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Steve Blake coming in like, Man, I should be starving. At the what? Hey, Steve, Florida boy too. He'll point right at you in front of you. You're a pre-Midana. Coach, drop. We're going to do the drop, post it. If I hit him, boom, none of that hurt. He got scared. Didn't he fight someone in practice or is there footage of him fighting, bro? Man, Steve Blake took off and then called Steve Nash over a foul. Steve Nash called a foul. Steve Blake called him soft for this what we call to play? Oh, shit. Not the white of white. That was something in his past. He wanted to get that off then. No, just Steve Blake. Don't be soft. He wants to wrestle you, especially in practice, it's physical. Physical. He ain't going to take no charge. He called the motherfuckers, Coach. He ain't no charge. He's the first one. Don't call no files. Yeah. He makes $65 million. He don't get no files. All right. Yeah.