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Hey, Michael Knowles here, and do I have a treat for you, the latest episode of Daily Wire Backstage is right around the corner and you do not want to miss it. Join me, Ben Shapiro, Andrew Claiborne and the God King Jeremy Boring as we discuss the latest news and cultural events, all while enjoying some fine whiskey and cigars. It is going to be all that and more. Take a listen.


You guys want to open up with, like, a good old fashioned fake laugh and three, two, one.


Oh, welcome to the day they were backstage. RNC at the polls, Ed.. I'm Jeremy Boring, known around here as the God Gang, and I'm very glad that you tuned in. How well did the Republicans make their case this week? Was it a mistake not broadcasting footage on a continuous loop? Like I said they should. How many more cities will the left burn down before the election as Biden poll numbers follow him into the basement? The question is, will either of them stay there?


I didn't understand that last sentence. I really should read these things before we actually go live to. Michael, what are you doing? Oh, I'm enjoying a mostly peaceful cocktail. Oh, my God. Well, hey there. Hi there, there are folks very glad to be with you again. Joining me to discuss all of the news of this week and more, of course, Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles and a special guest, our very own Matt Walsh.


Matt, we're really glad to have you with us. We've been trying to save the Claybon for several months now, and I got no notification he wasn't going to be here. So I can only assume the worst.


We did our best. Well, this is what it is, the words of a famous man. Also, we have the lovely Elysha Cross with us via satellite. What have you got? Hey, guys, I just want to tell everybody to please stick around, because after the show, we're going to be doing an all access live with Jeremy, Ben, Michael and Matt. And don't worry, Jeremy, about Drew, even though you haven't heard from him and he is super duper old.


He's just on vacation. He hasn't died of the covid yet. And of course, I will be hosting that. Members only live stream discussion and I will try to keep the boys in line this time, unlike last week. OK, guys, I promise. And if you want to join us, you have to be an all access member. And if you're already a member, good for you. Good job. You went on this Friday, but be sure to click the link in the description once the show ends to join the discussion.


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I'm glad to hear that you're still alive.


I've been waiting now for like a sequel to Werewolf Cop and I thought the guy's gone like George R.R. Martin. Never good enough.


Matt, thank you for hanging out with us tonight. What's going on out in Pennsylvania? You know, not much, I'm just I'll try to serve well and instead try not to I'll try not to disgrace his memory, I guess, while I'm here.


Here's what you do. No matter what we say about Donald Trump, just tell us that it's actually his genius.


That's that's basically the role that I definitely can't do that. I can't. If I were to say something like, I don't know if you guys heard, but Donald Trump caught the curtains on fire in the Oval Office while he was trying to put I can't take this anymore anyway. Your job is to say that's just part of his genius, right? Like a 70 minute speech. Like, that'd be that'd be an element of genius, like just going on my actual thought there that he was going to Segway directly from the nomination acceptance into his second inaugural, which is going to continue going all the way for for several imperfect is actually going to use the racist filibuster and completely just do it for days on end.


It would have been I mean, he wanted to show that he had energy. The problem was the rest of the country didn't have his kind of energy. Most of us fell asleep. But but overall, did you guys think of the quote, a great man? Some weird. Pretty weird. Listen, first of all, it's the first time in my lifetime where the Republicans put on a better show just in terms of sheer stagecraft than the Democrats didn't like.


Billy Eilish, come on. Well, what's not to love? I think I did say last time we were together that I thought maybe it was an actual strategy on the part of the left. I couldn't figure out how they could be so bad at the optics of that convention unless unless they were doing it on purpose. If it was their way of saying, we take covid very, very seriously. It's sort of anticipation of the fact that the president would have a live audience at his at his event, even if that's what they were going for.


What a horrible miscalculation the president just looked like. What he is I mean, he's a he's a masterful showman. And he put on a, for the most part, entertaining show. I thought that at least 40 minutes of his 70 minute speech, which was actually pretty entertaining, Wagnerian ring cycle, if they had it was like nine hours long. And if they had just cut out six of the hours, really tight and excellent speech that really focused in on the contrast between the RNC and the DNC and the various visions of the country and the fact the Democrats were outside burning stuff down like literally right outside, just burning stuff down and punching little people in the head.


But, yeah, I mean, in the end, does that really I'm not sure it matters because the only thing anybody sees anywhere in the clips. Right. I mean, you can you can go on for 70 minutes. The number of people who watch that thing beginning to end is very, very low. Listen to the clips on shows like the ones that we do. Right. And that's how that's actually how they find out what Trump said.


Think. And there were some great clips. I mean, the speech was all a bit long and meandering. There were certainly some excellent aspects of the speech. You know, he he spoke in ways that he didn't speak in twenty sixteen. That actually appealed to me. I thought in twenty sixteen, the president wasn't a very good spokesperson for the sort of the ideology of conservatism, even the ideology of America, sort of credal America. I thought in this speech last night he actually did a much better job at being the, you know, being the front man for the greatest country on Earth.


Matt, what do you think of the speech? Yeah, I thought it was interesting in the middle when he read the entire script of Gone with the Wind as a as an attack on political correctness.


I mean, when it comes to what it comes down to it, I think that there's been maybe three political speeches in the history of the world that have actually mattered, maybe three to five, maybe the rest of them. Everyone forgets about five seconds later. So like Ben said, I think the takeaway from the RNC is not anything that anyone said. It's what was happening outside when they were leaving and they literally got left is flipping off old ladies as they're crossing the street.


I think that's the number one, I guess we could say positive that the RNC could take away, because that's what people are going to remember, you know, speech.


I think it's also when we think back on party conventions, whether it's the Republicans or the Democrats, there are a few moments that come to mind. Reagan had a good line in 90 to where he joked about how he knew Thomas Jefferson. That was kind of a funny bit. Clint Eastwood talking to the chair. That was kind of a funny bit. Pat Buchanan's culture war speech sometimes comes back up. Other than that, people don't. Reagan in 76, there were these few moments that come back up.


Otherwise they're just the rah rah rah for the base to get the poll numbers up. This one was the first time that I think there are multiple moments that will be remembered. And the one thing that Trump did very well and the people who put it together did very well is they they built it up. So there was a big finale first couple of days. There were some snoozers in there. There were some clunkers. There were good moments, too, but it built and built.


