that at the theater in Philly. The way that they were positioned on the stage was it was the backdrop, they put the backdrop behind the stage where it normally goes. This was reverse and it was weird for me. The carpet was distracting.


It was a lot going on. I feel you can barely tell it. It's at the Apollo yet that that didn't do it any justice. If you at the Apollo and you promote that and find a different way for that to come across, some people may say, I'm nit picking, let me move on. D'Angelo comes out and the very first record.


Lost me a little bit, hmm, lost me a little bit. I don't think that's the first record if he has an opponent across from him. Definitely not, I was an untitled new song. Oh, well, that would explain it. Yeah, that that wouldn't happen if there were an opponent across town. Now, not first.


Some of the people I spoke to behind the scenes who shall remain anonymous, Larry, did their best notice. Wasn't Larry I spoke to a bunch of other people, is their best to say to me that Maxwell may have been afraid of D'Angelo. And for a minute, I leaned into the. I don't like that. I don't like that. But that's let me just finish my point before I forget. I understand the competitive nature of our business. And I know that fear is the first assumption we run to when there is a cancellation.


I totally get that. After watching, no one can convince me that Maxwell was afraid to face D'Angelo once he saw the Angelos list. I just would have a hard time believing that personally, I don't knock anybody else's thoughts on it.


No, I can't see because I have a hard time. Axwell rolling with that. Maxwell has. I'm definitely not rolling with that. Maxwell is not afraid of any of these Harvey acts that are out here except for one who we will not name because of their past and their history. We don't talk about him.


And if this were to list, well, everybody's scared and they don't come to me, that will be the only person that Maxwell wouldn't want to.


But after listening, after looking at the list and granted, I don't know if this list was the same list, I don't think this would have been his 20 had he been.


I don't know. I don't think I've met him yet.


I don't even I don't think left and right is coming in his twenty man and came out and I wanted to hear Raquela. I did. They didn't do it cuz. Cool, but I mean, that would have been nice if it's D'Angelo and friends, Rory made the point. Why would they do that song for me? Because when you put the N friends there, it opens things up for you to be able to play with some different things. You know how I feel about her.


So no need for me to talk about this. Thought she did. But this. Like Rory, I'm not going to cancel verses because of three duds, nor do I think that they only ascended because of the state of the country and the pandemic. I don't believe that. Do I think that projections may lower if everybody's outside and the country opens back up? Certainly. But I'm never going to doubt the power of hip hop to centralized millions of people in one place without all of these marketing and promotion dollars.


Well, no one would like where we said it's only only because this was birthed because we couldn't see these people alive. People couldn't perform live. So it was birthed from that. And as things start opening up and we're able to now get back in these venues and see our favorite acts again, naturally this will fade out. No, I wouldn't say I'm not going to sit at home on my phone when I can go catch the same.


But that's not. But that's not that's not the inevitable evolution of when you say naturally, like I was birthed because my mom and my dad take one night, but that what has to happen after that don't necessarily have to be what you say it like. Yeah. That maybe they can start doing these live and people.


But listen, I don't wanna repeat it if you want to hear things twice. Yeah. I don't want to go back and forth with you more because I, I do have a similar take, but for different reasons. And I don't indict verses in mine. When, when, when you get corporate and I've taken you all down this path enough so I'll spare you.


But I'm putting a lot of this on corporate. Yeah. From my own eyes, not asking anybody else to agree with you. So in the same way I have seen things in social media that lead me to believe for months now.


It might be something going on behind the curtain. I'm not mad at the. Well, I can certainly see Swizz and Tim getting a hold of D'Angelo and D'Angelo saying, yo, I'm down. They get Maxwell, Maxwell backs out for whatever reason. We don't know an apple going, so. But we have we have D'Angelo, I don't care about your structure here, I know the amount of views it gets and how much money we make every time you guys do anything with versus and you have D'Angelo, have him go out there and sing.


And because I see Apple doing that, they just push back the O'Shannassy and Kishimoto million times. Not the same. Not even remotely close.


No, because they both they had two parties already in agreement to do it. No, it was it was they were held. There's a difference. Isn't sure. But I don't think Apple was doing that and getting into getting a hold of a shotgun. Keyshia Cole is way easier than getting a hold of D'Angelo and getting him to agree to do anything.


It was John to come in there with covid if they didn't do their due diligence and anybody get sick that we know it's not the same and you know it's not the same.


But I don't think Apple was telling somebody, I don't care if you don't have anybody to battle dance.


That's exactly what I. Yeah, I think I don't say that to me. I don't know how they'd it that way.


But they would say, hey, we know how much money we make. You have D'Angelo agree. It's who knows if he'll agree to this in two months when we finally get Maxwell to agree or another opponent, I believe.


Yeah, you have D'Angelo. We have the Apollo booked already. Y'all are going out there.


No, I believe Apple to care more about their brand and how they look than anything.


They're not going to roll out somebody. And I also don't think Apple thought this was going to be bad luck. I don't think they were like, oh, it's going to be shitty, but we'll be fine.


I think they were banking. I think everyone was confident and I think they were banking on people just showing up to have a mutual love and respect and a certain type of relationship. D'Angelo I think they would make you people showing up and just doing a record or two. I think that's what they were leaning on.


And as it got closer to the day, people started saying, oh, you know, I'm pulling out, I can't do it, I can't show up, I'm out here. I can't fly in in New York, whatever. Like, I think that's what happened.


I see Apple execs going, you have D'Angelo, the Apollo and the versus community that comes out every single time.


You guys go, love, go do it. I don't even want us to spend too much time on this because it wasn't the biggest of cultural moment. But it could have been. It could because we haven't seen D'Angelo any it could have been if it were a proper versus right. That's all I'm saying. Oh, I totally agree. That's all I'm saying.


We haven't seen D'Angelo in years. He's one of our favorite artists, classic Rex.


So we were looking forward to this, you know, I mean, like we well, I hate to get into my my convo that we was talking about off air man. But even as D'Angelo was up there with the funny hat on with the buffalo looking cold, he was dressed like he was with the shingles, with the funny Chelsea boots or whatever is going on up there, right? Yeah. And some people on the Internet were clowning, but that's D'Angelo.


What clown doesn't. Men out there. D'Angelo pause was a tough out. He was tough to deal with at some point, they showed the how does it feel? Video and shit on on the apple screen and all I could think was, man, I remember that ever I remember this like.


Excited, you got to feel all right. Got to chill out. How do you react when that happens? That happens a lot. I don't want to do that right. Right next to their significant other like, why do I do that?


It's like they don't even care what they think about us and not just want to test to see exactly how jealous they like women, like to see their man get a little jealous. I think women like that.


I got their crushes, though, so I'll be excuse me, I'm a fan and I'm with her, OK? He does look great. Yeah.


Zac Efron movie. Come on babe. Do you think I'll take your shirt off again.


You're already cut it out.


Don't act like you never bonded with your girl over a dude I've never bonded with.


Oh, I write bond. We're cool.


Cool. You're cool, man. You know, crushes. No, I don't have a man crush. Next part we're going to change.


OK, yeah.


I bet you don't see know that the opinions like they weigh in with like the Titanic. I like it though. I like it.


And also I'm shocked at you just sitting here like you have not bonded with a woman over a dude that are both like that was an entertainer.


We've never like the same do. That's why we have different tastes. I was relating to what Paksas are saying because like I've watched the movie with a young lady and she went wild over Vin Diesel. And I'm like when I went to see I Am Legend and Will Smith worked out for a little bit, whoever that was that was with me, they went a little too wild. I wasn't into it like I a relaxed.


So yeah. Like those be the guys. I told you I dated somebody who was real big on Dwayne Wade back in the day like me.


Some of those I've never said, oh he was so well as Mike Will Smith is not your type. OK, fair enough that I've said that years ago in this pod but you're trying to make me be gay with you know, and I'm not.


Kazatsky from I just. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Relax, that's what I got. That's what I paid for. I love him. I know. Don't get me excited. Maybe I'm thinking of the get the fuck out of here. I mean, what the fuck is this?


Oh, that's a handsome man. No beard. Zac Efron. Not without the beard.


He looks like a molester, like the played Jesse from Full House. He played the serial killer son who was a serial killer, Ted Bundy, who was the attractive serial killer. So, yeah, Ted Bundy, he played Ted Bundy, man. How was that not him? It was what man this is.


I can't hear you. You've got another HitIer. I do. I should tell him who was man crush. Who you. This is Man Crush. Do you want me to do.


I'll be cool if I just find out how you all will start your birth. I don't even need the bars no more on this part. I'm done forcing people to do things they don't want to do. But if you all tell me how it starts, I'll, I'll, I'll write them on. You just need to use the first four, four, four words I rap on this podcast, you know, Tom.


All right. Check this out, man. Your man is back at it. Who is that? Your man is back at it. My man. Our man. Friend of the show Sahai.


Our guy Sahai, our guy I was glad to see.


Saw how I was feeling better, though, because I had brought him up a couple episodes. It was like no incident accident. Yeah.


So it was good to see him in better spirits. A little bandaged up, but he's good. Glad he's active. Yeah.


He had some interesting dialogue on No Jump with Adam. Two choice words if you will.


I've always wanted to pass and Rory let them in the culture.


Make those us. Come on buddy is great over you. They're friendly. They're Frucci. Well, yes, some choice of word, choice, words, words of choice. I'll get right to it with the chosen word. That's right. Well, that's right. I was calling to give right to the bottom of it. The coach is calling. I was calling right. To get to the bottom of it because I don't have signs. Now, are you going to.


I get it. Yeah, this is Joe Biden from the Joe Biden podcast. May I speak to Adam 20 to please?


Hello, Joe Biden, how are you doing? I'm well, I'm well, how are you? Excellent. Just about to do an interview, Aaron Carter, it's probably similar to what you're on. No, I would never interview Aaron Carter. No Aaron Carter. Interviews are fucking hysterical. I'm going to put a pin in that. Really? Yes, I see.


He's confused. White boys relief. Adam, we were about to do a segment on you interviewing Sy, so I wanted to call you to figure out why why you think Cyrus said all that to you about me? Do you think you went in because he just said real quick that he would know you can't divide black kings? No, I don't think he went in. I thought he was fine. But I'm asking you because you was there, like I mean, you think you think I'm the one to just call out fresh out there.


I mean, what, you think you're a non-participant at this point, right? So it can't be that scary.


So then why do you media people ask active rappers about retired rappers? Because that's sort of the question you got today. Do you think Joe's a worthy.


Well, yeah, I've seen it. I think that it. Yeah, no, I you know, I just wanted to get some follow up thoughts on him, I noticed that you guys had a little back and forth and then he says you guys have spoken about him very flatteringly since then. He's a good guy. I was just trying to figure out where the energy was at. It's also weird that you guys had that conversation like Creve versus also Aaron Carter is right here.


And I feel like he's probably going to interrupt this conversation.


But so listen, you have fun. You go ahead. I just lost half my audience with that announcement. All right. Enjoy your day and have a good interview, man.


A much larger thanks. All right, so I have this clip here. Let's see. Let's here we go. But even just the idea of you and Joe Biden I have in mind is Joe Biden, just to be honest, like Joe Biden, I don't want to do no with Joe.


I need to look you in the face on Cmax day, something like that. Time to sit it out. So I've had a half a ticket. Yeah. You know, since I got a half a ticket.


But do you consider him an elite level? Absolutely I would. That's why I have to destroy him. Do you consider him an athlete? I study Joe Biden.


I already know he don't know medo you don't know him. Oh yeah. You gave him the pin. And then when I get into my feeling like when I get into my with a nose.




I think more Joe pamphlet that he had been a walk down the street fight and you know he was off the stage like oh damn. I was still going. Yeah but it might be out of practice too.


It's been a few days I think just for Joe Biden. That's for any artist. I think they can go with me one. That's what I relish. I just get mad when I'm looking at a man in his face keeping cuts off my liver when he's on. No, like you you to be a legend that gets one. No one. No, I told my friend, you know, as long as they live it, he's in shape, though.


I'm saying, no, no, no, I'm not in shape. But they wouldn't play like that with him, with him. Never speak to one kind players. I never know.


I was praying I didn't need mine. Oh, man. Go ahead. You got down on your knees slow and inferno away. What we love, we'd all be the children tourism. This is all I'm saying.


And I'm so glad that this occurred because I don't even get my mojo until the wrap. It says my name right. I can't do nothing with this man.


What I'm to do with this, I'm retired. Get back in shape. And Rusty now give me a rocky foreman. Walked off to the battle stage with Hollow. I'm in no position if you guys don't stop booing. Say what you said about Sahhaf, mate when it came to this topic. What did I say? Say it again. Don't worry about it. Don't want to go on your record. But I say, oh, we're going to talk about it in a minute.


You're telling the post to me? Oh, you know, I just thought it was so we could do it tonight.


You. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm in no predicament to do this. And I'm not going to bore podcast listeners or try to re hype. Oh, Joe Biden fans like music is coming.


We're not doing this. Yeah. It's just interesting when you hear it come up and just give me I get goosebumps when I hear it because you're from the culture. I guess that's what the culture is based on, is battle. I get goose bumps because I'm not used to this.


What are you saying? Was that was this your reply to pull that up fast? Roy didn't have an opinion till now. All right.


No, I was going to I was going to ask you before you pull that up, do you think I said that because he knows you're retired? You think he'd have extra source a add on on his voice?


