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That's join Honey Dotcom Rogan. My guest today is one of the best stand up comics alive. He is the very best at using the Internet during this whole quarantine lockdown. His fucking YouTube page and his Instagram page have been hilarious. He's just one of the best guys is I love him to death everything about him, his work ethic, his sense of humor, his intelligence.


Please give it up for the great and powerful Andrew Schultz government podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience train my day job podcast, my night all day.


So you ask him? Yeah. By the time I came around, he sure was already in an advanced stage and she was older and she had some health issues.


And so she wasn't banging comics at that point.


But there was a time there was a time when she was she was the boss. She was the boss woman. And she would grab comedians. And Jimmy Scheuber talked about he was like twenty one years old, wanted to be a comic also. And he's banging Mitzi Shore like, yikes.


Do we know anybody? Famous, famous, I don't know I don't know who's talking about it. I know Jimmy talked about it in our William Hague has talked about it. I have no idea. But it's it's a part of the reason why I'm saying it is because it's part of the Comedy Store documentary that they're putting out. I mean, she is a joint.


She was an animal. Yeah. She's pretty girl.


She also was the most important figure in comedy outside of comedians.


Like by running that store that way and letting all those people just be buck wild and have this crazy creative environment where Kinnison erupted from. And that's where, you know, Richard Pryor used to work out there and Hicks started there.


And so many people, so many people were there in the early days.


Why do you think that it could flourish that way?


Because of her, like how she made money? Like, did she have money? How it.


Well, there was a lot of great comedy. Right. So you got to think you've got Richard Pryor there. You've got David Letterman there. You've got Tim Thomas.


There was a giant cast of great comedy that came out of that club. And it was a cultural landmark and still is a cultural landmark in Hollywood. So there's money to be made there. Yeah, and there was that was the roaring days of the 80s where it was packed all the time.


And then there was like a drop off.


But now it's when we get to open again, it'll be packed again. Yeah. So like before the the pandemic, it was probably the best it's ever been doing.


Yeah. I mean I would go in there and it was insane. All three rooms packed, I mean just comics everywhere. The vibe was right. It's a real shame. Yes, it is a real shame, but it's just one part of the real shame of all this craziness that's been going on for the last few months. Yeah. You know, and now we're just talking about it before, like, there's all these articles now about how doctors are saying that the people coming to them are less sick than they ever were before.


Yeah. In England or in Italy, rather. They're saying there's such a small amount of virus, it's almost undetectable. It's run through the country.


Yeah, it's hot. Yeah. You think that's all it was. So Trump was right. Said it was going to go away without any cure.


Well. And then it did. It would but it would have killed more people.


Yeah. I don't know how many more people though. I don't know if there could have been a better strategy. I don't know.


The problem is we're Monday, Monday morning quarterbacking. Yeah.


It's like after the fact we're going, oh, this is what we should have done and we're all going to die. Yeah. I didn't think we were going to die, but like, I thought it could have gotten kind of bad a little bit.


I made a few phone calls of friends.


I was like, you know, go stock your fridges.


We might be in the crib for a little bit, but didn't help me was Idris Elba. Why what he said because he got it and he was fine.


Yeah. Yeah. Do you think they really got it? Yes, I do.


Like you don't think it's where they like the second it pops off. Tom Hanks is like, I got it. Well, the whole crew got it.


A lot of people were hospitalized. It was in Australia. It was a breakout in that area. OK, yeah, it was. Because that's what I would do. If I want people to be afraid, right. I'd be like, who's the most famous guy? He got it. Oh, you going deep conspiracy?


No, I'm just saying, wouldn't you do the same? Smoked any weed yet. Are we maybe at the end. But once I smoke, it's over. I just want to know what happens. It just fell apart.


I'll start doing like I'll start like doing like beatboxing. Maybe it just gets really bad. If it's horrible.


If we wanted to point to a conspiracy. Yeah. I would say you would kill Tom Hanks. I wouldn't say you let him walk away free because he gets it and he kicks them.


We're taking out that big. Yeah. I'm not scared of Tom Hanks and yeah. Tom, I can kick and I can kick it for sure. Yeah. Yeah that's true. It was interesting. Like it was like only famous people got in initially.


It was sort of.


Yeah. But it was like the new blue check. That's what we were calling it because like I remember I didn't know a single regular person that had it, but all these athletes had it. Every basketball team, a few people had it.


All these actors had it. Yeah. I was just like, how the fuck are they getting it?


See that the act the athlete thing was like, OK, well, these are super athletes and they don't have any any form of what it was, what they were flying bitches.


But you know what it was here you come here you come on, dude. I feel like it was just using the wrong fountain.


Those days are done. We can all use that fountain now. OK, cut the clip said at the CNN with a disease, we found out.


How many clips are we going to give you that this episode allowed? Five five zero. Yeah. So let's talk about them. Let's talk about them.


I feel like the athlete thing was like, OK, they're super athletes and they don't have any symptoms. Right. But we're not super athletes. OK, yeah, but then Idris Elba is just a really good stay in shape actor. Yeah, well he seems OK with Tom Hanks is an older gentleman who doesn't look good. He's in great shape. Yeah. And he got through it. Yeah.


What is you know, and then you find out the flu numbers and they go but it's not the flu. OK, ok, it's not the flu. Yeah. It's on the floor. Yeah.


You know science is no religion bro. Well think about it. Think about it though.


No, it's money. Money. I really believe that's a really good morning. But like quarterback and think about like the way religion operated in the past. Right. The second you said anything against the church, they shame you, they ostracize you. Who the fuck are you? How could you say these things? They put you in your little box, whether you get excommunicated.


Any of us who are like you sure it really kills everyone, right? Like, are you sure? Are you sure it's that contingency? What the fuck is Falchi come out of the Keebler Elf house, tell them what's going on. They've just rail at you nonstop. Yeah. And the second and the second you say a single thing, you were what did they label us?


I think Amazon even took our book Heretic. Right. Wasn't it? That determines I think you were with blasphemy or something. Blasphemy for sure. Right. And then all of a sudden this information starts to come out where it's like, OK, it's not that bad. The curve is kind of flattening. Natasha comes out today. That was it basically said if you're asymptomatic, you can't transfer it as easily as they thought. It's almost impossible. So all that worry that we were about kids giving it to the grandmothers, they're not going to do that was the only reason why stores are shut down.


The only reason why comedy clubs shut down restaurants, because if you're asymptomatic, you pass on. Now, we know you're not. If you have a cough, if you're sneezing, if you got the flu, stay the fuck home.


That's a crank it open. Let's go crank it open all you have to wait. No, New Jersey just said they want another month for.


So this is where we get into like the more. Mamoon But you don't think this is just people trying to get re-elected?


It could be, but it could be people who are. There are people dying on their watch because now it's not the economy that gets re-elected, its people dying on your watch. Well, if someone comes along and says the reason why X amount of people died, it could have been much less if you had just done the right thing and kept those people safe and kept everything closed for another month.


Right. So I think it's that it's also a lot of these people are not healthy people. Right. I know a lot of really intelligent people that are not healthy and they're terrified of this virus. Yeah. And I would try to tell them, well, hey, let's look at the actual statistics. Yeah, the actual statistics are it doesn't seem like it's fun to catch. Yeah, right. But as long as you have a good level of nutrients in your body, you have an adequate sufficient levels of vitamin D zinc.


You take care of yourself, get in the sauna, drink a lot of water, don't get fucked up every night, don't eat sugar all day like you're probably going to be OK.


And maybe what's devastating even more so is how many suicides we had, how many people died because because of the depression, you know, did you hear that stat that, like, Karen actually saved lives because people weren't driving, so they didn't get in car accidents?


Oh, that's true.


But like, in a weird way, way less people.


It's safe. Car accident deaths, car accident deaths. What else was there? I mean, there was a lot more domestic violence, but a lot more child abuse to really.


Yeah, a lot of child abuse, a lot of domestic violence.


And then what's really scary is the fucking suicides, because people who are already barely hanging on but might have pulled through if they had a good job, had a way to make a living. Now they're broke and they have to beg for money and they they get one twelve hundred dollar check. Got it.


Everybody I know that's a comic is making more money. How all these comics that were like they're barely there were like middling on the road. They're barely doing it. They get the twelve hundred dollars check, they get furloughed from their job. So I think you get like 600 bucks or something a month when a week or something when you're furloughed, they're making like a grand a week like everybody had money do. This is crazy shit about anything. The stock market hasn't budged, but that's how you know, the stock market's fake or this is fake.


They price out everything, Joe. They price out every the Super Bowl. They price it out. They price out the what is it? The other thing we're just in the pandemic. They price out. Right. And dip down the protest right now.


They priced out they priced out the protest Mitt mathematician's really, I think call up Lix Friedman.


Let's get to the bottom. It is Lex clanks Call me buddy.


I was funny when we were at the store and I was teasing him because he was dressed like a man in black. And and then you go, he's a black belt jujitsu to it, but he's a super nerd.


He's a nerd that can kill you. Yeah. Yeah. Nerds like that jujitsu. Yeah.


Well, it's a very intellectual pursuit. Believe it or not. Seems like it wouldn't be. Yeah. It seems like just brute strength and shit like that. It's not.


So there's also they just want to like touch people like they're just things like no socialization could be like you just in a cubicle and then you get to embrace the awkward.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


I get past the normal awkwardness of touching people and you maybe never were able to like we need fucking affection like you've got like, like Africa. Right. And you're super homophobic a lot of these countries. But the dudes are holding hands, the dudes are hugging each other, kissing each other when they fucking meet, and I think it's because if you can't just fuck broads regularly, you need that affection somewhere, right? So you just get it from your voice.


How come they can't fuck broads? I think there's not like just dating cultures.


Like if there's no alcohol, it's harder. Just like go to the hookah spot and pick up the problem.


Like, we're not going to be like if you can't drink. Yeah. If you can't go out for a drink, where would you date in your social circle? You have to meet at the mosque.


And what are you going pick up girls at the mosque? You'd have I bet a lot of it would be like your girl or your girl would have a friend.


Yeah. And she would try to introduce her to Jamie, that kind of deal. Oh, yeah. You know, I mean, like, oh, I know this single guy. I'm going to set you up. There's probably a lot of that. Yeah. You know, I'm saying. Yeah. Arranged. Yeah. And there's probably a lot of like girls trying to sabotage relationships. So I think, my gosh, so much better with you.


And they'd try to sabotage relationships with their girlfriend and some guy so that they can sneak in some other dude.


Whoa. For sure. Like a terror plot. Yeah, for sure they do that. Yeah. I just don't think he's good for you. I just don't. Debbie, you can do so much better. I mean. Yeah he's fine.


How happy is you that you don't have to date through all this. Like how about danger. The pandemic. I didn't get it all. I got a girl some. Yeah.


Oh yeah. The worse like the guys that I know that are the most depressed right now or single that been by themselves for two fucking months locked up and having people come up.


I think some of them don't have that ability.


Oh they but then they were you know, they were I wasn't about to say they were they weren't getting any pussy before.


Well, they were getting some occasionally, but they had to go out and get it right. You have to go you have a couple of drinks. Someone else, you know, did it to I don't even know how to get laid anymore.


I'm thinking I bet you ask. You just beg you just you got to bring a consent form and have them sign and you have to record it.


Everyone's going to be a pornographer so that every step of the way gets documented like this is for us. We're going to put it in a vault, in a safe deposit box.


But just so everybody knows that you you were well aware and wanted to do all this stuff, you can't change what happened. Yeah, you can't decide after you feel terrible. Yeah, like just that I'm asking.


Some people do distort which the distorting part is what's really scary.


I mean, like openly distort, like what happened with you and like, you know, the Chris Hardwick story.


No. Go to terrible one. Yeah. Well, this ex-girlfriend accused him of sexual assault and this is her definition of sexual assault.


She said yes to him because he had told her that if in the past that they had been in relationship, he had been in a relationship in the past where the girl didn't want sex as much as him and he didn't like it. Mm hmm.


So this was her her reasoning. For describing why her saying yes to him and sex with him was actually him sexually assaulting her. Yeah, it's crazy, right? So, yeah, he had all these text messages from her. He had all these like he documented everything. Yeah, luckily.


Hmm. But yet people were still upset that AMC hired him back, even though it was shown that she lied and not him, and that none of it like he actually broke up with her because she was making out with some other guy, like there was a lot of craziness to it. And she cheated on him. But it didn't matter like they were still going after him.


Yeah, people are still going to be like people can distort the version of the relationship that you had. Mm hmm.


And even if you can prove it wrong, you're still on the wire for the lie. A believer, believer. I always believe women.


And there's people that do say that believe all women believe you can believe all anything.


You can't believe all cops. You can't believe all doctors.


Yeah, I don't like all arguments. It's a dumb argument outside of stand up. Oh yeah. Well, for funny stand up.


Yeah. All arguments to the best. Yes sure.


That's it makes it makes good karma. It's fun. It's like plussed also. Now you got to thinking about believe all women.


I'm like how can I find a way.


Well you hear birds but I like all of them. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Everybody knows that's nonsense when you say something.


Yeah. But they get behind it. It's a weird I don't know, you know why you don't go to always Casey Anthony. Do we believe her. What did she say. She killed her fucking kid. She killed her kid and duct taped it and she covered it. Trunk huh. Yeah. She got away with it too. But like how did she do it? She murdered her kid, like with a knife or something like that.


No, I know she something like that. Yeah. They found the body, but they found blood and they found a bunch of different things.


The baby disappeared. The baby's gone. Exactly. She killed the kid. It's a famous story, you know.


I know I heard the thing, but we don't know if the baby's dead. Did we find the baby?


I don't think they ever found it. So the baby's not dead? I'm sure that's what I was it. I'd be like, well, you need a body for a murderer. The remains were found.


Skeletal remains. Oh, they go skeletal remains. Skeletal remains.


Not good. That's right. What wasn't there a situation where after the fact they found another Web browser that they hadn't bothered checking on her computer?


And it was like one was all, you know, how to get rid of a body? Yeah. How long does it take for a body to decompose? Yeah. What's the best way to kill it?


But this was the case where, like smart lawyer, you might have searched in the interest of not getting sued. It might not have been. How do you kill a God? It sucks that you have to preface. Everybody knows where it is.


According to Google, neck breaking. How to make chloroform.


Yeah. For everybody that watches this show, I just wanted you know, Jamie doesn't have a computer. He just knows all that stuff.


Put up her put up the list of these things. And what is the article? Was this I'm looking at the Wikipedia for it, that's all, etc..


So this is what they said, that she had a problem with Wikipedia.


It says I'm Brian Collins brother. Well, I guess has a note. A notation says, I have Crohn's disease, too. They're just making sure.


Do you have it to know? So that Casey Anthony thing, her lawyer said that her dad did it. Did you see that?


That was the defense lawyer sent her down. Yeah.


So the defense was, hey, we just need to make it plausible that someone else killed the baby. Oh, my God. And then you got to handle that.


They know somebody killed the baby in the summer, was in the family, but it got her off. The point is. Yeah. So you don't think she can say again.


So the point is, I don't want to be dating anybody right now. This is the thing. You can't trust anybody.


Yes, but here's the thing with her. Do you think she killed the baby on purpose or the baby died and then she's like, fuck, I killed a baby. How do I get rid of this thing?


So it looks I didn't kill baby. That's a good question. Now we're in the realm, what would you do if you killed a baby by accident? Wow, it's it's a tough one because you didn't mean to write like you were doing the game. You know, we throw the baby, all right.


And then just into a fan.


But it didn't have the up the drop. It is really fucking whiz around and you figure, yeah, OK, this is your delirium that mentions the duck or the searches.


It's from in the middle of the case. It's like a Web archive.


Her mom said that they gave the baby to a babysitter, which nobody could find, and that Casey's car smelled like a dead body.


Yeah, it's probably left it in there a long time, but you got a sloppy bitch like that. Yeah. Don't clean up the baby quick.


Yeah, said it was from an old pizza and trash that was in the trunk, not human.


Was she one of these, like, hot girls? Yeah. Remember, those like part time were like hot girls were killing a lot. It was her. And then that other girl. Right. Like smoked joints were killing.


What was the other girl? She killed someone. I think it was an L.A. trial. Which one was this?


Oh, God. She was like Spanish or something. She was like kind of like, oh, spicy. Yeah. Do you remember this? No. Yeah, no, I'm interested.


It was like a pretty bad murder. We Googled like the hottest, like chicks who murdered. And because we want to see like, you know, like when you're like great at what you do, you can get away with it.


Yes. You know, I'm sure people have done bits about that, like, you know, blah, blah was so great he could get away. Michael Jackson so great. You get away with these things. And we were like, does the same thing work for, like, hot chicks who kill, like, would you still fuck?


And if they'd be willing to fuck you. Yeah. Oh no. Yeah. If you were going to do it. Yeah.


Like give a prime time. Like what's.


Give me what you think is the hottest girl you've ever seen. Hottest girl I've ever seen obviously outside of our course. Significant others Joe. One hundred percent.


Just give me examples like public joint Adriana Lima is is only yo yo perfect.


Hundred percent for example. Now imagine Adriana Lima. Yes. She kills her husband, but I'll clean it up guys. I'll clean up my asshole. No, no, no, no. Guy's a piece of shit.


He could be the kindest man ever. He she could kill him while he's like feeding cleft palate kids. And I would take the kid, I put them in another room. Obviously, I wouldn't kill a kid. I clean up the guy's dead body and then we would do whatever we were.


If you were fucking her with a lot of objects around, I would want it to be in like a basketball court where she, you know, fucking her with objects.


I won't I don't look at her on the table. At the room is on this fucking table. That's what I'm thinking. Someone's going to grab a knife and stab you.


I don't know if she comes. Oh, yeah.


Right through your ribcage, like, oh, my God, I should've listened to Joe and taken it to the gym.


I was had. This is back of my, like, bad days. You know, I'm a good guy now, reformed ho, if you will.


But I remember I had a girl over and I remember I left my wallet in the living room.


