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The smartest way to hire. All right, friends. This is a podcast that we did during the live coverage of the election and it's a lot of nonsense and a lot of fun, but also thanks to Karl Kolinsky, a lot of actual facts and a real understanding of politics. I hope you enjoy it.


Please welcome the great and powerful Tim Dillon and Kyle Kolinsky government podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, trained by Joe Rogan podcast by Night All Day.


To the real it's live. That's it in the world, part two, Tim Dillon, you savage, it's good to see you, my friend. Thank you for having me. We're back. Kyle Linsky, voice of reason. The person who actually understands politics. That's debatable. It is debatable how much the voice of reason I am.


I will say I will lean towards you knowing what you're talking about. What's going on. Oh, so do you do you have an opinion about how this is going to do? Yeah, do I have a prediction? Yes, yes. It's very likely to be Joe Biden winning. And what makes you say this?


First of all, let me just let me just make clear so we don't get mass downvoted.


I'm not saying that because I necessarily want that to happen. I'm saying that empirically. I think it's very likely that he's going to win. And the reason I say that is I actually sent this to you, Jamie, if you want to pull it up.


But when you look at the polls and I know we can get into whether or not you should even believe the polls. Right. Because you don't think so. Right?


Well, my thing with polls I even have a bit on it is like who answers polls? Morons. So if you're listening to morons, like forty six percent of morons believe this, but nobody a normal person with a regular life.


Hey, Kyle, may I have a few minutes of your time to ask you about politics? You don't say yes to that moron. Say yes to that.


So the people that you're polling are almost all morons or lonely or sad or or said it's true.


I totally get. Nobody calls me. I'm waiting every night for a call I want to talk for hours about. And no one cares.


Yeah. If you ever answered a poll. I've never answered a poll. Neither have you. I've never been called.


Jamie, have you ever answered a poll? No, not a real one. I. I don't know who they call and why they I don't believe in polls and I don't believe in Nielsen families.


I don't think they're real. I've never met a Nielsen family. It's a good point. People say they have a friend. All my friends in Nielsen family. Right. Really? Right.


So our ratings, everything is just fake. It's all fake. Yeah. We don't know anything. The news is now we know the news is definitely fake.


I'll give you that number. When fake news, when you hear it would hear fake news and be like, that's such an unfortunate term.


I hate when people say that because, you know, it's not fake.


You know, Hillary started that right. It wasn't Trump. What Hillary was the first the original one who said fake news. And then Trump took it and ran with it. And everybody thinks it's just a Trump saying no way. When she did, I think the first time that that term came up, she said something.


It may have been in the context of like, oh, we need to regulate fake news online, like fake news.


There's all there's all these stories that blow up on Facebook and they're not true. And maybe we should do something about it. And she used the term fake news in a speech. And then after that, it was Trump who started using it. Now everybody thinks it's been him all along.


Hmm. Hmm. Interesting. Interesting.


Yeah, well, he used it a lot, that's for sure. I mean, yeah. Now it's his obviously it's crazy. He's got like a patent on it. 2016 was when we first heard that term like that. We have existed for a long time. There's been media for a long time, even Internet for a long time relatively. And yet fake news is a new thing.


And now but I used to think it was bullshit. I used to think it was a cheap cop out for someone who didn't want to deal with facts and they would just tell their people, hey, this is fake news. And you'd be like, but, you know, that's not fake.


Like, that's one of the reasons why I think Trump resonated is because he would say stuff that I think people around the country just had a sense that he's right about it. Like Joe, think about it. The media in this country lead us into the Iraq war. Right?


If there was like that is the definition of fake news. Not only is it fake news, but it's fake news that led to the deaths of two hundred thousand innocent Iraqi civilians and thousands of our soldiers.


When you say that you don't think they were in on it?


No, I don't see the way it works, is there? Noam Chomsky has got a book called Manufacturing Consent where to really dive into the specifics of this and gives you the mechanics of it.


But basically, the way it works is the people who get hired at these news outlets, they've all had the proper training. They go to Ivy League schools, you know, they study journalism and you only get promoted if they know you're really not going to rock the boat.


And what I mean by that is you basically repeat the line that the government wants you to repeat.


And so, you know, when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were out there making the case, a good little journalist says, oh, here's what the president says and here's what the vice president says.


And they're saying that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction. And then you had Colin Powell go to the U.N. and hold up the uranium and say, oh, see, I mean, what do you want to do? Do you want what did they say?


Do you want the evidence to come in the form of a mushroom shaped cloud?


That was them saying we need to act now and forget about proving it. We have to act now. And the media went right along with them.


Was there any doubt that they knew that that was not true?


I think there are probably some people who made the argument, who were convinced of the propaganda themselves. But no, the decision had been made long before that, that Saddam Hussein was on a list of rogue actors who we wanted to overthrow. And by the way, that list still exists today.


So all this fighting that we do with Iran there on the list and we want to overthrow them as well.


Yeah, a lot of I don't know the history of it. We want to get them bad now. They executed that Olympic wrestler.


No. Why did they do that? You went to a protest. The Iranians executed.


He went to a peaceful protest and they wanted to make an example of him. He's an Olympic hero. How did they execute him? I don't know.


Jeez, I don't know about the UFC made a push. Dana White put out a video begging the government to please not do not execute him.


So authoritarian theocracy, you know, that's what happens. There's no social freedoms. Yeah. Your idea of freedom of speech is totally foreign there.


Well, it's, as you said, a theocracy, like I talked about it with Glenn Greenwald, too, that they they have an extraordinary high number of transgender women because they don't allow gays.


They don't like gay. Yeah. So if you want to if you're a man, you're attracted to men. You have to become a woman. Right.


Which is crazy that they're OK with that very in a weird way, kind of very progressive, like a like an incredibly progressive state where they're like, we're getting a gay. We're going to go right. We're going right. Yeah.


It's progressive and homophobic at the same time. Yeah. You know, super weird way. Yeah.


This is the fucking I mean like we're dealing 20-20 and people getting beheaded in France for showing cartoons. I mean this thing all over again.


I was actually just talking about this earlier that, you know, one of our top allies, Saudi Arabia, they still behead people in the public square. Yeah.


You know, it's and they do it for drug smuggling. They do it for apostasy. All these crimes that are not even really crimes and they'll kill you.


That's crazy that that's happening in twenty twenty. That's the thing that people when people are not afraid of dictatorships or of the gov government running wild in America.


I was trying to tell them, like North Korea is happening right now.


These are human beings, those human beings that went down a path, is it likely that we'll go down that same path? No, but human beings have been going down those paths from the beginning of language, from the beginning of time.


The strongman is a big you know, the idea of a strongman, the dictator, the person I call all the shots. That's why I was terrified of Trump. That's why a lot of intellectuals were terrified of Trump. They didn't like that language.


They didn't like they didn't like what people were attracted to about him because they knew where that lead they didn't like was that it was a phrase that he said once we was talking about I wish I was a dictator, it would be a lot easier to remember that. I don't remember that.


No. And I feel like I would remember that quote. Yeah, that's what I remember. He did something like that. Something like something like that. If I was a dictator, his job would be easier. I think, you know, someone was calling him a dictator and he's like, I wish I was.


But that's him lamenting the paperwork that he has to go through and getting the paperwork and told me this is the thing that drove me crazy.


Is that like so you had under Bush and you had under Obama basically the expansion of the security state and you had like the Patriot Act, NSA spying, all these tools that are authoritarian tools that the government can use. And Trump correctly when he ran spoke about ending the wars and but then he gets in power and the wars continue and then he gets in power. He didn't demand. He talks all the time about how the Obama campaign was spying on me.


And I'm watching it like if only you were in a position of power to do something about that, like disband the NSA, but stop the NSA spying.


That's a good way to get shot. Yeah, yeah. That's a good way to get that.


Actually, Chuck Schumer made that point, too, when he was on MSNBC at a moment of honesty where he was like, you don't mess with the guys in the intelligence agencies because they got a thousand ways to Sunday to get back at you, right?


Yeah, well, that was one of the things that he said to Trump. Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, Glenn brought that up.


That's right. On a podcast as well.


Well, also, it doesn't seem like Biden is more of a war hawk, though, in a weird way. And Kimmel is more of a war hawk. It's about Russia. They're talking about Trump's too friendly with North Korea.


He's to come on these issues. Absolutely. It's kind of weird. I'm like, shouldn't we be friendly with these nuclear powers?


But isn't that just to court the people on the right that maybe they find. No, no, no.


I think listen, Biden was part of the Obama administration. We don't have to guess they continued the wars, you know what I mean? And so I think Biden will continue the wars. And to your point, yes, there are specific issues like Russia where what the Democrats say happens to be more hawkish.


It's more bellicose on the Republican side.


But the thing that drives me crazy is that whenever any of them get in power, none of them just end the wars. None of them get out of Iraq, none of them get out of Afghanistan. Every now and then will fire off.


A tweet reads like, you know, we're going to go out. And then one of the generals behind the scenes is like, no, we're not.


And he's like, you're right, we're not winning. Can we afford to get out of the wars? This is an ugly question. Can we only afford to stop the wars now afford?


Yeah. Isn't it a moneymaker?


Isn't that why the Military-Industrial Complex? I mean, it's a lot of time to make a lot of money from it. It's a tough economy. Maybe we stop the wars in a couple of years.


I mean, I don't know. I know.


And actually one time on CNN seems like an odd time. Wolf Blitzer actually said that to Paul or I'm sorry, Rand Paul. When Rand Paul made that argument, he was like, we should not be giving weapons to to Saudi Arabia. And Wolf Blitzer's response was, yeah, but what about the jobs? Right.


Yes. Yes. I mean, listen, I know you don't want, like babies to be bombed in Yemen by Saudi Arabia, but then again, Raytheon needs to make some money. What are you going to do? Such a dirty game?


I ran into him in a hotel in Vegas. Does he exist as an actual person? Stealing?


He's used robots. He was coming he was coming out of the elevator and I was coming towards him.


And he looked at me and I looked at him and I wanted to go, hey, man, can I ask you some questions? Just a few fucking minutes. And then I did. And I said, hey, what's up? I just got in the elevator and I went, You should have fucking talked.


He's what I alluded to before, which is the reason why he's on CNN for forty seven hours a day is because that guy is not going to rock the boat. That guy is going to ask the questions of the people in power. Want him to ask. Right, exactly.


Exactly. That's what's weird about the system. Right. What's weird about the system when you see people like Chris Cuomo talking to his brother and you know, he's never going to bring up the nursing home thing.


And they and he was on CNN like every week. You got this one chance to talk. I mean, you've got a real issue. You got a real issue.


They aren't as serious as it gets life and death issue. And he's directly in charge of it. He could fix it.


And his brother is throwing softballs talking about, you know, hey, remember, we had meatballs the other week with a with a family guy. Don't call me Fredo. Yeah.


I mean, they're disgusting people. Well, you know you know, the fake weight controversy. I've been involved in the fake controversy.


Wait, wait, wait, wait. Because I bought into it, I was like, maybe he's just really strong. I thought he was bigger than he was. And I didn't realize how hard it is to lift 100 pound dumbbell, which sounds ridiculous because work out. But I don't I don't do those kind of workouts. I'm like, maybe he's just really strong. And everybody was like, you're out of your fucking mind. There's no way you're a moron.


Like, people are analyzing that, like building seven, like they were like freeze frame. Take a look. I talked to Robert Oberst and Rob Cairney, who are real. These guys are real strong men. You know, Rob Karine's like one of the strongest matings, strongest man, pound for pound in his in his weight class. And then Robert oversees a legitimate giant is like 300 plus pounds. And he's like he would have to be one the strongest man I've ever seen in my life.


So there's no way. Let me just. So I fill in the gaps here.


Chris Cuomo is releasing videos of himself working out no, a worse sitting at a desk with a dumbbell that says 100 pounds on it, where these experts are saying there's no way it could be 100 pounds. Dude, you're a news guy.


What do you do it like? Nobody wants to see you do that. This is a lot of weirdness, too.


Like, how come they never brought up those tapes, the Michael Cohen tapes, the Tucker Carlson was playing over and over and over again where he's preparing Michael Cohen for the questions that he's going to ask him on CNN who was preparing? Michael Cohen, Chris Cuomo. Chris, Chris, Chris.


No, no, no. I never had zero fucking full on. And, you know, first of all, it's funny that you think I sit around and watch CNN and MSNBC all day. Are you fucking kidding me? That it's always my life.


Fox spent day after day like going over these tapes because I don't know how they got the tapes. It's never been clear. Yeah, but it's Chris Cuomo.


It's like I think Michael Cohen probably bugged his room and taped all of his conversations and probably gave it to Tucker Carlson.


Like maybe he's making some sort of behind the scenes deals because Cohen is you know, he's been known to be a guy who he's Trump's fixer, he's a fixer, does sleazy shit.


And his his thing with this was they were preparing him for the questions, you know, like Chris Cuomo was telling him how to answer the questions. Right. And he was going to when it came to the payoff money for Stormi. Damn sure. I'm not sure which.


By the way, you know, I really think that that's a perfect example of a kind of politics that simply doesn't work anymore. Back in 1987, you want to have a story about like, oh, the president fucked a porn star or whatever. People would be all over it and they'd be like, oh, my God, this is this is ending him.


Depends on the president, depends on the person, depends on the president. But really what Trump shows is that all it takes to override scandals like that. I'm not saying all scandals are saying scandals like that is you puff your chest out and you say wrong, wrong.


I don't want to do any of this. We're going to talk about something else now. And eventually people go, all right, we're going to talk about sports now.


It's everybody knows he fucked girls, right? Like, this is not confusing.


Yeah, he was. He ran the Miss Universe pageant. Yes, he's yeah.


He's a famous billionaire. Right. Who's had multiple wives. Yeah. And, you know, he's he's that fucking guy. Right. Mover shaker guy.


But the best example this is remember when they released the Access Hollywood tape and you know, he was caught on tape saying, I grabbed by the pussy. I didn't even wait.


And then the meet I don't know if I remember the media reaction to that, but they were all convinced, like, that's it, the race is over. Right? He's going to drop out, is going to take over. It's going to be pense versus Hillary Clinton. And his response to that, I think, showed this new era of politics, which is actually brilliant.


You always go on the offense. So what he did is at the next debate, he brought all of Bill Clinton's accusers and he had like six of them sitting there.


And then when they asked him that question, which, by the way, of course, it was like the first question I asked him. Yeah.


He was like, listen, I'm not proud of what I said. But what I said was just words. It was just words. Talk was actions. What he did was actions. And they're all right there.


Bill, I think you should apologize to these people right here.


And what you do is you flip it and you go on the offense and then the best defense is a good offense. And then he made it a wash. The issue is now a wash.


Also, in his case, that is a really good argument for such a good argument. Now, you're a regular person listening. Talk about Bill Clinton, who's married to Hillary Clinton, who is his opponent. So her calling him a sexual predator is rich. I mean, that that's that's right.


And also, let let's be serious. It just diverts from what we're really supposed to be talking about when we're discussing the most powerful person in the world.


Tell me what you're going to do with the economy. Right. Tell me, are we going to do with taxes? Tell me, who are you going to do with infrastructure? What are you going to do with foreign policy? And if we're not having that conversation, I do think most Americans, there's something in them where they're just like, this is not serious.


No. Let me ask you this. You see, you say that he should have ended these wars. He should have disband the NSA.


I wouldn't go that far. Just stop the spying. I don't even think it's possible. First of all, I don't think the president has that kind of power.


I'm mean, technically, he does like technically he can, because that's an executive agency and he controls the executive agency.


So he could literally disband the NSA. He could do whatever he wants with any of the executive agencies.


So good luck. Good luck with that. Well, that gets back to what we were saying before the Schumer point of like, no, they are going to fuck with you and I've seen that.


But don't you think there's I mean, for sure some shady things have been done, but don't you think there's some benefit to having a really powerful agency like the NSA that understands how to spy on bad people and make sure they don't get away with shit? You have due process only if you follow the Constitution and have due process.


But how can you do that and still spy on people without warrants?


You've got to show evidence. You've got to you've got to show evidence to a judge. A judge will approve it and then you can spy. But the. A judge has a big mouth, but the way it works now, you know, FISA courts is just a rubber stamp where they say, oh, we want to spy on this person. They don't even look at whatever. That's fine. Just go spy on them. And that's where we are, where we are now, where the NSA could take everybody's metadata, everybody's information, and they could spy on you and it's up.


So, you know, if you do it and you follow the Constitution and you follow the law and you have, you know, a reason and you follow due process, well, then everybody's OK with it because that's just called regular police work. Kennedy wanted to disband the NSA, right, and now he's dead. CIA, it was CIA, we really want to just see.


I think he was going to have a lot of the peace time military, the intelligence gathering capabilities to the Pentagon, to the military, and kind of get rid of the CIA's 24/7 unaccountable, unaccountable, you know.


Yeah. War machine.


Look at what happened. There's probably a lot of reasons why he was shot. I mean, I missed probably multiple maybe Marilyn Manson was pissed and hired a hit man.


Yeah. Not Marilyn Manson, Marilyn Monroe and everybody. New conspiracy.


I think Marilyn Manson is fucking JFK says something nice about our country that the deep state hasn't tried to kill Trump.


I think that's a nice thing. It says something. It says something nice. He's keeping the wolves going. Right. And he's keeping the water cooler. But I also think it's maybe they're getting a little softer, a little bit more more progressive.


They're more progressive or whatever it is. But I think it's nice that because they were killing everyone. Remember Bobby Kennedy, JFK, MLK. I mean, it was it was a period. It was just do it spraying bullets at everybody. And now it's kind of a light touch. Well, we'll say he's a Soviet agent or will.


Did you read that book that I told you about? Chaos, that Tom O'Neil book I read a few chapters of. It's amazing. It gets into that. It gets into Bobby Kennedy at the end. Yeah, like that. That Jerry West guy. The same character. Yeah. That guy was involved with Jack Ruby. That guy was involved with certain answer. Yeah. He was involved with Robert Robert Kennedy to talk about it on the Mike Tyson podcast.


