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Since when is that, Mr. 2017? Oh my gosh. What's her name?


Rusciano Maruja, introvert. How old is she? She's thirty nine. She's what? Thirty nine? Bella.


I'm thinking about how I can help you, but I'm sorry, but lots of women look similar. You know that my background. What's the background of that? That she's missing a very big story.


It's a very strange story. She tried to stop one coin. She was just the face. Get on the ground, get on the dogs, get on the porch and talk to the lower level. Don't talk to people that she's probably paid off. Talk to the workers there to talk to the people who may have seen her in the cafes. I think she's definitely in hiding.


I mean, she could really be anywhere. There are a lot of theories.


From what I've heard, she must have made a deal with somebody said how sure are you that she's she could have done if I said I have said that she knew I recognized something getting out of. Sorry, I can't help you on that story, that case, I'm sorry. What sort of area is this? There are lots of people having lots of money, that's no secret. Hi, how are you? I'll serve up to balance when your breakfast.


So we called up the restaurant in Athens and then we emailed them across some photos of Russia and they got back to us last night.


Yeah, to Georgia. Lady in photos seems familiar to staff. They all remember this lady with a party of six or eight.


To me that what that does is prove to Allen she was definitely there not so long ago, which means she's definitely in Europe, which means she could maybe just be still traveling around Europe, not leaving Europe.


That's what I think. I mean, she's alive. Dr. Rusia is alive. She's probably in Europe. Episode seven in Plain Sight. We need to talk about money. Billions have been invested into one coin, but no one knows where they are. And there's a famous saying in journalism. Follow the money. Maybe it will lead us to Dr. Rusia.


He can't say that he was coming down the pathway with his dog, journalist Oliver Buelow has spent many years investigating the ways illicit money flows around the world, including in Eastern Europe, where he picks the shadowy financial secrets.


We're going to see if he can help us figure out what the hell is going on with all these billions. Oh, no.


All right.


Oliver is an expert on what he calls money land, the shadowy parallel world where complicated shell company structures and unscrupulous banks allow the super rich and criminals to hide their wealth, a place where money seems to disappear.


The US authorities estimate that four billion euros has been put into this. People are still being recruited into it, but the money has vanished. No one can get their money back and no one knows where the money is.


Bloody hell. I mean, it's a lot of money. It's fascinating. It's like a used to get these in the 90s in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, these ludicrous pyramid schemes. I mean, it just it broke up any one of these. I mean, Albania descended into anarchy because of a pyramid scheme.


I didn't know that. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I. Come on. What year was that? It was one must have been 90. 695, I was in Macedonia at the time and I wanted to go to Albania and I couldn't go because that shut the border and basically, you know, the police had lost control of all their weapons. And just things have got real because of a pyramid scheme. I mean, they're incredibly powerful things.


I think there's often a window in which a population who are used to trusting things so used to trusting, so financial institutions immediately exposed to a new range of financial products. And there was a window in which they're vulnerable to those products. And I think you saw that one of the reasons you saw in a big way in Eastern Europe in the 90s is because people had been essentially restricted to a single state savings bank. And suddenly there's this bewildering array of banks and presumably they're all fine.


Right, because the state saving might have been fine and they're offering these crazy returns. And it takes people a period of time, 10 years, to say, actually, you know what, this is a con job. And I suppose in a way that's repeated itself with with crypto currencies because, you know, look, it's a whole new thing. And this is look at the returns, you know, and no one understands the technology.


In his garden overlooking rolling hills, I ask him how money can disappear.


If you are rich enough and well advised enough or clever enough, you can structure your assets in such a way that they become invisible. They still exist. You can still use them to buy things. You can still use them to buy political influence and nice houses and yachts. But when it comes from someone trying to find them, whether that's a journalist or a police officer, the assets are invisible. And so that's what moneylenders money lenders, the place where these assets go as a conservative estimate.


I mean, you were talking sort of one in seven, one in eight of all the dollars in the world are in money and other people estimate far higher. You know, it's a lot of money.


So how do you how do you make money disappear?


I mean, there is an old way of doing it, which is you dig a hole in the ground and put them in the hole in the ground and then fill it up. And it worked very well. It's a very good way of making your assets disappear. But that had the downside, which is they were stuck in a hole in the ground. The good thing about money land is it means you can make them disappear while also enjoying them and spending them as if you're sufficiently wealthy.