Oh, no. And she went to the bathroom. So I had to clean up. And I remember I like one in the living room. I grabbed my wall and like, put it in like a pair of pants. And then I sat there singing like, am I fucking girls?


I think we'll steal from me.


Like what's happening in my life that I'm willing to go through with this. Will you do, though, when you're a young man and you're horny, you're that's a drug dealer, you've got a drug dealer in front of you is not just a girl that you're interested in.


You're also you have a real need. Yeah, well, guys are horny.


I mean, I don't know what it's like. I'm obviously talking just for men, so I know what it's like when girls horny.


Maybe it's exactly the same feeling. I don't think it is. I don't I would assume that like all other things, men and women are very different. So I think the horny part's very different, too. Yeah, but when men are horny, it gets desperate.


It gets weird. Like drug addict, desperate. Yeah.


I think I've always wondered that with like women like if because we always chalk it up to ourselves, like if we get laid.


Right. It's like OK, great game. Like that was me, like I took that down or whatever, you know. And I wonder if a lot of it is like their emotional state in the day, like, like let's say their cat went missing or something like if that they're like, oh fuck, I'm really down, I'm going to go hook up with this guy because that's going to elevate my emotional state.


I think for some girls, I think some girls just want an escape and they'll just go have a go, you know, just a fling.


Right. But see a thing with girls.


You have to worry about men in a dangerous way where men don't really have to worry about girls the same way.


Yeah, there's a do you know what it is like? You saw obviously you saw the Eppstein doc on Netflix, right?


Oh, dude, I couldn't watch it. I mean, Jamie and I were watching it together. I shut it off after the first fifteen minutes. Yeah. I was like, I don't want to hear about this. I know what happened. Here's the thing.


Obviously fluff piece like we can get into that, but like to like put all the guilt on Eppstein type of thing, like he's the sole purpose, like he manipulated everybody. It was like really adorable how they did it, kind of like, you know, fire fest. They made it look like that guy Billy was just the only guy that did anything wrong. Like all these like, oh God. Yeah. It's like the second someone can't refute the evidence, like Billy was in jail.


They're like, OK, we're on the docks. Right. And that's like and you know how like so like they were these PR companies that were attached to Firefox. Right. It promoted this shit everywhere. And all of a sudden they're like absolved of any guilt because it's just this guy, Billy, who did everything and whatever doesn't matter. Same thing with with everything.


But what's interesting about the girls and was like, you just got to hear their stories, like, I never heard of any of these girls. Right. And after watching the stories and how like.


They complained to the FBI that complains all these different places and like nobody ever listen to them, I go, oh, shit, this is why the Metoo movement existed, because as it do, the came into the Metoo movement, not never being a douche bag to girls like I never fucking mistreated women at all is very, very good to girls.


Like, I looked at me too and I was like, what's going on here? Like why are these girls like so angry at. I say what?


I'm I'm the worst version of guy in terms of maybe like dating a lot. I would never do anything.


Yeah, but you're not a boss. No, no, no, no.


But here I'm saying this is what's really interesting. The girls tried to be heard for years. They weren't. All of a sudden the voices are heard. Right. I'm sure those aren't the only girls who talk to their boss or talk about like their boss being inappropriate and we're told to shut the fuck up.


So the second they're listen to the floodgates are open. Right. You see, I'm saying and I was like, oh, that's why this happened. This is like the straw that broke the camel's back type of thing. Exactly. And and if I look at through that perspective, even in the time I go, yes, this is wrong and saying things like, you know, absolutes like believe all women, that kind of stuff is is wrong and probably wouldn't even be supported by them.


But I get the feeling where it's like if nobody's going to listen to you now, you've got a microphone, you're going to scream into that shit.


I don't even think it's the rational ones that are saying it that are saying believe all women. I think it's a lot of a lot of that shit is crazy. People like you. Just that slogan is not something you could say. You can't say believe all men. You can't say, but you can't say that because then you're giving people the license to bullshit you. Yeah. Because you're not treating this like if someone tells you a story and in this story, whether you know, whoever it is, it's your boss.


Yeah. You're the victim of your boss. If you don't know the boss's version of it, you don't really know the truth. It's hard. It's hard to say. Yeah, it might very well be. They're telling you the 100 percent truth or they might be a fucking crazy person who blames everybody for everything that ever happened in their life. And they might be a pathological liar. There's a lot of people that are just liars. There's a lot of people that are manipulators.


They make up stories, of course, make other people look bad, of course. But the nature of man is that men are disgusting. And when men are in control, like if a guy is the head of a fucking movie studio, you get these all these dime pieces to suck on his head to get a beer.


They've been doing that since the beginning of time. Yeah. And the problem is not just that the man wants to do that to all the actresses. Yeah. There's another problem that some of the actresses actively manipulate that man and seduce him so that they can get ahead. Oh, yeah. That's real too. Yeah. Yeah.


What's real is that there were willing participants that that were they were they were benefiting from the system.


Why would you reject it? And I'm not making a statement about Margot Robbie. Right. I don't know what she's done in her life. And she probably earned every single one of her roles perfectly, no question.


I don't even have to name any names. My point is, you've never heard her complain about Hollywood.


She's getting all the roles. The girls in Hollywood, I hear complaining are 50.


Do you don't think that's coincidental? Like Rose McGowan ages out of sucking dick to do the role? You son of a bitch. I'm just saying, how dare you just say it's is it coincidental when you age out of some shit, you complain like we're all guilty of it, too. You see, like all these, I see tons of comments. Like there's no jobs for like straight white comics.


And it's like you're fifty anymore.


Fifty year old guy who's, you know, your dad now I think a lot of times you see these, these things a convenience man.


It's like I wouldn't want to comment on that because I don't know exactly what her situation is or any of theirs. Right. But what I do know, I don't know either.


But you look at the correlation.


You see like, OK, maybe there was a time where this type of behavior was was like how you kind of worked the system to get ahead, talk to Whitney about it.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, she's not going to name any names, if I can tell you exactly what some of them did.


But that's the thing I've realized. Like now it's like especially with politics, which is so smart is like. Have you seen everything, everything is like this, like a proxy war. Like if you have a message, you have to get across, right? And you're a Republican, right?


If you a message you want to get of your Republican, you know that the left is going to attack your identity first no matter what the messages. So they find people who have identities they can't attack and they prop them up. Right.


Like the gay Asian dude. But this guy, he got beat up like they got milkshakes on him or something like that. Oh, Andy, no. Yeah. And then Candice Owens. Right. Like if you're conservative and you want these conservative points said, you have to get them said by people that the right can't criticize the left. Sorry, the left can't criticize for shows like if you say something, we're like looting is bad or something like that.




Easy. Well, you wouldn't know. You wouldn't know what systemic oppression is. Joe, you're a fucking white guy. You have all this privilege. Shut the fuck up.


But if you have someone whose identity cannot be criticized, you have to take what they say at face value. So that's their proxies, right. They like Milo was the first one of these guys.


Yeah, but these two people that you're using an example are both examples of people that have been attacked by the left, but they're not attacked for their identity and that immediately discredited for their identity.


They have to be discredit for the words, whereas you would be immediate identity wipe away. But what's genius is the left does it as well.


And this fucking hit me because I'd be looking at Greta Thornburg and I'm like, why the fuck are we listen to a fucking kid about anything? Right. Right. Drove me crazy. And then I go and I see the gun kids from Florida, from the school that got shot up.


And I'm like, why are we listening to kids about guns legislation?


I'm like, holy fuck. Tell me, can kids make all the points because you can't tell kids to shut the fuck up or you're an asshole if you're the adult telling a little girl to shut the fuck up, you don't know anything about the polar ice caps. You're an asshole.


So if you just get kids to make all your points for you, the righteous got to go. Well, it's good the kids are involved in the political process.


Well, my favorite thing about Greta is they started off with climate change. She was talking about her future. Yeah. How dare you. And then she came after this, right? Didn't she go half hard? She did. She went Hannah Gatsby. Right. It's like she has autism. Is that you're saying someone told me she's half retarded. I believe she has autism. That's the correct term.


What's the difference? Well, she vaccinated. Do we vaccine. Did you have too much vaccine? No, there's no issues with the vaccines. Right. It actually is a plus, you know, doing the vaccines.


No, no, the autism. It actually helps you focus on certain things. Like what? I don't know. I mean, that's what they say about people on the spectrum.


Yeah. Let's ask Ben Shapiro. I think he's on it. Autistic Adam Smith. That's what I call the free market. Ask him about anything you like. Don't. It's in the best known within the free market. So turn it off for a second. It did just fucking turn it off. We get it. You like capitalism, dude. Turn it the fuck down. What I was going to say about the GRACZYK because they brought her on the covid Council.


I saw that. I couldn't believe it. She's sixteen. Like, why are you bringing her on an infectious disease council for a pandemic that no one's ever faced before when you know who they wouldn't have on the council? Rand Paul, who is an actual medical doctor who actually survived covid, they didn't ask him to be on. Why? Because he has controversial opinions and maybe he thinks that it wasn't the best idea to shut the fucking economy down for three months.


And everybody go crazy, bro. It is what it is. It is what it is. It is. It is. You can't. It's just can't. We live in a weird fucking time.


You can't tell me that they didn't calling her for a new issue and putting her out there publicly. It's so irresponsible.


It's calling her for any issue is irresponsible. She's a teenager. What do teenagers know? Well, please tell me what teenagers now they know how to go to school, OK?


And they have less things in their mind.


So they get better at stuff quicker. Like if you want to be a gymnast or a martial artist, when you're a teen, you get way better, way quicker.


OK, Greta, if there's a tick tock dance that I need to learn, I guarantee your autistic concentration is going to make it perfect and you're going to get down those steps.


You're going to be able to do it. I don't need to know about fucking science for me. You don't even need to know about science from most journalists. I just need scientists to tell me. And then I'm going to I'm going to actually ask questions because that's what fucking science is. When did science stop being about asking questions? Like, if you ask any real scientist, they say, yeah, well, the whole point is we just poke holes in our theories and we just do that constantly.


And that's actually good science. Now, the second you ask a question.


You're a heretic, man, if it's a heretic, if it's about gender, yeah, or if it's about the economy or if it's about climate change.


Yeah. Those things you're not allowed to use science on climate change.


Yeah, but you can't you can't use science to if if you have any scientific facts that you try to bring to you.


By the way, what do you think about you think climate change is 100 percent change.


It's changed for the better if you're in Antarctica, it's better if you're in Antarctica.


It's going to get hotter and it's going to be it's going to be there's going to be the nation. Give me the negative. I literally, when they describe it to me, extinction events for sure, there's going to be a large number of animals that can't survive in areas. There'll be less water in areas where it's hotter. Animals are going to die. Maybe people are going to die. We can move the people less crops. Yeah, it's not that easy.


But you're right.


Yeah, we got food, but for sure, food anywhere I can make food in my my backyard, I can make food in my living room.


One point about it is if you in any way dispute the models of what they're saying and have an alternative perspective, that alternative perspective is never engage that alternative perspectives demonised. That perspective is you're a climate change denier and you're a bad person. And and some of them just have data that they're going on like they're talking about. The raised carbon levels in the atmosphere is actually better for plant life and that the more because plants actually take in carbon dioxide without oxygen.


Right. And there was some people that were talking about how there is there's some benefits to some forms of life by an increased carbon count in the atmosphere.


It's a fucking weird argument because it's one of the factors that's leading to the fact that the world's heating up.


I mean, you're saying that that it's good that the world's heating up is like, I don't know, maybe we act like it's good.


We want to be warmer. You know, I grew up in New York, obviously likes to be warmer. And I'm sure that's just a surface level argument.


That being said, I don't know if the conversation should be. Stop global warming at any cost.


Maybe it is better conversation to have is like, hey, we should do what we can to stop global warming, but we can't kill the economy because then we kill people anyway.


That's true. We act like we're in a weird space where we just think you could print money and everything's OK. This concerns me a little. Hmm. That doesn't worry you.


It worries me. That's why the pandemic thing worried me. The shutdown, because, like, it's not that easy to restart everything. And there's a lot of things that won't be there when you restart it, including they think something like 40 percent of small businesses might go under within the first six months.


That's that's scary shit. That's a lot. It's a lot. So what does everybody work for?


Target and Wal-Mart and large corporations. All the mom and pop stores go under, all the mom and pop restaurants go under. Very dangerous time in that way because then where are the jobs? You can't just go right back, that is. And that's going to lead to a lot of suicide, a lot of murder, a lot of crazy shit because people are going to be desperate. That's one of the things they said about Northern California. They had more suicides from Coke during the crackdown than they had from covid.


More people died from killing themselves is a big uptick, big uptick in suicides. One of Swardson buddies, the sheriff, was telling them that they used to have one a week and now they were having five a day.


Somewhere in somewhere in L.A., like, what the fuck, man, so that's something that people need to take into consideration. You take into consideration how many people are going to become drug addicts, how many people are going to be severely depressed and it might forever alter the course of their trajectory in life. They might have been on an upward trend all sudden boom, their business gets taken away from them and then they get desperate and then they get sad.


Then the and then they get on antidepressants and then they zombi out and then they never go anywhere where they were on their way to having a fulfilled life. How many people broke up with their fucking loved ones because they had to be with them all day, 24 hours a day, and they were just sick of them? Maybe they would have worked out great if they just went along on a natural trajectory.


Yeah. How about if you just start with girl, you just meet her even date for a couple of weeks and like all of a sudden a pandemic hits and you really like her?


Yeah, like I just let's just live together, fuck it.


And you're like, how long is it going to take.


You tell your friends like you sure. It's a good idea. Andrew, you've only known her for fourteen days.


We bought a dog for a walk. We bought a fucking golden doodle, bro. It's true.


You ever call your buddy from a new number and this girl answers the phone? Girl answers the cell phone. Oh, yeah, um, I'm calling for Greg. Yeah, who's this?


Yeah, Greg's friend. Who the fuck are you?


That's the real question. Is, Greg, you have a secretary. What is this? Man. That's my girlfriend. She didn't recognize the number who got locked up. She didn't recognize the number. Oh. So she just answers your phone, which doesn't recognize the number. Yeah. What what are you talking about, man. Yeah. You imagine, yeah, it's I don't know, I've had I've been very lucky, like, you know, me and my girl lived together and well, you would tolerate a great again, you would tolerate nothing less than a fucking moron.




That's another thing that's like I cannot function well in misery. Yeah. I won't tolerate misery.


I would hate to be a woman working for a guy who wanted to fuck me would probably be horrible to being a guy wanting to work for like, oh my God, if there was a guy who was your boss who wanted to fuck you, I was thinking like a girl.


But also that that sucks. Girl boss would be rough too.


But if a guy was putting a pressure on, like if a guy was really like rubbing your shoulders, like guys do the chicks at work, like like laying the meat on your back a bit.


I knew a casting agent that was a female that was kind of gross and she would fuck dudes, get them roles. Yeah. Oh yeah.


She'd throw it around. Repacholi is a son back in the 90s. She got a Longfellow's on a lot of projects. Really.


Did you get something. No. Yeah, but she tried to fuck one of my friends. I was the only thing is called off.


Hey, hey.


There was a girl I guess Schnatter but I got I'm out and anybody I wanna say names, but I think there's a girl that worked at a comedy club in New York. They would fuck a lot of guys and get them on the stage. I think that's how I mean, that's basically the way that it is way back.


Yeah, but did Misty. But listen, here's the deal. Here's the difference.


Yeah, I support that. Keep going. No one's getting killed.


See, what I'm scared about with women is that men are physically stronger. Yes. When the man is physically stronger, the woman can just basically just fuck them. Yeah. They only have sex with them. Yes.


That's the sucky thing is if it affects your career, I get that. But there's a big difference between that and word you're actually going to get raped or worse, you're going to get killed. What women have to worry about with guys that want to fuck them is creepy, angry guy type shit. Yes, with men have to worry about just lies. They have to worry about like hysterical lies and crazy people making things right. Maybe the new boyfriend coming over to kick your ass.


Yeah, that's the kind of stuff you have to worry about. You have to worry about, you know, less things and you don't have to worry about any of it during sex. That's what I'm saying. If you're going to watch it. Andrea Lima. Who's the girl?


Adriana. Yeah.


Adriana Lima, Joint Basketball Court. Nothing around, no physical objects can't kill you with anything if she she puts her pants on screaming and runs out to the car. Yeah. You got plenty of warning. You grab a chair. Yeah. You know, you know what you're doing. What do you do? Keep away like a lion.


OK, yeah. Yeah. Hey, yeah, yeah.


Stop. Or if one more time. Yeah, yeah.


One more. But you do it. But my, my point is like it has to be an extremely psychotic woman for you to be actually worried about your life.


Yeah. So if a girl comes over your house you might worry about your wallet.


If you fucked up and you just barely know her, now she's rummaging through your house.


You don't worry about your life. Yeah. Don't worry about your life. A woman takes a guy over her house. She worries about her life. Yeah, it's a different thing. Yeah.


It's always gross when someone's using their their power to fuck you, whether it's a man or a woman.


It's gross, but it's less gross when it's a woman. Yeah, but power.


You mean physical power. No. No. What physical power for sure. Yeah. I meant like power.


Like if they're your boss though dude don't you think it's like you can't use power.


They said that's the weirdest thing. Like less Grosseto, less gross. But like that was pretty much. Yeah well I don't know, that was a big issue with like with the Loui things like Louis I think said in his apology he was like these girls admired me and I use that or something like that. And I was like, who fucked someone they don't admire?


Like that's like their bare minimum. Yes. Of the person that you're fucking his admiration. Right. We just can't we can't start labeling things as sexual misconduct. They're actually good qualities to have in a man. But he has power that would be good, but that would have been negated.


If he actually had sex with them, then there was no issue at all. Right. The issue was he asked if he could beat off in front of them. And a lot of women find that disgusting. Yeah, that's the issue.


If if he said, do you guys want to have sex? And they said, yes, they did it. There's no argument. There's no yeah. But if he said, do you mind if I beat off in front of you? And they said, yes, people still judge, bro.


