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The mask wars are raging again, President Trump is making cinematic videos, taking his mask off, Bill de Blasio and Joe Biden are filming dramatic scenes, putting their masks on. And California is mandating masks in between sips and bites at lunch. I kid you not. Liberals don't seem to understand why the masks have to be political.


Why do they have to be political? They ask. That's because these highly political people don't seem to understand what politics is, and that's why they're messing up the politics all the way looking through November. I'm Michael Knowles. This the Michael Noll Show. Welcome back to the show, my favorite comment from yesterday is from Kyle, The only thing more dangerous than covid-19 is Biden 20. Wow, that is good. That is pithy and absolutely correct. The mask wars are back, the mask wars are back.


And everyone thinks we're all fighting about science. But we're not fighting about science. We're fighting about politics. President Trump, you may have seen it when he beat the China virus in three days and using only the power of McDonald's French fries and his puerco for president, Trump flies back to the White House and films this cinematic video where he gets back. He gets off the helicopter, he walks up to the portico and he takes the mask off. So this could be a movie trailer for a Michael Bailey.


I mean, this is pretty, pretty well shot, pretty intense. High budget, high energy. Marine walks off, the president walks off notice, by the way, everyone still wearing masks at this point and they're all close to each other. Gets up to that portico, huge shot from the knee, and then the mask is off his salutes. There's a lot to this message, I know, I mean, we're kind of joking that it's like some giant two hundred million dollar Michael Bay movie or something, but there is a lot to this message, which is the president is willing to take prudent steps if he's got this virus and he's next to a Marine.


But then when he's out there in the open on the portico, he's going to take it off. He's not going to live in fear of this thing when there's no reason to. Bill de Blasio filmed a response video to this seriously. Like a teenager on YouTube filming a response video, he steps outside of Gracie Mansion, I take it, or outside of city hall. And he walks over to his portico and he puts his mask on. Holding up the mask for everybody to see that he puts it on.


It's kind of a funny idea, it's just a lame performance, many salutes the people, many walks back inside. So this is one mistake the left makes generally, which is that Trump sets the conversation and then everyone reacts to it, it's kind of a funny idea, right?


If you if you have this political disagreement, again, notice I'm saying not a scientific disagreement, a political disagreement about the masks, Trump says with the mask is a symbol. You shouldn't be afraid of the virus. You shouldn't live your life cowering in fear. And then the left saying you should be very, very afraid, stay in your apartment, don't go anywhere. If you have that political disagreement, it's kind of funny to post that response video except that Trump is setting the tone right.


So everything he's just shot for shot. He's just performing the the Trump scene. Same thing with Joe Biden. Joe Biden has a side by side. He posts at Twitter, Trump on the left, Biden on the right. Even that even that, as a matter of stagecraft, very stupid for the left because the left side of the screen is the stronger side of the screen. It's the same reason that stage. Right. So when you're in the audience, the people who are on the left is the stronger side of the stage.


We read left to right, and he puts Trump on the left and he puts Biden on the right. And Trump is taking the mask off. Biden is putting the mask on in California. They've taken this to the craziest extreme. They posted a PSA from the office of the governor of California saying going out to eat with members of your household this weekend. Don't forget to keep your mask on in between bites. Do your part to keep those around you healthy, slow the spread.


That sounds like a great way to get marinara sauce all over your mask. I have this idea of you go out to an Italian restaurant, you go you get your spaghetti and meatballs, you know, get your mask on and you lower your mask a little. You slurp up the spaghetti and meatballs, a sauce going everywhere. You've got this filthy mask. But that that will keep you safe. Obviously, at this point, they are just trolling us.


Nobody seriously thinks that you should have your bite of post and then kind of lower the mask. You put it in and you pick it back up, touching your face the whole time. Nobody, nobody seriously believes that. And obviously, Gavin Newsom, not a scientist, not a medical expert, he is a politician. And this disagreement is a political one. No one seems to want to talk about that. And no one even seems to understand what we're talking about because they say it's about public health.


The phrase public health means health from a political perspective, public, the word public means political. What is politics? Politics is how we all live together. That's that's what it means. It comes from the word polis, like the Greek city states. How do we all get along together? The reason the left doesn't understand this, the reason that the left is now censoring conservatives whenever we make any point on this is because the left, the progressive left, has succeeded at making everything political.