I don't think so. I would say a word to me if I was active. I think he would. He wouldn't, because rap is half in rap.


Is that don't rap as good as I have, like, come at you when you were problem. We've had that talk before. It ain't just about that. No, it's not.


It's not. But I think Sahar is from the same cloth you from. I don't think he'll he'll run from anybody when it comes to just pin in. And I think going into bouffe I think so how does I.


I think he's one of the sickest man. You not never going to hear me say a bad word about a size pin, but that that's what makes it exciting for me. What I will promise you, if the day ever comes where I decide to get the dust off the open, you got a ninety seven and a half coming your way to talk about what's on your hands.


That's all. That's all you got. He got something coming and he said it to have it happens two thousand twenty six to dig you up somewhere.


We Yeah but all jokes aside we're glad to size.


Well for sure. Yeah sure. His first interview back he right at my neck gets up again. I get up again. Well to be fair he was asked, he was bringing you up, he, your name was brought up to him and he just said yeah but he responded like it was right back up. But I think, I think that I think dope lyricists and don't make do that this way. The close. Yeah. Well don't mention it then.


It's like y'all say from that close. Shut up.


Yes. I think you know still and can't tell me how you overstored. Shut up. I know we're not from the clock so how could you how would you know that. Oh I know.


Twelve Klaw for all of us to be cut from it. That's true.


You were fifteen when that was to you older. You understood that what I was like. What does he mean.


I was like twenty seven Shadyside. Glad he's well what else is going on. Oh shit. Yeah. Come on. Mortgage. Yes. In the interview he had mentioned. Yeah, and so in the interview say it pertains to my greatness.


How you feel about Ian following Sahaba in the first, like OP's. Yes, kind of crazy. I thought she was going to hit Adam with the I don't care what side said why he said it was so comfortable saying it to you.


That meme, that meme traveled around the globe 17 times.


Salha says, I'm sitting on one of the greatest albums ever recorded in rap music history, and I'm looking for a label to partner with to help me put it out the proper way. Let me know if you are interested, please. He didn't put a please there, but it sounds like begging for mercy.


That is a sick post. Read the caption three times together. Since my journey started, the music I've always considered, I've always been considered one of the best rappers in the world. But a lot of times where I'm from, Atlanta, Georgia, who I've been signed to in the past, hinders me from getting the opportunity I deserve.


Always snitch and I'm going, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, stop, stop, stop, stop for a second. Let's let's break down this first sentence. A lot of the times where I'm from, Atlanta, Georgia, one of the most thriving hip hop communities in the world.


The black Hollywood, I believe, is what they call it, where everyone's more or where I've been signed. The biggest black company's biggest label in the world, Tyler, Konya, Kanye West, Def Jam and Universal. T tipping's out from getting the opportunities that I deserve. Coming to America was everything Eddie and Arsenio was there. You should be there, too, buddy. Sorry. Then following.


I don't complain or throw my partners under the bus, even though I just complained through my reporters under the bus, I just try to work through it.


But now that I am a free agent, that's in quotations. So I don't know if that means he's actually a free agent or just wants to be a free agent. I feel like I'm at a crossroads. Do I still even want to do this due to the lack of support I get from the people around me? Since my recent incident, I have had time to reflect contemplated retiring. Oh, rather. That's that's your line though.


Oh, brother. And just being supportive, just do it.


And just being oh no you can't play did great. You was going to retire before and just be the songwriter with overwhelming support from the fans.


Makes me feel that people would still like to hear my music. So I'm writing this letter to the music industry. If you're interested in one of the best hip hop rap musicians in the world, please feel free to reach out to me.


So now you know a label hit new ways, go down to the NY. Read it. Why, I have three albums ready to go with features from Travis Scott, Kanye West, Big Sean to change Lizzo, Pink Sweats, magicJack, Jack Hollow, top dollar caudate and more as a real pitch.


This feels like an email blast that the label sends out loud about the features, quiet about the clearances.


It's only it's only crazy to me because in an interview with Adam twenty two, he was Potami am one of the best and the biggest, you know, people in his corner we can't see.


And that's why I need to this because he think I wouldn't have nothing to say about him. And now you got something to say. No, I've been had things to say about. I have a book full of everybody has a page in it, things to say about this person, conversation burn. But just go to the Rolodex. Like what I had to say about sisal. It's like it's like it's like your love page. It's so ironic that Pump It Up was a mean girls.


And they had the book. Exactly.


Fire my second smash. What was the first mess? That wasn't the first. No. OK, pump it up. You've heard that one. That was enough of you guys. Let me interpret let me listen to speak from an artist. Listen, you guys, how do you new listeners, old listeners, women and men, everyone, let me do my best to use my hip hop expertise that I have been educated on for the last 20 years.


Persay, to break this down for you guys, sometimes hip hop slang could be difficult to understand. Yes, can be. And this is all logic based selling. This is all logic based what I'm saying to y'all. Yeah. Sometimes if you just step out of your own shell and put yourself in someone else's shoes. Yes. You understand how things manifest. Case in point, ever been having a little tension, a little back and forth with your significant other.


But it was when, like company was over, your man was there. The fight was escalating, but your man didn't know, like your man just was still glued to the screen.


At some point you said to yourself, damn, and we really got to have this talk, me and my girl, whenever my man leaves, maybe you even went to your man and was like, yo, man, she turned up over here. I'm going to come back tomorrow and let me just handle the situation real quick.


Right. Very normal shit. Imagine can't you just read seventeen texts from Kim?


It's not going the greatest nigga walk out into the Wyoming Yard, nigga calling the bull in the pool.


So I check this beat out. Yeah. Hey, where's your bag?


Hey, you said it was in the guest house. You say, hey, it's night. I'm working on it. I got a joint for you. Ain't no more album sci fi. Kim is about to get your publishing in the divorce. Get out of here while you still can go. Go save yourself. Get you a situation, bro. This one is over. All I'm saying is I understand your desire. I go to Empire, man, go make some real money, go to Empire, have a blessed man, come sign to me.


But that's crazy.


I put shit all fucked up. I am all over the boulevard for a subsidy. Yeah.


Oh I'm joking because it's so much fun to joke but I love you. It's all jokes always. Let me and we need a new album from through email it to me. Yeah. Just to listen. Send it over. I love those features. There's a good list, shut up. It was, which was his wireless look, you ain't got a word to say since he put his song out saying everybody stealing his songs. He said it. That's the chorus.


I know you niggas in my studio trying to steal my heart. Oh, you niggas loss. I want the divorce. That was the I said homeowners here this. I just said this. Nobody stealing. So he made a video and said that nobody is doing all right with my phone. I just been in Detroit.


Favorite things. Hey. Because, you know, we owe but we like out of touch now when the new new should drop. You don't even know why I'm coming home.


But he didn't. He did he. Well, you don't even know. Did he win that appeal? You don't even know he on his way home. I thought he confessed to nigga. You don't even know Melley on his way home. Nigga. Oh, man. I thought he confessed there with my Uzi clip. Oh, how did I miss the the clip? I get fired it. I'm a fan. So look, the need. No, boy, you don't even notice on your own developing a new movie.


Yeah I know, I know.


So I'm not out travelling on this long. I know that work. Work.


Oh no you did the bossy. I'm bossy. I'm the one that was tracked. That was something that was wrong about that. That's right. I got on the train tracks. Anyone else knows who they are on the track.


We know why we listen to you.


They also say they're going it's go to be one day. But I'm sorry.


That's why only Miles can't jump me in my house. Pussy. All right. Good luck aside. What else we got? What else are we doing? What else is happening? What else is important to you?


We didn't talk about the Ghostface and Raekwon versus.


Oh, talk about it.


Well, you think will go. So it's going to win that battle. I think they'll win together. They have albums together. I don't know, several. I don't like it after the D'Angelo thing.


I think this is gonna be a great concert of them rapping the songs they do together, plus solo stuff. I don't really see this being A versus. Yes, especially it's not a very Angela thing. It's not a shot to go some way and it'll be a bunch of our favorite emcees. I would have preferred to showcasing their talents. What I prefer to see go some Ray versus another duo that's heavily collaborated wherever you want to put it. That would be great.


But I don't know Bob Deep. Well, obviously he's not here, but.


Oh, well, I mean, you could sing a solo. I know they're in a group, but you can still do it. Yeah, you're playing the records. That's like when Jack went one twelve when when twelve played the records. Half of one twelve different reasons of course. Rest in peace prodigy. Yeah. You don't want to see having versus two people. Fair and then, like you said, if you do kiss in style, she odd man out.


Yeah, not fair. But you say they left their group members here. There's 20 of them, but it's just one of so.


Clip's No. Well, Mouse would do it or, you know, Mouse wouldn't do it. They shouldn't do it. Yeah, I guess they should. I'm not feeling this one.


Oh, I mean, I'm going to watch because I love them as artists, but as a versus the versus just changing. It's evolving clearly. Hmm. This is going to be a concert series. Which is what I think was the plan somewhat. I mean, I don't want to see a rapper, I don't want to see rappers concert concert series, I don't and I know I'm trying to do maybe you don't want to grab A versus. I don't I don't want to see rappers performing through Zoome.


OK, that's about I'm with now that person.


I would love to see it but I sing it on camera for some reason is just Bellison today.


Today to have too much cool shit for a new act to do like oh I love that series. What is it. Color's color studio's color squares. Just a bright background and a mic hanging. One of my my work really get just cut me off man.


I'm telling you the name of it. You ask what's the name of it. I said, Colors is one of my favorite platforms.


Oh I was right half the time. Right up. You asked the question, I answered it and wasn't cutting you off. That's what happens when you ask a question. Oh you knew answer. Yeah. So that's not a cut off.


OK, man, look, look, this guy Gunnar looks like the greatest rapper ever in his empty room that everybody looks like the greatest ever.


Not oh, not too much production. But you paying attention to the artist. What they saying. Right. Like attention is in the right spot. I even love the one wire that you could see. I just love this. Yeah. Like you always say, Tiny Desk. There's a bunch of spots that do it right. Try to make a cool trap. Symphony. Yeah. Shout out to Eriksen.


I'm not trying.


Something is really good but yeah with the online shoot you do kind of have to focus more on the words and the performance rather than trying to just do a crazy production that works live. You excel in the angles. And all of y'all ain't going to sound good when the saxophone is just playing like I know that's the trend, I know, get the live horns, get the drummer. It don't work for everybody.


Yeah. Is all. And I don't want to see it from anybody, but I don't really understand why Erickson would light Roddy Rich so much better than me.


Everything Roddy Rich does is the coolest thing in the world. It is amazing talent like. Did you all here? Did you he had a fans got the update on some new heat that might be coming from him. Mm hmm. His baby. Mom's his baby. Mom's tweet. I spoke to your little boyfriend.


Is he going to roll out? I spoke to a little boy.


I spoke to your little boyfriend today, and he got a bunch of weather that you just said. Whatever she said about the music he got coming, where was he got heat on the way and just be patient, blah, blah, blah. But what a way to announce the music. That is how you baby marginalises. Yells Yeah, but to do it salty.


But know that now he couldn't. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can't deny the music. Yeah.


I appreciate when baby mamas balanced the salt like yeah I'm not that ain't my favorite guy in the world but he's my family. Yeah. When he, when he wins I win like I still support that. But we ain't got to be fucking necessarily.


But it's a win still. Let's get this cool man.


Kid is cool on a whiteboard and put me on so everything is worth what you lose.


Denying the roddy shit when I was playing around you really years ago.


Really per usual. Hispano what a jacket.


And wow that is a wow. All right. What are you.


Certain people could pull that as a weapon. Only certain people can pull off the bedazzle jackets though.


It's true. The ME, which is not one of them. Yeah, I've tried. Let me throw this to dazzle shit in the store. Maybe I could pull it off the earth tones.


No, I can't. Let's see what else is important do we have we have to talk about our. I don't want to talk about it with my lawyer. Governor Cuomo down. I also want to I'm here, I don't want to talk about this stuff with you. I'm good. I have fun with the whole Trump shit. I'm not the political guy. All of these dudes, Anasta, all of them are just money hungry people. People like I don't care about politics.


Pull just say, well, let me at least read the statement that M.C. Combs put out.


M.C. Cuomo was getting zesty in the political offices and Cuomo has responded.


And this is after a third accuser has come forward and said that he's been a little hands in, just sexually aggressive.


Cuomo says, I have teased people about their personal lives, their relationships, about getting married or not getting married. I mean, no offense, and only attempt to add some levity and banter to what is a very serious business. I now understand in my interactions may have been insensitive or too personal and that some of my comments, given my position, made others feel in ways I never intended. I acknowledge some of the things I have said I have said have been misinterpreted as an unwanted flirtation, he continued to the extent anyone felt that way.


I am truly sorry. And that is the statement. Mm hmm. Rosie doesn't look good. What was he exactly accused of trying to kiss a girl saying stuff to another girl, to the effect of do you like dating older men or sleeping with older men or something that in fact, OK, you know, I'm not sure what the third one was. Maybe this one. Can I kiss you? At a wedding? Well, that is where you feel a little kissy.


The drinks are flowing. Good, good.


That's also why they allow you to have a plus almost like you one like he came in with a woman. Like, that's a wild place to get at my date. It is a little crazy at the wedding.


I mean, she had Broadway. Joe did it on the Jets sideline. I said, what do you think about the Jets defense this year? I want to kiss you.


