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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. It is an incredible honor to fill in for Rush Limbaugh. The EIB Network and Rush told us that from time to time, he's going to need to take a day and he's taking a day, eight to 202. If you want to be in the program. Mitch McConnell, you probably saw Mitch when he when he got up and informed us.


Joe Biden, a Republican, very, very familiar, Dutcher. Now, Mitch deserves a ton of credit for the judiciary and the work he did there and putting constitutionalists into seats and the judiciary, and I would just remind everybody of a couple of things. And then a new item that I learned this morning. If the Democrats, God forbid, take Georgia. And that occurs even on this day, the Lord has made that that could happen. The victories that Mitch has won.


In the judiciary don't matter. Because the Democrats have made it very, very clear they intend to effectively abolish the balance of the Supreme Court or to abolish it as a court, to simply fill it up with leftists. And I would remind Mitch. As well, that we get to read things and I mean the credit about the judiciary, I mean that wholeheartedly. But there's an article this morning in the Hill, Jeremy D. Mayer emotionally drew my attention to this.


Do you know that to have a debate about the election results and this alleged election, that many of us absolutely reeks? It takes one senator. One member of the House, one member of the Senate. To say, I do not agree with these elections results, I do not I do not accept these ballots. And there is a process and it's convoluted. But it's an opportunity to have a hearing and a discussion about this. How comfortable were you, honestly?


How comfortable were you when Mitch McConnell. When as quickly as you could to a microphone to call Joe Biden, how much president elect? And then went and said this, these words that Joe Joe Biden is no stranger to the Senate and he's a career public servant. I would just address Senator McConnell this way, you won't remember meeting me, you won't remember that a company I sold did some work for you. You meet a lot of people, Senator.


I'll speak here from the heart. I will take. The assumption. That in saying that you are hoping to soothe a nation. But, Senator. We remember when John McCain. Said, don't worry about Barack Obama being president, he'll be a fine president. And we watched the eight year assault. On our freedom to choose our own health care. We watched the weaponization of the IRS against political opponents. We watched the biggest pay to play operation in history.


With the Clinton Foundation, who purchased and rented for a time, the State Department rented it out. We've learned later about Barack Obama allowing. Hamas and the Taliban to smuggle drugs across our southern border in partnership with Mexican narcoterrorists. When Barack Obama broke in and stopped the indictment, we learned about those things, Senator. Then we thought it was over and then senator, we watched. As a Barack Obama, conceived, apparently, and driven, apparently.


Soft coup attempt against the president of the United States and against the people who voted for him, we watch these things. Senator. So charitably, I think that maybe you're trying to say, hey, are you going to be fine or not, we're just going go back to normal, go to a period of normalization. Right after attempts to murder cops, some of them successful by the left, who is linked arms with Kamala Harris. And Joe Biden gets a period of normalization, please, let's normalize it.


Senator. Joe Biden is not a public servant. Public servants. Do not give their kids tacit, if not active permission. And I'll be blunt. To go pimp, pimp their name of their father. Who can purchase for them decisions and in purchase for them, God knows what? Through the government. That's not public service, we. Senator McConnell, we watched that. It for the life of me, I, I can't see this as anything other.


Then you reacting to a very special finger at us. It takes one senator. To have a debate. About an election that to a lot of us doesn't just stink. To a lot of us, it's mathematically not implausible and impossible. That's all of these events happened in a four hour period. In four states. All of which magically decided at the same time to pretend to cop stopped counting, it takes one senator. To stand with members of the House and say, we do not accept this outcome because.


Of irregularities. That's a nice word. The game about. Joe Biden's r opponent. OK. There are Democrats who are opponents. They'll have reasonable discussions about tax rates. There are Democrats who are expressed enemies. They don't want balance. They don't seek a constitutional balance that they seek to control us outright. Or. To make money on us. Outright. So that little hat trick, that little magicians game of we're all good friends. I'm sure you are.


I'm sure you're very good friends. With Joe Biden, we're not. There is a difference in D.C. morality. Compared to real world morality. And Senator McConnell, I don't I don't blame you for this, you've you've been there forever, you and your wife. And doesn't she run the Transportation Administration? Hasn't she continued to hand out money? To transit operators who are not even operating it. 25 percent. Because of the ridiculous continued lockdown's that are medically useless and deadly, hasn't she continued to hand that out?


Didn't your wife, Elaine, and I'm not I'm not trying to take someone's wife and put them into the picture, but put your team. Hasn't Elaine Chao continue to hand out money to transportation projects that don't transport anybody? But don't ease congestion. Oh, wait. That's right. Those are proposed by public servants. Those are proposed by public servants who then launder donations through the permanent class of worker or put into these useless projects who continue to hand money to the Democrat machine that continues to beat you, Mitch.


Senator McConnell. There's a difference in passion level. Senator McConnell, you have a passion for the judiciary, and I choose to believe it's a patriotic passion. That's what I choose to believe. I choose that. We have a passion to not be crushed. We have a passion for fairness. I haven't seen you demand full throated demand an investigation into Hunter, Biden and China as China is buying. Democrats openly, I haven't seen you. Come out and say a single thing about four states changing the election rules prior just prior to an election when all of us saw this coming.


I haven't seen that fire. Now I get it, you're not an activist, you're professional Republican. You Republican for a living, and sometimes you do great things like the judiciary, but please don't expect us to say Oh oh. It's called. Joe Biden's a career public servant. Who has attached himself? To the furthest left. Aspect of the Democrat Party in history, cops have become enemies, domestic terrorism on the streets is fine so long as it meets our ends.


I'm not sure if Tony Foushee tells me to lock the entire country down for another two years.


Yeah, well, I mean. These are.


He's a public servant, taught Herman in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB, no slaughterman in for Rush Limbaugh, and normally do a radio show in Seattle. And I try every single day to ground my audience in facts and kind of let people know when I cross over into supposition. I want to take a shot at something that pale in comparison to the Marja's ability to take things that are complex and make them understandable. But I am an ongoing student of the Limbert's.


So let me try this.


In terms of why I feel and think that the election was likely stolen. I've got to sort of this process and I want to lay this out for you and let me start with this. Isn't it a unique. Isn't it a unique thing that when it comes to vote fraud? That we use different standards, I mean, think of this, we will hear, oh, there wasn't widespread fraud or their favorite is it wasn't enough to change the outcome of the election.


But we're not going to investigate well, why aren't you going to investigate? Well, it wasn't enough to overturn the election, but you have investigated. Yeah, but but it wasn't enough. But maybe you should investigate before you say it wasn't enough. Well, we can't investigate because it wasn't enough. When you encounter circular, self-defeating excuses like that, you have to step back and say, wait a minute, do you want to know if it was enough?


I mean, just compare this to the real world. Just just take a point of comparison, let's say. That in your state. People's four one KS and pensions. Were hacked. And then you have the state authorities say, well, the hacking did occur. This is not enough to change the outcome of anybody's retirement or life expectancy. And you'd go, OK, all right, well, then I mean, then we're not going to look into it.


So that's that's cool. That's. But this is what we're told with elections, we can't look into that it wasn't enough to change the outcome. Have you looked into it? Well, no, because it's not enough to change the outcome. It takes us to another level of crime. Let's say there was an assault and you want to file charges and the police say, well, we can do an arrest reports, but they're not going to file because you only broke your shinbone, not your femur.


Party, yeah, it's just you, Shinbone, that's that's connected to your Kneebone and then it's connected, you like them, but that's not your leg bone. So we're going to file charges. This is the standard for the election for the president of the United States, the standard, if we're going to investigate, is was there enough fraud to overturn the election? I can investigate because there wasn't, but you don't know that there wasn't because you won't investigate, we can't investigate.


There wasn't enough. So based upon that initial scan of this, I'm saying wait. Maybe, maybe the system set up a little bit here so that we never know. Man, you don't want to watch sausage being made, you just want to eat it. Let's get a congressman in D.C. Tell me if the American people really knew what was going on here, they'd be here with. Pitchfork, she said, if they really knew. So that's one thing I look at.


Then I look at this, you know, the famous, when they can't get you on anything else, they get you on conspiracy. You know, that famous technique, federal law enforcement all were charged with conspiracy to what? Just you were conspiring on stuff. You're just all just like conspiring. Well, but you don't have a crime. I didn't you said I stole this and I didn't get it. Then you conspired. So what are we going to do?


It's the reverse. It's the reverse from oh, well, that's not enough to change the outcome of the election. Well, did you investigate? No, because there's not enough. So let's look at this conspiracy, four states at the same time, we're going to just ask everybody to go home, we're going to stop counting, but only the Republicans from. Oh, that just that was that was a coincidence. Clock struck one 30 in the morning, I shot it back.


