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Every single piece of content that I ever create is meant to help you in your life, in your story, in your existence in some way. Thank you for taking that unusual to one hundred episodes. This particular podcast began because when I look back at my journey, I wanted to shut down this channel and I just wanted to figure an easier way to make content. I thought all these beautiful conversations that were happening in my business career could be recorded in tone and content.


And occasionally we'd put up some solo episodes just like this one. So two episodes of the Remigio always tend to be personal, always tend to be full of stories, always tend to be full of romance in many ways. Romance doesn't just happen between two human beings. It's not just about a boy and a girl. This is a concept I'm going to explain using the last couple of years of my life, a couple of years of being relatively single, going within myself, learning more about myself, my true nature, the power of the love in my heart, above all, the power of manifestation.


It's a sentence we hear a lot. Here's my story when it comes to the power of manifestation.


I have used the power of manifestation in my career to build a lot. This podcast, this YouTube channel, these YouTube channels, these businesses around me, mung entertainment, big brained company, big biceps, media, the other one that's coming up as possibly my career defining business.


All of it began with visualization and using the power of manifestation to begin that journey. Let's take you back to my beginnings.


They say that Oswald's journey on this planet in every new life begins with circumstances being born in a particular family, therefore having to go through particular experiences, therefore having to develop a particular personality. It begins with the family you're born into. Both my parents are extremely spiritual people, different schools of spiritual thought. And that's honestly what I feel is the superpower of my family, more specifically my sister and myself, but also spiritual.


And I feel like we've gained from the best of both worlds.


Let's talk about my mum's spiritual side a little bit more. So my mom's family is from Gujarat, and if you guys know anything about Gujarat, you know that there's a lot of spiritualism generally in that part of the country. People are extremely God fearing. People are good in their heart.


They have a sense of community in the long term story of Gujarat. There's been many of these little sects of spirituality, what they call line of gurus.


And these line of gurus obviously have the section of followers.


Now, when they don't want gurus, most people think, oh, God, man, oh, my God, that's such a negative.


Dom, these photos place behind me or the podcast's I have recorded in my room.


I had a photo on my desk, which is of one of those gurus from the sect that my mom's family follows. That guru's name was Babuji. Please don't hold prejudices when you're listening to this podcast.


Just listen to my experience of it. Not all Godman are the way the media portrays God meant to be. You can't generalize. There's good ones and there's bad ones.


This particular Godman guru was what I call mindfulness guru in life.


The word guru literally translates to the person who brings you closer to the light.


That's probably most other dark, angsty, angry child who likes to get in fights. I was very naughty. I didn't want to study lots of temper issues because my mum's family followed Babuji.


I'd actually go to my mum's ancestral home and spend time with him. When he was visiting Mummy.


I experienced a very early form of meditation back then with him every time I to the room that he was sitting and having a lot of peace.


And somewhere in my heart I felt just like in the X-Men, you know, when someone was a doctor, Doctor X, Dr Xavier, a doctor of the mind.


I just feel like I said talk through my mind with Babuji, something so crazy that my 14 year old had my 13 year old had an eight year old head, couldn't believe was true.


I'll tell you why I like this, because often after meditating at the end of my meditation, my mom would say, OK, I'll ask him what you want and I think about it in my head, OK, I want this. I want that.


And depending on what I wished for, he'd look back at me and give me a smile. And I felt like his smile contained a lot more information than just happiness. I felt like he was seeing more through a smile. I specifically remember this one time where I done really badly in my exams and my mom had taken me to meet him. She made me meditate. And for some reason, after that meditation session in my heart. I wanted to look up at him.


And I didn't want to ask him for better marks in my exam. I asked him for one thing in my mind, I said, I know you can give me better marks, that's not in your hands, but you can give me the ability to work hard. The moment I finish seeing that sentence in my head, his eyes open, he looked at me, he smiled an inner smile. I felt that he was saying, Yes, that's what I want you to.


I wanted you to ask me this. That's what he should be wishing for, the ability to work hard later on in life. I studied what Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee. It's amazing that I actually thought of getting tattooed on my body at one point of time ago.


Business ask not for an easy life.


Ask for the strength to endure a difficult one.


That's the definition of real for me.


