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The Joe Rogan experience. Train by day. Joe Rogan podcast by night. All day. Yeah. See, the thing is about that photo of the moon that they do with the phones, they found out that that's kind of bullshit.


No, I took. Let me show you some of my.


I know, I took it, too. But what it is, is it's AI. And so what someone did online.


This is AI?


Yeah. What someone did online. One of them clever kids, they took a very blurry photo of the moon and they put it on a screen across the room.




And then they zoomed in on it as if it's the moon and the camera showed detailed craters.


Oh, well, I'm definite. I'm talking, I'm talking about like this, you know.


Okay. That's a real picture. So that you just use the 100 x zoom.




You didn't use the moon photo thing.


Yeah, no, there's a moon shot standing outside.


There's a moon shot aspect to that. That's a little.


I gotta check that. I didn't know about that one.


Yeah. If you zoom in on it. If you zoom in on the moon. Okay. I don't think that's real. See, that's what I'm talking about. I think that's AI.


That AI create recreates it. Yeah. Really? Wow.


Yeah, I know. I was showing off. Yeah, listen, I have the 22, I think, the s 22 ultra.




I had the older one and I would take photos of the moon. I'm like, look, iPhone's bullshit. It can't do this. But it turned out. It looks like I got fooled.


Oh, man.


Yeah, because he's. You can't hide stuff like that on the Internet. Technology stuff. Those guys are too good.


They know everything.


They know everything. Yeah, but we were just talking about the difference. I'm really thinking about switching to Android. I'm just tired of being trapped. And it's just like this. Resist. Everybody's like, don't do that. I'm like, oh, my God. It's like a mind virus. Everybody's culturally locked in, having a blue bubble.


When you tell them you're gonna switch from Apple, then Agent Smith shows up from the matrix, inhabits their body, and they try to tell you to stop doing it. Don't do it like, try to convince you not to leave.


It's like if you were a Catholic and you said, I'm gonna become a Baptist.




People would go, don't do it.


Right, right.


Don't do it like, what are you talking about?


Yeah, yeah.


It's not that much different.


I know, it's crazy.


It's weird. People get. They get weird with everything. They get weird with their beliefs, they get weird with what they subscribe, what group they attach themselves to.


So true.


It's so strange. And I think this is a good way to segue into, like, what you do and cause these subjects, so many of these subjects, so many people have like, an instantaneous reaction. That instantaneous reaction is, oh, hogwash. If this was true, I would already know about it. It would be taught in universities, it would all be. But then you find out, like, no one is really just kind of trying to piece stuff together, specifically talking about these ancient tablets, which are to me some of the most interesting things about ancient history, particularly what came out of ancient Sumer. Ancient Sumer. When you look at their tablets and like, what are they saying? And why would they dedicate so much time to talking about this stuff?




Why do they have pictures of giant, enormous people looking things with, like a humanoid with a tail sitting on their lap? Like, what is this just fiction? Like, why would they detail this? And how do they have a representation of the solar system with the correct amount of planets and relatively the correct order and size? You know, it's not exact, but it's an artistic version of the real thing. And how the hell? How the hell? How the hell 6000, 5000 years ago? Do they know that? And what explanations do we have? Like, what's the conventional explanations when people tried to dismiss what they knew in ancient Sumer?


Well, the conventional explanation is always going to the term mythology. They throw mythology around, you know, left and right to cover up the fact that they have no clue or idea. So they turn it into mythology so they can kind of say it's all fantasy and fairy tales and this is how they expressed themselves or how they understood the universe. It's all mythology. It's all fake. But in reality, it's not all fake. These people left behind such detailed records and information. It's a time capsule of information on stone tablets for us today to be able to decipher, breakdown and understand, and that's what we're here to do.


Now, when you look at these ancient languages, like cuneiform, can you read that? Do you know how to read it?


Yeah, a small amount of it, yeah. Studying it from books that I had bought right off of Amazon. Yeah. So basically you take a stick, it looks like a stick with a kind of a curved end, right, almost sharpened. It's called a stylus.


And then just like a stylus for an iPad.


Exactly. Very similar. Right? And then you take a piece of wet clay, and right before it's too wet or too dry, right in the middle stage, you then start wedging, making these incredible lines into the clay. And then from that, you get this cuneiform text. So this text, literally, you know, some of them. Some of the letters actually relate to complete ideas, but it's incredible work, and it takes a long time to do. And then you have to let this thing dry, and then it becomes stone. So, you know, what? If people were supposed to be trying to worry about how they're gonna get their next meal, shelter for the night, and all these kind of things, who has time to sit down and write these incredible works of art? Like the Epic of Gilgamesh, for example. I think they really were writing down, and also they were transcribing information that was given to them by these quote unquote gods with a lowercase g. So.


When you're reading things like the Epic of Gilgamesh, the epic of Gilgamesh, for people who don't know, is one of the oldest versions of a lot of the stories that you hear in the Bible very similar to them. They seem to be. There always seems to be a great flood. There's a few heroes, there's angry gods. There's a bunch of stuff going on. And Zechariah Sitchin's work was, like, the most controversial on the sumerian text, right? Because there's a whole website called Sitchin is people go crazy about him. But when he starts talking about it, when you read some of the things that they wrote, and when you see some of the images that they created, images that look like the double helix from DNA, and there's a bunch of, like that. Now, we represent the Caduceus, which represents pharmacies and drugs. Like, that's the old version of an image of the double helix of DNA, or at least it looks super similar to that.


Oh, it definitely is, because it's referenced even in the egyptian book of the Dead and other ancient texts, so there's no coincidences here. Now, Zechariah Sitchin, you know, I don't particularly go by his work, not because it's controversial. I believe he was one of the greatest researchers of all time. And the reason why is because he laid out so much information for us to begin to scratch our head and ask questions. But what I figured out was that by going through the UCLA CDLI online Cuneiform digital library, say that fast. Ten times I was able to take stone tabiths and decipher them myself. So anyone can go online to the UCLA CDLI online Cuneiform digital library and read these stone tablets for themselves. You don't need Zachariah's history. You don't need anyone else. And as I began to break these.


Tablets down, do they have them transcribed or are you reading the actual tablet?


They transcribe them. They actually transcribe them into English for you.


Is there controversy as far as, like, are there different versions of the transcription? Like, do some people think it's interpreted differently? Is like some debate about that?


Only where it comes to where some of the text is missing. There could be pieces chipped off of tablets. You see that corner missing from that tablet right there?


Just look, how wild is that? Just how wild is that that exists. And that this was, it's so hard for people to put in their brain 5000 years of time. And that there's these people that are this very bizarre language. Like, when you look at that language, we don't even know what it sounds like. Right, right.


No. And the language popped up out of nowhere. You know, you're talking about a civilization that appeared out of nothing.


It looks like computer code.


It does, doesn't it? Yes, it does.


Just imagine like a human being deciding that they were going to write down in these very bizarre. And they all agreed that all these things mean a certain thing. So they had to somehow or another have a Rosetta stone or something where they're documenting it so that people can learn it and teach it. And then we're looking at it 5000 years later.




It's so amazing.


It is. And what's incredible is this text was translated in the 18 hundreds long before Zachariah sitchin was born. So there are some, you know, some rumors that, oh, he was the only one that could decipher these tablets. Well, no. George Smith, who worked as an assyriologist and wrote many books and deciphered these sumerian tablets in the 18 hundreds. So we're talking about texts that have been deciphered for a few hundred years. Nothing that was just deciphered recently.


So when, what are the first decipherings? Like, what year was the first deciphering?


It was in 1800. I don't have to. I think around 1850. George Smith, he actually worked at the, I believe it was Cambridge.


What was his take? Like when he's reading all these wacky stories and all the Anunnaki stuff. What's his take on it?


He is literally subscribing to this information the way almost that you and I see it today. These people saw something, experienced something, interacted with something, and he cataloged it, and it inspired him to write a complete translation of the Enuma Elish and the seven tablets of creation. And he talks about the fact that that information was copied right from those tablets and put into the Old Testament of the Bible. And so, you know, not exactly like it's going to go from here to the Bible, but it went into other ancient papyruses and scriptures and so forth. And then later on, when it was discovered in caves, people took those and then said, okay, we got to put this into a book. And then it became the Bible much later, around 100 AD. But he subscribed to the theory that these people interacted with beings in some way, shape or form, and that also this information is so incredible that it became part of the, you know, the. The biblical text.


Did you ever read the Dead Sea Scrolls?


Yes. Yeah.


So the Dead Sea Scrolls, was it found in when. What year was that? It was in Qumran. Right.


They found Qumran, but I think, again, this was, this was also, I believe, in the late 18 hundreds or early 19 hundreds is when they found him.


So these things are written on animal skins. And this is the. I mean, this is a very old version of those exact same stories or some of similar stories. There's a lot of weirdness in the Dead Sea Scrolls. I haven't read it, but is there any references to anything that's similar, like anunnaki type characters, the nephilim or anything like that in the Dead Sea Scrolls?


They show up everywhere in the Dead Sea Scrolls, in the Enuma Elish and the epic of atrocities. Of course, even in the Bible, they're known as the Anak. We were grasshoppers in their eyesight. It says in the biblical text. So no matter where you go in any culture, you're going to discover that these beings in some way, shape or form, engaged mankind, brought knowledge, teaching, building techniques, and just so much more. Wisdom and information, esoteric wisdom, alchemy. All these things came from these people.


So the craziest version of this story is that they genetically engineered us out of lower primates and put us here to mine gold, and then established different types of civilizations and taught us how to build things, taught us all these different things. And enough time has passed that we've kind of forgotten. Enough time has passed. That's the wackiest version of it.


Right. Right. That's the bare bones minimum.


Yeah. The wackiest versions that they made us, which is, we've always. We've talked about this a couple of times, but how bizarre it is that human beings have this incredible fascination for gold. We're fascinated with gold. This fascination with gold is really weird. Like, why, back when it was basically useless, you couldn't make a knife out of it. You couldn't, you know, like, it didn't make sense that this would be so valuable just because it's rare. You're barely alive. You know, we're going, you know, right. We're going back to full on hunter and gather our ancestors with spears and stone chipped. And then after that, gold emerges, and it stays. It stays forever. Now, when you read Zacharias Sitchin's book, he talks about this in the 1970s. His description of it was that they needed to suspend gold particles in the atmosphere because their atmosphere was being destroyed.




Then you move to, like, somewhere around the two thousands, when climate scientists start proposing this idea of suspending reflective particles, particles in the atmosphere. And then when you realize the unique properties of gold, how unusual it is in terms of, like, a building material. You can coat things. The reason why things are, like, coated in gold, silver plate, or gold plated, rather. You can take a tiny piece of gold and cover an enormous area with it. It's a strange metal, like, really weird. And what the supposed story is, it's very common on earth, very rare on nibiru.


Yeah, that's the story. And then when I started looking into this gold thing myself, and here's what I came up with. So when you start analyzing the text, you discover that there was a camp, an encampment in a place called South Africa. At Adam's calendar. Okay, now, at Adam's calendar, there's actually the very first gold mines discovered. They're dating them back to about 200,000 years ago. And that's incredible because there's a building there that looks like a worn down structure. Now, in the tablets, it talks about the fact that the Ijiji, who were the working class Anunnaki beings, who were cleaning out the Euphrates and Tigris river so they can create irrigation and, you know, create a bustling civilization, also, what they were doing, the actual construction themselves, no people needed just them working. They were like the construction workers and Nu and Enkian and Lill, these leader gods were like, you know, the four men, the, you know, the master architects and so forth. Right, the boss. So these people were working, but they weren't supposed to be enslaved. They were volunteers. They got tired of doing the work, according to them, for about 250,000 years of labor on earth, and also, according to them, on Mars.


This is in the text. They call it Lemu. And so they decided to go to war against Enki and Lil and Anu, because their demands had not been met. So they went to meet them in the epoch of Atra hasees. They go to Adam's calendar. They go to that same structure that was discovered where that gold mine is located. I was like, holy crap. There is some link here to gold specifically. Exactly. I don't know. But I know if you're an advanced civilization, you need gold, and the people that you have working it for you probably think, you know, it's the adorn or to adorn yourself or in recognition of the gods. So they'll wear it and they'll utilize it, but not for technology. What's crazy is they go to war. They go to get ready to go to battle. And then Enki says, I have an idea that will stop this war. There's an existing being on this planet existing, not something that doesn't exist existing. We can add our essence to it with a slain God. So they're talking about taking the DNA of genetics from one of themselves and mixing it with the DNA of the hominid that was here.


It's not specified whether it was an ape man or anything, but they don't specify in the tablets. But to create a worker being. And they began to do this genetic modification, probably disconnecting some of our DNA, making genetic modifications to us to get us to take orders from them. They inserted something called a worship gene, which was just discovered recently that human beings have a gene inside of them that can be turned on and turned off. It can be turned off in a laboratory setting. It can also be turned off with a magnetic field around your head. And when it's off, you don't want to worship anything outside of yourself. You look inside, and when it's on, you look to get something from the outside. So this is incredible. And so they made us worship people. Yes.


Inside of us.




To make us worship them. How genius.


That's incredible, because then you're not a slave anymore. You're doing this for the honor of the gods.


And for people who think this is all this talk is really crazy. I want to put into perspective that we talked about this the other day, that during the. Was it, which war was it where the Soviet Union was experimenting? It was scientists in the Soviet Union, correct. They're experimenting with creating a chimpanzee human being hybrid that they would probably send to war. So instead of having regular people, we would make this monster, this freak, you know, ape man, and send him to war and have him crush the enemies. How crazy is that? They knew how strong chimps are. I got an idea. Let's turn a chimp human, and that way, if he dies, who gives a fuck? We made him get him to go to work for us. And now, if you're a supremely enlightened being, wouldn't you think of human beings with all of our folly and all of our chaos and all of our war and bullshit and the Internet and disinformation, misinformation. Wouldn't you think of us kind of the same way we would think about that chimp hybrid thing? If I was a, you know, I was the president of Russia, would I want my cousins to go to war?


Or I wouldn't have sent this freak that I made in a lab.


Yeah. And what's interesting, I'm glad you said made in a lab. They had talked briefly in that text about fashioning people. In other words, almost like, how did they say it? They said the word fashioning. Fashioning of being.


What was the. Do you remember the actual quote I got?


I would have to look it up. The actual, actual quote.


But they describe it as fashion.


Fashion. Because they said even the lamb hadn't been fashioned yet, so they had fashioned lambs. So they fashioned. And it's also an epic of Gilgamesh they fashion. The friend that Gilgamesh went on the journey with, he wasn't born from a woman's womb. They created him. They created him, an artificial being to go on this journey in the epic of Gilgamesh. So they. You. They used that phrase several times in the tablets, but they said, no, wait. That was almost like, that's not a good idea. Because in some ways, it seems as if they had known that the idea of making these artificial, too many artificially created people wouldn't be a good idea. Now, they didn't go deeper than that, but you can see where we are today with AI and everything else and these robots that are coming. Maybe they knew something about that, but they decided to take a biological being and genetically modify and program that to do the work. And that's exactly what they did.


Well, if they really knew what we would be capable of and that we would be illogical, overpopulation would be a gigantic issue. And in many parts, I mean, it's not really that big of an issue here, except for in cities. But in many parts of the world, it's the whole country. The whole country is New York City, which is just fucking bonkers, you know? And you got a one. That's actually not true. It's like, it's not even that bad. Even in China. China has a lot of open space, but when you're in those cities, they are massive and they are filled with people. And that is probably what you'd imagine a higher being would do if it was like us. Like, kind of illogical and kind of a little bit reckless and has a little bit too much technology for the average person that didn't develop the technology. But all of a sudden you got some 85 iq dope who has access to all the things that all these geniuses have created. Yeah, I mean, you could. I mean, you could figure, we talked to Michio Kaku. He built a nuclear reactor in his house right when he was a kid.


I heard about that. Crazy.


That's crazy.


Yeah, I know.


That's so crazy. But there's a lot of different stuff that you can do and have access to technology that is beyond anything you would ever be able to invent with your own mind. But because we share things across the board, you would imagine that if you were an enlightened being from another planet that's a million years more advanced than us, you'd go, I see where this one's going. That cousin who's an alcoholic, and then he wins the lottery. Like, oh, shit. Shit, Derek just won the lottery. This is going to be crazy. Derek's got $200 million. It's going to be fucking insane.


It's crazy. And they knew they were going outside their own guidelines and their own laws, their parameters, because they made a statement in the text. They said the creator of all is going to punish them or they would have to answer to the creator of all for what they did here. So that lets you know they weren't really gods. They knew themselves, that they weren't the creator of the universe, but that they masqueraded as gods on this planet, just.


Like we did when, you know, when different versions of human civilization would find primitive tribes, like the cargo cults.


Cargo cults?


The cargo cult that you talked about in your documentary that is so fascinating that during World War Two, planes landed on these remote places and these people built mock planes to show, like, what the thing was that came to visit them that they thought were, like, gods.




Do you think that if the Anunnaki are real. And if Nibiru really exists and there's another planet with highly intelligent beings that are far more advanced than us, if that's the case, do you think there's more advanced and more advanced, just like we are to chimpanzees, they are to us, and then another race is to them, and then it just keeps going on and on forever. Until you're God.


