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But the craziest part about the story is that everyone more or less knew what he was going what was going on. I'll say that again.


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My guest today is one of my favorite human beings on the planet. He is the man who taught me about bow hunting, and he is a man who probably has more discipline.


Well, next to David Goggins, he's right up there, one of the most disciplined, interesting and powerful human beings I know. I love him to death.


Please give it up for the great and powerful Cameron Haynes girlfriend right past the Joe Rogan experience, trained by Joe Rogan podcast by night all day. So, buddy, good to see you. Oh, man, it's good to be here in the spaceship. Look at this. It's weird, right?


It's very polarizing. People love it or hate it. A lot of people hate it. Oh, really? Yeah, I think it's cool. I like it. Yeah. I don't love it.


Yeah. I don't think it's perfect, but I think it's interesting. It's we did a really quickly I mean we decided to move here within six weeks where I said this on the video on my Instagram and I probably say it again.


You live up there in Oregon. Yes. And I said something incorrect. I said about there was a guy who I know there was one guy who got arrested for lighting fires. And I thought I'd read some other shit about activists getting arrested for lighting fires or antifa people shouldn't call them activist.


What do you call them? Crazy idiots. Morons. But it's not true.


So sorry if you heard me say that Jamie informed me of it today. It's one thing about being out of the loop. You don't know when people are mad at you. Yeah, but this time I agree with them like mad at me for something that.


Well, somebody did get arrested for a Molotov cocktail.


I read that. That turns out to be true. He got arrested and then he got out of jail and then lit some more things on fire.


But see, here's the thing. Like when when you say antifa, like, what does that mean? Right. Could just be a crazy person. And that's what a lot of antifa is like. That guy that shot that dude in Portland, the guy that shot the Trump supporter. Yeah, that guy's a crazy person. Yeah. He's dead now. Right. Right. He was he was a crazy person. Yeah. You know, just decided to pile on to this thing and become an activist.


But that's when you don't have a like at an entry examination.


Yeah. Anyone could just join show up. Yeah. Just show up. And now you're antifa. Yeah. Now you're a part of the resistance. Yeah.


But I fucked up. I said that people, a lot of people were arrested. I read some shit about it. I don't remember where I read it about all these people getting arrested for lighting wildfires. But it wasn't true. It was just this one guy, though, for sure.


I think they should have been arrested. Maybe that's the difference. Well, I see. That's why it made sense to me because they had been arrested for lighting fires in or that they hadn't been arrested. They had been seen lighting fires and throwing them into the mayor of Portland's apartment lobby. Yeah. And they were lighting fires out in the street in front of his apartment. And it just when someone said, oh, look at all these arrests, they're they're arresting people for lighting fires.


Yeah, I just want. Oh, that makes sense.


And I just repeated it. Well, I'm very upset myself. I don't like when I repeat shit. That's not true. That's definitely not true. Yeah.


I mean, it's a it's a hard time though. It's your spot up there though. That's your area. Yeah. It's it's you know, people and they find out, oh, you're from Oregon. So what do you think of you know, it's just it's kind of embarrassing to to just because I understand people have an opinion and they want change and they you know, maybe it's maybe some of it is valid. But I don't agree with a hundred nights of burning or however many nights has been of just burning and ruining a city.


I don't I don't understand how that I mean, eventually, maybe one night have a protest, do it ever get your message out, talk to people. But just destruction. I don't get that.


I think it's exactly what we're just saying, that you get enough people that join on to a movement and the movement has no like DirecTV or leaders. They're just they're showing up. And you're going to get morons that do things like light books on fire and throw them into the lobby, like doing all the things that they're doing, trying to break into the federal building. It's just people are not smart and people are there.


Everyone so many angry people right now, too.


That's also part of the problem. So many people are angry.


It's a crazy time and so many people are out of work because of covid, because everything's shut down. So people are furious because of that. You know, they don't know what to do. It's just it's one of those things where it doesn't doesn't seem like there's a solution on the horizon for a lot of people now.


And so then they're like, we had to burn this system down, fuck the system and yeah, who.


But Portland's a fun place. I love going up there. I've always loved Portland.


Well, I'm I'm proud to be from Oregon. I mean, Oregon is a great state. This I don't know. It's really hard to support just destruction. Yeah.


And it's just it doesn't seem like it's helping anything, you know. And then, you know, all the conspiracy theories. Oh, it's the fucking you know, they're trying to bring down democracy. It's Russia and China involved.


And, oh, George Soros is fundamentally there's a million different versions of the conspiracy of to why there's so much chaos in the streets.


You know, this is a weird time. Yeah. I mean, Eddie Bravo is right about a lot of stuff.


Alex Jones is right about a lot of stuff. Right? Yeah. You know, it's it's it is crazy because you start and I've even texted you about this, about wondering about, you know, people would always say, well, do the elites run the country and they're controlling this and media and this and that. And then then you start wondering or thinking or seen and you see all this seems like maybe that's true. Maybe the elites have been controlling everything.


And they're still trying to with this covid and the fear and everything they're doing, just they can control people with fear and that's what's happening.


I get super suspicious when people use that term. The elites. Yeah. How do you get that group that doesn't even know what that is?


They're meeting what is what is the elites? What does that mean? I don't like them. I know that I know enough about it, but I don't know if they're real.


I mean, there has to be right there. There is a Bilderberg Group meeting, right? The Bilderberg Group, they get together and they meet up.


Mm hmm. But what do they do? I don't know. You know, maybe they just talk about interest rates. Yeah.


Yeah, well, we were talking about this, and I would probably I'm a bow hunter. All right. So I don't like the politics and trying to explain all this. Stay in your lane. I try to stay in my lane, but I do have thoughts on other things. And we were talking about like if you even look at the movie 300 in Gladiator, like the old time, the the weird, they would say boy lovers. And, you know, it's like these politicians.


It's like a toned down version of that. Still, it's like there's so politicians. I don't know. That's why Trump got elected there. So people are so sick of, quote, politicians. But there still is that that influence in that them controlling and then just so much different than the people you know.


Yeah, well, I think that's how you become successful as a politician. You have to be a politician. You have to be, like, deeply embedded. And again, this is just guessing. I'm a moron, too. I should stay in my lane.


I don't know what I'm saying. Yeah. But I would imagine that the only way you really get successful as a politician is you have to be connected to all these other people that are connected to all these special interest groups and lobbies. And that's why you have to go to these fundraisers and that's why you have to mingle.


And and then it becomes normal. You become a part. You know, it becomes a normal part of the system.


Yeah. And I would imagine that that's the case with almost any big business. Like that's why guys get together. The big businessmen get together and golf.


Yeah, right. They get together and they talk shit and they figure out their plan and they work out deals and stuff and.


Yeah. And some of them do it on Fuck Island with Jeffrey Epstein. You know I think that's a lot of nowhat. And what do you mean. I haven't heard anything about that.


What is that place is beautiful as a lot of beautiful trees and. Oh, beautiful warm water.


And why is it called fuck? I don't know. I don't know. I don't call it that. I call it a nice place to meet nice people.


Right. I mean, how crazy is that? That's just gone. It's like, hey, what's not a story or was that a thing just went away.


But that sounds way crazier than antifa lighting fires in Portland. Yeah. Yeah. And it's true, right? That's a real one. Yeah. There's I can talk about that and they're like, well yeah that is what it is.


Yeah. Yeah.


God, I'm so mad at myself for saying that story and have it not be true. Jamie showed it to me too. I was like, did I say that. Yeah, what was it like working with Moron? Is it weird, like, no, really, like having someone like me being a moron, like I am being responsible for steering the ship and, you know, your livelihood is connected to this. There's got to be strange, right?


You're hitting the buttons, man.


Well, you got to take the good with the bad, I guess is that you look at it. Yeah.


So how how does a self-proclaimed moron have the president of the United States?


He's clearly a moron, too. Does make sense.


Tweeting about you, mentioning you want Wenda actually Windass him and Biden get here.


Well, it was a podcast. See, Joe Biden is the smart one. He's like, well, that guy's a moron. I'm not going on his podcast. Try this tomorrow. And we got we got a problem. Trump is like that makes sense to me. I'm in. Well, Trump is like I mean, he's obviously deeply again, way, way out of my lane, just talking nonsense.


But he's obviously nobody's business.


He's a huge businessman, successful businessman, but not a politician in any way other than becoming president. Yeah. Which is fucking bananas. Yeah. You know, part of it is good man.


Part of his good. Just expose the system just to let everybody know, hey, look what's going to happen. Yeah. Look, look how can go wrong.


He has a whole fake news is really got some traction now. Yeah. Fake news is a real thing now I would say fake news. Yeah. I was pretty impressed with the the treaty we just signed with Israel. I mean, remember Jared Kushner got he got beat up a lot and Trump for appointing and whole family and how everybody's involved in and his his operation basically. But you know, like he Jared Kushner wasn't qualified. And then here we sign this great treaty with Israel.


And how that happened, I don't know.


See, if Jared Kushner was not married to Trump's daughter, I think people would look at him very differently. The problem is he's married to Trump's daughter and he looks like Damian from The Omen.


If you're seeing photos of him and Damian Sidesaddle, I have a dude.


He looks like a god damn horror movie, like he's the devil son because perfect, like slicked back hair, perfect angular features, thin and always wears a suit. Yeah.


Jamie, show me what's up. Push buttons. He looks he looks very similar to the Thomann, well, whatever he did, it was good.


Come on, son. Look at that. Yeah, look at him and look at Damien. Look at that. Yeah. Come on.


Come here. Right there.


Kummetz almost exact, bro. Is that Photoshop? No. Think it could be Photoshop? No.


And even showing off his watch. Look at my watch. The devil gave me this watch. That's not Gruchy.


Look at that. Those two up in them.


That looks like a horror movie like, oh, they're bringing in the Antichrist. Oh, the one on the far left with Donald Trump being blurry in that one right there. Click on that. Come on, son.


That's some satanic shit. If that was in a Stephen King movie, be like, oh, my God, they've got to stop him. They've got to stop him.


Well, whatever powers he's used it it worked out good for this treaty. It's just got good features. Yeah.


You know, kids getting a hard time because he's got good angular features.


Yeah. Yeah. I wish I looked that good. I do too. Yeah. Smooth skin. Oh man. Nice young. Yeah. Tight. Yeah.


Yeah I think smooth.


No no no readiness to skin now. Yeah. I don't know. The problem is if you're married to the president's daughter and then you get a big job in the White House, automatically you're fucked like you are just going to say automatically you don't deserve that position.


There's no way.


And Biden's son is the same thing, probably, right? Yeah. I mean, that doesn't come up too often either. And that's pretty scandalous, right?


That thing where, you know, someone got fired because a Biden forced it through. Well, how does that work? Remember that? Oh, yeah.


No, I better stay out of politics. It's hard to avoid the retractions.


I just wish there was something going on that I was really excited about. Like this. Like like Elkadi. Yes. Oh, I'll see you and that soon.


I know. I know. That's days away. That's it. And the thing about it. So I was just in Colorado. No reception. You versus the animals, reading the country, reading the wind. That's I mean, that's life. That's none of this B.S..


Yeah, well, that's the beautiful thing about the woods is a reset is that when you're out there and quiet, you realize, oh, none of these animals out here give a fuck about me.


I don't know who I am. They don't know what is happening in the world. They're not aware of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi or Donald Trump. They don't know nothing. They just out there trying to eat grass and not get eaten and breed.


Yeah. And, you know, John, when John was there last year, he was like eight yards away from a mountain lion. John Oh, definitely.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, I thought we saw I think when I was there, I saw one, but. The guy is hunting Sorto during the day, mountain lions, and just out, because the snow came, that weird snowstorm, it went from 90 degrees one day to 20 degrees the next day.


How does that happen? I don't know. Jared Kushner. That's how Satan. Yeah. Had to be.


But anyway, the animals were they didn't know what to do. So the lions were out hunting hard. They were like, this is great. Animals weren't moving because they didn't know they were kind of caught off guard. Normally the seasons change as a gradual and I think the bull stopped bugling. The deer stopped moving. Normally the bucks are in velvet, so they're off feeding. And just in their normal routine, everything stopped because of snow in this cold, temperature came.


But the lions were there like, oh, yeah, now we're going to the Hot Pocket section and killing some deer and elk. And it was it was crazy. But we saw two lions and then the bear were kind of gone for a little while. But then they pop back out to and it was good hunting for sure. Yeah.


That video that you posted, the bear in Elk Calf, that's that's something that people need to see. Yeah. To see the people who love wild animals, I understand it like.


But there's there's a real cruelty to the way they die in the wild. Yeah. That if people get upset about hunters like you kind of I understand that you wouldn't want a beautiful animal to die.


I do understand that. But you kind of need to know that they're going to die no matter what happens. And this is the way they usually die. Yeah, and it's a rough way to go.


You know, bears eating animals like that. It's it's so hard to watch, too, because the bears don't really kill them first now.


And and the bear this year was a hard year for the calves because so the cows were pregnant, you call it drop in the calves. So they were given birth and the bear were just following knowing that the calves are going to be dropped, they'll be on the ground, they can't stand up and they could just kill them pretty quick. And so they were fighting like two cat, two dead calves a day every day. And this was a hard year specifically because it was dry in southern Colorado.


So the grass didn't grow normally, that the grass would be taller, there'd be more cover.


Elk calves could hide better. They were just laying on the open. The bears were like, OK, there you are, go kill them and start eating them. And it was just they they hammered them this year.


I mean, normally I talk to the game ordinaire when I was on that hunt, great guy. Legend bobs his name and he's been there for many years. And he said that normally in that area there's about, I think 23 elk calves survive a year out of 100. And this year's down in the teens because of the grassers they couldn't hide, so it can be a rough year. It's tough to survive anyway. I mean, 23 out of 100 is is, you know, don't quote me on these numbers.


But it was just the point is, I want to make it less this year because there wasn't the cover. Yeah.


It's a it's a rough world, man. The world that they live in. You know, when we were there with Jon Hamilton and he was telling us that story, I've told the story before on the podcast about how they were tracking a cat and they they found a cat tracks and then elk tracks and then no more cat tracks. And then they found out about 100 yards later, the cat had jumped on the Elks back and taken out a big bull elk.


Yeah, I mean, those they are amazing creatures.


They live in the snow. They live in cold weather in the mountains. They live so low. Yeah, hunt solo. They only interact with other animals mostly when it's time to breed, right.


Yeah. Cats. Yeah. Yeah. And they kill cats specifically kill a lot of big bucks. And the reason why is because those big old bucks, they like being by themselves, they don't like being, they just kind of go off by themselves bed and they live a solo life basically. That's easy target for cat. So cats kill a lot of big bucks.


Yeah, it makes sense, but they're I love that they're there. This is the thing about predators.


It's like I don't want to get eaten by a mountain lion, but I love that they exist. I don't want to get eaten by a grizzly, but I love the fact that there are grizzly bears. Yeah. Like all of it is.


It's so it's such an interesting world, the world of the wild world of predator and prey.


When you're out in there, you feel so vulnerable and you feel so fleshy, like like whenever I see and like when you even when you're like you, you're taking care of an elk they killed and you feel their hide. Yeah.


Like, God, I'm so weak. Like everything that we have is so soft and they're just they live in this life that's so, it's so robust.


It's so if they survive like the bull, I just kill the taxidermist.


He just texted me or sent me a message on Instagram of the ivory. So that's the the back teeth of the bull. They call him ivory is their ivory. People make jewelry out of them.


But he said they're the most worn ivory he's ever seen. So the the bull was very old. And so you can imagine a bull that's in that country, ten, twelve years old, where you're living outside every single day. I mean, we stay outside one time and it's just like, oh, my God, I thought, oh, people do die.


People do die from hypothermia. They're out every single day living in the mountains. So when you see their hide, they're built for that and their muscle. I mean, seven, eight hundred pound bull elk that never eats meat, obviously just eating grass, solid muscle. You know, those things are just built. It's incredible. And also with all those lions and the bears trying to survive that.


Johnny, you mentioned Johnny Hampton. They took eight lions out of that country this year and we're still seeing them during the daylight every day. They have so much food. Oh, yeah, that's the thing. If it's good hunting, lions are going to be there.


Yeah, it's it's just the world that they live in so spectacular. They're trying to introduce reintroduce wolves to Colorado.


Oh, God, I don't know about all that. Yeah, that's ridiculous. You think that's ridiculous. Yeah.


No, I'd like to have a biologist sit down and talk like a biologist who's pro reintroduction of wolves, sit down with someone like you and have like a conversation about it.


Yeah, here's a problem. Here's what they do. They say it all sounds good. Hey, let's wolves are a big part of the whatever. Let's get them back in where they used to be. Let's make because even you said you like knowing there's grizzly bear out there and you don't obviously don't want to be attacked, but just knowing they're there and maybe seeing them and and wolves are amazing animal.


The problem is they make they make all these oh, I don't know, I don't wanna say promises, but they sell it a certain way, like we're going to have this many packs of wolves and they'll they'll breed this, this often. And then so we'll have a carrying capacity of this many wolves. Well, so once the wolves are there. Then it's, oh, no, we can't kill wolves because they sell it like they're going to manage them, you know, because we're going to keep this money.


But then it's like once they're there, they're like, oh, no, we can't hunt wolves. I'm like, well, no, I thought you were going to I thought we were going to manage them so that then everything goes back to and then you got all these protests with all these pro wolf advocates saying we can't hunt wolves. So they're they're they're breeding over and over and over. You've got all these wolves running around killing because that's what they do.


And we can't hunt them because now we've backtracked.


Well, it is one of those things where they promise that, like, they have a number, like if we have 2000 wolves in this particular area, then we'll open it up to management. Right. Management means they'll have tags and they'll put tags available for hunters and they can go and hunt wolves. People that hear that they're like, wait, why would you like that here?