The shoes I wear, the coffee I drink, every single thing is political except for politics, except for genuinely political decisions such as how we're allowed to go eat at restaurants, how we're allowed to walk about in society, how we're allowed to interact with one another. Those are the most political decisions that there possibly can be by definition that has been taken away from the people that we're no longer allowed to talk about, that has been given to so-called experts who maybe they know a thing or two about some particular field of medical science, but they don't know a damn thing about politics.


And that is what the problem is. We are actually talking past each other right now. CNN typified this so beautifully just yesterday. It really makes you think it really makes you think that people have or are simply not literate any more. So we don't even know what we're talking about.


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I'm just talking about the politics, because that's the only one that people don't seem to understand. Caitlin Collins over at CNN was furious, just like de Blasio was, just like Biden was. The Trump took his mask off. She tweets out only days into his diagnosis. The first thing President Trump does when he gets back to the White House is take his mask off. Oh, how angry she is. Except for this in the White House briefing room.


Remember, now everyone's super nervous about Kovik is in the White House briefing room. The cameras she thinks are off. They're not really off, but she thinks they're off. There's still a bunch of people in the White House briefing room. She steps up, takes her mask off.


So the White House staff leave still a ton of reporters in there, Caitlin Collins stands up now. She takes the mask off.


There it is is off. It's gone. She's upset when Trump does it. It's not upset when she does it. She probably wasn't even thinking about it in her defense. It's not like some nefarious thing. It's because this has become so political. It's become so political. Now that in that Trump video, he's not saying don't wear a mask ever. He's saying don't make people feel comfortable every night and saying that he's wearing a mask and part of the video.


And then when he is alone, so far away from everybody on the White House portico outside, he takes the mask off. They're saying you're not allowed to do that. Even outside people, when you walk around in California, outside, they will scowl at you if you don't have a mask on. But the medical experts don't seem to have a problem with walking around outside with a mask off, the president of the Italian Society of Anti Infection Therapy said on Tuesday that Italy's new political decision policy to mandate outdoor mask wearing is a mistake.


Dr. Matteo BCT, who is the director of infectious diseases at San Martino Hospital in Genoa, he said that the prime minister, the prime minister's decision, the political decision to impose outdoor masks has no basis in science. He says the use of masks only makes sense in confined spaces where it's not possible to have certainty and guarantee of the necessary physical distancing or outdoors when you cannot maintain physical distancing. I have tried to look for scientific evidence on the use of outdoor masks and their potential benefits for transmission of virus, but could find none no matter.


This is a political symbol. It is there's no use in complaining about that when the liberals say, gosh, I just don't understand why this has to be political. What they're really saying is, gosh, I don't understand why everyone doesn't agree with my politics. That's what it is. And I'm using liberal liberally here, there are obviously left wing liberals, but there are some right wing liberals, too, kind of more libertarian types, though interestingly on the masks, the libertarians are very anti mask.


But that's that's sort of another political issue. I'm talking about the kind of squishy Republicans who say, oh, gosh, come on, doesn't need to be a political issue. That's because they've accepted many premises of liberalism, which is fine.


I guess that's their prerogative. But they at least ought to understand that politics is bigger than that. Politics is what we do in public. You know, the radicals of the 1960s had a slogan that talked about how they were going to obliterate this distinction here. They said the personal is the political. Another version of that is that the private is the public. Public and political, I mean, the same thing, the personal is the political. What does that mean?


What that means is that every decision that we make is now a political decision.


How you relate to your husband, that's totally political, how you relate to your kids, totally political. But the irony of this was that more and more and more actual political decisions were taken away and they were given to experts, they were given to bureaucrats, they were given to the administrative state. They were given to the deep state. That's all all terms for the same thing. Woodrow Wilson planned on this. Mack, daddy of left wing progressivism in America, he planned it out, he wrote it all out.


He said that we now live in this age of Charles Darwin, in this age of evolution, this age of perfecting society. And so we've got to listen to the scientific experts. And we can't let these these stupid people, these these ruffians go out there and screw up our science, so we're going to give all the real political decisions to these bureaucrat technocrat data scientists, the medical geniuses, and then we're going to have them all fight over a bunch of stupid nonsense like coffee and sneakers and TV shows and things like that.