That's the tricky thing about apologizing, bro.


This dude is so you know, what's crazy about the public apology is that like when you apologize publicly, you apologize for whatever someone thinks you did. Yes.


Not for what you did. You know, I'm saying right, so like if some if some girl thinks that he slammed the fucking door, he put an axe there and started fucking whacking and want to see the fear in their eyes, if that's what they think. And then he apologizes for and he, as he says, my actions or whatever.


Everybody who believes that's what happened is confirmed, that's why I don't know if you could ever publicly apologize, because you just confirm everyone's suspicions when you do it. You have to clearly state exactly what happened for the apology if you apologize publicly.


Yeah, he doesn't want to do that because it's embarrassing. Well, his version of it is very different than the version that gets spouted around. Yeah. And whenever that's the case, there's no way to know that it's a back and forth. There's no there's no way to know who's telling the truth and who's not.


But the very least funny bit about it, he's saying even if they say yes, don't do it.


If you're thinking of jerking off in front of somebody, even if they say it's fine, if they say, yes, I know.


I heard a good hypothetical. Tell me what you think about this. I forget where I heard it.


I want to give credit, but OK, you know how like if somebody if an artist does an unthinkable action, we cancel their art. Like maybe watching Cosby specials are fucked up or maybe you take them off the air. Cosby Show off the air because, you know.


If a scientist did some foul shit back in the day, like every Greek scientist, which is bang in 14 year old girls, no dudes, actually, right?


Yeah, yeah. But it was OK back then. OK, keep going. This is interesting. It was OK back then. Times change. Now it's not OK. Yeah. Right. Do we stop using fuckin algebra. No we don't.


And I know there is a distinction and I understand we're like the R is like a piece of you and math is something that you find. Right. Math always exists. Right.


That being said, I bet you there are some people who would cancel the scientists. Yes.


And what if art, this is and I'm not one of these fucking like hippie art guys, but like, what if art had, like, healing quality? You know, like some people, like songs can lift their mood and like movies and stuff like that, and they can, like, ease pain, like ease trauma that they went through, you know, for sure.


And it's like like my girl has all these amazing childhood memories about Harry Potter, you know? So like, any time we're in a fight, I just put on a Harry Potter and then fucking everything's good.


Kev loves dogs. It's amazing. It's it's amazing.


We just Sorcerer's Stone, boom, I'm back in it. Everything's fine is.


But so what if you could make that argument, will you be like, hey, this is very powerful.


This is very important work you can't cancel? Is that is that the Michael Jackson affected? Like did Michael Jackson make such good music? Yeah, that's the it's more than art.


Yeah. That's the argument with Woody Allen as well. Roman Polanski, same argument. Like you go back and watch Rosemary's Baby, even though you know he's a piece of shit, right.


Because the art is so good and so valuable, valuable. It approaches science and its value.


Yeah, there's something about it where it's also ingrained into people's lives. I guess Bill Cosby was so egregious and what he did was on a network television. It wasn't like he was making films, you know, was wild.


Is that like Cosby was like, you know, putting shit in, you know, drugging people and fucking them. Right, Joe? Exotic. Was Druggan dudes in fucking hell? Yeah, but they wanted to be drugged. They were all hanging around. Oh, good point. Good point, good point. Good point. They're already left out. I married him. Come on.


Yeah. Do meth is a powerful drug. It's a powerful drug. Dude, that is that to his teeth. It shows you everything you need to know about meth. Do do with the 40s. That's what was that line.


Somebody that's a hell of a drug. Was it was it was it really. Is it OK? But it's a hell of a drug.


But cocaine don't make you Gabriel. Maybe meth does meth is that good. Maybe they're just gay. I don't know, dude. Maybe they just can be tricked into being gay. It's like we were talking about earlier.


I really do believe that people can be talked into things like things. Sure. For sure. Really? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I had a bit about it.


OK, I had a bit, I had a bit of performance OK, because Mormans there was a thing called Proposition eight and it was all about gay marriage, it was repealing gay marriage.


And you know, what was crazy was that Mormon the Mormon Church spent a lot of money trying to repeal gay marriage. And I said if anybody should be scared of gay marriage, it should be Mormons, OK? Because someone can talk you into being a Mormon. They can definitely talking to sucking their dick. They just need more alone time with you.


You really you really believe a fourteen year old boy found golden tablets that contained the lost work of Jesus, but only he could read it because he had a magic rock like someone.


If some guy can get you to suck his dick, he's just got to be around you long enough and tell you that the prophets told him to tell you that there's wisdom in his dick that you have to do something that seems horrible to get the glory of God.


One hundred percent. You remember that documentary that came out about the guy who, like, fucked the whole family?


Oh, remember, he sucked the mom, the dad and the kid.


Yes, they were Mormon. Oh, no, of course.


Interesting. So I don't know. I don't know.


But they get super gullible when they're in that fundamental religion. It doesn't make sense. Right? People that buy into religions and grow up and religions that don't make sense. Yeah, I know a lady who was a Mormon and then she actually admitted this. Yeah, it was her admission that made me think about it. Yeah, she was.


I have so much vulnerability when it comes to people who are like crazy yoga guys or cult members.


I buy into it because she grew up her whole life in this fundamentalist religion where you just believe nonsense. So you used to handing over your consciousness to nonsense.


Let me see if I can poke holes in it. Let me see. Let me see here I.


Yeah. You've become trained to believe. Yeah. And not be skeptical. Yeah. So that anything that makes you feel good and included you feel like Oh it's true.


Is rewarded. Yes. Yes. It's a hokey fucking homoeopathic bullshit. Yeah. All kinds of nonsense that people believe reiki healing.


Yeah. I want to touch you and heal. Use my my hands. Yeah.


All that nonsense.


You know, and we were talking about earlier about people in their art and people being canceled and there are kids cancelled. Whether or not they do that with scientists. There's actually a great example that there's a guy named FETs Harbor, Fritze Harbor and Fritz Hober that's I said and Fritz Hober invented the harbour method of extracting nitrogen from the air that's responsible for a giant percentage of the fertilizing.


Like when you eat food, like I think they say that fifty percent of the nitrogen in most people's bodies actually comes from the harbor method.


You figure this out and like I guess it was World War One or World War Two and then one World War one. So he figured this out and then right afterwards he figured out how to make Zyklon gas. So he made Zyklon a gas, which was a gas that was a pesticide. And they use Zyklon a gas for for crops to kill off bugs. And it stunk to high hell. It fucking horrible.


So it had this smell attached to it. The Nazis turned that into Zyklon B and were gassing Jews with his invention. On top of that, during World War One, he talked the Germans into using poison gas on the troops. So on the allied troops, there was the first war where they use like large scale gas weapons. Yeah.


And so he was both both at the same time getting the Nobel Prize for for the hoba method of extracting nitrogen from the atmosphere and then on top of that, wanted for crimes against humanity. Foch So he was wanted for war crimes.


For gassing. Yeah. First time they've ever used poison gas on troops. It was thought to be a terrible violation of the rules of engagement.


Have we developed a new fertilizer thing that we still use that that's still the standard.


There's two ways of getting nitrogen. You either get nitrogen through natural sources, which is like fish. Fertilizer and cow manure and all those types of things, and that's what compost is for, and you get it that way. Yeah, or you get it from the harbor method because the oxygen like when you think about air, that's the best argument for like what is it mulching?


What is it not mulching because that's the best argument for compost. It's I don't support the Nazis.


Right. But he's already dead. Yes. Large scale like large scale composting is a real issue. You need a lot of biological waste to make some large scale composting.


Yeah, but this Hobert thing is really it's a crazy story, man. Yeah. Because it sort of embodies like this the situation where you got a guy who did this incredible thing that helped so many people but also did this horrible thing that killed so many. Yeah.


Why were the Germans so advanced technologically at that time?


I don't know, man. They advanced with engines, with car design, rocketry.


But why? What is it? It's hard to say. I mean, they're just brilliant fucking people.


They seem like they weren't in close proximity to other people in Europe. You feel like you think that like that technology would would be shared. That's just so did it.


So it was so crazy how advanced they were that the United States took the Nazis in to run NASA. Right. Yeah, yeah, space for space for us. Yeah, it's new Operation Paperclip they brought in, right?


Yeah, yeah. The Russians too. I think they like split up.


All the scientists went either to Russia or the United States, although the biggest killers, Wernher von Braun, was a fucking straight up Nazi. Really? Yes. The Simon Wiesenthal Center said that if he was alive today, they would prosecute him for crimes against humanity. And Wernher von Braun, the guy who was the head of NASA.


Fuck Roe. Awful shit, man. Yeah. Yeah. At least to hang the five slowest Jews in front of his rocket factory in Berlin. Yeah, yeah, dude.


Like real legit Nazi shit. Yeah. Well, yeah, that was the head of NASA. They just took all those brilliant scientists. Look at him. There he is. Wernher von Braun. What, all the Nazis. Yeah. Big smile.


Oh, it is interesting that like they never like the brands that happened around the Nazis, never like rebranded like, you know, like like Volkswagen is still Volkswagen people's car.


Yes. Like which people. Right. You know, which people. Right. And then like Hugo Boss I think is just Hugo Boss.


Like if you have a little ass was a Nazi company. They made the fucking outfits. Oh that's right. And we talk about this.


But isn't that like don't you know now if you have like a little like Pizza Hut was like we remade the pizzas that way better, like you would think that you would rebrand. If you're attached to that, you'd switch the name up. Right. You know, in some way, Jake, boss.


But they used to people had a different sensibility when it came to things back then. What you mean because you had to think because they let things go.


Like, the only thing that never let go is the swastika. You can't bring back the swastika. Yeah, but like in those days, it's the in thing, right? Isn't it a Hindu? Yeah, it is a symbol. Yes.


These poor Indians are walking around, so it's in the other direction.


OK, but but still you can't wear it.


Hogan's Heroes was a fucking sitcom about Nazi concentration camps. Yeah. I mean they joke around about it in the 1970s and that was just 20 years afterwards, dude.


That's an interesting discussion. It's like magic.


We had a sitcom about 9/11. Yes, I did. That's what Hogan's Heroes is like. Yeah, same amount of time. Yeah, that's crazy. Yeah, there was a time. I'm trying to think I'm trying to see if it is possible, but like we're like comedy and corporations could work together. When was this the time you're describing? Like, I don't think comedy and corporations can work together. It's very difficult. Right.


So it's like, well, because they think comedy have to work with corporations, so they couldn't work at all. Right.


But the corporations were like, OK, just be funny. That's fine. You could do a show about this like, oh, you mean a show about like they're not like Nazi concentration camps.


Exactly. Like they're not absolutely. I mean, insane.


And, you know, the dude, Bob Crane on the far right was a freak when he was like one of the first guys to film himself.


Fucking great. Great. Greg Kinnear movie Big Cameras back then, big, big hit. You need like another person film. It wasn't like your iPhone, which is nice and silent. Yeah.


You have to, like, set it up as the case. But the back of it you have dude cranking out while you're banging.


Who is filming. Somebody had to do it.


He there was a movie called Was it called Something Focus. AutoFocus right.


Thing was called Out of Focus, but it was a film about him and he got murdered by this dude that he used to bang girls with.


Why? Because they had a dispute. They had a falling out. Maybe they touched dicks and that's what happened.


Something happened. But it's a crazy movie. Yeah. It shows you how this guy was just like he was a sitcom. But it's he's like fuck movies management to bang.


He just was he just became a porn star.


I think about that all the time. I think about that all the time. Just fucking what was I don't know.


I think back then there was just very few rules.


Is this the movie autofocus or we just cared less about shit. Yeah, there was. Wasn't that good.


Well, I think there was just less people yelling at you, OK, I made the wrong choices to what about there was no social media back then.


That's also true, right. So the less people have a voice about what's wrong.


But I also think, like in times of luxury, rules present themselves and then in times of chaos, rule strip, like at least in New York, I don't know how I was here, but like during during the shelter in place during a pandemic, there was no more rules.


Right. Like Sam's here. You can't drink alcohol in the streets.


And then all of a sudden I was like, yeah, I guess you can rightly think they just said you can. And then there wasn't it was dangerous. There was anything like that. You can't deliver alcohol. You can only deliver food. You can deliver alcohol. You can't serve out. You can't eat on the street without a permit, OK? You can eat on the street and it's just exposed, that's all.


This Corona thing did expose a lot of bullshit. It definitely didn't like it fucking it took the makeup off, you know, I mean, like, you know, like you're at the club and like the girls, like, beautiful.


And then like you guys go for like a skinny dip and then you're like, well, you fucking tricked me.


And I feel like, yeah, that happened to happen in fucking TV.


Well, they adapted, right? They adapted with these new looser regulations in order to keep us safe during this current time.


How does it keep me safe? I saw the funniest thing today was something that said use social distancing unless you're protesting.


Can I tell you something, bro? See that they put it on Fox. It was like an official report. I got the screenshot here.


I'll beat you to it. Jamie, I couldn't believe this.


Let me find it. There it is right here. Look, as public health advocates, as public health advocates, we do not condemn these gatherings as risky for covid-19 transmission. But this should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay home order. So protests against stay at home that you can get Korona that.


Hey, don't say Korona five times or Korona comes right.


But protest for anything else. Think you're good. It is really interesting, isn't it?


It's pathetic. What is it. Tell me with this is on the curtain. But what if tell me this is right.


What if we are in support of Black Lives Matter. Donated a percentage of all of our live shows so that we could have full audiences. Now it's a public gathering in support of this cause and we're putting money towards putting money more amount that. Now, some people, of course, say you're using this cause to perform in front of more people than you're right.


Yeah, but at the same time, we're doing benefiting everyone's benefit and it's mutually assured.


That would be interesting. I'm just it.


But then but then you're giving up your power to whether it's Black Lives Matter or whatever, you give it up your ability to just have a show, it's based.


And it's really should be that you want to give money to valid organizations, right?


Of course. Of course.


But the idea that you could get away with it, like we have like a three month exemption window where you could you could have full crowds until they lift it. You could only have full crowds if you give five percent to fill whatever the blank, whether it's black lives matter, whatever, whatever people decide.


Isn't this how they treat rich people anyway? Hey, rich people, you got to pay taxes unless, of course, you'd like to donate to a charity and then you have to pay that in taxes.


Exactly. You could take some of that out. Yeah, that's true.


In that way, you can kind of decide where your taxes and then who wins these organizations that are really trying to help people.


But then will the organizations drop it after a while? Like when do you have to keep paying them? Oh, it's like what happens with them. They become a big corporation and then they shame people for not paying. Right. And then it becomes a thing like if you don't pay, you don't care. They have power over you.


And this is one of the things that happened with covid. The people that were screaming, wear a fucking mask, wear a fucking mask. Yeah. Power over you to tell you to wear a mask. Are they really concerned? Is that what's really going on? Because it turns out historically they were wrong. They were wrong. They're wrong. And yet you still you can't go to places.


I would have tacos at Santa Barbara yesterday. I don't a fucking mask.


Can I tell you the good tacos where you go? Because I was in Santa Barbara, so we had this conversation. Taco, do you remember the place?


I don't know. I'm outside joint. It's the shit.


I went to an outside joint probably right there with you. Shalhoub, I don't remember the name. It's called Shlubs.


Could have been. They go, please put your mask on as we take you to your seat. Now, when we're at your seat, you can take your mask off, hilarious. Can anybody explain to me what they thought I was going to do in the 10 people? That's L.A. Now.


L.A. is opening up restaurants. And I had my friend Janet. And even Janet is the owner. And Evan is the lead chef of this restaurant, Felix in Venice.


And they said that when people are in the restaurant, people have to wear their masks until they sit down. Then when they go up to pee, if they get up to pee, they have to wear their mask.


If you go to leave, you have to wear your mask.


So I was like, oh, my God, it's no surprise that you're all in a box. And this is an intimate restaurant in Venice. It's not a big restaurant.


It's the weirdest fucking dummies that they've fucked up the first thing. Now, they're fucking this up. Yeah.


Because they just don't wanna admit they're wrong. They just don't admit they're wrong. I get it. I've been in that, you know, I've been that argument with a friend or a girl or some shit like that.


New Zealand lives locked down. It's declared virus eliminated for now. And what did they do? Well, there's only like a million people there.


No active coronavirus cases and no new infections. Wow. But you can't go over there, like, get out a dirty bitch.


Yeah, they have to have a beautiful country with very few people. I mean, I think the whole population of New Zealand is like, what is it like 10 million?


They are letting some exceptions, though. Some people can come in. Yes.


Like, for instance, the people making Avatar to. Oh, my goodness. So there are exemptions for professional purposes.


I well, if you had a show booked, what if an Andrew and I would have style.


But yes. Yeah. We got we got to go. Been there.


Hey, what have we had to show. Talk to your boy. We might have to take a test. How about I take a test.


There's no way to take a test without shoving that fucking thing down. Easy now. The new one you want just a little cute tip. It just barely goes on the inside of your nose and then done and then you're done.


Yeah, I haven't taken a test. I've taken seven of them, I think.


And you're passing. Yeah, every one of them. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't think. Yeah. Maybe I got it. Maybe I take vitamins. No, never know.


Hmm. I don't know.


I think I got like I don't know like I knew I was over it so good. How well do you eat.


I don't know. I just eat in the morning see. Yeah. I just, I don't eat a lot of bread and I don't eat a lot of refined sugar. None. I try to cut them all out. That's good. Yeah. That's my girls. An amazing cook so she throws it down.


Oh there you go. And then you're eating healthy. I'm healthy and I try to exercise but like I did it, you know, I was like super you know, put the lotion on the hands and cover everything up for like maybe a couple of weeks.


And I was like, now this that's not gonna happen.


I was nervous. Yeah. I'm not going to lie on the beginning of the week. So when did you stop? I knew I knew the moment I stopped caring.


When I got my first test, I took my first test like maybe three to three weeks in.