You don't eat wolves. Why would you hunt wolves? Wolves are beautiful.


Wolves are like dogs. Yeah, but I understand that. And I'm on that. I get that perspective makes a lot of sense to me. But people need to know that there was a reason why they wiped them out in the first place. Yeah. Like they, they were destroying cattle and they were I understand too, like they were here first.


I get that, I get that perspective.


But if you eat meat and you like having cattle, these ranchers, it's a struggle as a rancher as it is. Yeah. And if ranchers get hit with wolves and wolves start taking out their calves and taking out their cattle like it's it can be devastating. They you know, in Alaska, they kill people's dogs. They do a lot. There's a lot of wild videos of wolves tearing apart dogs and people's backyards.


And wolves are just doing wolves things is what they do. It's not it's not their fault. But once they're.


Yeah, they're not going anywhere. Well, places where they exist, they have a different perspective on them. I remember I was in B.C. and I ran into this man at the airport and I forget why he came up to me.


I think like I had a. Maybe I had a hunting T-shirt on or something, something hammerin maybe was a keep amateur, but he he came up to me and he said, Are you a hunter? And I said, Yeah, yeah. And he goes he goes, yeah, we we do a lot of hunting up. Here he goes. I do a lot of wolf hunting. And I was like, you, Wolf Hunt.


Like you just run out of the gate at the airport. Yeah, I'm a wolf hunter. Yeah. And I go, why do you hunt wolves? Like, what do you hunt wolves for?


It's like early on in my my hunting days. Right. And he's like, if you don't hunt them, man, you got a real problem with their numbers. He gets and he was telling me stories about friends that have ranches and they get attacked by wolves. You know, the cattle get attacked by wolves. And he was telling me that they take barrels of frozen meat.


And they freeze them with water and then they leave these big bricks of frozen meat and water out for wolves, and then he's got stand set up where he waits for wolves because it takes a long time for them to eat through the meat and the ice like this, like a barrel filled with, you know, he just kind of sets up shop and he goes and he goes.


Some of them are just too smart. He goes, I'll set that up. And they're like, no, I know what that is. You don't come anywhere near it because you'd be amazed how smart they are.


But it's just people that live like in B.C., in northern B.C., there's a lot of wolves there, Wolf, issues up there.


And those people, they have a completely different attitude about what a wolf is.


Yeah, but it's the people that know wolves. It's just the same thing in B.C. with the grizzly bears, you know? I mean, anybody who's out in the bush knows, hey, grizzlies are a big problem out here, but the people in the city make the decisions with the vote. Right.


And that's what happened when they banned grizzly bear hunting in B.C. And that's what would likely happen in Colorado with wolves.


Yeah, most likely, yeah.


I mean, Colorado's Denver and Boulder. Yeah, right. That's the big population. Very level liberal.


Very. And they're not going to be into shooting wolves. Anybody who is out there like where I was and the guys I'm hunting with, there's no no debate, you know, wolves. Yeah. And yeah.


But some people say, like, the reason that's the case is because people want a lot of animals that they can hunt.


Like this is the argument like Steve Reynolds actually talked about this before with Alaska, that Alaska's done this sort of over management of wolves in certain areas because they want to make sure that there's a high number of moose and Cariboo and and deer so that people will come up there to hunt. Yeah.


You know, because they're trying to maintain and he's like, there's an argument that that's not the natural ecosystem.


There's the natural ecosystem doesn't include skyscrapers. That's true, too. So, yeah, I mean, humans do infringe on that's part of it. So it's never going to be it's never going to be like cavemen or Native American Times. It's never going to be back to that. So we're trying to balance that as best we can. And, you know, big game animals are a resource. They're a resource for the states that they you know, hunters do come in.


They contribute to a lot of things, the habitat, the conservation, different projects, and that's hunting money. So if there's a bunch of wolves there and you can't hit the wolves because these groups have have protested and made it illegal and then the wolves are killing all the deer and elk. Yeah, that's not going to work. Yeah, it's it's.


It's an interesting situation because I love the fact that there are places where there are wolves, like whenever we've gone to B.C., to John and Jen's place up there, Alberta, or I would say, sorry, Alberta, we've gone up there in Canada.


You know, there's wolves in that area. Yeah, there's something cool about it.


I remember we saw one once in the distance crossing, crossing a road.


It's pretty far away. Yeah, but that was like the closest I've ever been to a wolf. But just seeing it crossing that road.


And I'm like, look at that eye dog and wolf. Yeah. And I think that we get a we get our bear license, but then we also get a license for wolves. I think it's 25 or 50 bucks is pretty cheap.


And there's always a hope that you'll see a wolf and be nice to get an arrow and one.


And, well, they want to control them because they destroy the.


Oh, yeah. Population of the the moose and elk and and it's, you know, the ah it's a.


For people that don't there are in that world, why would why would you want to kill a wolf? Like why don't just let them sort it out? That's the California argument.


Why would they want to do essentially the people that manage wildlife, a lot of them, at least in California, they would like to eliminate hunting and let the animals all take care of themselves in some sort of normal, wild way and force everyone to eat tofu for tofu into your breasts.


Right? I think that's the plan. I think it's written somewhere. I don't think that's true.


But I do think that they they don't like the idea of human beings. They like there's things that people will accept, like deer hunting, people of deer hunted forever.


A lot of people have eaten deer taste good. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah. But as soon as you move in and things like mountain lions, like you have to tell people that mountain lions taste good. They don't want to hear that now. They do not want to hear you're eating mountain lions.


So they're not seeing lions. So they don't think there's any out there. But California is riddled with mountain lions. Yeah, there's quite a few. Yeah, there's quite a few.


And they also don't have bad experiences with them. I think the people that have bad experiences with them have a completely different attitude. Yeah.


One on your back, you 100. Yeah. Now it's not you're not in Disney. Yeah.


And a Disney movie, you're a part of the food chain and you realize like, oh I'm way down here. I'm not up here when I'm in my house and I've got a gun, I'm up here. But when you're out in the woods and you don't have a gun and you're hiking and realize you're being stalked.


Yeah, there's a crazy video that I saw once from Colorado, this guy, and there's a mountain lion slowly walking towards him on this trail and he's trying to figure out what to do.


And he's talking to it and he's like saying, hey, get the fuck out of here. Yeah. And, you know, you realize, like, he got away, like the mountain lion gave up on him, luckily.


But that could have been the end of that guy's life. That thing is just slowly moving towards him and trying to figure out whether or not I could eat him. And that's all it does. It's not like I've never done this for I don't know if I can do this.


Like it takes down things every single day. Yeah, I mean, definitely, yeah. When it's when a predator locks eyes on you like that, it's definitely different feeling. I mean, yeah, it's, they're good at what they do. I mean they kill.


Yeah. I remember that Under Armour commercial that you did where they had a wolf in the commercial with you. Yeah. And he said, he said they could only get the wolf to growl one time because after that it was over.


Like you could not control the wolf.


Now that we we to make it growl, to make it mad we gave up meat and then took it away. So it was very upset it didn't get the meat, but once it got in that because it was obviously a tamale for a bit and she's trained, Wolf, but once you introduce meat and it got in that mindset of a meat. Yeah. Then that that was going to be it. Yeah.


This is the commercial. It's an awesome commercial. How long ago was this commercial? Um, I'm not sure. Quite a few years ago. Right. Yeah, like four or five, let's say 2013 and seven years ago. Yeah. It's a dope commercial.


Yeah. And it's called The Wolf was awesome. I mean, wolves are amazing. How big was it. It was tall.


I mean I'd say is probably 120, 130 pounds I guess. But they're a lot taller than what you like compared to a dog. A normal dog. How come they don't do more of these commercials? I don't know. So the whole idea is that you and the Wolf are in competition and that you want out. Yeah, see, I got the bull and it's mad. And so that's when I did that. Growling Yeah. Yeah. And then that after I did that, that was it.


You could tell it's got a collar back that up a little bit like that. Up a little bit. Look, look at that. Yeah it has. Well it's just a little, it's a little rope but that's had its hair matted down right there. Yeah. But it's a little rope as someone's dog bro.


Yeah. It's a husky.


It was a wolf but it's. Yeah. It had a little piece of rope on it. Have you ever heard the John Dudly story that told on the podcast. Yeah. Yeah. It's been surrounded by war or something like that. They fucked up and it was like that scene in the grey. They killed an elk and they didn't realize they killed an elk literally in the wolf's den.


Oh, God, look where they killed the elk.


There was like bones all over the place in the area. And they're like, oh, shit. And these wolves circled them and decided they were going to take the elk.


Wow. Yeah. What where was that?


It was in BC and it was him and a guide. And the guide only had a certain amount of bullets and he only had a certain amount because John used the four hour krever. Yeah.


So John shot the elk with one quiver or one arrows quiver and he had three left and he killed two other wolves and he had one arrow left and they had shot three wolves together like in the wolves were running at them, running at them. He killed two wolves that were running at him. Wow.


Yeah. And then one of them, he thinks was the alpha male was sitting on the top of this ridge.


What good about I think he said about 50, 60 yards staring at him and he drew back for that one and then he took off and then the whole pack just took off with him. They'd abandon the situation because they realized what was going on. But when they shot one, he said all the other ones started howling like they try to figure out who is dead. Yeah, check in. Yeah.


Which is crazy. So like, he's basically a weird little war with these wolves. And they were they were making runs at them. That would be intense.


Oh my God. He said our back was to a tree and he goes, the guy only has a couple of bullets because the guy's bullets just to scare off grizzlies.


Yeah. Yeah. He doesn't want to shoot it. He just wants to scare it. They're not hunting grizzlies. Yeah.


So he brings a couple, I'll just grab a couple of bullets put in my pocket and then here they are out in a situation where they're literally getting run up on by a pack of wolves. Man, that's intense.


I couldn't imagine why. Yeah. I've seen I've seen what I mean, Roy, it wasn't our last hunters.


The hunt before I was hunting Brown Bear up in Alaska and I wanted to kill in this area.


There's so many brown bear, you kill two. So I wanted to kill one spot in stock and then hunt in a tree. And you can beat him up there because there's so many. They just made this legal. So my goal was to hunt both ways. Anyway, I killed a bear on the spot in stock and we're up in the tree trying to kill another bear. We're on this island.


And it was I thought we saw a flash of a bear earlier and it's getting dark.


It's like whenever it gets dark for about an hour and a half at this time of year. This was in July. And so we're just going to stay in the tree the whole time. So we got in there at 7:00 at night and we're going to stay till 5:00 in the morning and just kind of ride out the darkness. And I saw a flash and I thought we had seen a bear earlier, but it didn't come in. And I thought, oh, the bear's coming back.


It turns out it was a wolf and it's a black wolf and it came in there.


Have it on video. Haven't even shared it yet, but it was a black wolf and it stopped there at about 20 or 25 yards. And it was so just a wild wolf. That close is pretty amazing. It's like they're special animal.


It is. There's something about them because they're so damn smart. Yeah.


It reminds me of that picture or the wolf in the picture, I think. Did they send you on to that photographer? The wolf I have on the snow. The black one. Yes. Head down.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It reminds me of that old studio.


Yeah, yeah. Just such an incredible animal. So yeah I love wolves. I definitely don't think wolves should be wiped out or anything like that. But I just don't think wolves in Colorado. That's not, that's not the thing we should do.


It's just reintroducing them just sets off a whole chain. I need to talk to somebody. There was a guy that is a pro, he's a biologist and he's pro wolf reintroduction. Yeah. I need to have. You want to be on with him, sir?


Yeah. Let's do it. Be an interesting conversation. Yeah, it's to explain. Yes.


There's a great video called How Wolves. I think it's called How Wolves Change Rivers.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard about it. Yeah.


Really interesting video about this guy talked about the reintroduction of wolves in the 1990s and in Yellowstone. Yeah. Yeah. And about how it's changed the ecosystem for the better. Yeah. But then I looked into the guy. Yeah. And the guy is for the better is.


Yeah. He's an eccentric character. Yeah. I'm not saying he's wrong, but he's, he's into what's called rewilding. And he wants to reintroduce wild animals into places including like the U.K., he wants to reintroduce like he's like the U.K. used to have lions and elephants and all these to all these different animals who want to see if we could find this gentleman, the guy.


It's the concept is rewilding.


And apparently he was like this really depressed guy was like urban, you know, doing the the normal city thing and in England and got really into the idea of wildlife and reintroducing wildlife.


Yeah, I feel bad for them over there. I mean, no hunting. Yeah. I mean, you know me without hunting. Well, that's you don't know you're your source of food, it's also what you train for, which when I first met you and I was like, why does the guy train so hard? Like, what is he doing?


And then you're like, I train for bow hunting.


I'm like, but like, what is happening when you bow hunt? Like, why are you in a race? Like, what's going on?


And then the first time you took me, I was like, oh, OK, I get it. Fuck you. You have to be in, like, really crazy shape to pull this off.


Well, you don't you don't have to. But here's what I know is like went hunting and you know how it is now. You've done it for years, but in the mountains there's so many. Yeah. You can get up and down the mountains, you can get around elk. But there's so many decisions that you have to make and it's it's related on performance. So the higher level of performance, the better decisions you're going to make. I mean, like on these last hunts, I pretty much have an arrow knocked.


I've I killed two bulls this year and a buck and a bear.


I've had an arrow knocked pretty much all day, pretty ready to go. And that's that can be fatiguing. Just this walking around slowly is tiring. So when you're at a heightened level for. Eight hours or more, 15 hours on some days, and you're covering distance and it's like, I want to be ready at all times for anything that happens. So I have an arrow knocked and I am ready. So I like to do that. It's exhausting.


If I if I didn't train the way I do, I couldn't do that. So who knows what that would result in as far as success.


But people don't realize that just I mean, you know what it's like when you're hunting. It's like almost, you know, yoga poses all day. Essentially, I've heard people describe it as. Yeah. And because you're going so slow and so controlled and every footstep is is controlled and and and just freezing.


Like, if you're in a situation and elkies you and you have to freeze and you're holding your bow and your hand, you don't realize how damn heavy that thing is.


And they don't have anywhere to go and they're just standing there.


They'll they have nothing to do other than not let whatever they're unsure about killed them.


And their vision is based on edge detection, right? I don't know. I think it's based on they see.


What is that movement like? That's what karma works. Yeah. Because if you're if you're standing there, they don't say, oh, there's a dude in camo, they see the pattern and they see the edges. As long as you don't move.


Right. They don't see. All right. Movement. They definitely pick up when they see movement with the edge detection like moving edges, like this edge is moving towards that edge. Like, what is that? Yeah, but if you just stand still. Right. But if you got that bow in your hand, like, fuck, I can hold it like this and you've got your bow out like this and you're trying to hold it steady like you got maybe a minute two minutes in you.


Yeah. For that fucker starts to shake and then they is like yeah.


Yeah. And so you quickly realize when doing hunts like that what being in shape means.




Oh dude I learned like last year I was in pretty good shape so I went up there with you and I was like got that one hill that we went up to, to get the bull.


Yeah. We wound up getting fucked. I was hard to get up there.


And then the only good thing is I was in good enough shape that even though I was exhausted, I got my my heart rate back quick. Yeah, I could, I could. It wasn't like I was beaten down once I got up there.


Yeah. Because you still have to we had to get the wind right to get up the hill. Yeah. Essentially what it was in that recovery is all related to how good a shape you're in.


That thing that we had last year, I mean, I've never played the clip, but that moment that we had up there was one of the wildest elk hunting moments. I know I have I haven't been elk hunting for that long. That was the wildest thing I ever experienced when it was eligible.


There was how many bulls were up there, like nine, just screaming.


So we we'd pass on bulls, but there was nine just on that one little hillside.


Yeah. It was like it's what I would call a rough farm. Yeah. So there must have been some hot cows in there. Those bulls were coming in. They can smell a hot cow which means a cow and estrus. So she's ready to breed ovulating I guess is what you'd say if for human. But so she was in estrus. I mean she's a hot cow. I mean those bulls are like, OK, I mean, bulls kill each other.


Yeah. They kill each other all the time.


Fighting will tell a story about the one bull that you shot that you thought was in its bed but was actually dead. Yes.


Yeah, no. So I, I, I snuck up and I saw this bull and his head was I don't know, I mean, they get exhausted so it's they can lay their head down a little bit and rest.


I mean middle of the day they up all night running, chasing, fighting. So I saw this bull bedded and there's a big bull and I'm like, God, I don't know.


I mean, it's not moving, but I don't know why as well. You've got to make sure. So I took my boots off and is are sneaking in and sneaking in and sneaking in and I got to about 20 some yards and I'm like. I don't know, but I don't want to be wrong, so I shot the ball, never moved, and it was already dead. It been killed the night before. It took a tine in the neck.


It looked like, wow. And it got it was dead from fighting. Wow. Yeah. Now, if he got killed the night before, can you salvage the meat? I don't think so.


I mean, it didn't look good. Was it hot as a hot. Yeah, it was hot. Yeah. Yeah. That's a bummer.


I know. That's I mean, that's life in the wild.


It is life in the wild. Yeah. It's we we stumbled across one that had been killed, have been poked in the side, but it had been quite a while ago and I was rotten. It smelled terrible.


This one I'm guessing was the night before. It was it wasn't that long, but the meat had turned.


You realize that you know those antlers on their head. It's not just for looks now that's their weapons of war.


No, this this kid was on the last hunt that I just did in Colorado. He had some good footage of bulls fighting. Oh, my God.


Do that again after it's wild. Yeah.


