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You thought this election was going to be between Trump and Biden? Oh, you fool, you didn't realize that there's a third option on that ballot, that this election democracy is going to be on the ballot. This, in the words of every single democratic official up to and including Joe Biden, characters on the ballot.


Compassion is on the ballot. Decency, science, democracy, they're all on the ballot.


Who we are as a nation, what we stand for and most importantly, who we want to be, that's all on the ballot. The choice could not be more clear. Democracy is on the ballot and you only have one choice that doesn't sound like democracy to me.


I don't think democracy is on the ballot. I think democracy is on the guillotine. I'm Michael Knowles. This is the Michael Nulls Show. Welcome back to the show, my favorite comment from Thursday comes from Justin, who says Stacey Abrams has had a long and storied political career emphasis on the storied part, which is true because, as you know, Stacey Abrams is the governor of Georgia.


And then she became the running mate for Joe Biden. And I think actually she's just already been elected president. So good for her. Pretty soon she's going to be the head of the UN. Then maybe she'll go over. She can become the prime minister of Britain. Then who knows? I mean, the world is her oyster in make believe land.


Actually, that has a lot of bearing on what we're talking about today, because we keep talking about democracy, democracy, being on the ballot, our self-government, we, the people. And increasingly, it's all pretend increasingly we're just sort of play-acting self-government. But actually, all the government happens somewhere else, far away from democratic control. And even our elections, we're told, only have one legitimate answer to them, which last time I checked is not how democracy works.


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I assure you. I don't think that this election is about democracy so much. I mean, maybe it is in a sense, democracy is on the ballot because you've got one candidate, President Trump, who is running and saying, look, the the government bureaucracy, the establishment has taken way too much power. We're going to put it back in your hands. Then you've got another party that says absolutely not. Any election that we lose is illegitimate. We're going to take away choice from you.


I think that Black Lives Matter is actually much more honest than Joe Biden. Joe Biden says democracy is on the ballot. Black Lives Matter says that if you don't vote for us, we're going to kill you. Here is a Black Lives Matter activist explaining her demands.


This is our state, our city. And we're taking this point, black period, end of discussion. We have demands and they need to be met. And I feel like I've been saying this too much. We're not asking you anything. We're telling you what's about to happen with your permission and not. I don't want to come out here again. I don't want to have to do this again. I don't want to take a day. I unfortunately was not at the action yesterday.


I was actually taking a day between this organizing because it's texting work, because we are kids trying to grow up. And I took a dive for myself. Wake up, go find out that my kids are being abused. You can listen to us or you can get ran over. And that's all I have to say.


Listen to us or get ran over, run, run over. But that's sort of a side point. I think actually what she's saying, though ungrammatical, is completely honest.


And it's actually the same thing the Democrats are saying, I think right now.


What the what the Democratic Party, especially the Biden part of the party wants to say is those BLM people, they're radical, they're not us. We're the more moderate. We're the adults in the room.


Actually, they're saying the same thing. They're saying, give us exactly what we want or we're just going to take it from you.


Right, we're going to pretend that this is Democratic choice, we're going to pretend that you can go and actually voice your opinion on politics, but not really, because if you vote for Trump, if accidentally Trump gets elected, we're just going to spend four years trying to oust him. We're going to use the administrative government to undermine him. Then we're going to try to impeach him. We're going impeach him over Russia or we're going to impeach him over taxes.


Are we going to impeach him over Ukraine, which is at war with Russia?


We're just give us what we want or get run over. This is this is what children say.


Actually, that woman in the clip says we're kids shouldn't look like a kid. Domeij looks fairly grown. She's behaving like a kid, but she looks grown up and the Democrats are doing the same thing. Joe Biden certainly doesn't look like a kid, but he's behaving like one. Hillary Clinton doesn't look like a kid, but she's behaving like one.


The issue here is whether or not we can have self-government. To have self-government, you have to be willing to lose. Sometimes you have to be willing to give some power to the people. This is why if you go back to the civil war.


