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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. It is an honor to be on EIB. Mark Steines said it. Well, we're always when guest hosting, we're always sitting in for Rush Limbaugh, 800 to 82. If you want to join us on today that the day Lord is made for all of us. And I choose to be grateful that it is a week. It's going to be a week since we lost Rush. And it's still sometimes like you all tune into the show and then I remind myself, we have we've been without the Mahat who has gone on to heaven.


You've heard Katherine is beloved wife, addressed the audience and take phone calls. And and that was an historic day. And there's an historic radio show and radio network that exists because people who love Rush built it with them and that includes you. And you can call in at 888 to 202. So, well, you know, this rush has moved on to heaven. And still, liberals and statists are just beside themselves. There in the state of Florida, Rhonda Stantis, he's the governor, the boss.


He ordered. That the flags be flown at half staff in Russia's adopted home state of Florida, so much response to this is sort of a nonviolent insurrection, you might call it.


The Democrat agricultural commissioner of Florida, Nikki Friede, refused, refused to take the orders of the governor for whom she worked. She refused to fly the flag at half staff. And this all was discussed yesterday morning. CNN, which used to be a news network as a co-host there, John Berman spoke with this this nonviolent insurrectionist. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services had Nikki Freed about her decision to defy the governor's order to floor the five to half staff.


And they had this exchange. Why do you refuse to lower the flags at the buildings that you control?


What he's doing is he's bending over backwards to honor a radio host who spent his entire career talking of hate speech and talking of bigotry and division and conspiracy theories. And lowering our flag should be a symbol of unity, not division, raising our standards, not lowering our standards. So we will not be lowering our flags at my department state offices to honor Rush Limbaugh firer have done with her.


This is a person who quite clearly has never listened to Rush's program, even even for five minutes. You know, in a rush is said for those of us who recognize that there's no graduate degrees from the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, most recently added the anti media studies wing. But the Santurce, the governor who gave this order and this woman has refused this order, was definitely on the institute's honor roll.


I must start, however, with a graduate or a the closest that we've ever had to a graduate. And the EIB Limbaugh Institute, and that would be Florida Governor Rhonda Santurce, as you know, there are no graduates from the Limbaugh Institute because the learning never stops. We don't issue degrees here because there never is a time where we have proclaimed that our students have learned it all or because our curriculum is constantly expanding, there is no set curriculum here.


But Governor Santos has asked in the past for an honorary degree. And Governor Distances has said that if said honorary degree were ever bestowed, that he would hang it, frame it, hang it proudly on the wall. In his gubernatorial office and if anybody. Has come close to earning an honorary degree from the Limbaugh Institute. It is the governor of Florida, Rhonda Santurce. He has clearly had enough. Of the drive by media after months of being slammed by fake news.


And by the gloom and doom casualty forecast over his handling of the coronavirus. The governor called them out. This is why we've talked about this in the program, this is why Rod, the city's got our dear Professor Limbaugh's attention. This was on on Rush's final program on February 2nd. Rush spoke with a lot of admiration for governor dissenters and how his courage and his courage to stand up to the left and how this made Rhonda Santos a target.


Have I mentioned lately how much I admire the governor of Florida, Rhonda Santurce. He has launched an ambitious crackdown on big tech, somebody with the guts to do it, somebody also not closing down his state because of a covert virus. Rhonda Santurce, this guy has got what we call an irony in forced spine. The governor of Florida in a 45 minute speech this morning, the governor of Florida, Rhonda Santurce, identified big tech companies as the leading threat to American democracy and freedom of expression today and pledged that Florida Republicans would take action.


He accused the tech giants of clear viewpoint discrimination, highlighting the censorship of Donald Trump and the removal of parler from the Internet and Apple and Google controlled app stores. He said the core issue here is this are consumers going to have the choice to consume the information they choose? Or our oligarchs in Silicon Valley are going to make those choices for us? No group of people should exercise such power, especially not tech billionaires in Northern California. And man, oh, man, is that right?


And tell me, where else do you hear anybody speaking out, like in government? Yeah, you have some op ed writers, some other people speaking out on this. But this you don't hear elected officials so much. Some members of Congress do. Miranda Devine in The New York Post today has a great piece on the same subject, and that is these tech oligarchs literally running the news business, running the opinion. They're running the information business in America.


And we are watching. Let me just tell you, we are watching the de facto merger of media. And social media and state government, the merger of giant corporations and state. This is when Democrats control Washington. The propaganda arm of the Democrat Party has never been more powerful than today. And don't forget, they've got Antifa and Black Lives Matter soldiers as their military arm, Republicans who do not cave to the extraordinary pressure exerted on them in Washington today.


You know who they are. They're tomorrow's leaders. Republicans who do not cave to all of this are tomorrow's leaders. Trump is the model going forward. Yessiree, my friends, Donald Trump is the model. You find something interesting? It was just made aware to me. I got a note from studies. You know, it's been two weeks. We haven't heard from Trump at all.


Two weeks. That hasn't happened in four years. Two weeks in the same two weeks. We've heard nothing but Trump, Trump, Trump from the Democrats and the media. And I had the same observation today. I was watching CNN and they were doing a story about how incompetent the Trump team was last December in the Oval Office. And I said to myself, is it so bad that there's no news that the only story you've got is what a rotten guy Trump was last December?


It was a story about how conspiracy theories were the dominant subject in a knock down, drag out discussion conversation in the Oval Office in the middle of December. I think, you know, we've got a brand new president. We've got all kinds of stuff happening. Got the impeachment coming up. And all you guys at CNN can do is a long drag out story on Donald Trump's December. He's gone. He's no longer president. It doesn't matter. And yet it does apparently to them they are not going to let up on the gas pedal, folks.


They're going to continue whatever they think they have to do to destroy the guy, to impugn the guy, to ruin the guy. His family supporters, they're not going to let up on the gas. Just amazing. Just amazing to hear Rush talk about this merger of the state and social media and tech, and this was this was on on Russia's final program just this week as this Dr. Rachel Levine, who's a man who presents is a woman, is wanting to be assistant health secretary, a failed so-called public health director is one of his big issues, is wanting kids to be able to not go through the wrong puberty as if that's a possibility that they would go through the wrong puberty.


