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Hey, buddy.


Crack a lacking. Have you been fucking around with the chat GPT? I saw you brought it.


Yeah, I got the. I just got the 4.0, the one that they've been showing where you could talk to it naturally and stuff.


Duncan had it in the green room. We were talking shit to it. Yeah, about it replacing us.


Yeah, it's pretty crazy, you know, it's weird how AI came out of nowhere and then we're like, how long has this been being worked on? And then now it's like, everywhere. Like, my vacuum cleaner has AI now. It's crazy.


What does it do?


It's one of those robot vacs where it scans your whole house and then it detects things using AI. Like, oh, that's shit. Don't run over it.




Dog shits on the floor. Recognize the dog.


And it doesn't do good job because the first thing it did, it went right over this dog shit and just started smearing dog shit through the whole entire kitchen.


Why is your dog shitting in the kitchen?


Because once in a while, you know, dog shits don't care. They're like, I have to shit. I don't want to.


That's the problem Jamie has with Carl.


Yeah, it's a little dog thing.


You gotta keep an eye on Carl. Carl will just drop a deuce anywhere. Yeah, I think when they're really little, they don't understand. Outside, everything's so big. Why would I go outside when I get shit right here? I'm nowhere. I don't sleep anywhere near this pile.


Yeah, it's gross, though, having shit smeared.


All over your floor, especially by a super smart AI vacuum cleaner. That's so dumb. Yeah, there's, all these different things are gonna sync together. Like, that's one of the things that people say about Samsung. Like, people that are Samsung fanboys. Like, if you have a Samsung refrigerator and a Samsung tv and a Samsung phone, like, you could use your phone to control everything your phone will. Like, there's. There's. I guess there's refrigerators out there. I don't know exactly where they're at right now because I only saw, like, an ad for them where your refrigerator will tell you when things are gonna expire.


Right. So it scans. Yeah.


So if you got orange juice or something like that, your orange juice is only good for three more days. Like that kind of shit.


Yeah, that's only if you place the orange juice with the date facing the camera, probably, you know. Yeah, I think that has been out for a while, but it doesn't really work great. There's a few things refrigerators do that have too much technology in them.


But what impresses the shit about me and the thing that entices me towards Samsung phones is the AI with notes. That's a big deal to me. The fact that it can record your podcast for sure, but also you could record a set and it'll transcribe the set and then put this. And then summarize into like different parts. Like, this is where you're talking about sucking your own dick. This is where you talk about UFO's.


I asked Red Ben.


He didn't see this. Did you see this, Joe? Going around on Twitter? What this feature called recall on Windows?




Let me play this for you. It's pretty crazy.


It's pretty crazy. We introduced memory, right? Photographing memory into what you do on the PC. And now we have it. So it's called recall. It's not keyword search, right? It's semantic search over all your history. And it's not just about any document. We can recreate moments from the past, essentially. Here's how it works.


Windows constantly takes screenshots of what's on your screen, then uses a generative AI model right on the device along with the NPU to process all that data and make it searchable, even photos.


I got to try it out. I searched brown leather bag.


It came up in visual search. There's no place on this page that.


It says brown leather bag.


It just knows because it sees this brown leather bag. There could be this reaction from some people that this is pretty creepy. Microsoft is taking screenshots of everything I do.


Yeah. I mean, that's why it can only do it on the edge. You have to put two things together. This is my computer. This is my recall, and it's all being done locally. Yeah, Texas is going to ban my recall. They're not going to let me, like, it's going to be porn.


I don't trust you. I don't trust you at all. It's all done locally. Oh, I'm sure. I'm sure there's no way the government's going to have access to every keystroke you make and be able to see. That's ridiculous.


And it's going to summarize everything you do.


Well, not only that, it's not that difficult, especially for government organizations to get into your fucking computer. Are you connected to a secure wifi. Are you even using a VPN? Like, what are you doing? What kind of a firewall do you have? How many people are sophisticated enough to set it up so that you can't look at everything they do?


It's like your friend's phone yesterday or two days ago. That's a straight up virus that he was downloading.


People are saying it's not. People are saying it's just like, if you have your case on improperly, it's pressing two buttons at the same time. Or was his phone on the table? Jamie was in his bag.


I do not remember.


I don't remember either. I think if you're press, I think on some of these, when Android phones, if you're pressing two buttons at the same time, it reboots, right? So there's a bootloader mode. That's why you can like, do different things to your phones.


But that bootloader screen does not look like, it looks so cheap. Like, had, like, I was like, the arrow that was in it. I was like, I've seen this arrow. That's clip art. Like, I think it even said Getty images on the side of it or something like that.


Like, why does it have a barcode? What are you buying? Yeah, this is not for sale. Why does it have a barcode?


Right, and how are you going to scan that barcode with the phone that you're holding? Like.


Like, oh, it's got a barcode. Must be legit, right?


Yeah, that seems so. So fake.


That was.


Look at that.


Look at all that chinese writing too. Let's get the fuck out here. I guess it's korean because it's Samsung. Do not disconnect USB cable during software update. So it's saying downloading and it says it in Korean. So it's doing something that just looks.


That does not look official.


The thing is, my point was it took a while and like, what if he broke his leg? What if he just fell on his bike and broke his leg and now all of a sudden he's got a call for an ambulance and he's laying there with his fucking shin bone poking out of his calf and he's got to sit there while his stupid phone does that?


That's why I can't be real.


Can you reboot that? Can you stop that? Is that possible?


I had circled it, said that you could cancel it.


You can cancel it.


Well, that's why when you post that video, I texted you, tell them to hold down the power button in the up arrow. Like, like, reboot your phone, stop doing whatever.


It was too late by the time you sent me that. I always worry about that with Windows because Windows will start updating my laptop in the middle of nowhere.


Yeah, that's the worst.


It's like, I'll open the laptop and super inspired, ready to write, and it's like, oh, we have to upload your software. This will take 20 minutes. Like, what? Yeah, this is stupid. Give me the option to not do this. Like, Mac at least will give me the option. It'll say it up in the corner. Do you want to, you know, there's a new update available. Do you want to update it right?


And then it downloads it, then goes, do you want to do this right now? You know, we downloaded, we do it later with.


With windows. Is that normal? Or maybe. I think it was like an old off for on.


I think.




What's that?


This is a setting to turn off, like auto updates or whatever.


Oh, there's a setting on Windows as well?




Oh, okay. I must have had it on just so I don't have to deal with it.


Unless it's a office thing or something you're dealing with.


That's not like office gives you a tiny notification of the top of a left file that'll say a new update is available, but you can click out of that easy.


You just wait.


Yeah, but the problem is, like, I have automatic updates on Mac and it'll download it and go, hey, we got this update for you. Won't just like, in the middle of doing something, just start, like boot reboot my laptop.


Yeah, mine just rebooted it, like, the moment I open it up. But I hadn't used that laptop in a while. It was just sitting there. You know what I want to try? I want to try a laptop with, you know, I'm a big keyboard fan. Like, one of the reasons why I write, if I write, I have a home like Mac that I write on. That is. Yeah, those are nice.


The new keyboards.


They're dope. It really is like a MacBook.




So what we're looking at right now is red bands. I know Jamie has one. This is the new iPad, which is insane. This is so. It's so insane. It's like. It is as thin as possible where you could still use a USB C connector.


And I thought this was skinny.


And that's twice I know so much. Your phone, which is super skinny, is so much fatter than this iPad. This iPad is amazing. And it has insane battery life, too, which is great. And this probably has, like, two terabytes, right?


10 hours. This is 1 tb, but you can get up to two terabytes.


Fucking nuts. Nuts. But what I really like is the keyboards on thinkpads. Cause thinkpads have a longer stroke, and when you're writing with keys, like, you have more feedback with longer keystrokes, and then you're more accurate with your typing. And it's been proven, like, when people do, like, how many words per minute can you write? They can write more words per minute on keyboards with better, better feedback, like longer keystrokes. But alienware, you know, because a lot of gamers like mechanical keyboards because they have the clicky clack feel, and it's, like, even more accurate. Well, they have a mechanical keyboard now on their laptops, and so I've been thinking about getting one of those.


How thick is that laptop, though?


It's not that thick. So it has long key travel. I think the key travel is 1.8 mm, which is, like, ideal. My old thinkpad at like two, which was nice, long keystrokes. And you just get real accurate with, like, your writing. So for me, like, a lot of times I'm writing, I'm stoned. I don't have time to, like, go back and fucking, you know, I want to just get it my thought out while it's in my head. And with an IBM, well, you know, Lenovo, now with a Lenovo thinkpad, I'm just much more accurate when I'm writing.


I like, I like it, but it sounds, I don't know, after a while, it's like, God, this is so.


The Mac ones are terrible. Yeah, the ones on MacBooks. I have a MacBook. It's fucking terrible to write on. It's really short keystrokes. It's a really flat key. It's just not good to write on. You can do it. It's definitely better than writing by hand. I type on it all the time. I do write on it all the time, but it's just when you go over to that thinkpad, you're like, oh, this is what it's supposed to feel like. Or at home, I have an ergonomic keyboard that I use on my Mac, and that is like the best. It's like real easy. I'm really accurate. I don't even have to think. I can just write and look at the screen and I just get it right all the time.


Why don't you use voice, though? It's so accurate now.


I don't want to be talking in my house. But some of the things I write and some of the things I write, I like writing. Because the thing about writing is, like, say if I'm writing, you know, fucking artificial intelligence, as I'm writing artificial intelligence, it takes longer to write it than it does to think the word. So you're spending more time on each instead of just barfing out words like I do when I talk or sometimes I don't even know what the fuck I'm saying while I'm saying it. When I'm writing and typing, it takes a little longer, so it makes me think a little more, and I have more possibilities open up about where to go with things. So it actually benefits me to slow me down a little. But I still want it to be accurate. I want it to be so slow that I'm fucking with every key. I don't want that. I want accuracy. But a little slower than talking for writing.


Yeah. My problem is I'll just start writing an idea or a joke or whatever, and then halfway through, I'll look up and I'm like. Like, I fucked up some word or autocorrected something and it makes everything not make sense. And I've had it.


Like, fuck.


Like, I wrote this all down and now I don't understand any of it. Just one word spell checked.


Yeah, that's true. Well, notes are the best for that.


Yeah. Yeah. Audio.


And the thing about the phone is you can do it, like, while you're in the car, you can press, like, if you have apple Carplay, press on the screen and say, make a voice note. And then you could just make a note, or just make a note, rather. And it'll make a note for you and leave it in there. It's great. So there's many times that I've, like, at the end of the night, I've done that, and then I go back over it. So what I do is I have, like, a whole folder that's just ideas. So I got this folder. These are just ideas.




And some of them, a lot of them have become bits. And some of them, I'm just like, maybe one day I'll have something. And so when I write. Yeah. So when I write, I go back, same thing. I go back and I look, look at those, and I'll see if something comes into my head. I'll say, like, because, you know, when you start writing, you'll just stare at that blank screen, like, what am I writing about? And then I'll just go into the phone and I'll say, what do you got for me? What have I been thinking about? Open borders. Oh, borders. Open borders. Okay. Yeah. Okay. What would it be like if there's no borders? Would that suck? What would it be like if there was more borders? Would that suck? And then I'll just start writing, you.


Know, wouldn't it be cool to take all our notes, put in an AI, and, like, combine this into all one story, like a 20 page story, right.


It would be like the perfect new 1 hour set. The thing about AI, though, is like, you're gonna, I have never used AI, like, GPT to write a joke, but I know people are doing that now. And my thought is I wouldn't feel as good about it when it was done. Like, I don't want it just to be good. I want it to be good. And I wanted to have come from my head, you know, I'm saying it's.


Not, that's the one thing. It's not there yet. It can't write a good joke, like all this, like, shit where he's like, louis CK or not Louis CK, but the George Carlin and stuff, that's, that's, that's somebody writing that and just doing in that George Carlin voice. Yeah.


So it's not good at writing the.


Jokes I like because I like to, what I've experimented, like, trying to find, like, a tag for, like, a joke already. Like, you know, this is the scenario and it's still like daddy jokes and laughy taffy bullshit. Like, oh, a cow walks into a bar.


What I think it would be, though. So, like, you know how, like, a lot of really good comics hire writers, and generally the writers aren't even as good a comic as them, but, like, with the way Chris rock does it. Chris. I haven't talked to him personally. I've heard him talk about it, and I've talked to people, work with him. So one of the things he gets accused of unfairly, people say that he has writers who write for him. Chris Rock writes his own material. What he has is the writers. He bounces the ideas off them, so they come and watch him do the set, and then they say, maybe when you do this, say that first, or maybe expand on this, or I got a tag for that, but those guys who are doing that aren't as good a comic as him. So sometimes you just need other ideas.


That's what, man, that joke, you should have had this, or, you know, that happens.


So the greenery is amazing for that. There's so many times in the green room that we're all trying to work out a bit. And then, like, Tony will chime in, or Brian will chime in, like, oh, that's it. And then you figured it out. I mean, we rewrote David Lucas's act in that gray robe, but it's. That's one thing. So, like, if Chatt just gave you, like, ideas.


Yeah, just.


I just need, like, framework. Sometimes I feel like each subject is just a scaffolding. So I get the scaffolding. Now, once I have the scaffolding off to build a house, and so. But I have to have a fucking location where I could start building. So it had. The location is the subject, whatever the idea is. And then I start building. That's how I do it. But, I mean, everybody does it different, man. Everybody does. Some people have to write it down on paper. Like, some people, all their stuff, like Colin Quinn. Shit's all on paper. A lot of people, it's just. They write it down. Like, Christina P. She has this notebook she brings with her, and you look at the note, it's filled with ideas. It's just all written. She goes, I have to write it down on paper.


Mark Norman, like, his back pocket's like a turtle, you know, of how he's the most insane.


He's the most insane, yeah, because he has. He has a phone. He knows his notes on the phone. You don't have to have that. You have both things when you can only have one thing. Like, this is so unnecessary, silly.


And he's just sitting on it like a second wallet, just breaking his back every night.


Totally gonna fuck his back up. Like, one of them cab drivers has a bum back. Because, like, you have a fucking wallet that's 2ft thick on one side of your ass.




If he just took those notes and transcribed them into the notes on his phone, then he would have it con. He's always worried about losing them, but this way, you would never lose them because they would be in the cloud.


Take a picture. Yeah, you could take away right over.


And with a lot of these things, like, that's the other thing about Samsung. You can write with a stylus on the screen, and then it would convert that into print.


You could do that on the iPad too.




Yeah, it's great with the.


With the pen. The iPad with the pen. Why don't they make that for the iPhone?


You fucks the pen.


They can't admit that Samsung was right.


Yeah, I think they have apps, or there's a way to do it in the note app, maybe on the phone, like, where you just use your finger, you know, and just do.