Yeah, everybody was clear. I was like, all right, we're all good. Yeah, my whole family was good. And then I started testing everybody in here. Yeah. And then I knew eight people that got it. Yeah.


And the people that got it, everyone was fine except for Michael Yo. Michael Yo got it pretty bad. Yeah. But in the interest of telling the whole story, if anybody ever heard this already I'm sorry but Michael Yo flew all the way to New York.


No sleep does fucking press does radio did two shows did choose two shows next day flies back home, no rest gets in the car, drives to Vegas to see his wife's family, hangs out there for a little bit, drives home same night next day, auditions next day. After that, more auditions. She got no sleep worn out, lot of travel, stress, stress, stress, and then auditions, stress and then boom, it hits them and it hit him and hit him pretty bad.


And then he got on Advil and he said that once he took started taking Advil, it fucking spiked and he got real bad, wound up being hospitalized. Meanwhile, his mother got it. She was she's in her 70s, I believe.


Yeah. Kicked it in a day. Yeah.


One day because she wasn't traveling. She wasn't wearing herself out. She eats healthy, whatever, whatever the reason is. I firmly and he also had deficient vitamin D he that was a problem with with Michael. Yeah. I think Mike just caught the perfect storm of being tired. He felt like he might have been run down already, like maybe he had a little bit of a cold then got the covid. Yeah. And got the cold with a bunch of his friends and I think they were all fine.


They all, they all got it. They got sick a little bit but then they walked it off. Yeah. I think that's the case.


But he got it real bad. Yeah. He's the only one that I know they've got a real bad. Yeah. Everybody I know that got it. They, they got sick, they coughed a little bit and then after a while it was over. Yeah.


It's just tricky. You just want to kill your dad, you want to kill your mom. Like that's really what it comes down to. Like I don't give a fuck for we we said like the guys that that that work with me. We all basically said, yeah, if one of us gets it, we all get it. Yeah. And that was the thing was I was right like yeah. You know, just white boy fun, you know.


Yeah. The other thing is sort of pulled on a bull, on a bull like spit in each other's mouth, my runnable. That's why my boy. Yeah.


One of the things they were saying is that kids like my kids, they were like, you know, we don't know there are ever going to be able to go back to school again.


Might have to do remote schooling. Almost. My kids aren't even getting sick.


Yeah. And if they do get sick, it's not very many of them. Meanwhile, you don't shut down shit. The flu and the flu kills kids. Yeah, this disease kills an incredibly small number of children. It's always a tragedy when a kid dies of disease. Yeah. So it's not like we're saying that those kids don't count. Right.


But to say that it's dangerous for kids, it's like it's dangerous for a very small number of kids.


Very, very small. The flu is dangerous for all kids. The flu fucking kills kids, right? You don't test these teachers. See, if they have the flu, you don't test to secure. You don't test people. You tell if they have the flu, stay home. You get the flu all the fucking time. Yeah. And last year in America, sixty one thousand people died from it from flu.


So more people died from covid.


Yeah. I don't know how many more. I don't know. I don't know.


I mean, I think the number they're attributed to to it is one ten now. Ten thousand.


But I don't know if that's more or less than the real number because they're wondering like, how are they are people dying of covid that they're not counting? Are people dying of other things? They're counting it as covered? Yeah, there's a lot of dispute as to what the real number is. Let's say it's accurate. Yeah. One hundred and ten. It's basically less than twice as bad as a bad flu. I don't think that's enough to shut down the fucking economy.


Yeah, I think people need to take make good choices. But meanwhile, they don't say a word about taking care of yourself.


Not a word. Not a word about don't drink so much. Not a word about don't eat sugar word. Get your sleep. Yeah. Here's how important sleep is to your immune system.


Not a word. Yeah. What do you think. What do you think changes. What do you think doesn't recover after this.


But you think restaurants are fucked. I think people go right back. They will go right back.


But the restaurants don't have the money to stay open. Oh yeah.


So like businesses that operate on the fringe are done, like the businesses are like, all right, I got money this month.


We can stay open. I think they they operate in a world that never considered that we could have some sort of calamity like this.


Well, that was what Janet, the owner of Felix, was saying, is that most these restaurants they operate on, you know, they make like fourteen percent profit.


Yeah. That's like what they operate on.


If you shut them down for three months, they're fucked. Yeah. And some of them don't even operate well that well. They're operating on four percent profit right now.


They're barely making it the barely getting by. They're not doing so well.


Yeah. It's like yeah. Korona exposed pre-existing conditions both physically and economically.


You're right. Like if your business had these pre-existing conditions, you are barely surviving. Corona's cutting you out of there. You're right.


I think that I keep on looking at, like, TV, you know, like you see all these, like, shows going to being filmed in their home. And it's like, oh, I like Jimmy Fallon.


They found all these guys they're doing in their home now. And it's like weird. Not only weird, like without all the lights.


Yeah. Without all the makeup. How about no audio? Without the laughs, the laugh tracks. All of a sudden it looks real elementary.


Right. Yeah.


And and people kept hitting us like you were so gracious.


You know, we post all this stuff in like for me when I saw everybody come to YouTube, I was like, oh, it's a home game now.


Like the second like you can't go to the studio. And we had the studio built. My guys were like, timing studio.


Perfect timing. Well, it was.


And if I if I did explain to anybody why I was going to build the studio prior to all this, they'd be like, you are the stupidest guy with money I've ever heard in my entire life.


Really never saying that. No, they didn't say it. But if I explained, like, how much money I spent on the studio and I had zero way of making the money back because I never thought, I know this is bad like investment strategy, but I never go, oh, if I put this in now, ten years later, all I go is I really want to do this.


And if I love this enough, I'll find a way to make money on it. Right.


I like to live my whole life. Honestly, it's hard to do it if you're investing in fucking companies that you have no clue what they are.


Maybe you do it either way. But if you're investing the shit that you love, yes, it will work out. It sounds stupid. We sound like Gary V..


But you know what? You know, we're still some shit in your backyard.


It works because you're chasing what you really enjoy. You know that if you build a studio, you'll get to do some of the clips like these things that you're putting up on Instagram.


And it's what you really enjoy doing.


It is it was so cool. It was so cool just to see everybody come in. And it was like, you know, you know, the super superhero movies were like the super villain loses their powers.


Yeah. And then has to fight, like fight the hero and like even playing ground. And it's like, oh, this is what we're doing.


This is over. Because I really I really genuinely believe and it's a pain the like.


It's hard work putting out the pieces. Man shouts to my guys who do amazing job. Marc Agnon comic. He writes it with me. I love how the. Rallies in the back, Alex, match all the shit you're talking about. Yeah, and you know, we stole the John Oliver graphics like background where they go. It's not where they go, but like the the image, like the imagery in the background. We literally just looked at every show.


We're like, all right, who's the best? And we're like, we want to look just like them. So they compare us immediately.


Well, it was like, I want to smoke right now. It's like now for once, you guys got to fucking compete with me, you know, you got to do it grassroots. We're in the fucking jungle. It's just YouTube clips. It's just a few guys making.


Oh, you're unshackled. I like the prolific use of the word retard is a perfect example. Yes. Unshackled. You can you could basically say whatever you want to be funny. Yeah. Cause cancer on me. Yeah. Strong. They're hamstrung.


First of all, it has to be a television show. Keep keep going. And this is interesting. Yeah. It has to be a television show which has advertising. So it has to be even though he's on the Internet now essentially means doing it from his home, from a webcam. You still have to do it on the same FCC restrictions.


You don't have to do that. You're Buckwild, you put it on YouTube and putting those clips up on Instagram, not only FCC constrictions, DNC constrictions.


You know what you've got to say? Yeah. You know, you got to toe the line. You know, it's like, yes, you have affiliations.


Honestly, I really believe the reason why our shit blew up so quick outside of you reposing, obviously. That's magnificent. Thank you so much. But like, keep doing it.


I'll keep posting that. We will. I really believe and I think it's a similar effect to what happened with you guys, which was. We just said the truth, obviously, in a funny way, it's five minutes jampacked, a fuckin laser beam, somebody who needed some bars this week, someone who needed to be told that they're fucking idiots. Right. But we said the truth doesn't have a party. And if we just find truth and I'm not talking about statistics or any that kind of shit, I'm literally talking about gut feeling funny shit.


What's funny? Good bye then. Yes. You're not going. This is a president, right? Right. You're not going. You're not saying that at all. No.


So I'm just sitting here and going, is nobody fucking talking about this? Like, I'll message some guys that work for CNN.


I won't say their names, but I'll just say my big bro. I appreciate your support. You're great. You're sweet.


Is he senile? They'll say, yes. And I'm like, why aren't you sitting on a fucking TV?


Because they want him to win no matter what. I know. So everybody want Trump. This is the thing with the what I was saying with like corporations and comedy. What do we do as comics, we make fun of the absurd to fucking ask the asinine, we make fun of institutions, that's what we do. You and I will be out there, will be fucking playing pool, and we'll be thinking about these institutions that we want to give justice to.


In a weird way, we give justice with words, right?


Well, look, you're not going to get away with it. And that's where we operate. We operate in the space like, oh, no, you're not getting away with it. Right.


But right now, there's such a cost for saying the wrong things, even in your friend group, even your friend group. So what we basically said is we sit down, we're like, OK, I know I feel this way about something.


We're going to construct an argument around this thing that's true, that is so solid. Yeah, I don't care if you on the left or the right, you cannot refute it. Right. And it's fucking painstaking. Yes, but it works in it.


The coolest thing is seeing these people on the left and the right. Watch this clip. Both find it funny and both agree.


And you realize ninety nine percent of us are not left to right.


This one fucking issue that takes us over. We're literally in the middle watching these idiots on either side of the extreme say stupid shit. We don't give a fuck. About 99 percent of us are right here and a lot of us in the middle.


OK, 90 percent of the middle and then abortion might take us left or right.


But the rest is stuff for yeah, the economy is a few things. But the thing about the Biden thing that made it so maddening is it's not like he's the only one. It's not like they didn't have a lot of other candidates. It's not like there wasn't a lot of other people they could have put in office that people would have voted for over Trump, including Bernie, because guess what?


Right now, don't get me started. Bernie was running right now.


If Bernie was still in the heat right now, he could have won, you know you know, the the term a lot of people are saying, like, don't talk about the good cops because if they were good, they would have called out the bullshit. Right, right. Yeah.


That's Bernie to me and a lot of ways. Right. Bernie is I fucking support Bernie, man, not because I agree with his policies at all. I just thought he genuinely want to help. He didn't want to win. He seemed like you want to help.


And I was like, I'll support a guy that wants to help.


What was the bill that he didn't show up to vote for? I don't know. There was something. Jimmy, what was that thing that had to do with it was in the Patriot Act. It was a new revision that everybody was freaking out. All the progressives like Bernie didn't even show up for this like that. This is really important. It was it had something to do with surveillance. What does it have to do? It put it up.


OK, but check this out, man.


Yeah. If you want to be mad at a more. Well, Senate voted to let the government keep surveilling your online life without a warrant.


Yeah. So for this. Yeah. Failed by just one vote and it was burning.


The vote didn't show up. There's like three people. Here's the thing. Here's the thing with Bernie that I'll say, OK, hold on a second.


Many senators wanted to forbid the government from secretly collecting information about your Internet habits, but an amendment failed by just one vote, meaning if Bernie was there, he could have made that thing. Phil could have stopped it, but he didn't. Yep, he didn't. That is fucked up. Look to others. Ben Sasse and Bernie Sanders didn't respond to requests for comment on where they were during the vote.


Yeah, couldn't vote because he's quarantine. What? So one guy said he couldn't vote. Lamar Alexander couldn't vote because he's quarantine.


Why didn't they just ask him? Hey, Lamarque, we get you on video. How are you voting? Yay or nay, nay. Why do you need to be in the room? Right. And then Bernie didn't show up and they didn't respond to requests for comment on where they were during this important vote. That that's exactly what you were talking about.


This is another great example. The most egregious example to me is you got ass raped by the DNC twice. Twice.


They bent you over no siliva and fucked you. And you didn't say shit. Just fucking say it, dude. Now, granted, you weren't good enough. Trump is an example of someone who was good enough to beat the party that didn't want him to be there. Right. Like nobody in the Republican Party wanted Trump to win. Right. Right. But then they all eventually got behind it because you told the company line, whatever, he wasn't good enough.


And also the Democrats have systems that don't allow that shit, you know, the superdelegates and all this bullshit and get sneaky.


I love it when the Democrats talk about why do why we need to abolish the Electoral College. What about your primary? Yeah, it's funny, but it's like it's crazy. But but the thing is, like, you could have done it, man. You had the opportunity.


Well, how about the fact that they all backed off at the same time and that's a bet.


Yeah. Yeah. For Super Tuesday they they said but call it out dude.


Yeah. Call that shit out. Yeah.


He's not that guy. I mean I don't know, I mean he seems like a really nice guy. When I met him and talked to him, I think he's maybe too nice. But the fact that he didn't vote against that though. Yeah. The ability to just surveil you any time they want without a warrant. Without a warrant.


Yeah, it's weird. I mean, I assume they're looking at all our shit anyway.


Of course, for you, they're definitely your shit. You think 100 percent why he said it. Because you're funny. Funny.


You've got you've got a lot of influence. Talk a lot of shit. Yes.


I mean, if somebody watches your video on Joe Biden, it's very possible they might not vote for him.


That's real interesting for sure. Looks to me there's a meme society. Yeah. Barely paying attention if you if you get into that box. Yeah.


And and you had you start thinking about some of the funny punch lines you had on that Joe Biden video.


Come on, man. People like fuck that. Do you do. I said, fuck that dude. I voted for Trump. Yeah, that's real possible, man, especially in the Midwest, the areas like California is not going to matter in New York. It's not going to matter. People vote blue no matter who. But when you get to those middle states and swing either way, who fucking knows?


But you don't find it weird, dude, that like there's no. Fair. Comedy in this lane and by fair, I'm not trying to say that people aren't unfair, like I think, you know, Trevor and John are really good, you know, like SNL in these places.


But like. I I know what they're going to say before they say it, right, like I know the opinion before they say it right.


So doesn't that take away some of the most necessary component to comedy, which is surprise?


Well, it's what Dennis Miller did back when Bush was president.


Right. You remember that now. You wouldn't make fun of them. So let me give him a pass. He's my friend, Narborough.


No, you get these bars. Everybody gets these bars. That's what you got to do.


You got to write Eco-System.


I don't I hate overinflating are important as comics because I know a lot of people can do that.


But I really think we're here to manage the legal system.


Well, you know, in other cultures, it's actually an important function, like in the Lakota. The Lakota Indians, they had a thing called a Hilke. Yeah. And a Hilco was a guy who made fun of everything. It was a clown who was a contrarian who mocked all the important things. Yeah. And they they were like.


I mean, that's my tour is called Sacred Clown Tour for that. That's why it's like that's what he means. Yeah. To the Lakota people, it's a sacred crown. They understand the sacred, sacred clown, someone who makes fun of important things because it's important. Anything that you can't make fun of is bullshit. Yeah. You can't make fun of it. Yeah.


Like if you say, you know the Lord's name in vain, you can't say that. Don't say God damn it.


I really am. Like, what would he saying. Like why can I say it. What, what is it about not being able to say things. What is it.


Well people have power of you. They can tell you that you can't say those things, whether it's talking about certain subjects or using certain words, it's all the same thing. It's people enforcing their ability to call you out and have control over you.


But that that's the thing where it's like if you wear comedy and institutions are tricky because you can't make fun of the institution you're in.


Right. Right. So you have to make fun of the opposite institution, even if you don't necessarily believe that way. So all these institutions tend to be left leaning.


They only are allowed to make fun of the opposite institution. Exactly right.


So where we came in, literally just in the middle and going, oh yeah, the joke is actually right wing today. We're like, yeah, the topic is actually left wing.


We balance side by side, but it's not it's not based on what the institution wants us to be a part of. It's literally based on what the joke is and what the best version of the joke is and what is what I guess I would call like truthful.


What is the truth?


Like, I want to make the argument. So you're not fucking scared to talk to your friends about how you feel.


If you tried to pull that shit off on NBC, they would pull you aside. Doug, this is you. They would have a real conversation with you.


This it drives me crazy, man.


It's like honestly, maybe it's in popular opinion. I know. It's like I'm really impressed with with like Trevor and John's.


John's got great writing.


They're great. John is John is is is really great. The writing is really great and it's produced well. But I'm impressed that they even do it.


Like, imagine like moving to another country. And then immediately making fun of half the country that you've never even visited. You got some fucking balls.


Like if I moved to England and I lived in London and just trashed northern England on a TV show. Would that I would never feel comfortable doing that. I don't know enough about you and like, that's weird for me to just do this for a living.


Guys, that's not weird to you. It's weird how accepting is America. We just let people just come and just. Have you never lived in Alabama? Is Alabama a punch line? Have you ever lived in Alabama? Arkansas. A punch line. Have you lived there?


You know, it's just shocking to me that you could feel comfortable doing that. And then I hear all these jokes about like calling out the greed, like conservative greed.


And it's like you guys could make tons of money in your own countries, but you came here because you wanted more. If you wanted more money. That's definitely true. I'm just saying, dude, it's just but it's also everybody knows our politics, like our politics are global. Like you go to Australia, they make fun of our president. You. Yeah. No fucking idea of the president of Australia is it's kind of different in that way. And it's other thing.


The other thing that's an issue is we get hoodwinked by salesmen with British accents every time. Keep going, whatever it is, watch late night TV. When someone's trying to sell you a fucked up Mopti, you don't really need that.


They're doing it through an English accent. They have a British accent. They have some sort of an accent. It makes them think they are superior.


It is. Look at this product. It's an amazing thing. Look at what it does. It's a radio. It's a blender.


It's a fantastic accent. Whether it's. Yeah, whether it's David Attenborough. Yeah. Who's narrating some of the Beatles.


Yeah. Like they're the most fascinating thing.


You don't want a guy from Brooklyn talking about chimps. You don't want a guy from Philly talking about tuneup.


