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This is the BBC. This podcast is supported by advertising outside the UK. BBC sounds, music, radio, podcasts, love. Let's go let's go to. Beth Compassionless, one daughter, Rusia, is closer than we think, probably in Europe, and we believe she spends a lot of time in Frankfurt, maybe she leaves sometimes perhaps travelling under a fake passport to somewhere out of reach from the US authorities, Dubai or possibly Russia.


We wanted to find the missing crypto queen, but the more we learned, the more we wanted to find something else, how far her vision had spread and its cost to ordinary people.


So we're with a 22 year old onepoint investor called Daniel, who's driving to his small village near the border between Uganda and Rwanda.


Where do you think these guys are from? Some scams don't start out fully formed. They often begin life with a few cut corners or by taking advantage of some gap in the law.


Sometimes the people involved think they can turn it around, but then the scam starts to grow.


It starts to spread to more compromises are made and before long, it's too late to go back.


I don't think Dr. Rusia ever thought one point would make it to where we're going to go next Monday, where Daniel is from, 3000 miles from Frankfurt and Sofia.


Dr. Rusia is a household name.


And how. My name is to the asimilar Daniel Lane, and I'm a 22 years old. I personally invested seven hundred thousand Ugandan shillings, Muslim dollars. I think it's like 250 dollars. And where did you get this money from? How did you get it?


First of all, I had my own money. I had like four hundred thousand. And then I had, like, three goods. I said. Then they had to to sell some Thurgood's, they were to all the goods and the kid. Yeah, and the little one three three goods you sold to the 300 to make it 700, the starting package.


What did you do with the goats before you sold them? Yeah, they used to raise them back from my younger brothers.


Yeah, so they are just rearing them the goods. I basically red for meat.


You did that for one point. There was no other way. There was no other way. Episode eight, The Technology and the Dream. How did Daniel get involved in Dr. Rouges one coin? It has a lot to do with one man Saturday.


David was the first person to promote one coin here. You're welcome.


Hello, I'm David.


I thought you stopped a couple of years ago around the time that Dr. Rusia disappeared.


I have pictures of you with you. He's agreed to meet in his office in Uganda's capital city of Kampala Saturday.


David is impeccably dressed, wearing a thick gold ring and brooch and surrounded by photos of himself as a bit of a bear body.


What are you doing with the bear? I was a visitor in Canada. So you travel a lot. Yeah, I know. 500000 euro, yuan, 500000 euros.


That's what I did last year. That's a lot last year.


Yeah, that's a lot of money, isn't it. Yeah, it's a lot, but not compared to what I want to make.


How much do you hope to make in future. I've got big dreams, big dreams, big dreams. I want to build a city. Oh excuse me. I want to give the city a city.


What port. City. City.


City is just one of the main city in Uganda that is digital to be doing and accepting everything in cryptocurrency. So I need like one billion euro to start with my city. It's going to be called the crypto city.


And you think you might achieve that?


I will definitely achieve it because I'm a believer whatever every human being has done, I believe I can do it.


But I live in a bigger here in Uganda. A lot of people work in network marketing or multilevel marketing. It's an opportunity to make more money than even in very respectable professions profession. I'm a medical dentist. Dentist?


Yeah, sure.


So I joined the network marketing at the university. When I was stuck, I had no tuition, school fees my parents could not afford. So I was looking for work. I could get money to pay my school fees. So a friend made money, was like, would you be open up to see how you can make money? Took me to a presentation where they were talking about there were these companies was are selling supplements. I was of course, depressed.


I had lost hope. So I went into this room and everyone was excited and oh, what do I talk about is how to make money, how to travel. I sat, I listened. Then at the end of the presentation, they wanted money to start, which was equivalent maybe to twenty five dollars. I could not even afford the twenty five dollars.


Then he scraped together the twenty five dollars and started his new career. And then in early 2016, a European multilevel marketer told him he should stop selling vitamins and start selling one coin.


He he asked me questions like, Have you heard about cryptocurrency?


I said, no, I had never heard about cryptocurrency.


Then he said, Have you ever heard about Bitcoin? I said, no, but I had never heard about Bitcoin then then also have had but had about to undercoating.


