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Hey, everyone, it's Joy Reid, you're about to hear a preview of my new six part podcast, Comilla, next in line with Election Day around the corner. Join me as I explore the vice presidential candidate's journey from Oakland to Washington.


Thanks for listening on. It's the morning of August 11th, 2020, with days to go before the Democratic National Convention. Joe Biden sits down at his desk to make a crucial phone call. Hi.


Hi. Hi. Hi. Sorry to keep you. That's all right.


All summer, Biden has been wrestling with a major decision. Now, finally, he'd made up his mind. You ready to go to work on the other end of the line with Senator Kamala Harris? Oh, my God.


I'm so ready to go to work. NBC News has confirmed that Biden has picked California Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate.


She'd gone from district attorney to California attorney general to senator to presidential candidate to also ran 90 minutes after that phone call with Joe Biden. She would be introduced for the first time to the country as candidate for vice president. But who is Kamala Harris? Here's California girl.


Absolutely beautiful, stunning, tenacious.


She's somebody who didn't look like her predecessors. And really, that's been the story for her career. I mean, she's somebody who's kind of been the first in almost every job she's had. And she she, like, pushes me in the chest, you know, kiddingly. And she says, you better get on board. And I said, well, who are you? I first heard of Kamala Harris when President Obama got into a bit of hot water for commending her on her looks.


The president did speak with Attorney General Harris last night after he came back from his trip and he called her to apologize for the distraction created by his comments. He apologized, but I Googled back then. She was just the attorney general of California, a brilliant, charismatic black politician, someone to watch. Fast forward to today, and Senator Harris is a nominee to be the first black and first Asian-American woman vice president of the United States and may be a future president.


But how did she get here? This is a six part series on the making of Kamala Harris and how she went from Oakland to Washington, D.C. before she was a vice presidential candidate, before she was a senator or a state attorney general or even District Attorney Kamala Harris was a city attorney working in San Francisco, getting ready to run for office.


I don't think it's far off to say that her first campaign set the stage for who she was as a politician.


That's NBC reporter Deepa Shivram, who has been covering Kamala Harris on the campaign trail.


She didn't care about labels. She didn't want to be branded as conservative or moderate or progressive. She didn't want to deal with any of that. When she ran that first race in 2003, Kamala Harris ran for district attorney with the message of getting things done.


And in San Francisco, getting things done sometimes meant learning how to fight. The city may only be seven square miles, but it can contain a world of trouble. And back in 2002, when Kamala Harris launched her first campaign for office, the city was in an uproar.


The race for San Francisco district attorney is down to two candidates, incumbent Terrence Hallinan and challenger Kamala Harris.


We'll hear from both of them. The final few weeks of the election campaign were intense, but with just two candidates in the race, it was easier to draw a contrast between incumbent and challenger.


We have an absolute backlog of cases sitting, waiting trial defendants who some are waiting and have been sitting in the county jail for four or more years. You know, each one represents a life, Michael.


On the night of the election, Karmal and her team gathered to wait for the results and think it was like the first or second round of numbers where we felt pretty confident that she it was looking really good. It might have been around nine, nine, 15 ish. And I called and said, we just got another round of numbers. And again, this wasn't the time where people had smartphones where you could hit refresh every second. And I was like, you want.


Thirty eight year old Kamala Harris came out of nowhere and was swept into office in San Francisco's district attorney and as she did, she made history. She was the first woman ever to be the city's top prosecutor.


Coming up on Comilla, next in line, she says, Latife, I'm going to run for Disick Comilla. Why? Why would you ever want to go to the other side? When Kamala walked out of that church, you could see that she was hot. She was pissed off. I noticed that she had an ability to spar with the guys in particular.


We're all huddled around clicking refresh, trying to win votes to come in.


And she'd say to me all the time, Comley, you may be the first to do many things.


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