Really. Yeah. Yeah. They have a record of all eight bullets fired all of that gun and they weren't fired at. Robert I believe is the way he got that whole era was just a lie.


Like that whole era. A lot of. Yeah, a lot of lying, a lot of fibs.


A lot of him, you know, but eventually Vietnam ended and we're still in Iraq.


We're still in Afghanistan.


You know, in Vietnam, we we talk about it like it was such a long war. It wasn't shit compared to Afghanistan. 2001, we started in nineteen years. Yeah.


Who is still in Afghanistan like we still have about I want to say about five or six thousand troops there. Wow.


OK, because I have friends that have done like three tours there and now they're back like people have gone three or four tours, entire, you know, chunks of their life in that war. People forget it's even happening.


I covered a story on my show. There was a father and a son. There was an article and some military outlet where the dad is talking about how now my son is going to the same war that I fought in.


And, you know, I pulled up a cartoon that was drawn in like, oh, seven or something where somebody made that joke joking around like, yeah, ha ha.


Oh, father and son going to the same war then it happened.


Yeah, yeah. It's really disturbing. It's if you know, if you're into it, maybe they like it.


I mean that's certain families want to be some people just want to go to war. I have friends that are in the military because they like to kill and they want they need to go kill somewhere.


That's it's true.


Well don't you think they think they're doing it for a good reason? You know, not not the people at the Long Island that I know know people from Long Island in Boston that I know.


You know, they just they think anything's a good reason for them, you know?


Yeah, but we've got to have a thing for people, right. There's, you know, more about violence than anybody. There's got to be something where violent people can go and be an outlet.


They need an outlet, conversations with people about violence, whether they like, you know, like violence has no place in our society. And they think that the UFC is bad for society. Mike, those are some of the I've seen so few brawls at UFC.


It's amazing. I've been to hundreds of those things. I don't know how many times have ever seen a fight like maybe three, four times never. Right. And those are drunks, right?


You know, something like that's a good outlet. Yeah. The kind of instincts that you're talking about, you know, gets it out of people's system.


Like, I don't give a fuck if you want to voluntarily have a duel, like it's the old West, you know, go out there and walk ten paces and turn around.


And presidents have done that. Right. We've had presence and that drives while they're in office. Yeah. Burn, burn Hamilton. Right.


So let me look that one up for you. I'm pretty sure it is, though. Yes. I believe it's time.


What's really crazy is how recent that was. That was pretty.


It was not that long ago. And people are shitting in outhouses. I mean, comfortable. Biden is talking about beating each other up like we could see it going back to that.


How long would that last? Twelve seconds. It would be amazing.


They both gas out the Burr Hamilton duel. Look at that. Oh, so the vice president at Treasury. What? Oh, my God, that's like early in the morning of July 11th at 4:00. Wow. That's like one years ago. Mike Pence and Steve Manoogian dueling today, the culmination of a long and bitter rivalry between the two men.


Wow. Burr shot Hamilton while Hamilton Hamilton shot broke a tree branch above and beyond Byrd's head. Hamilton was carried to the home of William Baker Jr.. Hamilton died at two o'clock the following afternoon.


That's heavy. That was back before you had people doing it, before you had the agencies and also ground muscles.


Yeah, just muskets and just dudes being dudes if they want to do it. Isn't that the ultimate, like, you know, libertarian argument, like, go ahead, stop fucking bother me.


I believe there's places in America I think Arizona might be one of them where you can still engage in a duel, because I believe I have read a story about a cop who had a duel with a guy who was fucking his wife.


Yeah, a duel.


Yeah. Okay, that was that was going ahead. That was why it was such a virtual. But I think they had, you know, you know, like some places of mutual combat laws, like Seattle has a mutual combat law where the cops will stand by, like if two guys want to fight, like the proud boys and for when they go at it in Seattle, the cops don't do anything.


I don't know, OK, I was kind of I think they're just overwhelmed. I got it. But I think in Seattle in particular, you know, I want to fight. You can stand by. Yeah. There was a guy named Phoenix Jones.


He was a fucking forget his name, but he was he called himself Phoenix Jones, but he was an actual Amami fighter who would go around and his brother was a fairly successful Amami fighter and he would go around wearing a superhero costume and. Yeah, and literally fight crime. Like if you would see people doing things to stop people. And there's a video of him with his superhero costume beating the shit out of somebody because some guy decided to fight with them and the cops were literally standing there.


Why this one guy's bouncing on the tips of his toes on the balls of his feet, rather, moving leg kicks the guy, leg kicks the guy again. You're like, oh, my God. Like this poor bastard.


Some poor drunk is just getting lit up by a guy who's trained him and may fire with a superhero costume on. At what point do they step in? I mean, they'd have to step in at a certain point. He's about to beat him to death, probably. Right.


But the problem is on the concrete, any punch could result in your death.


You fall and bounce your head off the thing you could easily could be over.


Yeah, it's right. By the way, I almost did that today. You almost fell. I did fall, but I almost hit my head. I'm lucky I didn't.


What happened was on one of those stupid uber scooter thing. Oh, no. Yeah, it was bad. Oh, no. And then as I was falling, I was like, I'm fucking 32 years old. What am I even doing here?


Well, not only that, you're about to do the most important podcast of your life. This is when Trump wins his re-election. People have enjoyed it. If they saw Giants cars actually got one here. Kyle was telling me I Trump's not going to win. And it sounded kind of persuasive. OK, give me give me the rundown.


Well, because I'm not it's not me. I'm just relaying the information. So it's OK. I know you hate them. I do. But I hate Biden too.


Jamie, I do this if you want to pull it up. But the first thing here is this is basically every single presidential election and where the polls were going into that day.


And basically the Hillary Clinton Donald Trump election was the only election where somebody had a four point lead, as Hillary had, and then she lost the Electoral College. She won the popular vote, but she lost the Electoral College.


Biden made a case with Gore as well with Gore.


Well, he was Bush was up versus Gore, three point six percentage points nationally. And Gore win the he did in popular vote, winning it by a razor thin margin.


But the point is, the polling going into that day was Bush up three points at this twenty twenty, Biden up eight point six.


Wow, that's high. And then Clinton, three points, three point nine. Obama point three in 2012. Obama six point seven.


What? 2012 was only a point three. He ended up winning the Electoral College with, I want to say, about 330 electoral votes. But yeah, he was up nationally, only one point three.


Why was he so low? That was against Mitt Romney.


Was against Mitt Romney? Yeah, I have no idea. I thought he cruised through that.


Well, he did in terms of the Electoral College numbers. But nationally, it was a very even race, which is why I treat it as such.


But the election polling. Right, that's the national polling that's so low.


Yeah, that one is a little bit surprising, I would have guessed he would have had a five point lead or something like that. But anyway, as you can see here, like we have to go back to what Clinton in 96 when he absolutely landslided I think it was Dole in 96 and you got to go back to Reagan in 1984, plus seventeen point seven.


And I guess H.W. Bush as well, plus ten point one basically.


Yes. The national number is not the most important because the Electoral College is what matters.


But Biden has has never been down in a in the national number at any point throughout the race. And then when you go to the swing states, Trump's path is just so razor thin where he can't have anything go wrong for him. So he needs to win Florida.


He has he has to win Florida or he's done if he loses Florida, it's over tonight.


Isn't Florida filled with old people, though? Yeah, I was just I was Biden and Biden now is winning on. I was in Florida, and I'm telling you right now, they love Trump in Florida. But there's a lot of signs. There's a lot of enthusiasm.


And it is it is a legit swing state, like I think the average is Biden's only up like two points there for the race, but it is a genuine swing state. But he's winning now with old people.


Biden is he's winning with that demographic because the way Trump handled probably because of covid. That's right. So they're scared, right? I don't know what their reasoning is, but I just know that that's what the numbers are showing right now could have been done differently.


Well, we've actually talked about this quite a bit. Listen, my I'm not a doctor. I'm not an expert.


Just an you know, I'll go get my medical degree. You got our food. You bring it in here.


Yeah, motherfucker. I see you over there eating every month.


I saw you pull those bags. We ordered McDonald's in tribute to Donald Trump.


This is his last chance to see this interview to me because I eat McDonald's probably more than anybody else, whether he whether he wins or loses.


He's done a lot of great things to unite the country. Oh, I mean, I think that we all have to remember that this is going to be quoted on someone's blog tomorrow.


The same people that called you a far right conspiracy theorist.


I can't believe it. Who called you that? I don't know the tech blog yet. People would the care and the people that are angry.


Yeah, the same people that were saying that we had an anti vax message in the Jones party.


Listen, you guys were really trying to fact check everything that was pretty clear to me.


Well, not only that, the thing that he said was absolutely true. The thing he said about the one vaccine that Bill Gates is promoting that has 80 percent of the people that took it got sick. Yeah, but is he?


I'm sure he is. He gets all vaccines. No, he's not. Oh, no. The thing is like, look, that Alex Jones is fucked up, right?


He really fucked up with the the Sandy Hook thing. Really fucked up. He's had some mental health issues. He's had some substance issues, particularly with booze. And he also is constantly around conspiracies. And I think you get legitimately psychotic when you you delve down those roads. I think you lose your fucking mind. It's a tough time. And he lost his fucking mind. He lost his fucking mind on more than one occasion.


He has, but and he knows what everybody says.


Is your mike on Jamie? I think you're my on. It's very loud over there.


He knows he's made mistakes. He said on the show that he wants to, you know, correct his mistakes. But the thing is, he also gives out a lot of real information. He he's. I had three.


Yeah. Was there a third one there? What did you get out of?


Get anything. You didn't get any. I had nachos right before I came in.


What I thought this was for, you know, for you. Yeah. Too flash for me. Thank you.


It's the first time in my life I've ever passed on. McDonald's, for the record, is kind of outrageous.


You've got a full of fish, three of them. They're great. You're the only person who gets the filet of fish.


And that's what they're massively popular. Yeah, I've never seen any. First of all, black people love them. They call them the big fish.


That's true. It's not racist. That's a fact. I've heard a lot of black people say, can I have a mic fish? I think it's great. It seems racist, but I don't think it is. It is right on the edge, this front on the edge.


That might be the last thing on the menu I would get is a filet. If it's great, they're very good for so good. They steam the bun for chicken or beef like a high end.


Well, I apologize to McDonald's Steakhouse. Hmm. So you're saying that if everything's equal and Trump wins everything he won in 2016. Right. He still is a very narrow path to victory.




So the point that I was making and I'll explain it for people who didn't get the gist of it, but basically, if you take the polls in 2016 and do the same sort of pro Trump swing that happened on Election Day, they've done that. And when you calculate those numbers, it's still Biden with three hundred and thirty five electoral votes.


So even if you have that same pro Trump swing, it's still Biden winning by a fairly safe margin. Now, to get to your point about does he have a path? Yes, Trump has a path for sure, but it's basically one path and he can't afford any mess ups along the way. So he has to win. He has to win Florida. He has to win Pennsylvania. He has to win Arizona.


He has to win Ohio. And these, like Ohio and Iowa, are the only two swing states where he's actually up in the average of the polling, all the other ones, he's down. And there's also another crazy thing going on which and I struggle to believe this as well. I think Trump is probably going to win Texas, but the polling right there now is they're actually dead tied. Biden and Trump are dead tied in Texas.


That is crazy. Doesn't that skew biased towards Democrats because they're traditionally voting earlier by mail?




So that was another point that I was going to get to when the votes roll in, everybody's going to freak out at every single thing that they see. But there are some states that count the mailings first. And when they count the mailings first, it's going to look like Biden's winning in a landslide. And then there's other states that do the opposite, which is they count the on the day votes first. And the states that do that, it's going to look like Trump is winning in a landslide.


So basically, everybody has to relax until you actually get, you know, to a very high percentage of the votes counted before you really know what's going on, because there's going to be big swings throughout the night in virtually every state, but actually have the specific states, if you're interested in knowing which states are going to swing like that.


Well, let's find out where we're at right now. Is there anything that shows us where we're at right now? Here we go. Look at that. Florida looks like Trump, Alabama, Trump, Mississippi, Trump, it's Trump.


So here right now, Trump is the president. So very won again.


So right now, this is blue. Because that's again, OK, that's because they're counting the Marlins versus the Marlins are heavily Biden. See, that's what I'm saying is like it's a little misleading to watch it second by second because it's going to be skewed based on which votes they're counting. You see what I'm saying?


What's the chance?


We don't have an answer tonight, 100 percent, probably 50 or 60 percent chance. We don't have an answer.


What's the chance that people handle that maturely and don't burn things down and throw bricks through windows?


Negative fourteen thousand percent. Look, so far it's 85, 55. Joe Biden is winning. So there's a few surprises up there, by the way. They're obviously Texas is a surprise. But even Ohio, Trump was up in Ohio in the average of polls, and that's looking blue. But again, I don't want to get ahead of myself cause I just told you guys, don't pay attention until the number gets up a lot more.


Yeah, 60 40, no, see, that's going to swing back to Trump, though, as time goes by, because there's no way Ohio is going to finish on that. No, no way. Not a chance in hell. Only 32 percent reporting. That means they're counting the Maylands. That's what that tells me. And all the other states are just in play. So as time goes by, the polls close at different times, and so I could tell you the order that everything closes here, we're supposed to get seven o'clock.


We had Vermont, Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana and Kentucky. Georgia is the only one of those that's really a swing state, 730 we had we have North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio, where both swing states. Then at eight o'clock, we get clocked over the head. So we just got clocked over the head. Here we have Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, Maine's 1st District, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maine, 2nd District, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma.


Only one, two, three of those are swing states. We really have Pennsylvania, Florida and Maine, 2nd District. And then nine o'clock we get New York and a bunch of others as well.


I've never felt a time where the country is more on edge during an election because there's never been a time or has been this bad.


No way. No way. They came up with thing. They said there's like a political I forget what it is, but there's some indicator of political tension. They said it's higher now than the Civil War.


So, know, I don't know about that one. People I mean, that's what shooting each other in the face.


Well, listen, they were very polite and genteel that they wore powdered wigs. That could happen with us, though.


You know, I think honestly, Joe, I think that we just have too many good distractions to ever be in a civil war.


Like people might think, like, oh, let's go do it. And then they go, you know, Netflix has some new shit out.


And I'd rather just watch that, you know what I mean? We can fight and there will be there will be civil unrest like we've been seeing.


But, you know, I don't think it would ever get to the point of a real civil war.


So what happened when that Kyle Rittenhouse kid, the judge didn't press charges, but then they extradited him to Kenosha. Right. Right.


So what happened there? I don't know.


I watched the tape and, you know, clearly they he went to him and his parents went to the the protest. Right. With heavily armed riot, which is not that's a choice that the family makes. Right. I mean, that's that's a certain type of family that goes heavily armed to a protest.


We didn't do that when I was growing up.


And then there was a skirmish.


But if you watch the video, people got mad at me on Twitter because I said, I think if you watch the video, you do see people chasing him and then he shoots them, which again, this is all good.


He's in court now, right? Isn't he? Bail for. But something happened where the judge said he wasn't going to prosecute him. That's why I was confused.


I thought he was being released because I had read another ruling where the judge wasn't going to press charges. And a bunch of YouTube people are making these videos about it, like Kyle Rittenhouse are going to free him. And then also he's now got two million dollars bail.


I saw on Twitter that somebody tweeted it, said it was a sign that said Kyle's life matters. Oh, Jesus. Yeah. And I thought that should be about me and not him.


It should be Kyle Dunnigan. Keep up that Instagram page. The the thing is, like he's not even supposed to be open caring. So him carrying a gun was illegal.


It was not good what you read. What's that, Jamie? This is probably what you read from the other day. Well, that says is extradited to face homicide charges. I feel like, listen, the kid's got horrible parents. They're probably they're probably a very bad family.


Not that this excuses the behavior, but I think the family drove him to the protest.


Right. Jesus Christ. Really? I believe so.


Yeah. It's like the mom and the I mean, this is not a good group. No, there was something else, Jamie. This is not it. There was something else where the they were not pressing charges. I guess somebody else did.


Yeah, probably Illinois was not pressing charges so that Wisconsin could. But it was in Kenosha. Right. That the actual shooting was in Kenosha, wasn't it. Yeah, but he's from Illinois, I believe. I think that sounds right. I think that's what it was, so that Illinois wasn't going to charge him, but it probably went home.


Yeah, he's been being held in Illinois. He went home and got arrested. Remember, they didn't arrest him right away.


Yeah, they took a trip to the protests. So he does not from the area they were having, which is more where crazy.


So a lot of people are all about this man. A lot of people love this, you know, tactical life. Yeah. Kind of lifestyle where they're just kind of searching for stuff to do.


What do you attribute that to? Like the rise in violence and the rise of people? Kind of. Is that it?


What do you think it is? I'm not kidding.


I think honestly, man, I and some people might come after me for this, but I really believe that over the years, the evidence would show that when people feel like there's zero hope for a brighter future and they're perpetually shit on by a system that doesn't give a fuck about them, that, yeah, usually you turn to more extreme ideologies across the political spectrum.


Right. It makes a lot of sense.


I mean, I wouldn't say I think that that's why he showed up at that protest with a gun.


No, because I was just going to say, you have to look at everything on a case by case basis. And there are going to be many individual instances where somebody does something fucked up because of, say, mental illness or somebody does something fucked up because they were brainwashed into some sort of fundamentalist cult from when they were a kid. But I think the broader societal trends where. These things kind of catch on and more and more people are willing to be involved in some sort of violence.


I think you have to have an unhealthy society in the first place to have that flourish. You see what I'm saying? Yeah, I do see what you're saying.


Yeah, that makes that makes sense.


I mean, listen, this is probably the classic example, but you couldn't have had Hitler rise to power without the Treaty of Versailles, which fucked Germany after World War One.


And so you had this whole generation of Germans who were like, we've been fucking shit on and left behind. And, you know, what do we what are we supposed to do?