Yeah, he sounds like he's one of the one of the many in men in position of power that a little hands on a little, you know, inappropriate.


I said no.


Do you think that power causes them to act that way? Or do you think that the way that they act causes them to end up in positions of power?


I think power money makes you want what you already are. You can hide behind. He can hide behind that power. Sure that you can do things that, you know, a guy that didn't have the position of power couldn't do. And then, you know, you hide behind it because you're the governor and we got people that could step on these allegations and these stories and they go away, people are not going to believe you because they view me in the public as this great guy.


And, you know, this heroic guy who saved New York in a pandemic, which I don't know how people think that. But anyway, you know, you have had those type of things. And that's what this just sounds like. He's a little hanzi, a little inappropriate at times. And women are just being vocal about it as they should. They have the right to express that. And that's what it sounds like to me. But we'll see.


It's looking like they're going to investigate it and. This is not going to go away. You know, occasionally a case is open. Yes, this is not a case, though. This is definitely not going to go away. All right.


We will we will keep you posted on what's happening. Let's stay in politics. Gruman can bring up what the Texas governor just just tweeted.


Oh, the the governor of Texas just tweeted, by the way, like it's an album.


Roll out, get ready. Big announcement in 15 minutes. Yes. Let's start there. I just announced that Texas is open in all caps. One hundred percent space, space, space, everything in all caps, space, space. I also ended the statewide mask mandate. I thought that was already happening in Texas. I mean. I'm not going to Texas. It's not just interesting to you how everything just started opening up after Trump left office. When I don't.


All right, let's have an answer that question in one second. All right. I was explaining to somebody in Texas, Texas, Florida and Georgia have never closed, have been open. Why are black people confused that Texas, Georgia and Florida are encouraging people to go out? I just never understood where the confusion was with that, like even as people were partying in Houston and Atlanta, I'm like, cool, but please be careful to the Atlanta mayor and the governor been fighting publicly, like they let you know they don't do the greatest job in hiding it.


I'm not going to I'm probably won't be in Houston for a little bit. I heard some disturbing about one of the hotels I really liked out there. I heard there was a little racist and I don't find it difficult to believe either, so.


I don't know. I was in Florida this week, if only Four Seasons would update things, so they just will not update.


I was in Florida this weekend and I had a mask on and they were giving me Saidee and weird looks like. Can you please take your mask off? You're making us uncomfortable now.


No, I swear to God, the way up here, like when someone doesn't have their mask on, you get that weird fucking stank. Look, I'm just getting that the entire time. But even when I had it, like, on my chin.


Listen, man, 10 years from now, we're going to look back at 20/20 and. Some of us are going to be very surprised at things that we learn. What do you think we'll be surprised to learn?


You just got to wait to stay on some of the sexual abuse allegations that are lingering out there. Another woman has come forward and she's represented by Lisa Bloom and this whole tie and tiny stuff that's going on. I've been trying not to speak on it because they're building the case. They're getting witnesses. They're doing whatever they could do. In the interim, announcements have been made regarding some employment for T, I think VH1 announced that that show probably going to hold off on that.


Yeah, I saw something today that said t I will not be returning to Antman. And no, this is a really serious topic. My I'd be lying to you if I didn't say my first thought was, oh shit. I was in Antman.


I had no idea he was an admin. Yeah, but that's a big deal. If you get canceled from like some MSK, you should be for sure. And his voice shit was kind of big. Look at me pocket.


A reality show was huge. Yeah, this. We'll see how this plays out. Yeah, those plays again, man, you just never know what people got going on behind closed doors in the living rooms, you know, I mean, it's just it's disappointing sometimes when you hear these allegations. I don't want to see too much time on this topic, but did you guys see Chris D'Elia, you guys familiar comedian? Absolutely. Very big.


So you put on the thing. I didn't watch it.


He was he was accused of some some nasty DM's with some underage women when he was on tour and kind of disappeared for maybe six, seven months.


Not sure the exact time frame, but it had been a while. And finally posted on his YouTube actual statement outside of the PR statement that was, you know, on his Twitter.


And I thought it was a interesting way to handle these type of allegations. I thought he handled it pretty well.


He stood on his stood on the stand off saying, hey, everything I've ever done has been consensual and every woman has been of age.


If that was the case, I had zero clue that those women were underage, got into his sex addiction, sex addiction, got into the help that he was getting, into his relationship with his girl, to the whole thing.


I thought it was an interesting way to fully address these type of allegations head on. Yeah. I guess I got to respect him for that, but I mean, he still might be an estimate and he may be. He may be. And I'm not the person that would decide that because, again, I don't know even that much about it. I just saw the screenshots, but I thought it was an interesting way. If you do watch his response to handle this type of era that we're in where sometimes accusations may be true, maybe not be true, and where the timeline dictates if they're true or not and dictates your career from them.


In the dock that I watched about Duke, that was starting us when they got to that part, when it was like a. Yeah, sometimes shit happens on an underage girl, he said he just didn't know how old she was and she was 13. She looked older. No, the 13 year old girl didn't look my age or it also just when you hear these lines, you're it's your job to do due diligence.


You have. Sure. You have to go. Yeah, absolutely. That properly.


Well, I think and again, correct me if I'm wrong, Twitter or whoever I believe the crystalised thing was DM's. He never met these women. He never slept with these women. He was dating women that he did not know was under age. And they were saying, hey, at one point I did tell him. That I'm under 16 or whatever, but. Yeah, just wanted to bring it up when we're on topic, because this was a big thing over the past week and I see he put out a statement saying that he had a sex addiction.


Yeah, that's that's all. This video discusses his entire sex addiction in his rock.


He spoke about that and when his standards were. But on his recent press run, when he did the deluxe album of the tambourine, he got into some shit like that. He was addicted to masturbating. I think he said, oh, well, that's a big that's a that's a big addiction. Addiction to masturbate. You should make sure. And you're not harming anyone.


Like, I'm totally cool if you are addicted to touching yourself. No one, as long as you're going to tell one. Is that danger? Yeah. You could start putting yourself in front of you had a right to kick his ass.


I mean, you keep your addictions to yourself, but you take that addiction bad for money or you can handle it that way.


Or I mean, what would you do if someone was masturbating in front of me? I'd probably walk away. Listen, the comic attempted to explain.


You just ask me that question. No, I'm just kidding. I would walk away or run. Oh, nasty man. What is that thing? You know, I'd be I'd be polite and let him finish. But I'm going to leave your business. I see how you. Who am I to judge a fire in the room? I see how you go. I get it. I get it. Just I walk away. Yeah. Now I get it.


So but when the listeners will when they listen to that issue, when they listen back, they'll never say, yo man, Rory Parkes, while they are a little bit like yo Joe Biden. But Joe Biden, Bill Gates were here that time. I don't you know, I'm sorry that it's a Joe Biden keeps you on the forces. I'm like, no, that's not me anymore. I stopped and you stopped one episode ago. No, stop.


I literally would have stopped in Parks Old House. No, no. It's been in this basement.


No way. 100 percent. I disagree. It's been in this basement. It's been in his basement. You find like icky. It was. Why are you guys talking like that?


You flew in with a setup with me and parks the division.


See, this is the division division where division made the real division.


What else is super important in new music? I don't think anything can we talked about on Friday that much came out here. Scream and you typically do the foul. What's your favorite song is? I'm still in her record damage. Yeah. It's a good one, Yelm, damage to the I'm still on that record, I just see Will Smith so that he would consider running for political office. What if we get Will Smith versus the Rock? Who wins, and that's what they were afraid of.


Yeah, you know, it's always like the fans when this is when the fans lose.


That's what they were afraid of, celebrities wanting to run for office. They're going to they're going to put a rule in so that you have to have years of political experience already see it coming, like because now you're not going to outvote the rock. You're not going to outvote Oprah Winfrey. You're not going to outvote a lot of these celebrities that more than half the country loves. Who do you have winning if Will Smith and what did they just ask where?


We don't have to stay on. This is the real versus.


I'm going with the rock.


What Will Smith, Smith, what wins, wins, what will versus rock and political versus I think more people would love to have a president that looks like the right than sorry Smith family.


You can't read table your way out of everything. It's a little different when you're going against America.


Find a song to champion, but don't worry. Give me a second.


I'll find you got those up.


I know you're a fan, a big fan of Rock, but I think the rock with those stars, let's start off telling me about my fandom decided, you know, you were a big fan.


You just said you love the rock and he's trying to he's trying it away from us. I don't know if I know him anymore. Really.


Like, I hate when my. The rockets ran away from us. I don't I don't keep up with the of it. I don't honestly, I don't know what the hell is going on. And this is a movie coming up. Like, I just don't I don't I don't follow him on social media at all.


OK, yeah, let's just say that's not the rock who is on the far right a few weeks ago of, you know, not a few weeks ago, maybe a week and a half ago, I meant to announce this and I never got around to it.


But this was big that Uber drivers now must be classified as workers and they'll receive minimum wage and paid time off. Oh, really?


I should dominate the round of applause for that because I understand how that could be important. Yeah, how are you? And while that's important, you know what I didn't hear?


And there the requirement for them to know how to drive, man, they just haven't figured that part out yet. No.


So let me ask if, uh, if they work more than what minimum wages they get more than minimum wage. Right. They probably have a little bit like a sales job, probably were commissioned versus your salary type thing.


OK, if I had to guess because I can because they take a percentage off every single ride, that's how it goes. Right.


So if you do more than minimum wage, don't put me down minimum wage. If I drive Uber seven days a week, I'm sure to be fucked that commission kind of situation.


If I take time off as his doctor, I do like that before I wonder I wonder how many rides you have to do to to equal up to that, though, I'm sure you can't just sign up for Uber and get that off.


Yeah, I wonder if that will hurt people that kind of moonlight with the Uber and. Yeah. And switch between that and Lyft and or that. That's one reason why I'm really like I'm just fed up that I'm getting caught now, like I was spoiled with me now to just hop in and out, over, get out. No parking. I'm going to be looking for parking going away so we can just hop out.


But like when you went over and they can't drive and you know how you get down. Yeah.


I'm going to actually like what you want to do is go this with all this shit. Like that's that's one of the things I'm just like, all right, I can't I can't do it over.


Trevor took me to Jackson Heights and I was going to do a story. So I feel you. Yeah. I mean, when I just get in and they got the they got the partition in there. So doing what they supposed to be doing, but it's split like one for the driver. See one for the passenger seat. It's like broken up in the middle, like the air can get through. It's like what's the point of this. It actually never up.


And they started that whole thing. And one they go. Once I had a shower, I said, this, this. Exactly. This ain't going this single cut of this single stuff. But if you mother ripped through them, do try to duct tape some shit up, though. That ain't gonna help me. Don't worry about it. Yeah, it's like crack your window.


Yo, the girls are doing way better with the gorilla glue than we are like, wow, you couldn't get this together. Shit. All four of them. My family told me to get right around here. Right. No problem. At least Geordies wiggler. Good word. I thought you might have needed to keep at that. No, it's there. It's there for good. Now what else. What else. What else is going. Oh this is important.


SoundCloud trying something new for a major music streaming service song is paying indie artists a share of their actual listeners subscription fees. The company calls this fan powered royalties. Funny how every company is just calling it something different.


And it means a SoundCloud subscribers subscription fee or advertising revenue will be divvied up among the artists they actually listen to rather than going to a big pot and being split up among the platforms.


The most popular artists I was just talking wow talks about this day listening to the podcast.


This is a major change for the industry and one indie artists have pushed for. Currently, most streaming platforms reward the world's biggest stars with the most royalties. And Spotify, for example. The company figures out how many streams happened on this platform in a given country and then calculates what portion of those streams went to a specific artist. The result is that smaller acts who might not have massive reach but also have a dedicated, loyal audience end up not making much money because they represent a smaller portion of the overall streams.


That's exactly what I was talking about this last episode. Mm hmm. We'll talk about it plenty of times when I was saying how Drake should not have the same split on a Spotify or anything, period was talking about it because I don't want us to get back down the road.


Let's talk about it. And some of these platforms going through whatever they needed to to come to this realization or two different things. We speak from the creative, creative standpoint and the consumer standpoint.


But that is what makes this interesting audio, because we do speak from a creative standpoint, but we also speak from the consumers like we we're still we still consume. Yeah, yeah.


And, you know, I'm just happy we can sit here and debate what's right was wrong. I'm just glad that the conversations are happening more frequently and and more loud than they've been. I'm happy that companies look like they're trying to implement changes, which I'm just happy that shit just seems like it's changing. And sometimes that's all you can hope and ask for baby steps. But yeah, it's baby steps, but it's like, OK, but I do know that this is wrong.


Right. And you need to fix this and that you are nothing without the creators. The. Stop right there. That's where Joe disagrees. I don't know if Dave. Realized that that the create is not one of the creators, you would be you would be ignorant to think that your SoundCloud platform is anything without the creators. You'll be ignorant to think that you'll be an ignorant businessman and an ignorant CEO, to think that this platform that you've built is anything without the creative.


I don't think any of the I don't think any of the platforms are running around saying in in their executive meetings, hey, we're nothing without the creators. We should pay them now.


No, I think they I think they know that they're not one of the creators, I think the problem is they feel like, well, we have the platform, yes, they are the creators. But like the problem is, the creators feel like they want more than we're willing to give. I think that's but they know that they're nothing without the creators. Like a drug dealer is nothing without his costis.