All at once. Then in that four hour period. Joe Biden started to get mathematically implausible, if not impossible, return rates as there were no people there watching. Then we have the audit of a of a Dominion vote counting vote interpreting machine, and if this audit is correct and the people who did it are not clowns, they're hardcore. If that audit is correct, that PC or that that computer shifted votes from President Trump to is a career public servant, Joe Biden.


OK. Anyone who builds software. Do software companies create unique software for each device? No, there's one software running on all the devices, OK, multiple instances. It is not believable that only one Dominion machine did that and then and then and then in terms of conspiracy, you have the election authorities in Michigan saying wipe the machines like with a cloth. What difference does it make? Wipe it with a cloth. Now, again, compare this to the real world.


Just compare this to take a casino, for an example, let's say that a group of people come into a casino. In all the sudden, the odds at blackjack go from forty nine to the player, fifty one to the house, and it just flips and all of a sudden these people are winning 70 percent of their hands and all of a sudden all the Mathus is is catawampus. Oh, and by the way, at the same time, there's a bunch of people who are distracting the pit bosses and wouldn't you know it up there, the cameras, the eye in the sky, they stop working.


Oh, did I mention. In the audit report. For the vote interpreting machine in Michigan, they kept their logs, their event logs for 2016 17, 18, 19, but. No, not not 20, 20. And I could go through the witnesses, I could go through irregularities, but but we're told. To ignore the fact that it only takes one senator, one Republican. To debate this outcome, Mitch McConnell, how about you be that one Republican Senator Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh?


On the EIB Network, my continued thanks to EIB Rush and the team, also Newsradio 590 KQ A. in Spokane for letting me use their students today. I appreciate it very much. We watch a Democrat Party who is absolutely. Look, I don't like to give people who are doing evil things to our country, and they are. And there's now the what is it, the secular Democrats that they've just said, hey, let's just destroy let's just destroy Christians in public life.


And just I got to read this document. It's the members of Congress. So they put on the useless covid WOAK masks at the same time that they take off their we're not really communist masks and just go out full, full force. Oh, wow, this is cool. They go full force with that. And we're watching this and we're hearing from Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, career public servant, we're hearing from the Democrats looking into a possible theft of our election.


That's dangerous. Maybe what we should be doing is just saying China stole it for Joe Biden. Well, that's safer. Right, we should just. Oh, just trying to hack the election. There we go. Now, I can see Jake Tapper at CNN saying, whoa, they see it that way. Maybe there's some truth to this, maybe we should look into it since that since it's like Russia, Russia, Russia. We'll look at a Democrat party, I don't like to give people who have I just fully believe that they have spiritually in earthly evil in in mind.


I'm not saying they're evil. I don't know that I don't know their hearts, not mine to judge, but their actions, their policies, their outcomes, their evil. Outcomes. They are worthy of credit in this way. They're brilliant at heads we win, tails you lose. So let's disregard that. Do we want to play that game? And careful what you wish for, because you can get into a game and pretty soon, I don't want to be in this game, but you're in the game.


Let's talk to Tim in Fairview, Pennsylvania. Tim, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program as the first caller. It's your job to set a great tone. Lots of pressure. It's Todd Hermann filling in high Tim High Tide.


And thank you. It's a pleasure to be on. You know, never in my lifetime did I think I would ever witness not only a stolen election, but also when our elected representatives and our our courts turned their back on the whole mess and let America go down the tubes. Having said that, if President Trump is ejected from office and if he were to ask me, I would encourage him, number one, to never concede defeat because he was not defeated.


He was tossed out by a corrupt election system. And also, not only would I not have him concede, I wouldn't have him go to the inauguration. And on the way out, I would have him from the White House, address the nation and just lay the groundwork about how this has that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president and he's a fraud. And then let him set the tone that for the rest of the Biden presidency that he shall be known as an illegitimate president and a fraud.


But first and foremost, don't concede the election and I'll just hang up and. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


That's not fair. That's that's not fair. You don't get to present a very hard scenario and then then run away from it. That's that's unfair.


OK, what is the best case scenario for the United States of America if President Trump takes your advice?


The best case scenario, if you going to take. Well, the best case I think the best case scenario would be if the Supreme Court would feel the pressure. Now, I've written them if they would feel the pressure and say, hey, we ought to go back and revisit this thing. But I think that if he were to set Biden up as a as an illegitimate president, it would it would it would cause his meltdown to come sooner, because you can see it pushes his hot, hot buttons.


But I think Biden might just as well say, wait, I'm president. What?


I mean, so I might I think because the left will go nuts if Trump if Trump goes out there and accuses Biden of being an illegitimate president, put there through a fraudulent election, then Biden will absolutely go nuts and the left will go nuts. And then the left will constantly be throwing questions at Biden about being an illegitimate president. And he will find himself in office as president of the United States and have to constantly take questions about because Trump brought it up.


The press will keep throwing it at him. I can see it now in press conferences. Mr. Biden, Mr. Biden, what do you think about Trump saying this? What do you think? Because Trump said it and it will it will always he'll always have to account for the fact that he is an illegitimate president. And I think that will if that will be good for the nation, the fog will lift a little bit and they'll see that we've made a huge mistake in America.


Let me I'm going to take this. I want to take another direction. I want to thank you for the call. And you did say on I appreciate that you said very good, very challenging tone, especially for a guest host on Rush's show. Let me just offer this. We already well, I want to speak for people, but my audience and I look I listen to Rush every day. I've heard the comments about how a lot of us view this election.


I just did, you know, second segment on and I could look I could do election irregularities, signs of fraud. I could do structured data in in feeds of raw data, raw data, decent structure itself. I could say these look like algorithmic plugs of votes I could go through. Patrick Burns were the founder of of Outlook Dotcom. I could go through my friend Justin Hart's data analysis to say, oh, wow, look at these votes being taken from the president.


Listen, I could do six hours, six hours on this on on this likely fraud. I could talk about the physical aspects of this, the missing 280000 ballots. My point is this. There's there's enough of us who already have this feeling that what if instead President Trump, if if and there is this shot and I'm hoping that Mitch McConnell will be that one senator, say Joe Biden to curb public service. But American people deserve answers on this election.


And I stand and oppose these ballots and call for a two hours of debate, which this piece in the Hill indicates is an outcome. And then there's a a legal body who gets to oversee this. It's a body I've never heard of the Electoral Count Act. They get to tie breaking provisions. If the president did not remain in office as let's not lie to one another right now, appears likely the President Trump doesn't do that and I will stand with him to every last legal outcome.


I will, because I think the election stinks. If the president turned and said, you know what, the investigation's not stopping. You see in indice land, can D.C. land? They're already trying to get us to move on. I call members of the media who act this way mocking bird members of the media, they all they do is is parrot and amplified the official positions of the deep state technocrats and Democrats. That's all they do. It's not news.


It's Aussie. It's booze. It's an intoxicant. If the president said, come with me as we investigate. Helped me hire the best investigators in the world, helped me go to Patrick Byrne and say, let's continue the work to find the election fraud, let's continue to spotlight it, let's make movies about it. Let's make TV shows about it. Let's write books about it. Let's identify the players involved in it. Let's see if, in fact, it changed the outcome of the election.


And let's paint that and let's put the proof on the table and then let's dare people to come back and say, oh, well, but that was last year and now the career public servant is in office and. What if he did that? What if we went through the voter rolls in states, since we have two thousand three hundred people getting ready to illegally cross our border right now per day, which is about 840000 in a year, who will be brought into motor voter states?


Who will be sent ballots? But don't fill them out. What if he focused this movement on integrity and finding? The people who may have and I think did defraud the slush, that's the fear. That's where people begin to scurry for the exits. We can't let this go. I would pray for the spirit of truth. Which in my mind comes from God Almighty to prevail. And I think Donald John Trump could be a huge. Driver of that, more of your phone calls as we continue, is Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network?


He can leave the Mahat. A note at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. A Merry Christmas note to Rush. He said from time to time, he's going to need a rest. He took one and that's his prerogative. He's America's anchorman. Let's talk to John in Marietta, Georgia. John, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program tournament filling in. Hi, John. Hey, Todd.


How are you? Merry Christmas. God bless you. Thank you, sir. Thank you, sir. And thanks for being an out there, Christian. Jesus is the reason for the season. The reason I called was to tell you that it seems to me that Pelosi and Schumer and even Biden and Harris ought to be screaming for an investigation of this whole thing so they can prove that they are legitimate and they are silent. And there's a silent, as the Republicans are, which is confusing to me.


