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President Trump is trying to steal the election by locking up all the mailbox. Did you know that that's the latest conspiracy theory that the Democrats are pushing. They're pushing. They found one photo of mailboxes that had locks on them in Burbank, California, and a lot of blue checkmark. Liberals on Twitter started running with us saying this is evidence that Trump is trying to steal the election. He's stealing it apparently because he thinks he's going to win California or something.


Is that is that going to happen? Probably not. The real story behind this mailboxes, of course, is that there had been people stealing mail. There have been criminals around. So they locked it up. But they're not just pointing to individual mailboxes. They're saying Trump is trying to shut down the USPI right before this election, that they're forcing everyone to mail in their votes for because they've shut down the entire country for absolutely no reason. Well, is Trump really doing that?


It's hard to say. The facts line up when, in fact, Donald Trump just gave the US ten billion dollars, a ten billion dollar loan from the Treasury Department. This even after last year the US lost lots of money. Nine billion. Well, they just got another 10 billion. Doesn't matter. You could give them a hundred billion dollars and still accuse them of stealing the election. A lot of fake news that the Democrats are spreading about mail in voting about November 3rd.


We will get into it and break down all of the election year lies. And Michael knows this, the Michael Noll show.


Welcome back to the show, my favorite comment from Thursday is from Ricardo Vasquez, Ricardo says, I'm Hispanic and I had no idea what lettings was until a white liberal explained it to me. Know, Ricardo, I feel you. I don't know anything until white liberals can explain it to me. I didn't know that men are really women. I didn't know that babies aren't aren't really babies out of my old world view was just so mistaken for white liberals explained to me that up is down and black is white and left is right and that this election is being stolen by the Republicans.


This is after the Democrats have spent four years trying to overturn a duly elected presidency. We'll get into it. I mean, they are spreading some outand out lies and we can smack them down. It's pretty easy. You just got to look at the facts. First of all, I got to thank our friends over at LifeLock. You know, unless you secure yourself on the Internet, you are wide open to bad actors. There's some troubling news right now for companies who use Enterprize VPN for employees working from home.


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Is Trump trying to steal the election by shutting down the post office. No. Now the facts are clear. He's not only is he not defunding the post office, he's giving them ten billion dollars. Stupidly, I don't think he should be giving them all that money. They always waste an incredible amount of money every single year, and yet he's giving them more. So he's not doing it on that level. OK, that's fine. CNN can't run with that story.


So instead, now they're running with a story that shows a piece of campaign material, says urgent notice, request your mail in ballot right now. And it was sent out by the Trump campaign headline from CNN. Voters in North Carolina have received absentee ballot request forms in the mail with Donald Trump's face on them. I don't even know what they're pretending is wrong with this. This is not a government forum. This is not some official. First of all, don't you think that the various states could could send out whatever forms they want to forget the states run the elections?


No, this is campaign material saying don't forget to request your mail in ballot. I'm sure the Biden campaign is going to send them out to if Biden remembers that he's running, if Biden remembers that it's an election year, of course, we have to send this out. But now the Democrats won't just say you're not allowed to go to the ballot box.


You're not allowed to actually vote on Election Day at polling locations where we have ballot security. They say you've got to mail it in. It's so much safer to mail it in. But it's not just that now. They're upset when the Republicans tell their own voters to go mail in their votes. They won't even let them do that where we are now, according to CNN, I think it's a very clear implication of this tweet. According to CNN, Republicans are not even allowed to remind their voters to request the mail in ballots that they say are essential for the twenty twenty election.


Well, are they is is it safer to submit your ballot from home? Is that going to protect public health? That's the that's the lie that the Democrats are saying right now.


The lie is first, don't forget, it began with we need to flatten the curve, which we did immediately, and it's fine. Then it became we need to find a cure. By the way, we have plenty of treatments that work very well for coronavirus. Then it became we had to find a vaccine. But we found out that if you get a vaccine, it's very likely not going to give us herd immunity anyway, so there's no reason to continue to have the lockdown.


We found out we needed to lockdown. Then there were BLM riots and there was no need for a lockdown now because the economy could have recovered. There's a lockdown. Again, lots of nonsense.


So on this specific question.


Do you have to stay home on Election Day? Let's ask the vaunted public health expert, our exalted Dr. Fauci, what he thinks from the perspective of public health we need on Election Day.