Right, the issue there are many issues in the civil war, but the reason why secession actually happened, why the why the war kicked off is because you had one side saying we cannot have self-government.


If you can have secession, then you can't have self-government, because it means that as long as you win, as long as you get everything you want, then you'll stay part of the union. But if not, you'll take your ball and go home and there's no way a free government can exist that way. People are trying to make the case that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are very different. Right. That's a this is the case. We've heard you've got the Biden side of the party in the Sanders side of the party.


Well, I don't think they're so different.


Barack Obama made this point and I think he's right. If you look at Joe Biden's goals and Bernie Sanders is goals, they're not that different from a forty thousand foot level, said Barack Obama to The New Yorker. They both want to make sure I'll do it. My Obama voice. They both want to make sure everybody has health care. They want to make sure everybody can get a job that pays a living wage. They want to make sure every child gets a good education.


OK, I think he's putting a little bit of a gloss on what they both want, but the fact that he's saying from a forty thousand foot level it's the same thing is absolutely correct. From a forty thousand foot level. What the Democratic Party wants and BLM wants is the same thing. Why? Because they both share the same vision of politics and history.


They both. And it's the same vision Obama shares, which is the arc of history bends toward justice. You can be on the right side of history or the wrong side of history.


Look, we're all going to move toward a socialist utopia eventually where we diminish the role of national governments and sovereignty and move toward a larger international government. That's a venture we know that's going to happen.


That is the future. The only question is, do you do it quickly like Bernie Sanders once? Do you do it quickly like BLM wants or do you do it a little more slowly like Joe Biden wants? Or do you do it a little bit more slowly than that, like most Republicans want?


It seems like everybody agrees. OK, you say democracy is on the ballot, I say it's Donald Trump against the world. I say that actually the entire left and a segment of the right don't really believe in Democratic choice whatsoever.


And one of the few weirdos who does is Donald Trump, who who doesn't just go along to get along with the administrative government with this this view of history that is always progressing in one direction.


All right, what about actual politics, what about actual Democratic choice? What about actual political change? Trump tries that every so often, right? So we're in this covid lockdown. We're in the dictatorship of the lab coats here where where all of our political rights are now being dictated to us by people that we didn't elect, like the exalted Dr. Fuji.


Peace be upon him. So yesterday, President Trump tweeted, he says, I've got a big announcement coming at five 30, the announcement is that there's a breakthrough in covid treatment. That's sort of a separate issue.


Maybe we'll get into that later in the week. I actually think that's the secondary that's the part everyone's talking about. But I think it's the of secondary importance to how this breakthrough was arrived at. Here is President Trump thanking his FDA.


The FDA has issued an emergency use authorization, and that's such a powerful term emergency use authorization for a treatment known as convalescent plasma. This is a powerful therapy. That transfuse is very, very strong. Antibodies from the blood of recovered patients to help treat patients battling a current infection set an incredible rate of success. Today's action will dramatically expand access to this treatment. And I want to thank Dr. Hahn and Secretary Azara. I want to thank the FDA, all of the people that have been working very hard on this.


It showed tremendous potential.


So this is great news on covid. Right. But what about on our government? You have the duly elected president of the United States. Announcing with glee an announcement that one of his administrative agencies has made is so excited. That an administrative agency has made this breakthrough, but why doesn't he have more control over that administrative agency? Know, this announcement comes just a day or so after President Trump announces on Twitter that the deep state at the FDA is not allowing him to pursue progress on this issue because they want to basically keep the country locked down until November.


That was the claim that was made. Regardless of the merits of that of the the actual scientific discoveries that are being undertaken. The question is one of political power, why is there such a gap between the FDA and Trump, who is theoretically the boss of the FDA, the White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, explains exactly what's going on. It ties right in with what the Democrats are telling you. We'll get to that in one second.


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He explains on George Stephanopoulos show that there is a deep state in the government.


