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In today's society in sports, you get defined by winning championships, whereas everybody is not lucky enough to be in those situations. You look at some of the greats that have come through this game. And I'm not saying Magic Johnson was lucky, but Magic Johnson played with a lot of freaking hall of Famers. I'm not saying Larry Bird is lucky. He played with a lot of hall of Famers. Right? Jordan wasn't so lucky of playing with a lot of hall of Famers. He just had a great side kick in Scottie Pippen. But if you look at Jordan before Scottie Pippen became Scottie Pippin, Jordan was just a great individual player. Jordan was a getting out of the first round and going deep into the playoffs before Scottie Pippin became Scottie Pippin. So you have to have talent to win championship. And everybody is just not blessed to play with a championship organization that's willing to put that type of talent around you to go for a championship.