We feel like there's no way out. And then you have this charismatic guy come up and say, hey, it's not your fault.


Blame the Jews. Yeah, it is then. So this is what happens. I mean, and I really fear that stuff is going to get worse in this country because the economic situation is just abysmal. I mean, you talk about this all the time on your show, but when you shut down the economy, basically because of the virus, you can't shut down the economy and then not give people a lifeline monetarily because then they can't pay the fucking bills.


This isn't rocket science, you know, and a lot of other countries, Joe, what they did is they did like this wage replacement thing where they temporarily nationalized wages. So in other words, if the government told you, hey, you can't work because a covid, they would then say, and that's why we're going to pay 75 percent of your wage until covid is over, could they have done that in this country?


Oh, we absolutely could have done it. We chose not to do it. In fact, what we did is probably the worst of all worlds, which is we took trillions of dollars and threw them at the corporations and said, here we're giving you a bailout. And then the corporations turned around and fired people anyway.


Yeah, in the beginning of covid like Trump, they had like these press conferences.


Then it would be like there would be like the CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings would come out and say, if you like, let's bring out the CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings. And the guy's like, we're just committed to helping. We're taking some of our napkins and making a face mask. It was just this crazy group of people that came out like the guy who ran Red Lobster was like, we're also getting involved in the fight.


It was absurd. It's always corporate, like always it's always corporate.


It's like, listen, let's let's let Dave and Busters make ventilator's and fix the idea that they would give those people that money and not have a clause in there where you can't fire people is amazing.


That's right. I mean, and again, this also happened in the Wall Street bailout back. You know, under Bush and under Obama, they always do the same thing. They bail them out and they have no strings attached. And then what happens is, you know, these executives paid bonuses to the same people who crashed the company.


And, you know, there's no accountability, those people fail up all the time, they fail up, oh, I bankrupted my company, but it's OK. The gold the government gave me a billion dollars because Goldman Sachs basically owns the government, you know, and that's how it works. And it's incredibly corrupt. And that's why when something bad happens and the people need a bailout, they never get a bailout. What's what do people get a one time, one thousand two hundred dollar stimulus check, which is amazing.


And we thought at it was going to come more frequently and never came again. Even one check in eight months is kind of insane.


People don't have money to to stay afloat.


There are people that have been trying to get unemployment for like six months. That's right. They can't even get unemployment because these fucking states I mean, it's crazy.


And all the protection for people getting evicted soon going to expire.


That's right. And so we're about to you know, I saw a tweet about this earlier from the guy at The Washington Post, one of the only good people at The Washington Post, and he was basically listing it. And he's like, here are the things that expire, you know, in the upcoming however many months.


And people are screwed, man, they're screwed. I don't know how they're going to pay the bills. We're already seeing polls where like 30 percent of people say, I can't make rent.


So what could what could happen? I mean, have those people tried hustling and grinding? Only fans is seeing a big explosion. I think Gary V would basically tell them that they should just invest in themselves.


Hashtag Keep going, keep going, just never give up. You just never give up and just hustle and grind hashtag hustle and just, you know, just do it.


So what country handles it well.


So the example that we've spoken about this before, but I liked early on, I liked what Japan did because Japan did like limited shutdowns.


They did some shutdowns because some things there's no escaping. It makes sense to shut them down just because of the nature of what they are like bars or what he's breathing on each other two feet away or whatever. So he had limited shutdowns.


But basically the only thing they did is they had a universal mask policy. And culturally, it's viewed like you're the biggest asshole on the planet if you're not wearing a fucking mask in a place where you should be wearing a mask.


And then they only had a thousand covid cases when we had like eighty thousand ninety thousand a hundred thousand and rising steadily.


So that's one way we could have done it. Or the other way you could have done it is you could have copied any of the European nations that when they shut down, they did. Hey, we'll pay you seventy five percent of your wages until this thing is over.


What, your France was one that did that where they shut it down and paid people. I think it was seventy five percent of their wages. But I think the UK did that too, for a little bit.


It may have been eighty percent of their wages, but isn't this a thing where unfortunately a lot of those you know, fortunately, however, you want to see a lot of those other countries, they just there are more of a monolith and it's easier.


You know, those people are there's not this idea of, you know, the freedom and doing your own thing and owning your own business like a lot of those countries are by their nature, the populace is just more submissive.


There's definitely there's definitely cultural differences. But I think that especially in the case of France. The government is scared of the people because they're like, you better fucking do shit that's going to help us, or else why are you even in power? Whereas here I feel like we're more like, OK, just government. Don't fuck fuck this up too much, you know what I mean? Right.


So but again, you there were multiple ways to address this. And if you go the way Japan went, you could have kept a lot more stuff open and just had everybody wear masks as you want.


Was anybody in government calling for more stimulus checks? Was anybody in government calling for more relief? Was anybody in government calling for like anybody on the left calling for these checks?


Oh, absolutely. I mean, he's calling for the Bernie Sanders was calling for it. The squad who's always made fun of they were calling for. They have been right on this economic stuff.


Not only were people calling for it show, I believe one of these things passed. I think it's called the Heroes Act.


And there were provisions where they gave people more of a recurring stimulus check. This wasn't a wage replacement. I should be clear.


We're not talking about nationalizing wages like they did over there, but you can do a similar version of that by just doing a universal basic income. You know, that's Andrew Yang's idea. That's something that he's really popularized.


There's other ways to go about it on the stimulus to quarantine that Nancy Pelosi was giving a tour of her town or listen, she's the worst. And she was showing the different geladas that she had in her freezer. This is right after 30 million people were instantly made unemployed and Nancy Pelosi was going, we like the chocolate and then we like this. And it was like the craziest thing I've ever seen. And that's the party that's supposed to care. But she's OK.


She's done so many things like that. Yeah, so many. She lied about telling people, like when people were like when the pandemic was first starting. She's telling people, please go out, go to China.


Yeah, people were acting like total idiots and they weren't listening to the real experts early on and everything was incredibly politicized.


But to answer your question, though, from before Trump and Manoukian were calling for it to Joe, they also wanted stimulus checks to people who didn't want stimulus checks, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell.


But Trump and Manoogian, the treasury secretary, wanted stimulus checks because, listen, Trump knew, hey, you know, I'm kind of struggling in the polls here. I want to throw a Hail Mary pass one of the ways to get people to like you, you know, three weeks before an election cut him another stimulus check.


And he famously wanted his name on the checks. He said, put my name on the check so that when people cash it, they know that it's for me and then they're more likely to vote for me. And what got in his way was Nancy Pelosi, who wouldn't accept any deal even if it was a good deal, and Mitch McConnell, who even if Nancy Pelosi accepted the stimulus deal, Mitch McConnell would have blocked it anyway.


So those were the real goals because Trump wanted stimulus checks. Manoukian want stimulus checks to their credit.


Do they ever leave? She's one hundred. Amy, does she ever go away?


I know she's spooky. When she went to that fucking beauty salon and had no mask on and then was talking about it, they should apologize. They set me up like, you know, I've said this before. I'll say it again. I don't even have hair. And the beauty salons are closed, right, everyone. Now, you know, that lady's 150 years old.


To get her hair dyed every 15 minutes is the great story about her was there was a bird that got in her Georgetown townhouse and she had to chase this big bird out of her. I mean, she's just as real.


But the fact that she went to a place that was shut down and she wasn't even wearing a mask, like all the like, they're just hypocrites. They don't care. Yeah. I need new leadership. You know, it's been amazing.


Jimmy Door, Jimmy Doors fucking podcast. And he is he's a good friend of mine. I love Jimmy Door. He's calling everybody out. Everybody in the left and the right.


Breathes fire. He breathes fire. He doesn't give a fuck.


He goes hard. He was doing this thing on Obama. I forgot about this where Obama went to Flint, Michigan and was drinking. The water was fake.


Drink is like, can I get a sip of water? Can I get a glass of water? This is not a stunt. I actually need a glass of water. I'm actually thirsty. Kids are getting pulled here. He's doing this like this.


This is what he does. Well, it took a little poison.


That's kind of a fun bit, though. He does not a stunt. I mean, hey, can I get a glass of water?


We still don't have clean water in Flint, Michigan. Why is it why is that so hard to fix?


I think the reason why they didn't want to spend the extra money to get the proper pipes. And so then when it got terrible and it was contaminated, they were like oopsy. And then I don't know how at this late date they haven't fixed it yet. That strikes me.


That was the Obama administration sort of happened under Obama Trump administration.


It hasn't been repaired.


Obama didn't do anything serious. Trump that's people's lives and people's lives.


Well, no long term repercussions. Right. So we're talking about people now who knows what it's like fifteen years from now. Twenty years now growing up without water.


And listen, people, this is the stuff that actually matters to people. If you really if you want to be successful running for political office, it's not that difficult.


It's the bread and butter issues. It's the basics, wages, jobs. You know, I don't want your water to be poisoned would stop them from fixing these things.


A lot of corruption, a lot of it's the fact that these politicians take money from corporations and billionaires and then they turn around and they serve them and they don't do anything that their constituents want because there's a general rule.


Whatever the people want is opposed by the billionaire class.


The billionaire class just wants more tax cuts for themselves, regular people. If you look at the polls, they want a living wage, for example. They want to end the wars. They want to do an infrastructure deal and give people jobs. Like the things are very basic.


And actually this gets back to what we were talking about earlier, because Trump in 2016, he was he never got credit for running a superb campaign because he really did. When Hillary Clinton was not stepping foot in the Rust Belt to campaign, he was doing rallies there in the final weeks leading up to the election where he would nonstop hammer on jobs and he would say, you know, Hillary and Bill, they outsourced your job with NAFTA.


They outsourced your job with permanent normal trade relations with China. I'm going to bring your job back on the outsider. She's the insider. They sent your kids to go die in a war. I want to get us out of the war. And he just kept hammering her and hammered and hammered her.


And the reason he won is because those states are the states that he picked off to win the Electoral College. He won by something from like seventy thousand two hundred and ten thousand votes. And in fact, I kind of want to show you this ad because it shows it perfectly. Trump's closing ad in twenty sixteen.


That's actually what it's called on YouTube. Jamie, if you want to pull that up, Trump's closing argument ad or something like that, the ad is phenomenal.


It's it's policy based. It's substance based.


And he portrays himself as the outsider and then comparing how good his campaign was in 2016 versus how shitty it is this time around. I'm not surprised that Joe Biden, who barely has a functioning brain, is casually up by nine points, eight points, nine points, whatever.


But it is do you wouldn't you agree that it's not that Joe Biden's run a good campaign, it's that people hate Trump?


That's exactly right. That's exactly right.


But they didn't hate Trump 2016. Trump 2016 was a good politician.


The best was a really good politician in this cycle is not really go out to deal with the public, hide like that every time.


Did he fucked up 50 percent of the time. Exactly. So that was if there's anything that they did good at keeping him away from the people.


Do you think, though, that if covid didn't happen where the economy was before Trump, much more likely to win?


You know, he was winning one hundred percent, much more likely to win.


I mean, without covid, Trump is is I mean, he's he wins. Do you buy the argument that Trump is responsible for the economy's big boom, or do you think that he was riding off the wave of Obama? Or do you think it's a combination of both things?


See, that's interesting because I actually don't agree with either one of those. I think the economy was always a house of cards. I don't buy it when people say, oh, we have a low unemployment rate in, the stock market is doing well. So people are doing well. No. Even before covid, 78 percent of the country was living paycheck to paycheck like it's a house of cards. They use these indicators, which are not good economic indicators for regular people.


They're good economic indicators for the top 10 percent that have fucking stocks. You know what I mean? And by the way, it's the gig economy, right? It's not that people were necessarily unemployed, but people were underemployed. They would have these they have these fucking degrees from colleges and then they'd have to go take a job where they're basically making minimum wage and working as an independent contractor, not an employee. So, like, the economy was always a house of cards.


And I never bought the argument. And by the way, not a hypocrite on this, because when Obama was acting like his economy was good, I was like, your economy's fucking shit. He's got the same problem as it was under Trump. These are not good economic indicators.


I care about wages, for example, rates of unionization usually go right along with the health of the middle class. Back when we had strong unions in this country, we had one of the healthiest middle classes in the world. What killed NAFTA?


No, NAFTA was had a lot to do with the outsourcing of jobs are actually permanent.


Normal trade relations with China was worse on that front. There was more outsourced under that than under NAFTA.


But we did lose a lot of jobs in the auto industry. We lost a lot of jobs because, again, that was because of corruption. That's because the people who were the executives at these companies, they pay the politicians to run their campaigns and then they would go to the politicians and said, hey, I financed your last campaign. I need you to do me a favor. I want to make my product a lot cheaper. So I'd like to ship it to some Chinese factory where we have a fourteen year old working for me, as opposed to paying an American worker a living wage with good benefits.


So it all comes down to money. It all comes down to, you know, corruption.


And that really does show what hypocrites we are, because all these people who are progressive, they all have iPhones in their pockets.


Yes, that's right. And you're right. We're all hypocrites. All of us are that unless you're buying some phone that what like what is the most?


We've talked about this before, Jamie, but I don't remember anything. What is the most ethical phone you can buy? Because it's clear.


Is it the Fairphone, remember? Right. I think I heard I think I learned that from you.


Yeah, that's right. That's right. That's what it is. And even that like where the. Minerals coming from you follow the chain and their slave somewhere and there's a slave slave somewhere. How do you what do you do? I know that's the problem. It's we're all complicit in these things.


What do you do?


I mean I mean, we could do what we can control.


And I did think, you know, a lot of Trump's rhetoric in 2016 on trade are they really was courageous in the China that are making the slaves in the Chinese.


You know what I mean about slaves? Foxconn, they don't enjoy it at all. Do they? Not enjoy it at all to make it.


Actually, this is beautiful.


It was actually an exposé recently written by a guy who posed as he's a guy of Chinese descent, but I believe he's American and he worked in a factory making iPhones and doing one thing 12 hours a day.


And he wrote a story about it like how inhumane the conditions are there and try to get it in people's heads. Like this is what you're supporting when you buy a phone. What's really kind of crazy is that Apple with all their money, right. And they're my favorite phone company. Right? They're my favorite phone company because they don't they don't they don't sell your information like Google does.


Right. Yeah. They care about privacy. Even with your with Apple Maps. They don't they're not, like, constantly collecting data and then just selling it to all these companies. Even then, they they don't see this massive problem and they don't do anything about it, they just keep going down the same road because it's been effective and because economically they have an obligation to their shareholders and this is the most profitable way to do it. So they keep doing it that way.


That's right. And this goes back to the Iraq and Afghanistan war.


There's trillions of dollars of mineral wealth in Afghanistan, like a lot of the stuff that ends up in your phone. Yeah. Comes from there. Yeah, for sure.


You know, lithium ion. That's right. That's right. A huge deposit of lithium in Afghanistan.


There's a big story about that a few years ago that they had found this new massive deposit of lithium.


I want to imagine this because and I want to put this out there.


If Apple had their version of a Fairphone like say this is our iPhone 12 Maspero, but this is our Fairphone. Now, this phone is everybody makes at least fifteen dollars an hour. Right. This is this is a phone that doesn't use any conflict minerals that come from war torn countries, but it costs a thousand dollars. But it's not as good as the phone that costs 800 would get it right. That's the question I think a lot of people would because they would vertue.




They would say I'm using the site even like virtual signal has a negative connotation, but a good way. What what do you.


I have a new phone. I got a 12. I'm a fucking moron. Right.


I goodwill became boot Camp David Cameron sides side's flat. No, get rid of it.


But I don't need it. Right.


What if you made a phone that's the equivalent of the iPhone seven. Right. And it cost 900 bucks. But you feel good about yourself. You know you don't feel bad.


What the fuck do you need your phone to do? It's not making complex computations. It's not doing like super difficult video rendering unless you're a hardcore gamer on your phone.


Yeah. What are you really using your goddamn phone, your face time and your friends?


You're making a few text messages. You're checking your email. Maybe you watch a YouTube video, you play a podcast. When you're in the car, you listen to music.


What the fuck are you using your phone for? That you need a new processor. Every oh, the new outlet has you know, the new resolution is far better than the old. There's more pixels. Listen, I'm fifty three years old. I need glasses to see my fucking text messages. I don't know what's going on with your pixels.


If you could sell a phone that you you could feel good about what you could say if a phone company came out with that and that was their big campaign, I think it was ever a time. Now's the time they could do that and I would buy it. Yeah. I don't fucking need this stupid new phone, but I bought it because I'm a moron.


Right. But if a phone company came out and said, this is it, we have a phone, maybe Corea's better, maybe Samsung's better. I don't know where they're making their shit or where they're doing their shit. I think I think they're all bad.


I think at the at the core of it, that's slavery involved with all this. And it's terrible, but it's probably true. Right?


Like, there's anybody's hand really clean and all this I mean, it's relative, right? Look, relatively clean, cleaner.


I mean, it's I mean, this is why we need efficient, effective regulation is let's avoid the slavery thing.


Well, listen, it's harder.


The broader the scope, the harder it is. So, yes, if you're asking, hey, is it really possible to know where we get everything from four phones that are sold here when none of the materials come from here? No, it's really not possible.


Someone's got to know, right. Apple the phone has a bunch of recycled material in it.


Sure. But that means recycled from from slave slaves. Getting it out of the ground from other phones is what they're right.


But it originally came from slaves getting those materials out of the ground.


I don't know. I'm just but not at a he's just saying it's not continuing to feed the slavery pipeline slightly better.


So Apple's rare earth recycling a new iPhone. Siri steps up environmental response. Yeah, but that's just the environment. This is even though this is good because they're not wasting the materials and the recycling the materials. That's good for the environment. Right. But that doesn't address the Foxconn workers who live in a place where they have dormitories and they have nets around the building because so many people jumped off, they decided to nets up.


You would need the international community to get together. And we all say to each other, all right, no slavery. Yeah, no slavery. And then some I mean, some country would decide we're going to be assholes because we'll get a competitive advantage if we have slaves and then they probably do it, you know what I mean? But, yeah, it's. Well, Jimmy, pull up that Fairphone.