I said no. I said, don't worry. I will explain to you how it works. I believed in him.


Yeah, but this time in early 2016, there's no one else in Uganda using one coin. There was nobody talking about cryptocurrency in general. How big did one coin become in Uganda? How many people invested?


Oh, the many, many of I think over 50000 people. So how would how much money did you make from this?


I didn't make a lot of money. Maybe 300000 years is quite a lot of money. How does that compare to working as a dentist? Of course. Excuse me.


That that's unbelievable. Nobody has ever made that money in my entire geneology, so.


People at the top were making good money by recruiting others, and like most one promoters Saturday, David also became an investor.


I have over 17 million coins. I can still open and look to them. Wow.


Yeah. I mean, but you're just you're just looking at numbers. It's 50 50.


I have not lost hope completely. But he would become immediately overnight one of the richest people in the world. You'd have more money than any of the Bitcoin. You'd have as much money as some of. And what's wrong with that song?


Everything is possible to those who believe I believe he's not given up all hope.


But by the end of 2017, he had enough doubt to stop promoting to others.


We believed in Docteur just sold my soul. And she kept quiet, I think, from October 2017.


I was like, what should I tell the people? I've been telling people from what Dr. Oz has been saying. So now she's not speaking anything. What should they speak? That's when I called my team members.


I told them for now I will stop promoting one coin.


The one coin financial documents leaked to us earlier in this series revealed something important in Europe. Less was invested in the first six months of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016. But in Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, more was invested in the first half of 2017 compared to the first half of 2016. As the money started drying up in Europe, one coin promoters turned more and more to countries like Uganda, everybody.


In late 2018, Konstantin Ignitor visited Uganda, turning up in a huge motorcade to promote the coin, visiting schools lined with clapping and cheering children and very fair to everybody else.


Thank you for work on traveling the world really a lot. And I really need to say that if there were more people like you, the world would be definitely a very beautiful place. Spectrographs. Did you feel bad because of the people below you had invested? In my mind, I felt so, so bad. Up to now, I still sympathize with them, especially as in this developing economy, people don't have a lot of money.


Even one dollar, one euro is too big for them to lose.


This is a slum area. Daniel, the 22 year old one investor, is taking us to meet his friend Prudence.


She's my friend and my sponsor. We call them sponsors because they're the one that introduced us to me.


Oh, hello. Are you putting the bar below?


Saturday, David in the pyramid, Prudence joined the network and started recruiting new people.


How many people live here? I mean I mean, this is something and kind of houses the infrastructure, the hygiene everything's wanting.


That's Ignatius, our fixer, who's a local journalist.


I know it's very sick and filthy. Let's, you know, everybody that lives around. This was supposed to meet with them and their kids and their families, like the local. The local nurse. Really? Yeah. Oh, my nurse. Yes. I'm the only one in this.


It's a very long feels like a very distant place from some of the one coin leaders where they live and work.


What they do see, these guys are mostly to such kind of people because they are easy to convince. They don't have good access to information about dreams. So when you tell them that at five million Ugandan shillings should be getting billions, that still needs a lot of what they have in order to make that five million fuken. Yeah, yeah.


It's sort of it feels like these poor areas. And I thought it would be it's not what I expected at all.


I really didn't.


This prudence runs a small, poorly stocked health clinic here.


So this is your your clinic cares like a health clinic. So just treating people. Yeah. You finished my studies. I joined now seeing how long have you two known each other for like six years.


Seven years. Six years there.


Prudence first heard about one coin a few months after Saturday, David started promoting it.


How many coins you bought? Salads. I have like sixty packages. Sixty packages. Yeah. Yeah.


Did the one coin people tell you that you would become very rich, that you would make lots of money which are beyond the reach of billionaires.


That's how they told us anywhere people are struggling to make money. A speculative cryptocurrency investment or an MLM opportunity will always sound very appealing.


That is, change means they told us to move district to district, town to town.


We used to go with nice cars. Yeah, they give us nice cars.


They gave you a car. They used to tell us you go quite a dressing smartly. You get nice funds looking good.


Who would be the typical person you'd want to target the farmers.


Why the farmers.


Well, they target the seasons that they are harvesting in this time. It's when they have money, they get money from where they are growing.