And so far, it's worked very well. But there is an alternative. The question of should we wear masks outside? Maybe he has a scientific component to it, although that Italian epidemiologist says there's no scientific reason to wear masks outside, but it might as a scientific question to it. But it has a political question, which is if I found out tomorrow, I'm just this purely hypothetical. If I found out tomorrow that us all wearing masks all the time outside would extend our life by five years on average.


And not wearing masks outside would decrease our life by five years on average, I would still not want to wear masks outside. Why? Because that's not the society I want to live in, you know, as breath is a symbol of our life. OK, you see it all through the Bible, you see it all throughout literature.


If we are now not allowed to see each other smile, if we are now not allowed to communicate with each other without it being muffled, if we are now not allowed to see each other's beautiful faces, if we are now not allowed to get the sunshine on our face.


If we're not allowed to get a smile, that's worth five years to me. That total, of course, it is now the premise here for the secular leftists, the liberals, is they say that all that life's about is extending the time you're on this earth as long as possible. For conservatives, we don't believe that. We think, look, OK, maybe you live 80 years, maybe you live eighty five years. I mean, I want to live as long as I can, but this isn't it.


There's more to life than just existing right now. We know is from a public health perspective.


We know if we if we banned automobiles, we would save how many people per year. Tens and tens of thousands of people per year would be saved if we banned automobiles. That is a public health decision. So are we going to do it? I don't think so. Why not? Because you don't care about human life, I guess you're not life, huh? No, it's because we're willing to accept some risk in society and we'd rather live in a society that has automobiles than in a society that does not have automobiles.


But that's a public health decision. This is what they try to do on guns. They said guns are a public health decision. Guns kill however many people per year. So we've got to ban the guns. And then, look, this is not politics. Why does this have to be political? Just guns. Because we're talking about how it relates to the public, so that is political and I don't care how many times Dr. Foushee insists that he gets to run our country for us, he doesn't.


That's not our constitutional system. It has been perverted more and more into a system like that, but I ain't having it. Politics is not a dirty word. The right sometimes plays into this, as we say, all we want to depoliticize everything. Yeah, I want to depoliticize I want to make less a matter of partisanship, matters of our private lives. But I want more politics. I want an actual authentic politics where we can discuss the issues and not just pretend that there's only one answer to everything.


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Facebook just yesterday. Censored a post from President Trump. Some. Radical left oligarchs in Silicon Valley are censoring the duly elected president. They did that because he compared the coronavirus to the flu and he said that America should learn to live with the illnesses because the illnesses are here to stay. They censored him for making a comparison. He didn't say the flu is the coronavirus. He didn't say that they are exactly the same. He didn't really say anything that was of a particularly medical nature.


He made a comparison. And the left says you can't you're not allowed to make that comparison anymore. That is not scientific fact checking, that is political censorship, flu season is coming up, writes the president. Many people every year, sometimes over one hundred thousand, and despite the vaccine, die from the flu. That's true. That's very true. Are we going to disclose or are we going to close down our country? No, we have to learn to live with it, just like we are learning to live with covid.


In most populations, it's far less lethal. Also wrote not saying in the entire population it's far less lethal, saying that in most populations, for very old people are the immune compromised. It's more lethal. But for young people, for babies, for instance, far less lethal. Facebook's covid-19 misinformation policies which Mar saw introduced into the company, say they will remove misinformation about the coronavirus when it could contribute to imminent physical harm. What misinformation did you see in President Trump's comment?


Facebook spokesman says her name is Liz Bourgois, what a name, what a what an apt name. Liz Bourgeois. She says, we remove incorrect information about the severity of covid-19 and have now removed this post. There was no incorrect information here. What did he say about the severity of covid-19? He says. covid in most populations is less lethal than the flu. That's obviously true, all the data back that up. Not in most national populations, in most populations within a country is what he's saying, obviously true.


That's all he said about covid, the rest he said about the flu is that flu season is coming up. True, many people every year get the flu. True, sometimes it's over one hundred thousand. True. Despite the vaccine, people die from the flu. Very true. Are we going to learn are we going to close down our country, that's a political question. What are you going to fact check politics now. Now we've learned to live with it, just like we're learning to live with covid.


True. It's all true. It's all true. No matter, Facebook's going to take it down, that is too far, that is too much, you want to talk about an authentic politics. We now have a company that largely controls the flow of information around the Internet. They are now censoring the president of the United States. For no reason whatsoever. That is absolutely unacceptable. The government needs to go after Facebook with everything they've got, which I believe the DOJ is already doing.