Would you really get a Fairphone? No, I'm just I was lying on the podcast. It just depends how shitty it is, though, right? It's actually OK. Even less. Like slightly less. I'm going to go slavery.


Here it is.


But but can I airdrop with the Fairphone cosily android. So I mean, I also signed the last was I say recycled and recycled in fair materials. Forty eight megapixel camera is pretty good.


You look like a punk if you have this. How dare you. You look like a punk if you pull out a Fairphone, look at this fucking guy, it's hard. He doesn't even agree with slavery is acceptable. Conversation starter.


I have a Fairphone. Oh, you think you've stopped slavery because you have one Fairphone.


Well, why do they have text on you actually making a great point. You're making a great I'm always doing that because, like, it's not an individual issue. It's like when people say about, you know, when I'm doing it, it's like when people say about climate change, like, oh, you drive a fucking car.


Is that what you did? You drove a car to get here. Did you know that fucking climate change is happening?


It's like, yeah, asshole. And it's not like one individual can really make that much of a difference. You actually need action from a higher level.


Like 73 percent of the emissions that lead to climate change come from the same I'm sorry, outside of Europe was 73 companies.


They only have like a 100 percent or 90 percent of the emissions, some crazy stuff, I'm not within the EPA in Switzerland as an organization based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we currently focus our sales efforts in Europe. At the same time, we are researching the market and logistic possibilities to sell outside of Europe.


You can find our full list of countries where we sell and ship to OK when they try to stay on that side of do they sell to America?


Can I buy one? To say the United States eliminated Epicurus, nope, Vatican City, they don't even manikins city. Yeah, well, when you're molesting children, you really want to fairphone they don't even allow it here.


Not if they don't sell it here. I think we that we call we say this is slavery, but we don't really know. Right.


Well, at the heart of it, know with the minds.


Yes, there's child slaves in those mines shipping outside of Europe. We do not sell or ship Fairphone products outside of Europe at the moment.


Yet the good news is we plan to start developing a selection of countries outside. The question at the moment is how fast can we make this happen? As Amsterdam based organization, we wanted to launch a Fairphone products in Europe. Yeah, for the coming time, we'll continue to focus our sales efforts on this region. Oh, they don't have any plans. So you can't even buy this fucking phone here. But it's not a bad phone. If you look at what it is, it's a 46 megapixel camera uses Android 10, which is I think that's the latest.


Those Android 11 now. I think they have Android 11. No, but Tim is right.


This is not an individual issue. It has to like action needs to be taken at a higher level. You can't just have one person that's right there phone. It's got to be systemic. Yeah, well, to be able to airdrop to.


And the point I was trying to make, I couldn't get our own system works well.


My phone says the one we get when we get the nice phone.


Joe, he's saying he's proslavery. This is what he said. I'm not sprong slavery, but if you're a child in China, you have to keep yourself occupied.


You can upgrade your camera. There's a camera modules kind of cool. That's pretty cool. If it works, could discover the greener way to get new features. Wow. So they have a module that you can take out and then put back. It probably also means no water resistance with all this modular shit you're pulling out batteries and stuff.


I mean, usually generally that you're not going to be able to have water resistance.


You seem like you're actually somewhat interested in this job. I am someone interested in this because I've recognized my own hypocrisy by not supporting slavery, but supporting slavery. And it's also it's also weird to me that in my opinion, if I'm if I'm thinking about a progressive tech company, Apple's at the top of that list. The have the most elegant design. They have these like super intelligent people working. They have this beautiful campus. They have all these things.


They have an enormous amount of money. I mean, Apple has more money than the United States of America, right? They have more reserve, more cash reserves and anything like how much what is Apple's cash reserve?


I think it's in the trillions of dollars.


They have an enormous amount of money. Well, they're incredibly successful.


But here's the thing that I'm not saying it's not a lot, but it's about two hundred billion dollars. I thought it was in the trillions, not how much they're worth. I believe. I don't have that in cash.


OK, so in the in cash, they have hundreds of billions of dollars. OK, use that. You guys can't figure it out, can't pay slaves better money, you can't say they only have to work eight hours a day.


So about the supply chain, how much more would it cost?


You know, I'm saying I hear you, but I think it's more about the supply chain where, like at some point down the line, they're just getting something from somebody else who's doing the work elsewhere. You know what I mean? Like, they come to them for the raw materials, for whatever it is.


And then they put it in, owns the land where the minerals are being extracted from and that person is running a slave operation pretty much is why this is what the CIA would do is like when we needed minerals to whoever was running that country, they'd be like, he seems like he's hurting his own people. Yes, he's a genocidal monster.


We must do so. He's an argument. There's always something. You're right. Yeah, always like that. Bill Hicks showed where they go. He's a Hitler. And whatever you need, folks like whatever you need, we're going in.


Well, that's Smedley Butler, right? The butler.


Yeah, that is that's really the extent of his argument or his article, rather others. When he wrote that, he thought when he first enlisted in the Army. And by the way, I believe that's three. What year was that? Smedley Butler War is a racket. I want to say it's 90. It's in the nineteen thirties.


And he wrote this thirty five thirty five eerily accurate account of what we're dealing with today when it comes to why we really take military action in certain countries.


And they really and his his case back then he was talking about protecting bankers and yet we had soldiers who were dishonorably discharged when they blew the whistle on some of our allies having child sex slaves.


Crazy. What? Say that again.


So it had soldiers who were dishonorably discharged when they blew the whistle on our allies in Afghanistan having child sex slaves. So they spoke up and said our allies are fucking children here and they were dishonored, dishonorably discharged.


But nobody likes a rat out.


No one wants a rat. That's a great point, because we also do horrible things. And you're like, well, if he's going to rat out our allies, they might rat at us.


Yeah. And they probably fuck kids, too. Yeah. Well, who who were these guys?


And we're going on an article I read like five years ago in Afghanistan. They have this whole thing where it's like have ladyboys and then they have like goat herders have sacks of the warriors, like it's like a warlord culture.


Yeah. That's the extent of what I know about it. But I read an article, I said that knowing the like this shallow, very small amount of information, but it's very visual. Like, I know they're warlords and they're walking around rocks.


There you go. Here it is. U.S. soldiers are told to ignore sexual abuse of boys by Afghan allies.


Yeah, also the cross of Afghan allies and.


Right. U.S. senators. Yeah, you know what I mean? It's like that's also the thing.


What's his name? He was wasn't in one of the speakers. Speakers of the House. Right.


Denny Hastert. Hastert. Yeah, well, he was molesting boys when he was working as a wrestling coach.


Yeah. And really good friends with Tony Podesta, John Podesta, his brother, by the way, if I want to say I think he got fifteen months. He got an incredibly short term when you're connected. Yeah. Yeah. Hastert, pull that up. Speaker of the House Hastert and what he got. And so, I mean, that fucking that is the tip of some iceberg somewhere. Absolutely.


I mean, you know, deep on the Epstein shit. Yeah. Supervised release.


So. Fifteen months. Fifteen months, four fucking kids. Imagine, Jesus Christ. Imagine think about all these guys that are in jail right now for pot, non-violent drug of nonviolent drug dealers. A bunch of dudes that. How about Kamala Harris?


What how many did she put away? How many she put away for way, way longer.


Thirteen months. Oh well you got cut off for good behavior, didn't fucking the kids nightlights months.


And they this was one of the issues. This was one of the issues where Trump could have hit Biden hard because Biden did the crime bill. Yeah. And Trump did the first step act. Yeah.


That's a reversal of the roles there where you have like Biden's acting like the Republican, Trump's acting like the Democrat. It was tough to hit Kamahl on that because Trump was like she put black people in jail and the crowd's like, yes, no, no, no, hold on.


She's a cop. And they're like, yes, you know, so it's tough. You got to really that's why that's why he's had a hard time defining Biden.


Because, you know, if you hit him on the crime bill, that's like saying he's too tough on crime.


But he did hit on the crime bill in that debate. I know.


But then in the next sentence, what did he do? He said he won't even say law and order. This guy is OK with the riots. You got to pick one. You can't say he's too tough on crime with the crime bill and he too soft on crime because he won't say law and order.


Crime bill wasn't just tough on crime.


Right. It was tough on non-violent crime, which isn't shouldn't be crime.


And it was it was also like it didn't give anybody a path for redemption. It just basically lock people up. And then when you're dealing with this is also during the time of the rise of the private prison industry. And so all that is being funneled into people's pockets.


Biden has always been a shady guy, right? Didn't he, like, help pull the credit card companies? Yes. Well, in the bankruptcy bill, the bankruptcy bill, there's you can't file for bankruptcy on your student loans, all other forms of. You can file for bankruptcy and you can't do it on student loans, and now this guy is, you know, might be our next president, we'll find out is that you can't file for bankruptcy on student loans no matter what it is, you owe it forever.


This people right now that are getting Social Security and they get some of their money docked because they owe student loans. Imagine you hit the end of the line, right? You're 70 years old. You're tired every day your feet hurt and your Social Security check gets sliced because you have student loans that you never used anyway, like that education didn't do a damn good, not no good at all.


And the money the reason why it was so expensive for that education was the government was subsidizing it. That's right.


And there are other other developed countries.


A bunch of them do basically they treat college the same way we treat like high school here where you could just go that, you know, I that is one of the reasons why I supported Bernie Sanders, one of the reasons I supported him for a couple of reasons. One, the idea of abolishing student debt to making college free. We want people to be more educated. We want them to be more educated. It's one of the best ways to ensure that we have.


I always say this was the best way to make America great, have less losers, was the best way to have less losers, give more people opportunity. So get them out of debt for shit that they did when they were 17. They didn't even know what to do, understand what they were doing.


You're getting in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars for an education that's be literally worthless, like Jamie went to school for shit that doesn't even work anymore. Right. You spent you make this education or you get this education for like computer programming.


Right. Or, you know, you're learning software that's completely irrelevant. By the time you get out of school and you're hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, you should be able to sue just really, you fuckers.


You may be wiped clean, get rid of the student loan debt. I mean, think about it. We bail out bankers without Wall Street. We have endless amounts of money for the war. Right.


For the war. If we're gonna bail out anybody, it should be students like Jesus Christ, student debt, medical debt.




And by the way, I like the questions you asked Kanye, because it was funny to me, watching you were you were very policy focused. You were like, OK, so what do you think about the issue of student loan debt? Like, do you have a plan for that?


The big one for me was what are you going to do with the military?


Like, if you have to if you have military you said a prayer, I believe was his answer to that one. He's going to consult Jesus. I like a lot. And I thought that that was really interesting that his his answer for the military was not something that he just ranted on. That was something they thought about. And he said, I would consult experts, you know, yeah, I'm a civilian. You know, Trump said that a lot, too.


In twenty sixteen, when he was asked a question he wasn't sure about, he's like, I'd be surrounded by the best people.


He'd never said it like the way Kanye did it. And I'm not I'm not saying Kanye West should be president, but I was genuinely impressed with his thoughtfulness, genuinely. You know, I don't think he should be president. But by the way, he could be what are the numbers?


Not now, not winning this election, not this one. But understand, he could the no bullshit like this is a fucking sideways. We've gone through the.


Yeah, look, if it was up to me a good politician, though, Joe, I really think Trump was a really he didn't get his due either because the media hates him so much that they didn't recognize what he was doing was he wasn't running like a traditional Republican, which is like Mitt Romney style, which is uninspiring. He was running like a populist. And that appealed to people who otherwise there are two times Obama voters who voted for Trump.


Yeah. And guess what? Now they abandoned him because he stopped. He didn't govern like we thought he might when he was being a popular.


Do you think that was because he was lying when he was running, or do you think it's because the things that he was promising once you get into office and you see the reality of the job?


No, I mean it it's it's I think Trump is a path of least resistance guy.


So when he got in power, he surrounded himself with the same fucking ghouls that have been destroying Washington all along. I mean, he had Gary Cohn, Goldman Sachs, Steve Manoogian, Goldman Sachs, Larry Kudlow from CNBC. The guy's never been right about anything economically in his entire life.


But now he's making decisions for the economy and we can go down list John Bolton on foreign policy. One of the same guys is a fucking war criminal who sent us to Iraq. So Trump spoke against the Iraq war and then he hired the guy who was most responsible for getting us into fucking Iraq, trying to make sense of that one.


So the problem is he picked all these career insider swamp creatures and then all of them were talking in his ear all day, every day. No, no, you can't do that thing.


You can't stop the outsourcing. No, you can't get us out of the wars. You can't do it. You can't do that.


And Trump, listen, at the end of the day, all he really cares about is getting the adulation. And he loves like when he's doing a rally in the crowd is like loving him. That's his thing, man. That's what he's into. So he wants that love and adoration while he just keeps the status quo going and holding it together with fucking bandaids and bubblegum, you know, like that's what it is. It's I'm going to keep the status quo going relatively normal as I portray myself.


I think you're right about all of that. But there's got to be some allowance made for the fact that, like, he spent two years defending himself from the accusation that he was a Russian. I that's right.


The Democrats are here, you know, idea that the guy was a Russian spy and that's the reason the Democrats did that, is because they don't have anything policy wise that they're pushing to make counterarguments.


Right. So instead of saying like, well, we're going to do is we're going to abolish student loan debt and we're going to fight with the Republicans on this day out, day in and day out. They didn't do that. They did exactly what you said, which is, oh, my God, maybe he's Vladimir Putin's puppet Manchurian Candidate, not even for America.


And of course, where that got us absolutely nowhere. By the way, I love how the Mueller report got Trump on deck when it came to that and the Democrats just acted like there was no day of reckoning. It was like and we really fucked this up from the beginning. I remember one of the first or second time I was on your podcast. I told you that they're going to get nothing on the Russia thing and they got nothing on the Russia thing.


There's other kinds of standard issue corruption going on.


People that claim that the Russia thing did show collusion. OK, then why is Trump still president?


Why he's one of them. Why hasn't anybody around him? Tommy's prison. Jamie thinks that Jamie thinks that he was the Jamie.


Jamie also pretended to have covered. So this is because I'm scared of meeting Konya. Exactly. So this is a pattern of behavior, which is idols. You know, don't do it.


Don't worry about it.


When you look when you look at your phone, did you get it? Did you get any hot results? Is there anything off? Yeah, there's some shit going down in Florida. They've projected wins for both of them. It's going back and forth. OK, can I show you the twenty sixteen.


Jamie Yeah. We're going to look OK. This is twenty sixteen. OK, OK.


Well the identity Jamie, I want to show you. Watch how good he was. That's it. Correct.


How good he was. Joe. Here we go.


Uh. With a new government, a Ourimbah. It's about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people.


The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake. In this election, for those who control the levers of power in Washington and for the global special interest, they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind. The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories and our jobs as they flee to Mexico, China and other countries all around the world.


It's a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities. The only thing. That can stop this corrupt machine is you the only force strong enough to save our country is us. The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment is you, the American people. I'm doing this for the people and for the movement.


And we will take back this country for you and we will make America great again. OK, great, and listen, God damn good, that is not like other Republicans. That's him being incredibly populist. Right.


And now I just want to show you, because I'll show you his 20-20 closing ad. OK, so you could compare Jamie IDM that to you as well. It's the Trump tweet that says Vote, vote, vote. This is what he released today as basically his closing ad. And just look at how different this is, OK?


Give me a lead in like I was already ready. Sorry about that. Yeah, I get excited sometimes, but that was a good read, right? That's a damn good rate. You want to take a time machine, go back and vote for. I mean, it's a great ad that starts off with this.


How is Joe Jorgensen doing? I don't know. Point six percent. But she was phenomenal. She's got a point. Six percent. Yeah. Oh, my God. This is the dance. I don't know enough for a lot of play that. OK, the muted, muted.


But keep it going because the whole this is the this is the whole thing.


Joe Rogan is just dancing. Is this the song of all time I dance. I actually don't remember how long it plays. What is this? Got to be honest, I also like this one. Boom, boom, boom. Where I am also equally as swayed by this. That's the Macho Man song, isn't it? There's the Village People. Yeah. Yeah.


Is it YMCA? Yeah.


But what he's doing is he's give me some that stuff about NAFTA. Gave that for a second. Why is that. Is that would it mean to me. I don't want to get this. That is. Yeah. Immediate. That is his ad. This is the ad YMCA. Yes.


Every other song he was playing they got DM's like they told him to stop playing it. They got cease and desist orders.


But he's showing he's young, he's vital. You just got done with covid. He's OK dancing. Here's the thing, Joe. Like he hits like an amazing person.


His attacks against Biden don't resonate as much as his attacks against Hillary resonated, because what is it?


His legs are broken. He's like paralyzed.


But what a weird dance. I'm gonna start doing that. Neither was in a car accident.


He's got us on a loop, you know, got the same dance. This is a crazy ad, but so it's just music made it tick tock video is what he did. So, yeah, three minutes.


But it's just music and him dancing. That's right. That is so bizarre.


OK, so now beyond this, Joe, because the main argument he's using against Joe Biden is Joe Biden.


There's some sort of radical socialist antifa lover and that's not landing.


But look at this fucking this ad is so dumb. Look at his dad. Who someone hates him.


Someone inside the White House hates him. And they made this ad like, I'm going to sink his fucking battleship with this shit.


I think you're bullshitting on it, but I think it's it. He had asked me saying, get out and vote.


It's ridiculous. Do you think he knows it's over?


He should, because I maybe he doesn't even want to win. Who knows? Maybe secretly to one. This is the craziest thing I've ever is. The dumbest that I've ever seen that this move is. Yeah.


So strange. He tweeted that with the words vote. Let's vote.


Let's get some updates. Twenty seven million views on that. Twenty seven million. Well, twenty twelve million people are going, what the fuck is this. We're going to get some. You need some updates. All right, let's see see where we're at, we go with Fox. I say it's all red. Now this is updated. As of right now, Trump is up. The biggest one, I think, that I've seen so far as Florida is reporting at eighty nine percent.