Oh, and so you would see Nancy Pelosi coming out and saying, we're going to prove this so that I think, you know, I know that her people at Media Matters, when they camp out in the basement for their 15 cents an hour, they're always looking for what we say here. So maybe this maybe that could get to Nancy. Nancy, why don't you appoint an independent prosecutor to look into this outside of government? Why don't we employ cyber experts outside of government to look into this just so you can prove your man and woman were, in fact, elected legitimately?


That's the outcome you're looking for?


That's exactly right. I would wonder I would think they would be screaming for an investigation to prove their legitimacy and not doing that. No.


And it's worse than that. I mean, look, when you have like this this audit of this this machine, this vote interpreting machine in Michigan, it plays to so many patterns we've seen. I've been asking for a long time, why are we seeing 80 percent of ballots adjudicated? What that means is instead of being counted for Trump or Biden, they're put into a separate pool of adjudication. And apparently what happened, according to this audit of this machine, this Dominion machine in Michigan, they dumped a whole bunch of ballots into an adjudication pile and then they went through and a 60 percent, quote, error rate tabulated that in the way that votes were taken from Trump and given to Biden.


And I've seen people around the country who are just there. They work it, vote county commissions and electoral commissions, and they're just saying on social media and they're just, quote, nobodies. All the are moms, dads, business owners, people who volunteer the time. An election commission saying, wait a minute, wait, sorry, 80 percent went in the adjudication pile. We adjudicate maybe five percent because there's a problem we like. You can't see what the voter intent was.


We have to study that 80 percent. And it's not just in Michigan. There is motive, there is opportunity, there is availability of assets. And then there's the attempt to say, don't look over there. That's the stuff that stinks to me and maybe I don't know. John, let me ask you this. Do you think Mitch McConnell should be that senator, that Republican senator, to demand that we have a hearing on these ballots? Should he be that one senator to stand up on January 6th and say, I just I believe American people need to see a full accounting of this?


Do you call on Mitch McConnell to do that, John?


Sure, yeah. All right. That's exactly right. That's what I feel.


Oh, he's got the China to his wife is connected with them. So that's not going to happen.


Oh, please don't come to me with corruption in D.C.. I mean, listen, I have virgin ears now. I feel harmed. In fact, I'm calling. All right. Thanks for the call, John. Appreciate it very much. Jeff in Gainesville, Georgia. Jeff, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is Todd Hermann filling in its Georgia day? Jeff, welcome. Good afternoon to. Yes, Mitch McConnell may not be in charge on January 6th if we lose these runoffs in Georgia, and the only reason why we're having these runoffs in Georgia is they couldn't do the recounts or the audits correctly.


They couldn't do the mathematics. We know there were 66000 underage voters registered in Georgia. 33000 of them came back with votes. None of those were subtracted. We haven't had any subtraction going on in these so-called recounts or audits. What's up with that? Well, they just keep recounting the same ballots and it's just like this, it's you you understand this very crisply. I want other people to understand it. This is very much like you have the police come to your house and say people broke in through the front door, went into our room, opened that safe and took our money.


And then the police say, OK, well, we'll check the basement. No, no, no, it's right here. Oh, well, so we looked around the basement. We don't see any signs of entry. No, I said the front door upstairs, right here. It's this one. Well, there our hands are tied. We've checked the basement door this week and we've checked it five times. That's what's going on. So let me ask you this.


I hope you agree that even with the problems and the challenges, I am begging listen, from from from Washington State and the West Coast and Idaho, we're begging you, please vote.


Please elect these even if they're soft, soft, gooey Republicans. Are you with me on that? Jeff in Georgia in the runoff?


Well, I wish we would have a real audit. So there is no rush. Everybody seems to be missing. This runoff should be canceled if we just do the proper audit.


Listen, I stand with you 100 percent. If there's a pressure point, maybe this. Jeff, let me try this. I issue now, maybe this isn't my prerogative as a rank amateur guesthouse, but I issue this standing invitation right now to the secretary of state of Georgia. Call the call the show, sir. And I'm sure there's a special line, I'm sure your PR people could get through to Russia's people and let's have a hearing. Let's have that on the air, maybe that happened.


Jeff, thank you for the phone call. Great point. Thank you for understanding this crisply.


Thank you for being informed. As Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network.


It's Todd Hermann filling in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network. Bob Dudley, who's very famous on the show, just received a text. And I've been given permission to share this with you. And this is an example of the reach of of Rush's program and be an example of the seriousness of our times. We talked to a caller who inspired just a suggestion that if President Trump is not able to stay in office and again, I will I will stand with him towards every possible legal remedy in this, because I think the election stinks, as I've detailed today.


Louie Gohmert, if people follow this advice, what I said is what if the president said, help me raise funds to investigate this election nonstop, help me hire the best investigators, the best cyber investigators, let's go find the people who fixed this election, rigged it. And if that happened, then it changed the outcome of the election. Let's go for massive prosecutions. Ligonier, If people follow Todd's advice, the leaders of the effort will be prosecuted and go to jail.


This fund was about to have to do. The Democrats are already prosecuting election whistleblowers in Texas. So if we were to investigate in a serious sense. They would jail us for investigating, but remember, as Mitch McConnell said, Joe Biden is a career public servant.


This tournament in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network. I'm David Groo, host of the podcast Follow the Prophet. Now, I'm not talking about profit in the biblical sense. I'm talking about entrepreneurs who follow the profit and how they're making it work in business and sharing those exact lessons with you. The world, of course, is constantly changing and many of you are seeking some sort of financial stability. Well, this podcast is not some get rich quick motivational shit.


This podcast is designed for you to discover how to use your money to help you. Every week you're going to hear from successful entrepreneurs to learn about their achievements, but most importantly, to avoid their mistakes. On the podcast, you're also going to hear stories that will deconstruct what's going on in the economy and how those developments affect your finances. Economic stability, of course, is something that we're all seeking. And I'm going to tell you how to get closer to your dreams so that you can follow the profit.


Listen to follow the profit every Saturday on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts.


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It is an incredible honor to fill in for Rush on the EIB Network. And today, the day the Lord has made is a gift for us. And I am eternally grateful for that office as well. It is 800 282 to 82 if you want to be on the program. I got maybe asked timidly to keep me on task in this particular segment because I'm very tempted to make this a segment about two people. And one is, is the Mahat Rush and the other is this woman, Jennifer Rubin.


But there's a great point to be made, and Jennifer Rubin is not worth, you know, the 25 seconds I've given her, but I'll just do a little more. So Jennifer Rubin used to pretend to be a conservative who worked for The Washington Post, and she was she was the conservative at The Washington Post, the, you know, the pretense. She wrote a hit piece this morning. Here's the first line. Before President Trump defiled it by awarding it to a right wing hate monger, Rush Limbaugh and campaign donors, the Presidential Medal of Freedom was a big.


There is a way to compare this for level of derangement syndrome, Limbaugh derangement syndrome, which in her case predated her acute and and pronounced and scary deformities of Trump derangement syndrome that is mentally formative, leading to a brain swell. And I, I don't I the very clear I don't wish her any any material harm at all. I'm just saying she's become crazy. The Medal of Freedom is about freedom. That's why it's called that. And freedom to express ideas is why there's a First Amendment.


And to express ideas that people like Jennifer Rubin, who has her shoes, are always really well shined. I was really well dressed, smartly dressed, always very polite and proper. Well, no, not when she is attacking people for doing what she does, but better. She's in the business of ideas, albeit canned preprepared ideas, to maintain the status quo in D.C., where the special smart people control everything and keep us rubes in line but their ideas.


Russia, on the other hand, has created a career that has I was doing the math in the back of an envelope, it has touched somewhere on the order of eight million times as many people as Jennifer Rubin has touched with her ideas or can keep everybody straight, keep the smart people in place in order in power to keep the silly rubes down ideas. And a sitting president attempted to destroy this program, the one you're listening to, if you're if you're new to Rush's show and why wouldn't you be?


The numbers have gone from 60 to 80 million people listening to Russia's program. You may not remember that Barack Obama attempted to destroy this program and failed. Because Rush knew Obama's work better than even Obama knew it. And said outright, you have nothing to give me, therefore you have nothing to take from me. And what Rush said on that day, I'll never forget because it was gorgeous. He said, Mr. President, I tell you what, why don't we get together and have a meeting of the minds?