Those people in the villages, they trust people from town where they are, people from deep, deep villages.


We sold everything in the village land animals through selling their cattle and some houses in the village sold everything so they would sell their houses where they lived to buy the one coin packages.


Yes. The same things that had Leard in Jan MacAdam change your life, get rich quick, don't miss out this time were exactly the same, except here it was even bigger.


So in the villages, what do you tell them when they come and ask you and they say to you, then they can scare them.


I tell them to eat some of their kids at home sitting without going to school.


Sam doesn't have to sleep somewhere running because they got loans from bank and some were hiding, some divorced. Hey, and I'm somehow hiding myself.


You're hiding yourself. What do you mean? I don't want those people I introduced into one coin to see me moving around. They can easily kill me if I take their money.


Even though Prudence now thinks this money will never come back, she can't tell other people the truth.


Then you said that it was it was Prudence who told you about.


This is a bit unusual to have you two sitting with each other because you recruited Daniel and his family. So you don't have any anger with prudence?


Not really, because I understand she invited us in good heart.


And yes, dear your friends, I feel bad because they lost a lot. Did you do some research before you started to sell to people? No, I didn't do any research.


How many how many people now do you think are still working for one coin here in Uganda?


I mean, offices are there, working offices are open. People are still investing. I mean, I just can't believe this.


They tell us. Wait, wait, wait for the good news. Wait, wait. They are still investing. They're still recruiting and people are still putting their money into this.


You know, Vujacic, not the woman who created this, but when we went to see all her houses in Bulgaria, we saw she has a big yacht, a really big yacht.


She has a mansion on the seafront. I mean, this is your money.


She's getting money out of her brain like she used her brain to create something that we believed in. I can feel bad that she stole our money, but still, I credit her to come with a brilliant idea and to be able to to make it work for over I think like now. Five years. Six years. Yes.


Used ignorance to make money. Do you think we brima source.


Like a lot of young people in Kampala, Daniel moved here for work. He's originally from a small village six hours drive away.


Do you see your mom and your brother? Sometimes it can take a year. Oh, yes. Long time, yeah.


First of the distance is quite big to the to come, but he agrees to take us there to meet his mother, a farmer who's also invested in one coin, that you can earn more money in Kampala and send the money back.


Yes. And you wouldn't believe what we saw on the road. I just saw a truck with one coin. With one point. Yeah, it's just a big truck with one coin. There was one boy is just a few of us, like we're on the big spit, but I just saw it from there and be like this treat the entire world.


And it was one point when Dr. Rusia promised banking for the unbanked, it resonated with millions of people. It's something we take for granted in the UK, but well over half of all Ugandans don't have a bank account.


Some don't have the right papers to open one. Many say the fees are too high. I'll just just don't trust the banks with their money. Far more people here have mobile phones than have bank accounts, and many already pay for things with phone SIM cards, crypto currencies, real crypto currencies that are decentralized and secure could be revolutionary in places like Uganda. They offer the possibility of a simple and cheap way to make payments and hold money without the banks or governments being involved.


One coin fell on fertile ground here. Dr. Rusia was promising both a way to make money and financial freedom, and that's what made her such a revered figure.


En route to the village, we stop off at Mbarara. The town's motto is Eat Buronga, Brugger Omoto two, which means good things come from Sweat.


There are several one coin offices in Bororo and in one of them we meet a well-dressed businesswoman who's a local promoter.


I'm quadrennium Uranga. I'm the one who started one Queensborough. I was working with an NGO, called them up. It was HIV best. I threw in my resignation and I joined about to be. Did you think you could achieve more and change more people's lives for the better through one point rather than being an HIV toll of lives was saved? But you were a nurse. You were saving people's lives. I mean, that would be more meaningful than crypto currencies.


This is something bigger than what most people understand in general people's lives. It is aimed for cryptocurrency because I saw that this was the best for people.


Saturday, David, Prudence and now Ramalinga. That's the third person in three days we've met who's given up working in the health care system to promote one coin. There's something very wrong with an economy when this happens.


Did you ever meet the founder, the founder of one going North Korea? But we have ever saw her on stage. We have a very experienced how and videos.


They follow everything up until when she went into a safe zone for security purposes.