You see, when you go into a store or whatever that store is, you know, CVS drugstore or a Starbucks or what have you. They have people staying six feet apart with masks. I think if you stay six feet apart with masks, you can do whatever it is that you need to do, whether you go into CVS, whether you go to Starbucks or whether you're voting. I don't see any reason not to do that.


He says that flat out there is no reason to stay home on Election Day, November 3rd unless you're a Democrat. Then Election Day is November 4th. But for the rest of us, it's November 3rd. Put it on your calendar.


He says there's no reason to stay home. So why are the Democrats pushing this stuff? Well, because vote by mail is totally open for fraud. That's why you remember there was that local news outlet that conducted just an experiment with one hundred mock ballots, mailed it from a mailbox to the P.O. Box right down the block.


Three percent went missing three percent. And we're now collecting numbers from around the country just in past elections of how many mail in ballots went missing, how many didn't show up for some reason, it's a huge number here in California. Your your mail in ballot if you request absentee, because they've been doing that here in small numbers for years. It has your party affiliation right on the outside. So if it says Republican, I think that translates to in California is please throw me out.


But Foushee says it's fine. Remember, we're all supposed to trust Foushee, listen to Foushee, he says you dist., you wear the mask, you'll be fine to go vote. Still not good enough for Democrats. As as I've said from the beginning, this reaction to the virus has very little, if anything, to do with public health, it's all political. By the way, that that includes the masks, by the way, that includes the way we've looked and felt, she makes this point.


He says, how come we're allowed to go into Wal-Mart? You're saying it's OK to go to Wal-Mart, but we can't exercise our sacred right in this democratic republic?


No, I don't think so. But why did the Democrats need to steal this election? Because they have horrible, horrible candidates, not just Joe Biden who can't remember his own name, but Kamala Harris, too. I mean, she's one of the least likable women in the entire country. Biden had backed himself into a corner where he said, I'm going to choose a black woman. And I was obviously going to be a Democratic woman, a liberal woman for his running mate.


So that that narrows down the field. He'd gotten it down to Susan Rice, who was the fall man for Benghazi. You had a lot of dirt on her. Karen Bass, who is an actual communist. And then all you're left with is Kamala Harris, who nobody likes, Kamala Harris, who was one of the first people out of the presidential race, Kamala Harris, who has a lot of bad stuff in her political closet. Let's leave it there.


And Kamala Harris, who launched this vicious attack on Joe Biden, accusing him of being a racist and a bigot. So Stephen Colbert, to his credit, had Kamala Harris on The Late Show and he asked her about this. He said, you know, you went pretty hard at Joe Biden in those debates. So it wasn't just even the usual tit for tat. I mean, you you accused him of being a racist who would have kept you out of school and kept you subservient.


What do you have to say about that now? Kamala Harris did not have much of an answer in those debates.


You landed haymakers on Joe Biden. I mean, they were his teeth were like chocolates all over the stage. And now I believe you that you're fully supportive of him. How does that transition happen? How do you go from being such a passionate opponent on such bedrock principles for you? And now you guys seem to be pals.


It was a debate and not everybody landed punches like you did, though, and debate. So you don't mean it. It was a debate that the whole reason literally it was in debate called a debate. I understand the debate. There were journalists there covering the debate where there would be a debate of differences of opinion and issues.


Debate, debate, debate, debate, debate. OK, are good. Can we move on to the next question? Debate. What kind of answer is that? Yes, it was a debate.


It's an amazing this there could be a whole psychological study of this answer because it reveals the way that Democrats think about politics, at least the way the Democrats like Kamala Harris think about politics.


When you have a debate, you are supposed to be arguing about facts and about the truth, and you have people who have two different points of view on the truth and they present their points of view. And then through logical debate, you figure out who might be more likely to be correct. Pamela Harris seems to believe that debate is when you just say a bunch of things that aren't true. She thinks debate is the opposite of what debate actually shows.


The debate is where you go out there and then you lie through your teeth. And then if you're the most persuasive liar, you win. And Colbert, to his credit, actually calls her out for this.