You can fly Air Force One down here. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Let me change that. I will fly. I'll have EIB one come and pick you up. It's a nicer airplane on the way back. I can tell you what it's like to have an airplane you own because you bought it with your own work product and talent and support from advertisers and listeners. And you can find out what it's like. That's the medal of but Rush, of course, is maintained somehow, and this is so hard to do, the status outsider, he knows President Trump their neighbors and Russia is still able to look at D.C. as an outsider.


That is a very difficult thing to do. I don't I don't believe Jennifer Rubin really knows how much of a of of a cog within the machine of cogs that she is. I really don't think she knows this. But she's comfy. And it reminds me of McConnell being comfy, Joe Biden had a career public servant. Jennifer Rubin's comfy because men now the smart people who aren't going to do anything upsetting. Are back in place, as she sees it.


Rush reminded us this week about Brexit. He said the most Russian thing that hasn't happened yet, has it? It's four years ago they voted for it or so it's not it's there, it's not like they're dragging their feet. They wouldn't drag their feet. The British people said, hey, we prefer not to have the European Union tell us we can't have tea at a certain temperature and crisps toasts at a certain level of crispness. And yet they're telling us this.


Those were literally things that have pushed us over the top. Jennifer Rubin wants the pieces back in place. She wants her friends back in place, 74 million plus see, I did listen yesterday, 74 million plus Americans wanted an outsider. Why? Because no one's listening. So Jennifer Rubin is the Smarts class, she is what she's what people call the expert class, another fake conservative at The New York Times referred to an expert class. Your expert class has driven this country 30 trillion dollars into debt, and yes, I know President Trump was forced to spend a lot of money.


Because another deep state stater, Tony Fauci, said, you got to lock everything down, we know that doesn't work. We've known that for 100 years. But, you know, you need to do it. And the president does not want Americans to die. So he took that advice. So if Joe Biden, God forbid. Is in the White House as I can't lie to you. It seems likely. And I'll stand with President Trump on every possible legal remedy, we've talked about that.


Well, look at the look at the band. John Kerry. John, John Kerry is going to have a new cabinet position advising Biden on the weather. On the climate. This is a cabinet level position, John Kerry during the Trump presidency. Was his deep state. As you can be and you know what the top story of this year is? It's the deep state, what it is, and how Donald John Trump has unmasked them. They're naked in front of us.


John Kerry undertook to engage not in discussions, but in foreign policy assurances to foreign governments that stood in contravention to the president of the United States and to you, that's no longer an outsider. That's sixteen hundred saying this foreign policy is going to change and John Kerry is flying around the country on private jets. Telling other countries, don't listen, that's not going to happen, and don't you know what the State Department was refusing to implement the president's orders?


Trump was our Brexit. Still not implemented in the U.K.. Four years of assaulting you. Assaulting the president with lies for years and then this hyper year of distortion around covid, where every thing they did made the disease appear worse. Listen, I'll debate anybody from the CDC about the following statement. You guys change things in every possible capacity that had the outcome of making it appear worse. I don't know that that was your goal. I don't I don't know your motives.


I know the outcome. I know it affected this election. Jennifer Rubin likes Tony Foushee, apparently, but I've seen him at dinner and Suchan and he's keeping the Rube's in place. Then there's this. The Mockingbird media. I call Mockingbird Media members and look, I am on a search with my local show in Seattle, I'm on my search, I'm on a search to find great local reporters. They exist. I've seen them. I can name them, but you would know who they are because they're just Seattle people.


A kid named Catherine Herridge at CBS, I have no idea her politics, I know she follows the facts. Mockingbird media members, they're the media companies who simply take the talking points of how she felt. She says on Monday, blue is the best color. This is what scientists indicated the Mockingbird members say. Breaking news. Dr Tony Foushee says blue is the best color. The next day, Foushee says orange is the best color. Breaking news.


Science indicates orange is the best color. CNN warned people. Recently to not be concerned if people die after taking the vaccine, hey, it's solid advice because a lot of these people are very old. And God is ready to call a lot of them home. That's solid advice, that's the same CNN who has been telling people that there's it's extraordinary that 85 year old people with three comorbid conditions are called to God after they get the covid than it contributes to their death.


It is as deep state as it can be, I don't know CNN's motives well. Well. Come on, man. They're amplifying things that made this appear worse. Washington state was just forced to revise its death numbers, going down 200 because the Freedom Foundation caught them lying again. The story of the year is the deep state, Jennifer Rubin is saying one thing very, very, very clearly. I want my charity back because I got to be with the people employing it.


Being more honest headline for peace tournament in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, incidentally, it's a tournament in for Rush Limbaugh.


Just out here listening to Rush said that from time to time, he's going to need to take a break. And the Malha decided today is one of those days and he's told us about that instantly. I I'm getting e-mails from people who are saying things like this. I get this Daniel Todd Loving listens. You listen for Rush. But I don't think anyone seemingly is taking this race as seriously as it should be taken. Face it, this election is was it under Republican land?


Said it. And a Republican president, the Democrats went around the devised a way to cheat with fraudulent voting machines. People talk about 2024. There will be another Republican elected. And I don't know, it's a long email. It's very well said. I don't know any other way to say this. Yes, if they win the Georgia runoff, we are in tremendous hurt. And to me, that doesn't equal you fault. To me, equals you look back a little bit in history.


And I'll just remind people, maybe this is a trite metaphor, because I've said it before in Russia, but for me it's just utterly profound. I'm sitting at a broadcast desk that I can just about extend my arms and touch both sides of. This is roughly the size of the first boat in the United States Navy. And that went against the deepest state that could exist, which is the DNA state, the the royalty. The biggest navy, the most fearsome army in the world, with one boat the size of a broadcast desk at 590 Caliente in Spokane, Washington.


I'm not calling for armed conflict, I'm saying. We have work to do. We know this. It starts for me with we are not letting the election go and Congressman Gomers warning, you know, of taking into account, I'm willing to go to jail. If it means finding the people who may have stolen this election, if it shows that it changed the outcome of the prison, time for that. I think I'm brave enough for that. Are you?


Furthermore. We have so much work to do in red states. Let me just offer a little bit of advice from experience Sorley earned. Contain your college campuses. If you're in a red state like you're in Utah, Utah is going to get flipped, guys. You need to demand at average college campus in Utah ideological equity. Equality, 50/50, at least. If not, you don't get funding, if you as a state college using state land, property, are buses, etc.


, you don't get to have 70 percent, 60 percent or fifty point five percent liberal, progressive, communist professors. We will zap your funding. Do that because the left views college campuses as part of their Maoist purge. They're the villages. If you live anywhere in any red states in the country, in Texas and you have someone come along and say we would like to talk about harm reduction strategies with drug users, we want to hand out needles so they don't get infectious diseases, understand?


That's not the design. It sounds really great because I don't want people dying from infectious diseases either. I don't want people addled under the boot of heroin and fentanyl. I don't want that. But I say move them away from the drugs rather than moving them closer to the drugs, which is a weird theory. Don't give people in your red state, don't give in the cities, don't give people things Democrats like or that fund them, these little tiny link, real little light rail trains that run around downtown 10 percent full, they don't move anybody, but they provide a massive donation base that goes directly to Democrats and labor unions who go around knocking on doors for Democrats.


There's a lot of work to do. Barbet said to me, Russia said for years, Democrats used to say it's the evidence, the evidence doesn't matter, the seriousness of the charge. Absolutely. Oh, this is great, Joanne in Tavares, Florida, wants to talk about how we get our power back. Joanne, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program is thottam and filling in. Hi, Joanne.


Hi. Thank you so much for taking my call. And I first wanted to extend my husband and my heartfelt prayers for Russ for a complete healing and recovery. Amen.


And the second thing I keep hearing is what can we 74 plus million little people do? So I thought of three areas. One is use the system we call bad people and go local, put your own people up for election and win primaries at the city councils, school boards, water authorities, et cetera, et cetera. And if you can work with your Republican Party, if it's good and their representative use them otherwise, form your own American party or whatever.


A second area I thought of is use your commerce power, stop using Amazon, use Wal-Mart, stop using Google. You go, go duck. Stop using those Twitters and use parler. And the third area was regain your votes, demand paper ballots, ID cards, no mail in ballots. And then I would add pray and. Yeah, please.


Well, I would start with prayer and I would start with this. I would start with the recognition that God is in charge and we cannot change God's will. We could ask God to give us the power, the patience, the love, the fortitude, the courage, the Holy Spirit's courage to deal with these times and to not lose our soul in the process, because let's not gain the world and lose our soul, because that sounds like a bad deal.