What evidence does the president have that the FDA is manipulating this process, its approval process, for political reasons?


Well, your words are manipulating it, George. I don't think he said they were manipulating, but I can't tell you all. But I can. I can help me.


I've been personally involved in this, so I'll be glad to tell you. Here's what we continue to look at. It is not just the FDA, it's NIH and others as we look at the protocols. And Dr. Hahn was very right to say we're not going to cut any corners because we're not cutting any corners. But what we have is we have a China virus that came here. We've got to deliver answers. And the president each and every day is saying, why don't we have an answer today?


Why don't we have an answer tomorrow? And so what happens is, is that we continue to look at some of the trials and what's happening and and we want to wear belt and suspenders the way that some of these bureaucrats want to look at. They want to do things the way they've always done it. This president is about cutting red tape. That's what the tweet was all about.


That's what the tweet was all about. What was the tweet? What did it say? Trump tweet said, quote, The deep state or whoever over at the FDA is making it very difficult for drug companies to get people in order to test the vaccines and therapeutics. Obviously, they're hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd. My focus on speed and saving lives or we must focus on speed and saving lives. And then he tags the FDA guide.


This is obviously true. There are bureaucrats right now who are trying to delay things until November 3rd. You have whole school districts that say they're going to open on November 6th. Right. Basically, they're going to keep this all shut down until the election, make everybody miserable. Other places around the world opening up. It's just not an issue anymore in this politicized sense. But other countries around the world don't have a very important presidential election coming up.


So that's what's going on. There's a huge political incentive to keep the country locked down. Trump is trying to wrangle them, but Stephanopoulos then asks what I think is a perfectly natural follow up question. If you're not that familiar with the government, Stephanopoulos is familiar with the government. So I think for him it's a little disingenuous. But the question is, if Trump's not happy with the FDA, why doesn't he just fire them? Why doesn't he fire the head of the FDA?


Why doesn't he fire other people, first of all?


Well, there are a few reasons. One, even if you fire the head of the FDA, you've still got the whole entity, you've still got the whole administration here. And and the simple fact is the president can barely fire federal employees. It's extraordinarily difficult to fire federal employees even though they work for Trump. That's the way our government works now. It is almost impossible, isn't that a little weird? No, this is a process that's been building for 100 years now.


It was envisioned by Woodrow Wilson. It was sort of laid out. The architecture was built. FDR implemented it. It was expanded under LBJ. And now we have a shadow government, except it's not really a shadow.


And that we know it exists is all these alphabet agencies. But they they govern in the shadows.


And even the president of the United States, the leader of the free world, can't get total control over it. So he's got to pressure them on Twitter. You know, people always say Trump's got to get off Twitter. Why is he always tweeting? Why or if you even look outside of Trump, why are all these congressmen and senators and why do they why do they go on television all the time instead of doing their job? Well, it's because actually communicating is pretty much the only tool left to them, because so much of government has been outsourced to the administrative state.


You want to hear how crazy it is. The duly elected president of the United States can barely change his garden. Without people losing their minds that he is usurping power to the Rose Garden, Melania Trump redesigned the Rose Garden, sort of what did she do? She took 10 crab apple trees that were part of Jackie Kennedy's design back in the 60s, and she moved them from the garden to another part of the White House grounds. And she did this because the trees had grown so much that they were casting too much shadow on other parts and it was messing up part of the garden.


This is not exactly World War three here, right? This is not exactly nuclear negotiations with North Korea. And yet Twitter went crazy. The mainstream media went crazy. The journalists went crazy. Because she moved some crab apple trees. Think about how dessicated our view of politics is, one issue we get into is as conservatives, as we always said, we want more limited government. We want government to do less.


But that's a little bit imprecise because we've got we've got our political process and then we've got this kind of government that actually isn't that open to the political process. And I think we should be more specific. We want that government that's not at all accountable. We want them to do less and stop regulating every single little aspect of our lives.


