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Hi, folks, it's Rick Wilson and welcome to The Daily Beast's The New Abnormal. Hi, I'm Molly John Fast, a left wing pundit and editor at large at The Daily Beast.


I'm also an editor at The Daily Beast, a former Republican political strategist, best selling author and full time troublemaker. We're here to have fun, sharp conversations with some of the smartest people in media, politics, business and science that help make what's happening in the country and the world clearer.


I'll try to keep Rick to the minimum number of F bombs and try to keep our kids, pets and other wildlife sounds from invading our respective bunkers.


Hey, folks, we're really excited to bring you for many episodes about the Democratic convention this week and then for many episodes about the personality cult next week.


These many episodes will be quick fun and they'll cover the conventions and much more, including a tutorial on how to pronounce Kamala Harris name correctly.


Comma, La Kamala, comma, comma, lol.


I recall saying good evening. I think that we forget that part of the charm of these conventions is their low production value.


Here's the weird thing that I was noticing. Watching this tonight is if you gauge this against a traditional convention in the modern era, let's say in the last 60 years, what are those like? They're crowded. They are, you know, what they call assholes and elbows crowded. They have tons of media coverage. It goes wall to wall. It's a spectacular. It's an event. It's a thing.


And, you know, if you're gauging this National Zoo movement against that, of course, people are going to make comparisons that where they say, oh, this is you know, it's not as exciting, it's not as slick, it's not as whatever. This is the world we live in now. And in some ways, I think there's an appeal to that, to ordinary people or even politically motivated people who watch that that performance tonight and say, hey, you know, they're doing the best they can.


They're struggling through this thing. And no, it's not a fifty thousand screaming people in a balloon drop at the end, but it's certainly something that is necessary and and you've got to do it. And they framed it out with the most important thing right now in the minds of the American voter. OK, that's it. That's the story they told, I think, pretty effectively in the course of the evening.


I have to say, I thought they did a really good job. And I thought but I always think, like, the speeches are the best part and all the other shit, we don't really need it. Like, do we need to have a host? It's not the Emmys. Like, I almost felt like I would have liked it more had we not had a host and we just had the really good speeches.


I thought Bernie really deliver for Biden tonight, color me shocked, but Bernie didn't even put in any sort of like passive aggressive digs, which I was impressed by. And I think he realizes that he's that he's you know, he's three hundred years old. The day is over. The race is one. He might as well be the head of a progressive think tank after this and not have a White House that hates him. You know, he did what he had to do.


You didn't feel like he had his fingers crossed and he really did speak to his voters and say, look, this is not about policy. This is about authoritarianism. And if Democrats can't make that message stick and like what I actually was struck by, because I've been watching Bernie all weekend as a surrogate, considering, like, his optics are not exciting. You know, he's another white guy, an old white guy. And he screams he's a really gifted orator.


Like, I do think he's quite a compelling speaker. And he did. That was a speech like you can't ask for a bigger endorsement than that speech. And it made me enraged that there's not a public option in the platform. I'm sorry to be so liberal, but, yes, there's there's no policy involved in this election.


This is only about the referendum. And if you don't make it about the referendum, you're missing the beat, which I think may be an indicator that Bernie is ahead of his own people in understanding that that you can't you can't go into this with any part of your coalition sitting on the bench, that it's true. It was always going to get lost in the shuffle, as was every other person tonight, except for the girl who talked about her dad's preexisting condition, which I thought was a gut punch.


I thought that was a perfect explication of what is so wrong with the Trump world writ large. Is there willing to deny anything in their face in order to keep supporting Trump and her dad died because of that. And I thought that was a hell of a moment of television.


Well, I think Democrats have to make this about covid somehow.


I think one of the most fascinating moments, you're not going to see Democrats of the stature of John Kasich or Susan Molinari or a Christie Todd Whitman speaking at the Republican convention about Donald Trump. I mean, you may round up some Yahoo or two or Diament in silk or something, but you're not going to have people looking to explicitly have a crossover moment, nor are you going to have anybody in the Republican Party on. Stage, who's going to say, I disagree with parts of Trump's platform like you did last night with Doug Jones, I thought that was kind of a fascinating thing.


