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My guest today is one of the baddest motherfuckers on the face of the earth.


He is one of the biggest movie stars. He is one of the biggest stand up comedy stars in the history of the art form. He's an amazing guy and incredibly motivational guy. I love him to death.


Please give it up for the great and powerful Kevin Hart podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience Train my day job and podcast my night all day.


You come in here moving and shaking, man, coming here, making deals. You're on the phone already. Got to do it. You're always moving.


I mean, is there anything else to do? Is there anything else to do? Not want to get ahead?


No, no. Especially not now. Man Hunters hunt. Yes. Those that don't get eight.


The last time you were here, man, that was one of the most inspirational podcasts I've ever done. I left that. I literally had a shift in the way I was looking at things like, you put an extra gear in my. Up that day, I was like, oh, I love being around people like you, my guy, people around you, people like you, you're you're going for shit all the time.


And it's infectious. It's like you give off energy and when people around you, they want to they want to get shit done to their contagious.


Yes. It's contagious. It's not it's not just me putting it out. I think that the last time I was here, our conversation was such a great conversation.


Because there was. There was. We both had a point of views, right, and when we shared the point of views, you elevated the other person's POV, like when we were talking and I was telling you why I live the way I live, why I am the way I am.


You spring board. And then you said, yeah, because for me, I've been doing this and we had this Anyang thing going on and it and it drove the conversation.


I told you, you know, before we jumped on one of the the best interviews that I've ever done and from a feedback perspective with people that just loved what the discussion was, I love the tone of the interview to things that was said, felt inspired, motivated after it was just great all around me, checked all the boxes.


It was for me, too. And I got a bunch of great responses from my friends, from Frot. That's when I know it's good when I get friends and my friends are all pretty unanimous. Like that is a motivational motherfucker like that.


Dude, get shit done when people hear stuff like you, like someone who's excited about life, excited about doing things, you know, there's something about that. It's fuel, it's fuel for free. We need that. Everyone needs that.


You know, I don't even this is this is not a cheesy Segway. All right? This just makes sense from what you just said. What you just said is the reason why I did the decision. You said people need that. It's fuel. Yeah, right.


I feel that in today's town, what people are most selfish with is information. Hmm. Nobody wants to give information. You got to ask for it. If you ask for it, then I maybe maybe I'll tell you some stuff.


But it's a search and find I mean real good real information, information about how to get to success. That's the that's the want from everybody across the board on some level. Right. OK, everybody's success is different. This doesn't mean fame and stars.


I'm not talking about that level of success for everything I'm saying, whatever your version of success is to get to it, information from someone that's done it or that's partaking in it in some degree will only add to the value of your journey. It's only going to make it easier. It's not to say that you got to do what they said, but with that information, you're able to process it, maybe use it, maybe not. Right. But you got it right.


That's what I wanted to do. I said, yeah, I got I got to fucking I got a life. I got a hell of a life that I've lived full of ups and downs, potholes, cobblestones, speed bumps, flat road.


You turns some smack brick walls that I ran into, you know, some revolving doors of back and forth.


And through it all, my medicine has only gotten better because I feel like I've been in I've been in a mental gym. The mental fitness that that coincides with life, you know, it should get better. You should get wiser, you should get smarter. You should be able to make better decisions. In all of my decisions came from the massive amount of fuck ups. And I can now share those fuck ups. I can now share the rights and the wrongs and the way that I handle all of the things that I've done.


And people can just take that information and go, wow, I never looked at it like that.


What gives them a better view of the landscape? Yeah, especially when someone like you, you almost seem like an unattainable person. Like how how how does he do that? How is he doing that? How does this guy go from Philadelphia to be one of the biggest movie stars in the world? How does he become one of the biggest stand up comedy stars ever? How the fuck do you do that? You almost seem like an alien, you know, to people on the outside.


But then when they hear you talk about your real life and talk about these fuckups, talk about these successes and talk about the lessons that you learned, man, that's fuel for folks in a way that nothing else is, because it's there's a lot of people that are bullshitting online. There's a lot of these motivational speakers that haven't done shit. And it's a it's a weird thing. It's like they're trying to give you motivation by, like, sort of reciting things that they think are going to work.


They think that they think you want to hear it.


They haven't done anything. And someone who's done something when you say it, people are going to listen, they're going to go, oh, and you're so honest about everything, which is every that's everything to people.


Because when you're pure, when your words are pure, people take them right in, they come right in. There's no there's no like those guys kind of fucking selling me something. I was not selling shit.


Yeah. I got I got nothing to sell. I had a I had a talk with Chase like Chase, JP Morgan Chase, the partners of mine and we were doing this. We're not.


We are. We are. We don't think all events in black pathway's right. What we're trying to cure financial literacy in the black community.


We've been we're on like year number two right now. Right.


And there was a conversation where, you know, they wanted to have said bankers go and talk to the kids in the inner city.


And I was like, you can't you can't send a white man that works for JP Morgan Chase to the inner city of said community Hood, whatever, to talk to these young black kids has no idea about the life that the black kids live in.


I said what you need is people that have actually come from these environments. They have made it out of the environments and now understand how money works. Because now when I talk to you, I'm not talking to you with hypotheticals and I'm not preaching to you about what you should do and what you got to do. That's what I'm telling you. What I did that didn't work. I'm telling you, I fucked off money and I'm telling you what I didn't know.


Hey, guys, here's a fact.


There is no education that comes with money in the black communities. It doesn't. You can go search for it. There isn't one. It does not exist. There is no one that is outright teaching the kids in a black community how to operate financially, how to set up for your future.


There is nobody talking to you about ownership, homes, mortgages, investments, stocks.


But that doesn't exist. It doesn't exist.


It's not until you get out of that environment that you meet some people that are planning their life accordingly, that you start to ask questions is not so. Maybe college and on the later side of it that you're with people that are getting jobs in the future, that you start to do it.


There is no prep or education at a young age that says you need a you need a fucking man that can go there and go, hey, man, let me tell you why you are going to stop taking these free credit cards. Let me tell you why. You got to stop putting the cable in somebody else's name and continue to fuck it up. Let me tell you why you got to stop being OK with not having a bank account. Let me tell you why you got to stop using the check cashing place.


There's nobody giving out information. I said that's what I am. So if we're going to have a relationship, let's build it off of something authentic. Let's build it off for something that people can go. I get that sense then to go back to your point, my relationship has been based on me telling the truth. I told JP Morgan Chase, I want to go to the inner city and I want to have these discussions, but let me have them my way.


I don't want to have it in a JPMorgan Chase way. And I got to credit them for backing me because they align me with other people that shared the same stories that have achieved certain levels of success, that speak to the same thing.


So everything that I've done, everything that I'm trying to do, when I do talk about it, I come proving I'm only talking about this because I've really got knowledge about it. I've got knowledge about it because I'm as smart as my fucking world is now. The analogy is coming from Joe Manala's is coming from a man.


Yo, don't walk the door. No one.


I walked in here. There's a monster in there. There's a bunch of shit in that door. It wasn't until I came out that door that I saw those monsters that I knew the other monsters weren't as bad and door number two. But door number three is finally where you should go. I messed up, man. I went to the first two doors wrong. Why can't I give that to somebody that that hasn't experienced those doors yet?


Why can I just get that information and possibly prevent them from walking into those doors?


And that's what's really valuable for people listening. That's what's really valuable.


Someone who's actually done it and done it wrong and done it right. And like, hey, listen, I fucked up. This is how fucked up that that means so much to people. If really you're you're advancing people's possibilities.


It's I think that's what life should be about. Yeah.


If as as adults, as adults, we have a job to do, whether you want to admit it or not, your job is to set up the next generation.


That's our job, what do you want to fucking admit it or not, it's your kids, it's your friends, it's whomever you're supposed to live a certain way, do certain things to set up for the next generation to come and to be able to do better. If you don't, then you're not doing your part. And if the world never fucking grows, you've got to raise your hand and be responsible because you're part of the leg.


Yeah, you're part of the delay.


If we look up in 15, 20 years and we in the same spot, what that means that our fucking groundbreakers that was doing all the shit, doing that 15, 20 years, never shared the information so that these new people come to break new ground.


Yeah, somebody's got to do more than what the fuck I did. I don't care who it is. Right. But you've got to do more. Right. Somebody's got to fucking do more. Somebody's got to break these records. And you already blazed the trail. Yeah. This keep going.


All I did was show you. Hey, man, hey, they stopped here, but I kept going to left and I start haul ass and look what I found. Now I'm over here. That means there's more.


Did you have a time in your life where you realize that you were doing the right thing like a time of your life when you realized, like in your comedy career in particular, where you realize I'm getting some fuckin traction, I'm like, this is really rolling. Like in the beginning, you probably, like all of us were not sure what was going to happen. You're trying you know, you do an open mikes, you're trying to make it.


But was there a time where you like this approach? Is this is happening? I got traction.


It was when I think. I think the. The noticing of oh, shit, of something's happening right now, and it's this is. I think this is a success, I think. I think I'm I think I'm in it. Was it around the time your first special look, when was it was when I did the Shaq All-Star comment.


I just I just told somebody this story.


I was talking to Gary Owens, actually a good friend of mine, a comedian. And we were talking about the past. And, you know, Gary was like there was a moment where you just him just just ran past everyone.


And he was like, I don't remember exactly what it was. I did it. He said, I just remember looking up and you were gone.


And I remember it was the Shaq all star comedy jam. The lineup was Saturday entertainer he was hosting. It was DeRay Davis, Tommy Davidson and myself.


That's a hell of a lineup. It was Dre Davis and Tommy Davis and myself. Cedric the Entertainer was the host. And I closed out the show.


And I remember going to do the show was in Phoenix.


It was in the round. And I had to do this is when I was about to tape. Seriously funny. My next special at The Girl, Little Man. So seriously funny. I was taping like four months.


It was already on the books. So this is this is supposed to be it. This is my big coming out party. This has to be it, man. You know, I feel like I'm ready. I've been working hard. My jokes are hidden. I'm raw, I'm edgy. This is it. This is the one.


I'm fucking funny. Seriously. That's why I titled it seriously funny. I was I was I was ready. I get the call from Jeff Lannigan. Checks all comedy and we're taping it can do is like 15, 20 minutes, you know, can you do it for me? And Jeff and I had a relationship and I was a gentleman the same. My special want to burn that material. He's like, Kev, look, you can use some other stuff 15, 20 minutes.


We tape it. But, you know, these things get some good traction, give you this some good eye candy.


You should just have it out there. All right, whatever. I wasn't be taking this series.


This was not something that was taken seriously. And this is an example of sometimes you don't know what it's going to be.


You don't know what the fuel in a rocket is going to be.


You just got to fucking buckle up and be prepared for the takeoff. Now, if it take off and you don't know where to seat belts are and you don't know where the lights and shit at. Well, now you got a fucked up rocket ride.