He said, oh, so you didn't mean it. But it doesn't matter that it's a debate. You're still you're still supposed to be telling the truth. And in this case, she said Joe Biden is a vicious racist and now she's saying, I'm happy to run with him. And the only answer she is, is this ridiculous, goofy, awkward laugh. One thing this also shows you is that the average Democratic politician is much less competent than the average Republican politician who are who are successful, who make it to a certain level of politics.


Why is that? Because Democrats have the entire liberal apparatus behind them. They have tech, right? They have Hollywood. They have the mainstream media. They have all those things behind them, whereas Republican politicians have all those things against them.


So Kamala Harris is an incompetent politician. I mean, that that was a pathetic answer. She had to know that question was coming. Maybe she did. Maybe she thought the Hollywood media would be so kind to her that they wouldn't even ask, but she should have had it prepared and she didn't. And so she had that ridiculous answer. I guarantee you, a Republican politician who was in a similar position would have had a great answer to that question because that politician would have had to Kamila's admitting that she doesn't mean anything.


She says the only the only saving grace for Comilla here is that no one cares. No one who's going to support them cares that that she's now basically admitting that she's a liar and that she doesn't know how to answer a reporter's question and that Joe Biden doesn't know how to answer a reporter's question. And the Joe Biden doesn't remember his own name. They don't care because Comilla and Biden are not people when it comes to personal politics. Donald Trump, you may hate him, but he's all personality, right?


He's old person, Joe Biden, Comilla are not people in the sense that I'm going to vote for this individual. They are stand ins for the liberal Democratic establishment to their advantage in politics is they are empty suits. They don't mean what they say. They change their mind on everything. They say one thing one day and then two days later they contradicted. That's what a certain class of Democratic voters wants, because what they actually just want is rule by the unaccountable bureaucrats, the so-called experts who have taken our politics away from us and run our lives without any input or accountability from or to us.


So it probably won't hurt her. But among normal people who actually think that the individual person does matter in politics, sometimes that that answer is is not going to help her very much. And the press, by the way, are not going to call her to account. Probably the hardest question she got on this was from Stephen Colbert. The rest of the press walk around like lemmings, as they just did at their latest campaign event. We'll get to that in one second.


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So they know that we sent you. The press won't even hold these people to account. Stephen Colbert will get one one question it, but otherwise they won't hold them to account. There was a recently a campaign event for Biden and Harris and they're each sitting at separate desks and they're signing something. What are they signing? I don't know. It's it's obviously just some stunt to make them look very official, like they're signing documents in the Oval Office or something.


The press wanted to ask some questions of Biden and Harris.


The campaign said, I don't think so either. You know, they can ask the question. Thank you. Thank you. Get out of here, kids. Think I on. OK, reporters. You've had enough. You've had enough. Get out of my room now. Well, OK. All right.


Bye bye. We'll just get out of here. Had them. They leave. They don't put up any kind of a fight. Can you imagine if President Trump were holding a campaign event, especially an early campaign event like this, announcing his running mate and then they wouldn't take any questions? They're just standing there and then the reporters. OK, well, my bosses told me I have to leave, so I guess I'll leave now. Why would they do this?


You know, President Trump, who hates the press and who the press hates, we'll speak to the press for hours, unguarded, no rules. He'll do it. He'll do it on the lawn.


He'll do it in the briefing room. Right. He's say what you want about the man. He's probably the most transparent president we've had in a hundred years or more. Meanwhile, Biden and Comilla, who love the press and whom the press love, will rush them out of the room. Why? Well, because the press are on the same team as the Democrats. They're on the same team, so the reactions would be totally different. We always point to hypocrisy among the press.


In a sense, they're hypocrites, they're hypocrites because they they pretend to be objective and they're not. But when you realize that they're not, when you accept that the press are the opposition, then. It makes perfect sense why, why, why would the press go after the Democrats, why wouldn't they take their marching orders from Joe Biden's comms director there on the same team? And it's clearer and clearer every day, and the only people who don't seem to get it are the ones who are either not paying attention or who are actively against the president, actively against Republicans who are on the same team as Biden and the press.


It's become so clear it's going to be one of the lasting legacies of Trump, probably more so than the judges even is exposing the press. There was a reporter for Huffington Post. His name is S.V. Date. I've never heard of him until he showed it on television the other day. S.V. Date was in a briefing with President Trump and he asked him a not just an outrageous question, but a very stupid question. He asked the president, when are you going to stop lying to the American people?