We cannot tolerate that. You see now everything we're all arguing about the politics of some brand, we're all arguing over the politics of our relationship to our teacher, our friends or our family. But we're told we're not allowed to discuss the politics of a private company censoring the duly elected president, a private company which largely controls the flow of information around the Internet. I want to lose the stupid personal politics, I want to regain the actual important public politics, any political ideology that tells you it's fine for some Silicon Valley oligarch to censor the president of the United States.


Is an incorrect political view. I'm afraid it's an insufficient one, it's made some mistakes. Silicon Valley, by the way, lest you think there's some balance out there. There isn't. A new report from Wired magazine says that almost ninety five percent of political donations from employees at Silicon Valley companies, we're talking about all the big ones, you know, Google, Facebook, Twitter, all the Apple. Ninety five percent go to Djavad. Donations to Joe Biden from these employees of big tech companies have been double those that went to Hillary Clinton in twenty sixteen.


All of those companies wire reports that these these tech firms employees have contributed 20 times as much money to Biden as to Trump since the start of twenty nineteen. So these guys are pretending to be impartial. They're saying, look, we're just independent fact checkers, totally independent, but also we're all Democrats, we all donate to Democrats and we're going to censor the president. For nothing, for nothing, for saying things that are true that we don't like.


And we're going to pretend it's not political, big tech employees are not the only partisan Democrats right now pretending to be nonpartisan. Did you watch Joe Biden's town hall the other night? Probably not. Who would have thought this was on NBC? And it was a town hall with undecided voters. Now the undecided voters come out and they ask these softball questions to Biden. And there's supposed to be a nice, fair, nonpartisan event. Right? The trouble is, some of those undecided voters looked familiar, some people at the Washington Free Beacon went through some of the previous town halls.


Some of the previous news clips found out that those undecided voters previously had identified themselves as Joe Biden voters. So it opens up on October 5th, just yesterday, two days ago.


Welcome back. Welcome back. Miami and the town hall meeting with former Vice President Joe Biden taking questions from undecided voters. Peter Gonzalez has next question. Welcome to Miami, Mr. Vice Peterson. I was born in Hartford, Connecticut, and I've been living in Coral Gables for the last 20 plus years.


We get four more years of touring is August 21st. He says. The future attracting younger voters to go to his mail.


Ilyana, who voted for Hillary Clinton four years ago but has voted Republican in the past. What's your question for Mr. Vice President that you know, that Joe Biden said during his speech that same guy says he's voting for Biden October 21st. What defines America? Possibility of a tail.


Gomez joins us now. First time voter came to the US from Columbia at age to welcome.


Spent a lot of October 5th. Thank you, Lester, for the introduction.


After watching the debate in September 30th, got a whole lot out of it and it really did not do a lot to help him if you had to pull the trigger and vote for someone tomorrow.


How would you vote September 3rd, absolutely vital. He's going to vote for it where they're at because. Just how unpresidential the whole entire debate was, so we've now got three allegedly undecided voters on NBC who are all self-described Joe Biden voters. So it's a farce. It's not real. It's a show. It is a total performance of lies. That could be the subtitle of the election. They're all they're all pretending. Look, we're not really political, I love this one, my friend.


It's always my liberal friends who tell me this. They say, you know, look, I'm not really political, mate. Look, I'm I'm kind of a moderate, actually. I just think we should have abortion on demand. I think the experts should make all of our political decisions. I think we need socialised health care. I think we need to raise taxes on the rich. And I think we need open borders. Look, I'm not political.


I'm that's just common sense. This is what they do when they say they're going to take away guns, usually for public health. Right. They pretend it's not political. They say, look, I'm not trying to get into politics or I'm not trying to not trying to get rid of your Second Amendment or whatever that thing is you like. I'm just I'm just talking about common sense, gun reform. Just common sense. And I'm sure, by the way, that their views are common sense, if you are a liberal who believes that liberalism is the only political view that it is legitimate to hold.


But for the rest of us who are not liberals. Then we look at it and we say, no, that's not common sense, actually seems very nonsensical. Now, there is good news here, though, because as the left puts on this performance about the lack of politics, the non partisan people, the people who are independent.