You're going, you won't crash. It's over. It's over if you're not ready. Yeah, I do it.


This thing airs and I remember watching it.


And at the end of the show, something so small seems so fucking big. I say good night. I put up two fingers. And as I'm walking off the stage, they put it in slow motion. They put me in slow motion walking off the stage, and it was a separation from everything else that was on there. It was almost like. This guy is the the guy it was it was a it was a small tweak in editing. I had nothing to do with it.


I just saw it. And the slow motion walk of the crowd getting up, clapping, you see people's faces, slow motion point and screaming and I'm walking off what I call Bob.


And it was almost like a coined.


This is it. This is going to be the guy. I didn't do it. I didn't mean for it to happen, I didn't know it was going to happen. God bless the editors.


God bless the Shack all star comedy jam after that aired.


I remember doing a show at Caroline Jones is a true fucking story. Shout out to Lewis from Caroline's comedy club. I was just doing a weekend. Weekend you're supposed to be doing, you know, three shows, you sort out 15 shows. So now 15 shows that was do that.


We didn't know how many days we was there for like eight days. We were never like eight days. You can lose. Can't confirm this. Caroline's comedy club. That's crazy. Michael Berkowitz can confirm this. That's my public appearance, agent. We just kept getting calls it we're gone. We just put the tickets up for another show. They're gone.


What would you want to do? We can add another. You want to try to do a Wednesday night? Yeah, go ahead. It's gone. Kevin, we added the Wednesday. It's gone. What do you want to do? You want to see if we can add a a late show Wednesday. Yeah, fuck it.


I guess it's gone Tuesday. When? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.


We've in a bit still got there Wednesday. Holy shit. Day shows Caroline's comedy club with.


I feel like when it was I want to say I'm going to say 12 to 15 shows. I remember because some of the things we could do once we could do two. But you don't know.


I'm like, I can't I can't even understand this. Caroline's comedy club is a big comedy club. This is New York City. This is the this is the melting pot where you got some of everybody. After that is when me and Burt said, is this a New York thing, is that the word get out in New York? And we found out the Shack's all star comedy jam was playing on like show time around the clock. It was just being pumped all day, all night.


And we put up some shows outside and a comedy club star famous and shows we said, let's do small theaters. And then I did small theaters. And right after that moment, I taped seriously funny.


So Shack's all star comedy jam hit so hard that by the time I was ready to do seriously funny, which was in three to four months, people were so hype and ready to see me do something else that that became a massive attraction.


Wow. Seriously funny. Took off and blew as well. That's crazy that it was something that you weren't even really thinking, not even thinking about it.


Maybe that's why I was so free, you know.


So should you. No pressure yet. The shit is now, by the way, seriously funny. I damn near shitting myself.


I damn sure was defecated on myself before the show because I'm like, man, these people here, the theater sold out so fast. I had LeBron, Shaq, the whole Cleveland Cavaliers team was there at the time. It was unreal. I was like, this is this is it. This is my moment. I got to I got to make this. I got to make this a thing. Wow. I got to I can't fuck this up.


I cannot fuck this up. The show ended up going great, and then from there, the the the fucking star just continued to rise and that's when the engine within myself started the click of Go Get. Right.


So there's something you always had the go I got. I always had that. I always had that. I talked before. That's my mom. All right. Nancy Hart, don't tell me I can't do some good now.


I'm pissed that mama do it. Don't tell me that. And that's a gift and a curse. Yes, that's a gift and a curse like you saw in it. A a you saw it in my documentary. I put it all out there. That's a curse.


Don't put that video up. Don't do that. Don't tell me what the fuck not to do. I won't do it. And sometimes don't do what you think it was going to do. You don't know everything. You don't know everything. And you're not that great to think that you do know everything and you can get bitten by thinking that. But you've got to get bit to go. Oh, let me get better at that. Yes. So my go get comes from me just saying.


What's my reason not to go after everything that I possibly can? I will stand on a fucking building and say, this man, it's a game. This this thing is serious, but it's got a game like quality to it. This thing called life.


Hmm. It's got a game like quality to it.


And if you don't fucking see that, you got to open your eyes, you wide open your fucking eyes.


Because in this life, the moves that we're making allow you to do more to to get more, to see more travel, more explore experience, or some people are dealt a different hand and it's tougher.


It's a darker road and it's damn it, it's fuck, I want to get out of this. I can't I'm doing I how do I get out. But I made it. Oh it look like I was supposed to get out but I'm out and I say you can't get out of the shit. I did. I'm out. I'm out. I'm one of the people that got out. It's a fucking it's got a real game like quality to it.


And that doesn't mean that you play with it. Understand what I'm saying here. It means that. You can do what you put your mind to, and if you continue to put your mind to it, the game opens up new levels. Tell me I'm fucking saying something wrong. You're saying something right.


You get a new level in each new level, it gets opened up. You're able to adapt a different mindset and a different approach. You can stop at that level or you can go. I want more levels. I want more fucking levels. I don't like seeing shit that I have no idea how to obtain or gain access to. That frustrates me. That frustrates me when people do things and I don't know how they do it or did it. What I'm going to do and I want to know when, when, when you're around people that work in different atmospheres, what do you do?


Oh, man.


I'm the guy that takes these labels right here, several labels right here.


I have a manufacturing company company where I do these, but I do them in bulk. So we do a thousand labels every 30 seconds.


And I built a manufacturing lab and this company here pays me X on a dollar and I got thirty five companies doing the same thing. I've built a multimillion dollar business based off labels.


People don't understand how important labels are. I did at the young age, so I started manufacturing labels. You can manufacture fucking labels now. Now, I'm intrigued, even if I didn't want to do that. I'm intrigued that that's the thing. I'm intrigued. I'm intrigued that you found a way to do that. This table is handmade.


There's a company do these. Is it fucking custom? Where's the word from? If you really dig into everything, it comes from a thought.


It comes from a broken down thought. So you can be a person is just around a bunch of brilliant thoughts, never ask questions or you can soak some of that shit up. You know, this pandemic's show me, Joe. How our economy really fucking works. Once again, I'm coming from the perspective of a young black man from the hood and from the bottom, I don't know shit about stocks. I know nothing about investments. Never have. Right.


But I know through this pandemic now, I'm at a point where I'm actually into stocks and I'm investing and putting a portfolio together where I've really looked at the way that the world moves.


I really looked at how we move as people. How are we fucking still going? What are we using? What are we fucking using? This is what I said, my kids. I said, what are you still using? What do you mean? On a day to day? What do we have to use? Some of the things we have to use toothpaste. Who makes the toothpaste? They told me who made the toothpaste, is that a company that you can invest in?


Do you feel like everybody uses the toothpaste? If you do, that means this is a company has been successful, maybe successful for a long time because it is a necessary need of everyone. That's an investment. Kids. What else do we use? What else do we use every day? What do you go what do you like in the morning at Starbucks? Is that an investment? People like everybody drink Starbucks. We drink it all the time.


You feel like everybody else does, too? I think so. That's an investment. That's what you put money in because you feel like it's going to last is going to grow.


What stores do we go to? Where we always at Target. How many people will target when we go a lot? Is that an investment? I guess why do you guess at this point, you know, we talk about it all the time. Why do you think it's an investment? Why do you think it's not? I'm talking to you about putting money in places where you feel like it's going to grow. Do you feel like targets are going to shut down tomorrow or do you feel like they're going to open more stores?


How do you feel this is a thing that I watch and this is a thing that I also watch people ignore, this is what is wrong with our world because we don't talk to people enough like this.


We don't give them the simplicity behind the way we fucking move.


In a way, the world goes around if we dig it, the simplicity that we could have, people taking 20 dollars out their check and creating a portfolio, we have people taking 40 to 50 dollars out their check and putting in a sad thing.


Said stocks said, whatever it is, you can be doing it at a younger age, you don't have to have the most crazy amount of money. You can start off with the smallest amount of money, but you can learn it. That can grow.


I watch it. I pay attention. That's what gets me fucking going, Joe, I pay attention to everything. My question is, why don't most of us why are we comfortable with letting the world just go by?


I think a lot of people don't have the framework. They don't know how to operate in that realm. They don't know how to get going. They don't know how to get started.


Yeah, but I love what you said about it being there's a game like Quality to Life.


That's such a perfect way to look at it really is you play the game. Yeah.


You played the game for how many years? How many years ago. Any podcast? 11, 11 years.


Right. I'm going to give you a very true story. And to my brothers, the plastic cup boys, we got our radio show straight from the heart.


I'm constantly preaching to us about it's not about now. It's about tomorrow. Our radio show is a great radio show and we have a following, but it's not about now, it's about tomorrow. We got to put the work in today so that when tomorrow comes. We are well equipped for the conversation, that may be, I said. Joe had a fucking long ride, a preparing for tomorrow and when tomorrow hit. It had to hit correctly because Joe never.


Not did the work on a day to day basis to prepare for tomorrow.


I got everybody fired up just for the fact that you continue to do your thing the way that you were, regardless of conversations, regardless of other offers and possibilities, you felt something else was on the horizon for tomorrow, but you knew it would come based off your energy and effort that you put into the thing that you have.


Realistically, I don't look at it that way.


How do you look at I don't I never look at a destination or a thing or something happen and I just keep doing it. I'm one of those weird grinder's.


It's not weird, but it's a way for you to go. But I trust the process, but I never look at it like there's a destination, like a success moment, like a big thing, big thing hits. I just keep doing it.


And those things sort of find their own way through management and agents. And I've put very little thinking into that. I put almost all my thinking into just doing the thing the best way that I can do it.


Metaphor for you then. You're an amazing fucking fighter. You are. I mean, I don't know how many black belts you Fungai.


I just know I wouldn't fuck with you, but you got some shit with you.


Right? And if you are practicing a kick or a move if you do it.


Let's say 200000 times to make sure you get it perfect. Are you doing that and figuring that out for the unknown or is it for if I ever have to use it? I wanted to be so fucking right. Yeah, that's always there, that's always there, but the thing is always the technique, the thing is always the process. I think that's where I got this from podcasting and even from standup. It's just the grind comes from martial arts.


The grind is like, you got to be there every day. If you're there three days a week, it's not as good as five. You got to be there five days and five might be better than seven because sometimes seven you burn out. You want to keep enthusiasm because that's a fuel enthusiasm. There's something about enthusiasm that like you've got to balance discipline and enthusiasm. Discipline's critical. You have to be able to show up, but you also have to enjoy the shit out of it.


And so enjoying the shit out of it with discipline is the key. But you got to ride those babies out. You know, you don't want to fuck every day, take a couple of days off on it, want it, you know, like people fuck every day.


You don't even know what fucking feels like. Take three or four days off and smoke a joint, make out with your woman. Get it, get it. Get back into this feeling.


Do you feel like and this is something that, you know, I never have a good. I have an OK answer, but I don't feel like it's ever the best answer when people say, well, what do you do when you're not doing what you love? Right.


