Transcribe your podcast

Scott, we're going to bring out the proxy podcast promo, take it away. OK, no problem. Let's do it, OK? That's right, bitches. The dog has a pod. You know, I don't know if we want to call people bitches and not sure people know who the dog is.


No, no. OK, no problem. No problem. Hi, everyone. This is Scott Galloway, the property podcast's. What is a podcast? They suck, but the dogs pod sucks less. You know, I don't know about the naked.


No, not good. OK, let's try pot.


OK, four words to describe the prop guy podcast.


The First and second Schimmer and Lamba, the third and fourth day in dog show up for Prop G. That was positive.


I'm not sure that made any sense though. Got go.


OK, ok. All right. Pull it together. My name is Scott Galloway. I'm a professor of marketing NYU Stern School of Business. I've taught over forty seven hundred students, served on twelve board, started nine businesses. Some of them worked, some of them have. And I want you to be successful professionally and personally. Every week we're going to take an unfiltered, full body contact, no mercy, no malice view of the business world and what can be learned show up to profit.


Gee, we're going to have office hours, expert interviews, protg launches on March 19th. You heard it, D-Day. Well, this is Dog Day, March 19th. Show up the property podcast, bitches.