It's fucking Tumnus.


This is a trouble. It fox it's is the these two of us out there and these gigantic percs swimming around.


Even if they're saying all the right words, you don't want them sounding like that. They're saying superintelligent shit with any kind of an East Coast accent. Sounds dumb as fuck. Yeah, same as Southern, right. Someone says something like super intelligent shit about the ocean, the ecosystem, but they say with a southern accent. Yeah, yeah. Same words. Yeah. British accent We're all in. Yeah. So if someone is mocking our culture, what better way than a culture that's known to be very proper.


So you think it's by design. They're like people will trust these opinions more because it's coming from these guys who have this accent that has equity.


Yes, interesting. There's definitely something to that, you know, because, look, they could have hired Al Madrigal to run a Daily Show. They could have hired a lot of other people that it would have been amazing at that job. I think John Oliver's great. I really do. I think he does. Is it funny about the way he attacks things? The show is is is really well done.


Yes, the show is good writing, too. Yeah. It's the second best show after hours. It's really good.


But it's there's a saddle down by the fact that they're on HBO. Like, if you're in that liberal establishment and you're in that like there's weird conversations that are had where people aren't looking at the jokes that are about the left. They're not going to make fun of Hillary. They're not I'm not going to make fun of Joe Biden. They're not going to make fun of Nancy Pelosi or any other prominent liberal. It's not going to do it even if the joke is there.


So what's the point? Well, it's weird, right?


Let's fucking put is when you see it in the news. Right. Like the difference in the way they covered women that had allegations against Trump versus women that have had allegations versus Joe Biden. Yeah, very different. Very different. The way they cover it.


Yeah. Yeah, it's true. Yeah. There is that there's that like obvious bias.


I guess maybe it's because like I was looking up like news organizations. I think like back in the day everybody knew that they were bias.


Like you just know like, like, like, like late. Seventeen hundreds to like early eighteen hundreds. I think they even like enacted a law that said you couldn't criticize the president or his views or something like that in the press but.


Well that's how it is in China. I mean, yeah. Journalists have fucking been ghosted in China. Oh really. Oh my God. Yeah. People disappear.


Hundreds of journalists, they just disappear.


Yeah. Do they don't fuck around in China.


Yeah. So then why can't they close down the bad thing.


Well they I hate that they make this argument that they have control of everything and everybody can get killed. It's like, well you can't just close the market where they sell the penguins.


First of all, they did kinda and then this week. But but if you listen to them, I don't listen to them. I don't think they're telling the truth. But their story is it. Only thirty thousand people died. Now, if you think about the one hundred and ten thousand people that died here and then in China, you're talking about literally a billion people.


Come on, bro. Yeah, I don't buy it. Come on, bro.


I just it's just it's a weird time, man. It's like and I'm surprised these corporations don't get it. Like when you see platforms like this which literally let people speak and they have different opinions and different points of view, and you see the entire world gravitate towards it because we're addicted to truth.


Yeah, like we like truth.


We like to confirm our bias. We like even more of the truth, you know. I mean, like there's a reason why conspiracies are so fun, right?


Because we're like, wait a minute, is that the truth about what's going on in here?


I want to really know, like, deep down, don't you really want to know what's going on? You know how all this shit works? Oh, yeah. You know, so it's like it's exciting.


Damn. It's also people like to solve puzzles. That's why you go and, you know, you play games. People want to win. Yeah. Solve things. If I catch you being a lizard person behind the scenes, look at that. The fucking world's flat. I knew it. Yeah, but the evidence.


I want to send you some evidence, man. I'm telling you to change your mind. There's a lot of people that want to tell you about things.


Yeah, you know, I do. Just sent me a Bigfoot thing the other day. Smart guy believes in Bigfoot. Yeah. I believe in Bigfoot. Does he? Yeah, well, it used to be a real thing. Well, that's the problem. Yeah, I used to be giganto Politicus. They've actually found bones of a large bipedal hominid that lived as recently as 100000 years ago. So it lived alongside of people and they found fossilized bones in China in the 1920s that this there was an anthropologist that visited this apothecary shop and he found these bones that were primate bones, much larger than any primate bone ever seen before.


And so they said, where'd you get this? And they took him to the site and they started digging up bones. And so they know it was a real animal.


That was they think it was very orangutan like. But it was huge. You never heard of it before? Never heard of the show.


The the picture of Giganto Pathic is never going to the ending of the podcast.


Well, here's where it gets even crazier. Yeah, this animal lived in Asia. Asia is connected by the Bering Strait.


You think they can show you the North America.


And that's why you see like that's what the Northwest Sea go to.


Which one?


That one right there. You would just you just add it a little bit about right there. Bang. Perfect. Look at that. That's what it would have looked like. Yeah.


So that is a, you know, a recreation. But you're talking about a bipedal animal that's eight to 10 feet tall. Yeah.


And it was an enormous primate with, like, you know, big foot looking face man. Just go to that picture.


Just make that picture bigger. That motherfucker was Bigfoot. I mean.




So the reason why there's all these stories, these myths is that as recently as one hundred thousand years ago, that was a real thing. So people definitely saw that thing walking around. Yeah.


So they probably talked about it in folklore and in stories and who knows what the fuck that thing even ate. I mean, it might have eight people we don't know. I don't know. I mean, there's a lot of primates that eat other primates like chimps eat the fuck out of monkeys.


Really? Oh, David Attenborough. You want to watch? Yeah.


OK, pull up the David Attenborough. They hunt, they hunt monkeys. They corral the men.


It's the most ruthless shit because there's video of this chimp eating a monkey while it's alive that's holding onto the monkey and biting its hips and just pulling chunks of meat or the monkey screaming like like this little primate face screaming while there's monkeys is eating them alive.


I thought that they do like ants on a stick or something. They do everything they can eat. They're omnivorous. I mean, they they eat everything. They're like humans. Yeah, they're omnivores.


Yeah, the meat, the vegetables, the fruit. But they didn't figure this out until the 1990s.


Attenborough was doing this documentary and there it is.


So these trackers took him and they show how the monkeys are just the one.


There is another one that doesn't see that there is. OK, look, that's that is a chimp eating a monkey. This one is on the forest floor. I think the one I saw was in the tree shows a chase.


I see the monkeys and there it is. This is this is the video. So this is really dark shit, man, because they they chase these monkeys and the monkeys get scared and they try to figure it out and they try to run away.


But the chimps are bigger and stronger and they corral them in. And so once they get them, man, they they're tearing them apart.


It's horrible to watch. Yeah. Yeah.


See see now the monkeys trying to get away. And this is the footage of the monkey trying to escape and the chimp comes chasing after him and grabs them. And now once he grabs them, it's rough. They kill babies, everything need them all.


So he grabs them, he's got them there, see that shit. So he's going to pull them down. And then once the chimp has the monkey, he gets to a spot where he can eat. And I think they fight over who gets to eat the monkey and then eventually he wins.


But look, he's got this monkey in his hand and he's going to just kind of pull it apart.


It's rough, man, the one when you see them eating it. Look, look, here it is. That's all shot. I get it. I get it. OK, you have to see there's got we have to get Jamie the right video in advance because there's probably hundreds of them out there. But there's one that came from that show that's really rough to watch because this monkey is alive and awake. Yeah.


This chimp is biting them and pulling them apart. Yeah. But anyway, you got it. Yeah, here it is. So here he's grabbing it.


Look how I did. Wasn't alive there, but. Oh, I did.


So this is one where they're just pulling it apart. But there's there's a great one where the the monkey is fuckin screaming.


Yeah. This is. Yeah. Gnarly. It's hardcore man. How do we get on to this.


I don't know, something gigantic. Oh, think it's mighty people, that's what it was. Thank you, Jamie.


And why are we on giganto? Oh, it's real. Charlamagne believes in Bigfoot. Oh, yeah, it was a real thing. But here's the thing.


That thing ate people. I don't know if a chimp can eat a monkey like that. Why wouldn't that thing eat a person where the monkeys.


Yeah. Eats everything. A monkey.


So that thinks so big if that thing was omnivorous.


And I don't think they know if it's an herbivore. I mean, they didn't even know chimps were like again till the 90s.


Yeah. This is just so all this shit is so odd. Like the deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the more the less you understand man.


So where you see Bigfoot, like if you're one of them Bigfoot freaks in the north, it's all in the northwest. In the northwest. It's all that I mean, there's sightings all over the country. But that's because people are foolish dominantly over there.


I think so. Most of it was in that spot in there. I mean, that's a rainforest up there. The Pacific Northwest is so dense. I bet it probably lived there for a long time, you know, and died off.


That's all you need. You need, like, a shred of truth for stuff.


Like, I remember when I was a I was in Egypt. Right. And I texted you when I was in Egypt because I watched every one of your flock. I'm going to Cairo to, like, see the pyramids. Right. And I realize I haven't even really researched the pyramids. So I do this deep dive and I'm watching like Graham Hancock Hancock. And there's another guy, the McCrossin, Dr. Robert Schalk.


Maybe that was like I'm just watching the shark is the geologist that he was the one passed recently or something like that? Oh, no. I still owe John Anthony West back to us. Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, he's the he's the the godfather of it all. Yeah.


And so I watch it. I'm watching everything. I'm obsessed and we go check them out and. It was the single most, like, unbelievable thing I've ever seen. It makes you question reality a bit. Really?


Yeah, like I get why people go, oh, aliens in the same way. Like, have you ever seen the Northern Lights? No, I haven't. But like, you see them in real life and you're like, oh, shit, what's going on?


All right, God. All right. Yeah. Like, it's believable.


And when want see them Alaska. Oh yeah. I just go to see them now.


I did comedy. Yeah.


Not in Anchorage, the other city, um Juneau.


Now it's like a little military at Fairbanks. Fairbanks really far north. Yeah. Yeah. Cold up there. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. What time of the year was it.


Uh I don't know. Cold. I really don't know, I forget, but maybe like maybe fall in store or something like that.


It has to be like the winter time, right? I don't think it was winter. I would have I would remember if it was a cold. Cold. Oh, I think a fall. If it gets cold enough, you have some one day the second I landed right after the airport.


Just fascinating in the same way with the pyramids, like I remember watching and I'm like, OK, this question is reality. Like, things are different now. And I remember reading or watching the videos and one guy said, like, time is it? Or like human progression isn't linear. And that was the coolest argument I've heard for it. Yes. The idea of it like a society could.


Pop up. Be somewhat insulated, so they had tons of time and like wealth and I guess wealth would be in resources back then, developed technology die out.


That technology never goes to anybody else, it just exists and then dies, and then a few thousand years later, another group of people end up going there like, oh, some cool shit, I'll hang out.




And that is the most reasonable explanation for me, is that there really building on that old stuff and trying to figure out how they didn't do their version of it there.


There's a bunch of different, very distinct instruction styles like, isn't it, how we are as like humans, like the Empire State Building is in this neighborhood as a cool building?


Yeah, I want to go over that. How the fuck they do this?


I hang out in school and he broke it down. This notion he was like that specific spot is there's an impenetrable forest on one side and there's a desert on the other side. And there's a river that when it overflows just fruit and vegetables, it starts sprouting out of the ground.


It's like, oh, this is how you would be able to have the wealth and time to develop cool shit. Like, of course, we're developing cool shit in America because we're not busy fighting motherfuckers in our country. Right all the time. Like Elon can develop all these cool things, drill hole in the ground. Why he's got nothing else to do. Right. We're not in war. We're not fucking you. We're here. Right?


Like if you're at war constantly, how could you develop? Right. And they were free for like thousands of years.


Thousands, of course, you develop cool shit. You'll find like I'm not talking about like Internet, but obviously cool water technology.


I mean, it completely is plausible. But how they describe it, no way. And, you know, it's not the same human beings because Kyra's a dump like Cairo is so awful that there's no way that the people who made Cairo also made the pyramids. You feel safer now.


You I look at you handsome bastard, sculptured cheeks. Jesus, baby Jesus. It's unreal, dude. Shit. Half a year. It was unbelievable. That was a different time. I mean, this the structures man, look, I can imagine seeing them in real life. Look how small the people are compared to that. Damn, that's big. I mean, you just can't fathom it.


That's a big fucking building. And what's crazy is it used to be covered in smooth limestone, but they these fucking people that built Cairo, they pilfered all that shit. Yeah. They broke all the chunks off of it to build other cool things.


Yeah. This was a cool trip. That's Morocco. Know.


What was it. Did you feel safe wandering through the streets there.


Was it a little scared and do a lot of wandering my girl with me also. So that's always like a different. Yeah. A different thing.


And it's like yeah I was told I had a guy who I knew there's a comic that was out there and he's like, I'll show you around.


So we did that with the comic in Egypt, but he's a comic in New York.


So 40 guys having a hard time getting controversial jokes go over. I'm not going to happen. I'm not going to have to kill you quick.


Oh, yeah, yeah. We're really lucky. Like, oh yeah. The shit we complain that we can't say is really funny. What do you mean? I can't say. But you can.


You just did see this is the thing like because we're not on a network that's controlled by some sort of a business. Yeah. That worries one way or another. Right. This business worries when people aren't controversial because then the podcasts don't do well. They're bored. They want chaos. Yeah. Like, you know.


Well, chaos is that is the antidote.


I mean, that's the well, it's also, you know what we're saying. You know, we're not talking about people. Like if you if you're if you're on this podcast, you're saying things to be funny, right?


Yeah. That's what you're doing. Yeah.


If you're making points, you're making interesting points that you think this is a really a valid, valid, you know, perception of something that you've established and is also talking shit that's talking shit. Talking shit is fun.


Judge me by my intent, not your interpretation. Yeah. What did I intend to do. Yeah. I tend to just fucking make us laugh exactly.


Once that's the problem with banning word like retard, like sometimes it's not nice to say it about someone with a disease, but it's not nice to let someone keep making YouTube videos about the world being flat either without saying to him, hey, man, that's fucking retarded.


That's what that is. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


It's not it's not a disease. It is a slow form of learning. You're slowing learning. Yeah. So we're calling people using people too, because people watch those videos and no one's interrupting you while you're making those videos. Yeah.


So it can make sense if you are articulate and smooth and use a lot of big words to show a lot of faulty science. Yeah. People can go, oh my God, I can't believe all these years I've been lied to. Yeah, yeah. It's a bunch of people you ever look at.


Hashtag space is fake. No. Now you want to see a failure of the American educational system. Yeah. Google hashtag space is fake and stop reading on YouTube and Instagram and fucking Twitter. All these knuckleheads that really think that space is fake.


Right. Space is fake. It's not really the moon, it's not really two hundred sixty thousand miles away or whatever the fuck it is. Yeah. OK, hashtag space is fake.


Let's say for example, so many of them coincidence. Let's say for example, the world is flat. Right. Let's kill them.


Feel so dumb. But if it is. So it. Well, I mean, you were talking about before, though, about conspiracy theories, about we like them, they're fun. You want to solve the puzzle. And listen, let's be honest. Most of the people look, there's some people that just love conspiracy theories.


Yeah, but most of the people that get really attached to some of the really dumb ones, they don't they're not doing so well in life, OK? They're not they're not they're not thriving. They're they're knuckleheads. And knuckleheads get attached to these certain kinds of ideas. Yeah.


And then if they could just prove that all this is bullshit, it doesn't matter how well you're doing or just a fucking world. They've been lying to us, man, this whole time.


The stars are not really stars. Yeah.


Lantern's being hung from some ceiling. It's like, look, man, you could you can go deep on this and find people that are of varying levels of intelligence. Yeah, I believe dumber and dumber things.


But you'll tap into some conspiracy stuff, right? Occasionally. Yeah. Yeah. What is it. Shit.


So what do you what do you go into. And you're like I kind of buy some of this. I want to know what the deep state really is. Can can we tell this when I talked about one time which what they did, so there's no sports, so I have nothing else. I just can't get into conspiracy. And every time I think I'm going too far, I like text Joe. And I remember I texted you as I was like I was like, well, what do you think about this?


Tom Hanks is a pedophile.


So I think you called me. I think you were so concerned. You just called me. You're like, dude, what are you what are you reading? He was going to put the fucking brakes for whatever reason on the Internet, became the scene to write in Tom Hanks, his comments, the photos.


He's a pedophile. Dude, I don't know what star.


Do you know what started the. I think it was this to the I don't know what happened, but someone like sent me something I get I start going in on it. And then I remember I came across something.


It was like, yeah, and that's why him and his wife, Rita Wilson, have have coronavirus from something I was like and I remember going to you and I was like, he's his wife's last name, really, Wilson?


And you're like, yeah, I'm like like the fucking volleyball. Like what is happening to what's going on. That's the problem. That's out of your fucking words. You're going to do it. Or we could be in the Matrix.


Keep going. We could be in a simulation.


If there is a simulation one day, it's going to be impossible to tell. They're going to get it to a point. Have you ever done any VR?


You were fuck with me. I bought the sets. I saw you got the Oculus out there. The same one. Yeah, obsessed. It's pretty amazing, right?


It is. Say it's the parents, that's the second thing that I saw in my life, the VR headsets. The second thing I saw, I was like, this makes me question.


Yeah, it's crazy to picking up the things. That's nuts. Yeah. Picking up the fake gun or picking up the ball.


Throwing it.


I watch that Alex Honnold thing, you know, the guy who like climbs with no ropes or whatever free solo. There's a five minute version you can watch on the VCR and you're up there with him looking down.


It's unreal.


I can't do that one. I get sweaty hands is watching his videos. Oh yeah. Like watching a YouTube video literally makes my hand Starplex.


Byron. I mean, I'm afraid it's big time. He's so calm. Yeah, crazy.


Something's off. Right. He's really nice, man. Supernormal like when you talk to him, nothing seems off at all. No.


Like seems like a guy who enjoys the challenge but like fear receptors or something like that, you know, like no.


Because he's had moments, he's had some moments where he's like generally the only time where you should be freaked out is what something's going wrong. He goes most of the time it's really mellow.


But he he climbs this kind of shit and has to go in this way, man. Yeah, yeah. It's going up at an angle. Yeah.


