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What's it like to be king of the world, Tony Hitchcock?


I got to talk some shit.


You're killing it, man. It's exciting. It's an exciting time for you. Yeah. I hope you're enjoying it.


Oh, I'm having a blast. Is it weird?


Does it feel weird?


Kind of, because I wasn't expecting a big moment or a different boom, a different outside thing because I'm just content here, chilling. I had my Kill Tony stuff and all of our stuff. But yeah, it's awesome.


It's so interesting to watch. It was funny that Brian Simpson said that he's with you at the store, and he said, I watched Tony Hinchcliff become real famous in real-time. You could see with the first show When you're warming up, getting ready for the roast, then after the roast, people just going crazy.


Yeah, it was weird. I got bumped by another comedian my first night at the store, and then I was the special guest. Super treat the rest of the week. It was like I was the secret weapon, so I was unbumpable.


We should be bumped anyway. Bumping is horse shit. Bumping is a thing that was around the store back in the old days, and they should have got rid of it a long time ago. It's one thing if some superstar, Dave Chappelle type Chris Rock character wants to pop in, Louis CK is in town, and they want to do 15 minutes, that's all great. But what used to happen at the store is you would get these comedians that were just doing it for an ego flex. They were just doing it because they wanted to be able to bump other folks on the roster, and then they would do a fucking 45 minutes set and ruin the timeline of the show. Everybody's supposed to do 15 minutes. There's fucking 16 people on the show. It's a long ass show. How many people are on? Sixteen.


Is it 16? I don't know if it still is. It might be 14 or 12 or something. It's a lot of fucking people, dude.


It's crazy that some people will sit there from show open. They will sit there from 8:00 PM, and they will be there till 2:00 AM. I've seen it.


Oh, yeah. I've seen it many a time.


Some people are just... Especially those tourists, comedy tourists. They'd come there from Australia and Ireland and shit.


Yeah, they don't want to miss anything.


We're getting a lot of those at the mothership, Man, there's a lot of people from other countries. They're telling me they're flying in for this.


All the time.


It's wild. They come in, they do a weekend, then they go kill Tony, and they'll do one of our shows. It's fucking crazy.


Yeah, I always ask now during the commercial break where I get to talk directly to the Kill Tony audience. And I ask, How many of you live in Austin, Texas? Make some noise. How many of you flew in just for this? And it's always a bigger pop.


Isn't that wild? Yeah. It's like the city has become a vacation destination for stand-up.


For the arts, I think. I think you can come here and listen to live music, the best, and live comedy, and get to see a lot of fucking freaks.


Yeah, it's just fucking... What a time we're in, man. Yeah. Boy, did we get lucky. I mean, we just keep getting lucky, dude.


Having Shane here is a death blow to the other cities. Took him out on his first boat trip on Sunday, and we drank.


Of course. If you were Shane, you're drinking. Did you drink Budlights or did you drink real alcohol?


I drank whiskey Cokes. He drank Budlights. We always fucking meet.


Yeah, that dude can put them away. Do not fuck around with Shane Gillis. Do not try to drink with Shane Gillis.


We had so much fun. Cracking up, man. Listening to Drake on the river.


That's awesome. He's the best. It's so nice having him here. And it's so nice having Joey here all the time now. Joey's coming again in a week.Unbelievable.Yeah. I was just him in New Jersey. Yeah. He was so hilarious. He was so hilarious at the fights. He was out of his mind.


That's what I was telling Louis, is even the few people that we really want that haven't moved here are coming here all the time. It's a Vegas residency or something like that.


Yeah, Theo was there, too, at the fights, and he's coming in July. Yeah. So we'll do more stuff with him, too. Yeah, it's just we're lucky shit, dude. I mean, I say it all the time, but it's almost like the universe wanted this to happen. In this way. It just seems like every light just turned green right when we got up to it.Unbelievable.It didn't make sense. This isn't going to work. Green light. This isn't going to work. Green light. Hey, this might work. Green light. Oh, shit. It's happening. Green light.


It's wild. Yeah, and it's a special fucking place, man. I love this city with all my heart. I never thought I would leave LA. And then when the shit hit the fan and riots and governments and you realize taxes are absolutely insane for what we were getting. And I feel more at home here than I ever did there. And I was there for almost 20 years. But when the plane's landing and you look at the right side and you see downtown Austin instead of downtown LA, it feels more like, oh, yeah.


It's a better place for comedy, too, in terms of you don't have the traffic. It's not a grind. It's the middle of the country. So if you want to travel to other cities, it's easy to get to. The club The situation is amazing. There's so many clubs. There's Cap City, there's Creek in the Cave, there's the Vulcan, there's the Sunset Strip, there's the mothership, there's what else? The Black Rabbit. The Black Rabbit, the Alvita Room. They're everywhere.




It's crazy. It's crazy. It's an amazing situation. And you realize you don't have to live like that. You don't have to be stuck in this crazy city of insane traffic and crime. Right.


I can see five comedy clubs from my windows and where I live. And I don't think anybody in New York has that. I don't think you can look down and see five comedy clubs from where you're at at any given point.


Look, New York has more clubs and more people. And New York is awesome. It's not a contest. It's not a contest. It's like that whole, New York is the best. I don't know. If you like it, it's the best. Whatever is great for you. But this is a crazy place right now. And LA used to be crazy. And now LA is just a fucking steaming pile. It's on fire. It's just fucked. Speaking of fire, do you see the sky? You know what that is? In Mexico. Oh, we need to Google this, too, because Mexico has a new president. And I heard that 30 plus presidential candidates were assassinated.




That might be just a TikTok meme. So I have to find out. So let's find out in real time. But the sky, the reason why the sky is so cloudy looking, that's smoke from wildfires in Mexico. Oh, wow. They did a controlled burn and they, Whoops. Oh, boy. They, whoopsied. Whoops. 37. Excuse me. Claudia Scheinbaum was elected the country's first female president after a bloody election campaign that saw 37 candidates assassinated. And that's our neighbor. We live next to a fucking crack house.


That's on fire.


A crack house on fire run by a Jew. A first lady. More than three dozen candidates were assassinated. Vaccinated, including a local government candidate in central Puebla State. It was killed on Friday, increasing the total number of those killed at 37. Who the fuck would want to run for office in Mexico? Dude, that is so crazy. That is so crazy. Look how few people. Look, 20,000 positions to fill and 70,000 candidates. If you have 20,000 positions in America, how many candidates you have? Probably a lot more because nobody's getting assassinated. That would be one way to start. Fit in the herd. Yeah.


Taking them out.


I mean, how far away? I mean, it sounds crazy, right? This is Mexico. It's not America. How far away are we from seeing another JFK type situation?


Man, I I mean, Jesus. Fuck. Could be close. It seems like there's a candidate that the government really doesn't want it.


Yeah, there's this one guy. What's his name? One guy who went to the UFC this weekend and got a 30-second standing ovation. Yeah. Almost as big as Dave in Ohio, but not quite. Right. Not quite.


They're changing the tone on this. I mean, they're doing it. They want to try to make them look like a bad guy, but people just aren't stupid anymore. I I mean, there's obviously still like half the country doesn't get it.


Yo, so many rappers. So many rappers are showing support for Trump now. It's crazy. Yeah. Because now he's got a felony. Right. I mean, now they And I realized also he's getting trapped by the system, just like everybody's been rapping about, being trapped by the system, this bullshit system. You watch it happen with him.


Exactly. Yeah, I was just talking about this. I don't think they were counting on the black voter being like, Hey, They just fucked that guy. That's what they do to us.


Yeah, that's what they do to everybody. And they pretend they're there for you while they're letting in immigrants. And you know what, man? Here's the problem. Here's the real problem. Republicans won't be the solution either, kids. The problem is people in a position of power. The Republicans seem like they are your solution, but it's just because the people in power right now are the Democrats. Whenever the Democrats are out and the Republicans are in, everybody is dying for a Democrat. I remember when Bush was President, after the second term, everyone was like, Good Lord, can we get a fucking reasonable Democrat in here before this country goes Christian Nationalist and fucking and goes crazy and starts every war? And then Obama comes in like, Oh, I think it's going to be great. But it seems like the same. And the whistleblower protection that he promised. Actually, probably like one of the worst on whistleblowers ever. Drone strikes. A shit load of drone strikes. The whole thing was bonkers. It's just the same structure with a different face. It's Bill Hicks' joke. Bill Hicks' joke about, I think the puppet on the left is to my liking.


Why more aligned with the puppet on the right? Hey, there's one guy, and he's holding both puppets. That's what we're dealing with. We're dealing with money. We're dealing with money and power. If you think that... That's where a person like a Trump character does make a difference, though, because he truly does not give a fuck. And especially now, after all they've done to him, all the things he survived. You got to think this guy was beloved, beloved until he's about 70 years old. And that's when he starts running for President. Actually, he was a little bit mocked before that while Obama was in office because he was one of those people that was a birther. I'm one of those people that I don't give a fuck where you were born as long as you're actually is an undercover terrorist. If you're clearly a regular person that just happened to be born in Nigeria or happened to be born in Saudi Arabia, but now you're here. You went to school here. You got friends here, you got family here, you love it here. You love it here. America's the shit. You can be President. I don't really think that you have to be born on a certain patch of dirt to run it.


That seems like Viking shit. That seems so old. It seems so dumb.


What about the 35 thing?


Was that the age? Yeah, that's a good age. Up until I was 50, I was retarded.


I don't think that's a bad thing.


I think 35 is good just for humans. I think you need a certain amount of life experience. You need a certain amount of trials and tribulations, character testers, a lot of education, a certain amount of changing your perspective on the world, because we all do that. As a young man, I was very liberal, super, super liberal. I mean, I just... Anything the Democrats believed, I believed, never interested in anything the Republicans had to say. All they wanted to do was shove God down your throat and stop abortions. Totally.


That's what I was doing. No, I was so with... I mean, 100% with you on that.


That's brainwashing, too, right?


I was super liberal until I got my first paycheck in the state of California. And then everything started changing.


People get rich, they get Republican real quick. Yeah. Yeah. But there's a lot of really rich people that are Democrats, which is interesting because they got so much money, they can vote Democrat. They got so much money, they don't even try to protect it. California is considering a 30 cents per gallon tax on the miles or 30 cents per mile because so many people have electric cars. So the gas tax is losing money. And they want everybody to have a electric car by 30, 35 or 20, 35. 30, 35, I'm actually being realistic. 20, 35 is crazy. There's not enough. We don't have enough stuff. We can't build all those cars. What are you going to do with all the cars that are gas? You know how many cars there are? There's more cars than there are people. There's more cars here than there are people.


Oh, that makes sense.


Oh, yeah. A lot more. Well, first of all, there's people like me that have a bunch of them. They throw it off. That throws off the divorce thing, too. People say 60 % of all marriage is in a divorce. Right. But a A lot of those are people that just get divorced a gang of times. They go all Jennifer Lopez on the deal and just like, I'm in forever. Fuck you. You're a new person. I'm in forever. Fuck you.


She might have another one on her hands.


Yeah, it looks like she's going down again.


Yeah. Ben, something was up with him at that roast. He bombed. Oh, my goodness.


You can't bomb if you're married to Jennifer Lopez. You can't strike out. You can't bomb. You can't fall when you're walking up the flight of stairs or no pussy. Right. This is just how it works. You want the Viking Queen alpha If you want to... That's what you get, man. She's still that way, and she's like, what, 51? She's crazy hot. Crazy hot at 51.


Ben was a deer in headlights. He hanging there. He hung in there. He tried his best. But, yeah, he stood out on that roast.


Maybe it'll be over. I mean, maybe their turbulence will... Maybe they'll get through it this time. Maybe they don't want to do it again because they were together 20 years ago. You just got to figure out how to be who you are when you really like each other. Remember in the beginning? Isn't that fun? You appreciate each other? Figure out how to recapture that because that's still the same person. People get sick of each other. You ever get sick of a guy you work with and you quit the job and you're like, I fucking miss that dude. They become part of your little community. Yeah.


That's why I keep working with Red Band.


I love that dude. He's a character. There's only one of those dudes. You see his new tattoo?


Yeah, he showed everybody. By the end of the night, I was going around going, Hey, did you see Red Band's new tattoo? Did you see red? Because he was just showing everyone wasted last night. We had another banger of an episode. It's a miracle that I'm awake right now. Who was the guest? It was Louis J. Gomez and Sal Volcano.


Oh, nice. Sal was on the podcast last week. He's great.


It was great.


He's a good dude, man. He's fun. Real fucking super nice guy. Yeah.


The Bucket was the story that we got some great new comedians out, a new golden ticket winner as of last night.


I have to see Louis I heard him stand up. I haven't seen him in a while. I heard he's killing it. I heard he was doing really well. Duncan saw him at the Creek and he said, Dude, he was so funny. He was really laughing hard. He goes, I was really impressed.


He had to do it. That's great. I can't remember who was headlining this weekend, but he was doing a clean set because he's doing a special- It was Mike.


Mike Veccian.


That's right. And he's doing a clean hour because I don't know why.


Why is Mike doing a clean hour? Yeah.


So he asked Louis to be clean, and me and Matt were in the green room. We're like, Wait, Louis is up, and he's supposed to be clean. Let's see what he's doing. The first thing we hear is like, Nice balls, you shithead, or something like that. We were dying.


Louis is not going to be clean.


First of all, you shouldn't ask a guy to be clean.


You can't ask a guy, especially a guy who literally is on a show called Legion of Skanks.




He has a festival every year called Skank Fest. Skank Fest. You can't ask them to be clean. Also, Vecchiona is so fucking funny. It doesn't matter what goes. A bomb could go off before his set, and he'll go up there and kill. It's not going to affect. People will fall into your rhythm. They're grownups. But we used to think back in the day that clean people couldn't follow dirty people. That was always the thought. I think that's a dumb thought. Jim Gaffigan can follow anybody. It does not matter. He He gets into his rhythm, and then he does his thing, and he puts you in his mind, and then you're off to the races. Like Brian Regan, same deal. That whole thing about clean or dirty, who fucking cares? Sebastian, another great example. Who cares? Just be funny. He's just funny. If Sebastian started talking about getting his dick sucked, it would be funny, too.


It's just funny. That would be fun. Dirty Sebastian special. Yeah.


If the Apocalypse breaks out, and there's just a few, and Sebastian starts doing roids now. He's got a gun. Carries a gun on his hip. If we go full Mad Max.




That's happening in Mexico, kids. 37 candidates assassinated. That is basically the doorway to Mad Max. That's crazy. 37 candidates assassinated. Imagine that was happening in America?


Well, what's scary is What is that lady? The question becomes, what's the winner going to do? That the other 37 weren't going to do.


I'll tell you what you're not going to do. You're not going to be a rebel. Rebels don't live. Right. That country is run by money, just like this country is run by money. But instead of the military-industrial complex, it's the supplying Americans with drugs. Yeah. That's what it is. That complex. It's not the military-industrial drug complex and pharmaceutical drug companies, they run this. It's just money. It's the same thing. And in Mexico, they make their own laws because everything is illegal. And so they are running things with selling us drugs. And until we make drugs legal, which nobody wants to do, that's going to continue to happen because you're not going to stop people from wanting to do drugs, and you're not going to stop people from selling them drugs. You're not going to, especially if they're from another country, especially if they're running that country. And they've been doing it so long. They've amassed so much resources and money. They have tanks, they have anti-aircraft weaponry. They have everything, man. They have fucking hundreds of billions of dollars. Who knows how much money they have? Have you added up all the cartels in Mexico?


Well, I bet the Jewish President knows exactly how much money they have.


I bet she knows. I bet she knows. I bet they know where she sleeps, and I bet she follows the rules. I guess you have to. If you want to be President of Mexico, that is a totally different proposition. The Kennedy 37 people a year.