It's an incredibly radical position. Rush spoke of the merger of state and tech and social media this week. Amazon disappeared, a book. It's a scholarly book. It's called When Harry Became Sally. Incidentally, it is written from a perspective of profound love for people. I've read the book. I've read it twice. And it's written from a perspective of concern for people, particularly kids who are confused and being caused to be confused about their gender because the leftist is merchandising, this Amazon has disappeared.


The book. And you zoom. A app made or blessed by the Chinese Communist Party sent a warning letter to a woman who is what's called a gender skeptic. She doesn't believe that boys can become girls and vice versa. They say this is a communication app that said you can't continue to teach this. And there was Nemaha on his last show warning about all of this.


And, of course, you his rights will continue in the Rush Limbaugh program. Tadamon filling in on the EIB Network. Todd Hermann in on the EIB Network.


And sitting in for Rush Limbaugh. It's been a week. It will be this week, a week since we lost Rush to to God Almighty. And it's still a gut punch to say it. And there's still people dealing with that fact. And we just talked about in the last segment, Rush was talking about this. There's no graduation from the EIB Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies because learning never stops. This is true today. The Democrats have brocco. Biden has nominated William Burns to run the CIA.


Who is Billy Burns? William Burns was one of the negotiators who decided to ship hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran illegally overnight in foreign currency on pilots in illegal. It wasn't just illegal because it's a ransom payment. The reason they said cash is they were not allowed to have a banking relationship with Iran, which a document that Obama had to sign multiple times. They want to bring this guy back, you know, and this is business as usual for the establishment.


Rush Limbaugh spoke about how establishment Democrats treat the enemies of this country.


The president before Donald Trump was Barack Obama. And what did Barack Obama do to make deals with our enemies? Why, he gave them nuclear power, he enabled them to make nuclear weapons, and then what? That wasn't enough. Obama delivered one hundred fifty billion dollars of cash on pallets to the Tehran International Airport for the mullahs to come and sweep up and take back to their palace. What did Kim Jong un get? He didn't get in on that action, can you imagine Kim Jong un thinking, if I would have just tried to do this with Obama?


Look at how I could have profited. What might I have been able to get out of Obama that the Iranians had instead? I did a deal with Trump, and all I've got to show for it is a video. Demonstrating how there might someday be condos on my beaches. It's a funny thing to ponder and make no mistake, Kim Jong un saw what Obama did for the Iranians. And he's got to be kicking himself and he didn't try to give in on some of that timing is everything, as they always.


As they always had, Trump made that point in his interview, he did Stephanopoulos first today. And Stephanopoulos said something along the lines. Well, now you did a deal with this guy and you're constantly critical of the Iran deal. It's a very low bar because it's a bad deal. And Trump said, well, hell, yes, it was a bad deal. We got this deal with North Korea without having to deliver 150 billion dollars to their airport.


And of course, Stephanopoulos was just speechless. In the meantime, Obama giving them 150 billion dollars and enabling a nuclear weapons program. Does that matter? Hell, no. What matters is Obama's style, and he was glib and he was well-spoken and he came off as intelligent, and that's all we care about is the style, the surface. Contrast that with a bunch of Chihuahuas nipping at Trump's ankles ever since this deal was signed last night. And I still maintain that they were shocked by it.


I really think these people are so lost in their criticism of Trump that they literally believe all of it now. You know, all this stuff they've made up, Trump's an idiot. Trump is dangerous. They believe it. They don't think it's possible for him to succeed despite the fact he's succeeding week after week after week, right in front of them.


So this is what's coming back. Got to put the guy back in charge who, you know, negotiated well. Well, no, no. We'll bring him on pallets. We'll bring you cash. That's that's not negotiation. That's paying off terrorists. Phenomenal. Kathy in Owensboro, Kentucky, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Kathy, I'm glad you called to talk about our dear Rush. Is Todd Hermann's sitting in for the Mahat who's in heaven?


Thank you, Tom. Good morning. It's such a pleasure to speak with you. I enjoy your show as we navigate this new terrain. You all are doing an excellent job. I just wanted to say that I remember listening to Rush one time when he said, if there's one thing I wish I could do for all of you people out there, I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave over you and you would not care what others thought about you.


And then I just stopped, I was like, OK. And it just kind of resonated. It makes you realize just how much we just we don't speak up because we think of what others are going to think of us. And let's just pounded that home. And I'll never forget him saying that I can carry on right now in my head.


You know, Cathy, you're one of millions of people who can hear this advice from Rush. You know what's phenomenal is how many people I've communicated with since Rush's passing who've told me personally or sent me emails, hundreds of them. And I'm woefully woefully behind in trying to respond to as many as I possibly can. And I'm just a guy who fills in, but all continually talking about life advice and items like that. And yet, you know, I've also talked to people.


I talked to a woman who took rough rush to Afghanistan and she talked about how gracious she was to people and how curious she was and and how he sought information and listened intently to people and had this great concern for this woman, Peggy Avan, who took him to Afghanistan. Peggy, don't get out of the Jeep. It's dangerous. Rush pulling her back in. And she's saying, oh, this is my job. I can do these things.


So you demonstrate this behavior. Kathy, do you go about speaking truth in the face of tyranny? Absolutely.


Yes. I try to do it and I a strong way without coming off as being hateful about that word. You know what, I think that's another thing we have been conditioned here of late to just be hateful and it's OK and Rush did not you know, he he gave us he gave us the information we needed. We've got it stored in our brains and in our hearts. And we're going to carry it on. Yeah.


And that that speaking up, I heard Rush do a incredible monologue about this. I believe it was a Pew study that that a majority of conservatives do not exercise their First Amendment rights in a in a majority of American Christians do not exercise the First Amendment rights to speak out. And in fact, you know, I spoke about this on my morning show this morning that because I've been I've been in a in a red state, it's I'm just waking up to, my goodness, even I censored myself sometimes in business meetings, et cetera.


All right. Well, I wouldn't I wouldn't, you know, put up with lies, but I censored myself. I just had a discussion with the doctor the other day. We talked about our faith and we talked about our views of children. And it was so refreshing. And I got out and realized, my goodness, this is stifled in these cities. And Rush challenged us in that monologue, as I recall. Look, this if you want your country back, you need to speak out.


