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BBC sounds, music, radio, podcasts. Quick warning before we begin, this episode contains strong language. You came very close to her in Frankfurt. She's not there now. I don't think she's in Germany anymore. She'll be somewhere where nobody expects it to be. After everything that's happened, she's felt the network closing around her. So there are two options.


Either she's extremely cautious because she's felt the network closing in or otherwise when she's not there anymore.


She cannot. Well, you've seen what happens. People talk. They sing. What would a big criminal organization do with people who could be such a liability for them?


You know how it works. Fifteen months ago, Georgia and I set out to find Rouget Ignatiev, the founder of an exciting new cryptocurrency called One Coin One Family.


You're amazing, guys. Thank you. She'd promised financial revolution and huge returns for investors in two years.


Nobody will speak about Bitcoin anymore.


Billions of euros were invested from all over the world. You sold far enough. You did that for one point. There was no other way.


But one coin was nothing but an old fashioned pyramid scam with no real technology behind it.


One coin is not a cryptocurrency. There is no rock and I can prove it.


Dr. Rusia hasn't been seen since October 2017 and for months we were following her tracks.


Do you know her since you mentioned her name and just cause this great fraud.


Ignorant of something. Something I fear. I heard it some some time.


And trying to uncover the truth about her fake cryptocurrency one coin.


I hope you understand the vision of this company and how powerful it is. And just to the very end of our search, we were contacted by someone who didn't want us to use his voice, but told us we might have got close.


You did the right thing by going to Frankfurt. You must dig deeper. But now, months later and still no news, that same source tells us that the Frankfurt lead has hit a dead end.


The thing about this story is that every time one leg goes cold, new leads seem to appear.


A lot has happened since Episode eight. I'm Jamie Bartlett, and this is the missing crypto queing.


At the Soad nine, follow the money. Welcome back. When we first started recording this series in March 2019, rouges younger brother Konstantin Ignatiev, who'd taken over as boss of one coin after Russia vanished, was arrested by the FBI.


OK, now he gets arrested. I go back to Bulgaria usually with you were with him when he got arrested? Yes, I was told what happened.


The is it was remember Duncan, Arthur Duncan ran one coin's deal Shaker platform, the online marketplace, selling products in exchange for one coin flipper, only waterless thermal imager or consultation here via Skype from Russia, the one that one coin promoters claimed was a world beating e-commerce site, adult Pampers, old eyelets, which it's not.


When the FBI arrested Konstantin, he wasn't alone. Duncan Arthur was standing right next to him.


We fly out to San Francisco. We go through immigration ourselves, through, you know, I stand around no Konstantin, no Konstantin, no Konstantin. Eventually he comes out and he's got his passport in a little pink bag with a lock on it. So I said to him, what's happened? So says, now I've got to go for further questioning. So he goes and speaks to this massive fucker with red hair, disappears into an office, I'm hanging around.


This lady comes to me and says, What are you doing? So I said, no, I'm waiting for my mate. So she says to me, well, unless you want the same thing to happen to you, you fuck off in those words. So I go and I get onto the plane to Las Vegas, six hours later, Konstantin arrives after they've questioned him. So he caught a later flight, but they've taken his phone away. They've taken his laptop away and his luggage is missing.


Right. We do the Las Vegas thing. He wanted to go to Los Angeles. I've never been to a place in my life. It's terrible. We go to the airport and we just keen to get out. And we're waiting. We're waiting. We're waiting for. The flight is delayed by about two hours and nobody can explain why. So then there's an announcement, can Duncan, Arthur and Konstantin Ignitor please come to the contact? So we thought, well, they must be building business class first, so there we go.


Happy, happy, happy, pushing each other, all the rest of it. So we go to the counter and he says to the lady, are we going first? And she says to him, Well, nobody else is going where you're going. So we thought, well, we must be the only people in business. We walk through the door and there they're five big guys in blue and they've all got badges around their neck. Two of them grab constantly and swing them around in the third cuffs him and he disappears into the store just like this.