I don't OK, I don't know. What I'm saying is, I don't think that whatever they know is what led to this decision, however they feel about the creators and they were driven by these guys around this panel.


I don't think it was because they were so gracious, graceful.


I think, you know, I think with that I think that but they know they're nothing without creative that they maybe are looking at. Yes, that's true. And I think that they may be looking at some other alternatives that could occur in the next five years.


I think this song, SoundCloud, specifically in this example, is just trying to do something differently than the other platforms are doing to make it more enticing for people to come there, for artists, for artists to go, hey, I think I'm going to not only focus on it's the same it's the same thing.


Word it different if if if whoever else said, hey, we're doing subscription now, like, that's SoundCloud. This is their version of that, hey, we're taking the subscription money. We're going to give you some of it.


So it's the same thing really differently. So it's way different. Tell me more. So it's rehashing what we talked about last week.


I was saying that if I only listen to thirty eight smash on Apple Music and I give them ten, then 999 a month should get the bulk of my whatever the non apple cut of my 999 as I understand it, which, which would entice spec'd to go hey maybe I should solely focus on the SoundCloud audience that I have and promote.


Hey come listen to my album on SoundCloud because I know I'll get the most money from it, which is the exact same thing as thirty eight special to Patria. Or anywhere where there is subscriptions and now all the subscriptions go to thirty eight, but that's like having this is their version of the very same thing.


But this has a community of rap listeners already, Facebook. So does every other platform. I was talking about an extreme example, because the reality is no one listens to just one artist, right? They might listen to four or five artists, but instead of my nine nine, nine ninety nine going to every artist in the entire world, everyone gets a fraction of a cent.


It should go to those five artists instead of. Yes. Splitting it up all over the place. Now, SoundCloud, apparently from this press release, what you read is going to give it to those five artists instead of two. Drake, why am I get it? Why is Drake getting any more money? I don't listen to any Drake songs. I listen to directions.


But the example, why is Taylor Swift getting any portion of my voice the same the same exact thing?


I don't understand what they keep trying to explain to me every time they explain it because they walk away with it.


Because because you're talking about a specific, hey, I'm subscribing to you and I'm giving you tonight and this is slightly different. This is I'm saying to 99 to listen to everything on on SoundCloud.


I think you're playing it tonight not to have the option to listen to anything. Right. That you want. Correct.


That's what it is like you can when you wake up one day, you might want to hear it.


Taylor Swift, I could just punch in it and they'll give her my whatever they based off when it's titled Apple, Spotify.


They are dedicating a certain amount from this subscription to give to the act.


OK, but how they do it on the three major. I don't care. I don't care what I'm saying. That's what matters.


Not not to me, because if they make that option, if they if at every other platform they make that option available for every single artist, it changes the game, then it's the same thing. It's the same they don't do that, but they don't do that. Have they been listening to me for the last year, for the last year, I've been saying that's where we had everybody has to do it. And and they all have announced it, except for Amazon, every one of them have announced it.


No, that's not true. You're talking about you're talking about tip tip in subscription.


I'm not talking about specific. I'm not talking about tips. What are you talking about? I'm talking about subscription. I'm talking about. But you're talking about. I'm talking about how the platform a lot subscription money today. Apple I mean, I use Apple today. Huff and Puff doesn't have anything that lets any consumer subscribe to any one act, whatever they do with their subscription money, how they funnel it within the platform. It's cool. Same way at the record label when we said one or went public and none of the artists got a dime.


This is SoundCloud version of that same premise, not the same exact steps, but it's the same thing.


They're taking some of the money from prescription that they've been eating on forever, like Apple, like huff and puff, like anybody you name. They've been taking all of our royalties and shit and not showing us shit. And now the end of the road is here. And in their projections, I'm assuming they don't see that being fruitful in the future because there's a ripple effect now.


And the artists, if we take away the desperation from artists, then a lot of these bad contracts not getting signed, like if we have so many so many more options for newer artists to get paid.


So, yes, SoundCloud is that community built, that community of independent acts. But Huff and Puff has got a community over there. We've got a community. You got more community than anybody in the world. And in fact, every company, everyone will have to do a different. But I must say it again, everybody is going to have to do this. I agree. And and some agree with you on that. The way the way you wording it was that they already did it.


Yeah, it's coming. Oh, OK. But we said it's coming the way you were. It sounded like you were saying everyone already does this already. Yeah, Aslaksen, I was saying no because I believe they go off coming. Yeah, they go off everyone no matter what the subscription. And I mean it's a zero point zero zero zero one penny for everybody. And I'd be trying to get y'all and the creators to. Hey, then let's paint a word for what happened if it don't come, because if it don't come up, it ain't what ever been happened.


It is not going to continue to happen. Right. That that's it. So, yes, kudos to SoundCloud. They laid on this. They laid on there early because they're the first ones to be doing it.


They know they are not early. They are they are late in everyone's late. They're the first ones to do it of the major DSP that I've seen. Yeah, correct. They are. And kudos to them for doing that.


And they've admittedly said they need only one, but they wanted the only ones. They got an error named after them.


True. Well, that's what I'm saying. They that's where this gets different. They've admitted they said they missed the SoundCloud rappa er they didn't make money off of it.


They didn't, they didn't go to bed with you, they didn't go in bed with any of the artists and now they're trying to do that with this year they're working on some joint venture shit that is easier for the artist as far as money goes that they're working on their mistakes, which I think is dope.


This is smart. I love it. Yeah, they missed the boat and they said, hey, we're going to do it and work. I agree.


And I told SoundCloud still as an audience and no matter what and take heed, the rest of you disperse, please, and put fucking credits on your shit.


But will this matter? And importantly, will this matter that takes some to win some of the biggest platforms?


Roll out their version of this as well. We hope so. Nothing that Sparks are saying kudos to them because they did it nicely. Now it's a ripple effect.


Stop Kudo's in the kudo's. These niggas on your all time. I'm holding them to the fire still. You know, I get what you said. They're late. They're late to it, but. No, no, no. Not only are they late, I want them to be prepared. I'm not kudo's in them when when the rest of these people do the same thing. See, unlike most, I believe SoundCloud is has a place in the ecosystem, a big one, and it's been mismanaged.


But I would like them to manage better when Huff and Puff rolls out their version with Spotify, who just opened up in Madde new countries does the same thing. Nope. They need we the little guy, the independent guy, need them to be able to counter that.


OK, I agree. That's what I'm saying. Like, I don't know if clubhouse is going to survive. Twitter adding clubhouse to Twitter. Like, I don't know.


I don't know either, especially information about shit getting leaked and privacy concerns and all that kind of thing. Yeah, that's what I'm saying is interesting. I'm glad that they rolled out first with this. I can't wait to see how it plays out. And I can't wait for other platforms to roll out their version of this, because now that I'm thinking about it, I'm even skeptical about that now, like. I don't know if huff and puff having a subscription service helps need to know.


Who does that help outside of the people who already have huge followings? OK, how is the smaller artists? I'm saying artists now, but in my case, podcasters, same idea.


Same concept. How do tips in this bullshit ain't enough? I'm not kudo's in none of these people and I see it work. Thank you for doing what? I'm not thanking you. You started the fire and that SoundCloud, they started to fire me, thanking me for putting the fire out that you start. I'm sorry. I'm not doing it. Hey, hey. I'm of the belief they had no choice but to come around. I agree with that.


And if not now and in my kid's life and if not his life, but it was going to happen, then that's my belief. And I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.


Obviously, that's all you had to pay people to passion and passion for. It's a passion project for you. Yeah, kudo's.


But not all of them. I'm not giving you all the kudos. And so I see it.


Listen, I'm just curious what the deal is with the three majors on here. That's what I'm curious about. Said they came to a conclusion with the three major labels to get this done. I want to know what that split is, because that could change things drastically if I'm not.


And we'll never know that if I'm not an independent artist. And pocketwatch, this entire thing is Pocket Watch Station with Pocket Watch and now we watch in our pocket. We could do that. We quite harsh.


I'm saying if I if I'm signed to a major and the major, does this deal. That money is going to the major and the major is going to funnel it to me, the major, I'm not sure how much longer the major is going to be viable. I disagree. Except for back at Alexis. You disagree with how long you think guess, let's guess. That the major label is going to be around, so we have to talk. We just want to change things.


Things change. I think the way majors with the capital, they have the power that they have, how they've adapted to every single time, especially with going into streaming and having equity in every major streaming service. They know how to adapt 15 years. They know how to adapt 10 to 15 years. I only got a Vendee up there, Universal, as probably Warner will be around because they're so strong. And the labels I'm talking about, I'm only talking about they're the music label portion of their business.


I'm not talking about all the other shit that they do in the world that they're successful at 10 to 15 years. Right. I got silver coming here Friday to walk me through this NFTE stuff.


OK, cool, because I was going to bring up the Grymes, Elon Musk's wife or girlfriend or whatever. They're put out an album made like six million dollars off it this week.


But by the way, what you're saying is kind of my point with because they're so successful in so many other ventures that aren't going away, they'll have the capital to be able to move that money from universal movies and say, all right, let's buy this, the streaming site, let's do it like they have the capital to stay alive. They do have more capital for over 15 years from now.


I wrote a really interesting article about the guy from hypnosis to Egypt, and that's despite everybody's cataloger worry on it. OK, whenever you finish. Oh, no.


I was just reading an article about how he's now bidding all the labels to buy everything until the Bob Dylan catalog was the first thing that they really like. Just what, tripled whatever his bid. What was he got money. I'm going to Lesser's. He's got a million investors. I know.


I mean, I'm just saying him in that company, they got. Yeah. You think the decisions are made from the money that people have in their pocket or by the money they see themselves making. It's about, you know, like the majors. Well, in a sense, it was one of the majors. I think the amount of money they will make in the long run, that's what I think, too.


Yeah, I'm talking to you. I'm going to take some money that they have now. Tuto, don't get it twisted. Joby, all right, so the same thing we say, how a Spotify and Apple are tech companies, we don't consider the music. Music is the advertising for the tech. I think Universal Warner, Sony want to stay in the tech business that has to do with music. So they will invest in artists to do so.


I agree with that. My response is. If my response to that is. If you're still trying to figure out tech. You've lost the race. That's my response to that, if you are new to tech world or just getting familiar with tech world, when now tech world is entering another realm of tech world, I think you are severely behind. Can I respond quickly?


Let me just get this for you. I'm doing my best. Outside of this pod to go and get well informed on all of this nifty stuff. Because wo. That changes the world. Like, it's literally an entirely different world in some cases. Now there's a viable means to literally lock labels out of all art transactions.


What if. The creators come up with their own claim like a Bitcoin, and now you a sorry guy, you can't even enter this art shit. That's where Joe thinks this is going in 10 to 15 years, 20 years tops. But it took 10 years to watch what's going on now.


So so it's got to be in a 10 year thing to that on a smaller scale just of what we were saying with I don't know how long clubhouse is going to. Last, when Twitter wants to add in the same technology, the same way Instagram buys up the Vine, buys up all this other technology, any time it gets hot, it's because they got Instagram. Instagram has the capital and the power that is much different. And if they want to just buy the technology, they can stay that way.


And I feel the same way with the major labels when certain things get brought in, that may take them out.


No, you not understanding it if that's not a proper response to what I'm saying by Jim Jones. Explain to me, Jim Jones, I'm not not on top of the coin.


That's why originally what we're not talk about the and it's got to go. Just saying I was wrong about what's going to keep the majors our original conversation. That's what I'm told.


I think all the majors are even more afraid than they were when Napster was out.


That's what I think. I don't disagree with you. They're not really telling you. I think they're more on their toes. You get a few of these dudes in the closet and they'll panic about what happened with tick tock.


They'll tell you like there is no oh, man, we gotta do something to stop. That's what they say. And a lot of the time they're scared shitless.


It wasn't going this NFTE up. Let's let it creator come up with a coin. And now every creator is just investing in that coin. And that's how we do art now. But see, the beauty in this is tell me how Interscope gets involved.


It would take one of y'all to let them in, one of you.


That's why I said it's the beauty in this, is that this is all birthed from creative acts like they weren't. Paid or they weren't treated fairly.


I got a class action suit coming in, at least nine of you niggas about where all the money is, not now that I work to do, but, you know, give me a shot.


I've been watching too many docs.


Imagine if Joe's trying to unearth all of the publishing and royalties and music that you were actually owed your asses out. Come on. Yeah, I was. Your ass is grass.


You're gonna be like, well, he was depressed, these niggas, right? He didn't write that song.


I was having that cryptic conversation when I when I was in Florida and I was sitting there while I was having the conversation, I was moving my money from one of my accounts to another account.


Well, and I said, wait, this is cryptocurrency. Yes, Bank of America. And this is cryptic. I'm moving money that does not exist. It's not tangible, it's not numbers, it's a fucking numbers. And I just moved it to another made up account that was a number. And then that number went up when I moved it from that number.


Motherfucker. Bank of America is cryptocurrency big broke and the move some around.


I mean, I got people to take care of.


The bitches knew how broke I was when I met. And at that time that Sheizaf opened up helping that Sheizaf up. Get the switch and take a little bit of savings over here for that gyro. We should save some Alesi Twitter. I moved it from one L.L.C. to the other. Use your savings.


That's what my LLC Twitter and that's when my BlackBerry would show up, like when the card declined over like a dollar fifty. Whoa, buddy, you know, the whole line will wait and we'll stand here while I call the bank. Trust me, you're machinery's mistaken.


