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This is a conversation about spirituality, but also love and relationships, which I believe go hand in hand.


This is a conversation with badguy or a deeper then a new spiritual leader who's leading a movement with a central theme is the heart. The central theme is love. I'm not going to talk too much about this part in the intro because I feel like it's one of those conversations that you've just got to sink into. This is dodgy under the visual. Now, I said it's a huge, huge, huge honor having you on the runway show, I do not look at these kind of interactions as part of my audience.


I look at them as blessings in my own personal life. The life of the person behind the podcast. So deeply honored. Thank you.


Me too. Me too. Good to see you. And you are what I heard about, as I already told you, we. Glad to meet you and I can I can read my last seeing you young people interested in spirituality. So it gives me a lot of hopes.


I know that that's that's my big hope and also my observation, honestly, I feel like there's a whole generation of kids coming out where, you know, there's this theory that all of them are special souls and we'll see the whole world gradually becoming more spiritual. What do you agree to something like that, that, you know, kids born nowadays are not your average souls? They are not terrorists. In fact, the rebellion in a good sense, the reason is the previous generations that have been living in the.


What we call a state of obedience appearances, so the police saw nothing wrong with that. Also, it's OK to maintain peace. Today's generation is quite challenging and they say you believe in God. There's a little bit more. Some people say I don't. And I do admire that honesty, because unless and until you do experience, how can you believe it? So my moment my appeal to you is. Come to a neutral point, don't say I don't believe it, don't say believe me.


And then London experiment with your heart. You become the scientist. Let your heart touch. And through the experiments you carry out on a day to day basis, let the results speak to itself and say, yes, I believe that exists because I experience. So you can speak from your experience, from your conviction, not by borrowed knowledge or knowledge, will not take us further. Right, Daddy, a little personal question to you, but what is your what is your image of God like?


Every human being has an image of God. Some people say it doesn't exist. Some people say it's the universe. For some people, it's Krishnapillai. One, for some people is Jesus Christ. For some people, it's just being a good person. So what is your image of God in your head? Image of God has been changing in my life. It has been evolving over a period of time. When I was younger, I had a certain image of God in the form of Ramakrishna.


All in all, I believed in everything. Then I came across the Ramakrishna Province of literature. And we were concerned and many saints, and then you start watching Navarra, et cetera, et cetera, and then if you try to meditate a lot, Krishna, you know, who comes to your mind that all of the photograph of the increased man.


So we get trapped into imaginary images of, you know, from movies, from photographs, etc.. Then comes a stage where you believe God is all pervading because you start experiencing presence. But what is he or is he? You know, and this has been a challenge to me. I have until now I have come to this conclusion. The gardens of principal. He can be understood when you yourself become Gartley. That's all there is, as you become more broadly, the other entity becomes more revealing to you.


It appeals to your heart. So becoming will tell us that, yes, I have become godly. And that's how the Lord is earlier.


You know, based on the needs of a person, people created God in their own image. Four fundamental needs of a human being, that grandma moksha right at the top with some basic fundamental physical need that to be satisfied with finance support that out of the. Trauma, emotional fulfillment. Dermo, what is right, what is wrong and uphold what is right without any indoctrination, what comes from your conscience and you stand by it. And that's what today's youth is protesting, that this is the dilemma, because this is what I feel in my heart that and moxa is the ultimate what they call incisal as a state of liberation.


You have allowed a total state of freedom, which is free. You also from the concept of freedom.


So, you know, we pray based on these four individual requirements. And individually may not be fulfilled at the top level. All you may be fulfilled at top financial level, but what the things, the meaning, or you may have all three, but Moksha is awaiting you or you have may have moxa. You may have you may have lost. You may be full of spirituality. But what if your basic needs bread and butter is missing out? That is also a Topsy-Turvy world.


So to me, it's a fine balance of four fundamental requirement. Nothing excessive, nothing excessive, that is so they call my generation the mental health issues, generation of Americans mental health is taking a toll because of social media, because of all the numbers around us, because of the need for validation.


So you said that a lack of balance is what causes issues now. Is the lack of balance happening due to the wrong kind of lifestyle a wrong kind of environment? What's happening with this generation according to you? So we begin with parents, parents are to be believed, can you? I'm going to do a terrible thing to say such a thing, but it's a fact.


So next stage. Comes, will you lack the grandparents support? You know, you heard about this Amazonian Zaman's, they know so much, they're old people, they have the knowledge of all the all kinds of herbs, all kinds of trees or what not to read under certain circumstances. What are the medicines you need to take to prevent certain diseases like the youth of Amazonian jungle is now migrating to the cities. All folks are left behind in the forest.