Three and a half years. Do you regret it all? All the lying you've done to the American people, all the lying, all the dishonesty that who is doing you have done? Tens of please, please. But I wanted to have a perfect response to this guy. You're a liar, I hate you. So you say you're sorry for lying. Who's lying? You are. You're a mean liar. All right.


Next question you and then you can tell the other reporter doesn't know what to do, but he moves on to just the perfect Lahm. Next question, because I want to talk for a moment about the payroll tax. Do you think that this Huffington Post guy, S.V. Date, do you think he ever asked Obama that question? Obama, who was a much, much more pervasive and profound liar than Donald Trump? Donald Trump, I'm willing to admit, maybe has exaggerated a crowd size or two in his life, maybe, maybe he has.


Barack Obama looked to the American people in the eye and said, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Said that premiums weren't going to go up. And then when both of those things turned out to be abject lies, do you know what he said? He said, well, you didn't think you're going to get all that stuff for free, did you? He admitted that he knew it was a lie at the time was S.V. Date well, as three dates on the same team as Obama, the whole press apparatus is on the same team as Obama.


So they never asked him any of those questions. I'm really sick of this whole Donald Trump's a liar thing. Politicians twist the truth that is intrinsic to the job. OK, that is, there are spin rooms on cable news and and in political offices to do that sort of thing. So Trump is in a long line of people. And I'm not saying he doesn't push the truth sometimes. As far as outright lies, Trump has been more honest than any president in my lifetime.


The clear example is the embassy in Jerusalem, right? Because remember, they said we're going to move the Israeli embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, which is the Israeli capital of Israel. According to Israel, it's the capital of Israel, according to the United States, its capital of Israel. So we're going to move the embassy. Presidents have been telling this this sort of campaign line for my whole lifetime. No one ever believed them. Why? Because the presidents never followed up.


They just lied. So Trump gets into office. He's so naive, he doesn't realize you're supposed to lie about these things. Then he goes ahead and moves the embassy and people are shocked and angry. They're upset with him for it. But it was true how many presidents have run and said we're not going to nation build.


We're not going to have more foreign wars. George W. Bush ran on that in 2000. Barack Obama ran on that. And then what happened then launched many foreign wars. Obama more egregiously than Bush, at least Bush could say 9/11 happened and changed the game. Barack Obama, nothing changed. He just launched more wars, launched wars in Libya, launched wars all over the place.


Started a war again in Afghanistan. Trump comes in and he won't start new wars, he goes in very targeted, otherwise he's drawing troops down. There is actually a pretty honest president. He won't get credit for that, obviously, from the press. The press is just going to say he's a liar. And the press, of course, is going to say he's a racist. That's the classic line. Frankly, any any criticism of Kamala Harris is going to be spun now by the journalists who are Democrats as racist, that is why Biden picked her.


He was open about this. He said, I need a black woman. He said he needed a black woman in part because, you know, in part he said this because he was playing into this narrative that it's about time for liberation and everyone's been so oppressed and everything.


But really why he did it is the same reason Democrats have played identity politics now for decades, which is that it gives you a certain immunity to criticism because anything that can be said about you, it will be spun as sexist or racist or otherwise bigoted. So President Trump was asked a question about whether or not Kamala Harris is eligible to be vice president. There's a lot of evidence, by the way, that she is not. We will get into that from a very esteemed legal expert who I happen to have spent a week with last week because he was one of the professors at the fellowship I was on.


He was asked a question. The president was asked this question about whether or not Kamala Harris is eligible to be VP. He gave a very straightforward answer.


So I just heard that I heard it today that she doesn't meet the requirements. And by the way, the lawyer that wrote that piece is a very highly qualified, very talented lawyer. I have no idea of that's what I would have I would have assumed the Democrats would have check that out before she gets chosen to run for vice president. But that's a very serious. You're saying that they're saying that she doesn't qualify because she wasn't born in this country.


She was born in this country, but her parents did not come from overseas? Yes. I don't know about it.


I just heard about it. I'll take a look.


Very straightforward. I don't know. I'm just hearing about this. Someone just made this argument, so I don't know. How do you think that very simple, honest response was spun by the media?


Why, of course it's racist.