What do you mean? She went into a safe zone because one queen is bigger than what people thought. So when other people got to know that it is fighting the current way of banking, so it came like I think it saw our leader had to sacrifice herself and go to a safe zone and concentrate on bringing the vision to reality.


Do you think she is she still somehow in charge there in charge?


She's still someone's controlling, controlling things because when it comes to their systems, you see that someone genius is the one doing this. It is not a normal way of how everyone can do. I want to assure you, she's a genius. She's one of a kind that the world has to appreciate.


Did you read the US charges? I agree.


I mean, they didn't they look pretty bad because that is what they want to create to the public.


They invented declaims. They invented nicknames and exchanges between her and her brother.


It is just invented the Cremes, people that are experts on block chain technology who also say there's no block chain behind this currency.


Let's look at the reason why it is a unique one, because it is centralized. Who has that knowledge? No one. It's only hiatus wanting to kill a woman or wanting to put the queen down. If they knew where the Brookton was, could we still be safe for us? We invested our money. We should always look at the two the two sides of the coin. It's from a genius. And that's why I'm proud of her. She's educating everyone.


Yeah, she's one of a kind, you know, vet, extraordinary, Dr. Rusia has unleashed something powerful here, hope and hype. Maybe it doesn't need Russia anymore.


You've got to become the kind of Ugandan doctor who takes the doctor, Dr..


Yeah, you know, I'm not married yet. Yeah, I've done her work on the ground and I'm proud of it. We thought we'd never get through manually another hour west of Canberra and we get to Daniel's village and remember, it was a whole day had to come this way, but we dug it, man with the hose. This one. Wow. You did. Do you hope to do this?




Like, who's this guy? This is our little little musty little brother. Oh, hello. What's your name?


I'm like, how old? Yes.


Or six years. Am I a good brother? How? We have the money that I have money, how many brothers and sisters you have again, there they are for what's the sort of typical day here for the people that live in this village?


They wake up, then go to the gardens, especially the banana plantations. That's the main source of the water they do.


And that's that's every day you're doing that. Yes, almost every day. And if they're not in bananas, then they would be sweet potatoes, cassava, just as a supplement. Beans, drumheads. Yeah, but basically bananas are the very most important with eight kilometers down a dirt track off a road that's like 300 miles away from Kampala.


I mean, how a scam like this could go from the brain of project over in 2014 all the way to this tiny little village of ten families. Yes, this is me. Yes, yes, Daniel's mother's house is next to two or three, just like hers, a concrete block with a tin roof, five small rooms, a small television and a cooking area.


And what are some of these sayings on them? Yeah, those are like words of encouragement, like silence is the best word. Revenge. Don't lose hope. No condition is permanent.


OK, we just want to say thank you for Daniel, who's been such a good help to us while we've been here.


Translate now that he was that mean when you when you need some kind of name, Mukund, that she's very proud of me and she loves me so much.


We're going to get somebody else to check these translations.


A towel covers the front door and barely 10 meters away is her land where she grows passionfruit and plantain. For the last 20 years, she's been harvesting here and selling anything left over at the local market to go to the.


From work to go to our own welco. She has worked for so many years and she's tired today and didn't win. Yeah, she says that it's too much like it's extreme pain, like she had pain is extreme due to working hard.


The family had saved up around 3000 pounds to buy a Maistre. So Daniel's mother wouldn't have to spend every day in the fields. When they told us about one, we suddenly changed like we saw it.


Maisto as something so small, so small compared to one coin.


So you thought you could spend the money on Queensland Minister? Right. So that was quite a big decision.


It was a very big decision. It was a very big decision.


So can she remember when you first came to her with one coin and told her about it? When I go to Canberra via one coin, then downloaded it, got her and I was no longer Najara Musk. Yeah, she's saying that it was not easy. She had a lot of doubts, like she was asking a lot of questions in her head. But then when we explained her more and more and more, she started believing, you know, everything would change.


Hmm. Does your mother have a computer or smartphone or anything like that? Oh, no. So did she. She was your mother was not able to to look into this any further. Yes. She was just supported because of what we told her. So she couldn't go in research this herself. She could look into any of it. No, no, no, no, no. When did she learn that this money maybe that one coin wasn't everything you'd said it was?