So for you to remember that as the magic wand story, that's a great way to remember our Russian. This is one week that since we've lost Russia, there's much more to get to, much more of Rush Limbaugh's voice. Todd Hermann on the EIB Network.


You know what? Last week saying goodbye to the Mahat was so hard. And I'm just sitting here enjoying just just hearing a man who did use his First Amendment rights to all of our benefits and people who defy the odds like Rush did in every every capacity. Rush defied the odds because of hard work and hustle and and optimism. Too many times people who pull that off, they defy the odds. They forget how hard that was. And Rush never forgot that.


And, you know, Rush, of course, loved the game of golf and Tiger Woods, our prayers for him was in a serious accident. And I hope he will recover from this. Apparently, he's got a broken leg. This required surgery. And America loves the comeback story of Tiger Woods. When he won the Masters golf tournament two years ago, Rush made the most unique observation about Tiger Woods and yourself. Listen to this.


I want to say something to you, because I know every one of you, almost without exception, every one of you can learn from this.


If you waste time worried about what other people think of you, I want you to remember two words. Tiger Woods, if you ever worry.


I remember this has been a pet peeve of mine. People so concerned what other people it's what drives Washington Republican Party obsessed with what the media thinks of them. Obsessed with what the Democrats who are perceived to run that town think of them and its paralysis, and it's irrelevant what people think of you, it shapes who you are instead of allowing you to be who you are. If you're always worried about what people think of you or what people are going to say and every one of us is.


Well, I'm not. I used to be, but I'm not anymore. This job taught me I had to get rid of being worried about what other people think of, particularly people I don't even know, and then particularly people who don't even listen here. But for those of you worried that you can be eternally damaged or hurt by what people think of you never forget. Tiger Woods, how many years ago was it? 12 years. Now, 11, 12 years ago, Tiger Woods was the biggest joke in this country.


He had reached the pinnacle that few ever reach in any endeavor. And in one Thanksgiving weekend, it all came crashing down and he lost not everything, but he lost a significant amount of things that warned of dire consequences and importance to him, including his wife. And for a time, he was worried about losing his kids.


He lost all of the respect and he knew that when he began playing golf again, after going through the necessary rehab, that no matter where he went, the only thing people were going to be thinking about was all of the controversy involving that news which led to his decline and fall. He couldn't escape it. When he first started playing golf again, people aren't looking at him to see how well he plays, they're looking at him and he thinks they're laughing, but he had to fight through it.


Then he has all of these injuries and all these back surgeries.


And then there's that video where he's pulled off the side of the road and can't walk a straight line because his doctors have him on some kind of drug cocktail to deal with the pain and everything else from all of these back surgeries that he has had in his never ending quest to get back to being able to play professional tournament golf. And it went on for 12 years. And he started playing well in tournament golf late last year, won the tour championship in East Leiken in Georgia.


And when he started playing well, is the is that moment in time when people started seeing him as he was prior to the big fall? And folks, do not underestimate this when I tell you. His first trip back to the Masters, the club president at the time, after the decline and fall, after the story about all the hookers and the girlfriends and all of that, but the sex rehab, all of them, the most humiliating stuff and every bit of it was public.


Every step he made, every thing he had done was made public. And there wasn't anything about it that was redeeming. It blew up every image of him. Anybody had it destroyed everything so bad that on his first trip back to the Masters after all of that. The then chairman of Augusta National at the time, Billy Payne. Felt it necessary to make a speech on the opening day of Masters Week about how the Masters is not crazy about all that immorality and people that don't treat things with respect.


It was a direct message to Tiger Woods and he had to take it. People that had treated him as the greatest on earth were now mocking and laughing and lecturing and preaching. I had people ask me all the time, You think Tiger will ever win again? I said, I don't know. But they meant win a major, which he did yesterday. So now he's up to 50. Now he's three away from tying Jack Nicklaus record. Prior to yesterday, people didn't think it was possible.


One win and now everybody says, oh, look out. He may even do it this year because the next two majors, you in the United States, Bethpage Black, which he has won there on Long Island and Pebble Beach, the U.S. Open in in June of Pebble Beach, which was the site of his greatest victory, beat the field by one plus 12 for plus 15. It was an incredible tournament.


So now people to talk about, he may be able to come back just in one victory. But but people asked me, do you think he can win a majors? I really don't know. But I'm going to tell you. Well, I don't know, Tiger, but I'm going to tell you what I think happens whenever he plays golf. You've got the gallery and he knows at the gallery you can see the gallery as you're playing. He knows that they're looking at him and thinking about all that stuff they learned about him that he hoped nobody would ever know.


Well, let's jump forward from all of that to yesterday. There was nothing but overwhelming happiness, love, respect and welcome back on the part of virtually everybody in the gallery at the Masari. Among the patrons, you got to call them the patrons when you talk about the masters. But everybody in the gallery now, 20 some odd years later, he comes off the 18th green, having won again, something nobody thought he would ever do, and there is his mom and his kids and the cycle is completed if there is ever any doubt in your mind.


That you think you have been humiliated and embarrassed and put down to such a degree that you can never again face people just. Think Tiger Woods, it is not only possible, America loves a great comeback, America loves champions, American Americans love greatness.


They love people who pursue it. They love people who excel at it, and they love people who achieve it. I can't tell you the number of people have sent me a text. Hey, hey, how can that happen in such a racist country? All those white people cheering Tiger Woods. Exactly. My point, folks, we're not a racist country. If we were the wealthiest woman in America, would not be an African-American, overweight TV star.


And I've maintained that for I don't know how many how many years could America love a comeback story any more than this one?


Do you wonder do you wonder what it feels like to have literally the entire world that the entire country. Now, granted, there are going to be some exceptions, but you get my drift here, but I think Tiger has a new humility about him that it probably doesn't contain. See, I told you so.


He's probably not running around. Take that down.


I don't think that's who he is anymore. Think he's genuinely appreciative. I think he was genuinely appreciative of the adulation and the appreciation, the applause that he got yesterday, genuinely appreciative of the. Factors that came together for him to return to championship form. The one things I admired about Tiger Woods is he's shown the way how to be a friend, how to remove politics from his public comments. You know, he and Donald Trump and Trump friends for years and he played golf with Trump and Jack Nicklaus about four or five weeks ago now.