You don't ask for specifics.


You ask for the ability to endure one of us your way and trust your abilities enough to achieve those specifics yourself, with or without you, but with knowing that God or the universe, some higher powers looking after you.


Just yesterday we recorded a detailed podcast with Luke Batignole and he spoke about a concept called Providence Providences, something you only understand after having achieved something in your career.


It could be some financial goals. It could be some career goals. Providence basically means knowing that there's a higher power, looking after you at every stage of your career and at every stage of life. That's what I felt all my life, I've lived my life with a sense of providence, and only after speaking to Luke did I get to know about that word. And I spoke my team's. I spoke to Sanjit from maybe about 16, and I said that is a weird that I always wondered someone like you and my team, but the only game in my life, like a year ago, if you had come into my life earlier, my life would have been way easier.


But I probably wasn't prepared enough as a leader to give you the right kind of tasks or to mentor you correctly. And he said that, yeah, that's your vision of Providence and my vision of Providences. I never even really watched big biceps. I knew you existed and I don't know why, but I only felt like applying to your company.


And then magic happened. He's heading on tonight biceps today in many ways, he's my vice captain and biceps in many ways. Viraj is my vice captain in the Brownmiller Mungindi. Gelug is my vice captain in the start of Maneesh is my vice captain. Whatever I want to do next Saturday, sitting regarding this is my vice captain on Instagram videos and all these people who entered my life very randomly. If I scan all those moments and ask myself, how did all these people accumulate around me?


It's very random and that is part of it. Exactly. And all of them will agree when I see that there was providence at play in their life as. That's the power of manifestation. Let's go back to being 14 years old, I remember really starting to study after that, maybe it was all psychological, maybe biology was just a good psychologist who knew what I was thinking and you knew what to do. He knew how to react. Well, maybe there's a deeper layer of the human experience that we haven't understood yet that science hasn't understood yet.


And I'd like to believe the latter because I've constantly experienced miracles in my life and I've constantly felt the presence of God at this stage of my life. This is not something I've revealed on the broadcast. I adore God in the same way that you would adore someone who's in a relationship with you. This concept was spoken about in detail in Virat Kohli and Steve Jobs all time favorite book, The Autobiography of a Yogi. This concept is called Divine Love.


This concept makes you feel whole. Even when you're single. It fills up that void of being single.


In many ways.


It's not a concept that everyone understands because not everyone understands the concept of God, people who about God and they think, oh my God, I'm such an old school concept. If I believe in God, does that mean I believe in religion? If I believe in religion, does that mean that I believe in all the negative aspects of religion?


Not. If you believe in God and you choose to call it a higher power, the universe, a higher energy. Energy's. We're all talking about the same concept. I personally call it going. And when it comes to God, the autobiography has this. Peurifoy reteaching. The Autobiography of a Yogi says that every human being defines God in a particular image. For some people is just a ball of light. For some people, that image is nothingness.


It's the universe. It's the everything and then nothing. For some people, it's the divine feminine. Durga mother, Lakshmi Saraswathi mom, for some people is the divine masculine Janger Magowan, Manjit, for some people as Jesus Christ. For some people, it's the guru who they worship. Of course, there's bad gurus out there. We constantly hear about it. There's a lot of spiritually and spiritually evolved humans called gurus who have accumulated enough spiritual power to be able to guide people who are maybe a slightly lower level of spiritual awakening.


That's what the world of spirituality is, it is this parallel, lardo, that everyone's climbing on. So there's the ladder, the renewal of the materialistic ladder, the career ladder, the fame and money ladder, the power ladder, all that's one big ladder. And there's a parallel one, which is beyond human existence, which goes beyond this one life of yours.


A very close friend of mine, radical Madame, is someone who also has been very inspired by the autobiography of a Yogi, and she's also been practicing deep meditations.


She said. Earlier in life, she'd always question why some people are born into privilege and why some people are born into difficulties. But the moment you understand the concept of karma, you understand the concept of rebirth, which I truly, truly believe, and I do not believe that you only live once. The whole world is starting to believe in this concept of Carmin Rebirth and for the people who say that, you know, how can you prove that it exists?