But we do want an authentic politics. We do want to be able to voice our opinion and have that opinion actually matter in politics. I think a lot of the Donald Trump election in twenty sixteen is people saying our voice is not being heard in politics. Even when we elect the people who are running ostensibly on our program, they get into office. They don't do anything and they don't do anything. Not just because they're lazy, though. Never underestimate the laziness of politicians.


They don't do anything because they actually can't do anything. There's nothing for them to do. And so people get a little frustrated, want to work outside of the the main framework. Frankly, I think this is true in some ways of Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that is utterly antithetical to America, which which we'll get into in just one second. But they are expressing that same kind of frustration. And all I know is there are historical parallels here to very difficult times in American history where you see the country kind of unraveling.


The only way that you're going to be able to let some of the steam out of that is to give people more of a say in their government, because now on both sides of the aisle, people feel that they have no say and they're turning against the system itself.


You want to hear that democracy is on the ballot, democracy is on the guillotine, quite, quite literally on the guillotine in Portland. The Portland riots still going on. It's still causing absolute mayhem. Portland is at this point essentially a failed state.


So the protesters now, again, I got to give them credit, like BLM, like some more radical parts of the Democratic coalition. They're being honest about their views.


They're now wielding a guillotine to the middle of their demonstration. We've been calling them these Jacobin revolutionaries for a while now. So they've got the mechanism of radical revolution. They've got to guillotine. What do they put in the guillotine? An American flag, which they set on fire and then the guillotine, which seems like overkill to me.


But you can watch it happening now.


You can see someone walking over, sets the fire. The crowd cheers. Black lives matter, they chant, There it is, you can you can hear it.


You can't deny it once you once you see it, once you hear it. Black Lives Matter is the chant of burning the American flag.


And of course, it is because the premise of Black Lives Matter is on the on the most shallow level that America is an evil country that's hopelessly racist, that can never be redeemed. We need to overthrow the government and overthrow the traditional society.


And then when you look a little bit more deeply into it, you see the founders actually say, we are trained Marxists, we want to obliterate the nuclear family. We want to obliterate all of the American institutions. And then the flag is a symbol of the whole country. This is why it was so egregious when Colin Kaepernick decided to protest the flag, because he's not just protesting some aspect of America. He's protesting the whole damn thing, which they're now doing, setting it ablaze, putting it on the chopping block.


In in Portland, and I think they're expressing the view throughout the entire country, does the press cover that? No, probably the only place that you're hearing about what's actually going on in Portland is perhaps on this show, maybe on and his Twitter feed in very limited segments here. But that's the debate.


And the reason the Colin Kaepernick protest bothered me because I love my country. But it also bothered me because it was so incoherent. Colin Kaepernick said, I have a First Amendment right in America granted to me in this constitution. And so I'm going to use that right to burn the symbol of the country that gives me that First Amendment right. That doesn't make any sense. Doesn't make any sense. Same thing with putting the flag in the right. You can't say I'm using my free expression to burn the flag to torch the flag.


Well, then you don't get the free expression, right. That is an incoherent protest and the press don't cover it at all. We'll get to we'll get to Trump calling out the press in just one second. First, though, got to thank our friends over at NetSuite by Oracle, the world's number one cloud business system. So I've worked on a number of startup companies, smaller companies. Some have grown into bigger companies. The number one thing I notice that stops companies from growing is they don't know their numbers.


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Now, they're not they agree with with Joe Biden. They agree with Antifa. They agree with BLM, which is that our democracy is at stake and you only have one choice. So President Trump jokes with them. He comes out at the press briefing and he he wishes them well on the convention that they just had.


Good to see you. Hope you had a great weekend at your convention.


That is their convention. The DNC is the press this convention. You heard Ryan Lizza, this left wing journalist who said Barack Obama's convention speech is the greatest convention speech ever since his last one, which was so great. It wasn't great. It was a bad speech.