And the Republican Party had always tried to play this where the big tent party, you know, you can be part of it. You can you can have a spectrum of of different beliefs in the platform the last twenty five years. But now it's kind of flipped over. I thought it was kind of an interesting moment last night. What do you think about that? I know you are much more skeptical of the trans partisanship.


Look, you're trying to pick up voters, right, so that the goal here is to have one should come right. And the goal here is to is go after Trump voters. And I think that Doug Jones is a very, very moderate Democrat who was elected in the reddest of red states. But, yeah, I think it was good to have a Republican night. And the truth is, they need to give people they need to offer disaffected Trump voters something.


And that's what happened tonight.


I think they did land that message. And look, this country has become much more siloed in its partisanship in the last five to seven years, much more even before Trump. It was becoming much more difficult for a centrist Democrat to be inside the party. And that really is one of the things that I mean, now the Republicans have cut their cut themselves off in the suburbs around this country because you know what? People would rather get herpes from a rabid badger than vote for Donald Trump.


You guys, I don't think you can get herpes from a badger.


I believe I specified a rabid badger, which I think if it's rabbit, it may have a higher chance of having herpes. And while I'm no wildlife vet. OK, good.


Let's change the conversation to something more pleasant. Michelle Obama. I thought she was amazing, but she's amazing. She's a very good speaker. She's probably one of the best speakers in the Democratic Party and she refuses to run for office.


Well, I think she was always going to overshadow everybody else on the thing last night. You know, she was the anchor in a in an evening that framed it as covid reminded people of Biden's association with with Obama and validated a lot of the things that in the Democratic argument about Donald Trump in her in her way, where she cast it as a higher minded contrast than the sort of gutter fighting that I am accustomed to.


Tonight tonight, the Lincoln Project tweeted out, we go low so you don't have to. And that really is sort of the that space she occupies right now in American politics lets her keep that high road message, keep that upbeat message, keep that keep that sense of of brand. That's very odd for the Obamas of being slightly above the political fray. Look, she is wildly popular. She's even net favorable with Republicans in most polls. The immediate reflexive attack on her by the RNC and by Trump and by everyone else around them was not surprising, but it was stupid.


They attacked her for having known Harvey Weinstein. I mean, it's pretty weak sauce when you think that Trump has twenty four sexual assault allegations. Right. And is currently being sued for defamation.


Right. And it was a running buddy of a guy who really did run a child, said child sex predator ring named Jeffrey fucking Epstein.


I mean, good Lord, that's the thing that I'm always shocked by. It's like so some of the counterprogramming that happened at Junior and Eric on Fox News saying their daddy was the greatest president ever.


OK, I'm just going to say this very directly. Yes. Junior appeared as someone who grew up in Florida in the 70s and 80s.


That's I'm going to cut you off right there, Rick, to be exhibiting. I'm going to cut I'm going to save you from yourself here.


Don't save me from myself. I don't want to be saved for myself.


I'm aware of you. Junior's performance. Let's just say this. I think that Junior could have marched across the Indian step.


We get where you're going with where you get your saddle implication here. The new abnormal is going to release a limited run series of bonus interviews over the next few weeks starting in August, we'll release a new one each Sunday. But listen carefully. Only beast inside members will have access to these. So head over to a new abnormal dot, the Daily Beast dotcom to join. Now your beast inside membership helps support the great reporting at The Beast and podcast like The New Abnormal.


Thanks. Now we're going to go back to our returning champion guests, James Carville, the raging Cajun, one of our dear friends of the pod. All right, James. Well, thanks for coming back on with this man. We appreciate. We had one of our most popular episodes ever, and we always believe in bringing back the most popular guests for the for another popular episode. I accept our flattery. Thank you very much. I'll take it.


Well, speaking of flattery, somebody must have done right by the president. He's apparently going to issue more pardons tomorrow. I can't figure out who it is yet. I think it's Joe Exotic.


A reporter called me and said he's going to speak all four nights of the Republican convention. Yeah. Yeah. Is that true? I mean, I said, oh, come on, man, that's bullshit.