You had that two nights ago. You had Sister Dede Byrne, who Sister Doctor Col de Byrne gave this great speech on abortion. And then last night you had these moments. And Dawn the was that. That was the moment. That was the moment. I mean, that was the greatest moment where we talk about it. Let's let's play that the the clip of. Yeah, here we go. Yeah. Yeah.


I relive that horror in my mind every single day. My hope is that having you relive it with me now will help shake this country from this nightmare we're witnessing in our cities and bring about positive, peaceful change. In a time when police departments are short on resources and manpower, we need that help.


We should accept that help. We must heal before we can effect change. But we cannot heal. Amid devastation and chaos, President Trump knows we need more Davids in our communities, not fewer.


We need more Davids in our communities, not fewer. During the DNC, they brought out that that young lady whose father had died of coronavirus and she essentially blamed her father's death on her father for being a fool and on Donald Trump for giving, I guess, saying that we should fishtank cleaner or whatever her issue was. I thought that it was the worst moment of the DNC. I thought that it spoke ill of almost every person involved. Contrast that with this, which I think was the highlight of the RNC here, someone not putting the blame in the wrong place or someone who has suffered a true tragedy, who has accurately identified what the source of that tragedy was and who's telling the American people about it directly because the media just hasn't.


Very powerful stuff.


I mean, they've been doing this whole say their names, say her name, say his name stuff for a long time. And they never actually distinguish between any of the facts of the case is here, right? You're supposed to say Jacob Blake's name, despite the fact that he was a person with an open warrant for sexual assault and domestic abuse who resisted arrest, apparently withstood two Taser rounds and then walked over to the other side of his car in defiance of police officers, reached into the car, which will get shot under all circumstances.


And also, there was a knife on the floorboards of the driver's seat of the car. I mean, this is like the definition of a justified shooting under all circumstances, a car full of kids and a weapon you don't even together with kids. And you're going to let him drive away as he the guy with the domestic abuse and the sexual assault convictions and an open warrant. You say his name in the same sentence that you say Ahmadabad, which is a completely different case.


You say that in the same way that you say Rihanna Taylor, which, by the way, is another case where the police officers there is literally no path to indicting the police officers because the police officers did not violate the law. You may not like no knock warrants, but there is no way you can police officers in the Rihanna Taylor case if you examine the facts of the case, period, end of story. And it's all say their names, that we all understand their names.


I mean, we all name like we all know their names. But Michael Brown is treated exactly the same way as George Floyd is treated exactly the same way as I'm Afmadow. By the name that will never get said. There is David Talk and nobody will ever say David Dawn. And this is why people got so angry inside the Democratic Party. When was the Burgess Owens who said All Black Lives Matter and Terry Crews, Terry Crews that all black lives matter?


Yeah, they said the territory crews had all Black Lives Matter and Don Lemon went insane because the moment you mention the fact that all black lives matter, including people who are more likely to include in cases that are far more indicative of a national trend like David Dorn's murder, then then police officers randomly shooting black people, they get very upset because it misdirects away from the narrative. They want to draw a narrative that is completely at odds with the facts and that leads to the sorts of rioting and looting that you're seeing in America's major cities.


There is no way for Democrats to simultaneously make the case that America's systems are so rotted through evil and terrible that we need systemic, fundamental change. All you have to do is stop the rioting and looting for five seconds to elect this octogenarian white guy who used to hang out with segregationists. And Kamala Harris is calling him a racist. Five seconds go let him and he will fix the system. You can't argue the system needs to be torn down and simultaneously need to argue that the system it needs to withstand outside forces.


And by the way, that clip that that we just saw, Vandoren, it doesn't even do justice. You've got you got to watch the whole speech because she's going through this this very personal account of how when her husband would get a call in the middle of the night, he would usually wake her up. But because this was so dangerous, he didn't wake her up. And it was absolutely heartbreaking. There was not a dry eye in the house of anybody who was watching this.


And I think this also was the key not just to why Anderson was so effective at communicating her message, why other people were so effective. It's the whole RNC was specific. I watched that whole DNC. I couldn't see one argument for what Joe Biden's going to do, why we should elect him was all vague generalities orangeman bad Orangeman that it basically was Orangeman bad. Whereas with Trump, whether you like the guy or not, he told you exactly what he did, exactly what he was going to do, and the specific stories of people who have been affected by these left wing policies, I found it very effective.


So speaking of names that will never be said by the left, Rand Paul leaving the White House last night after the conclusion of the president's speech, a sitting United States senator accosted and a police officer assaulted it. Has anybody in the media mentioned it? I think we have a clip. Whitmont got more than. I like that the senator actually turns around to make sure that the police officer I know it's a great move just shows character. These people are literally too stupid to insult their literally too stupid to insult their screaming at him, say her name.


He's the sponsor of the Justice for Brianna Taylor Act, which bans no knock raids, no knock drug warrants. They're insane. They don't give a crap about policy. They don't want anything. The reason I brought up my cell phone here is because here was the headline you asked whether the media said anything about this. Here is the headline from the Associated Press. You ready for this? This is pretty spectacular. Senator Paul complains about angry mob encounter after RNC.


Unbelievable. Next thing you know, I think. Yeah. Did he pounce? That's what I want to know. By the way, if anybody is going to be, you know, somewhat, I would say, skittish about encounters with people who want to do them harm in public office. Probably Rand Paul, who narrowly avoided being shot to death on a congressional baseball field and then narrowly avoided being beaten to death by his next door neighbor in Kentucky.


That guy seems like he probably has a leg to stand on when he's like, yeah, I felt a little threatened there. Yeah, that's again. Imagine for one second that was Dianne Feinstein rather than Rand Paul. And I imagine those were Tea Partiers or alt writers rather than rather than what they were, which are Black Lives Matter and anti protesters, rioters, looters and and crazy people. And and you can see how the media covers this sort of stuff.


This brings me to one of my complaints about our president. You know, Donald Trump, especially when he took office, I think it persists, persists a bit to this day. He has an almost constitutional aversion to criticizing anyone who flatters him. The key to Donald Trump's heart is to be nice to Donald Trump. And so it doesn't matter if you're a horrible regime, doesn't matter if you're a totalitarian like Kim Jong un. It doesn't matter if you're a Saudi princess.