So Tiger Woods shows that not only can you come back, but then you can regain the respect and the love and the adulation. And I'll tell you, the people playing the game of golf are happy as hell. He's back. Bigger TV audiences, better everything. So the next time you get worried about what people think of you. And it'll happen maybe 10 minutes from now, 20 min or whatever, just remember Tiger Woods. People who didn't know Rush didn't know, approaches like that, if you have the Limbaugh letter, look back through it because Rush interviewed Tiger Woods father in life lessons will continue.


EIB Network thottam and filling in for our friend Rush Limbaugh.


It's Todd Hermann on the EIB Network. And it's always going to be filling in for Rush. It's a week since we lost our our friend, Rush Limbaugh. He was early on to see Foushee Hotshots, was remembering a monologue where he was talking about the media trying to make Foushee president. I remember this and Foushee. So despite the fact that there is the Moderna Morenae injection and the Pfizer Emerin injection and their paperwork says this isn't going to give you immunity, it'll it'll make the sickness less bad if you get it right.


Still, this is still being pushed. Foushee is saying things that even if you vaccinated you not you're not going to be able to do in society. For example, you know, indoor dining theaters, places where people congregate. He even said, I don't know if Primo's I don't know that grandmas can hug the kids anymore, the grandkids. So Rush Limbaugh gave us the most understandable and durable explanation of of what the deep state is and who it is.


And, of course, Rush was on to Tony Fauci. Well, let's go back, shall we?


Here is Dr. Foushee, January 21st, 2020. A year ago, he's on Numax TV's Greg Kelly reports. Greg Kelly's question to Dr. Foushee, bottom line, we don't have to worry about this, this coronavirus, right. Obviously, you need to take it seriously and do the kinds of things that the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security are doing. But this is not a major threat for the people in the United States. And this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.


You realize when this was this is one year ago, folks, there are 20, 20, 20, 21 years. We're together. This is January 21, almost exactly one year ago. And Dr. Fauci said and he's got science on his side. He's not infallible. Dr. Fauci, this is not a major threat for the people of the United States. This is not something the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about. Nah, you got to take it seriously, but it isn't of any concern.


OK, so you're the American people. You're being told that this guy knows more than anybody else about this, and this guy is telling you you don't have a thing to worry about.


You want to talk about costing lives? Donald Trump never told anybody, don't worry about it, like Dr. Fauci did, Dr. Fauci, with the imprimatur of expertise, is saying to people, you don't have a thing to worry about. One year ago and let's jump forward to March, March the 8th, 20, 20 on 60 Minutes. The chief medical correspondent, Dr. John Le Pook. Interviewed Dr. Fauci, I asked him, there's a lot of confusion around people and misinformation surrounding face masks.


Can you discuss that, Dr. Fauci? The masks are important for someone who's infected to prevent them from infecting someone else. Right now in the United States, people should not be walking around with masks. You're sure of it? Because people are listening really closely to that.


There's no reason to be walking around with a mask when you're in the middle of an outbreak. Wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet. But it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And often there are unintended consequences. People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.


Wow. So back in March of 2020, you don't need to be wearing a mask. You really don't need there's no reason to be walking around with a mask on when you're in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask that might make you feel better. It might even block a droplet here, there, but it's not providing protection and people think it is. Now, where are we? We have a mandated national mask policy if you're on federal property.


Except if you're Biden, you don't have to wear the mask when you're celebrating at the Lincoln Memorial, but everybody else has to have it. But back in March, the infallible doctor thought that you don't need to wear it. It's just giving you a false sense of security. Now, my friends, I want you to know I am on. The outside guardrails of protection here, I guess criticizing Dr. Fauci is close to criticizing Biden. You're not supposed to do that.


I've gotten very, very close to this by pointing out this hypocrisy. Everybody just join me in remembering no one. Look, I don't want to get back to memorializing our friend.


We did that last week, but no one I love could lift the mask off for a second. As the talk show host, I do radio every day. I've played those clips many times. I can't do it like that. No one combined seriousness and humor and and and mockery and facts that way.


There's so much to continue to hear of Russia's voices, Todd Hermann on the EIB Network, truly, it's taught Herman in four on the EIB Network in for our friend Rush and sitting here remembering his life and what he did, a radio truly.


We were just talking during the break. It's a see, I am I'm one of you and we're one of us to say it a better way. I'm a lifetime listener. And but I'm a lifetime enjoyer of Rush and in reader of the Limbaugh letter and all my life, but it's sitting here in the studio listening to that presentation. I don't pretend to be a program director or a radio boss. I just I love radio. And I grew up around it.


That was just a phenomenal presentation. Of facts and data and humor all mixed at once, and that's that's the piece. That I think drove the left batty. That they couldn't tell sometimes when Rush was really mocking them and when people can't figure out if they're being mocked, that is the most uncomfortable position to be in. And Rush put them in that position all the time. If you listen to the incredible broadcast with Markstein and Catherine Lemba, she spoke about Rush's insatiable desire for information that's, you know, getting done with the show, maybe a 15 minute break, but right back into consuming information that kept us on on the edge.


Cutting edge of societal evolution will prove that point, as if there's any doubt in this next hours of the first segment. Next hour will prove this point.


Plus, a socialist who had his life changed by Rush Limbaugh has her on the EIB Network.


A young college grad gunned down while simply walking his dog. A mom, Michelle Parker, vanishes after she drops off her little twins as a babysitter.


An Indianapolis mass murderer leaves six dead. Nancy Grace here. These are just some of the cases we're investigating on crime stories. It's so easy to think it will never happen to you, never to my family. Right. That's not true.


It does happen. And we want to help.


Every day on crime stories, we break down the biggest breaking crime news and try to put the clues together. We speak with family members, reporters, investigators, police and specialists. Every day is a mission every day, a chance to stop crime and to keep one more person safe.


Join us, listen to crime stories with Nancy Grace on Thee I heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your podcast. It is always been and always will be an incredible honor to speak over the top of this bumper music and Markstein, I think Mark made it official. We get so we are still filling in for Rush, who would be here if he could. It was a week ago that my wife said to me I was just headed into my home office.