Yeah, it's that's what makes it you know, between that being they're so aggressive, then the sounds they make of people haven't heard him. If you hear a bull bugle at 20 or 30 yards, you can't believe how loud that is. Then you couple that with the antlers and the size of them and their aggressive nature and they're coming. You can hear him coming through the trees and shit's breaking. And as a hunter, you're sitting there and it's a lot to absorb.


You know, it's like I saw somebody yesterday commented that they've been practicing at twenty yards on a target and it's so small compared to a bull elk. It's like that must look like a house at twenty yards. How could you miss?


And I'm like, well, people shoot over the back of bulls all the time at twenty yards because it's so intense. Yeah. They just haven't experienced it.


Yeah. Screaming alone. It's like when you're near it. Yeah. They sound like something from Lord of the Rings. Yeah. Yeah. What an animal man. Oh they have everything going for them.


They do the looks, the crazy antlers, the delicious meat, the crazy sounds they make the wild places that they live. The romantic but short life that they live. Yeah. They live this wild, crazy short life running away from mountain lions and bears and and wolves and and trying to get laid.


Yeah. And then fight another elk to the death with swords across to your head.


Sounds like the life I want to live. No, no. I'd rather be the bow hunter. I'll sleep in a nice place. And even if it's just a tent. Yeah.


Someplace with a sleeping bag. Shelter.


I know. Yeah. We'll get up and do this again tomorrow. We got of a cooler. Meanwhile, they're out there surviving all night. Never, never.


Let's up to me it's my one of my favorite parts of the year is just the reset of just experiencing the woods. The real wilderness. Yeah.


Like where we're going in Utah in the mountains. What does it was that mountain range called, um.


Is it the unit to you. You. Unitas or unitards or something like that, whatever it is, it's it's a gorgeous mountain range. Yeah, it's gorgeous.


And it's it's just it just reminds you, you know, of what life must have been like before human beings ever existed, before they ever came to this part of the world, just walking around with those animals.


It just it's a reset. It's a real reset. Yeah.


And every time I eat that meat, I think about those those moments.


I know that connection. And when we talk about it, I mean, ad nauseum, probably. But that that feeling that.


That's pretty, yeah, yeah. You need a. We need you into I said, I don't want to do is that a Native American word, winter? I'm not sure who made that word up, why they put those letters together like that?


I'm not sure. But that is what it looks like. That's part of what it looks like. Yeah. Really looks like the.


Yeah. Like that right there, that's that's super yeah, super familiar to me. Yeah. So gorgeous, you will hike if you like, we'll start where you see the beginning at the bottom of the screen and we'll go all the way to that far mountain range. And, you know, if you're if you're out of shape, yeah, it's a rough go of it.


You're just going to take a lot of shortcuts, like into your decision making and make a lot of poor decisions. And chances are you're not going to I mean, you can kill people, kill all the time. I see it all the time. Look, this guy killed and he doesn't run a marathon a day or whatever that, you know, you can get lucky. Yeah, you can. But if you're going to have sustained success for decades, multiple times a year, you're going to have to be at your best.


That's all there is to it.


And I got to think that a guy like you who does ultramarathons and all this crazy working out there has to be something to what you're eating. There has to be. Yeah. The fact that you're eating all this wild game is that your diet is like how much your diet meat.


Oh, probably. I would say 40 percent. Just 40. Yeah, 40 to 50. What's the rest of it.


Carbs like potatoes and rice and fruits and vegetables.


Just think about how much wild game you consume and how much, how protein rich that is and how it like that dark red meat that you get from the animals. Like how how good that is for you. Yeah.


It has to have some sort of an effect on your physical abilities, because one of the things that people always marvel at with you is like how fuck does this guy do so many things?


Like how do you have the time to get up in the morning?


I mean, there's been many times you've run a marathon a day. I know people are hearing this all this guy's bullshit. No, no, no, no. A marathon a day. You've run multiple marathons and you've done days where you got up at three o'clock in the morning, more than one day when you ran a marathon and then went to work. Yeah. Or you've run 18, 19 miles, went to work and then finished the marathon after your lunch break.


And then you go lift weights and then you shoot your bow or you shoot your bow and then you lift weights and like it has to play a factor.


I know there's just overall endurance and discipline and the fact that you've just always given yourself this hard work load in your body's adapted to it. I'm sure that has something to do with it. Yeah, but the fact you're not injured all the time and the fact you have all this energy, I got to think that that wild game plays a big factor in all that I would think.


I mean, a wild game every day, every single day. And I know that has to help me recover. But I think aside from that, I think we're as humans, we're capable of so many amazing things. And it's like I've that's why the people who you've had on this podcast that I've I've like been obsessed with connecting with because they're humans just like we are. But they gorgons, they do incredible.


It's like how can the same species of of whatever. So humans, just like everybody else walking around here, do such amazing things. And I try to I want to connect. I always want to connect with those people like Gorgons, according to Walter, been running with Emma Coburn lately. She's an Olympic steeplechase or she won the bronze at the last Olympics. I'm thinking she's going to win the gold at this Olympics this coming year. So I try to think, well, how how can they do that?


They're the same species we all are. There must be something. Courteney's Courteney's the toughest person I've ever been around, I've been around some tough people, but her mental toughness is. Is unlike anything you've ever seen, it's weird to have seemed so nice, normal. She is, but she's yeah, she's, you know, couldn't get more. You couldn't find a more sweet person. But I've said this before where a dog will run itself to death.


Yeah, I took that picture right there. What is this?


We estimate I slept fewer than four hours during my 105 hours on the Colorado Trail is a combination of one minute trail naps and longer attempts in the RV. And sometimes they happen by accident during a group Sunrise photo weekend at Bernie's. And she just passed out while she's doing this. Yeah. Less than ideal overall sleep time. But during the later days, the coughing, the wheezing prevented me from being able to fall asleep. Yeah.


So that game needs me to explain this whole thing that she was trying to accomplish.


Right. Go to that one weekend at Bernie's. Yeah. So right here. So we stopped with the sun coming up to take a picture and she'd been going for 105 hours. What is that, over four days and slept for four hours. So we stopped to take a picture and she fell asleep.


I mean, just passed out, but right after this picture, she's up running so that that other picture on the trail that I took with her and Maggie, like a lot of people will look at this and they'll say, what kind of a human wants to do this?


This this was a three minute nap right here. So it was going to be three minutes or maybe six minutes. But something son had just come up. And incidentally, I just seen a big group of bucks in the dark about two hours earlier about I think 3:00 in the morning this about 5:00 in the morning.


But I laid my pack on her legs there and my coats on her legs. She's the closest one. Maggie's the second one. Who? Maggie in her own right. She won the it's called Big Backyard Altro, where they run for miles every hour for as long as you can do it for Formosa.


And she won it last year. Corney, the year before was the first woman anyway.


So these women are insane, but they took three minute naps or a six minute nap right here, then back up and that's reset your body. I mean, reset. It's like a control delete. So before this. She Courtney was like so exhausted from all of this, Magwood ask a question and she'd answer barely audibly two minutes later, and I suppose it was me or Courtney than me than Maggie and Maggie would say something to Courtney. Nothing. Two minutes later, she'd like I could barely hear it, she'd answer whatever Maggie said because her brain was like they said, her blood or her oxygen level and brain was at 70 percent, which that was because of the coughing analog issues in the high altitude and the dust and everything.


So it just her brain wasn't working.


Let's explain what she was trying to do. Yeah, she was OK. She was trying to the fastest known time to run the entire Colorado Trail from Durango to Denver is.


Eight days and something like two hours, I think she wanted to beat that by a day, so she was trying to run 490 miles from Durango to Denver with 90000 feet of elevation gain total. In seven days and. To do that, I mean, a you can't sleep is I don't know I don't know what the perfect answer is.


She she was about 22 hours. I think it at one point ahead of the record. But she ended up in the emergency room just because her her she pushed so hard. What I was going to say is animals will push.


Look how fucked up she looks. Yeah, she looks so tired. Yeah. Look at her eyes. I know she looks exhausted.


Yeah. So that her pulse oxygen was seventy which it's supposed to be in the nineties and if it's at eighty or eighty five they say go immediately to the emergency room to the doctor and hers is 70. So her brain just wasn't getting enough oxygen. And the doctor I believe the doctor said that. Because they said, well, what would happen if she keeps pushing and he said, well, she'll die on the trail. So, well, that's the problem with someone, is that tough?


Yeah, that's right. They literally could push themselves to the point where their heart stops and animals do that.


We know that a dog will push itself, a horse will push itself so hard that they will die.


Not my dog, your dog from four or five times in a row. And he just drops the ball and lays down like, bro, we're done.


Yeah, right. So some dogs. Yeah, my dog like Cash would he's a lab and all he wants to do, he'll do that.


Tehran's right. So and horses do that.


Horses die a lot are not a lot but horses die from pushing.


So most humans have that self-preservation mode where I mean most humans that like the hint of discomfort.


Yes, I'm out. Yeah. So but Corradini has that where.


I don't know well, goals are interesting because goals are what force you to pass your comfort zone and go into this crazy level where you realize you're only tapping into a very small percentage of what your body's capable of. Like even Goggins, what is his quote the most people quit at 40 percent, 40 percent? Yeah, I think he's 100 percent accurate there. Yeah, I don't know. I'm throwing percentages around here 40 percent. It sounds good. I mean, anybody knows.


He knows. Right. But there's there's a thing that you do when you tap into like when you have a goal, when you say, I'm going to run 10 miles a day and I'm going to keep doing like my friend Lex Freedman.


I'm the scientist at MIT Guy. Yeah. He was on the podcast last week.


One of the things that he was talking about was he did this challenge where he ran, was it four miles every four hours for that was he had two challenges.


Yeah, I was the first one he did. Right earlier in the year before it was four hours, four miles every four hours for 48 hours. Yeah. Or 40 miles or whatever. And just talking about it, I think gorgons.


Yeah. Gogin set that up. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Himan Gorgons or friends. Yeah. OK. And, and then there was some crazy push ups, sit up pull up challenge that they did as well and gogin said whatever you do I'ma do double.


Yeah. It's just a nice little mindfuck when you're falling apart and you realize that Gorgons is doing twice what you're doing.


But I love it. There's something about a goal like that. We set it in motion and you realize you have to do it where it forces you out of your comfort zone. It forces you to realize what your body's actually capable of, which most people just never do. That's one of the great things about making someone compete like that.


The great thing about training for a marathon or getting ready to do something is like when you have a goal and then you actually and then you're committed to the thing and you actually have to go and do it then and only then do you often find out what your body's actually capable.


Yeah. Yeah. And still even even during that goal or that performance, it's it's really hard to push. I mean push and give. All you got.


I remember my kids I would say so did you give all you got. Yeah. Yeah. Well I didn't see you weren't throwing up, you didn't throw up at the end. You know, it's like when you push I don't even I mean it's not like I'm, I can say I do that every time either, but it's like. Who really pushes with all they got? Well, and what is that line? Yeah, what's after that line?


Do you die? I don't know. And would you be happy if you pushed so hard that you died like. Well, that's a good way to die. Well, no.


Then, you know, you gave your all that.


But but isn't that so that's what fascinates me with these people with with the Goggins and Courteney. And and, you know, also in some respects, Emma is like is like performing at this level. And it's just incredible to me. It's like so I want to know, how can I take whatever mindset they have to apply it to myself and what I do. So that's all I've tried to do is like and I've said a million times, I'm definitely not talented.


I spend time around people who are the best at what they do and hoping a little bit I can pick up a little bit, get that mindset like Goggins, flip that switch. Courtney just has no switch. It's just what is what is talent?


I want to know what that is like when you say you're not talented because you're obviously very successful both as a bow hunter. You probably I mean, if there's three top bow hunters on the planet Earth, you're in that top.


I don't know how many people are the best bow hunters on Earth, but in my mind, you're in that group. What is talent like if you're that good at bow hunting and I've seen you shoot targets one hundred and fifty yards away and shoot balloons.


I mean, you do some ridiculous shit. You're obviously incredibly talented with a bow. Like what is talent?


What does that mean to you when you say I'm not talented to me, I always equate talent to physical like performance, like, say, running 100 meters or like a freak athlete. Yeah, I equate talent to athleticism. Right.


Like a like a Mike Tyson or, you know, Polo Kosta. Yes.


I'm just freak athlete or runners. I mean, runners are like they've you know, we've seen both Rubner running since the beginning of time. If you're one of the fastest to humans to ever run, you have to be talented. That's yeah. That's talent. Yeah.


There's things that people get that you are never going to get. Right. There's there's a certain amount of speed people can generate, a certain amount of power people can generate.


There's things that people can do. But the kind of things that you're doing, it's not required, it just requires mental strength.


You're doing endurance runs or these long ass mind torture runs. They don't require that sprinting shit. They just require that ability to keep going when you don't want to keep going.


Right. The ability to maintain a pace. That's painful, right?


Yeah. And it's and I've been I was talking to the because after my son in Colorado, I went ran with Courtney. We did a 14000 foot peak. And then I ran with Emma the next day and two totally different athletes. Courtney's, you know, the the eight, seven days crazy Emma's the 3000 meters. And I was talking to them both about pain because Courtney's pain isn't as intense, but it's for a long time, a week, you know, or days Emma's pain.


So she wants to break nine minutes in the steeplechase. She never has nine tattoos is her best, I believe. And she'll have to break nine minutes probably to win the gold medal steeplechase. That's 3000 meters. And it has the barrier like the water barrier. So you jump over, you jump over barriers. And then there's a water barrier, too. I've ever seen seen them jump over.


I don't think I've ever seen a steeplechase look up. And it is this is it right here. Yeah, that's a wow.


So you jump over water tambe look how much air she gets. Yeah. Yeah it's crazy. Yeah. So that's her. So as I said she's, she has nine minutes and you can see her like there's a good video of her winning the world championships. Emma Coburn, World Championship.


So the steeplechase thing, the water you have to jump over the water. What if you land in the water.


They land in the water. That's OK. Yeah, just slows you down.


They can't really clear that water. So they plan on on running and landing in the water.


What a weird thing to have a puddle in your run. Yeah. Weird. Yeah.


So, so see. So that's right.


And she's, she's taller than like those uh the other girls, they're usually from Ethiopia or Kenya, but what a weird event.


You make them jump over a fence into a pond. Yeah. That's so bizarre. I never knew this existed like long.


Here's another one. Yeah. So they some don't have the water like just have that barrier there. I think there's four per lap.


How many people each jumping over that barrier where she go in front of me.


Oh yeah. Oh so. Oh I know. Oh them legs dam. Yes. Length Sheikhan.


So anyway so she's got nine minutes of pain and I was asking her about because there's always a decision like I watched her watch run this. I'll race and she was kind of in back with about a lap to go, and there's always that decision like. Do I want to go now and have a hurt really bad or just kind of it wasn't my day like how do you decide to deal with that pain? And so that's what I was asking her about, because that's what fascinates me.


What she said.


She's so there's that nine 19. So she's got it down to nine to.


Yeah, she's nine or two is her best now. God damn. I know.


Look at all those ladies are beaten down at the end of the.


So, so, so painful. Yeah. So she's from this little town, Crested Butte in Colorado, and that's where I went and ran with her and it's that's 10000, 9000 feet.


What was her her answer to that to till the pain decided and she just so she, i her her brain is so focused in on that time, that nine minutes where it's just like and so it's just she knows if she pushes now it's only going to last this amount of time. You know, it's just this is what she's got to do. This is how it works. She's been doing it her whole life. And so it's just pushed through.


So like if she's so regimented on time from doing track her whole life, she'll like, say, well, can you meet me at ten? And then we can get coffee and till about ten, twenty and then we'll go we should go to get to the mountain by about ten thirty and then we can run and we should be done. I mean like everything is like so regimented because her brain works like that. So when she thinks about that pain I think she just knows that it's going to be the certain amount of time and then it's going to be over and this is what she does.


So it's it's different than, say, Courtney, who's not going to it won't be as intense because, you know, is sprinting when you're exhausted. It just hurts right there. It's so easy to be like that's what I was asking her about, because when I watch her run the mile, that's not her event.


Her event is 3000 meters, which which is more than a mile. So I said you could easily said, well, this isn't my event. You know, you made that decision whether to go and pass all these other girls and win or just be like, it wasn't my night, this isn't my event, whatever, and just a little bit less.


Oh, just so this decision on should I go or should I stay right here where it's comfortable, this feels good. I mean, it's still hard. It's still an effort, but it's not the pain like going. So when you make it right, when you make this decision almost went right there but didn't see that. So when you make that decision, oh, this is I think this is a world championship. Yeah, this was that where we just watched, but this is the full race.


So hang back. No, this is said. No, I don't. No, no.


That was 2014. This is. So watch this. She passes right here. This is a world championships going over this water. That girl in the middle didn't go over good. Emma did. And right here. So she's turning it on. But now it's you know, now it's the finish line is there. But see how controlled and like fluid she is.


And this is so fast.


God damn. And so she went on that crazy run with you and Courtney as well. No, no, no, no, no. She doing there are two different athletes.


No, she didn't run that like she was sleeping up there with you guys, right? No, no, no, no. That was Maggie.


Oh, Maggie. Yeah, yeah. She's she's that. This is Emma. Emma.


Emma. Maggie. Those are such white girl name. I just conflate them all together.


Yeah. No, Emma lives in Crested Butte. So I went I met Courtney in Leadville and that's we ran out Sherman, which is 14000 feet. So I met her at four in the afternoon, Courtney and her husband Kevin. And we did this big eleven mile loop and we did a 14000 foot peak. And then I stayed there and at their house. And then the next morning I got up and drove and met Emma in Crested Butte, which is another small town in Colorado.