And what I've said and in the past and, you know, in the president as well, is I think in order to do what you love, you got to get through the obstacles of the things that you don't love in life, right?


That's right. Trying to come up. Yeah, that's nice. Do you agree with that? Like getting over those hurdles and then eventually they lead you to the thing where you're like, OK, yeah, now I'm ready to pursue said thing that I want to do.


Or if you're in a job or, you know, a career and you're like, I fucking hate my job, what I feel is like, you know, even if you hate your job, you you're supposed to be using that job for something to get to something. Right. And if you're if you're not, then that should be the thin edge of figuring out, like, I don't like being here, but now that I'm here, I'm going to.


Do all that I can to get sad thing so that I can then be comfortable enough to move here. Yeah, if you just go into those things with hate because you were talking about enthusiasm's made me think that maybe think about it. If you got hate and you're just angry about what you're doing every day, then you're not even allowing yourself to figure out the plan of how to escape the things you hate to get to the thing that you love.


Yeah, I think it's important to have those jobs that suck, man. There are. They like cement your foundation live because you don't want to go back to those fucking places.


You don't want to go back. Those terrible jobs are going to get up and be uninspired all day long.


But if you can get through that like that, that's this rigid structure of discipline that allows you to apply that discipline to things you love. And if you can apply discipline and learn how to apply to something that sucks and get free, have a game plan and get free. Once you get free, you have that ability to get up and do things that suck. Guess what? You're going to get up and do things you love even more.


And you get to remember construction sites and deliver newspapers and all the stupid jobs that I worked. I think about those fucking things. And I get up in the morning when I'm brushing my teeth, I think about them. That's the fucking game.


Yes. Yes, that's the game. Like, why you got to get through it.


You have to like that. It's I, I say this man and like that is the story. You're just putting that story together. And I don't I don't think, you know, without without the stories.


What do you talk about. What do you talk about. Right.


You know, what is what is the interesting side of conference conversation about your growth or your journey? If it's if it's if it's just the easiest?


I took the highway and got off the exit and right there, the exit, I found the goal. Everybody else. It's no right.


Dad was rich and I have a trust fund and I never have to work out. What is that?


What is the interesting side to that? Like, I don't there's no there is no bonus in that. Like, I just fucking broke my goddamn back. Right. The doper's thing for me about doing that was not being able to walk, but then being told that if I'm patient, I can recover fully. I can get back to myself in me instantly thinking in my head, I can actually be better than what I was. If he's telling me I can get back to 100 can be better.


So the game is really clicked on my tomorrow we start we play new level.


I can't fucking walk. God damn. Here we go. Can't wipe my ass.


I'm not fucking getting this. I can't get in the gym. Pete is some weird shit. I'm just taking two steps on a fucking booza ball and I'm all right.


This is a little discouraging, but I know they said I'm supposed to do it three days. I'm going to listen to them. But on the other hand, those other four days, is there anything else that I can do to be working on Kevin can strengthen your lungs out working on your breathing.


He has a breathing machine. OK, what about my my hands there? Anyway, my sense is tennis ball. Can I be squeeze and should I be doing anything. No, we don't have anything like that. We don't recommend it. So if I found something in research, if it's just motor skills and working on. Is that fine. Yeah, that's fine. But, you know, it's it's OK if that's what you want to do. OK, I saw it.


Yeah. I'm not getting the same. The doctors are just telling me the stuff that I need now stay within those lines and to find out things that I can do because I'm playing the game now. I'm never going to overexert myself, but the game is to be better. How do I be better than what I was? Because if I do that. Oh fuck.


For me, I just beat me. Yeah. This ain't about nobody else. I'll get fucked by nobody else. I just beat me if I can keep beating myself palls. If I can keep doing that then that means that I'm in a battle with the only person that fucking makes sense.


I'm in a battle with the only person. That I really want to fucking be, and that's me.


I know I don't care about anybody else, I have no worry or gripe about the next man, a woman's journey or their level of success.


That's not what I'm when I'm up against. Yeah. If I can continue to outdo me from the day before, then I'm then I'm ahead and I'm ahead.


And that's that's what I that's the new found the new found energy that I got out of life. Now, you know, I'm on this amazing rocky story with myself is in my head.


Nobody else is watching his movie but me, it's in my head, this is Rocky, this is the comeback. This is exactly what I saw in movie. And I'm a come back better than ever. I'm will be forty one. My body is going to be ripped up. I might be about eight percent body fat. And then and then I'm ready. Ready for what, Kevin?


I don't fucking know to be better than you were before.


I don't know. But that's, that's what I want. I want that day to be like. Yeah, yeah. Now what. And then I'll figure out what I figure out what that. What is then.


Yeah. Well, tell me when you got injured what, what you were explaining to me before the podcast, what I want to talk too much about because I wanted to hear it now so everybody can hear it. What, what exactly was the injury.


I fractured so I fractured my my spine. Right. And it's from my it's either from my TI ten to my L1 one from my L1 to multiton whatever order that goes in.


So how many fractures. I mean that's fucking that's should that's your spine. That's about. So you fractured basically everything.


I mean you got like this much space and my back. So you got to think first of all I'm already small. All right. So this is practically my whole back.


If you look at this right here, if you look at this, this is fragment back.


So all of this fractured and wet, what happens is they had to fuse my spine.


So they have to remove the disks in between. They basically had to fix.


So so the bones were fractured.


Basically, your spine is now out of whack. Right. The the the things that keep your spine connected and that allow you the flexibility are out of whack. I got pieces of those bone fragments that are out of place out.


So so they got they got a fuse that shit back together.


So I got do they take the disk material out and compress it and then screw them also is the bone all one piece now?


I think I'm, I think I'm one I don't I don't know about the disk. I don't know. I don't have that answer. That's a that's a little too technical for me and I should know that because it was my body. But what I do know is that this thing that's my spine has eight screws in these AIDS grooves.


Now hold it together. So through this time of healing, because I now have metal in my back, it was about getting your back to be comfortable with the metal, but also back to a normal level of flexibility.


So where people fuck up, when you get this type of energy, you stay still. You allow that metal to get stiff. You don't. You don't. You're not moving it. So so now your movements become robotic with it. So because as soon as I got out the hospital, I started I didn't have days off. As soon as I got out, I started physical therapy. I did not wait. I didn't I got off medication. I said, I'm not taking on meds.


You know, my dad was on drugs. I was like, I'm not fucking around with that.


So I dealt with the pain.


But I got to start now because every day that I wait makes it harder to go. So because I was, you know, back and forth, side to side, doing all of those things, I got I got my body to get accustomed to it and I got flexibility. So now when you see me working out, it looks as if I'm back and, you know, I'm probably ninety eight percent back to myself right now.


But the work that I put into my core and my upper body over the years are what saved me outside of God, of course, in that situation, because, you know, I want to tell his people just for just for you to know this health and wellness shit is so much bigger than what you may think it is taking care of your body.


You don't know when all of that stuff comes into play and adds up correctly. You know, the the human body is amazing recovery, the ability to snap back and go back to what it once was, the body muscle memory, all of that stuff plays a major factor.


So my healing. Was a lot faster because of the years of work that I put into it before now, if I had enough and I didn't have that core. Well, I'll be paralyzed.


I'll be fucking paralyzed. I mean, they said you're literally talking about this much, doctor. Look me in the eyes. You're lucky to be walking. You're this much.


If your core wasn't in the shape that it was and if you didn't have the the strength to take whatever that impact was and stay, you would have been snapped.


You would never be walking again. So that instantly, thank God I go, you know what? Thank God for my trainer who jumped into my life at a certain time and changed my way of thinking, boss Roundball Savlon and you know, we've been rocking for seven years and the consistency of four years before of every day, every day.


So now I'm like, you're not wasting your time ever. So when those people say, what are you working out for?


What do you get in shape for? Why are you going every day? You don't know when you're going to need to fucking tap into all of the work that you don't know. You don't know if you'll ever need it.


But to just know that you've taken care of yourself, to know that you've given yourself a chance to fucking not only survive, but perform.


You've given yourself a chance to perform at a high level and day to day by taking care of your engine. This is this is my machine. So I'm taking care of the engine just like any car oil changes, just like, you know, you're fucking your brakes, your tires. The road is all it is, you taking care of it. So it is a great ride every time you got to do the same with your body.


Don't ignore that shit, people. You know, we dropping like flies right now.


Heart attack strokes. Yeah. You know, kidney failure.


You got people with diabetes, you got people getting legs, arms cut off from bad eating, from from bad eating over the course of years. Take this shit serious. Don't wait to the end. That's serious. That's not that's not a joke. So when I look at people dying around me, we have no control over when the day is going to come.


But I'm going to try to help amplify my time here as much as I can.


That's the big one, right? Amplify your time. You have energy. You have a different kind of energy than someone who's unhealthy. You have the ability to push forward. You have the ability to get shit done. You have more enthusiasm because your body feels good.


Why are you not? Why? I want to be careful when I say this, because I don't want to seem like I'm coming down on anybody that's not, but why don't you want to take care of yourself? I think they do.


I think it's just habits are very hard to break. There's a lot of comfort in just the same thing every day. Open up the cabinet, Twinkie's. Fuck it.


I'll start tomorrow. Fuck it. I feel like eating those chips and you just settle into it. And then there's this disappointment that comes from settling in and it's comfort and disappointment at the same time. Like you really. Well, I guess that's me and you accept it. And I think sometimes people are scared of improvement because they're scared of failure. So if they can just kind of slide into the same bullshit every day, it it makes them feel less less uneasy.


You know what I what I say and what I will say goes back to the decision.


Goes back to information. It's not bad if you want those things, I don't I don't think that people are supposed to live a robotic life in and, you know, I don't eat this ever, and I don't do this.


Well, I just point to the rock and his fucking cheat days. I mean, it's like he eats for a village. That son of a bitch, he has a village. It's unreal what he puts down when he puts down. And that's what I'm saying.


Like, you should enjoy your your yourself and enjoy your life.


But I think that there should be a give and take, like, I'm going to eat the way I want to eat. I'm not compromising it because I love food.


But let me put a half hour in a day of walking. Let me let me do something so where I'm active. So there's at least a give and take. That's what I would say to people out there. I'm not saying in no way, shape or form don't do this ever.


And that's wrong. And you live in you're going to destroy yourself.


That's no, that's unrealistic. That's unrealistic. I think you should definitely be happy. You should definitely do the things that you enjoy, because like I said in my mind, this is the game you play in the game.


Be happy while you're playing it.


The more miserable one way to play the game is to challenge yourself or give yourself a month. Write down from month for one month. I'm not drinking a single soda for one month. I'm going to do something some exercise every day and I'm going to write down what it is for one month. The fucking game.


Yeah. Here's how I think. I don't know if that's a book title or not or if it hasn't. Has been a hasn't. But God damn it, that could be my next one. The game.