They like I don't know, I have two dollars, but you don't know me.


But I forget it any time Bank of America will ever draw.


You got you got clout, right?


Any time Bank of America text me now when I'm traveling, you recognize all these charges in my head, I be like, meanwhile, they're mine.


I was blackout drunk. I don't recognize now these are really mine.


That's kind of the thing. Like when my people call me, it's like they're trying to trick me to not remember a youth day.


Where were you at three fifty seven p.m. ET on Wednesday. Seventeen months ago. And did you buy a lollipop. Yeah. I don't know.


Tell me what is it.


I can't read it. Do you want me to get off my damn phone. It can't tell me what it is.


That time when my car got scammed I came on here and I said someone bought like seventy five hundred dollars worth of TVs from Wal-Mart overnight. And I woke up.


They went through every ueber I ever did in my entire life. And I'm like, I don't know.


I don't know what that was. Then they got my driver not too long ago. He went somewhere, dropped his wallet, left his wallet. He got picked, pocketed, who knows. But when he picked me up in the bar and we was headed, headed home, he was like, man, they're on a terror.


Watch my wallet. So what happened to they're having a call now that I said I said, well, what would you say? Oh, over Domino's party. City party. No, it was wrong. This is how I mean, I start judging the charges to my in whatever do got my card is doing crazy so but then you got to call the bank and they start interrogating you off every charge that you're ever done. And I'm sitting there, I don't know when I took this over for five dollars and seventy five cents maybe that was them like hey, can we focus on the three grand right here.


No, no, no. What happened with this ten dollar is that you were not. I don't know.


So much to my surprise, weed is legal in Detroit, too, now, is it really? Yeah.


So it doesn't shock me really sexy dispensaries that they have out there. Got me to thinking. Boy, it'd be cool to open up a dispensary, since it seems like my lineage was just birthed for that, you can guess the name. But then, you know, you show this wasn't a rapid roll, Royce.


Hey, while it settles in your brain, I walk around the city. Is it about here? You know, if they get everything out, you know, it's. I got you a lot like your mom. Pour me a cup. Yeah. Yeah. And while you're.


The blood dead. It's a den no, I'm putting it together. Do the math because it did not decide in the parks to decide what to do or I'll do a jokes. So I asked him what he was up if you could pour me. So we'll get to it. A glass shell casings everywhere. Oh, glass house to come on. Think about that one alien OG wedding cake. No orange gelato. Anything you want in there. It is for episode.


So man strain's it is. Come on Mabaso for telling me. Yo so wait now I got some more mainstreams it but then.


Yeah I know but I'm surprised I'm down. Cukor's there. Rori on the rocks. You're laughing now look it's coming together in their head. It's about brand new emotional oranges. You never heard it. I'm going to play today which is here for my sleeper. It's women here. Look they laughing now I'm laughing. I'm rolling with the the pundits or you'll burn in the butt then. I'm a big security. I did do a body ain't getting there here.


She got a little like some. What's up. Don't come in here. Niggas coming in smelled like Joe Malone, but we're just letting people in smelling like the whole strain. No, sorry. I feel. So they jokin Zac Efron good he is welcome you an exact exactly right, it is coming right hand in hand. Don't worry about it. I'm someone I'm clean and moving the door for you and Zac. You know what I want to do to try to impress them.


So I'm like a cool or low spot the first day spot. No, now come on. And Doce dough is rolled up.


When you come in, you get in the Doce dough I like got something apocalypses malai something that you don't think that those with the monogram, everyone trying to move to Cali. Let's just move to Detroit or Jersey. Open the button.


I got a few calls about investment opportunities and some growing farms.


Yeah that's, that's the way it's got to my friends is it's about to get up.


One of my friends is preemptively starting that process in New York for what it does actually get legal in New York. You got damn right, you damn Skippy get to it. I don't know what the next 10 years look like to you, but like it looks like fun. It looks like fun. It looks like a lot of growth. I'll also. Come on, don't don't ever watch movies like that. Health is wealth helping. All right, then pick it up the move it health as well.


And I'm sorry for for six unprovoked antagonised or assaulted in any way.


That's not what we do. It's not what we do. No, no, no, no. Let's talk just talk to H.R. how we do the job.


We got to go. I keep forgetting Marty. Yeah.


The door is always open or closed, depending on who needs to talk there.


They're I trying to talk about I was trying to I had somebody to take those legal legal marijuana.


Oh, you know what? If I don't have none here and we were laughing.


I like the idea of the. But then I get it. I think they're sick and also I also think it's very expensive. Oh, it is. It's expensive, right? Probably, but if it doesn't up here somehow, I think it's probably all the permits and licensing costs. That's what it is.


And it's and it's not easy getting it. They make sure you do. That's what you got to be going from power. Play the political game. Yes, absolutely. Cool wheelchairs reinstate the mayor and you could do that.


And by how much? How much you think that will go? Like with licenses, permits. Know how big of a square space. Yeah.


3D rooms. It's like a regular storefront ish. Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, how I think you'd want to set it up one point five a front to get it done.


You think that's a nice do you think that's a recoupable business and. Yeah. And now this is expensive to get in. They need to pay, they want something, something membership based, maybe. Oh, I didn't even think of their subscription membership base, but Badenhausen said.


And so that's how they do it. So go get your own locker so you can keep your hands in the air that you got.


You already know I'm having you're serving it up to some nice Rosa. Mm hmm. I'll smoke every day, thanks, thanks, thanks, but smoke every day.


The only Rori run around the Tupi servant of the wedding and I to be with the papers. I have lost weight. Which do you prefer? And I look pretty good. Can't wait to show you boss. Somebody is coming in. I wouldn't wear it to piss if you want. The Backwood scam has gotten a lot worse since the last time I told you all about the backwood scam. They still own that shit. No, it's bad.


You might not get one good backwood right back.


Yeah, but that's why I've been in the papers now. I do papers too. That's why I've been on the paper papers and both fucked up papers and both papers man.


Author of The Glass Blunt, those are two that there's a little crack ish, I don't like the way the pipe pours, makes the wheat taste so low. When it goes through the water, it cools. It makes it taste better. But when it's just straight glass, the glass.


Oh, yes. If it's like the bong or something like that. Yeah, I like how the ball makes the weed taste, but to straight pipe is to come with more aesthetically. It just makes me feel like cracking crack.


I got, I got a crack in my face.


I know when you hit that stem, I know that looks I tell you to find a vein that's just a different crack and it's a different drug that's old.


Got the needles with a bud at the bottom.


No, no, no, no, no needles love. No, but I won't let your joke fly like you. Me more in parks ain't been around chicks that we liked a lot. And then news.


I've got to go to the bathroom when I come. Oh yeah. Party now you go.


I see someone try to shoot me once I shoot crack to back and they're not in the bathroom.


Try to you know, they kicked it down, try to purify it. It was, it was a while. So what.


Yeah they were, they were, they were in a rough place. Have you checked on them recently.


No, actually I haven't. They might be out of here. They might be trying. That is, you know, shooting crack. Never even heard of this insane. Well, if you took it down, I guess maybe you could so you can do it.


I know we're not saying it's not possible.


You know, there's all all this is the right now.


I don't think it's a no. For the most part, what's pills and heroin is the same for sure.


Why is there no relation to pills, heroin, heroin, crack cocaine, no crack and crack cocaine, crack cocaine, the same you just mixing it in pills. You believe that there's pills now are that synthetic stuff? It was a synthetic heroin. Well, depends on the metropolitan, but for the most part, have heroin. Yeah, but. Well, no, this is heroin. Heroin. Yeah, for sure.


But you I mean, I think it's Adderall is still in. It's a pill. That's a method that is. But that's more of a Coke and Ritalin speed thing. Yeah.


Yeah. So yeah it's it's all you could just up or down or you could just clean your room the normal way. You don't need to just suck it up and clean. What are you going to do. I got to clean up so you could just maybe do for me what is wrong with you. You got work to do. So how have you survived your whole life? I got to clean this whole fucking house.


Are you going to take Adderall because you got to clean your house in the bathroom, in the kitchen and you just clean, bro.


You're got to be on Adderall, grab a Red Bull, wrap everything up. Yeah, I love that. Listen, I think these new kids are good at this. Like I. Oh, I do. I'm a complete whoever the age group was. Who was that six years ago. Who was that then.


One of the bloodiest millennials. So I'll just say that if anything was similar to millennials. Eighty eight is not what I'm talking about. Nobody born in eighty was making this up.


No more millennials stretches for like twenty five years. Yeah. Ruth. I'm talking about their millennials is from. I'm a millennial just like you. Nineteen eighty to two thousand. That's wrong as hell, you got to be born between 1980 and 2000. Yeah, OK, fine. Nineteen eighty four is down with me. No, no, no one is a millennial.


No, we're not. No, we're not the same game. We game now. Now you can say, well, we all game. We can do it again. It's up. We're not. Check this. So I'm not the same as yours. I don't know what Google is screaming. That's my point. Thank you. Scream in the pew. Oh, that's the research center. You don't even know about Pew. Yes. You don't know about you or about this, says the Nelson Mandela Research Center.


I read you don't speak Nelson's name. Yeah, yeah. He's up for you.


Now, the Pew Research Center defines millennials as born from 1981 to 1996, choosing these dates for blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don't care. That's always that's what I grew up learning. Now, if they change that, then y'all educating me. But wait, what does this have to do with September 11th?


It says, doesn't it just say in choosing these dates for key political, economic and social factors, including so only nineteen eighty one in ninety six felt 9/11?


Well, back back to the point that I was attempting to make Gen Z fucked up, whatever they was trying to come up with this link. But these new kids like it. I like what they do.


GenZE they say is ninety seven to twenty. Twelve, twenty fifteen. See, only that means I'm talking about the later half of GenZE to know the cool niggaz. I like what they're doing. That's all that's all I got. All right, I don't have anything else that I need to get to. Nothing is pressing. Nothing is that important to me.


Just see the biggie. I liked it. Or is it because I like I did see what is good. There's a lot to do. I didn't see his childhood growing up.


They talked to a lot of people from his childhood that we hadn't heard from. Some that we have heard from a lot of them way more in detail.


A lot of the footage was Dirac's personal footage from being on tour. And yes, moving around would be it was man, which I didn't I didn't know that Dirac like had a camera on the entire time.


And I love that he held all this footage, never gave it up. Go like till it was the right situation.


It was really dope. It wasn't your typical big doc.


They stayed on the pocket shit for a second, which I loved. Like, we don't need to get into.


This is about being right. That's great. Yeah, it was good. It was a good I really enjoyed it. I got into to Miss Wallace a lot.


I mean, I know she's been in other docs, but this one felt more.


Miss Walsh got in a big uncoded music too in Jamaica, like it was a bunch of stuff I really didn't know.


You know, the interesting thing, because we spoke about it on here on the part a few weeks ago is like how I said, like, when we jump to the Chinese delivery man, we ordered like two hundred dollars worth of food and we beat them up and took the food. We didn't do that because we were starving. Like I said, my mom cooked every night. It was food in my crib. It's just interesting to see big Catholic school.


Mom had a job, you know, mean lived in a nice, nice apartment like so this wasn't this wasn't a kid that. Didn't have or like no poverty stricken and. Is just him trying to find his way and his friends in the community and just trying to figure out who he is, find his identity, find his voice, and he chose to go the route of the streets with his mom, which any mom tries to keep your kids from.


Do you think there's anything to the statistic of that being more probable when the dad is not in a household?


There's a lot to do with that for sure. Mean you don't have that male figure in the household. I'm pretty sure it gives especially a son the room to want to kind of find his way as a man found who he is as a person without having a proper figure in his life to kind of God. I mean, he had the musician God, I lived on his block that he said he saw he wouldn't have like pretty women. He was dating, bringing them back to his crib like them.


I want that. Like, this guy plays, he does music. And it was interesting to see Big was a real heavy OROMBI guy that's thought that was so big in some of this footage was singing.




Yeah, like. He had a couple of notes that I think big. Yeah, he was singing on this duck. Yeah, I didn't know big was such a orand behead. We always give a lot of that credit and do credit to puff about that R&D beside a bit because you always want to do like the B side street shit. Big was RB it according to all his friends and this footage like he really fucked with making actual songs and melodies and it doesn't surprise me.


I couldn't go to sleep. What I was wasn't in the West. Not shocking to me was super, super interesting, if not shocking, but super interesting. I can see it not being shocking, I'm saying where the credit usually was due, we're big in that more melodic army stuff that he did with samples and certain shit that was really big.


Well, listen, I never envisioned Puff forcing big to do play haters on life after death. Yeah. Like there's some records that you could kind of suggest someone do. That's not one of them. A record where you just sing the whole thing.


You put your head like you got to kind of enjoy that to do that.


It was some of the bars that he was in.


The clip I saw with Pop talking about how melodic he was and how big of RB guy was. It was some other big lines that came up where I was like, oh, I guess he really did sing that one.


I wasn't rapping at all. I thought it was interesting. And again, I haven't seen this, so don't take my word for anything. I'm rushing home to watch not only this biggie doc, but Woody versus Allen versus Pharrell. So the first two episodes I was out. Yeah, yeah. That was. Interesting. But you you can look at Woody Allen and see a little creepy on Patreon, I'm a really I'm I'm a really unpack what I think white crimes are.


White crimes. Yeah. White collar. No, no, no.