And it's high altitude. And that's where that's where Emma grew up and her parents live. And so I met her there the next day and we ran out on a shorter distance. But she runs so much faster, you know, five miles or whatever. But for me, running five miles at ten thousand feet with her at that pace, it's like I mean, she's got some length, too.


Oh, yeah. How tall is she?


I would say five seven. But her long her legs are so. Yeah. Yeah. And running.


She's, she got that crazy long stride. Yeah. And running. She's run trails there at 10000 or 9000 feet and it's just like that training. And to, to go over those barriers you have to be athletic. Yeah. Like it's a different explosive. She's more athletic than say the girls from Kenya. They're smaller, they but they live Kenya's high elevation too. So but if Emma lives at the same elevation, has the same talent. Fastest mile ever run on Colorado soil, running for 32 cents.


That's that's that's when I guess that's the one I watched. That's where I said she was in. Yeah, she wasn't at the back, and then I said that decision you made to turn it on. No, that's not it, it's. Oh, just a slow motion version of it. Oh, yeah, I think this yeah, this is a couple of years ago. She just she just broke that outside. Oh, so this is the indoor version of it, Nancy.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, but yeah. So I just was interested in how how that decision is made.


Now what when you talk to her about her training, how much of her training is just running and how much of her training is like strength and conditioning? Does she do plyometrics because she's got to not just run, she's got to jump over things?


Yeah, she she runs every day. Usually I think she runs about 70 or 80 miles a week when she's training. And so it'll be about, you know, ten miles a day, split up a couple times, and then she'll lift, I believe, three times a week. And so we lift it together, too. And it's just, you know. Yeah, I mean, she's she's strong. Definitely all you have to be.


Yeah. You could see it in her legs, like in the fact that she's able to get over those hurdles while she's in the middle of this crazy run.


Yeah, yeah. Well A for 30 mile fast, there's something also so crazy about your goal in life, like what you do.


The thing that you concentrate on the most is your physical body. Like you're banking on this. You're banking on your tissue, who it is, humans.


Oh yeah. Yeah. Any human that does that. Yeah. Well, you're a fighter, a baseball player. A runner. There's something crazy about banking on your body.


You know, like I always when I look at professional athletes in particular, I'm always like, oh like boy, anything go wrong.


And then it takes forever to fix. It's not like you blow out a tire. You go to the car shop and you know, you go to the tire place, you get a new tire blow out a knee.


That's been the only secret to any success I've had. Is that longevity? Yeah, because there's a lot of people who have been better than me for short span. But if you can just keep doing it, keep grinding, keep grinding, keep hammering. I don't care what it is you're going to get. Good.


Yeah, that is the case. What how do you how do you avoid injuries? Because you train so much.


I don't I mean I get massage and you do those normal check boots. Yeah I got those. Yeah. Thank you.


I sent you those. You sent those to me. This is the shit. Yeah. The hyper volt. The hammer with the ball on it. That massage.


Yeah. Yeah. Do that with Eric comes over about three times a week. You know you trained with Eric too and goes through breaks down my hamstrings and calves and, and hips especially.


So I had a lady that was give me massage and I had a gun and I wound up just having to just use the tarragon like she was give me massage. And it was great and everything. But there was this like one spot my back, and I was like, just try this for a second.


And that worked. Yeah, man.


Like half the massage session was just her jackhammering me, just working me with that.


And it was more effective than anything because you could do something with those things where you could push all the weight in like a massage, but it's doing something that you're not going to be able to do with your hands.


Right. There's this girl who does my massage. Her name's Erin. She is so amazing. I mean, I can say something that's bothering me. She can go like, feel my leg, go right to it and just feeling she knows better than that.


And then she'll do something else on some other side or some other place. And it's like I've never I've had a lot of massages. Definitely. There's just like we say, there's levels to everything. She's amazing.


I mean, some people just understand bodies, the intuitive, like they know where you're tight. We have strained, like, did you pull your hamstring? Did you do this? Yeah. Like, do you have something going on with your back? What do you mean? This side is tight, so it's probably you're probably compensating for something on the other side and. Yeah.


Yeah. So that I mean the only way you're going to over, you know, 10, 20, 30 years to continue to do it is for maintenance. Yeah. Is taking care of your body. You say it is tissue. It is muscle. It is have joints and ligaments. If those something happens of those your training then you never even had any operations.


I mean that's bananas. No, I've had a bunch. Mm hmm. I'm amazed. Well how do you how are your knees.


OK, that's the other thing about your knees. OK, I don't know if people ask me the whole time, how do you answer that?


I mean, have you gotten an MRI? You don't have any meniscus problems. Nothing. That's bananas.


No, I mean, you're my age. Yeah. You've been running forever. You don't have any meniscus.


I have all fucked up meniscus, but you also did a sport that was hard on your knees.


Yeah, right. Running isn't you know, everybody's different. Yeah. I mean, it's maybe I have good genetics. Yeah. You obviously must. Yeah. Yeah I was. Pretty good with my right knee until like I heard it in a kicking contest with Joe Schilling, I tore my meniscus like a year ago like a moron at the old studio. Yeah.


Kicking that thing that we had in the registers. How hard? Yeah, he did it then with jeans on. I remember seeing the video. Yeah. No, I'm 52 years old slamming into that same full clip as hard as I can. Yeah, but that that's a problem when something shows you a number.


Yeah. Oh I know it's a measure and you just wind up it's a measure to wind up like that.


If I was coaching someone to say stop, you got to warm up jump rope.


Let's get a sweat. Yeah, go on, stretch out a little bit and let's start slow. Like when I work out on a normal day and I don't just walk up to a heavy bag and full blast start.


Can I build up, which you can't have a contest with Joe Schilling and say, hold on, let me warm up. Actually, he's too much of a hard man. Yeah. And we had to step up. Yeah. Yeah. And Terrier need my knee still fucked up because I mean, it's not fucked up to the point where I can't do things like I can still kick.


Yeah, I can still run, I could still do all those things but I feel it.


Well I didn't used to feel it before but that's why I'm amazed you don't have any these kind of injuries. No, I don't know.


You have to remember you're fucked up, but yeah. One time.


Oh I have. I mean there's injuries. There's being hurt and being injured. You know, I hurt all the time. I hurt every day but I haven't been injured.


Mm. Yeah. That's a difference. Yeah. I mean it's, I don't know. Are you taking CBD at all. Yeah sometimes. Yeah. I was getting arthritis in my toes. Mm.


Yeah. And did it help with my big toe.


Yeah. Big toes like at the joint where my foot and I got my big toe. It was very annoying. Yeah. And it's from kicking you know just from cause you're always like pushing off.


All right. Yeah. Pushing on. Yeah.


And my, my toes just got so tired of me doing that and they were getting sore and then I started doubling and tripling down on KBD, particularly like CBD gummies. That's my new trick because it's like I mean candy oh those CBD, VMD gummies like 1500 mg. I just chuck like fucking ten of them down. It doesn't have the THC. No, no, no.


Zero zero high at all but it killed it whatever.


Like I was like God dammit am I going to have to get. So I was thinking I was going to have to get PRP or something done to my, my big toe and that helped it. Killed it. I don't have any problem at all. No. It's whatever it was, it was gone away. Dave Foley told me the same thing. Dave Foley told me he was getting serious arthritis in his hands where his hands were like this. He couldn't open up his fingers, started taking CBD on a daily basis.


And then now his hands are fully functional, like whatever it was, he stopped in its tracks. It's just inflammation.


Yeah. Right. Mhm. Yeah. I saw. Well when Trump and Biden get here you can do the DMT question, right.


Oh well I'm going to give you my first. We're going to get high, we're going to do mushrooms, I'm going to bring in a shaman.


There was that battle on B that I showed you today. They did have a thing that said like Trump was on here for an epic seven hour interview with Rogen, and I said I had the best marijuana possibly he's ever had. There's a tremendous ah, you know how Trump has his say. But yeah, it's so funny. Amazing, amazing pot.


Imagine getting that guy high. I don't he doesn't even drink does he. Thinks Oh this is it. Yeah.


See as the picture is very picture. It is. But what was it. Caption Jamie can you find that. What did it say.


Oh my God. It's hilarious. Yeah.


Lively's seven hour interview with Joe Rogan. Imagine. Yeah. Yeah. How many votes he would win if he did that. Well, but a lot about to lose a lot too. Yeah. Be like what is happening.


He needs more than a so I don't know what's more. There might be a little bit. We can get some more. OK, put the order in.




That guy he's not, he's not taking anything but perhaps a few uppers to help with speeches.


You see with the Biden thing he Trump said he wanted to do a drug test before debates.


Really. Yeah. No. What does he think Biden's on. Oh, they got him hopped up on something. Really? Yeah. If you're that tired. Yeah. I guarantee you they're doing something with him.


He him talking. Oh my God. It's just it's painful. I mean, it's like I feel embarrassed.


Yeah. It's sad. It's sad. And then there's the tremendous pressure that's involved in that job.


Yeah. I couldn't imagine. I mean, not being at your best. That's what I've always I mean I've always been I just don't get how there's these people have been in politics for fifty years and I'm like, OK, good job. Thank you. You did it, you served whoever. But isn't there somebody better? I mean, smarter, younger, like more energized. Why do we have these 80 year old guys?


I don't know. It doesn't make any sense. I mean, there's got there's got to be people who are just like on the top of their game, you can't be at the top of your game when you're 80.


You got to wonder, like, what it is. What it is with the powers that be that decided to go with him, did they think that he's a known known name, a former vice president, so that that fact.


But there was obviously some shenanigans. They were really worried about Bernie Sanders taking the nomination. They're really worried that he was going to enact some radical change to the Democratic Party and they were not looking forward to that at all.


So, yeah, you know, they stepped in, got Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar and all those other people to back out. Yeah. To back down. And then all the delegates went to Biden and then Biden winds up being the guy. And you almost feel bad for the guy.




I mean, that can't be our best option for running. I mean, so whoever wins, you want to feel confident. Yeah. And I know people on the other side of where I, I don't feel confident that Trump banking on Harris.


They're banking on people saying, well, she's young and healthy, she'll take over.


She is young. I mean, so goes to that point of being young and, you know, energetic. But yeah, I mean, she's kept a lot of people in jail. Yeah.


I don't know. I've man politics. What a mess.


Gross. It's gross. And I don't know what the best way to do it is. You know, I think our founding fathers had some pretty brilliant ideas.


How were they so dialed in so long ago? It's amazing to note they write this constitution not to protect, not to protect the government from the people, the people from the government from from overstepping. How do they know? I mean, maybe because it was the king and queen.


And yeah, I think they saw just I mean, people had an understanding of psychology back then of just human beings and just the natural tendency of people to abuse power and use influence. And I think they just came out with a really brilliant way to sort of have checks and balances to keep that from getting completely out of hand.


Yeah, it's amazing.


It really is amazing if you stop and think about that, you know, and how old this there's this young man, Madison Cawthorn, he has I think he's like the I don't know. I can't remember what seat he won, but one of the youngest ever win an election. I think it's in North Carolina. But he mentioned something about the age of man. Who what? Jefferson. Yeah. Like, how old were they?


Well, people didn't live that long, I know, but they got like two takes died. Right. Wasn't were they in their 20s. I wonder.


Let's let's Google. How old was Thomas Jefferson when he drafted the Declaration of Independence?


How old do you think it is? Close to forty, I believe close to forty. Still pretty amazing. Yeah.


Or maybe, you know, maybe what if you go back and you actually look at I mean, he looks exactly like Jared Kushner, right?


Everybody, that's him. Well, on second an age in 1776, Thomas Jefferson was thirty three. Wow.


So young and fucking smart ass shit. Yeah.


I mean, I think some of the guys were in their 20s. Forty, fifty three. Forty six. Thirty nine. Thirty five. Seventy years old. Who. Seventy five. Benjamin Franklin. Wow.


Yet he had to be eaten wild game meat.


Yeah for sure. A thirty year old boy got electrocuted a bunch of times. Ninety six times.


Six year old lawyer who is twenty six. Jared Kushner. Thomas Lynch Jr from South Carolina OKC.


I mean three years later died three years later. The stress of coming up with that fucking information. Oh you're twenty six year old from South Carolina. Lawyer. Plantation owner. No, he had covid to the lodge. Wow. That's well known to they.


They're counting his death as covid guaranteed. Yeah.


It is really amazing how smart they were. Yeah.


But, you know, when you read like letters from like the Civil War era, have you read letters back home? Like the way people wrote back then was so eloquent, at least the ones that you obviously there's probably more on that wrote some fucking scribbles too.




But there are some letters that were written back then where the prose so it's so elegant, it's so well-written, so, so beautifully crafted.


These, these letters that they would write, I know you get to read them, you go well what what has happened between then and now.


I'd like to get letters like that. I mean, that would be you'd feel special if you got a letter like that. God, I know the way they communicated back then, it was just different.


Our do you think people would have spiced up how they wrote just in case someone they know it wasn't going to be personal correspondence that one would want people to think they're dumb. So they're in some they'd like.


But the problem is when a dummy writes things and tries to make them seem smart.


Have you ever gotten an email from someone that's dumb that tries to be just to have someone else write it for them back then, like, hey, I can't write this, but write a letter to my girlfriend, make it sound good? Yeah. Tell her I miss her. Send it off. Perhaps I'm just kind of wondering because people do that now. Yeah. Yeah, they do. They have ghostwriters on it back then. They're a little more we're a little more diabolical now, though, I wonder if there was a market for ghostwriters back then from letters back home had to be because there's only so many people that could write.


I don't know about that. No, I'm just don't know about that.


Or even the access to the tools to write and let a quill feather it to make it look good on paper. Yeah, I don't know. I just wonder. Yeah.


I mean, I think people were it was a harder time and during harder times people are more disciplined and people that are more disciplined probably are more they're harder on their children about learning and grades. It's probably wasn't so flippant because it's like the consequences of not succeeding in life back then were literal starvation. It was a different time. And I think when you you have those consequences, you have you develop stronger people, you develop people with. They just they don't have any room for error.


There's no you know, you can't you can't fuck off. No, you won't make it. No, I know.


It's Yeah. Pretty amazing to think that we're still going by the doctrine they came up with.


Yeah. And it's the best when we have like no one's come up with a better. Where is your pocket. Didn't Tim Kennedy give you a pass at home. I have it framed. You don't have it with you know, it's put it in my pocket. It's going to get like I'm on it and dereference it it'll get scratched up. A pen will leak on it and have that.


OK, I thought that was a good gift and gave you a gun. That's cool. Yeah.


Jamie's been shooting everybody. That's all it does now. Well, that's what people with guns do.


That's what I've been hearing. This is Joe Biden's going to put a stop to that. Oh, my gosh. Well, I was watching some video where he was talking about making gun manufacturers responsible for shootings.


It was the weirdest analogy that he was drawing. And then he went on in, erroneously said that guns kill one hundred and fifty million people a year.


And it was like, what?


Yeah, that's or 150 million people since a certain amount of time. That doesn't make any sense at all. But the thing that he was saying was that imagine if drug companies weren't responsible for people dying of drugs. Well, hey, Joe, they're not.


Yeah, I don't know if you know that, but they're not. I mean, do you know how many people die every year from drug overdoses? How many a lot of people are going to jail for that? Is there any nobody? Are these drug companies really responsible for that? Are they really being held accountable?


Yeah, I don't think companies maybe he's finally maybe the street dealers going to jail.


Yeah, well, occasionally drug companies get in trouble, you know, like never opioid deaths and or for misrepresenting the dangers of the addiction to opioids or some of the drugs. That's true. Sometimes they get fined. Yeah. And they get in trouble.


But what he was saying was really weird. It's like people say things just because they think that people want to hear solutions like, hey, there's all these guns and shooting someone better do something, you know, and then someone will come along and say something like that. Like guns are responsible for one hundred and fifty million people every year.


And here's what I'm going to do. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know you remember when he got confronted by that guy at a at an auto factory. Yeah. Doing that. Yeah. And the guy was like, you trying to take away a customer full of shit.


Yeah. Customer got old grandpa on them. Well that's a problem with with you know how.


So when you get old, you know, I'm not I don't want to talk shit about old people, but you can't think you're just not at your best. So what happens? What I see. And maybe he has dementia, maybe not. But those guys get they're cranky, they get mad. They can't think of what they want to say fast enough. So instead they just get mad. Yeah. And that's what it seems like he does. You like lashes out and comes up.


You're full of shit. Yeah.


Well I think you dogface poni soldier did you see that one. And that was a good one too. What is. I don't know what that is.


A lion dogface pony soldier. That's a great thing to say to someone.


If there's a first time I've ever heard, it should be a good band. Yeah, I would face pony soldiers. That would be a good band. Good name for a band. Like a weird funk band. Yeah. Dogface Pony Soldier. I like it.


Yeah, I could see them in Coachella. Yeah. It's a thing that you know, you know when he's when he gets mad like that too, it's almost like it's a it's a tough guy thing too.


It's like he's around all these hard men that are working in a factory and he's like yeah full of shit.


I'll show you guys God not man.


It reminded me of Floyd Mayweather and he knocked out Victor Ortiz when they're kissing or whatever they did. But Jim Gray not well, maturity's head butted him. I know. But then they then they made up and tatties went to make up with Floyd Mayweather.


They did. Well, Mayweather like, OK, boom.


Yeah. And it wasn't Jim Gray. It was it was an older God. What's his name?


Larry Merchant. Yes, Larry Merchant. And Larry Merchant said that if he was fifty years younger, he'd kick Floyd's ass.


I remember that. I was like, OK, no, you wouldn't have.


No, you would.


But I remind you, he got mad and then he was just going to kick his ass.


But what a crazy thing to say to. Literally one of the greatest boxers that's ever put on gloves. Yeah, I mean, you can make an argument who the greatest boxer of all time is, but you better have Floyd Mayweather and he's going to be in there.