For the actual undecided voters, Trump is doing great for the actual undecided voters, issue by issue, everything stacked against Joe Biden. New study was released last week that showed sixty six to 70 percent of likely voters in five battleground states support school choice, publicly funded school choice. School choice is a huge winning issue for Republicans, we should talk about it all the time because Joe Biden totally opposes it. Donald Trump totally supports it. This is from the Manhattan Institute, which commissioned the survey, added on to a poll from Rasmussen.


This was conducted in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, all these battleground states. Joe Biden has a very. Very negative view of school choice, and so the point is, if I'm president, Betsy Divorcées, whole notion from charter schools to this are gone orgone.


I actually asked Secretary Divorce about this when she came on the verdict podcast with them, with me and Senator Cruz, you can check out that episode as well. Now, why are Democrats doing this? It's so unpopular. They're doing this because they're in bed with the teachers unions. The teachers unions are part of their constituency. They in some in some parts own the Democratic Party. So they're not allowed to support school choice, even though 70 percent of people support Trump.


And the Republicans should run hard on this. There's another big issue, too. There's another big issue that the Republicans and Trump in particular ran on in twenty sixteen and he hasn't talked about it as much in twenty twenty. But it's a huge winning issue and the Democrats are completely wrong on it. It is not working at all. It does involve security. It does involve protection. And when you want to protect your car, you've got to turn to car shield.


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Join him tonight at eight forty five five forty five Pacific head on over to daily Wired.com. If you are not the only one I remember already, join all access today. Twenty percent off with code debate. You can watch it all live. Head over to daily Wired.com. We'll be right back with a lot more. Welcome back. School choice, big winner among the undecided voters, but then there's another big winner and the left, they want to pretend that people are on their side with this issue, but they're not.


That issue is immigration. Washington Post just comes out, they say trumps refugee ceiling is bad for everyone, but bigot's. Here we go. Deplorable, irredeemable dregs of society. That's what you are if you oppose taking in more and more immigrants into this country. Now, what President Trump has said is that he's going to reduce the number of immigrants who come into the country, not by a lot, just by very little. He said, as a matter of the refugee policy in the new fiscal year, 15 thousand refugees will come into the country.


Fifteen thousand seems pretty nice. Now, before that, under the Obama administration, you saw a cap at about ninety six thousand. But why would we be taking in all of these refugees when? There has been relative peace all around the globe. We've been pulling out of these wars, one of the arguments for taking in refugees is, look, we're involved in these wars and because of that, we have a responsibility to these local populations. We're going to take them in.


Whether or not you agree with that argument, that that was the argument. Now we're saying, OK, we're still going to take in 15 thousand. We're just not going to take in, I don't know, a hundred thousand. America takes in more immigrants, legal as well as illegal than any country on Earth by a long shot. We're talking about like two million per year. The last 60 years has been the largest migration from one place to another or from multiple places to another in the history of civilization.


We've never seen a larger migration than we have into the United States over the past 60 years, and people justifiably think maybe that's a little bit too much because we don't like people around the world, but just because it's very difficult to assimilate that many people, we have the largest foreign born percentage of the population we've had since the 90s. And at this time, we're being told we have to discourage assimilation. Well, if you don't have a common culture, if you don't have a common language, if you don't have common practices, then you don't have a country.


Right, then you don't have a common country. And that's what we're seeing coming apart at the seams. It's not really the immigrants fault necessarily. It's the the policies and the people who are using immigration policy to try to further weaken the country because they think the country is rotten and evil and no good, such as the people who support, for instance, the 60 19 project view of America or the people who believe that America is hopelessly bigoted, or the people who want to destroy our system of law and order any of those people.


Most Americans, though, want to reduce immigration levels. There was a survey came out a couple of years ago that showed that. Americans want to reduce immigration dramatically by 60 percent or so, and this is a majority of Americans who want to do it, not just Republicans, it cuts into Democrats as well. That's a big winner, we were told, when Trump came down that escalator in twenty fifteen. Remember, we were told. This guy, there's no way this guy is going to win.


He just said that that illegal immigration might not be a great thing. He called illegal immigrants criminals and rapists and murderers. There's no way he's never going to win a Hispanic vote and he's certainly never going to win. And what was so funny is you had a lot of Hispanic voters saying like, yep, yeah, it's true. Those drug cartels, man, they're pretty bad. They cross the border a whole lot. We don't like them. We're very against them.