Then all the rules go out the window anyway. Banks prepared to take risks on your behalf. You know, there are investigations into into banks, you know, significant banks in which the people have emailed. Well, listen, I think this client is worth the risk of taking out. And once your name is removed from the ownership of assets, then essentially those assets disappeared. They have vanished. They they're gone. They're in Maryland. I can't work out how you can get away with it, I suppose.


Well, it's because it's in so many interests that you do get away with it. You have a if you have a lawyer who is looking after the company on your behalf, that lawyer will be the person who will disburse the money to you. And they won't want to tell anyone because you're a good client. It's all about incentives. It's not in anyone's incentives to blow the whistle on this whole thing. Occasionally, whistleblowers do come along. They tend to be mad.


I mean, genuinely mad, you know, brave, wonderful, glorious people, but bonkers because this is incredibly lucrative world to be involved in.


And these people are very dangerous people. So if you do blow the whistle on it, you might get killed inside.


Oh, well, you can tell the rain's come in just a second ago.


How easy is it?


And if you're if you're trying to move money around, how easy is it for you to do that? Ludicrously easy. I mean, you know, in a very basic way, if you create a British company that costs you 13 pounds, you can do it online, it takes you about 10 to 20 minutes. You have to give no proof of identity at all when you create it. That's you've got a British company. Then you use that company to open a bank account.


And then once it's there, you know, you can move it around.


And if the bank account is owned by a Bahamian company, which is controlled by a Marshall Islands Trust, you know, levels of sort of sophistication, which I mean, no one could cut through really no one rouzier and one coin's corporate structure is incredibly complicated.


For example, rouges Big House, that's the one we saw in Surfy. It was owned by a company called One Property. One property was owned by another company called Risk Limited Risk Ltd was owned by Russia but was then transferred to some unnamed Panamanians. But it was still managed by another company called Paragon. And Paragon was owned by another company called Art Affects, which was owned by rouges mother Vaska. He's still with me. And then in 2017, the ownership of artefacts was sold to an unknown man in his 20s.


This is probably standard. There was a company that was given the monopoly on gas trade between Russia and Ukraine, which is literally a licence to print billions of dollars, and that was controlled by a pensioner in Transylvania.


So, yes, your 28 year old doesn't surprise me at all. He will have signed a document saying essentially, I resign. So if they try and and, you know, were they to be unwise enough to court death and say, I'm going to head off and keep this company, then you just fill in the letter of resignation. And they're no longer the director and haven't been since last year. He has no autonomy. He is a he's literally a cut out.


That's a. For several months, a French journalist called Maxime Gramble tried to unpick the corporate workings of one coin, and he collected as many company names and bank account details for one coin, one life as he could. He shared that information with us and we've brought it to show Oliver. Well, it's good to see so many British ones. Why have we got so many British companies here? British companies are that are the companies of choice. They're very easy to set up.


They look legitimate, you know, so this, for example, the top one, if we look up on companies house.


I on. This is part of our transparency agenda in this country, you're suppose this is an anti-corruption thing, you're supposed to be able to find any company in the U.K.? We're very proud of this. In this country. This is a key anti-corruption tool. The problem is that when you create this company, no one checks any of the information you provide.


So if you look at filing history, then you should be able to see, yeah, this is classic look and then nothing has happened. Right? They have filed no financial information at all.


So there are no company accounts here.


So why is no one checking this or there are four million companies registered in the U.K.?


But then look here, if you look at to people, this is a new innovation that we came up with in the U.K. to try to personally significant control. This is the real person who owns this company. And this is supposed to be mean that you can no longer use a British company to hide behind. Let's have a look. Who is the person who is in control?


There you go. Click on that. And that is.


Oh, hey presto. They haven't found the person in significant control. That's illegal. I mean, this is this is a British corporate structure. This is literally just the first one on the list.


I didn't pick up a I thought that is an anonymous shell company that is as anonymous as anything that you can buy anywhere in the Seychelles or Nevis or the Marshall Islands of Vanuatu.


Do you think that this is all super sophisticated? Like how can they how can anyone be so clever to figure this out? It's crazy easy.




We live in a global economy where no one is really in charge and lots of people are happy for it to remain opaque in this global economy, if one bank or one country asks too many questions, the money just moves elsewhere.