But the rest of what you said spot on. And I would I would extend to one thing. It is absolutely time also to understand that the Democrats are flooding every zone. You think your school board doesn't matter? Let me tell you, the sex ed that they're installing in these schools is the most perverse thing you've ever seen. And if you doubt me, you can sometime I'll provide pictures. But you don't want to see them. No, I will just tell you that they're saying things like if seventh graders aren't ready for full intercourse, they should take their clothes off and get in a hot bath and hug because that's important intimacy for seventh graders.


That's a light example. Get on your school boards, go to the meetings. And I know this is a lot of time. I can hear people saying, dude, brother, dude, I work. Yet you're raising a family. I do.


To get to these meetings and and be there visibly because when they are being observed, they know what they're doing is not going to be allowed by parents. It's not going to be sponsored by parents. And yes, also this. I expect to see every attorney general who is a Republican in this country using the system. Joanne, you said use the system. Absolutely. I don't recognize Joe Biden's right to come to me and demand that I put a piece of cloth on my face.


I don't recognize Joe Biden's right to come to me and say, I don't like that particular rifle. Therefore, you can't have it. I don't recognize that.


And let's hold Republicans to being Republicans and using the system for which they were elected. I love that you're thinking this way. I love that you've invited God into this conversation. And I love that you are giving warning to Republicans as well as Democrats. We are not done. We're not going to be done. Joanne, thanks for the phone call.


It's Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network.


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Don't forget free shipping on what you select to that's and branch dotcom. Thank you, Rush. Appreciate a tournament in for the Mahat 888 two two eight eight two. Just a note and we'll get to this. A lot of people might have misunderstood this metaphor. At least one lady did. When I'm saying that we had a small, tiny boat in our Navy, one the size of the desk, which I'm sitting and we took on, the British people are saying, what are we going to fold?


This is over. I responded by saying we took on the British with a small, tiny boat in our Navy. I went and checked. We won, we won, there's been zero talk of surrender on this program, please, just just everybody understand flat out I will back President Trump to every possible legal remedy in this. I don't I don't know anybody in this audience who disagrees with that. But what I'm referencing, the American Revolution and the spirit, the braveness to take on the world's superpower at the time Britain regard the outcome.


And remember, I said I'm not calling for armed anything. I'm calling for the spirits to understand. We've been in tough spots as a nation before and also understand this, in my judgment, God's not telling us the full details. This is the time in which God has asked us, not asked us. He has provided us life in this time period. I think he has a purpose and we may not know the full design. That's why I say let's not lose our soul, but let's fight for what's right.


Let's talk to Jeff in Port Charlotte, Florida. Jeff, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is Tom Foreman filling in? Welcome, Jeff.


Thank you, Card, and appreciate it. And long time listener. I used to listen to Rush in Sacramento. Anyway, my point was our founding fathers pledged their lives and their honor to to the cause of their independence, and they went and fought a war. OK, my point is we've got muzzles on our faces. We call them mass right now. They keep us from groups so we can't do our First Amendment. We can't gather, we can't talk, we can't communicate.


And what we do have right now is one. Right. And we I'm not hearing it from this show, which is really disappointing. We should be grabbing our pitchforks, showing up at our senators and congressmen and tell them at their house, we don't want you to come home. If you don't do this job, you're not welcome here. We will remove you. We will send you somewhere else. You can go back and never come home again.


And that's what we have to do. If they don't stand up and have our our votes count, I don't care. Don't come home. So I if I operate in this realm of being a bit of a public person and I will ask you this, are you also asking Antifa to come back to my home?


No, no, no, no, no. Brother, brother. Jeff, hear me out. Listen, listen. I agree with you. I agree with you up to every point except this. I'm not ready to go to people's homes, and I will tell you why, and I'm just going to ask you flat out, have you ever woken up to the sounds of Antifa at your home? No, I have not. Have you ever had to go out?


I woke up. I woke up to a million Iraqis in a tent in Saudi Arabia.


OK, you win that battle. There's no doubt you win that battle. I'm asking you if you really want to light that fuse, Jeff, because you've seen things I've not seen. You've seen then the brutality of war, because that's what that'll be. And the left is begging for it. They're begging for it, brother. They want it. They're they're doing everything they can by threatening cops, by trying to kill them, by trying to burn them alive in buildings.


My my friend and colleague Jason Rantes broke that story. They tried to do that. One of the kids is the son of a Democrat, former Democrat officeholder. I am asking you to say let's let's not light that fuse yet, if ever. And let's do this. Let's track the cheaters down. Let's track them down legally.


I agree with the legal means, but at this point, we need to tell our congressmen and senators, don't come home until you've done your job. I are to do the job. I will stand with you to Saudi Arabia to do a job. Yeah, I did it. Yeah, they have to do theirs. They're public servants. They need to do it.


Jeff, listen, brother like arm in arm with you and hey, you know what? How about this. Don't don't bother coming back, guys. If you are going to fight and you aren't going to be that one senator because we shared earlier in the show, do you know it takes one senator, one senator to join with the House to to protest these ballots being accepted, one to send this into a two hour debate, to send it to a legal body who would be a tie breaker?


We must take every effort and I'll stand with you to say to the senators who fold on this, who will not look into this, who will not demand to follow the evidence to investigate. I'll stand with you saying guys, don't bother coming back because we're not with you. I'll stand with you. And that I'm just not ready yet. I'm just not ready yet to go to people's homes. And just because I've been on the other side of that, I know Antifa wants this.


I know the John Brown Gun Club, which is the Antifa militia, Jeff. I know they're locked and loaded. I've seen these guys. I've watched them with their medevacs, Jeff, with their medevacs. They have drone support when they go into these riots, Jeff, they have drone support. They have comms teams, medevac PR teams, they assign people riot roles. You are a peaceful person. You are the one who instigates violence. You stand back, Jeff.


I'll tell you this. They have the police officers home addresses and their license plates. And you know what else? I'm pretty sure they had them on facial recognition tech. It's almost like they're getting foreign help. So when we ask for that, if we are the ones to light that fuse, understand we're not ready and I'm not ready spiritually to do that. I'm not going. I may never get there. God forbid I get there because it will mean we're at a terrible point.


Brother, I don't want that for a country. I don't think you do either. You fought a war man, your home. Let's do this thing where we tell them you meet Jeff Rush's audience. Hey, listen, we're watching. If you don't fight for us, don't bother running for re-election.


We'll find other people. Can we can we come to that compromise, Jeff? I don't want them back. OK, I think what that means, they need to go do it or come back on their shield. That's it, brother.


Welcome home. Welcome home. Thank you. Appreciate it, Jeff, from Port Charlotte four, I hope everybody hears that man. I hope. Mitch McConnell, you deserve a ton of credit. For the judiciary, but Mitch. It's not time to play the game. Joe Biden had a career public servant, spent his time enriching his family and his son, Hunter taken it's not to cocaine, but that's made the marathon and take money from public servant.


It doesn't work anymore. I think we just heard that it's a good time to pray for the nation as Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network tournament in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network.


Merry Christmas to you. I want to just present just just a vision of why we keep fighting, why I will stand with President Trump to every every possible legal remedy to try to stop this. What I firmly believe and I think have made the case with data and pattern analysis and witnesses that this this should be investigated to the bottom is I have a sense it's a solid election with it, with every possible legal remedy. I said time and again, I certainly can't say this clearly enough one to know another reason I fight.


It's because I've never bought a WOAK mask, I will not wear a mask for the covid flu, I will never engage in Wolke Mask Theater. Because I did the research myself and read volumes of peer reviewed studies unmasks that simply do not and cannot stop virus particles. This just doesn't happen. Furthermore, I'm quite aware as I watch. The technocrats and the left wants technocrats in charge. They love this dynamic. Of people like this, this is this is the most frightening tweet.


This is just astonishing to me that a person who has to be smart, you can't be I don't believe you can be a doctor. And an analyst at NBC News and MSNBC and be stupid, I don't think that's possible. Listen to this tweet from Vin Gupta. I get my vaccine tomorrow. And I'm grateful to the scientists who labored to make this day happen after the second dose, 21 days later, I will continue masking, distancing, avoiding travel until.


Dr Tony Foushee. Tells me otherwise. So a man who one day said in the midst of a pandemic wearing a mask does not provide the sort of protection that people think it will. In fact, it might lead to some unintended harm. Later says, I wear a mask because it's a message. It's the right thing to do. You're going to you're pledging to follow a man's mode's. There's nothing scientific about that. Know, if I was a young person, you know, this virus is not going to affect him, which is true, it's not particularly dangerous for young people.


