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Who are the all-star starters for the Eastern Conference this year?


Joe, Halliburton is in that motherfucker. Obviously, you got to put Giannis in that motherfucker.


The same through three. I got two more. Tires Maxi.


Tires Maxi deserves, but I don't think they go put him on there.


I think we have to start the narrative. But I think.


He will. I'm going to go crazy if he's on that motherfucker.


He needs to. He deserves it right now. He deserves it right now 100%. He's been.


Doing every night.


Then Jason Tatom, I think, deserves.


To be in there. That's a might from.


Boston for sure. I think that's it. I think that's the five.


I agree. But you got to count politics. That's important. Yeah. I hope my boy in that bit, imagine.