Then I feel his hand and I feel another hand. I think, oh, fuck. They take me to a room and they start quizzing me. So the first thing they said to me is, where's Roger? They give me a document, which is a summons to appear before a grand jury in the Southern District of New York in seven hours. Not physically impossible to get from where I am to New York and L.A.. Yes. So I said to them all, this is physically impossible for Lester to be involved and never come back to the US again.


Duncan never saw Konstantin Ignat off again for months.


Nobody knew what had happened to Konstantin. Would he be released? Charged? Where was he?


Nobody seemed to know. Then on the 5th of November 2019, the week after the last episode of our series went out, an American lawyer called Mark Scott walked into court room number three one eight at New York's Southern District Court, a large wood paneled room with high ceilings. He was on trial for laundering 400 million dollars of Dr. Rouges one coin money through a series of shell companies and bank accounts called the Fornero Funds. On day one, the prosecution called out its star witness, who, after several months in prison, had recently pleaded guilty to fraud.


What type of information did you provide the government with about the crimes I committed and every information I had about one coin and the people related and the crimes that were committed in their their words taken from the court transcripts are read by actors that some of those crimes that other people committed relate to members of your own family?


Yes, to my sister and to my mother. It was Dr. Rouges younger brother, Konstantin Ignát of. During this time period after Russia disappeared, were you in touch with Russia? No.


In exchange for a plea deal over multiple charges of fraud and money laundering, which carried up to 90 years in prison, Konstantin had agreed to testify against Mark Scott and one coin. Did you make representations that you were in touch with Russia?


Yes, I did. Why did you make those representations in front of the network?


So that everybody thinks that everything in the company is still going and everything is OK over the next three days, Konstantin stunned the court with details about the inner workings of the one coin scam. More names, more leads. It was brother versus sister, like a TV courtroom drama.


What properties did Russia buy during the time period between 2015 and 2017?


The London penthouse, another penthouse in Dubai, a mansion in Dubai, a big mansion at the seaside of Bulgaria, a big mansion for her husband in Frankfurt, Germany, and various mansions in Sofia, Bulgaria. One of the things we never really figured out was what precisely happened in the weeks leading up to rouges disappearance.


Konstantin's testimony contained information which for the first time helped us understand why Roger left when she did.


And he introduced some new characters who are crucial to our story.


In 2015, as one coin was growing fast, Russia hired a man called Frank Schneider. Frank ran a private intelligence firm called Sanshin, and before that he'd been one of Luxembourg's top spies. According to Konstantin, Frank became something like a Mr. Fix It for Russia. And in mid 2017, one of the problems Russia asked him to fix was her love life. Russia was married, but she was having an affair with a flash American financier in his 50s called Gilbert Armenta, who was helping her move money.


Did Russia ever discuss her relationship with Gilbert amental with you?


Very often they were talking about leaving their spouses, moving together, marrying and having kids that were even talking about how they wanted to name the kids. Where was Gilbert living at the time of this conversation in Florida? You mentioned the Rusia, told you during this conversation that Gilbert amental was in trouble with the FBI. Is that correct? Yes. How did you obtain that information about Gilbert Armenta being in trouble with the FBI?


An apartment below Gilbert Amental was bought and the hole was drilled. So a microphone was placed in Gilbert's dorm.


Who was involved with the purchase of that apartment? One of Frank Schneider's people bought the apartment and pretended to live in this apartment. And he was also drilling the hole in the ceiling to place the microphone.


What was the purpose of placing the microphone in the hole through the ceiling?


She did not trust Gilbert if he really wants to leave his wife.


Frank Schneider told us that neither he nor Sanshin nor any affiliated or contracted entity purchased or acquired or rented any property or asset in the United States or carried out any bugging or monitoring operation of Gilbert OMONTYS premises. He said the statements made by mistake, not of to this extent, are false.


But whoever it was, someone was helping Russia and someone had bugged Gilbert Commenter's Flat. And in late September 2017, Russia even phoned Gilbert and confronted him about what she learned from the secret recordings.


What she didn't realize was that Gilbert had already agreed to work with the FBI and an agent was recording their calls, so they had an amazing day.