Now, what happens when the traditional knowledge is not passed on to the next generation or delusion up to that in a vacuum? No, it is not transferred. I don't know if you had the opportunity of spending time with your grandparents. If you did, then you'll appreciate the way they eat, the way they talk. The way they interact with other people in the soft manner that gets absorbed with child image and just living with parents and parents, both are working, learning it all.


And so it is left to a made. Or a babysitter. What kind of sound strategy to inculcate in these children? And so you can say genetically you have given a gift to your children, but the mental at the emotional level, at the spiritual level, and these are more and more vital.


Hmm. And they're the main. Kind of a mild nutrition, they are not having a proper diet and that at those levels, imagine if you were having a malnutrition at a physical level.


It will be visible in mid-June at an educational level. Imagine. At the maturity level, emotional level, and imagine what happens when you are spiritually bankrupt. That's what is happening today. We are. Let me explain to you a bit differently, shall we borrow a genetic pattern from our parents?


If you are going to grow a five foot nine year old girl, five foot nine at the most, you go to gym and exercise and, you know, you might grow to be five foot 10, but you can never be six and a half. So we have a limitation at the physical level. Now, let's go to the mental level. What happens at a mental level? A son of a farmer or a son of a rickshaw puller on a truck he can study, it can become UNimposed.


So there's more flexibility. Of enriching yourself at a mental level. But not all can be Einsteins. There, too, there is some level of limitation, but it's not so difficult.


At a spiritual. There are infinite possibilities. There's no limit to what all you can achieve at a spiritual level, but now you see where our efforts are going. More and more towards you and six foot, nothing wrong with it, just as there's nothing wrong and having a good physique, it is good for your health and I need to strengthen my mind.


And it also really strengthened my spiritual or moral muscles. That's where I think youth is lacking today. They they feel that salivation that something is lacking within me and they are not able to pinpoint what is that? Right. So once you can fulfill your inner hunger. Automatically, you'll find peace and you'll become. And success will await at every stage because we are driven by our inner voice. If you are not poised. How a brilliant idea you may have, the implementation will fail because otherwise you are listless, armed with a restless girlfriend if you have.


You feel so disturbed that you get away from this season of The Restless, let's. Then so imagine if I don't have peace in my heart. I will be only radiating. Listlessness all around me. And so first thing is to bring about this calm, peaceful state, it's not that you're becoming introvert and least interested in the outside world. No, in fact, the peaceful person or the person, they can achieve a lot more than that itself with the power.


Hi, Daddy. I have so many questions for you. But since you mentioned, you know, having the wrong partner, I'll try to take a question from this tiny little bit of a psychology question.


So I was reading this very interesting article on the nature of relationships. And there's this thing called the Bad Boy Complex, where basically they say that a lot of women are more attracted to possibly men who signal bad boy traits, you know, who have something wrong about them. But that's what attracts you. And the same can go for men going after the wrong kind of female partners.


So what happens in someone's head? Like, why are you more drawn to the challenge rather than someone who is right for you? In many ways, I'm not saying that this is a general statement, but this tends to happen a lot. It's a general thing.


Exceptions are there. But as you say, it's a very general thing and it leads to disasters you already know.


And and we as humans, we like to challenge a person who refuses you to go after the person so often. Right, but a person who is easily available, so there must be something wrong with this person.


Huh? OK, so part of it is also ego that I had to win this person, right?


And then when you build a relationship with such an ego, how long will this ego last fulfillment of ego and lust immediately with the success of having a relationship with this, with the person you are attracted towards? You'll be happy, but it will not last longer because I suppose it may attract, but eventually this opposites will crumble because I cannot live with the person who is having opposite views all of my life.


Yeah, in the physical world, in the side, they say north or south. Opposites attract and northern cattle are positive and negative charge, it's true in the physical realm, in the emotional real. Opposites will attract also. But it's only temporary, only to be burned again. And so we have to be patient with the kind of partner we're going to have and make sure there is some sort of a resonance.


There is some sort of viability level that matches yours.


All right, so I think compatibility is very important that you would what about the individual's own spirituality because of marriage? So does something change in your own spiritual growth after you go through the process of marriage? What what happens to your personality? What happens after you have a child? Oh, it's even better. It's even a spiritual person is. I mean, literally, I consider you a spiritual boy. And irreverently level is definitely going to affect your wife.


She will also sit with you and offer prayers. And when two individuals who are prayerful who. They'll they'll know each other. Imagine the kind of progeny they can end up having. Balanced societies do only result out of it. To me, when you meditate. Especially with your partner. They need and they'll be practicing meditation together. It changes everything. Makes you more peaceful. I mean, you don't have heard the word what is Blazer's? It is restricted to a physical level.