This might be a good time to take a cruise to Italy weeks later. Everyone is at risk. They all everybody is at risk. You're pledging to follow moods and then there's this. This is his statement to you, MSNBC says Vin Gupta, M.D., Can you roll that, Mike, just because you get vaccinated with that second dose does not mean you should be participating in things like traveling in the middle of an out of control pandemic or that you're liberated from mask's.


Mark me. There is a massive effort to install the technocrat's, the experts, the expert class above us, because they're unelected and they can they can claim it's science. You know, gun violence is a public health issue. And it's really remarkable that we've allowed it to extend this far. And it's a public health official. I'm calling on people to give up their magazine Guns Fancy. I don't know what they're called, but you know that they show Boom-Boom.


In Australia. You already have to use in southern Australia, you must use your covid safe check in at supermarkets, department stores, hardware stores, general retail stores. Do you think they intend to return this power? Well, I'd like to give you the OK to go and watch baseball, but I know how to not wear a mask in a medical way. They're pledging loyalty to mood's. They want to they want to have scientific, technocratic tyranny.


Let's talk to Ken in Livonia, Michigan Ken. You're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is Todd Hermann filling in? Hi, Ken.


Well, I'd like to say Merry Christmas to you, Mary. Merry Christmas to everyone out in the audience and really extra Merry Christmas to Rush Limbaugh and upset things. Perhaps the reason I'm calling is I'm calling as one of millions of Christians who's getting ready to celebrate the Christmas holiday. There's millions of us that will be celebrating it at the end of December and there will be millions that will be celebrating it during the first week in January. Now, when we gather, we're celebrating the birth of our lord and savior Jesus Christ, the same Jesus Christ that lives today and is our good shepherd.


Now, since the Bible is very clear that our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.


Hey, Ken, Ken, I'm a I'm a Christian, too. I stand with you in all of this. But we also have 45 seconds. And I saw a brilliant point you wanted to make about the technocrats in the politicians. And they're wanting to tell us something about Christmas.


Yes, we have all these politicians that want to tell us how we can celebrate Christmas. They want to tell us how many people we can have in our gatherings. And I say that since Jesus Christ is my Lord, not them.


And since the virus has a ninety nine point nine percent survival rate, I am not afraid there it is a virus that can't kill me. I put my trust in Jesus Christ.


There it is not. Dr. Amen. Amen. Ken, I appreciate the phone call. Merry Christmas.


Happy Hanukkah to everybody. Todd Herman and for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network.


Todd Herrman filling in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network. Just another reason to just continue the fight is will continue to stand with the president in every possible legal battle to try to stop what I believe is a stolen election. It's just another reason to do that. In the nut case, fallen city of Seattle, it's not dying. It's it's being murdered. This is a case study for San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, all across the country.


It's not about Seattle. It's about the left. There's a so-called Seattle city councilwoman. Who wants to legalize crime? If you have a mental illness, if you're depressed, that can be world shattering, if you have anxiety, that can be world shattering. If you're addicted to drugs, it could be world shattering. But she wants to make it legal for you. To commit hundreds of misdemeanors. Well, except at her house. She's pushing a piece of legislation that would make things like someone deciding that they get to live in your front yard legal if they have a mental illness or say they do or things like vandalism.


This, this, this. This woman, probably her name is Lisa Herbold, this woman. Had someone throw rocks at her house and so she called the cops, that would all they'd have to say is a mentally ill. She says she wants to put that on you, but not her. This is what the left is these days. The rules are for you Storeman and for Rush Limbaugh.


And let me thank you and thank Team EIB for allowing me this incredible honor. It will always be that today is the day the Lord has made, and it is always, and particularly now, a very good day for. Want to give you some breaking news, 38 state AGs have filed monopoly charges against Google. This is going to be very entertaining to watch. And they're aiming it at at anti-competitive practices. I hope this gives us as conservatives an opportunity to look inside the machine and see how anti-competitive they are in terms of allowing conservatives to work there.


It's a it's a it's a monoculture, a unique culture. And I hope it gives us an opportunity to look inside under the hood and see to what degree they rigged things against Republicans, because there's no doubt in my mind that they did. And I bet you that there are further actions like this coming against Facebook. Now, that said, I'm not a big fan of going in saying a company can become too successful and monopolistic except for this with Google, they're lying about what they are, what a platform.


They're nothing like a platform. This is aimed at their search business, but they're a publisher there. And furthermore, there is an election medlar. So at least that opens the door to this. There's been some members of of Rush's audience who are just I get people being beside themselves with what we've seen in this election. I really do. And I want to I want to look at this from a different perspective. I want to look at this from the perspective of what if the situation was reversed?


And it's further, I guess it's backing up by opinion that this election stinks and was stolen and that we need to pursue every legal remedy. But I please allow me to say one thing. There's a lot of people who are saying, hey, it's really time to ratchet things up and. And there, you know, it's time to take things to the ultimate level. Man, that requires a lot of prayer. I'm not there. And and it's an easy thing to say those words.


But as you are in your neighborhood today, just. Really think. Do you really want that level of violence here? It happens. I've been saying for six years on the radio, we are not immune. To forces breaking our country in two or three or pushing us towards, you know, a violent confrontation. And since I heard Rush this week begin to once again go through and crush this line, that Rush had pushed for secession, which was a lie, Bush never did that.


I'll just point something out. The West Coast has already seceded. Functionally. They have said that we will not cooperate with federal officials. We'll kick ISIS. In Portland, the so-called mayor there allows a domestic terror organization, Antifa, to attack federal property to attack cops. And they've just flat stated, we're just not going to follow any federal laws we don't like. They've already succeeded functionally. Now, the come back and join the fold, if, God forbid, Jill Biden complete this act and is allowed to occupy six hundred.


That's great. I hope that it's a prayerful decision if this is where your head is at. It's not where I'm at yet. I'm so frustrated. Because I look at the situation in reverse and let's just start with this, the violence would already be here, except we'd be hearing this from the Mockingbird media members. And again, if you know a great local reporter, please hit me to who they are. I want to promote their work. That's one of the things we can do is reporters who actually report the news.


We conservatives can say, hey, look.


The Mockingbird media members would be telling us this. Across the nation, protests mostly peaceful rage as voting rights activists react to a suspicious election. Democrat nominee Joe Biden points to affidavits from thousands of witnesses stating that they witnessed irregularities and now cyber experts say that this election may have been hacked. You watch a flipping of the narrative in your hearts. We all know. That the Mockingbird members of the media and not everybody's in that group, Fox News is not in that group and is not in that group, there are individual reporters.


Catherine Herridge is not in that group at CBS News, not not even near that group. She's just a straight ahead reporter who covers things the rest of the media just will not cover. But we all know to be reversed. You go from not enough fraud to change the outcome of the election. That's what we hear from Mockingbird Media Members Mockingbird and that they simply parrot and amplify the words of the deep state and the Democrats, it would morph into this.


This is exactly the report would be so. So here's what we hear right now. Well, there's not enough fraud to change the election outcome. President Trump continues without evidence to insist the election was what he calls rigged. However, cyber experts with the United States government say this was the most secure election in history. That's that's how they're doing it now. Here's how they would be doing it. We got this computer forensic and data experts say the vote changing programs, it appeared to switch votes from Biden to Trump because this is reverse for Biden to Trump or unlikely to exist on only one machine.


They're calling for a full audit of vote counting systems, even as the Republican secretary of state has called for the computer to be effectively erased, drawing accusations of a cover up from Voting Rights Act advocates. That's how CNN would report this. That's how The New York Times would write this up, if you're at the Times in the news department, you know it and I know it. If you're at CNN, in the CNN, in the news department, you know it and I know it.


The narrative wouldn't be the only thing that would flip, and I hate saying this. The FBI would already be dispatched. He had already be that the FBI would be seizing computers. We found one that according to an audit. Was taking votes and putting them into an adjudication pile, a massive number of votes. I've talked to people who work on elections. They say, oh, we might put four percent, about six percent of ballots in an adjudication pile.


Human beings have to put human eyes on that to figure out, oh, the person meant to color in this circle or they used the wrong kind of pen, et cetera. They're putting, what, 60, 70 percent of votes over into an adjudication pile. And there's an adjudication program, as I understand it, in the Dominion machines, as I understand this audit and from that adjudication pile, lo and behold, they took Trump's votes and gave them to Biden.


We're being asked to believe. Only one machine did that. That would mean that we're asked to believe that Dominion's business model is they write an individual individual piece of software for every single computer. No, no one does that. So I join you in the frustration and I want to move forward. This way. Notice to Democrats. This doesn't stop. If you succeed in putting Joe Biden in 6500. This doesn't stop. We're going to continue the investigations.