My wife said, Oh, dear God, Rush. And I thought, no. And then I got a text from a member of Team EIB. And it was a week ago that we had a very, very emotional show on a day like today is the day the Lord has made. And last week was the week that the Lord, as I've heard Bonaly say on Fox News, took his Taliban that was on loan from God. I heard Catherine talk about Russia's Russia's insatiable desire for knowledge.


She did something historic. I've never heard the wife of a celebrity in Russia was a thinker and a and a writer and a celebrity, a worldwide celebrity.


I've never heard a celebrity wife spend time with with fans and family. And we do feel like family. Russia says as listeners and speaking that you can call us at 800 to eight to to eighty two.


She talked about this insatiable need that Russia just needed to be reading. And Rush, you know, as we see science, scientific rigour under assault by the left in every capacity. I remember that Rush loved legitimate scientific rigor. He loved technology. And again, I I've been in the car with people who weren't Rush fans and he was talking about Apple. And I've had people say, wow.


Wow, he knows his stuff and these are tech people. So he once said, if if you know that if he hadn't have gone into radio, he'd gone into aviation, that extends to, of course, space exploration. Now, earlier this week on Fox News Channel's special report with Brit Baer, Bret said this about the release of the first videos of the perseverence rover landing on Mars.


NASA releases its first video of the perseverence rover since arrival on Mars last week. The three minute presentation shows an enormous orange and white parachute hurtling open and then the red dust kicking up as rocket engines lowered the rover to the surface. Perseverence will spend the next two years exploring the surface of Mars and drilling into rocks that may hold evidence of life in the past.


So from a radio perspective, you're not to do go off format the way Rush could and did. And we were all the better for it. You know, if you're a regular listener, you knew about this event.


You probably knew about it in a way that puts you and me on the cutting edge, as Rush would say.


You know, he used his radio program and network to communicate his fascination with with technology in space. And I believe because it expressed human. Curiosity and hard work, and he coupled that with his own insatiable curiosity, so drove him to learn everything he possibly could about something that interested him. And then it spanned many a huge array of subjects that he communicate with his audience. On Russia's second to last show, he was still exploring Russia. Did you just did that thing about loving these topics?


And he said this about the expected landing of that very perseverence rover on Mars that Brett Baer just mentioned?


OK, folks, you know me. I'm a person fascinated with tech, such as what your phone can do, your eye devices, your computer, what have you. But there's something coming up that literally amazes me. And it's a it's a thing that just boggles my mind that we as human beings have the power to do this. NASA is about to land another rover on Mars. It's called Perseverence. It's scheduled to land on November the 18th.


I believe the landing sequence is automated. So NASA engineers can't do anything but sit back and hope for the best. Well, what are the obstacles? Well, the spacecraft has about 25 million miles to go in its 292 million mile trip. It's currently closing the distance at one point six miles per second. Now, once at the top of the Martian atmosphere, an action packed seven minutes begin. That is the time of the descent through the Martian atmosphere to the surface of the planet.


In addition, or as part of this, the temperatures that will reach the surface of the spacecraft will be equivalent to the temperatures on the surface of the sun and it will not melt.


If all goes well. It will not evaporate. It will not vaporize. It will not be destroyed. It will be able to withstand temperatures equivalent to the surface of the sun. Then the first supersonic parachute inflation happens. All of this has to happen on a sequence that controllers will have no control over because of the distance between Mars and Earth. Controlling the spacecraft in real time is out of the question. It takes minutes for a command from NASA on Earth to reach the perseverence rover.


So it's up to the spacecraft and the software that's been written to execute numerous tasks at split second timing. And it also has to account for any variables that could threaten the dissent and land, it has to recognize something out of whack and make an adjustment, make it adaption, because unlike landing on the moon, the moon's close enough, quote unquote, where we could send alternate landing instructions. But Mars is so far away that all we can do is sit there and watch for seven minutes.


As this spacecraft plummets, the Martian atmosphere reaches temperatures equivalent to the surface of the sun. Parachutes have to deploy. It has to land at the exact speed, if it doesn't, damage could happen to the rover, could be destroyed at any phase of this landing and nobody can stop it if something goes wrong because of how long it takes a command instructions sent from Earth to reach the rover, which at that point in time will be in orbit around Mars.


Now, this just fascinates me. And I understand these controllers are going to be biting their nails and going nuts during these seven minutes, being unable to correct anything. And for much of the seven minutes, because of the heat generated by reentry, they won't be able to have any communication with the rover at all. But even so, whatever communication they get would be delayed because of how far Mars is. You're not supposed to be able to do that to go off for it.


And he did. And Rush also knew where he came from. One of the regrets that our friend had in his life is his dad never got to see your fly and one they can visited about it now in heaven because it wasn't aviation wasn't just Rush's passion. It was that of his father as well. I got so many nice emails yesterday from people throughout the aviation industry thanking me for. Informing people as to the all of the tentacles that spread out from a corporate jet, even from its manufacturer, to service completion and and so forth, and I want to thank all of you for those nice emails.


It was the subject close to my heart. I've been fascinated with aviation all my life. My father was a lawyer. But if he had his if he if he really would have fulfilled his dream, he would have run a major airport somewhere. My father flew fifty ones in the China Burma theater of World War Two. He also was an instructor on V 25. I think I've seen a picture of him outside when I think it was in Alabama in World War two.


I'm not totally sure about that. He had a little Cessna 182 for a while when we were growing up. And I was there. My mother took the flight school lessons. She went to Reground school and did her solo and so forth and got her instrument rating with the hood. That's all this as I was I was growing up and I was just I've been fascinated with aviation all my life. My dad got every flight magazine, there was aviation flight, whatever.


And he was reading them and he you know, what am I if I if I may get personal here for a brief moment, we go to the break.


One of one of my father and mother would not believe my life might.


One of the saddest things, one of the most regretful things I have is that my father died before we acquired EIB one. He would have not believed it. I would not have been able to get him out of the cockpit jump seat. He would have tried to go get his jet rating. He wouldn't have been interested in sitting back in the passenger cabin with the flight attendant servicing adult beverages and food and that he would want to be up there in the cockpit flying there and he'd want to do acrobatics in it, which, of course, you can't do.