And his first convention speech wasn't that great either. Do you remember the first one that that gave Barack Obama a national political career? This is the most brilliant Heraklion line in the whole speech, because there's not a red America or a blue America, there is a United States of America, there's not a white America, there's not a black America, the United States of America. Wow. Stirring rhetoric. I'd never considered that. You're saying we're one country.


Wow. Oh, my gosh. It's like I'm listening to Abraham Lincoln or something. No, it's not very, very weak sauce. But they fell in love with Obama. They love the guy. And the same thing happened at this Democratic National Convention. Trump's longest lasting legacy. I think I mentioned this on the show last week. It's not going be the judges, not give me the executive orders. It's not going to be tax reform or anything like that.


It's going to be exposing the press as part of the Democratic Party. And even beyond the Democratic Party even is just one constituency. But what we're really talking about is a liberal establishment that includes the Democratic Party. It includes these terrorists on the street, bellmen, antifa. That's the that's the military wing of the liberal establishment. You've got the administrative government of the liberal establishment. They're the ones actually passing all of the all of the laws to totally unaccountable.


And then you've got the media, which is the propaganda wing of the liberal establishment, but it's all working in tandem.


The communications director of the DNC is not the propaganda wing of the liberal establishment. It's the whole it's the whole mainstream media. That's what that's the propaganda wing.


And so when you look at that in a way, you see democracy is on the ballot because you've got this one guy, Donald Trump, a few other candidates. But obviously, Trump is is the most prominent and successful in my lifetime who stand up against this thing and against even the squishy Republicans who really just want to go along with that establishment, albeit a little bit slower. They won't cover anything. You know, there's a little story, probably the only place you would have heard about it is on Donald Trump's Twitter feed during the DNC, during the convention, during two caucus meetings, they said the Pledge of Allegiance.


Well, good for them. I'm shocked they even did that. But these leaders of the caucus meetings left out the phrase under God, Pledge of Allegiance.


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. We used to learn that as schoolchildren, probably they don't learn that now the Democrats, because they're still catering to an older generation, they say it, but they take out under God.


Now, I've been told reliably by USA Today fact check, DNC did not admit under God from the Pledge of Allegiance. Snopes says this is mostly false.


All the other mainstream media misleading. Not true. False. Take a listen to the opening of the Muslim Caucus of the Democratic National Convention.


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Take a listen to the opening of the LGBT caucus of the Democratic National Convention.


Hello, everybody. If you don't have a flag, I have a flag here right in front of me. Please place your hand over your heart. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, we have them on video, we have the audio, we have the receipts.


And this lying, dishonest mainstream media are going to look us right in the face and say, now, you didn't hear that, not you didn't hear that. That didn't happen. Who are you going to believe, us or your lion ears? That is, I think even conservatives don't appreciate how thoroughly dishonest the press is. It's not just that George Stephanopoulos works for Bill Clinton for many years and then he becomes a fake journalist and, oh, he's obviously got a bias.


It's that this entire apparatus exists to not not only to lie to you, not only it exists to help the liberal establishment.


And so if it if it helps the liberal establishment to tell the truth, they'll do it. But if it helps the liberal establishment to obscure the truth, they'll do it.


And if it helps the liberal establishment to outright lie, even when we've got the audio, they will do that.


It's pure cynicism and self-government cannot operate that way, self-government requires an understanding of objective truth. Self-Government requires that we be able to communicate with one another. Self-Government requires a legitimate choice. And we are being denied that choice. By that liberal establishment and what do they do, you know, the left always projects, so they always say Trump's a fascist, Trump's an authoritarian.


Trump is the most Democratic candidate that we have had in this government maybe in one hundred years, certainly in 30 years. But I don't know, maybe in a hundred years you're getting a legitimate choice here and. They're denying that to you, they're telling you that it is exactly the opposite. We'll get to another. This is this is the craziest story because, you know, the left always talks about XYZ. We'll get to a real science denying story.