You heard the word joy. It's the mental, emotional. Very rarely people are experience bliss. We have these three phases, like a physical level, when we enjoy something, we call them Blazer's. My pleasure of having a great meal, for example. When you move on the emotional level, you say, wow, what a joyful relationship, but very rarely we talk about police, which is at a spiritual level. And I would like that we thrive in a society and a family from that level as well.


So imagine you and your wife meditating together. And in that state of meditation. When you come to the most intimate relationship where you you're invoking God, also people often when they make love, they've done the photographs of the gods and goddesses in their lives and said, no, no, God, please don't look at us.


It is as if it is very sinful. It is not sinful. You are inviting a very precious soul and we call soul at night.


And that is part of what you are inviting something very white to. How can it be a shameful thing? It is not so one has to understand that it is a revolution process. And when both individuals are in that state. Your your your chemistry works at a different level altogether. Let me explain to you something from epigenetics. I don't know if you follow epigenetics. Epigenetics is all about the influence of the environment on your genetic expression.


OK, then don't try these experiments in Brooklyn.


New York City. Mothers to be who are going through a certain phase, they have a different lifestyle. People living in a ghetto. There's so much of crime you don't know and from which side, the gun, little blast. And even husband, who knows, he might be sleeping with the gun and a pillow, so anybody would argue. So mothers to be who are under constant stress, that cortisol level is always so high and when your responses are less important, mimetic where you either fight or you take a flight, either you punch or you don't know, they might fight or flight mode.


And because of the sympathetic response, it's not when that happens, your blood circulation is more in your limbs with you have to fight. Blood is needed. Then what happens? The blood is taken away. From the West to the Lord and from the vital organs now the same hormone, same neurotransmitters are crossing the placenta barrier in mother's womb, going to the fetus that is growing. That will also start, you know, having limbs, longer limbs.


Then also, the blood is transferred to transport away from the vital organs, for example, your GI tract, gastrointestinal tract, your lungs, etc. So they end up having a weaker resistance because the lung capacity. OK. Furthermore. The frontal part, frontal cortex, the core, which is all about thinking, reasoning. Blood supply in this area is reduced. But the blood supply in this and what the common people in Britain. The active brain increases, so the blood supply is a little bit more so, the brain development here at a physical level would be more here and less here.


So cognitive abilities also drop.


Hmm, so stressful environment can be combated if her husband is cooperative. Bring about harmony and peace. Similarly, VIPs would not be indulging in such actions that they can create stress that sway in an ancient Indian traditions know when they learn their daughter in law is pregnant. Within a month. They what do they do? They have a ritual, they do the worship on, et cetera, and very respectfully, prayerfully, they send her away to her parents place.


Why? Because that's a familiar place. Well, her family, food, other, you know, to enjoy life there. She'll be without stress in an agrarian society when her husband is working with mother in law is working. A lady who is pregnant will feel shy. I hope I'm not working and to also work, that stress will always be there. So this envelope is so our traditions are very rich, actually, and with a scientific reason.


They give a reverential puja and then send her off with a lot of respect to her parents place, you see. So the RNC would spend time in Virginia and they will be spending time with a lot of, you know, good storytelling by parents. So the fetus that is growing inside. We'll imbibe all those things, you see, the hearing capacity of a fetus is very great, even through the placenta when they understand the sound. Not I wish I was in Dallas even after three or four months, perhaps enough to be born, you cannot even recognize the colors when are newly born.


Hmm. So coming back to this idea of reverential feelings in your heart. And not taking this sexual aspect of relationship to be damnation or the scene at the same time when doesn't had to become so compulsively excessive so that the the whole aspect of it is also neglected.


And so we had to bring some sort of indignation, some sort of a balance between spiritual life. And know about what to in life, they have to be balanced, they must undergo Maycock training. He used to say the bird cannot fly with one wing. Doing's. Our human existence also should not become like that, I decide to become Sanyasi and what happened to my parents when I did seven years at a very early age. And parents will suffer.


So, you know, it's an irresponsible act, but even I do know that, my lord, would having a child and then say I am having a detachment and I'm letting go into the forest. He left his wife and the newborn child in the palace and just left just like that, as if he has no responsibility. Irresponsible to me, spirituality and materiality must go together. It should not be at the cost of the other, hmm. It has to be together, and even though I may have it together, imagine for a moment with two wings, what is it that divides these two wings?


A tail. And that's so in the aeroplane. They invented the tail part. You see, it gives the direction to the plane. And what is this tail in us that gives the direction to go?


In what direction this will that you know, that is a heart.


Art is the guiding principle. That always tells us, will you follow your heart? It's always good imaging then, Bill. Imagine for a moment the wrong decisions you made in your life. You don't have to tell me. But when you analyze those decisions. What went through your mind before you made the wrong decisions? You will come to one single conclusion, you did not listen to your heart. Analyze any of your decisions. Yeah, I mean, you're definitely right.