He's going to do an event every night at the Democratic Convention and every night of the Republican convention. So I don't know what I don't know. But I mean, even Trump fans have got to be thinking about after eight days, like, all right, take a breather.


What did you think about today, the convention so far?


Look, this is hard to do. No one has had to do this before. Cuomo is green screen was terrible. Yeah, there's going to be.


And of course, all the opposition to Trump is just going to do the whole thing. Right.


There are no other Republicans and Trump rallies besides Trump right anymore.


No. And most of these folks I was hearing about this over the weekend, there are people that they're trying to put together for like presentations at RNC now who are hiding in the weeds. Let's hear about that. Well, I'm going to I don't want to bust out a source on this, but somebody told me that that several more or less moderate senators had declined politely to be involved in any fucking way whatsoever. Chances are they're going to get Cory Gardner and Martha McSally.


They are pretty much and a diamond in silk and, you know, a handful of other diamond silk.


And Candice Ellen, I assure you, they will have diamond silk in Canada. So I just say I think you're right, James, this is hard to do. This is hard work to do this remotely.


One of my favorite convention moments, I think, is a convention of 2000, 2004. You know how it would send these reporters down on the floor and had interviews about it instead of interviewing this guy from Wisconsin.


And you could see that they were saying, cut away, we've got to go to vice president's getting ready to speak. And the guy kept talking is, I'm sorry, I've got to cut away. And he said, let me tell you, a part of Wisconsin, I'm on milk.


This thing, for everything it's worth, that 2004 was a good convention for optics, except that it was in New York City. And that was not like made the friction a lot higher. But I mean, Schwarzenegger gave a hell of a speech there. Zell Miller. Zell Miller gave a hell of a speech. And I know he's crazy now, but Rudy gave a hell of a speech there as well.


I have never seen anybody. Rudy Giuliani was a big deal for the guy.


Oh, God, he was. Yeah, but I mean, he was a big deal.


He is he is like a palace. I mean, he's a blabbering. I don't know what. And when he comes on television, I got to stand 10 feet away because I get drunk, smell his breath on television.


I'm a heavy drinker. That's one explanation.


Funny enough, Rudy's on Fox News right now and he's saying all sorts of crazy things.


Yeah, Rudy just said Soros is intent on destroying our government for some reason of has just put out the protocols of the Elders of Zion.




Rudy's about five minutes from declaring that. Q On his way open. How many people know who George Soros. Well, I mean, he inside. It's like running against Sheldon Adelson. Yep, that is it.


The guy on the street knows what Sheldon Adelson is, but what are you looking forward to in the rest of the week? On the convention front? I'm what I'm looking for is talk about them.


I'm sure I know Bill Clinton could do it, you know, and if Harris and Biden, how much of their speech is about Trump and themselves and how much of it is about voters and the ratio about voters should be at least two thirds and it should only talk about themselves, even it should mention Trump, not very much and only in relationship to voters. Right to the great mistake of 2016 was that Trump would be so unacceptable that people wouldn't have a place to go.


So we know now there's no clip that we can find on Trump that's going to magically this thing has been at eight and a half since since 2018. It disability in this race is just stunning. So I hope and I think they did a kind of awkward but did a good job tonight of making it about voters. So the extent when Biden weaves in about how what his impact is going to be on people's lives, you know, 2018, I don't know.


The congressional Democrats read very few negative ads. They just relentlessly stood on, you know, prescription drugs, health care costs. Schools, et cetera, et cetera. We ran a play, The Son of a Bitch. We went 80 yards. Let's run that play again, OK? OK. Hey, OK. Cloud of dust. And you run you run it, but you run a post pattern and faster, you know, you run a crossing pattern, a no hit one or two.


Exactly. And if somebody says in a huddle and say, oh no, let's run up the middle. No fucked up the middle, we're going to run. No, because we just worked.


So run on health care, run on coffeepots life, run on the cash to write anything that relates to people's lives.


Right. And that that that referendum on Trump is because of how badly people have been fucked. Their lives are are in the shitter because of his leadership in rural Wisconsin.