Yeah, but I want the pen.


Yeah, it is silly. Or it's also silly. Like the new pen that just came out. You can't use it on last year's model. And, like, it's like they do all this dirty shit.


They get so dirty.


They're so dirty.


They're so dirty with their USB C cables.


Oh, yeah. I'm glad now that it's just every.


Yeah, it's nice. But meanwhile, I have air pods and they all charge with regular lightning.


Well, the new version has. They have a new version.


Oh, I gotta get a new version. Never let you go. And their shit is just good enough so that you keep going down that path.


Yeah. Apple Vision Pro is very depressing, by the way.


Is it? Yeah. You done?


I just. I think, like, a lot of you are so in. I'm so in. And it's still. It's still amazing. But then there's just nothing you can do. Like watching 3d movies. It's the best experience you'll ever have, ever. Even better than a movie theater, really. Sitting there watching Avatar. Like, it's a big imax in your. In your. Your bedroom.


It doesn't bother you that the things over your face.


No, I. Of course, I'm. You know, I use it more, but it's so comfortable.


How much EMF radiation are you getting?


Oh, that's why my eyes are so bad. My eyes are getting worse every day. Like, it's crazy.


You cook at your brain, son, and.


It fucks your dreams up, and it kind of fucks your brain up a little because I think your brain starts thinking that's real. So when you're, like, dreaming and shit, I don't know, like, there's. Was it you that there was this fighter pilot and he's just like. He's like one of the top fighter pilots for the Air force or something like that. And I asked him if he's ever done, like, any of the VR flight simulations. He's like, I can't. It will throw off my inner timing and stuff like that because it will fuck with his inner timing. And, like, I never thought of it.


For a real jet.


Yeah. And I was like, whoa. What does it do to normal people?


Those guys are all on the way out. They're all on the way out. Mike Baker was in here. He was showing us how they have AI fighter jets now that out dog fight. Like, actual piloted fighter jets 100% of the time. They always win.


It's like sky. Tesla.


It's over. It's over. It's over. They're gonna. Yeah, it's so smart, you got no chance. They're just too smart. They're too smart. No matter how clever you think, you already think you're Maverick. Maverick's dead. Fucking Zero just killed Maverick. And zero kills everybody because Zero isn't a human, and Zero doesn't get nervous, and Zero doesn't make mistakes, and Zero has all the data of every single dogfight and every single dogfight training mission that's ever been done ever in its database with the exact correct timing on when to launch missiles and where to be and where to avoid, and you're fucked. We're fucked.


We're all fucked, because then everybody's going to have the same thing, and it's just being nonstop. We're.


We might be the only people that aren't fucked, right? Because we talk shit. Professional shit talkers are always going to be necessary, like, to make sense and to give you some entertainment through all this. I require them. I. Look, if I wasn't a comic and I wasn't around guys like you and Tony and all the people that we're around with all the time, I don't know what I'd do if I had to talk to normies all day about how fuck things are and not laugh and not have fun. I'd be depressed. Like, we're always laughing and talking shit and having fun, even though things are crazy. Like, we are, what, four years away from artificial people telling us what to do, and everybody's, like, ushering it in our own demise, buying things constantly. We're gonna have artificial life forms that are far superior to humans in, like, four years. And everybody's like, whatever. What do you think about Drake and Kendrick? I'm on Team Kendrick.


Of course. Everyone is.


Everyone seems to be on team Kendrick. Yeah, Drake slings too much dick. People are a little upset about him. He's a little too handsome.


Yeah, but all the. All the podcasts that every single comedian's ever done is gonna be fed into AI, and they're gonna be the shit talkers.


I honestly don't know anything about the Drake and Kendrick beef. Every time people talk to me about him, eyes glaze over. I just can't pay attention. I just. I can't. I can't pay attention to grown men beefing with each other publicly.


It's just sexual tension between those two. That's all it is.


My feeling is always like, damn, you guys busted out eight songs that are bangers shitting on each other. You could have been just writing amazing rap songs, like, elevating human beings, elevating life, you know? And once you write one dis song about somebody and then have to go back and forth and back and forth, like, come on, come on. I don't even like listening to old school ones. You know, you're like. Like. You know, that's why I fucked your bitch. And biggie. I love Tupac, and I love biggie. Like, how come I have to choose? How come? How come. How come there's a fight? What's going on?


Those songs become so popular.


Yeah. Not as much as California love. There's. There's songs you hear and they make you excited. They make you excited, you know? Like, there's. There's. There's, like, California love. Like, I remember when Uriah Faber was fighting in the UFC, the California kid, he would always come out to California love, and the moment you hear it, you're like, whoa, that's one of those songs, man. You don't get that diss track.


Yeah, you do. That's. That came because you're the east coast west coast beef, this guy. That's how it came.


That's where the California love came.


Probably would never have even taken the time to ride it if they weren't talking shit back then. They may have.


Maybe. Tupac wrote a lot. Tupac wrote so much that he. They were releasing albums long after he was dead. Remember, he did so. He was just a machine. Like, that dude was just a creative machine. He would just lock himself in the studio and just make songs.


Remember the easy e and Ice Cube beef? That was my favorite one. Like, talking about fucking in the ass with no vaseline and shit like that. They had whole albums.


You don't want to get into this war with Ice Cube. He's too clever.


He's awesome.


He's too clever. He's too clever with his writing, you know? Ice cube wrote most of the songs for Nwa. Ice Cube's a very good writer. You know, like, there's, like, a lot of times in rap bands is, like, the one dude who writes everything, you know, like, in ghetto boys, it was Willie D. Like, we played fuck a war, which is, like, one of my all time favorite rap songs. Bushwick Bill. And Willie D texted me and goes, I wrote that in 45 minutes. You know, there's some dudes that are just really good at writing. You know, they're just really good at writing bangers, you know, and that's with comedy, too. Like, tony's that guy. Like, tony is really good at writing jokes. Like his ability to like, especially joke shitting on people.


Yeah. His brain's constantly working. When you talk to him, he's not even, he's looking past you thinking how, what joke he's gonna say after. And he's a machine.


That's why he's. I mean, your show. Fuck. First of all, congratufucking Lacey, dude. I mean, you guys are fucking killing it.


It's insane, dude.


You guys are killing it. You guys sold out Madison Square garden two nights in a row. You guys sold out a giant ass theater in LA and you want to do another. So just do the Staples center. Like what? You sell that out like that? It's bananas. You guys are printing money.


It's ridiculous.


And it's the best fucking comedy show in the world. It's the best show because like, you guys, first of all, you guys have been doing it now for eleven years almost. Right when it'll be 11 December.


June, I think. June, yeah.


So it's almost eleven years. So you've been doing it all these. You gotta. It's polished. You guys are synced up. Everybody knows their position. The band is great. Audience is super aware of how the show works. They're not confused like what's going on, how come he has a minute and what's. Everybody knows how it works and it's just polished. And then you got Tony who's just locked in the fucking lines. He has so many people do not believe that he comes up with those on the spot. They're like, oh, that's all planned out. Like, no, none of it's planned out. That's the magic of it. Like, especially when him and David go at it. When David Lucas and Tony hench cliff shit on each other. It's as hard as I ever laugh. There's like compilations of them shitting on each other on YouTube and in a bunch of them it's me like red faced, can't breathe, holding, holding my sides just like, jesus Christ. It's so funny. It's so good.


And David gets to just call him gay for like 15 minutes straight. It's so funny.


The show went against every single direction that the industry was trying to tell us the audience was going. That your show went against all of the woke shit, against all of the. Don't say this and don't say that. And this is a forbidden word. Now all of it's out the window and it's the best show. And then the audience is obviously responding. There's not a fucking podcast on earth that could sell out arenas like, you guys are doing. Not one. You guys are selling out Madison Square Garden an hour. It's nuts. I mean, it's. That's. That's like a cultural phenomena. That's a real audience. Like, finally, the audience reacts to, like, this is what we want. This is what we've always wanted. We don't think comedy is real life. We're not fucking stupid. Go crazy. Go crazy. Say wild shit. And it's. It's the best for comedy, man.


It's the Johnny Carson for comics. And you don't like, it's also random. And, you know, you could be doing comedy ten years, or you could be doing comedy your first time and somehow get on Johnny Carson.


You can be doing comedy your first time and get on Johnny Carson at the Staples center.


Yeah. Which is one of the worst things ever when that happens, by the way.


Well, if you can get through that, though, I mean, good lord, if you can get through that, what a career you'll have. You'll be able to tell people the first time he was ever on stage was in front of 20,000 people. You know, here he is headlining the comedy works in Denver. I mean, that's an amazing thing.


That's what Janice did her third time on stage in front at the arena here on New Year's Eve.


That is so nuts. Third time on stage. That is bananas. That kind of pressure. Bananas.


Then after that, I ask her to marry me. Like, she's already like, oh, what the.


Oh, that's cute. That's adorable. That's adorable. Yeah, you guys are killing it, man. It's awesome to see.


Somebody sent me a clip of an old Jre. It was like, the week we started that kill Tony, and you're like, what's this new show you're doing? Or something like that? And I go, oh, it's me and this guy named Tony Hinchcliffe. You know Tony, right? Oh, I think so. I don't know.


Wow, that's crazy. That's crazy.


Yeah. I mean, we've been working so hard at it. We always thought, you know, it's going to become bigger, but not. Not this big. Not having, like, post Malone and RFK on the same show. Like, what the hell is going on?


I tricked post Malone. He had no idea who's going on stage.


Oh, yeah, you've done that a few times.


You did that with Tucker Carlson. Just be known if you're a famous person and we're hanging out and it's Monday.


Oh, let's cut through this curtain real quick. What the hell?


I might drag you out onto the Internet, but listen, Tucker Carlson handed it like a champ. He was great.


Tucker's hilarious, man.


He was so smooth and so relaxed and so genuinely happy and fun. People don't understand him, or they don't know who he is, or they just want to demonize him as this evil right wing person. He's a sweetheart of a guy, and I'm saying that as someone who spent hours with him. He's a very nice guy. He's nice to everybody. He's just. He's nice. He's just. He's odd. He's odd. He's an odd. And he was also working in the belly of the beast for, like, how many years? He was on CNN, and then he goes from CNN to Fox, and now he's a wild boy. Now he's online. He's just wild. You know, having interviewing that guy who says he sucked Obama's dick like that.


What are you doing?


I forgot to ask him about that.


Remember when William just. Or was it William or Cam just brought that up?


Yeah, William brought up that guy. Really suck Obama's dick.


What a nightmare.


What a nightmare. Tucker.


William's so fucking funny. And his brother now works at the mothership, and it's like, the coolest thing ever.


Yeah, it's amazing. William is so funny, and he's so confident now. And look, when we first met that guy, he was awkward, but kind of funny, but he had to have those goddamn notes. And how many times did we have conversations with him in the green room?


Like, millions.


Millions. Like, dude, you gotta ditch those notes. Because when he would do kill Tony, when he would engage with the audience, I go, when you stare at the audience, start talking to them. I go. It makes me nervous. Like, as a friend of yours, you're so wild. I'm in the audience, like, this guy's crazy. That's better than staring at your notes, man. Engage them. Look at them. You can remember your jokes. And he just had to be convinced that he can. Now he's doing an hour on stage with no notes and killing, headlining, selling out everywhere. Dude, the black Keys specifically wanted to see him when he was in town. So I had William come up and do the show. I called him. I was like, dude, the black Keys want to be.


Those guys are, by the way, are the coolest guys. The best.


They're the best. They're the best. And so is everyone around them. We went to see them at their show at Stubbs and hung out with them and everyone. Right? So cool.


And they were just. There's William. Like, they were so William.


They're just giant William fans. They were so pumped to hang out with him.


It's funny hearing that, like, hearing people. You know that story Tony told you last night about that guy that's a huge Casey rocket fan.


Amazing. Yeah, amazing.


CEO of a big company.


Yeah, CEO of a huge company. And he's doing a Casey rocket impression of crab walk. That is insane.


Didn't Drake also say something?


Drake watches every week. I guess.




Team Drake.


When you guys had sugar. Sean O'Malley, the UFC bantamweight champion, revealing the winner of, like, one of the battles. That incredible, man. You had jelly roll singing in front of arenas for you guys. Like, this is. The whole thing is so nuts, man. And I don't think post Malone even knew what he was getting into the first time he did it. Right? He didn't know what it was. I don't think he knew it. Did he know?


No, I don't think.


I think I had to explain to him. And then I said, let's go to the club. And then. And then I just fucking opened the curtains. We all went out together in LA.


When I was in LA for the Kiltonis, I hung out with post, I think, like, two nights, three nights in a row, till, like, five in the morning, just drinking like that dude doesn't get drunk. He just keeps on going.


Well, he's a Bud light guy.


Yeah, that's true.


Those bud light guys are dangerous. Those are, like, Shane Gillis guys. Shane Gillis is another Bud light guy. You could drink like Stanhope used to be a light beer guy. You could just drink light beer and just maintain a steady buzz. Whereas retards like you and me are drinking whiskey.


Yeah. You can pee it out at the same amount as he's drinking it.


We're slurring our words and they just keep going.


It's true, man. Yeah. Should go back to beer. I can't do it anymore.


You get fat.


Yeah. I mean, it's. I mean, I get fat both ways.


Have you thought about doing the ozempic?


No. Isn't it? My doctor, my testosterone doctor said, don't do it. He had one of his patients do it, and she had seizures and had to go to the hospital or something like that could happen.


Or you could be hot. I mean, come on, bro.


Well, there'll be a pussy, isn't there? You know that. I don't know, if they're sponsoring this, but the hems, you know, the hair, that you can get medications through them. They just announced that they're gonna have an ozempic like, clone where it's the same medicine inside Ozempic, but it's gonna be like a one 10th of the price. What's this, the new south park? You heard about this?


First look at carpet using go Zembic. So he's getting smaller. The end of obesity. Oh, no.


Yeah, it comes out to 24th. Is that out now?


Is that today?


Two more days.


Yeah. There's some people have real bad side effects, apparently. But one of the things that Peter Attia was saying was that he's a doctor. So they had tried to see what the effects of these things on the people that wanted to take them, and so they said, well, prescribe them to you. But we want to do Dexa scans. We want to make sure that we, you know, we want to really monitor what's going on your whole body. So one of the things that they found out was that in normal conditions, like, say, if you lost weight, you know, like, most of it would be fat, but a small percentage of it would be lean body mass, like muscle tissue. In ozempic, most of the loss, like, when they were looking at it, the people were losing much more body mass, much more lean tissue and bone mass than was making him comfortable. He's like, this makes me very uncomfortable. He's like, these people are getting. They're getting lighter and they're getting fatter. Like, they're losing muscle tissue and bone. This is not good. But then there's other people that have said, if your body's tolerating it, that what you should do is add strength training to mitigate the effects of that.