Absolutely. I believe there's levels to the game, just like there's levels in terms of how we live on this planet. We have a first world, second world, third world, just here on earth. Now magnify that as a fractal, as a universe as a whole. You have civilizations that are million, 2 million, maybe even a billion years ahead, and every universe progress, every civilization progressing within the universe at a specific rate. So you can have beings that have already, maybe even shed their corporeal bodies and only exist as beings of energetic light, and then you have everything all the way back down towards us. And the emerald tablets of thoth. He actually says that he has achieved the ability to incarnate at will on and in the plane he desires. He claims to be able to incarnate whenever he wants and even into other dimensions, which is wild.


That's next level.


Yeah, that's next level.


It does make sense that if we're capable of doing what we're doing, we were talking about your phone, the Samsung Galaxy S 24 ultra with zooms and all this different shit. That's magic to someone just 200 years ago. And if we keep. If it keeps going and you keep, like, playing this out as far as possible, it kind of makes sense there would be levels to the kind of intelligent life that exists in the universe beyond our comprehension.


Yeah. Would you.


Have you talked to Terrence Howard? Do you know his theory about how planets are created? That it's just things ejecting from the sun over billions and billions of years, and that there's a Goldilocks zone where you can create life, and that's where the people are. And then as this Goldilocks zone gets, you have to be super technologically proficient in order to control your environment to the extent that you no longer require the sun in order to keep you alive. That kind of makes sense if the bureau is out there past Pluto.


Oh, it makes a lot of sense. It makes sense because I just talked to him a couple hours ago.




Yeah, I mean, so I used to. We were talking about conjugations and everything.


Fuck me up for, like, three days. I left this podcast for three days. I was like, damn. First of all, how the fuck is he so smart? Like, how would you ever imagine that a dude who's an actor on a television show or in a movie is that smart?


Right, right.


Like freaky smart, right? But his theory about the creation of planets, I was like, oh, that makes sense.


Oh, it makes a lot of sense.


We watch stuff fly off the sun all the time, and this matter over time would coalesce and become a planet.


Yeah. It creates an accretion disk. And everything in space creates accretion disks. So once that. What is that word? Accretion disk. Accretion, yeah.


What is that?


Accretion disk. So once you have a certain amount of mass in space, it instantaneously on its own, wants to create this circular, like the shape of our Milky Way galaxy. Wants to start circling and swerving around itself. And then as it does that, it creates. Begins to create friction. As that creates that, friction increases, the matter begins to collapse in towards each other, all right? Based on its own energy. And then it then forms a ball, and that then builds and attracts more mass until it builds into a moon or a planet or whatever.


What do you do when you encounter flat earth people?


Oh, man, I just try to be quiet. I just tell them, look, it's not my thing. I remember flat Earth society offered me money years and years ago, and I was like, no, I don't believe the earth is flat. I'm not getting involved with this. And they really attacked me hard. Death threats and everything else.


They get very upset.




I do not understand. I just think it's people committing to an idea. It just doesn't make sense.


Well, it's a religion now. They turned it into a religion. Anytime that people can attack you so brutally over that, I mean, you. I'm on live talking about quantum physics, and they're in the chat. The earth is flat. The earth is. I mean, so that's, that's like, I.


Mean, one guy, I'm fascinated by it because it's interesting. Yeah. Because it's the ultimate conspiracy theory. The ultimate conspiracy theory is that we are all on a set and that the earth is flat. It's a disk, there's a wall. The government's aware of it. They won't let you pass. Yeah. There's ice walls, and that space is just lights in the sky.


Right. That's it. And the sun is a bulb and all this kind of stuff.


It's true. And it's attached to a version of Christianity, which is very interesting.


It is. It's tied into Christianity. The 6000 year old theme, the earth is only 6000 year old. The reason why people think the earth is 6000 years old is because most of the tablets are 6000 years old. And the Bible was written from the information that came from tablets. So that's as far back as anybody's quote unquote knowledge seems to extend. That's where the 6000 year old theory comes from. But they've taken that thing and turned it into a religion. I remember one guy DM'd me and he was going off and telling me he was going to shoot me in the head and all this stuff. And I said, let me ask you a question. If there's no atmosphere then what are you breathing right now? He goes, what do you mean I'm breathing oxygen? I said well that's a gas. Gas doesn't exist. I said well then you should be dead then because you're breathing a gas. And what else are you inhaling when you breathe? He goes oxygen? I said well no, you're breathing in, you know, helium, krypton, you know, mostly nitrogen. Yeah, nitrogen. I said, you're breathing in all these other gasses.


Oxygen is only around 21% of that. Otherwise you'd be dead. He didn't, he couldn't. Did you graduate from high school? He said no. I said, I stopped talking. That's when I realized, don't waste your energy on these people.


Well, there's a lot of dudes unfortunately, who just get on YouTube and they listen to very charismatic people talk that don't know what they're talking about, which I do all the time. But they, but they do it in a way where they pretend they know something is true that's not true. And people get sucked into it. I know, and I just don't understand why you would think that earth is the only one out of all these things that we've observed that's flat. It just doesn't make any sense. And I think this is, respectfully to all these people that believe that. I think it's a giant waste of time. I think concentrating on the shape of the earth. Even if it was flat, who fucking cares? Look at what's going on out there. It would be kind of crazy if it was flat. That would kind of like Bolster the idea that we're the shit and that we're just so much more powerful and advanced and special than everything else in the universe because we're the only ones that exist on a flat plane.




But the whole thing is just so insane. Just what we know about the physical universe itself and about atoms and just, just what we know about all the matter that exists in our lives is insane.


Yeah, it's insane. I mean, obviously, they haven't tapped into even forget quantum standard physics. They don't comprehend it. And so because of that, you know, they're lost. I mean, satellites don't exist, obviously, to them, so.


But I. Cookie one, I remember the kooky, bro. You can watch them.


I mean, it's crazy. Hurricane Maria comes and destroys the Caribbean. And unfortunately, had some loved ones that were involved in that. And I posted a picture of the hurricane because I was raising money for hurricane supplies, and they were commenting and attacking, that's a fake image. It doesn't exist. I'm like, how much?


But let me ask you this. How much of that is bullshit? Like, how much of that is government, either entities from other foreign governments where they're. They jump into these subjects to make people seem really stupid. And when people say something really stupid, if they have, one of the things they like to do is put a foreign flag, like american flag, rather, in their little.




And they're just saying they're dumb as shit. And I'm going, I don't know if this is a real person. I think it's not. I think it's one of those person. One of those things that's designed to muddy up any discourse about anything.


Yes, a psyop. I'm telling you, I told people a long time ago this whole flat earth thing was a CIA psyop. I think it was, drop it in there.


It wasn't CIA psyop. It was someone from four chan who just wanted to be silly.




And went so hard with explanations that a lot of gullible people without science degrees, like me, they went along with it. And it's just one of those things where it's just, man, what a giant waste of time.


It is a waste of energy. And there's so much more we can learn, like these ancient texts. And people say, why you was focused on the ancient past? Well, because the past is prolog. If we don't understand what happened back then, we're doomed to continue to repeat these cycles of time that we've been in for quite some time, for eons.


I mean, it's just direct evidence that civilizations don't last when they go kooky.




You know, and that things go sideways and there's natural disasters and wars that reshape landscapes. Like, look, it's all there, and it's happening right now. If we're not aware of it, it'll happen to us and then we'll be a footnote of history. We'll be one of those things. There was this amazing country called America. They got crazy. They created all this art and culture and they. They did amazing things, but they went fucking sideways. They sold out the money, they got involved in wars. And then the next thing you know, the world is operating essentially like communist China. The whole world?




That's possible, too, kids. All right? You gotta be. You gotta fight for this. Cause whatever this thing is that we have, this is like super fucking unique. But if you don't wanna look at the past, if you're not fascinated by ancient structures, if you're not fascinated by what kind of technology and knowledge that they have 4500 plus years ago to make the pyramids, right?


Who are these people exactly?


What were they doing?




How did they do that? And what was that thing? Was that a power plant?




I mean, if you. I know, you know, that is a crazy theory. That sounds so. It sounds completely wackadoo. But then when you have it laid out to you, Christopher, what's his last name?


Done on my podcast a few weeks.


I just had him a couple weeks ago. I just had a brain fart. His depiction of the mechanisms that would be involved in turning this giant structure into some sort of a power plant. You hear about it, you go, wait a minute. Whoa.


Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. And him and I have very similar theories on how the power generation occurred. And I believe that the Nile, when it used to run up close to the pyramids, and the water would run underneath the pyramid, and that would create something called physiostatic electricity as it ran underneath that magnetized crystal, granite. Those ions would pour up into the chamber, move up the grand gallery where there used to be resonating rods. You can see the slots where the rods used to be. They were removed now, but the slots are still there. Then it would be pushed into the king's chamber where it would be amplified and some type of fusion would take place, then forced up through the apex. And then the crystal, granite obelisk around the region would capture that ambient wireless electricity. And then if you had something called a jet, which looks like a Tesla coil, you can capture that energy and you can transfer it into a device for gold electroplating. For any other electrical tools, you need, like some of the tools they had to have used to create some of these incredible works of art.


We can see the tool marks, so we know they had the tools, but they had wireless electricity way back then.


That's insane. If that's true, that's insane, because you would think there would be some kind of physical evidence of a device, like something left over, some sort of a, you know, ancient chainsaw, like something.


Yeah. They did a great job cleaning up. I mean, they poured sand over Giza to bury another couple hundred pyramids there.


At Giza, do you think they poured sand? Do you think that's just natural erosion over time? Because when. When Giza, when the pyramids existed, it was a very different place. Right. Like, if you go back before the pyramids, like 9000 years ago, is a lush rainforest, right?




And then over time, it became sand. And the same with the entire Sahara desert, which is really crazy. We just were talking about the other day. They find whale bones in the Sahara desert.


Yeah, yeah. I'm going to the valley of the whales in a few weeks in Egypt, actually. It's incredible that there's whale bones out there also. So we're going out there to the valley of the whales.


Whale bones. Whoa. But so the point being that this place has changed radically, like, absolutely radically over time. So who knows what's. Do you know why those things were covered up? Is it possible that it was just sand over time?


Well, if you look at the tablets again, they talk about this war, right? And this war that occurred. There's a lot of wars, obviously, but this one particular war, it seems like the same one that damaged the area or the region of the Giza plateau, also. Mohan Jindaro in the Indus valley up there by Pakistan. And the reason why it's interesting is if you look at the war in the Texan and go to those areas, it looks now almost, you can begin to see, oh, wait a minute, it looks like war. Mohanjindaro, Indus Valley. The buildings turned to glass, the sand turned to glass, and the bodies are still laying in the street right now, today, holding hands, never been scavenged by animals. So wait a minute, where is this Mohen gendaro?


Are there photos that we can look at?


Oh, yeah, look it up. Mohenjendaro, Indus Valley. Dead bodies still laying in the street thousands of years later.


And nobody just. They just lay there. No one's covered them up.


No one's covered them up. Yeah. When you put a Geiger counter over them. Higher than background level radiation. Yeah. And it.


But aren't stones higher than background level radiation?


Some stones are. Some stones are especially, like, diorite and crystal granite. But these bodies, these are just bones. How come they're higher than background level?


I can't wait to see this. Why haven't I ever heard of this?


Mohan Jindaro moh en. There you go.




Yeah. This is evidence of a nuclear war. Or nuclear.


The one. That one there. That one's insane.


Yeah. There's bodies that are sitting on the edge of steps next to their own buildings that they lived in. The building is turned to glass. That's 3000 plus degree temperature weapons fire.


So there's a bunch of people that seem to die all at once, just scattered around.




Now, what's the conventional explanation for how these people died?


They have no idea. They have zero idea. The only thing that you.


That was just a couple. Jamie, go to the other. Just the Moore and Jandara mythical mass massacre.




So did they think it's a massacre? Is there any just laying there?


Laying there and that building. Those stones are vitrified, which means 3000 plus degree temperature.


Oh, shit.


What kind of, you know what could have caused that level of temperature? Energetic release.


Well, it could have been a low atmosphere asteroid.


It could have been. You mean just like that's possible?




Yeah, it could have been a lot. But then their bones would have been splattered apart and broken up into pieces.


Good call. Yeah, that's good call. Yeah. Because they don't seem to be broken apart.


No, they're not broken apart.




That impact would have shattered the bones and spread them out over.


Right. But without impact, even if you just look at the one that burst in the atmosphere in Tunguska, it just flattened trees, flattened everything. I think it's some insane. Like a million acres or something crazy.


That's incredible.


How big was the Tunguska explosion? That. That one's. Yeah. So those bodies would be toast because.


The trees were ripped apart, the buildings would have been flattened, the legs would have flown off. Right.


There's no way they would just be laying there like that.




That's interesting. And they don't seem to be like chopped up.




Did they have any evidence of stab wounds or anything on them?


They don't have any evidence of any injury of any kind of attack or any cutting or like swords or anything.


They just all got cooked.


Right. And then in the tablets it says that the evil wind moved over the land after they released these weapons. And then Enki goes to his father. I mean, yeah, Enki goes to his father, Anu, and says, hey, can you stop the evil wind? Cause he had fallen in love with some people, you know, and down there and he's like, there's nothing I can do. He said, get in your sky shipment for a boat. That means get the hell out of here. And he said the people's hair was falling out, their eyes were bleeding, their nose were bleeding, their fingernails were curling off. That sounds like radiation sickness.


So you think it's radiation sickness that did this to all these people? Or was it an impact that did this to all these people?


Nobody. Nobody.


Nobody knows, you know, but they're. They're not blown apart, right?


They're not blown apart. It seems like whatever, wherever, whatever struck or whatever energetic weapon it was, if it could have been, not, might not have been a weapon, whatever it was, it seems like that shockwave reached them at some point and whatever was in that wave just killed everybody. That's what it did. Yeah.


And they just don't know what it is. So how does a conventional archeologist describe it? Did they just say it's a massacre?


They just call it a mythical massacre and they stay away from it. When you look in the other text, the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita, you find out about these wars. Also they're recorded. They have weapons called the Brahma Astra and the Brahma Honda weapon. And these weapons, they do what? They're. What they describe them as doing. Duplicate what you saw there.


How do they describe them?


They describe them. Describe them as weapons that, once released, can't be revolted or can't be turned back, and that they will obliterate any area, any city. And they say that some of the. One of the weapons can destroy any man on three worlds. It's crazy stuff. This is where Oppenheimer got his famous quote when he obviously tested Duke. Right.




Now I have become death, destroyer of worlds. He got that from the Mahabharata?


Yeah. What a great quote to say after you detonate the first nuke. What a great quote. So. So the idea is that there were beings that were having wars on this planet. Do you believe they were having wars with people that were revolting or were they having wars with other beings?


They were fighting with each other. And evidence of these wars can be found in the book of Deuteronomy in the modern day Bible. These gods, and I do mean gods with an s, because everywhere in the Bible where it says God, singular, its actually a mistranslation. The actual, if you backwards look up the translation in Arabic and then down to aramaic and everything else, you find out that's God's plural. They were fighting each other over resources and people and control of. Control of the planet. And so that's why in the book of Deuteronomy, God tells people, go to this city, and it's like a far city. They don't even know that these people exist. They go over there to kill them. He says, kill the women, kill the children, and bring the spoils of war back to me. And you see these wars in the mahabharata, the Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, the sumerian tablets, and these wars are just nonstop. The indian invaders, and it's always about attacking another city and even talk about trojan horse methods to get behind the gates and then to utilize that to attack and kill and bring back these spoils, which is pretty crazy stuff.


It's like they were attacking each other. They had gone awry. They had gone rogue out here on this planet and then began to fight over people and populations and resources.


And we would hope that we would get past that, but there's no evidence that we have so far. So, like, why would we think that as AI gets implemented and technology escalates and. And all we're gonna be able to do in the future in terms of being able to go visit other planets and duke it out on other planets.




Like, there was a whole story today about China just landed on the far side of the moon. So they landed a probe over there.


Yeah. Yeah.


It's just, you know, there was a China America war on the moon. What if America claims a spot and China lands and plants a flag there, and they're like, hey, fuck you. That's ours.


Now, that's going to happen.


Especially if there's, like, something on the moon they can mine.


That's very valuable, all this stuff up there. I researched the Clementine mission years ago. NASA and United States military sent a military. At that time, it was a top secret mission called Clementine. It was a low lunar orbiting satellite to go to the dark side of the moon. And when I saw the name Clementine, I knew right away, this thing ain't coming back. And as I began to dig deeper into the declassified document, of course it never came back. Oh, my darling Clementine. You were lost and gone forever.




And I was right. And sure enough, it hit something on the dark side of the moon, which is really just the backside. It's not really dark there, but it hit something. And. But it sent it back. Sent back about 20 gigs of data. And these images are available to the general public. They've been declassified, and there are strange anomalies on those images. This is pre Photoshop, pre everything. Things that shouldn't be there that look like broken structures and junk and things that just seem to be laying around. So I think it was a recognizance mission to gather intel and data, which is probably why China's gone to that far side of the moon as well, because they're probably going to. It's a race to see who can capture ancient technology and then reverse engineer it and then weaponize it.


Well, that's the most fun theory ever. The most fun theory ever is that there's bases on the moon and the dark side of the moon that aliens have abandoned. Are there any photos of these anomalies? That's the most fun.


I can write. I can provide you some with links to the sources, too.