And Trump is Trump is leading, so Trump needs that state to have any chance, and it looks like he's in the lead by two percent, which is actually not terrible at 89 percent, which is actually looks like it's solid for him at the moment. OK, so he's going to win?


Well, not necessarily. And wait until they call it. But he I mean, this could be I think it's I think I think Fox.


OK, what. So if he wins Florida, what else does he do to it? Wow, look at that. She gets Ohio or Pennsylvania. He's in. No, no, no, no, no.


He needs if he wins Florida, the next thing you have to look at is Pennsylvania.


And he must win Pennsylvania as well as Pennsylvania.


And Pennsylvania is looking for the moment, seven percent reporting. Right.


And that's all the mailings, the mailings, or 76 percent Biden, which is what I told you earlier, that the mailings are going to be pro Biden and on the day votes are going to be pro Trump.


Hmm. But he needs Pennsylvania. He needs Florida. He needs Ohio. So Pennsylvania, the polls are still open.


Pennsylvania, I'll tell you what's a wow. It's open. Hold on. I'll tell you one second. It's 10:00 p.m. there in Pennsylvania, right?


Oh, nine p.m. there are we have an open, but it's as close as eight p.m. Eastern Time.


So closed about an hour ago. OK, so they have to count. Yes.


Pennsylvania closed at 8:00, but they're counting and they're starting again with the mail in votes, which is why Biden has such a strong lead at the moment.


But in the polling in Pennsylvania, Biden was up about five or six points in the average of the polling. So that's basically Trump's biggest hurdle to winning the election is Pennsylvania, because he's down five or six points there. So if he can win Florida, which it looks good for him now in Florida, Trump.


Then it comes down to Pennsylvania, and if he can win Pennsylvania, then you're getting now you're really having a conversation about the election.


Well, that's what I write is what I said. But I know. But I thought you were saying. I thought you were saying that was it.


And he wins saying that was it. And that we could play the ad again. Then he's in the ball. Everybody gets excited again. Then he's in the ballgame. He's in the ball. He's in the ballgame.


With the riot start, let's get to riots. Go and look at the bricks.


If he wins Florida and he wins Pennsylvania, what else does he have to do to win Ohio? He's got to win Ohio. And what does Joe Biden have to do to win at this point?


Joe, if Joe Biden first of all, Texas looks blue right now, I'm not saying it's going to stay like that.


If Joe Biden wins Texas. It's been said much better if Joe if Joe Biden somehow comes back in Florida, now he wins.


It's over games. That's the problem is all my people from California bailed out of California about here, like there was a big push turn, Texas blue. That was like a big thing.


Yeah, fascinating. No, this really is fascinating because I, I think Texas is going to go red, but I thought Florida was going to go blue. So we'll see.


So Google is showing it in a different way. That's a little more easy to look at. OK, it shows other groups of the swings.


By the way, scroll down, scroll down. Jamy, for once, like North Carolina is an important swing state. And right now Biden is up just a little bit there. And by the way, Biden up in Ohio as well, even though there's probably early voting, just mail in. But that's big, too, because Trump needs Ohio and he needs Pennsylvania.


What's interesting, too, is the numbers of people voting seems like way more people are huge turnout, Joe. Turnout, turnout, turnout. What's the number?


I'll pull them up for you right now. One hundred and two early. Whoa.


I didn't vote because I thought too many people vote. This isn't the early vote more than all of the vote from some years.


Yes. That's why I was going to say it for a Texas specific. Let him answer since he's the fucking expert. You're looking at James. Like, no, no. For Texas specifically.


Yes. Texas passed the total number of votes in their pre voting, in their mail, in votes they passed. They surpassed their twenty sixteen total in just the mail. That's insane. That is.


Where did you vote? New York. I didn't vote. You didn't vote? I did not. Wow. Wow. I can't believe you're surprised by that.


Well, I know you weren't going to vote for Biden, but I didn't know you were not going to vote, period. Why is that? What was I going to do, vote for Trump? No, no, no. Go Joe Jorgensen or do.


I didn't vote. It looked kind of good. Yes, it looked gross to vote because they were doing it in fireplace and firehouses and libraries. It was a little grotesque. And they all stand outside with masks. It seemed very low rent. I went to dinner instead and that's how I've been doing it for years. I think that's a good, healthy way to do it. Let me explain why I did what I did.


So basically for me, it came down to obviously I'm not going to support Trump. I've ripped him a million ways to Sunday and I'll continue to do that. I think he's been effectively governed as an establishment Republican with tax cuts for the wealthy and continuing the wars. And to me, that's your done. I have no interest in more tax cuts for the rich. I have no interest in continued wars. I have no interest in deregulation and stuff like that.


For Biden, I my political awakening came with the Iraq war in 2003 when we basically were lied into a war and we continued that illegal war.


And he was one of the guys who voted for it. And listen, I truly believe that everybody who voted for that Iraq war should be in prison. I think they're all war criminals.


It was an illegal war, even according to the U.N. and over 200000 innocent civilians are dead. So basically, I couldn't bring myself to do it because that was the most foundational thing that happened when I was growing up getting involved in politics.


And I just can't look past that. That's not a little thing to me.


So now, if you want me to give you my break down the candidates, do I think overall Joe Biden is a lesser evil? I do, because Joe Biden's going to get us back in the Iran deal. Joe Biden is going to get us back in the Paris climate agreement. And those things, I think, are really important.


But I just couldn't bring myself to poll because I live in New York, in New York's a safe state anyway.


So I like my side, my vote matters. But I just couldn't bring myself to do it, man. I couldn't do it.


Man Do you take heat for that?


I didn't disclose what I was going to do yet until right now.


And so now you disclosed that you weren't going to vote for Biden. People were already giving you heat for that.


Yeah, well, I said that right after the primary when the feelings were raw with Bernie getting screwed again.


And so that's why I said it. Then you just take that laying down. Listen, I said he is he that nice of a guy? He really likes Joe Biden, number one. Number two, I think he really buys into the lesser evil framework where he thinks like, no, I mean, it's either going to be Trump or Biden and you have to pick from the two. So I'm going to go with the guy who's better on more of the things that I like.


For example, Biden has signed up for doing Bernie Sanders living wage idea of fifteen dollars minimum wage.


And so, you know, Bernie takes that and he goes, OK, this is enough for me to go out there and push you and make an argument for you. Now, will Biden actually do that? I don't know.


I hope he will. I have no idea if he actually was. OK, what are the arguments against that? Well, people say, oh, it's going to lead to an increase in unemployment because small businesses can't afford to pay for, especially at a time like right now with covid, where small businesses are having a hard time staying open either way. But also there's also arguments that there's jobs for young people that perhaps still work at home.


The data doesn't bear that out, though. There's plenty of people who work full time and they make them.


But you don't want people that are making the fillet of fish complacent like you want them working.


They need to know there are stakes. Whitney Cummings, Texas music. I can't believe guys eating flatfish is like, shut up.


She yelled at me for not voting. She yelled at me for not voting. She said, it's bad for my career.


I said, tell her I said thank you because she's backing up my filet of fish argument.


She said it will be bad for my career if I don't vote because you should. Do you want to be the person twenty twenty who didn't vote? And I said yes.


I mean, listen, it is what it is you. Oh, are you in California, right? I live in California, not a swing state. Are you registered to vote there?


No, I don't know. My business manager called me cause should we register to vote? I said, would you try to get my license back? I got a suspended license in New York to put me in jail. Let's focus on that and then we'll get to voting. We'll get the vote in three or four months.


You know, Tim used to sell subprime mortgages.


Yeah, OK. Correct, correct.


So and I and my part of the problem, my living, he was taken out of his mind and by a by an authoritarian government who took me and a lot of men from Long Island who were trying to help people realize the American dream were unfairly painted as criminals just because we were expanding people's ability to get credit.


Sorry, sorry. I wanted everyone to have a pool. Mhm. Yeah.


So I hear that perspective. I'm glad you and I and I'm here to give it. You started out selling subprime mortgages. I started out selling cars. Oh wow. And I as well was also on many substances.


Oh that's so I was doing it that stuff all you could. What kind of cars were you saw. I was selling Chevys and ah you were you like a good salesman or no biker.


I'm too nice and I don't give a fuck if the person buys the car or not.


I mean like you pay that's too honest.


Well what I was going to say is I was probably the number one consumer of Four Loko back when it was the original.


OK, well, you need a stronger drug, which is that clearly it's cocaine in a case that's not really a drug. We would do a cocaine off our desk. Well, if I had and I probably would have done the same thing. Yeah. Four Loko was taken off the shelves because people were having fun. I would do it. We would do in line to blow off your desk and then take it people's ten forties with white out and get them getting deals done.


Jamie just motioned to me to get you guys started, try to not talk over each other. I, I apologize very. Was moving into your camera.


Oh that is what I keep doing that I'm sorry you scoot this way more. You have been doing that the whole time to learn sign language.


Both of us I know did the sign language interpreters are so out of control now remember that they can't actually fake one next to the Obama. That was hilarious. He had no idea what he was doing. He was doing a bunch of tick tock moves and then the guy got three inches away from Obama. That's an unbelievable.


Shows you how fucking poor, poorly managed. A lot of those situations are where like such poor security, poor planning, you have a fucking guy you don't even know. Stand the president of the United States president. I want to know how long he was doing that, too, before people it was a while actually signed are like, hey, hey, hey. What is that?


This is crazy.


Finally, that's a good that shows how important confidence is because the person started doing it just really confidently like they belong there. And that was enough for everybody to be like, oh, this person belongs to all the people.


Now, it's disgusting what they do. They're very big and everything. And it's like we get it. But you're distracting because most people can hear. So what you're doing is you're distracting for me. I'm trying to listen. The message is very distracting to have somebody who's very, like over the top doing it.


And that's true. I get it.


I get it that people for the most part, are very rude.


There was a ruling today about Gavin Newsom. There's a ruling about Gavin Gavin Newsom that is no like something about is using unconstitutional policies. Yeah. You know, he he's a unliked man right now in California.


Well, talking of car salesmen, he looks like the sleaziest car salesman on the planet.


Well, he looks like a guy who should be president. Well, he looks like in a movie. In a movie, maybe it was like a parade. He looks like a president. He sounds like a president.


He's a he's looking to judge rules to limit California governor's power powers admit pandemic. He's out of fucking control, out of his mind.


It's amazing how much money people are losing to like Disneyland. Disneyland is losing some insane number of millions of dollars a day.


The order prevents Gavin Newsom from exercising any power under California Emergency Services Act, which amends, alters or changes existing. Statutory law or makes new statutory law or legislative policy, the judge determined that the California Emergency Services Act itself was constitutional, but noted that it does not permit the governor to amend statutes or make new statutes. That's what I've been saying the whole time. He's like, this guy is an autocrat. The governor does not have the power authority to assume the legislators role of creating legislative policy and enactments.


It's just so spooky how people get into power and you find out how much they love using it.


Go back to that again. It says determining one of his orders was an unconstitutional exercise of legislative power. Yeah, gross. It's scary there, man. Like like they're they're giving you orders on what you can do for Thanksgiving.


Like you, you're crazy. You can't have more than three families. You can't have any singing. You can't wait a minute. You have to be outside. Is that true? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. No singing. Singing, no singing. You have to be outside. It has to only go on for two hours as if after two hours everyone turns into a pumpkin.


This is absurd and this is abuse of power. And he must be they got to you got to stop this. They do have to stop it.


But just the type of person that would say that is imagine being a governor, you're dealing with half your fucking states on fire, like everyone's out of work and you're like, you can't sing, don't sing. That's absurd.


And your parties, you have this real. They can't sing. Yes, yes, yes, yes.


I saw this going around to and I didn't think it was real when I saw it, didn't look into it. I'm looking into it now. Look into it now. That's a sound real, not something to put out. But I'm our favorite websites, NOPSA. This is false. Yeah.


That's like that's like some knobs. That's like Fox News Facebook meme or some shit. Yo, I saw that on Fox.


No, no, no. Don't say that unless you're sure Jaimie's wrong all the time with this stuff because the only Googles is lefty liberal fake news sites.


Snopes, Snopes is a fake news site. They get busted all the time for fake news. Very biased. By the way, the guy who runs Snopes like he's a huge Democrat, like the whole the whole organization is heavily left leaning.


But wait, but that didn't set the alarms off to you. The oh, you can't sing. What fucking government agency would do that?


Howling You can't say that. That's next.


I think maybe six months ago that might have been funny, but now it's like now you're like, OK, I'm sure that's going to be next.


Yeah, I'm telling you, it was on Fox News. Yeah, it went well. Fox News is certainly not always right. It wasn't being passed around, but I was saying that it was being passed around under this pretense. On Fox News, it says no more than three households, present parties, no longer than two hours. Guests must stay outside, avoid singing, chanting and shouting.


Right. Yeah, but how are you going to do? That's Fox News, California Department of Public Health. It's a quote from the California department. Just Google it, you fuck and don't interrupt Kyle anymore. So I asked him. I did ask him that time.


I said that sounded fake. You got to look at up calculating. I'm casebooks as this is not fucking fuck Snopes.


OK, celebrities rip California governor. It's got to be. Yeah. That they coronaviruses California.


Gavin Newsom Thanksgiving rules. Click on that.


That's Daily Mail though.


But they are saying what I want to hear you not understand how this works. This is like an experiment in, you know, ideological. There's confirmation bias.


But I want to hear the guidelines. But there must be a link. So there never is a link. There must be.


Chuck Woolery is backing us. You're moving too fast.


Go back up. Read some pop ups. We'll be right back. In two and two, the order requires a host of OK announce ahead of Thanksgiving holiday. Defined gatherings of social situations bring people together from different households at the same time in a single space or place.


The order requires that a host of private gatherings to limit attendance.


Stop, you're moving. So finally. But you're moving while I'm reading. You know that, right? Well, here's the link that would.


OK, hit it or not. Let's go. California Department of Public Health summary, this provides an updated plan for California to gather outside their household and replaces the prior gathering's guidelines issued on September 12th. Screw up again, mandatory requirements for all gathering scrotes frozen.


Of course, it's frozen, it's got goddamn California website piece of shit, how do they get rid of chanting when, when, when? In California everyone's Satanist and they need that whole chant.


That's not consider it. How funny is that? That the website crotchless crashed the website. Oh, my God. All right. We're live were like, oh, that's crazy. I forgot. We're like, that's fucking crazy.


OK, here we go. Mandatory requirements for gathering attendance gatherings must include gatherings that include more than three households are prohibited. OK, this is this is exactly what it said. Snopes, you fucks. Stop, stop scrolling. Keep the households that you interact with stable.


It was their time singing by bye. By spending time with the same people, risk of transmission is reduced. OK, gather outdoors. Gatherings that occur outdoors are significantly safer than indoor gather. All gatherings must be held outside again. That's what the thing said. Attendees may or may go inside to use the restroom as long as the restrooms are frequently sanitized. They're telling you you have to sanitize your fucking restaurant restroom if you want to go inside. Gathering's may occur in outdoor spaces that are covered by umbrellas, canopies, awnings, roofs and other shade structures that provide at least three sides of this space or seventy five percent open to the outdoors.


This is fucking outrageous.


OK, ba ba ba ba ba ba covid parties.


I mean, gatherings of no more than three households is permitted in a public park or outdoor space if unrelated gatherings of other groups, up to three households also occur in the same park or outdoor space.


If multiple such gatherings are occurring, mixing between the groups group gatherings is not allowed. You can't mix with other people that you see at the park. Additionally, multiple gatherings of three households cannot joint cannot be jointly organized or coordinated to occur in the same public park. Oh my God. So what else does it say? Scroll down seating must provide at least six feet of distance in all directions, everyone at the gathering should frequently wash their hands with soap and water like fucking duh.


Shared items should not be allowed during the gathering as much as possible.


Any food or beverage outside gatherings must be in single serve disposable containers where a face covering to keep covid from spreading when gathering face coverings must be worn in accordance with CDC.


P.H. No you, unless exemptions are applicable to people at gatherings, may remove the face covering briefly to eat or drink as long as they stay at least six feet from everyone chanting and shouting.


Fuck Snopes, shut your mouth, Cheney. You're a communist. So here's here's my question. Here's my question, Joe, because I'm singing, chanting, shouting or in physical exertion significantly increases the risk of covid-19 because these activities increase the risk of release of respiratory droplets and fine aerosols near because of this singing, chanting and shouting are strongly discouraged. But if they occur, the following rules and recommendations apply to all people were singing and chanting should wear a face covering at all times while singing or chanting, including anyone who's leading a soccer chant.


Because these activities pose a very high risk of covid-19 transmission, face coverings are essential to reduce the spread of people who are singing, chanting or exercising are strongly encouraged to maintain physical distancing beyond six feet.


OK, so, Joe, first of all, yes, that's silly, you win, but here's the question. Thank you. I like it here. It's true. I mean, yeah, say it again. It says was true. It says singing right is wrong.


So but here's the question. Crazy like, are they just listing this to try to be like a helicopter parent to say this is what you should do? Or is there actually an enforcement mechanism or are they going to have the LAPD knock on your door? Too many people they can't write. Can't you have done that to large gatherings in California? They shut down a tick tock power, the tick tock house.


And these people are patriots. They were having a party and they shut down, I think the sway house.


I believe it's cold and they're having a party and they cut the water off to the Tic-Tac house. That's. Yeah, that's crazy.


That's crazy. But right.


Aren't they when they shut it off, isn't it like these giant fucking parties where everybody two inches away from each other breathing on each other?


Yeah, but you know what? That's America. And I'm not listening. I'm not arguing against it. I'm just asking the question, is there a reason I have to be near a person because it's a group dance. So you can't social distance. You're not in frame. Yeah.


How are you going to dialogue when you're six feet away and you're going to kid these are seventeen year old millionaires. They don't give a shit about covid.


Yeah, they're not going to, they really are. Seventeen year old millionaires. They're fine. And the tick tock. I love how they're like Thanksgiving in the park. Thirty percent of California's homeless people.