Of course, because people all agree with that, not all of them, but most people agree with this, but political correctness means they're not allowed to say it out loud so that when someone comes in such as a Trump and says what they're thinking, they might criticize him in public, but they will vote for him. That's a great issue for Republicans, school choice, abortion, both going in our favor or school choice, rather, immigration, both going in our favor.


Abortion actually, though, is as well. And Joe Biden is now gone completely out in the open on abortion. There used to be a view among the allegedly devout Catholics in this country who supported abortion. They obviously weren't particularly devout Catholics, but they would support abortion and they would justify it to themselves into the public by saying, look, I am personally very against killing all these babies. But politically, it is a right. It's a constitutional right.


You can see it right there in the constitutional text, right below the penumbras and right above the emanations that you got. It's invisible ink, but you can see it. It's right there. It's right there. And so therefore, we have to have legal abortion. Well, they're not even they're not even pretending that anymore. Now, with the possible shift in the court to being more conservative with the nomination of Amy Tony Barrett, there's a possibility.


I don't think it's a very high possibility, but there's a possibility that Roe v. Wade gets overturned. So Joe Biden was asked at this town hall the other night, what will you do if it gets overturned? And he said, oh, well, no more of this. Abortion should be safe and rare. Abortion, it's constitutional, even though I oppose it. He says he would make Roe v. Wade the law of the land. No.


One, we don't know exactly what she will do over the expectation is that she may very well move to overrule, overview, overrule Roe. And but the only thing the only responsible response to that would be to pass legislation making Roe the law of the land. That's what I would do.


That's what he would do. He would make it the law of the land. It was so interesting the way this woman asked the question to he was asked right. Just by constituents in the town hall and when the woman wanted to ask about abortion. Obviously, that was what the whole question was about, that's what Biden's whole answer is, that she couldn't bring herself to actually use the term abortion.


I knew whenever I was graduating high school and entering college that I wanted to obtain my degree and start a career before starting a family, having access to birth control and safe reproductive health care. It was imperative and making that true for me. So considering the new Supreme Court nomination of Amy County Barrett, what are your particular plans to protect women's reproductive rights in the US, just as a pure matter of semantics?


Abortion is not reproductive rights. It's the opposite of reproductive rights. It does the opposite of reproduction. Right, there's no there's no way you can use the term reproduction to refer to abortion. Those are those are opposite things. But she can't bring herself to say it. She can't bring herself to say it because it's obviously such a ghastly thing. And it's such a ghastly thing, it's so obviously wrong that even its most ardent supporters can't say the name.


Abortion. Abortion. What is abortion? Even abortion is a clinical term, killing a baby, they can't say it even though they support it. But Joe Biden is taking a pretty extreme view of it. He's saying, OK, look, maybe it's not a constitutional right, but I would pass a law. Now, passing a law for abortion, I guess, is more constitutionally legitimate than just pretending that it's in some clause of the Constitution. But does Joe Biden really think this is going to help him win Pennsylvania, help him win Wisconsin?


Carolina? I don't think so. I don't think it will, because even though it's about a 50 50 issue, it's not as though the majority of Americans are pro-life, but it's about 50 50, 50 50 is enough to drive a wedge between Biden and those swing state voters.


And then you have the racial demagoguery, you have this racial issue that keeps cropping up, that is not merely the wacko's Ibrahim Candy, that pseudo scholar, con artist, or the 16 19 project and other pseudo scholarly con job, you even hear Michelle Obama ginning up racial tensions in the hope that she can hold on to her voters there, stoking fears about black and brown Americans lying about how minorities will destroy the suburbs, whipping up violence and intimidation.


And they're pinning it all on what's been an overwhelmingly peaceful movement for racial solidarity. It's true. Research backs it up. Only a tiny fraction of demonstrations have had any violence at all. So what the president is doing is once again patently false, it's morally wrong and yes, it is racist. But that doesn't mean it won't work. The one thing this president is really, really good at is using fear and confusion and spreading lies to win.


BLM is a mostly peaceful movement. Didn't you know that? I mean, they burned down Minneapolis, they burned down Kenosha. They burned down Atlanta. They burned down D.C. They burned the burning down all of these cities. But it's only a very, very tiny fraction of these anarchists and rioters who are burning down these cities. The rest of them are just marching with them as they burn down the cities. You know, only a very, very tiny fraction of Serbian nationalists started World War One.