If you're nice to Donald Trump, Donald Trump finds it very difficult to say anything negative about Wannan. Right foot on very, very recently. Back during the Charlottesville rally, the Unite the right rally, Richard Spencer, three years ago, President Trump wasn't. Now they'll say that Donald Trump said that the neo-Nazis who murdered someone with their car were fine people. Obviously, if you look at the transcript, he never said that he was referring to people who were marching.


And he explicitly said, I am not talking about the neo-Nazi white supremacists. Nevertheless, for me, for my tastes, the president was playing footsie with the alt right during the twenty sixteen election. And and I wish that he'd had a more full throated rebuke even during the Charlottesville time. Nevertheless, here we are three years later and we still hear that. By the way, as far as I can tell you, don't get that checked by Twitter or Facebook or Google.


If you say that the president called Nazis, find people. So I'm telling you as a Trump skeptic, something I don't like about the president, I think that it's a character flaw on his part, that he's afraid to give a full throated rebuttal of horrible people if those people are in any way supportive of him. And yet. And yet. And yet the left is burning down major American cities. Seattle on fire, Portland on file fire, Wisconsin, Minnesota, all these states have cities on fire as we speak, right outside the White House itself, a sitting senator being accosted by protesters.


Many videos that came out today. I can punch you in the head. I mean, that is horrible. Violence and actual death, like not just one. Many, many people have been hurt at this point, have been killed in the vast number of riots that we've seen. That's right. Will the left condemn this for any reason at all, and then the answer comes, it comes from on high. They are, in fact, finally, three months later willing to condemn it because it hurts the polling or for Joe Biden.


Don Lemon of CNN goes on the air and actually has and actually has this to say. Do we have that clip?


14 has to stop, Chris.


As you know and I know it's showing up in the polling. It's showing up in focus groups.


It is the only thing it is the only thing right now that is sticking. And the Democrats tonight stuck with that. Right. And they also stuck with the theme that you said.


The coronavirus, you got coronavirus and you have Kenosha. That's it, Matt, when you when you see this kind of unbelievable hypocrisy, I know, I know you were a skeptic as we're been, and I was not here to say that I was only pro Trump guy. You're pro Trump, but you're not likely to tell me that it was an act of sheer genius when the president said that there were five people on both sides. It was an act of sheer.


Mayor, does this give you does this give you pause about your support for the president? Well, look, I mean, obviously, there's there's no scenario where we'd be better off with the Democrats, so that's always been my my position and why I was I've always been pretty sure I'm going to vote for Donald Trump. There's no chance I'll be voting for anybody else. Certainly. And I certainly am now. But here's my my concern is that because we all have the memory of houseflies, my concern is that this very cynical move by the Democrats may actually pay off.


I know recently I've been thinking because of all the rioting, well, there's just no way Donald Trump can lose. There's no way that I mean, it turns out people don't like having their houses and their businesses burned out. People actually are against that. But if the Democrats and all these writers, of course, are Democrats, if they realize what they're doing and say, hey, we're going to hold off now until the next Republican is president, I wonder if come Election Day, because it's a couple of months behind us, everyone's already forgotten about it.


I kind of think in order for this to to matter, in order for the riots to affect the way people vote, it needs to be happening like as they're voting. It needs to be that present in their mind.


I guess that's a good question. Can they put the genie back in the bottle? I mean, the cynical play by the left is to have unleashed these rioters, winked at these rioters, actually supported, openly supported, paid for their bail. Yeah, but they don't control the rioters. Michael, this is stop this. This is the issue.


When you play with fire, you might get burned. People sometimes say if we get into a war, here's what's going to happen. And then the first month it'll be this and six months later will be this. You can't once war starts once once things spiral away from law and order, they get out of your control and you can't control them. And it's this this issue, you know, to this point about the alright right. And Trump playing footsie with anybody.


Donald Trump has been saying since the 90s, since the first time he thought about running for president, he said that David Duke is a Hitler lover. Right. He's condemned these sorts of people and he's done it again and again and again, specifically on David Duke, such that in twenty sixteen he actually said, how many times do I have to talk about David Duke? I don't know David Duke. I hate David Duke. He's a bad guy.


Whatever. He was joking about that just last week. Richard Spencer, the guy who was behind the Charlottesville rally, is the most prominent white identity in the country. He endorsed Joe Biden and he said, I'm not doing this. Ironically, I think Biden is more competent than Trump, so I'm going to vote for Joe Biden. You'll never hear a peep about that. You will never be asked to condemn anybody, even even Don Lemon there. He doesn't say I'm condemning these people.


He's just saying it's not good politics. Guys come down for a little bit. So the question becomes, do we even play their game? They will. They will never be asked to condemn the riots. And so why why do we always play on their footing? Why are we always playing defense when they're only playing offense?


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You've basically not only ignored the violence in America's major cities, we have suggested that Donald Trump is a fascist, an outright fascist for attempting to stop the violence in America's major cities. They have termed rioters and looters protesters for purposes of calling Trump a fascist, for sending federal forces into places like Portland or for threatening to send federal forces into places like Seattle. Remember Tom Cotton's op ed calling for the use of the Insurrection Act to stop rioting and looting was seen as such a threat to quote unquote protesters that they fired the op ed editor of The New York Times for running the thing.


So they've been playing running this interference game where they conflate the rioters and the looters and the protesters for months. OK, so they were able to get away with this and say and no violence was occurring last like two days ago. The CNN, Kiran. Well, Guy was on screen talking about things on fire. Behind him was fiery, but mostly peaceful protests, which, as well as British Bridget Phantasy said, is like the Titanic coverage, saying watery but mostly safe.


Boy, I like that. That's not the way this works. They've been playing this game where violence is a figment of your imagination. We've all been going nuts, right, tearing out our hair. Well, in the last two days, the Democrats realize there's a problem. And so now Joe Biden is planning. Apparently there's that, Kiran. Apparently, Joe Biden is now playing this game where he is going to go to Wisconsin. He's going to go to Minneapolis and he's going to make speeches saying that the rioting and the looting are bad.


Now, you can guarantee the first thirty five minutes of each one of those speeches or the first thirty five seconds because that you can't do a 30 minute speech first. Thirty five seconds of that of that will be dedicated to how America systemically racist and completely evil. And all of the anger that we're seeing in the streets is justified anger. It's just that the violence itself is unnecessary. Now we know that's. Come on. Come on. That's exactly what he said, right?