Um, I've never told her.


Confirmed that it's not going to act. It's not going to work. No, I've never told her about that. But what do you mean you've never like it?


I've never told that. You know, I've never told her directly. That's not going to work. There is no money. There's no hope. I've been telling her it's changing. They keep postponing this, don't know what they are thinking, maybe it's just a delay, but not 100 percent confirmation that it won't.


Why have you not told her full confirmation? It's hard. It's hard. You never know, God can help we get some good money to start another business and then she forgets the stuff, they're all still hoping that you won't ever have to tell her because you can make the money up another way.


Yes, I will make money. Olmec money. Do you think that your mother does actually know really? I don't know. So can you ask your mother if she thinks. Does she believe that maybe she will get some of this money back? We will not investigate the economy for nothing because our ongoing.


He came with the again, but it doesn't mean she's saying she still she still has hope.


If you just think that when she saw you, she thought the man is coming. At the end of Gillanders, I did a video, she says that when she knew that you've started investigating about them, she knew that things are now working out since even people are coming from abroad to ask about them.


So she thinks things maybe were a good sign with the way. Here's a good sign. She's saying the way you've come, if you have information that the money will not come. You did that. She's requesting if you have information that is you want to ask your mother, what am I supposed to say? What should I say? And as much by. Maybe you can tell her. Maybe. It's going to be quite devastating, but I was, but it also brings false hope if she thinks we're here because we're going to say everything's going to leave it pending.


Could you tell much about the German goes? We're investigating this because something's a lot of people aren't getting their money.


Yeah, I think that's okay. Is that is that okay for you?


Yeah, I think it. Yeah, I did, but by then the answer was no. If you go back to Nevada, a BBC, BBC News UK. I'm convinced that agenda is ongoing and he needs to engage in this to get him to read it, Jorquera, Hinako, Ghungur on a gargantuan. She's saying that if you have your money and it's taken away from you, life becomes stressful, like you've been playing planning for something. It doesn't happen.


So life is kind hard should be very happy. If the money comes, why not get me? This is the reality of a scam like one coin, and it doesn't matter where in the world it is, it's the same feeling everywhere. There's anger, of course, but far worse is the embarrassment. And the shame is hard to admit. You've recruited your loved ones into a scam. So they live on in quiet desperation, refusing to give up entirely, half knowing it's over, but preferring to suspend belief a little longer.


It was a it was a bit strange back at your house, Daniel, because I was a bit surprised when your mother didn't know everything that you know about this. Did you find that very strange?


No, I didn't find it strange. She ain't at the front of the information, so she gets what we tell her. It's another she's researching it online on Facebook or Google. So what do we tell her?


It's what she wanted, but she has sounds like she has a bit of hope still. Yes. She still has a lot of hope. I mean, do you feel bad not telling her about the truth of this? Yes, I feel bad, but it would save the negative attitude as of now. But aren't you just putting that off and one day you have to tell her? Yeah, we have a proverb which says that you better day tomorrow than dying today.


One coin rejects allegations that it is a scam and states that the series will not present any truthful information and cannot be considered objective nor unbiased. The company also claims that the allegations made about them around the world are being challenged, stating our partners, our customers and our lawyers are fighting successfully against this action around the globe. And we assure that the vision of a new system on the basis of a financial resolution will be established to our claim that one coin is not a cryptocurrency because outside its ecosystem it has no value.


They say quite obviously, one coin verifiably fulfills all criteria of the definition of a cryptocurrency. I wish and aim is that one coin can be traded to a much further extent. La la, la, la, la, la, la, la. It's not just friends and families who are promoting one Cloyne in Uganda, we've been told that even some members of a church in Kampala have become involved.


So the next day we go to meet Fred and to Buzzi, he preaches at the One Light International Ministry Live, I'm we've been told he promotes one coin to his congregation, Turmeda.


One life, one coin, one night together. Former dear term Changzhou who. The first meeting we had scheduled in Uganda was with Fred, but he didn't turn up, so we found the address of his church and on Sunday turned up and waited outside the building for him to come out. He's got one like in reception. Oh, yeah, hello. An assistant comes down to ask us what we want and as she does, we spot pasta, French brand new white Range Rover leaving him leaving in his Range Rover.