I know what I'm saying with Snopes like you got to be careful. No, no, you're right. That's definitely what you said. It is, is what it is. I guess my only question is no split hairs. Horsman mechanising.


They'll say false if it's if it doesn't align their ideals.


I think you're 100 percent right. My only point was I also show caution when it's fucking Fox News because, you know, Sean Hannity is not exactly the bastard in intelligence.


I think when they print on the screen, it has to be true.


I worked it. They had me on read. I liked the show there. And I used to wear a tie. And I got to say whatever I want. I think it's a great institution. Well, Tucker Carlson, doing something right.


It's true.


He's the number one show is the number one show.


Bill O'Reilly was number one before him, you know, wasn't it? Yeah, he was number one me. He did a lot of things. He did a lot of things right. Besides all of the rape, that's the bad thing. Loofa the loofa thing. People are complex.


I would like to pay the girl who who got thirty two million. Thirty four million, thirty five to tell her story, to find out what he did me just like, you know, he was trying to flirt and he called a loofa felafel by accident.


I think he did something that happened. That definitely happened. He did do that. But I do think that for thirty two million there's bodies buried like he did something so crazy.


Yes. So much money, I guess.


A lot of money she has she has like the possession in her possession tapes, something that are like true detective season one. I mean, it's bad. It's got to be criminal. You pay that much money, you're really trying to bury something. You're guilty. You got you are guilty.


But he's still doing really well with his political show online, apparently. Why do you make. Because who the fuck is watching Bill O'Reilly? We researched this and really millions of you.


Well, he does all these books, all these books with that guy, Martin Dugard in the book. Sure.


Like Killing Stalin, killing Kennedy.


My, my my Princess Di killing the woman I paid thirty four million dollars to these makes a lot of money.


He does. It makes a lot of money.


Oh yeah.


There were bestsellers who reads old people that hate, which is why I'm surprised that his fucking thing online is doing well because, you know, there's like it was all geriatric people watching.


No disrespect to geriatric. I love you commensurate numbers to you.


I think he's doing better than you. I would be surprised if he's doing better than me. And I know you in terms of Herschelle, you're doing very well, but I really think he is.


And where is he primarily hosting his show? Well, I don't know if he's on YouTube, but he's on Bill O'Reilly Dotcom. Right. We looked it up.


So he's on his own website.


Yeah, I remember Jamie and I looked it up once. That's about a year and a half ago.


We were stunned by the number of views on each page, on each that's that's even more impressive if you did it on his own website, because that's hard to do.


Usually you have to go to right thing that hosts it, you know, I mean, like everybody knows, go to YouTube and see stuff or.


Yeah, whatever happens. Isn't it amazing that YouTube has a solid lock down on that? I mean, it is they are the number one platform on planet Earth for people just uploading videos. There's no one even close.


And I don't think they're handling the responsibility of it well because they've tweaked algorithms to prioritize what they call borderline owlets.


And that's you. That's definitely me.


Now, what makes you borderline? Because you're not with a giant organization?


I really think that that's probably it. The fact that I don't answer to anybody on my own person, I could say whatever I want, whenever I want.


And simply put, they don't know what's going to come out of my mouth. Right. But let me push back on that. They don't do anything to me. Then I'm impressed, they don't say I'm impressed by that, but think about that, I mean, my videos get fucking insane. No, they really do. They do really well. How is that? That doesn't make sense. I don't know, man. You have to talk to them.


But what I'm convinced of is that there's different levels to how much they prioritize you and how much the algorithm pushes you out to new people.


And, you know, I've actually talked about, as we mentioned, Jimmy Door earlier, Jim and I have had a thousand conversations about this, where we know other channels that were similar size to us and we were chugging along all at basically the same rate. And then out of nowhere, when I was gaining 30 or 40000 new subscribers a month, it slowed to six thousand.


Is there a possible that it's less nefarious and that they made some sort of a deal with just political outlets across the board?


Well, that is it, because they admitted it. They actually released it. They have this thing where they tell you what they're going to do. And one of the things they said is in order to combat fake news, they want to make sure that the stuff that gets recommended is the respected outlets, namely CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and your shit.


I watch your videos all the time. They never get recommended to me. Exactly. Exactly. Why don't you go on the Dark Web?


But because the news videos and Pedraja can also say you want to be independent and really independent.


You know, your videos get recommended occasionally or should be really honest about this. But Jimmy Dawngate get recommended all the time.


To me, that could just be that you watch more him than me, because honestly, as long as you're a subscriber and you watch my stuff, then they will recommend it to you.


The issue is they don't recommend it that much to new viewers.


So it used to be if you're watching a CNN video, you're watching some other news outlet. They could recommend one of my videos because I get I used to get better reviews than they do now. They pump theirs out all the time and they surpass me.


So that would be non-religious. So people have never looked at you at all. Yeah.


So that's your new you're not getting that right. Right. That's right. Back get this.


During the 2016 election, 2016, I was gaining 30 to 40000 subscribers a month.


Now it's like six thousand homes and other channels that are not prioritized are still gaining that or more than 40000, 50000.


Do you think there's what happens if someone like CNN puts out information that's demonstrably false?


Then that's the next point that I was going to make, which is it's ridiculous that they even have this notion that like, well, these are the real outlets and these are the fake outlets.


Listen, you brought up Rush iGate before. From the beginning, I was saying here's what's going to happen with Russia. Absolutely nothing that people were thinking that Donald Trump is going to get pulled out.


I just followed the evidence, Joe. It's not that difficult. You just have to look at whatever, don't you? I'm sorry. I'm getting mad. Whatever the intelligence agencies say, usually it's bullshit. These are the same people who lied us into the fucking Iraq war.


And I'm supposed to listen to them when they tell me that the president's a Manchurian Candidate. Right. There's an old saying extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. They didn't present any real evidence. It was just a bunch of screaming idiots like Rachel Maddow every night.


Did you see Ted Cruz cross examining Comey about the about testimony about Russia, about evidence that was emails that were edited.


And they were the the emails were edited to to imply a completely different outcome than what the email actually said.


Yeah, I did not see that. It's crazy, but that's a battle of smug motherfuckers there, Comey versus Cruz.


It is. But I really respect Ted Cruz for that conversation was stunning. It was stunning. It was stunning. Listen to them saying, you know, Comey was just basically I don't recall that this is not what I'm aware of. And and, you know, Cruz reads off of the email. He reads the actual real original email and he reads the email that was put into there was submitted as evidence and how it was edited. Yeah, it's disturbing.


It's disturbing, incredibly disturbing that someone in the intelligence community could get away with that, whoever did it, whoever edited that. But that's to make trouble.


They get away with it. That's why I'm saying they lie all the time, Joe, just because they're, you know. Oh, they're official and they don't curse like I do or whatever. And they seem like they're more relaxed when they talk. They're liars.


And CNN oftentimes puts out stuff that's completely untrue. All the mainstream media outlets do. And there's you know, there's never a moment of reckoning where it's like, OK, well, that was fake news, actually.


And what the independent guys were saying was actually correct.


Was it you that was telling me that Brian Stelter was saying, don't listen to other news outlets?


I wasn't me, but I do know what you're talking about.


Yes, I was having a conversation with someone. They're telling me that he literally was saying, don't listen to other news outlets because they're not going to tell you the truth. We're going to tell you the truth.


That sounds like a cult thing, right? Doesn't it? Does what it does cult thing.


But when when they've been wrong and haven't told you the truth about a number of things that are provable, look at Syria.


There's another great example. How long were they telling us about Syria that, you know, all the Assad did a gas attack against his own people?


Then you have whistleblowers who were doing the investigations who were like, this is not true at all. Yeah. And then they never correct. Themselves, meanwhile, then there's people like me and there's people like Jamie who are like, that's not they're wrong about this. And we we get these priorities. When we say stuff like that, there's never a moment. It's like, oh, actually, they were right.


It's interesting because you have to stay independent and so does Jimmy. Like people like you. There's no way Jimmy could do that show if he was on some sort of a coordinated. Can't have a boss.


No way too wild. I can't have one either. I'm not going to listen to somebody tell me to disagree on this. But Jimmy Door, like you said, he spits fire. He gets crazy, right? He gets crazy. He says wild shit.


And, you know, like you see because he's a comedian as well.


I know. Yeah. You can see that influence when you tell. I would like a boss.


I would like to be sponsored by Chase Manhattan or Citigroup or and they pay. Well, I higson a company with I hear they say well and with mine.


And one of the best conspiracy theories from the podcast we did with our guys, they think that there's a woman's voice. Yeah.


And one of the clips saying, relax, we're here, we're here. It's actually me.


Yeah, but who do they. So we double check it.


I wanted to make sure that maybe something slipped in there and I didn't know it was like an alien or someone's in my ear like this, someone directing the show Spotify, someone someone directing a show with Alex fucking Jones and Tim fucking Dylan and me.


That must drive you crazy that you it couldn't be more often obvious that there's no steering that ship and people are accusing you of like obviously somebody steering.


It's the most ridiculous steering to it's me telling Alex, relax, we're here, relax, we're here. And they're like, it's a woman's voice. You hear that? Here's a woman's voice. Like, I had a friend send this to me.


Cameron James Cameron, he sent it to me. You play this. He goes, what does that voice I know that's me, motherfucker.


That's me. Go and relax. We're here. Relax. There's a woman's voice. There's a woman's voice.


I love Spotify being like, listen, nothing's going to change about the show. We are going to have a woman in your ear for three hours. She's going to tell people to relax and to tell people to relax. And she's just going to remind you that Spotify is here.


I say, other than that, not that's all your video on that with the pink hair and the. Yeah, yeah.


Well, they're fun. The tech people are fun. I mean, you got to laugh at this. You got to enjoy what I worry about as far too many people that aren't going to enjoy what's clearly the end of the country and and treat it with laughter.


And I think they're going to go out and try to kill each other and ruin businesses and ruin property instead of just accepting that this was a good run, that we had a fun run as an empire, and now it's kind of coming apart. But everything's not horrible.


There's still certain niceties. It really is coming apart for sure. Flatfish, I mean, it is it is coming apart. It's coming off some violence today.


One of the polls in North Carolina. What are you got here? Joining us right up there. The as of this moment, which whatever it is, eight, almost eight thirty.


Trump is leading the popular vote, but not the Electoral College.


And I mean, Trump is ahead. That's not that's not going to hold on. Twenty five million. There's a zero percent chance that that holds someone. Sounds like a fucking expert over here.


Got many. I see the rest of the states. Yeah, right. Scroll down to all the states where you meant Wyoming went red. That's weird.


I can't believe that. That's so what you're saying is Cheyenne, Wyoming. Go back to Jamie. Can you show me how much of the Texas vote is in by hovering over the Texas?


Sixty three percent. Are you fucking kidding me?


That's how close it is. Yeah, but you're losing by fifteen points. Look at it. But look at it.


Forty nine to forty nine. Forty nine point six to forty nine point one. That's real close. I know, but it should be Donald Trump plus fifteen.


Yeah. Because all my fucking asshole people moved here from Joe Rogan's fault. It's not my fault.


But people like me who were the looting in the pandemic's the like, we're done. We're out of here without Missouris Blue. No, that's that's not going to hold.


How much is it? Yeah, I don't think Biden wins Texas. It's over, right? Yes.


No, there's no prayer for Trump. A fight on Wednesday.


What if he wins Texas? Joe, you got to pack up and go home. What do I do? You got to go back. He's going to come on the podcast and he's going in there. Larry, we over the barely speak coherently. Another Dem. Well, yes, a nice few months.


I think there's a reason why Texas is fun. And I don't think you can have that with a Democrat.


You can't. Yeah, but what's he going to do? He's not going to force Texas to do like. Well, the last Democrat was what?


Ann Richards here. Last Democratic. What, Governor? Yeah. Oh, I have no idea. Ann Richards.


I think it was an Reja. George W. Bush. Like a Republican. Yeah, sure happens in red states. OK, yeah. Mansion.


Yeah. Joe Manchin is a West Virginia Democrat. He's basically a Republican.


Look at Austin, disgusting and blue, just sitting there like a big blue zit in the middle of the Dallas.


All the big cities, Joe, God damn it, that's what happens.


All the big cities go left and all the rural areas go right.


But isn't that the case with I mean, that's the whole reason why New York and California we were talking about before, that big cities always go blowies.


Why usually they're younger people are closer together. Why should I make people democratic? What do you I mean, listen, there's something to be said about if you live the kind of rural lifestyle it's almost like and I don't mean this in a derogatory way at all, but I'm saying like you're the towny of the area, so you know what I mean.


Rogatory. I don't mean it like that because I'm I'm a townie. I'm still in the place where I grew up, you know, just I guess not in a rural area, more and more city, suburban type area.


But anything saying that the people that live in cities are more civilized. I know that's kind of what I heard then. It did not come out, right? No. I really think that there's something to do with population density has has a lot to do with it.


The closer you are to other people, you feel like, well, well, we got to have some rules to make sure this thing kind of goes smoothly, whereas you don't need that many rules when the nearest person to you is five miles away.


You don't want you want people telling you what to do.


I wonder what I'd like to get someone who really understands that to explain some sort of sociologist like it's always been like I think it's always more cities.


You need more government, right? I mean, there's so many more government. Right.


You are there's an interdependence in cities that doesn't exist outside of. That's right. So you have that interdependence.


You need some type of regulatory, whatever it is, action that that enforces those things so that everybody benefits or the great majority of people benefit.


When you're in the suburbs or the rural areas, it's kind of people are more likely to be like, hey, leave me, leave me alone.


Well, that's why it's even more fascinating that Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, was the governor at one point in time.


Yeah, because people had had it right. Rudy Giuliani got elected in New York when people had had it. Yeah. So I think when people have had it, they're going to have it after that.


They're going to have it after this. It was about there was twenty eight hundred homicides a year. Giuliani got in was like eight a day and Giuliani got elected. And then what happened was that shift started that that started decreasing.


But aren't they tracking higher than that now in New York? They're going to they probably will.


I don't know if they're tracking higher than that, but the crime is is skyrocketing. Yeah. And de Blasio defunded the police.


There's this whole idea of like if you get rid of cops and give social workers the the job of police, it's going to work out well.


Does seems to be a little childish. Yeah.


The de Blasio thing seem more like an accounting trick where he was trying to say to the activists like, whoa, whoa, whoa, I did the thing you wanted me to do.


But he didn't really substantively address the funding for the police. I sent you an article on that a while ago. Right.


So what is the break it down for? I don't know.


We could try to pull up the article to see the details of it. But basically, he's just use he shuffled money from one part of the police department to another agency where he could say, oh, I defunded the police, but the money is being used for the same thing. Hmm.


It is amazing how blue Texas looks.


I'm I'm floored by that.


That's a political realignment. That is. Wow.


If that hasn't, they've been saying for a long time that this might happen. I just didn't think it would happen this quickly.


I didn't think it would be by twenty twenty that this happens because that would mean so if Texas stays blue. Right. He's done. He's done. He's done. Yeah.


If point it's over. No way. There's no way. There's no path for Trump. No path.


If, if, if, if Trump loses Florida it's over.


And how's he doing in Florida. Just slightly, it would say, they say it's too close to call because we wish there was someone I could root for in this election. I really do. I'm having fun. And the idea that Trump could win again, just because so many people that I don't like to think thinker and. Yes, but I don't really want them to win. Right.


Yeah. You know what you're going to get and is chaos, chaos, chaos with Biden, too, because it's a different kind of chaos. Yeah, I don't even know where I am. His brain doesn't work. Right. But you don't worry about the tweet at 4:00 a.m.. I love those tweets.


But then you get someone who you didn't elect who runs the country. That's where you need Biden. Yeah. I mean, listen, no, no, no. I mean, if Biden is incompetent and he's you're saying so it's the people around him running.


This is something that Tim Paul brought up. And I didn't think he was right, but I thought it was a weird thing to bring up an interesting thing, I should say, to bring up the 25th Amendment, the idea that the president's unfit, if the president is unfit, that they could exercise that with Biden. No.


First of all, Tim, they tried to do this. There's Democrats who are talking about doing this with Trump. Yes. And the point that I made and a lot of other people made is once you open that door of like, oh, I think this person is mentally unfit, mentally incompetent. So I don't care what the voters said, I'm going to override them because I think I'm some sort of expert.


Yeah, there's no shutting that door. Every single president will have the opposing party say we're going to go after him because he's not mentally fit.


Well, whether or not it's true, it's not a thing where people who want to take over power, they look at the person in power and they try to find a way that they can do it, but they don't understand that that could be used on them.




This is the argument that I was making to those dummies that were running Chaz in Seattle. I was saying, do you understand now that you said you could take people's property by force? Right. You can enforce your own laws. You can make your own country inside of a country, and you can put up boundaries and borders and you can enforce those laws, those laws with violence. Well, guess what?


Now you've opened up the door to someone doing that to you. It's exactly right, because they don't have to have any sort of legal precedent. They don't have to have any legislative powers in the of force, force or violence.


People struggle with doing the thought exercises of like a universality to their actions.


You know, and this is actually what I brought up earlier with Trump. I always talk about the Obama campaign was spying on me. This is crazy. It's like, yeah. And NSA is still spying on all Americans. Maybe you should do something about that, right?


Like pardon? Snowden is Kasdan, Snowden, Assange as well. Pardon. Snowden. Pardon. Assange, yeah.


Yeah. But they won't do that. You know, that's that's the case with that whole thing that you're talking about, where people want to do something to someone and don't understand those things can happen back to them. That's that's that always applies to violence. Absolutely.


I'll go punch that guy in the head like you stop there. Doesn't end there. Doesn't stop the long domino. Like you don't like the violence from the civil war that lasted for decades or people are still murdering people from the other side that killed their kinfolk.


That's a whole bunch of Nazi like it was like line that was the worst by people who should never even think about punching anybody. They were all running around punch a Nazi like, don't you don't know how to punch.


You have to think about violence.


And I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on this in a principled way. So what I mean by that is you have to have a standard. And the standard that I've always defaulted to is only in cases of self-defense from imminent attack, basically.