Yeah, not here it is. I think it may be, but maybe, you know, the game, the game of life. That's something. But it's something there.


I just there's there's it's such a synergy within that. Maybe just call it game something.




It's that your your statement of there's a game like quality to life resonates. It's soon as you said that I was like, oh that's it. That's the way to look at it to don't just look at it like life. Look at it like you're trying to succeed. You're trying to get ahead and win the game like quality of life. That's it.


It's it's a it's a dope thing. I'm going to I'm going to really harp on it.


So, you know, you're recovering from your back injury. How long ago was the injury? How long ago was the crash?


Now, September. So what does that September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April was this May.


Yeah. So my only eight months almost as bad with about not to get in tonight.


And you said you're like ninety eight percent. Ninety eight percent. I'm down to probably 10 percent body fat right now.


And as far as like movement you can basically do everything. I'm doing everything. Wow. Doing everything. I'm up to running again. I'm probably at.


I'm probably have three I can go three and a half miles straight before I'm like, oh, the back starts to bother me before I get tight.


And what are you doing for the back doing yoga?


Are you doing what kind of got physical therapy? You know, that's random shot of the doctor pet. You know, I make sure that getting a massage is getting the work done because I'm doing so much within working out. I don't want to not take care of that as well. So from heating it from, you know, treatment, just just literally doing things to to make sure that I'm constantly working on those muscles and not forgetting them, I'm getting older.


I don't want to act like that's not the case or that's not a reality. I'm 40 now, so how do I take care of this machine? So at 50, I'm not moving as if I'm 70 right now.


I would say that's been that's been a great adjustment, but one that's really made me feel better, like stretching.


You know, I didn't I didn't understand the importance of stretching, of actually resting. You know, I was. Got to get it. Let's go. Let's go. Tom Waits hit it. Clanging and banging. Baby clanging and banging But now, you know, make sure you get your rest time so that you can come back and give the energy your cardio changes for old machines. I'm one. I'm on a bike. You know, I'm peloton and I'm hydro and I'm running.


So the workouts change and you become more consistent with your system, with my new system.


So I think by July, July, my my goal is for my 41st birthday to July six to be around eight. Eight and a half percent body fat at the age 41, so it's all about what it's all about looking good with the body fat for me. For me, the body fat means that I've just been super focused, like I eat and want people to think that I don't eat. I'm I'm not a foodie, though, so it doesn't really count.


But, you know, I'm not on some strict, crazy diet.


You're not a foodie like you don't enjoy. Like, I'm not a foodie man. I don't I don't even meet really. No red meat, no no fish, no seafood. I'm a I'm a plant based eater.


Everything everything is plant.


I'll go chicken. Every once in a while I'll dabble into my chicken. And that's what that's what people don't understand.


I don't think people really get that or understand that. It's like just because you make the decision to go and try plant based doesn't mean that you have to engulf in that world, learn it, understand it, and see if there's benefits that work for you. I stop eating red meat so much because I learned that I didn't have to have it.


I thought that I needed it to survive. That's what I was under the mindset. Like, if I don't eat this, I'm things are going to change for me. That's what I thought. But once I found out there was protein and things in other foods and other resources, and then I started to learn more about the plant based food space, I was going to give it a try.


And I started trying to buy meat and I fucking felt love with me. I mean, I was I don't feel a difference there.


Just let me try some of those beyond meat. Things are not good for you. I love you. I'm sure you do.


You enjoy. That's fine. I love if you're going to be plant based. That's not the way to go in terms of like the overall health. It's not bad if you want just taste if you enjoy, you know, just mouth pleasure.


But they're not good for you. I it's all oils, it's all this plant based oils and it's all processed and weird. Just eat vegetables.


What you are is a very smart man. So I would never challenge the information that you may have that I don't have. So now after being told such a thing, I would look and see for myself. But I can say to date. I love the beyond option because it's not only taking the place of the meet, I like the different versions of it that's available as long as you're enjoying it.


Nothing wrong with something enjoying. You're obviously very healthy.


Yeah, I can say I haven't seen I put it this way since, since going plant base and jumping into that space and choosing that because there was a moment where you had the impossible you had to be on. And yet all the stuff that was out there and you're trying everything, I like that one the most.


So after liking the beyond when the most, then I said, let me see if I can be more consistent.


Since doing that, I've I've seen a significant change in just being more vibrant, more up and in at it.


Like, you know, my days were always long, so there used to be a wall that I would hit, you know, when I was eating and I was red meat, whether it be the burger patty without the bun, whether it was steak and eggs for protein, whatever it was, I would always hit a wall a day where, you know, I'm dozing, I'm dozing and I'm crashing.


I don't have those crashes.


Maybe weren't getting enough carbohydrates. Could be.


Once again, Joe, you're very smart because I'm not going to challenge your knowledge, because I know that this is a space where you're well equipped. You do your research, you read you know, I've heard you talk about things various times in this space. I'll just say it's it's one of those things where I was like, OK, this is a pattern that I fell into, has been comfortable, but I've seen the results.


That's all that matters in this bioavailable bio variability that everybody has to take into consideration. Like your body's going to be different than Jaimie's is going to be different than mine. Everybody's body's going to respond different to different kind of foods.


It really it's really different. You know, some people work great of just fish. I know people that are on a carnivore diet and they're in the healthiest shape they've ever been in their life. All they eat is red meat, these rib eyes all day long and you go, what the fuck?


That doesn't make any sense. Meanwhile, they look great and they'll swear to you they've never felt better. Psoriasis is gone, joint pain gone healthier than ever. And then I know other people that are all one hundred percent plant based. Now, like I got off my meds, I feel great. I think focus on eating properly, whether it's eating properly, plant based or eating properly with a carnivore digest, cutting out all the bullshit.


Yeah, that's and focusing on the fact that you're eating for health and for vitality. That's a big part of it.


You just said the key. They know the key things you just said is people are doing different things that work for them.


Yeah, there is no right or wrong way.


And I think that's the biggest misconception. Right. The misconception is that you're doing it wrong is one way. There's only one. I don't do that. Don't eat that.


There's so many different ways that can work for you. Don't be afraid to try or just experience what those options are and find your comfort space like that's that's why I say within that plant based space, you know, people that go, yeah, man, I'm plant based. But I feel bad because I said things like, you don't like it's not there is no rule. Yeah. To what you want to do for you.


And you got to be open to making adjustments to. Do you know, Fletcher. I do know of him. I don't know him, but I know of him. Loved I got it done. He's yes.


As motivational as anybody who ever lived. He had a heart attack, had his heart replaced, got a new heart.


And he I don't think he's confirmed it, but he believes it's an Asian woman. And I don't know if that's that's how he feels or like he's had some weird feelings about having this other person's heart inside of his body. And he went 100 percent plant based, just changed everything, changed his entire diet and puts all these videos.


He thinks his heart came from an Asian, believes his heart came from an Asian woman.


I don't think he's confirmed that because I don't think they tell you, but I think he's he.


Would you want to know? Do you want to know? Yeah, I kind of want to know. Yeah. Maybe he knows now. He didn't I don't believe he knew last time I saw him in here.


But, you know, the first time I met him, I mean, he's a powerful guy. You know, it's still your motherfucking set. Like he's that guy. Yeah. And he's just always this, like, booming voice and just gigantic muscles. And he's all drive and go.


And then when his heart failed and then he had to have his heart replaced, I saw him about a year later and he had this remarkable calm that had come over him.


He was just like this different person, very loving and embracing and had all this happiness and all this joy and all this appreciation. And now all he needs is plants.


I mean, he's a and he swears by that light for him. That's that's the way to go. No, I'm not that light.


Yes. Sorry. Light. Yes. Yes. When you come close to that light. Yeah. And it's in that light that I'm talking about his death.


Yes. If you come close to that. Light when you do and if you are fortunate enough to come back from that light. You value life differently. You can't there, there, there are no bad days for me. There are no bad days for me. My biggest cry in life came from the first day that I came home from the hospital. Because I never. I never had to see that house again, like there was there was an option, right, of me never seeing that home again.


There was an option of me never walking on that driveway again.


There was an option of me never seeing my wife and my kids again, like the biggest. And, I mean, it wasn't it wasn't like a like a build up cry. It was pull up, get out feet, touch the ground. What the fuck just came over me. Boohoo, yes, like what the fuck, what just happened? By the way, a painful cry because my back my back was fucked up, right? So I'm crying hard and I'm in pain.


But the realisation of none of this has to be you're not in control, right? Hey, Kevin, you're not in control, buddy.


You thought you were you move for a minute like now.


Got this Ahmadu that. Don't worry about it. I got it will be good. I'm make sure it happens as if you were in control.


That's what it is, it's literally that, yeah, at any decision, at any given time, it can be over. Yeah.


And it's not until you get close to that light that you truly respect that. I respect that there are no bad days. I mean, miss me with any bullshit.


Yeah. I'm smiling. Yeah. Because I have no reason to be angry because I don't have to be here.


You appreciate that sunshine. Because you've been in the pouring rain.


Yeah, man. Hey, hey. That's a fuck. Yes. So you talk about Fletcher and you talk about his calm.


You know what man? I've I've been on the other side. He's he's been. Yeah, let's go. And that's great. Yeah. That doesn't mean it is that he doesn't still have that.


But now there's a different energy and a different level of relaxation that can come because I know how fortunate I am to be taking these steps.


Yeah, it's not just a theory like every day really truly is a gift. Yeah. And you take it for granted. It's real. You take it for fucking granted, man.


I'm telling you, not being able to wipe my ass changed everything.


You got one of them bidets in your house. You press the button. I couldn't even do that. Really, I couldn't do that. I'm talking you you take it for granted. You take it for granted, man.


All of this all of this conversation is clapping is easy. Oh, a camera.


All this shit here, you just you just think it's OK. You go go through go through a situation where it's compromised.


How long did it take before you could start walking again. Normal. Or semi normal. I lied in a hospital because I didn't want them to know. That that I was having pain because I thought they were going to stop me from letting me continue to try my walks. It was like day seven in the hospital. And I had the walker and it was slow walks, but I was dragging.


It was upper body and I was masking it as if I was feet.


Right, because I didn't want to stop trying.


Like, that was my that was my that was my fucking my my my go get my drive for anything was those that half hour of 40 where I could get up and go walk because I was just laying in the bed all day and you know, God bless me and my wife and my kids, there was there's times like if this is the remote control.


And I'm in the bed and I just want to get to the control while I can't get to it. If you didn't position to control down here by my hands so I could get it. This here throws my whole fucking eye. So now I can't press the button to corners and every second is back. Can you can you grab the control for me? Have do one I a time where my son, my son was like, fuck it. My son just slept in the bed with me, my son.


He was like, I'm here dad, I'm up. My son didn't want to go to school. My daughter. Then when I go to school, they didn't leave my side. They stayed there in middle of the night. If they heard, they heard me.