Hang on. Oh, what? You just. Did you come out here so we didn't see him leave the ship, Fred.


He stops the car and comes over. Hello, Jamie from the BBC. Hello. We are recording what's the relationship between the church and the one one kind of relationship? Oh, but but we we have seen people in your church promoting one coin. I've seen it on YouTube. Is it not your culture? Did she want me to show you? Yes. You know, it's it's Simon. Simon Lee. You know Simon Lee. Yes. Yes, Jessica.


This is the one that was not committee.


So I pull out a video of Simon Li, who's currently the top one coin leader in the church last year.


I want you to come. This brother is from Vietnam. Simon Lee is the most respected person in one life when it comes to him only. Thank you.


I feel so lucky when I know this opportunity. One day when I saw so many families member, they changed their life from no hype, no finance. Now they get better, better financial freedom and they take good care of that. Europe.


Yes. Now this is in this building. But why would you have him in the church talking about one coin?


No, they didn't talk about it comes and no one has to introduce himself. But have you have your congregation invested in one coin? You know, people in the congregation haven't invested that.


They're you all these people, they are members of one life, nine to seven percent.


So have you made have you made money from one coin? Yeah, a lot of money. How much money have you made as well? It's much the bishop.


We're speaking to people who have put money in and lots of money even in Uganda, but other places as well. And they're waiting and waiting and waiting.


Those who are for. They a patient will go to heaven, they'll go to heaven, they see that. That's how I teach people.


My problem is you're smiling about it. You're laughing about it. You're also a bishop here and you're meant to be looking after your congregation. And we know people who are struggling, really struggling in my congregation because what? I know the president's going be put to good. Yeah, many things I've been asking that have never been so what message did God give you about one coin? It is done. If people stop buying into one point, you know, stop the bank, you're not selling one point anymore.


So you say you don't recruit any you know, you don't recruit, you don't sell.


We stop to buy them. I'm telling you the truth. We don't. Yeah. So I know this is my personal. This is my office. Thank you.


Thank you. Pastor Fred gets into his Range Rover and drives off with a small motorcade. We knew he wasn't telling us the truth. That's nothing new. But it felt like he knew. We knew and didn't care. Maybe I'm living in the old world where the ideal of journalism is that you present your facts and expose some wrongdoing. And Fred is living in the new world where facts are irrelevant. Debriefed. All right. We've managed to get a business card from one of the congregation at the church for a while.


So we are some people from Kampala to phone up and ask about investing.


Part of the conversation was in Uganda.


And Ignatius, our fixer, told us what had been said and asked about the past and the response, including the one quinceañera. He's the team leader. Oh, he's a team leader. Yeah. So what? So what can we conclude from this call? You could say that. We have evidence that one can see life and posters promoting it because of the Timlin of all the promoters in the office and one going office on a bunch of people doing what exactly the.


This is the site of the amazing digital revolution that you rarely see, we live in an age of hype where so many of us believe in the power of the latest tech to solve the world's problems.


Venture capitalists in London, boardrooms, politicians on TV and technologists in Silicon Valley, they all talk up every latest invention.


But too much hype and too much hope is a dangerous thing.


It obscures the truth and fogs the mind with delusions.


And 10 years after that brilliant idea in an obscure Internet forum to create Bitcoin hype and hope have helped to decimate villages in rural Uganda, it would be comforting to think that this was just the work of one evil genius that would be easier to understand and easier to stop.


But Dr. Rusia has identified and exposed the weak points in our social immune system, which have allowed this to happen. She knew there would be enough people either desperate enough or greedy enough or confused enough to take a bet on one coin.


She knew the truth and lies are getting harder to tell apart when there's so much contradictory information online.


And she knew that society's defense against one coin the lawmakers, the police and also us in the press would struggle to understand what was happening.


And she knew that by the time we realized it, she'd be gone.


Girl is. Maybe above all, Dr. Rusia understood an even more difficult truth that the difference between a straightforward scam and the complicated but legal world of finance and money isn't as clear cut as we think. One coin wouldn't be possible unless we lived at a time when people really do make millions simply by betting on crypto currencies, complicated derivatives and high frequency currency trading. One coin. Sounds plausible to so many people because it is plausible. Dr. Rusia pulled off one of the scams of the century, but it was only possible because the conditions were in place.