He actually made a statement and his condemnation of the violence was it made him sick to his it didn't make him sick to your stomach to watch entire cities burn. It didn't make him sick to his stomach to watch what happened to David Dorn. It made him sick to his stomach to see what happened to Jacob Blake. That's what he said, because it happened in broad daylight and a police officer shot this guy directly in the back. Kamala Harris, by the way, says no investigation really necessary to convict the officers, indict and convict the officers.


And so Joe Biden basically trots along with the narrative put out by the rioters and looters. And then he says, but guys, really, this isn't necessary because if you like me, I'm just going to do all that stuff for you or I'm just going to I'm going to go ahead and I'm just going to make the policy changes that you want me to make is that can be effective in shutting down the rioting, in the looting. Well, if these guys are smart, then, yeah, it will be because they're basically getting what they want.


But I think some of them are don't give a crap about any of this. I think what they give a crap about is mainly burning things. And so eventually the question is going to be whether Democratic mayors decide to shut it down with you. Matt, you were one to jump in there, I think. Yeah, I just I think of the irony here, I really think that the the short attention span of the American people is the number one challenge for political campaigns.


Now, I think it just redefines everything. I think we might look back and say that the Monica Lewinsky scandal was the last real political scandal in history because it's the last one that people really talked about for years. Really, we just don't do that anymore. So the irony is that the thing that has helped Trump and that has made him sort of Teflon for the last three years may be turning against them because you think about all these scandals, whether real or imagined that in the past would have just totally destroyed.


I would start with the Access Hollywood tape, you know, just a couple of weeks before the election. I mean, you think back in history, it seems like that would have completely destroyed politicians. It didn't touch him, I think. And we assumed it's because of some something particular about his character and who he is that these things don't stick. I think that's part of it. I also think it's just that's the way in our in our media saturated culture.


And you think about impeachment. I mean, the Democrats didn't even talk about impeachment at their own convention because even something like impeachment used to be a huge deal. It's only happened a few times in history. We've already no one's talking about that anymore. We've already moved on from it, which for good reason. But so so now I'm just wondering if this is flipped against Trump and the thing that should stick to the Democrats won't.


We also need to make sure we don't let elected Democrats distance themselves from the rioters, which is what they're trying to do. We use all these terms, BLM, anti rioters, protesters, they're Democrats, they're Democrats doing things on behalf of Democrats. There are elected Democrats and prominent media Democrats who have directly called for these kinds of riots in this kind of violence. Maxine Waters said, when you see Republicans in the streets, mob them, surround them, create a crowd.


You had Chris Cuomo on CNN saying the protests don't need to be peaceful because he hasn't read the First Amendment. You had Hillary Clinton say that you can't be civil with a political party that disagrees with you. You can't be civil. Well, what's the opposite of civil? What does that leave room for? These are some of the most prominent Democrats in the country. They told these writers to go out and get violent. That's what they did. And we shouldn't let the elected Democrats get off the hook for what they're going to try to do for the next several weeks.


Yeah, if only there was an organization devoted to reporting on the actual things that are said by politicians. You might actually have a prayer of some of the sticking to your point. The news cycle moves so fast now and Democrats have absolutely no incentive to put the focus anywhere except on Orangeman bad. And they basically want to destroy Donald Trump through a thousand paper cuts. Right. They've realized no single scandal is going to bring him down. And so instead it's sort of a shotgun approach where every single day they make you believe that.


Here's the latest outrage, the latest outrage, the latest outrage from Donald Trump. And you see it working a lot of our friends. Listen, I didn't vote for the president in twenty sixteen. And the only thing that kept me from being a prominent never Trump is that I'm not prominent. But it wasn't for lack of trying. I I famously wrote that I thought during the last Republican National Convention, I said that for conservatives, the election was already lost no matter what went on to happen.


In November, and even I can tell you that I've watched many of our peers who were in that never Trump movement in twenty sixteen actually fall for this sort of media approach we're in, they are outraged by every outrage. And so they are in a constant state of being outraged. No matter what the actual thing is, no matter whether it's actually relevant, no matter whether it's actually true, it's sort of like conspiracy. All conspiracy theories basically thrive on the preponderance of false evidence.


Somebody will say, but if there's if we really landed on the moon, then why? If there's only one source of light on the moon, why are there two shadows? You know, there's two there's actually two sources of light. There's the sun and the moon and the glow, which reflects so much light that you can read in the dark during a full moon on earth. Two hundred thousand miles away. But the flag, why did the flag wave if there's no radiation belt?


And what about the Van Allen radiation belts?


In other words, no matter you can't speak to enough of these things. Yeah, they can just move right on to the next. And that's what that's the approach that the media has taken with the president. Although I will say I think they thought they thought they had a silver bullet. They did try that strategy for years on end. And I think they've had that. They thought they had the silver bullet in the coronavirus. And that's why they're really kind of two themes and they keep coming back to.


Right. You saw in the last couple of nights in the RNC as it became absolutely clear that the Democrats completely blew it when it came to violence in the major cities the entire media immediately swiveled to. But look at how there's a crowd on the South Lawn. They're not wearing masks. They're sitting right next to each other. That was the coverage last night. The coverage last night was a look at these terrible people who are sitting there right next to each other and breathing on each other.


What about the people who are going to try to mug them when they leave the White House? Will that crowd know this? And this is how you know what insane hypocrites they are. Literally, the next day there are fifty thousand people on the National Mall standing directly next to each other, most of them not wearing masks. And the media don't mention one time social distancing or mask wearing. I think that the Democrats thought that covid was going to continue to be the chief issue in everybody's mind all the way up till November.


I don't think they're right about this. I think that, you know, so you may have seen when we were the number one publisher in the world on Facebook in the month of July, Daley, first time that I think certainly that any Internet media company has ever known.


Kevin was at The New York Times, the number one publisher in the world on Facebook in July. And in news coverage of this, they said one of the interesting things is all of the other people in the top category devoted all of their coverage. The majority of their coverage to coronavirus and daily was sort of uniquely devoted, our coverage during the month of July to the burning down of major American cities, and that you could and they were sort of coming to the realization that, oh, the entire media is an echo chamber and they don't talk about what people are interested in.


They talk to try to grab to to Astroturf interest into the people. We talk about what people were really interested in. And it shot us up to the very top of the charts. I want to brag some more about the daily wire and how good we are, how we're number one, and how we love to hear the lamentation of our enemies.