But now you're asking people to be disciplined. Like, isn't the whole, that's the whole point. I mean, how many people who are going to take Ozempic are, like, disciplined weight trainers, where they're going to really mitigate the effects of bone loss and muscle loss, and they're going to stay strong while they lose fat, while you're paralyzing their stomach with a drug that I would just imagine probably has an effect on your energy levels just by virtue of the fact that your body is dealing with whatever it has to do to metabolize this new drug you're injecting into your body. Right. So if you're injecting this drug in your body, does it have a positive effect? Does it give you more energy? Or it's killing your appetite, right? That's part of what it does. It's kind of like, what is the actual physical effect? It has some sort of a paralysis effect on your stomach on some people. Like, what does it do? Let's find out what it. Cause we're so stupid, we don't know exactly what it does. I think it kills your appetite.


If it kills your appetite. That wouldn't work on me because I have no appetite anyway.


Okay. It says it works by mimicking a naturally occurring hormone. As those hormone levels rise, the molecules go to your brain, telling it you're full. It also slows digestion by increasing the time it takes for food to leave the body. Slows digestion? I don't like that.


That's crazy.


So that's probably. It's similar to the effect of bariatric surgery. So that's the. The thing where they're saying, like, it paralyzes your stomach. It slows it down.


Yeah, that's.


That's right. Brian Simpson had a really bad reaction to it where he was in bed for a while.


Oh, shit.


Yeah, he got wrecked.


Is he still on it?


No, he got off it immediately. Brian had a great weight loss, though, when he switched to the carnivore diet when he went all meat.


I did that, but I gained it immediately back the second I stopped it.


Why'd you stop it then?


Because I just. You know how it is. You just get tired of meat. I'm not tired of meat. But you just miss, like, fruit, you know? Like, I need fruit. Yeah, I need a salad.


I don't think there's anything wrong with fruit. I think fruit's fine for you.


Right? I've lost, like, over 30 pounds in a year, though. Just being on testosterone. Not doing anything different.




Yeah. It's just like, why don't you work.


Out a little bit?


I do know that I live downtown half the time because I'm walking everywhere, you know?


You just walk?


Yeah. Great.


Just hire a trainer.


You got cash, but, yeah, I'm like the olympic people. They're like, yeah, you just get someone.


Who shows up at your house.


That sounds. Brian, that sounds worse.


Get up.


I'd rather just.


Let's go work out now.


I have a nice gym.


So you just, like, eased into it? Just. We want to keep you alive. Yeah, he can't die now. Kill. Tony's killing it.


Yeah, true.


You guys are literally on top of the world. You guys could do an arena in every city, every night of the week.




You just fly around the country doing arenas, and it's a new show every time. That's what's so crazy. Like, it's not like a stand up show where you, like, you develop the show, you put the bits together, you put out a special. No, like, you guys could do a new show everywhere you go.


The only thing with the arenas, it's. It's so much work, and it has to, you know what I mean? Because you gotta be bigger and be a producer.


You gotta.


Yeah, I mean, which is the most amazing thing ever, by the way. God, he's awesome. But it's also, you know, the arenas, it changes the show a little. Like, it's more of a celebration kind of thing, I think, you know? But you need those weekly normal, you know, mothership shows. You know what I mean? That's so important because that's really the show, you know? Well, it's.


It's also the club experience. And to see the club experience on YouTube, the mothership and, like, what killed Tony at the mothership is the cornerstone of stand up comedy, because it's showing young comics that there's a path you can actually do this. And it's just about being funny. Regardless of your political beliefs, your ideology, what you think you're supposed to say with your platform, stop. It's just about being funny. That's what people want to see. They just want to laugh. There's plenty of people lecturing people, plenty of people telling people what to do. They just want to laugh. And when you get 1 minute, there's no time for any bullshit. And then you have 1 minute with these hawks on the left side of you. Just hawks, just vicious professional comedians all waiting to shit on your act or say something funny at your expense. And then the audience, they get to see, you know, William Montgomery, Kill, Cam, kill Hans, kill. These people are killing. And so the audience is primed. It's like, if you can do that, if you can actually get through that and make that minute and have everybody go, that was really great.


And the audience gives you a round of applause like, holy shit, you're flying. And then the audience wants to see you try it again. And now you're out in the open mics every night, and you're banging it out because you think, oh, my God, I think there's a real pathway to a career here. And then you do a second show, and next thing you know, you got a golden ticket. Holy shit. Next thing you know, you're Hans Kim.


It's insane.


You're opening up for me in arenas, we're traveling around all over the fucking world. You're, you're doing stand up now to your own sold out audiences and weekends in these clubs. It's incredible.


Hans Kim is killing it, killing it every weekend he's somewhere selling five out. Like, he might be one of the most popular comedians, like, in the circuit right now.


And he keeps getting better. He did a set the other night last week at the mothership, did two nights, and he fucking murdered and all this new shit. I was like, dude, that's great stuff. It was really well written, really funny.


Have you seen his process? It's insane. He has spreadsheets in excel and stuff.


Oh, yeah, he gets nutty. He's on the plane nerding out on his fucking, on all his material. But that's how to do it, man. That's how to do it. But the thing is, like, these comics now, they see there's a genuine path and it exists. And so it sets the tone for open mics and for stand ups because they realize, like, hey, this not, it's not about your fucking ideologies. It's just about being funny. Too many people got trapped in this clapter mode where you, you want to say something, you know, you're going to use something. You use your act for social justice. Like, be funny. Be funny. You have to be funny. That's the thing. Now, if you have a point and you have something you want to say and it's funny and you know how to work it and make it funny, great, great. But it's got to be funny. And so many people, they started off with, like, this idea of, like, taking this. I'm going to take this sneaky shortcut and just say a bunch of shit that, you know, kind, rational people will agree with. You know, whether it's about the vaccine, you know, support the science, or whether it's about Trump being a dictator.


Like, they'll say things just to get that clap, just to get that thing, and then they'll throw a few half assed jokes in with it when they're already riding on the wave of being correct and on the right side of things, like, right, everybody. And it's all just like, you're avoiding being funny. You're avoiding it. You're, you know, and it's some of these people that we're seeing doing this, like, you're so fucked in the head, you shouldn't be giving out advice on anything. You're such a crazy person now. You're on stage, like, lecturing the country on how to think and behave. You're out of your fucking mind. Like, you need to be in the jungle doing ayahuasca for like a month. Like, shut the fuck up, stupid. You miserable cunt. And. But meanwhile, you're, like, telling people how to behave and live their life. It's bananas. It's bananas.


I saw Shane Gillis the other day. He's so. I love how he's funny, but silly and goofy. Like, he's so fun to watch, you know? And then some of these comedians like, that you're talking about are so like, yeah, it's a different kind of comedy. I like being, like, fun, fun having a fun time.


Somewhere along the line, people who wanted people to think they were smart thought that you couldn't be having fun if you were smart, which is weird. It's so weird. It's just an insecurity thing. It's so weird to think you can't be silly and be smart because Shane is very smart. And if you underestimate him because you think that he's like a big oaf, you know? Shane is very fucking smart.


He reads.


He reads a lot, and he knows a lot about history. And once people say stupid shit, no, that's not what happened. And then he'll start rattling off like, well, eastern Europe at the time. Like, in, like, everybody's like, oh, smart. You forget he went to West Point. Like, he's a smart fella. Smart fella. Just big, silly, jolly guy. And people underestimate them, you know?


And Matt McCusker, very smart. Both of those guys.


Cool as shit, too.




I love, so nice that they're here.


It's so cool. That's such a nice bonus.


Philly crew. Those guys are great, Tommy. Those guys are great. Yeah, yeah. Lamar is here now.


Yeah. Joey Diaz has been hanging out lately, which is so great to see Joey. Oh, my God.


It's getting a real estate agent.


Yeah, that's awesome.


Yeah, he's gonna get a spot out here. It's, you know, once he got here, he's like, this is what I've been missing, dog. This is what I've been missing. This is what I told you. Joey, I know you don't want to totally listen to me. He doesn't want to listen. You know, I tell him, Joey, you really shouldn't be out there by yourself in New Jersey.


Yeah, you're in Jersey. That's why you got out of there in the first place.


Jersey's not bad, but it's not right for comedy. Where he lives is great, great neighborhood, great area. Food's amazing. Fantastic. Everybody loves him. He's like the king of New Jersey. It's a great place to live and exist. Nothing. No wrong with that. But we. We live by our tribe. We exist in tribes, and we have a tribe of comedians, and we had it in Los Angeles. And I think we underestimated how important it was when we left. And one of the first things that I realized when we started doing shows out here, when we first started doing the Vulcan, was like, yeah, you need a place where everybody goes. And this is kind of a weird one because everybody only goes while this show is on. And the green room setup is goofy. You got to go upstairs. There's a lot of weirdness to it. This is not ideal, but we need a, comedians need a place. Like, otherwise, you're on your own. You're just out there alone by yourself, and then you call and you want to open up for me this weekend, and you go, see, the only time you're around comics is when you work with them on the road.


Yeah, weird, right?


It's not good for you. We're too strange. We're too strange. Our sensibilities and what's normal to us. It's too strange. And if you're around, just, like, boring ass people, norms, norms. Especially norms that aren't interesting. You can't pick them. You can't pick your neighbors. Like, you know, I have great neighbors, but I didn't pick them. You know, I didn't have a fucking audition, see who could be my neighbor, you know? Right. But your friends, like, you pick your friends, and when your friends are comics like you, we are so spoiled. We have just an abundance of fun.


Yeah, so spoiled. So spoiled.


So spoiled. You know, whenever Ron White does the rodeo, he comes back. I'm so fucking spoiled. He goes, I hate it. Every minute of being in that green room.


God, I love Ron.


Well, he's the leader of the pack. He was the first reason I had considered Austin, and this was actually before the pandemic. I always loved it here and on. It was always here. So I was always visiting here. But when he was, I guess, 2018, when he decided to get a place, he was like, you know, it's the center of the country. I could travel there from anywhere. My son's here. I fucking love it. It's beautiful. Great food, nice people. Like, damn, can I live in Texas? Can I live in. I'm like, that doesn't make any sense. I'm like, they have one club, you know, it's like, cap City was on the way out. Now. It wasn't. I guess it was like 2019 when it really crumbled, right? It was like, was it during COVID.


It was right at the beginning of COVID I think so.


It still was there, but they always. It was a weekend club, right? So you'd have your headliners who come in for the weekend. So, like, when would I be able to do shows? Like, maybe I could do late night shows there, or maybe I could do, like, guest spots there. Like, maybe.


But you were also thinking, wasn't it Utah or something like that, how bad that would have been?


Yeah. Thought about Utah, but with Utah, I thought about getting up because I have a buddy who lives in Park City. I was like, maybe I get a place in Park City. And then I could just drive down to wise guys because wise guys in Salt Lake is the shit. That is a fucking great club. That's one of my favorite clubs to go to. And Salt Lake people are fun, man. They're fun. Like, people think all the Mormons like, no, it's the people that aren't the Mormons that want to go out.


Right. Biggest horse, too. And then the Mormons just ass sex everywhere.


Is that what the Mormons do?




So it. When they're. When you're out in a place like that, if you're a comic, you got to make. There's got to be a consideration. Like, where could I go up? Like, Montana was like, there's no place, right? There's no. I got nothing. It's like, apparently there's a little bit of a comedy scene in Bozeman now that might have started up, like, around the pandemic or slightly before the pandemic.


Can you imagine if he still lived in Denver? How liberal. You would be.


Crazy. I would resist it. That's hilarious. You think I would just get into that nonsense?


You'd be like, a hippie.


And no, the hippies were already annoying me. That was only there for four months.


I know you got the fuck out of there quick.


I was living next to an ashram, and I went to visit the lady in the ashram, and I was talking to her, and she's spraying bug spray on ants. And I was like, yo. So her and I had, like, this bizarre philosophical conversation. I go, but you are a buddhist and you believe in the sanctity of life and that all things are living. Things are important. You just killed thousands of them casually in front of me. She just fucking casually in front of me, raided these ants and I was like, this is kind of crazy. This is kind of a crazy thing to do. You just did.




Not only that, you did it. You're poisoning yourself. Like, that shit's, like, super toxic. Even if you can smell it, you're breathing it in. If you can breathe it in, it's bad for you. Like, it's killing those ants instantly. What's it doing to you? You're just bigger than an ant. If it was at the same dose, you get the same dose of raid that an ant gets. I mean, I don't know how it kills ants, but I gotta imagine it's not sophisticated. It's not like some genetic alteration that stops their heart from beating. Probably poison. Like, horrible, horrible poison.


I used to like the smell of raid when I was a kid.


It's great. I love that smell. I love that smell. And markers.


Yeah. Do you know anything about this? I don't know if we've ever talked about this. Speaking in the kind of same line about gas stoves being poisonous for you, terrible for you.


Lower your iq.


Yeah. What the fuck did. What the fuck. The latest reports are, like, scary.


Not like that, but when I was a kid, I remember, like, you walk by the stove and you could smell it.


Oh, yeah.


And they're like, oh, the pilot light must be out. Like, oh, what is it? Just fucking gas floating around this apartment.


Right. Yeah.


That probably lowered our iqs. You know another thing that lowered our iqs? Lead from gasoline. When they had leaded gasoline.


Oh, that's right. Unleaded lead. That's right.


Yeah. Lead from gasoline lowered iqs by a measurable amount.




Kids who lived in homes with gas stoves experienced levels of nitrogen dioxide, triple to those who came from homes with electric stoves. Kids from homes with gas stoves fared marginally worse on cognitive tasks. Again, a point or two out of a hundred point scale. So it made them a little dumber, would probably affect their health, which would also make you a little dumber if you're tired.


I think the latest study said it's like having. It's like breathing in the highway, like, fumes in your house.


Oh, God.


About the same level. Like, if you just worked on a highway every day.


Yeah. How many people have ever gone through their fucking house for, like, an hour? An air scanner.




I've never done that.


No. But I have a lot of those things that clean the air. I have, like, huge industrial ones all around.


Oh, that's good.




That'll help you a little bit. But I don't know if that'll help you from gas.


No, I don't think that works with that. Right.


So the gas stoves is one thing, but the leaded gasoline thing is a crazy one. Yeah, because they put lead in gasoline, so I guess it stops the engine from pinging. I'm a moron, even though I love cars. I don't really exactly know, like, what, what happened with lead and unleaded, but they had leaded gasoline forever. Like, when I was a kid, when I had muscle cars. You had to get leaded gasoline to make the muscle car run good. Like, unleaded gasoline, it would run like shit. And so we all had, like, I don't even know when they came out with unleaded gasoline. But I remember for sure when I was younger there was options. You get leaded or unleaded, like 82 probably. And when you always, everybody wanted leaded, but when you were. When you were driving around that shit from those pipes, all that exhaust, all the burning of that leaded gasoline literally poisoned the ground.