And probably if you're holding a microphone, you probably weren't ever going to kick his ass.


What's up with the Mayweather fighting? Logan Paul, you see? Yes. Yes. Well, Logan, I got Logan in that fight.


Well, one thing I will tell you, Logan, Paul is a really good athlete. Yeah, he's an enormous man now. If it was and may fight, I would pick Logan.


Paul. Well, listen to me. There's a video of Logan Paul wrestling with Paulo Costa.


It's a real live wrestling, like live wrestling sparring session where he is exhibiting real skill.


He knows how to scramble. He's got real wrestling skill and wrestling in high school.


I think he wrestled in college. Oh, did he OK.


No, didn't just in high school. But he was good, though, right? Did he go to college?


He went to OSU. He did. Wrestling his party school in the country. Started. So he's from Ohio, right. How. How? Well you know. I know. Yeah. Yeah, he knows everything. So how good was he in high school?


I remember hearing I don't know if he won state, but I'll check that real quick either way.


Yeah. Him with Paul Kosta. Paulo is the UFC number one contender in the middle of division and the most beautiful man in the U.S..


A perfect specimen of a man and a wrecking machine. Yeah, just a fucking wrecking machine. Yeah. And the two of those guys are there. They're doing wrestling drill and sparring.


And Logan Paul is hanging in there, man with an elite meh, you know, world championship caliber fighter, a guy who like, went to war with Yoel Romero and walked him down. Right. I mean, Paul Coast is a monster. Yeah. He's a and Logan Paul is hanging in there. Yeah. I don't care what anybody says like that. What what I saw in that. I'm like, that kid is impressive. Now he's got to be six one.


He might actually did and he joined the wrestling team that says Ohio State in Athens, which is not just oh you. So you might have joined the team. I don't know if you I don't know if you had a record, if you performed with them or features.


OK, so he did a little bit of wrestling in college, but he wrestled in high school as well. Yeah.


Either way, he's he's a big dude.


He's a big dude and he's a real athlete. And one of the things that I saw, you know, I know he lost his boxing match. They had a draw the first time that he lost the second time.


But what I'm seeing him throw punches like he's very athletic.


He throws punches with good technique, you know, but obviously the other kid that he boxed with did as well. But there's such a difference between that and Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.


It's going to be hilarious. Yeah. The only thing is that Floyd is so much smaller than him.


Yeah. He's got to be compared to Logan Tinie. That's why I say I got the London's big guy. I got the one punch. Logan Chayo.


Oh my God. That's so hilarious. Could you imagine if he did. Oh could you imagine if he clips Floyd Mayweather in a temple and see Floyd Mayweather.


Oh, measure what the crowd would do if anybody would do what would be a crowd. Yeah, yeah.


But I wonder when they're going to be able to have it. Let's do it in China or some shit. Yeah, fuck it.


I don't know. I'm just pretty impressed with how Logan paused. As for a young kid has made so much money. Yeah. Just talking a lot of shit and turn these, these opportunities to fight.


Fight Floyd. What I know.


But the thing about it is like who's going to sanction that? The weight classes are so different.


Yeah. Floyd be fifty pounds different. It could be fifty pounds plus.


Yeah it could be more. I don't, I don't think Floyd walks around it. More than one hundred and fifty five pounds. Probably maybe 160 at the most. Yeah. You know and when he's in shape you know less than that probably.


But here's the crazy thing. I watch the shit out of that. I shit out of it too. I mean everybody will be talking about Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr..


Yeah. Like a lot of people. Like what what are we doing? What is happening here?


Yeah, I like the fact that they decided not to do it September 12th. So it already would have happened. Yeah.


They decide to extend it deep into November, give everybody a chance to like really train and ramp up the promotion and let everybody know.


And and it's more and more exciting every day. Roy Jones Junior is posting some shit on his Instagram. Yeah, dude, he's still got some hands. Yeah.


See if you could find that. And he's coming in here soon.


See, I was looking for Logan Paul wrestling Kosten. I'm finding them is like play sparring. Yeah.


There's a little bit of boxing plays by but there's a bunch of wrestling scrambling in there. That's really impressive. Not in the video I saw on his talent.


I know, I know. I'm looking. You have to do another retraction. Just looking like I might have to apologize. I lied about Logan Paul wrestling.


Just doing it. Advance that for everything. Yeah.


Just in case that fight is going to be one of the most ridiculous things ever though. Yeah. YouTube star to to box the literal best boxer of all time, never lost. Yeah.


You know, so. Yeah, but back it up before that. Yeah. Let them let them scramble the jujitsu train. OK, so this is just jujitsu training.


They're they're rolling around the mat, but they do some scrambles. See, I don't know how much Logan is changed, but let's watch the wrestling. Watch this, though, seriously. The kid can wrestle like, come on, they're not showing it. What kind of horseshit is this? Is this because they want him to look good? I don't know. Oh, God damn it, I know it's there. Hey, what about the. Oh, no.


What do we got? Come on, show me some shit, that's it. Hmm, well, it exists at somewhere. So they did a lot of sparring, like boxing, sparring for sure. Yeah. If this is just showing, let go right here, let's see what happens here. Come on, Logan, show me some wrestling, bro. Yes, it's amazing the Paul Crozet can make a hundred and eighty five pounds, that's it's amazing.


The dude walks up to 30 and he's a tank.


I mean, yeah, he could be 230 plus the same weight class. Yeah, they're close. Similar to that. I swear it's real.


I swear it's not like 25 guys lighting fires in Portland. It's real. They did this by finally getting arrested. Maybe I'll find it.


Yeah. No, I won't do that. I watch videos of him wrestling like high school, but.


Oh, no, he's there's no videos of him wrestling. Polakov No video. Right. There is the best I could find.


I'm looking at harder, but son of a bitch. Jamie, come on. Jamie is punishing me for the Portland thing.


I'm yes. There's this video of him saying it's getting knocked out. But I was 100 percent stage, like 10 percent fake. Yeah, well, he's smart. He's getting a lot of attention. I just think he's going to be whiffing at er.


Oh yes. And how would you ever have enjoyed. But if he if that one connects that's what I got my money on, that would be so bananas.


I now imagine Floyd goes Koslov with Jack Wild because he gets Kayode by Logan Paul. He's jacked.


I mean he works out hard. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. Super nice kid too. He's training with Shann in the can in Briggs is he.


Shannah can at least he was before that last fight that he did. Yeah. Shanno the cannon was training with them.


Yeah. Wow. And he, he hunts. So that's good. Does it. Yeah. Where's he hunt. He hunted in Ohio before.


What do you like white here. Yeah. Oh yeah. His dad um because I when did his podcast took him a bow and and was shot and. Yeah.


I mean people got upset that you did his podcast Hunters. Yeah.


Well that's weird how the hunting industry is.


That's first of all for a lot of people that there's a hunting industry. Yeah. Yeah, right there is. Because that's what social media has done. It's created. That's why I'm here.


Him and the brother and I think the dad sharing hunting stories. Yeah. Yeah.


Interesting. You could find that you can't find the fucking wrestling footage. Yeah. Well hey I see that. Oh I see how it works. I get it.


Yeah. Well who's going to win Tyson Jones.


I do not want to say because I do not know but see if you see me you find Roy Jones Jr. training footage and then just put up some new stuff I think yesterday or the day before, that's pretty legit.


And then, you know, we're going to get we're going to get Tyson, Logan, Paul. Oh, my God.


That would be a murder murder scene. So three days ago, I think.


He still got Hans-Peter, yeah, but he's still got the same style, OK, hands down. Yeah, look, dude, he looks fast as fuck. Yeah, he does. Yeah, I mean, I wonder what he's going to weigh. I mean, God damn, dude. Yeah. His hand speed is phenomenal. Yeah, that's how we look at that. His thing has been speed, right? Not just hand speed, but foot speed as well.


Roy has always been he's had he had a weird style when he was young, which is one of the reasons why when he slowed down, it was very difficult for him to be successful because Roy would instead of jab people, he would leap in with a left hook.


Yeah, he had a crazy left hook, like a like a hook. Kind of like a weird hook.


Yeah. And he used that in lieu of a jab sometimes, like a lot of times. And he did crazy shit like put his hands behind his back and then knock people out. He was so good when he was young.


People like that song he made you almost forgot. Yeah. A lot of people did forget. Yeah. I remember, man, when I was a, you know, younger man and Roy Jones Junior was in his prime.


You would just see who's getting executed this week. Yeah.


You know, and he one time he had a fight the day he had a full basketball game. So he had a full basketball game, played like he played like semipro basketball. And then after the basketball game, how to fight. Wow. And won the fight. People like this is disrespectful. Like this is the Roy Jones Junior highlight.


I mean, come on, son. He was so fast. Look at this.


That fight with Vinny Pazienza. That was the only fight that complex ever scored where there was no punches landed on Roy for an entire round. Really? Yeah.


He had a weird body. Man. Guy, look at that.


Incredible. But look how weird his body is. Like he has enormous biceps. Yeah. Like his biceps were huge, but he didn't have big triceps.


Oh he had a really unusual build. Luckily his biceps bro, his biceps are bananas, bananas.


And he had just preposterous speed and timing and the confidence that would hurt so bad.


Right. Well, look at this guy.


Oh, he let people on fire and piss on their graves.


Yeah, it was just incredible. That would be, you know, terrible would be to fight somebody like that. Oh, man.


Well, in his prime, he was so much better than everybody he was fighting. It was just this weird. And people were like, oh, Roy didn't fight anyone. Good. Incorrect. Yeah, they were good. They just weren't.


Roy Jones jury Roy Jones Jr. was on a totally different level for years.


The thing is, like a fighter can only maintain that kind of RPN that fucking day.


Yeah. RPM's that he was that you can only maintain that for a certain amount of time. Yeah. Yeah.


And he'd ordered it for a long time. Anderson Silva did it for a long time. The guy's sort of like at the very, very best.


They can only hold on to it for a certain amount of years. Yeah. And then the knees go, the back goes, the joints go, the hands break. Things just.


Yeah, yeah. But this isn't that kind of conventional wisdom that the power can stay though. Oh yeah. So that's what like with Tyson. I mean he looks fast. Yeah. I'll say Jones looks fast. Found it for you.


Oh here. Oh look at this little effort to inside this deep on read it. Yeah dude. But look at the scrambles man. The kid can fucking wrestle like seriously legit. Oh man. Look at these scrambles. Like watch this. See that. Turn around that duck under this. And Paula, Coast is a beach, she's just the scramble, the way spinning around and avoiding the town that's athletic. Yes, very.


Thank you, Jane. OK, thank you. A new track down track.


Find me some antifa guys like forest fires. And we're good. He's he's a real athlete.


Yeah. And he's a big kid. Yeah. Yeah. But for me, that was impressive. Very impressive. So it was an may fight. Floyd, we fucked. Yeah.


We could take down smashed for sure. 100 percent better house. Yeah. But it's not an MMO fight, it's a boxing match. And for the best of all time one good luck.


Fight, fight. Get out of here with that shit.


I just wonder if Roy Jones Jr. is going to be able to avoid Mike Tyson's The Bum Rush. Yeah, avoid that that style of marauding attacking stuff. Because obviously, when you see the Tyson training footage, he still got that speed. Yeah, he's still got that power. He hits those mitts. It's still terrifying.


You know, I don't I just I don't want to see him get get hit by those Tyson hooks.


If it's going to be I mean, if that happens, it will be in the first minute or two. And the thing is, like some people are saying that it's not a fight. They're like saying, well, it's just going to be a sparring match like you to tell that to Tyson because.


No, I'll tell the story that I was telling you. Yeah. This new studio, there's a certain distance. This this table's a certain width. And this is the exact same wharfie.


I don't remember what it is. I don't remember how many inches it is. But this is the exact same with the old table, the old studio.


Yeah, but when we move to this new place, I'm like, maybe it'd be better for a little more intimate. I have a table with let's look a little smaller.


And then I did the interview with Tyson. Yeah.


And he was so she had two interviews with Tyson, one from like 11 months ago or ten months ago, where he was like smoking weed. He's opening a ranch, he's got this weed ranch.


He's like super chill and he's introspective and philosophical and he's talking about his past and all his mistakes and how weed makes him a nicer person. He likes himself on we.


And you felt comfortable that just. Oh, my God. Right. Right. It was perfect conversation. I really enjoyed it.


And then the next time was when he's fit and I mean slimmed down to, you know, these weird muscles that you have at the top.


Like he had a golf ball shoved under his skin. Yeah. Jack.


Yeah. And ready to different mindset that felt different to be around.


Man, he was so keyed up. I mean, he's in the middle of training camp. Yeah. And and he was just super intense, different person.


And then we started talking about how it felt orgasmic to hurt people sometimes.


And I'm like I think I need a wider table. And Trump sent that out. Yeah.


Trump put that on his Twitter with no comment, no context.


I just posted that about Mike Tyson. He thought is interesting.


But what how can what imagine imagine you're the leader of the free world. Yeah.


And you go posting shit about how it feels like you want to come when you're beating people up.


It makes sense. It's Mike Tyson talking about it, too. And he's like, well, I like it. Yeah, I'm going to post this. Yeah.


Yeah, but so that made me decide to widen this table because, like, if I was a little closer to him, so we were like this close, I might be nervous. It might affect my ability to do the couple inches.


Yes. Yes.


Was it six extra inches, Jamie, that we widen the table.


Yeah, directly because of Mike Tyson interview also, right? So, yeah, so he's I think they call that the eye of the tiger.


Yeah. Oh yeah. The eye of the tiger. He's ready. He's ready.


But the thing is, like, what happens if Roy can move away from what happens if Roy could avoid avoid the attack and how are they going to treat this or are they going to treat it like a sparring session or they're going to treat it like war?


That's what originally the reports were saying. It was not going to be a full out fight. But I don't know if Tyson's looking that intimidation intimidating. Can he scale it back?


I don't even think he knows what that means. I mean, I don't know. I just I can't imagine he's going to scale it back. Yeah.


And Roy Jones Jr. was saying something recently. He thinks he might have made a mistake.


Yeah, I would think that, too. Yeah. But I don't know if he's being serious. He probably watched the interview with Tyson 11 months ago and thought that, oh, I'll fight this guy. This guy's cool. If you watch this recent one, that's when he thought I think I made a mistake.


Maybe, but the fact that he would say that, I can't imagine he's being serious or unless he wants to make a lot of money and he's like, you know what to make.


Isn't it crazy how, Tyson, he can make money for how long has it been? You know, his eighty five is when he first broke in. So how many years is this? I mean, it's been it's been a while. And he's still Tyson.


I think the last time he fought was in the I want to say the early 2000s, like 2005.


Maybe I can't. I just know when he first came up, it's like 85 five.


I think I was a junior or senior or something like that.


But yeah, 35 years ago, I remember when I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, he was nineteen years old. I said, Kid Dynamite. Yeah. And it was him at nineteen. I know the most exciting heavyweight prospect there and Tyson won't fight. It was an event. It was an execution.


Yeah. It watched people get executed. Yeah.


I remember I watched the fight where he lost to Buster Douglas after I knew the result. Oh. And I still didn't believe it. I was like, he's going to get up, he's going to knock them out like this is.


Yeah, this is Mike Tyson. He can't lose.


I was at some duplex and I remember him when he was on his hands and knees looking for his mouthpiece. I was like, what is going on? The world has gone crazy.


It's gone haywire. Yeah, it didn't seem real now. I was crazy. He I can't imagine he's going to dial it back.


Hmm. What do you see? If you could find Roy's exact statement when he said he thinks he made a mistake because that to me is like.


Huh, or is he selling it right? Is selling it? Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know.


Roy Smart, he's a great commentator. He's one of the best commentators in the game.


I met him one time. Me, you, him. Yeah. And in Vegas after fights, we're eating steak.


Yeah. Yeah. That was I think that was at Mandalay Bay.


Is that the place that steakhouse house always go. That's the one of the MGM. Did we eat there. I think we ate the one at Mandalay Bay, if I remember correctly.


Yeah. But. Yeah, but he's been fighting much more recently. Roy Jones on Mike Tyson exhibition match, I made a mistake going in with him. Tyson still in the strongest, most explosive people ever touched a boxing glove, Jones said. Biden's performance, whether it was to say here is a still Mike Tyson is still one of the strongest, most explosive people who ever touched a bicycle. If anything, I made a mistake going in with him.


He's the bigger guy. He's the explosive guy. He said he's going to have all the first round fireworks, not me. I do have first round fireworks, but he's known for more first round fireworks than anybody to ever touch boxing other than maybe George Foreman Jones apprehension philes remarks Tyson made last month. We called the match a search and destroy.


Oh, Jesus Christ. Oh, Jesus Christ.


Imagine you're at home. Oh, look, I'm just going to check Twitter before I go to bed.


Yeah. You see that search and destroy. Dyson says this is search and destroy, and I'm looking forward to recapturing my glory. Tyson told TMZ Sports the fighting game is what I'm about and hurting people is what I'm about. Oh, my God.


Yeah, it's so interesting for me to see Jamie and I talked about it right after Tyson left, but Jamie was like, OK, that was a different person.


Like from that from 11 months ago, you mean?


Yeah, everything. Every bit of it. He wasn't ready to fight back then. And then all of a sudden. Yeah.


Yeah, he was. Yeah. Everything you've just been saying like five minutes but intense.


He is saying to us during the podcast, the first time he's like, I don't even work out. It goes off, I work out, I'll reignite my ego.


He goes, I don't, I don't remember that. Yes. And then one of the quotes that he said in this comeback, he said, The gods of war have reignited my ego.


God, they go, oh, what a fucking terrifying human.