It's not a big deal, OK? Only a very, very tiny fraction of Islamists have attacked the homeland and killed thousands of civilians, a very tiny fraction of them.


So it's not a big deal. Right? This movement may be fiery, but it's mostly peaceful. That's Michelle. That's our line, I guess. And she's sticking to it. And it's the same old George Trump is a racist. He's a racist, isn't he? He says that minorities are going to ruin the suburbs. It's not what he says. He just reversed an Obama era bureaucratic rule that took the rights of zoning away from suburban communities, gave it to the federal government completely illegitimately, and tried to move very, very low income people from the inner cities.


And when I say low income, by the way, I'm not talking about the blue collar working class. I'm talking about people who are receiving welfare benefits, who are often gaming the system, trying to ship them up to communities in the communities, have no say in that at all. And what was the point of that? Purely political. Purely political, because generally the cities are blue. Generally the country is red and the suburbs are the battleground. The suburbs are purple.


So if you can shift up a lot of Democratic voters into the suburbs, what happens to suburbs all go blue? It's another example of this issue where we say, look, it's not politics is not political. This is just the experts are saying we've got to put the the very low income welfare recipients into these suburban communities. That's not look, that's not politics, OK? That's just common sense. Common sense. Right. Seems pretty political to me.


And I don't think Michelle Obama is fooling anybody, certainly nobody with with common sense, then you've got the ace in the hole for Trump in November. That is the confirmation of Amy CONI Barrett. Who is now going to be front and center, Mitch McConnell says Amy CONI Barrett is going to be a huge key to the November elections.


Well, what's going to really help the Senate race is, I think are putting the Supreme Court justice front and center. Let the American people take a look at her, evaluate her credentials. Every single challenger to every one of my incumbents is opposed to this nominee, every single one of them. So we'll let the American people in each of these states that are hotly contested decide how important the United States Supreme Court is and casting their vote November 3rd.


Of course. Of course, it's going to be very important. Think about what Kavanaugh did in in the last cycle. So. I think it's very smart, you got to focus on AIMCO, part of what's going on now to do that is that President Trump is halting discussions for covid-19 relief. And this is being made very controversial, especially on the right. What is he doing? He's losing the election. You've got to send people this free. Twelve hundred dollar checks?


I don't think so. I think Trump is actually totally right. First of all, he tweeted out, he said, I'm halting the relief talks. I'm going to wait until after the election. Then we're going to get a big, fat relief check. Now, this is very possibly a negotiating tactic, he might very possibly be just putting pressure on Nancy Pelosi or so I'm not even sure I take that statement at face value. But even if he's serious, it's not necessarily a bad idea.


Washington can't do multiple things at the same time, certainly can't do multiple big things at the same time, a covid relief package is a pretty big deal. Nancy Pelosi wants to point four trillion. I think Trump wants one point six trillion, never the twain shall meet the confirmation of Amy. Connie Barrett is going to be the biggest political decision in years. If they try to do them both at the same time, you are going to see. Some intermingling of these negotiations, I think you're going to see some tit for that, some kind of trade offs here, maybe the Democrats come to one of those squishy Republican senators say, look, we'll give you this if we win.


If we do this, if you maybe change your vote on Barritt, you could see people saying, OK, look, we've got to delay the vote on Bearup.


But then I'll give you this for your state or for your district, it's going to get very, very complicated. There's no way to predict how complicated it could get. So unless you get a clean covid relief bill, which I think that would be fine, unless you do that, it's much more important to focus on. Amy CONI Barrett, the political benefit from confirming Judge Barrett is going to be much greater than maybe sending people. A thousand bucks or twelve hundred bucks of their own money, again, even though they probably won't get that for some time.


As a political calculation, it's actually pretty smart, at least at the very least, to make this threat right now. Because. There are people now who are trying to claim victories today and people who are trying to work for victories tomorrow, and some people are giving up victories today to work for those victories tomorrow. You know, President Trump, we're all very happy that he's recovered. Dr. Fauci says not so fast. Dr. Fauci was on Chris Cuomo show on CNN and he comes out and he says, hey, don't celebrate President Trump's recovery.


He could have a reversal any day.