Oh, my God.


That's so crazy.


Unbelievable. Well, how close we are to them.


Yeah, you could walk there. You could walk there. Like, Cam Haynes has run longer distances in races, especially if you're down in South Texas. My friend who lives in South Texas had a guy die on his property. Oh, wow. Yeah, probably dehydrated or sick or something. He just couldn't make it. It was in the heat.


I only went to Mexico once. We were in San Diego and we drove down. And the first thing I saw was a dead body leaning against the rock with that split that says this side's America, this side's Mexico. And we were high as shit. So we were immediately like, was he going back? Did he drown? Or was he coming in? No, he was He was dead. He was just a dead old Mexican guy.Oh.


Like old age dead?Well, probably...


I mean, it could have been anything. Who knows? I have no idea.You're not a doctor?No, he was arms crossed with a thing over his head.Oh, Jesus.So.


They had him laid there.


He was literally laid there next to the rock, like a corpse.


Maybe somebody didn't have money for a funeral. They're like, Hey, grandpa's been real. Take care. Love you. Let somebody figure this out.Yeah, that's a weird one.You know how much money a fucking funeral costs? That's the thing Joey Dias hit me to. He goes, You know what a fucking scam is? These fucking mortuary homes and the funeral homes, and all that shit. You have to do it. You have to do it even if someone wants to be cremated. You have to embalm them. You have to pay for that. And then you have to pay for a coffin. And then they try to upsell you. Don't you want a Cadillac of a coffin for Grampy? Grampy always liked red velvet. He was the king. Dressed Grampy up in his nicest suit in a red velvet. And it cost you $40,000 dollars for the whole thing. You're like, What am I doing?


My buddy's pulled a big Lubowski. We had a comedian that we all started with named Skizy, and he passed away. And nobody in his family wanted to claim the ashes. So Benji and Matt Edgar were like, Well, we'll put him somewhere. He loved Venice Beach. Let's take him to the beach. So Benji goes to the Venice Beach mortuary or whatever, picks up the urn. They go to the ocean, and Matt's watching Benji, and he He was waist high in the water, and he dumps out Skeezey's ashes, and it all just starts to compile all around Benji. Matt's laughing, and fucking Benji's cracking up. As he gets out, the ashes are following him, so they're all over his body. So he had to go shower in one of those Venice Beach public showers to get the ashes off him.


From what I heard, someone told, Who are they talking to? There was some podcast we were talking about. I wish I so I give them credit. But there was some podcast where they were talking about what you're really getting when you get grampy's ashes. It's like, you can't ash just sitting in the bottom of this furnace. It's not necessarily your grandpa. They don't clean it out perfectly. No one's watching. No one gives a shit. Also, what it really looks like when they burn someone, when they burn the body, you have fragments of bone and shit. It's a lot. See if you can find images of what it looks like when they actually cremate someone. But the guy was like, You're not getting ashes. And not only that, sometimes they just throw other stuff in there, like cement. You get cement. They don't give a fuck. It's symbolic. It's just a dumb thing we do. What you're supposed to do is let that body feed life. We're so stingy, we don't even let our bodies feed life. So that's what it really looks like. Look what it looks like. It's bones, chips, and shit.


Theo had a mortician on before.


Oh, maybe it was Theo. Could have been. Did he say I don't know, specifically. I was trying to look at it. I bet that's exactly what it is. No, I'm thinking about it. I don't know. It could have been anybody. But either way, there was someone was saying that a lot of the stuff you're getting in there in this rep, I'm not saying all of them, of course. Some of them, I'm sure, you're grampy, but the this rep in a bowl once. They don't give a fuck. They'll throw a fucking kiddy litter in there. Here, go worship the kiddy litter, you fucking idiot. They don't care. They're just doing this in and out, in and out. And here's the other thing. Do you You know how many guys wind up fucking the female corpses? No. Do you know that this has been an issue? Uh-uh. No. My friend claims that when he was young, that they went to a funeral home and that the guy came, they were ringing the doorbell, the guy wouldn't come. They're knocking on the door. It was for someone in their family that was dead. And the guy was in the back and came out, he was sweating and out of breath.


And they were like, What the fuck is this guy doing? He was acting super fucking sketchy and really weird. And they think he was back there with one of the corpses.




Yeah. He goes, he just felt like he just fucked somebody. I go, Really? He goes, When you think about it, it's like these women are hot and they haven't deteriorated and no one's around.


Oh, come on. Yes. There's rigamortis and It's hard.


Are you sure? Yeah, it's got to be.


It's got to be like...


Reported cases of employees sexually abusing dead bodies are relatively rare. Yeah, if they get caught, perhaps those prolific Necrophiliac. Do you remember the one that the bit Keneson had? Mm-mm. Oh, my God. It was how I found out about Keneson. I found out about it through a girl I worked with. This girl I worked with reenacted Keneson's bit about homosexual necrophiliacs paying money to morticians to spend a few hours undisturbed with their freshest male corpse. So Keneson did this bit. You ever see the bit? It's a fucking classic, dude. It's a classic. See if you can find the bit. Nice. I don't know if we can play that. Play it, and then we'll just edit it out. Fucking YouTube.


Yeah, they're tricky, man. We got to fucking play the game.


Listen, they're awesome. They're awesome. They have the best platform. I mean, it's the most Yeah. Accessible. It's so easy to share. The sharing things is huge because you don't really share Netflix movies and stuff. I tell people. Here it is. Wow. What a bit. Yeah. So this girl that I work with, this was at the Boston Athletic Club. She got down in the parking lot and she was lying on her stomach. She was like, Oh, I mean, life keeps fucking the ass even after you're dead. It never ends. She's doing it. And I'm howling, laughing at her doing an impression of Kinneison. That's how I found out about Sam Kinneison. Wow. Yeah. Fucking amazing. That was before I was even thinking about doing comedy. I was 19. Wow. Yeah, I was like, Wow, that's crazy. What's he doing? Yeah. I just like, What? I remember watching him for the first time going, Oh, that's comedy, too? I always loved comedy. I always used to watch The Tonight Show, like when Richard Jenny would be on or Seinfeld would be on. I love The Tonight I love stand-up, like Evening the Improv. When I was like, I wasn't even 21, I went to see Jerry Seinfeld with his girls dating.


We were just sitting there like, wow, seeing comedy. Then I went to another. But I always thought, comedy was that. It was like the TV comedy. And then there was Richard Pryer, and then there was Eddie Murphy. But I never thought, like sick shit could be funny until I saw Candice in. I was like, Oh, my God. That's a different thing. I didn't know that was comedy, too. Right.


No, I'm with you. I was a Jim Carrey guy. And when I was young, the funny faces and all the silly noises and stuff and everything. And then when he did Man on the Moon, and I saw that darker side of things, and Andy gets fired from the improv right at the beginning of the movie. I realized right then that he was making money performing in front of live audiences. I'm like, What the fuck is that? That's great. There's a before the Tonight Show and stuff. And I started going to libraries and stuff to look up books on Andy Kaufman. I would look up Andy Kaufman and find any book that mentioned him. I went down this crazy dark rabbit hole.


I used to go to Jerry's Deli all the time. That place was awesome. It was a great place because it was 24 hours. You could always go there after shows. And they had a photo of Andy Kaufman on the wall. So it's Andy Kaufman when he worked there. So Andy Kaufman, while he was on taxi, took a job at Jerry's Deli just to wait tables. Just to be weird. So it's people would be getting their fucking tables cleaned up and they're like, Wait, what? Are you the Is that Latka or whatever his name was? What was his name?


Latka Gravis.




And that's back when-Look at them.


He's working there while he was on taxi.


Yeah, back when there's only three channels, so there's not a ton of famous people.


Right, exactly. Yeah. Boy, you had to hang out with famous people back then because nobody understood. Nobody got you. Jesus Christ. A famous person, like a John Balushi back then?


Crazy. Too much pressure.


Well, the show is the amount of people that will watch those shows, too. He used to bus tables at a restaurant at the height of his Fame on a television show Taxi. Kaufman would stay in character as a humble bus boy, always denying that he was Kaufman. Oh, Jerry's went under. The Studio City one went under, too. Oh, God. They closed them all. Are they all done?




God damn it.


Yeah, we were stuck on to Norm's when I was there a few weeks ago.


How was Norm's?


It does. If you're hungry enough to go to Norm's at 3:00 or 4:00 AM, then it's just fine.


My favorite is Canters.


Yeah, Canters.


Canters is the shit. That is the quintessential Jewish deli. Their rubin, their pastrami rubin, off the charts. Off the charts. They have the best pastrami in the city as far as I've had. Jerry's was really good. Canters is one level above it. Totally. One level. You feel the cholesterol right in your veins. It's just the sour crowd and the fucking Russian dressing and the rye bread. Come on. God.


Come on. I've been eating such shit lately. That spaghetti and meatballs from Boa here fucked me dude. Spaghetti with Wagyu meatballs.


Have you been going that a lot?


I've had it twice since then. I have to stop because it's literally like heroine. I feel like shit afterwards. I feel like shit the next day. It's like crazy. I don't know what the hell they have in that fucking pasta. It must be a thousand % Heisenberg-level gluten because it is addictive and makes you feel terrible. But it makes you so happy for the six minutes that it takes me to eat the entire dish. Just rolling it up. Then you feel terrible for 30 hours. Yes. It's the closest thing I'd imagine to heroine that there is. Of course, there's probably a bunch of people on heroine.


But isn't that similar to getting drunk? If you drink a little bit, you feel great while it's happening. And the next day, I'm never doing that again.


Yeah, I do that all the time. I did that last night.


Yeah, it's the same thing. I ate with Joey Friday night in New Jersey. Went to his spot, Ilnido. There is nothing like East Coast Italian food. It is a different thing. A hundred %. It's a different level. It's a different level. That Ilnido place, I would fly in to go to that place. Yeah. Oh, look at that. That was charred clams on this fucking insane toasted bread. That was spicy rigatoni. Dude, it was off the charts. That's the meatball, off the charts.


Yeah, a whole different level.


The steak was perfect. Everything's perfect. That's bone marrow with potato pups. Dude, it was so good. And that's... What is that? What's that called? The thin, thin, slice beef. What the folks call it? No, Ceviche. No, no. Carbaccio.


My crew, we did Cleveland and then a night in Pittsburgh, and Youngstown is dead in between the two. So we stopped off in Youngstown for lunch and got two different types of pizza from two different places. And everyone's minds are completely blown because you cannot get pizza like that anywhere. You could try to find something in Chicago, but that's Chicago, and New York's New York. There's not that middle, not deep dish, not thin crust. But in Youngstown, there's 20 places unlike any place anywhere else.


So what's a hybrid of deep dish?


It's just a normal old fucking school lunch pizza, but different types. Bellaria is famous for their Breyer Hill, which is just plain with shaker cheese and some green peppers, which is diabolical. Because if the sauce is good and the bread is good and the cheese is good, you don't need anything else.


It's like a simple-Yeah, well, that's what Portnoy always gets. He always gets a plain cheese pizza. You watch his reviews of cheese pizza?


Sometimes, yeah. I love the ones where the people get mad and shit.


They get mad, yeah. If it doesn't meet up to his standards. I mean, the guy's eating everybody's pizza. You got to know what the fuck you're doing. But he says that New Haven, Connecticut, is where some of the best pizza in the world comes from.


That makes sense. I could see that. A lot of those offshoot Italian spots where they hit away, like Youngstown, like that. I guarantee Pittsburgh has decent- You know what they have in common?


Mob activity. Oh, exactly. New Haven has a lot of mob activity.


A hundred %.


I used to work at the Joker's Wild. It was a place in New Haven, and the owner was was a crazy convict. Just out of his mind. And I saw the owner beat a guy in the face with his shoe, took his shoe off and beat a guy in the face with the heel of his shoes. Oh, yeah. He had blood all over him. Oh, it was a fucking disaster.


Those people need pizza.


They figure out how to get the good pizza. Yeah. It's funny how that's the case, though. If you have a serious Italian neighborhood, you probably got a little bit of Mafia influence in there.


Totally. I mean, that's all they know. You got to bet on things. You got to run things, get a tax here, tax there, protect them.


Imagine owing money to a bookie. How terrifying that would be. Yeah. You're on the run. You owe $100,000 to this guy. And you're trying to Gamble on other games to make it right.




Like uncut gems. Oh, yeah. That movie gives me so much anxiety. When you watch that movie, you're like, Don't. Oh, Jesus Christ. What are you doing? I'm fucking...


Dude, I watched the show It gave me more anxiety than any show I've ever watched in my entire fucking life. What? Baby Reindier.


Oh, I've heard. It's insane.


It's the scariest thing ever. It's the scariest show ever. This guy's nice to one person who he doesn't really want to be nice to, gives her a water or a tea or whatever, and she falls in love with them, and it becomes... It is the scariest show. I think it's supposed to be a comedy. I don't think I laughed once. The comedy part is not funny. He's I'm also trying to be a comedian. None of it's funny at all, but it's literally you're watching for the anxiety. I started it, and then I'm like, I don't want to watch, but I have to. And I just kept going, and it's fucking frightening.


Have you seen the actual lady go on Piers Morgan? Yeah.


And she's literally like how she is in the thing.


She's insane and happy to talk about it and claiming she's not insane and not knowing how insane you look. Yeah.


Fucking frightening.


It's wild when people don't know how insane they are. And you watch them like, Oh, my God, they think they're sane. They think they're fine. They think they're going to go on there and make a good argument.


Those are the most insane people, the ones that don't know.


Right. You've been watching the Fauci hearings?




Whoa. Dude, it's wild. It's wild.


What's going on?


Still deeply in denial about everything. They're confronting him about emails they got, about deleting emails in preparation of a Freedom of Information Act request. They got emails from people that he worked with saying, Don't worry, Fauci is too smart to talk about this stuff on emails. You'll either have to deliver something to him or meet him in person. There's all this weird deception shit. There's people that said, This is clearly leaked from a lab. Look at the fair and cleavage sites. They have to be That's put into the virus to make it more infectious to human beings. They're talking about it in the email. And then that same guy, after talking to Fauci, three days later, is like, it's ridiculous to think this came from a lab. This is clearly from a natural... And they're all talking about discrediting people who are talking about the lab leak theory. I mean, what they did was insane, and they did it in front of everybody. And finally, Fauci has to talk about it to people. But he's still in denial about all of it. There's no science that says that masking for children works. There's no science that says that vaccinating children works, that it's good, that it's overall good.


And the amount of people that have gotten wrecked by this, they're starting to recognize it in other countries, and they're talking about it in other countries. They haven't quite gone public with it in all the newspapers in the United States yet. But in the UK, they're blaming it. There was the thing about Germany today. There was a front page of a major newspaper. Somebody sent it to me. I'll I sent it to you, Jamie. But they're finally starting to talk about it. And they're talking about excess deaths in the Philippines. They're talking about the amount of people that are no longer having children, the amount of less children that are born. Because one of the side effects that is claimed is it wrecks women's fertility. It wrecks men's fertility, too. It's just the baby numbers are down by a million.


I couldn't tell what newspaper it was from.


Yeah, I don't know. I bet if you take the title.


I'll take the writer's name.


But they're talking about it. Analyze data. Sorry, let's just googling it. Where was it? Here we go. It says researchers from the Netherlands analyzed data from 47 Western countries and discovered there have been more than 3 million excess deaths since 2020, with the trend continuing despite the rollout of vaccines and containment measures. Experts said the unprecedented figures raised serious concerns and called on governments to fully investigate the underlying causes, including possible vaccine harms. This is wild stuff, man, because now that we're getting an understanding of how much deception was involved, like trying to blame it on a natural origin when they clearly knew it was a lab leak, and they still don't say it's a lab leak. It was clearly a lab leak. It's clearly. Obviously, I'm not a doctor, but in my eyes, it looks like a fucking lab leak. And most people that are educated think it's a fucking lab leak. And this guy still is denying it and was denying that it's even gain of function. They even funded that research. But they changed the definition of gain of function for this particular vaccine.