I had a green light coming in for me. What's going on?


And some of those calls were played to the courtroom.


I lost the tape that you do. I swear to tell you that you're not hearing me. I love this one. I keep it like whenever I want to listen to it again.


This is the first time we've heard Rusia outside of her inspirational cryptocurrency visionary act. It's a completely different person, angry, frustrated, barely holding it together.


You know, this is the support I'm getting every day. And I think, what the fuck am I having? Normally, I said to them, I don't want to listen to shit like this anymore, but this one actually was good to hear. What the fuck is wrong with you? Like, really, I never thought it through like a famous asshole. Who are you?


Well, the big issue right now is they need money.


They don't want to hear it because it's actually very clear. It's like it's like shit like everywhere. Just dirt. It's disgusting, actually. They don't want people to like me. I grew up in the center of my dealer. I know people who know people can be weak. I know people can do a lot of things to get what they want or whatever. But I don't deserve this. And she doesn't deserve whatever you think you are and you're smarter than anyone.


You understand. It's just not it's not cool. There's one thing that's called personal integrity constant. I'm sure I would like to.


And in another couple, a couple of days later, another clue.


We can get emails within 24 hours if we want to. You cannot prevent it. You have to be fucking careful what discussion guys can do. You cannot imagine if they can do it. Everybody can do it. The only advice that you get from me do not use emails. Do not like just put face to face or encrypted thoughts. Nothing else to see. Just believe me, please. Like I can get everything I want within 24 hours. And if I can, they can too.


I mean, why do you have to be careful with communication? Everybody has to be careful with communication. Like extremely.


I think at this point. Late September, Bruggen knew that trouble was brewing, but she didn't know how bad it was. She was trying to figure out what the FBI might already know, what Gilberton Menta might share with them roughly a week or so later. So early October 2017, Konstantin went to see Russia at one of her mansions in Sofia. She looked exhausted and nervous, he said, like she hadn't eaten or slept for days.


You also mentioned that your sister told you about information that she had learned about Gilbert Armenta working with the FBI, is that right? Yes. What did she tell you about that information? She told me that Gilbert Armenta is an international money launderer and also involved in several other crimes and that the FBI got him or something and that he was talking to his lawyer and to several other people that he wants to make a deal with the FBI. And as part of this deal, he wants to offer Russia and everything.


According to her, Russia was last seen on the 25th of October 2017 when she took Ryanair Flight F six 300 from Sofia to Athens.


Konstantin had booked that flight for Russia on the twenty third of October, and she told me that she wants me to book a flight for two days later to Vienna and she said she would be traveling there, but she would be back very soon. I don't have to be worried and to stay calm.


What happened after that? I booked a flight for her to Vienna on same day and the next day she called me that she needs for this day. She wanted to fly to Vienna, to fly to Athens. I asked her if she wants me to cancel the flight to Vienna and she said no. She started screaming at me that she needs both flights. So she got both flights. I didn't cancel any of them. On next day, Russia and one of her security guards flew to Athens and the security guard came back alone the same evening.


He told me that he left Russia there and there were people who took her and she continued traveling with them.


Did he say anything about the individuals who met her at the airport?


The only thing that he said was that they are speaking Russian.


Did you know of any connection between Russia and any one in Russia in the last month before Russia disappeared?


She told me that she met somebody who is very powerful and rich from Russia. But I never. At him, and she also never told me his name, powerful Russians again, she'd mentioned them in the phone call to Gilberton Menta.


We're coming back to the trial and the events leading up to rouges disappearance in a moment.


But first, let's talk about rouges U.K. connections via the court transcripts and a bit of digging of our own, we've learned that Rusia set up a family office in central London in May 2016.


Hi, how are you? I'm all right. How are you doing? Oh, not to pass.


A lawyer called Gary Gilford was the director.


What is a family office? Because I don't really know what that what that means. Well, my understanding was that the money that she had earned, we would be looking for private equity investments, kind of money on the money that she'd already made. I suppose people with a lot of money, they turn into a bank account, they invest it in opportunities to make more money.