Okay. Yeah, that'd be cool. But Jamie will probably find something cool. So what are these structures look like to you when you look at them?


Just dome structures there.




There's domes. And matter of fact, one of the astronauts, I think, was Neil Armstrong. If you get the declassified from the freedom. Freedom of Information act documents that are the black box audio and the black box redacted text statement from NASA, which is available to the general public, Neal says, look at those convex structures down there. I bet the people in there never get out. And he's talking about dome structures on the moon. And this is an exact statement that was made. That's in the black box audio, which I can provide you to link to that as well.


Okay, so where are these structures? Do you see any of these that you find here?


You need to look for anomalies on the backside of the moon. We cat. We have. We utilize a lot of these on our Facebook groups. On. On Facebook, we have these groups, anomaly hunting groups. We formed a united family of anomaly hunters, and we've cataloged about 60,000 anomalies. Now, a lot of them are on the dark side of the moon, but tell you, type in Clementine moon photos, anomaly, you may be able to find some. If not, I'll send you the link to some resources where you can look them up, and you can take a look at some of these crazy objects that are there.


Is that one right there in the upper right hand corner?


Yeah, that one's there. Some structure that kind of look like two pyramids onto the left of it. And then another structure which almost seems like. Has geometry underneath that. You see the blur that looks like obfuscation directly. You know, if you go back to that top right.


Top right.


Yeah, top right. B. Okay, you see that, where his hand is? I moved to the left, going down slowly. See? Don't see how that opposite. Go back up again. See that? What? His hand is over right now. It looks like obfuscation. Sometimes you can take these images and put them into a photoshop and take away the contrast, and all of a sudden, structures pop right out. But right above that, you see those shadows of those pyramid structures? Right above that, yeah, you see those pyramids? See that? You can see this dark shadow. See this?


I see two lines. Okay, well, I see the arrow that's pointing to that one straight line, and then I see what looks like two superimposed arrows.


Okay, do you see?


Yeah. Those things.


Okay, yeah.


Those are superimposed, right? Like.


No, those are shadows.


But look, those are the same things that are in the bottom. Aren't they just pointing at something? Aren't those pointers?


I think they're high. They may be highlighting something.


Right. I think it's a cursor mark or something. So what they're saying. I see what they're pointing to. They're pointing to that thing in the upper right hand corner. It kind of looks like a pyramid.


Yeah. You see that? You see that right there?


Yeah, yeah, it kind of looks like a pyramid.


It's cleaned up a little bit there and see is more clean. But, you know, those structures, those things don't look like they belong there.


Well, it's hard to tell.


Yeah, it's hard to tell. But now we have really, that pyramid right there is very famous. That's a very old image that's on the moon. There's a. There should be a link to that. There's a lot of. A lot of that. That particular one's been around for years and years and years. It's kind of hard to think that that was formed by natural now. And what happens is we're not saying we know exactly what these things are. We're just saying that we feel like they don't belong there.


Jamie, go back to that image that you were just looking at, the thing that looked at a pyramid. That one. Yeah, yeah, yeah, get that one big. Hmm. That one's crazy. Yeah, that one's very strange looking, because the way it points at the top and has flat sides, like.




You're like, yeah, if that's real, that's interesting. But how tall that is, by any chance? That's a good question.


There's a measuring tool. We don't have it, obviously, access to it. Right here. But there is a measuring tool. You can see the shadow, which gives you an idea of the height.


I'd like to see it in real life, though. You know what I mean? Like, sometimes things fuck with you. It's just. But the angle is so unnatural looking.


Yeah, definitely looks unnatural. We just try to catalog things that appear to be anomalies, things that appear to be out of place.


Right. It could be anything.


And if in this. In the sumerian tabitha, is this time where Enlil takes his son to the moon and he says, well, grab your eagle's mask, because you're gonna need it. They were referencing that the atmosphere was harsh.


Oh, yeah.


So when you see the. When you see the anunnaki with the eagle's head, that's actually their helmet. It's a helmet.


So they could breathe around.


Exactly. They talk about it twice. Once to go to the moon and the second time to go to Mars.


Yeah. And there's been other depictions of ancient gods and people that look like they're wearing some kind of mask.


Right? Yeah, exactly.


I mean, one of the cooler ones is the. The bubble space head looking guys in the cave.




And you're like, what did you guys see?




Like, what did you guys see in the middle of, like, hunting gazelles? Trying to stay alive, trying to make a fire? And then you decided to draw that thing. What is that?


And we know they can draw because they can show you what a gazelle is. They can show you what a cat, what cattle is. They can show you what a person looks like, but then they draw that, and you have to think, well, why?


Right? Why is that the only thing you drew that's fake?


Right. Exactly. It's time to waste.


And it looks like a dude in a suit with a helmet on.




And how. Here's the question. How many different things are visiting us? Like, and from how many different places?


Oh, a lot.


If we can't just think everything's gonna look exactly the same, that seems just as silly as thinking that all of our animals should look exactly the same.


I think we have three different levels of visitation going on simultaneously. One is corporeal beings in the physical body, most likely anatomically similar to us. You know, a bilateral bipedal organism. But two forward facing eyes, maybe.


Do you think it's what we eventually become, that what they are?


It's possible that maybe we already are them. Just, you know, Earth could be an abandoned seed colony. We. Every culture that I've talked to indigenously around the planet all say they were seated on this planet by Pleiadians or other beings, star brothers, in various different places. So like the dogons, like the Dogons, the Nomo, the Hopi and the Lakota tribe, the star brothers, the aboriginal elders say that they were seated here by Pleiadians. All of a sudden, why is everybody having the same story that we were brought here? We could be genetically, I don't believe we're even from Earth, to be quite honest with you. Our psychotic rhythm doesn't even match Earth's rotation on its axis. We're slightly off. It's actually better tuned to Mars orbit on its rotation on its own axis. What do you mean?


How's that work?


The sarcophagic rhythm of a human body, the wake and sleep cycle, is actually more tuned to Mars rotation on its own axis, a Mars day versus an Earth day, which is pretty weird that we don't. We aren't synced to our own planet after all these thousands, maybe hundreds of circadian. Circadian. Circadian rhythm. Right.


So when. How do they calculate it's more tuned to Mars? Like, how does that work?


Well, it's just they. Geneticists and scientists discovered that our perfect wake and sleep cycle is more attuned to Mars rotation on its axis, which is about 23 and something minute hours and. Versus Earth being 24 hours. And so they said, wow, this is incredible. And the more they tested it and more they studied it, they realized we're more tuned to the Mars than we are to Earth, which is pretty strange.


We are weird. We accept shit like leap year.




Like, what kind of wack calendar do you have? Have? Where he was?


Makeup stuff.


If some. Some years, the month is longer. What the fuck are you doing?


I know.


Better calendar. Isn't there a better calendar?




Shouldn't there be, like, a digital calendar that represents exactly what's going on and not go January? Come on. Fuck out of here.


It's pretty bizarre. But you know what's interesting? If you want to say, oh, human beings could be aliens, well, actually, every person on this planet is an alien. Even our planet itself is an alien. Scientists just discovered something interesting. I've never talked about this yet on a podcast, and you guys can look this up. So our Milky Way galaxy is pretty interesting because it's absorbing another galaxy at this exact moment called the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, not the Sagittarius constellation. That's something totally different. We are absorbing the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy at this exact moment. People thought for all these decades looking or even hundreds of years looking up in the night sky, seeing that swath of stars going across. That's the Milky Way. Guess what? We've been wrong the whole time. This is now being taught in universities in astrophysics. So what we're looking at, you're looking at the absorption or the merging of the Sagittarius with the Milky Way galaxy. And the exact point where it merges and drops into the Milky Way is right where our solar system is located, which would explain the rogue planets that we know that are out there. There's millions of rogue planets that have no sun, that just floating free around.


There's planets and solar systems that are orbiting far beyond the orbit of Pluto in our inner oort cloud, admitted by astronomy astronomers now that there's other solar systems within this inner oort cloud area orbiting our sun to be 4200 years. So all of a sudden, that's Corey Powell, the astronomer at Discovery magazine, by the way, who said that. So this is pretty interesting. We're talking about the fact that our solar system itself is an implant into the Milky Way, that we come from Sagittarius. We're not even part of the Milky Way galaxy.


Whoa. Okay. So, when they're looking at our own solar system, they have an understanding that there's a thing called the Kuiper belt that's out there, and there's so many objects in there that are small. And that's one of the reasons why they decided to declassify Pluto as a planet, because there's other objects real similar.


Inside maki machi and all those other planets.


But they think there's something large out there. They think there's something large out there that they haven't yet identified because of the way that gravity is responding. What is the reason for it?


Well, what happens is they discovered that in some way, millions of years ago, something moved through our solar system and captured its own weird orbit around our sun. And what's crazy is, the evidence is in our solar system. So Saturn and Neptune switch locations because of a gravitational field. Uranus is flipped on its side and orbits. Its equator is orbiting north and south, not east and west. And they know that, like, it got hit, like, it got hit or something gravitationally just tugged at it so hard that it flipped sideways. It never stops, never stopped. And it's moved through our solar system way out beyond the orbit of Pluto. And this thing captured its own orbit. This is in the Enuma elision, the seven types of creation. This exact process that's been described now by astrophysicists and astronomers is an ancient text that we can read and we can see. Oh, my God. This is exactly what this text is saying. It's talking about the creation of our solar system. It even talks about the creation of Earth in that text. So it says that when Marduk, aka Nibiru, a moon of Nibiru, crashed into Tiamat, it broke into pieces and became the hammered bracelet.


That's the asteroid belt. One giant chunk swung away recoalese with everything water, land, and organic material needed for life, and became the earth, tugging with it, the moon. So it's pretty crazy that the creation of this planet itself, and it says that it pushed the next. That force pushed Mercury closer to the sun and pushed Venus closer to the sun. And then we took the third spot in place around our orbit, around our sun. And then, of course, we have Mars, which used to be a moon, a habitable moon of Tiamat, a planet that was four to six times larger than Earth, and it slung into this crazy orbit. That's why Mars has this weird orbit and you have to rendezvous with it. If you're NASA or anybody trying to rendezvous with Mars every two years, doing this in apogee or perigee, you have to apogee or perigee. One of them is further away than the other one is 80 million mile and other ones closer. So if you run into rendezvous every two years, you can capture the orbit of Mars, and you can actually get there in four months. And then they looked at it and said, wow.


They meaning astrophysicists. This looks like this. Mars wasn't originally in this type of orbit. It must have been orbiting something else in our solar system, which it was. One side is charred black, and the other side is smooth. So the side where TMA exploded, those chunks hit Mars on one side, created a very charged side, and the other side is the smoothest surface in the solar system, which is because of the global flood that that created. And then Mars axis on its equator is tilted 45 degrees on its axis, which means the. The mass shifted it down 45 degrees. They had a major global catastrophe there on that, on Mars. And then after Mars, you have another little planet that survived called Ceres, C e r e s, which is also a result of this Tmod exploding. People don't even talk about Ceres. It has the most fresh water of any other planet in our solar system or more.


Where's its location?


That's the next planet after Mars. Ceres.




C E R e S. How big is it? Like? It's about maybe two thirds smaller than Mars. And guess what?


It's a dwarf planet, so they don't. It follows an orbit between Mars and Jupiter near the middle of the asteroid belt within an orbital period. Click on that, Jamie.


When they flew by it about.


You heard about this before? I didn't know there was another planet out there.


Listen, when they flew by it a few years ago, the lights were on. They sent the probe out there.




The lights were on. And so they tried to say it was ice particles glistening in the sunlight. So when they got to the dark side, guess what? The lights were on on the dark side. So they couldn't use the ice particle explanation anymore. So they just said, we don't know.


What it is, what series small size means that even at its brightest is too dim to be seen by the naked eye except under extremely dark skies. Its apparent magnitude ranges from 6.7 to 9.3, peaking in opposition what's closest to Earth once every 15 to 16 month. And how do you say that word? Synodic. Synodic.


I don't know where you're at now.


16Th month, synodic period.


Oh, yeah. Synodic.


Synodic period. As a result, synodic. As a result, its surface features are barely visible, even with the most powerful telescopes. And little was known about it until the robotic NASA spacecraft dawn approached Ceres for its orbital mission in 2015.


And we have high resolution images of the surface. There are strange things there as well, which is pretty crazy.


So what are the images of the surface?


You have to go to NASA dot gov and go to the dawn images and you can download. Or sometimes the European Space Agency has them as well. Yes. And then you can grab those images. It's pretty crazy. Some things just don't look right there. But there's a lot.


What doesn't look right?


Well, you know, if you look at Mohan Jinder or areas of Egypt, that's, you know, or even, you know, Iraq, where used to be sumeria structures that used to be there that are now worn down and weathered, they have similar looks there. Similar things that they look similar there. Not this. Not saying that they are. I'm just saying that they look strange. Some things look strange.


We have a lot of strange things on earth that are natural.


That's true. We sure do have octagons and straight lines on earth that are natural as well.


That was one of the craziest ones that Terrence brought up. Was the octagon on Saturn.




Was it Saturn?


Yes, Saturn. Saturn that.


When you look at the octagon on Saturn, it's mimicked in the model that they've created by using the whole idea that he really blew my mind with was the Goldilocks zone idea that planets reach a certain distance from the sun, and that's when life starts happening. And this is a normal force that happens everywhere in the universe. As time goes on, that planet's going to get further and further from the sun, and then it's going to lose its ability to do that. And then a new planet will move into the Goldilocks zone, and that is also going to become like us. And then, so if you are following this idea, if this idea makes sense, it means that this is just this sort of natural process that these intelligent creatures go through. And even though we're looking at, like, AI, and we're looking at technology, like, oh, my God, we can't even be people anymore. Well, guess what? We can't be people anymore, because we're not going to make it if we don't. There's a timeline. It seems like you're only gonna live 100 years, so it's no big deal. But humans, if we keep going, like, a few million years, we're gonna have a real problem.


A billion years from now, we're not gonna be around anymore. And then there's gonna come a time where the sun doesn't exist anymore.




So if you get so intelligent that you can escape the boundaries of the physical world and you can move throughout the cosmos wherever you want, then you've escaped. You've escaped this fear. But it's almost like there's an intelligent test, an intelligence test that life goes through. Like, we're gonna give you all the tools, just like you're in the womb. You're in the womb of mother Earth. Want to give you all the tools, but you gotta get out of the house. Yeah, a certain point in time, you gotta get out of the house. You're 24. You're still living at home. Get the fuck out of the house.


They're waiting for us to grow up. Yeah. Human beings are like babies right now as a civilization, trying to learn how to walk. And right now, we're barely crawling, and then we plop down on our stomach and everybody screams and cries. But we're getting to the point eventually where we'll go to the edge of a table and pull ourselves up, and then we'll take a couple of steps, and then we'll fall again. Everybody will think it's all over. Oh, my God. We were doing so good, and it collapsed again. But no, that's just a fall. The baby will pull itself back up, it'll cry less, and it'll take more steps until it falls again, until it can get this controlled fall. And that's the definition of walking, controlling your fall. So we're in that process now. Like you said, this is a proving ground for us to be able to develop consciously, spiritually, ascend to higher levels, and eventually, I believe, I'm pretty optimistic for mankind, that we will get through this period.


Well, that's a beautiful thing to hear. I love when people are optimistic, because I'm always like, I don't know which way I tend to be optimistic.


Well, you know, it proves what these ancient beings were doing. They were creating breakaway civilizations throughout the entire Milky Way galaxy because of what you just said, the fact that, you know, planets won't be habitable forever. Even Earth, let's say Earth never moved and stayed right where it's at in the Goldilocks zone. We're going to lose our control over the weather because the moon is moving away at a few centimeters every single year. And as the moon backs off of Earth, our weather patterns are going to get more hectic and chaotic, and the wobble is going to be uncontrollable to the point where life won't be able to exist, not our kind of life won't be able to exist on this planet. So just losing the moon alone in a few million years is going to destroy us. So we have to create breakaway civilizations. We have to get out of here, which is what all these other advanced civilizations in these ancient texts have done.


Well, it only makes sense if Terrence is correct about this idea of the Goldilocks zone. It only makes sense. And if there are other planets somewhere in another galaxy or ours that have the same exact sort of features, water, the same temperature, the same mixture of amino acids and whatever the hell else is here, that makes life, and then it happens there, too. It just makes sense that some places are going to be more stable, so they're going to have less natural disasters. So, like, people will evolve faster and longer. They'll exist longer. But then, you know, there's the argument that the natural disasters are actually good, because the natural disasters knock us back down if we're about to destroy everything, knock us back down to some much more primitive version of ourselves, and then we have to rebuild society again over thousands of years, which to the universe, is the blink of an eye.


That's the blink of an eye. You're right. That's exactly what happened in the Emerald tablets, you know, 36,000 years ago, Thoth is. He arrives in this place called the land of Kem, ancient Kemet, before it was known as Egypt. His father sent them on a mission to rebuild civilization back up to a higher level, meaning that it already was at a high level prior to this flood situation. And he says he gets into the great ship of the master, and he takes off into the sky until the earth disappears. And then he goes to the plaint appointed and he sees beneath him the children of the land of Kim. And he descends down. He doesn't sail in. He descends down. And when his ship lands, he opens his doors and he comes out with his crew and he says the barbarians came at him to attack him with cludges and spears. He says, I raised my staff and sent that array of vibrations, stopping him still as fragments of stone of the mountain. So he had a stun gun. He had a weapon that there was, you know, not Ruth, not not lethal, non lethal weapon that can freeze you in your tracks.