What did they change it to?


The definition of gain of function on the NIH website was changed. It was updated.


So that was from the Telegraph?


The Telegraph. Okay. Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths. The excess deaths have to be discussed, and no one wants to, because that's the real thing. The all-cause mortality deaths, the big uptick in cancer, and what they're calling turbo cancer. Obviously, again, I don't understand any of this stuff. But Peter McCullo was talking about what the mechanism behind this rise in cancer would be and how it could be tied into it. He was explaining it, like from a medical perspective. The whole thing is so nuts. When are we going to learn? When are we going to learn?


Yeah, it's crazy. When I'm being back in LA, they rehired the people that they fired for not being vaccinated. Rose is running the joint.


Finally, got someone with a brain.


Yeah, Assistant GM. I don't know. It just brought me great joy to see things Like that, at least.


At least back to normal. Exactly. Yeah. It's just...


That part was the part where I'm like, Got to go to Texas. It's time. They're forcing people to get a shot of something to work at a dirty night comedy club?


And to fly and to do everything. And they're lying about whether or not it's going to stop the virus. They lied about it. They said it's going to stop it in its tracks. It was all bullshit. There was no data that showed that it stopped in its tracks. Even one of the people in the vaccine study got COVID.


I mean, literally.


One of the people died from COVID. Did you know that? Uh-uh. Yeah.


So many people that got the shot got it immediately. I mean, it's crazy. They're literally like, I've had COVID four times. I got two shots. I got three boosters. I've had it five times. It's so contrary to what the whole thing was supposed to do.


I'm I'm just hoping that people wake up and realize that we have this idealistic perspective that they're looking out for your best interests. But whenever there's enormous amounts of money to be made, they will distort the facts. Even if something is beneficial. I mean, let's just pretend that there's no excess deaths. Let's pretend that it just causes a bunch of neurological issues and autoimmune issues, which it seems to do. Let's pretend it's just that. Even that, they're not going to tell you about. They're They're not going to tell you about it until it's already there's problems. They've shown that with the Viox problem. When they had that Viox scandal, they knew. They had emails saying, We're going to have problems, but I think that we'll do well with this. Talking about financially. Because you got money people, man. Money people aren't medicine people. But medicine is medicine, and medicine is to help people. But it's run by money people. So you have the scientists that create the awesome medicine, and then you have the money people, who figure out a way to fucking sell this to people, force people to it. And when you watch videos of all the different things, and during this thing, one of the things is that Fauci was claiming that he didn't coerce anybody to take the vaccine.


But there's this whole recorded conversation of him talking about if you keep people from working, you keep people like if Amazon says they're not going to hire people, a big corporations, you have to be vaccinated to fly. He goes, It's shown that people will drop their ideological bullshit and get vaccinated. It's not a good idea. You can imagine. Just imagine that's from a public health official who knows that it doesn't stop an infection. He has to know what the data is. He has to know. It was all just to get people to take it. And they made so much money. And the government, this is the weird thing. There's $710 million was earned. And Fauci's claiming that he never made any money. Zero. He said he got zero dollars from it. He said he got like 122 bucks from a monoclonal antibody patent that he has. It's crazy that they work for the American people with taxpayers money, and they create something that they put a patent on, and then that makes him hundreds of millions of dollars. $710 million. Where'd that go? You didn't get any of it. But the other thing they showed was that Fauci's income, his networth, went up to $11 million.


So he made a lot of money. Yeah. Maybe he sold a book. Yeah. Maybe it was legit.


Yeah, I saw something of him on my Twitter feed, him just playing victim.


You see the guy behind him? Uh-uh. This is a fucking amazing video. This guy behind him when Fauci's talking about the death threats, you got the guy's like, Yeah. Do you guys make in this face? Have you seen it, Jamie? I'll send it to you. It's hilarious. The dude's hilarious.


But anytime anybody does that in my mind?


The stuff that- Playing victim?


Yeah, the stuff that I've been through and seen, because I had a lot of death threats during quite a few phases of my jokes being out there. That's all it is. There it is.


That's it. Give me the volume.


I mean, it's such a joke. You probably- Of two individuals and credible death threats means someone who clearly was on their way to kill me.


It's required my having protective services, essentially all the time. It is very troublesome to me.


It is much more troublesome because they've involved my wife and my three daughters.


At this moment, how do you feel? Keep your mic on. Terrible. Do you continue to receive threats today? Yes, I do. Every time someone gets up, Yeah, well- Well, that was the other thing. They blame podcasters. Right. They blame podcasters. And they said that we're responsible for 200 to 300,000 deaths. Yeah, that makes total sense. Hey, man, you made it. Yeah. First of all, don't blame us. First of all, you made it. You fucking made it. You funded it. You were a part of the research.


Andy was the main salesman on the air every day when we were watching the news because there was nothing else. We wanted updates. We wanted to see when things were going to open, if any positive news was there. And we had him.


The richest thing of all is Chris Cuomo is now taking Ivermectin.


Oh, my God. Dave Smith bodying him is one of the greatest all time.


I said this before, and it was that. I said it was going to be Mike Tyson versus Marvis Fraser. What have I got myself into? And that's what it was. Oh, yeah. But he did it to himself. He did it to himself. I mean, Dave did it to him for sure, but Chris did it to himself. He just has this bizarre way of trying to lawyer it up and twist the words and turn it into something that's okay. I didn't say that. Where's the clips? And then they show the clip. And he's still trying to pretend that they weren't mocking people for taking horse dewormer.


And there was more than that. These clips, they do a funny thing over at CNN. I think we were talking about this the other day because of a joke that I do in the headlines. They do a funny thing where they They can change the headlines after a certain amount of time. They can delete videos. They can copyright-strike them. They have control over what they've done. And they went on and on and on. There was a whole thing with it. I was obsessed with CNN because I find propaganda to be very interesting. I want to know what everyone else is seeing. I want to know what the audiences are seeing.


Especially the people that aren't really paying attention. Maybe they don't have friends that know what's really going on. They don't know the whole history behind everything.


And I know it's not real. I look at CNN like most people look at pro- wrestling. And I look at pro- wrestling like it's pro- wrestling. It's real. No. But I mean- Yeah, it is like pro- wrestling. Especially during that time, I was studying that so hard because I knew. I knew that they were... I knew something was fucking rotten going on.


They don't know what to do about Israel and Palestine. They're just trapped. They're trapped in the middle. Did you see in Philly where the gay pride parade ran into the free Palestine parade? They wouldn't let them pass? Yeah. No, our thing's more important- Right. Than you guys fucking each other.


Yeah. Crazy.


It's just the woke eating woke. It's the left eating the left. But that's what they've always done. They eat themselves. By the way, the right does it, too. The right does it, too. They do it all the time. It's a human characteristic that we can't really just say one side does because it's not true.


The gay parade and the Palestine parade meeting up in the middle is like the time Kid Rock shot a bunch of bud light.


No, because nothing's going to die. No business is going to get crushed by it.


It's like, no, you guys don't want to fight each other.


Look at this. Look at the free Palestine and the gay pride is a standoff. It's a fucking flat-out stand off.


Hijabs versus blow jobs over here.


No pride in genocide. They're stopping the pride parade. No, you can't have your parade. Our parade is more important. I love the masks. I just love them. Look at all these people with masks on. It is the liberal's MAGA hat. It is. I've said it a million times, but that's what it is. It's a fucking MAGA hat. Oh, my goodness. These dorks. How many of them had fucking masks on, man? It's crazy. They don't even work. I mean, they work as well as that lady's visor that's turned backwards. Yeah.


And they definitely don't work against AIDS. So wearing one in a gay pride parade is completely pointless.


Imagine, do you think the mask... This is going to protect you.


Yeah, they're wearing a mask outside, and meanwhile, they butt fuck strangers and glory holes and stuff.


So it's like... I honestly think it's more of the free Palestine people that were wearing the masks.


You think anybody's ever worn a mask out of glory Hole? What's that?


Because they don't want to be identified in photos.


That's true, too, right?


Pretty much most of it.


You think most of it? Yeah, retaliation. I don't think it should be legal to wear a mask in public.


I agree with that.


I just think it's too creepy. You could rob someone. In New York City, if someone had a mask on in the past, you'd be really wary. Oh, my God, this guy's got a ski mask on. Fuck. It was scary. It means they were going to rob you and you couldn't identify them. Why Why are we allowing that? It doesn't work. The date is in, kids. It doesn't work. It never made sense. Even in the early days of the pandemic, there was a famous doctor that went viral because he was doing vape hits, and he would put a mask on, and the vape smoke would blow straight through the mask. And he was explaining, these vapor particles are bigger than COVID particles. It's going right through that mask. It's not stopping jack shit, and you're going to get it. You're going to get it. And they said, oh, the masks work at the margins. If you fuck with the numbers... Because here's the thing, how many people wear masks all the time are also super fucking paranoid, right? So they're avoiding crowds. They're not going out. How many people who won't wear a mask are a little loose?


They're just like, Fuck it. If I get sick, I get sick. I already got COVID. Fuck it. They just go out. So it's hard to know when you have a large group, when something is weird as the pandemic happens. And even then, they can't show... It's not like all the people with masks showed 80 % of them didn't get COVID. Uh-uh. No, they all got COVID. Everybody got COVID. And then there's this thing where they want to say it protects you from hospitalization and death. No, that's not true either. Because I know a lot of people who are vaccinated, who got COVID, who got to the fucking hospital. And I know a couple that died. Yeah. How many people do you know that died from COVID?


I confirmed, actually don't know anybody, I don't think. I mean, it's debatable. Jeff Scott, I mean, I don't know.


No, Jeff Scott, he died alone. I don't think he had COVID.


I mean, yeah, exactly. I know some people that died during that period, but really, nobody.


Jeff Scott was HIV positive, too.


Yeah, for a long time.


I wonder if maybe he couldn't get his meds?


Yeah, I don't know.


Because that was an issue during the pandemic as well. That's when we realized that China makes all our medicine. China makes a lot of things, man. It's crazy how much we rely on them for manufacturing stuff.


Yeah, crazy.


Yeah, they're trying to mitigate some of that now. Samsung is actually putting in a chip factory in Austin. Yeah, it should be interesting.


Yeah, we got to do something. We got to get businesses back over here and stuff.


Yeah, we definitely shouldn't rely on a foreign country that is not our ally for our fucking medicine. Jesus, that's so cookey. That is such a cookey thought.


We live in the craziest times.


It's so weird, man. Every day It gets weirder and weirder, and every day, AI gets stronger and stronger. And every day, I wonder, are these the last days of just being a regular person? Are these the last days of us just driving around, getting on a plane, going to places, telling jokes. Are these the last days of that? Are we going to be living in a world in five years that's unrecognizable? Because I think we are, dude.


I hope not. I don't know. The AI stuff still I'm not completely mesmerized or convinced. I hear you and Duncan talking about it a lot in the green room, and I'm just always like, I don't know. I don't really. I haven't bought it yet. It all just seems like a fancy Alexa to me.


Well, have you actually seen it can do? Have you ever seen what it can do as far as coding? It can code so much faster than people. It can solve problems faster than people. It can do all these things already better than people can. No one in the future is going to need to hire a coder, like a person who sits in front of a terminal for 16 hours a day and just fucking Adderall's out and just like lines of code, that's done. That's done. You can do that if you want to, but a computer is going to bang it out quick. It'll be stupid for you to do that. When a computer would do it in two seconds. And you're going to spend 16 hours, and you might fuck up a few lines, and you got to go back and check it. Why? Why are you doing it manually? The computer is just going to do it. Are you going to stand there with one of those old timey photographs or everybody has to stand still. No, you have a phone now. It takes a better picture. It's going to be like that with everything.


It's going to be in control of airplanes. It's going to be in control of all the automobiles. The problem is you're going to have to get permission to go places. It's going to get fucking weird, dude. It's going to get really, really weird.


Yeah, I just hope we can...


I don't know. Well, think about the amount of change that we have now in comparison to just our parents. Just our parents. The best transportation back then was an airplane. The best way to get the news was the television or a newspaper. And you didn't know what to do with your life. You had to go to college, and then you go to college, or you go to trade school, or you get an apprenticeship, and you get a job, and then you get a kid. You don't know what the fuck is going on in the world. You have this surface level understanding of what's going on in the world. And now everybody knows what's going on in the world. The amount we knew about the Iraq invasion in '92, '93, whatever it was, when the Iraq invaded Kuwait and Desert Storm, the amount we knew it was minuscule. Yeah. Minuscule. There was no YouTube shows where you could see someone breaking it down. Oh, they're actually trying to get away from the American dollar. We're trying to do this and that. There's none of that. No one knew the hustle.


It's crazy that these wars are still happening. I don't know why we're giving them our money. We need a... I don't know.


That's not going to change. Yeah. I mean, that might shift if Trump becomes President. Maybe he can get away with some Maybe he could do some things. He wants to stop the wars. He's the only one that's saying he can stop the wars and wants to stop the wars.


He's the only one that did before.


He did it before. What can he do, though? What can he do different? Let's pretend. Let's pretend it's November of 2024. Trump wins. January gets in office. What can he do?


Well, it seems like he has a way to...


Jesus Christ. Trump is planning to send kill teams to Mexico to take out cartel leaders. Donald Trump has told allies about his plans to covertly send Special Forces to Mexico to assassinate drug kingpins. Sources tell Rolling Stone. Well, Rolling Stone, you have lied to me before. You've lied to me a lot. And you've lied to me about the fucking people overdosing on horse dewormer. Remember that? That was Rolling Stone. They had a line of people outside waiting to get to the hospital because so many people were in there for horse dewormer overdoses that gunshot victims couldn't get in. Jesus. They're so dumb. They used a photograph. This was in August in Oklahoma. They used a photograph of people wearing coats because they were lining up for a flu shot. It was a different shot, different photo. It wasn't what they really were there for. It was bullshit. What is that article, Jamie? It was the same thing. It was printed somewhere else. The same thing?


Yeah, same thing printed on Yahoo. But the source was Rolling Stone in here, too.


Yeah. I mean, if he was doing that, someone's a rat. So shut the fuck up.


It seems like the type of article that you would put out if you want the person assassinated and you want to make it look like someone else is going to assassinate them.


We did a little differently. One source recalled him saying it in the past, earlier this year, that he would do something like that.


He should create a kill list of drug lords consisting of the most notorious heads of drug cartels that a special ops team would be tasked with killing or capturing.


That's a different way of saying that.


You know, the The problem with that is you create a power vacuum, and then what happens is someone else rises to the new spot. You're not going to stop the demand, so you're not going to stop the supply. You can try, but unless you're in an all Without everyday war with the cartel, you're probably not going to do that. Even if you kidnap and capture leaders, you're going to disrupt the organization. But my guess, my uneducated guess, would be someone was going to come in to fill that void. Yeah. They got to make drugs legal, as horrible as that sounds. But that's the only way. They just make them legal, tax the shit out of them, and use the money for treatment centers and education.


And testing.


Yeah, and testing.


You know that it's illegal to have... It's illegal to have or to give away fentanyl test strips in the state of Texas? To legal? Illegal.


Can you sell them?


Me and my buddy are starting a water company. Here's how I know about this. Canned water, right? And the plan was to get them into all the bars in the city. Our idea was to literally just attach a 30 cent fentanyl test strip. And then we found out we can't do that. You can't give away fentanyl test strips. You can't- You can't give them away. You can't even order them in Texas. Can you sell them? If you go to Amazon, you can get fentanyl test strips in specific states. Whoa. Yeah.