So so we need to listen to the heart. Now, imagine if your heart is corrupt. Even the most corrupt heart will give you the right decision. No one wants to know how to listen to the heart.


And that's why I think if a person just becomes quite calm for a few minutes and focus on the heart to guide them, and that is meditation.


Meditation is nothing but tapping into the guidance which is already there inside you. The gurus are not outside, they can somehow inspire you, but this inspiration needs only to look within yourself. All right. How many times you rejected your parents opinions? Many times. But how you rejected your own inner voice very loudly. But what if there is an eclipse of your parent's suggestion and your own inner conscience when they meet together and form an eclipse? That's a best scenario.


So it's not enough that your parents meditate. I have also to meditate and I have to vibrate at the same level and see. Yes, they there's there's something very interesting you said about how the material world can be balanced with the spiritual world and because you reference science or what, I'd love to ask you the scientific perspective about what goes on in your mind, your heart, your soul that guides you along the path of your career and along the path of your life when you inculcate spirituality.


It's very simple and very simple for me to tell you. When we had to make a decision, be it marriage. Bid by carrier. On. Between them, the next simple things like that. Always referred to the heart, and we don't have to have this exercise of closing your eyes and meditating at all. Let me figure out what I would do it next. That is wrong. That is going on under the direction. When that the heart should be so sensitive enough to practice that.


It warns you each time. So what is the basic nature of your heart? It first of all. It works like a radar picks up the wrong things. What is wrong in the process? Simple example would be glad to see you are able to hear me well. I. And when we are face to face in person and is accomplished by I am not able to see you. All speaking, but I'm not able to hear you. What will your heart in?


And maybe it's time to go to a doctor. Something is wrong with your with my eyes or with my ears, so when something becomes unnatural. Hart warns us. But when things are going in a natural way, you are seeing that it doesn't give any warnings or it does not congratulate you, Howard, and really you're looking good. You are able to hear. Well, it doesn't say anything of that sort.


So nature of the heart is to give us warnings. When things are going properly, it doesn't view any warming at the most in certain situations that you contentment.


Hmm, but people are lost. The trick of identifying what is contentment and what is satisfaction. They want immediate results, they want immediate rewards, but containment is something that comes as time passes, you have to wait for it. It has to mature. Spirituality is not something very esoteric to the students. It is the practical. If I had to lie and cheat and believe I have achieved so much and I am a doctor so and so and so, what would happen to my heart at that time and then boom busting with a lot of ego?


My heart will no doubt become heavier. Hmm, if someone asks you is would you meet a beautiful girl on the way of that importance, so to ask your name and say, Oh, my name is so and so instead of seeing them with. How will you feel at that moment? The Hartill or Nolensville don't split up, don't lie like this, if your heart will become heavier when you have like your heart becomes heavier. But this conscience and all these physiological barometers, they're all connected to.


And people say there's nothing like spirituality or they don't call it spirituality, you name it or, you know, but every person even kept even your little dog in the stands when they do the wrong thing, when despite your carpet and you see how they doing it with the mouth, don't they also know?


That they have done something wrong. So conscience is there, even in little animals, how can a man or woman be without conscience?


We all have that. That's the voice of your heart. Problem comes when you don't want to listen to your heart. It is speaking louder and louder each time, but you say, shut up, shut up, shut up. This is a wonderful girl. I hope to take her to bed tonight, if possible. You are rushing into it. And that's where we fail to see your immediate urge to satisfy yourself at any cost. And this to me, I think is terrible in comparison is where you sacrifice your life for somebody else, but.


And such act of satisfying yourself at the cost of other. To me, it's rape. So to me, I as I was standing with you, that spirituality is not something esoteric, it's very practical. It can be applied in the day to day life simply by listening to your heart. So many a time, you know, guys like young at a young age, the comments come despite. We are in love for a long time. I'm also learning that the person.


So it's a complex situation room to many. So it told to me the answer is very simple. When love is on both sides. Right, it is a girl for me, there's another. I love her, I love her to. It happens it can happen to many people. But in this scenario now you figured it out, who loves you more than you love somebody more or she loves you more? If in what situation you find a situation where it will sit there and you feel in your heart that somebody else is loving me more and she's willing to sacrifice anything and everything.


Well, a girl puts the condition in front of you, she loves you, but puts a condition I will not live with your parents after Ménage.


That's a warning signal. Still, though, both of you are in love, but the commission on the other side. Well, the person is ready to sacrifice anything and everything. So that is your choice. I will retain that message for this upcoming phase of my life, for sure, Daddy.


Good luck to you on that.