He'd want to do aerobatics. He'd want to do the stalls.


He'd he'd want to try the single engine procedure. He'd want to be involved in all of this. And it's just that's that's that's one of the major regrets and that he never even knew. It's not that he was sick and was unable to do it. He just he never even knew that we had acquired any I.B. one. But no, I've had a lifelong fascination. What? No, you can't know by regulation. You can't do a barrel roll yet?


No, not a corporate jet. That's not that kind of an airplane, you know. No, no, no, no. I mean, this thing, these things most of will not even fly upside down the fuel pumps. Well, that's not true of safety regulations to that, but they're not designed for it. Those are emergency procedures that work for a while. But they're not they're not designed for for that kind of talk and stress that you would put on it.


Dang it. I said you get myself emotional today, but now I'm picturing Rush and his parents, you know, in heaven and and his father, Rush Limbaugh, Junior, saying, But, son, the plane what is he the one like?


I guess they know what flying is like. Now, if you believe in that vision of heaven, there's a lot to get to, including Rush told us about why people like Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, they go to podcasting and another Obama or Biden administration nominee or surgeon general. He's getting a bunch of money from Netflix after he shut down or was a fan of shutting down. Movie theaters will continue as Todd Hermann.


I'm filling in for our departed friend Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network bitch Todd Hermann, in for our departed friend Rush Limbaugh.


I can't get over the image of Rush's father talking to Rush about everyone now that they're together and having this beautiful image. Rush talked to us a lot about the Democrat Party and the trick of making it seem like they're for the working people and and how that was just just illusion. And here we are now, a week after we say goodbye to a friend. There's this this Vivek Murthy, Murthy, Murthy. He is one of the Obama darlings and the surgeon general type.


And but then there's this. He took four hundred thousand dollars from Carnival Cruise Lines for thousand in cash and another 400000 from Airbnb. All this is for, quote, consulting and then 600 grand from Netflix.


Now, I wonder, did Netflix benefit from the selective lockdowns of small businesses and small theaters that that was cheered on by people like Vivek Murthy? Right. Is that is that a problem anymore? And Rorschach's warned this. And talk to us about that. Look, they are the them in us vs.. So it doesn't surprise me that that Obama in his boss, Michelle, being handed all this money from Netflix because they're supposedly filmmakers, they're cohosting a new podcast and they're going to go talk about this and that topic, marriage and fatherhood and of course, race in the state of America.


Rush once told us why libs flocked to podcasting and he was, of course, right on the money.


You would podcast our certainly one our podcast.


Well, now that's know, that's technically what they are.


But I mean, in the real world, what is the purpose of it? The podcast is the liberals failing to do talk radio. So they go. That's what podcast and I. We were first with podcasts. We were first the podcast is we were listed when Apple first introduced podcast to iTunes. We were on the list of the first original offerings. We date back to the beginning of podcast, but I'm telling you, the left has infiltrated the entire podcast meme because they can't succeed on talk radio.


I mean, more power to them telling you what it is. There's a lot of conservatives that do podcasts, too, but I'm just telling you, for the left, that's an attractive and that's why they promote them all over the place.


Yeah, and for every podcast, for every film that supposedly put about the Obamas, there are starving filmmakers who were good Hollywood leftists.


Aren't they asking themselves, wait a minute, this kid didn't make films. Why are they getting money? I should get speaking that. Let's talk to Ken in Livonia, Michigan. Ken, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Tadamon sitting in for our departed friend.


Welcome, Ken. Yeah, I just wanted to call and give one of many examples of why I would see Rush Limbaugh as an American patriot, we are now living in a time where all of his enemies want to keep throwing mud at him. But I want to show some light on how he's actually changed my life. And I believe so many others at the time that I met Rush Limbaugh, which goes back to when he was on television, without a doubt, I was a socialist.


Now, some people would say, well, how do you know you were a socialist? Well, I was a 100 percent strong supporter of the Democrat Party. I had read their platform. I approved of it. I had read the Communist Manifesto, read by Karl Marx. I agree with it.


Oh, I. Yeah. And I said at that time, hey, I'm a socialist man, just like all the Democrats are today. Socialists now because of the education that I got from Rush Limbaugh, education on economics, education and history and talking about the U.S. Constitution, why it was created, everything I learned from Rush Limbaugh. And then I went out on my own and investigated to make sure what he said was true today where I was a atheist slash socialist.


Today, because of the influence from Rush Limbaugh, I'm a Christian who is a constitutionalist who believes in the free market system, and here's the difference that I saw. Thanks to Rush, any country that follows the belief system, the world view held by the Democrat Party, and unfortunately, now even many of the Republicans have joined in. We end up in the former Soviet Union. We end up today being Venezuela, China, Cuba. Well, I believe in freedom.


You know, I want to live in a nation where I'm a citizen under a small government, not a servant, a subject under a big, fat, bloated government like we see here in Michigan, what we see in Washington, D.C., because here is the big thing that I learned and I apply that today. And there again, I'll attribute this to Rush Limbaugh. God gave me intelligence and intelligence tells me, Dr. Fauci and the CDC, they're not.


My God. And I'm going to follow my God, that has given me intellect, and so since I know that all the research scientists have come out and said that wearing a mask is 100 percent useless. Yeah, yeah.


I'm a stay away from wearing a mask because I know that they're no good. Good.


You know what you're doing and I hate to catch up against the clock becomes our enemy. What you've said here, first of all, let me say God is great in that rush helped bring you to that. But your recognition, can your recognition that that being a big person requires a small government. You said that so. Well, this is why I describe myself as a small government, big person person. It's why Rush had so often, as you just said, so well talked about the bloat, talked about these these people and organizations who feel themselves godlike.


And I remember Rush talking obscene amounts of water, Congress to allow in toilets or or the the light bulbs that Congress would would deem to allow us in our homes. And now we're on the edge of of government now deciding what's true, literally having truth czars. They're proposing this rush was right on that. And I'm just so pleased to know that he helped turn your life around and now you're a functioning member of society completely. Thank you so much for the call, Ken.


Tournament on the EIB Network.