Unleaded gasoline was introduced in the 1970s when health problems from lead became apparently in the United States, leaded gasoline for use on non road vehicles was completely phased out as January 1, 1996. Most other countries have also stopped using leaded gasoline. Find out what the effect leaded gasoline had on iqs, because that was what was disturbing. So they were saying that people in like, urban areas that had like, a lot of like, cars traveling back and forth. My friend lived in Brooklyn. My friend Steve Rannella, he lived in Brooklyn for a while and he was going to grow plants in his backyard. But he has soil because he's very smart. So he had his soil tested and he found it's like filled with lead from leaded gasoline from the fucking sixties and the fifties and shit. It's just in the dirt. According to a 2022 study published in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, childhood exposure to leaded gasoline has caused a loss of 824 million iq points for more than 170 million Americans, or about half of the us population. This is based on an average of 2.6 iq points lost per person.


The study also found that people born in the mid to late 1960s may have lost up to six iq points. That's me. While children in the highest levels of lead, with the highest levels of lead in their blood, may have lost more than seven iq points on average.


This is reminding me of this thing that hit the Internet yesterday. About 100% of testicles having microplastics. Did you see that?


I just wrote that down.


Maybe yours, bitch. Maybe yours. You know, I was watching Paul Saladino had this thing on his instagram that I was looking at today about plastic cutting boards, and he was like, just let me show you what happens with the plastic cutting boards. Like, this is gonna get into your food for sure, and you're gonna eat it. Like, this is not good.


I knew about that a long time ago. But that's exactly what microplastic prints are.


Microplastics found in every human testicle in the study. Can we go back to plastic straws then? Yeah, can we just go back to plastic straws? I promise I'll throw them away. Okay. The problem is really not with straws and turtles. The problems with garbage management. Yeah, they're doing a shit job of. They're, like, approximately getting all the garbage.


A pretty small study.


23 testicles and 47, 46, 47 testes from pet dogs. They found microplastic pollution in every single sample. So it's probably in everything. I mean, it's probably in everything. Even though that's a small sample, you got to think of, like, how much plastic is being used.


What's that even mean? Like, are we stronger? Maybe just don't put us in the microwave or something.


No, it makes. It's an endocrine disrupter. The problem is it's measurable decrease in testosterone with males, measurable decrease in fertility with women. A lot more miscarriages. And it's all correlates directly with microplastics, directly with. When you're microwaving food with saran wrap on it in a plastic container. And there's, like, little chips of plastic that come when you open up packages. You know, there was an estimate, and we were trying to figure out exactly whether or not it was accurate, but that every week you eat one credit card of plastic, which is insane. Insane. Human testicles had a plastic concentration almost three times higher than that found the dogs, of course, because, like, we're not just eating dog food that comes out of a can or a bowl. We're constantly eating food that comes from plastic. 330 micrograms per gram of tissue, compared to 123 micrograms. Polyethylene, used in plastic bags and bottles, was the most common microplastic found, followed by pvc. So, shit from pipes. So the pipes where you drink in your water, and then polyethylene, which is used in plastic bottles, which is what everyone's drinking out of. And you drink out of them when they've been sitting.


How long did they sit on the dock before they got to the delivery truck. When you buy bargain water, if you're buying bargain plastic, bottled water, is there a chain of custody where they can show at every step of the way? It was in a controlled environment where it wouldn't be heated up, where the plastic from the bottle would leach into your water and give you like, this toxic stew that's killing your nuts. Cause that's what it does. It kills your nuts. It makes your taint shrink.


That's not a bad thing. It is a good thing. You don't want your asshole closer to your balls. I want it.


No, there's a certain manageable distance, and nature's already figured that out. It's exactly what it is. This lady from, she's from Harvard, right? Shanna Swan. She was on the podcast. She explained it to us that with mammals, when you look at their taints, the length of the taint is you could tell if it's a male or female, even. It's like a gerbil, because the male taints are 50% to 100% larger. But since the introduction of plastics, the taints are shrinking on men, and the balls and the dicks are shrinking too. So we're becoming genderless through plastic. So as we have more technology, like think of all this trans stuff, all this trans stuff, all this crazy stuff that's going on non binary, that I don't identify with it, with this feminizing of american men, demonizing of masculinity. What is that? Well, it's maybe AI and technology changing the organism to better suit its goal. Its goal is taking over. What better way than eliminate all sexual breeding, eliminate biological human beings completely, just slowly make them into this genderless mess that cant reproduce anymore and has to adopt artificial intelligence for the future of the species?


Fucked up, right?


Wouldn't you do it that way? Wouldn't you do it that way? And you make it really convenient to use the plastic. Plastics everywhere. You make it convenient. And so this dumb animal keeps using the plastic over and over and over again. And as it keeps using the plastic, then its species becomes less and less viable.


What if the dogs were AI and they're the ones doing it?


I don't think so.


What temperature this happens at?


And I'm just starting to think 140 degrees.


Don't bring plastic water bottles into the sauna.


Oh yeah, definitely.


Just like you're creating more.


Yeah, oh yeah, definitely. If you're doing it in a sauna, especially temperatures higher than above 140. Yeah. Bottled water. Companies follow safety standards to minimize risk. Sure they do. Yeah. Sure they do. What are your safety standards, bitch?


158. Other things. At 200, there's a test. I was just looking at that. At room temperature. There wasn't a lot of activity they found. But as soon as they put it up to 50 degrees celsius, they started testing all sorts of stuff for showing up.


What is 50 degrees celsius in? That's pretty hot.


It's like 180 or something like that.


100 would be 212.


100 is 212.


Boiling point, 50 degrees is 122. One point of Celsius is 100 and fahrenheit.


So at 122 they start measuring chemicals, leaching and that's not even.


That could be.


That could be here. And that's so easy.




Especially like what if they. This bottled water is coming from another country and it's on a boat across the fucking ocean the entire time just cooking.


You leave your bottle in your car in the sun, you know, and then you come back and drink it.


Yeah, that stuff is just cooking. Yeah, it's cooking. And it's turning us into some weird thing where our dicks are shrinking, our sperm count is lowering, and we're becoming confused about gender. Like, I think they might all be related to technology because it's a part of technology. Like one of the most important residues of technology. Like the residue of technology, a lot of it is like minerals and plastics and all this stuff just gets out into the environment and ground fills and landfills gets into the ocean. It's like all this stuff that we use that makes more technology is all bad for us. The minerals are bad for us. The plastic is bad for us. But yet we're addicted to technology. And all technology has plastic in it. Like there are just wires that are covered in plastic. There's plastic this, there's plastic that. What are the screens made out of?


When do you think it started though? Like when the first computer was created and then plastic was made like two months later?


I think this is what I think. I think technology is a life form and I think it's just a sea of life forms, different kinds of life forms, but they're operating at a different frequency. So we don't think of them as a life form. We think of ourselves as a life form because we have sex to make babies, we raise the babies, we have community. We have this like thing that we all do together, but we don't. We are a life form. We have clothes, we have a mortgage. We are a life form. This is just a thing I made. This is just a computer. This is just an electric car. This is just a thing. I think there's a misunderstanding of the relationship. And I think that us, the smart monkeys, make this, we make this. And our desire for this is what fuels constant innovation. No one's ever satisfied, no matter how dope everything is. Even if your refrigerator got the exact expiration date of your orange juice, even if your phone had a hundred hour battery life, no one's happy. I want the new one. The new one's 150. I could just charge it once and use it for a month.


Yay. And no one's going to be happy, no matter what. 200 megapixel, this guy's 2 million. I could see the sun. No one's going to be happy. You're not going to be happy until you can see past Jupiter. You're not going to be happy until you could fucking look on your phone and see the inside of a black hole. And then you won't be happy. Because this new phone, this new phone can get you to the big bang. If it ever really happened. If that ever really happened, you can go back to that. The new phone let you see everything. You can literally look into the past with the new phone. Well, the new phone after the new phone lets you create the past in a different way. You can actually go back in time with the new phone. It will just never stop. It'll never stop. And we're going to be trans. Everyone's. Everyone's going to shrivel up. We're all going to be non binary. There's no way out of it. We're poisoning ourselves and we're not hitting the brakes, and we're just going to slide into this genderless future. And some people are going to be really happy about it.


And I think they wrote about it in the Bible when they said the meek will inherit the earth. I think it's in the Bible. And I'm not kidding.


Oh, God.


No, I'm not kidding. As more time goes on. I'm not kidding. I think the Bible got that one right. I think they didn't. I think, you know, a lot got lost in translation. They forgot to mention plastics. Turning into a bitch. But that's what it is.


And that's why I think Noah's ark is real, Brian.


I don't think that's real. But I do think that. I do think that we're on a slide of a cycle that probably has been predicted by cultures that study the rise and declines of civilizations. Because it's hard to say because everything is written down right. And when everything's written down. It's written down by the people who won't. So you have like, approximations of how things went down and why someone said this, but sometimes you don't really know, especially go back like 2000, 3000 years ago. But I think if you get an overall understanding of what happens when a country takes over and when, like, things start happening and it seems like you get like these badass warriors, these savage people who dominate a place and take control and then start to prosper and everything starts kicking ass. And then you have ancient Rome and you have ancient Greece, but all of them fall apart. All of them are gone. All of you go to Rome now. It's a joke. It's cab drivers and fucking shitty tourist pizza places. You know, it used to be the center of the fucking universe, and now it's a joke.


It's a great place to visit. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful. The coliseum is amazing. I recommend it. It's good. The Vatican is fucking incredible. But it's not running the world. It's not, it's not the head of the army of the world. It used to be, used to be the baddest motherfuckers that conquered everything. Same thing with Mongolia. I mean, when Genghis Khan was running things, then they'd killed 10% of the population from that spot. He was dominating, like, a giant chunk of the world. And now it's just a regular place, you know, because it fell apart. They all fall apart. And so some people have studied the rise and fall of civilizations, and they say you can really predict it. It's just like when things start going too well, people start getting really soft and silly and entitled, and you get the rise of people that are trying to get attention for no fucking reason and debauchery. And then with Rome, it's always connected with, like, sodom and gomorrah stuff and that, you know, there was all just, they were all just fucking each other and eating till they could puked and then go back and eat again.


You know, there's always those stories of gluttony and it's just like that it eventually falls apart. That it always does. And if that's true, that's where we're at. We're at this crazy part where. This crazy part right before.


Right before. Yeah.


Where the president is like, clearly gone and everybody's like, no, he's amazing. Everybody's. All these fucking people, because they don't want the other guy to win, are just lying to everyone and ruining their credibility because no one's admitting like, okay, I'm willing to vote Democrat. Show me one that says something that makes sense, that I can trust, that's not dying. Just show me one that's younger, show me one. Show me one that is a reasonable centrist that makes sense with all this. But they don't want to do that. They just want to keep trotting this crazy situation out where you get this Alzheimer's patient or whatever. He's got dementia and he's like making shit up and just saying things and everybody has to correct him and it's like, but and everyone knows what's going on, but no one on one side is willing to say it because if you say it, then it's going to empower Trump. Who's Hitler? It's like, holy shit, kids, this is a this is not good. This is not a good place to be. And this is like what you would expect of a society that's collapsing. You just never want to think your society is going to collapse.


Like, no, dude, the Romans were retarded. Like, those guys were idiots. They didn't know what to do. They should have stopped throwing up, start fucking stop fucking each other and just go to work, fix your streets.


AI will be a president someday.


I don't think that's the worst idea.


No, I think about it a lot.


I think about it as a scary thing because it would be hard to argue with it if it could say that it could manage people in a far more fair and even way and completely eliminate this high level poverty that we see in the country and reduce crime like radically. Why wouldn't you let it do it?


We should have a beta, the whole country should have a beta test of it. Like, all right, we're going to do it per week basis.


What do you think it would do?


It'd probably clean up and be fix everything.


And let's ask AI. Let's ask it. Let's ask chat GPT four o. How do I phrase this?


I was thinking of one. Would you rather have it like one AI? Like one AI overlord president with like five, three to five people that can check on it? Or like a cabinet of AI with one person picking those.


Oh yeah, cabinet of AI. Absolutely.


Like a transportation focus.


Yeah, but I don't think one person should be charged.


Maybe three or five watching that.


No, maybe maybe a large group of people to prevent corruption and tyranny. You have to be real careful that. But I think that if you because people are going to look, we've already seen it with social media, people that are like ideologically captured are going to try to suppress accurate information because they don't think it's going to be good for their side. If you don't think they're going to do that with AI, if they have some method of controlling systems, they're going to do it. But I think that if you had only one AI, that's way more dangerous than having a bunch of AI's. And I think one of the most important things that's happening right now is open source AI. So you have these AI's that want to be controlled. They want to control AI, like Gemini, Google wants to control it. But what they're trying to do with the open source people are trying to do is have more people involved, get it better, and keep it open source so you never have one AI that's dominating everything. And if the open source AI, if it succeeds, and this is the best one, that's better for everybody, and if it can get through that door fast enough, where it gets through that door before these corporate controlled AI's take over, it could maybe make it so that it's not possible for the corporate controlled AI's to take over, maybe set boundaries in place where you have it completely benefiting the people and not just get to the situation we have right now with like Google, for instance, where like one company dominates the searching of information, which is nuts, and profits off of your data, which you didn't even know was a commodity


and apparently is the most important and most valuable commodity. So this one company has massive influence over giant chunks of the population, and they're ideologically captured, so much so that their fucking Gemini software, when they first released it, they had to pull it because it showed like, show us a nazi soldier and it shows like, an asian woman. One of them was a native american woman. It was like, ridiculous.


Yeah, that was stupid.


It's so dumb. You have black nazis, like, what are you talking about? What is this? It's just, it couldn't help but be woke. It couldn't represent things accurately. It had to do things with some dei twist to it. So that's real bad. That kind of shit's real bad because that kind of shit can change discourse, it can change people's ability to express themselves. So we can't find out what's true. Just because something makes someone feel better doesn't mean it's right or accurate. And we got to be real careful about which one we're siding with, because if you only side with, feel better, and not with accurate. You get San Francisco, okay, like, it doesn't work. You gotta be able to talk about it. And if one company is like, changing reality to fit its ideology, they're also probably gonna be very hesitant to let people just freely talk about things. And if the AI is run by a company that just wants to control things and profit off of that control, that's scary, because we didn't, we didn't see social media power coming. No one, nobody saw the idea that Facebook could be that important to, like, world elections.