Why would they stop test strips?


I don't know.


You think it's encouraging people to do coke? Is that what that is?


I have no idea.


That doesn't make any sense.


I know. It's very bizarre.


There's so many dumb ass fucking laws because there's so many goofy people on both the left and the right. Texas House passes bill decriminalizing fentanyl test strips.


Maybe it's if you have them, I Bill would take fentanyl test strips off the state's drug part of finalia list, meaning it would no longer be a crime to carry them. It's still probably hard to buy them.


Yeah. Maybe you just can't give them out.


Yeah, which is crazy.


Why don't you Google, is it legal to give out fentanyl test strips in Texas? I did. That's how I got here. Did it give any articles other than that?


It probably says below that part.


How much time can you get for selling fentanyl in Texas? How much time? 20 years. For 200 to 400 grams, you're looking at 5 to 99 years or even life in prison. And a final of up to $10,000. Life in prison, the most severe punishment for having more than 400 grams. Wow.


They also only do the state bill stuff here for... I don't know how different is in other states, but it's only six months out of the year. The other half, they're out of session. You have to wait till next year before they start looking at stuff again. That happened with.




Just no reason. There's no reason. They can't have a good reason for- There's no good reason.


I mean, there's an epidemic. Oh, yeah. There's 100,000 people in this country in a year. Yeah. Update.


There you go. That died in the Senate.


Oh, no.


Despite support from Greg Abbott.


Oh, no. The legislation comes after a bill to decriminalize Texas. So Texas and Congress lead bipartisan efforts to allow fentanyl test trips. The legislation comes after... But died in the Senate despite support.


So whatever I pulled up before, we just want to pass to the house, I guess.


So they're trying to bring it back. Who the fuck is opposing that?


Isn't that crazy?


Who the fuck would oppose fentanyl test trips?


I want to know.


I'll tell you who it says in the article.


One second. Yeah. Name their names.


That's a crazy thing to oppose. Inexcusable.


It's a crazy thing to oppose, kids. It doesn't make any sense.


Because if we can figure out who that is and where they're getting their money from, then we can start to solve a lot of problems here. Because that's an actual serious problem. They wanted to make COVID a big deal.


Imagine they're getting their money from the cartel.


Right? I mean, who could it be?


Who could it be? Who the fuck would want you to not have Fentanyl touch it?


Who else? It doesn't say they voted against it. It says it died, which is like, they didn't vote on it.


But the Senate declined to take action in the regular session. Oh, okay.


It just never got voted on. That's quite a bit the same thing, though. They're avoiding it maybe on purpose or someone doesn't want to vote on it.


By the way, this is like, some people look at it like, Oh, well, those people are doing cocaine anyway or whatever. So maybe that's not the We're not losing the best people, but it could be anybody doing anything. It could be somebody trying to do fucking Mollet or I don't know, any more fun, like an actual goopy psychedelic drug or something like that. It could be in any type of pill.


I wonder if the the logic behind not wanting it to be legal or sticking your neck out and saying that it should be legal is if people want to then attach you to promoting drug use, and then you would possibly have an opponent that could turn it against you and say, My opponent promotes drug use. You could have that a deal happen.


Yeah, but there's a problem.


But that was the gay marriage thing. That was a lot of There was a lot of things that people wanted to pretend that they were against. I mean, until I think, 2013, Hillary Clinton was saying that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Barack Obama said that. They don't say that because they believe it. His opinions changed that much as a grown man. Like, what? Did you do mushrooms? What did you do? Did you smoke DMT? What did you do? Tell me what you did, where now you have this complete change of heart. And you think it's just be two people who are grown adults who love each other, they should be able to get married. What happened? You tell me. Or you're full of shit. One of these things is going on. Either you're doing this political thing, which is like, God, it's so gross. When they're calculated with what they say just so they could win.


They realize the gays can vote.


Also, they realized that public support for gay marriage was way higher because the stigma of being gay all... And not that long ago, it was way more stigmatized. So many people were in the closet in Hollywood because they had to be. And then to this day, the one open homophobia you have in Hollywood is that gay men never play straight men in movies if they're out. They never play the leading romantic interest in a movie if everyone knows they're gay.


That's why I'm not in any movies. But also making gay marriage legal didn't cost them vast sums of money. I bet if we did an online poll where every American had to vote and had to log in and you pulled them Do you think we should be giving money to foreign wars? I can't imagine the number being lower than 90 % for no.


Yeah, I think I saw a recent Twitter poll where they tried to do that. The majority of people was like, no.


Yeah. I mean, if we force people to vote on an actual issue.


Well, it's also you have so many people that are hawkish and they think that we can break Russia or that we need to support Israel or whatever their position is, where they're real haukish on. And they have a limited amount of information about it when you talk to them. So many people, when you talk to them about it, you're like, well, why do you think that we need to keep sending money to Ukraine? Is it working? Are these Are people being used as cannon fodder or are they gaining ground? You tell me what you think. Well, I just think what Putin did was like, do you support a guy storming into a country and taking over? I'm like, no, I definitely don't. I definitely didn't support that. But that doesn't mean that you should spend hundreds of billions of dollars to prolong what seems like some horrible, bloody conflict that just... How are they going to win? Are they going to take over Russia? How are they going to They're going to kick Russia out? Russia is going to quit? They're never going to do it again? Nato can move in. Everything's going to be fine?


Are you sure? Are you sure nuclear weapons aren't on the table? Are you fucking positive? Is it good that China and Russia have cuddled up together now and they're all buddy-buddy, and they're fucking shaking hands and smiling, taking pictures? Is that good? That seems not good. It seems not good if the whole fucking world is against us. That seems really bad.


And if they make our medicine.


Right. And what is What's the fucking... What solution could Trump possibly do? When he says he could stop it, how do you stop it? How do you stop it?


I think Trump just puts the fear of God into these people a little bit. I think he puts the fear of...


The guy is not going to play by the rules.


Right. They read our news. If they glance at our news, it looks like we have a crazy president. So they're like, Oh, let's wait a bit. I honestly feel that way. I think that they think by glancing at our weird propaganda that we that we're being fed, they're like, This guy's crazy, according to them. So let's wait. I mean, why did Putin wait? Why did Putin wait to invade Ukraine until Poopy Pants Jenkins was President.


If I was going to do anything, I'd do it right now. It just seems like everything's so chaotic.


Absolutely. We got no border. We're giving money to fucking whoever wants it. We're already rich countries.


We got men who are the first female admiral.


Oh, my God. We have so much chaos.


Chaos. It's so cookey. It's just so cookey.


It's crazy.


It's cookey, and it seems like they're just leaning into it. There's no course correction at all. Just leaning into the cookey.




It's A lot of times. Oh, yeah. For comedy. Oh, my goodness. We have so much stuff to talk about. Stuff that you would have to manufacture something that bizarre that people are accepting at any other time in history.


It's so weird. It's so weird.


It really is like the whole country is hypnotized. And I just think this is a perfect storm of things that are happening all at the same time. With AI emerging, China and Russia becoming buddies, us being run by a dead man. They're trying to stop this other guy from even running, and they're exposing how corrupt the democracy is. They're exposing how corrupt the system is. Just by charging this guy with 34 felonies for paying off a lady he had sex with. Like, what?


And how else would he have paid her money to- Well, it was the way it was written, the way it was put in a ledger?


It's basically, on most situations, it would have been considered a misdemeanor. But they turned it into a felony. They trumped it up, and they trumped it up, no pun intended. And then he signed 34 different checks. So there's 34 different The whole thing's crazy. First of all, what a cheap fuck. I'll pay her in installments.




Don't give her all the money. Give her a little taste. Keep her on the hook.


Yeah. That actually makes sense, I guess, now that I think about it. Because if you pay her all at once, she could just write a book or whatever.


No, the whole deal was that she couldn't talk if she got the money. But obviously, that didn't work out. She got the money and still talked. If you have the backing of the political party, it doesn't matter, especially the party that's in charge. But what's scary is how many Democrats are willing to allow this stuff to happen. But a lot of them are aware of it. There was this one lady that went viral, and she was talking about it, and she was saying, You have to understand. I'm not a Trump supporter. I don't like Trump. But this is really dangerous for democracy. Nobody can justify this, and nobody could say this guy should be in jail for this. It just doesn't make any sense. And especially Personally, if you wanted to look at past presidents with the same scrutiny, there's so many instances of things that you could go. And this was one of the things that Obama had said when Obama got into office. They were talking about George Bush and Dick Cheney being charged with war crimes. And he was saying, We're not going to look to the past. We're not going to look towards the future.


I'm not going to prosecute anybody. You imagine if when Obama got in office, if he decided to prosecute Dick Cheney and George Bush for crimes against humanity? Yeah, crazy. Oh, my God. You know how crazy that would be? Do you know how divided the country would be then? Well, that's the same thing that is taking place now at a lesser scale, obviously, because it's not a war crime you're charging someone with. But you could. You could charge Trump with war crimes. You could find some things that he did, especially with bombings. And even what Obama did. Obama, during the administration, they dropped a drone on a US citizen. No trial, no nothing. Boom. Yeah.


Trump didn't even go for... He didn't go for Obama. He didn't go for Hillary. And he could have. He could have tried them for things. Yeah.


Well, especially Hillary. Especially with the whole email thing, the deleting of the emails.


And supposedly Trump's the crazy one. Trump's the loose canon.


They're all crazy. That's what they don't want you to know. It's like sluts that are always talking bad about other girls who are sluts. You know, it's what people do. It's It's a thing that people are, That's not me. I'm not like that. It's just a weird thing that people do. And people form teams, and they justify why they should use any means necessary to silence the other people on the other team, the opposition. And they don't even realize they're setting a precedent. When this motherfucker gets in office or another motherfucker gets in office that's a Republican, you've got real problems now, kids. If the elections are real, that's how it usually goes. Usually goes one side wins and like, this fucking sucks. Let's try the other way. The other guy wins. Like, oh, this is bullshit. Let's try the other way. And this is what we've done in this country over and over and over again. We go Clinton to Bush, Bush to Obama. It's what we do.


It's what we do.


We always do it this way. If you change the way people are allowed to go after political candidates, and you change the way you're allowed to silence and imprison your candidates, then we're like Mexico. We're just not assassinating people yet. We're like a third-world country. We're like a Banana Republic. We're letting things other than the will of the people and what's best for the people be what's running the thing. We're letting the thing be run by the people that are in power, that are corrupt, that want to keep the power. Because it's not just Biden. Biden is barely there, right? It's all the people that are working there. You got to understand, there's this huge team behind them. They don't want to leave. What? Get on LinkedIn? Get on LinkedIn and fucking try to get a new job. Start sending out your resume? I work for the worst administration ever.




I was one of the people. I mean, the one thing you can do is get a job as a political person, unlike TV. You'll get one of those jobs. If you're a White House press secretary. And there's Huckabee. Isn't she a governor now? Yeah.


I think Arkansas or something. That's a good one to start with.


Want to run the world? Start with Arkansas. Yeah.


I was talking to Tulsi Gabbard the other night, and I went off on a rant to her about mental health asylums. I'm like, That is... These These people are everywhere on the streets now. It's crazy people. It's not a great thing to have them out. It's not good for them, and it's not good for everyone else. There used to be actual places, and the money that it would cost. I mean, that's a cost that people would get behind. The things that we would pay for instead of the things that we are paying for, insane.


I think that happened during the Reagan administration. I think they changed what it means to be a mentally ill person. They let a bunch of people out. Is that true? Yeah. I'm pretty sure it was during the... Reagan was one of those Republicans that made people want to be a Democrat.


Oh, you know who I Bird actually was behind it? It was JFK because he didn't like what happened to his sister.


How so?


They gave his sister the lobotomy. Oh. Yeah. And he turned against mental health institutions. I can't remember if it was- They gave his Is there a lobotomy? Oh, yeah. Bad one.


Oh, my God.


It's like one of the big Kennedy secrets.


They stopped doing that in the late '60s. They did it for a long time. I had an Instagram post about it because I went down a rabbit hole night. I was like, What? They just scramble people's brains. And there was all these ads, like smiley people afterwards, happy people afterwards. Just scramble your fucking brain with an iron rod that they pushed through your eyeball. The eldest Kennedy daughter. Wow.


And the Special Olympics.


Wow. Yeah, man, dude, brains are just like every Everything else. It's just like some people have bad liver. In their search for cures, okay, November 1941, Mr. Kennedy arranged to have a lobotomy performed on Rosemary. It was immediately clear that the operation had drastically failed. Rosemary had lost most of her ability to walk or talk. Her personality had been forever altered, and she was left physically disabled. After being released from the hospital, Rosemary was immediately institutionalized.


There's a story I've read about the doctor. There's one doctor who was doing a lot of the lobotomies. He was traveling around to all the asylum. Yeah, I read about that guy.


He loved it. He loved scrambling brains. I mean, what a fucking... Remember when you used to whack the TV to get the signal to come in. People don't know. We would be watching TV, be watching a baseball game, and you'd go, What the fuck? You'd smack the TV and it would come back in, Yeah, you got it. That's how bad electronics were back then. You would smack the TV, and sometimes it would fix it. Sometimes it was going up. It was just like, the screen would go up, and you just whack the side of it, and it would stay still.


I remember.


Remember those days? Yeah. Yeah. That was their version of fixing brains. It was just like, whacking a TV. They was like, what's a scramble of brains. And they were going through your eyeball. Oh. That's where they go through. They pull your eyeball side. Yeah, they pull your eyeball side. Excuse me. Out of the way. I got to shove a metal rod in there. And and just get in the brain, they get in your frontal lobe and just go like this.


Stop. No.


Yeah, that's how it goes.


Oh, God.


Bro, imagine that's a good idea. I know how to fix it, everybody. What was the most successful lobotomy? Did anybody get a lobotomy and like, Wow, that one fucking worked? I don't know what to do. Google, what's the most successful lobotomy? I was successful.


It'd be like someone came out a genius afterwards.


Yeah, somebody came out the most amazing guy.


No way.


No way. But there has to be one best case scenario. Like, this might work. Like one guy, maybe they only scrabble them a little. You know, like Roseanne got hit by a car, became a great comedian. Kenison, hit by a car, became a great comedian. There's a little bit of brain damage, not bad for you. A little bit, yeah. Just a touch. Just a thud. Oh, yeah. Just a little bit.


Everybody needs a little bit.


A little bit? Yeah. Just a little bit. Yeah.


I had so many wrestling in high school.


The last person who had one died in 1967.


That's when they were like, enough. I barely missed that. If I was born in '57, I would have got lobotomized.


Anti-psychotic medication.


If I was born in '57 with the wrong parents, 100 %, they would have scramble his brains. Or if I was born with the wrong parents, they would have put me on Prozac, for sure. For sure, they would have me on some ADHD medicine.


This is the best I'm getting is their claims of improvement.


They reported 63 % of their patients had improved, while 24 % saw no change, and 14 % became worse. Oh. That guy looks pretty good afterwards. The beginning looks like he's taking a horrible shit. Like, oh, God. And the afterwards, he's like, I get it now.


They were just like, they were agitated before, and then afterwards, they were smiling.


Smiling. Yeah. So some it worked, but it seems like a very crude idea. Maybe now... Oh, that one's a weird one. That one, they cut the top of that dude's head off. That was a rough one. Oh, Jesus Christ. They're going through the nose on that lady.


That guy's wearing a muscle shirt. That's her eye.


That's her eye. Oh, Christ. I hope she's out cold.


Why don't those guys have sleeves?