What I remember is seeing some of those clips of him punching lately with all that power is his legs. Yeah.


I mean, you know, that's sort of the power I saw his his quads or his hamstring, just the size of his legs. My God, that's a thick kid like Brigden. Sharp, thick.


He's still got it. He's still got it. Whatever it is, it's crazy. Yeah. Yeah, he's still got it. Well, I don't know. Should be fun to watch.


There's a thing about like having that skill when you're young, as long as a body doesn't fall apart, as long as the shoulders still work. Right. And the back's not completely blown out, like especially if I don't know what the deal is with TRT and growth hormone and all that stuff.


But if he still if he knows how to move his body and he learned how to move his body the way very few human beings can do, the way he has that that shell, that that guard where he comes in, that peekaboo style.


Yeah, just bobbing and weaving and throwing fucking bombs like that is in his makeup.


Well, it's like you kicking. Yeah. It's like you with your you're spinning back. Yeah. All that shit. Yeah. It's like if you've done it since you were fifteen. Yeah. So he's done the same thing. Exactly.


So no matter what your body does if you're stronger because the TRT or whatever else that's that technique isn't going anywhere. Yeah.


Your mind still knows how to do it. I remember there was a video like this. Mike Tyson gets more room with each intense training video. Dude, this is a while ago, though.


This is a while ago. He's way more jacked in this now. Yeah, that's what's crazy.


Like, he this was months and months and months ago.


So this is September. I said, OK, so here we go. Seen this video trying to help. Oh, son. Oh, here it goes. Oh, this is just a bunch of I heard this one now. Yeah, yeah. So this is worse. Look at his legs, dude. Yeah, no, he's exploding. And it's also he's an unstoppable God. It's he's an unstoppable force.


Still got it. Yeah.


It's the thing about him is you got to stop him from Yemen and I can't. Yeah. Do you ever see the most terrifying Mike Tyson fight for me is Marvis Frazier. Do you ever see that fight? I'm sure I did. Marvis Frazier, who was Joe Frazier side.


Yeah, and it was all this shit talk right up to this fight with Joe Frazier.


Like, my son is going to fuck you up and yeah.


OK, you know, and there was this intensity because, you know, a lot of people had kind of compared Tyson in many ways to Frazier because they're both fairly short heavyweights. Yeah. Both of that sort of bobbing and weaving style content, that is.


And the guy was training them is half Cordeiro, who's a that's King Zimmerman in Huntington Beach.


Hockfield Cordeiro is a legendary made coach, which is really interesting that he's the guy who's training Mike Tyson because we'll see that quote right there.


Look inside my soul and how bad I want it. If Tyson's like looking and you don't want that, look at his forearm.


See, that's what I'm talking about. The muscles on his forearm. Yeah, but what he said that's that muscle is from this that's from clenching and smashing or you doing chin ups and shit.


But that's like the fist muscle. Yeah. Dude I oh so terrifying.




But I feel cordeiro the guy who's training which is really interesting, is not necessarily known as a boxing trainer is a Mutai trainer, obviously trained Anderson Silva trained a lot of the karate guys, the shoot to box guys like Mauricio Shogan who are ninja, who are like Vandelay, Silva, some of the like the all time great many legends of the pioneers. He was one of the trainers for those guys, like main trainer for a lot of those guys.


I wonder why they went with him. I think they just started hitting pads together.


Oh, you know, and get back. And I think he just likes the guy and they start hitting together. He likes what he was bringing to the table. Yeah, yeah.


I always wonder what would have happened if I was it cus customer if he wouldn't have died. Oh yeah.


You know, different world. I mean because that's what kind of got Tyson than he was with Don King and that whole thing an unhealthy lifestyle. But when he was with Cus D'Amato was like it was just, you know, singular vision of yeah.


He probably would have been even greater than he was. Yeah. He probably would have maintained it much longer than he did. He did. Yeah.


I mean, probably it kept him up in the Catskills all the away from all the bullshit.


That's what I'm thinking. Yeah. He just we talked about it a bit but what an amazing father figure Cus was.


But we also talked about of course hypnotized him. Really.


Oh yeah. Man. When he was young because hypnotized him and that was part of his ability to like seek and destroy as that Cus told him things like you don't exist, just the task, the task exists.


Oh you know that there's a man in front of you. You're breaking that man down. That's the task. You don't exist like crazy shit like that. Telnet to a 13 year old girl and then you have the perfect storm of this. Thirteen year old is incredibly physically gifted. Yeah, right. He was 13 years old. He weighed 190 pounds and got.


Yeah. Teddy Atlas told me he would bring them to these smokers. A smoker is like an amateur boxing event. Yeah. That they would do in boxing gyms. Right. And bring them to the smokers.


And everybody would like how many fights this guy have. Oh, he's only had two fights. Kids like thirty fights. Right. And so they'd bring Tyson, he goes, how old's the kid goes he's thirteen. He was like, that fucking kid is not thirteen. He's like, OK, sixteen.


Yeah. How old do you want him to be. Yeah.


And he goes, OK, sixteen. I got a sixteen year old for him and he just smashed this poor guy but he was thirteen.


He was just smashing people. Yeah.


It was the first thing they ever did that got him real love and attention. And the first thing he ever did were people like you're special, there's something to you.


And then he has this guy in Cus D'Amato, who's a legend in boxing. Yeah.


One of the most respected legendary trainers in boxing. Right. He had trained Jose Torres, Floyd Patterson. There he is. And he's he's giving this kid information and talking to this kid. Yeah. About what he can accomplish and what he can be incredible. Yeah. I mean, look at that. Yeah. That was when he was full Jack Dempsey mode. Yeah. That was when I was 19. It was awesome.


Yeah. Yeah. I just think I would not want to be in there with him. No I just definitely not me.


But I mean if I was a heavyweight boxer who is like anywhere near his age, I just, I don't, I don't want none of that. I wonder how he'd do.


Like if he came back in shape. I wonder how he'd do, like, against Tyson Fury.


The real problem is he's no matter what you do, he's still fifty four.


Yeah. No matter what you do. But you still do not go.


Yeah. Listen, yes they do. They do. They go hard. But Tyson Fury, six foot nine. I know, I know. Mike Tyson is pretty close to my size. OK, yeah, yeah. When I stand next to him, it's not we're not like in a different universe. Yeah. Tyson Fury is in a different universe than me. When I met him, I'm like, hello, giants. Like, he's he's a giant like and he's a big giant.


Like Deontay Wilder's a giant too.


But yeah. Slender Deontay Wilder doesn't weigh much more than me, which is crazy, dude.


He fought when he fought Tyson Fury the first time and he dropped him twice. He weighed 209 wow. To 09. Wow. And he's six six nine. Something crazy like that. Six, seven.


He's huge, but he's a preposterous power puncher. Yeah, he's preposterous. Yeah. Forty knockouts or something. Yeah.


Like he knocked out everybody except one dude and Tyson Fury. Yeah. In the last fight and then. Well in both fights, you know in the last fight he got stopped by Tyson Fury.


I love Tyson. Scary story though too. It's amazing. I mean. Yeah well the fact that yeah. The fact that he was like literally accelerating his Ferrari towards a bridge to kill himself. Yeah. Yeah.


And then decided not to and just was like really fucked up dude boxing.


By itself, just just that just getting hit in the head is not good for your brain. No, it's just not.


And then you have cocaine and booze and chaos and fame and all those things that came after he beat Vladimir Klitschko. Yeah. And he didn't just beat Vladimir Klitschko.


He humiliated them, mocked him and taunted him. He outbox them. He's a good sang. He sang in the ring. Horrible songs.


Oh, God.


Yeah. I mean, he's so, so good. He's so good. Yeah. I mean technique wise. Yeah. Amazing.


Well and then coming back and using that guy from Cronk Sugar Hill.


Right. That's the his trainer for the last fight I believe that's the gentleman from Cronk.


Cronk was Emmanuel Stuart's gym which created Tommy Hearns and Jarrod McLoughlin and all these fucking assassins. And they had this real aggressive attacking style and he took on that style for the second fight with Deontae. So he came after them, which.


Yes, Sugar Hill, Sugar Hill steward, and he is that Emmanuel son. I don't know. I don't know that. But that'll be amazing if it was. Yeah, I mean. But he had a different style. He came after Deontae. Yeah, and he realized that Deontae does not fight as well going back.


Right, but Deontae hits dudes in like the top of the head and puts them to sleep. He hits, he hits guys and it's like what happened. Like take a shot with a sniper rifle.


Crazy big Huma's like I you know thinking of it now you're right. I mean giant giant giants with skill though.


Yeah. Tyson so big Tyson Fury. He's so huge. Yeah.


All right. So I'll go Logan Paul Mike Tyson if they both win. You mentioned they set that up.


Listen, that's a real thing that could happen.


I know if they both win because Logan's not going to win. He's not going to win. Did the one punch. I can't imagine that happening.


I'm not a gambling man, per say, but I would be willing to bet a million dollars that he's not going to knock out Floyd Mayweather. I do like I just can't imagine a world where that takes place.


Yeah, it could happen. Don't get me wrong. It could happen.


Yeah, it's a fight game. It would be the weirdest moment in all of boxing if Logan Paul connects with a big punch and knocks Floyd Mayweather out.


Oh, God.


It'd be it'll be horrible out of place in a lot of ways. A lot of ways. It would be amazing. Yeah, it would be both horrible and amazing. Yeah. It's his nephew.


OK, so, you know, they they they devise a perfect strategy, Sugarhill and and Tyson Fury in the rematch. But then there's going to be another fight in December. So they're fighting again. The third fight is going to be in December. Who will? Deontay Wilder and Tyson.


Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. OK, yeah. It's weird watching these fights with no audience too. Yeah. It's weird. The how do you I mean do you like doing UFC with. No I do like it.


Yeah. I don't not like it. I do like it. Yeah.


The thing about it that's really strange is you hear everything, you hear grunt, you hear deep breaths, he hears shit talk, you hear corners coaching like really clearly, you know, like, you know, three five three five like look for the left, move to the side, stay away from his right leg.


Like all these things get out of kicking range. Like you hear things that you don't necessarily hear unless those guys are miked up. And we you know, sometimes occasionally when there's a live crowd, we'll tune into those people like you have.


You tune into them and then, you know, the coach will there'll be camera on them and we'll listen to the corner while they're giving instructions.


But it's not most of the time. It's just occasionally right. But during these big fights with no audience, you hear everything. The coaches are saying everything. Yeah.


They have this date in December locked up for the Vegas new football stadium. Oh. Only because they're hoping to have fans there for it.


So I don't know how many, but it lines up with the NFL schedule so that the venues open.


How is that possible, do you think? They were hoping to have fifteen thousand. I think so. Be definitely distance in there.


I don't know how though. Yeah, because its stadium probably holds probably close to 80. 90. Yeah. Yeah. So they be all spread out. How weird. I know.


But I mean would you want to go there. Yeah. Fifteen thousand people coffin. Right. There's a football game last night in Cleveland. There's six thousand people there and they still had a fight in the stands. I'm not get drunk. They watch football so they want to do they're going to go to Vegas. They're going to party. They're going to be crazy. Hey, Cleveland one they did.


Yeah. Fan hopes that fans be able to attend may be well at a certain point in time. I believe it's after the election. So be. Yeah.


Everything about the election. It's all going to be fine unless there's riots. Who knows what's going to happen after the election and the world could be filled with chaos after the election. Man, I don't know where the fight's this weekend, they are taking place in Vegas, this is at the APEC center and then next weekend is Fire Island. So the next few fights are at Fire Island. But this one, this one's at the epic center, which is an awesome place for fights.


It's awesome. The acoustics are amazing. The way they have it set up is amazing. You know, and the UFC, kudos to the UFC for doing the right job, doing the best job they can. They they test the shit out of everybody. Everybody wears masks.


Yeah, it is fight night. What's the card? And you see the card. I know cowboys on the card. Against Nico, Price is a tough fight, and that dude, Comsat, I say his last name, Chermayeff, like he's a beast, that kid is a beast. Yeah, that's an interesting fight.


Very confident.


But Joe Joe Joe Miller Schadt is got a lot of experience. Yeah. Lots of. Well, yeah. Forty four or five.


Forty four or five. Johnny Walker and Ryan span and.


Oh, Mackenzie, Dirnt, Kevin Holland, Darren Stewart, this good fights, Mackenzie Dearne, yeah, good fight.


Who do you got. Who you got in the headliner. Colby, it's a it's listen, Tyron Woodley is one of the greatest welterweights of all time. There's no doubt about it, but his last two fights have not been his best last two decisions in a row. But he also lost two decisions in a row to a guy in Komoro, Ousman, who I think is one of the greatest of all time. I think Ousman is just an unstoppable beast.


And you saw what? He's the only guy to shut down COLBY. Yeah, that's how good Chamorros mine is. Shut him down, outlasted him and then won the beaten Colby up in the final round and broke his jaw, stopped him. But if Tyron Woodley can regain the form that he had when he beat Darren till the form that he had, we knocked out Robbie Lawler, the form that he had when he was at the top of his game.


You know, he gives everybody problems.


Yeah, but the question is like what has been going on? Is it just that he's he's meeting some of the best guys ever, like in Gilbert Burns, who's elite. Gilbert Burns is elite. Yeah. And Khama Ousman is elite. But you can make an argument that he's lost 10 rounds in a row the last 10 rounds in a row, which is incredible. If you think about before that fight, if you go back to before the fight with Khama Ousman, if someone told you Tyron Woodley before this fight is going to lose 10 rounds in a row, yeah, he'd be like, get the fuck out of here.


Yeah, he's a destroyer. Yeah. Tyron Woodley's a destroyer. It's sometimes fighters. They have peaks and valleys and sometimes they return better and stronger than ever. And sometimes it's the start of a downward slide. And Kolby is a real test to find out where he's at because there's going to be a lot of emotions coming into this fight. And Tiran, for sure, is the bigger puncher for sure.


Tyron is a legit one punch knockout artist, but Kolby has a third long. He's got a crazy gas tank. Yeah. And it's you can't just take him out. You've got to beat him down like Ousman beat him down. And even then he was protesting the stoppage with a jaw literally snapped in half, blood pouring out of his mouth and pissed that they stopped the fight. It's a tough kid. He's a fucking animal.


Yeah, he's a fucking animal. And he's an animal that wants to belt, you know, and he wants to get back in there with me.


Striking looked pretty good in that fight. Pretty fucking good. And so we know he's a wrestler.


He's got, like, I think the most take downs right now of anybody active.


Well, he he has a crazy pace. Yeah. You know, we were talking about Michael Kisa. We were saying that Mike Piazza said you can't just have a good camp, has to be your best camp ever.


If you're fighting Kolby, you better pack a fucking lunch. Yeah. Yeah, he's he's got a pace that's just hard to believe. Right.


And that's that's Woodley's kryptonite. In some ways. It has been Woodley's kryptonite. It certainly wasn't Ousman fight. But, you know, the thing about wordly is at least in those camps and in these moments in the past, he has had personal problems. He's had career issues. He's had distractions like he was starting a rap career. He was involved in a lot of other things that when I think when a fighter is at their best, they're there of a singular mission.


And that singular mission is to seek and destroy. Yeah. To just train and to just fight.


I think everything else on top of that, you can do it.


You can do it. Maybe you'll be successful. Maybe you win by knockout. Maybe maybe you maybe you're just better. Yeah, but maybe not.


Maybe you'll sap it just a little bit of you and maybe, maybe those exchanges where you could come out on top, you don't write, the other guy comes out on top and then you drop down a little bit and then you don't have the recovery because you haven't trained as hard as maybe you could have or the distractions have kept you from just being completely focused and centered on your game.


Yeah, I think that you saw that with Ronda Rousey. It's Ronda Rousey got more and more famous.


There was more and more distractions as movie scripts and there was television shows. There was all these different things that came to her. Yeah.


And at the end of the day, there was also Holly Holm, who is the best striker she ever faced.


And Holly stopped it and it changed changed the whole game.


Well, the thing about Colby Covington is that all that mother fucker does is train and talk shit. He trains and talks shit and makes videos.


Yeah, makes videos with was banging girls with girls in their bikinis. And he's talking shit in those videos too, wearing a magic hat. And there's so much emotions when you're fighting, but that's the only time he's not training.


I mean he he is so focused on training and getting to be the best. I mean, you know him well.


We you tell people. Yeah, you've trained with him. You got you've run together and he's trained at your gym.


Yeah, he has. And he's just a hard working kid. He's got the best attitude, the most respectful guy. You know, this is what he does on camera is a whole different thing. But when he's there to train, that's all he cares about. And that's what he does every single day. It's like he's obsessed with being the best. And it's it's tough to, you know, when you're at your prime and you're as good as he is.


We talked about talent and then also you train and you eliminate those distractions. It's a it's a that's a package. Yeah.


And I think that training with you also when, you know, when you took that dude running and you run Mt. Pisgah Pigskin, how do you say that?


Pisgah. Pisgah. Yeah. Why is it going to be in there at Pisgah. PSG A.H. has a Pisgah. Yeah but this should be a G in there somewhere.


No P as g h. Yeah but how do you say it.


You're not saying it with a G Pisgah Ghia. Yeah, I thought you said Pisgah saying maybe I do Pisgah. Yeah, see, there's no G in there or whatever.


And I'd say that's just like people who say Oregon. That's Oregon. Oregon.


So a gun. Good. Still G OK, Siska, that's a K. I'm just saying that when you're from there, you just say, OK, I get it.


But when he runs that with you and he realizes like, wow, there's levels to endurance, there's levels to cardio. Yeah. That has got to help him. I mean the guy your age, you're so much older than him and you're like way outpacing him when you guys are running together, like that's got to let him know like Jesus Christ. Like as much as you think you're pushing it, the grind never stops.