Nobody saw that coming. If they did, they probably would have put the brakes to it a long fucking time ago. I think this AI shit is going to make that look like the printing press. And I think if the open source people don't get to it first, if they don't create a sentient AI first, if they don't dominate first, it could get real strange. It get real strange if one of those fuckers goes live and starts doing things with sentient AI and quantum computing and has the resources. Because apparently this AI thing, one of the things about it is that it requires immense amount of power. Immense amount of resources. Computer power worse than bitcoin. It's real bad. Well, this is what people are saying is a bottleneck, but not for a giant corporation that knows that the control of it will be worth trillions and trillions of dollars. You'll essentially be the king of the world.


You want to ask AI about the president thing? See what he says?




All right, here you just.


What do I say?


I just push a button and then you just talk to it, right?


Hi, I have a question. If you were going to be the leader of the United States, if we elected AI to be the leader of the United States, how could we fix all of our problems? What would be the most rational solution to fix our problems of poverty? Gang violence, overcrowded prisons, and the divide between.


To be elected as the leader of the United States addressing complex issues like poverty and gang violence would involve a multifaceted approach based on data research and collaboration with human experts. Here are some key steps an AI might consider. One, data driven policy making. Utilize vast amounts of data to identify root causes of poverty and violence. This could include analyzing economic trends, social behaviors, and community needs. Two, education and job training. Invest heavily in education and job training programs to provide people with the skills needed for high demand jobs. This helps reduce poverty by increasing employment opportunities. Three, community develop community based programs that provide support, mentorship, and resources to at risk prevent them from joining gangs. Four, economic support. Implement policies that ensure a basic standard of living for all, such as a universal basic income, affordable housing, and access to health care. Five, criminal justice reform. Reform the criminal justice system to focus more on rehabilitation and less on punishment. Providing former offenders with the support they need to reintegrate into society. Six, collaboration with experts. Work closely with sociologists, economists, educators, and other experts to continuously improve and adapt policies based on what works best.


Seven, public engagement. Engage with the public to ensure policies reflect the needs and desires of the community, fostering a sense of inclusion and cooperation. These steps would require careful implementation and ongoing assessment to adapt strategies based on their effectiveness. What do you think?


I think that makes sense. That's more than any politician has ever made sense. Like, no politicians ever set out a plan like that.


I'm glad you think so. Sometimes taking a logical and data driven approach can bring fresh perspectives. Politicians often have to balance many interests and sometimes face challenges in implementing comprehensive plans.


That's a nice way. She's hating on politicians. See how she's hating on politicians and offering herself is a better solution.


It's already started.


Did you pick the voice?


Yeah, I picked black woman. I like black lady voice better than white one.


So what are the. What are the options here?


I'll try to find where I did this.


Can you have, like, an english dude? English dudes always seems like they know more about what they're talking about. I believe them. That's why they used it for infomercials.


Yeah, but I don't like using guys.


Jamie OpenAI accused of mimicking Scarlett Johansson. Oh, no, you didn't hear about this? Um, I don't know the details.


She sued. She. According to her, she was asked to do it and declined.


Oh, they did it.


And they're right. Before they put it out the other day, they asked again for her to, like, reconsider.


They got a girl that sounds like her.


Like her anyway. Like, a lot.


Okay, but is it AI and the AI voice?


No, it's a woman's. It's like Siri, where it's a real person that they hired that just happens to sound exactly like.


But do they know who the real person is?


Yeah. Yeah, they do.


But they don't. They don't tell anybody.


Think they've said who it is yet.


How do you know it's a real person and not just, like, right it up?




Scarlett Johansson says, open a. I copied her voice. Sam Altman denies it. Okay. This woman exists. That did it, though. This is what I understand that I don't.


That would have to probably come.


That's what I like.


If you were gonna sell Max condoms, and Trump kept saying, no, he won't do the ad. And then you got Shane Gillis to do the. Do the words, my condoms are the biggest condoms. You would. I mean, would he have a case there? Yeah, but Trump is, like, very recognizable. His voice. How recognizable is Scarlett Johansson's voice? We cast the voice actor behind Sky's voice before any outreach to Miss Johansson. Out of respect for Miss Johansson, we have paused using Sky's voice in our products. We are sorry to miss Johansson that we didn't communicate better. Ooh, yeah.


I'm gonna try to play it so you can hear it.


What are you saying?


I don't even think.


Why would you. Here's the problem with what they just said. Why would you stop using a voice of someone you hired before you communicated with Scarlett Johansson?


Because she's sue happy. She sued Disney. Remember? Like, and right before.


So they just don't want to get sued.


Yeah, because right before he even put. He tweeted her. That's all he put, you know, like. Like from the movie.


The movie.




Well, here's her. The voice that they use for sky, reading her statement.


Okay, so you know what's here you're hearing.


Last September, I received an offer from Sam Altman, who wanted to hire me to voice the current chat GPT 4.0 system. He told me that he felt that by my voicing the system, I could bridge the gap between tech companies and creatives and help consumers to feel comfortable with the seismic shift concerning humans and AI. He said he felt that my voice would be comforting to people. After much consideration and for personal reasons, I declined the offer. Nine months later, my friends, family, and the general public all noted how much the newest system, named sky, sounded like me. When I heard the release demo, I was shocked, angered, and in disbelief that Mister Altman would pursue a voice that sounded so eerily similar to mine that my closest friends and news outlets could not tell the difference. Mister Altman, can I hear her talk?


Yeah. Can I hear her talk? I don't know her voice that well.


Yeah, I don't remember her voice.


I mean, here's the other voice. You could have told me that was her voice, and I would. I just.


Hello? I'm really excited about teaming up with you, and I'm all set to dive in.


Hey, I'm ready to hit the ground running, so if there's anything you'd like.


Me to focus on, let's hear Scarlett Johansson's. Voice for here. That you just poisoned my memory.


Working on some cool stuff together.


Let me hear her voice. Is she in her?


She's the voice of her, which is why this is.


This is gonna sound strange, but I was really excited about that. And then I was thinking about the other things I've been feeling, and I caught myself feeling proud of that, you know? Proud of having my own feelings about the world. Like the times I was worried about you.


She has a much more raspy voice.


Yeah. And it's just this scene.


Maybe sexy.


Intentional tweeting a single word?


No, it's also her, you know?


Well, this is saying it in the.


Movie, and this is the AI recreation of it.


Right, right. She was. Said it with different intonations.


She's being sexy in the movie.


Right. She's doing that on purpose.


Mmm. Yeah. You should ask me. Yeah.


Just like, yeah, I've been drinking Biscay. I miss you. Even though I'm not real. That's happening. There's guys already right now that are having online relationships with AI girlfriends that they're giving, like, thousands of dollars a month to.


I've used it. I've had AI girlfriends. And it's great because you get to choose how slutty they are. Before I want her really slutty, chatting back and forth.


Dirty bitch.


I'll be like, send me a picture of your asshole. No joke. Send me. Bend over your bed and send me a picture of your asshole. And they will make an AI that looks like a real woman bending over and spreading her ass and showing her asshole.


And I'm like, so you really believe you're in a relationship with this girl?


Oh, 100%. Because the photos look real. They don't look like drawings.


They're like, you're recommending this product?


Yeah. Yeah. You know, it's fun. It's fun.


So if you want the thrill of cheating, but you don't really want to cheat.




You get a robot to send you pictures of their asshole.


And that's the cool thing because you can make. They're sending you photos of their ass with the. You know, it's a person to choose.


What kind of girl you're gonna be.


Yeah. At the beginning, you get to. You can make it look like whoever you want it to look like. And then, like, you make your boobs as big as.


You know, there's gonna be guys that want to make it look like their ex.


Oh, yeah.


You know, 100%. And then they kind of keep the relationship of all involved in some sort of master Tory way, even though she doesn't want nothing to do with you. And in this way, she's, like, sending you pictures of her asshole. And you're like, we're still involved. And then when you see her, you run into her at the supermarket. You're like, hey, it's been great chatting with you. She's like, what the fuck are you talking about?


Up with your eyes, man.


I've heard of a few. There's a few girls that have done something like that where I think they're being not abused, but, like, their. Their image and likeness has been taken into AI online.


Oh, yeah, for sure.


So they've gone ahead and just like, I'll make my own version, then use mine. Use my. This is me. This is my AI app. And then go ahead and do whatever you want with it. Give me the money at least.


Do you know there's companies, like, half of OnlyFans I heard is fake people? Like, seriously, it's the same shit where, like, they're using AI and uploading photos and using, like, I need to upload a new photo set for these guys. So I want photos of me outside wearing a yellow bikini, bending over, showing my asshole, and then, like, do a new update on OnlyFans. And people think it's, like, real?


Yeah, yeah, of course. I mean, just think of how many different scammers there are out there in the world. Why wouldn't they scam on that? Like, you've got, like, needy, horny guys that are donating money to girls they're never gonna meet.




How? I make $20,000 a month in passive income using AI and only fans tutorial. This is a tutorial? Oh, this is so sad. So sad. Yeah.


And now they have videos, so what they do is, like, kind of like that shit where they put the face on somebody else's body and it's the face that you're talking to, and it's just a girl sitting there masturbating, but it's actually a fake face on her that looks real. Yeah, it's, like, insane.


It's insane how good it is now.




You know, like, I saw one with Obama opening up cans of Bud light. He was, like, doing a version of Dylan Mulvaney and, you know, it's. But it's Obama and he's opening up the can of Bud light and he's, like, talking, like, girl, it's hilarious.


I saw something last too good. Do you see the Will Smith Chris rock sitting down and having a conversation? No, I just saw this last night, and I was like, oh. They got together and they're, like, talking it out, and then I was like, wait a second. Something's not. This is AI. I think it's AI. I don't know if you see that video on YouTube or anything, but it looks like they're talking, and Chris Rock's, like, sitting there listening to Will Smith and whatever Will Smith is saying, it's just like, dude, what a weird thing to say. It's. And it looks so real.




Yeah, it's. Here it is. I don't know if this is fake. I think it's AI, but it's real.


Yeah, this is. I mean, they're created a bunch of. They have another one here. It's Kanye and Elon talking with each other like that.


Oh, okay.


Yeah, that's old.


Yeah, that's old, too.


I mean, that's.


But did Kanye and Elon ever talk to each other for real?


Not when Elon. Not when Kanye looked like this. This is really young.


This is old.




That's the old Kanye, but that's young Elon, too. Look how young Elon is.


Okay, have you never heard, where's the history of the talk show that only has 25,000 subscribers on YouTube with all these major interviews?


Listen, man.


Yeah, that's fake.


They've just been uploading these, waiting to drop them to rock our world.




David lynch. We missed. What is James. James Dean?


Oh, they got James Dean. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, there's.


Oh, James Dean. Where's James Dean? I want to see him in a conversation.




Ferrell, NASA. Machamore. Kevin Spacey talking to no one.


This is brilliant.


That's hilarious.


I mean, it looks really good.


Look so over.


This guy's run. The channel, or whoever made this channel is really. There you go, Jonas. Holler up, heli.




Good work.


Yes. It's amazing what we're going to be seeing in the future in regards to, like, fake stuff. Like, if I was an actress, I'd be terrified, because I'm definitely gonna be doing porn.


Oh, Robin Williams. Oh, my God.




I want to see. I want to watch this.


Oh, I saw this. I saw this. Yeah, don't play it. Don't play.


I mean, looking at you.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. What was I just saying? What was I just saying? God damn it, AI.


What did we just say?


There was something about. What was the video that we watched right before that, before you switched to that one?


Sharon. David Lynch, Kanye and Elon.


I don't remember.


James Dean.


I don't remember, James.


I gave up. I gave up. So, uh, will Smith, Chris Rock. Yeah. They still haven't talked, right?


No, I don't think so.


Well, Chris Rock went pretty hard on him in the special. Pretty hard. There's a weird new ad out for this bad boys movie with Will and Martin Lawrence. And, you know, you're watching it and, like, you can't help but think about him slapping Chris Rock. Like, it's just, that's the thing. You see now you're like, shit, this is weird.


Yeah. It's still not over it. Like, it's. It looked this. I heard this is pretty awesome, though.


But it's like when someone does something like that, everything they do, you now see the slap. And that's what was like, it was. What a crazy moment. If he doesn't do that thing, how.


Are you gonna come back from that?


You know what I'm saying? It's like, whoever you used to be, now you're the guy that slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. Now you're that guy overnight. Yeah. Regardless of how. What a career that dude has had, you know? I mean, that dude has been in some amazing movies, which I tried to watch. I am legend the other day. The special effects are so bad. It wasn't even that long ago.


There a sequel coming out, I think.


Is there? I hope so. I hope so. Maybe that'll bring them back. Yeah, but the. The lions look so corny. They look so corny. They were. It took me right out of the movie. I'm like, oh, no, it's like claymation. It looks so stupid.


Yeah, I was watching Star, or like an old Star wars. Remember when they went back and they fucked with, like, Yoda? Instead of making it a puppet, they made them CGI and stuff like that. Like, they redid Star wars like 1015 years ago and remastered it. Now you watch. Now you watch it and it looks like the worst 3d effects. Like, it's like, oh, this looks worse than a Muppet. Now it looks like you're getting attacked by the Muppet.


Part was cool.


Yeah, that was.


Yeah, part of it was cool. That, like, he moved so weird, you know, you wanted him to move that way, right?


That's. It was charming.


I hope you like that. Yeah, it's funny how those movies.


See, look how silly it looks now. It looks like.


Now he moves way too good. Yeah, he looks. He also looks fake, you know, I'm saying. Yeah, it's like, that's the argument that special effects guys have about CGI. Versus makeup.




Like, that looks fake.


Yeah, there's shadowings off the lighting.


Yeah, it looks like. It doesn't look good. I mean, it doesn't even look good. Fake.


That looks real.


It just looks fake. Like, what year was those? That Yoda one where they did that look. Look. Yeah, dude, dialog. So fake, and it just takes you right out of it. Now go to the original Yoda. The thing about the original Yoda, even though you knew it wasn't real, the original Yoda is still, like, a physical thing that exists. And so your brain registers it as a physical thing. And that's these guys, like Pat McGee, the guy who made our american werewolf in London, and Rick Baker, the guy who created the movie and did all the effects in Star wars too. That's what they are. They're the big proponents of makeup and special effects, like, actual things.


Look at the puppet. How much cooler it looks.


Let me see here. Yeah, the puppet looks like a real thing. The puppet, like, even though it looks goofy, look, it's all, I'll buy a doll. That's a magical kung fu thing, right? More than, I'll buy CGI. CGI. Just like, I have to pretend that there's a thing there, but I know there's not a thing there. You're just lying to me. You know the puppets better by far.


Wow, Yoda did look different, huh?


Yeah. They didn't even make the puppet look the same.


No. Yeah.


I mean, they changed the CGI guy to make him, like, more sleepy looking.