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You really should listen to it. But I did listen to this episode one time in which Elysha and the girls tried to explain now how raising urban quail's is a superior alternative to raising urban chickens and how you can do both without being in any way hipster. What reminded me that Alysha Krauss has many talents knowing what the word hipster man is, not one. I'm sure you there with us.


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I do prefer whiskey to quail. I do. I like quilting.


But you can cook the quail in the whiskey double win. All right, guys, I'm here to remind everyone to stick around for the all access live after the show and join Jeremy, Ben, Michael and of course, Matt Walsh. Welcome mat for a members only discussion. And I will be there moderating and I'm still looking around for my whistle. I know you guys don't really like soccer, but I have my red card handy and ready to go if you want to join.


I don't know what any of those words meant.


I can't wait to pretend to be injured, though. Whatever it is, I it fake out just to get Ben in trouble for the red card. He doesn't care.


Michael and I were recently in Tennessee and we saw what appeared to be we were at a distance, I have to admit, we were in a vehicle. What appeared to be grown adults playing soccer, obviously not possible. Yeah, it was one hundred degrees. Eighty percent humidity in central Tennessee. And they were wearing masks because of their deep fear of the wrona. And all I could think is if you walked over to one of the soccer players with no mask on and just said hello, they'd fall to the ground holding their knees.


Oh, I think writhing in agony.


Oh, Lord, I'd say my middle should definitely play soccer. She does a fake out all the time. But if you want to join us to see who gets the red card the most and my bets on Michael, I don't know. Maybe it'll be Ben, maybe even Matt, even though the poor guys from afar, if you want to join us, you have to be an all access member. And if you're a member, click the link in the description once the show ends to join in on the discussion.


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Yeah. What are some of the members are already getting into the discussion. Carol says that she loves you guys and she's looking for your opinion about the possibility of whether or not there could be a President Pelosi. Dear God, I hope not. If the election is unsettled and it's a good thing that Drew isn't here because he might be triggered by this next question. Some of the commenters are locked in a heated debate and they're wondering who has the best hair of all of you guys.


Marc says that he thinks it's Michael and that Michael is his, quote unquote, hair hero.


Come on, go on the line.


Maybe we'll settle that debate and more during the all access right after the show. Thanks, Alicia. We'll be over there and look forward to weighing in on all the important issues.


So one of the questions that we've been debating since the very beginning of this election, I think we talked about it last week after the DNC. I have maintained from the very beginning that there would never be any circumstance in which the Democrats would put Joe Biden on a debate stage with Donald Trump this last week after seeing the performance that the president gave, saying that the overall performance of all the Republicans at the RNC, how they were willing to take the fight to the Democrats and after the speaker of the House herself, Nancy Pelosi, actually floated the idea of Joe Biden not doing a debate.


I was the only one last week who said that there wouldn't be a debate. I think I put a little money on the line, one to go around the horn, see if you guys have had the opportunity to realize just how right I am. Michael, what do you think?


I would have disagreed a couple of weeks ago, but I think now it's becoming more likely. They had had these op ed columnists, these Democrats floating this idea that Biden doesn't debate that didn't stick. Now you have Pelosi. She's the most powerful elected Democrat in the country. She's floating it. It's a little more serious. The one reason, though, and Ben and I were talking about this a little bit earlier today, the one reason why I think Biden still has to debate is because the convention didn't work for the Democrats.


It's not even just because the Democrats are burning down the country. The convention was supposed to give them a boost in the polls. You don't really see that choosing a vice president was supposed to give you a boost in the polls. That did not happen. Actually, Rasmussen showed that it hurt Joe Biden. And I suspect we don't have the numbers yet. But I suspect that President Trump is going to get even more of a boost out of the RNC.


So the numbers are not. Trending in Biden's direction, and I think if he shows the cowardice of not going up and debating that, it's it's going to hurt him even more. So my money is still slightly on his going and showing up to some kind of debate. But it's pretty clear at this point the party itself does not want him on that.


I'll tell you what's really got me was reinforced for me that there won't be a debate. And it's that on social media, all the Democrats and people with whom I'm personal friends have all started saying that Donald Trump doesn't want a debate and that Donald Trump is asking for a fourth debate to set up for the idea that that he won't do any debates because Biden will do a fourth debate. In other words, they are creating. They're projecting. That's right.


Ben, what do you think? No, I think Biden has to debate. I mean, at this point, the election is too close. And it is I mean, people are looking at that. National numbers, though, the national number matters and the national number does not matter. He's running up the score in California. They're running up the score in New York. But you can see the polls have narrowed considerably in the last couple of weeks in virtually every swing state.


He's now back in the lead in North Carolina, which obviously he has to win. But the lead is basically down to zero in Minnesota with this, because I can't think of any other reason other than the riots in Minneapolis. The numbers are going to close extremely fast in Wisconsin. I think that Trump right now has the upper hand in Wisconsin. What Trump really needs is in the same way that Barack Obama doubled down on the voters who brought him victory in 2008 and actually lost some votes from 2008 to 2012 and then won re-election because he got the people who loved him the most to show up in even greater numbers.


That's kind of what Trump is doing in the rural areas. So he's he's saying, you know what, I can compete a little bit in the suburbs. I'm going to give up the cities almost completely. I need the people in rural areas to show up like twice as much. And Kenosha is not a big city. Kenosha is a town of one hundred thousand people. It is not in the top one hundred American cities. There are lots of towns of 100000 people in the United States and towns like Kenosha are going to turn out en masse and vote for Donald Trump.


I mean, I think that he's now got the upper hand in Wisconsin. I think he is running even in Michigan. Remember, he doesn't he doesn't need to win all three of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to win one of those and maintain all the rest of the other states. So if he wins Minnesota, then he can even lose another state. Right. So he needs to win Florida. Florida really is the big one. No one's talking about because Florida, Biden seems to have fairly solid five to seven point lead in most of the polls.


But even in Florida, things are starting to close a little bit now. And I think that because Florida actually handled covid correctly, thanks to Governor Romney's answers, I think you're going to start to see some more enthusiasm for President Trump as the economy starts to reopen there. So this election is far from over. It shows you how quickly this sort of widespread perception that Biden is way ahead is dissipating, that he is now forced to travel to all the places that Hillary Clinton refused to travel last night, that you haven't been part of our bet up until this point.