That's that. White people made up to make it sound sexy. And sister incest is yours. Human trafficking is Yarl's. This man shittiness Yarl's. Don't sound as pretty as white collar. Well, I don't I don't think sex trafficking in fucking your family member is white collar crime.


I was thinking more and I don't know if you're for that, but before we got off the big shit, I did want to ask more the lack of little Kim in it and how deep they went into junior mafia and left him out of everything. Is that what happened? I felt it correct, you know, you guys can correct when you guys do watch it. I just I felt a lack of presence from Kim. She wasn't even interviewed in the dark.


No, no, I know that.


I'm saying in general, like, there was other motives and everything of junior mafia.


They just got into the junior mafia story and I felt like him being such a big part of his life in his early years, I felt Kim was nonexistent really in this dock, the way she really was in the big story, because they focused on St. James place and his upbringing, Kim being a part of that. Right. And stayed away from the pop gossipy bullshit for the most part.


Just wanted to bring it up, if you noticed it, I felt it when it was over, I was like, wow, I really didn't touch on him, like, really at all. Definitely noticed it because she's not there. And she was. And she was she was there. So, you know, you definitely feel it and noticed it. But, you know, I can't speculate on why, you know, why wasn't she a part of it?


That's on my list of hip hop secrets to never be on Earth. By the way, I do have a list of those that I just never want to hear more about. And whatever dealings actually transpired between Big and Kim as it pertains to some of the stuff that was going on back there, I don't think the public needs to be privy to it. I don't think it's none of our business. I don't think we need to unearth those scars or traumatic time for Kim Faith, my Biggs mom or anybody involved, like some things just because take say, I think you're missing my point.


I'm not talking about their alleged relationship.


He's a romantic partners at all, I'm saying they were talking about big was setting up junior Mafia's first album and how he was right and or the think like he put together this whole season, was saying, like, yo, he was on a record that never came out and just said junior mafia in the beginning.


And we was like, it was junior mafia. So he was like, that's y'all now like pigs whole scheme in his head of putting all his friends on and making them. And even Miss Wallace said, like, I feel like all of them would have had all these albums have big still been alive because he had this plan in his head.


The Kim thing to me is important in there. I don't I don't care what their actual relationship was. That's none of my business. That's what I'm talking about. When you watch it, you'll understand the junior mafia angle and how Kim was the number one artist on that. And it just felt weird of how good this stock was that Kim wasn't a part of it. And I can understand that because Kim didn't like any of the notorious movie. She's had some problems.


It just felt odd in the middle of the story that Kim was not any type of mentioned it.


My question to you, and I haven't seen it, I'm just asking, do you think that the story of junior mafia can be properly told without stepping into that romantic romanticism a little bit?


Probably no. Properly no.


But the way they were talking about just just music, just skip it, you know. You know, it was something.


Skip, they skip it then. Well, I'm saying just just music was.


Yeah. Which you dabbles back into it, but it was just a very odd thing throughout the whole thing.


The big dog rushing home to see Woody versus Farrell rushing home to see it.


And I don't know what Franklin doing, but he better be on the run because Wednesday night Skullion Yo asked again about I found his Instagram page. You look tough there, too. I'm happy for him. No man and save on write down white collar Kamdar. Yeah, yeah. And great for next week. For next week to get into it.


You know, in his real life personal life, he went through some some tough times, but it's good to see him back again. And having such a prominent role in a big show on TV like this is, though.


Yeah, you know, I agree. I can't wait to watch it tonight. What else is going on?


Well, this is so full of tornadoes. So you're not going to put that put somebody if you're real. I'm a let me see if I can get somebody on the phone. Oh, let me see. Let me see that good monogram. You know, I'm the same. I'm so.


Oh, see what I could do. Right. I got to try to get on the phone. Yes.


After you get two seconds, let me see what's really going on. Better to do, to do to. Do you look to do the deed to. Come on, man, I'm trying to get flowers. Answer the phone, answer the phone. All right, people don't want flowers. All right, maybe we'll call back, we'll use them all.


Yeah, put it up and put it up. Super rage, super rage, big runs. Big runs popping. Uh, let me see that.


That was a lie. Was Zazai block.


Oh, I don't know enough about my voice like that again.


Oh that is a louses block.


What's on what's the reason for the past. Bernarda Tator, Molly Moore.


And I'm talking to you, Paula. For what? You know what?


I was more from the Joe Biden podcast. How are you feeling, bro? What to do? My guy ain't shit, man. First of all, good to see you doing well.


Well, man, I appreciate that, but I appreciate that. I can hear you with my boy. He right hit me. You sound like he's Sally, right? I don't know, man.


I mean, he got the kids so high. What to do. Oh, my God. Listen, man, you said that shit about me. I've been listening to them all day. Now prepare well for first of all. Hey, hey. What up?


What? Think about it. I don't care what you say. I've been listening to you, bro. So this is respect, even though. Oh, my God. You know, stannow.


We know what a coach. I know, man. I know. So it's all in fun. Early I was saying how I don't think it's fair that you are you are picking on a retired non-active rapper. And truthfully, I'm a I'm in fear for my life when I go outside, when I hear music now. So yeah, I think you're picking on me because I'm retired. Leave me alone. Yeah, you're right.


But I always bring that one last battle. But you see, I told I said, not me and Joe, good Joe. He just don't feel like I should do my thing, you know?


I mean, the only thing with that. Yeah. You know, now I don't even need to rehash that, but yeah, that was it. Outside of that. It's everything, man. I enjoy the interview. First off, let me tell you, we're so happy that you just in good spirits and everything is cool. And the shit you read about, we won't speak about it because words have power. But thank God you OK?


First and foremost, man, thank you so much for realizing the clip that you did speak on. And I was like, hey, man, I appreciate that Oprah.


Yeah, no, that was that was that was that was super heavy and super important to read like right now, which is some of the loss that we've experienced as a culture.


And, you know, but for us niggas is in it like I don't know how much more of it I could stand it, like especially with people that I'm fly with who I enjoy like, so that that one touched me.


I was just glad that everything was cool. No official managed yet crazy. That's what threw me off to light, man, right? Yeah, but since I've been retired, like you say, I'll be retired.


But but but since then, let me ask let me ask you some. But but since then, have you slowed down with leaving somebody emojis under the beautiful women on Instagram comments?


No, I think that's that's I mean, I put emoji under the wrong one. I mean.


I mean, I certainly hope not. Yeah.


I think that Joe, like, I don't know how you keep doing it, but you you figure it out.


But I do if I go outside. Lolo Jones, how did you pull that one off and why are you super lyrical niggas like like these fine chicks beer. We just got to leave emojis and shit.


Right. All I do though, like it's all the way I see it. Yeah.


No. True. True indeed. Listen though. So we, we read your post, we read, we read your post about you looking for a situation. I had a few jokes, but the truth of the matter is like we do need your album for real. Yeah.


That Yeah. Man, you know, man with music and you know the type of music that we do bro. It's like it's heavily sample driven, you know, I'm saying, you know, a lot of people I may have put it out to serve and do this, but the caliber of artists unfortunately I get to work with dangol just come out of the house for No. Ten thousand dollar video.


You know, I mean like traveling to fly. So Atlanta will do five thousand seven hundred all video, you know, right? Yeah, but have one on your last album. And I loved it.


Yes, it was when I went in to try to see the video, the label, like, hey, man, got to be hundred thousand. They got to be neat, is that it.


And that's what a lot of times a lot of people say, yeah, I can do this independently, but you know, I spend a lot of money independently just putting it together, you know what I'm saying? So then when it comes to marketing the. You know, you want to be able to market these songs just as just as big as they are, just bars off name or sound.


You know, I mean, so I just like at this point, I mean, like I say, I need that partner and I'm like, I'm going in there as an artist anymore. I feel like I made enough to be able to, like, come in there and act with certain things and for a more favorable situation.


But it's to be able to retain even with the good with the relationships that you do have with these artists. This ain't just like let me reach out. You've worked with these people, right?


You would want to take the major route of owing back a huge budget just to do a video and pay them their actual fee rather than going with like an empire where you could still get some upfront budget money and pay them on some friendship. And still keep most of the rights to your music. I mean, that's that's what I am doing. You know, I'm saying I do have that like I've you know, it was beautiful that you said that God is calling me tonight.


Yeah. I said before this, I think everything you said in this post sounds and not just empire, but labels like Empire makes the most sense to me for the type of music you make.


One thing like I said, one thing I do want to do is like this. Some artists like I will give you this example. A lot of times we get into this independent stage because you do have Atlanta artists that have a lot of money. So a lot of times these labels lean on you.


I'm saying. But what these guys got to go through to be able to put the album out and do their own thing matters. Now, I'd rather be a traditional artist with a more favorable situation and do it up front in the right way, because in Atlanta, like I said, niggas is stepping on you. You need to shoot it out. You still have a lot of time for that to be able to get that 400000 to be able to put that behind that record, you know, saying so in my heart I'm looking at it is like let me get a partner who I'm bringing this album already done, already got great artists on it.


So it's a lot of equity in it already. So I have I do have leverage because the option is putting it out myself. I do have that option. Is this album Benneton?


Is this album better than no dope on Sunday? Lack's related stuff just out of your life? I you right how you know that you can't even say that that's our job to say the fans.


I mean the a job like no dope on Sunday. I really didn't have no budget, no nothing that you know, that's kind of our point to that shit.


Right. No need. You don't need that to get to the magic. And that album was magical. Even when I played it day, I was like, man, I feel like I will get this nigga man be tough and expensive.


Do you work with these?


Are you not the one reaching out for the favor, but you have been able to you've been able to, you know, move your career in a different way. You've been able to gain a certain rules. You know, you can't dance.


So if I if I wrote if I wrote the word the on sicko mode, Travis would have to show up wherever I am. You would think that.


I mean, I know he's a megastar, so I get that. It's tough. It's tough getting him to move.


But God damn, I mean, you'd be surprised. Like, you don't want to see me there because they're going to help. Exactly what.


Right. Let me ask you to that. That's what you said when you said in that caption, who I've been signed to in the past hinders me from getting the opportunity I deserve to feel like being signed to good music and the opportunities you've gotten as an artist, whether that be features or albums that you have been put on or writing credits, what part you think you haven't deserved in that opportunity with good music and what would you want out of it instead?


Well, you know, to be to be truthful, I never would to music. OK, I've never been on a good music, OK? Unfortunately, our sound a boo.


And that's Eikon brother. I know. And he had a deal, a label deal, a def jam at that time. But, you know, you know, he did what he could do. But, you know, he from Atlanta as well, he wanted me to do with the Atlanta route. He knew I had a street crew. He wanted me to kind of run up, run up the check and do it like the Atlanta dudes.


And I really want to go back to my life because I was kind of in it with some different kind of guys, the worse than the regular criminals on the street getting money, you know, saying so once I was able to leave the street, I definitely retire. I didn't want to go back, so. You know, do finessing your budget and figuring out how to, you know, get a little extra money out, you know, when it's time for you to use that money and there you go saying so I was already on Def Jam for a year before I ever met Kanye.


When I met Kanye, he tried to get me out of my deal. But bull car really wasn't budging, but like me, you are already on Def Jam, so just let us do that. They kind of got fed up with this like the five billion dollar. This is still. Thirty million a debt. Yeah, I mean, my beautiful dance with the fantasy going out in two or three years. So he was just like, man, come with me, come, you know, help me create and we'll figure out your situation in the in the future.


And then I just became good at that, that I kind of like, understood getting my publishing in. And I kind of got myself out of my deal with you and of them. And then that's when I was able to put out no dope on Sundays.


So you are free. So you free the booze situation? Yeah, I'm free of everything. I'm free of Def Jam, everything. It was beautiful. You know, early on in my career, I was down to the street view that people didn't want to deal with. Then I got a them and it just got messy and they didn't want to deal with them and then did not a people thought I would sign a year and niggas really don't want to deal with me.


So I was like, I just had to put the film, let people know, like I'm a free agent, I'm able to do whatever I want to do with my music in my career. So that's why that's why I really let them do that.


Do you have do you have a preferred destination? Oh, my preferred destination. Uh. I really just want to go with somebody who really want to work, but I'm in a school that's my if he was in a school, that's like my favorite. Secondly, I would love to like empire or nation, somebody that's like hands on or like black on that kind of understanding, but still on a high level of thinking. And after that, it's just whoever, you know, whoever wants to do business with me and be part of history, got to know we don't have to suffer through this because I want them to give us a leg or something.


God damn it. Yeah, it was a free man. Some just yeah. I got like three song EP even let's say.


I mean, that's, that's what I was looking at doing as well, like doing an EP. But, you know, I grew up on like, you know, DMX, Joe Biden's fucking Nas J. They had bodies of work. Yeah.


Like I don't think people really jehuda respect.


I'm going to say this is show we can battle anything, but we're the brothers were so tight, so detailed.


It has so many different emotions. It has so many different stories in how you speak about the alcoholism and how I used to just, you know, you smoked cigarettes. I just remember just how I used to feel like this nigga. So honest, bruh. I don't need to hear rap. And to me, that's what drew me to to your style. It's your, you know, your music and your album.


I got like I say, I got a home girl. Your album from front to back, see a female till I say, hey, what's up?


Why should they you could do that on like three. Interrupt him when he me this one.


That's my biggest thing. I'm just I'm obsessed with bodies of work. I'm really not cool with releasing a single release, an EP. I'm like, I'm out of here.