So this office was like just to really help make the most of her personal fortune.


But that was the intention. Yes. We found new premises in Knightsbridge, Knightsbridge.


So what was the address of one Knightsbridge still? Are you still the director?


Well, it hasn't been functioning for a long, long time. But the problem is, is that that company entered into a four year lease of the premises at Knightsbridge, which we couldn't get out of. We still owned Westminster City Council business rates of about 60000 pounds. So you've actually still got debts to pay as a result of all this?


Well, there's no money left.


I paid off all the creditors I could make for several months before she disappeared, Ruggie was planning to move to London full time. She even bought a penthouse in Kensington.


I heard it was very, very nice. There's a swimming pool inside the penthouse. She's she's about to have her baby daughter, and she was looking for some way to bring up her daughter. I think she did think London was the place. He's he's Frank Schneider. Who is Frank Schlyter. Know what size role is? I don't know. But he would often ask us to say this. It wasn't available. I might try to try and ask him to speak, to reassure myself.


He gets the instructions. He seemed very, very close to. You're a lawyer. You how on earth did you've gotten into this without thinking something's wrong, without thinking you needed to investigate more, without thinking there's too much evidence here that this company is not one I want to be involved in. Yes, I was nervous working. And yes, I did think that there were lots of legal regulatory issues. But I'm also worried workplace news now. But this is a lot of evidence against one point about life.


But on the inside and the level of expertise, I still have to work for her. It gave me comfort to some extent, relying on them told me, you know, whether or not it was the leak or what they were there.


According to Gary, two of the companies hired here in London with a famous law firm, Carter Ruck, and a reputation and relationship company called Colgate Carter Ruck sent out letters threatening legal action. We've seen two one to a journalist and one to a one coin investor who'd both criticised the company online.


Now, a lot of companies do this and everyone is entitled to legal action, but it is one way that wealthy people and large companies use their money to defend their reputations. And if you're not rich, it's hard not to back down. And there's more. You might remember that the UK's Financial Conduct Authority, the FCA, who are responsible for regulating the country's financial sector, had issued a warning on its website about one coin in September 2016.


But then the FCA removed that warning ten months later.


At the time, we remember thinking it didn't really make any sense. This was an obviously risky investment the Brits were pouring millions into at the time.


Well, I think Cox, Ryan Chilcote were involved, the Financial Conduct Authority, a warning on their websites about anybody doing business with one coin of one life. So Castle Rock were writing to the Financial Concepts Authority. Whatever they did was convincing enough for the FCA to take the notice down.


Gary just said that the UK's FCA warning about the biggest scam of the last twenty years could have been removed following pressure from a British law firm. And then we were contacted independently by someone who'd been listening to the podcast and said he had some information he wanted to share.


I started working for an agency in London called Colgate's.


In August 2017, his name is Simon Harris, and guess what he told us one of the first files I was handed as a communications operative was one for one coin and one life.


While there, Simon heard a lot about Frank Schnieder, the former spy from Luxembourg.


He was the one that employed Colgate's. So if, like there was one set, remove your last Churchgate. Did you ever have one coin as clients? They could probably honestly say no, although they did work for one coin. So tell me a little bit about Chelsea. What's the company? They talk things. They do.


Tollgates purports to be a crisis management PR company. One coin was I mean, it was a massive monthly retainer in excess of 40000 pounds, force over 40000 pounds.


What sort of things would Coalgate give you for that amount of money?


To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I can answer that. It seems an unbelievable amount of money.


But there's one thing I can tell you. They did. In the weeks prior to my arrival on August 2017, there was a warning on the FCC website. There was the FCA about the ISO that I saw yesterday. Yeah. And Colgate works with Castle Rock to pressurize to weakening that public stance on one point.


Gary Gilford and Simon don't know each other. They've never met each other. But they both told us an almost identical story.


And I know that Frank and Roger absolutely delighted, so pleased with the changing of the wording on this website. This was being used as part of the marketing around the world when people said, well, look, you know, you're under investigation in England and they can turn around and say, no, the FCA, you know, the FCA has actually changed its mind about this. It was about spin. No more.