It's not, it's he's hard to handle but go deep state. I don't know man.


I mean we were talking earlier about George Soros videos and. Yeah. All these, these people that think that someone's pulling the strings from behind the scenes, you know, the more I see crazy shit like the Jeffrey Epstein thing.


Hmm. Where I mean, again, I didn't I watch much of the documentary because it was bumming me out. Yeah. So the little seventeen year old girls talk about heavy heavy.


Yeah. And some of them are 11 and 12, like I have a 12 year old girl's wild and he was purposely targeting them.


But he also had Bill Clinton fly to his island 20 times, you know, he had all these different people flew on his planes, he had all these celebrities, Hillary flew there, all these scientists, all these actors like, what is that? Who does that? What what's going on there? Like, was there some grand scheme to compromise those people, to get those people on his side whose side is his side, you know, who worked for him?


So he had a photo of Bill Clinton in his foyer of his house, dressed up as with a dressing like a woman going down.


I'm like this. Like, what better way to say.


I thought I got you. I got you. I own you. But my curiosity is this. And this is just from watching the I watched the thing. And again, I don't know a lot lot of people listening right now know way more about this. Like, any time I have questions is either you or Tim Dolan.


I call it Timmy and Timmy Forkan goes and Tim will go, oh, he's great. He is. If you think what you see in the videos is any different than him, you got another think he brought me a book.


The first time I met him, he came on the podcast, a book and conspiracy theories. He's like trying to get you back in. Did we try to bring you back in there?


But that's genuinely him. It was like this is him. Oh, unapologetically. Authentically him. Yes. Great stuff.


Go check out Tim if you guys haven't. But he he was breaking down some interesting things with as far as this goes.


Right. I'm just watching this documentary and it's blaming everything on Eppstein. And I'm like, OK, this guy is the fucking criminal mastermind really. Like he's the he's the criminal mastermind, but he's doing all the secretarial shit. I can't, I can't believe that. Right. And then they introduce this other guy, just like Les Wexner guy, the guy that owns like Victoria's Secret and that kind of stuff.


Right. Yeah. And then like introduce him quick and they kind of like make it seem they go, oh, he was actually I think it was like his only money manager or something like that that he manages, which is money. Right. And then there's a couple of weeks ago and, you know, I was tricked and I was manipulated. And like they have these other guys going, oh, my God, it's the most manipulative person in the world.


He charms you so much. It's really setting it up like he tricked the billionaire into giving them tons of money.


At the end of the documentary, this girl, maybe you can get this picture up.


The girl paints a picture and shows people right to the last episode at the end. And she just painted a picture of her experience there.


Right. In the picture, it's her experience, all the things that were going on, all these fucked up characters, et cetera, they're talking about the picture and they use this section where they talk about Eppstein, right.


Epstein's off to the right. He's on a fucking UFO. He's not even centerfold in the picture. He's barely in the picture.


Guillén, the girl who's like, here's a comment, she's front and center and then below her, I believe is Wex Wexner and I'm like, that's weird.


Why would you include this guy in front and center of the picture? But this guy over here, Eppstein that this whole thing, he's the criminal mastermind, he's doing all this kind of stuff is all by himself.


That's weird. Hmm. And it's weird. I would have to see the in the context of her story, I have to see it in the context of her story. But yeah, it is weird. All of it's weird though.


Just the fact that there was a fucking island deal, where does that I mean, that's what they do. But imagine if there was a movie. Yeah, imagine. Yeah. And in the movie, this guy would set up these freak parties on these islands and have all these guys fly in scientists, celebrities and bang 15 year olds. Yeah. And film it and hold it against them.


That was that was the worst, so to speak, but you saw a movie like, come on, Bill Clinton's not going to fly 20 times to fuck, and that's what makes it. He's got girls he can call. He must if he needs it that bad, is he really going to fly his fucking butt? If this guy was intelligence and he let them think that they're safe, don't worry, no one's going to say a fucking word. Everyone's on board.


This is fine. You can let your freak out on the island. This is like the real Vegas. What happens on Fox Island stays on fucking island. This is the real deal like you could.


That's what they want. Look, do you know how many of those guys in the 60s and the 70s, politicians back then just did openly, openly had affairs? Right. Like Kennedy openly. Everyone knew it. The press all knew it. How many guys were doing that? How many mayors are doing that? I bet a lot of them. I bet that's why they became a mayor or a fuckin president in the first place. A lot of them wanted power.


A lot of them are like these politicians, like ugly actors.


They want to be an actor, but they're not good looking enough. So they just pretend to be righteous and they pretend to be, you know, the guy who is going to solve the mess. Guy's going to solve the problem. And in the meantime, they're hobnobbing with industry and big bankers and celebrities are coming to their inauguration. And that's a big he's a big influence.


Here is someone explain this to me. Whoa. Is that just Lane? Is that how you say your name? Glenn? I thought it was just Lane selling. So that's how he flips the lizard.


So she's the lizard. But look who's front and fucking center.


Dude, what is going on? Look at all the hints. Well, that's a creepy ass picture, right? And where is Epstein who's just take a guess, a blue shirt with a sandwich in his hand? I don't know. Who's that guy? I don't know. John Podesta. Kevin Spacey. I don't know.


Look to the right. There might be him up here.


No, he's in the fucking UFO dude top. Right.


You're telling me the criminal mastermind of all this is is the the fucking supporting act like you're in the top, right, Jaslene or guillén, why she sent her dog and why does she have a body of a lizard?


How weird is that she's got some creepy lizard body, I don't know. See, this is my point.


Like, if you if you put this in a movie before all this shit had happened before, I believe it would never believe it.


Like, no one's that fucking manipulative. They can get all these politicians to just fly to some island and film them having sex with underage people. And if they did, they'd get caught. Someone would ride it out and then, well, they caught him and they brought him to jail and oh, he just died.


He hung himself. Like what? Oh, well, where's the security cameras?


Well, the security cameras weren't working. It's off.


It's off. And no one's talking about it.


So it just we just get swept away with the news cycle, do stuff.


This is the craziest thing about the embassy thing is like they literally took El Chapo, right. And put him in that jail because they're like, not something will happen. El Chapo, a Mexican jail. Right. So we got to put him in jail or something will definitely happen. Super top secret security clearance.


So that's jail. The best. The best possible jail. Yeah, this guy just randomly. Just himself. Yeah.


And the security cameras weren't working groups. No big deal, meanwhile, that Michael Baden got the autopsy doctor from HBO.


That autopsy series is a guy who's worked on a bunch of high did the George Floyd case. He said the guy was murdered. He said, yeah, well, I mean, the injuries of the Eppstein injuries were indicative of being strangled because the bones in his neck, we're talking about Floyd. But, yeah, we did that as well.


Yeah, more doctors have done that as well. Floyd now with George Floyd, more doctors. It's clear you just watch it. You can't you can't imagine a world that's not homicide. It's so fucked up.


The Eppstein thing, it was too low on his neck. It wasn't indicative of someone who was strangled. It was of or it was indicative of someone who hung themselves. Yeah, it was indicative of someone who was strangled. It was low on the neck, like the guys behind him pulling his fucking neck with a wire or a rope or some shit question for you.


Do you think they tell them, yo, we got the underage shorties on the island come through?


Or do you think they say everyone here is over age? Don't worry, everything's good.


Then they got a videotaped and they're like, by the way, they're all underage.


I think that's more the case. I think if I had to guess the most nefarious version of it, I doubt, is people sitting around going, hey, do you want to bang underage girls? I think they probably say, hey, we have we're going to have this party tonight on an island. No one's going to be there with us. It's fantastic. It's top top shelf combinations. We have girls. They're lovely. Maybe they don't even tell them they have girls there.


I guess they probably tell them that girls.


Hey, you want to throw out the problem. You guys want to go fishing? Come on, bro. With some jet skis. Dude, screw coconut milk, trust me.


And I think once they get them there, they get them drinking.


But then once they're drinking, it's about to start partying.


There's the island man. Right? So I think they start partying. And then the girls were probably either paid to or trained to be friendly to them.


And I mean, the men are probably disgusting. And you got a guy like Clinton, I mean, that guy I mean, he would fuck a warm jar of peanut butter.


He's an animal, you know, he's an animal. Right? This is my fucking brain.


This is what happens when you're a comic. You're just going to think about the different angle all day. When you said fuck a warm jar of peanut butter, I'm like, what would be the best condiment to fuck peanut butter?


Would it be peanut butter? What would it be? Jam. I need some thick and some. You know what you want? You want organic peanut butter. You got a story. This is why you opened up the comedy clubs, because otherwise we would talk about fucking people over them.


But Clinton has always been known to be a wild man. Yeah, he fucks everything. He tries to fuck girls and they yell and they scream and they run away. Yeah. He's got women that have said he raped them. I mean, he's a fucking animal. Yeah. I would imagine you get that guy alone on an island, get a couple of drinks, it's going down.


And then Eppstein is connected to these people who are sure you don't worry, everything's covered. This is how we do it. Like, look, the world's too. There's too much scrutiny out there. OK, well, you've got to be yourself.


OK, so here's my question. This wasn't always scrutinized, right?


You got songs, fucking Rolling Stones. So they have a song talking about banging some 15 year old girl or something like that. I believe there's a song, right? Look it up, Rolling Stone, you have you have songs about people talk. This had a song called Christine 16, dude, every movie in the 80s on this 17 17. Remember that?


I'm just saying, every movie in the 80s, there were like high school seniors. And then like where the freshmen that. Yes, right there, 14 year olds, granted you're all in high school, but you still maybe have college kids like four with.


OK, so there was a time where it was probably OK. Right. To sleep with younger women. Right. I'm not talking about the 11 and 12. I'm talking about teenage women. It was probably OK, OK at that time.


How did they compromise people? Because if we really want to know who's behind this, just figure out what they were doing before the pedophile stuff because.


Yeah, but they controlled the press like before that no one could say anything about.


So you're saying they didn't need to compromise back in the day and then they were like, well, fuck, we need to find a way to compromise little kids.


Exactly. Exactly. I feel like you always had to compromise.


You always had to have something on someone like you don't think that.


You don't think that? I don't think so. No.


You don't think it's like coincidental that, like, you know, maybe Clinton had some fucked up shit that happened in Arkansas and they're like, all right, we're going to get you out of that. But, you know, you're going to you're going to keep on you going to have an interesting political career. Just look out for your boys.


I don't think so. I mean, I don't think they had film footage of it and I think they controlled the media. But, you know, the Clinton stuff goes way back. I don't know, you know, the MENA, Arkansas shit. No, no.


Clinton was the governor of Arkansas. When Barry Seale's is running cocaine through Mena, Arkansas, he would go to South America. And there's all this footage. There's a great movie about it with Tom Cruise. That's the yes, it's about Barry SEAL. OK, and that was a real guy who was a pilot. Yeah. Fly back with Coke. Yeah. And they would drop the Coke off in Mena, Arkansas.


OK, they dropped the Coke off and these two kids found it, found the drop. They murder these two kids and they said the kids committed suicide. This kid, the kids were doing drugs. They fell asleep on the train tracks.


Yeah, they just made this shit up. Right.


So when they were when they did the autopsy on the kids and they said, oh, the kids died of suicide, they they got high and they slept on the train tracks. The parents are like, that's not our kids. Our kids would not do that. So they do a separate autopsy, separate independent autopsy, and they find knife wounds in these kids, bro, the kids have been murdered. It gets worse.


So then Barry SEALs, Ziggy agrees to sell everybody out, so he agrees to testify. He is on his way to the courtroom with George Bush's phone number in his fucking pocket when he's gunned down in his car.


Yeah, he's assassinated on his way to testify. A guy who is an absolute and also in the movie, the Tom Cruise movie, they showed Bill Clinton pardoning him. He got caught for something. Bill Clinton. Pardon him.


Whoa. What if what if compromising people saves their life?


What if back in the day you're like, you know, if you talk to Mikhail, you actually I think you're going to talk you're dead. Like, that's what the Mafia does, right?


They're like, you're going to snitch. We're killing you. Any gangs, whatever your decision is, we're going to kill you. But what if their technique is like, dude, I'm tired of killing people, you're going to fuck some kids or you're going to do something that you do not want getting out there? Yes. You better not tell. Yes.


Well, you got to think a guy like prominent big time politician, they know so much shit about so many people and so many different things that are wrong in so many different things that are illegal.


So get them to fuck your kid. You got to wonder about Anthony Weiner, keep gone, Anthony Weiner was the guy that was showing that he was showing that day. Yeah. And he was married. Did you see it?


Not that I didn't look at his herzig because he was going to get a famous dick like he's a fucking bold man and he was an amazing speaker.


OK, yeah. Yeah. And they were worried about him. They were thinking this motherfucker could be a big time pilot. So we need a compromise.


So they don't know whether he was just a freak or whether this is how he's always been and this is his kink.


But he likes sexting with underage girls, that they put him in fucking jail for it. But here's what's interesting about it. The very laptop that he was using to sex with these underage girls also has Hillary Clinton's emails on it.


Like that was part of the problem, like his wife was communicating with Hillary Clinton. So we need this. We need to get to that.


It right now, FBI communication of discovery of Hillary Clinton, emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop computer.


So they they found her important emails on the laptop that he's using to sext with these underage girls to have these many convenient, isn't it?


Look, I'm not saying he didn't do it, because I think he did, because he said pictures of him with his dick.


You can't I think he's a freak. And I think, like I said, there are ugly actors, the ugly that I think the guy's a comic.


That's what I think. Weiner. Minar Weiner. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, is he's a comic.


Just nobody ever taught him how to do comedy. Yeah. So he just expressed his freak attitude and terrible, awful ways. But there's a picture of him. He's got his phone up like this. Yeah. He's got his hog like half hard ass underwear lying there. And I think he was like lying with one of his kids last fall.


It's crazy that we're sending these to girls just all willy nilly.


Do you are nuts? That is, that he just doesn't even know these gals. So maybe he was just a sex addict.


Maybe he was a sexting addict with underage girls. See, there's a picture of his hog where his kid asleep.


So you're there. Are there question. And now you got me on this fucking but look at those selfies, then I see it, but go back to go look at the upper left hand corner like he was a freak, OK? It's not like he's getting roped in. He was a freak. He was clearly a freak.


There's something about him that was a freak. But also, I mean, sexting with a 15 year old.


Did he know she was 15? That's the other question. Did he was he aware of the way they edited it?


Who knows? Pled guilty? Yeah.


Or maybe that's a picture he sent his wife. Tell him what he knows. That's what they do.


But maybe that's a picture he sent to his wife. And they're like, now we're going to send that to a 15 year old because now we got her laptop. We could do whatever and then we got some worse shit on you. And you're going to take this little charge right here before we tell you what we're really up to.


He was very bombastic and very argumentative in the Senate, and he would yell and scream.


And the senator is out of order. The senator would yield the floor.


And he had this way of talking, a very powerful speaker. He knew. He knew. Yeah. I don't want to we don't need to get into this, but I don't want to girls. Yeah.


So, OK, maybe there's a culture of these creepy guys doing this shit to younger girls in in in politics.


Yeah, there's a culture of that. Maybe he's an example of that culture. Yeah. It's like it's not that like it's not like politics makes you do that. It's politics has something that is enticing to those type of people which is obviously power. It's like yes, it's like the Catholic Church doesn't make you touch kids. But if you did want to touch kids and you want some smoke screen, OK, here's a perfect here's a perfect situation. Yeah.


You know what I mean. Yeah, I do know what you mean.


Like, I don't think that I don't think Catholicism makes you do that. But if you did want to do it, that would be the perfect place to go.


I think the one of the ways that Catholicism does do that is you go there when you're young and you get molested and then you think that that's normal, right, where you start molesting other kids.


Right. Right. That is one thing that does happen to people who get molested is there's not just a high rate of them molesting. There's a high recidivism rate, but there's a very high rate of them molesting people as well. Yes, that's one of the horrible it's almost like like you're a vampire when you do that to some kids, it's like you put it in them and then they go out and perpetrate the same evil that was done to them.


That's a good way of putting it.


It is like that in a way, because you hear all these stories about guys who molest kids who were molested.


Yeah, but, you know, so I don't I think there's this a sickness when someone wants to fuck a 15 year old, even if you want to text them and pretend you want to fuck a 15 year old. Yeah. Especially a guy with kids.


Yeah, it's. Yeah, it's just so fucking.


But how many of them were there like I told you about that. Breitbart. Podesta. Well yeah we talked about that. Yeah. Like. That's a crazy quote. Yeah, I don't know if it's true, I don't know what the fuck do you believe it? I don't know what to believe.


And this is after all of this here, Jamie, I'm going to send you this. I'm going to airdrop this to you.


I'll just text to hold on one second and I'll go pee. All right. We're back and we're back. LSP feel better. Oh, did so much anyway. So we're talking about creeps and people want to fuck kids. Yeah.


Here, this is a thing that Andrew Breitbart tweeted in 2011 before he died, how Praag guru John Podesta isn't a household name as world class underage sex slave op cover up or defending unspeakable drugs escapes me right now.


What does that mean? What does that mean?


This is maybe Breitbart crazy. Maybe he's crazy.


I would have thought I all these crazy people die randomly. It's kind of weird, right? Right. If they accuse people she crazy. So it's so crazy. You know what it's like. Tom Hanks wife being named Rita Wilson, too. It's just a coincidence. It's just a coincidence, dude. You know, it's a flirt.


I mean, you got to do you. I do a bit about it. But you were saying how like there's no more crazy, right? We're just talking about just random things. You're like, what happened is just crazy. And back in the day, maybe we put too many things under the umbrella of crazy, right?


Maybe. And yeah, maybe back way back in the day when it was just anybody who was like your left handed. You're fucking crazy like that. Right, right. Yeah. Yeah. And now we don't put enough in crazy.