And because everything is connected, a scammer in Bulgaria can easily reach a victim in Scotland, and there's not much the authorities can do.


But inaction or delay by the authorities can be disastrous. In September 2016, the Financial Conduct Authority, or FCA for Short, which is responsible for regulating financial markets in the UK, issued a warning on its website. We believe consumers should be wary of dealing with one coin. We are concerned about the potential risk this poses to UK consumers. In around August 2017, they removed this warning from their website, saying it had been up for long enough.


Good afternoon, everyone. It's making a living, coming live once again from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


One claim promoters at the time took this removal as proof that the UK authorities now considered one coin a legitimate investment.


The reason I'm doing this video, though, it goes back to those videos. When I was talking about the FCA warning that the UK has now taken down so guys no longer consumption or for it's being updated or any of that nonsense that these haters want you to believe. Now, here we go, guys. Here's the official answer as we believe the warning has been on our website for sufficient length of time to make consumers aware of our concerns. And it's just that simple, guys.


There's the answer right from the horse's mouth. It's official. Well, we've got all these other people going out there being like, why going back at one point, this one is under investigation, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, I'm sorry, but if they still thought we were a fraudulent company, one point, then guess what? That warning is not removed. Game over.


We have discovered there were several one coin events in the UK after this warning was removed and lots of money was invested. We approached the FCA for a comment and we did not hear back. And it's not just the FCA. The same week that episode one of this series was first released, the City of London police dropped their investigation into one coin, too. They said the companies and individuals behind one coin are based outside UK jurisdiction, and we've been unable to identify UK based assets which could be used to compensate UK investors.


Jen McAdam, the Scottish one coin investor, messaged us as soon as she heard the news.


And I and I've just had a meltdown and I'm devastated for the UK victims. Where's the support? Where's the help more folks are going to promote? That's the green light for the one calling scammers to continue and extort more money for innocent people in the UK. And nothing has been done better. Nothing. They don't care, they don't give a shit. Oh, we approach the city of London police for comment and they said the city of London police has concluded its investigation into suspects linked to one coin.


There was insufficient evidence to support criminal proceedings against individuals based in the UK. They the force has never specified that there have been no concerns surrounding. The force has provided assistance to foreign law enforcement partners in respect of our investigations concerning one personnel. And we'll continue to do this.


If you believe you have been a victim of fraud in relation to one coin or you suspect someone of actively marketing one coin, please come forward and report it to action fraud online.


We've been putting our claims to one coin throughout the series. One COIN have told us accusations have been raised by competitors, envoys and exponents of the old financial world's numerous proceedings already prove the accusations are completely untenable. One coin rejects allegation that it is a scam and states one coin verifiably fulfils all criteria of the definition of a cryptocurrency. The series will not present any truthful information and cannot be considered objective nor unbiased. One coin also says that allegations made against them around the world are being challenged and states, our partners, our customers and our lawyers are fighting successfully proceedings against one coin.


We are sure that the vision of a new system on the basis of a financial revolution will be established. What I understand is that just immediately should ring alarm bells that I mean, that presupposes that the authorities are interested in investigating whether something is illegal here, which isn't a given in a lot of countries.


And it also presupposes that the authorities have the bandwidth to proactively investigate in that way and they don't.


What do you make of all this then that we've just showed you? You know, it's very hard to say. I mean, you know, but the it is this multiple usage of of disposable British companies to own bank accounts in multiple jurisdictions. This is exactly what is done in major money laundering schemes. Sounds like we're hopeless, though, for us to actually try to get to the bottom of this based on everything you've been saying, I mean, zero chance of actually finding where this money is or unpicking what's really going on, this zero chance, it's.


Yeah, I mean, it's it's been very well hidden. The old journalistic saying doesn't work with one coin, following the money won't lead us to Dr. Rusia.


We're just chasing shadows and cardboard cutouts.


There's one place we haven't. Not really looked, and it's probably the most obvious place of all the Internet, we put so much online now that information can betray us.


And that's what took us to somewhere we think Dr. Regia might be, not Athens, Frankfurt.


It took weeks of extremely boring Internet research and painstakingly going back through everything we've learned so far.


So we squashed it all into four minutes.


It's OK. Strap in. Allen told us about a possible sighting in Athens, this was confirmed by the restaurant, but they couldn't remember how long ago it was nothing, nothing.


Then we contacted ports and airports in Athens and asked about boats and private jet to provide the information.