And we're going to do better than people saying that. They will tell you they actually believe that Trump was going to do something about health care. Oh, yeah. You know, he said he was going to change it and that affects them in there. Their oh, when you listen to oh. Have health issues. All right. In here, they actually to us it seems like.


All right. Who would think he was, you know, and then he gets in office and then after two weeks he said, who would have known that health care is hard, but we tend to be dismissive of that. And they talk about crime and Democrats cities, well, you know, have been Democratic mayors. One of the great stunning success stories of modern America until now was that almost cliffe like drop in crime rates. All right. And a lot of urban areas and now it's starting to go up.


But what's changed? Why this year? You know, there's something that has changed, but the crime in New York and Los Angeles and New Orleans and Chicago had been on a precipitous decline that criminologists can't really couldn't really explain. Right. Right. And he's just everything that he touches just turns to crap. It really does. Yeah. And we just got to think as we go forward, you know, we just got to think like they think not like we think Democrats should be Republicans when it comes to trying to win this election.


Just on the strategic side, just. Yeah, just no, it's not a criticism. I agree. I need to be nimble.


You know, Republicans are kind of good, traditionally been good at distraction and wedge issues. It's not what people are looking for now. All right. That's really not what they are looking for. But you got to be effective. You have to be ruthless. You have to be repetitive. And you've got to tell people he promised that he was going to make your life better.


He has not had the most fundamental promise of Make America Great is the most broken promise of absolutely on every level he has not made yet.


Health care has not gotten better. It's gotten worse. We spent two trillion dollars on stock buybacks. What have we done to ourselves as a country? I'm right. We've got people that can't be in the same room. We just simply don't want to live like this. We're going to look at our place in the world. I mean, my God, we've got bounties on American soldiers and American Marines. We're trying to make excuses for something that's just right obvious right in front of your face.


We've got veterans of just dying to get medication, but we can't get all enamored in ourselves. We just we got to think like they think and really do our best to, like, partner with people. You know, it sounds trite and political. They've got to understand it. We understand we feel a pain. If do that, you I think we're going to break into these rural areas a lot better than people think. And I just talked to Harris County Democrats.


They have 700 lawyers that have volunteered. You know how hard it is to get a lawyer to volunteer for anything. Right? It's very hard. I got a secret feel there's a lot of patriots in this country. There's a lot more people think there really are. It's God's truth. And they're they're they're they're wealthy people and middle class people that poor people there, every walk of life. They are the rise of patriotism that we're going to see as a result of this election, I predict is going is going to be remarkable.


People are going to go, oh, God damn. I thought the country going to hell in a handbasket. You're going to see a rescue effort, the likes of which you've never seen.


Are you worried about voting no like bird sick.


You know, when all your sentries are posted, that's a good idea. They're easy to come in and cut your throat when you don't know they come in. You don't think they're coming. But if you think they're coming, your own guard and if the entire system is on, it's a DEFCON one, a DEFCON five, which I forget which one it is, but it's one. But for the world world DEFCON one everywhere, and it's going to be harder for them to pull their normal stuff off.


I you know, a lot of people stepping up against him and very few of these Republicans, they're trying to get as far away from this guy as they could possibly get. Oh, yes. Oh, yes, I am running for him like the devil runs from holy water.


On that note, we'll wrap up this episode of The New Abnormal for The Daily Beast in future episodes. We'll be talking with smart folks in The Daily Beast and. Beyond from media, culture, politics and science, to help us understand what's happening to our country and the world, we hope you'll subscribe to us on your favourite podcast app and share the show on social media. We're just getting started and don't want you to miss an episode if you'd like to follow us on Twitter.


I'm Molly John Fast and he is the Rick Wilson. Thanks so much for listening. And we'll see you again on the next episode.


Isn't it curious that every member of your family has a different voice, that a baby can recognize their mother's voice from inside the womb, that identical twins have the exact same vocal chords but usually don't sound similar, and teenagers can sense the tone of their dad's voice when he says, I'll think about it even over WhatsApp, I'll think about it.


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