Well we there's certain things that we exempt from possibility of crazy, but this is something we always allow is crazy. Right. Like yeah. Oh that's crazy. Right. It's like crazy. They can't be real. Yeah. Yep. If you call out somebody and you end up getting jerked and you're like, maybe there's a coincidence going on there. What are you crazy. Yeah. You must be insane to think.


Well there's a bunch of those man. That's when Seth Rich got murdered. Everybody was worried about that. What's that? Seth Rich.


He was the guy that supposedly, according to WikiLeaks, he gave them the information on the DNC being corrupt and rigging the vote with, oh, with Hillary, with Hillary Clinton.


When were they conspired against Bernie Sanders? Yeah, that's when Donna Brazile wrote about it in her book when Seth Rich was murdered.


She got really scared. Right. And she was a top operative.


What do you think?


What have we sat down in the deep state, right where the powers be, whoever doing all this like a kid, what would it look like?


What would they look like? Yeah, what would the deep state look like?


Oh, that's a good question. I don't know. Like, who are they? Are they dude? I mean, how do you get the job? And like, how do you like move up in it. Like, like you've been really deep bro. We want to give you a raise. Hey you've been going deep. Yeah. How do you. Is it bankers. Is it all like no name bankers that none of us know who they are.


I went on a fucking it was just you go in a rabbit hole. I went on there's this guy named Bill still.


Please interview Bill still. Oh no. He's back in the day. Did this documentary. I don't know if it was like PBS or something like that. It was just about the banking institutions and how they've been controlling every policy decision back into the seventeen hundreds and then before that in Europe and how these few banking families of all kind of work together and anybody who criticizes the banks and try to break it breaks up the banks.


They're remembered poorly in history. I believe that like Andrew Jackson, for example, like he got rid of the Fed, like he killed the banks. Yeah. And he's remembered he has the worst reputation of the president, right? Oh, he's that racist president like all the other presidents had slaves.


But Andrew Jackson, he was really racist about do this guy, Bill still.


So I get this. I'll send you a link. I mean, he probably has like forty thousand views, but it was for television. It was on like some sort of, you know, I don't know.


But it's PBS, just like a regular regular broadcast channel one.


But but but yeah. And I just watched it and I was like, oh, it's really fascinating. Just like learning about money, learning about like fractions, fractional reserve lending. And just like these interesting, interesting things like make the economy go like what you find out.


The Bilderberg Group is real, like, wait, what the Bilderberg Group is the group.


Did they get together. Oh, the Jekyll Island thing.


Well, that is isn't that how the IRS was formed? Isn't that why. But we're so dumb. No, it's a currency. There was something about the.


Yeah, he basically checks this island is a different he makes his correlation where any president who tried to create currency that wasn't dependent on the banks got Merks. And then I go and I'm looking at this.


I'm like, yeah, Lincoln, what did Lincoln do? Lincoln do that? And then he goes, you know, our money is green because in the Civil War, he went to the banks and asked for a loan for the Civil War. And they were like, it's going to be twenty, twenty five percent interest on a loan. He was like, nah, fucking I'm I'm printing my own shit greenbacks.


Well, really, and then some fucking actor shoots him. Why would it act or care about slavery, like you're some theater nerd, you're some theater dork? Come on, dude, does it seem weird? And I don't get really conspiratorial, but like.


Yeah, but you're allowed to watch Lincoln. It's long enough ago. It doesn't matter. You know what you're telling me.


Just imagine the theater nerd. Let's go. Like, who's the biggest theater nerd right now?


Like, give me a Oswal.


There's another show star, John Wilkes Booth.


Brother, there's also a famous actor in New York. Yeah. And I think it was the week before Lincoln was killed.


He saved his son from getting hit by a car randomly, as though that's a random occurrence.


And this is back in the day. There was barely any cars. Fun fact on the bus. Yeah. There's no cars back and double checked out, the cars going 20 miles per hour. There's no car. There's no car, like a bit of a cherry. Yes, I'm like, yeah, OK.


I was like, are you eighteen sixty four, isn't it.


Yeah. Yeah. Oh, it's wild. All right. Yeah. So check this guy Bill. So I don't even know if he's still alive. I don't think he got marked. But like, he's just he was really passionate about and he's really passionate, like breaking the bank and not having ourselves be like tied to these banking institutions, like dictate monetary policy.


Well, wasn't that a part of Canada as well? Of course, he wanted to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Everyone that wants to get rid of it. And if they get close Oreo's, I'll borrow. It's what the way he puts it. Who else got shot?


Oh, he got shot. Jackson got shot.


But he lived Reagan. He got shot by a psycho. But they're all psychos, they're all crazy. Yes, they're all crazy when they need to be crazy. Oh, well, you got to read this book called Chaos Go. Oh my God. Oh, my God. It's about Charles Manson. It starts out about Charles Manson.


Wasn't he Tom O'Neil? Wasn't he like the CIA?


Yeah, listen, yeah, he was he was a prisoner who they gave acid to and they trained him how to do that to other people. So he took these impressionable youths and dosed him up with acid. And then he would pretend he was taking it and he would guide them and tell them what to do. And then he had them go out and murder people. So and every time he was arrested, they let him out of jail. Is a guy named Tom O'Neil who started his book?


Yeah. He started his book as a story that he was writing for premier magazine. But as he dug deeper and deeper into the case, what the fuck is going on?


Yeah, well, how about this? Yeah, there's a free clinic and we're going in free clinic in Haight Ashbury. The CIA operated under with this program where they were they were doing tests on people. Yeah. Doing tests on hippies and giving them acid. Yeah. Until his book comes out. His book comes out three months after his book comes out. The clinic goes out of business. This is a clinic that had been in operation for 50 fucking years.




Yeah. It's a tricky dude. It's it's a it's a tricky thing.


Right. It's like my girl said something interesting to me.


She, you know, because there's all these like serial killer documentaries on like on Netflix, on that kind of stuff. Right. Yeah. And and I'm like like other serial killers in other places.


Like why do we just have it here, like or do they have it in London. Do they have it in like Paris. Like Jack the Ripper. Well Jack the Ripper. Right.


And then like after that I don't think there was a lot of reben like I think like he did it. And then there's no more reben, I don't know. And then I'm like and then she goes this and she just goes, honestly, I think it was all the acid. And I go, Oh, do you mean she goes, well, they're doing all these drugs in the sixties and seventies and also in the eighties, they just start like tearing through women and they're just all these serial killers pop up out of nowhere.


I'm like, holy shit.


Well, you know, the people the experimented on Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, and they didn't talk about this in the Netflix documentary, of course, Netflix documentary. They kind of briefly touched upon that about drugs.


They use the just a random word. Drugs. Yeah. Or the blanket word drugs. Yeah. But he was a part of the Harvard LSD experiment. Yeah, he was a part of these, these and he they talked about the psychological experiments they did where they breaking him down for three years, but he was already a little loony to begin with and then they fucked with him for three years and probably force fed them acid. They did it to a lot of people.


There was a thing called Operation Midnight Climax. They did back then where they would they would run whorehouses, it would run whorehouse, but they're not even hiding it.


I know it's the most AFISMA name for. The other one was also the one I heard about mind control experiments. Yeah, but a part of MK Ultra was Operation Midnight Climax, and they did this in San Francisco as well. The same people that were involved in that clinic also involved. And they would make these brothels and then they would hire these ladies to come in and have sex with these guys and they would dose the guys up with acid. So these guys would go in thinking they're going to just get some sex.


Then they got the greatest. Have a drink.


Yeah, it'd be on acid just tripping their balls up and then they would just run experiments on these fucking guys. What do you do? Tell people, you know, tell people you went to a whorehouse, you got drugged. Really? Is that what happened?


So what happened? So here's my question to you. Let's say that we're in charge of like nation building or whatever it is like let's say we're deep state. Right.


Deep state, and we are tasked with keeping America on top by any means necessary. This is a good argument. OK, yeah.


You and I write our families, our kids, everything is dependent on us developing the coolest.


Why don't use the term cool but most effective weapons of manipulation to maintain our status in the world. And because of that we get to live the lives that we get to live. And if we don't do it, there are other countries that are doing the exact same thing. And the second we slip, they're going to bodies.


Right. Would you go so far? Would you go so far as to do these types of things? The right answer is obviously no. But if you do the exact same experiment, what happened in China right now and the second they figured it out, they were going to find ways to manipulate the powers that be. And then the next trip of a politician ends up in China. All of a sudden they get doused with some shit and now they're controlled.


I don't know if this is the argument to accept some sort of a new world order or accept some sort of a total totalitarian regime that controls the people the same way China controls the people, because otherwise we can't compete with them. Keep going.


China has this connection between the big businesses and corporations in China, in the military and the government. They're all connected. It's one thing there's not two things. It's not like you have a business and then there's the government. No, your business is a part of the government.


If you're wondering what way you are hand in hand with the Chinese government, the only way the United States is going to compete is if we run things over here, the way they run things over there, because. They can cut corners, take chances, they have mass surveillance on their people that way, it keeps things running smoother and there's will they also have covid tracking.


We need to track you. We need to track you. Put the chip in your chip. We don't need a chip. You got your phone. You ain't leaving that alone. Yeah, that's right.


I never you never needed a chip. Exactly. You don't need a chip. Just give get addicted to a game question.


I think that's what Chinese government Chinese government talk.


I've about killing it with tech talk. I'm not a lie. I got to tell you, I got some good ones. But OK, here's the thing.


Don't you think we're already there? And let me let me clarify, OK?


Do you really think Google isn't sitting down with the US government and the US government isn't going we're going to get access to all that. I mean, we'll pretend like you guys are operating by yourself. But you know what time it is. Well, for sure they do.


And Google's actually sat down with the Chinese government. And the argument of censoring over there was that if we don't, they're just going to steal our intellectual property and just remake Google in a Chinese form.


We need to work with them. Well, you don't need to do anything, Google, you want to work with them? No, no, no.


We need to we need to have enough money because we don't have we need more we need more money. I just think I wonder that in dollars like with Ellen, even with you, once you reach a certain level, you must have that.


Look, if I'm the guy from Deep State, right. And I know we got the smart South African dude. Right. And he can invent anything. He can do all this cool shit. And I'm going to be like, all right, yeah, bring him over here. And he's like, I maybe I want to go, you know, sell some shit to Saudi Arabia and I'll like, maybe you don't, right?


Yeah. And it's just the opposite. He's like, I'm going to go into Rogas Park as the smoke weed. You're like, do whatever the fuck you want. We don't care what the stock price is. I just I just wonder if if if the if the if the exchange is, hey, we need some cool rockets, we need some great shit. And if you have any ideas, throw them away first. What are those network deals first.


Right to refuse development. No, no. Not developed. I remember like first right of refusal. It's a you build some shit this fire we look at first and we don't like it in Saudi Arabia, but we'll look at it.


We got it first.


And if we ever need some real dope shit, you make it now. What is the exchange? If you want to keep your factory open during covid, you get to do that.


I think he's got so much influence and they realize that their law was stupid, this this was stupid, but most places are still close. And he was like, yeah, I'm staying open. And then the government was like, are you staying open?


Why are you standing up?


Because I need to California state government, because other governments were allowing him to open. So this is not deep state shit.


This is like a state to state thing because he could have that much influence, said, hey, oh, come on over here, by all means. And we have oil.


Yeah, we'll still let you do it. States that we're willing to let him rock and roll.


But wouldn't you do that when you do that with like a bozo's, like, wouldn't you go, hey guys, operate?


I guess what I'm trying to say is like there's like this structure in America, right? We're at the bottom. You have no power and it fucking sucks and you're just barely surviving. You make some money, you're good, your life is good, but you're still attached to your job. You need to do that in order to survive. You get into like the millions. Ten million. One hundred millions. Right. And you actually have freedom. And the second you get into the billions, you get a knock on the door where it's like you got a lot, you got a lot of stuff.


And we're going to need to have some conversations about how you use that stuff and the people you talk to and the deals that you do because you got too much power.


Like I'm shocked. Like for years I've been shocked even with this platform.


I'm like, how is there one guy? Dick can speak to the whole world, and the US government isn't fucking surveilling you and having drones, everyone watch the show. Can anyone get it?


That's a good point. You're not hiding. No, that's that. It's like there's freedom in exposing.


Yes, you can really be free if you just give.


Also, I'm a fucking cage fighting commentator. Dude, what if your deep state I was really your smokescreen.


Imagine if you just got really good at these things just so you could be deep state you.


The problem is that's not how people get good at things. You get at things from no motivation. You'd never be able to compete with guys. They're really hustling.


Yeah, you have to be really hustling. And then they bring you to Fuck Island.


They get videos.


Do you think I have a question about MMO for you? OK, why do we keep hearing about the underpaying stuff?


Well, right now in particular, there's probably less money because the fighters have to. There's no game. There's no liftgate. Yeah, there's no liftgate. And that's an extreme amount of money. But there's also fighters that agree to certain deals.


They agreed to like an eight fight deal with X amount per fight, and then they become more popular and then they want to renegotiate their deal. Yeah. And the UFC is like, look, we're just trying to stay open. Yeah. We're not going to renegotiate anything. So they're like, you take it or you can leave it. But this is what it is. Yeah, I think it's a matter of that.


But looking at it from the fighters perspective, fighters would be certainly better off if there was more competition. That's always how it works. Yep.


So whether it's Bellator or one FC or all these different companies, the more of those there are, the more World Series of fighting, the more professional fighting league, whatever the fuck it's called now, the more those guys, the better it is for everyone. It's just how it is. It's like if there's only improvs and then you get banned from the improvs, you're fucked.


But you got Funnybone, so you better. Yes, yes, yes. It's exactly like that. You know, I've seen that happen before with people. Yeah, I've seen that happen with comedy clubs and I've seen that happen with fighting too. You get banned from a big organization and then you're fucked, man. Nobody. Yeah. Like, it's not a monopoly in that you do have you do have choices. But there's one clear top of the food chain choice.


But it's because they do it the best. They're also the only ones that are having fights during this quarantine. The only people are putting on any live sporting event. Amazing.


But they're also a part of a company in WME that's hurting and needs it. Yeah, really bad. So there's not a lot of money to throw around, like to keep the doors open, to keep people employed.


A lot of money is is is missing right now.


These shows got cancelled. Yeah. There's all these audience members that are going to be there buying tickets.


And so it's tricky, man. So this is why I think they're complaining about fighter pay. I think they should get paid more. Right. I think everybody should get paid more. I'm sure it's a crazy way to make a living. I think you should get the most amount of money you can possibly get. Yeah, but it's also a business. And I think that if they are struggling as much as I think they are, I don't talk finances with them.


But I know that WME people own it. Yeah, they're hurt. Yeah. Bad. They're laying people off. Yeah.


Most businesses are hurting. It's all the entertainment business is fucked up. Nations fucked. Yeah. All these people are fucked. Yeah. Big time.


So what do they do. That's what I think. But yeah.


You know when it comes to me as a, as a human that likes fighting, I know how fucking dangerous that shit is. You should get paid an incredibly generous amount of money to step into a cage fight for millions of people to say, yeah, yeah.


It is interesting because. You have you have this situation where, like the quality of the fights is undeniably better because it's not in the free market. You have people that are really good at picking out fights, and for the most part, I say this is a boxing fan, right? So I grew up in boxing where there are tons of different divisions or tons of different companies.


If you all WBC, WBA, all these different together. And sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. But like, it's a mess.


And then sometimes what happens is you have guys who are like really boring fighters, but they get a position where they have the belt and then it actually hurts the sport in a way. But they earned it and they deserve it. So as like a sportsman, I'm like they deserve to have it. Like a lot of people. I love Floyd Mayweather.


I think he's the best fighter in the history of fighting. Right. I think he's actually one of the greatest people at their job ever.


But I think he's Michael Jordan of boxing is one of those, without a doubt, one of the greatest boxers, if not the greatest boxer that has ever lived.


It's unbelievable.


You know, but he for average people, fought for me. I loved it, but I thought it was boring. So he needed the antics. Yeah. He needed to get people angry at him, get the right.


And it worked. But the thing is with the UFC is I'll watch guys. I don't fucking know.


And I'll enjoy it, and I feel like I don't know if that's just because of the sport, but also because of the way that they're matching the fighters and it's not specifically, hey, you're ranked here, you're ranked here. We have to match you. Part of it is you're right here. You're right here. But also your styles would make something interesting.


So I wonder if it's correct. No. Do you think it's better to not be completely free market? Do you think it's better to have the fights for the quality of the sport?


If you're a fan, it's certainly better for you, right?


If the fighters get if they all get together in one organization and then that organization makes them fight each other that way.


There's not as many dream match ups you never get to see. Right. Like, one of the things that everybody got upset was by the time Floyd fought Manny Pacquiao, it was like past Manny's pride and Manny had a bum shoulder and all these different things. Yeah, we would like to see that fight five years earlier.


And in the UFC stuff like it's made easily.


Yeah, it gets made, but it gets to a situation where a guy like Jon Jones says, hey, I've got a contract for light heavyweight fights, but, you know, what do you want to give me a fight?


Francis and Ghana, because I want a lot of fucking money. Exactly. Terrifying. Yeah. And they say, well, you get what you're paid in your contract. That's what you get. And he's like, well, I'm not fighting then.


And they go, OK, it is interesting. See, that's one of those situations where I don't know who's right and who's wrong because I don't know how much money they would make for that. If there's no audience, let's say the Francis and fights a big fight, it gets like five hundred thousand pay per view, six hundred seven hundred thousand pay per view. That's a lot of paper views. Yeah.


Kate, how much in the hole are they? How much money, how much money in the hole are they. Right. How much, how hard is it to make money right now. How much can you afford. How much do they make. I don't know these answers. Yeah. How much do they make for a paper viewer. 700000 buys. A million buys.


How much do they make. How much which the overhead.


I mean, I don't know. It's less but it's not I mean, it has to be less because you're not maintaining these venues. The venues are much smaller. You have to pay way less people. That being said, the ticket prices like the live gate gates, big. Twenty thousand people.


Eighteen thousand people, all spending on average, one hundred fifty dollars a ticket. And on top of that, there's merch. There's all sorts of shit.