This whole concept I put together, I know it's a concept. What's the title of it? I know it's a concept. What is it?


Well, I got actually I got three albums though, Joe. They are doing some really. You all three of I got aliquot. I got the book he got that I don't know if you know what he got in an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony and I got the spook by the door. I need a middle one.


I need you to go, you know, and they all different. They all polar opposites. Like, I'm I'm just showing my full diversity in the next 12 to 18 months when I released these three albums. So I just over the past two and a half years, I just been collecting. And, you know, I mean, I got Beeny, I got with that gun. I got my Zygi Corday, I got Travis'. I got everything on these three albums.


And this is how I wanted to go out, because I'm looking at moving more to film, more to just, you know, the executive side of, you know, the music business. If I've been in it so long, I would love to change another artist's life because I've been through so much in the music industry. You know, I want to right my wrongs. Like almost like let me show you how you're supposed to do, artist.


Let me show you how you're supposed to get the lean, assuming different things. So that's that's my plan for the next 12 to 18 months. So y'all can be looking out for that. I'll make sure you get some exclusives. But I give you I bring you out.


I bring you out to retire. I put you on one of those.


Listen, we can we can go back and forth. I want to be. That would be awesome, man. I'm a I'm a huge fan. And that's a short list of people you definitely on the fans. Don't tell me I'm Dick. Right. But I don't care. Your penmanship is where it needs to be. This is my last question for you, Luther.


Do you have a certain number in your head that you need before you even entertain a conversation with any of the labels? Definitely. Is it a difficult deal to get done? No, it's not a difficult thing to get done. The music is already done. But I do want to I am going to ask for something because I want to be able to hold these folks accountable. You know, a lot of times I go in there on this humble approach and let them lowball me.


And if you don't make us spend money, they really press to get it back. And, you know, I mean, but if you make to spin a decent coin, like, hey, I need that back.


Yeah, all right, so that's kind of where I met with with the label situation. Got it. Listen, man, me, me, you, Bennie and Royce Bookit book you, but look at on me, I'll go practice for a few months, get ready now you got to get Conway on that though.


You got Conway on it. Now you're making the song six minutes. Yeah. So you go get Conway on that thing. Yeah. Go crazy. Yeah. But now we go we should kick ass. We're going. I want to talk to you offline. I really say I'm dead right now, but yeah. We'll talk, we'll talk offline. I want to. I want to. I want to.


I want to just help any way that I could. I don't think more years should go by without us here for you. I don't. Yeah.


Hey, man, look, listen, man. I appreciate it, man. You know, I'm very humble. Like a lot of times I kind of had to just open up man in this situation. I just happened to me a few few weeks ago, man. Kind of just put things in perspective for me. You know, I got this. I've been trained on the street, cold shit and not really talk about your life. You talk about if anything goes wrong with a label, most people would just lash out and be like, man, it's going to do this, this nigga to do that.


I really don't do that.


You know, I kind of just keep it and take my punches how they go, you know? I mean, but I think people want to know more about me, more about my life. Why am I just mustique individual?


So I just feel like is when I did Adam and Eve glad and now you guys are calling this like I kind of got to open up and let people know who the hell you doing on Black Man?


Because I you know, I see a lot of guys got to, you know, you know a thing about black. But listen, I ain't in the streets no more.


What do you want to ask me? These niggas who teeter in the line that can go on and really explain they will be able to articulate. Right. Because they still doing shit they are supposed to be doing. Yes. You know, I mean, so he he looking at them like, man, I remember when I interviewed Joe Biden when he came out, he was a rapper.


I the thing I wanted to ask but this is me because you can't really explain it because they really ain't rappers rap.


Yeah. Yeah, not at all.


They first line be like whatever life you like. Joe, I'm a street name to rap. I'll tell you. That's exactly what I said. Exactly.


So I'm a rapper bro. I'm proud to be one, I'm proud to be an emcee and I love hip hop.


So yeah, it's good that you humble man, but please understand that you are one of the best niggas at this rap sheet.


Oh, yeah. No, no, I just I need you to hear me say it because like this, you know, it's a lot of niggas out here that claim a nice and clean take a rap. But just be clear that you are one of the few that time and time again. Every time you step out, you show and prove. So we just want to salute.


Yo, she was my little sweetie pie. I can't believe I deserved it. Oh, come on. I'll tell you when.


I just need you to know somebody nice. That's a good lesson. We love you, Mama. Talk to you up here.


I meant for show. Hit me up. It's all hell broke loose. I'll be beautiful. Listen to me. When a joke when it's saw the call, it was all said and done, we talk shit as a leader sees but his life. Is there anything you'd like to say? But still came? Not called righteous, but sinister repentance. I'm going to drop the production, but I say don't try to spin it to the production value.


Fuck the features. This sounded expensive. The production, you can cut him off. You can cut him off his whole album. Sounds good, but since so much, so much so when I listen to this today, they really are going to say I'm doing right now that some of the songs I really didn't like in the second half of the album originally I love today, I love today. I should would that and the song right after that.


But anyway, a different for every night, every night to make it out of these struggles. We pray all the time. You know, it's conceptual, has got three concepts somewhere I want to hear which I want to get into into that point when this is over. No, don't. Both sides that's don't even really give money. No sided. Miss beaning Rorris Kanawa, you said, no, don't spit. Anybody missing off there right now? No doubt most of the banks I got to hear some of what I put you on here and those banks put out, I know you ain't say nothing about it.


No. Now you've just got to link him to try to help put that together with a bailout like the company. I talked to me. Come. Thanks for the coffee places. Oh, I just want to believe not it's not my cup of tea, but I love the streams. Let me wear my. Why do you think I would say something swept because my complete my operation. I think maybe we find that completely by Monday. Who's made the front page news of my mouth shut?


You're just tired.


I'm not playing with a different character. You're all broke down.


I thought that was interesting when he said, I don't really want to do the three pack of the freestyle when you say freestyle, but just a quick little Lucy joints, because I come from the era of like DMX and people that put out full body of work. Understand that point. I totally do. But I do think artists like DMX Hove, everybody do adapt to their time and would have done the three pack thing. Drake comes from that era in a deps bureau.


Yeah, but I mean, we first of all, we can't prove it, so I'm not wrong, so that's a weird response. But I think you're wrong.


You don't think that someone like X or a home or even the greats from the 90s didn't adapt to their time and wouldn't have done so with the Internet as well, because wholl even did that that way with Freestylers and other little Lucy shit.


I agree with you there. I think you are compounding two different points. I think the Dardis you name.


I need the artist named Adapt to the time I came up with those artists because he named them, I don't think that DMX at any point in his career was putting out three back. I disagree. Even if that was the way of the land with him and who he he was maybe over. Who else did you name? Wow. I want to buy that whole endemics. He said, hold x me and one more Nas, maybe he put me there just out of respect.


I know I don't belong there but X. Here's the thing, though. He's in a three pack, no, OK, that's all. OK, can I can I can I quickly, quickly give a response to that. And I think what I've seen a lot of the New Age artists that. And I don't want to make this a bad thing, but let's just go off is admitted past that were homeless drug addicts had been down on their luck in certain cases, adapt to the whole Internet culture and only focused on the Internet culture.


And the Internet culture has to do with three packs. So I could totally see DMX, who was an incredibly intelligent person and artist that just suffered from an addiction. Doing that, I could totally see doing that.


I knew exactly what he was doing through that that whole first two album shit. That's why I'm annys.


And he adapted to The Times more than saying, Yeah, I'm putting out two albums in one year. No one's done that shit and they're both going to go, No.


One, I can find it to be out of anything. And he says, I can pull it out of it. I don't believe that you think that's with anyone. I don't I don't believe the three packs are anything. They are I don't know, how can I put out a three pack otherwise? How could you and where you want, you can walk around and sell it. You could do whatever you want. He's existed before the Internet. Yeah, I don't think that's saying that.


But I'm very confident.


And the common the common to know for it to be so common today, I think is a direct response to label activity, not Internet.


No, I was going off what you said to say hi and your feet us real quickly. And we've been waiting we've been waiting to feed. So that's what I'm speaking to, to feed your fan base. Real quick. Look, come on. It's been a couple of years. Let me get a little three pack. Let me get two records, two packs single. Not even a real single, but one little record. Yeah, I could totally see X and everyone from that era doing that.


They did it. They just did it in their era style. And they were innovative and changed and went with the times they would do the same thing in the Internet era. They definitely would. They were geniuses. They would do that. Whatever side of this argument that I need to be on for him to actually release a three pack is where I fall. Well, that was that's what I got.


I didn't want to interrupt the conversation that was at hand, but I would have liked to say to exact thing.


I call him back for the smoke. I said, yo, why yo niggas make the all star game and answer the phone from USA, USA, USA, USA crazy.


Now that you are all star and I go to bed with the energy is crazy. Just now we've been calling you. They've got Italian votes so we just get by. You know who I voted for you nigga. Julius, congratulations.


Congratulations man. Yeah.


I ain't even none for me to say. I can't even believe this. I can't believe you. All of four and a half plays the first four plays. No, no. Four and a half. Back up first. Know me. Pardon me.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, Joe. The Nets want to keep came and fly the Nets country home the day. All right, James got a headache. He chilling tonight. Young boys playing today.


Oh. Oh yeah. I got a couple of really. I got to go. I'm not getting out there with them.


Weird ass white boy celebrating outside the garden. Epiphanic is where I can say the niggas is too excited. Jumped me. Yeah, man, I told you. I said go. The team ain't been this good in years. Like Jews like you. This is crazy. Like this is insane. Well, Jews you just got here, right. So is this even like is this even like like do you know about crazy New York Knick fans and like the drought, how long it's been the pat finger rolls huband John Starks three for nineteen the human Davis foul like you just got here and you kind of young but for us.


Oh my God. Just to see it done the right way. Forget about your for a minute. Julius Leon Rolls Kenny Payne. Oh we're a Wild West Tibs Mike Woodson. Our last win in season was Mike Woodson at the helm. The organization seems to have got it right. We build in through the draft. Wow. Quickly. Wow, Toppin. And then you megahits. Oh, what are we doing here. Oh that I told you.


So you'll tell tell Noel Nerlens my bad.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. My back pocket.


But was he like this in Dallas. He gave me he going crazy in New York. What New York does he get. He got up, he, he acted like he was, he wanted to stay. He played like you were just now he going for you. You're what do I just listen. He's doing unbelievable shit out there. Niggas ain't missed a beat since since Mitch went down when he get back. I'm just hype. I'm just hype.


AA and a hey, we could drug one of them Dallas niggas, get them right back on their losing streak. We got a draft pick. Yeah. Are you kidding me. We get Luke up here and get that draft pick. We add it here man. What happens next year? I know he can't say nothing to what I said after, I guess the right person for you next model.


Go ahead and hug Elfrid Payton. I know you don't think you're in trouble.


Yeah, I was. And you know, but now, you know, we've not we spoke last year and I was like, yo, I wasn't big. I like him. But now like I like him. No.


Yeah I like him too. Yeah. I like the Knick team. Yo this reminds me of the Steve Novak Jason Kid team that I like the lot. Brachy Wall is the veterans on. I think I like that team a lot.


This team reminds me that what are we talking about, the spectrum of attempts to break your.


Coach, coach of the year candidate is my book for sure, coach, coach of the year candidate, I'm not even worried about him playing you fifty seven minutes a night on your little legs while, yo, can you speak can you speak to what quickly looked like in person.


Don't matter more studied than you. Quick, quick, quick.


Royds is your confidence. Do you see those on the court. But I'm confident we'll be OK to make mistakes. We just went through a lot of it, so it's easy to be confident. And I've never seen a rookie do this many calls over my life.


Meaning me neither. Meaning that I think. I think that's due to that floater. No.


A floater he bought off job, you know, to step back and your fucking face out from 35 and leave his hand in the air to choose between between between us and just the millions of people that listen every week you cry when you became all star.


Tell truth. Absolutely. I respect you. I respect that as well.


I respected those words. Aren't forgetting when I played my first in my career sniggered passing out a double team now.


And if they don't stick with us, why not go play a playoff game in New York?


I'm Ne'eman Yo deros back. Yes, sir.


Yes, that was a stock. That was a sneaky genius move man.


Your sir hopital. Oh. Yo, do you feel do you. Do you feel any responsibility now, now that the Knicks are halfway decent and there's hope out here, like during the off season? What way we got to sign him first, right?


No, that's that's how that's how we got that. Wait, wait, wait. I'm more chummy chummy with this nigga. He might try to leave me. I already told you. I said if you try to leave, nigga, your head, your ass, buddy. Listen, real quick. If if you if you stay. I know that's big business with that. Do you feel any responsibility to attempt to speak to some other free agents about just the change in culture and organization in New York and try to lure anybody that maybe can help that big, big, big names?


I'm not talking about all that bullshit, just key names that could help you.


Absolutely. But it got to be the right you got to be everything you don't know. You've got to be willing to buy it. When we know everybody is the same as everybody. So you've got to be the right person like the right situation.


No, no ego shit. None of that diva shit. No, I'm not trying to win games. Right.


I need to I need to see that. I need to see that. See that C on on Jools Jersey. I don't know what the hold up is. Oh, I heard about that. I didn't know was a big. I mean, it is with the Yankees, it is with the next to it is a long time next year, like only big dog Knicks have gotten that seat and you've earned it. So I think the fans are showing you your appreciation for this to really in the way it's supposed to.