Yeah, I did what you want. They were up.


My son, Doubleday's nurse, my daughter doubled his nurse Nyko doubled as it you know, they they were there. My brother came and that's when the that's when they care about what was important, really changed the shit that I thought was important. The things that you think are important. You get to looking around at a hospital room with four walls. None of that shit that you think is important is in there. It's one of these people. None of the other shit was in there.


None of it. None of it was fucking in there.


It's also got to make you feel great that there's that much love, you know, that they care about you. That's what got that's what gets you. That's what gets you through it now. So those little steps that I was taking, you know, the the discomfort of not being able to do the love and energy made me go.


It's going to be all right when we get there, because you definitely feel defeated, if a little bit. And so how long before you were walking without a walker?


Um. How stubborn man. Probably two and a half weeks to wow to two and a half weeks, I should have had the walker go, Wow, I should have had the walker.


But it was I'm I'm giving the perception that it's that it's better than what it is. And I had the back brace on you. Faked it till you make it.


It was I definitely I definitely I definitely was was. Hey, smile and let's have you. All right. Good morning, everybody.


Given this perception, Bill Burr told me he went to visit you. Yeah. And it's going to see me. And he said he goes through. The fucking guy's already walking around. Yeah, it's crazy.


I had given a perception because if you don't, I don't want you to to to worry.


Yeah, I got. It's me. Yeah. Let me I'm going through it. I'm gonna figure it out. I don't want that worry placed on anybody else. I told you I stopped taking meds. Yeah.


So every night was was a horrible night.


That's so much better for you though. Just accept that pain every night. I did that with my knee surgery and obviously a much less painful thing. But I was like I took that shit once from one of my knee surgeries one day and I was like this.


I feel so fucking stupid. Slobbered slobbering myself. That's when I said, No, no, I was talking to pieces. Yeah, I was by myself alone in my apartment.


And I was thinking, this is, you know, back when I lived in New York and I was like, I'm not doing this again. This is one day I'd rather I'd rather be in searing pain and have my senses than to be stupid.


I felt so dark, felt dumb, dumb, just like, yeah, it's just not me, not I'm not in escape.


I don't want to escape. I want to dig deep. Not that bit. Yeah. I'd rather just feel the pain. I'm not looking for that bit.


It's a sensation. It's a terrible sensation. But I know what it is. This is letting me know that there's a problem and we'll fix that problem that I don't like the look that comes with being.


Yeah, like when I see what people look like that I don't like that look like this weed.


I know that's that's the I'm talking about this say. Oh yeah.


That when you don't know what way this year you you don't know what's going on in your hands.


I don't like that. I don't want to look I don't want to look like that. Yeah.


I think that's people that are in so much pain all day just emotionally that they just need some sort of escape from it.


One thing I want embracing it. I will not knock anybody that is dealing with any type of mental struggle because that is something that's so serious because nobody understands what that is except that person. Right. So I never I never talk as if that's an easy thing. I talk as if that's a thing that I don't fully know about. So you can only you can only have some type of remorse in feeling of understanding for people that are battling any type of mental illness or mental health, because that's just a different it's a different monster and different machines.


So whatever the reasons to escape that are for you and from you, you know, that's that's something that's TBD to be determined between you and whoever's trying to help you people on the outside.


We got no right. We got no right. If you're not fucking dealing with the same thing, you got no right to judge that ever.


There's no way we can understand what's going on. I'm no way I can understand what's going on in your head other than you telling me about it and me trying to decipher it and trying to put it into words. But that's one of the more interesting things about talking to people. It's like when you when you talk to people and you find out how they feel and think about things that shifts your own ideas of what life is. And I try to look at life through other people's eyes.


And the only way you get that is through them talking.


I mean, I'm dealing with it now with my kids and I got two teenagers. So my daughter, you know, my daughter got mad. This is why she got so mad.


She's just forget it. And was like it was like a little rage. I didn't attack her for it.


I said, there's something that made you do that. It's bigger than just this, it's not about what we're dealing with now. I said that was there was something else that I've never seen. And I said, I'll give you a second, take some time to yourself. I said later, if you want to talk about anything, your dad is here, so let's talk if you want to. And we got this thing called free speaking zone and a house free speech zone means as a parent, I can't get mad at you about what you said.


I got to give you a conversation based off what you said. And I got to act as if you're not my child for that moment. You cannot abuse free speech and zone.


No, you can't abuse it.


That don't mean every time you're in trouble, free speech zone, your abuser and now you risk free speech isn't going away. I like that idea. So you got to use it correctly.


So, you know, my daughter came to me and and like the nicest voice, she was a free speech zone. And I was like, yeah, I was up. And she just started talking to me about some things that were bothering her.


And when when we talk, what I found is. I can relate to my daughter because I know for sure that where I come from. It's allowed me to see exactly what she's seeing, plus so much more. Plus, so much more, and this was a this was a time where the hair was an issue, my daughter went through a big hair thing, you know, she wanted her hair to be a certain way. And the hair. Wouldn't there was no way to her hair was going to look like what she wanted it to.


So the discussion was, honey, as a young black girl, your hair is not going to do what your friends hair does.


You know, my daughter goes to a private schools. It is white girls here.


You got some mixed girls here. And, you know, these girls are out and they can jump in the pool, get out and their hair is a certain way. I'm like, honey, yours is going to do that.


But if you want a different look, then that means that we can work on ways to obtain it. But honey, it's not going to happen overnight. And I had to make sure that my daughter understood how beautiful she was. I had to make sure that my daughter understood why it's OK for our hair to be different and be unique and not the same.


I had to go into a forefather. Programming of making you understand your value, and my daughter needed that, but it wasn't it wasn't something that just came out of nowhere like that. I want to talk to you about my hair.


It was the anger that she later then came and wanted to discuss. But if I didn't have the free speech zone, that's some shit that just would have been in and never taught and never talked about.


Yeah, but I gave her something that she used as a as a reason to say what I don't like and don't judge me, but this is really making me mad.


Well, it seems like you've developed this philosophy that applies not just to work and not just to success, but also to family and relationships. There's a lot of carryover in all of this. It's like accepting things for what they are, but looking at a positive way to improve them, even in terms of just communication with your family.


I mean, that's priority. Yeah, probably number one. I mean, it's there's it's so it's so dope to be able to build. What we're building, because it's not a tradition, this is not we don't have a family tradition where the first.


Right. This is the first. Right.


I don't come from mom and dad, same house, kids, dogs and dinner at night at six p.m.. I don't come from that. Right.


I don't know how to do that. So we are now learning that, you know.


Divorced ex-wife, new wife, step kids, new kid. Brothers and sisters coincide with ex-wife, new wife, make sure that we all understand this is our world.


How do we call parent bumps, of course, figuring it out? Of course, kids household in our household, let's build something dinners. Let's make this a thing. Conversations, no phones. Let's make it a thing.


Movie night, taco Tuesdays, game night, all this silly shit that you may look past.


Our memories, family trips, family walks, walking the dogs together, all of this shit we're building.


So I'm fascinated at giving my kids stories to hold on to when they get older.


Remember that time when we did sad things, sad things, sad thing. Where are we at this summer? Remember when sadness that's happened and you fell in the tank and Dad had to come get you?


Oh my God. You know what, Dad? You know, I want to go back to, you know, what we want to do. We're building it.


So my hope is that as I grow older, I'm able to look at a new a new era within the heart.


Well, then his heart family name is Heart Legacy, I'm looking at I'm looking at generations, you know, I got two sons, I got two sons. Man, that's that's an unbelievable thing because this name goes I got a daughter that's my older son.


But I have another daughter, like now it's like, fuck CAVU really. It's bigger than you. It's about this and it's about what they have, but it's about what they remember.


I'm doing my part in life to go back to what we talked about earlier by making this generation better than what I was.


I'm giving you the fucking tools, guys. You don't got to do what I do. You don't got to be what I am. But I'm giving you the tools to at least want to aspire to be.


Is there a struggle to find time, like to manage the time between work and family relationships after that accident?


No. Another fucking accident. Accident was the the the best eye opening experience ever, you know, I mean, it's I was married to my career dating my family.


Mhm. Right.


Like I'm right. I'm all about this work and all about this hustle granite. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a good thing. But after a certain point, you got to prioritize accordingly when you when you get to a certain point where the decisions that can be made are a little more controlled and you have the ability to maneuver differently because of the success that you've obtained, make those adjustments. I didn't make those adjustments. I was still hustle, hustle, hustle.


Great. A great dad. We're doing stuff.


I'm home. I'm getting back home. But my in and outs three days. I'm out. Two days.


Three days I'm out. I got to go from the movie. Y'all come down for the weekends. All right. I see you guys will eat dinner. We'll do stuff and it's great. Crammed it all in. I got to go.


I'm working and it's not bad but now. All right, I'll from a movie after I'm done filming a movie. What I got, I need to take 30 days off. I need to take 40 days off. That's just me and the fam now a you go to. It was just about a year and a half we out four days out the fuck week. I'm out year and a half. I got to get it.


Well, now let's go a month and a half to stop for three weeks. I'm with the fam, so I still have my three days a week that I was here. But then I'm stopped for three weeks. This dedicated the fam time to nobody do anything with me or talk to me. I'm I'm home.


Now, my office, I was in that office when we fucking open our office open and I'm their eighth, you know, there's a chance that I may be in that office.


So fucking six now.


Yeah, no matter what, guys that day in office has to end it like three. I've got to be home for dinner. I got dinner with the fam. My priorities have changed. But it brings me back to the decisions that you're now able to make based off of. Life's circumstances, life's lessons, so because of all the shit that I went through, because of the things that I now got to see. Because of that hospital room and those four walls and me seeing my family and what that love did for me and to me, well, I'll be damned if I fucking look past it.


I'll be damned if I not do what I'm supposed to do and give that the same amount of attention in return because my eyes got open.


Fuck, is that why that happened?


What do you say to me? Was that supposed to what? OK, I'm going to assume. I'm going to assume and I'm going to look at the signs that are clearly being given. And I'm going to try my best to do my part, I'm going to try my best to grow. So my time now is is so valuable. But the priority within my time are making sure that the people that I love and that love me have some time.


When it's all said and done, I want to know that I made those adjustments, I want to know that I did my part. You achieve that balance? Absolutely.


But it was learned. It was learned. Now, this is information. Yes, it's fucking information.


And and there's one side of information that I had, which was go get it. I'm out. I'm out.


I got to go get it all the time before the stadium is shit to do, which I still do do. I don't want to make it seem like that isn't in me. But there's a balance. There's now a balance.


That's the trickiest shit in life. It's yeah, it's to find that balance, find a balance, not just be a fucking savage out there grinding and attacking all day, but to have that balance and appreciate especially appreciate family.