Those conditions are still in place.


The vision which the founders and the chief of the office of I've seen it looks to be different from the rest.


Saturday, David, the man who first helped to spread onepoint throughout Uganda, has given up on it. But he hasn't given up on cryptocurrency.


He's found a new project. I said, I'm not going to be poor. I say to me, and on no more.


In late 2016, three former one coin promoters launched a new cryptocurrency called Darkcoin.


You're a very special person. You made it all the way here. Make sure it's worth it. Make sure you empty your cup. You humble your heart. You open your mind and you learn from the best of the best. Who's ready to do that?


Raise your hand. We create our own reality, and that is actually always the start of something, it's sold through a multi-level marketing structure where people make commissions on what they sell.


Everything is possible and you will become the legend that your family needs so desperately. You buy Darkcoin through education packages. What I wanted to do with this short presentation is give you an overview of the SuccessFactors compensation fund. Let's look at the program. The cash income, so to speak, into escrow for one year, for two years, or for an extra 15 percent of the points. You do that for two years. Thirty five percent. Of course, nothing complicated.


As I say, we refer to it as the income of the compensation plan.


And then I will donate three active income streams that understand why you need network package these packages in these network marketing for a cryptocurrency.


What's the benefit of that? Why can't you just put it out there and let people buy it straight away? That's that's what has been the challenge.


Look at Bitcoin. Bitcoin is estimated that around maybe 400000. They own the bitcoins and the most of those are owned by those Western world countries.


It should be global with the network marketing. I think it is easier because you have people who buy coins of whether they are rich or poor or average. The most important is the education that we give.


But I look at it and I see so many of the same similarities. One coin you have the same package system, same structure, the same incentive multilevel marketing system.


Lots of the same people are still involved.


I understand you. But you see, if you you have you you drive a car, you buy a car. Then to get Xanax, you can't walk.


You get to another one. I wouldn't buy it from the same car dealer.


Yes, but these are different car dealers, different maybe the other one was the same as in this business.


And that coin is growing fast. There are almost 20000 people, 20000 people in Uganda invested in that coin, you know. Can you say how much money you want from that point? Sorry? How much money you have from that point of my job and you have made some commissions.


Do you consider yourself a technical person? I do.


I know how to check my Facebook page to post do this that. But I can't I don't know how even to create a group.


Given everything that happened with one coin, wouldn't it have been?


Better when you saw this new coin to say, I'm not going to promote this, it's too dangerous, it's too similar to one coin go, which to me is the technology and the dream.


We contacted Darkcoin. They said we believe that with network marketing, we reach a lot more different countries and precisely those people who would need to use cryptocurrency. We started with trainings on crypto finance trading and rewarded people with coins after the courses. But now people can convert directly, purchase a gift card, purchase from ATM, purchase from other users, sell something to other users, or accept the coins as a merchant. Generally, network marketing and cryptocurrency can very successfully coexist.


And this is what we want to prove with the next few years. We have real developers who are working on real technology and creating real cryptocurrency.


Yeah. So when are we joining?


As we leave Saturday, David's office and walk down the stairs, a young woman rushes out of a room full of people.


A sign next to the door says Doug University, say, I want to take you up there and you get more information and then permission, sir. Yes. Yes. Oh, right. You on the commission. That's why you want to talk to us? No, I want you also to be in the system. Why? Because it's an advantage. So are you ready to do it? Yeah, I know you were with.


No, we just haven't. I don't think I'll go and thank you. Ten years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, the world's first cryptocurrency. No one knows where or even who Satoshi is, but it doesn't matter because the idea Satoshi unleashed a financial freedom through technology is bigger than one person. Dr. Rusia is the inverse Satoshi. She stands for something to something that's more important than where she is. A lot of people who never have been in this industry join us.


They just get excited about innovation.


She represents the dark side of rapid technological change, join their financial revolution, be part of innovation.


Be one of the first adopters of new technology, creates amazing opportunities and possibilities for people who understand it, but also the chance to exploit the people who don't.


Sometimes people even come to me and say, Doctor, they miss the opportunity. Is it over? What do we do now? And the answer is actually this is just the beginning.