We'll get to some double standards. First, though, I've got to tell you to head on over to my YouTube channel.


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This book focuses on Marxist spiritual life, and it is dark and scary and very, very bad. But you should know it is because nobody's going to tell you about it. You're not going to learn about this in school. I head on over there. We did an interview about that. Got it. Got pretty graphic. I got to tell you, I didn't know Paul would get so well. Anyway, you'll have to go check out the interview yourself, then head on over to a backstage coming up at the end of the week to talk about the RNC.


And also, you should go to all access. This is our elite tier of membership. This is where you get to participate in all access hangouts with the other members of the website in all access and with the hosts and with the writers. Go to daily Wired.com Noles. Right now you can get 20 percent off and not one, but two to left hysterias temblors.


How's that? Using access code access, access, code access and a daily Wired.com Leventhal's use the code access.


You'll get twenty percent off and two tumblers and then stay right there. We'll be back with a lot more. To show you, pulling back a little bit from the outright lies that the press tells you, where you can actually listen to the audio and then they deny it exists. I'll give you a more typical example of how they do these things. This is from ABC News. State Department fighting to deny US citizenship to gay couples.


Child, that's terrible. And then you got this American couple who I guess they're being discriminated against because they're gay and they've got their child and the child is being denied citizenship. That's just so way to hold on a second here.


Wait, hold it. What was that headline? State Department fighting to deny US Citizenship to gay couples, child.


Gay couples, child, I'm no biologist, OK, I'm no I'm an expert scientist, but I'm not I'm not specifically a biologist.


But it seems to me if I go back to my elementary learning of how children are made, where babies come from. Gay couples can't have children by themselves, right? That doesn't that doesn't work that way. So wait a second, maybe there's more to this headline. Maybe there's more to this story than meets the eye.


Well, of course, there is two gentleman by the name of Roee covid and Adéle Kivi living in Chevy Chase, Maryland, are legally married under the new definition of marriage.


They're both US citizens. Their daughter, Qassem, was born in Canada via a surrogate, so the State Department has argued in federal court that she was born out of wedlock and not entitled to birthright citizenship.


There are so many things wrong with this story. First of all, we talked about this issue last week when we were discussing Kamala Harris eligibility for vice president. The question of birthright citizenship is granted by the 14th Amendment is very much an open legal question. The Supreme Court has never held that there is a blanket birthright citizenship for anybody who happens to be born on US soil.


So that's that's one issue that's wrong with it. Then the child was born out of wedlock. Well, of course, the child was born out of wedlock. First of all, given the definition of marriage, but even under the new definition of marriage that has come about not through Democratic choice, whenever this was put on the ballot, even in very Democratic states, people rejected radically redefining marriage because it's the bedrock institution of society.


But even using the new definition of of marriage, the took these two men obviously can't have a child together.


So the actual parents of this child are one of these men and this woman and the child is being denied her natural mother. Intentionally, how insane a legal system do we have that a child can intentionally be denied her natural mother? Awful stuff. All the focus is only put in this political issue on how this gay couple really wants to have a child, but because of nature, they can't have a child together.


No, no thought is put on this little girl who will never be able to know her mother, her natural mother, who will be created in a legal regime that only prioritizes the desires of the parents to overcome the limitations of nature and will never be directed toward the natural needs of the child. That's the second part, the third part is this happened in Canada. There's no end yet, so there are so many layers here of why this is this shouldn't even be a headline.


Child is born out of wedlock in Canada and is not a US citizen. Yeah, duh.


Shouldn't even be a headline, but it it serves so many aspects of the liberal establishment's goals, namely to radically redefine every institution that threatens any of the political power of the growing liberal state, most notably, most importantly, the family which the left and the progressive establishment has been after explicitly. You can read it in their writings for well over one hundred years. He goes back further to that fellow I was just mentioning, Mr. Karl Marx. Then you have another priority here, which is open borders, right?


