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Jole and B, man, his jump shot is so soft. It ain't even that. It's just his presence. He is a beast and he knows it. Some guys I don't play with, you have to, There you go. Yeah, man, get a motherfucker stop you can't. He knows it. I don't have to shoot threes, just give me the ball anywhere and watch me dominate. And I often to rebound. This is Paul the offense right now. What about his defense? This is my fucking been guard and guards, week's half. Blah, off the back. Blah, that's my bad today, guys. I'd be better on defense. That's my bad. This my fucking impresses me more and more and more. He needs more credit for his defense. For sure, 100 %. And he make free throws. Okay, see, we close game, they foul him every time. Bucky, bucket, bucket, bucket, bucket. I'm down, Joe, I ain't going to lie, that's impressive what you did at free throwing. I'm supposed to. He's really impressive. Really impressive. Shout out to Joe. He said he wanted to get on. I told him, no, he's all right. Fuck it, I ain't coming on. No, Joe.


I was just waiting. I wait till the playoffs, man. I'll wait till the playoffs. You said Christmas. I'll wait till the playoffs.