And it seemed to work. Good afternoon, everyone. It's me, Ken Levine, coming live once again from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He's the one coin promoter, Ken Levine, talking about the decision.


The reason I'm doing this video, though, it goes back to those videos when I was talking about the SCA warning that the UK has now taken down. So, guys, it's no longer an assumption or it's being updated or any of that nonsense that these haters want you to believe. Now, here we go, guys. Here's the official answer as we believe the warning has been on our website for sufficient length of time to make consumers aware of our concerns.


And it's just that simple, guys. There's the answer right from the horse's mouth. It's official. Well, we've got all these other people going out there being like one point being one point. This one is under investigation, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, I'm sorry, but if they still thought we were a fraudulent company at one point, then guess what? That warning is not removed.


Game over.


As far away as Uganda, we'd heard similar stories, how the removal of the FCA warning gave people confidence that one coin was no longer considered fraudulent by one of the world's top regulators.


And we think it resulted in millions more being invested.


I'm David Hooper.


I've been a libel lawyer for the best part of 50 years.


David, who's now retired, was one of the country's top libel lawyers. And one of the law firms he worked for was Khater Rock. We tell David about what we've learned so far about Rusia, one coin, Chooljian Carter Rock, including some of the meeting agendas we've seen meeting with Gates 18th of July 2017, pursuing legal action purely as a PR exercise. One Life, One Coin Agenda, Wednesday 22nd of November 2016, visit to Saffir for Tollgates and Catterick Cataract Management Task Pullets Priorities, Legal Action Takedown letters to be written with Carderock provide as it comes, defamatory material that requires action and all needs to be flagged.


She obviously is an immensely wealthy person. She's entitled to come and say I have been low because the sort of things people were saying at that stage about it being a scam are on the face of it, like you got a very bad law firm because they act for discreditable people, because discreditable people are entitled to use the English law courts and they do. Do you think that a lot of these clients, including the would never have actually wanted it to go to court, but is there probably some of the same elements would be exposed?


That's absolutely right. There's a high element of bluff in these cases.


Very often a letter is written to try and stop people pursuing a story once it comes to trial. There are witnesses. You have to disclose all sorts of documents. And looking at the Carderock letter is to sort of look at the last paragraph to see whether they're saying we're going to sue you in 14 days or whether they use some formula like we anticipate being instructed to commence proceedings. And that may well be a clue that there's a certain element of hot air in the letter.


By the way, the letters we've seen say they intend to pursue a claim.


Then we get to the FCA warning and Carter Ruck, when they take on a case where they tend to fire on all cylinders and one can't criticize them for trying.


And if it was as a result of their efforts, they produced a very good result for their clients. But the fact that the FCA took this notice down seems to me quite shocking. The obligation is to protect the integrity of the financial system and to secure an appropriate degree of protection of the consumer.


Quite clearly, they failed to do this. One of the other reasons was that it had been up the morning, I've been up long enough to be fair enough, if this was all history and that company had been wound up.


But as I understand it, people were investing millions.


What then happened was that one coin started using the fact that the notice had been taken down as proof. So vindication that the FCA no longer considers one coin a risky investment. In fact, it now thinks it's perfectly safe investment. Otherwise the motive wouldn't have been removed.


Well, unless they're completely naive course it was going to be used as a marketing opportunity.


I mean, having got involved in the matter there, they clearly had responsibilities and not to pour a bucket of whitewash over one coin before speaking to David, we'd placed a Freedom of Information request to the FCA asking for all correspondence between them and Carter Rock, Chele Gate or any other legal and PR firms.


They told us we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of these documents, citing confidentiality.


They've said that this was confidential information and that I don't think is right. This isn't, in my view, confidential information.


I think you certainly should appear that.