We learned on the factory in Walten Hoffman that her husband or maybe ex-husband was in Frankfurt. That's not much, but we started looking a bit more into it. The email speaks German, but you all know Google 1980 and there are other search engines, two e-mail addresses associated with and some specialize in finding people digging up publicly available phone numbers, addresses, associates, sometimes going back four years we've not seen before.


Remember that time you entered your phone number on an obscure form in 2011?


I know that she's used that was on the Internet. Does this place somehow I'm going to a church and I know the place and all the places there's an address there for her thinks that she's associated with. And top of the list is Frankfurt. It's a lead, but it's not enough and a right, but then we spoke to a cyber security specialist from Namibia called Andy, who is familiar with the story. So is she. So is she alive?


Yes. Yes. What is still the most recent?


Have we started looking through every photo of Rusia that we could find? You can look, she is with a woman that she's with a mysterious woman.


This is a picture of her with Rusia in February 2012. She's been friends with Rusia since long before one coyner. They are again 2011, their close friends.


And then we started looking at some of her more recent posts. Let's look at this July. She is in Frankfurt, Germany, on the way to Bulgaria.


And on Monday last week, a cyber forensics specialist analyzed the pictures that posted that from the tiny little bird.


He got the name of some tennis tournament, which only happens in one park in Frankfurt.


There is and it was very close to the addresses associated with Dr. Rusia. It's not found. No, it's not far as it was doing in Frankfurt.


And there was another clue. Hello, this is Dr. Natwar. And I would like to share a very, very personal and exciting news.


Last week, my little daughter was born, found a video online of Dr. Rusia from early 2017.


And I want to thank all of you for the support for the great wishes for the president. A lot of flowers.


I thought this was just another fabricated cover story. There's very little about any of this online.


But in the last couple of weeks, we were told that Dr. Rusia did have a daughter, but she rarely spoke about her in public and that the daughter could be in Frankfurt.


He absolutely loved, but also Gary used to work with Russia around the time her daughter was born. Can you imagine her being separated from her daughter then?


No, I think I think had been absolutely heartbroken. Do you think that if Russia is alive, she would try to be near to where her daughter is or she tried to see her daughter 100 percent?


No single piece of this puzzle is enough on its own, but when you add it all up, too many things are pointing the same place.


I think it's just about worth a trip here.


Yeah. Keep your eyes open and keep your eyes open. Armed with photos of Dr. Rusia, we take a last minute flight to Frankfurt and drive out to a couple of places in a sleepy suburb that were associated with Russia in our Internet searches. There's not actually much to say about this place, is that it's a little bit empty, isn't it? Have you seen this woman before? No, no, no, no. This the same. No, no, never.


Have you seen her? No, sorry. An e-mail address somehow associated with Dr. Rusia was connected to an old church here.


No, it's not. Finally, the organist comes out. She didn't want to be recorded, but she'd never heard of Dr. Rusia.


I don't know why this town with this church came up as a place that's related to Rusia, but it doesn't feel like the right sort of place. We drive to another address where she used to live, but the neighbors don't recognize her. We think that Dr. Rouges friend visited a nearby park in a posh suburb of Frankfurt called Bad Homburg, so he had their.


It's really out market and. Well, I think this is where our forensic security person managed to pinpoint exactly where his friend was visiting Frankfurt. She was right here because this is what the background was. His tennis, a tennis club that's really nice on Reconceive, which is this woman here?


No, I haven't seen her before. Some other pictures of. But she's not a member. No. No, no, no. Never seen her before. No. As to my restaurant, so can I see the picture? No, but this this one is this one is just awful. I love you. No, no, no, no, sorry.


They look like rouges kind of places, but after a day of fruitless searching, we get back to our hotel with really nothing at all to show for it.


We phone up Dr. Rouges husband or ex-husband Bjorn, and he doesn't want to talk to us.


I think even though we knew it was a long shot, we thought we might find a trace.




I also feel now we're up against this world is a bit bigger than me and you sitting in a hotel room trying to I tell her I'm trying to make it so difficult.


You know, you see these things online, piece these close together, and then when you get there, you realize there's so many people. And I know it sounds obvious, but this is just you suddenly realize you're looking for a needle in a haystack. Here's the problem with the Internet as well. I think you decide that you found the answer and you think it's Frankfurt. And then suddenly it's very easy with the Internet to find 10 reasons why it's Frankfurt and convince yourself that that is the answer.