Where are you on the issue of the debates? Yeah, well, I got to agree with you, Jeremy, or maybe you agree with me a bit about affairs, although I don't I could only really answer this along the lines of what what do I think he should do, whether or not he'll do what I think you should. There's a different question, but I don't see any reason or any positive, real, real positive for Biden in debating Trump, because you just have to you have to think, OK, if it goes, you have to look at it as if it goes really, really well for Biden.


How much will he gain from that as opposed to if it goes really, really poorly for him, how much will he lose? And I think he stands to lose a hell of a lot more than he stands to gain, especially because you're debating you're debating Donald Trump. I happen to think that I guess I differ from a lot of conservatives. I think that Donald Trump is abysmal in debates, I think is really bad. But and he tends to be kind of low energy to actually debates.


But but what he does, he only needs like one line, just one little. It could go for three hours. But like with with with Hillary, he just had one line. Terrible performance one time. You just said, well, if I'm elected, you'll go to jail. And and and that was that was the only thing it was the only thing that defined that entire debate. So you're debating a guy who just needs to have one little one little line like that.


And at the same time, you're also, from Biden's perspective, you're also senile. So just the risk is is extremely high for him. And I just don't see how he really has to do.


Is Biden and then called Joe Biden senile. And it gets real ugly for Joe real fast. Yeah. Once Joe gets agitated, he just he can't get it back. I mean, you've seen that you've seen this in his public appearances and people keep ignoring this, that even Joe Biden on teleprompter is better than Joe Biden off teleprompter. That's right. When he does his public appearances, every time somebody asks him a question that he doesn't like, he starts challenging them to fist fights it.


Go on. Remember, they say that going to go this or do you want to go back and push ups in the street with a brawl? That's what I'm talking about.


You know, I also don't want to just blow over something that Ben just said, which is about Minnesota. Minnesota is a blue state. Ronald Reagan won forty nine states in nineteen eighty four. He didn't win Minnesota, Minnesota. Right. Now, if you've got Donald Trump and Joe Biden running neck and neck, that is not a good sign for the Democratic Party. And you look at the national polls, that doesn't that's not how the election is going to be decided.


It's going to go state by state. And you're seeing the direct effect of the riots in Minnesota. Those riots, those protests have only been spreading the last couple of months. What does that mean for four other states?


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Tinker Bell, if you buy your cell phone, it's a hard pitch.


It's a hard pill. Some people give you the soft cell. I really go for it. That's why you're the best in the business, Ben. That's why you're the best in the business. So here we are. We're now the conventions are past. Maybe there will be debates, maybe there won't. The House is divided here. Fifty fifty on that question, although I do like how you said that there's what he should do and what he will do.


And that's always the case in politics. Almost no one in politics ever does what they should do. They almost exclusively do what they think they're supposed to do. And that's one of the reasons that we find ourselves in all the trouble that we're in this country. Nevertheless, here we are. We're in the. Run up to the election typically somewhere in the next five weeks, some sort of earth shattering surprise in the election, famously in twenty sixteen, it was the all access tape, right.


The all access tape drops only a few weeks out from the election. We all think Donald Trump's campaign is finished in two thousand eight. It was the actual collapse of the American economy, the American economy. What's it going to be this time? I mean, there's no way 20 twenty doesn't give us the craziest literally about to say this. So channeling our friend, our late departed friend, Andrew Clavon. So Andrew Clavon so he'll be missed. He has said before that it sometimes feels like we're one plot twist short.


As a guy who writes novels, Drew has a very good feel for sort of there needs to be one more plot twist in order to make this plot really run. And believe it or not, despite the fact that the writers in twenty twenty have gone all out, I mean, they've done everything from hurricanes to cities burning to covid-19 like literally all the impeachment. Bernie Sanders, like all the storylines, we're still a couple of plots. We're short.


I feel like there's one fairly predictable plot twist that is going to happen. And that is going to be the clear exposure of the fact that Joe Biden is not a healthy man. And the reason that I say that is because in 2016 we had the exact same thing for months and months on end. People kept saying Hillary Clinton does not look good and Hillary Clinton does not look like she is. She is quite as lively as normal. She's not on the campaign trail very much.


Remember, people make a big deal out of her hacking cough these days. That would have a completely different connotation because of covid. But she but she was kind of hacking away. And people like she really doesn't sound good. She looks tired. She doesn't deal with it. And then that was it. Because remember the conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory. And then there she is at the 9/11 memorial and she collapses into a van. And it was like, whoa, hold up.


Are we allowed to ask questions now about her state of health? And she said that it was about dehydration and it wasn't anything else and people were very suspicious. I feel like Joe Biden has been staving off the fact that he is a vastly diminished person since I mean, all you have to do is watch. It is so funny. There are literally people in the in the democratic media, and they are they are the Democratic establishment party media. It's it's insane.


I mean, I've never seen the merger of the media and the Democratic Party the way that we have seen in the recent past. It's crazy. And I've been watching it my entire life is never reached this level. They will literally call you a conspiracy theorist if you play a tape of Joe Biden from eight years ago, if you play a tape of him with Paul Ryan where he's, you know, being his smarmy self, but he's at least with it.


And then you play a tape of him now slurring his words and falling off at the end of sentences and forgetting where he is. They're like, oh, that's a conspiracy theory. He's fine. Everything's good. He's riding a bike. Everything's fine. Well, all it takes is one moment of complete lack of clarity in public, like real lack of clarity. Not in the basement. Right. Something something that that really shakes people up. And again, I don't think that it is it's not unprecedented.


It's happened repeatedly in American politics with elderly candidates. I mean, Bob Dole fell off a stage in nineteen ninety six. There are all sorts of concerns about Bob Dole's health. And he fell off the stage. And people like, oh, well, you know, he's a clumsy oaf and also he's old and what are we going to do about that? And they said they voted for Bill Clinton when they voted for Bill Clinton. And and so I feel like that's that's the predictable twist.


There's going to be some other twists in Black Swan event that I can't predict, but that one seems like fairly obvious. In the more he's out in public, the better the chance something like that happens. I think we'll I'm not rooting for it. I just think that that's a reality. When you're seventy eight years old and you are not who you once were and they're asking 15 hour days of you campaigning, there is not a recipe for are they going to have him out in public?


I mean, I guess that's the question. I think they have to yeah.