It's it's it's something that I've that I've had to learn and that I'm still learning. It's not something that I'm knocked out the part completely yet because it's a growing fucking it's a living.


Yeah. You just you got to just keep being a sponge and being willing to fucking grow.


Tell me about this audible thing.


Audible is an amazing partner of mine. Now, my first book, I Can't Make This Up Life Lessons was New York Times number one bestseller. And I got bit I got bit by the book. Wow. As an author, I wanted to write a book. I did it. Look at the success that it had.


The opportunity came up for me to voice that book on audible and the audible success was just as good, if not greater than my hardcover.


And people loved the fact that the stories were real. But hearing my voice and hearing me be personable while being real was a bonus from other things and they've ever had the privilege of listening to. So I said, I want to do another woman, but I'm big on this.


Motivation, self-help, inspiration thing, I'm I'm really big on trying to do my part, so as I was telling you earlier, I said in my life, man, I got so, so many stories of all of my twists and turns in right moves and wrong moves and decision making that enhance those moves or that devalue them and made them incorrect.


Ultimately, if I were to give information, it's just to open up people eyes is to open up your eyes to.


To the reality of you competing with you, I want people to understand that. We lose because we are OK. With ignoring our faults, right, it's not until you can accept your faults, your bullshit. That you can grow and do better. We point the finger a lot by we, myself included, I'm an example of it. Yeah, I didn't do that because nobody told me I didn't get up, I didn't get along. Why don't you call me and get me up?


Yeah, I don't know. He's going to go eat. Didn't want to tell me he was going to go eat. I came to tell me. I know we had a test today. Why don't you tell me where Tuesday. I study because nobody reached out to tell me. There's so many things that we place the blame on others for that are truly our responsibility. And it becomes a habit. It's a force of habit. So it's not as you break that habit.


That you can do bigger and better shit, so this audible original of mine called the decision is about making you look at shit differently, making you realize the tone of today and making you understand how much you're a part of it. I got a big thing on social media near where I'm like social media's mind mindfuck people and to people now thinking that it's what the world thinks. Social media has mindfuck people into thinking that the comments below a post. Ah, what the world must be feeling and thinking about you.


The insecurity levels have raised to an all time high because my belief is now I posted something.


People are saying these things underneath. I don't want to go outside because this is how they feel.


So I've now put this shit in my head that as soon as I walk outside, if you look at me, you talk about my postings.


You were posting folks you talking about. Right? You saw my post, didn't you? And that's why you looked at me like that.


And what do you want? We now think that this is the way. Of the world, right, and we're so engulfed into it that the negative is so loud.


That you don't even see the positive, even if it's overwhelmingly positive, a few negative, you don't see it. You concentrate on those negative, you don't see it. Yeah, there was a black billionaire that paid off student loans. It was a story of about a a half.


Another story popped up, a reality star suck somebody's dick in the bath went on for three weeks of crazy news, breaking fucking news. What this all over the place.


The reason why is because we spread the negative as people. We've fallen in love with bad information and bad conversation.


Yeah, we're intrigued by it. Well, it's a natural human instinct because those are the things that can kill you. Like from the days when we were, you know, living in small villages, worried about animals attacking us. You had to be always worried about negative. Negative was a thing you had to concentrate on because that could take your life positive with something that's great, that's good and all, but really got to concentrate on negative. And unfortunately, that human instincts carried over into this time where we don't really have the same fear of danger that we had before for the most part.


But we still concentrate on these negative things. We still concentrate on negative comments, negative stories. These negative things carry more weight because we have a natural inclination to keep an eye out for danger. It's a it's like our human reward system's been hijacked. It's been hijacked by social media.


This new thing that we're not prepared for reading, anonymous written things that are negative and the fact that, you know, there's a book called The Coddling of the American Mind by Jonathan Haidt. And he wrote about this with children, about how many, especially girls so many girls are experiencing super high levels of self-harm, suicide, depression, all because of social media, because they're writing things and their friends are commenting on them and people are anonymous saying he's stupid, fat bitch and fucks with their head in a way that other generations before didn't have to deal with before social media.


There was nothing that could affect them in this way.


And, you know, it's tough because there's gifts and curses to it. Of course, like there's a there's amazing benefit behind it. And of course, now we're seeing the, you know, the bad within it. So would I encourage any and everybody to do it?


Just understand who you are. Truly understand who you are. Learn yourself, yeah, learn yourself, learn the pros and the cons. Get your flaws, get them out the way.


But would you not nobody else? No, this is a you. And you think of the shit that you know you need to work on.


I'm telling you people, when you really look yourself in the mirror and you start to pick yourself apart by yourself, yeah, there's only room for improvement.


It's easy to ignore your bullshit.


Also, other people can't tell you things you don't already know. Fuck, yeah. You're 1000 percent right. Yeah, you're 1000 percent right. And that's what this is.


My my audio book is not a live like me tutorial. It's not a do what I did to Tauro. It's I would never do that because I don't have all the answers.


All I have is stories and information that you can now be privy to that can allow you to make different fucking turns on his role in life.


What what was the motivation to do this? Was there one thing or was it was it was it a build up, me being.


Me being one of the only black guys. And our entertainment space, because there's a handful of us that get to look behind the curtain, there's a curtain, there's another room and there's a curtain, and in that room is some shit like, goddamn, I didn't know I was doing this back here.


I don't know. I was getting this type of money back.


I've been doing this for how long. This is how it happens.


There's a there's a room that you get in any information and understanding that comes in it. The end, it's unreal, the stuff that you start to discover, but it's a discovery. It's a discovery you got to stumble upon this treasure. Of information and discovery, and if you don't. Maybe you're in a right environment. You hear some stuff, you can ask some questions, but nine times out of ten it's not offered. It's a search and fine.


And when I was constantly in those situations and I found myself saying, well, how but why?


Well, then what did you do? Right. Damn after that. Then what? What the fuck did you how did that even work?


I was in a room with Jeff Bezos and Robert Kraft, this was the Patriots that won the Super Bowl and we're in like the this little private room after.


And Tom Brady is like giving a speech thanking Robert for all Robert thinks.


Tom and I'm with my wife and a friend and Jeff Bezos walks in my Frango.


Jeff Bezos will say, so I. I would love to pick his brain as an interesting individual.


Not only do you mean don't do that.


Who said don't do the friend? No, no, no, no. Wow. We talk about why you do that. Kev's room full of people don't look like to do this. Thirsty.


Thirsty for what? For fucking information, Dick Face, we also like little guys, like little fuckers about what fucking information I want to fucking say, hey, I want to see my face.


I want to ask him some questions. And you see this man or more. I don't know him. We're not on a phone number phone. No basis, I must say. What's up to him? I come.


Do you? I'm just saying. And this is why I'm just chill. It's relax and that's just start to click to me. That's the problem. Everybody's too cool.


Everybody's too fucking cool. Right.


Everybody wants you to think that they know you don't know you know shit.


We don't know. Shit does one Jeff Bezos. There's Buck and one. He's right there. Almost trillionaire.


Hey Jeff. Come here, man. First of all, explain a trillion to me. What is that. How many. Zero. What is that?


First of all, do you know how excited he must be to talk to you?


To who knows? I'm a fucking find out. I can find out. You know, I tell you what I mean.


I'll be right back, baby. Come on. Took my wife with me. Hey, Jeff.


I'm Kivar. How are you doing, man? Hey, Kevin. How are you? Yeah, this is my wife Eneko. Hey. Hey, man. I admire you. I don't fucking know anything about that world and death, but I admire you, I admire you for being a guy who fucking created and accomplished some shit.


That is a phenomenon.


I want to shake your hand. I would love to talk one day care of a man. Good.


Meaning you will Bumpass one day if we do or don't you remember? It is. I just want to tell you I admire you. I don't need shit. I'm not asking for anything but what I did. I set myself up for another conversation. But when I got the opportunity. You're talking here. But I'm a calm over man. I admire you. I want to fucking ask you a bunch of questions about this Amson shit, and that's how you came up with it.


I don't think there's a time or place, but I want you to see my face.


Have you ever seen the photo of him sitting at his desk and there's a banner behind him, a plastic nylon like hanging banner. It says Amazon.com. It's in like the 1990s when people like, what the fuck are you doing? Selling books on the Internet. And there's this shitty look in IKEA desk. Look at this. Look at him. This is him here.


Look at this guy, Amazon.com and Markhor. Yeah. Looks like spray paint. Spray paint. Look at this shit. Hey, look at that shitty bullshit desk, that dorky looking dude. Look at the courts. Yeah. Now he's off buff and jacked and shit. Jesus, now he's a savage.


That's basically conquering the business world. Richest man. Wow. Richest man.


Publicly, I think there's a bunch of them oil billionaire guys that's got some shit too, I don't think.


Yeah, they shut up. They don't want to say anything. Yeah. Either way, I was in a room with that man. Yeah. I didn't, there wasn't a level of cool that I had.


That that would keep me from just going and saying hello or asking a question, for that matter. Right. And and it's being in those spaces that intrigue the thought.


I was like, this is Lamido. I'm doing my part.


I'm gonna do my part and say it. I'm gonna say, hey, when it comes to producing a production, here's what I've done.


Here's the walls that I've hit and here's where it's really hurt me. But here's what I learned and here's why I do it this way. My ambition is fueled from possibility. I'm giving you all this shit. I'll give you all what you want me to Amadi and take you with me, yeah, keep it in the coffin with me. I'm a Marandoo. Let me do it. Yeah, I'm a fucking give it. Well, also the possibility that some young kid could listen to this audio thing.


Listen, do you talk about these things and then one day succeed and run into you the same way you ran into Jeff Bazinga running at Kevin Hart? Oh, my God. I got to tell you, I got where I am because I listened. I listened to you talk about your life. I listened. You talk about your fuck ups and you made me feel like you are human. Like I thought you were just Kevin Hart. Like, when people see you, you're Kevin Hart, you're walking the red carpet.


You know, you're in Jumanji, you're all over the place is fucking comedy specials for fifty thousand people in arenas and shit. People don't know that you're a human. You don't seem like a human because you're not like a human that they know.


But when you talk and you talk about your life and some kid might just get a spark off of that blow, that spark, make that amber flame up and take over. And next thing you know, you're running into that person and some other Super Bowl party.


I can't even do. I can't even tell you. That's the that's me. That's that's what it's about. Yes. Yeah, that's what it's about. You're offering fuel.


That's that's that's as strong as anything else. Yeah.


And that's going to pay it's going to impact some people. You know, there's going to be people that don't have room for it. Right. They're all closed up that, you know, like a cup. There is no room in their cup. They're full of their own shit and he's not going to get in there.


There's other people. They're going to have a spot for you. They're going to a spot. And you're going to you're going to make that engine better. You're going to make the whole engine of their life better.