A new effort by President Trump to boost his campaign using a familiar tactic. The president yesterday helped to resurrect a false conspiracy theory he used to challenge Barack Obama's right to be president, this time to attack Kamala Harris. Mr. Trump refused to reject a bogus claim about her citizenship, circulating online that the senator doesn't qualify to be Joe Biden's running mate.


OK, first of all, it's not a bogus claim. Second of all, nothing about the argument is racist. Third of all, it's not even close to the argument that people were making about Obama. The birther argument. This is completely different. What is the argument? Well, this was put forward in an op ed in Newsweek by John Eastman. John Eastman is a well-known legal scholar in the United States, is a law professor. He's been in official Washington for a very long time.


This is a very serious man. And just coincidentally, John Eastman was a professor of mine last week when I was at the Claremont Fellowship, which is why this podcast look a little bit different last week, because I was there studying the American founding and sort of how it's developed over time.


And John Eastman was supposed to show up to a dinner, I don't know when it was Thursday night or something like that. And he didn't show up because he had published this op ed and it blew up the Internet and now everyone's talking about it. So what is what is the premise here? The question is, if Kamala Harris parents were not American citizens when she was born, even though she was born in the United States, is she a citizen?


The essay that John Eastman wrote isn't even really about Kamala Harris. It's about birthright citizenship, which now we all take for granted as part of the Constitution, but which, frankly, we probably shouldn't take for granted, because there is still a very open question about whether or not the Constitution, the 14th Amendment, give us birthright citizenship. So John Eastman writes this, quote, The 12th Amendment provides that no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of president shall be eligible to that.


A vice president of the United States in Article two of the Constitution specifies that no person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of president. Carmella's father was and is a Jamaican national. Her mother was from India and neither was a naturalized U.S. citizen at the time of Harris's birth in nineteen sixty four. That, according to these commentators, makes her not a natural born citizen and therefore ineligible for the office of the president and hence ineligible for the office of the vice president.


It's so funny because without the comilla part of this, John Eastman was having a debate right in front of us the day before the op ed came out on this question, does the Constitution provide for birthright citizenship?


So this comes from the 14th Amendment and the 14th Amendment was there to to make a free blacks citizens. That's that is the point of the 14th Amendment. There had been Supreme Court decision saying that that black people, even if they were freed, could not be citizens. Fourteenth Amendment says, yes, they are citizens. So. Here's the language of the 14th Amendment. All persons born in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens. So does that mean that all persons born in the United States are citizens?


No, of course not. There's another clause here and subject to the jurisdiction thereof. So, for instance, the children of diplomats are not. Automatically, American citizens, if the ambassador from Russia and his wife have a kid on US soil, that kid does not become a US citizen. OK, what about Native Americans? They're born, I guess it's US soil, but it's reservation. So does that how does that work? What about illegal aliens who have so-called anchor babies?


Are their kids citizens? Are they subject to the jurisdiction thereof? Manifestly not. If you're if you're a foreign national and you're here in the United States, you're not subject to the jurisdiction. You're in a very limited sense, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. But you're not subject if you get a parking ticket or something, I suppose you have to pay it. But you're not subject to the complete jurisdiction of the United States because you are a citizen of another country.




The Supreme Court now there was a case, Wong Kim Ark, that basically that sort of decided this question, but not really it remains without going down the rabbit hole of all of this case law, because there are other cases that say other things.


Suffice it to say, the Supreme Court has never held that anyone born on US soil is automatically a citizen. Democrats don't want to have that debate. And it's not just about Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is going to be able to run for vice president. No one's going to stop her. However. And by the way, when people raise these questions, remember, they raised a question about John McCain because he was born in Panama, was he eligible?


No one ever said it was racist or sexist or anything. So it's not really about them. This is really about, though, is illegal aliens who come over here and on whose future citizenship and the citizenship of their children. Democrats are staking their electoral viability. That's really what's at the heart of this freak out. And they don't want you to be able to have the question about birthright citizenship, and we should absolutely force it. Speaking of this issue of racism and claims that people are racist, you know, this is probably the main reason the people don't want to raise the constitutional question of birthright citizenship.


They're afraid of being called racist.


Incredibly, though, now some people are afraid to question even racist policies for fear of being called racist. So if there's a racist policy out there and you question that racist policy, but the left likes that racist policy, they'll call you a racist for questioning the racist policy. Nowhere is this clearer than at Yale, my dear alma mater, Yale, which is clearly engaging in racist policies and which the Trump administration is finally, finally going after. This is excellent news for higher education in America.