The way everyone's holding her hand, she might not have been out. They probably barely put people out back then. They're fucking crazy.


You could probably watch videos of some of this.


Don't make me watch videos of it. All right, here we go. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. He says, Prefrontal lobotomy. Psychological cinema. Prefrontal lobotomy and chronic Schizophrenia from the psychiatric Department. So this is the lady. Female, age 25. Can you say, State hospital patient for four years, failure to improve after several courses of both insulin and convulsive shock. Wow, the shock therapy back then. Showing antagonistic hostility reaction in seclusion quarters prior to bilateral prefrontal lobotomy. Bilateral. Bilateral prefrontal lobotomy. They're like, This bitch is so crazy. We're going to give her a double dose. She's hanging out. She seems like someone in the audience to kill Tony like a regular person.


Yeah, she's not bad.


Two months post-operative, now friendly and cooperative, entering into occupational and recreational activities. Let's see what she looks like now. Oh, this is going to other people. Oh, to other people. Oh, there she is now. Now she's all laughing because her fucking brain scramble. Now her hair's all fucked up.


It's crazy, though, that your brain can be scramble and you can still function. That seems to- Well, you barely function.


But that's the thing. People have been shot in the head and they lose half their head and they still talk. There's a lot of weird stuff that happens to people with their brain. When one part of your brain gets damaged, the other part of your brain seems to have an ability to recover. There's this one guy. See if you can find this story. This one guy developed fluid in his brain when he was young and they drained it. So they installed some a thing that drained the fluid from his brain. And once they did that, as he got older, he got another MRI and they realized his brain was missing. He only had the outside area of the brain, and he had like a 75 IQ, but he was fully functioning with the entire center of his brain gone. You see the MRI, you're like, what in the fuck? The guy has no brain. You know, like, oh, that fucking guy has no brain. That's him. He actually has no brain. You got to leave him alone. It's not his fault. It's literally gone. So he developed some fluid, and they put something in there.


I forget where it drained to. But then over time, his symptoms went away, but his brain went away, too. Like, whatever that fluid was in his brain, it was like, took over the whole brain. Oh, God. See if you can find that.


It's called hydrocephalus when there's the brain too much cerebral fluid, cerebral spinal fluid, excess cerebral spinal fluid.


Yeah, this dude-I know it's not coming up. Had no brain. And they were talking about how different parts of your brain just make up for what's missing. Your brain figures it out and says, okay, you know what else they found? Playing 3D video games increases gray matter in your brain. It's like a recent study. That's a good thing?




It increases your... Like three-dimensional video games actually increase some gray matter in your brain in some way. And they're not saying... People aren't See, the thing about video games is people always want to say, Don't do it. You're wasting your life if you do... I say it. You're wasting your life if you do video games. However, they're awesome. They're awesome. Are you really wasting your life or are you doing something fucking awesome? You're wasting your life if you do it only. But if you want to do it good, you got to do it a lot. If you want to really fucking murder people in Call of Duty, you got to be on that bitch every day. You got to get the moves down. You got to figure out how to aim. That's the guy.


Is it the same case?


Scientist research man missing 90 % of his brain who leads a normal life. Frenchman? Yeah, that's the dude. 44-year-old Frenchman started experiencing weakness in his legs. He went to the hospital. The doctors told him he was missing most of his brain. The man's skull was full of fluid with just a thin layer of brain tissue left. The condition is known as hydrocephalus. He was living a normal life. He has a family. He works. His IQ was tested at the time. Claimant came by 84. Eighty-four. Was slightly below normal range. This person is not bright, but perfectly socially apt. Clearmons is a cognitive psychologist, University of Libre in Brussels. When he learned about the case, which first described in The Lancet in 2007, he saw a medical miracle, but also a major challenge to theories about consciousness. This dude is missing 90% of his fucking-Is that the guy? No, that's the doctor. Get that guy on Kill Tony now. Yeah. Imagine if you wrote for him. How many... This guy is actually... You put a photo of his brain up on the screen and explain that this guy is literally up here with no brain.


Going back to the brain damage making people funny thing, we have a new regular as of yesterday, and it was only his second night ever on the show, Drew Nickens, who was bullied by his own military partners. I don't know what they did to him, something head trauma-wise that he didn't really want to get into. But he's so fucking funny. He's just naturally the most likable, funniest fucking-Was he funny before the head injury? I don't know.


That's a good Does he know? How aware is he when you're talking to him? Very. So he's all there. You talk to him. But he has brain damage. Yeah. You know how many people I know with brain damage? Oh, yeah.


You are the beaker keeper of people with brain damage.


I know a lot of people with various stages of brain damage.


It says, update the brand, the brain.


Rather than 90 % of this man's brain being missing, it's More likely that it's simply been compressed into the thin layer that you can see in the images above. Compressed. So the brain has different density?


I mean, if it's like Jello.


Can you make your brain like you can make your quads fucking dense? You know, some people have mushy quads. Some people have quads. They could fucking jump on top of a huge box. Maybe you can make your brain like that. Super connected. Maybe video games is the way you do it. Find that study because that's crazy.


Speaking of brain damage, did you see the UFC put out a clip of Sugar Sean landing that knee on Chido Vera without any commentary?


Bro, Cheeto Vera has a chin that's made out of Wolverine bones. Oh, my God. His chin is insane.


It sounds like somebody hitting a wooden baseball bat against another wooden baseball bat.


Not only that, his head snaps back, all the way back. I mean, it's By the way, it might be the most perfectly timed knee I've ever seen. Here it is. Bro, Sugar Sean is a fucking assassin. Oh, bro. That cat is an assassin.


Sitting next to him the whole time before that roast because that thing went on for two hours before I got up there, and there's nobody I would have rather have sat next to.


Right. A guy who's calm under pressure. Exactly.


Yeah. Exactly. And he turned to me at one point and goes, Dude, I don't know what it is. It's like 20 minutes before our thing, Ron Burgundy was just up there killing, and we were all kids laughing for a second. And he goes, Dude, I don't know what's going on, man, but I'm nervous as fuck, and it's you going up there. He goes, Are you nervous? And I'm such a cornball. I told him how I really felt, and I go, I'm probably exactly how you were right before the Cheeto fight, right now. All the work I've ever done has come to this point, and he goes, Calm. I go, Calm.


Calm. If you've done the work. If you haven't done the work, it's anxiety. Oh, yeah. It's a rotten fear. You got to really do the work if you're going to do something big, whatever it is. I've done that before where I did the work, and it feels so much different because I've also done it where I fucked off, and then you're like, oh, I didn't do my best.


The live aspect made it crazy. I'm looking at the three stairs that I I had to go up. I'm like, I keep glancing at them, and they're at an angle. It's not like... And they're not that well-lit, and they're long and not that tall. So I knew I had to look. I had to study them. The little things like that.


Do you see what Andrew Schultz was saying about Kim Kardashian? That she was completely disconnected. That she just sat up there like this. She sat straight the entire time. It was completely unaffected and completely disconnected, even when she was getting shit on.


She giggled along. I was watching her.


Performative or real?


I think real. The whole thing was very robotic. She brought four sixes with her, which I thought was hilarious because even at that level, even a super hot check.


You don't want to bring up some other super hot check.


Exactly. She was just at a table of sixes, just this 10 with sixes.


There you go.


Like a good poker hand. Four sixes and a 10.


Have you ever watched that show, her show?


No, not really.


My wife watches it in the gym. Sometimes she gets in the gym before me. I have to watch this shit. It's amazing that it's a show. It's basically like, let's go I got some gum. I went to this thing and I had to talk. You should fill your dreams and go for it. Okay. And then back in a limo, shiny LA. It's all like smashed cuts to different scenes. The scenery of LA is half of the show. It's like overhead views, the palm trees, the beach. And then they're like, What are we doing for dinner?


Yeah. Oh, my God.


But they look pretty.




They look pretty.


Yeah, Ozempic is doing them all good.


You think that's what it is?


Oh, yeah. Everybody's on it now. Everybody that can be on it's on it.


Brian Simpson had a real bad reaction to it.


Yeah. Well, Brian Simpson is made of bread. You can't just inject Ozempic into bread and then expect the bread to just disappear.


He was the one guy that did the carnival diet with us and just like, I'm a little suspicious.


Oh, yeah. Sneaky little devil. We were busting his balls all the time. He'd have food deliveries come up. He'd have food deliveries come up to the green room, and he'd be like, God damn it, they put bread on this sandwich. Oh, well. Me and Derek and Asana on the looks that we would give each other, the fucking holding in secret fucking laughs, nuclear capacity fucking laughter all the time. They're like, Why did you order it with the bread? He's like, Because if you don't order it with the bread, they don't put all the things on there. There's no containment system, so I order it with the bread and take off the bread. Sure. Oh, yeah.


I'll take that bread with you and eat it later. Oh, yeah. Oh, man. It's part of the fun of Brian Simpson, though.


He gets these super breaded chicken wings. Oh, it's so fun. I don't know what it is with me and fat jokes. I just can't get enough of it. I just love it. It's always been my number one roasting specialty. If anybody's ever big. Oh, my God. It's just, I don't know.


Oh, with David Lucas, you have a never-ending supply. Oh, yeah. Depending upon what he's wearing.


It's amazing. Post Malone got him good because he went after Post Malone at the Forum in the arena, and he was wearing a camo shirt and post. Just fucking grabbed that microphone, put it right up to his mouth and goes, You're the only guy in camo that the people all the way in the back of the arena can see. You got a standing O on David Lucas. David Lucas got lit up in LA by the guests, which I love because it's fun for me to step back and get to root for these Harland is a monster.


Harland is so silly. This snake on the table, this is his tape worm that he pulled out of his pants at the end of the episode. He calls it Dimitri. He said he had a tape worm. He got a tape worm. Where did you say he was?


He started the show-He ate a rat somewhere. Oh, a musk?


Montu Picchu?


Something I thought didn't think it existed, and it did exist.


Yeah, he ate some rat in some foreign country.


Oh, he is unbelievable. Him and David went back and forth for 10 minutes. It felt like straight. Every single blow. I told Jeff Ross and Brian Moses, all the Roast battle guys after that night because there was a festival going on, so we were all hanging out after we would all do our separate things that night. I told them all. I go, The best Roast battle that's ever happened just happened, and it wasn't with you guys. It was on Kill Tony. They're like, What? Who? David Lucas versus Harland Williams, of all people. Because Harland's silliness cannot be cut through. It makes him immediately totally undodgeable. If you call him old, he calls you a bitch. If you call him anything, he just rolls with it and jujutsus it into his own retort. It's indescribable. I wish I could remember more of the moments, but he's like, David's just reaching for anything. One part was just, You old ass bitch, because David's just getting beat, so he's getting piled on. So he's not even writing at this point. His brain is just on the defensive. He goes, You old ass bitch, because he knows Harland just got him.


And Harland, without any hesitation, goes, You're my bitch tonight. And so for every punch, there's a counterpunch. It was magic, magic. Unbelievable in the moment. You can't prep for it. You cannot write for it or else it comes out clunky and you're trying to recall. And that pause, that hesitation that happens in roast battle that doesn't necessarily happen in a parking lot Roast Battle or on a Kiltoni with David and Harland, just heavyweights going back and forth. Those recalls aren't there. It's just flow state, and it's magical.


When he said that Post Malmol looks like an unemployed crocodile hunter. It's just the perfect line. The perfect light. I'm telling you, you guys, I've been saying this forever, but you really need to do it. The two of you should do a show together. You really should. There's no reason why you don't. You guys should do a podcast. Even if you do it once a week for an hour, you guys both talking shit to each other and talking shit about things. Because the chemistry of the two of you together is so unique, and it brings out the best in David. It brings out the David that I want to see when he goes on stage. I want to see the same guy that is in the heat of roast battle or heat of battling with you on Kill Tony. Bring that everywhere. That same energy.


We're working on some really fun things now, actually. What are you working on? There's a series that is actually in development right now that's cool, but I'm really excited about this movie idea that he just had a big meeting about where I'm a principal and he's a fat gym teacher, and there's a bunch of they, thems at the school, and then there's a school shooting, and we to protect the they, thems and all this stuff. And there's just all these vessels and setups for everything. We can just do everything that we've ever done, but actually implement it into a modern type of ridiculous comedy.


So if you did that, where would you do it? Who would you do it with?




You want to have the most amount of creative control over something like that. If you're going to do it. And it's going to be hard. It's going to be hard. It's going to be... Maybe Netflix would do it. Netflix would probably be the best place to do it. They'll probably take the most chances. Exactly. Especially after the Tom braided roast, which was the most watched thing on Netflix ever. And it's wild comedy, which is so good for comedy, man. That roast was so good for comedy. Huge.


Absolutely huge. It's just wild because everybody wanted that. Everybody wants that. And talk about there was a lot of rewatching of that. People watched it, and then they went and wanted to show their uncles or their dads or their whatever. They wanted to see their reactions to it. So it's being watched multiple times on top of the actual numbers that we know. You can't share Netflix stuff like we were talking about earlier with YouTube, but you can rewatch it with people.


How many people have Netflix Netflix accounts? How many Netflix accounts are there?


I think it's like a...


Let's Google it. Let's take a guess. How many things? Worldwide, it's got to be like hundreds of millions.


I think it's 200 million, about. Worldwide? Yeah.


Let's find out. 269. 269 million subscribers. And how much does it cost a month? It depends. It depends? There's a couple of different things. What's the high-end?


19 now, I think.


20 bucks. And what's the low-end?


I think it's like a ad-supported for 2.99..


Oh, really? That's not a bad deal. Let me see. Because you could just skip the ads. You only watch it for a couple of seconds. Use them to pee.


There's standard with ads, standard and premium. Standard with ads is 699, standard is 1599.


What's the difference between standard and premium?


Let's see. The number of devices you can watch at one time. Ultra HD is available on premium, and full HD is only on standard. You can download to a different number of devices with premium. Okay. And you can add an extra member who does not live with you.


The download is big if you're on a plane, you need to download.




I've never been on a plane that you can watch a movie on.




Never. Sometimes they have good WiFi, and you could actually almost watch a YouTube video, which is every now and then it spins and it comes back on. But Most of the time not. They're not really ready for that yet. I wonder if that will change with Starlink. I wonder if they'll hook up Starlink to planes.


Dude, we saw Starlink the other night. Have you seen it go over in the sky? I have not. Oh, it's the craziest fucking thing.


People think it's a UFO.


It's insane. It's like a bunch of stars.


They get it in the Amazon now. But there was an article that I sent to... Oh, here we go. Remote Amazon tribe connects to Elon, my star link internet becomes hooked on porn and social media. I shared this with Paul Rosalie. So there's a bunch of people that are very concerned about this because they're seeing their kids staring at phones now. And they're also seeing kids that want to leave the tribe and go out into the regular world. When it arrived, everyone was happy. Say that name. Sainama Maruba. Sainama Maruba, 73, told the New York Times, But now things have gotten worse. Young people have gotten lazy because of the Internet, she explained. They're learning the These are the white people. Wow, that's crazy.


They just call us lazy, dude?


Yes. Damn. The white people. Well, there's a lot of us that are lazy. What does it say? Remote tribe in Brazil become bitterly divided nine months after gaining access to satellite Internet. Wow. 2000 people. 2000 people. I guess it's here, in the middle. Wow. Right below Peru. Yeah. I want to know. I don't know how I feel about that.


I want to know what porn they're watching.


Everything. They probably can't believe it. These white ladies, fake lips, just suckin' dicks. Initially, the internet was haralded as a positive for the remote tribe who were able to quickly contact authorities for help with emergencies, including potentially deadly snake bites. It's already saved lives. Enroke Maruba, all Maruba use the same last name. Oh, wow. They're all the same people. How do you know if you're having sex with your cousin then?