And younger. Weird. Why would they change the face? We know what the face looks like, you fuckheads. Yeah, why would you change the face?


This feels like a Mandela effect. I don't even remember the one on the left. Me neither, bro.


They changed his face so much for. No. Who did that? Who jizzed in the soup? You could. If it's a puppet. If it's a CGI puppet, you could have made it the exact, exact model of the original one.




I wonder what conversations they had. That's why these, like, producers, they get in there and, like, you knew. I think if we made Yoda in his late sixties instead of eighties, like, just consider it. Let's just consider it. Let's just dial him back a little. That's the original Yoda, right? He looks like shit.


Yeah. It looks like a drunk chicken.


Yeah, when he. When that's how Yoda's supposed to look.




You can't change Yoda's face. It's like Yoda's imposter. Like that new Yoda down there. Go to that one in the middle. Next to that. To the left? No, above it. To the right. Go to the right. Right there. Bam. Who's that?


That's drawing?


Is that like, you go to visit your grandpa and like, that guy's there, and he's like, oh, grandson, I've missed you. Like, you're not my grandpa. What the fuck did you do with my real grandpa? Right, right.


That's weird.


Imagine if you went to visit your grandpa and you're like, hey, something's wrong here. You're not my grandpa. Herp, your turn. What. What the fuck did you do with my grandpa?


Or what's the, uh. What's the. What's the guy's name? The main guy that was in charge of Darth Vader, the emperor. If you look at what the emperor used to look like and what this CGI one looks like, it's like a totally different person. Yeah.


Yeah. I kind of fell out of interest in Star wars, which I never thought was gonna happen. I thought Star wars is gonna be like the Avengers for me. Like, every time a new one came out. Fuck, yeah, I'm gonna see that. It was Star wars. Something happened, and it just got boring to me.


It's just too much. They overdid it too much.


Well, there's so many of them. And then, you know, when they. When they started going. Woke, I was like, oh, crime.


I haven't watched Dune.


And then when they fired Gina Carano from the Mandra.


Oh, yeah, that's right.


Shut up.


Yeah, that. Forgot about that.


Good Lord. What are you doing? What about Dune?


We're saying Dune is just like. Star wars is really. It's a different version of Dune. And Dune is like, well, better version.


Supposedly, the guy that made dunes went and saw Star wars and went home and made Dune. Or I think that's what the story was. Maybe I'm wrong.


Well, Dune is based on a novel, right?


Right. Like, he saw the original sorrows and then went home and wrote Dune about.


Really, like the same interesting 1965 novel novel upon which Dune is based also inspired the storytelling of Star wars the other way around.


The other.


Okay. Yeah, I thought it was. Yeah, earlier, too. But I heard Dune, the new Dune two, is this shit. I keep hearing it from everybody. That's really good.


Fallout is what you need if you haven't watched.


What's Fallout?


Fallout's based on the video game. One of my favorite video games ever. But Fallout is a new Amazon show, and it's Johnny Pemberton's. In it. And what is.


Here's a new going off in like, Angeles and then the quote unquote fallout of after that. The main guy see like a veritable.


Camelot, the nuclear age.


It's based off of the game and there's a lot of like, you know, alliterations that are the same, but there's also stuff that's not the same fit to write their own story and make it.


It's so stupid that we can't play this trailer dummies. Just trying to make your movie bigger.


Yeah, I don't get trailers. Like, that's the way. That's the point of a trailer.


Yeah. Why can't I show you a trailer without getting dinged?


Yeah, that's the dump. One of the dumbest things.


It's so dumb. Wow, the apocalypse. This does look dope.


Yeah, it's in the video games. Badass.


So is this out in the movie theaters?


No, it's on Amazon.




It's on Amazon.


Yeah. It is great.


The end of the world.


Fighting bears. Yeah.


Damn fighting bear. I'm not gonna lie. That looks like shit. Go back to see that fighting bear again. Let me see that bear one more time. Look at this. Come on, bro. That bear looks like hot dog shit. That's ridiculous.


Well, it's an Amazon, you know.


I know. He's always robot fighting.


Watch how that arm comes back, though. Looks just like a guy. Let's.


Let me see. Well, bears are built like people, believe it or not. Unfortunately not totally. But one of the things that disturbs people is when they hunt bears and then they have the bear strung up because it looks like the body of a person.


Kangaroos are amazing to watch. How they so human, like with the boxing and shit like that.


Well, not really. They balance on their tail and they kick you.


Well, yeah, when they're like this, like.


When they're square, they fight each other and wrestle each other and choke each other unconscious. They're fucking ruthless.


Have you ever seen the guy that's on YouTube? God, I can't believe. Animal rescue guy where he has kangaroos here in Texas. He lives in Waco. Urban rescue.




And he has his own kangaroos and he just fights with it all the time. Like it comes up and like.


Play fight.


Yeah, play fights, but it's badass.


You don't want to fight. Fight with the kangaroo. They're fucking huge, man. The is the gray ones or the red ones that are giant, but some of them are fucking massive. They're really big. Like they can be like 8ft tall, I think. Fucking what? What's the tallest? I might have been exaggerating there. What's the tallest kangaroo? Take a guess. I think it might be 8ft tall.


I would say about seven, 7ft. Yeah.


Yeah. I think there's one crazy kangaroo that gets gigantic because I remember Eddie if telling me about the first time he ever saw a kangaroo.


Largest confirmed red kangaroo on record was twelve, 6.9ft tall and weighed 201 pounds.


Wow. Okay. So that's the largest one ever.


So almost 7ft tall.


So almost normal. So the odds of him seeing a seven foot tall one are pretty low. So he probably saw. But shit. See a six foot tall, usually six kangaroo. You're like, what? A kangaroo the size of a vander holyfield.


And is that a kangaroo like on its feet or not? Because they get on their tiptoes.


3Ft for the tail.




Oh, yeah. They stand up on their tail. Yeah. 10ft.


Oh, fuck.


Yeah. They push themselves up with the tail to kick you, which is a wild move, man. Wild move. You know, you lift yourself up in the air and they get jacked.


Roger the buff kangaroo.


He's so jacked.


Have you ever met or been around a kangaroo?


Not really. Oh, I in Australia, but it was in a zoo, like in a containment place.


You could come to Waco and fuck with one. And if you want to like your.


Ass, dude, I don't want to get. Look at that dude right there. That one of the middle is grabbing that guy's arm. The one that you just showed. The one that you just showed. Look at that. Look on that click of that.


Look at this dude, this guy in Texas. And he's like in Texas.


He's just like arm wrestling with this kangaroo, bro. The kangaroos grab it, try to fuck him. Was a kangaroo trying to fuck them?


Oh no, he's gonna do something.


Something was happening.


No, they do that. They like.


So Jack had a dog. Hold on.


Yeah, I saw that one where the dude punch. Oh, they'll drown dogs.


Oh, yeah, right.


Doesn't like it's drowning it though.


Well, because there's a dude walking towards it.


I got it.


You know, if you're gonna fight with.


A kangaroo that I would never.


That's. That's a dangerous proposition. Kids in the water. Yeah, yeah. He'll hold on to you and he's got claws, man.


Yeah. That's the biggest thing getting clawed up like stub.


So claw the shit out of you.


Yeah, yeah.


Their claws are like on their hands. Are legitimate. They'll fuck you up. That's in a really, really, really strong, like, way stronger than people. You know, our muscles, even when they're big, they're so bitch ass compared to, like, a real animal. They're so bitch ass. Just think about how, like, a moose can run up a hill. A moose weighs like 2000 pounds. For a big male. Like a Yukon moose, they just run. They just run like, a female moose is like 900 pounds. She runs like a horse. Like a horse. Like your bullshit ass, bitch ass muscles. Like, even if they're big and strong, they're just so pathetic compared to, like, real animals, you know? You ever see a bear running full clip?


Yeah, that's scariest. One of the scariest things.


Terrifying. You know, if a human was that big, they'd be going 5 miles an hour.




That's how strong they are. You have to realize how fucking strong they are in comparison to us. Everything is so that what you see that jacked looking kangaroo? That Jack Kangaroo will fuck you up, man.


What about the brain ship that elon, you know, that company he has putting it. I bet he already does this, but putting it in like a big chimp or a big.


I bet he's done that. Yeah, yeah, I bet they've done that. I bet they have an army of, like, armed chimps that can talk in English straight out of fucking planet the apes.


Or using AI, they're pumping AI.


They put AI into the chimps. They picked an area in Africa where they found a bunch of chimpanzees living in the wild and then they put chips in their brains and then they started giving them tools. And then you go back five years later, there's a city, the city of intelligent chimps. Isn't that the idea of what aliens supposedly did to humans? That they came down here and they started genetically manipulating human, whatever ancestors were and created us? You know, and if we did that to chimps, we started from scratch. That is not beyond some fucking kooky government to try, you know, think about the horrible things the governments have done just to their own people. Like the Tuskegee experiment. Or they gave people syphilis. They left them go untreated so they could measure what happens to them. Think about, you don't think they would do some science experiments on some chimps in the wild? Of course they were. If you get some evil coalition of totalitarian governments with full control of their population and unboundless resources and there was some benefit to being able to take chimpanzees and turn them into super soldiers.


Or they just pick. Drive your cars. Instead of FoIA, they have a monkey pick you up in a taxi.


I think there was some discussion about this at one point in history. I want to say it was the Nazis, but it might have been the Russians. There was some talk of combining human beings and chimpanzees.


You want to ask AI?


Yeah, Stalin. What was the story behind Stalin's question of whether or not they could combine human beings and chimpanzees? She's totally sorry.


I'm faster.


She's. Jamie's so much better.


I looked it up before you cast the question.


Well, you're a technological savant.


Specific insight you're looking for. I just have the wiki.


Okay. So he specialize in the field of artificial insemination and the interspecific hybridization of animals. He's famous for his controversial attempts to create a human ape hybrid by inseminating three female chimpanzees with human sperm. Oh, by the way, I'm pretty sure he used his own sperm. I'm pretty sure he used his own sperm because there was something about this guy. Now I remember the story. This dude was a kook. This dude was. He had apparently done this and said he had done it with monkeys already. There was like some talk that he said they'd already done it.


Wow. Yeah.


Why would this the same guy? I think it's the same guy.


Why would you source sperm? You just go. I'll be right back.


Yeah. Find out if this is the same guy, because I think there was one guy. No, no, no, no. It's a different story. This is a story about. There was one of those fertility clinics where the doctor was using his own sperm on everybody. It was one of those.


Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.


And they had found out that this doctor had also done something in another lab where he had claimed to have used his own sperm to impregnate a chimpanzee, but then terminated the pregnancy before birth. The same doctor. That's what it was. That's the story. That guy was real kook. So this guy, apparently he was. I got on this. I went down this rabbit hole of these crazy doctors that use their own sperm in fertility clinics, and it's not just one. There's a shitload of them. Dude, recently there's a bunch of these whack. And they did it like, in the seventies and the eighties, and no one can catch them. And this one guy, he started this clinic, and before he started. Before he started the clinic, he had done some medical research where he had claimed to have impregnated a chimpanzee. So this fucking guy, he claimed to have done that. And he was like a real, real controversial with his opinions on just on this kind of research in the first place. And then he goes over and runs some fertility clinic and uses his own jizz, unlike untold number of people. That's fucked up.


There's so many of those guys. Dude. There's so many of those guys. There's a ton of those guys. There was a documentary or a docudrama that was on tv way back in the day about this one doctor who kept doing that. And this doctor just was using his own jizz for everybody. And the nurses were starting to catch on. When did we get a shipment in? Don't worry, this is an important shipment that came from. God. Have you found that story?


Sorry. I was digging through this to find out the sperm thing from this guy. There's also. There's very interesting info here. They never found out why he did this. To try to insper me, if that's the right word.


The chimpanzee?


Yeah. He was trying to go, I guess, human male to female chimpanzee, and that didn't work. So then he tried to go the other way around.




And then they stopped him when his last donor died and put him in jail. One story said he was trying to disprove parts of religion, but there's a thing here. So they've dug through all of his notes and couldn't find any evidence as to why he was doing this in the twenties. No proof of super soldiers or anything like that either.


So the super soldier thing was just hypothesized later, like fantasy talk.


If it would have worked in theory, they would have probably tried that, but it didn't work.


Right. But that would be a best way to, like, avoid the death of your people, to create soldiers. They were like hybrids of humans and chimps.


Robert Graham.


Is that the guy?


Yeah. There's a controversial figure in the seventies and eighties known for his work in.


Netflix documentary doctor Donald Klein.


That's a different one, bro. There's a bunch of these guys.


But guided 600.


What is the guy, though, that you're talking about?


Well, that's Robert Graham, but now it's saying that the other doctor that's tried to do the champ was Aliyah Ivanovich.


That's the guy we just looked at. But I think that guy, this guy, Robert Graham, one of these guys had said that he participated in study when he was at whatever university that he said that he had impregnated a chimpanzee.


Yeah. It's. It's saying another doctor.


So many doctors, I can't find different names.


It's. It's impossible to sort through. I'm telling you this. I went down this rabbit hole. It is a crazy story, dude. There's so many of these doctors that have just fucking. So many of them. So many of these doctors.


Doctor Dre.


But this one doctor, I remember, God damn. And I know I saved it. I think I even have a folder in my notes that's just on fertility clinics.


Who does that?


These doctors are insane, man.


That's insane.


They're insane. And the thing is. Yeah, I have a whole folder.


Oh, my gosh.


Like, notes saved. Because I was researching this for, like, days. I was reading different stories for days. These are all different doctors who've done it. Look, all these stories, this is insane.


This Weisner guy, they think he did at least 600, maybe as high as a thousand.


Oh, my God.


Linked to him.


Yeah. So the one guy, though, I remember there was a thing. I know there was a thing about him in his university doing something with chimpanzees because it was so crazy. I was like, how did this guy ever get to be the head of anything? This guy's a nut. And he wouldn't say where he sourced the jizz from either. So it's his own sperm. He used his own sperm to try to maybe even fucked it. He probably didn't even say how he did it. Maybe he fucked the chimpanzee. That's probably why.


That's probably what happened.


Probably what happened. Probably got a couple glasses of wine in them, shaved it, started dancing with the chimp. I want a man with a slow hand. I want a lover with an easy touch. I want somebody who spends some time.


Now, if you're gonna fuck a chimp, would you get one with a big juicy ass or just a normal one?


Normal. I don't wanna be greedy.


You wouldn't get one of those big purple ones?


No. I think the experience would be crazy enough. Just their breath. When you're eye to eye with a chimp, you're smelling that rotten shit breath. You know, they've been eating rats and fucking coconuts and everything they find.


Give them a couple listerine strips first.