We contacted the FCA, Qatar, Iraq and Coalgate for comment, Qatar Rock told us we cannot respond to your inquiry for professional reasons, including client confidentiality. Felgate told us one coin and Misick Natera had their own PR slash media relations facilities. And we were not carrying out any kind of media relations program. We were among a group of professional advisors providing counsel on a complex and evolving situation. We do not disclose fee arrangements, but the assignment was a substantial one in fee terms, well short of our largest, but certainly complex and demanding significant activity.


I do not believe that the FCA notice was removed for any other reason than that. The FCA considered it was appropriate to do so.


And we contacted Frank Schnieder. He told us Channel Gate was at some stage hired as a PR consultant. He went on to say, To my knowledge, Chenega had no involvement in any interaction with the FCA or any influence on their decisions, the FCA told us. We published the Consumer Notice in 2006 at the request of the City of London police. The decision to take our alert down was made in conjunction with the City of London police who were investigating the matter.


Our alerts are primarily intended to warn consumers about firms carrying on regulated activities without the required FCA authorisation. It did not appear that one coin was carrying on any activities that required FCA authorisation. The FCA does not regulate crypto assets and therefore it could not take this matter further.


Needless to say, we sent an appeal regarding our Freedom of Information request to the FCA.


Now back to rouges disappearance on the 25th of October 2017, we were interviewing Gary and Simon about rouges London connections, but quite often when you interview people, it's a little throwaway things they say that are the most important.


You sometimes wonder how on earth you manage to get wrapped up in this story.


I totally do.


So in complete nightmare, Gary Gilford, the lawyer who ran rouges London office, especially looking back at the time, you are seeing the professionals that are working and willing to work for the regulators to for starting investigations, then stop any investigations from what I could see.


So the fact that, like the FCA took their notice down meant that you were more confident in thinking, you know, this this company's legit, we're going to carry on working here. It certainly did.


They're looking back, I still can't reconcile the fact that, you know, she was excited about moving to London.


She planned to disappear. But why would she sent me text messages about how excited she was. You were communicating. When was this?


Late October 2017, when she disappeared on the 25th of October. I've got WhatsApp messages between me and her that go back to about the 25th of October. Yes.


So let me just let me get this straight.


So you're saying that just before the 25th of October, you'd been arranging to meet her in sassier? That's correct. We've been building up to this meeting now for the previous two weeks. We're going to have dinner. She more or less disappears on the day I was due to meeting her. And I received a text message from her confirming that meeting maybe a couple of days before she disappeared.


So what does that mean then, Gary? What does that mean in terms of her disappearance? Not well planned at all. It would suggest to me that it wasn't planned. It was all very sudden. Then there was something that Simon from Chelsea told us, another innocuous comment, but another piece of the puzzle.


So the day I left as well, there was a huge development. So I gave my notes in and then there were huge developments. In the end of the first week of October. I was just looking at my diary now, and I remember that they literally left the building to meet some of my private leads. So I wasn't invited, but I thought it was very odd that they went off site to talk about this contract when there was at least two conference rooms that they didn't want to talk about it in the office.


And, you know, you're sure it wasn't the first week you've got a diary. So it was then. So that would these dates were actually weirdly important to scroll.


Where am I? Up to 18. I left on the 6th of October. So it is the morning of the 6th of October.


That's interesting. The dates are really interesting.


So something big was happening on the 6th of it was over, I think. I think I know what it was. Colgate dispute the description of this meeting, saying that it would have been an informal off site team chat, common practice for the firm and that as professionals they would never go off site to discuss confidential client matters.


So Georgia wants we like take all these little bits of the puzzle, put them all together.


Oh, I think we I think we're starting to see really what happened in those days leading up to a disappearance. It's starting to feel like we're getting close, isn't it? It sounds like.


He goes. In September 2017, Rusia spies on Gilbert Armenta and finds out he's not leaving his wife, but I never sure like to find out who I am.


But she also learns that the FBI might be onto him, too, and she's worried about his sloppy security, cannot prevent it.


You have to be fucking careful.


On the 6th of October, Rusia learns that the FBI might already have information that will lead to her.


There were huge developments in the end of the first week of October.


She told me that Gilbert wants to make a deal with the FBI as part of this deal. He wants to offer Rusia and everything.