And we have something just like that now in the military called the act of denial system. They can send a beam at a crowd coming to attack and make them stop still right in their tracks. They can make you feel like you're on fire, make you feel like you want to vomit. They can even put voices in your head. They can make you be an extreme, extreme pain. It's called the active denial system. So he's talking about technology back then that we have right now.


Could do. Luga, look up that, because. Is that. Do you think that's what that Havana syndrome thing is?


It's possible, man. This thing, if this. If you put it above, like, in the sky and aiming at an area and a beam spreads a little bit, you can create mass illness, mass sickness, mass mass hysteria. You can have everyone running around thinking that they've got somebody talking to them and telling, commanding them to do certain things. It's out of control. This weapon can be fully weaponized in a lethal way, in a way that can make people become psychotic. You can make somebody think they're burning it on fire.


Whoa. Active denial system. Demo. Can we listen to what this guy saying? It can deter individuals on a military perimeter all the way up to a riotous crowd, all without permanent harm. It only penetrates one, six, four of an inch of your skin. Goes very shallow into where your nerve receptors are.


They can't take the pain.


Whoa. No permanent injury caused by it. So what does it do to them?


Send a frequency, a beam of frequency just like thoat says in the emerald tablets. I put this in my book because.


It'S important the guests volunteer to test out its effectiveness and safety, including the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps. Wow. He said, fuck it. He said fuck it. Assistant secretary of the Navy. Most described it as feeling like a hot oven or grill being opened up. Wow.


So that's what he used on them thousands of years ago.


Holy. Or something like.


Something like 2012. Yeah.


Now they turn you into statue.


Oh, yeah, absolutely.


No, now it's over in Medusa. Yeah, Medusa.




Holy shit.


Same technique.


What do you think Medusa was?


Frequency technology.


Imagine that. Imagine that story. We always thought that was just some crazy story. Yeah, but imagine there's a technology back then that can actually turn you into stone, right? Now that we know that people can do things like that. And then we would imagine a thousand years of evolution, 10,000, 500,000, whatever these people are, whatever these things are that ever that have the ability. It's kind of disappointing that they're still waging war, though, I got to tell you that.


Yeah, it's crazy. It's crazy.


It's a bummer.


That's a real archaic mindset. You know, we have to find a way to rise above. This is why we need to understand exactly what happened. And how do we overcome what's been embedded into our epigenetic memories? Because we're suffering from epigenetic mental hysteria, which is psychosis in this war. Psychosis. We've been programmed as human beings to have consumption and fighting and competition over collaboration. Everything is designed to keep us separate. Divide and conquer is the main mission, and it works so well for so many thousands of years. And this divide and conquer tactic that's been burnt into our DNA and our code has put us in a situation where we are not advancing as we should be. We're getting now this technology leaked out to us. And yes, that's advancing pretty fast, but consciously and spiritually, it's holding us back. Everyone's putting themselves in boxes and saying, I'm a part of this thing, and I'm a part of that thing, and then we don't work together.


No, that's. That's such an important point, and it needs to be drilled into people's heads. We're distracting ourselves by getting involved in these stupid arguments over stupid things, right. There's really important issues with the world, and those aren't being addressed. And one of the big ones is how do you stop people from killing each other? How do you stop war? How do we stop this insane practice of having groups of people go up against groups of people they'd never even met and killing them?




And then we're all okay with this. We talk about how this is normal and this has to be done and these war is ugly and it's unfortunate, but we have to do it like, okay, are you fucking sure? Who's, who's pulling the strings here?


People with $10,000 suits that don't get on the front line, they send poor kids and young kids, young men and women to die.




And you know.




It's all about money.


It's all about money. And, you know, Smedley Butler wrote about it in 1933.


War is a racket. Yeah, that's right.


You read that. Read that from 1933, folks. And this was a general who was he? A general was his rank. Yeah. General who was retiring. And he wrote this piece about how he thought he was preserving democracy. He was really just making the place safe for bankers and.




It's just. It's an ugly business that Eisenhower tried to warn us about and is leaving from office. Speech.


That's right.


When he stepped down or when he was no longer the president, he left office and gave a speech about warning about the military industrial complex and its influence.


He sure did.


And I don't think they knew back then that people would be able to have YouTube and just watch that.




And if that's how they did it back then, imagine how good they are at it now.


Oh, man. They're masters at neuroscience, applying neuroscience to the general population. They are masters at it. And they know how to get into the psyche of a human being, and they know how to turn them against, turn us against each other while they themselves chop it all up. Like I always say, there is no Democrat or Republican. Doesn't exist. The only thing that exists is a group of elite oligarchs that torture men, women and children worldwide. That exists. They capitalize and monetize us, and they put their boot on our neck. But the thinking is left wing and a right wing. I think it's the same bird.


Yeah. It's all just money. It's all money. And they use social issues, whatever they are, whether it's Christianity or abortion rights or whatever it is. They just use those little moves that they put in their little game. And really what it's about is enriching themselves and staying in power. And the best way to stay in power is control narratives and control influence and make people believe a very specific thing and drill it into their head. But the problem is, I think human beings are more awake now than ever before, and they know this game now, at least a large number of us know this game.


It's shifting so fast. It's shifting, like, incredibly fast, which is great.


How old?


I'll be 53 in September.


You look great.


Thanks, man.


So you and I are basically close to the same age. I'm 56. And when we were kids, this version of the world was never discussed. You'd have to be a complete kook to think that money is why wars are started. Oh, come on. No one would ever do that. You would be a complete kook to think that the pharmaceutical drug companies lie about their drugs. What are you talking about? They can't do that. They would be arrested. You'd be kook. And now, especially after the pandemic, that's how everybody feels. And watching these wars go on between Ukraine and Russia and Palestine and Israel, you're like, what the fuck is going.


On in the 21st century? This is still happening right now in.


Large scale, and people are having debate over the acceptable amount of numbers of women and children that are allowed to die in a war.


It's insane. It's insanity.


It's insane.


Earth is, you know, partly is a giant mental facility. Mental health is a major issue on this planet. When a person can look at someone and say they deserve to die because of their beliefs or their non belief, that's a major problem. That's a sign of mental illness.


It's also a sign of, like, a spoiled child. It's almost like we skipped the line, right? We didn't really do, we didn't pay our dues to become people. We got turned into people. You know, you're right, because if there's anthropologists are looking at chimpanzees now, and they're looking at them saying they're entering into the Stone age like they're using tools now. Now, if you watch that same chimpanzee and you went a few million years in the future, who knows what it looks like? Probably looks like an upward looking human that has much more intricate tools. Who knows if it's created stone weapons, structures, houses that develop a language? You could watch chimpanzees over the course of evolution, but that's too slow.




And so if you were another highly intelligent being for another planet, like, they're gonna get there.


Give me a little something.


Give a little something.


And the evidence of that is tablets called the myth of Adapa, which means first man. The myth of Adapa an ancient sumerian text. It's a tablet. And in this tablet you can buy the book myth of Adapa on Amazon. You can read it for yourself, completely translated and translated by scholars, by the way. And it's talking about the fact that according to the Anunnaki, human beings were created in a way that genetically we were supposed to become more superior than them. They didn't know this was going to happen. And Lil was angry at his brother Enki because Enki put a little extra in the sauce. Yeah, a little extra. And he said that the mysteries to unlock the secrets of the universe is hidden within our bodies and that we ourselves can rise to be even higher than them. This is a major thing to be putting into text like this. Now who sits around? How do they specifically.


That sounds insane.




How do they specifically describe that?


They describe it just like that. It says that human beings, or man, adapa, adapt, was created to be even higher than us and that all the secrets of the universe, the mysteries, are within our body. And I believe that because when I started studying DNA, that took me into a whole DNA study, I discovered this scientist called George, George Church. And he, he created this ebook that he was able to take from a digital format and he was able to download it onto one drop, 1 gram of DNA. A digital book. He converted it from a C's, t's, and G's into. From zeros and ones. I'm sorry. He converted from zeros and ones into a C's, t's and g's. Read, write, read, write. Put it on the DNA. Then he said, wow, this is incredible. DNA can store information in a volume. You. Then he said, okay, this is what we're going to do. Let's replicate this book. So he replicated the book 80 billion times on 1 gram of DNA. And this is a, this is not just a regular ebook. This book had graphics and images and everything else in it. So then he said, let's see if we can get it back.


So he converted, he created a read, write again. He converted it from acs, T's and G's back to zeros and ones and uploaded it back to the server. So now he knows that DNA can upload and download information. Crazy.




So now they said, okay, well, how much data can store be stored on one drop? Over 433 petabytes of data. A petabyte is a thousand terabytes.


What an unfortunate name.


I know, right? That's a crazy name. I was like, why'd y'all name it this.




Yeah, so, so that's so insane. Now, they discovered recently on holmium atoms, scientists have now written information, data onto an individual home atomic and that they discovered that we can store information. They can read, write directly onto the surface of an actual atom. Now, think about that for a second.


Oh, my God.


So they're saying that a human body can store 13.5 billion years, or roughly, of data, which is roughly around the time they believe the universe probably exists. So that myth of adapt a text could be accurate. The secrets of the universe is probably encoded into our body because we're, we're just recycled atoms, right?


And then as we evolve technologically and biologically, we develop a higher and higher ability to access that information.


Exactly. That's exactly what it is. The longer we go, the more we're able to tap into this information, tap into who we truly are. We'll begin to walk in our power, look inside, go to inner space, not outer space. We'll begin to tap into this. And they discovered now that junk DNA is no longer junk. They're taking the term junk off of it, that it really has function. It always had function. It was never junk. That's just a word to keep us programmed and thinking that we're junk.


Well, I think it was a way for them to explain something that they couldn't explain.


Right. But when you use the word junk, if you understand affirmations, you know, I would never call myself junk. So that's a weird way to do it. But, but now they're finding out that that's, you know, and again, in a myth of adapa, it's saying that we're going to tap into this. So I believe that all of our innate abilities that we used to have are going to start to come back over time, like accessing Earth's magnetic field with the magnetite crystals in our brains. We all have billions of magnetite crystals in our brains. And they put a guy into a laboratory, and they put a giant bar magnet and moved it around the room, and they put an EEG cap on them and a scanner, and they saw that they were orienting themselves to the magnetic field. So we still have the ability to navigate magnetic fields. We just don't, don't even know. We're unaware of it.


Well, we know it exists in animals.


Yeah. So we have it in our body as well. So all these things are going to become, begin to come back.


There's an, there's so little true understanding of, like, how birds migrate, like, how they all know when to do it what. What is calling them? What? A very specific direction? Are they using landmarks on the ground? Are they just using some sort of a magnetic field? Are they just tuned in to where the north pole is? And what are they doing?




How are they doing it? What is the organ that's allowing them to do it?




Is that something that humans have? And we just. We. It went away just like, I can't remember anybody's phone number anymore.




I used to have so many phone numbers in my head.


We had to happen because we were, you know, we're seventies babies. Yeah, you may be. I'm 60. 60. I'm seventies, 71. But, yeah. But what happened was, if you look at the tablets again, this is why I love these tablets, man. They talk about the fact that, you know, they had created this, this being not created from scratch, but genetically modified. They add their essence to it, is what they say, added our essence. So by adding the essence, you can see where all of a sudden, maybe our ancestors were in tune with the magnetic field and were able to communicate psychopathically, maybe even had telekinesis. And these other innate abilities weren't technologically advanced, but maybe more spiritually advanced. And they tinkered with us and took away our memory, took away our ability to tap into that so we can focus solely on them.


I guess if you were gonna, you know, have you ever seen the movie Prometheus?


Oh, yeah.


When the alien dies and its DNA goes into the water.




If you were gonna play a real long game and seed life in the universe, and then you were gonna, I mean, especially with us, you were gonna create something that's very sophisticated and encode inside of it enough information that they could figure out everything. Just. It's gonna take time. You have to earn this information. But it's in there. It's such a compelling theory. The problem is, I get so wrapped up in these that I hope they're true when I hope they truly stop thinking critically, because I'm like, that's the most fun. It's the most fun to think that we were created by aliens. It's the most fun to think there's a base on the north side of the moon, the undeniable stuff that, to me, is equally compelling, I think, even than the aliens is like, how did they make the pyramids? Like, who did that? Who did that? And what was that culture? Like? If I could go one place, I would go to Egypt, Giza. When it's thriving, when it's thriving, whatever. I don't even know what the number is? I don't know if it's a John Anthony west number or if it's, you know, more conventional number of 4000.


Whatever it is, just get me there. Let me see what that was. What were you guys doing? How the fuck did you make that thing? How did you get those stones from 500 miles away? How did you cut them so perfectly? How did you get them all the way up in the ceiling of this giant king's chamber? What was that damn thing? Why did it have a gold cap on the top right? Like, what did you guys do? How did you make the gold cap? Like, what did you guys do?


It's wild. I go with the John Anthony west theory. I'm closer to his time frames.




Rest in peace, John Anthony west.


He was amazing.


Amazing. Amazing, man. Wow.


Yeah. Magical Egypt, folks. It's, I think there's two versions of the video series that you can get online. Go find it. It's incredible. The first one I watched like ten times.


Yeah, yeah.


Like, this is just the, I mean, forget about speculation, forget about, like, timelines. Just the undeniable majesty of the construction of those structures and the statues and, like, what they built was like, my God, like nothing else.




Like nothing else in the world. No, no one's even a distant second place.


No. Not even close to Egypt can.


Egypt can just stand above all of it and it was so long ago.


Yeah, it's super ancient, you know? And what I like about John Anthony west, his, his theory aligns with the emerald tale, its date range, because when he talks about the great Sphinx being built two processional periods back, it takes it back to around 36, 38,000 years ago, around the same time that thoth claims to have written the emerald tablets. And in these tablets, he talks about building the great pyramid. He said, build eye the great pyramid patterned after Earth's force so that it too might remain through the ages. So he claims to be the master architect of the structure of the great pyramid. And what he did was he incorporated into with advanced science. It's not just a power generator. It's also, in my opinion, it also could be a multifunctional stone computer. Okay. And this thing calculates the orbits of the planets in the inner solar system, which is crazy.


How does it do that?


Matter of fact. Well, if I have some. Can I open up this? Just read some notes. I got some incredible notes that I did, some math that I did.


I'm amazed at how much you don't need notes. There's a few people that come on this podcast that blow me away without notes. I'm like, Terrence is one of them.


Yeah, he's one of Rhonda Patrick.


She's another one of them.


I just want to get the numbers exact, you know? So, one thing, the equatorial circumference of the earth can be calculated by the great pyramid, because the great Pyramid itself is one by 43,200 scaled down. So if you take the great pyramid and scale it up 43,200 times, it fits directly inside the sphere of the earth, and it touches the equation, okay?


So, meaning the dimensions of how the angles of it would fit inside of a sphere.


Inside of a sphere. It's a representation of the Earth in a pyramidal format. Okay, that's crazy. And if you multiply that by the base perimeter, you get 24,734.94 miles, which is roughly within 170 miles of the circumference of the planet Earth itself. Okay? Which is wild. You can also calculate the speed of the earth around the sun. So the great pyramid, basically, you take a pyramid, inch times ten to the 8th power, it equals the speed of Earth around the sun. That's wild.


The problem with these kind of calculations is flint dibble made note of this, that you could take that and you could do that with a lot of different things. Like, what was the one he used for 429 in it, different funny ones.




He was explaining how you take these arbitrary precession of the equinox numbers and you could multiply them times, like, whatever you want. You could get a bunch of different results based on what you wanted the result to be, not based on the actual.


Some of them are hard to do. Check this out. Forget about multiplying things. What about taking the fact that the pyramid, the great pyramid, is located at the center of land mass on earth? Not the center of the earth, the center of land mass. Now, the only way you can put the pyramid at the center of land mass is you have to have a polar orbiting satellite. If we were to do it today, a polar orbiting satellite that's orbiting this way. And as earth spins on its axis, you're taking swaths of data and you're calculating the land mass, and then you're going to say, okay, this is the center point for land mass, and you put it there.


So the center point for land mass being you take the surface of the earth, what percentage of it is covered with water, where the ground is.




And then you find the center of where the most ground is. And that's where the pyramid is.


Exactly. Exactly the next thing is taking all the average heights of all the peaks on earth and then dividing that to get the average height and making that the height of the great pyramid. Now, you can't just randomly calculate those numbers, okay?


That's the average height of all the mountains and the peaks on earth.


That's right.




That's right. And that's an absolute fact. The grand gallery, the latitude of the grand gallery inside the great pyramid leading into the king's chamber. The latitude are the exact digits of the speed of light in meters per second. You can't just randomly calculate that one.


Well, you can't just get those stones down. I mean, there's not one thing about it. You can get real crazy with numbers and mathematics, but there's not one thing about it that's not completely insane. Like, every single aspect of it is completely insane. The fact that we still will try to pretend today that it's not impressive or that it was impressive, but that they did it with sand and they did it with, like, how do you know?


Well, you need more. You would need more mud if you. The mud ramp theory, you would need more mud en masse than the pyramid itself. So that's, that's a farce.


The mud thing. I mean, it's like, just show me one. Yeah, show me one. Just.