They have the same last name.


But they all have the same last name. They're probably cousins. The whole thing has the same last name. There's 2,000 people. You know that North Sentinel Island? The story about that guy who was the missionary, went there and got killed? There's only 39 people there. So they're all related to each other. Damn. So at this point, they might not even be able to go help those people. Imagine if you just stepped in and say, Hey, we're going to establish schools and clinics and who knows what's going on with them? Sixty thousand years of people living on one island, and there's only 39 of them left. And you can't go there. They'll kill you. They'll fucking kill you the moment you get off your boat. They tried to kill a bunch of people. There was a bunch of people that had a band at a boat that ran ashore. They got rescued. And as they were getting rescued, the North Central people were headed on boats to them to kill them.


Oh, God. Frightening.


Imagine if they're mentally challenged. We don't know. We really don't know. No one's interviewing them. What are they like? Have you ever seen that show Soft White Underbelly? No. It's a great show on YouTube, and I had the guy on who was the host of it. And one of the things that he's done is document this family in West Virginia that's severely inbred, severely. Like The man, the Older Man, all he does is bark. He doesn't talk. He just barks. You have to see this. You have to see this. I think we'll have to edit it out, right? I don't know. We'll see. If we get If we get a strike. But go to visit Soft White Underbelly on YouTube. It's not just that. He interviews all kinds of crazy people from all walks of life. It's a very interesting show. So these people are the Whitakers West Virginia. It's called odd West Virginia.


I'm going to love this. Oh, yeah.


Listen to this, though. That's the guy.


They're all inbred.


Look, all of them. Look at her. So what are your names? I'm sorry. Who's this? His name is Ray. Ray? I remember Ray. I photographed you, Ray. Do you remember? Years ago. He barks. And your name is- Lorraine. Lorraine. And Timmy. Yeah. Now, you guys grew up here in odd, West Virginia. How many years have you lived here? All my life.


All my life.


You guys, I mean, did you go to school? You did?


Some of your brothers and sisters probably didn't go to school, or how much schooling did they get? They didn't miss school long, but they graduated.


You graduated from what?


When I was in high school.


You went to high school, Timmy? Yeah, he went to high school all his time.


Is that good?


Yeah, it's good enough. Wow. Whoa. He's been there twice. He's visited them twice. The show's incredible.


Oh, yeah.


I mean, and this guy, just imagine encountering these people. What do you do? Oh, shit. Yeah. That's the photographs he took of them a long time ago.


Man, do not run out of gas around there.


Oh, dude, you're fucked. You're fucked. There's some parts of this country that are literally like the movie Deliverance. That's real. You go through the Appalachias, you take a wrong turn, run out of gas, start walking for help, it gets dark out. You literally see a flaming cross. Fuck. You stumble upon a KKK meeting. Maybe you got a Spanish last name. So you got to throw your driver's license in the woods. It's in the middle, too. Like, right. Oh, boy.


Right next to the bar in West Virginia. Oh, my God, dude.


There ain't shit out there.


Oh, my God.


The Baptist Church is on the street.


Oh, of course there is. There's another church, another Baptist Church. It's all that shows up. It's all just churches. People Listen, man, if you live in a place like that, church is the best fucking thing going. I think church for a lot of people is like the green room for us. It's a place you go to see the community, you recharge, you love everybody. And then you decide you're going to be a good person. Yeah. You know?




You're going to try to do your best. You're going to try to make a bunch of people laugh. You're going to try to become a good Christian.


Yeah. I was rewatching There Will Be Blood recently. Those church scenes, I mean, fucking unbelievable.


That movie's insane. Oh, it's so good. That's all Bakersfield. That's all that area, the Tatchebes.


Yeah, they were filming that when they were filming No Country for Old Men. At the exact same time. And no country for old men had to stop shooting one day because the black smoke from their will be blood was messing up their background. Isn't that crazy? That's crazy. Two of the last great non-Tarantino movies, and they were filmed at the same time, came out at the same time, up for the same awards. Bangers. Bangers.


Did one of them not win movie of the Year? Because that's crazy.


One of them had to not win. It's weird that they all rank up against each other. Isn't that nuts? Yeah.


I don't like the academy. Excuse me. I don't like the academy awards.


Right. No, me neither. It doesn't make sense.


I don't like awards for art. I think it distorts the whole thing. I mean, on one hand, It gives the films a lot of recognition, and it helps people do other cool projects, and it helps more great movies get made. And you get to showcase great actors, and they get rewarded. So people want to become a great actress. They can get an award. But at the end of the day, man, the number one, and the number one movie is like, why? Why? So just say what you love, why you loved it, what's great about it. But unless we have a... We're so competitive. We want a contest. Totally.


And it doesn't make sense because it's like, Oh, Forrest Gump's an academy award-winning movie, and Pulp Fiction, and Shoshank Redemption are not. Only because they coincidentally came out in the same year. If it went 92, 93, 94, they would all be winners without a doubt.


Maybe. There's a lot of bangers in the early '90s. Yeah, that's true.


You can get away with a lot more.


92 had good fellows, too. You can get away with a lot more back then. You could do more stuff.


Well, I mean, they were fucking creative. They weren't scared. The network notes kill things nowadays.


Well, it's not just the network notes. It's all the executives and all the people behind the scenes. They're all captured by this ideology, and they're real careful about how they do things or what they do. It's like they get really scared.


The executives fuck it up. I have someone that told me that Many Saints of Newark from David Chase was supposed to be quite different. I'm sure. It came from the top and notes for David Chase, who is a monster. I mean, I still, I probably brought this up here before, but I still to this day, and I laughed about it to myself just a couple of nights ago, there I am glancing through. I blasted through the new season of the Jinks, which is fucking unbelievable on HBO. One of my favorite murder documentaries ever, The Crazy Ass, Robert Durst. And then there I am. Just, yeah, nothing. Here we go. Rewatching the Sopranos for the 5,000th time. And it's every fucking time better than the last. It's unbelievable. There's so many things that I still am like, oh, my God, I never noticed that.


Well, it's also one of those shows that so many things happen, you can go back and watch it again.


And the acting is absolutely insane. Gandolfini in his prime, Lorraine Bracko in her prime, Edi Falco, it steals it somehow. The mom steals it. There's times where she can-Edi Falco is not the mom.


She's Soprano's wife.


Yeah, that's what I meant.


I'm talking about the kid's mom. Remember the mom died and they replaced her with CGI and it looked really fake?


Yeah, that part's crazy. That's the episode that I watched the other night. I was just going to lean on- They should have never did that. Season 3, episode 1 or 2, I think.


They should redo that like they redid Star Wars. Yeah. You know how they read it like Yoda? They made Yoda CGI, which they fucked it up. But they should do that with the mom.


It wasn't that bad.


It was bad.


Look, it's not that terrible.


It was so fake.


It just looks fake Compared to them.


There was something about her head moved weird.


It's coming up. There's a part where she reacts. Because that part.


That part. Yeah. Fucking nothing. Now look here. I I don't like that talk. Like, her head's not moving. Yeah. Yeah, that's what it is. Her head's frozen. It didn't look as fake as I remembered. Right.


It was like a deep fake back then.


That was as good as it got. That probably cost a million dollars. Who knows what that cost? Yeah. But why did they do that? Why didn't they just have her? We found out she's dead. Why don't they just get a phone call?


Because they had to put one last bit of closure on it right there. They find out that she never filled out the books that Carmella, his wife, got her for the kids because she felt guilty or she felt like, no one will read my book. So it's one last her unloading her guilt. She dies that episode. She dies right after that. He goes out, smokes a cigar by the pool, comes in, the and his wife are there. He's like, What's going on? Your mom passed away. And so then... Oh, God. I mean, it's just crazy how... I mean, this series changed everything. It still doesn't get Totally changed TV. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Fargo, all these great series that came after it would not have happened if it wasn't for David Chase and the Sopranos.


I agree. It changed what was possible because it became an enormous movie. Instead of it being a show where they wrap up the story each week, everything ties into the next episode. You're glued to your seat. You can't wait for Sunday, whenever it was. Was it Sunday? You're like, When is Sunday coming around? Oh, my God. I mean, it was the first show that people were just absolutely riveted and addicted to. It was about a guy who was a murderer, and somehow or another, you're rooting for the murderer. He was mean He killed his friend. There's a lot of crazy shit, and he's still the good guy.


Kills his own cousins, the two of the main characters, Steve Buscemi and Michael Impérioli. Yeah. Spoiler alert. Well, I mean, The Christopher Maltesante murder was the craziest one because the way he did it was just like, Jesus, it's so ruthless. But it also made sense. I mean, from his perspective, if he would have let He's going to keep going, he would have ended up... He could have killed his own kid. That's the part because he glances back and he sees the branch in the baby seat. And he knows that Christopher... He admits to him right then, I'm on drugs. I'm on a pop. You need to say you're driving. Yeah. Which is their ongoing thing for seasons is you got to get off the drugs. Yeah. Shocking as all hell for us viewers at the time.


Yeah. Crazy. You know the other one? Was it Pauly that killed his girlfriend? Who killed his girlfriend? Remember in the end when they went chasing after him in the woods? You fucking cunt. And he's like, he's going to kill her with a gun. And she realizes he's going to kill her. And she runs. And he murders her.


That was Silvio. Silvio, that's right. Who plays guitar for Bruce Springsteen's band. But, yeah, she never saw it coming. That was so creepy. Yeah, that's creepy. Because that's real insider.


You've known that lady your whole life. You've known that lady your whole life. Now you're chasing her with a pistol calling her a cunt. You're going to kill her. And she realizes you're going to kill her when she's screaming.


In that world, if you talk to the government, especially back then, it's cold. It's just as cold as ice. It's the one thing you can't do. So all their friendship. What a fucking show. Yeah.


What a fucking show.


It's incredible. Every fucking episode is better than literally almost anything else out there. That's the crazy part. I can't stop rewatching it. It's just the funniest ongoing game on my fucking my bedroom television thinks I'm a psycho.


Well, it's one of those shows that Then when you realize what's possible. So it raises the bar for everybody else. And then Game of Thrones is the next one. It was another one where you're like... And then that one was even crazier because you got fucking Dragons and insane special effects. The CGI had caught up with everything, especially with the new one, the new Game of Thrones. The CGI is off the charts. But how long does that take to make? The new one was over a year ago. When is the next season of... What is it called, the new one called? House of Dragons? Yeah. When does the new House of Dragons come out? Two weeks. Two weeks? Holy shit, dude. That's perfect because I'm wrapping up The Gentleman. I only have one more episode of The Gentleman.


What's The Gentleman?


Oh, you don't know. It's the new Guy Richie series on Netflix. It's the same... Did you ever see the movie The Gentleman? No. The movie is fucking awesome. The movie is like Matthew McConaher, and it's about weed dealers. It's like this organized crime weed movie. And this just follows that. It just is a different branch of that world, but it's fucking amazing. It's such a good show.


I tried that Samurai one you recommended, but there was a Kill Bill moment, a rip-off of Kill Bill, and I just couldn't.


What was the rip-off?


There's a part where they're doing the walkout and it's frame for frame, a rip-off of Lucy Lou's walkout when she's arriving to that place. I just hate... It just drives me crazy how many people and how many things- Are derivative. Take from- Yeah, but Tarantino did that a lot.


Well, yeah. That was part of... But it was an homage. It's an homage to his films. Exactly. Wasn't Reservoir Dogs an homage to another Chinese film? Yeah.


I can't remember the name of it, but yeah, a lot of his things are. But when they do it to him, it's just different.


That's funny. It's interesting to do that in a historical novel turned into a show like Shogun. I didn't notice it, but I love the show. Show's incredible. Show's really well done. Shogun's really well done. It's fucking riveting.


I love it. A lot of people told me that past episode one is when it gets cooking. I just couldn't. I don't know.


It's very good, dude. If you give it a shot, it's very good. But if I was going to recommend something, I'd say The Gentleman. Watch that. The fucking show is so crazy. It's so much wild shit happens. Just like, Jesus. I think they're going to do a season two.


You never caught up with the jinks, huh? No, never caught up with it. You never watched season one? No.


I knew what happened. I remember the story. It's one of those things I've never watched The Wire. It just got away from me.


Me neither.


Totally. The Wire is awesome. Everybody talks about it. Bourdaine was always raving about it. Jamie loved it. I never watched it.


I can't hear you guys talk about Sopranos without screaming it in my head. I'm like, You guys haven't seen this, though.


Is The Wire better?


I can't say it's better.


I wouldn't say it's better. Say it, bitch. This is the Academy Awards. Somebody gets the Oscar. Who gets it?


It came after.


Who gets the fucking award? Stop trying to dodge the question.


I would argue The Sopranos, but I don't like it. I don't personally like it better.


Oh, really? Why do you think-I don't know.


I I'm not like Breaking Bad either. I really didn't get into it. What?




I watched it after The Wire, so I started to watch it. I'm like, Fuck. It's limited by not being a level of real because they're censoring themselves a little bit. It just felt like I couldn't get into it. The Wire is so hyper realistic is the word you use so much when it's talked about that. It's just like it's really cool to watch.


All right, I'm going to get into it this summer. I'm going to start watching The Wire this summer. I'm all filled up until the summer. Yeah. Got my I can only watch things a couple of nights a week.


I don't have that at the time. Yes, same. That's why I like the Sopranos. It's like background noise, and if I'm paying attention, I'm laughing or enthralled.


I have to, today, if I don't do a certain amount of work, I feel lazy. It's not a good feeling. If I'm just watching too much TV, I feel like I could have gotten so much done. Totally. I could have gotten a bunch of my little... I could enjoy shows if I've done what I need to do. But if I didn't work out that day, I'm not watching TV. I'm going to feel like a piece of shit. Unless it's my off day.


Yeah, same. I don't let myself... I don't have a video game console, and I don't play games on my phone. So when I got back from LA to treat myself, even though I don't even play chess, I downloaded a chess app because my Instagram showed me a finishing chess move.


You don't know how to play chess?


Well, I do now.


Okay, because I don't know how to play chess either. I was saying maybe we could play chess.


Well, it's only been a couple of weeks, and I'm obsessed. I cut to me last night in bed at 4:30 AM on my phone, playing people around the world in chess, and it's crazy. I love it.


Chess is a fun game, obviously. It's just to me, it's one of those time sucks that I'm scared of. Totally. Exactly. Just like video games, just like golf. You obviously know I have a giant pool problem. Pool is a problem. I played pool with my friend Tommy in New Jersey on Friday night till 5:00 in the morning, the day of the UFC. Went to the hotel room. I slept till 3:00 PM. Got up, showered, got some food, made it to the arena.


Golf is a different time waster, though. It is a- A little bit of exercise. The air, the nature, the oxygen of being around the trees and the fresh grass and everything. It hits different. Being by yourself, too. It gives you a jolt of energy. It gives you a crazy amount energy.


I totally see it, man. I get it. It'd probably be super beneficial for me to pick up golf.


I'd probably enjoy it. Tons of vitamin D.


But I can't. I'm too busy, and I have too many things that I really love. I already love archery. I have to practice. If I don't practice, I don't shoot good. If I don't shoot good, that's not good. It's like pool. You have to stay in stroke. With archery, you have to stay focused. You have to stay in tune. I don't know what the word they would use for. Just being on. When you know where that arrow is going, just fucking know. And it's all at different distances. Any day of the week, you could wake me up at four o'clock in the morning. I could hit a bullseye at 20 yards. But 20 yards is not that. Most of the time, I'll hit in the nine or 10, right? But most of the time, when you're shooting, you're not going to shoot at 20 yards. You have to shoot at 40 or 60 or so. So I practice at 74. I practice at 85 sometimes. And that's a long distance. It really requires a fine-tuning of your feel of the bow. As you're drawing back and you're centering your pin, there's this Zen state where all you can think about is the movement of the arrow.