My question to you is, how can you prove that it doesn't exist? None of us can prove anything. What we can do is feel our own experiences come to conclusions because of our own experiences or don't the words of wisdom. There must be some truth in that concept, which has caused so many books to be written on that concept, which has caused so many involved people to turn to spirituality, so many involve people to talk about karma. So often there has to be some truth.


And if you're going to switch off that possibility completely, you're limiting your own group. You have to be open. That's the basis of spiritual. Could be open and curious. Don't come to conclusions. Don't be stiff in the head. After I graduated from school, entered a dark phase of my life in college, I didn't enjoy it. I was became angry. God and alcohol got into marijuana, just became a very tight metabolism in the head.


I was angsty.


But in that phase where also started happening to me was that I suddenly started getting a lot of dreams about going my own visions of God in my childhood that John did not want one on or so. That's probably the image of God that my subconscious mind associates with God.


I started getting Humanzee in my dream, this I getting Shivram on my limbs. I started getting Babuji in my dreams again and he had passed away by this point. He had left that body that he was occupying at that point, but he had not passed away. He was still in this planet probably. I still believe he's still in this planet. I remember this one time specifically, I was angsty, but I was out to prove that I want to do something with my life.


That's also why I powerlifting and that's why I started going to the gym that regularly, so.


This big fitness company had come to my college for the first time, and my college wasn't one of those colleges which encouraged internships, very random rule, but that's how it was so out of the hundred and ten hundred twenty kids that had applied for that internship.


I was one of three kids that got selected and my SGB, my aggregate was really low. So it was kind of a little bright spot in the middle of a lot of darkness during my college years. Also, keep in mind, I was really buff, I was really well-built. It's a lot of the college professors, as you know, because I was well, but I was also probably a doofus. I was dumb. I don't know what the correlation is, but that's how a lot of people assume.


They also assume that if you're marginally well-dressed or and if you're marginally well-built, you're probably more inclined towards material pleasures like attracting girls and showing off. But I really wasn't. I was in engineering college to learn Lewinsky's. That's why I joined engineering college. I thought I was angsty, full of rage. I was looking forward to that bright spot which happened to be that fitness in Boonchu.


I went to my college placement professor to lock the internship because this internship offer, I'd come to the college. So that's just just standard procedure. I went to him and he had a reputation of being an athlete, which was one of those guys who kind of removed all his life's frustrations on students.


So I went into his room, I remember I was wearing this blue polo shirt, which was obviously tight on the sleeves, I had massive arms back then.


And I said, so I've got this and don't you what do I do next? How do I pick it forward? He stopped what he was doing. He looked at me and he said, you you don't look like you study what you aggregate. There was lots of these other nutty kids around the world come for their own business, their own job applications or whatever. That's the thing about engineering college.


There's a lot of statis games with students.


If a teacher is about to attack a particular student using a status game saying, oh, you're too dumb for this Conejo, your marks, are there a lot of the other students kind of pile up on? That's when they also start attacking the student in order to make themselves feel more secure.


It's the moment he asked me, you don't look like you've studied, you don't look like you're intelligent and will aggregate those other students started grinning at each other.


They started giggling, looking at him, waiting them to pounce on me and my head. I'm full of rage. I'm just like, yeah, I've gone through this a lot in this engineering college, so you're going to insult me right now. And then he said. Jim, good job and good job as me, which translates to please go back to the gym, that's where you belong. You don't belong in the professional world.


In front of all these other students, I'm giggling, laughing, added to the inside of my brain and yours is switched off by that point. But in my head I said, I'll show you one day.


Just so you know, in the coming year, we're going to the same engineering college, but this time to recruit students.


Justin. Sorry, that was a casual flex, but just want to give you. Hit making students some perspective in life of someone calls you will failure you hold up, that's not the definition of your head.


That's not the definition of your life. And he coming back to that moment. That time, there was no vote in the usual solo broadcast, right, so I didn't have a reference point. This was the one bright moment in my college life, and I felt like I finally got something going for me, three out of 120 students being selected is not a joke. And I'm one of those three.


I felt valuable again in college because. Most of my time in college had spent being insulted by details, and it has really dented my self-confidence. It had been did my sense of optimism.