There's there's things that I think about all the time when I'm working out or when I'm tired or I think about inspirational things that people have said and they get me through the shift shifts my mind, steels me up, makes me makes me think about things in a different way. And I can accomplish more because of those thoughts. I can accomplish more because of that energy that some person. And you did that to me, man. You did that to me.


The last time we had a conversation. I remember leaving our conversation going, that motherfucker's motivational. And I got a lot of text messages from a lot of friends, a lot of people. That was a great one.


But it was there was a shift like when when when someone is really getting asked in their life and you're around them, there's a shift in your own life. And it's a tangible thing.


It's like if you could see it on a meter, you know, it's almost like your meter goes up and you feel it, but you don't you don't quantify. You know, it's not something you put on a scale. It's not something you'd see on a meter, but it's real. And you got to believe it's real. No, it's real. And when you're doing this, when you're putting out this audio book and even these conversations that you put out, when you people know what you've accomplished and you put these conversations out, it resonates, man.


It's so valuable. Did you did you see did you have to Dornoch know? Did you know that it wants to join?


Everybody's been telling me that now you have to know. I have to you have to watch.


Listen, you because he's he's an alien. He's one of us. He's one of he's one of those aliens the other aliens identify with. And for people listening when I say aliens, you know, similar for people, that doesn't mean it would fucking embrace an aliens.


Are you kidding?


I guess so much if it's a metaphor.


OK, but he he's different. He's fucking different, and what this shows you is how different MJ was, that man was a fucking winner. He was a winner. And that's that's it. Like that's it. MJ one.


There was no there is no other conversation when you watched as Doc and you watch how he approached his days and why he approached it and the things that he did and his reason for doing them and ultimately what he wanted and what his priority and what his goals were.


You go fuck.


He did it. We know why he did it. It's not a coincidence that he's a champion, it's destiny he there was no other option. It was champion or bus. There was no six time MVP, all star and the defensive player of the year and, you know, most likely a player in the league and most remarkable.


No, no. If it's not a champion attached to my name. Was several fucking trophies attached. There is no other conversation, and you motherfuckers around me, if you do not understand why I am the way I am, then this is not the place for you.


Do your job. I've never heard. Michael Jordan talked the way the documentary showed him talk, do your fucking job and I'll pass you the ball. Hit the fucking shot. That person now has to get better because I'm so nervous that it might pass me the ball and I missed this fucking shot, I'm never going to get a shot again. Yeah, do your fucking job when Mike is talking to you like that. I thought he was just playing basketball.


I thought I was out here having a good time. Oh, wait.


This is my job. This is my profession.


I'm supposed to do this, this and this. If I don't do this. I'm failing at my job. You see these players today and you see the way that they are. I promise you, man. Rest in peace. Kobe Bryant, every bit of the same. They give my guy LJ Flack and shit, I promise you, LeBron James is nothing short of that.


I promise you, these people that are winning fucking win because there is no other option, you have to watch this dog and Joe, you got to text me after, OK?


Text me after and just go, holy fucking shit. Holy shit, man. I get it, Kev, and the fuel that you're talking about in that meter. I promise you, your meet fucking. I got after that, I got up on my laptop and I got shit over here wasn't the dump.


Let me think of what the next thing is. It instantly? Yeah, it's the only fuel.


Fuel is fuel, last time I felt that was the Tyson documentary, how strong, how strong did this a time when he's talking about walking into the ring, that as he steps in the ring, like all the nervousness, all the things that go into his head, and that is his confidence builds as it gets towards the ring and he steps to the ropes. I'm a God.


When he says that, I'm like, holy shit, they are popping up.


I was like, oh, my God, that's that's that's no seconds, man to me. Yeah, that's the del seconds, man. To me, it's crazy.


He's fighting again. That's that is the dose sickies man to me the most interesting man. In America, that Mike Tyson, yeah, is that there's so many different levels and in. Pieces of death. Yeah, to Mike Tyson in his story, one of the I mean, it's one of the strongest dogs I've ever seen.


Well, he's he's one of those guys, one of those super winners that just I mean, when he was young, I mean, everyone knows the story. But if you don't, he was basically had no love in his life until he met Cus D'Amato and Cus D'Amato became a father figure. But also Cus D'Amato was a hypnotist and a psychologist and a lot of ways and a fantastic boxing coach as well, and took this young kid and showed him that you're going to get love from accomplishment and you're going to conquer and you're going to become the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.


And through his tutelage, up until the moment that he died, Mike Tyson was just a just a phenom, a thing that we had never seen before. He was the pit bull.


With no leash that. That respected one person. Yes, and anybody else at any given time, fear to fuck out of his pit bull because nobody else knew. Hey man. Yeah, who's what is.


Hey, yeah. Somebody's got to get this. What? Yeah.


What does this wait until Tuesday. If I see Mike, there's still there's a little nervousness for no reason for sure. And it's not like he's coming in with this thing like I'm killing there right now. But this gentleman, he's the most loving man in the world. You talk to me spoken, but there's still a little thing like Michael hit me.


My friend Kevin Lee said it best. Kevin Lee fights for the UFC. He said when he sitting next to me goes, he goes, that's a lion. Because I'm sitting next to Mike Tyson, who sits a lion sitting next to me like, OK, oh, I hope everything's cool. Oh, my God.


You know, this this fight, man. I just, you know, wish him the best.


I know he's bangers and stuff, you know, you just want him to be safe and and and healthy and his time. But, you know, that's the man I don't ever count out.


But God damn CNM just put up those little displays of Tarifa fight is it's what is terrifying heat seeking missiles coming from his shoulders.


Well, not only that, he wasn't doing anything like a year ago when I had him in here for the park. As you said, he didn't want to stoke his ego. He didn't want to work out. He goes because if I work out, my ego fires up there.


He is like, look at this. Look at this shit here. But, you know, they that's that's interesting. But that's just shadow boxing was crazy. Is he's training with half Cordeiro, who's one of the best M.A trainers, one of the best striking trainers in the world. He came from a legendary camp out of Brazil, Khateeb, Brazil, called Shoot the Box. It's like the legendary team of marauders from Brazil. They were like the golden glory days of pride.


Pride was, you know, a competitor to the UFC was defined in a lot of ways. The glory days are defined by this one team from Brazil that Hockfield Caldara was a part of. And then that guy trained in Mike Tyson. And he's been super successful training in mixed martial arts fighters, too. But I found it very interesting that Mike chose to train with that guy and to see the way they're going at it. I mean, he's not boxing.


He's trying to destroy motherfuckers.


Listen, you you I respect the trainer. I respect the trainer for standing in that in a way, and shit like that.


Yes, that one was one one accidental oops missiles, just the missiles are gone right now.


Listen, I'm boom. You got to just you got to just bow down.


Yeah. And you know what, man? That's we're still in the presence of greatness. And as people, I don't I don't think we should ever forget that.


Well, what's crazy is he's 53 years old. He's doing this and he's only been doing this again for like less than a year. So it's only been like four or five months that he's really been training hard and everything is just coming back.


It's I mean, I wonder I wonder what it is. I wonder if he just was bored. I mean, I really want this is this is the crazy shit.


Jesus Christ. I mean, that's crazy.


If you saw that guy, see if you saw that guy training and he was a 22 year old kid you like, man, this motherfucker is going to be something because he's just got an intensity that you rarely see from any fighter. There's a fury that burns inside of him that you can't manufacture, that you either have that or you don't. And he found a way to reignite it.


I was I swear, you beat me to it. You beat me to it.


But isn't that what isn't that what we we we hope for or, you know, we yes. We hope that we get you know, I think at that age fifty.


That's a that's a very pivotal, pivotal, pivotal. How do you say that. Pivotal. Pivotal. Right. That's a very pivotal word.


Pivotal word, pivotal point in your life because, you know, from when you're born to 50.


That's OK. All my years of fun are out the way my my craziness, my growth, my maturity, and now I'm supposed to start to be a little complacent. And, you know, I'm now at that at that hill where I'm looking on the other side of life, like now it's time to go on another side and see you on the other side.


You know, even if you're still on a high about living and about career and everything, you on the other side, it's it's a different thing. We on the other side, I made it here. Now, how many more years? It's a blessing to get more time after this because I made it to the top. And now, you know, on this other side, is it relaxing?


Is it not? And my comfortable am I am I a little depressed that I'm getting old? Am I not? What whatever those emotions and feelings are there real and a lot of people experience and have them. So to find something else to make you go, I'm ready again. Will Smith did it. Will Smith kicked in. Yeah. Will Smith. Something clicked. Something clicked on Wildsmith for years, Wildsmith wasn't around. We'll talk to you. We'll talk to you, will tell you.


But something clicked and he said at this age at 50.


I'm going to go get it again, I'm a go after it again because I can like it's something in there that Will Smith realizes that he has and at any given moment I can.


And that's Will Smith shoulders.


Will Smith wasn't on social media. Will Smith wasn't in this. You know, and the in the generation X, you know, he wasn't in her face.


He wasn't up in up in the fucking blogs and shit and YouTube on a day to day. He didn't have more movies coming out was very far, few and far between. And then he said, I'll do it when the fuck I want.


And he turned it on. 30 some million followers, 47 million followers, whatever blogs on YouTube are more Snapchat. I'm on at all Twitter, Tic-Tac. I'm going to show you how to do it. I got my own team. We showed you guys a new way to do this shit. I'm producing it different than it was. I'm back to doing movies. Here's my new movie. We are using a new technology. Our man, young me, old me.


He's fucking doing what he wants because he said he can. Everybody doesn't have that. Everybody can't do that. A lot of people to try. Yeah, but they don't do that.


You don't go from being number one and saying, I'm not going to do it. And I had some failures or whatever in here and it fall off again.


I'm ready to be number one again, that some of our favorite stories or someone who comes back like Dave Chappelle is a perfect example of that.


I can do what the fuck I want.


Not only that, Dave did it in a legendary way. They are from all this money to do this Comedy Central show in a different way. They want him to change it and tone it down. They want to make it more suitable for advertisers, too many voices. And he's like, you know what? I'm just going to go to Africa.


I'm out. He just went to Africa. I'm out.


Just took off and then came back and said, I quit and then stop doing standup. He was doing sort of you know, he was doing standup in a park in Seattle.


He'd show up with a fucking box, just do it, plug a microphone into it and just start doing standup. And people would gather round like, what the fuck is happening here? No, he didn't want any money. He would just show up at shows. If he wanted to do a show, he would show up at a comedy club. No money to show up, do a show. After the show was over.


I already laugh. It's a great Dave Chappelle story. I'm in Seattle. I think I was in Seattle. Sold out arena. Fucking thing I'm doing in Seattle, and we had two shows the same night, we do about 30000 people, right? Just fucking great day in Seattle. I get word to Dave Chappelle is in Seattle and Dave Chappelle randomly put up a theater show he's performing. Tonight, yeah, he's performing tonight. Called Dave you fuckin in Seattle, yeah.