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We'll be right back with a lot more. Yale is in trouble. Yale University, one of the most well-known universities in the country, they are in trouble because they are racists and they're doing racist things. This according to Assistant Attorney General Eric Drebin, who heads the Department of Justice's civil rights division. He says Yale's race discrimination imposes undue and unlawful penalties on racially disfavored applicants, including, in particular, Asian-American and white applicants. This is obviously true.


We know that when you apply not just to Yale, but to basically every college, any place of employment, if you are black or Hispanic, your race will give you an advantage. And if you are white or Asian, your race will be counted against you. You will have a harder time getting in. Frankly, the only reason we're even able to bring this up is because the discrimination is also against Asian-Americans, because a court, according to the logic of affirmative action, it is good that white people are disadvantaged, that that's the out and open logic.


They're basically saying white people had advantages in the past and now we're going to punish them for the color of their skin and we're going to to harm them as they apply to various institutions.


So that's out in the open. You wouldn't be able to challenge that because the logic of affirmative action already includes it. The question is the Asians, why are the Asians being published? They're being punished, rather, for the alleged historical sins of white people that for some reason we're punishing people for now. Why are the Asians getting lumped in? A lot of these people came over as recent immigrants. They don't have a lot of money. They don't have these advantages.


They just are they're hardworking. They're good at taking tests. They have a strong academic culture. So they get into these schools and they're being discriminated against by Yale and other places. The whole policy of affirmative action is race discrimination. That's that's it. I mean, I'm not even saying that is a judge mental criticism of affirmative action. I'm I'm just saying that descriptively it it is race discrimination. That's the beginning and end of affirmative action.


So the question is, do we want to have official race discrimination in America? We're always told that there are systemic institutional racism. There's only one instance of legal racism in America that is affirmative action. So right now, the DOJ is taking that up. I think that's a wonderful thing. There was a lawsuit against Harvard a little while ago for the same reason, and the judge threw it out. They ruled in Harvard's favor. So now they're trying again at Yale.


It's very important to make an example of Yale. I love dear old Yale. I wish Yale was not discriminating on the basis of race and they need to be punished when they are. That's a good thing. You need to make an example of a top American university to set the tone, because this sort of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and it starts at the top at the higher education level. But this kind of stuff goes all the way down throughout American education right now.


Even beyond the race question, just look at injustice in higher ed. Durham, North Carolina, is not going to open schools because of the coronavirus, even though all the public health officials say it's not only OK to open schools, you totally should open schools. Durham, North Carolina, is not going to open schools, the half dozen schools in the Durham public school system. Will remain shut down, but they will operate six, quote, learning centers and families who send their children there will pay one hundred forty dollars per week, plus a thirty five dollar registration fee.


Now, if you're an employee of the school district, you only pay one hundred five dollars a week. But if you're a regular old parent, you pay one hundred forty dollars a week, plus a thirty five dollar registration fee to send kids. To school that's already paying for you, already paying your taxes for the schools and the schools are shut down, but they're open anyway for a shakedown for a little bit of money. There is no logic to that whatsoever, no logic to discriminating against Asian people in higher ed, no logic to making parents pay extra money to send their kids to the school, which is technically closed, but actually open for the virus that.


Has absolutely nothing to do with the school closings because there is no medical, scientific, public health argument to keep the school shut. This is arbitrary. Bureaucratic enforcement, this is arbitrary rule by administrators, if you put these rules up for a vote among our duly elected representatives or among the voters as a referendum. They would be shut down. They would be shut down in a second if you if you said, should we open schools or keep schools closed, the vast majority of representatives and voters I think would say keep the schools open.


But it's just these bureaucrats who are making the decisions unaccountable, if you put affirmative action up to a vote among the populace or among the representatives, affirmative action will be shot down in two seconds. It's manifestly unjust. And yet. The bureaucrats make the decisions, it's all these little not just the administrators at the colleges, but the administrators throughout the administrative government, which actually makes our rules for us. And so it goes on goes on at all these levels of schooling.