And maybe at the start of next season, we get that. See, you lead these boys, lead these boys.


I even saw you walk over to the bench one night over here. Let me talk to my God, OK, don't do that. Like, oh, I like that. I like I like playoffs. We up, man, you know. Who are you hoping for?


I know you can't say no matter, man. We got to play our best game of the political show all over the place and next thing we see is what you think is up us driving here. Jules Love man playoffs is all we did.


I laid it out like that was sports, where they can't be honest the way everyone else can.


Like, it's corny that because he can't do that, you know, he never can. It would ruin everything, of course.


But it's sports like he should be able to say that. Yeah, I hate it. That's the culture of sports.


He should be able to wear your drag on the bench if you're not playing great. Yeah, that was a great to cause.


It was a shout out to do so and so and so have two really good guys. Man go ahead. Make you juice that captain man. I don't know what the fuck they thought. What they doing. That's I know they stop doing it for a while that I was wondering if they even still they stopped doing it but.


But who did they. Melo was a captain. I was ok but Pat was a captain.


That's why I say didn't or the brother down or somebody who to be captain. I'm sure I've seen a see in every NBA jersey. And when you a team captain know, wow, did Melo have the C on it?


That's what I'm saying. Yeah.


And demand and demand it to its. Pay it. Pay it. Yeah. Pay it. You're saying they averaged twenty, three, ten and five? Well, we have way through the season. Let's let's not get ahead of ourselves and I need the Mavs to lose some more. The Mavs keep losing. They might be in trouble in a few years.


Mike, check my check, my check, my check. One, two, one, two, one, two.


Back in my army bag, many Wells song is called Good for debugging on here. Too many wells.


I don't know you, but I love this look. Fireworks. Oh, oh I know. I you know, I always say I when I see you on my.


By way of. Feel it in my mind that you sort of I. No. Four, no puzzle rises to the. You, me. You, for one. I feel inspired when you went I feel the power, if you give me one flower 40 times, you make my bloom, I feed, make gardening for you. We'll see you. Maybe that is why I w w bless us with your presence. And I never take it lightly cause I mean, somebody says qadhi is a blessing.


You keep cause us without touching them. You got me feeling right now. I don't know if either. You call me. Brand new music for me. Well, that one is called soul. I love that beat. I love that joy. He did what he had to do that, like I'm telling you, I keep up my excitement about the future are much brighter than the other jokers like these new dudes, new, you know, do winged, if you like, shout out to many worlds, man.




All right, man. Motional Orange is back, back.


We back to put music out by saying, oh, brother, it's been a minute. You know, it's been a week. Oh, we got to spend some time.


I spent some time smoking oranges, body and soul to get up.


Yeah. Let me tell you about this fireplace. What the experts in shit questions.


The chief. You can keep on thinking too too soon. There's no love like making a kissy. To take you back to my place, you find a to fall for me, so I just need that one. They call me now we. Like it's supposed to be. First up, the shit, man, you gotta grab what you want when we don't make em like this before things from apart just the broken heart can't let you leave pet food.


Cassio Medical. Oh, the just the way you make me feel so. So back to my first of you about a five year old girl, I you I just see them all me down with your friends like you're supposed to be. A real nice place, motional origins body is so big. Out everywhere today, go get that. Shout out to everybody that's in emotion or just you guys are great. All right. Play a new joy from Chase fetti, shout out to everybody in some emotional leather orange vests.


This is my God, you're kidding. I love them. By the way, Chase, after you have to count me in project, this is shome. Oh, I know. The corner like a ball snake, I'm loading up this a text like I'm Traymore to you want to fill up. So we'll play ball when, say, see the thing, shake his head like Ray Charles, Solaces Cole, the fuck you call me a lot of money.


So I'm chasing you to love a shot winning goal. Fucking these lot. Low self esteem is still at a loss if they know I'm getting money. Wally swallowed me whole. I'm a nigger. I had the back half stamped on my smack nigger. I'll try wrap the fees as well. That nigger a thousand dollar flow off the crack nigger always nigger. Yeah. Buzz on that nigger will niggers know I'll play the bus like Pittsburgh if don't come along long shot nigga you get can't if you'll live on my block we get tips first.


If there's a problem you'll get first niggas thinking you must like a summer house or you got to show me. You've got to show you're going to be for your family. You gotta get back to work. My guys. I know, I know the biggest thing and you must be some. Oh, you gotta show me another show you before you. I saw you on my show. I know me weekly and I'm begging you, don't pay a thousand for this.


T NSW department made thousands of Muslims and that's very small scale when you talk to energy, went for a walk a leader. How do you know what I want to call it? I'm trying to make it to that goal. Once that ball nigga study is how focused scrape the residue off. If they cut it like a D.J cortisol limit game, I tell them that is I used the same dope. So replace stuff. They do whatever we say.


I got a shooter when he moves like he did. Nigga you got for you, I promise you that that's not the grip on bullies. Go follow my back because it's never not only sucker's going on.


Are you back, my nigga, my niggas thinking, you know, some of us all you money time. It's got to show this study. Show me a project. You went crazy, though. That was art play. Some of us knew Devin the dude. This is plinths.


So it was great. It really is. You're going to have to do too. Oh, for sure. I'm crazy. I left it on my bed. Devin the dude out. I try to do right now that I'm running late and have a stay home, I used to wonder when this thing was on my mind was we'd women in one be with only one woman for what limited time? Then it's on to the next all about sex, but were spent trying to put my dick in a bit reckless spreading myself and really wasn't concerned about my health.


And now it's quite different. My life shift. And I promised and I have an honest way of living. I don't know if it's a guilty conscience or what, but do you still think I'm fucking up sleeping when I get people to my wallet in my pants pocket? Believe in every day men it your reasons not to trust me simply don't hold weight. What whatever happened to us being soul mates, if you want to know what's going on, breaking up the home.


But if we don't get along, why you always think I'm doing wrong? You're the only girl in the bone. Why you always go through my phone, please. You got me wondering, is it real or fake, going deep cover, trying to build a case, crack and hold to my passwords, checking my location feels like I'm on probation, call an numbers back then, at least with no name, but always coming up with nothing. Yep.


So every text message that you send me, you mad and always bring up the ex niggas you had to deal with. But I let my fun unfold. But lo and behold, guess what went through my cock. And so I guess looking for brothers names and numbers that you talk to you about, you heard him say what? Me with a speech at the turkey leg, but they end do doing wrong every time I'm gone and every time I see you always have my.


If you want to know what's going on. Breaking up the home. But if we don't, it is I don't know why you always think I'm doing wrong. The only girl in the bone. Why you always go through my phone? Michelle. What would you change as Devin the dude featuring Tony Mack playing sir?


Shut out of government should shut out all creative. Should outdoor scenes Dardis people try to fly nobody, no. I like. Still dying in the streets and know. Nobody knows why nobody's going home. I didn't know I was. Don, it is Donald. I didn't know. Thirty eight jealousy is a of this sweaty neck of it does it does excite me, but it does excite the judges I try and invest it in. That's how we do some of the stuff the boys.


It does excite me when people that I'm like truly invested personally, when I'm personally that I personally root for. You know, everybody says that. Everybody says, oh, we root for everybody. No, I don't I don't work for everybody.


So when the people that I do root for, like get to getting in, like watching the Knicks, like, enjoy each other.


Yeah, it was some dude after the game, he still had his whole warm up. I didn't know. I have no idea who he was. And he was celebrating like he had just scored 40 with the game and they treated him the same way as a long tenure Knick fan. I ain't seen it like that.


Well, you ain't seen it like that.


Smile in high five and arms around each other, headed to the locker room and even seen him smile before this year. Like, think about it. Yeah, we spoke he spoke about that in private.


He said he told me you your bro did the energy, the chemistry here. He was like, no ego. He was like, it's just different. He's like, you know, me like people going to start to see it. Like it's just different.


Like we really fuck with each other. I seen quickly hit a shot. Oh. Shot that he probably shouldn't have taken and they panned to the bench.


And just somebody, you know, should today show Steve Kerr doing it every time Kyrie take a shot that he just shouldn't take. And why. What you got to say. I did one of those.


I'm like Oh we don't get that, we don't get one of those. So happy for them decide like the focus on whatever the next step in the mission is after almost being assassinated.


And I use that term purposely. Incorrectly.


Yeah man. Wow. How do you not smell more death. There's more death.


Back to my theory, about the same amount of death in twenty, twenty one that occurred in twenty twenty.


Maybe we just a bit more desensitized, a bit more accustomed to it, but it's still fucked up.


Yeah. I encourage everybody to move with caution. Be careful, keep your eyes on the prize. Head down until the job is done. Man it ain't too much time for fun in New York City. This ain't Atlanta. This ain't Texas.


You're seeing them other spots, man. We are up here getting to it. And if you not get into it, then you probably won't be afforded the ability to stay here in the near future. With that said, thank you all for the amazing part. This was a real, real, real, real, real, real good man. It was real good recipes. Venezuela to know that you mentioned. Yes, yes. Let's legend, legend.


Legend will show recipes. Write me while we have that, let me just make sure I was told to send my rest in pieces or finished not to. We just see you never find it like Vernon Jordan. Oh yeah. Casey's Incapsula rest in Peace Corps. Me. I learned that from Denise today. Vernon Jordan trying to decide for me.


Don't nobody know. I don't know anybody. No. No, no, no, no. Oh, I don't know why, yo, man, keep us in your prayers. Lord knows we need to be here till the next time I bid you and do farewell. Adios. Arrivederci, Televista. So long. Goodbye. We do remember life is a series of moments and moments past. So let's make this one last as if it's all that we have.


But it's funny cause while we're at it in China, do remember that the baddies are insecure and stagnant. Women want to travel when the closed minded women want you to teach them things. Grab Ibro friend. Ever learn and enjoy your headache? My name put me up there with this real quick. No about me. You'll connect at a small diner, talk to Murdo waffles and corned beef hash.


That's what used to be happenin, man. Who knew these niggas was killers while we was eating corned beef hash on the clear black night.


They could just ordered the most beautiful meal at the diner. Did you fuck every time you call me attached at the diner, there's probably a killer around then as a fact had been dropping out some bags on the corner.


He had some brand new poll.


He avoided this Sahai and that those brief few minutes that he spoke to us, he cleared up so much for me with his contract situation. That's kind of some of the info I've been looking for from him.


I never heard anything about him being signed to Boo Eikon. Well, I always thought Calcaneus stepped in and tried to do some, but couldn't say, come on, we'll work, figure this out later. But see, now that story is relatable, understandable. I get that now.


I didn't get it before where it looked like you just would somebody and you reference for somebody that you signed to and even through the mistakes you'd like, it just looked at the county.


Yeah, I was to make some type of music thing was official. I thought I stepped in. I always thought it was also real interesting hearing him say that.


My beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy. Yeah, he was thirty million in debt. Yeah.


He spent, you know, just like Summersby with that way. We just we were like, wow, what a classic by one of the best ideas to come out that John and Rihanna singing background vocals in one song. No, no, no, man. He gets to how much that may have cost it.


Oh yeah. Right. Cause it cost it. And did he recoup like we would never ask that about nigga don't cut the shit back on.


And his other ventures outside of just that expensive album, he spent a lot of money on a lot of shit out of some reason there was no talk that up. How does Kanye West do a deal with Geffen not be put on the board?


Nobody knows why. Nobody knows why he wasn't put on the board. What was his beef by his mouth? Oh, I didn't know. It's oh, yeah. It's just I know why we had him. And he said, listen, I was just as shocked as you more. That was his beef. He said he's not on the board of Nike, I mean, that Nike, Adidas Gap for Adidas, he's not on the board at Adidas Sweat.


He's making the Q&A.


That is Adidas at this point. Like you, I know we we gloss over it a lot here. That's great. And people are tired of hearing my redundant last words as well.


That's it's not a small feat. That's fucking it's not easy now. That's why now he should be in a different class, theoretically. But when we think of all that, blacks have to accomplish for sure to be viewed in the same light, then I mean, it's not so shocking.


But yet still, it takes a lot to you.


Kanye West, we all in this room know that this Kanye West, but I don't know who's on the board of Gap. Right.


And I don't know how they feel about my beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy, like they could be 90 years old, just rolling down the old nigga gap, bored by like, I don't know, you get out the way.


Well, that's what Dave Chappelle was saying about get out the way. My guy over there, Viacom, and just some of the younger new people that don't know some of the old archaic ways of doing business.


If y'all want to say and sell the same fucking Polo's and have your company flop. But let me cool. Keep these people off the board.


The supplement yo Saturday we'll get into the Nike reseller thing that struck us. I have a few thoughts on mental health that I've been dying to get out for the last few weeks that I have not Saturday. I got that for y'all to shout out to the Petronius, man. All right. Subscribe to the Patriots. We're going to try a few different things, one of which is uploading the regular pod with with the with without edits.


Yeah, I'm reading the comments said if you do my props, nigga, you are what I said.


I really didn't hear. I was reading the book.


I said we uploading the regular part of the Patriot on this case without edits. We didn't have anything.


I thought that was dead weight, but we didn't. I was one take those I won t that was one take. Come on. Straight through.


It's us. Hey, it's hard to get it this place. Nobody knows us. Well who are you will still listen. This is us.


I don't know who they are but.


But this is about and no. We added them up on the way. I got a down in the series.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.