Do you think we're close? We might still be close. I still think this is I still think Frankfurt is a place she's been. I do. I do. I'm really deflated, she said.


In the morning before heading back home, we have one more place to try. We think rouges friend may have spent some time in an extremely affluent neighborhood near to that park.


The leaves are falling almost as if to make it like a movie scene on the. Not all. So I really want to go. Well, no, no stranger than that which analysts from the BBC in London, we are trying to find a missing woman.


We believe she might have been living around here. OK, here we go. This woman here.


Current design does is it could be happening, but I'm not sure the biggest houses around here are the biggest houses on the left side.


Thank you very much.


Following those early polls and thinking. Here we go. You could see him, oh, around here. Yeah, definitely POSMAN. Oh. Hello? Are you a policeman, postman?


We are looking for someone, we have photos, maybe we could show you the photos to see if you just recognize the face.


The problem is that when I'm in here in this territory, I see not so many people because the people are here somehow. Um, how shall I say you are the more of people. Yeah. And so you don't get so much from contact.


But this is one of the most expensive parts of the. Yeah. Yeah.


We could show you increase anyway. Just OK. You recognize her no more. I'm not sure. But you know sometimes I deliver post what the name is not on the mailbox. And so I guess sometimes that people are living somewhere just somehow hidden.


I don't know her name in case you got letter. Is Rouget not over? Say it again that you cannot over. You cannot be cut off. Yeah, this is something the name Ignat of something that I remember somehow. Sometimes you you read the name and you think, OK, I thinking this somehow that I have when I was in the area after two or three months, I knew the people by name.


It's not so difficult. I knew all of my customers by name. So it's somehow kind of faulty, you know, out of something, something I feel I heard it some some time now. I mean, she you can write it down. Yeah, I can. Look, if if we have some. Oh, yeah. All right. So this is have you seen this is this is something. Well, I see that I have not thought that.


Last night, I by. Goodness. They seem pretty confident that he has that's something, isn't it? Is something. It's something it's not much, but some of these. It's not much, but it's something we send the postman some information and ask him to email us back in the next few days if he hears anything at all. Is it really possible that Dr. Rusia is here right in the heart of the EU? I don't know. But if Russia is travelling around Europe, I still think Frankfurt is as good a bet as anywhere.


But I wonder whether ever since the arrest of her brother Konstantin in March 2019 and the US charges against her being made public, Russia has gone even deeper underground. And there is one place that she might have been able to do that even more easily than Frankfurt will come back to that next week. For some people, it doesn't matter where she is. Because one coin is bigger than Dr. Urrutia. But I was like Cameron Todd Cameron is a UK based one coin promoter.


Hello, my name is Jamie Bartlett. I'm calling from the BBC and I'm recording. Yes. And I'm recording this call, if that's okay. Of course. Yeah. Yeah. Are you still involved in promoting one coin?


I am, yes. You are, yeah. So do you think, though, that if you're still selling it and there's all these allegations, do you think maybe it's a good idea to stop telling me it's all been recorded?


Which is great, because I'm also complaining about this day. Oh, I'll be taking this further as well. OK, now you tell me, when you actually started investigating about one crime, you not ever thought. Let me find out what's happening about the investigation in the UK city of London, police investigated and they found nothing wrong. And podcasting, when I listen to it, you certainly are shocked to see the officers operating, people going in and out.


What's your drama? You're creating, David, online? Yeah. You think you have to do that, right? It's my voice. I'm not a professional. I'll call your mother to try and understand what was wrong with her. I'm not sure how how unprofessional you are. Oh, dear. How fashionable you are to all the allegations that no matter what the shut down, you know, why don't you stop any of the website? You tell me you've been count of money laundering and everything else.


Why don't you take the case to the judge and jury in the year? Why? Well, I did ask, but they are pathetic. But I did become and that is what they're doing. I mean, do you think an exchange is going to go public soon?


Of course. And if it doesn't? Because it hasn't so far, despite several promises that it worked. If it doesn't, what will you do then?


If it doesn't for me, OK, I've learned of my education from the packaging. I've promoted one truly believing in education. OK, yes, sir. You ever mention about what kind of education, how these people get to? We hear this from one QUEM promotors a lot, they claim to be selling education packages and the coins come free. We've not brought this up so far because no investor we spoke to ever mentioned education packages.