The liberal establishment wants open borders because it diminishes the political sovereignty of the people, the ability of the people to determine their own politics and government. And it encourages trade. It encourages keeping wages down and encourages everything that this group of people wants. And that's the way the story is presented, that if you just if you just any normal person just looks at that headline, State Department denying US citizenship to gay couples, child, you'd say, oh, that's wrong.


Right. That sounds wrong. And then you read the story, realize how wrong it is. You can even see this in the stories they don't run, so the NBA, the NBA, which I don't watch, has these two players, Montrezl Harrell and Luka Don. I'm certain I didn't pronounce this correctly, but sort of secondary to my point. So they were playing a basketball game and Mr. Harrell made a good shot or something. And so as he was walking away after this great play, you can see him mouth on camera and to close up the phrase.


Well, believe me, if I think I'm a bitch ass white boy, that was the phrase that he said, I don't know if I don't if I'm allowed to say that on the air, but if I'm not, just blame me.


That's what he says. It's like it's like whap.


But another variation of that phrase now, people in the heat of sports, these are obviously top athletes.


These are intense competitors. You're going to say things, you're going to say rude things, mean things, get in each other's heads. So I don't really blame this guy. However, imagine if it were reversed. Imagine if it weren't a black athlete saying that to a white athlete, but a white athlete making a similar comment to a black athlete. You would have wall to wall coverage, 24/7 news, not only would the team be shut down, the league would be shut down.


Maybe the country would be shut down with protests.


The reason that the media and the liberal establishment would encourage that is because it would serve their ends of selling discord, diminishing American political unity, diminishing the ability of the American citizens to speak to one another, to communicate, to to determine in our own deliberative bodies how to govern ourselves. And by pushing by ignoring this story, they move right along, they continue to stoke the flames of racial division when it comes to BLM, never, never any story on the other way.


There is a degree of victimhood that that has now. It's taken on such status. It's taken on such prestige.


It confers such privilege that you now have candidates for political office not making keen, logical arguments for what they want to do and why there they are. Set of policies is better than their own set of policies. They're they're faking their own kidnappings to give themselves the illusion of that privilege, and they'll hope that that once there's a there's a woman in Sumter, South Carolina. Twenty nine years old, Sabrina Belcher, who ran as not the candidate who believes this or that, not the candidate who's going to push for this or that policy.


She fashioned herself, quote, the first black female candidate ever to run. Which is something I don't care about, I don't I don't care if she's the first female black cat, I care about what she's going to do, right? I mean, I don't live in in Sumter, South Carolina. But if I were a citizen there or if I were voting for a candidate in my own jurisdiction, I would care about what they are going to do, what they believe, what what what they represent is a matter of policy and politics.


But that doesn't matter any more. Now people are only running on identity and through identity victimhood. So this woman was apparently assaulted and kidnapped by thirty four year old Christopher Eddie. Take a listen to the video that for some reason, conspicuously and coincidentally, all of this was caught on video.


All right, looks like it's losing everything you have written off. So, you know the people here. Oh, gosh, this is getting even worse. This is some. All right. With Hollywood shut down, obviously, someone's got to create content for the public and I guess now mayoral candidates in Sumter, South Carolina, because every single second of that was completely faked. This woman planned it all out with Mr. Eddie beforehand. This is not the first time we've seen this.


This is just the latest in a line of of actors that some professional like Jesse Smollett walking through Magic Country in Chicago and some amateur like like MWS, what's her name, Belcher. Like Miss Belcher, who are putting on these kinds of performances because they see that the fastest way to political cachet, the fastest way to political change is not by making honest arguments, it's by putting on dishonest performances. It's by tricking the public. It's through smoke and mirrors.


Now, why is this one?


People are emotional. And if you play on people's emotions and appetites and hysteria, you're likely to get a reaction. But in the long run, what does that lead to? It leads to the collapse of your physical country that we can see all around us, and it leads to the collapse of your politics.