Here's the problem with that mother bram theory. I don't think people realize, I take people on tour to the pyramid every single year. I take people on a huge tour. Last year we had 140 people on tour in each Egypt for twelve days or whatever it was. But the pyramid itself, each individual stone at the pyramid. Excuse me. Each individual stone at the pyramid is a different shape and size. There are no two stones that are perfectly the same. Each stone fits in an interlocking format. So you can't say, go over here and cut these stones. We're going to bring them over here and we're going to throw up this pyramid. It doesn't work that way. Each stone is made individually, specifically for the location that it's exactly in, because.


They all have to be at an angle, because they're all going up towards this angle. So everyone should be cut. Perfect.


Exactly. So they're interlocking stones and there's, there's no way to say, just cut this cookie cutter out and we're going to bring them and hoist them and all.


Of them are perfect.


All of them. And if you accidentally cut the wrong size or you're off by a few inches, you can't make the perimeter you can spend a week or two getting a stone to a location that don't fit. It doesn't make any sense. They had foreknowledge. People don't take the amount of resources, energy, effort that it took to build that structure and then guessing that it will work out in the end. You only build that if you have a complete blueprint and you've got proven facts. Right? You have proof of concept that it works and you've done this before.


Now, what do you think about the other pyramids that are wonky, like the ones that aren't perfect? Do you think that they were trying to duplicate the great pyramid? Do you think they were trying to make their own?


The deeper you go into antiquity, the more perfect construction was. The further you come forward in time, the more wonky and crazy things are and begin to fall apart.


So do you think they just forgot how to do it?


The knowledge was lost. You can see the evidence of the knowledge by the time we got to Alexander the Great. Have you ever been to Alexandria?




I thought I was going to go see this incredible place. It looks like a bunch of crap. A bunch of piled up rocks, buildings leaning on each other. Even the people living in apartments that are leaning, buildings leaning. Everything there looks just. It was. What? The stones are small. I could pick up those stones with my own hands. They tried to duplicate the majesty of ancient Egypt, but they didn't even come close.


It's just so bizarre that one civilization got so much further than everybody else and no one really knows exactly how they did it.


Right. Light years ahead.


Now, when you hear the carbon dating of the great pyramid, what is your take on that? Because the radiocarbon dating is 2500 bc, right? That's what they think.


I just don't believe it.


Why is that?


Well, first of all, the way that the structure is made, if you look at other structures made in that same time frame, they don't have the same man, see? Don't have the same level of construction. They don't have the same capability of withstanding time.




So why are these falling apart? But this one isn't falling apart. And.


But that's not necessarily because, look, you could have a shitty house today and you can live right next to Jeff Bezos's house.


That's very true.


I mean, it's just there's going to be different cultures and different abilities and.


Different craftsmen within the same region. I'm talking about within the same area.


Yeah, but even in the same area, you're always going to have people that suck.


If you look at the subterranean shaft, I don't know if you've ever been there. It descends beneath the great pyramid, down into the ground on a specific angle, about 65 meters, and there's another 30 meters drop straight beneath that.


And this is where Christopher Dunn has hypothesized there was something that was creating a frequency down there, something that, like, pounds in the air, creates a very specific frequency and a very specific vibration that goes through the entire stone structure, which, theoretically could work.


Oh, yeah, absolutely.


And then this whole thing about using different chemicals in these shafts that leak through the limestone, and that limestone is porous, and you would have a specific amount of thickness with limestone, so you know exactly how much chemicals to put in the shafts. And the shafts did exist, and they did have openings to them, and they were sealed. You could open them up and dump things into them. Then the passageway that goes into the king's chamber, the so called king's chamber, and that it has opening shafts that go to the heavens.


Yes, they do. And I think I know why. My hypothesis on those shafts is, well, you look at the way the pyramid is designed, the queen's chamber is technology. It seems to be like an electrolysis generating machine to extract hydrogen from water. And Chris Dunn had the same. Pretty close to the same hypothesis I had with that. Now, why hydrogen? It's the most abundant element in the universe. And right now, today, we try to communicate with ET on the hydrogen frequency. Now, those shafts, imagine on the certain alignments, we know for a fact that that pyramid aligns with specific planets or stars. Orion, Aldebaran, you know, Draco, these alignments, and then these shafts would send out this hydrogen frequency, potentially, on my hypothesis around those alignments. Why? For communication purposes. Updates on this breakaway civilization. Because I believe there was an ancient galactic war, which I talk about on my show, my docu series Anunnaki. And this ancient war created these space refugees, which then spread out around the Milky Way. Earth just happens to be one of the breakaway civilizations.


It's not outside the realm of possibility. When you think about what we're doing and if we get more advanced and do this better, that we could be still involved in very similar types of activities throughout the galaxy. It sounds terrible, but that just might be how things get done. Unfortunately, war might just be a part of our essence, and it might be a part of the whole cosmic balance of good and evil, that the shifting of the winds and this, you know, of the tides coming in and coming out, it was like this. It needs good and bad, it needs all these things.


Yeah. Well, in the biblical text, God says in Isaiah, I create the good and I create the evil. Do what thy saith the Lord.




He's saying he creates good and evil. Yin and yang is what they call in ancient cultures. Right. Good and evil, dark and light, it's all the same thing.


It's the most fascinating subject to me. It really is. The most fascinating subject is when I hear stories from the Bible or the Bhagavad gita or the Talmud or any. Any stories like, what was the origin? What were they trying to say? What were they documenting? What were they sharing in an oral tradition of the history of people and of the earth and of the heavens themselves? Like, what were they sharing? What were those things? How much of it was myth? How much of it was. Someone misinterpreted the original story and watered it down. But at the beginning of it, even at the beginning, there was light. Just. It's literally like the big bang. It's literally describing what the current scientists believe happened. And then you think about these stories of floods, and then we know there's evidence, like the Randall Carlson work, all his work on the flooding that existed, where you could see these enormous channels cut through that, indicative of just insane amounts of water over a short period of time. And when he describes that, you're like, what?


Yeah, it's incredible.


Then the fact that we know that there's asteroid impacts, there's comet impacts, and that the ice age ended abruptly, and that all these areas like this is where it was. This is where it went down. And this might be every fucking story that you've heard from the beginning of time. Epic of Gilgamesh, Noah and the Ark. All these stories.


Yeah, all of it. I mean, obviously, the Noah story is inside of the epic of Gilgamesh. Yes, I believe that is a result of the younger Dryas, incidentally, and the epic epic of Atra Hasis, there is this strike, or of this, either an asteroid or whatever it is it's going to hit. They didn't specifically say, but they had the ability to stop it. And there's this other disk that has cuneiform writing on it, which is supposedly the direction that this thing took course through space to hit Earth. And so it was kind of known that this was going to happen. And everywhere you look on the earth around that same time period that this is estimated to happen, megalithic construction stopped. What happened that everyone stopped at the same time. Unfinished in the quarry, unfinished in the quarry, over. Unfinished in the quarry. All of a sudden, around the entire planet, everything is unfinished. Something happened globally that made people stop working on these structures and go to maybe Deren Kuyu underground base or in the. In the Americas that, you know, they say that the ant people, the Hopi say the ant people took them under.


If you couldn't go under and save yourself, you had a ship. We know that. That ziazidra in the epic of Gilgamesh was told how to build the ship, but it wasn't a boat like what we know was set in the Bible. It was actually a disk he was told to build. We found the tablet for that. So we have the tablet in the british museum. It was an actual disk that looked. That looked like pie sections on the inside. And he was told to collect his local flora and fauna and his local livestock. Not two of every kind in the world. He didn't get two ticks and two fleas and two. It didn't happen. He had local livestock, but he built a disk, not a ship, which is pretty interesting. But, yeah, these stories are everywhere. You know, it's pretty crazy.


It is crazy. And it's just so strange when you see resistance to the idea while there's still real evidence of this impact. Once there was real evidence of the impact, once the younger Dryas impact theory started being discussed by legitimate scientists, and they recognized when they're doing these core samples that they find nuclear glass and they find all of these things, like iridium, that are very common in space, very rare on earth. All this very thin layer. It's like, it's real clear. There's a time where all this shit goes down.


Yeah, it happened.


And there's also mass die offs in places. And my friend John Reeves, have you ever seen the Alaska boneyard on Instagram?


No, I haven't seen that one. Yeah. Wow.


Jamie, pull that up. So he has this piece of land, and he's a gold miner in Alaska. He's a fucking great character. And he has this amazing piece of land that they've pulled out thousands of bones and tusks and wooly mammoths and animals that aren't the boneyard. Alaska is his instagram that things that weren't even supposed to exist in that area, they have absolute proof of these things existing. Different cats and short faced bears and all kinds of shit. So they're pulling things out every day. He just texted me the other day, asked me to come out and blow. Bought a mastodon bone. I can't make it, bro. I can't. I'm busy. But I love this dude. And what he's doing up there is all his. This is his property. So he's got it all documented. He's got warehouses. He spent millions of dollars doing all this stuff. And his one area is only a few acres, man.




It's only a few acres.


So imagine what's really up there.


Imagine what's really up there. And what he thinks is that there was a mass die off that probably happened instantaneously, and all these things got swept in the water and washed down into this one particular area where they collected, and that's where he's finding them.


Gotcha. That makes sense.


So he's got two very specific areas that aren't that big. Just a few acres each. I think the biggest one is, like, six acres.




It's crazy. And so they're using these high pressure hoses, and they shoot into the permafrost, and they slip because it's, you know, it's cold.


It's got melt there.


So everything is just frozen into the ground. So they blast into the permafrost and start to loosen things up and show some of the images of the warehouses that he has. I mean, insane amounts of tusks and bones. And there's even more than this. What is the museum in New York that has his bones? Natural History museum from the previous owners of this property. They took a bunch of these bones, and they wind up dumping some of them in the East river because they had too many of them.


Oh, man.


So then they've sent out people. What is his name? Dirty water Dan. Don. Don. Dirty water don. Dirty water Don. Who's this fucking scuba diver guy who goes into the East river who found wooly mammoth bones and what, the other one, bison bones. All these different bones at the bottom of the fucking East river, exactly where he said they would be dumped off. So they dumped them because they had so much of them. And then they have a bunch of them that are still there. So now they have alaskan politicians who are pressuring the museum to release these things back to these people so they can get them in the hands of people that could fucking study them.




Because they just have them locked up. And they're just trying to say that they're theirs. First they tried to deny they have them. Then he provided paperwork, and there's proof. And then they denied there was ever any dumped into the East river. But now they pulled them out of the East river.


Now they know it's real.


So look at this.


That's incredible.


This is insane.


That's an incredible graveyard.


This is insane.




Boning. When you help, it's a boneyard. So if you go there, you become a boner. So he wants to make me an official boy. So all these bones, this is just a small sampling of what this guy has. We have one out there. We have a bison head.




That he gave me. Yeah. That's what that is. Probably 15,000 years old.


I mean, yeah, that's crazy.


This whole thing is insane. Look at all this stuff he's got. I mean, it's just. And this is just one small area that they're chipping away at a few acres, so. And there's charred surface. There's a layer that they go through that's all completely charred. And he's documented this, too. Like, what the fuck happened here? Look at this layer. This layer is insane. This whole place was up in flames.




See the char? He's got it in his. There's thick layers of that. Could you scroll up to his caption? What does it say? Something came in hot from out of this world. I'm thinking what you're looking at is what we found on the bedrock when we were digging the drain. The bedrock is burned, the gravel is burned, and nobody knows why yet. That's okay. We'll figure it out someday. So there's a whole layer of this. Clearly something was on fucking fire.


Definitely. Well, we found charred stones just like that at the base, ejected out from the base of the bent pyramid of Doja.




And if you look at this, we've been documenting this. I'm gonna put it in my tv show. You know, the Anunnaki series. There's areas of the pyramid that look like they've been blown out. Something hit it and blew out the stones and charred them black, like, just like that. And there's, like, a debris field out there. There. And nobody is studying this stuff. So we started studying these. These charred stones and these charred rocks. And up above the area where you kind of walk in to go down into the pyramid, there's more. Look like another impact point where there's more stones blown away. And as you walk out, away from the face, you discover that's where they lay. And you put your hand in the sand and pull up these charred, burnt stones, which is just wild.


So can we see some of that? See what that looks like?


Look at the pyramid, the bent pyramid. If anybody goes to those corners, they'll be able to.


Common theory, this theory of being hit by something.


Nobody's talked about it yet. You know, that's why I'm trying to. We're trying to analyze and see what could have happened.


A piece hit there, but, like, the bigger impact was somewhere else.




Just wiped everybody out.


When something comes in, it breaks into chunks, and then a piece hits over your piece. Yeah. See that corner there? You see that corner? Now that corner? You know, I wish we could get a better color picture, but there's a debris field there. There. All those stones are just. It looks like an impact, and there's out away from it. There's charred, burnt rocks in the sand. You pick up a regular piece of rock, you can see what that is, a geode. You put up these. It looks like charred, burnt stone that came from the pyramid itself.


I like to see the image of the charcoal. To me, when I'm looking at that, it just looks like people are stealing rocks.


Yeah, but, you know, that's exactly what it looks like, but that's not stealing rocks there. And the guy, the home grown archeologist that was with us, Mohammed Ibrahim, has the same exact belief because we are able to see the broken, those areas there, the mass of what's missing, the majority of it's in the sand.




Which is why I would send you the photo.


Oh, okay. So it wasn't stolen. It was knocked off.


Yeah, it's there. Still there. So I'll send you. I'll send you the photo that we.


Jimmy, could you please click on the one to the left of your cursor? Yeah, that one. Thank you. Can you make that one bigger? I see, yeah. So all that got blown apart.


It's blown apart, and the mass is still there. A lot of it turned into dust and powder, but they. Dirt. The black pieces are further toward. Would be further toward me.


Can you tell us where we could find images of those, the charred.


I have some.


Can you show them to Jamie or send them to Jamie?


I'll send them to you right away. Absolutely.


You can't air drive it because you're using foreign technology. Not even.


Yeah, we'll just download them and email them to you.


But we want to be able to do it.


They're on our Google photo drive right now.


Could you just send it to him? If he got you an email, we'll do it right now.




Okay. Jamie, will you give him an email? We'll pause here for a second, folks. These images, we don't want to bore you with this. Okay. So we left off with the burnt pyramid areas that look like they've been hit yeah. And he said, so we. We got the photographs from your wife, so let's take a look at them here.




So this is a video. I have the videos because they were going to give me screenshots from the videos. So I figured we just look at the videos instead. There's one that's kind of more.


More zoomed in, but, yeah, sorry. It's hard to get the idea of the coloration, the discoloration there from low resolution, you know, phone video.


Do we have any other videos? Or is it just videos, Jamie? Or we have photo.


Oh, those black areas on the stone, if you rub them, they get very black underneath. There's also other pieces that are smaller laying further out.


So there's charred areas that have been covered with dust and sand over time.


Right, exactly.


But if. If you brush it off, you see a char.


See those dark areas there on those stones?




That's not the color stone. If you go back up, that's not the natural color at all. Those colors there. And the geologist and the homegrown guide that we use in the archeologist also said that's not the normal coloration. They don't know what energetically happened here.


Okay, so now I see it. I see it in that. Stop right there. I see it in that stone right there as well. So charred. And then over the thousands of years, covered with dust and sand. But if you dust off the dust and sand, you see this charred surface, right?


Oh, yeah. Which is crazy.


Well, that does kind of make sense if a little chunk hit that.




And a bunch hit some other spots. And that was just. And it also makes sense if you think about how an advanced civilization like that can just disappear. What would have to be the moment. It just doesn't make any sense. I know there's the burning of the library of Alexandria, where they lost a lot of the information, but I think.


That might have been a book heist.




Yeah. I think the burning of the library of Alexandria was a heist. The burning did happen, don't get me wrong, but that was just a distraction to steal the knowledge. And that the majority of that knowledge ended up in the Vatican archives.


Vatican is one of my favorites. Yeah, that's one of my favorites. I went there with my family a few years back, and I was blown away. And I highly recommend it to anybody that gets to go to Rome. If you go to Rome, please go to the Vatican. It's stunning. Yeah, it's stunning. All the artwork they have. And they also have an egyptian obelisk.


Yes. Which is center and you know that obelisk, that courtyard, is the same courtyard as Teotihuacan. If you look at dimensions, not the dimensions, but just the actual shape of that courtyard, it matches the courtyard of Teotihuacan. So really? Yeah. It's an incredible coincidence that they built it based on the Teotihuacan, where the avenue of the dead has those platforms. And then you have the pyramid of the sun on the right and the pyramid of the moon straight ahead. That area resembles the courtyard of the Vatican.


Wow. The Vatican is so insane. It really. I didn't know. I knew that it had a lot of art. I didn't know. When you go to St. Peter's Basilica, you're just like, what? What did you do?


Yeah, how did you do?


How much time did this take? This is so intricate and so incredible.


I know.


It's one of the most spectacular things I think I've ever seen in my life in terms of, like, what human beings can do with ingenuity and time and artisans and craftsmen and people that. Artisans that just create the most insane ceiling you've ever seen in your life. So intricate, I mean, and perfect for a house of worship, because you walk in there, you believe in God, like, immediately.




Like, this is obviously God.


Yeah, exactly.


And the fact that they did it for so long, hundreds of years, to make that place.