And I think that doctrine works well in your personal life. And I think that doctrine works well as a foreign policy for the entire country. Yes. That, hey, the only time we're going to send people to fight and die is when there's really some legit threat of attack against us.


110 percent, 100 percent. I agree 100 percent. But I also think that the people that are calling for violence, that don't understand violence, they're so crazy.


You're literally like a child who is calling for a fight with someone who knows how to fight. Like if you call for violence in this country, there are what are the number of veterans in this country? I mean, it's got to be more than a million. There are so many people in this country that really understand violence, and they're not the ones calling for violence.


They're not the punch of Nazi people. Right.


The people that really understand violence and have seen violence and committed violence for their country, though, those are the motherfuckers that you break glass in case of war.


You need them. And people don't understand that like these these people running around calling for violence, calling for a revolution like you are going to open a door that you can never close.


And when those fucking soldiers come pouring out that door and they want to defend what they think is an attack on their freedoms and their country, you're fucked. Yeah. And again, that's why I'm happy to get back to the point I made earlier, that we have so many good distractions that I don't think we're going to get to the point of the Civil War. I'm God.


I hope not, because I think Netflix kind of sucks recently. Like a lot of shows are not that good. The late night shows and hold on, I would rather do a civil war than listen to Fallon.


What about. I actually agree with that. What about Cuba? I think he agrees with that. I think Fallon is like, please, I know. Give me a Muskett. I know I'm. If you watch Cobra Kai, it's fucking that's great, there's a few things that are good, kind, like a time warp. It's like you go like it's like an 80s movie. Breaking news, breaking news, marijuana legalization referendum way ahead in New Jersey.


Well, for you, Chris Christie. How about that, Chris? Well, listen, here's a reality.


Chris Christie's a healthy guy and he wants to keep people healthy. He be covered. That should be the end of lockdown right there.


He did be covered so that whatever drugs they got.


Well, I have a friend who is 80 and he just beat the shit, took some I.V. vitamins, said he was sick for four days.


New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy's highly confident marijuana will be legal. I look at him clapping.


I'm going to get his show.


Let me get my ass for they say right now, let me give you I'll tell you about the direct ballot initiatives if you want.


Yo, we got weed in a bunch of places, so we got legalizing weed in Arizona.


Yeah. Legalizing weed in Montana and in New Jersey. That's three. And then also, I think we have South South Dakota and Mississippi are voting on medical marijuana, not legal, recreational, but medical.


They don't even have medical there yet.


And then apparently the polls show that all five of those are likely to pass near in Montana.


This gets to a point in our last podcast, we spoke about this direct ballot initiatives. There's never been a better idea because usually when you put things directly to the people, they're overwhelmingly reasonable and sensible.


Yeah, yeah.


Here we go. D.C. initiative. Eighty one decriminalized psychedelic plants.


Oh, shit. Wow. And look at the numbers, 76 percent.


Oh, yeah. And in Oregon, they're holding on decriminalizing all drug drugs, all in small amounts. But look at this. That means in D.C., you're going to be able to get mushrooms finally.




How did the initiative do to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer? Wearside with 60 percent percent. Who was it that?


It was Alex Jones who said that it was an FBI organization and the two guys turned to the guys perform.


Yeah, to the guys who have called it John. Don't really need John Jones, Alex Jones, Alex Jones, they called it.


Yeah, well, this is what the FBI does all the time. They try to you know, they go into a mosque and they go, here's a bomb. And then they come back in and they go, you know, that guy was working. I mean, this is what they do. They entrap.


This is why that guy in Dallas. Yeah, yeah. They gave him a bomb.


Didn't even work. Yeah. And this is the way they operate. And this is why like Boston bombing and all these things that are weird and you don't know anything about them. A lot of it, because the FBI doesn't want you to know how they recruit informants and how they operate. They don't want to dirty it.


Dirty, seriously, a dirty bomb.


That's why I go crazy when people cite the CIA or the FBI is if these objective like serious people, bodies.


No, they're incredibly political and they've been involved in a whole bunch of shady shit and they still are to this day. So I think when they see something like gay pride or, you know, it's like insane. Like the FBI is like, yeah, it's like it's just it's absurd.


And then liberal, like mainstream liberals fall for this horseshit. It's like corporations doing Black Lives Matter stuff like, OK, you got black people working for you and you're paying them a wage that they can't even live on. Right. Their black lives matter. Raise their fucking wages. Right.


Well, that's why I support Tim Cook and Apple, because they're just they're not doing anything wrong to our people.


You know, little slavery never hurt anybody. Is anybody ever going to dress like you think?


I mean, I really do believe not to beat that old dead horse, but if one cell phone company came along and made a cell phone and started shit on all these other companies that make these phones using slave labor say no, our phones are made by union workers. They cost more, we make less. But we can sleep good at night.


Yeah. So I don't know because I feel like it has to be addressed at the top level. That's one you can't do at an individual level or the bottom up. Like market forces are not enough to fight something like that. You actually need action from people with authority and power.


But it's also it's such a complex thing to make a cell phone, it seems like. And also you have to get in in Verizon and AT&T, remember, like Verizon had to deal with Wall Way. They're about to go nationwide with Verizon.


And then the government came in and said, is it and then, boom, they're gone and now they're banned and you can't even buy routers, modems.


And. Right.


Actually, they're doing, I think, some sort of antitrust case against Google. Now, the government sued Google. I'm not sure if it's to break them up or whatever, but I think it's about their search engine. I think, you know, listen, we do have a lot of things that are effective monopolies, and that's a real problem. That's a real problem. The consolidation of power.


Well, we could with corporations certainly say that about social media companies. Absolutely. And you really say that about Twitter. The Twitter, you know, through no fault of their own is a monopoly. It's not like they bought out all the competition, but somehow or another, they made something that was so effective that nobody else really came up with a viable alternative.


And they've become the number one source of distributing hateful messages.


And what's scary, what's scary is how much like mainstream journalists view their job as to, like, run to the mods to tell them when somebody acting up or saying something, that's not true. You know what I mean? And I know you and Glenn talked about this is something I've talked about a lot as well, that really I mean, it is the case that now the new public square is Twitter, Facebook, these big social media companies. So honestly, if we believe in the principle of the First Amendment, the US Constitution, you should expand that and basically treat these companies like public utilities and expand free speech protections to make them apply to everybody.


The only time, like, listen, direct threats of violence, we all agree you can't have that right. But outside of that, I mean, if somebody is just saying no doxxing, no hurt, no threats, direct threat doxxing, direct threats of violence, harassment, distribution of someone like if someone breaks in your iCloud and gets all your dick pics. Kyle can't do that. Yeah, can't do that. Don't do that. That's wrong. That's wrong.


But other than that, yeah, I agree.


And I think the problem is that the medium is so flawed that it's a great way if everybody plays by some real moral ethical standards of just don't say anything to someone, you wouldn't say to their face and try to do it in a kind way and don't try to hurt people's feelings if like, we would all act in that, like even if you disagree with someone.


I mean, that's fucking stupid, this is why it's dumb, but people, when they read mean things to her, it literally does hurt them. It gives them pain and we discredit that pain. We dismiss that pain as long as it's convenient to us. Now, if someone is giving that pain out to someone who's saying something that we don't agree with, then we fully support and we love it.


But if someone is dishing that pain out to someone who we think is a protected person, then we get offended, you get very offended and we apply different standards.


That's right. I mean, listen, I just don't read it. Do you read your stuff? Yeah, I don't read it because when you hit a certain point, it's like, oh, this is not adding anything to my life.


I would be an insane person to like every time I have a podcast that's controversial, there's thousands of people that you can't escape it because then the L.A. Times will write an article and blame you for things.


And you're like, I think it's important to read all of the negative comments and then respond in kind to the Times will write an article not once to the L.A. Times. Some publications will write an article based on a couple of mean tweets. That's right.


Couple of mean tweets and pretend that the relevant and write a whole article about it, ignoring any positive tweets or negative tweets or narrative or tweets, rather, that are in conflict with that narrative forming.


But they want a certain narrative and they're going to search. But I support that too, because that's the First Amendment. That's freedom to do whatever they want. Absolutely.


I just think that we have this weird time where we're in this weird time, this sort of adolescent stage of information distribution where it's so like with Alan Levin, Evarts calls processed information the way it's bad for you, the same way it's processed food is bad for me.


And I felt like that was a really great way of analogy, making an analogy, because it's that processed food, we all agree. It's like you can eat it. It's not good for you. If you do it all the time, you're going to get sick. And that's the same thing with processed information.


If if your person now, particularly during covid, it's it's a huge issue because many people were they really were detached from the outside world, especially people with compromised immune systems who are scared to go outside older people.


They just only communicated with people online. And so you're just doing your communicating with people through Facebook messages and, you know, and you just fucking arguing with people. And no one is you don't see anybody. No one's in front of you.


And how many people are even good at that? Right. We're so bad at that. Just in talking face to face, people are bad.


Yeah. Kellyanne Conway just came out and said, you will hear from the president tonight. All that means he's probably going to try to declare victory. I wondering if that is the case, but Kellyanne is saying that on Twitter, Texas went right, bitch. There you go.


That's more what I thought. Yeah.


What happened? I'm just listen, I'm not even rooting for anybody. This is only. Yeah, it doesn't sound like you are.


Yeah, I know. Anyway, I don't. Yeah.


Sixty six percent though. There could be more. Yeah, but it won't be, it's going to, it's going to lean red. I'll tell you right now, that's maybe the last election. Republicans can safely say they have Texas.


Oh yeah. They barely got it. Barely got it. Now we're nowhere near. What is the numbers Jimmy. Go back to that.


As far as percentage counted, yeah, it's only 66 percent. They could lose it already. Still, 34 percent is a lot of fucking people.


It's like four, three to four, two, three. Not that's not. Thirty four percent is a lot. And imagine all these fucking liberals out here that came with me from from California that Donald Trump runs his fall time.


Christiania they have moved to. So Florida is going to Trump while Kansas went red. How weird. Florida is going to Trump.


I think the ones that are on bold red colors. They've called. Yeah they've called. Yeah, I'm kidding about Kansas. Of course it's right. Now, what about Ohio? So it looks like Florida to Ohio.


That's more reflecting what the polls were. It showed Trump a little bit up. Now Trump's up in Ohio. So let me see.


Let me see this. Ohio, Florida, Texas. What else is he actually, he needs Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. It doesn't look good.


Does it get can it get anything else to make up for go to Pennsylvania? Maybe. But he doesn't it's not possible. Like he would he could Jack Nevada. But that's not going to be good enough. He's way off in Pennsylvania, though.


Look at that. Only 17 percent reporting. Yeah, but no, no, no. He actually that's not terrible because they count. I think they count the mailings first there. We'll look at them. No, let me let me fact check that it's only 17 percent.


But he's off by. What is that? Fifty. There's sixteen thousand. There's time.


There's a lot of time. There's a lot left to report.


A lot of farmers. What about California? How's California, Sylvania, Pennsylvania? I think it's still open. Go to California something. There you go. To excuse me. Oh, you're right about Pennsylvania, Joe. You're right about Pennsylvania. They count the results are released from Election Day first and then they do the MALINS. Joe Biden already has a lead then that's looking good for Biden. The problem.


And if Biden wins Pennsylvania, he's got it. That's it.


Well, the weird thing is, though, Pennsylvania's 17 percent reported Pennsylvania might be one of those slow counter, their slow counter they are because they had to wait to count the mailings or is there any more?


We see the governor of Pennsylvania driving a Ferrari in two weeks and Biden wins.


Is there is there yet with a new laptop? And is there any cover?


And is there any way that Trump wins the popular vote and loses the Electoral College less than a one percent chance?


OK. Well, there's a popular vote right now. What do we got, Jamie? Doesn't matter what it is now, it's not going to. I know. Why don't I just want to know.


I've got a question is ahead to two million. He's ahead by a million. You know, so this is look, you know, a lot of this is kind of looking like Biden looks like Biden if he gets Pennsylvania.


No, no, no, no. Not for nothing right now. This is not terrible for Trump. OK. The only issue for him as of this moment is Pennsylvania Darnton time.


What if he gets Nevada? Arizona. He's not he's not going to get why he can't win, no, no win, no way he can win without Pennsylvania, Florida.


Those those two are so important to get Florida's going to get Florida. It looks like he's got Florida. But if he loses Pennsylvania, that's a wrap.


That's right. That's right. There's really no other path. They're lying and saying, oh, maybe we can win Nevada. They're not winning Nevada. He's eight more than eight points down in Nevada.


Let's see, Nevada. What's Nevada? I'm saying the polls close. You close your. So weird, man, it's also weird, let's do a monarchy. You know what I mean like this is that every every year this is enough. Let's do it.


Let's just do a king and a queen like the king of Thailand to do so as an official concubine, somebody that can figure it out.


You want me to give you the best numbers for Trump? Yes. OK, I'll give you the best numbers for Trump.


There's some evidence out there that he's still got it. He's still got a shot.


So when pollsters ask, are you better, better or worse off than you were four years ago, 50 percent say better. Only 34 percent say worse.


That's crazy because you got to be worse than you were eight months ago. That's what I'm saying, too.


But this is what the poll shows. An NBC News Wall Street Journal poll is totally legit. The last time an incumbent lost better poll to 37 percent and worse pulled at 40 percent.


And that was George H.W. Bush in 1992 that turned.


It's tricky. There's also a big enthusiasm gap, so only forty six percent of Biden supporters strongly support him, 66 percent of Trump supporters strongly support him.


I'm amazed the forty six percent of Biden supporters, I think 39 percent of them are lying.


Yeah, most of them are lying. They say Trump. They like Komala and they hate Trump.


Yeah, I think they'd have a better chance of Komala was on the ticket in the front. I think it was Komala versus Trump. They'd have a better shot.


You said it already yourself. This is really just somebody who is not Trump. That's the whole mindset. Right.


But Kamala Harris, at least we call Kamala. That's rude. It's Kamala. Is it Kamala? Kamala?


Well, not like the wrestler from back in the day.


Kamala Kamala. She I think she'd have a better shot on her own. I don't know, because she she got absolutely obliterated in the primary.


But that was because Tulsi Sankari, it wasn't just Tulsi.


She also went from pretending to be like a lefty like Bernie Sanders and talking about health care for everybody. And then by the end of the campaign, she was begging to for Donald Trump to get banned off Twitter as if that's some sort of, like, principled stand.


What was that about? She has no political instincts. And it is around her like, hey, use this as your main issue, like get him banned. You're used to putting people in jail.


She's in Twitter jail.


Do you see that weird conversation she had with Rachel Maddow where she pretended to see the fly on Mike Pence, his head, and was laughing about it? But it's so obvious that it's fake. It's the weirdest conversation.


It's so weird.


Did you see when Colbert was asking her about her strong lines of attack against Biden?


It was a debate, right? He's like, so you didn't mean we were saying it was a debate and he let her off the hook.


It's like at least bullshit us. Well, you know, don't. But give us that.


That's a that's a crazy thing. Imagine a debate. Yeah, it's like this.


Before I let you go, if you noticed the flosses on vice president pences had just the time. All right. Or if that was something that only we could see it at home, could you see it sitting next to him?


Was this this? Oh, I made that up. Look, did did you have feelings about like did you have the instinct to hard hitting journalism, you know?


Oh, that is I just you know, I think that it's important that we kind of find a way to stop.


That's the fake Aslaug I've ever heard in my life. That's like a producer laugh when you're doing a sitcom, run through my jokes.


Jeffrey Epstein and Jocelyn Maxwell have so much more integrity than these people.


Let's get real thing. There's a long history of flies landing on candidates in elections or in debates. One land on Hillary didn't want to land on Hillary in the debate with Trump. And there's another one. There's another one in the past.


Oh, fuck. It's happened with Obama before. Whom did? It has. And I remember Alex Jones saying that's evidence that he's a demon.


He said that. And then he went and he was like, Hillary smells like sulfur. Yes. Yes, that's it. He said that Hillary smells like sulfur. I know people who have been close to it. It's the smell of sulfur.


You see the guy someone took him saying all those things and put it in a song.


I did see that and it was hilarious, a fly lands on Obama's lip. I mean, how fun is that? It's a weird. So we're that flies land on people in debates and then we make a big deal of it and that becomes the number one type as opposed to the substance, the policy of what they're discussing. That's nothing. That's boring. That fly landed on a Pence's head piece of shit.


I do blame the media to even understand it. Like if somebody came up to me and were like, what? I would be like, wait, what? It's so hard to understand the intricacies of like a particular policy. Yeah.


And it's so difficult for most people that are working and they have kids and they're trying to get by to really know, like, I mean, health care, health care being explained to anyone. It's crazy, right?


So where's the money go? Nobody knows.


I think you're definitely right about that. But also wrong in one sense, which is people people generally their gut instinct is usually correct about the direction we should take.


That's true. You know what I mean? Like, oh, we've been in Afghanistan for 19 years. Should we still be there? Probably not.


Like that's what people say, that if you tell them. Yeah, but we're getting them.


We're getting the medals for the fall and they go, oh, and they go back to work like this weak economy. And they don't say if you sat down to go with getting the medals for the phone. There they go. Right.


OK, mean but the argument they really use is we're fighting for your freedom or something. So if you said is slave labor good.


Oh, no. All right. Give me your phone.


Oh, my God. Hold on. OK, yeah. No, I think, you know, like, health care is another one.


If you bring up health care, you think, hey, should everybody in the country have health care? Yes.


You know, where does that money come from? Yes.


Every other developed country health care for their people. You would have to say, oh, they say it actually saves money. That's something that.


But I think so if you ask that question, I think you're 110 percent right. But if you phrase it another way and you like socialized medicine, well, or should should you not be able to get private insurance, people would say, no, I don't want that. Right.


That's right. It is all in the framing. Yeah. Whatever answer you want.


If I really felt like my taxes were going to good, I'd feel good about paying. I always said that too. That's right. And that's the problem, is that it goes to bail out Wall Street bailouts. Military-Industrial Complex also.