We're going to find out what you did. We're going to name the people and we're going to want legal justice. So don't think it ends, this isn't the normal Republican Party where we put this to bed. You. No, and I know. If the roles were reversed, you do the same. We heard I read a text earlier from from Louie Gohmert, Congressman Gohmert. And I was saying that the president can organize an effort like this to investigate this if, God forbid, he is forced to leave office.


And he said if people follow that advice, the leaders of the effort will be prosecuted and go to jail, as Flynn was about to have to do, the Dems are already prosecuting election whistleblowers in Texas. So I said, wow, that's scary. The congressman got back to Boston early. So there's no mistake I won't quit battling for truth, justice in the American way, but the Dem puppet masters are vicious. And once they completely control the FBI at all, the DOJ plus all intel apparatus, they'll come after those who step up with evidence while the investigators are done by investigations, are done by Dem lawyers or firms who are hailed as the gold standard like Weissman or crowd strike, who exonerate the guilty and prosecute the whistleblowers from Congressman Louie Gohmert.


We are in. An unbelievably challenging time, and God trusts us to be in this position, my number one priority is to not lose my soul, my number two parties, to not lose this country. And any decision to go outside of the legal remedies requires a whole lot of prayer, and I'm not there yet. And I hope as you drive around your neighborhoods and you regard your children as we build up to Christmas, you really pray. Towards a peaceful approach.


To what appears to be a massive attempt to defraud us. Tournament for Rush Limbaugh, I.B.M. Tournament in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network, get back to your phone calls here, 800 to eight to 282 if you want to be in the program. Also, some breaking news coming up about election interference. Wouldn't you know it? It's related, of course, to everything we've been talking about today, probably involves cyber stuff. And speaking of that, online retailers aren't the only ones that love this holiday shopping time.


There's a Grinch like characters they love this time of year. Just as much Rush will tell you about that right now. You know, the people love this time of year. They are cyber hackers. They envision the increased online shopping going on out there and all the new credit card information being transmitted online. I mean, this is Christmas come early. You might not know what this is when new credit cards are approved. This is not the record time of year, but it's among them.


And you can use a newly approved credit card almost instantly because credit cards are now gone. So digital, you have to wait for the thing to be sent to you to mail. You can use it almost instantly. And they know this, you know, one big stolen database score and they are set for some time. If you're holiday shopping online and your data is shared, when you make that online purchase, you're never going to know when a company databases hacked and your information falls in the wrong hands.


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Now, no one company can prevent all identity theft, but LifeLock is in a league of their own folks. They scanned more than a billion online transactions every week. They have got a restoration team trained to help you fix what goes wrong. They have the ability to shut down the illegal activity to restore your good name. Speaking of reputations, and if you're a victim of stolen identity theft, you want nobody but LifeLock trying to fix that sign up today.


LifeLock, dotcom or call them eight hundred for forty forty eight. Thirty three today. Use my name, say twenty five percent off the first year's plan. That's LifeLock dot com promo code rush or 804. Forty forty eight. Thirty three.


Thank you Rush. This is a test not of the emergency broadcasting system. This is a test of the journalistic ethics system. Ready for this? I was just praising Catherine Herridge as one of the reporters who is not a member of the Mockingbird media. She is reporting and I picked this up to the L.A. Times, just it just came to me. Here's the test of the ethics of journalism. You're about to be able to look. I'm I'm so aware of the presses and so many of the media, far too many media members in organizations who just combined absolutely played this to destroy President Trump for four years with a big focus on the last year.


Anybody who listens to my show regularly knows I point that out. I'm also in a hunt for decent journalists. This is the test. This is your lead story today. If you are a serious news outfit. That's it, this is your story. Also tests Mitch McConnell, who deserves great credit for the judiciary, but was very quick to call Biden the president elect, to congratulate him and to say Joe Biden is a career public servant. One vote from the Senate matching a or a protest from the Senate matching that of the House can take this election to a two hour debate about these ballots.


Here is the news. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe says there was foreign interference in the 2012 election, according to CBS News correspondent Catherine Herridge. Here's what Harad said, well, Deani Ratcliffe leads the 17 intelligence agencies, and he has access to the most highly classified information that is held by the U.S. government. And he told CBS News there is foreign interference by China, Iran and Russia in November of this year. And he's anticipating a public report on those findings in January.


The fateful day is January 6th. Will Mitch McConnell now stand back up and say John Ratcliffe is a career public servant? And he is a leader of the intelligence community. He deserves to be heard. If there's foreign interference in this election, I anticipate my Democrat colleagues standing with me to demand a full and complete investigation. Willie. Here's your test, if you're a news organization and you have ethics, there's your lead story. We'll sit back and watch.


Let's talk to Joanne in The Villages, Florida. Joanne, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Welcome to the show. It's Todd Hermann filling in for.


Thank you, Todd. I just listening to everything. I've just been losing my mind here because it was more of an investigation over deflate gate than there is over a presidential election. And I just I'm just like I can't believe that there was a year and a half investigation over earing balls game. And this is our country. Yes, I pray for this country because I don't know where it is anymore. And that's all I've got to say. It's crazy to me.


That's a brilliant comparison. And it's also something to put up on a wall and look at in Washington, D.C. on a white board, y'all. Take a white board on one side of your office, Mitch McConnell on one side of your office, Republicans place a white board and go through all the hearings you held on deflate gate. Did Tom Brady deflate his balls? And I understand it's a sensitive topic to deflation of balls. Did he deflate his balls to get a better handle on them?


On the other side, put up a whiteboard with all your investigations and hearings into what I, Radclyffe nuw says was a Alexion. That foreign interference occurred by China, Iran and Russia put them up one side of the room in the other and ask yourself. What's the proper multiple? Is it proper that you had 12 times as many hearings on whether or not Tom Tom Brady purposely deflated his balls, or should it be more like six times? Mitch, I'm not trying to make this show about you.


I'm begging you. The game where Joe Biden is a career public servant is over. Doesn't work anymore. We see what we see. We've watched a year of trying to make us crazy mask work masks don't work, shut down the churches, but not the strip clubs. We watched three years of lies about Donald Trump. Now we're telling you, Mitch, we're not crazy. We are observing. One vote from the Senate. To put this into a debate and I better hear a hearing about Deani Radcliffe's news very soon, is Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network?


Thank you so much for allowing me this honor. Mr. Limbaugh and EIB. Bo and Mike. And Greg. And Brian and Ali and Craig. So every time I wanted to do this, it's it. People ask me, you get used to this now. It's when you when you form part of yourself by by the advice you hear on the air, not just outside the politics, but life advice. It's it's mind boggling to do this. There's another reason that I'm fighting this fight.


And maybe you are to the left. Never. Never, their policies are never. What they claim them to be ever. They are the ultimate creator. Of elites. They're the ultimate blockade's. To life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They're the ultimate. Guards against. Achievement for all in every capacity. From refusing to allow charter schools, destroying them piece by piece, bit by bit, sometimes just with blunt force. Even his parents weep.


Because their kids have to attend a gang ridden government school. Because of a union power play to this, just just think of this. Joe Biden's dementia and his teleprompter and whoever is putting words up for him to say has decided that he wants to write off all college debt. Write it off, make it disappear, which is impossible. This is a massive inflation of the cost of college, just just think of how this prevents upward mobility. They go to the colleges and say we're now going to guarantee you a revenue source.


From people you don't need to please, you don't need to deliver anything to the people who are going to be paying for your inflated salaries, who are going to be bolstering things like Harvard's 39 billion dollar endowment, the people going to your schools, they won't care either. Think of conservative approaches to this, you want to hear young people, you want to hear your path to freedom. Here it is, state funded colleges, you can test into any state college and not pay a dime for what you know.


So if you walk into a state college and you know enough to be a senior, they make you a senior. They don't charge you fees. Oh, well, you know, you have to pay a Klepec fee. No, I have the knowledge I don't need the first three years. Your test admitted that BEAUMIER in one year. What do you what do you. Six thousand bucks. Boom, you're done. You've got a degree because you've got the knowledge.


You could pass. You could allow people to attend free online classes at state run universities free but. In order to graduate that you attend your classes there, you take a modified test, you pay a modified fee. And now you have how many other people in the game, but they have skin in the game as students. You could fast track professional degrees such as this, you want to be a lawyer. You don't need undergrad if you can test in.