It is because it's right back in discussion. The minimum wage without what you would consider, you know, the equal and opposite insistence upon a minimum effort that never enters the equilibrium of discussion. It's been minimum wage has been discussed forever on the show and lots of lessons about that. Russians has said many times that what the Democrats want to do is raise the minimum wage is an assault on small business. They've said as much this week. A Democrat congressman from California said we don't want small businesses.


So is a Democrat. Yeah, he's let let that out of the bag, he's admitted it. So here's an example perfectly laid out and I see or see, I told you so moment, this is over the weekend on CNN, which used to be a news network, Inside Politics. The host is Abby Phillip, and she's talking to this Democrat, Rokan, a Democrat from California, and she says is now the right time to increase the minimum wage to 15 bucks?


It's absolutely the right time to give working Americans a raise. Let's look at the facts. Amazon raised their wage to 15 dollars nationally, not regionally. They had more jobs today that didn't hurt job creation or business. Target followed. They also did it nationally. More jobs?


Well, of course, large businesses like Amazon and McDonald's, for example, can and perhaps should pay more. But I'm wondering, what is your plan for smaller businesses? How does this, in your view, affect mom and pop businesses who are just struggling to keep their doors open, keep workers on the payroll right now?


Well, they shouldn't be doing it by paying people low wages. We don't want low wage businesses. What? Let me translate that. We don't want starter businesses. We don't you know, you know who gets zero minimum wage business owners when they start up? I've done it six times, not paid myself a dime one time for a year.


Remarkable. So here's Rush. Now, this is less than a month ago, you guys, January 29th and this is El Rushville explaining the Democrat's true desires to attack these small businesses like Amazon and Target. They didn't get locked down. Right. Rush said that they want to eliminate them because the truth is that the Democrats have become the party of big business.


A question, ladies and gentlemen, how many millions of jobs will be lost if the Democrats raise the national minimum wage to fifteen dollars an hour? The national a federal minimum wage. Not state, not neighborhood, not city, not local. Federal minimum wage. Because back on Tuesday, Democrats introduced a bill that would raise the minimum wage nationally to fifteen dollars an hour over five years. It would more than double the current minimum wage of seven dollars 25 cents an hour.


It's called the Raise the Wage Act. Now, it's so simple it would increase. Pay from nine fifty an hour in 2021, 11 dollars in 2022. Twenty twenty three would rise to twelve dollars, fifty cents an hour. It would hit 14 bucks an hour in 2024, it wouldn't be until 2025 that it hits 15 bucks an hour, you know how many jobs would be lost? This is guaranteed to be true. But this is not speculation.


It's not conservative theory. We have enough data with the imposition of the minimum wage in various states and cities, various local levels. We know what happens with the implementation of a minimum wage and the number of jobs that will be lost would be at least one point three million, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Which means that members of Congress are OK with it. They're going to move ahead with the legislation anyway, even though their own budget office says you're going to cost the country one point three million jobs.


Truth is, it's going to be higher than that. Most economists are not. Socialists think the number will be much higher. Now, I have attempted over the 30 years of this program to explain the minimum wage and why it's a bogus proposition countless times and I'm going to do it again. I have found over the course of my hosting the program that the minimum wage is something that a lot of people are just sympathetic to the way it's presented to them.


Well, you can't feed a family of four point fifteen dollars. Well, then why isn't it higher than that is the question I always ask. What is the minimum wage? The minimum wage is an arbitrary amount of money that business owners, the majority of whom are small business owners, will be required by federal law that they have to pay whether the people they hire are worth it or not. The reason the minimum wage costs jobs is because if the business, small business currently is paying people entry level at eight bucks an hour and all of a sudden they're told they have to pay them 10, well, they don't have the money laying around in a vault that they're not using.


But a lot of people think that if you are a business, that you're a millionaire. If you're a business, you got all kinds of money that you're not spending. You're hoarding it and you're keeping it for yourself rather than giving it to other people in your employees because you're a cheat, because you're you're selfish, such as the damage to the reputation image of business people that the left has succeeded in creating. So what has to happen in the real world?


Business owners have to let employees go that to fire them. Because they don't have an endless pile of money they could be paying people with, but aren't most small businesses have very small margins. They're not just barely getting by, but it's it's not. They're not a bunch of hedge funders, let's put it this way, but the real problem is it's an arbitrary number that is mandated on them. It has no relationship to the business that they're in.


It has no relationship to their profit loss. It has no relationship whatsoever to the business they're in and help. The cost of doing business are with the current profit margins. Are they just slap on an arbitrary figure? It has nothing to do with market conditions. And the arbitrary figure is one that is created by politicians that they can get behind as compassionate and understanding. And they care about people. Well, people end up losing their jobs because of the minimum wage.


It's much easier to trim your workforce than it is to go out and somehow make people more productive and making people more productive is how you end up being able to pay them more. Your business growing, but the arbitrary minimum wage is a direct assault on small business growth, which is the primary bottom line to Wyatts, and it just a guaranteed failure. It's been tried. It's been proven over and over again. It doesn't matter. This is a Democrats using their power when they have it.


And the purpose of this is to create failures in small business, to run them out of business, to make sure that they have all kinds of trouble making their ends meet. You might say, well, why would anybody want to do that? Because it'll turn them into dependence on the government, folks. It always circles back to that. In addition, the nationalization of a fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage, which again will not hit until twenty twenty five, if fifteen dollars an hour is what's needed, why not do it this year?


Why have to wait on twenty twenty five? And at fifteen dollars an hour is good, why not 20, you know, try and experiment with somebody, this always works. Talk to somebody who is in favor of the minimum wage. You won't have any trouble finding people there. They've been brainwashed on this for a number of years and keep asking them, OK, well, if 15 bucks an hour is good, why not 20? I'm not agreeing with you.


Oh, yeah, I could go for that and just keep bumping it up. OK, you're like twenty what about twenty five dollars and they'll agree with you at some point when you keep bumping up the number. You'll reach a number where they will say, no, no, no, no, we can't do that. It may be 35 an hour, it may be 25, it may be whatever, but you'll reach a point where the person you're talking to who loves the minimum wage will tell you, no, no, no, that's too much at that point.