You don't get a receipt. They don't show you. Yeah.


You know, like if you if you get a receipt, if you could imagine if Americans could opt in on what you put your money like, I want all my money to go to education. I can, you know, a certain like like then you realize what what people give a fuck about and what they don't give a fuck about. And. Right. You vote for that vote for where your taxes go.


And that's actually why I think in many other like European countries, they don't necessarily view taxes the same way that we do because they actually tangibly see what they're getting for that money.


They see that they get the health care. They see that they get the education. They see that they have, you know, paid vacation time by law.


For example, does every other country, every big country have socialized medicine other than us? Yes. Every other developed country has one person or another over universal health care.


Yes. They vary in terms of how they do it. So here, I'll give you an example.


Like the UK, for example, they have what's called the National Health Service NHS, and basically that's public funding of public hospitals, public doctors, public institutions.


So in other words, everything is the government when you go to the NHS and when you go to the doctor. Right. And then there's examples like I think Canada is like this and France is like this, where you have public funding of private institutions. So you have private doctors, they have their own practices. You can have private hospitals that do their own thing, but it's funded through tax dollars. So that's a little bit different in how they structure it.


So there's various ways to do it and get to universal health care. But the connecting tissue is funded through taxes, publicly funded.


And that's, you know, that creates some problems of its own. Right? Like what?


What do you think? Well, if you have in the UK, for example, they have people coming in when you don't have the tight immigration standards, you have people coming in from other countries getting operations that haven't paid into the system at all. Well, there's an old saying that becomes a problem. There's an old saying Brexit fan.


You can either have a welfare state and borders or noble welfare state and no more.


So then why do you have the squad and AOC and all these? I know Bernie Sanders said the same thing about immigration. He said open borders, his brother's proposal. That's right.


Everything Trump has said about immigration was uttered by Bill Clinton and a lot of it by Barack Obama, actually deported more than Trump. One hundred percent.


Why is this it, Paul? Identity politics like run gone so insane on the left, you can't have an actual conversation about immigration, depressing wages without calling people Nazis, social media.


There's definitely social with social media. You could shut someone down by simply saying that. But it does seem a design does seem designed like that.


AOC and all these people are pro open borders. And it seems like for what I would actually contest that I don't think they're actually for open borders, but they say they are.


She said I'm for open borders.


She's very any curbing of immigration. The discussion of it is shut down immediately by by her.


I agree with you that I agree that the discussion is usually shut down. It's de facto open borders. If they don't say open borders, they said we could come over and show up for a hearing. But you're not going to show up for a hearing because you're we let you in.


So that's. Say it's not open borders, but it's de facto open borders if there's no enforcement. So she's against any type of enforcement. So if I said tomorrow, there's no enforcement for drunk drivers, but, hey, don't drive drunk that dat's de facto pro drunk driving.


I think I think the distinction they make is criminally punishable versus civil punishment. And so they say don't treat it like the criminal matter. Treat it more like a civil matter. Now, overall, listen, I'm not how do you get money from people, though?


They come over to the country? How do you treat it like a civil matter?


As long as you don't lock them up in a cage necessarily? It does happen. I don't know. You have to ask them. I don't have the same position. So I'm just saying.


But I'm saying that's the problem with a lot of people. When you look at that flank of the Democratic Party and you go, it would be great to have health care and all these things. However, you can't just have porous borders, no enforcement. It's like crazy to think you could do that.


It is sort of overstated, though, how much they've put on this issue. It's not like Democrats, when they get in their local meetings are like, we sure should open the borders.


They're talking more about health.


But I will tell you, they're talking more about it is the reason the Trump won and it is the most popular issue. If you look at the numbers and Ann Coulter puts all these numbers up all the time, well over 70 percent of people, blacks, Hispanics, everybody, including recent immigrants, favor curbing immigration.


They do not want a just unfettered immigration.


That's that's pretty like that's pretty proven every single time.


The question is and Obama broke the deportation record, right. Obama deported more people than Trump deported this one.


I'm just wondering why it's become this this hot button issue where everybody who wants to talk about it is a racist Nazi when literally Obama, you know, understood that you needed a border wall here.


It's real simple. It's real simple. Trump is president. Trump's Republican. Trump's already been labeled a racist. Then you have these cages. You see people in the cages. It looks terrible and you see children being separated from the parents. It seems terrible. It is.


But supporting any sort of curbing of immigration supports that. So in. Right. So it's already been established, right.


Well, listen to what I'm saying. I do see what you're saying. Listen, I think that. I agree with you. People should be clear, no, I don't support totally open borders and you literally don't have a country, so you can't be in favor of that.


But should we have a process to get in here? Should the process make sense and be humane? You know, should we? Like, I do think that the thing about kids in cages, they were in cages under the previous administration and they're in cages under this administration. I do think it's a genuine humanitarian concern. When people see that, they're like, oh, man, I don't think that looks like that's a horrible thing.


Should never happen. I should say real clearly when I say Trump's been established as being racist, I mean by them. Right?


I mean, they never did launch his campaign by saying the thing. What did he say about Mexico, about the Mexicans are criminals. They're rapists. I assume some good people know.


He was saying the ones that sneak over here illegally, there's a lot of gang members who sneak over here, but that's not even backed up by the evidence.


Demagoguery. That's not even true.


When you talking about sheer numbers or that there are some, that there are some. But his argument was not that there are some. He said they're criminals, they're rapists. And I quote, I assume some are good people.


So the words you flipped it, you're saying, yeah, they come in here. Yeah, right. You're saying some of them are criminals and rapists.


He's saying the default is they're criminals and rapists. I should be clear why they're criminals. They're criminals because they don't have anything going on their country. They come over here because we have crazy drug laws and the drug war.


That's right. That whole thing. If you legalize drugs, it sounds crazy to people that don't want their kids to be hooked on drugs. And I have kids and I don't want my kids to be on drugs. But if you legalize drugs, you would essentially take the legs off of organized crime. That's literally what funded Al Capone, literally would funded all the moonshine runners. It was the fact that it was illegal and it propped up organized crime in this country.


Isn't so much of the police state that we have kind of, I guess, dependent on these silly laws being enforced. And a lot of people are drawing a salary enforcing those laws 100 percent.


A big part of what keeps marijuana illegal is the prison guards unions. Right. They try to keep the they want jobs. Right. They want jobs. They want people in jail, which is crazy.


If you really think about it, we just get to the problem where it's like there's not enough jobs right now. And that's a real problem. If you unwind what you should all these unfair system, you can have a hell of a lot of people with nothing to do. And that's not true.


You're going to have a hell of a lot of people. So we'd like, look what's going on.


Yeah, there's a lot of people that are selling prisoners, only fans. So we either and we're not prisoners guards. And now we got a podcast. Yeah. And now we sell pot. Now we do it. Yeah. Listen, there's there's a lot of things that people can do. The idea that the the thing they're doing now is the only thing they could do is ridiculous. We're treating them like the children. Right. We're treating human beings in prison.


When you when you're talking about private prisons and you talking about people generating money by people in jail, you're treating human beings like organic batteries that generate coins for you. Literally what it's like, it's the most disgusting thing that we've ever done as a culture is make it so there's more laws that keep people in jail because you can make money off those people in jail.


It's right. It's it's one of the darkest things we do.


By the way, I think it would have been great if you know Trump and if he might win a second term.


But I'm saying if he decided we spoke about this, just legalize marijuana, take it up off, take it off as a schedule one substance, or at least decriminalize it, that would have been also is there's so many people on the right that don't want that, only evangelical Christians.


And he's already got them locked down.


No, no. It's a lot of fucking hard work in right wing Ted Nugent, man. I mean, Ted Nugent got into it over pot, you know, because he's like one of those guys that thinks like, you know, hard working, hard playing. Americans don't want pot. You want to be out there killing your motivation like Ted. I smoked a lot of weed, have three jobs I work out all day. Like, what the fuck are you talking about, man?


This is nonsense. Yeah. You've got these stereotypes in your head. The polls are clear, though.


It's over 60 percent want that. So if Trump did that, it'd be popular. Tide is turned right. If you went back ten years ago would be. Yes, that's because it's information. People are getting information. But by the way, I don't think it's safe for everybody. And I've said this as a person who smokes a lot.


Yeah, I get paranoid. I was telling you, that's what happens to me personally is OK. I think it's good for you. I think I know that, Joe. I think it's good for you. I think it makes you when the paranoia wears off, you have a greater appreciation of life. I look at paranoia like little baby near-death experiences. You have an opportunity to be a good person when you survive.


I think marijuana can be a gateway drug.


It led me through the gateway to Infowars and I and I, and that was a good part of mine, a big part of my life.


The the thing about it that I'm concerned with is schizophrenia. I'm legitimately concerned with it from personal experiences, not myself, but friends.


I know people that have had particularly people that didn't smoke pot and were given edibles and had these schizophrenic breaks, not not just one either.


Multiple people that have had like really good people, good solid people with, like, really ambitious, had their shit together.


Someone gives them an edible. This will help you sleep and someone fucks up and gives them like 100 milligrams or something like that.


Joey Diaz numbers. Joey Diaz is ruined of a bunch of people no matter what he does.


One thinks it's funny when he he's like, oh, he thinks when you he's edible. What happens?


It just it's not. Started hallucinating. No, not me, not you, but maybe me. Listen, some people have a tent. Alex Berenson wrote a book about it and he debated Dr. Mike Hart from the UK, who are excuse me, from Canada, rather, who is a cannabis doctor. And, you know, he had some good points. But our parents in our experience and wrote a book about it, and he came on the podcast to talk about it, and I agreed with them for some people and it's not a small number.


I mean, it might be nine percent. I don't know what it is.


There's actually a study on this that I spoke about.


There is a small percentage that, you know, it leads to schizophrenia, it leads to schizophrenia, or people that have a tendency to schizophrenia exacerbates it.


And that's why when I you know, I used to smoke every now and then Jamie's got something raises for me.


I'm looking at something that this is not the best thing to be judging the election off. But I'm what I'm looking at.


Snopes, definitely not Snopes. I'm looking at a couple of different betting websites, live betting that's going to Trump for sports swang to Trump.


He's now on one side as high as minus eight hundred. What does that mean? Eight to one is eight hundred dollars to win one hundred dollars on that bet.


So Trump's losing. No, that's win a huge favor. Oh he's winning. And it was Biden before the. Wow. So let me come back and forth. Let's take a look at that one. Heavy to Trump. Oh shit. Could be the it could be Trump. The car bomb is not.


Hey, listen, he absolutely can win on this. Very sad. Would you be sad if you won this such.


I'm going to be miserable no matter what the fuck happens. We got a guy who's a zombie and a guy who's a fucking bloated demagogue.


I just want Candice Owens to be happy. Oh, she'll be she's going to be very happy. She's going to be very happy. So we're trying to face time right now. I'm trying to get a number right now.


You were I want to face tomatoey at the end of it to just you know, you don't have her number. I have I have her manager's number manager sent her my number. OK, so I thought it was funny to just FaceTime her, get it, get an update from Candesartan Daily Wire.


The only thing that makes me happy is the people that are going to be upset.


Well, that's the whole thing. And some of the Trump people I hate to, but I hate both sides so I can get happy no matter what.


Like no matter who wins, I can lay in bed tonight. Go. You know what?


Good, good, good. Yeah. I was going to vote for Konya.


Yeah. I'm not going to make it in my tradition if Trump wins again, because you articulate this stuff better than anybody, what is the lesson Democrats should learn, if any, to the one they should learn versus what they'll actually learn or totally different?


What they'll what they'll do is they'll say we fucked up. We should have got somebody who was more pro establishment. We got somebody who was further right. When we figure out somebody who's more like Trump and like the Republicans, that's what they'll do and that's what they'll think. What they actually should have done is realize that, hey, you guys jacked it from Bernie Sanders in 2016.


This time around, Bernie Sanders won the first three primaries. And then what happened? Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar dropped out and endorsed Biden at the very last minute because Obama gave him a phone call and told him to do it. So he threw all the votes behind Biden like that.


And then Elizabeth Warren stated, Bernie and Elizabeth Warren stayed in and siphon votes from Bernie. And then it ended up that Biden, you know, Bernie, could emerge from there on a joke.


He could have won that election. He could have won the election in 2016. He could have won.


And also, obviously this time. So now listen, dirty. The real lesson should have been, oh, my God, you should have won with Bernie. But they're not going to learn that lesson. They're going to go with fucking Amy Klobuchar. They're going to go with Kamala Harris.


Again, something along those lines would, if they could pump Bernie up with steroids and growth hormone and adding and like just back is aging up at lengthen his telomeres, keep him alive a little.


Is it possible give him some of the Trump stuff, give him some Adderall, get him on some Adderall, some steroids, give those dance moves.


I love all those dance moves in the YMCA. It's fun to stay there.


Like, I'm crying. They're like I'm crying. I'm just sitting here.


I'm so proud of whatever state Trump lost, you know, they're like, I'm crying. She was crying. Who?


Not everybody that we know, they're all crying and they all did nice things. They all, like, led a person to, you know, like I found an old woman who was blind and I led her to the polls.


I tweeted earlier today, I said I helped the blind Nazi.


OK, I got something for you guys. Oh, there are two hundred and seventy four thousand mail ballots in Philadelphia County that won't be counted until tomorrow at the earliest.


And those are very likely overwhelmingly pro Biden, you know, because they had they have a law.


You couldn't start counting until very late. So Biden wins Pennsylvania. It's over. That's right. Yeah. And it looks like he's winning. What's he out now? Let's see what Pennsylvania is now. Yeah, let's take a look.


So we were at seventeen percent about forty five minutes ago. Was that how long ago? How long do we look? Not that long ago.


Twenty could have been a half hour whatever.


Twenty seven percent. OK, let's look at it now. Twenty seven percent in and it's red. Oh shit. That's flipped. Pennsylvania's red bitch.


That's it. No but that's it. It's over Kyle. That's Tennessee. Look at him. He's angry.


Look at his face. Don't commit acts of violence. I'm flying the fuck out of the state.


Go get me the antifa face mask.


OK, if he gets it, though, if he gets Pennsylvania, it absolutely is one.


He's one real could win if he does that for sure.


It looks like he's one to me.


You've got to count all the Malins men. Yeah, but wait a minute. Hold on TV. It's only twenty seven percent reporting and you got to count on the baseball, which they're just telling you they did the most irresponsible election show of all time.


No, bro, come on.


This is actually my expertise. You're here, you guys here.


And the fact that Alex had things to do, it's balanced out.


Is Alex voting somewhere? He's definitely voting. I heard he's a big, big guy here, heard he loves Biden, you know.


Yeah. Trump trying to stop baby eaters. Well, the main man goes red, huh? Always right. Real rural. Wisconsin, Wisconsin is kind of liberal, no. Yeah, but again, those are all the on the day votes without counting the mailings yet. So when they count the mailings, Wisconsin and Michigan are going to go to Biden. What is Wyoming?


100 percent go to Trump. 75 percent. I've already called it. And there's four thousand voters. Four thousand votes.


It's like New York or California is just guaranteed to be. But look at the numbers. There's 4000 votes.


That's that's everybody there, though. That's a show. That's the whole time.


And I would do that. Yes, it's him and I, his show. They're going to do a show for everyone there. Yeah. If we do a show in Wyoming, Tim, it would literally be for all the voters, for the three electoral votes.


Yeah, we probably get more people than voted.


I bet we could get more. I'm telling you right now, I'm going to come out with a prediction right now early and see. I think it's going to be Trump.


I think it's going to be Trump. I think he's going to be Trump.




I think he's going to win to seventy eight thousand in the whole state. And there's only 4000 people have voted. The governors, Mark Gordon, my friend, the doctor, he's the governor and I'm going to call the Supreme Court's going to be all conservatives. It already is. It's six three, I know. But it's it's going to be. You're saying it's going to be nine nine at the end.


It's going to be they're going to kill off the liberals.


So I don't know. Well, they're going to I don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what that means. Was it kind of women's hold on, Kanye West voted for himself, but I won't vote as a Kanye West unless he puts in more work. What? Yes, but it won't count as a vote for Kanye West unless he puts in more work. What does that mean? That's why I'm saying I don't know what that means.


Oh, so that's just Wyoming. He's got a spot where all three live. That's why he doesn't live there permanently all the time. He lives in California as well. I mean, he does have a ranch there. He's got a gigantic like 4000 acre ranch there, Ballan. I had a dream that I moved to Wyoming where there was a rumor you did move to Wyoming.


People like Joe bought a ranch in Wyoming.


Really, people just say things that you've done that aren't true.


Is that weird being my friend? And you hear these rumors? No, I just I just go, oh, OK, good for him. Like, they like Joe bought this club.


He lives in Wyoming now. Oh, all right.


He's moderating a presidential debate. I'm like, what do you do? Do you defuse it?


Not just like this. You know, that's what I do, because the people that are saying it, I don't take seriously anyone. By the way, Lindsey Graham has officially won re-election.


Oh, Lindsey Graham now is up against now. And Mitch McConnell. I was a it it was no. I mean, this race was actually there was a chance for the other guy who runs against these guys. I mean, they're so pathetic because.


Well, then it's Amy McGrath and Amy McGrath should have been defeated by a guy named I think it's Charles Booker who is a much better candidate, but she edged him out in the primary and then she guaranteed loss to McConnell in two seconds when this Pelosi up suddenly saw it flipped.


Pelosi, she's being primaried right now by a guy by the name of Shaheed Batar. Right now, yes, I believe right now, I mean, she's going to win, she's going to win in this election, I believe so.


I believe she had batteries up this election. I should look that up when we take a look. Hmm.


Trump maybe he could do it. And this is a real interesting moment in American history.


How many guns are you going to get? If I get one or two? Do you have one?


No, I don't have one now, but I should get one. When you move here, you're going to get a gun. If if he wins, you have to move. You're right. No, I'll wait a little.


I'm going to wait a little. I'm not saying no. I'm saying I got to wait a little bit.