I know, it's incredible.


It's so amazing.


Unless you know that there's time periods where people would operate within a golden age in certain regions of the planet and have time to do that type of art and craft and beauty, create that kind of beauty.


Right. And the only way you do that is when you got your resources covered in your army, strong.


That's it.


And that was Rome.




I mean, that's. That's what they were back then.


They tried to take over the world.


Yeah. And the thing about what they're. What they have is they don't have to kind of tell you.




Like, so if they do, like, there's archives that they have in Rome that haven't been searched. Like, we're not. They're not just opening them up to everyone.




That everyone could look in and see what they have. So there's always been speculation that they have some wild shit written down in there.


Yeah, some wild stuff. I mean, they're investigating aliens, you know?




I mean, one of the pope's most recent astronomers, you know, they were talking about years ago, though. They were talking about years ago that they wanted to. The pope wanted to baptize the first alien. Now, that's incredible. That's an incredible statement.


That melee turned Michio Kaku into a scientist.




Right. It's like, that would be hilarious. That would be hilarious.


And then they built this telescope called Lucifer to look for alien life.


That's not a good name.




You would think of anybody who would know better.


Right? The light bearers that. You know what Lucifer means, supposedly, but. Yeah, they built a telescope named Lucifer.


Right. But the swastika used to be a sign of peace.




You can't really use it anymore.


No, you can't use it. I know. I know somebody.


It's like things can be stolen forever. No one's rocking that Hitler mustache. That's a wrap.


It's over.


No one's getting called Adolf. That's over. That's over.


They didn't want to, you know, cut that name loose, but they utilized that name for that, the name of that. And it's actually in America. I believe it's in Arizona.






No kidding. Wow. Lucifer telescope. Kooky. I know all the telescopes are fascinating, but what's really the most interesting to me is the James Webb and the information that's coming out about the birth of the cosmos and about how they're looking at these galaxies that seem too big, that they form too quickly, and that they're starting to re examine the timeline of the big bang, and then they're reconsidering whether or not they were correct with this 13 point, what is.


It, nine or 713.5 to 13.8 billion year?


Yeah. And they think these galaxies should not exist in this. I was just watching a documentary on it yesterday or a couple days ago where they were getting into why this doesn't make sense and the size of these galaxies. And they were too formed. I believe it was 500 million years after the big Bang. So this doesn't make sense.


According to us now, according to us, with our minds, we're still trying to figure out what dark matter is, right?


Well, Terence Howard, the concept of stars creating planets and the planets that's eventually getting to a Goldilocks zone, then eventually getting out, and then this is how life propagates through the universe. It makes so much sense. And with our limited understanding of the cosmos and our adherence to very specific ideas of how it all was created and the resistance to things like even the James Webb telescopes discoveries, you realize that science, like everything else, when it's practiced by humans, humans fuck everything up. They use their ego, they use arrogance. They don't want to be corrected. They want their initial ideas to be correct. And then there's a lot of great scientists that are just looking at it and going, this is amazing. Let's keep doing this, and let's get an even better telescope out there that maybe could see even further. And maybe we'll have to reexamine what we think about the birth of the universe.


Exactly. It just keeps getting better. Technology keeps getting better. I remember Hubble when it came back with the 2 trillion sky book. 2 trillion galaxies is what it estimated exists within our known universe. And then the web comes out, and it's just showing this stuff in much more clarity. And it's probably going to make discoveries that are even going to surpass, obviously, Hubble, in terms of the quantity of galaxies. And it just keeps getting better and better. We're getting a bigger and better understanding of our place in the universe as a whole. And some people are scared of that. This is why they don't want it to get out. They don't want the information to be put forth. That's going to change the paradigm. But the paradigm is not to be afraid. The paradigm shift is about to be embraced. Embrace this new huge part of us that's connected directly to us. We're part of it, and it's part of us intrinsically, energetically. And I think people are just afraid of the, what they think is the unknown because it makes them feel small. When I hear all this stuff going on out there, it makes me feel bigger because I know that I'm.


I am part of it.


Yeah. We are part of part of it. We like to think as individuals.




You know, oh, my God, I'm not important. The universe is infinite.




Universe is not just infinite. It's so infinite that the infinite nature of the universe might be a part of an atom.


Right. In another infinite universe, that's the fractal holographic universe.


Yeah. When you go fractals on things and you start thinking about it in that terms, you go, what? It's never ending. It's just this constant thing that's in you, in subatomic particles, and deeper than that, and then further out than that, it just never ends.




It goes both ways forever.


Yeah. Yeah.


You just go, oh, boy. I know it's hard to take yourself too seriously.


It's. Listen, it's hard because I think individuality. I think individuality is an illusion. We appear to be separate and individuals, but energetically, we're really all the same entity, that same consciousness experiencing itself differently. Subjectively, through different bodies.


Yes. Different life experiences, genetics, different places in the world. Yeah, but we're all the same thing.




And, you know, that's the hardest thing for people to get in their head. Anyone that you run into is you living another life.




We're all. The concept of me, when you think about it, everyone has that same feeling of me. Everyone has me inside of them. Just me. With less information, more information, better brain, better this, better that, shittier this, shittier that. And there's an infinite number of examples of it. And then it probably exists everywhere in the cosmos, and it's probably what facilitates change and growth is that there is this imbalance and that there is this constant struggle amongst human beings. That's probably what makes us constantly try to improve. It's just very disheartening to think that we improve to the point where we can travel to other planets and have a war.


I know, I know. We don't want that to happen.


We don't want that to happen. But just if it really did happen here, it just makes you think, like, is that just what we do forever? And is this just when we have this utopian perspective of being able to eliminate war on earth someday, which no one thinks is going to happen, and not with this current version of human beings? And then you think, well, if we. We surpassed Earth, if we passed out, if we passed our genes and our civilization out into the universe, are we still going to be behaving the same way?




And if we were. If I was an alien, I'd be like, don't let those dudes in. You know? If we get to a point where we're us now, but 500 years from now with the same genes, same wacky ass crazy genes, but now we have time travel, now we have interplanetary travels like that, and then we show up with nuclear bombs. Give us all your titanium.




You know, like, fuck, you know, that's a problem.




I would be really trying hard to stop us if I was from another planet.


I think a lot of. A lot of these suppression and oppression of technologies, potentially this hypothesis could be that there. There's a hand in the background holding us back a little bit. It's quite possible.


But then there's a theory like the Diana Pasolka's books, where they talk about these disks that they have found in the recovery program that apparently does exist. They call them donations. They think that these things are kind of left here so that we can just go, oh, fiber optics. What a great idea.


Velcro oh, yeah.


There's a lot of these things that seem to like transistors, velcro ships, right? Yeah. A lot of these things seem to have come very quickly after Roswell.


Well, yeah.


Which is interesting.


That's a fact. I believe in the arvs, alien reproduction vehicles. I believe that exactly is what's really going on with a lot of these uaps. I think that there, a lot of them are ours. I believe that there's UFO's out there. But a lot of these objects that we see in the sky are probably made by us by re engineering existing alien technology. And so. But, you know, it comes to the point, are we going to be able to advance as a civilization to get beyond war? And I just saw they released an AI fighter jet that went into a dogfight.




Just a few weeks ago.


Yeah. Mike Baker was on here showing us that.




It beats the beats the human piloted planes 100% of the time.






So that's Skynet. Yeah.


And then on top of that, instead of just AI powered fighter jet, you could develop a fighter jet that no longer has a person in it. So you have to worry about g forces do wild shit.


Yes, yes, exactly.


It's fully AI controlled vehicle. Especially as these technologies scale up. Like, I have a Tesla, and my Tesla has auto drive. And I can set in a destination like a restaurant. I like to go to press auto drive and navigation. And it does everything.




It hits the blinkers, it stops at stop signs, it stops at red lights. It takes turns, it changes lanes, it moves around parked vehicles.




It's fucking wild, man. And it's not done yet.


And this is the beginning.


It does hit curbs. I heard it hits curbside. I heard, like, when you take in turns, like for overpasses or underpasses, like a few people have curbed up. So keep your hands on the wheels, kids. But it's not there yet. But it's a lot better than what when I first got it, I remember I was driving down Laurel Canyon and I was with my wife, and we were. I was playing around. I was like, I have, like, we're listening to Led Zeppelin, and I'm like, moving my hand around the steering wheel. I'm like, look at this. The car's driving itself. This is crazy. But that was primitive. Back then. I didn't totally trust it. It was probably better than I thought it was, but it, like, every now and then it would get a little wonky. Now it's smooth.




Now it's. You use it at all jamie here and there. I kind of almost forget sometimes where that's like, oh, yeah, this car drives its fucking self. I do it for a goof sometimes.




It's just randomly. I've been doing a lot lately, though. Yeah, it's shockingly good.


Well, grandkids are gonna, that's all they're gonna know. They won't have to drive at all.


Yeah. But right now, like, like people joke around about manual cars, that it's a good theft deterrent device, have a manual transmission. Nobody knows how to drive that fucking thing.


This is hard.


Yeah. We used to be the only way you could get a car.


That was it. I learned, I learned it by accident, you know, because I was in an emergency situation and I had to drive up my friend's car that was a manual. And I had to learn within the distance between where I was to where I had to go. Oh, wow. Because one of my kids had got.


Hurt doing something and the only car was a manual.


That was it. Yeah.


It's not hard. I mean, you could learn it quick, but most people don't know how to do it. But the thing is, like, that's going away. Like they're, they're now saying that the next version of Porsche's is going to be the last version that they have with the manual transmission and all. Yeah, all. Which is crazy because Porsche, that was the one thing that people held onto was that you could get that stick shift. Love that engagement of the car.




But that's going to be the thing of the past. Everything's going to be automated because your freedom to drive, that people are going to, you know, the communist nature of, especially California, they'll do it first, probably. Your freedom to drive. That is not worth, you know, the potential of you taking someone's life in an accident.




You know, and this is. Makes sense. That's part of the problem. It does make sense. You can see the argument.


Oh, yeah, it makes sense. And that's where everything is gonna come in. There's gonna be so many, I mean, drivers are gonna disappear like chauffeurs and so forth. It's all gonna go, it's all gonna go away.


There's a lot of that in here. They cause traffic jams, these wacky driverless cars. You know, they have them here and they're not quite there yet, but they're good enough to take people around, which is crazy, you know, take me to red Ash, drives you to the restaurant, drops you off. Bye, thank you. All in an app, everything's done simple. It's kind of nuts. And it's just the beginning. I mean, we didn't have any of this ten years ago. Ten years in most time periods is not that big of a deal. Technology. No. Technologically, rather.


Yeah. Right now it's interesting fact.


Well, Chachi, BT five, when they release that, it's gonna be as big a leap, if not bigger than three to four. And three to four was nuts.


Yeah. I mean, in a hundred years, we went from a horse buggy in carriage all the way to putting remote control cars on Mars. So we're moving at an extremely fast pace right now. And they just released this chat TPT and other robotics on, on humanity, which is great. It's gonna do a lot of good for us. But at the same time, if you're gonna replace somebody's job, you have to then take away their financial responsibility, responsibilities. You can't expect them to still have the financial responsibilities and take away the job.




So that's going to be the conundrum. I'm waiting to see how that's going to pan out. How many of us are going to stand up and say, look, wait a minute, now, I'm a mother, I'm a single mother of three, and I can't waitress anymore. So what's going to happen? Or even attorneys are at risk, nurses are at risk now. So here's the do.


There's enough money in this country, just in this country alone, to, if you did replace jobs, you make it so that whatever controls that industry has to give a certain percentage to ensure not just like a living wage, but a good wage where people live well and they don't have to think about it. But then you got to give people a purpose, because you can't just have them laying around getting free money and not having a life. A lot of people, their purpose is their job. You know, that's what they look forward to. They get engaged with something. They have a community there, they have tasks that they do. They succeed. They go out to dinner and celebrate. That's a big part of life for people. You can't just take that away. So then how does that get replaced?




I think it's video games. I think they just, they're going to.


Go into cyber world.




When you look into the ancient texts, they had similar situations in these golden ages, but people spent time working for things like service to others, traveling, arts and crafts, exploring inner peace. So it's about teaching people's new people new ways to define and develop their passions and how to explore those passions.


Well, that would be a big yoga explosion across the country.


That'd be cool.


That'd be great. Yeah. People get into fitness, martial arts, and just be able to do. But you have to do something.




If you're. I mean, well, if you.


If you become stagnant, you die.


Yeah. And you still should have the ability to possibly work if you want to. Right. It shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Like, you don't get this money unless. If everybody got, like, 200 grand a year. Just imagine the entire country just gets a free 100, 200 grand a year. You're never gonna have to worry about food. You're never gonna have to worry about a place to live. You're good.




You got $200,000 a year because everything's automated and everything's done by the government. Then you're gonna have to find something. You gotta find a purpose. It's gotta be a thing that you. Whether it's art or writing or whatever it is, you better find something, or you're gonna go crazy.




And then there's gonna be a percentage of our population that's active. They're gonna be working out, and there's gonna be a bunch of us that just fuck off and drink beer and play call of duty.


Sit down.


Yeah. Get hammered and fucking order pizza and never have to do anything. Yeah. Live in a nice place. You don't have to worry about money ever.




You could always buy, like, a good laptop and you get together with your buddies and y'all play games, but you better have something. Go bowling. You better have something. You better have something you like to do.


Yeah. Yeah. You know, because that's where it's going, though.


Wouldn't that be better than work? Because for most people, like, you know, there's a great satisfaction working and accomplishing a hard day's work. And, you know, you get your paycheck and you feel like you've accomplished something. But wouldn't it be better if you just all of your needs were met?




And we put an emphasis in our culture on creating and doing things that interest you and whether it's competition or whether. Whatever it is. But this would be finance, essentially, by this ability that you just get free money. Because robots control everything.


They have plenty of money.


No more jobs.


There's no more jobs. They don't have to pay a salary to these robots, only repair costs.




And management costs, obviously. So. Yeah.


And the $200,000 that everybody gets, they're getting it anyway because they were going to buy stuff from them.


Exactly. Exactly.


It would be a wild change and shift in how human beings interacted. And if there was a way for us to channel that in a positive manner, it could ultimately be beneficial. And we could be looking back on these days where people ought to work at wendy's and go, what the fuck was that about?


Well, most people are working in jobs that are not. They're not passionate about these jobs, and it's evident in their work, you know, their effort and their work ethics.


Well, it's also evident in their success. Right. And their happiness.


That's right.


Like, a guy like you who likes to do. You do what you like, you enjoy this, you pursue this, you talk about this, you're very good at it. This is a great way to live.




And other people can find other similar things or different things that similarly excite them.


Yeah. And if we were under that new scenario of 200,000 a year, whatever it was, I would still do this, of course. You know, so of course people will work. It's like star Trek. They work for free on Star Trek. They don't. You know, it's just a tv series, but they don't have a paycheck.


Kirk didn't get paid.


No, they never got paid any money. It was all for free.


Communists, they were trying to finish in the communists.


It's all for free. But they did it because they were passionate about it and they believed in it so much. And so there's things that people can still do if they're passionate about those things. And. And, you know, it's just work. But you don't ask for a paycheck.


Right. If there was a base paycheck for the whole country, just a base paycheck based on. I wonder if 200 grand is even possible. What is $200,000 times 333 million? Check that out, Jamie.


Only. Only 190 million are adults. 190 million adults, right.


That's right. Let's just make. Let's be generous. Let's make it 200 million adults.




So 200 million times 200,000 is what? So it'd be two times two is four. Add all the zeros from the 200,000 onto the 4 million. Right. What is that in, like, the word.




It trillions. 200,000. 200,000 times 200,000,200 million's got eight zeros. Shit. So six zeros. Six zeros is a billion. Nine zeros is. No, 60 is a million. Nine zeros is a trillion. A billion. It's giving me four e 13. So it's 413 zeros. 13 zeros. 413. Four times 13 zeros. It's a lot of money, folks.




Gonna have to drain these oligarchs, tax the rich.


What was the. What was the number? Numbers?


200,000 times 200 million. 40 billion. That doesn't sound right.


That is going to be.


40 billion or 400 billion.


It's a $40 billion.


40 billion. That's it. That's reasonable.


That's reasonable.


So reasonable. That's so reasonable.


That's less than the military industrial complex budget for the year.


100%. Imagine that, folks. I just want you to think about that. That we could give 200 million people $200,000 a year. That's a good amount of money. Yeah, $200,000 is nice. You can live in a nice house, go on vacation and eat well. $200,000.


Yeah. Not bad at all.


Not bad at all. And if you did that, you could also still work. You could also still make money. But everybody. If we just elevated every adult in this country to that. That amount of money. Yeah, well, you're talking communist. No, I'm talking. And everything's gonna be automated, folks, and there should be some sort of attacks on the result that this has on society, particularly when, if everything is automated, the people who run the automation and the. They're going to be making staggering amounts of money. So if a tax of $40 billion a year to keep everybody happy, keep everybody from going fucking crazy, I mean, that might be. It sounds crazy because it goes against human instincts, right? Like human nature.


It goes against our program. What we've been programmed to believe is correct.


And is that because we were designed to mine for gold?


That's right.


Designed to work hard. Right.


Designed to work hard, man.


Because it's kind of in our head that we have to work hard.