We've got to crack that. The one the one silver lining of the lockdown's is that the schools are remaining closed. I'm actually supportive of the schools remaining closed because the schools exist as indoctrination centers for the state, for the state, completely perverse understanding of its own history, for the state's administrative priorities. I'm glad that that's shutting down. And speaking of schooling. Did you know Joe Biden is going back to his Catholic school days to try to appeal to religious voters?


Let's see how successful he'll be.


I just walked out the side door of St. Peter's Basilica after a meeting and getting an opportunity to shake hands and have a brief conversation with Pope Francis. The first people I saw were a group of nuns who to me epitomize everything Pope Francis talked about in his homily and what he stands for about generosity to other people, about reaching out, about making it a point to understand that we are our brother's keeper. And that's what, in my experience, being raised as a Catholic and educated by the nuns.


That's what those lovely women I'm talking to symbolize to me. So I thought it was a good omen.


When Joe Biden was vice president, his administration tried to litigate nuns into the dirt because the nuns wouldn't provide abortion pills to people. That's what Joe Biden did, he tried to force nuns to pay for birth control and abortion and violate not just their moral conscience, but the faith that Joe Biden pretends to hold. Basic elements of the faith that the apostate Joe Biden pretends to hold as he supports not just open widespread abortion, but taxpayer funded abortion. He's signaled that he would do that, that, again, is president.


He's he's overturned his formerly egregious but somewhat more moderate stances on abortion, now he wants all taxpayers to pay for it.


That's why he was denied the Eucharist, because he's in a very clear public state of grave mortal sin and shows absolutely no remorse for it whatsoever, the simple fact is it is not acceptable for any practicing Catholic to vote for Joe Biden. It is not acceptable and you are imperiling your soul if you do it. But he's going to try to appeal anyway. I don't think very many serious Catholics are going to take that seriously. Speaking of these eternal questions, by the way, President Trump's brother just died, his younger brother, which is very sad.


His name is Robert Trump. And obviously, you know, condolences go out to the Trump family, but no condolences go out from the mainstream media. Washington Post was the headline there, right? Robert Trump, younger brother of President Trump who filed a lawsuit against Anees, dies at seventy one. Robert Trump, OK, this makes it Robert Trump. That part makes sense, younger brother of President Trump. That makes sense. Who filed a lawsuit against these guys?


It's like as though that's describing President Trump. They're saying, like, if you were to refer to prison term, you'd always say, oh, yes, you know, President Trump, who filed a lawsuit against his niece, he lowered taxes yesterday. No, it's just a ridiculous dick. By the way, the niece he filed the lawsuit against isn't Robert Trump's daughter. It's the daughter of their other brother, Fred Trump. Actually, Robert condemned his his niece, just like President Trump did for that book, said I and the rest of my entire family are so proud of my wonderful brother, the president, and feel that Mary Trump's actions are truly a disgrace.


So just a ridiculous dig at the Trump family as they grieve.


Meanwhile, Washington Post, how did they report when when the biggest terrorist in the world died?


Remember the head of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? Well, they said very famously, infamously Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, austere religious scholar at helm of Islamic State, dies at forty eight. I'm not asking for total objectivity from the press or from The Washington Post, not asking for them to go easy on the president. I just wish that they would treat the president and his family with the same respect that they treat the leader of ISIS. And apparently that's too much to ask.


Meanwhile, after President Trump's brother died, the wrong Trump trended on Twitter, the wrong Trump. And this was not just a contrived trend. This was actually people actually saying prominent people saying that the wrong Trump had died. Conservatives didn't say the stuff about Barack Obama.


They didn't know we didn't like Obama either, but we didn't say that kind of stuff. The left has no respect in the face of death, and it's because their entire view of life and death, of eternity, of morality in the soul is off kilter. It doesn't it doesn't add up. They're not considering these things, and so there's a world view they foisted on us as people very depressed. Here's a study just came out from the CDC. One in four young adults between the ages of 18 and twenty four say they've considered suicide in the past month because of the pandemic.


One in four young adults, very young, 18 and 20 for. That analyzed fifty four hundred twelve survey respondents between June twenty fourth and June 30th, ten point seven percent of respondents overall reported considering suicide in the past 30 days, twenty five point five percent of those between 18 and twenty four considered doing so. And another thirteen point three percent of respondents said they've turned to substance abuse, including alcohol and prescription or illicit drugs, to cope with stress from the pandemic.