Bill de Blasio was just asked in New York when the city is going to open back up what the plan is, you know, 15 days to slow the spread.


You remember that it was about one hundred and sixty days ago at this point.


And now it's I don't know when when are we going to reopen? Maybe sometime in twenty twenty four or something.


I don't know. So de Blasio is asked, when are you going to open up indoor dining at least? What is the plan? You know what his plan is. He has no plan.


There is not a context for indoor dining. We're never saying it's impossible, but we do not, based on what we've seen around the world, do not have a plan for reopening indoor dining in the near term.


Of course, they don't have a plan. They don't need a plan. They don't need to tell the American people what they're going to do because they have the right to rule, because it's not even about Democrat or Republican or left or right.


I mean, they do happen to be mostly Democrats. They do happen to be left wing, but they feel ultimately that they are the ruling class and they are they are the ruling class and they will make whatever decision they want and they'll tell you whatever they think you need to hear to make it go down a little easier. But ultimately, they're going to do whatever they want to do. That is not democratic government, you know, Blue checked Twitter went crazy yesterday because President Trump announced the Republican Party is not going to have a real platform this year.


You're the party's go to the conventions. They write these platforms, but it doesn't really matter because at least for the last hundred or so years, the president and the presidential nominee is the platform. He is the leader of the party. This was also envisioned by Woodrow Wilson that the president would become the leader of the party. So Trump says, OK, I'm not going to waste we're not gonna waste time on this platform. I'm just going to give you my second term agenda.


And we can get into the second term agenda a little bit later in the week. There's just one part that made the commentary at the Twitter Raddy go crazy. And it was that he said as part of his education plan, he's going to teach American exceptionalism. Very simple, this this this would have been not only noncontroversial, this would have been understood, expected until very recently. And the left went nuts and a lot of teachers on Twitter said, I'm a teacher, I'm not teaching American exceptionalism.


America is terrible. America is an awful place. What is American exceptionalism? Some people interpret this to mean that America is the single greatest perfect nation ever and it doesn't do anything wrong. That's not what American exceptionalism means. It means because of America's unique history and founding, it's different than other countries. Which is obviously true. America is a country that was founded in a new world with very distinct, highly conscious political principles. In a period of time when people were focusing in on the mechanisms of government in a more abstracted way than than many people had in the past.


That is by definition, true. What is an aspect of American exceptionalism, this focus on a particular 18th century conception of liberty that does in fact draw on the ancients, its conception of liberty and self-government and how we rule our own country, that that is American exceptionalism.


And it should come as no surprise that the left laughs at it and mocks it, it's not. Just that the left, you know, sort of hates the country and they're burning the American flag, they they don't believe in this.


And they have been saying, at least since Woodrow Wilson, that they want to get rid of that. They openly mock it. They say, I mean, if you read the writings of Wilson, he'll say, look, the American constitution was founded on the principles of Isaac Newton. You know, these kind of eternal laws that balance power against each other. But that's all B.S. We've had a new scientific achievement. We've got Charles Darwin and Charles Darwin is shows us that nothing is objective.


Everything is on a continuum. Everything is progressing and evolving. So we just need power like an organism to do whatever we want. Those are opposing views of America. That's why it's important to overturn and rewrite the history of America and pull down the statues of America and tear down what we would call the traditional American nation to enact that kind of politics. And most importantly, they've got to blot out democracy, republic, Republican government, self-rule, because that presumes that people have enduring rights that aren't just going to go away as the organism evolves.


That's what the left is trying to impose on us, democracy is on the ballot. Damn right, I guess it is. And when they tell you there's only one legitimate choice you can make.


Then, you know, they've taken it and put it on the ballot, perhaps. But they're not going to read your ballots because they're going to put it first on the guillotine. That's our show. I'm like an old system.


I can also see tomorrow. If you enjoyed this episode, and frankly, even if you didn't. Don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe.


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