Why do you need to take botany and literature classes, understand? I like a broad education. I like knowing a lot of things. Information is potential power. But if your goal is to be a lawyer and you're poor and you're working, if you can test into that, you don't need the first four years if you've got the knowledge or the smarts or the IQ. Promotes apprenticeships everywhere as competition to college in every trade, in every profession, apprentice ships are allowed.


You want to be a brain surgeon? Yes, you can be an apprentice. It's going to take you a while, but you can get there. Lastly, rank colleges by data driven output's. Return on investment instead, the same people who are telling restaurants, you need to stay shut down unless you could relocate your restaurant inside of a Home Depot, then you're good. Are telling people no. The only solution is to give more money to the people charging too much money so people end up in debt that they can't pay all around us.


Democrats, the left are the biggest blockade to freedom. And yet we're the ones supposedly tagged as they are tagged as not wanting people to excel, were the ones causing despondency in the young people. Let's talk to Gerri in Charlotte, North Carolina. Gerri, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is tournament filling in? Welcome, Gerri. Hi.


Thank you very much. Wanted to call first of all, I enjoy when you substitute your very involved spirit. That's one of the things I'm calling about. You said that what we need is we need spirit. We need legal action that is successful and we need to pray. Well, I have a lot of spirit as I think a lot of other right people. Right.


I think people have my spirit is very quickly turning to despondency because I don't see that the spirit you have spirit, but it's a lot of rhetoric. We hear the same thing from all the conservative people. We talk it, but nothing happens because we try to take those other actions and nothing happens because we get overpowered. You earlier in your talk talk gave us justification for why spirit and prayer and all the other things are not going to work because the Democrats are taking over.


And the more we. Well, I want to be clear on one thing.


I want to be I want to be super clear on one thing, Jerry. I don't believe I said Pryor's not going to work. I think what I said is that we need prayer and I believe in prayer.


I'm a religious person. I'm just I used to have spirit. I still have a lot of spirit, but I'm despondent because I don't see it going anywhere. The legal actions are obviously not going to work. I just I've given up on that prayer. I like many other right leaning people. I'm sure every night when I go to bed at night, I say a prayer for Rush. I say a prayer for our country. I say a prayer for for Donald Trump.


And I pray with every bit of gumption that I've got. But I'm not saying anything happened and it scares me to death for our country. I'm a 70 year old female. I've been a Republican all my life. I'm very conservative and I sound like. But, you know, you say is not going to do anything unless we coerce them. They do it whether we call them or not. Wait, wait.


But again, Jerry, I want to be very clear. I said the opposite. Antifa is trying to get us to commit violence. They're trying to.


But they do the violent weather. We we get them to instigate them or not.


Yes. Yes, they do. Can we admit something together? You and I? What we're talking about rightly makes us nervous. This this elephant in the room of people will. How far do we go when are ready to go? Look, I'm going to be super, very, very, very clear here, as clear as I can. I do not want war at all in this country. And I know you don't, Jerry. I know you don't.


I'm just suggesting this, that maybe the prayer we should be praying is to have, in fact, the wisdom to recognize we're not the first people in this situation to look back on history and say that we have faced tyrants before. The world is a story of free people fighting tyrants. What we have on our side is there's still people like you, Jerry, in Charlotte. There's still people like Scott in Minnesota. There's still people like the callers we've had from Georgia today who are not going to forget our freedoms, are not going to walk from them.


So the steps we have to start somewhere, election integrity, we're not letting the fight go to the bad doers. Louie Gohmert says he's not backing off. We're not backing off. We're going to find you. We're going to prosecute you to the red state governors. You are going to clean up your voter rolls or we're not going to support you. You want to watch us walk, watch us walk. You want to stay in your sweet jobs, then you clean up the voter rolls on the city councils in the school boards.


If everybody who listens to Rush, you should know. Let me rephrase that. If one percent of the people who listen to Rush's show said, you know what, that's it. I'm joining my school board, I'm going to the city council meetings, I'm going to be the noise. I'm going to be that person that they think, oh, no, the person who has all the facts and all the logic, they have their two minutes to speak.


Oh, my goodness. That is maybe God's energy. Maybe we're praying for fill us. Our human capacity is not enough. Lord, we need your capacity. We need your capacity for energy, your endless capacity seven times seven and then seven more. Maybe that's the prayer. Jerry, God bless you. Thank you for the call. Merry Christmas to you. Is Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh? The EIB Network.


It's Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network 804 No. 888 222 number by heart. Merry Christmas to you. I saw a tweet, I'm trying to figure out what Boston really feels about this, I just saw one of those tweets and I'm just trying to figure out his feelings here. He writes, So far, not one Republican senator has said he or she will step up and object to the election fraud. Not one all caps. Again, members of the House are unafraid.


More than one have said they will object in the House. We just need one in the Senate. This is a this is what I'm going to say is not. It's not guessing this is a fact. The Democrats, if the situation was reversed, would have every single senator. Saying they will object. They'll have every they would have every single senator say, don't even bother bringing it in. But subject now they'd have a photo session. They'd be out there and they're in their WOAK masks and they're pandering scarves.


And then really special pandering scarves to. And you'd have members of the Mockingbird media saying in an extraordinary show of unity, Democrats in the Senate today say they will object to what they say is obvious. Election fraud now confirmed by national intelligence officials. John Ratcliffe has said deny reckless foreign interference in this election. Not one, folks. It takes one. Republican senator. To debate. This election and these ballots in the Senate one. I think Mitch McConnell has issued his statement when he said Joe Biden, a career public servant, no stranger to the Senate alone or a president elect, you know what he's saying to the rest of the senators.


If you want to see any your bill, make the floor, you're going to stand behind us. You're not going to make waves one.


So I'll just say this. You're being watched. You want to divorce yourself? From the base of the conservative movement. Just continue with this path. You'll do it. You'll reap your reward. Let's talk to Scott in Minnesota, Minnesota, is that right, Minneapolis, Minnesota, on the Rush Limbaugh program. Scott, welcome to the show. It's Todd Hermann filling in.


Thank you. Yeah, it's been a pleasure listening to you. You just been taken with this thought. We got 80 million disenfranchised voters, 40 million, a lot of spare time on their hands, do locked arms and stuff. And I'm thinking it's probably our last shot at it. Maybe this would be a good time for, like a road trip to Washington. You know, people jumped in their cars just to go visit the East Coast for a while.


You don't drive around. You don't have to do anything nasty. You just say half of them decided to go someplace or disinterest or disappointment in their behavior. It only just. Kelly used to wander around for a while and should just how big a show of support, I mean, a it's like a drive by a Joe Biden rally with actually people showing up, you know, maybe maybe what you're saying.


Yeah, maybe. Maybe what you're saying is from their. Million dollar condos and and they're expensive apartments and their their limos and Hubers, if the people in Washington, D.C., maybe the staffers for Republican senators, if they were to step back and say, dear God, I can't even get to the Capitol, there's so many people here that I can't even I can't even move about the city. There's so many citizens here. And they all have signs saying.


We demand a clean election, maybe that's what you're saying, something like that, and I agree that would make a huge impact. If you organize that and you push that forward, then you let us know. And because I'm telling you, nothing changes minds. And young staffers like, oh, I might not have a job a little bit later. Scott, thanks for the call. Kevin in Amelia Island, Florida, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program.


Kevin, we've got about a minute to welcome to the show here to go ahead. Thanks very much.


Yeah, but Kevin, again, we're not getting Kevin at a good point. Nothing puts pressure on. Republican staffers and legislative directors like numbers, you know what they're looking at, they're 26, they're 30. They see the response, one Republican senator. They're looking at their careers saying, oh, I want to be a senator one day, so, hey, 26 year old, 30 year old, 35 year old, 38 year old senator, Senate staff, you better tell your members.


One vote now the biggest talk radio audience in the world knows. It's one vote from one senator. You better tell your bosses, Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network.


It has been always will be, always is an incredible honor to fill in for America's anchorman, Rush Limbaugh. Thank everybody at EIB for making that possible. Wish you a merry Christmas. If you took one thing away from the conversation today and it was a times I felt like a really intense conversation. Make a list and I want you to limit it to three things. I'm asking you to limit it to three things. We have a huge bit of work ahead of us, so let's take big things and make them small.


Will you make a list of things you will do in terms of taking action either at a city council level or making phone calls or deciding to run for office or attending school board meetings? It doesn't have to be at the federal level. It can be local, demanding election integrity by an AG starting a group limited to three. Put a timeline on it. You have been given a lot of information for years, decades from this program. Information is potential power only.


Only when you decide to use it does it actually become powerful. Please make that list, write it down. Post it for yourself and help us save our our country. Because she's worth saving, because she's saved us, taught Herman in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB.


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