It's not from the pandemic, though. People aren't stressed out by the pandemic. We have illnesses all the time that are comparable to this illness. They're stressed out from the contrived Democrat freak out to shut down our entire country and make people miserable so that they can steal an election. That's what they're stressed out about. And it's disgusting that they're doing it. People people really don't like this kind of stuff, OK? They don't like what's going on.


Taylor Swift, Taylor. We can't even find a little bit of levity in our popular musicians is even even Taylor Swift, who used to be people thought she was kind of Republican, even she's jumping on the bandwagon. Taylor Swift quote, she tweets out, Trump's calculated dismantling of USPSTF proves one thing. Clearly, he is well aware that we do not want him as our president. He has chosen to blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans lives at risk in an effort to hold on to power.


This reminds me that Kanye West should not have let Taylor finish. You know, it's amazing. I used to think I should have let her finish now. I think Taylor should have gotten off the stage, like, can you finish? Who would have thought who would have thought years ago when we thought that Kanye was a liberal and Taylor was a conservative and Kanye was disrespectful and Taylor was respectful, who would have thought that all these years later conservatives would be cheering on Kanye West, who is now a pro-life pro Godet activist, and booing Taylor Swift?


This reminds us of something very, very important. This is kind of a broader point on politics. It's a lesson for conservatives to learn. Politics is not eternal. OK, politics is not forever, it's not permanent by definition, politics is always changing, and I think some conservatives get way too bogged down in some bumper sticker that they had in nineteen ninety two. And they say that no, the view of politics from nineteen ninety two, that was the that was it.


That's the be all and end all that sums up.


No that's not, that's not it. The left kind of thinks that way, but that's not how conservatives should think. Politics is always changing. It's applying eternal principles. To changing political circumstances, which we view through the light of our traditions. That's what politics is. Things are changing. These are a little crazy people who don't get on board, who haven't realized what's happening in politics, don't quite understand that. I'll give you a great example of this.


I got in trouble in Twitter for this. I pointed out the other day, I pointed out on the show, too, that conservatives need to get over our distaste for executive orders. Now, why? It's not because I all of a sudden love executive orders, it's not because all of a sudden I don't like the Constitution. It's because I realize the politics has changed. We are no longer living under that constitutional system that our founding fathers set up, that our government is very different today than it was in the 18th and 19th centuries.


A lot of this is because of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt and LBJ, and I wish that the changes that all those people wrought hadn't happened to the structure of our government, but they did. And it is simply the case now that under the the Constitution that our founding fathers set up the legislature, Congress made the laws and the executive enforce the laws. And in that sort of a system, if the if the executive is just going to govern more or less by executive fiat, that's not so great.


But if you live in a system where the Congress has outsourced all of its basically all of its lawmaking powers to the executive agencies, which, by the way, aren't even really under the control of the executive, they're just run is an unaccountable bureaucracy. That's how they were set up. That's what Wilson wanted. That's what FDR wanted government by the experts in the lab coats who do whatever they want, unaccountable to the people in that sort of situation.


Executive orders are a way to increase the role of democracy in our government. They're not anti-democratic. They're actually pro democracy because at least you've got one guy who got elected who is trying to exert any influence whatsoever over the executive agencies by sending him these executive orders. The only reason executive orders matter is because the executive agencies matter so much. If you decrease their power, then you would decrease the influence of the executive orders.


So we can try to do that, but in the meantime, waxing nostalgic about the good old days of our founding fathers isn't going to change a thing. We have to do what we can. It's a it's a clear example, I think, of applying an eternal principle. A principle of our government, which is that we, the people, have some say over it to changing circumstances, it means something very different at the beginning of the 19th century than it means at the beginning of the twenty first century.


That's how we've got to look at things, look, obviously the circumstances of politics are changing because now the whole country is locked down so that the Democrats can try to steal an election. How are we going to apply our principles to that new and changing circumstance? How are we going to look at our agencies, whether it's the most powerful administrative agencies in the government or whether it's the US Postal Service? Let's say in the meantime, I'm sure the Democrats are going to keep going postal.


We've got to try to keep some control over our government. That's our show. I'm Michael Knowles's Michael and I'll show you tomorrow. If you enjoyed this episode, and frankly, even if you didn't, don't forget to subscribe, and if you want to help spread the word, please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe.


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