You know, you said something very interesting about sacrifice. I've had a very, for lack of a better word, tumultuous past or dominating past where I've had substance abuse in my life. I've been into drugs. I've been deeply into alcohol and gradually come out of that in my life where, you know, I've really embraced the process of meditation and everything around it a lot more deeply at the age of 27. And I've also discovered this beautiful word that's always stayed with me, especially in this phase.


The word is called Sadhana. And Sadhana basically means a discipline. And there are gifts at the end of discipline. But that's not why you should do this hard thing to do the Sadhana, because eventually the result of discipline and sadness is an easier life, is a more peaceful and contentment for life. But I love for you to share some, you know, knowledge or wisdom about the concept of Sadhana and how it applies to modern day humans, especially young people, are not willing to sacrifice to get to the next stage of life.


And I feel like people should read more about on the normal robots are not just for their own self evolution.


So I'd love to know your opinion on it once. One of my masters. He was selling a story of. One young boy, he says, I'm going to do so much of the Pusha. And achieved the highest and shortest possible time so Good advised him, you must perform Sadhana, you must embrace Sadanand.


So 10 years later, they meet. And that so-called disabled are so happy. I'm so happy you had raised me to embrace other now. Oh, great, great, great. The glass wasn't upside down. You were practicing because I know Plissken here. Yeah.


He married a lady named CyberKnife anyway. This is a stupid joke, but Sadhana is a word. It convinced so many things that something that you do. To add to what Sadhana Saadia. What do you want to. No, you in the beginning itself, you had asked me a question about God. What do you understand? Can't. Support, the person said, I want to the God. It's too subtle an idea, it's it's very fancy to talk about God, but when it comes to.


I want to read Scott. It's like you looking at 360 degrees without knowing where I am going, what part is. Sadhana is a process, you achieve something. Right. What do you do it you. So immediate goal should be clear in our mind. And the highest goal need not be crystallized in your mind, but some direction has to be there in your mind that I want to go in this direction.


So now, having understood this much, if your goal is OK now, at the moment I'm somewhat troubled. I would like to get rid of this stress. So the goal becomes this, trusting yourself and you want to bring about some level of peace in your heart. OK, having achieved peace. You'll come up with something else. Or I wanted was the pilot. You understood that what it is like, you know, when you're driving around the mountain during the winter days, early morning, and there's so much of, you know, this fall all around, you hardly see anything 10 feet away from you.


But nevertheless, you continue your journey right. And you go ten feet and then you'll see another 10 feet and you'll see another 10 feet. And that's how the journey continues down to the peak. But if you say I'm not going to continue beyond this 10 feet because I don't see anything beyond 10 feet. Then you are afraid you have failed spirituality and also think that. Nothing will be clear to us on the journey on the first day. But as we move along, it reveals to us, little by little, a little.


Why? As I was saying earlier, what is got to me, to me? It's not more it's not so important what is good for me, what is important is how I can become Gartley. More compassionate, more loving. So. So my aspect of understanding God is resonating with that entity we call our. How to arrive at it? So this whole exercise of spirituality, if you look at it from one perspective, it is all about love.


It is not the love people talk about in common parlance. It is something very different, and there was a place of joy, bliss that different love is also different. For example, love between the couple versus love between the mother and the son or mother and their daughter. It is different affection that we have between friends.


Maithripala, want to withdraw, would allow all of this arguing various names, but when it comes to God.


Very few people understand that, and I don't blame or criticize them because there's no way to feel that until we achieve that level. All of the practices that we talk about, spiritual practices only to come to that level of understanding. And not just understanding, but becoming, Nancy, to me, becoming more more important. So that you have become in the process low itself. If she saw me work and to win the seat. Purpose of all spiritual practices is only one.


And that is to expand your available consciousness. This available consciousness that we all have. It is like a thin film of water. Sandwiched between two giant oceans. Animated thin film of water. Imagine it being sandwiched between Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.


That's how our available consciousness is, and he says, I must be able to soar higher. Into the sky of super consciousness, and they must be able to dive deeper. Into the oceans of subconsciousness, so the spiritual practice in dancing with. So the aspect of Sadhana. Evolutionary. Would you be happy if I told you then that you had a beautiful experience of somebody? And they have today you have the same experience. Would you be happy? No, I don't think so.


Have you seen the movie? What was the movie? This has the same experience day after day after day, Groundhog Day. All right. That great Groundhog Day.


Oh, my God.


I mean, imagine his frustration and everything that he puts in every single day and spiritually during your sadhana, if you go on experiencing the same thing again and again, I mean, there is nothing more frustrating than that. But I do find people that say, oh, I was with this such and such a guru, and I was within months of the war and I was in Kyla's and I was he passed me and then said, wow, I debated you.


