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Hey, guys, it's Bill Politti, Twitter philanthropist and life long businessman, I am pumped to be launching the long awaited Pulte podcast. Many of you have asked for it.


I'm going to be giving away my own cash money and perhaps most importantly, I'm going to be giving away knowledge.


I'm going to be giving away knowledge for free and talking to some of the best voices in business, psychology, finance and philanthropy. Every person should be able to achieve the amount of money, success and other success that I've had. This isn't a book or some theoretical deal. This is real life stuff, practical stuff. You can start doing today to become an even bigger success. I'm also going to be giving away my money. And as always, I always ask if you get my money and I'll ask it of you.


Can you please make sure you spend my money wisely? As many of you already know, Twitter philanthropy has become a global phenomenon where kids lives have been saved. Through our viral tweets, we've raised thousands of dollars for veterans to get new teeth, and we've helped terminally ill cancer patients.


Personally, as you guys know, I've given away over 700000 dollars of my own money. And we're going to be giving away a lot more money to listeners of this podcast who are in need. Remember, when we give, we receive.


And on this podcast, we're going to be doing a lot of giving. Be sure to subscribe to this show, make sure you do it right now so you can be included in the future shows. And I'm going to announce our first cash prize in a minute. But first, will you subscribe, write us five stars and leave a review for good luck. I always say good luck is important. The next time you hear from me will be our first episode.


In the meantime, I'm going to be giving away a cash prize to somebody random who goes to PulteGroup and who I saw already subscribed on Twitter. If that person doesn't listen or respond or doesn't check, pulled the plug, I'm going to pick another person. So go check it out. I'm going to be giving 1000 dollars in cash to that person on PulteGroup. Let's do this.


This is Bill Politti, most of the Pulteney podcast.