Whenever new technology collides with familiar human weaknesses and when the old rules don't seem to work anymore, there will always be a doctor.


Rusia and I thank you very much for being here, sharing my vision and just making this happen. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. My name is Daniel Inat, Daniel has started a cryptocurrency YouTube channel.


I wanted us to talk about specializing in crypto scams in Africa called crypto sounds. What is a scam? He still hasn't told his mother the full story about one going by.


So we are two years down the line.


Jen McAdam from Scotland continues to run several victim support groups online, and she's trying to get the city of London police to reopen their investigation into one coin.


There's been some drama in the last two years.


Tim Corey, a.k.a. Temptation. Now, do you understand?


Continues to call out one coin and he continues to evangelize about Bitcoin. This time you're listening to 30 second crypto. Bitcoin is super important because it's the first creation of its kind.


Bjorn Buki, the block chain developer who blew the whistle on one coin for not having a block chain.


Bjorn, welcome. Welcome to the show. Good to have you here. Thank you for your time. He's now working with companies to detect cryptocurrency fraud. We won't get rid of scams like this, but I think information to people is really important.


It's it's important to know what's going on in the world, to not be gullible, to to be educated.


Kristie Kaleena the Miss One life organizer and many others continue to promote one coin, even somebody the to put some negativity in the first media. And people are still investing the zeal to put something nice about the project. I to Albats, the master MLM seller with the Swarovski Crystals, is now travelling the world promoting Darkcoin.


Yes, yes. And we are here with the reason, ladies and gentlemen, because we have to make you an offer that you actually can't reveal. We like to bring the real future of payment. We like to give the opportunity to unbankable to become bankable make from this world a little bit more transparent and honest, please.


Konstantin Igniters trial for wire fraud in the United States is due to start before the end of the year. Dr. Rusia Ignatiev are the missing crypto queen, remains at large.


And as for me, in Georgia, by the middle of last week, we still hadn't heard back from the postman in Frankfurt, a few other leads we had were pointing somewhere else, maybe somewhere more obvious, due by one coin, had an office out there and it would definitely be safer after seeing what's happening in Uganda.


It felt so frustrating to think we would end this story here because we felt like we were getting close.


And then five days ago, our phone rang one more time. It was from a very reliable source, someone who we trust on this. I've been deciding whether I should call you. I've thought about it for two days, someone who's been looking into this story, too. But you came so close and suddenly it didn't feel like the end anymore. I want to give you some information, but I don't want you to use my voice. You did the right thing by going to Frankfurt because she really is there.


You two came so close, but you need to find the house.


She looks good, she looks like a German rich lady, and she'll be laughing. She thinks those journalists, they came close. She'll laugh because she thinks she's untouchable. This lady has a lot of guts. She is extremely smart. I have a confirmation she was there, a miss one life sitting at the table. You've seen her without knowing it was her. You were in the same room. Episode eight cannot be the last because you are able to trace her.


If you continue, you will find her. I'm 100 percent sure you will catch her. You must dig deeper, whatever we can do to help now. We'll give it to you. You will find her. The missing crypto queen is presented by me, Jamie Bartlett, and produced by Georgia Cat, it is written and researched by me, Jamie Bartlett and Georgia cat Philip Sellers is the editor. And the music, which we think is incredible, is by Phil Channel and Decis Slava Stepanova with the London Bulgarian Choir.


Lots of people have been helping us with this series, both within the BBC and without and for different reasons. We can't name them, but they know who they are. I'd like to thank you as well. A lot of you have been getting in touch with us and some of your leads have really changed the direction of our investigation. The missing crypto queen is a BBC radio documentary production for BBC Sounds. And for any. Some. You know, I'm George, a poet.


They told me to tell you that I won five British broadcast awards, but the ones that I got a puzzle don't know what it does. But if you don't make it back, just subscribe to. Have you heard George's podcast right here on BBC Sound? Let's try this puzzle.


Reaganomics made the projects a place where Basar Horlicks wasted profits. Wait, wait, you know, remember Reagonomics, right, America's business plan for the 1980s, which reinvigorated American morale and drove communities like these crazy. Remember Blackstrap?