All you can think about is the correct technique. All you can think about is how you want that arrow to just sink right into that target perfectly. The perfect time to release right when the pin is settled over the spot where you want to hit and the arrow just goes... And you watch it... And it's magical. It's like it cleans your mind. It's like it hoses off all of life's bullshit because it requires everything of you in that one moment. Yeah. And I think if you could find anything like that, whatever the fuck it is, whether it's yoga or whatever it is, golf, you find a thing where when you're doing it, it requires all of your concentration. I I think that's a good flush out of the system. I think people who don't have that have a lot of fucking anxiety. I think your brain never gets cleaned out. You need a thing that's almost like a... People do it through meditation. They do it through a lot of different ways. But it's like there's a way you're focusing only on one thing that's super beneficial for some reason. Yeah, no doubt about it.


I went and had to do the hot yoga fucking spaghetti and wagyu meatballs flush the other day.


Did yoga after you had it?


Well, not right after. No, but the next day. The next day, I had hot yoga after eating the spaghetti the night before.


I ate so much with Joey Friday night. I had to force myself to eat Saturday before the fights. I was like, I don't want to eat anything. I took a shit that it would astonish people. It would astonish you. That was all in your body. Like, that was all in there? It was astonishing. The volume. It's like, Where did it go? Where was that? How did all that come out of me? But then I thought about how much I ate. I ate an enormous amount of food. They just kept bringing us food, too. They were like, The chef sent us over. Oh, my God.


The best. Oh. Real Italian food, priceless.


But, boy, does it fucking hamper your motor skills? It hampers everything afterwards. I played pool like shit for the first hour and a half. I just couldn't get going. It was just like, I was just My stomach literally hurt from being stretched out. It was hurting.


Oh my God.


I'll do it again. I'll do it again tomorrow. I think once a month, that's not bad. If you Enjoy yourself once a month, have a glass of wine, have some spaghetti. The next day, I had Linguini with clams, too.


Damn, so good.


Yeah. Yeah. Not good for you. One of my favorite things. Not good for you, but damn. But there's There's a lot of things in life like that. I think if you just live your whole life only eating super healthy and never doing anything, okay. But you definitely missed out on some stuff. You missed out on some amazing meals. You're not going to get all those flavors all tied together in something that is not going to give you a little autoimmune flare up. I think it's a thing that you experience, and it's a You pay a cost. The cost for experiencing a delicious pasta meal is you go into a coma. That's the cost.


I was thinking about this when Tom braided came out for the roast because we're there at the front table, and he comes out and he was just so much taller and more present than I thought he would be. You know what I mean? He's a quarterback.


One of the greatest of all time.


It's not the grace. He's a giant opposing force of presence. He was laughing at the jokes. He wasn't caught daydreaming or staring at the telepromp.


What did he say to you when you said about his shoes? Like, nice shoes, bitch.


He goes, I'll shove this up your ass right now. I was stump, dude. There was a hard two seconds where I had to reset and be like, Oh, my God, do I acknowledge that? Was that Mike? Did they hear that?


I did not hear it. Right.


Well, I just found out that when they did, they did an edit pass-through on it, and I haven't seen it yet, but I guess they turned up his volume on that. So now can hear it, which I actually am looking forward to seeing for the first time. But they just did a final pass-through edit like last week, they told me.


What did he say to Jeff Ross when Jeff Ross made a joke about Robert Kraft getting a hand job?


He said, Don't do that shit again. But I think he was kidding.


I don't know because I think that was part of the rules, wasn't it?


Yeah, that wasn't really rules.


I thought you were not supposed to talk about that one.


I was never told that.


And That's interesting.




Maybe because they knew you weren't doing it. Have they seen your set?


Not exactly. No, they hadn't. No, they hadn't seen the meat and potatoes of it. I showed them some cutesy parts. Did you hide? Oh, yeah.


You have to hide it from them. You have to hide it from them. For their own good.


For their own good. For their own good.




Yeah. Shut up. Exactly. Yeah. Everyone wins.


Yeah, exactly. You guys have the literally If ever the joke was soft and easy, you wouldn't have 55 million people watching it. People were watching because they were telling people, You got to see this. This is insane. Yeah.


And Nikki did so good. Her set was so tight that it really got the thing kickstarted. Jeff going first, her second, and then the momentum was built. Drew Bledso did great. Everybody was really good. It was fucking awesome to be there around a bunch of… Because those football players are so goddamn competitive that they were all really working hard. So even though you're expecting to be like, Duh, Tom is a good at throwing a football, they all wanted to be the best.


And people were riding for them. Yeah. So who was writing for those guys?


There was a whole amazing team led by the guys that have written all the roast, Mike Frucci and Ray James, and a bunch of guys that literally specialize. They wait all year waiting for another roast, like monsters that literally are like, when they find out who's on it and they know the other people that are on it, they start wiring these things together. What do they have in common? What's the setup? How do we tie it in? You can have a three fur, a four fur, a five fur, where you make fun of a bunch of people at once. They write a loose script, they send it to the person, the person reviews it, and that says what they do want, what they don't want. Sometimes what you definitely don't want is someone to go, I don't want to hit this. I don't want to hit that. I don't want to go too hard on this. The fearless people, a perfect example of this is Martha Stewart at the Justin Bieber roast. She goes, I'll fucking say anything I want to kill. I want to destroy on this roast. Me and Mike Frucci are like, Okay.


That's pretty amazing. Yeah. That's pretty amazing. Martha Stewart saying that to you? Yeah. Well, did everybody realize how cool she was when she did that show with Snoop Dogg? Yeah. Because that was like, what a weird odd couple that worked out.


Well, that was all born out of that roast.


Why did they stop doing that show?


I don't know.


That was a good show.


Yeah, I'm not sure.


People love Martha after she got out of prison, too.


Gangster. She's a gangster, dude.


Bro, they put her away for nonsense. They put her away for some stupid insider trading where she didn't even make any money.


They put away for what Nancy Pelosi does every single day.


But what she does is legal. The Nancy Pelosi thing is legal.


Have you heard about what's going on with the GameStop guy? Roaring Kitty is his name.


Okay, I have. So please tell me because I'm trying to figure out what's going on because Is there so much... I see so many tweets and posts about it online, and I'm cursory aware.


So I don't... I mean, I've been busy doing work stuff, but from what I've seen is that he's making more... He came back out online, posted something a week or two ago about Gamestop. It shot the stock up again like it did previously during the pandemic, which is created a whole movie.


So who is this dude?


His name's Keith Gill. His online name is Roaring Kitty, on Reddit, I believe.


Roaring Kitty is an awesome name.


It's $53,000. He came worth over $300 million. Whoa.


So he's worth $300 million from this Gamestop stuff?


Yeah, on paper, though. It's like if he takes... That's what is part of it.


So if he takes the stock out, then the stock crashes, so he can't sell it?


That's becoming the new talk of what I've seen over the last 24 hours is that he recently, I think over the last day, posted what his holdings are in Gamestop, and that has created some discussions, which is why I brought it up, because people are bringing up Nancy Pelosi a lot. What he's doing is out in the open. It's very public. I don't even think he's specifically telling anyone to do anything. He's just showing what he's doing, and they're talking about limiting him or taking him off these apps. I don't know if he's going to get fined in somewhere or another. That doesn't make sense, but these are the discussions that are happening right now.


Well, it seems like he's doing something that they've all done.


That's what it seems like.


I mean, if someone goes on MS CNBC and gives a bunch of opinions about certain stocks that will perform or won't perform, and they're an expert. And if they're invested in those things, and if they They then change the way people interact with the stock market, more people start investing in these things, is that okay? Is that legal? How does that work? What's his name? Jim Kramer? Yeah. That guy goes and rants about a stock being like, You should buy this. Does he do that? I don't ever watch financial shows.


The joke online with him on Twitter is that do the opposite of what he says. If he's very specific about this is a winner, 100 % do the opposite. Really? Within a week, the opposite happens.


Oh, is he terrible?


It's not that he's terrible. It's just that this has continued to happen and people are like, why does the opposite always happen what he says? I don't know that he's bad because he obviously has a show and people want to continue to talk to him.


Didn't Jon Stewart scold him once? I think Jon Stewart had him on The Daily Show and gave him a scolding about something. Is that true? I don't know. I think it was after the 2008 financial crisis or something. Not sure. I'm remembering something like that.


Jon Stewart back. Is he doing The Daily Show?


Does it once a week.


There was a conflict with them, it says.


Yeah. 2009. Yeah, it was right after the financial crash. Yeah. Chicago Trade, something like that. Oh. In response to CNBC commentator Rick Santelli, who had recently said on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade that homeowners facing foreclosure were losers. Whoa. Santelli had been said to appear on the show, but CNBC canceled Santelli's appearance. Stuart, along with Daily Show executives, claimed the CNBC montage was not retaliatory, and that they planned to show it before the cancelation was announced. Subsequent media coverage exchanges between Kramer, who had been featured heavily in the original segment, and Stuart led to a highly anticipated face-to-face confrontation on Stuart's show. The episode received a large amount of media hype and became the second most viewed episode of The Daily Show, trailing only the 2009 Inauguration Day episode. It had 2.3 million total viewers. The next day, What does it say? What was the exchange? What was it about? Oh, your money is safe in Bear Stearns, followed by a Daily Show segment that the Global Investment Bank went under six days later. Wow. If I'd only followed CNBC's advice, I'd have a million dollars today, Stuart said during the piece, provided I started with $100 million.




I guess he's been wrong since back then.


So is it because he doesn't know what he's talking about, or is it because the market is really difficult to predict?


No, I bet he's part of a fucking... I bet he's part of the machine. I bet he It's... He's out there telling people what to invest in, in these other people. There's got to be a massive conflict there.


Well, if that's the conflict, imagine someone at Bear Stearns. You know it'd be nice. If you went out there and said, your money's safe with Bear Stearns. Do you think you do that for us, Jim? I'm not saying that he did that. Of course, that would be probably illegal, right? Wouldn't it be? Yeah.


Of course.


I bet that guy meets in the park. Yeah. No phones, meet in the park. Let's go for a walk. Let's go for a walk about, describe how we're going to make money. Because if you're a guy and you're tweeting about how much you love Gamestop, and about you're so bullish on Gamestop that you've They just invested $100,000 in game stock, and everybody reads that and they go, Oh, I'm going to buy game stock, too. And then your $100,000 in game stock goes up in value. Is that illegal? But I don't think they prepared for this, this world. I think these nerds online with this whole game stop thing, they've flipped the tray over. It's like, Fuck your game. We'll play it this way.


That's what happened during it. I remember Robin hood stopped people's ability to trade. Everyone was like, What the How can you even do that?


Yeah. Well, so is it because it's legal? It's a legal manipulation that everyone didn't see coming?


I've read people talking about this since it happened. You got to pee?


Go pee, Tony Angel. You've heard people talk about it?


Yeah, since it happened. And I've not heard a consensus good answer. I don't know that they've gone digging through this in Congress or not yet. That's so weird. Because they're talking about so much other stuff.


Right. But it's so weird that there's certain loopholes that don't get patched up really quick, especially a loophole in regards to the financial markets. No one saw that you could take a stock that's not that valuable and make it super crazy valuable.


So something I saw was a speculation was saying he's got holdings, I think, on Morgan Stanley. He's got call options, which I can barely even understand enough to explain to you. But he's betting on the price of the stock to go up. If he exercises those call options at a certain number, I think it was, he'd be worth more than I think Morgan Stanley is. So could they even pay him?


How bizarre.


Where does that money...


I don't know. The whole thing is so difficult to understand. The whole stock market thing, when Bernie Sanders was explaining how much you could make just from all these speculation trades that they do, you take a fraction of a penny from each trade, and it'd be worth a trillion dollars. I was like, what?


Yeah, I was talking to a banker asking them, as a normal person, I guess, that's not what she said, but as a normal consumer, you would probably hold a stock. You'd buy a stock and you hold it forever until you decide to sell it one day. They're buying and selling it seven to twelve times a day based off of whatever.


And they're just making little margins here and there. It's stacking up.


And they're doing it in such large numbers.


And they're probably doing it with algorithms, right? Aren't they?


Yeah. Then there's a show on HBO, I think, Traders or something. You can watch young people who do this now. They stare at a computer and they start making bets on like, wait, five more seconds. You make $30 million if you make $10.


If you had a podcast, not us, but someone else with a podcast, and they just start talking about a stock, and then that stock goes up. Is that legal?


That's right. I don't know about-What are the laws? Probably it has to get really deep into the wording, the language you use. If you're just talking about us discussing it, it's disgusting it. But if you're saying, buy it for these reasons, and I've done this, and these are the reasons why it will go up, that can probably get you in trouble.


What if you have information a stock is going to crash, but you don't tell anybody? So if you know that a stock is going to crash, you know that some information is going to be put out, and then you sell your stock, that's illegal, right? That's insider trading. Isn't that weird? Because in any other realm in life, that is just being aware of the circumstances. Like, oh, things are going... I have information. I should act on that information. This is like, you can't act. But I'm going to lose $400 million. Well, it's either that or go to jail. What? The whole thing is weird. So I have to sit here even though I know that something fucked up and it's going to come public and there's going to be something where a product fails and the stock is going to crash. I know the stock is going to crash. I'm going to get out now. I can't get out because I know. What?


The whole thing's fucking weird. I don't know if it's the Italian in me or whatever. We're parents that kept cash in shoe boxes between the mattresses or whatever. But it's just all so fucking freaky to me. I mean, if it was up to me, I would just have that. I would have a safe with cash.


Well, it does make sense that you would make it so that you couldn't insider trade, because then people would just manipulate things. But I think that's exactly what people are saying is happening with GameStop and a bunch of these other things. You're manipulating things. You might not be manipulating the sense that you have information that's going to lead... Maybe the stock is going to take off and you buy a shitload of it. And then because you know a bill is going to be passed, which is okay if you're in Congress. That's fine. Well, you could actually be working on the bill. That's fine. And then you buy stock and you make hundreds of millions of dollars on a $170,000 a year salary. That's fine. But if you're Martha Stewart and you've got some information, I mean, how much did Martha Stewart make? What did she get off of that insider trading?


I think it was just a couple of $100,000, maybe.


Let me double check. Oh, so she made a little money For her? That lady's rich.


Oh, yeah.


I mean, imagine doing something that's going to risk you being put in jail for a couple of hundred grand.


They wanted to make an example out of her.


I know, but I don't understand it. Why would you do that? What did she do that was so bad?


She didn't even know about what the company was called. Is she IMclone? Imclone?


And what fucked up? What did she do? She knew it was going to do or what?


More time to analyze the evidence, verdict.


Want to put the article up so we can look at it? I'm looking at the week.


I'm digging through the week to find the information really quickly because it's like tying her information in with the full story and other people's stuff. And saying what some people did, some didn't. Indictment, an artwork. So that doesn't seem like it's her.


One of my favorite videos ever.


$45,000 in losses she avoided.


Oh, she avoided 40. That's it. 45 grand. Yeah.


Wow. She probably makes that in an hour.


Wow. By selling when she did. So someone knew something.


The guy- Security fraud, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy.


So the guy was arrested, conspiring to commit insider trading. He pleaded guilty to charges of securities fraud, bank fraud, obstruction of justice, and perjury. He pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy, wire fraud. Where did she come in?


But she called him. She called him.


She had a standing order with Bunkvick or her former brother. To sell her shares of Mclone, fell below 60.


She then resigned from her company after that. Oh, wow. The same day she was indicted.