But we managed to get hold of these packages, which are essentially seven PDF documents that cost tens of thousands of dollars and found significant chunks of them are plagiarized.


So what do I have? I have I've seen I've seen them not very much that I could have learned that wasn't already publicly available. And I don't believe people would pay one hundred nineteen thousand euros for six or seven plagiarise PDF documents. Do you?


So what are you going to answer that question? I'm actually answering the question. I think I've learned quite a lot. OK, and I know what I've learned and I've got my.


Did you know the doctor Rusia has a conviction for fraud.


So far, there hasn't been anybody with a doctorate behind them who's committing fraud, like there hasn't been a single case. So if this was the first one, I'm sure we'll all learn.


Well, I'm well, I'm telling you, she does have a conviction for fraud because we checked what you're saying. Don't put words in my mouth. I'm not. Now, for now, there isn't anybody OK with this kind of educational background has committed fraud.


You must be a bit worried, though, after all these years. You know what the FBI said?


I'm not really the one who's going to be more worried when this goes to ask about your question. I'm sure you don't have any more questions. And you can now. And I have nothing more to discuss with Cameron.


I appreciate that you spoke to me. OK, I appreciate that. Thank you for answering professionals.


OK. OK, good. Good bye. What a strange phone call. Oh. If in the UK, with its well resourced police force and free press, people are still openly promoting one coin, then what is happening right now in countries which don't enjoy the same advantages?


Dr. Rouges Vision has traveled far further and far deeper than we thought possible. So your mother had saved some money for a store? Yes, a nice store, and you and your father discussed it and thought you could spend the money.


I'm not Mr. Right. When they told us about one, we suddenly changed like we saw it.


Maisto as something so small, so small compared to one coin.


We thought it was the best decision like anyone could take for his family.


And did your mother spend a lot of time saving money to get this Maisto to go through the homework?


Aged couple? I don't want to tell mine.


She's saying that massively. She was the one here working on it.


Mostly she has worked for so many years and she's tired today and didn't win.


Yeah. She says that it's too much like the pain is extreme due to working hard.


Does your mother have a computer or smartphone or anything like that? Oh, no. So did she.


She was your mother was not able to look into this any further.


Yes, she was just going just supported because of what we told her.


So she couldn't go and researched this herself. She could never came to any of them. No, no, no, no, no.


Yeah. But what I remember she came on one coin offices for a lecture.


Oh, your mom came to.


Yes, but the lectures were in English. So since she doesn't know much English, she was not understanding anything. But the only thing she saw it.


We are responsible people, people who look to many people who look to be educated.


When she saw you, she thought that maybe things are now becoming real, becoming real, like the money is coming.


Why did she think that?


If you have the money and it's taken away from you, she still says she still has hope so.


You guys, you've come here, have you come with the information about it?


She's requesting if you have information that you want to ask your mother, what am I supposed to say? That's next week in the final episode of The Missing Crypto Queen. The missing crypto coin is presented by me, Jamie Bartlett, it's written and researched by me, Jamie Bartlett and Georgia Cat and Georgia Cat is the producer.


Philip Sellers is the editor and the music is by the London Bulgarian Choir. And this is Slava, Stefán Over and Phil Channel. It is a BBC radio documentary production for BBC Sounds. To round out Episode seven, I thought I'd read you a short extract from the one coin educational package, Level two, and I'll read page 178 from Personal Finance for Dummies by Eric Dyson. Sounds interesting.


Some companies differ in what industry your line of business they're in and also in size. In the financial press, you often hear companies referred to by their market capitalization when describing the size of companies Wall Street has done away with, such as big and small, and replace them with expressions like.


Snooki cap stocks where caps hand all is different, this is cap stands for cartelization oh where caps and capitalization innovation such as the language of financial geek Yoenis. Just before I go, I want to tell you about another BBC podcast called 13 Minutes to the Moon from our colleagues at the BBC World Service.


It's all about the first moon landing 50 years ago. We all think we know that story. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins. But it almost didn't happen. In the final 13 minutes of the descent to the moon. Everything was going wrong. Communication went down and fuel was running out. 13 minutes to the moon tells that remarkable story and hears from the men and women whose work, both in those crucial final moments and in the years beforehand, ensured that the landing was a success.


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