Elevation is not once, it is incremental. Security is not once in incremental purity, supports God gives you a gift and without totally purified your consciousness.


I don't think you will recognize yourself. You'll go back in the saddle. Because you cannot tolerate 100 percent purity. It has this improvement opportunity has to be incremental, gradual to the extent we can tolerate it. Got it right. So when we move from one chukka. In yoga, we often talk about chakra system, which is energy system, and we take a journey, especially with fullness, with with the heart. The reason is the three truckloads which are below that, they're common with animals.


Here begins humanity. We have to expand that. Compassion, low empathy is part of this heart, and then we move on to another Chooka. The next to the next level and it continues, and when you at one particular Jaka, you have some level of consciousness.


And the gurus help who guides us in meditation, the transmission. And transmission is very unique.


It takes us deeper into lower levels of some of these, you know, the somebody that you enjoy while you are at the heart chakra is different from the somebody up to that point on fire point orders. We know so many chakras out there. Yeah. So it's evolutionary. And I can be very joyful only when the change in consciousness all the time.


Now for the next Willimantic, I mean to the audience who are listening. Try this out, you meditate on the hard thinking of presence of the divine principle, but my heart is an embodiment of the source of all that is divine. Make that part and sit for meditation. Now, another form of meditation, the same thing led to that same divine principle, the source of all that is doing is present in my heart. But you invoke this part of the transmission.


Which is available through artfulness. You compare the experiences. You know, in Italy, I have a pharmacy background than before, we know we have to research a new drug. It is compared with the placebo. Or compared with an existing. That is, if you are researching a painkiller, you're comparing with existing painkiller. That's my new molecule have less of a side effect than the existing molecule. Or is it better? And quickly reliving my pain than the previous one.


Then this new entity will have a good market value. But what is happening today with Pfizer covid vaccine or Bahaullah or serum technologies unmodern, you know, AstraZeneca, so many of the. So we see how effective it is. And see the least amount of side effects. So any spiritual seeker trying to fulfill personal spiritual goal has to be very vigilant, is to have a scientific approach that if I meditate just like that and if I meditate with this transmission and the heart problem is, is it better?


Does it give me a better experience, then that is for you. So I urge you must try before you make a judgment, see? And we have this app called Hearts App, you know, it's like. Know what is that, Captain, Google yours over over here and you make a request that I would like to be picked up and out of this place so someone who is near Iran will say, I'm coming and they pick you up.


Similarly, let's say you are in India and you ought to meditate. And suddenly you woke up at 2:00 in the morning. And I would like to meditate with the help of a trainer that we are going to contact at 2:00 am in India. So this app sort of trainer. And Laquinta, you may be from New York or maybe someone from Paris and say, OK, Trenwith, I'm available and then sit with you and transmit to you, which you can feel it.


And they were saying it's a matter of experience. Again, it's not bucketing.


It's something people only understand after experiencing things like this.


So it's an easily available and any I mean, any time all this practice plus the trainers are available and those who like to meditate on Sunday, I transmit from here from over. So my plans with this penalty at 9:00 a.m. every morning. From assuming they can all join, even if their first time meditators, they can join at age 45.


There's a link, hurtfulness meditation on Sundays and the benefit of it that I'd love for you to share some knowledge about the concept of chuckers, like if you are to teach a four year old about chakras, how would you introduce that concept in its simplest form?


Like what? Autocross. How many are there? Which what do they stand for? What is it? Simply put. Suckers are like circuit breakers. You know, we have multiple simple electric current is passing through our wire you attached. In the first place, some equipment, another equipment, third and fourth equipment. Fifty one. And if they're taking. In the resistance in each is different. So from 110 to 220 various levels of currently passing, so you have to filter it right, but if the same currently is passing without this resistance and reaches out, it can blow the circuit and burn it.


Hmm. OK. What happens at the moment of conception? There's the soul. And to this, incrementally dividing cells. Ultimately becoming a body. At the moment of conception, no soul does not enter that time. So long waits outside, holds around mother's will. Allows things to happen inside. It is when the brummer and chakra is formed.


Hmm, it enters to that room because that has a certain level of resistance, it enters and slowly comes down as other sectors already formed inside.


But if it ever comes down, then the breaker of circuit, similarly the the. Escaping or outgoing or. It follows the river spot from Willow that attacked the. To slow this down, to not be too hard and it goes on to the Topsy.


They all have a specific function. They all have a specific environment that when my consciousness is settled on the second chakra that we call Athletica. I will have some level of peace. But when I am under 10 to secure my peace, of course I have, but the frequency of that calmness and peace will be different. Hmm. Sits again, a matter of experience. Simply put, I would say this to some kind of circuit breakers. And also, it's all it's all about various degrees of consciousness and they reflect.