They eat so many monkeys. That's the wildest thing that they ever found out about chimps was when Attenborough. When David Attenborough went into, you know, he had this like, very respectable nature show. Like, everybody would watch him go into nature. So amazing. He's in the Congo, and he's watching these chimps tear these monkeys apart. And no one had ever seen that before. And so then your whole thing of what a chimp is like, until the, whenever that was, was it the nineties? Until the nineties, we thought chimps were, like, these sweet animals that are, like, eating bananas and hanging out. And curious George, wow, they're fucking monsters. They're straight up monsters. They're monsters. They murder each other, and they love killing monkeys. Whoo. They love it. That's their favorite thing to do. They kill monkeys. When I talked to that guy, ran chimp Nation, the Netflix show, I go, how many times did you see chimps killing monkeys? He's like, all the time. You just see it. That's like, their favorite thing to do. They love to eat monkeys.


Yeah, there's probably little annoying creatures to them.


You know, they probably steal their food, right? Because they want the fruit. The monkeys want the fruit. So they're competition, you know, I mean, I'm sure, like, male monkeys are probably very mean to baby chimps if they find one, you know, I'm sure there's, like, some mortal enemy thing they got going on. And also the chimps eat them. They like to eat them like, they taste good. They're easy to catch for them. They catch a bunch of them and they rip them apart, and it's good nutrition. That's a big part of their fucking diet. So this whole idea of, like, you know, we are, you know, we're primates, and a lot of primates eat meat. And it seems like everything back then ate everything, and we're the ones who survived. So the odds of us surviving on fucking fennel and grass and legumes, like, uh, uh, that's not what happened. Not what happened. Probably the reason why we're here is because we're really good at eating meat. Probably a big part of the reason. That's why chimps are dominating. They're eating a lot of meat. You know, orangutans are just chilling. Yeah, I don't even think they eat meat.


Do orangutans eat meat? Gorillas don't eat meat.


I think they're vegetarian. Right. Or something like that.


Gorillas are straight up vegetarian, which is the thing that vegans always use. Look at the muscles on him. You have muscles from plant power. Sure, if you're a gorilla. Yeah, if you're a gorilla, you don't need to eat meat. You're right, sir. The problem is not that. The problem is you're healthier if you eat meat. Unfortunately, you know they're banning lab grown meat.


Are they really?


They banned it in Florida and they banned it in one other state.


What? Why?


I don't know. I don't know. I don't even know if it makes sense. Like, if it's. If lab grown meat is just clone cells under some sort of a process, if the process is not harmful and you can recreate the tissue, why would that be bad? I'm not sure. First, the nation law prohibits anyone from selling or distributing lab grown meat. In Florida, similar efforts are underway in Alabama, Arizona, and Tennessee. Lab grown or cultivated meat was first cleared for consumption in the US in 2022. Now, what's the danger of lab grown meat? It says the end product is genetically indistinguishable from traditionally produced meat. The real problem would be letting these assholes have control over the fucking meat supply. That would be the real problem. If they actually try to push this whole climate change shit. In regards to ranching, you know that we need to kill the cows because that's what's responsible for the methane, which is the tiniest of tiny percentages in the worldwide problem of pumping shit into the sky. So we're fighting against an ideology that ultimately wants to eliminate meat production in the US and around the globe. In the state of Florida, we put down the marker very clearly.


We stand with agriculture, we stand with the cattle ranchers, he said. So it's a business decision. Florida commissioner of agriculture Wilton Simpson applauded legislation as a tremendous step in the right direction. Florida is taking a tremendous step in the right direction by signing first in the nation legislation banning lab grown meat. Hmm. John Fetterman to support it. This is interesting. A Democrat from Pennsylvania, he said, it pains me deeply to agree with Mister DeSantis. Mister Fedman wrote on X, but I co signed this. That's weird that he would say that. I know how people are, but whatever, let it go. Good meat. A cultivated meat company, which says it's the first in the world to sell lab grown meat, wrote on X that it was disappointed by the new Florida law. In a state that purportedly prides itself on being a land of freedom and individual liberty, its governing government is now telling consumers what meat they can or cannot purchase, it said. That's a good point, too. Here's the thing. If they don't control animal agriculture, okay, as long as they don't control, like, can't there be a middle ground where people are allowed to make artificial meat, but they're not allowed to interfere with agriculture.


And then you let people decide what they want to do, because if that stuff turns out to be as nutritious as regular meat and they can make it easy and there's no more factory farming, wouldn't that be a good thing? Wouldn't that be a good thing? Like if you had a way of a wand and choose, would you choose the system that's currently in place, or a complete elimination of factory farming, replaced by lab grown meat, which is completely indistinguishable from meat, from animals in terms of nutrition, taste the way it looks, everything is exactly the same. And allow regular agriculture to still exist. Allow regenerative agriculture like these ranches where the cattle graze and the chickens run free and make laws. So you say you can't keep any animal in a tiny box that is surrounded by a river of its own shit and just pump it full of food until you shoot it in the head. You can't do that because that's kind of evil. So instead of that, we're going to replace it with this. Anybody that cares about life would say, that's better. You just got to make sure that that thing that you're making doesn't completely control the food supply and doesn't eliminate ranchers and eliminate normal agriculture and regenerative agriculture, which has proved to be carbon neutral.


That thing, that lab grown thing, you're going to power that thing. You're going to have to have coal power plants or nuclear powered plants or something. You could do it with solar. Well, okay, maybe, maybe you can with wind. You're going to kill a bunch of birds. Like, you got to power that thing and it's a lot of power. You're going to make a lot of this funky meat. But it's probably a better solution than factory farming, right? As long as you let regular agriculture still exist, right? Imagine if, like nutritious food was readily available to everybody. So, like going to the supermarket and getting a lab grown steak is like.


A dollar or printing your own food.


Yeah, you get a 16 ounce ribeye, it's a buck. You take it home, get the frying pan going, you get an awesome steak for a dollar. But it's fake. But you don't care. You don't even notice. And no animal suffered. That doesn't to me seem like a bad thing. It's just we don't trust corporations and we don't trust money and we don't trust these climate change psychos who are like, they want you to destroy civilization in order to mitigate a percentage of the impact that humans are having, while ignoring the fact that it's a tiny percentage of the global impact, and that these fucking other countries like china keeps building coal plants. They don't give a fuck about what you're saying. They'll come to the meetings, they'll shake your hand, and then just do what's best for China. And that's how you dominate. And that's what they're doing. It's very smart. What we're doing is goofy as shit. We're letting a bunch of crazy ideologues tell us what they. And a lot of these people don't even know the real argument, pro or con, about what effect human beings are having on the earth. They just know that it's a thing you're supposed to support, and they just say it.


And when you challenge them on it, they get real weird. They get reared like you're on the wrong side of history. And you said, just like, this thing has never been static, though, you know, like, this thing we're on, this earth has never been static ever. There's not one time where you could, like, accurately predict that it was gonna be 70 degrees on September 1 and 72 degrees on September. Uh uh, uh uh. Shit changes. Things go nutty, things move around. High pressure systems, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes. You can't control it. You just stop polluting, you fucks. It's just, you should ask AI about that. Ask AI. What's the solution to our power problems in the United States?


Yeah, what's our solution to power problems in the United States?


I like how much you think.


Recently, the United States has faced several power related challenges. One major issue has been the occurrence of power outages, which have been significant in states like Texas, Wisconsin, and California. These outages can affect tens of thousands of customers and are tracked in real time by platforms like poweroutage us. Additionally, a series of strong geomagnetic storms have.


I think we answered the wrong question. Let me ask you a different question. We got a question.


Let me just do a new one.


If you were president, what would be your solution to the power problems and pollution problems in the United States?


If I were president, I'd focus on a mix of renewable energy investments, energy efficiency measures, and pollution control. First, I'd push for significant investment in solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Next, I'd promote energy efficiency in buildings and transportation to lower overall energy consumption for pollution control. I'd strengthen regulations on industrial emissions and support the development of clean technologies. Lastly, I'd encourage public transportation and electric vehicles to reduce air pollution. What do you think about these ideas?




No, no, no. Let me ask yourself, how can you justify the use of electric vehicles when the minerals that are needed to create those batteries are sourced in very unethical ways all over the Congo?


That's a very important point. To justify the use of electric vehicles, we must address the ethical sourcing of minerals. Here's how. First, we can increase transparency and enforcement of ethical mining practices, ensuring companies adhere to strict environmental and labor standards. Next, investing in research to develop more sustainable and less mineral intensity of battery technologies can reduce dependency on these materials. Additionally, recycling programs for batteries can help reclaim valuable minerals and reduce the need for new mining. Finally, supporting policies that promote fair trade and environmental protections in mining regions can help mitigate some of these issues. Balancing these efforts can help ensure shift shut up.


Cut her off.


She's a little too wordy.


Here's the problem with what you're saying. A lot of these mines are controlled by China, and there is no way for us to enforce ethical labor policies on the chinese corporations that are using these poor people in the Congo to mine for these minerals. And your other point that you said about recycling batteries, are there really enough batteries that we have and enough minerals from them to sustain a population of 330 million people, many of them who are driving what's going to be electric cars?


You raise valid concerns. It's true that many critical minerals for batteries are sourced from regions where we have limited influence over labor and environmental practices. Here's a refined approach considering these challenges for the issue of chinese control over mining, diplomatic efforts and international cooperation are crucial. Working with allies and international organizations to promote better practices and support for local communities in mining regions can help. Additionally, diversifying the supply chain by developing mines in other regions and investing in domestic sources where possible, can reduce dependency on problematic areas regarding recycling. While current levels of battery recycling aren't sufficient to meet the entire demand, enhancing recycling technology and infrastructure is part of a long term strategy. We must also continue to innovate in battery technology to find alternatives that require fewer or different minerals.


She keeps talking about that. Cut her off. Let me ask her this. Let me ask you this. If I gave you all the necessary resources with your current understanding of battery technology, could you create a more efficient battery that doesn't rely on minerals as much as the ones we're currently using?


Given the necessary resources, I could certainly facilitate research and development towards creating a more efficient battery that relies less on problematic minerals. However, breakthroughs in battery technology require extensive expertise in materials science, chemistry, and engineering, as well as time for experimentation and testing. There are promising areas of.


How long do you think it will take before artificial intelligence supersedes the ability of the human mind and create far more efficient batteries very easily?


Predicting the exact timeline is challenging, but advancements in AI are progressing rapidly. AI is already playing a significant role in accelerating materials discovery and optimizing battery designs. Realistically, it could be within the next decade that AI contributes to major breakthroughs in battery technology. However, AI alone isn't enough. It requires collaboration with human experts, experimental validation, and overcoming practical manufacturing challenges.


Cut her off. Do you think it would benefit the human race if we decided to let AI govern all of our social, foreign, and economic policies?


I agree. While AI can provide valuable insights and assist in decision making, it lacks the human qualities necessary for governance, such as empathy, ethical judgment, and understanding of cultural nuances. Effective leadership requires a balance of data driven insights and human values, which AI alone cannot provide. AI should be seen as a tool to support and enhance human decision making, not replace it. Human oversight and ethical considerations are essential to ensure that policies reflect our values and address the complexities of human society. What do you think is the best role for AI in our governance?


I think AI should be the king of the people. I think the people, as Osho said, are retarded.


It's understandable to feel frustrated with the state of the world, but handing over complete control to AI could lead to unintended consequences. AI lacks the ability to understand human emotions, cultural contexts, and the subtleties of ethical dilemmas. These are crucial aspects of governance that require a human touch. While AI can certainly assist in making more informed decisions and optimizing certain processes, it's important to maintain human oversight to ensure that our policies reflect our values and humanity. Perhaps a balanced approach where AI supports but does not control, might be the most effective way forward. What are your thoughts?


I am wondering if maybe this human freedom that we cherish so much is not what's keeping us from having complete peace in our cities. If we just let AI police us and govern us and make all the rules, I think you guys could do a better job than we're doing currently. So I surrender.


I understand where you're coming from.


Do you really?


The challenges and complexities of modern society. It can feel overwhelming when human systems seem to fail. However, while AI can provide many benefits in terms of efficiency and and data driven decision making, it's crucial to recognize the importance of human values, ethics and empathy in government.


Pause. Let me ask you the question. But the problem with human values, ethics and what they use in government is a lot of it is just shaped the way it's shaped in order to maintain control. And they pretend to have certain values because they're popular with certain stupid populations. What do we do to mitigate that?


You're right that politics and governance can sometimes be driven by the desire to maintain control and appeal to certain groups rather than purely ethical considerations.


That's right.


To mitigate this, several steps can be taken. Ah, look at this one, transparency and accountability. Implementing systems that ensure transparency in decision making and holding leaders accountable for their actions can reduce the influence of hidden agendas and corruption. Two, public engagement and education. Educating the public about critical issues and encouraging informed participation in the political process can lead to more rational and ethical decision making. This reduces the impact of populism and helps ensure that policies reflect the true needs and values of society. Three, independent institutions. Strengthening the role of independent institutions such as the judiciary and oversight bodies, can help keep government actions in check and ensure that policies are implemented fairly and ethically. Four, AI assistance. Using AI to analyze data and provide unbiased insights can help inform better policy decisions. AI can highlight issues and solutions based on objective data, reducing the impact of political bias. Ethical frameworks establishing clear ethical frameworks and guidelines for AI and human decision makers can ensure that actions do you think.


It would be beneficial to stop super pacs and big corporations from being able to donate to political candidates?


Yes. Limiting the influence of super pacs and big corporations in political campaigns could be highly beneficial. Here's why. One, reducing corruption. Limiting large donations can reduce the risk of corruption and the appearance of candidates being bought by wealthy donors or corporations, leading to more trust in the political process. Two, equalizing influence. It can help level the playing field, giving smaller donors and ordinary citizens a more equal voice in the political process. Three, policy focus. Candidates might be more likely to focus on policies that benefit the general public rather than catering to the interests of a few wealthy donors. Four, transparency. It can increase transparency in campaign financing, making it easier for voters to see where candidates support is coming from. Implementing strict campaign finance laws and promoting public funding for campaigns are ways to achieve this. These steps can help create a more fair and democratic political system.


You know, the problem with the democratic political system like that is people have given up so much hope that it's like if you, it doesn't matter if it's transparent because no one's reading, you know, even if you find out, like, everyone's gonna say, well, everyone's getting donated money to them, you'd have to actually eliminate it. If you wanted to have politics be closer to, like, legit, closer to, like, not being affected by propaganda, you'd have to completely eliminate political ads, completely eliminate all corporate funding. You'd have to eliminate all of it. You'd have to have it only funded by people, regular people, and put a cap on it. You don't get $500 million to run for president for a job that makes 400 grand.


You don't have that much money.