It had entered my faith in God, also probably trying to reinvigorate that faith by visiting me in my dreams to different images of humanzee or Shivji or.


This particular day, I just felt numb, Nomen, I remember going on the train with my best friend Genden Butch at that point of time and I told him that I don't know why do took do it. And it's the beginning of our Forteo and I've just had a terrible time. He just told me to hang in there and put up with it for like another year. I was numbed out. I went into my own being. I was going through a lot back then.


There was a lot of alcohol and drugs speaking to me, lot of being kind of just kept inside me. This is before I took a biological meditation. I became peaceful in life. So there was a lot of pain inside me.


I cry a lot man in that phase. But on that day I knew I was going to go home and cry.


A lot of power left. I'm just going to walk again. Know that and be sure to tell you, hey, man, if you're a guy, it's okay for you to try. I'm holding on to all that angst, I'm holding on all that pain, I'm walking out of the railway station near my house just outside the railway station near the entrance, I just felt extremely busy, busy.


And I also felt a very strange sense of deja vu.


The word deja vu is familiar to a lot of people. I once read that deja vu, I own memories from the future. Trabi statement, right? So let me explain what happened. I felt a strange sense of deja vu when I felt my head spinning. And I went home. And I cried and I went to sleep. I cried myself to sleep. I entered a really deep state of sleep. When I felt like I was reliving that moment of me walking out of the railway station.


And I felt Babuji walking next to me. Less energy walking next to me. And I remember hearing a voice in my head going, you're doubting your bottom life way too much, this is the body of a man to walk on to. Someone's making fun of your love for yesterday. They laugh at their own words tomorrow, and that was the end of the dream.


What the heck happened that biceps, we became the world's first in a specific fitness journey he began on fitness is such a core part of my Bagnardi.


If I listen to that professor, since I left that fitness journey, this wouldn't be possible. These cameras, the first camera we ever bought with the money was the money I owned by being a fitness trainer, but using the same skills that came out of my love for fitness. If your heart is truly beating on a particular path, you need to know that your life has placed you there with a sense of providence, life has provided the providence for you.


You need to ask yourself, where am I the happiest with the people I'm the happiest around?


What are the activities that I do that can make me the happiest?


That's the part you've got to follow. I enjoy the of podcasts.


Love for guys, I love creating content like this, I love creating content that is this rich.


It's the greatest joy of my life, not the money, not the fame, not the attention, not the power, not the start ups, the joy of creating content this deep, whether it's watched or not. I know I've done my job. I know I've done my research. I know I've spoken to some of the world's smartest people who can hold the knowledge and put it out for the world.


I've done my duty. But it began with a sense of providence. I remember waking up after that dream with a sense of, OK. Babuji Energy is back in my life providences now waiting for me. I didn't know the meaning of the word Valentine's Day like yesterday when we recorded that look, but I felt the emotion of what Providence stands for. I felt taken care of. I went to the gym, I worked out very joyous, I came out, I continued my journey.


Exactly a year after this incident, I was prepping myself to work in a startup which eventually led to the formation of BAEO biceps, your life, if you are vibing with your work, is leading you the way I meant to be.


That is leading you to aiming to be do not doubt the providence in your life as long as you are working hard and your being 100 percent honest with their work.


Zakaryan make your big brother in the world of media told me this thing that always stayed with me and my mom was going through a phase of self-doubt and a column maybe a couple of years ago, one and a half years back, it was during the lockdown.


I can't remember. But I had this conversation with them. I said, bro, I'm just feeling a strong sense of self-doubt. He said, your creative professional, all of us go through it. But please understand and read. One thing I know about you, just like me, is that you are a performer.


You're not just a doer. If a job is given to your daughter to the best of your abilities, and that's all that matters if you keep doing that, if you do a job to the best of your abilities, life will guide.


That could be the smallest job in the world. I could be the biggest job in the world.


That's what I look for and all my potential team members.


We have a couple of new members lately and I'm easily able to tell which one is going to be a long term fit and which one is not the one that's distracted. I'm constantly looking for conversations to escape his work. He's not a long term for the one who will hold these colorful lights in his hand outside.


I should set up just to give that short light. He's sitting behind the camera, not doing the long term fit because he does the job of holding the light with the same intensity that he'll do the job of creating an Instagram reel with a detailed video editor.