There's you know, I'm sure they probably get some sort of a food. It's all that stuff. Yeah. So there's a lot of money.


And then there's also they have to operate. They didn't fire anybody. It's one thing about the UFC. They would not fire people.


So they stayed open, wouldn't wouldn't fire anybody while they were going on for months.


Just people trying to figure out how to put this together and make fights happen. They tried to do that one at the Indian place, Taichi Palace in Lamore, California. They are real close to doing that within the fucking governor. Got a hold of the head of Disney and Eisner and they call Dana White and they told the pull out, pull out.


OK, so they back out of that.


And two weeks later, Florida is like, come on in. So then we do one in Florida with no audience. And then finally they're allowing us to do them at the APEC center in Vegas. Yeah, I think right now it's a triage. Right now they're trying to stop the bleeding and the journey is WME.


Like me and the UFC, the UFC is operating with full costs for months.


Right. With without any money coming in at all. So you have to think that. Yeah, that's right.


Yeah. It's like I mean, I think like paid for billion or something for them or something a little more than that.


So they have this giant monthly nut, they have to have to cover cover every month. And people I guess don't realize is like an agency makes money off of the commission of their clients. And if their clients can't work because of Korona, the agency has no revenue coming in. None. Zero. There's no TV. I guess there's some TV shows going to maybe like. Still, they're not they're not doing production, unlike films like that, yeah, no.


Yeah, it is interesting. Well, they're starting to do films next week. They are coming back. What was your thought? Going to get sick and then you're liable? That's the tricky thing. It's like they don't want to God forbid somebody ends up one of these, like an NBA coaches who's old?


God forbid. Gregg Popovich, who's fucking 70. Oh, yeah. Gets Korona. Death it is.


And now you want to be the NBA commissioner that killed Gregg Popovich. Oh, my God.


Or be a UFC promoter that you fight or get sick, goes home and kills his mom who works with him.


You know, maybe your mom helps cook for you. Your mom gets sick. Maybe Mom's helping you in camp.


Your mom gets sick and dies from Corona because they had the fights.


I mean, I don't think that's going to happen. And I think particularly now when you're hearing these reports of the cases diminishing, the viral load that they're finding in Italy is so small, it's barely detectable. Yeah, you know, the pope is that same shit happens here as it gets hot out.


Italy thing was so funny. Why is it funny, because, like they said, the. The symptoms of Corona were like you couldn't taste and smell, and Italy was like the first country there was a pandemic, like everybody inside.


We can't we can't taste pasta, but we can't smell great food.


Exactly. And then people in Sweden, which has trashed cuisine anyway, and they're just like, let it rip.


It gives a fuck. What do the English say? We're going to take it on the chin. Right. What are we living for anyway?


Our food tastes like shit. Swedish meatballs. They're good meatballs. They do.


They do. And then there's all this concern.


They're doing it wrong and they're doing it right. We need to watch Sweden. Look, Sweden's fine. Why can't we do it? Like Sweden, though, the death rate is very high. The death toll, all of it.


It wasn't high comparatively. I think it's higher. I think letting it burn through the city is comparatively higher. Right. I think the question is, what would you rather have? Would you rather have the freedom to decide for yourself and and know that there's some risks involved? Yeah. Or would you rather have the government lock everything down, save people's lives for now.


But then the economy crashes and, you know, for every the unemployment rate, there's some sort of a some sort of a graph that they use or some sort of an equation. But for every percentage, the unemployment rate goes up, more people are unemployed, X amount of people dying, people die.


That's that's a fact. They know that roughly. Yeah. And this is not taken into account at all. The deaths that we're looking at are only the deaths due to disease.


Yeah. That's why, you know, it's been politicized, because the politicians aren't going to be accountable for the deaths because of unemployment, because they could blame it on the pandemic. But they will be responsible for the deaths from Corona if they're opening up too early to.


They should have quarantined sick people in high risk people, people that are of ill illnesses, pre-existing conditions, old people, people that are vulnerable.


We could have done that. That could have been done if if all these people right there have gone out. And Mark's right. I mean, like just yesterday we were at a march and Santa Barbara. Right. We're in the crowd. Right.


We're talking to folks like, hey, do you think if nobody ends up getting thrown out or the numbers don't spike that high, we'll forever lose or at least for our lives lose faith in what our public health sector tells us we need to be concerned about?


I think already people are losing faith, but especially after this right now like this especially.


Yeah, especially. But I think people when they find out how many people actually got it versus how many people died versus what they thought, how many people were going to get it versus how many, I mean, it's a tiny fraction they cost. They keep trying to scare us. Have you seen the image of downtown L.A. yesterday?


It was it was wild. There's an overhead view I saw. You can see fifty thousand people filling the street. It's crazy. Yeah, they don't get it. Nobody has.


It's not real. It's not me. You're going to get a call, but I get a call. I wonder what the numbers are going to be, man, in two weeks.


I mean, we're going to have a sharp increase in deaths. Yeah.


Two weeks because of these these protests.


Did you know how I knew that I wasn't taking it seriously?


Because, like, for the first. Maybe two weeks, I wash my hands after I peed afterwards like I'm a man of good role, I just repeat I only wash my hair.


I actually walked out and I realized you were still in there and you're like, yeah, that's a classic guy move.


But that's how I knew it was. I was like, whatever, dude. But that doesn't make any sense. What if it was the play? What do you mean? What if it was real?


What if it really was something that takes like 17, 18 days and it's super contagious and everybody gets it 17, 18 days and you're just deathly ill. Everybody, no matter who you are now has nothing to do with your immune system. Stop with your health privilege.


It has to do only with this because thing what I just said, I just made it up. Health privilege. Health privilege. Well, that's what it is. They're shaming you for health privilege. Right?


Right. Stay home. Save lives. Yeah, exactly. That. That's downtown L.A.. Imagine if this really was just a political ploy to crush the economy and that they knew it wasn't going to be that bad. They knew it was going to be bad, but it didn't require shutting everything down for months and months at a time. But it's a good thing to do if you want to kill the economy, start civil unrest. Let's go deep state theory, right?


Deep state, deep state. They pull the strings.


You know, you can't let Biden debate, right, because it's going to be a massacre. Not good.


I got hairy legs. Did you see the clip is great. What the fuck are you saying I just a while, dude.


So you don't want him to debate, right? And whose power is actually public appearance, whose rallies Trump?


So now you take away the ability, the ability to go out of those big rallies to those rallies, which are incredibly persuasive.


If you're someone who's on the fence and you limit the liability that is Biden in a potential debate where he could have these gaffes, etc., then on top of it, you have civil unrest and you blame it all on him.


But here's the thing.


You could see how it all played out. That guy is just a piece of shit in Minneapolis. He's not some deep state player who chavan.


Yeah. Darwich just a piece of shit. Yeah, just a piece of shit. Yeah. And he killed that guy. We all saw it and he's got a long history. It's not like he started out as a corrupt cop really is just a deep state, long player.


So 2006 they brought him in as a Manchurian Candidate. We're going to let you marry a hot Asian. We'll let you marry this Minnesota. You know, his wife was Miss Minnesota. Yeah. Yeah, she's hot as fuck.


That's the payment. She dropped him, though, immediately. Know set up deep state.


So some deep state did it. Set up these. And then they're going to say, you imagine you can't say he's a white supremacist in an Asian wife. That's true.


Good call. What is that thing that they do? What is it called when someone's a sleeper, when they wait for a long time before they they act cause.


No, no, no, no, no. Oh, no. When someone is like they they're undercover for a long time. And then Manchurian Candidate wasn't like the movie.


No, but that's The Manchurian Candidate. Someone's been hypnotized. Oh, the thing is like a sleeper cell, like someone who doesn't they don't do anything is normal. Sit and wait and then like, all right, we're getting close to the election. Get in there. Go kill a guy. And there's a young girl is going to film you. You're going to kill her anyway. I mean, kill him anyway. Yeah, the girl was filming him.


Seventeen year old girl filming him with her camera. Seventeen year old girl got the George Ford video.


Yeah, there's a lot of people out there. Wasn't that.


Well, there was a seventeen year old girl's video that we all saw. Interesting. Yeah. Seventeen year old girl and a lot of people were giving her a hard time. So why didn't you do something?


A fucking cop, a 70 year old man is killing another grown. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


You want her to step in. Really. Yeah, it's it is deep state. What.


It's all a long game. It's for DHS.


What are your thoughts on what has transpired since.


Look, that gives me hope when I see fifty thousand people in beautiful downtown L.A. all all peacefully protesting. That gives me hope. There's a real chance for a real shift. Yeah, a real shift.


But it's also here's the thing that bugs me.




All that money they came with to bail out all these corporations from the coronaviruses pandemic, why couldn't they have used that money already to bail out these inner cities?


Why couldn't they find the money to to have all these cities that have this systemic crime and violence increases that's been going on forever, forever?


A place like Baltimore? Yeah, directly fucked up as a result of racist practices and selling houses.


And they don't do anything to fix that.


I they never they never try to stop where the crime is coming from. Yeah. Never try to make those cities better. They never try to add community centers and figure out a way to. Yeah. To do something, whether there's no nothing on the table, it's just crime ridden neighborhoods, just how they are like forever.


Yeah. Crime doesn't matter until it affects the pockets. Like if a crime is happening in a poor neighborhood, it's not affecting somebody's money, then nobody cares. The second that crime. Second, they start breaking windows on Fifth Avenue. Now all of a sudden it's more.


Now, this was all about de Blasio just says, stand down, let them do it.


Yeah, I mean, let them burn themselves out. We did this in the video, but it was really interesting because we had to, like I to like, really process how I felt about it, because the looting obviously was wrong.


And we did that clip. We want to be like the rioting. I understood. And I think I can justify I was talking to this. I was I won't say his name because he's a college professor. I want to get him in trouble for talking to us and helping us out. You know, a distinguished gentleman where ruffian's. But he was like he's like, you know, really sad with constitutional law and stuff. And he said this argument, I thought was really interesting.


When it comes to riots, not looting, destruction of property is wrong. And you're doing it to benefit yourself when you loot. Right. You're taking advantage of the tragedy. Right. The tragedy is a smokescreen so that you can benefit. Right. Right.


And we made an interesting distinction like any Instagram model that's also taking a picture look at the thing, but not really actually doing anything look like you're alluding to. You're enriching yourself.


One check that bar the guys drill, take a bachelor. One that we did.


It is like that is that's that's looting, though. You're enriching yourself off the tragedy. That's fucking looting, right? Yes. So.


Peaceful protest, obviously great looting, wrong rioting in the middle, which is destruction of property, right to send this message. And as Mark and I were putting together the piece, we're talking this and he made this interesting point.


He goes, as a citizen, you have the right to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, but also property. Right.


And if the state is destroying the most valuable piece of property that you have, which is your body. Right. You have to take some sort of recourse in order to protect that. Right. You've broken they broke the social contract. They broke it. Right. When they maybe are shooting you or shooting your neighbors, et cetera, you peacefully protest.


If that falls on deaf ears for decades, what the fuck else are you supposed to do? Like what you can keep saying peacefully protest. But if it keeps on happening, there really isn't anything else available to you. So the next thing is destruction of property.


I, I think the best way to do would probably be destroy public property, not private property. But if you destroy public property, you'd actually be taking the high road because that's a response to having life destroyed. You destroy my life. I just fuck up your park. Who's reasonable here?


Well, if it was all coordinated and thought that way. Yes. And I think what happened in Minnesota in particular, what happened with the priest, the police precinct where they burnt that fucking thing down like that was fascinating.


Right. It's when it spreads across the country and then it just becomes two things. It becomes peaceful protests. Yeah. People mad at the cops. Yeah. And then looting and the looting is different.


Unacceptable, but looting unacceptable.


What's crazy is along the way we get more evidence of police brutality instead of the cops saying, hey, this guy killed this guy.


It makes us all look terrible. Yeah, we are not like that. We're better than that.


Most of them probably did do that, but a lot of them, they fell back to their cop ways.


They fell back to their ways of smashing fucking shields into people, running over pedestrians, all the crazy shit that we saw shooting a guy in the fucking face with a tear gas canister, see that they pepper sprayed them and then they shot him with a flash bang right in the fucking face. Really? Oh, my God. It's crazy. He's staying alive.


He's got I think Joe Schilling has that on his Instagram page. There's a fucking my friend Joe Schilling was a kickboxer. Yeah. Has he's been saying for the last six, seven days, it's not one bad apple. He goes, look at all these fucking asshole cops. They're doing shit. So he's putting video after video after video, video after video of cops grabbing a woman by the neck and thrown into the ground. She's just just what are you saying to me?


Why do I have to listen? You fucking get on the ground.


Just grab her amazing people, amazing young girls, macie people for no fucking reason.


This one guy was was talking shit to the cops. So the cops just walk right up to him, pepper spray him, drag them, throw him to the ground. You're taking away his freedom of speech. Yeah. The guy's not committing a crime. You're violating the First Amendment. Yeah. You're violating his constitutional rights. You're breaking the social club. My friend Joe has video after video after video of this. And I think one of them I don't know if he has that in there, but one of them is this dude gets pepper sprayed in the face and then they flash, bang, bang.


I mean, it hits him right off the dome. It's crazy.


So many people got fucked up. Yeah, my my buddy is a captain in the Marines. Right. And there he was and he was in Iraq. And he goes, here's why I have no tolerance whatsoever for police brutality.


When we were in Iraq, the mission changed and it went from going there and fuck shit up. That's how it is when you're trying to win a war to win minds and hearts. And they explain to us while we're there. We're winning minds and hearts, and that means you guys are going have to take on more risk, that means you don't just kick in the door and then light it up. You have to make sure that you're not taking out innocence.


At least try.


You are taking on more risk. You are risking your life. So he goes, when I see police brutality, like if we can afford that luxury to a country that we're at war with, how the fuck can we not afford that luxury to our own citizens? He goes, If I'm told to take on more risk, then maybe these cops have to take on more risk and pay them for it. Increased payment increase training, don't defund. Right, but increase and increase the requirements and really make them heroes.


But he said this. He was like it seemed to me that the culture at it of policing in America and I could be wrong when I talk to cops about it.


But this what he said, it seems to me, is that the idea is no cop ever gets left behind, no cop ever goes down instead of protecting people at all costs. Right. You know what I'm saying? Mm hmm.


I don't know. I mean, poke holes. If you if you can know, it makes sense.


Well, I'm fully in agreement that they need better funding. It needs to be a higher paying job. That's much more difficult to get. Yeah, but when you see cops throw that old man to the ground, he bounces his fucking head off the ground. You see the blood come out of his head. No one does anything. Yep. No one stops him. Yeah. No one no one picks the guy up. Nobody calls an ambulance. No one checks on them.


Yeah. That you can't do that. Yeah. That's not serving. That's not protecting you. Just a guy said something you didn't like so you threw him to the ground.


You knew he was old and feeble, you knew he was and you did it with potentially a confidence of knowing that nothing would happen to you, there wouldn't be any recourse.


And that's that's when people go like a bad apple, ruins a bunch. It's like, no, it doesn't. You just remove the bad apple.


But if you can't remove the bad apple, right, if their systems in play that don't allow it, then it ruins the bunch. So if there's one systemic change we make, maybe it's people get prosecuted or cops will get prosecuted for violating the law, because I really would allow not allow. I'd really love if we had this relationship with the cops were like, fuck, you guys are brave, man.


Thank you.


Like, fuck, because it is a fucking dangerous job. Yeah. And thankless in a lot of ways. A lot of ways.


So it's like, why, how do we shift this and how much risk do they have to take or what change we make so that we can look at them and go, thank God we got these guys around because fuck, it's scary.


Listen, what you said about your friend be in the Marines, it's fucking hard to get through boot camp, man. Yeah, it's hard. It's all right. There's a fucking.


Yeah, there's a there's a long road that you have to travel to be a Navy SEAL. Right. That's how it should be to be a cop. And it should be fucking hard to make it.


And they should weed out the people that are assholes, the people that are sociopaths, the people that just would be willing to lean their shin on a man's neck for eight and a half minutes.


Yeah, those people are sick. Yeah. To find those people before they get to the position where they could do that to a person. How do you do that?


How do you get your psych eval or you got to train them, you trail you to train them like they are the type of people that potentially could fucking kill somebody for the wrong reason? Yeah, you've got to train them like you're weeding them out. Like this is a great honor. And we, you know, we can shift that, but we have to think about it in terms of allocation of resources.


Cops don't get paid enough. Teachers don't get paid enough either, though, and they're not killing their kids. So I don't know, let's say fuck them.


They fuck them sometimes and nobody goes. We should just stop school. Right. Teachers are fucking the fun. The teachers, good school, good teachers are blowing these kids.


This is fucking crazy. How do I got to end this man? We've been doing it three and a half.


Oh, Jesus. Three hours. Three hours. We start a little later. All right.


Well, bro, the same will cut it out. It was great to see you. Oh, we don't see each other.


And I know, man, but it's always a good time. Hopefully next time we'll be doing comedy. I think it's going to be. I can't wait. We're going to be back here again.


I don't know. I'm going to do some shows, though. I heard you're doing I don't want to mention, but I've got some shows. The grapevine. It's a pop off. All right, good. But some shit might be going down to Ohio to Chappelle's.


Got some shit plans. Oh, okay. Oh, sure. Lots of things are happening. Things are happening.


Yeah. So my agent said that that you were going around and I was like, you know what, maybe I'll like do something around your date. I'll help it man.


I'll promote it. No, you don't have to. What I'm saying is I happen to love. I'll just hang. Yeah, everybody could just do each other's stuff and would just be like a fun. Yes. Like we could reward the clubs that are going to open up. I don't know. We'll talk about it off air.


Well, Texas Texas is going guns blazing. Arizona goes wild west states. The ones the ones that survived the fucking wars with the Indians, they're opening up right away.


The disease don't kill us. Yes. Andrew Schultz, ladies and gents. Love you, brother. I love you too, man. Thank you.


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