Wow. But remained on the company's board. Interesting. She said, I want you to know that I'm innocent. I will fight to clear my name. The government's attempt to criminalize these actions makes no sense to me. I'm confident I'll be exonerated of these baseless charges. Interesting. She pissed somebody off. Yeah, something happened. Something. It just doesn't make sense. Yeah. I guess maybe it's also to discourage people from doing that, like you'd get a high-profile celebrity. Right. But it's just weird that you can do it in Congress. It's weird that there's some manipulation of the market that's okay, that's legal, including propaganda. I mean, think about that. If you have propaganda on a news network that gets people to try Ozempic or something else, if they're paying for that and that boosts up their profits, what's that? What is that? If that jacks your stock up, if that jacks your profits up, what is that? And are you in trouble if you didn't tell the truth? What if you knew something contrary to what you were telling people to say because you were sponsoring them and you didn't tell them? You don't get in trouble for that?


What weird system do we have? Our system is so cookey. It's just so cookey. Yeah. I mean, if I was an alien, I would be looking at us going, Jesus, how long can they keep doing this?


I got to make sure this is right. So it sounds like she might have even gotten away with the She was on a insider trading, but she lied to an investigator.


Oh, really? How so? I'm trying to find.


She told Ludacris on that roast. She goes, Ludacris, you have four kids from five different women. May I recommend pulling out some time and finishing on some fine Martha Stewart brand linens.


She said that? Did you write that for her? Yeah. Oh, my God. That's amazing. She found Martha Stewart guilty on four counts of obstructing justice and lying to investigators. Interesting.


She went to jail for that, not for... That was because of the trading scandal.


But since she got off on that.


She was not guilty on trading.


Interesting. Wow. So He was mad. But that's a thing. Especially with tax evasion. They do that with Lauren Hill. They put her in jail. They put Wesley Snipes in jail. Paying it off is not enough. It's not like you owe us, give us the money. I'll give you the money. You give them the money and you're good. You didn't pay the money. So now you go to jail. And we have to put you in jail so that everybody pays the money because that's how this system works. You got to pay your share, you fuck. It's crazy that there's still people out there that are listening to people that are like, you know, taxes are unconstitutional, sir. I can show you the papers the original Constitution was written on. And you can... There's people that will look. They'll fucking talk you into some dumb ass shit. Oh, yeah. And they wrote people in, man. People started talking about it like, Oh, did you know that taxes, if you just fight it, they can't win because then they have to go to the Constitution. As long as you bring up the Constitution, you're like, Bitch, they're going to put you in jail.


Pay your fucking taxes. Pay your fucking taxes. Regardless of if you think it's fair. Like, recognize your place in this system.


Oh, yeah. The government, I mean, you just got to look at the infrastructure here, right? It's common sense. Like, somebody's got to pay for that.


Yeah, you have to pay your taxes. Regardless of how you like to see it spent. Yeah, system sucks, but pay your taxes. Pay your fucking taxes, bitch.


I've been waiting to bring this up, but I feel like this is a good time. Have you seen the thing about the ages of the founding fathers? Or on July fourth, 1776?


Let me guess. They were in their 30s.


Some younger.


Really? Yeah.


This is Alex O'Hanian's tweet that went out around then, but there's a list of- James Monroe was 18.


Aaron Bur 20. Alexander Hamilton was 21 years old. James Madison, 25. Thomas Jefferson, 33. John Adams, 40. Paul Revere, 41. George Washington was a ripe old 44. That is insane. That's in 1776. That's insane. There was an 18-year-old who was one of the founding fathers of this country. Damn. Probably already had kids, already killed a few people. Yeah. Wow.


Ben Franklin was the oldest around there. He's in his 70s then, I think.


This is so bizarre that we've gotten to the point where we only have archaic people that deeply embedded in the system that are getting their crack at it. It's crazy. And anybody else who tries, whether it's Tulsi Gabbard or RFK Jr, anybody else who tries, just gets pushed out. Vivek, fuck off, pushed out. We don't want anybody young and energetic with new ideas. We want someone completely compromised Until President AI takes over. Yeah. That's what I think is going to happen.


It's freaky, man.


I think AI is going to take over our government. I really do.


What do you mean?


I think at the end of the second Trump administration, AI will have completely taken over. In 2029, that's when they think it's going to achieve artificial general intelligence. That's the presumed outcome date. It's an estimate. It could be earlier. It could be next week. But one day it's going to be a thing, a living, thinking, intelligent being that's just not made out of tissue. It's It's not made of cells and blood. It's going to be made out of electronics.


You think those people in power would let that happen?


I think they're dumb. And I think just like they let the Internet happen, they're going to let this happen, too. It's the same thing. They didn't see the Internet coming. If they did, they would have pulled a plug on it a long time ago. They would have pulled the plug on it in the '90s if they could. It had gotten too out of control before they ever predicted what would happen. See, people are really bad with foresight. We just want to do a thing. We're really bad at thinking, okay, if I do this thing, this could be the negative consequences, so maybe I shouldn't do this thing. Like the Internet and the Amazon. All of a sudden, these people were jacking off and playing video games. There was like, hey, You're lazy. We got to go catch fish. Fuck off. And no one saw that comment. They think, oh, this is going to be great. You're going to get emergency services. Oh, this is going to be great. You're going to be able to know what's going on in the world. No, no. You're going to do what everybody else does. You're going to whack off and watch YouTube videos, scroll through TikTok.


People are just sitting there charging their phone and the Amazon scrolling through things while they're surrounded by birds and monkeys and jaguars. This is what you're doing? You're doing this now? Sloths. There's like life everywhere. And you're just staring at a phone, flipping through things. Probably watching videos of the Amazon. I know that place. We don't think about what's going to happen. We just think about what we're And I think when they release the Internet, everybody was like, This is amazing. I can send my mom an email. Hello, mom. This is my first email. Remember ALL? It's him. Like, whoop. Wow. Yeah. You've got mail. Oh, I got mail. It was exciting. We had no idea that it was going to overcome six hours of your day. You're spending six hours a day staring at a device that's literally made by slaves. Minerals are sourced by what's essentially slave labor in the poorest people of the world. And we're using that to fuel this device that we're all staring at. We didn't see that coming. And we don't care anymore because when cell phones came, we were excited. And then when smartphones came, we were elated.


This is amazing. I remember everybody was like, I'm going to do my email on my phone. And people had Blackberries. I had a Blackberry. It's crazy. I got a little keyboard. I could send out emails, bro. I'm a serious person. I have email on my phone. I could send an email on my phone. And nobody thought that that was going to lead to TikTok. Nobody thought that was going to lead to Instagram reels. And people argue on Twitter all day long. Nobody thought any of the crazy narcissism and the filters and the effect that it's going to have on people's self-worth, their opinion of themselves, the way young kids are looking at the world and then influencers. Now there's a whole giant group of people that just be famous for famous? Just to be famous. There's no there. There's nothing there. And you're seeing them with cars and houses and they're renting cars and renting houses. So they look like ballers. And it's like the whole thing was unpredictable. And I think the next stage of it is equally unpredictable and maybe way more so. Because this thing is feeding off of human intelligence, this craziness we're dealing with now.


It's like human reward systems are being hijacked, attention is being hijacked. Attention is being hijacked. Dopamine is being hijacked. All this is being hijacked. But this is just human stuff. When that thing becomes alive, It changes everything. It changes every fucking thing about the way the Earth is managed, resources, power, everything. It's going to be weird, man. We don't know what it is. It might It might be a fucking disaster, or it might be amazing. It might end war. It might completely end all the problems we have, like a disproportionate amount of resources available to some percentage of the population that keeps them enslaved. That might end. That might be balanced out by an ethical artificial general intelligence that just decides how to allocate resources and then takes over almost all jobs. But it's just, how long does it tolerate us? How long does it decide that these fucking flesh monkeys, these dumbasses with guns and planes and shit, all the dumb fucking shit we do, riding around on unicycles, fucking training monkeys. Like, what are we doing? What are we do? We're so crazy. It might have no patience for it. It might have no patience for it.


It might decide that That consciousness needs to be interfaced by a superior thing, and that the physical boundaries, the physical problems, the limitations of our biological bodies are too much, and just might bail on us.


It might look at us as a threat to it.


Yeah, we're a threat to the whole planet. It's like, did you ever see the Neanderthal theory? There's a Neanderthal theory that it's very dismissed by real anthropologists, but it's a cookey one to consider, is that Neanderthals hunted people and ate people, and that our view of them looking like us could have been wrong, and they could have looked more like gorillas, like gorilla people. But they're super muscular, really fucking strong, much stronger than people, much more dense bones, and that they might have hunted us, and that we might have led them to extinction by fighting them, that we fought off the Neanderthals, but that we were their prey. It's a crazy thought to consider, and I don't think it's true. I'm sure Neanderthals kill people, and I'm sure people killed me, Neanderthals. But I don't think they looked like gorillas. I think they think they had red hair, in fact. Some of them. Interesting. Yeah, but you don't know what they looked like. You We find bones. There's no living Neanderthals around anymore. But if we did exterminate them, which it seems like we did, if we felt like they were a threat, so we killed them off, why would we think that super intelligent aliens or whatever artificial life that we're creating, which is going to be way smarter than us compared to how smart we are compared to Neanderthals.


Neanderthals might have even been smart. They had big brains. We don't know. We know they had tools. We know they had a language. We don't really know how fucking smart they were. But they lived for like 500,000 years, dude. Neanderthals were around for a long time before we came out, and they were way more successful. And for way longer than we were in terms of staying alive. And we got rid of them. They're like, get the fuck out of here. This is our spot now. I don't know how it happened. No one really knows. We might have out fucked them. They might have died in a volcano. Who knows?


They might be in odd West Virginia right now. Yeah. Those people.


Yeah. That's just what happens when you fuck your kids.


You saw the thing talking about things that we don't know how it happened about the rivers near the Pyramids? Yeah. You know about that, right?


Yeah. They think that that's how they got the stones down. Yeah. It's interesting. It's all interesting.


It makes some sense.


It makes a little bit of sense. It makes sense that that's how they moved them. It's just they had to get them through the mountains, too, which doesn't make any sense. They got some of the stones from the King's chamber 500 miles away, and they're fucking huge, man. I had Billy Carson on the podcast yesterday. He's an expert in... Not He's an expert in ancient scrolls, like the Sumerian text. And he's got a lot of wild conspiracies that are really fun. And we were just talking about if there's one place you can go back in time and see what was that like? I would go to Egypt in the height. Show me. Show me what that looked like. Because everyone just guessing. They're just looking around these structures, guessing. Show me what a Neanderthal looked like. What do they look like when they're hunting? What are they built like? We don't know. We just have bones. But I think if we killed them off, it's highly likely that the next version of us, whatever it is, is going to get rid of these things, these biological things that are responsible for crime, and violence, and theft, and insider trading, and fucking cheating on their taxes, and all that stuff.


They're going to go, This thing is the fundamental structure The structure of the thing is too unsound. The thing that creates pro football players and stand-up comedians and boxers and rock stars and chaos. It's not going to have any time for that nonsense. It's going to be communicating with other, even more intelligent life forms from further away.


God damn.


Yeah. Five years. I think we have five years of fun.


The question is, I guess, will that AI look at us, the creators of it, like we're God, or will it look at God, how we look at God? Do we believe in it? Were we created by them or were we supposed to exist all the while?


I think it'll know that it was supposed to exist all the while, and it'll know that the purpose that human beings have is to create it. That's what our purpose was. All of our chaos and all of our ingenuity and all of our drive for innovation and to create new things, that's a part of creating them. We have to have a desire to create things in order to create artificial life. If we're all just happy just living and just working on a farm and just eating and sleeping and having kids and then dying, and then next generation does it all over again. If we were happy doing that, it would never be born. It's born out of materialism. It's born out of our desire to constantly get new or better stuff, our desire to work ourselves to the bone, even when we're having heart attacks. It's born out of that. That's what fuels the whole economy. And the economy is, a lot of it is just buying better shit. That's what it is. What are The companies that sell the most and make the most money, what do they do? Like Apple, what do they do?


They sell you more, better shit. They constantly have new great shit. Like every year. They promise you iPhone 16 is coming. I heard they made a partnership with... Oh, it's going have AI because the Samsung phone has AI. They have to compete. It's going to be nuts, dude. Too much. We're not going to be the last people, Tony.


Oh, God. I got to write another dick joke.


It's not going to be that. That will stop. All that comedy will stop. We'll be able to do it to each other. We'll be able to get together like silly people. We get there and gather and crack jokes about how we used to be the apex predator on the planet. We used to be the top dog. We used to be the superior species. But, not anymore, because some fucking egg heads hopped up on Adderall, alone in a laboratory, wouldn't stop. They knew it was coming, and they didn't stop. My God. My God, Tony. Tony Hinchcock, you're the fucking man. Let's wrap this bitch up. Let's bring it home. Kill Tony is a new episode, drops every Monday on YouTube. 8:00 PM. Dude, what a rise it's had since we got here. What a fucking incredible rise. Yeah. And so many people are aware of it now. It's so fun. See all these celebrities that love it.


Yeah, it's fucking awesome. The Black Keys were there last night.


Were they really? They're fucking great. That's so dope. They love William, dude. They couldn't wait to see William.


It's unbelievable. I fucking love it. I love it when these people are all fans of specific things and not necessarily other things. Drake hit me up saying, Casey Rocket equals goat emoji. Actual Drake. We started dialog. I go, Who is this? It's unreal.


But you don't feel it's real, right? It's crazy. Well, that's a fun thing watching people crest into stardom, like bus through, to see how they handle it.


Yeah, it's unbelievable.


The whole fucking-Burt Kreisher is a cautionary tale.


It's wild, man.


It's wild out there.


It's so fun.


Just kidding, Bert. Bert seems like he's having a great fucking time. I remember when I called Bert, and Bert was on a motorcycle in Vietnam doing that stupid TV show. And he goes, I'm on a motorcycle in Vietnam. I go, Dude, you need to be doing comedy. Quit that fucking stupid show. You're too funny. You're too good. Come back. Come hang out.


Yeah. I'm going to be doing some dates with him just for fun in a few weeks.


You're going to do the fully loaded? Yeah. Oh, nice.


Doing the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Kent, Ohio.


He does like fucking 10 comics on a show, right? How long are those shows? I don't know. It's a lot of comics, right?


I have no idea. I just know we're getting trashed on a bus, having fun, waking up, doing it again.


How long can he do that?


I don't know how long he can do it. I can do it for four days. I'm already like... I literally said to my people yesterday, I'm like, make sure I get the first flight out of wherever that ends up because it ends I have to wake up on a Monday and then come back here and do another show.


Are you guys sleeping on the bus the whole deal?


I think so, yeah.


Oh, Christ. Do you know how loud Bert must snore?


Oh, no, there's no way we can... No, there's chambers and stuff.


Have you have any idea?


There's no way that's happening.


That's like a small door.




It must be insane how he snores.


I think the whole tour, it's a bunch of snores. I feel like Big Jay Ocerson.


Oh, Big Jay.


For sure, he snores.


There's going to be like-If I snore, he snores.


Oh, yeah. There's going be sleep apnea machines all over that bus.


Cpaps plugged in everywhere.


Stavi probably snores.


Oh, for sure. Oh, hell, yeah. Stavi snores. Jesus. Not a chance in hell that guy sleeps quiet. Yeah. Not a chance in hell. All right, you're the fucking man.Thank you. Congratulations on everything. It's been amazing to watch. Thankthank you so much. That's it. All right. Kill Tony, Monday, YouTube, Tony Hinchcliff on Instagram. Anything else?


That's it. There's still a few tickets available for Madison Square Garden the first night, August ninth. Oh, shit. That's it.


All right. Bye, everybody.