Right. Ah, Daddy, I have to ask you, one of the hardest questions sent in by the widows, which is a question about someone who you've mentored in some ways, Rohit Sharma. So a lot of people have questions about him as a cricket fan. I'm a huge admirer of them. I've been an admirer since he broke out onto the scene and we've all seen what he can do. But you know, what's what's really special about that all in that man's body.


I'd love to know that because I know that you know him at that level. And also at this stage of life, you know, where he's accomplished so much, he's considered one of all time greatest batsman. What's next for him on a personal level? What does he wish for next? Well, his success, I will tell you, lies in his ability to pass. If you watch him. And he's learned this hour of opposing. Amazing to me, it's like a mini state of meditation.


You were within. You are gathering in a composer before you strike me. If you watch him. Is very poised, well, is betting its ball. He's not worried about this or that he's simply poisoned, waiting, waiting with the boys, that is a success. His ability to point out at any given moment is that similarly this poise aspect of boys are causing. That is a conversing with someone you love. And you are also responding. Similarly, in the bubbling with the hot temperature, whatever Oladipo wants, this other person may be boiling up and irritated and talking like that.


But you as an NBA. You're going out with the boys. And you choose not to respond at that moment. It's OK by the medically. By the way, by being so appealing to the polls and also postponing certain things, you're buying time.


And by the time the person who had been irritated. We'll also come down. And then that person also will forget to name one of them with. Also, when you're buying time, you might know your own mistake or whether the person is irritated, maybe that person is right, it gives you a moment to reflect supposing or is it a great quality? In sports, in studies, business, world, corporate world, I mean, everywhere, it can be good to me.


So I would request all of our friends learned that are proposing. Longer the pause button is, and if you can add to dispose of flavor of courtliness.


It's a win win situation, said. Daddy, so thank you for you on that so many of my personal questions, so many traumas have been healed in many ways. I would like to do the same for our Twitterers on this broadcast. We now have a section where we take on questions from all the Twitter followers of the biceps.


So these are just like short, quick questions. You can even answer them in short, if you wish.


So Spacewalk G.M. 93 asks us, how do you know if you're meditating in the correct manner? I meditate for thirty five to forty five minutes at a stretch on a daily basis.


I do feel calm. But what's next? Is there any kind of Kriya yoga ovipositor meditation that I should be practicing next?


Well, I wish you log in to answer and get the dose of this part of your transmission and see how it changes your experiences.


I am sure that you will not regret to experience. Destroyed Hardscape. What do you have anything to say about his time that he's been meditating for? A lot of people have this question about if they start meditation as a practice, how long they should sit for.


Initially, when you start with whatever you can start with, five minutes, ten minutes, you can begin with it can go up to one hour, but you should not meditate more than one hour at a stretch.


OK, take a break for five, 10 minutes. Walk around and if you like to meditate again, start again. But never more than one hour at a stretch.


Gaurav paddle mosques. While there are many parts of spirituality, how do I know if I am on the right right path? The word spirituality.


Well, it's it's a fundamental question that we all go through, whether I'm in the right direction, but even though I don't live in a world changing consciousness.


Is it a sign of it's a witnessing sign that my consciousness is changing. My experiences are changing and becoming better and better person by negative qualities are growing and then becoming more influenced with such qualities like love and compassion. And more and more people will come and say, wow, there's something different with this person. Then you say, well, thank God we can begin this practice, Swathi Sahal asks. I want to know how do we detach from the material while living within a materialistic world?


Well, I wish you do everything with passion. See? Because without passion, even spirituality will fade, so I you and then say, give me a man of passion and see what I can do. So passion is not wrong. See, attachment is not wrong. Many people say, I don't want to earn money. What is wrong with earning money? If you don't make money, then the other negative element in the society will end up making money.


And you are supporting that proliferation of negative elements. So I would wish that you would make money. Nothing wrong with it. But spiritualised you material efforts, meaning any time you do anything, bring into the equation, bring divinity into the equation, bring love into what you're doing and is now possible without passion.


That's beautiful, it's a powerful Lonza, Rahul Gupta asks very simple question, what is samadhi? Oh. Somebody in the if you were looking for a little evidence of. Some wording sounds good, meaning some rusada, some equivalent to the original state, what original state that was prevailing before the creation. So absolute balance that prevailed before the creation, if you can experience that absolute balance.


Well, you are not saken. You are not disturbed. Not just during meditation, but that becomes your life. That is somebody to me. And it can change, it can change until you achieve the highest. So as I was saying, you cannot have absolute purity all of a sudden. Likewise, you cannot have absolute somebody all of a sudden it comes in incremental doses as we practice more and more.