Listen, we're so programmed to believe what happened in ancient times, that we believe the government is in control of us when we're in control of the government, right? We allow them to tell us what to do, when we should be telling them what to do and what we want. But we sit back and allow them to put rules in place, place laws on us and even lock us up and do things to us, and there's nothing we can do about it. But people think there's nothing we can do. There is something we can do. We've given up our power. We've relinquished our power to an outside source because of divide and conquer. It allows it to work. Once we realize that divide and conquer is just a distraction that we should coordinate together and organize, then we can take back control of this planet.


Yeah. And this idea of the government being in control of you is. Is literally how it works with every single country in the world. It's just a natural course of human nature that the people in power want more power. You know when you're selling skateboards, you want to sell more skateboards next year. You know when you're in power, you don't. You won't. You don't want to relinquish some of your power and make it better on the people.




You want to clamp down that power more. We had to get on Facebook and stop these people from tweeting about things or posting about things. You know, we have to. This has become a problem. Let's put pressure on this company to censor certain voices on YouTube.




And that's the shit that happens. That's really what happens. Because they're not acting in the best interests of humanity. They're acting in their best interests, which is what every industry does when it's just trying to make money.


Exactly. Well, the United States is a company. It's a corporation.




And so they're acting like a corporation.


That's. That's the reality of it. I agree with you, too, about this UAP thing. UFO, uap. Just many people have said this, but I'll repeat it, that there's something about them doing it always near where military bases are, too. That's super suspicious.


Come on. I mean, listen to me. What's going to happen or what potentially could happen? Another Gulf of Tonkin incident. You know, the incident that created the vietnamese war. They lied about an attack at the Gulf of Tonkin.


False flag.


To create the vietnamese war. Yeah, exactly. So all of a sudden, you see one of these uaps, they're going to call it one of these, not ours. We don't know whose it is. And then it attacks a navy vessel.




And now they've got the right to say, we need $10 trillion a year, whatever the number is, to create these weapons, or Iran, whatever, and something generates more money. So could this be why the formation of the space force is here? So that they can find a way to channel money into something else, where these private corporations can create these black budget projects that we've approved? Because we're afraid we're going to be attacked by aliens now. And then they take that money and they develop these projects that never see the light of day, and they all chop up the money behind the scenes.


Yeah. That's the reality of the world we live in, folks. And if you're clinging on to this left versus right, this are these culture war arguments, you are getting caught up in their bullshit game. Most people want the same thing. They want to be healthy. They want their family to be healthy and happy. They want to have a pursuit that they enjoy. They want to enjoy their community, enjoy their loved ones. That's what most people want. Most people want the same thing. Most of the shit that you're seeing is all been stirred up by foreign governments and special interest groups and a bunch of shit. And if you're online, they're spoon feeding it to you. If you're online and you're engaging on social media, they are shoving that down your throat.


Gaslighting every day.


Gaslighting you every day. And it's more and more obvious now than it's ever been before because people at least are aware of it. They know what's going on. But it is. It's shocking how much of it. It's going on. And it's allowing us to fight with each other while all this shit is going on behind the scenes. And all these hundreds of billions of dollars. I mean, we talked about $40 billion a year. What is the amount of money we spent so far in Ukraine? What's the. They continue to raise it. Right. They just. They just approved a new batch of money that's headed over there. Insane amounts of money. Yeah.


And we have infrastructure falling apart here, people on it. I just came from LA a few weeks ago. People on the streets of La.


Okay. So Congress passed five bills appropriating 175 billion in response to Russia's February 22 invasion of Ukraine. So this is May 9 of 2024, which is the most recent. So 175 billion that could have solved all poverty in America. Literally solved poverty, which is wild.




If poverty and crime are our number one problem in this country, which I would say they are.




That would solve our number one problem.


The crime is a side effect. 100% of the poverty.


Yes. And, you know, I always said this, if Hal Burton can get these no bid contracts to clean up Iraq after we bomb it, and it's for profit.




So they make a lot of money doing that. How about a no bid contract to clean up terrible neighborhoods?




No build contract. A no bid contract, rather, to develop community programs. And they'll be funded through the state. You'll make a ton of money, and you can do this. And also, you'll have a ripple effect. You'll have less crime. You'll have more people that are out there in the workforce, you have more people that are being productive, more people that are inventing things and creating music and culture and art and all kinds of other things that people like to do when they're not getting locked up in fucking jail.




And then you just have to figure out a way to get off the grip of the military or the rather prison industrial company, which has a vested interest in keeping people locked up because that's what they. The idea that we let that happen, I know, we let it be profitable to put people in fucking jail, and then we let the prison guards actively campaign to make sure that certain laws stay in place so that people keep getting locked up for non violent crimes.


Yeah. 40% of the people that are locked up in America are locked up on victimless crimes.




They only hurt themselves.


It's so nuts. And the amount of money that's generated by private prison, that should be zero. It should be $0.




There should be no incentive to put people in a cage.


You can't have capitalism in everything. Capitalism has to be broken into pieces. You can't have it in medicine, healthcare, prison systems. Right.


Imagine if that was the way with the fire department. Imagine you had to pay to get your house put out. Right. That's the one thing that we exist that we rather accept, rather universally that we pay for.




It's a socialist idea. The fire department is paid for by the state, and we need fire department people. We need everybody well trained and all the equipment to be working perfectly. We all agree to that.




Because it's a real dilemma.


Yeah. It makes sense. It's logic.


So is poverty.


Yeah. So is crime and mental health.


And mental health.


Yeah. Yeah. And people on the street are mentally.


Ill and giving kids guidance, having community programs and having education programs and giving people, like, an avenue where they can get out from where they are and see a path to success so they don't feel despair. They have a possibility and show and have it be run by people who have already made it through. Say, I can help you, just like you could teach someone how to play piano or you could teach someone to do karate. You can teach people how to live life.


That's right.


Yeah. And it costs a lot less than what it's costing in Ukraine. And how much would it benefit our economy? How much would it benefit our culture, our society? How much more would get done if there was less crime? A lot. And then those people of all, instead of being criminals, now, they're contributors.


Yeah. There's enough for everybody and a civilization grows the way it should grow.


Yes. The way it should. The problem is it's been captured. It's been captured by elites that want to keep draining money and they keep draining money and using it for their own needs and their own means. And it's terrifying.


That's why I call it poly tricks. Mmm. Poly tricks. That's what it's called. Yeah.


I mean. Made a bad math there. That's much more of an issue, ladies and gentlemen. I returned. We're fucked. We're never going to have enough money to fix this problem. I forgot what I said. What is our. Yeah, but that's a problem too. What's our GDP for? Boy, this big dentist from 40,040,000,000,000. How many people are yelling at the idiots? I work backwards from one of the things we did says $875. Like, wait, that is not enough to get everybody out of here. That's hilarious. GDP increased in 2023 to 27.36 trillion. That's our GDP every year.




Oh, so we don't even have enough money because it would take double our GDP. That's the 200k.


If you want to go to two. Okay. Yeah.


Well, you have to give people. It's only 200 million people. It's not even everybody.




That's four x 4000. So we're fucked. Back to where? Fucked.


You just. You just cut it down.


Cut it in half.


You could do it if people have you do it even then. If you have it like 80, about $80,000 and then let people work to earn their own money and other things.


Yeah, 200 grand was a little lofty. Okay. So if it was 40 trillion, you could get it down to 15 trillion. That's still most of the money we make. That's still a lot.


It's going to increase, though, significantly in the next ten years because of the AI, right? You know all the chips and robots. When a company can lay off, like Amazon, lay off 1000 people and replace them with a thousand robots, right? Their profit, their profit margin goes up significantly within the first eight to ten years.


Yeah. What, if anything, is being done to provide a safety net because you can't give people $200 a week. You know, whatever it is, it's got to be a significant amount of money to actually get by. Whatever that number is, whatever we decide that number is, the number could be less if things are covered. Like if AI becomes so efficient at creating power, we have it in our head that power must be paid for. But if AI becomes so efficient and eliminates jobs, that we decide that we're going to nationalize all of our power, and then we'll look at power the same way we look at the fire department and we set it up as a socialist power system, which is not the worst idea in the world if you consider that most power is being generated by the use of natural resources really belong to the earth. And like that, individuals are pulling these out and profiting from them wildly, especially when they're doing, like, offshore oil drills, like, who owns that spot? How are you able to just suck all that oil and make billions of dollars out of the ground that we all live on?


Like, it seems like that should be everybody's. Right, but then you lose the incentive for profit that allows you to go digging.


You lose incentive. Yeah. I think that everything is going to move. Not everything, but a lot of power is going to move towards higher. That's the big new push. The Navy has vessels now that run off of hydrogen so they never have to go refuel.


Do you know that Bob Lazar made a hydrogen corvette in, like, 1990?


Wow. Incredible.


That psycho.


Yeah. Wow.


Yeah, he made. He was such a freak.




He is such a freak. But I love that dude. I'm fascinated by him. And I don't know if he's telling the truth, but, boy, I hope he does. He is. But, you know, one of the crazy stories about him was in the Los Alamos labs days when he was living there in New Mexico. He developed a rocket powered Honda. So he put a jet engine on a fucking Honda.


Wow. A lot of time on his hands there.


Well, he's just a genius.


Yes, a genius. He's an absolute genius. Look, he talked about element 115 before we discovered element 115.




So that's what sold me on him.


Well, he also has never really varied from his story. And to tell a story for more than 30 years until the exact same story is pretty strange.




And also didn't really profit off of it. No, it's not like a thing that he's, like, selling Bob Lazar t shirts and, you know, Bob Lazar was right. Baseball hats and constantly going on podcasts. No, he did my podcast.


Yeah. Yeah.


I don't even know if he's done another one.


I don't know. I know you got, you know, a lot of hell for it.




You know, and I was trying to.


Get rid of again, but he's. He's working on that. Well, during the Jeremy Corbell documentary, the FBI rated him.




Which is insane.


It's insane.


He thinks that they believe that he has stable version of element 115 that he has a sample of. Yeah. And so they went, he thinks that's what they went looking for.


They'd love to get their hands on that because the decay rates so fast.


Well, the video that George Knapp had, there's a video that George Knapp had from a long time ago where he was demonstrating with George Knapp how this element, when bombarded with radioactivity, could distort gravity. And he showed some, he had some experience that they did, that we could show with light. And I don't exactly remember what the parameters of the experiment were, but that thing is one of the things that convinced George Knapp that maybe he's telling the truth. And this whole thing is crazy. And then when you see, like, these images where it shows these crafts behaving as he described that this gravity projection generator of whatever it is, this gravity generator, whatever this thing is, whatever the. They weren't exactly sure how to, because they, at least back then in 89, but that you would turn towards where you wanted to go sideways, and that's how it would travel.




And they saw these videos of these crafts doing that, of rotating. Yeah.


Same thing by fighter jets.


So fighter jets are locked in on them with these high speed sensors, and they're locking in. There's like a video where they go, finally I got it locked in.




And they're like, look at it go.


Yeah, I heard that.


Yeah, yeah. See, we find that video because that video is one of my favorites. Favorites because the, the pilots are so genuinely excited about this when they finally lock it in. I think that's the go fast.


Go fast.


The go fast walker. And they're like, oh, we got it. We got it locked in. Like, what the fuck is this thing?


Have you, have you researched any of the vimanas from the ancient text?


Yes, yes. That's very, very fascinating because they. In the Bhagavad Gita and in.




Is this the one? Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is it. And in the mahabharata, they talk about these flying crafts. Like, what is this? What you're about to hear is actually us fighter pilots. Powerful raytheon displayer. Pod display. How come I'm not hearing any voices? Oh, there it goes. Yeah, Eric goes, oh, there's just explaining how the display works is Raytheon display and how these fighter jets are using this, trying to lock in on this thing. So look how it zooms in. They see it pass by. It's going so fast. They're trying to lock in on it, but they're having a hard time, so they keep adjusting, and they're trying to get their sensors.




So they got it.




So now they're excited.




What the fuck is that? Like, what the fuck is that?


Right? It's wild, man.


What is that?


Like I said, I just see these things and I go back to the. Like that. You know? The varmanas, they ran on a ferrofluid vortex engine.


That's how it's described.


Yeah. Ferrofluid. So they had liquid mercury, ferro fluid, ferrofluid, which is liquid metal. And so they put liquid metal inside.


How do you spell that?


Ferro. Ferro.


Feral used to have a ferrofluid lamp.




Really? Remember about one thing. You, like, put a magnet on it and the. Oh, yeah, where is that? Is that in storage?


So these are fair. So you put. If you take a Taurus.


We need a new one, Jamie or something.


If you take a tourist and you put a ferrofluid, like, mercury inside of it, and you magnetize the torus in a way that creates this rotation, this rpm of the. Of the mercury moving around that field, and you get it up to about 60,000 rpms, and then you actually pressurize the torus to about 250,000 atmospheres. You can. You electrify it, you get anti gravity properties. What? Yeah.




So you can create an anti gravity flying device utilizing that technique. And this is really, you know, well known.


And how do they describe it in the text?


In the text, they talk about the fact that it used mercury in a rotating disk.




Yeah, and then they have some of the, you know, the flight plans and some of the layout of, actually, the plans of the actual ship itself, one of the ships. And so from that, you can almost hypothesize or backward engineer what it might have been able to do. And in the text, it says, they used to take a compliment of men to many worlds. So this is incredible technology.


A complement of men to many worlds.








So do you think that the government has access to something similar to that?


Oh, I believe so, 1000%. I believe they've been backwards engineering information from ancient texts and, of course, any artifacts that they found from anywhere in the world. They might have even gotten information from, you know, Saddam Hussein's museum, because that's the first place we went. And the gulf after the whole situation happened with wanting to go take him out of power and kill him, they went straight to the museum.


So Jamie just pulled this up. It says flying with ferrofluids. To solve this problem, L. Brad King, Ron and Elaine Starr, professor in space systems at Michigan Tech, is creating a new kind of micro thruster that assembles itself out of its own propellant. When excited by a magnetic field, the tiny thruster requires no fragile needles and is essentially indestructible. We're working with unique material called ionic fluid, ferrofluid King says, explaining that it's both magnetic and ionic. A liquid salt. When we put a magnet underneath a small pool of ferrofluid, it turns into a beautiful hedgehog structure of aligned peaks. When we apply a strong electric field to that array of peaks, each one emits an individual microjet of ions.


Whoa. Exactly. You have to electrify it. Once you electrify, you create this electromagnetic activity.


This is what it looks like in.


Just giving you. Yeah. Just giving you how it transfers itself.


Wow. And so you could use that as something that could propel a device?


Yes, absolutely. Wow. And you don't get to reduce the gravity, the weight of an object to zero, but you significantly reduce the weight of an object.


And the fact that they figure this out and that it's in, is it in the Mahabharata or the Bhagavad gita?


Wow. And it also, I think, what is one account in the betas?


Like, what is the definite, like, what's the explanation for how they figured that out? Like, help me out.


They say they have flying cities. They said that. They say they have flying cities, and these cities would go to battle sometimes against each other in the sky.


Oh, my God.


Yeah. So you talking about massive objects flying around. Right.


Like, and how do they explain that? A away. That's what I want to know. How do you explain that away?


How do you explain somebody thousands of years ago, sitting down to write a Sci-Fi epic?


Well, not. Not just that, but writing about a process.


Oh, yeah.


Of creating this field that now has been documented all these thousands of years later.


It works. Now, like, how did you figure that out? You guys doing this? Happens over and over again in text. And the emerald tablets is the book I wrote, though, talks about using cymatic frequencies and light waves to create manifest solid matter. And what happened about four years ago in a laboratory. They used cymatic frequencies and photons to create solid matter out of nothing. Just happened about four years ago.


What did they create?


They just create a few particles, you know, but the fact that we can do it. But it was. It was already an ancient text.




So now we can do it on.


A very small scale. Just like we can create element 115 with a collider.




Same kind of thing. And it's a very small, unstable version of element 115 that only exists for a fraction of a second. But they can measure it.




So. But if with sufficiently advanced technology, you could create it and then form a stable version of that.


Right. Imagine being able to build an entire city by manifesting the matter needed to build the city instead of harvesting. Instead of harvesting the city from rock.


3D print the city with nanobots.


You would use nanobots. Use nanobots to build the whole city. It would manifest as it went.


And you could also use that to repair things.




So you would never have to have, like, construction again. Everything would be self replicable.




Self repairable.








Well, of course, if you just scale up, just think about what we can do now and keep going, make it much better and much more efficient.


We're talking about programmable matter now. Programmable matter.


And what you were saying about DNA, the fact that you can encode into DNA, that you could actually hold information in DNA.


Yeah. Microsoft has created the very first DNA hard drive. So it's a molecular hard drive that works on hard, you know, technology that's hardware and also biological software. And so a device, a hard drive the size of my cell phone, can store an enormous amount of petabytes of data. So things like teleportation are going to be possible in the near future. We've already teleported, I think, a couple of particles from Earth to the space station. Right. But what's stopping us from teleporting a human being? Understanding and knowing the location of every atom and the rotation experiment of every atom, that's a lot of information, a lot of storage space. Now, with DNA hard drives, the storage space problem goes away. We'll be able to teleport biological beings or objects, big objects, into space or wherever we want on the planet.


Like Star Trek.


Like Star Trek.


Whoa. Who's gonna be the first guy to get beamed up?


Somebody's got to be a real guinea pig for that one.