That's why Rusia doesn't turn up to the big one coin event in Lisbon on the 7th of October, where she was due to speak that event that first got many one coin promoters worried she was on my way.


We knew that two days before she was in the program and nobody knew where to.


Ojha But Ruga still thinks she can somehow fix this on the 21st of October. She's even arranging a meeting with Gary in Sofia. It's a text message from her confirming that meeting a couple of days before she disappeared.


But then she learned something important on the 22nd or twenty third of October, which changes everything and forces her to leave.


It was just it wasn't planned. It was all very sudden.


She plans to go to Vienna, then suddenly changes her mind and goes to Athens instead. She started screaming at me that she needs both flythe where she meets Russians. She met somebody who is very powerful and rich from Russia and then vanishes into thin air. Based on what we found out over the last few months, we now think that Rusia didn't plan to leave. When she did, she learned something important on the 22nd or twenty third of October, which forced her hand.


What was it? According to the Department of Justice, she was initially indicted on the 12th of October 2017, two weeks before she vanished. It was a sealed indictment, meaning it wasn't public.


What's more, there was also a German investigation into one coin which was hotting up around the same time. The US authorities said something during Konstantin's bail hearing, which took place before he pleaded guilty, which suggests that the timing of her disappearance was not a coincidence.


The government's investigation revealed the Rusia and other one coin principles acquired unauthorized access to otherwise confidential information regarding law enforcement operations.


Did someone tell Rusia that the German or American authorities were about to arrest her if she was tipped off or being protected somehow? The question is by whom?


Back to the Mark Scott trial. In the end, the jury only took a couple of hours to find him guilty of laundering 400 million dollars of rouges money, and thanks to the court records, we now know what companies Mark was sending all that money to.


We know, for example, that 185 million euros ended up in a horse racing fund in Dubai, 51 million euros went to a tobacco firm in northern Greece. We're still working through all of this. But one payment in particular caught our eye. A few months before she vanished, Rusia sent six million euros to a Bulgarian company called LBJ.


Now, according to the Bulgarian company Register, LBJ is majority owned by the supermodel girlfriend of a man called Harasta. For is our tedious, a.k.a. tacky, a Greek Bulgarian in Dubai who's an alleged drug kingpin. He's known in the criminal underworld as the cocaine king. That's not the only payment she sent to tax people three and a half million euros went to the same person a year earlier. And here's another thing the US Justice Department said at Konstantin's bail hearing.


According to our investigation, we do believe that the defendant is directly associated with significant players in Eastern European organized crime. The head of security of one coin is a large scale international drug trafficker, and it's actually that same head of security that was involved in the disappearance of the defendant's sister when she absconded from the filed charges in her case. And we know he knows and talks to the head of security because that phone number was recovered from the phone of the defendant.


We believe this is Taqi, the cocaine king.


Is it possible that some of these payments and rouges disappearance are connected and that those connections might lead us to where she is now?


In the hunt for Dr. Rusia is back on using state institutions as a shield for their crimes, and that's a baseball bat for their enemies.


And it's taking us to a place where organized crime, business, politics and money all meet next time.


If you said that two weeks after American government issued an arrest warrant should disappear, yes, somebody should tell her. And I'm pretty sure that it wasn't somebody from the American government.


And what would she have needed to have done to make sure then that no action was taken?


I can guess money she paid for freedom.


I wonder what might happen when the money dries up when there's no more money left. That is not brilliant future for her, because these people for sure don't like her, they like her money because we've just been thinking nobody has seen her.


One hundred percent sure. For several months.


I understand. I understand. This is only confirming what I have said. The longer she has money, the safer is she.


We'll be back as soon as we have more. It won't be next week, but I can promise you it will be before one coin finally opens its public exchange. The missing crypto coin was presented by me, Jamie Bartlett, and produced by Georgia CAT. It was written by me and Georgia that the music was by Phil Channel and Decis Father Stefan over in the London Bulgarian choir. The editor was Philip Sellars. He's a BBC documentary production for BBC Sounds.


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