Amazing how OK issue of Jindal asks, how do you decide whether an act is forgivable or not? And are all acts forgivable? How to forgive myself as well as those. It's a difficult thing to forgive. We have to see the situations at every moment what caused it, and if I cannot forgive all, I had to understand how long I will harbour this toxicity in my heart by not forgiving who is getting hurt? Is it the person or myself?


A person may have forgotten me altogether, but you're holding it in your heart. So they say it is easy to forgive but not forget. So. If it remains in your mind as a memory, there is nothing wrong with it, because when someone really does hurt you or to see I have I get affected by a fire.


It teaches me not to touch the fires.


If you are affected by some bad experience by someone. I should not forget it, but they should not hold it to the emotional baggage and hold the person ever in a negative way because it only boxoffice only creates toxins in my system. With hurtfulness, where we have meterology, how to get rid of all these past baggage. No simple way. So once again, I you guys, you know, try this out and see how easy it is to remove all of this toxicity.


Amazing that in the next question is from a huge budget, Bajaj, another very interesting question, how do we know the difference between an intuitive voice and a negative voice inside our own heads?


It is always present and it is. What we call discriminatory faculty of a human being as we evolve more and more, you know, there are individuals who understand that if I do such and such a thing, it is not going to bring about good results. They know ahead of time. There are certain individuals who while going to that particular process. They will understand or whether I'm doing right or wrong, and it did become aware of it, that I'm doing it wrong.


They have the ability to stop it. Some people say, oh, I already started it. What is the point of stopping it and some individuals to meet it even after they've gone to doing the wrong thing, they still don't get it. So this is, again, a difference in how you hold your consciousness over. So to improve our consciousness once again, I cannot emphasize more and more and more and more the importance of meditation.


It helps us, first of all, how to discriminate, what is right, but what is beneficially, what is not beneficially, what is causing, what is the fact, what is profitable? What is a lost situation. So person who meditates his heart is always so inwardly tuned. It will identify what is right, what is wrong, and the next thing is the courage to follow what is right and stay away from what is wrong. So that's the next step.


Some people hope some people don't hurt me, and I think the last question again from my Bajaj, does everything happen for a greater purpose? I'm also very interested in knowing this. I don't think the Nuers has any purpose. I have to create my own purpose of my existence. Because I am not moved by somebody telling me this is your purpose, unless and until that can also become my purpose. So even though the universe may guide me into a certain purpose, it has to become my purpose.


You know, often people say, is my destiny fixed? I would say yes and no. You know, somebody, if I tell you and will stand up and withstand us, lift your leg. You lifted one leg, I also ask lift, just secondly. In the first scenario, you had a choice which led to left. In the second scenario, you had no choice. My destinies like that. We have created our destiny in the past.


For example, if you're an engineer, why are you an engineer? Because you studied in the past to become an engineer. But what I do now will create my destiny in the future. Then the maker of my destiny at the same time, I do get influenced by those actions as well. So we are complex. We are always in a complex situation, something that is done by myself, something that is done by my parents, something that is done by the government, for example.


I have a very typical situation I face often a girl is in love with someone, parents or something else now, and the distance is something else. Which one is right for a person we don't know? We don't know because even if you know this person is right, you don't know whether you are happy or not. You've seen in Ramayana. Lord Rama and Mother SEATO. Their future was predicted by no less a person than say it was the perfect prediction.


But everything that can go on, that can go wrong went wrong because of the interference of a mother would change the destiny of these two individuals. And in the process, the father died of a heart attack. So you don't know how our future, our destinies are manipulated. Something is in my control, all of that control and regulate it to a sound decision in your mind. You can only make it right through this with the poised mind. So evaluate that, and they prayed that you all achieve that.


Thank you wanting to those questions before I let you go, I have to be a little selfish again one last time, and I feel like whenever I get to talk to someone at your spiritual level, at your level of wisdom, there's always something I'm supposed to agree on a personal level as the host. So I'm happy to accept whatever advice you have for me, if you have any. I think you've got to know me a little bit over the course of this conversation.


So whatever you have for me, I would love to know. Well, I like to initiate you to this pop. And see what it could take. We can achieve great heights together, your way of living, the way you would end up speaking later will affect the others, because this energy will go along with your voice and whatever you touch will be affected in a positive way. And that's what I'm looking for, infecting people with love and spirituality.


That's all they want. The thing is, they have no idea.


Of course I know that. Like, I'm just I can't tell you how much peace and love I experienced just simply speaking with you. And I mean, I'm honestly a little speechless now. So I actually end the broadcast here and just thank you. I bow down to you and I from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for just sharing all the wisdom that.


We thank you to my friend.


Yes. And thank you.