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I'm driving through West Philly. I got my day off. I'm driving through my phone, man. I want to go to all the hood spots. I went to Kensington. I went to North Philly. I went to West Philly. But you know me, on-roll security, on-roll guys, just me. Just you? Pull up at the park on 39th Street in West Philly.




Shit. I shot the rock a little bit.


Yeah, I feel like I saw a video of you out at.


39th Street. Yeah, it's a pat-bab on the ninth. Yeah, I was on the ninth, bro. Folks out here, I was on the ninth. Kinsington, that motherfucker felt like Chicago.


What part of Chicago.


Did it feel like? West Side of Chicago, straight zombie land.


There are zombies out there, for sure.


Straight up. Unfortunately, man, that shit is crazy, man.


Yeah, they've decriminalized hard drugs out there, so they let people use drugs freely. But it's like a real reality of what Philly is.


I just need to see it compared to Chicago right there. Like, Kensington, I felt that shit though.


How was it compared to Chicago?


Like the soul was took him out of it.


Yeah, I wonder how they could fix that.


I don't know, man. It just felt like the whole soul was just took it out the city.