Yeah. And someone like you who does that grind every fucking day you get to this level of endurance and people that think they're in good shape. Like I talked to a bunch of the Sonics guys that went running with you. Yeah. Like, yeah, I thought I was in pretty good shape.


Yeah. It's just it's different. But yeah, Colbie is always has been known for cardio, so he does really well. But he'll he'll admit to that. I mean I'm only doing that. So I'm not hitting pads, I'm not wrestling. So it's like it's easy for me to focus on, on endurance. But he does say that. So it has opened his eyes. He said there is another level. Yeah. That's where he's been obsessed with getting.




The other level of endurance and conditioning is always been this place where people reach and then realize it. I remember Tito Ortiz fought Frank Shamrock. This is back when Tee'd Ortiz was at the top before he was really at the top of his game training in a big bear.


I think he was training a big bear.


I don't know if he was training a big bear back then because this was the fight where Frank Shamrock outworked him. Oh. And Frank Shamrock wound up beating him down and stopping, OK.


And when it happened, Tito became this cardio monster right afterwards and focused on cardio.


It was a great lesson. He realized like, wow, like I fell apart because I got exhausted and before he was able to smash these people because he's just really big, strong kid. He was a very good wrestler, just tough as fuck. And he's ready to scrap. And he wound up running into a guy in Shamrock that was trained better, was smarter, was just had a better game plan and was an insane cardio. And Frank just outworked him and wound up stopping him.


And then Tito became this guy who realized like, oh, cardio is everything right?


Cardio is an OK.


I remember Kendall Grove, who was a great fighter from Hawaii. I remember still around.


He trained with Tito on The Ultimate Fighter and then said to me, it dude, it opened my eyes.


He goes, Cardio is everything. Yeah, cardio is everything. Yeah.


And you realize that these guys that have a certain amount of conditioning, they have a certain amount of ability. If you add extreme cardio, then the other guy gets tired and you don't. And when you see someone tired and you're not tired, it's amazing. It's amazing that feeling.


You like Watsa. Yeah. Yeah. That's got to be good. Oh it's it feels amazing.


And the same fatigue makes cowards of us all. Yeah. You know, so you as a fighter, when you're, when you're, you know, fresh. Mm hmm. You could be a whole different fighter than when you're tired. Yep. All sudden being choked out wouldn't be that bad. Let me get out of here. Yep.


Yep. And that is what happens to your brain starts to looking for ways out. Yeah. You know, you give up your back, you, you give up an arm, you know, like you see guys, you see guys getting mounted and you, you literally reach up and they're kind of giving an arm. Yeah.


And they're so tired they're like take my neck. But and that's what that's a big thing to me. The difference in the fight is I Colbie was tired as a fifth round. He was beat up. He never gave up. That's true.


But neither did Tyron. You got to realize Tyran fought Gilbert Burns. Gilbert Burns put a beating on him in the first round. Tirah never looked for a way out. He kept trying to win that fight. Yeah, Gilbert was a step ahead of them and Gilbert wound up winning basically every round. But Tyron never looked for a way out.


Did you think that? I felt like he didn't. He sort of gave up against Ousman. I don't think gave up.


I think that's all he had. I think that's all. He didn't look like he was doing shit in that fight.


Well, I think, first of all, I was trying to stay alive because Mom put a beating on him. I think it was one round. I think it was the fourth round. He unloaded this horrific combination on him. And I talked to someone about it and he was like, I was trying to take him out. Yeah, it was then I realized he wasn't going anywhere. I was like, oh, shit, I'm getting my gas tank out.


Yeah, but, you know, I think Tyrant's trying to win with everything he had, but I don't think he had enough that Dick and I talked to him about that fight afterwards and he said that wasn't me because I wasn't there. Anybody who knows me knows that that wasn't me.


Yeah, but so. So how do you do that? How do you go to a fight in that's not you.


You know, what we talked about, about distractions and about all these different things. Yeah. And, you know, it's it's hard being a professional prizefighter is one of the most difficult things that anybody could do in athletics.


I couldn't I mean, I'm sitting on the couch talking. Shit, I know you're not sitting on the couch, you do difficult things, I mean, you've done the MOAB 240, you've run 240 fucking miles in the mountains. You know what difficult things are.


The thing about fighting is that you're you're getting hit and someone is hitting you.


The thing there's there's battles and maybe as difficult, if not more difficult, the battles that play out in your own mind when you're running for three days in the mountains.


Yeah, but there's something about people hitting you and about knowing that this guy, like when you're sparring, say and you realize that a guy is faster than you like, oh, OK. I'm trying to do this and I'm getting cracked as I'm coming as timing's better and you have to readjust your constantly thinking, yeah, it's a crazy management battle because you're estimating what you can do and you're calculating what you need. Like you need to feint your way in.


You need to you need to redirect or misdirect you trying to figure it out. So it's draining. It's exhausting. And then you're getting back, you're getting dinged up and you're trying to win, but you just don't have it right. You know, and that's what I saw. What's hard with it? I never saw any quit. There was no quit because he could have quit. He could have found a way out. He's a champion. Yeah, he could have found a way out.


And either one of those fights, the thing about this covered in fight is you got to be ready.


You got to be ready. And if he's ready and if you we're getting the Tyron Woodley that knocked out Robbie Lawler, if we're getting the Tyron Woodley that stopped Carlos Condit, we're getting the real Tyron Woodley. If we're getting that guy, it's going to be an interesting fight. Yeah, because they fucking hate each other. They fucking hate each other. And Tyra does not want to lose three fights in a row. No.


And Colby says he's expecting the best Tyron Woodley and he calls them Tiran. Yeah. Tyron Woodley, you put it out there should have been you all that shit. I know this is your ass kicking. Yeah. Why did you let this man take this ass beating for you?


Yeah, I mean, it's going to be so he's expecting the best. Yeah. And he says he's just he says he's going to in the fight when he if and when he wins the title.


I want to get him here in here. I want I want him to tell the story of why he created this character, because it's a really interesting story, because if you talk to Colby outside the octagon, like you said, he's a very respectful dude.


He's really smart and nice and he's very smart.


He's a he's like he's there like he's a very articulate, like, really engaging person.


He's yeah. He's charismatic. Yeah. But what he realized was he was about to get cut and the UFC just they they were literally telling him, like, we don't like your style.


I like the way you're fighting, we're going to cut you. So he goes to Brazil.


I'm sweating Damian my in Brazil and he starts talking bad shit. Yeah. Cause I'm a bunch of filthy animals. And so the place is a dump. Yeah. And everybody goes nuts and he goes after he beat.


I mean he said it on the mic afterwards. Yeah, yeah, yeah. After we won. Yeah. And I don't my has never been beat up like that has he.


Tiran beat him up pretty bad and Gilbert Burns knocked him out his last fight. But Damian Maia's forty one I think.


Yeah. You know he's, he's yeah.


One of the greatest jujitsu artists ever competed in them and there it is. Look at that.


Is this right now earlier. Yeah. Earlier today. Oh shit.


Look how focused Kobe looks. Got down. He's so focused. Oh, oh, that's intense, this is intense. Oh, that looks good.


Assurances legalise being black, what Tellico does. Yeah, yeah.


It's it'll be good there didn't. Yeah. He looks really, really intense.


Yeah. It's hard to see if tyrant's intense. He's got glasses on. He's wearing sunglasses.


Yeah. It's, it's a crazy fight man. It's crazy but yeah.


Kolby in Brazil knew they said what he says is UFC said they're going to cut him, win or lose. Yeah. And so he made he's talking crazy shit.


Everybody went nuts. Yeah. A lot of eyes on them. I like what you're doing.


OK, so they basically he it was it was a career saving move that turned him into a star.


Yeah. And out of nowhere I look, I talked to him before that he was not that guy. Before that he was just a guy who was training and fighting and doing really well. That's who he still is. And he had a great style. And his style was that style of like really high pace. Yeah. Stays on people. He only had one loss previous to the Camaro Ousman fight, and that was a fight that he took with a fucked up rib.


Yeah, he was hurt. Yeah, he did money needed the cash, which is this the the life of a young upcoming prizefighter. Yeah, but he's special.


He's not you know, he tricks people with the cheap suits and the magic hat. Yeah. And all that trash talk like this is a that is a facade.


But the thing is. That makes it harder, like to talk all that shit and going for pressure on yourself. People want you to lose, man, you put voyeur's.


Yeah, and he's good at it. He's good at dealing with that. And I even I've heard stories about him back in college wrestling, and he still had that confidence where he'd be wrestling and talking to the crowd. That's amazing. Yeah. While he's wrestling during the match against, you know, the best wrestlers in the country, I mean, well, there's something about that that distracts the opponent, too.


You know, people do that like Floyd Mayweather does a lot of that in sparring. Yeah. James Toney was famous for that. James Toney, who was like, without a doubt one of the best defensive boxers of his era. He was an amazing boxer. And James Toney would talk mad shit during fights.


That's a bitch. So that bitch is the bitch. So you got bitch the popular jab and hook you call bitch.


Come on, bitch. King, I shit. You ain't got shit. You got shit. God, yeah.


And he did that in sparring. There's see if Google James Toney talking shit during sparring. It was legendary people go to wild card gym just to watch James Toney box and talk shit to people. Wow. And he would get like world championship caliber fighters and like come on bitch, let's spar, bitch.


He would like take guys that maybe he would fight in the future, you know, like he didn't care. He like, come on, get in here.


And he had that like that shoulder roll style like Floyd. Yeah, but but he's thick, you know, so big thick dude.


So get up in here and get on top of guys and push him up against the ropes and talk shit and hook them.


That'd be rough. Yeah. His his fight with Roy Jones Jr.. It was when they were both in their prime and James Toney was a destroyer and Roy Jones Junior just was too fast to see if you could hear this. You hear some of this.


He just talks shit. Oh, that's Danny Green, who is a world class fighter.


I don't know where this dicky is. God damn James. Tony looks good here, but no biggie is.


Oh, I don't know if it's if they're shit talking in this or if it's just like regular boxing sparring. Yeah, but Danny Green, I believe when when these guys sparred, Danny Green was a top contender. Rogan made this video famous 12 years ago, about six months ago. Oh, it says 12 years after I uploaded it.


Oh, that's hilarious. That's good. That's hilarious. Well, I made it famous again.


I love watching boxing sparring matches. I love. I love. I love like watching anything is.


You said you're scared to get hit, you're European. Yeah. Oh, God.


See, that fucks with people's heads.


Definitely. Then you take a stiff jab.


Yeah, well, he's talking shit. Oh, come on.


Oh, God, those punches are stout.


Yeah, well, he was just he was fantastic.


Like these like really tight, like in close combat fights of like giving you a shoulder and pop you a short hooks and turning angles on you. He was just super skillful. He just wasn't the most disciplined guy. Yeah. So like a lot of times he would show up for fights.


He didn't have big to show up because it was Radio Raheem. He filmed those. Oh that's right. That's what that was. That's right.


He also fought in the UFC.


He fought Randy Couture. Yeah, I remember that. Randy Cohen just hit him with a low ankle and took him down, took him out to them. I think he ah I think the arm triangle thing got him in the head. An arm choke.


But isn't that so. I mean you said you like watching training. Yeah. Like, I mean that's how you, you watched me shooting when you first wanted to have me on the on the podcast years ago. So what is it about. It's like watching people put in work for, for a discipline. Is that what you're like to see.


Is that what everybody likes to see?


I get inspired by greatness, people that are great at anything, even greater shit that I don't ever want to do. Like if I see a guy play the harp, that's fucking awesome. Yeah, I get fired up. Yeah, me too.


I just love watching people put in work. Yeah. I think there's something that's an incredible resource that we have today with videos, whether it's YouTube videos or any kind of video on Instagram or what have you, where you can watch them and you get you get fired up like that's a boundless resource.


Yeah. You know, you need discipline to get things done in this life, but inspiration's nice. Yeah.


Yes. It helps give you a little extra juice. You won't get there without discipline. Yeah.


Like if you only trained when you were inspired. Fuck.


Good luck. You're not going to you're not going to get going to get fat. Yeah that's right. You need discipline but inspiration's nice. Yeah. It's nice to have there's something about it to me. I just take advantage of it.


I think it's, it's an amazing resource. So whether it's watching a guy like you shoot and watching your dedication, your training footage and all that stuff, like I love the fact you always putting those the Sonics lab on on Instagram and you do those long videos where you and who's in there with you as Eric the training dude. No, that's that's all right. I'll nick the training dude.


Eric McCormack is outlaw straight outlaw strength. That's Yeah. Yeah.


But that you do it with these guys and you have these you bring people in to train with you, you have these, it just I need to know that other people are working.


Yeah. I like it. Oh yeah. I want to see it. I want to see motion. I want it. Makes me want to put my fucking shoes on and go.


It's weird because those videos sometimes they'll get for me is a lot. But two hundred thousand views on just this lifting. Yeah it's crazy but so people aren't unlike you. I mean they want that too.


They love it. Those Gorgons videos I put a Gorgons video on my page of the Digga. Two million views. Yeah.


Because it's just him talking shit about himself. Yeah. Which is what's hilarious. He's talking shit about his own like lack of motivation.


Is that where he said he videoed himself being a bitch.


Yeah. He was like a straight bitch.


God I love that guy de heart. I love that guy. How could he not make somebody want to work harder?


I mean, you are going to work harder than you were going to work out for sure. You're not going to probably work out as hard as him, but you're going to work out harder than you would of knowing that there's dudes like that out there. Yeah, I think that's what that's what people need to realize. And I think you provide that as well, because people have this idea of how hard they're working and it's usually grossly inflated.


Yeah, yeah.


Most most people, they don't have the experience of driving themselves on a daily basis to excellence. They kind of put in some work and then they pat themselves on the back.


They think they did a good job. Right. Even guys who kind of work out kind of hard, like I'm fucking in there hustling. Yeah. Are you.


Are you really? Yeah. Let me show you something else, bro. Here's here's yeah. Here's here's my friend who gets up at 3:00 in the morning and runs a marathon before work.


Well, every place I've went this year like to a crowd where I haven't been around, they've talked about doing pull ups. Oh you're son. It's hilarious. They'll be like.


So now did he do chin ups too and pull ups and switch around? I'm like, no, just just so push ups. Did you. Nope. Just just pull ups and that pull ups are so hard and how many pull ups had to do.


He did 40 100 in 24 hours. Yes, 17 hours like 35, 40, 100 pull ups.


Yeah. Yeah. That's all. But his his motivating factor was gorgons. It was all about Gorgons, Gorgons previous world record was four thousand thirty two, and so I just told him, I said, well, you know, we we look up to God. Goggins is like a god to us, you know? I mean, he's so such a badass and and just knowing him is an honor. But I said, well, if that's the goal to be Goggins, you also have to beat his time.


Otherwise, what's the point? So he did he he was able to do that. And it was all about just trying to live up to the example, Goggins said, and he got it done. But now a lot of people bring that up.


The Goggins pull up like what Goggins record was for pull ups. How did he calculate it out that he say, if I do five every X amount of seconds, five a minute, five minutes, five a minute. There's 60 minutes in an hour. This is 300. So you calculated it all out. And he said, as long as I can keep that pace, I can do this.


That's what Drew was doing. He wanted to do five a minute. Yeah. So then he fell behind a little bit and I was having him get back up because I showed up when he was about maybe 2000.


And I flew in and, you know, and he was doing pretty good, but he started to fall behind. So then I was getting him back up on that bar and, you know, I'd look at the clock and say, you don't you don't have you got to get back up there now.


Let's go. Did you play him the scene where Adrian tells Rocky and Rocky? No, no.


Just when the one that Goggins likes is round 14, I think. And when Apollo had Rocky heard and then Rocky gets up and Apollo had his hands up and then he looks back and Rocky's up and Apollo shakes his head and he's like, OK, this fucker won't quit. So that's what gogin Gorgons. He replayed that over and over.


That's amazing. Yeah. Yeah, that's isn't that funny. But anyway, Goggins is like it's so he's so powerful to so many people, including my son. So I mean, it's it's. Well I got to say, you raised two savage sons.


You did a pretty fucking good job. Yeah, he really did. Thank you. You have two amazing sons. Yeah. Tanner Tanner right now is he's a stud.


Last time I saw him was like, look at you, man. Yeah, I remember when you were young. Yeah, I know.


Just a few years ago he was a boy. Now is this big savage man. Yeah. Yeah, he's. And he's a ranger. Yeah. He's in the army and he's. Yeah. I mean I feel no Tegner true.


You should be you should be very proud. You did an amazing job and it's your example that you've set and that's that's a powerful thing. It's not just powerful because you set that example, but you also set an example to them and they will set examples to other people. And it's a butterfly effect and it'll pass on. You know, there's a thing that you're doing that when putting putting out the kind of work that you do and the consistency that you do.


People know that they can always come to your Instagram page and they're going to get this like consistent message and consistent work ethic.


And that's very it's it's fuel for people. And it's it's wind. It's like wind on the sail. It pushes people. And you probably have no idea how many countless people you've inspired by doing that.


Thank you. Yeah, I'm pretty amazing. Yeah.


I mean, I, I feel lucky just to have the life that I have. I mean, it's, you know, I don't know, I never would have envisioned this coming from where I came from.


Do you also feel motivated because so many people are watching, because so many people look up to you?


Yeah, I mean I, I'm going to do what I do. It's you know, you can't fake it for this long. I'm going to do what I do. But I also know that I'm I got to hold myself accountable because people are paying attention and I want to help them. I want to be I want to be, like you said, that wind in their sail. And so I.