I sort of I sort of doubt that he's going to actually hit the campaign trail. But I do agree. I think he's going to have to debate and debates are long experiences. And President Trump has already said he wants Biden to take a drug test before so they don't just pump them full of uppers so he can get through an hour of debate. You know, the question is on the October surprise, not just something that happens naturally, but something that the campaigns have been holding on to and for the election, like the Access Hollywood tape, you're going to release it.


And I don't know what they're going to do on Biden. Biden's been in public life for a very long time. The rumor among all these other stupid rumors that they talk about with President Trump is they're going to have some member of the Trump family on tape criticizing him and talking about it terribly. Is one of his children or Melania or something like that, to which I would respond. Getting a wife on tape complaining about her husband is not exactly a man bites dog story.


OK, that is a sort of natural thing in the flow of of marriages. The trouble is, I mean, if that if something like that is the best they've got, it's nothing they've already thrown at President Trump. Everything they've got. I mean, they've invented things and those haven't stuck. So it's hard to imagine that they've got any October surprise. I think we'll see a leak of his tax records. I think that's what we're going to see.


And I think, of course, they're going to have some tape of Melania saying something bad. But to your point, unless it's something truly hideous. Yeah, I just can't imagine it sticking. I think it's the tax records and the spectrum of truly hideous for Trump is not the spectrum of truly. Oh, no, no. Right. I mean, Melania could be like, yeah, he's off in the closet banging nine women at the same time.


Be like you say.


You say. Matt, what do you think? Yeah, well, first of all, the idea that wives complain about their husbands, I'm sure my wife has never complained about me one time. You're right. You're right. But I also I wonder if if everything is baked in for both of these guys. I mean, you talk about the health issue. This is one of the reasons why I say he's not going to debate it, because exactly what Ben's talking about, a moment where he really appears to just lose it and freeze.


That's what that's the risk. And so why would you even take that risk, especially when you can you can get out of it just by giving setting some standard or something Trump needs to do in order for you to debate. Like, I mean, really anything just something could be something the racial justice Trump needs to pledge to do this or that thing that he's not going to do. And then you can always say, well, I want to debate, but he won't do it.


So I can't say we're not going debate. But but even with the health thing, I wonder if short of something really catastrophic, like I kind of think it would have to come out that Biden is currently dead or anything short of that. I wonder if people are just going to say, well, yeah, he's an old guy and we know that. But the reason we're electing him is because he's not Trump number one. And number two, you know, this is this is a he's a transitional candidate, so we don't even need him to be healthy for the entire term.


We just need a Democrat to win the. Interesting, the one thing we know is that we don't know everything yet, that's one of the reasons, by the way, that I hate this whole idea of early voting. And both parties are really calling for early voting right now, because when parties are desperate and in times of corruption, they always call in early voting. You shouldn't vote early. Listen, I've been open about this for Ben and I.


When we first started the company, we agreed. We don't think that the highest level of transparency attainable for a media organization is to peddle the lie of objectivity. We think that the highest level of transparency is to own your biases. And so I've been open about my biases at every point along this journey. And you know that I'm most likely going to vote for Donald Trump in twenty twenty after having not voted for the president in twenty sixteen, which I also told you at the time.


Nevertheless, the reason I say most likely to vote for Donald Trump in twenty twenty is because there are still, I grant, the possibility that there are things that we do not yet know. Could any of those things cause me to vote for a Democrat? Listen, it's not impossible that I would vote for a Democrat for president. It would have to be like one step short of revolution. Like you would have to believe that the Republican candidate was such a clear and present danger to the country that you couldn't even leave it to chance.


Right. That you'd be voting against everything you believe in would mean that whatever that person represented would have to be even more of what you don't believe in. Is that likely to happen in this situation? Of course not. As you said, they've thrown everything. They've got it by President Trump. I think we know most of what there is to know about him. Nevertheless, I do believe you're supposed to keep your options open. You're supposed to make these guys earn your votes.


And it's possible that there could be things that made it impossible for you to pull the lever for someone vote early this term that everyone's using used to be connected to another term, vote often. Right. Vote early and vote often. And it really is the same thing now. It's just a little wink at a little wink at corruption. But absolutely. I think that. A quick note on this, by the way, please. Yeah. So it's kind of amazing how both parties boxed them in with regard to the procedures of voting to Donald Trump.


On the one hand, he was like and voting. It's a threat to the republic male and voting is really, really bad. Oppose Universal. And by the way, he is correct that universal male and voting, which is not the same as an absentee ballot, is really, really bad. OK, the idea that you're just going to get home and somebody's going to send you a ballot and then we're going to have ballot harvesters who like you because they know it's party you are a member of, they're going to show up at your front door and you weren't going to vote.


You really didn't care. But now you're going to vote because the ballot harvester shows up like that. That's ripe for fraud is the best case scenario of what's right, what's right for at the very at the very least, massive confusion, because the standards are very unclear.


But the politically it is it is malfeasants. You talk about how bad it is to you mail in voting because you've now convinced your entire base not to do mail in voting now by the same by the same day, which, by the way, is why Trump then reversed himself in Florida is like, wait a second there a bunch of old people are going to vote for me in Florida. Mail in voting in Florida is good everywhere else. It's bad in Florida.


It's very good. The Democrats, because they're idiots, did the precise opposite mistake. They were like, you know what? It's super dangerous to go to the polls, guys. The only thing that's important is mail and voting. Mail and voting is super duper important. You should never, ever go out and vote on the day of the election because you might spread the covid. And Donald Trump is trying to skew the election by stopping the mail and voting.


So what's going to happen? Democrats are going to show up on Election Day because they're going to be afraid of it. Right. So now the Democrats are starting to it's so amusing to watch. The Democrats are starting to be like, you know what? Maybe we can vote in person now. Maybe we can't like the NBA. They went on strike for literally three point seven seconds. The WNBA went on strike in. Their fan was super pissed.


The NBA went on strike and like three point seven seconds they were on strike. And then they realized, wait a second, we're striking literally against our own business because we're idiots. And then they came back and the concession they received from the owners is the owner said that they would use their arenas for voting places. Wait a second. I thought five seconds to go is super dangerous to vote in person, but now apparently not. Do you get the feeling that nobody's ever like a political thing for the Democrats ever?


Just a little bit like the covid Handlings? Just a little bit political here. You know, by the way, I think that as a political matter, we should open a show on Broadway just for the sake of saying that Broadway should be open because they've had zero deaths and zero cases in Manhattan for weeks at this point. And they're still not opening that place because it's because of the political incentive structure.


