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Old player, Rishad Menuhal was like, I'm tired of these fucking white guys talking about football. We need to have a white versus black pro bowl. I'm curious how it would go in the NBA.


Belt to ass. Belt to ass, man. Hear me out. I heard you.


Point guard, Luca. Two, Chet. Three, Laurie. Four, Sabonus. Five, Joker. Coming off the bench, Hero, Sengun.




Gordon Hayward. Porzingus.


Vers everybody else. Vers everybody else.


Mb, LeBron.


Steph, and Tatum. You can go anywhere. You could literally go anywhere. The bench is wild.


Our bench gets.


Thin fast. I listen. The color bench, wow. James Harden is on the bench. Russ is on the bench. We got some hitters on the bench.


Hitters with the ER? Belt to ass. It's absolutely Belt to ass. But it's a fun mental exercise to think about.


That's fun, though. That's fun.


That's different, too. We'll wait till we talk about hockey.