I owe it to well, I always I think for the most part I feel like I owe it to Roy to give the best I have every day.


I think about him often people don't some people don't know Roy is. Oh yeah. Roy Roy is my hunting partner who got me started in bow hunting back in 1988 and he died sheep hunting in 2015 and he fell.


And so it's, you know, I think off the side of a mountain. Yeah, I fell, I think about how he lived his life and how tough he was and and how what he meant to me. And I just, you know, so I want to honour him. I want to honor his memory. And like I always say, when to talk about Roy's legends never die. And I don't want his legend to die. So to me, you know, it's and I've talked about this before, but even I've had a lot of honey success.


And it just feels it's it's not quite the same because Roy's not here because I'm not able to share it with him. And that was our we call and update it. If we weren't hunting together, which we had two amazing hunts last last year right before he fell. And it's like it's a little it's just different. It's not the same. And so I do do it for him.


I do it to I mean, for my life. You know, I feel like I got to give it the best I have. And I do it, you know, to hopefully been that be the wind and people sail and. Yeah, I mean, we're all connected in this weird way.


Right. That's what's interesting about social media. There's a lot of negative aspects of social media, but there's some positive aspects, too, that are undeniable. And one of them is that we we all do inspire and motivate each other. And whether people inspire and motivate you because they look up to you or because they follow you, because they're interested in what you do or because you look up to them and you see them and you see how hard they're working and it makes you want to get after it.


We imitate our atmosphere, you know, and if you are following good, positive people, good, supportive, positive people that are out there really putting in work and like it makes you want to be one of those people.


Yeah, I think so. That's how it works on me. I do. I tell them, you know, we have a mutual friend, Aaron Snider. I do tell him I miss the days a little bit where he used to talk shit about me because he used to like that motivates you.


Yeah, because I'm like I told him, I texted him. I'm like, God, I miss the days when used to talk shit. I said, I need that. I need the old Aaron back.


Now, he's super supportive, you know, and he's like Goggins tells me that he goes, I like shit talking.


Yeah. He goes, I like the haters because I think about them. Fucking hate is when I get up in the morning. Yeah. Because I need those motherfuckers.


He says that. I asked him specifically I asked gogin specifically about that and about people who don't like him. He's like good. He goes, I like I like that fucking. Yeah. I mean so you need it's weird.


It's, it's a weird journey we're on where different things can motivate you at different times. But I do some weird way like reading. Hey, sometimes I don't know why.


Well sometimes you need an extra little bit of gas. Need to a little juice. Yeah, and that sometimes people want to prove people wrong. Yeah, sometimes that's that's good. Yeah. And it's also known that they're just bitches.


You're not you know, there's something about knowing that this week, bitches out there in the world like, oh, I couldn't imagine.


Look at you, cutie. I couldn't imagine being one of those guys. I could.


I could. I could if everything went totally wrong. Yeah. If you just make bad decisions, you go on bad paths.


You you got bad friends. You get a bad job, a bad girlfriend or bad wife. Yeah. Hard life. And I mean it could bad habits and they could easily happen drugs and alcohol and stealing and lying.


And next you know, you hate yourself at thirty five and you don't know why. You just wish you were someone different special and you see some guy out there just kick ass. Yeah.


Fuck him. Fuck you loser. He's faking it. He's doing this like I've heard people say, all kinds of crazy shit. There's this one dude that I follow. He's a martial arts guy. People always accusing him of speeding up his videos because he's so fast.


Yeah, there's people like that, man.


They just don't want to believe that. And then there's other people that go, God damn, that guy's fast.


Yeah, I want to work out harder right now. It's all on who you are, you know.


Yeah. And where you are in life. Yeah.


Let's find this guy on Instagram Erixon Samuell. He's he's on Instagram and he's got these crazy videos of him doing kicks.


See if you could find it and just kick after kick free kick and it's super fast.


Oh my God, he's ridiculous. Yeah, he's so it's not sped up, right? No, that's just it. Oh, no, no, no. Haters are saying, yeah, they're just haters. Yeah.


E r i.


OK, there's there's a bunch of really good ones. Go to the if you look at the grid, go to the second down on the left hand side.


I know, Farley, I watch this. Oh, this is just him doing a jump spinning kick, but there's some other ones, like the middle one in the top row, go to the middle one, the top row, that one there.


No, it's not as if it was the fastest motherfucker is. So he does a lot of these. Yeah, he's just really talented, really skillful, but he had to do a video addressing people that say that he's speeding up his videos.


Yeah. But that's how it always is, these aren't the best videos, he's got some other ones in there that are better. Is he good? Yeah, he's good. I don't. He's definitely thought me I don't know what his record are. I just like watching those videos.


I had asked somebody yesterday said they were going to kill me and skinned me like I do the animals. Interesting. Yeah.


What a sweet person. There must be a compassionate vegan. Yeah. So that's always fun.


Yeah. I wonder. Yeah. I wonder what they would say if they met you people.


They, they get these ideas in their head that a person who hunts or a person who is a meat eater is causing all this terrible harm to the world and that they are a good person and that this person is bad and they're going to threaten that person.


And then somehow or another that's going to make it all all better or that they're showing you that, you know, they're there to stand up for the animals.


And there's a lot of like mentally ill people, too. Yeah, there's a lot of that. It's also a lot of people that they don't understand the harm they're doing. They're not saying no harm. They're doing just by buying vegetables that grow in a mono crop situation, no matter how much shit gets poisoned. Yeah. How many animals get ground up when they're using the combine's, you know, do you know what kind of damage it does to just an ecosystem when you run a mono crop operation, like most of the food that you buy, like human beings caused damage.


We cause damage.


I mean, we if you're living, you're causing death. And you got to think like you personally are causing a small amount of damage, like you personally for the food that you eat are causing a small amount of damage.


But if you stop and think about L.A. like 20 million people and all the corn and all the soybeans and all the almonds you need for 20 million people like that adds up and it adds up to devastation.


It's crazy on wildlife and wildlife displacement and just how unnatural it is to have massive fields of any one particular crop. Yeah. And all the animals that want to eat that stuff, they get wiped out and killed and poisoned bugs and poisoned worms and all these different things that wind up getting so much wiped out, so much death.


And then then because I kill a bull elk. Yeah. And and honor every ounce of that meat like it was gold. And, you know, and that's what I would say is people you know, Americans throw away 40 percent of their food. Did you know that? Yeah, I've heard of that 40 percent.


So part of that's going to be meat. So as a hunter, every ounce of meat is, as I always say, consider like gold. And then you got people judging you that are, you know, have a double bacon cheeseburger. They're like, oh, God, I'm stuffed. Any another bite, take this away. It's like, what are you doing? You paid for the death of that cow and you're so stuffed. You're such a glutton that you're pushing it away and throwing it in the garbage.


But you're but yet you're judging me.


Well, people just love to judge people because it's better than looking at themselves. Yeah. You know, the thing about judging and attacking people online, it's it's a fun sport for people that don't have other hobbies.


I guess so. I mean, that's what I guess if I had to if I could if people could have a purpose. I mean, I just don't think people feel like they have a real purpose and in life. So that's where, you know, as you know, Bohan has given me a purpose. It's like, oh, this is what I do. So everything revolves around what I do. And so it's I know people don't have don't feel like they have a purpose.


That's what I it'd be nice I think would be a lot happier society if people felt like they had they were here for a reason and had a purpose. Yeah.


And you know, there's no shortcuts in terms of your growth as a person. And when you do have a purpose and you're pursuing that purpose and you realize each step along the way, whether you're improving or whether you need to improve and you've got you've got a task in front of you and you have this this direction and you have this this goal in life is this focus.


It gives you real live feedback on how good you're doing, how where you need to improve, how you're growing, where you're failing. And some people never get that. You don't they don't have that. You show up.


They do the most. They do the least amount that they can do to not get fired. And they go home and then they just sit around. Yeah. And they watch things happen on television and they talk shit. That is sadly a lot of people. Yeah. And it's this is their existence and this is this unfulfilled life. This is this unfulfilled time here.


And it's a it's a miserable time because the more you seek this comfort, the more you seek this laziness and the sloth and just laying around doing nothing, the more depressed you're going to be because you're not going to get that good feedback. Yeah. You're not going to get that growth. You're not going to get that that feeling of accomplishment. You're not going to get any of the things that make life exciting. One of the reasons why people go, why you get happy when you shoot an elk like the video that you and me the from last year.


From my last year on my. I know how hard that is to do so hard. You would know you shoot an animal that's 67 yards away. You have to make sure that you hit it right. If you don't hit it right, if you're wounding it. And then this. And it's also so difficult just to keep your nerves together when you have so many hard this aspects to doing that.


And hundreds and hundreds of hours of practice have to be in place like you have. You can't, like, be learning that day and doing that. That shit has to be dialed in.


But out of context, it's for some people they're like, whoa, what's going on? These guys are laughing exactly out of context.


Why are you happy?


Yeah, you're happy because it is an incredibly difficult thing to do.


And there's a massive amount of relief when you see that arrow boom go right into the pump station, you're like, oh, we did it.


We did all the practice paid off. And then then it's just about respecting the animal and finding the animal and, you know, and taking it apart and then eating it. And when you're eating that animal, you're thinking when you're serving it to your family and your friends, you're thinking about that moment. You're thinking about the hard work that it took to to make that happen. And it's all the more enjoyable.


Yeah. And that there is a switch. There's a switch from it's almost like relief and and happiness a little bit that you performed as you have practiced for, you said, hours and hours, hundreds of hours. And then that arrow went right where it's supposed to and you know that that's going to result in it and a humane death for the animal. So then you switch because we went from that feeling good, smiling to the death of the animals who walked up.


And it's a complete night and day difference. Yeah, it was then. It was that that's where the respect came in. And you're like, here's this dead animal and it's then that's you're not smiling. No, you're not. And for people who haven't been involved and don't know what it's like to take the life of something, I mean, everybody takes a life is something to live, as we just talked about. But when you haven't done it firsthand, that can be hard to to understand.




And I think our relationship with animals and food is skewed in this country because people are so aware of the horrors of factory farming. And you think about that. And a lot of people, they equate that with eating meat. And it's it's really torturous and sick reality that that is how a lot of the food in this country, in this country is. That's how it's made. Yeah, that's how it's grown. That's how it's harvested.


It's these. But. The difference between factory farming and hunting elk in the mountains could not be further apart. Yeah, couldn't be further apart. Couldn't she went out to eat it for a year?


It was. I mean, and the challenge, I think, especially what we do with the bow, the challenge is what makes it so rewarding to me. I remember my first hunt this year just a couple of weeks ago in Oregon. It was 100, 100 degrees, 90 degrees, full moon. The worst hunting conditions, you know, people don't know. But a full moon means animals are out feeding because they can see at night. That means they're not out during the day.


And then the heat keeps them suppressed, their activity suppressed. The bulls weren't really running. And my buddy, who's a lineman, Kevin Akers, his alignment for PJI, hard working guy, manual labor, we just love Elkanah. And he comes down every year to hunt with me just because we enjoy the challenge. And he loves Melkonian. And we're on day five. And I'll remember he goes, he was a man. This is almost turning into a flirting with a grind, a little bit of a grind on this time.


And I was just like, no, what I said, it's only day five, dude.


I said it was she was hotter. I was her two moons and we were just having, you know, just joking around. He's always, always has a good attitude, too, and it's just that challenge. So then when you have overcome that and you say you wish it was hotter, we'd quote JoCo all the time. And he says, yeah, I wish it was hotter. He goes that make the the water source more valuable. Good, good.


Wanted to be. So anyway, when you have that mindset and you've got to keep pushing in on that hunt, I was just covering mile after mile after mile looking for fresh sign because the elk aren't moving. So I do, you know, ten, 13 miles a day just looking for a fresh track. And finally we saw roundhouses. Who has logged on there forever? He saw a fresh rub. A bull had torn up a tree, and that was a bold move.


So we were like, OK, all right, now we're on to something. A bull had been here last night because it was from the rebels until the day before was there. So I'm like, there's a bull in here. We're going to I'll find his track. We're going to find where they are. And we went through. And sure enough, that fifth evening of that hunt is when I got saw there's a bull up on the ridge.


BUGLING had actually funny. I mean, we're going through Blackberries and there's a bear about ten feet away. And I had a bear tag, too. And I look at the bear and it looked like a pretty good bear. And I'm like, I know the bull is about 150 yards up the ridge. And the there's a couple of satellite bulls. And I'm like, God, I could kill this bear as long as it doesn't death man really loud.


I could go. So I come to full draw on the bear and I like looks are the black bears ten feet away sees me and takes off. So I didn't I had to let out 10 feet away. Ten feet. Yeah.


He was like from us to Jamie, I mean right in the back right there feeding because he was in the middle the black bear that's eating nothing but black bears would be so good.


It'd be so good. And there's so I you know, I had a bear tag that line tag, a deer tagging elk tag. So I'm like, I'm ready to make something happen. Anyway, I was going to kill this bear, but he took off. And so then I was focused back up on the bull and I get up there and the bull hadn't buckled in a while. But I saw there's a spike and a satellite bull on a cow.


And I take I look up over the Blackberries up on top of the ridge and I see his antlers. And I was just like, jeez, that's a big bull's eye. I turn out to Kevin. He was behind me. I got Giant, but he didn't really know what I said. And I just likes to stay here. So I took off my boots and snuck up there.


And I was 55 yards from him and he was just laying there. And I'm like, there's no way he's going to he's kind of facing quarter. And to me, there's no way he's just going to stay here with this is a rut. I mean, he's feeling it. There's other bulls around here. So I stayed there. Fifty five yards range and a few times just to verify he ends up standing up and turning to face uphill. I come back fifty five, hold perfect and hit him with a perfect arrow and he went 30 yards and was dead in seconds.


But so when you go from the point all that was that whole challenge of not seeing anything, sweating your ass off, covering thirty miles a day, looking for fresh sign when that accumulates in a giant seven by six ball falling and 30 yards it. I mean, there's relief, happiness. It's as you say, you've just achieved this this goal that I don't even know. It's so hard to explain how difficult it is. But that's what people see.


So they see that. And in context, you can't capture a week of hunting and sweat in your ass off and and being in the sun.


And also, you can't explain how many people fail at this. Every one percent success rate. Yeah, that's good. Hunters, that's on any elk.


So but you start talking about big bulls.


I mean, it's less than one percent. You know, of of hunters, especially bow hunting, bow hunting for big bulls, and it's like. So that it's hard not to feel happy, you know, but it's not it's not that you're happy with the death of the animal, you're happy because you worked your ass off and you achieved a goal. And that's that would be anybody. That would be anybody. Now, when you transition to you walk up and the animal is dead, then there's reverence, you know?


And so there's there's that change and. I think people do it just like you, you know, now, because now you've done it, but you can't blame people who haven't done it for not knowing no one.


It's so hard when you watch and if you ever watch a hunting television show, most of them I mean, there's a few that do a good job of sort of explaining and capturing what it's like.


But most of them know don't. There's a lot of flashy music and, you know, the kill shot and everybody celebrating high fives, fist bump.


And so I don't know. They don't know.


You're seeing 22 minutes of something that probably took many, many days. Yeah, yeah. And a lot of struggle and so much training to get to that point where you could pull that off. Yeah. Both Cardio Hill running, all the different things you have to do and then shooting the bow constantly, like with a rifle, you could pick up a rifle and not having shot for years. And as long as you understand the principles of shooting a gun correctly and getting a surprise shot, you can if you're shooting off sticks, you could put that crosshairs on an animal and pull, pull, pull, blam and shoot the animal.


It can be done. You know, I would recommend you practice, but you can pull it off. Yeah. There's no fucking way you're going to be able to pull off a long shot with a bow if you don't practice now, you just can't do it now.


And people who even practice every day fail because it's nerves.


Nerves are crazy. The nerves are a weird thing, man. It's like it protects you because like Hannibal, I got to run like like like when you're in a situation where you need that adrenaline because your body's got to get the fuck out of there and do superhuman things. Yeah. As fast as you can. Right. Then in a situation like elk hunting, now you have to keep those nerves calm.


It's the weirdest thing for someone like especially I know like there's a few fighters that have gotten into BO hunting and fighters are used to just in the moment, just fighting, moving quick and react. Right. But Bo hunting, you have to stay calm.


You have to keep your heart rate in check. You have to be in the moment and just concentrate on the shot process and don't get caught up in it. Don't don't let that anxiety get you. That's hard. That's hard for people.


There's so many little mental games going on and there's and there's also not knowing exactly when to hurry. Got to slow down, but you can get away with your reading the animal. You're reading their body language.


You don't know whether to to close the gap between you and them quickly or it's time to be patient. You don't know what the wind's going to do. There's so many things. That's why I always say, like the better shape I'm in, I can make better decisions on all those micro decisions. Yeah. You know, and that's that's what leads ultimately to success. It's not it's not running ten miles a day, but that plays into all better decisions a thousand times.


And there's some I mean, I think that any really difficult thing that you do in this life. It elevates your ability to do difficult things, it elevates your your understanding of who you are as a person and where you stand right now in this moment, and there is very few of those things that also sustain you with food.


And the crazy combination, what bow hunting is.


Yeah, it's both a physical pursuit, a mental challenge and sustenance. It's all these things together. So powerful. An amazing combination. Yeah. Changed my life. It's really changed how I feel about food. That's changed my relationship with meat.


You know, and that's why you offered to write the foreword of my book. Yes, I'm excited to do it. I've already got ideas. I'll tell you after I'm done. I don't want to tell you anything. I just want you to read it when it's done. OK, let's get the fuck out of here. We're going hunting next week. Let's do it. I'm excited. I can't let you talk. You go. All right. Good bye, everybody.


Thank you. And keep hammering, please.


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