OK, l a h o m a Oklahoma. That's the only one I could do. Is that even a state anymore? I thought the Gorsuch gave that one away, even though we've drifted well off of the off the reservation I think is actually an inappropriate joke under the circumstances. I want to tell you guys about a brand new sponsor and their name is asleep. It's not lost on any. Listen, we talk all the time about our friends over at Stamps.com.


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It's a super user friendly website. Azeglio Dotcom Slash Apparel and get that free copy of ads. Small Business Starter Guide to get started at as what items Shapiro. So because we have a lot of actual fans who watch the program by a lot, I mean, basically it's Laurel Margot. Yeah, two or three others. We know their names and how close we are to our fans and also how few of them there. It's not great, you guys, nevertheless, because they're watching and because we have the Matt Walsh, the theocratic fascist himself on the show, I know that people will be devastated if we don't have one Protestant Catholic argument.


And so what? I'm just going to stay over here and go at it yourself. There's no place for you in this conversation, my friend. What I want to talk about, actually, is the Catholicism. Why the pope is terrible. Go. And I don't mean I'm in the papacy historically. Martin Luther deserves the theme song, but he has one.


I don't know what it is. I know what I want to talk about is the Catholicism of Democrats, because we live in a country where every Democrat is Catholic, every every pro-abortion Democrat in the country is Catholic. Now, to my understanding, you're not even allowed to basically half of them aren't even allowed to take communion in Catholic churches. Nevertheless, what what is it about? You can answer this either way. I'm I'm setting it up as a being a jerk because of our Protestant Catholic debate.


I'm actually very curious about it. I don't take this as as a jab. I want to know what the relationship between Democrat politicians and Catholicism is, why one wields the other and which is wielding. Which, Matt? I was just going to look up, I didn't have a chance to look up statistics, how many Democrats are Catholic versus Protestant? Cause I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure there are more Protestants, but I know there are more Protestants there.


Well, but Catholics are split. If you look at just Democrats, they're more Protestant. But if you look at Catholics, for some reason, they're split 50 50, even though the Catholic Church does not permit you to support many of the things the Democratic.


But I guess what I would say to what I would say in all sincerity is that, yes, there may very well be more Protestant Democrats and it may very well be more or an equal number of Catholics who are Republican. But that's not really the question.


The question is about Democrat politicians who who operate against everything that the church stands for and everything to be devout.


Nevertheless, will Catholicism somewhat uniquely?


Yeah, I think I think I think the reason there are a few reasons for it. But these are first of all, these are sort of like legacy Catholics that were grandfathered in. They they we know. So as the Democrat Party has shifted and we know that their their grandparents and their family has been Catholic. But so as a shift in Democrat Party has happened, it also has happened in the church in America. And and part of the problem is what you point out, a lot of these Democrats aren't supposed to be taking communion or they can't take communion.


And that's that's true. I mean, none of them should be taking communion because they all support open sin. They're all committing the sin of scandal, a mortal sin by supporting abortion. So not a single one of them is allowed to take communion. But the problem is precisely that. Almost all of them are it's very rare. You hear about one of these guys actually being turned down communion. And when it does happen, the thing is that the priest who does it is shipped out of town because a lot of these bishops in America today are basically bureaucrats not not not that far from the Democrat politicians themselves.


So I think if the rules were actually enforced and these Democrats had to endure the humiliation of being turned down for communion and that sort of thing and actually being rebuked by their bishops, then I don't think you're going to have as many Democrats identifying themselves as Catholic. But that doesn't happen. So they identify themselves that way because they can. And no one no one stops them.


Yeah, I mean, Joe Biden is obviously an apostate who does not believe in the faith. And he is obviously in a state of grave mortal sin, as Matt just mentioned, this sin of scandal. But you see it even beyond the abortion question. It is not acceptable for faithful Catholics to support socialism. You can't do it. There have been many people encyclicals on this topic. Rerum Novarum, quote up astrology, Moneris, a chimpanzee misogynous. I mean, it goes on and on and on.


You cannot read the catechism of the Catholic Church. The trouble is, there were many people who identify as Catholic who don't really believe in the faith. Part of this may be because the Catholic Church in the Christian tradition believes in infant baptism, whereas more modern iterations of Protestantism over the last two or three hundred years have rejected infant baptism to varying degrees, many Protestants do support infant baptism. So when it comes to more evangelical or modern Christian Protestant denominations, they believe that it requires this act of will that you have to do when you're 20 years old or twenty five years old.


And so you're much more conscious of it. One thing you'll notice is the most conservative people in the country very often will be Catholics. If you think of people like Bill Buckley, Phyllis Schlafly, Russell Kirk, these guys are often Catholic. And yet there are so many liberal politicians, Mario Cuomo, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, who at least say that they're Catholic, but they're not. One thing that I would point to for these really conservative Catholics is they're all Reavers or they're all converts.


There are people who did either float away from the faith and then they came back to it or they chose it from some other religion. And therefore, they're thinking very consciously about it. I wish that these polls reflected and these politicians reflected people who actually practice the faith versus people who are merely identifying in that way, in the same way that someone like Douglas Murray would identify as a Christian atheist, which is obviously preposterous. But it is getting at something, alluding to a history or tradition or an aesthetic.


And then you can probably speak to this very clearly between people who practice Judaism and people who are merely, say, ethnically Jewish, but they don't actually believe anything about Judaism and Protestantism.


We don't have any of this. We just papel place to have sex with our wives. Right?


Come on. Come on. You had to come up at some point.


But listen, I'd love love to carry on this conversation and also answer a bunch of questions from our users over at the Daily Wire and all access. Remember, use the promo code access, get your 20 percent off and join us along with the Krauss as we engage in 30 more minutes of whatever. I can't get in while the rest of us watch. Just do them over.


And The Daily Wire, Martin Luther, he's a great Protestant. This is a theme song. He started the rap. And please roll the credits, people. I can't keep. There's only so many. Daily Wire Backstage is produced by Robert Sterling, executive producer Esmie Jeremy Board, our supervising producer is Matthias Glover, our assistant director is Poppo Ozdowski and our technical producer, Austin Stevens. Our segment producer is Katie Sonatine. Editing is by Jim Nichols. Audio is mixed by Mike Toormina and our audio assistant is Robin Fenderson.


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