When you book a show here, I would have fucking came, dude, I'm here, I'm at the theater. I didn't even know, man. What do you mean, Dave? I'm at the fucking arena. What? I must see if I can get down to you. I imagine I just put them up. What time do you think you'll get here?


I don't know, add to my show I pushed the time back, my Dave, what pushed the Tombak, what did you put on? I don't know, man, to tell him I do not show up.


I just call them, tell them I'm going to push back my I get to the fucking theater.


I rush after I show Dave has a a trailer and is like a little motor thing on the back of the trailers, like a little bus, fucking motor train like bus.


And then there's like a little the things that you pull shit in attached to it.


What are you doing here?


He's don't know my we've been going cross-country, taking our bikes, my ride cross-country, so I just when I need money, I just book a show and just tell us what what what is so different, so different and so him.


But the freedom. Yeah. Dave has a level of freedom. Chris Rock. Talk about it, man. You know, no one's like him.


His his level of freedom. I've put myself in his place, you know, I got the the corporate relationships and the CEO had and the companies.


So, you know, I can't do certain things because the consequences, not just for me, it's for the people that are underneath this umbrella.


If something were to happen, it's I have to be I have to be responsible. I have to I have to understand that it's not just about me. Right.


And I'm envious and jealous of Dave's ability to go and be free as a comic in the times where we desperately need to be. Yes, we desperately need to be. And Dave can be an. I bow down to. I called the give a fuck about these numbers, anything I got, Dave. In my opinion, you're the goat, in my opinion, your last special. Has allowed you to surpass the Richard Pryor, in my opinion. Dave Chappelle, I got to witness do groundbreaking controversal.


Movement as a comedian in the Times where comedy was being frowned upon. Comedians were being held accountable for doing what we thought we would never be ridiculed for, right.


The one person that stood on a pedestal that got the attention that no others can get outside of myself, a rock, a Seinfeld, he said in the time where the fuckin fire is the hottest.


I'm going to do what nobody else will. You got to fucking applaud that he stood up for comedy. He stood up for comedy, whether you want to see that or not. Right. He did that. Yes, he did it.


When there's the most pressure, when it was the most fucking pressure and when the times of we could cancel you, by the way, which is the stupidest shit that I've ever fucking witnessed in my 40 years of life, the whole idea of I can kill you today with the goddamn click of a button in your life.


By the way, this is a real feeling that people had. Yes, I'm in control of your life.


If I want your life to stop and be over, I'll cancel you. Yeah, and that means you can't live no more.


This is how ridiculous it is. Think about the meaning of counterculture.


So you're saying in my life is over, I can no longer survive or or provide for myself? Cancel.


I don't know. Figure it out. You can't. Dave Chappelle said, fuck all that. Do what you want to do, ahmadu me. That is epic, that is groundbreaking, that is goat like behavior, so I bow down to Mr. Chappelle.


He's very important.


He's one of the most important figures in the history of comedy at the Capitol, only because the fact that he's willing to do this when the scrutiny is the highest, you know, and also just his his just his story, the the way he did it, the way he walked away for 10 years and then came back and immediately went right to the top.


You know, my that is my as my brother from another mother I love love him. Chris Rock, Chris Rock. Maggie, one more.


Me and Chris Rock where the Comedy Cellar I call Chris and Chris. Come down to the cellar, man. I'm working on a joke tonight. I'll see you there. I kept hoping that Chris comes to say I'm get up to some shit I'm working on. So. So don't you think.


But I go on stage. Chris Rock sits in the back of the cellar. Get off stage, Krysti, funny shake, though, like you write stuff, because I'm noticing Albert Gore aren't done. I'm sitting here watching.


Chris goes up. Chris got some funny shit. Fuck, Chris funny. I like it because I have a nice conversation. Go upstairs. But the Dave comes in. What I was doing, I was going to go up, I'll make Chris went up, we will come down. Watch out. Dave goes on stage.


They've got about an hour. There's a moment where Dave is probably at about 40, 45 minutes in. Me and Chris both look at each other and at the same time, without saying a word, balled up the material that we just worked on. We were talking about saying it without saying it.


I ripped the page that I had in my little book and Chris just balled up his little fucking thing.


And we were like, he's unbelievable. We came in crafted. We got some shit that we wanted to fucking work on. Dave just went up there and talked.


It's like he's living like a legend, you know what I mean? Like, if you if you wanted to have a legend of a comedian, you talk about a guy who created the greatest sketch show of all time.


I mean, it only went for two seasons.


But when you talk about, like sketches like Clayton Bigsby, when you talk about the Rick James shit, these are so classic, they're unstoppable.


And then he goes away. He goes away like a fucking mountain man. He vanishes. He's in a farm in Ohio, you hear. Where is he? He's on a farm. He's got a fucking farm on a farm in Ohio.


What is he doing?


Comedy sometimes randomly just shows up at his barn.


He does this for ten years, as in Denver. Right. And this is before his comeback. I was in Denver and I'm doing standup. And I get off stage and I open the greenroom and Dave's there I go.


Dave, what are you doing? And he goes, Oh, hey, Joe, I just decided to fly into Denver. I go, You don't have a show schedule. Nothing goes down. Man. I heard you were here. I started flying. I go, Do you want to go up? He goes, Oh, should I go? Fuck. Yeah, hold on a second. I run back. People are leaving. People getting up.


I go, come back, come back. Tell everybody to come back. I go Dave Chappelle's here. I like what they all come back, sit down and he does forty minutes and destroys.


I love. The best part of that story is you want to go up. Should Dave. Dave you just took a flight to Denver. Yeah. Why not. I guess so.


Then he takes me out. We go out on the town to all these fucking spots I don't even know existed in Denver. He knows where all these after hours places are. You go behind an alley, you knock on a door. The opening up. Yeah, everything's velvet line. Yeah. Small private bar. He's he's he's the one.


He's one of one. One of one of one. One of one.


This is what the fuck is should be like. You see this is, this is us embracing. This is us embracing. We're embracing someone. Yes. Embracing that there's nothing wrong with that world.


It's important. There's nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong with embracing someone is doing fucking what you can. Demus is great shit.


You're supposed to just you're supposed to have to.


It's part of the thing. You have to you have to sing praise, shower praise on people that are doing it the right way. Yeah. No one's ever done it better than Davis doing it the right way. No.


And even like I said, even the legendary Staats, like he's like a character in a book, you know, I'm saying a mountain man.


He's like a mountain man.


He goes off to a farm outside of Dayton, Ohio. The fuck does that, by the way, tells me, Kev, you got to come down to the farm. Dave, I don't want I don't know what I was a kid.


I don't want to. What do you want me to do down there, Dave? What do you want me to do? You got to come down, man. It's a good time. We're going to have a good time, man. It's a barn. Fires music Dave It's a farm. You got to promise me. All right, I'm coming.


Dave, I fucking I like literally, I, I can only hope to be remotely close to as creative as he is at that point in my career and find this jello like he's in an amazing gelo right now.


He knows who he is. Right.


And that compromise and no one can tell him any different. He is who he is. I mean he just he's unapologetically himself and he gets it.


His part of his brilliance is not just being in a brilliant observer and a brilliant orator and a describer of life, but also and being who he is perfectly like he doesn't have any conflict in being who he is.


He knows who he knows how to do it.


He knows how to do it right. And he's OK with not having and when he walks on stage, man, he strolls on that stage like he belongs there.


He's OK. Yeah.


Not having him go fuck you. You know Eddie Murphy. I've met Eddie Murphy.


I don't know him very well, but I knew his brother Charlie very well. Eddie.


We had a dinner one night and it was Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, me. Chris Rock. Chris Tucker, holy shit. And Dwayne Wade, Gabrielle Union Usher, a.k.a. wow.


All right, so where we're at this dinner and me and Chris was like, yeah, we should get let's just put a dinner together or we all just come out because and Chris love to fucking just hear Eddie go like Eddie is pound for pound. The funniest person you can ever be around, like effortlessly not trying just in story. This dinner. Goes down in history is.


The funny is the funniest night of my life and conversation, and you got to see comics be in all of one another, you got to see us appreciate each other like like everybody talked.


And this wasn't a one up story. Yeah, this was a conversation. But you saw the you saw why the goats were the goats.


Yes. You saw why the goats were the goats. You clearly saw that I was young in class and I'm the the guy that's coming up in the rear and I'm like, I'm happy to be there. Must be ecstatic that I'm fucking smiling here.


Make sure there's a picture of it. That's my daily shit.


I'm smiling at Tam Jamie skills. I'm smiling air to fucking air.


And I remember wow, there was a moment where we were talking and Eddie would say something and then Chris look like, come on man, you know damn well any anybody doing that. And then you will forget Dave. Shut up, dammit. Chris, which rock?


And I'm just being quiet. I'm just fucking quiet now. And then I would have more to tune in. But literally you saw why the goats were to go.


Wow, that's I'm telling you, one of the most epic things. I have this picture framed at my house. That's amazing. That's amazing. Framed in my fucking God.


I hope he comes back. I know he's been talking about it. He's been talking about it. Did you see that one thing he did? There was some sort of an award show where he came up and talked on the podium and he was doing material and he was talking about them taking away Bill Cosby's degrees. No.


You never seen it? No. Jamie, find it. Find it. Recent is reason.


It's like within the last couple of years brought his timing, you know, and he he would just get up there right now and murder.


Well, you saw it. You saw it also in his SNL sketch. He did the one SNL sketch where he did the it was like the the holiday the holiday family. And it was like the black family. Yeah. And his daughter brought the white guy home. And it was the black family's reaction to it because he was staying there over the weekend. So Eddie was dead.


But you saw his time and its time. It was a man he still fucking Eddie Murphy.


We'll play this and we'll wrap this up. We'll just ended on this. Your shit is available on audible. Yes, sir. Now? Yes. Right now. Right now.


You're a brilliant person. I really appreciate you. I appreciate you being here. I fuck with you, Joe.


I'm serious, man. I, I want to say this. I couldn't be happier for you and for all of your listeners, all of your supporters.


I want to thank y'all for staying with this man and ride with this man through the years because, you know, to build something and have that's something means something that's valuable to you serve a very strong purpose.


It's time. I'm a fan and I'm happy to call myself a friend. I fuck. Would you appreciate? I mean, shit. I mean, Eddie Murphy.


Ladies and gentlemen, listen, this bill Bill has one of these. Did you make Bill give his back? No, because I know it was a big outcry from people who was trying to get Bill to give his trophies back, you know, you they want you to give your trophies back. Sophia, back to you, he should do one show, we just come out and just talk crazy. Now, I would like to talk to some of the people who feel that I should give back my.


Oh, it's only a piece of it. The whole thing's on there, but it's got Mark Twain speech.


OK, well, if we play more, they'll probably pull it down anyway. That's good enough. Oh, my God. It was brilliant. Strong. Thank you so much. Thank you, brother. Bye, everybody.


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