Even if he is getting better. You're going to have to keep more, not you. They will have to keep monitoring him. Right, just to make sure there's no residual or secondary or long haul. I mean, even if you have a quick spell with great experimental treatment, you still got to be a little worried there, right?


Well, Chris, rather than worrying about the long haul, you know, he looks fine, as you can see the way he looked when he came out of the hospital. The issue is that he's still early enough in the disease, that it's no secret that if you look at the clinical course of people, sometimes when you're five to eight days in, you could have a reversal. His physicians, not a reversal, meaning going in the wrong direction and get into trouble.


Oh, that's what a reversal. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you for clearing that up. I didn't know what the word reversal means. Yeah, I know. Of course. Yes. Oh, my gosh. This guy. This guy. Why is he still in public life? He's been around forever. This guy, he was probably the medical advisor to George Washington. He's been in that job since the 80s. That's weird. Why has he been in that job so long?


It's not political. That's not that's why it's not political. The elected people, they're political. They come and go. But he's not political. He just runs a lot of our political life. But he's not political. That's why he's been there for 50 years. Dr. Foushee says, look, Trump is doing better, but he could get worse. Yeah, sure. We all could. We could I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, I hope.


I don't. God forbid. But I guess I could.


It doesn't mean you don't celebrate the wins today. This is something Trump understands very well. Trump always takes the win. He takes the win on a stock market. He takes the win on the Konya endorsement. He takes to win on covid. He takes the win. And people say, Trump, you shouldn't do that because the stock market could go down tomorrow. Trump, you shouldn't do that because he might say something crazy tomorrow. Trump You shouldn't do that.


You might get sick tomorrow. Yes, sure. I'll deal with that tomorrow. I am not going to give away an actual victory today because of a possible loss tomorrow. By the way, the Democrats aren't going to give me credit for victories anyway. They're going to say that everything's a loss anyway. So who cares? I'm not going to have to pay any political consequence at all. Absolutely. Take the win. Take the victory. We're going to see tonight if we're going to get another victory at the vice presidential debate.


We do, though I have before we get into that debate, we'll have to see what happens tonight because the Democrats are requesting that Mike Pence being closed in a Plexiglas box so that he doesn't infect Kamela, doesn't want to get Comilla sick. And, of course, Comilla with that crazy cackle of hers, I think is much more likely to get Mike Pence sick. She's got all those droplets all the time from that nervous laughter she she goes into when she gets called out for her lies.


So Pence obviously says, you know, I don't think I don't think I want to be in a Plexiglas cage for the debate.


I don't I don't think that's a good look. Well, it's not a political question, Mr. Pence, because the medical experts Derek's not political. Derrick's M.D., who, yes, she has her pronouns as the first two words in her bio. She her. But she and she she has this group called Femme in M in the M and like emergency medicine. I don't I guess that's what that means. Feminism sounds kind of like a feminist and she has the word boss in her bio.


That's nobody who calls themselves boss is really much of a boss, I suspect, but some kind of feminist.


But look, she's not I'm just saying she's not political and she's saying he's got to be on the plexiglass. So let's be honest.


This is not only about Senator Harris. What she's doing is advocating for the appropriate behavior from the vice president, for everybody at the venue, remembering that when he enters the facility, will he be wearing a mask when he gets on stage? What happens to the housekeeping staff, the staff, all the people in the audience, the moderator? The only Plexiglas barrier that's to be mandatory at this vice presidential debate should be around Vice President Pence. And let's be honest, if he's saying I don't care enough about those at the facility, not just about Senator Harris, that he's really exemplifying what it means to be the leader of the Copiah Task Force.


I mean, it's just like it's just common sense. I mean, come on. It's just we should take Mike Pence and put him in a little box and throw him down a well, because because he he doesn't have this this virus that statistically, like statistically ninety nine plus percent of people are going to recover from. He doesn't have it, but he probably I don't know, he knows a guy who had it. And I'm sure Kamala Harris knows people who have had it too.


But that's the anyway way I'm missing my point. It's just the appropriate behavior. The scientifically non-political, appropriate behavior is to banish Mike Pence to an island in the middle of the Caribbean. It's just it's not politics. It's just science. I think it's politics. I think we need to re-examine our politics. I think we need to re embrace our politics. Politics is not a dirty word. And the more we pretend that it is, the more politics will be absolutely dominated by the left.


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