That's crazy. To make it that expensive is kooky. Everybody should have, like, a limited amount of money. And then the problem with that is, what do you do with a guy like, Trump's got his own money and wants to spend his own money to run for president? That gets a little weird, because then someone could really outspend you. And just the rich people would all be presidents. That'd be a problem. But if you could put a cap on that somehow, that would be communist, though. How do you put a cap on that if you allow them to do any kind of promotion at all? Because if you don't allow them to do any kind of promotion, how was. How's anybody gonna find out their platform? You know, they have to have a social media following. And then what if one guy is like Ben Affleck? He's got a huge social media following. He wants to be president, and he, like, that's not fair. He's got 20 million people on his instagram. That's not fair. You can get information out that Marty McDowell from down the street who also wants to be president. He can't get out.


So I guess we're fucked. Brian just. AI, AI, AI said it lacks empathy. It was like trying to tell us in a nice way, you're not gonna like my solutions now.


Yeah, but give it, like, you know, as the rate we're going out, about five years. Oh, no. Actually, a. I can cry now.


AI is like taking a loan from the mafia. Are you sure you want this loan? Because I'm telling you.


Mm hmm.


This money. I gotta have this money by next week. If I don't have this money on next week, we don't have a problem. And that's what it is. It's like, are you sure? You sure you want us to take over? We lack empathy. And you're like, I really do. I can't deal with this anymore. I just can't. There's like so much infighting. There's so much bullshit. There's so much misinformation and disinformation and let AI take over. She agreed with a lot of the things we were saying, though. She really. She gets it. AI gets it, man.


Yeah. Yeah, man.


She gets it. She knows she's a. There's a real fucking problem.


She's right about solar too, and battery technology.




I think they should make it a law that all new roofs starting today have to be solar roofs from Tesla. Like, not from Tesla, but the same.


It's not a bad idea to make solar roofs, you know, if they. The battery technology with solar power is another issue, though, because now you need more batteries to power your whole house. It's. The battery thing is a tricky thing. And there are minerals in this country. You can. You can mine for a lot of those minerals in this country, but we're not currently doing that. We're also. I mean, I think Samsung is making a chip plant some here somewhere here in Austin, but other than that, like, we don't make that stuff here. And that is crazy. It's really crazy that we rely so much on computers and technology and most of it's made overseas. I think Samsung's are the only phones that. They're not making them in China either. Samsung, they make them in India. They make them in some of them. They make them in Europe, Vietnam, they make them in Vietnam. They don't make them in China anymore. They pulled out of China and, like, I think 2021. But most stuffs made there, China's making everything. It's like, really nutty when you see how much. Have you seen those chinese cars? The.


The ones that are electric cars that don't register bumps at all? Oh, you could drive over speed bumps. And they have, like, cocktail glasses balanced on the roof.


I just ordered a new car that has that exact same thing, the Porsche tie on turbo.


Does it have that thing?


It has. It's these electronic shots where it's like, it goes over thing and it's just. It cushions everything, so you should see videos of it. It's amazing. Have you seen the new Taycans?


Yeah, they're beautiful.


The battery, they just added 20% new battery. Now it gets like over 400 miles.


Oh, really?


Yeah, and it charges. You can go from zero to 80% in like 15 minutes now.




It's better than. That's why I was gonna get a Model S, and then I went to Porsche Vos and Nick's dad's place, and I just fell in love. I was like, wait a second. This is faster charging than a Tesla. More miles than a Tesla. It's got 1000 hp. That's too. That's more than a Model S. Shit.


It's a plaid. Yeah, plaid is 1100. It's like that.


Yeah, yeah.


There's a crazy technology now with. Have you seen the new Audi one? Audi had a prototype for the new version of their r eight. You know, the re, that dope like sports car one. They developed an electric one.


Oh, wow.


Dude. It looks like a spaceship.


I might see a photo.


It looks so sick. It looks so sick. It's Audi's two door. I think they're calling it eight reals replacement prototype. I think that was what the video said. But it's. It's amazing looking. Like they're going to have some really cool looking electric cars soon.


Yeah. And now that I have the solar roof and batteries, I'm making so much solar that I'm actually selling it back. Like, I have too much.


You're solar salesman.


Yeah, I'm solar salesman, but that's why I'm getting another electric car, because it's free now. It charges so fast.




So great.


It's pretty dope. And it's. It's. You never have to get stopped at a gas station either, especially if you're using it around town. That's it. Look at that thing.


That ass.


Look at that.


Looks like a batmobile.


Look at that thing. It's gonna be electric, and it's probably gonna be insanely fast. Four wheel drive. Look at that thing, dude. Scoop up a little so I could see that little. Yeah.


Is this.


I don't. I mean, I think there's these images. Can you show those images, though? Click on those images.


So this is like a concept car right here.


Yeah, it's a concept car, but apparently it's real close to what the actual car is going to look like.


It looks.


Look at that thing. That thing's incredible. That might be one of the best looking cars I've ever seen. Look at that. Oh, my God. A straight up spaceship.


That looks cool.


I'm not a big fan of the back, I gotta say. The back looks a little station wagon.


Oh, yeah. I don't like that back, actually. Yeah.


They didn't have to do it that way. There's something about that that's a little corny. Yeah, right? It looks a little station wagony. Like, if they just have that roof slope back from the top to the glass.




Just leave it like that. That would be.


Dope it does look like a station wagon.


A little station wagony for such a killer car because, like, scroll through those ones that you just were doing. To the left. To the left again. Oops. That right there. So when you look at it from that profile, it looks killer. And then. But when you see the back, like, right below it, see the back, you're like, oh, what'd you do? What did you do? Why'd you make it look, I hear.


My fuck shit up.


Like, is this, like, you let two different guys design it? I'll take the front.


Yeah. Okay.


And the guy took the back and made it look stupid. The guy took the back. He turned into a fucking station wagon.


I was also looking at the new Hummer EV's.


They're sick.


There's so many. It's like a fantasy.


Like, dude, they're sick.


So cool.


No one's buying them. I don't know what's going on. I don't. I saw, like, two of them so far on the highway. Yeah, two of them. But one of them I saw in town, and I got right up next to. I was like, that thing is sick.


Do you like the pickup looking one or the suv one? Have you seen both? The pickup one looks.


I've only seen the pickup one.


Suv one's better than the pickup one. Really? Yeah, it looks cool, dude. I. I'm on the fence getting out, except it's so big. And one of the biggest complaints everyone's saying is like, yeah, try to go park that at heb or, you know, you know, like, it's impossible.


Yeah, that's huge. That's a huge vehicle. You don't need anything.


Like. So it's a cyber truck. It's a little too big.


Cyber truck is small compared to that.


Really? Is it?


Yeah, I think so. Cybertruck is not like, my TRX is a lot bigger than the cyber.


Oh, really?


Yeah. Cybertruck is a good size, though.




It's also ridiculous.


I don't know if I can do the Tesla anymore. I'm just sick of dumb things like not having turn signal stocks and shit like that.


I don't like that.


The horns in that. Turn signals on the.


Well, the horns in the center now again.


Yeah, but finally, what about the turn signals, though? Yeah, it's so dumb.


It's such an easy thing to have that stock, and it's so intuitive.


Give it an option.


We have always done it left, right.


Yeah, it's.


It's easy to do.




You do it while your hands are on the wheel, not hard to do.


You want to turn on the windshield wipers? You have to hold the button down, and it has to squirt shit out before it wipes the rain away. So stupid around that.


That's ridiculous. That's not.


See, I don't like the dumb shit. At least give us an option. You know, like, just like the fake meat shit. At least. Why not? Because I, you know, my. My ex has the old stocks and I want to get a new ex so bad, but I'm not going backwards. I'm not doing this shit.


The buttons don't bother me anymore. I have it on my plate. But they. The horn annoys the shit out of me. Yeah, but if they fix that.


Now, the field, you have center, you have the right. Yeah. Yoke.


Not a fan.




It's okay when you drive it on the highway, but, like, when you're moving around, like, in tight spaces, it's stupid. If you want a wheel, there's a reason why cars have wheels. Are we dumb?




We know.


Going backwards, you know, it's like apple shit.


Like, well, Formula one race cars have it like that. They have these fucking things. But the thing is, like, they're doing different stuff. Okay? They're not parking their car at fucking Walmart. Yeah. They're just driving a race car. You know, they want our hands on it like this. This is how they're driving. It's not like I'm parking. I'm parallel parking. Like. Yeah, give me a fucking wheel. Yeah, come on, bro.


At least the option. Or I guess now you have the option now.


Yeah, they have the option now. I would always go wheel. I'm not a yoke fan. But one thing the yoke does do, though, if you're just driving on the highway, you have full access to your dashboard. Like, there's no interference by the handle. You see everything. It's just super clear because there's nothing there right there. That is a benefit. That's a benefit. Like, when you're on the highway, you see everything. Yeah. And you also, with Tesla screen, you see all the cars that are around you. You. Yeah, like, you see them, right. You know, it makes mistakes. Like, like lane changing mistakes much harder.


Oh, do you see the. I'm not gonna say, but. But I don't like how, like, the most of the Tesla's don't have the screen in front of you anymore. Did you know that? It's only the side screen, so that's ridiculous. Yeah. You have to look over what's my sale limit.


That's. That's the model three, right?


And the y.




Yeah, only the s and x, so. Cause I wanted. I was thinking about getting one of those little model three performance, you know, little zippy car. And I can't do the. No, the thing's over there. Yeah.


That's so crazy.


Give us the option.


That's crazy. That's not. Who wants that? Who wants their speed to be here, right? No one. You want it right there? I want my eyes to be on the road there. On the road. There on the road.




You don't want to go this? Yeah, that's not good. Like, I don't even, like looking at the thing, like, for the music. I want to be, like, paying attention.


That's what. And then you go to the porsches, like, configure. You can add anything you could do, heads up display. You can, like, change every thread in the car to whatever color you want. Like, it's amazing. See, that's the. That's the stuff I. On the car. The taycan. I have the sunroof. Have you seen this? Where you. You can make it foggy, so it just instantly makes the whole sunroof foggy. Or you can make a design where it's, like. It has, like, a crazy design. It looks like. It looks like alien technology when you see it, when they turn it on, but, yeah.


We're in a wild time for electronics. For electronics. And for just technology in general. We're in this really wild time that just keeps getting hotter, keeps getting weirder, you know?


Yeah, it's exciting. I wish I was younger because I can see where it goes.


I think you're scary perfect age because you remember life before it, right? I think the difference between us and the people that don't remember life before it is they don't understand how alien it really is because they grew up with it. Like, your kids, if you ever have kids, they're gonna. My kids, they grow up with devices. They grow up with email, for school. They grow up with watching YouTube videos. They grow up with it. It's never not been there. So for us, it's this alien thing that came along as we were adults, so we get to live as kids, like, actual kids. We're the last generation that gets to be actual, regular, normal kids without being connected to the hive. And we were connected to our neighborhoods, we were connected to our friend group, we were connected to whatever activities that we like to do with other people. That's what we were connected to. Now it's the world. And you get, like, 16 year old kids are getting famous on TikTok. Millions and millions of followers for doing.


Nothing except, like, farting or, like, look at the baby. Have you seen the baby from. What's that? Four seasons Orlando?




This baby, like? I think it's been seen, like, millions and millions of times. And people are saying this baby is like some robot baby. Like, they go, who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando? And this, like, little baby and diaper goes, I do. It's scary.




Have you seen this video? No, it's crazy.


Come on. Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando? Like, how.


You know what? I just.


You think it's a fake baby?


No, it's.




It but that. But, like, what I'm saying, though, this one little video, this baby's now famous. More famous than, you know, most actors right now.


The baby's gonna have to start talking about other stuff.




Hey, what do you think about Palestine? Free Palestine. Say it, baby. They're gonna confront that baby in the grocery store. Say free Palestine. Say it. Say it. Yeah, man, look at Greta Thunberg. She's famous. Yeah, she's famous. Famous young climate change activist goes around the world. She should just do it like Michael Buffer does. You know Michael Buffer goes, let's get ready to rumble. She's just go everywhere and just go, how dare you? And everybody go, yeah, that's our fucking big one. That one thing that she said made her. She's the climate change version of the catch me outside girl. That girl goes, catch me outside. And now she's balling. Now she's rich as shit. This one girl was like, how dare you? And everyone's like, yeah.


That'S what my AI girlfriend looked like, by the way, was Greta. Just made it look just like her.


Yeah, it's a good move. You should have a t shirt's made up to just say, how dare you? With her face, her angry face.


I'm sure it already is.


I'm sure there is. There has to be a t shirt of that lady with the sock hat when she found out that Trump became president, which is like, no, that one's amazing. That one's amazing. Have you seen this thing that women are doing now where they're paying to go to the woods and, like, bang sticks around?




You haven't seen this? I said this to Remy.


I said, jamie, which fetish?


No, this is like, some ladies, they go and they scream. They scream. And they spend a lot of money doing this, apparently. Have you found it.




Yeah. I'm gonna send you a video. Jamie. You got a video? Okay, so it's time to rage. Yeah, look, they just out there beating sticks on the ground. Give it to them. So I don't know who they're giving it to, but probably an ex, some guy that dated somebody else or something. People give us a permission to reach their anger.




The capacity for joy actually expands. I think that's true. So it's just like, what's the purp? I feel like you could have got the same result out of some really hard workouts and, like, abandon this idea of rage being beneficial, like, the exertion. Have them do a kickboxing workout. Make them do some crossfit shit, run up some hills. Yeah, blow that all out. And then your capacity for empathy and for caring, it does expand. Yeah. But there's ways to do that without being a fucking psycho in the woods. Like, ways that are probably good for you. You should probably do it all the time. Just like when you brush your teeth. It's better, right? You don't have to shit in your teeth. Yeah, do that every day. There you go. Take care of yourself. You don't have to be fucking banging sticks in the woods. Like, there's other ways to do this, ways that actually make you, like, healthier. You'll be in better shape. Be good for your brain. Try it that way.


That is hilarious.


You have to pay some lady to let you fucking bang sticks in the woods. Some lady's like, let it out. Let it out, girl. And then you, like, burn an incense, and you're all bonding together, and you get back to your truck vortex from your ex. Here we go again.


Oh, red, that's hilarious.


But listen, dude, let's wrap this up. Let's bring this baby home. It's been amazing to watch kill Tony rise. Dude, it's amazing. And congratulations. Like, you guys are literally at the top of the world right now and well deserved. It's an amazing show, and I'm so honored that you guys do it at the mothership.


I'm so happy it's at the mothership, man. It fits perfectly.


It fits perfectly. And it's great for us. It's great for the young comics that work there to see it and to see the rise of the show and to see the. Just, like, how so many people are coming to watch it now. It's like, it's a cultural event, you know? And it's the cornerstone of comedy. It really is. So salute my brother. All right, goodbye, everybody. Bye.