Yeah, we're gonna have to find some.


Pedophiles, because when you teleport, you die. I don't know if people know that.


Oh, yeah, well, that's a bit of an issue.


I mean, you're reborn again instantly in other location, but it's. It's a facsimile of you anytime you teleport, even the molecules that we teleport now, the original version, the original molecule, or the starting matter, it's destroyed, and it. The data is then transmitted and. And then it's reformulated. So a teleportation is actually the death of you and the reformation of you.


Maybe they could do a better job, like an Instagram filter. Yeah. You know, maybe you could just, like, tone a few things up, clean up.


A little bit, get rid of some.


Scars or whatever, some body fat.




Maybe they can make a better version of you, but you have to be willing to die.




Yeah, but maybe that's hell.




Maybe you come back and you have no soul. Well, maybe when you teleport, your soul.


Doesn'T go with it, transmitting your consciousness. So everything is saved, all your information is saved. And we know that was done also in ancient times. Thoth talks in the emerald tablets about being able to go into these halls of Amenti, where he had rejuvenation chambers, which is what I believe is the serapeum in Saqqara. And he would go into these gigantic stone boxes, and he would then transfer his consciousness from his body into another body, and he would leave the body that he left inside of one of those gigantic boxes on those gigantic diorite stone boxes for 100 years while it recharged itself and rejuvenated, while he said he walks amongst men, but unlike a man. What? Yeah. And he would do this for eons. He would transfer from body to body. Not bodies. He stole bodies. He created that he didn't. Created himself through probably some of the advanced form of stem cell technology. And he would walk amongst men, but unlike a man, and he was known all around the planet because of this. The guy lived for. He's. According to the ancient Egyptians, he ruled over them for 16,000 years. One person.


What? Yeah, yeah.


So is this those ancient texts, like the ancient hieroglyphs that show kings going back, like, 30,000 years?


Well, that's the sumerian kings list, located in the Oshmoli museum in Oxford, England. I was there myself in person to check out this stonework, and it's an incredible tablet that talks about the reigns of kings. Some kings rule for 28,800 years, 14,000 years. I mean, 20,000 if the numbers are insane.


These are not egyptian. This is.


This is. No, not egyptian. This is. These are anunnaki. This is pre flood. This is postal up. So anti diluvial. And then when the flood comes, it talks about. And then the flood swept over the land. After the flood happens, then they descend kingship from heaven back down to humans. And then the reigns of humans begin. But they're. Or they're not really full humans or demigods. They're half human, half, and they're not. And then their. Their lifespans are like, you know, much shorter because their bruling times are only like a thousand years and 800 years and 700 years, and it starts to go down, down, down, which is why.


Like, no, 600 years old.


Right, exactly.


So this. This. These tablets, what are they called again?


Are you talking about the sumerian. Sumerian kings list?


Can you show me that, Jerry? I want to see what that looks like.


It's a giant four sided tablet located in the oshmolean museum at Oxford Inn, England. Yeah.


And so what exactly does it say?


Like, it gives you those, is it right here? That's it right there. Those are all four sides.


And how old is this?


Oh, this is, you know, they're saying 6000, but make it bigger, Jamie. Believe me, it's much older than that.


I just want to look at it. Yeah, man.


This is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy over tens of thousands of years, in my opinion. But this text gives the reigns of kings. In shars, S H a R a shah is 3600 years. So one shah would be 3600, 241,000 years of rule.




On that stone right there, the sumerian kings list.


Now, if this is right, if this is all true, what a mind blowing idea that humans have been around, that were engineers hundreds of thousands of years ago, and that this is the reason why there's this bizarre shift between lower primates and us, which you don't see in any other animal, right? There's nothing like it. No, there's nothing like us.


Look, we have 46 chromosomes, right?




What happens is at 48, exactly.




They discovered that chromosome number two was taken out, or they call it an artificial mutation. They. They mean genetic fused together and two telomere caps put on one telomere cap on each side. Who in the world took chromosome number two out, fused it together, and put telomere caps on it? And they say that it happened as an estimated 200,000 years ago, right at the time that Sumerians have a say, they decided to make mankind to do the labor. There's no coincidence that the tablets are aligning with modern science. And this. This means that a couple things. The first thing it means that we were genetically modified. The second thing that it means is the telomere caps limit our lifespan to about 120 years, max, according to Harvard scientists. Now, in the Bible, what does it say? It says that my seed shall not abide in man forever. His years shall be 120. That was taken from the sumerian tablets even further back than that, thousands of years before the Bible was written. When Yahweh aka and Lil shows back up, sees the human beings building a tower into the heavens, copying a tower that they themselves have built, it pissed him off, and he said, whatever their hearts decide to do, they'll ship.


They shall achieve it. My seed shall not abide in man. His years will be 120. And then he did a genetic modification at that point, I believe, with the telomeres, and he spread mankind out around the planet, and he confused their languages. He had us speaking different languages, so we couldn't collaborate. Now we're in competition. No collaboration. Divide and conquer.


And this is the tower of battle.


That's it. That's it, man.


So it was all done just to keep us from rising?


Yes. We were advancing too fast, and he had to slow us down. If we shorten their lifespan, then they won't have enough time. By the time they realize who they are and what power they have, they'll be dead. And, see, that's what's happened to us.


So if the Anunnaki are real and Nibiru is real, and Nibiru is on an elliptical cycle that comes between. It's like Mars and Jupiter, right?


Somewhere around there, like, well, it's further out now. It's over time. Orbit has been pushed out, and that's just one planet that these in people come from. They come from many planets.


But do you think that this planet Nibiru, that's on an elliptical orbit, if it's coming every 3600 years, wouldn't there be some sort of documentation 3600 years ago, at the very least?


Well, you have to look for geological disasters as marker points. This object, this Nibiru planet, which is mentioned, by the way, in the Numa Elisha, it's not a fabricated name. Just so people know. That's a real name. In the Enuma Elish, the oldest version of the Enuma Elish, it says Nabu as one of the planets. But you look at the time frame when this thing gets close, it orbits another planet, another star. So it orbits a brown dwarf star. This brown dwarf star has the same amount of mass as our sun, but it's much smaller, right, but it generates enough heat through friction and or its orbiting planets. You can see it in two mass infrared mode coming out of the constellation of Leo. If you go to a worldwide telescope and download the software and all of that. But the fact that modern science now admit that there's an object out there that they say orbit our sun every 4200 years. Right? And that's Corey Powell from Discovery magazine. He's an, he's a real astronomer, been on Fox News. He said that on Fox News. If I can find a clip, I'll send it to you, matter of fact.


And so we'll find it. Yeah, we'll find it. Yeah. Fox News Corey Powell. And so what's happening is because we are seeing evidence that there is something out there that's orbiting our sun and that our sun is a binary star system. So we used to think that our sun, one sun, and the solar system is normal. But as they looked out into space with Hubble and now the web, they discovered no binary is more of the normal and even trinary. And so it's like, wait a minute, if binary is normal, they start looking for this object that gravitationally should exist, and they believe that it's out there, there, far beyond the orbit of Pluto. And that Corey Powell says a solar system exists within our solar system. And he goes on to say, we come from there on Fox News, which was just crazy.


So the idea, if you follow Terrence Howard's theory, is that matter comes from the sun. It moves away, coalesces into planets, it gets to a goldilocks zone. Life comes out of that life, becomes far more intelligent as time goes on, develops more capabilities, and then is all also assisted by other beings that have been through this process already. And then if this scales out for hundreds of millions of years, you get to a point where this nibiru is, or billions of years or whatever it takes for it to get all the way the fuck up.


Well, I estimate that they're about a million years ahead of us technologically. Now it could.


And then there's things that are millions of years ahead of them.


Oh, way ahead of them. There's things that are far, far ahead of them, which is.


This is what's hard for us to scale out. We like to think that aliens are flying spaceships. That's the top of the food chain.




But not even close.


Yeah. Like I was saying before, I never got to it, really. There's three types of beings, I think, that exists. One is a physical corporeal being that could be what we see flying around in these UFO's. Not all of them. Some of them that visit us, that interact with us in the ancient past. Not all are little green men, but they have various different body types. The second kind that I believe is potentially multidimensional beings. Okay. That there's life in every different dimension. And, you know, Michio Kaku was famous for saying that the universe they believe have has eleven dimensions. So that's eleven dimensions. We're only in the third. There's 4th, 5th, 6th, all the way up to eleven at least. Or the universe, he says, would collapse. So if you're in a being in a higher dimension, you can see the past, present, and future all at once in the third. If you say, that's an interesting place, I'd like to visit it. If you can actually create a phase shift in your atomic frequency to match the atomic frequency of this dimension, you can walk right in and then you can walk right back, and then you probably have something else that's outside of this entire universe that has the capability.


Maybe it is the creators of the universe itself, which is why I wrote the book fractal holographic universe. Maybe there's a creators or creator outside of this entire universe that has a hand in creating this ancestry universe itself.


Well, it also makes sense that if you scaled intelligent life up infinitely, you're going to reach a point where you have godlike powers. This being or collection of beings, this hive mind, whatever it is, it could essentially, if given 100 million years, harness the very power of the universe itself.


Or maybe even create the universe and create other universes.


Yeah, yeah. Which is the ultimate mind blower, that intelligent life is the reason why this thing exists, and it creates this thing.


We're creating universes right now as human beings on this planet. 14 college kids created a video game called no man's sky. No man's sky is on one dvd disk, and it has 80 quadrillion planets and unlimited life forms. And the game never ends.


We've talked about that, right? Yeah, that one's a weird one.


Yeah. You put. But you put AI in it, then what's gonna happen, right?


Scale up to a quantum computer now.


All of a sudden, and then have.


A virtual reality headset.






The people in there, who are we? Where are we from? What is the big bang? When we turn to console alone, that's the big bang for you. The sims are going to get AI. Now. They're going to be asking questions, right? They're going to be creating their own software within the software and trying to build their own copy of a universe. We're not even close to base reality. We're literally living in a stacked reality. We're just one reality out of, who knows? Googles of actual realities that exist.


Do you think the simulation theory has weight?


Oh, I believe so. I just. I wrote a book about it. That book is about the fractal holographic universe, and I believe that we're living in assimilation.


One of these books, you got a stack of. How many books have you read or written?


Rather, four. The one just came out today. The fractal holographic universe. This is the emerald tablets, the epic of humanity. And my financial book, woke, doesn't mean broke financial literacy book, not the political woke, either, but the real woke.


When did you start going down this road of exploring all these interesting subjects?


Well, it was a long time ago. 1977, in Miami, Florida. We moved from New York to Miami, next to the Opal lock airport. Living in the hood. I used to go out in the backyard. You know how it is back then. No cable tv, no cell phones, no tablets. You just go outside and play. So, I mean, I'm outside in the backyard playing, but I'm looking at the airplanes go over, and this one day, this plane goes over, but it's not really a plane. It clears the horizon in seconds, not minutes. It just goes straight across. I know from. As a little kid, the planes take a long time to go from one point to the other other, and it went straight across, and it was more like not a full size, not like cigar, but not an egg. Kind of in between the two. Glowing tack, almost like a tic tac. Glowing metal. Yes. And then it came back, and it stopped right over me. Completely silent. About now, I can estimate about 250 meters. And then it just went. Gone. And I ran in the house. When I told my mom, I told her, hey, I can't believe what I just saw.


And my mom said to me, me, son, back in the day, there were advanced beings that came to this planet. This is 1977. Mom. Daughter. Yeah. That's why I dedicated the book to her. And she said they used to live on tops of mountains, like in Peru and Machu Picchu, which is why one of the greatest places I ever went, I had to go there. And so I went to the library at Rainbow park elementary the next morning, and I told the teacher, I have to go to the library inside the school, Rainbow park. And I said, I need to get all the encyclopedias on. On space, on aerospace. And she gave me the encyclopedias on aerospace, and that's when I started researching from that exact moment. Wow. And I haven't stopped since.


So you were how old? Eight?




Seven years old. Oh, my God. You just got locked in.


I got locked in. I started researching swept wing, Delta wing ballistics, interconnect intercontinental ballistics. I'm looking at submarines, I'm looking at hovercraft that existed way back then, flying disk that we had created in the military way back then. You know, sr seventy one s and all this stuff. And I'm trying to figure out what the hell did I see? And I couldn't figure find it. But it took me down the path of technologies and advanced technologies and aerospace information, and I kind of became a quasi aerospace historian. And that led me in further on down the line to studying architecture and seeing a connection between the two.


And you studied at both Harvard and MIT?


Harvard was for ancient civilizations. I took a class and got a certificate in ancient civilizations. And at MIT I took a class in applied neuroscience and got a certificate in applied neuroscience.


And do you just doing this for your own edification, just because you're interested in it?


Yeah, yeah. Right now I'm enrolled again in MIT right now for a class in AI.


And when you first got down this road, we're talking about a time where there's no Internet and there's no. You're just like trying to make sense of some things.


Just trying to make sense, man.


And this one, have you ever seen anything since then?


Yeah. Yeah, actually, Eddie, SETI ranch in 2017, I believe it was. Was. We were out there. I was out there to do speak at this ranch in Washington state. And it's down from the. From the basin of Mount Shasta.


It's called the SeTi ranch.




Oh, okay.


Yeah. E seti. E c e t I. It's like a private kingdom in America. Actually. It's a private. They've got registered as a small kingdom. They don't even have mail or anything there. It's a weird place. Had to stay in a yurt. It's really crazy out there. But I spoke there for a whole week. I had to get used to it because nobody told me about this before I got there.


You had to stay in a yurt for a week?


Stay in a yurt for a week. Did they have running water at the community bathroom?


Oh, boy. A seti?




Enlightened contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Oh, boy. So they're just out there with no technology, trying to talk to aliens?


No, no. Just out there every night, sky watching, basically. And the video that we.


Rich crazy person's idea.


Yeah. The reason the video that we. The video that we created that night, watching those UFO's in the sky actually made it onto an episode that I made on ancient aliens.


Oh, yeah, that shows the best show to get high to.




Bronson show where he would watch ancient aliens. They would just get stoned and watch ancient aliens. That shows crazy.


But, yeah, so we recorded some crazy footage in disguise there.


What did you see?


Well, they were giant disks flying around. Some were changing colors.


Video footage of this.


It's on. It's on the air. But I sent the change in aliens and, you know, see if you can find that. It's James Gilliland, the guy who owns the ranch license, licensed it and approved ancient. But if you go to a SETI ranch, YouTube videos, you could probably find one right on YouTube right now. That. Yeah, it was incredible.


So these folks are just out there trying to make contact.


Not trying to make contact, just watching. Just watch, just like in amazement. There's no. There's no contact attempt there. Yeah, there you go. That's it. That. I was there that night, that video. I was standing there that night. And, you know, there was a lot of activity that night. There was some crazy stuff going on.


And what does this thing look like to the naked eye? We're seeing very blurry. Looks like zoomed in. What year is this from?


This is probably 18 Samsung Galaxy S 20. That one back then. But from the naked eye, it looks like these giant glowing balls moving around. Sometimes they expand and get. They change colors. Sometimes they descend right down by Mount Shasta, and then they, you can see their lighting in the treeline. And then they would go back up into space again. It was just crazy stuff.


Have you seen that ball lightning that they get in Texas that comes out of the mountains?


No. I saw one on a railroad track, though. Ball lightning.


There's this phenomenon that happens in this one particular area in Texas. What was it called? Marfa. Was that what it's called, Jamie? I think it's Marfa. It's like this bizarre artist community town. And they have, like, frequent instances of what they call the Marfa lights.




And it's ball lightning that flies around out there.




You don't think that could be that?


No, because sometimes they would keep going until they just went out into space. And there were so many. Sometimes they were. Two would come and they would encircle each other, and then one would change direction and drop down by the mountain, and one would just take off in another direction. Some would go slow, then go.




And just go.


How frequent does this take place?


I don't know. I was only there for those seven nights, I say. The first night we were dealing with that was when we saw like, the tent in the sky moving around and doing things. The second night, not too much. The third night was a little bit more, maybe four or five.


So do you think that what it is is that this place has no light pollution and they picked a very specific area that they knew these things occur in?


It's possible. No light pollution. And plus also maybe that's an area where they have an opening or access or. I don't know. Who knows? I'm just. I'm just now speculating now, but I don't know why that's. People came from all over the world to that location, the date, the week I was there to just camp out and look up at the sky.






Listen, man, we covered a lot. 3 hours. I really appreciate your time and appreciate all the stuff you put out there. It's so fun, so fascinating and it's so interesting. And thank you very much for being here, man. I really had a good time.


I enjoyed. Thank you. Thank you.


Please tell everybody how to find your website, all your social media, all that stuff.


Yeah. Well, first of all, I have my own streaming tv network called Forbidden Knowledge TV. It's an app on the app store, so they can just go get the forbidden osh tv app with the number four, forbidden knowledge, and they can get access to a lot of videos and stuff that you can't find on YouTube or anywhere else, you know, produce shows like the one you watched. My anunnaki series is on the. On the forbidden osh tv app. And of course, I have all my books on our website, forbidden knowledge tv on Amazon as well, and just everything. Forbidden knowledge with the number four for b I d d e n. Forbidden.


There it is. We'll do this again, man. I think we could talk for like 50 days.


I know. I know. For sure.


Thank you, Billy. Appreciate you, man. Bye, everybody.