It, irrespective of the job, will given you have to give it your five hundred percent in respect of the job you've given. You have to give it your five hundred plus your five hundred percent every day. That's when Providence really comes into play. This is one of the stories that felt the presence of God in my dreams that are the stories I've spoken about it.


Another solo, Gus. Dreams play a big role in my life. Even today, they guide me what plays an even bigger role as meditation. Long meditation makes you more sensitive towards Braille. I feel like a work way stronger when you perform them after you've meditated, because they say that God visits the mines that are the calmest God loves a temple.


But to get that calm, you've got to meditate daily. And you know what?


After I began, my spiritual journey also began. I'm not going to speak about it in this part, because that's a whole other podcasts getting into the world of Reekie, getting into the world of transcendental meditation, starting or starting a foundation, starting with ISIS, settling advisers for a particular reason. That's a whole other story. That's the kind of technical skill set required to get more providence in your life.


But there's always a technical skill set and a soft skills act, a certain sense of faith in the world, a certain sense of faith in your journey. In your own abilities, in your sense of positivity. A certain faith in your own optimism. A certain faith in Providence. You've got to believe that the things that are going on in your life are going your way for a reason. You've got to believe that the worst moments of your life are happening because Providence is trying to get you to weigh or meant to be, if those bad things kept in your life, if those bad addictions kept staying in your life, if those bad habits kept staying in your life, if those bad energies kept staying in your life, you would not get the way Providence wants to take you.


You would not get to where God wants to take you. I've had so many spiritual experiences and miracles that I can make, maybe like at least 10 to 15 more podcasts on just my experiences with God. But this one is about the power of manifestation. People talk about it, people talk about visualizing their goals. People talk about visualizing when it comes to where they wish to be in life.


I've interacted with Sadhguru back in twenty eighteen, and the one thing he told me is that do not visualize about specifics.


If you are thinking today that you and your son.


Now I want a massive Lamborghini.


I want a Ferrari. For all you know, 10 years from now, land based vehicles wouldn't be I think maybe Lamborghini. Ferrari won't even be around, but there will be Aslan's that can fly.


And when you're sitting in the Tesla that can fly, you're like, oh, why did I even wish for that Lambourne Lamborghini? I didn't know the world is stunning or I don't know what technology is doing on the road. Visualize about specifics.


We is about feelings. What are they trying to do to all this? It's not just numbers, it's not just let me run. We're more famous, more rich on mobile.


The intention behind this game that I'm playing with my life, these startups and I'm building is one more ball so that I can help those who need my power to help them. Providence help me. No one hit me when I started. No one backed me when I started. I'm not going to let a young kid, a guy, a girl, one of that kid is I'm not going to let that kid feel like he or she or they are alone.


I'm never like, that's what I'm trying to do to my country. That's why God keeps asking me, that's my problem and she's helping me.


And I know that the moment I follow in life, the next day I have a forecast which lifts me up and gives me the answers that I need to hear. The next day, an old friend of mine messaged me saying, You know what? Let me connect you to so-and-so. And that's so-and-so person ends up helping me in a problem that I've been stuck on for a while, that I've been praying to God for for a solution.


God has answered my prayers so many times in my life that with every passing day for people in love with God and I called the Love Divine Love. You don't have to fall in love with God. You have to fall in love with your own sense of providence.


I call my sense of providence God as divine love for me.


That's why I have a Philippians for terpene battle tattooed on my arms. That's why I've got all my daughters. They all have God as an underlying theme. This was episode number 100, I didn't give you a I just spoke from my heart, but I'm sure within the realms of this particular episode, you would have found your CD if I had to give you a CD for this particular one.


All I'd say is have faith, stay optimistic, have a sense of self belief. Ask yourself. Have habits in your life that allow you to work as hard as you possibly can.


And have a sense of humility that asks for the ability to endure difficulties rather than asking for big houses because power, fame and money, God bless you, may all the providence in the world be with you that a soldier, and you're going to achieve every single thing that you wish to achieve.


I love you and I hope that these videos provide some sense of providence within your existence. Lots of love. Thank you for supporting that. I'm Michelle.