You, Pownce. And you say, why? Why is 35 too much when 30 isn't? Why is 35 too much? When 25 isn't and they will not have an answer for you. Some will actually, and the answer they have will make your point. Well, I mean, that's just too much to mandate that somebody be paid for that before, you know, whether they're working. Aha. Well, why did it take thirty five to get you to realize that.


Why didn't you realize that at 25. Why didn't you realize that at 15 or 20. The point is, you're not really arguing with them about a specific number. The reason you're doing this exercise is to get them to finally react at whatever number that it's not right to put that kind of a burden on business. At that point. You've won the argument. Here's what else it does, though, it destroys youth and minority employment because the minimum wage is not designed to support a family of four.


There is no way. It never has been. It's entry level, it's designed to pay people who don't have any experience doing the job. And what it does, it wipes out entry level jobs, and that's what people that have never done work before need, they need entry level jobs to learn how to survive in the work culture. They need to learn how to show up and to show up on time. They need to learn how to follow directions.


They need to learn how to engage in productive behavior. They need to learn the satisfaction of doing a job. Well, that's what the whole point of entry level work is. Entry level work is not designed to support a family. You weren't ready to support a family when you were 16 or 17. You left home. You want to go get a job that you weren't capable of it. You had to learn the work culture. That's one entry level work is all about.


But, of course, wiping out entry level positions, destroying minority employment, that's kind of the plan, isn't it? It just forces businesses to move to automation. That's what's going to happen, businesses eventually. You know what? I can't deal with this hassle. I can't deal with you people telling me how much I have to pay people when you don't even know what the work is. You don't even understand what I do in my business. And I'm not going to put up with it.


I'm going to try to automate as much of this work as I can. Andrew Yang of all people, has laid this all out. They want to destroy John. Why would they want to do that? That's a tough thing to say, right? No, it's not. They want to destroy jobs by replacing as many as they can with automation. Why? Well, that's how Andrew Yang believes that he can get his universal basic income of a thousand dollars a month passed into law when people do not have any job, when they don't have work to do, when they don't have a job to go to, they still need money, they still need food, still need to pay the bills.


Hey, I got an idea. How about a guaranteed universal income? One thousand dollars a month, universal basic income. Not to mention this will wipe out a lot of restaurants. Who managed to make it through 20, 20 still alive? And they're going to raise taxes in the midst of this. They're going to raise taxes while they are raising the minimum wage.


I don't know if that's our friend Rush taking the complex, not just making it understandable, but giving us hints on how we can help our fenceline friends understand it.


More to Todd Hermann in on the EIB Network.


Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh. Our friends departed. God has called back his loan on the talents as both Nordley. So well said, man.


There's a lot. How am I shocked, 30 years of broadcast excellence? I'm not shocked. I'm just I'm I'm consuming this differently today, you guys, because I'm a listener now. I'm sitting in a studio and listening to it in a radio studio. Has this this this is why he changed the medium, because I'm not just listening. I'm analyzing. It's just a remarkable career in life to talk to Seans in Queens, New York. Shawn, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program.


Is Todd Hermann filling in for our departed friend? Hi, Sean. Hey, what's up, man?


Thank you for doing what you do. My pleasure. I can just kind of hold it in a little bit. Yeah, you wish had you like he had me. I've been listening since I was 17. My dad put me on the rush and 27 years in, you know, I was a student of the EIB. And Rush had you when you knew you implement his phrases in your daily speech, I would call my friend goes full of mush.


I would talk about the Chinese and say, Tricon. And it's like like, oh, listen to Rush Limbaugh. You know, I called my mother Feminazi one day. So that's a whole noise. Sorry. I'm sorry. You know, you knew Rush.


He just he just had you, you know, like he was just a part of my life, you know, he was like, there's not a day that goes by and I shouldn't care for this man. And yeah, I can only imagine what, you know, Lady Katherine's going through. And certainly in the whole team, you know, just it's rough. It's rough. But, you know, I think we have people like you that can still learning and just keep us, you know, linked to him.


You know, it's just. It's rough, it's rough, but I miss him so much, I had the opportunity to finally call in February 18, 2020, and you know, both, he said, you know, get straight to the point. And, you know, I knew Russians have been kind of sick, so I got straight to the point and I never got to say to him. Long time listener, first time caller, Megahed dittos.


And I'm sick that I never had an opportunity to say that. Let's do this now, my brother. Let's do let's let's together say mega prayers rush and we hope to enjoy in heaven. Mega prayers, Rush, and I hope you're up in heaven smiling down on us and we miss you, brother. We miss you dearly. Yeah, yeah.


I'm just glad you did it, man. Thank you, brother. You did it. Thank you so much for the phone call and for being a queen.


Zoning in on Russia show. Thank you, Sean. God bless you. Great. Call Todd Hermann in on the idea.


Well, from all across the country, people are remembering al-Rashed in that way. What a great call from Queens, New York. One of the skills that Rush brought to the table of the many was just what he just did with the minimum wage. They're taking something that can be made complex and breaking it down into understandable chunks where a caller who had to drop off for a drive by caller who said, how do you do that?


Like, you know, how do you examine an issue and not get drawn into it? I don't know what what the Marja's internal monologue process was. I know that he operated by principles and he talked about these principles and know who the left is. And no, they must be defeated. They cannot be, you know, reasoned with leftists. So he had these principles and principles like if you tax something, you get less of it. Right, that you make something more expensive, you get less of it.


That's one way to communicate the minimum wage. You make something less affordable. People will purchase less of it. If starter employees, people starting out. Or more costly. Businesses will hire fewer of them, and you know, who's waiting in the wings are the same companies that Democrat governors gave huge bonuses to with their lockdown's tech companies pay people to do the math on when do the kiosks come into play? Rush said that as well. Coming up, lessons from Rush on how we can look at this insane, bloated supposed covid relief package.


Joe Biden's dementia's proposal and Todd Hermann on the EIB Network.


It is always an honor to sit in the seats on the EIB Network. And I give Mark Stein the credit for announcing that he feels when he fills in for Rush that he's still filling in for Rush and so do I. Today, the day that God has made his a gift for us, in the time in which he's decided will live. This is a weird way to say it. I am having more fun than a guest host that Schumann should be allowed to have.


And it's it's it's somewhat bittersweet.


It was a week ago when we learned of Russia's passing and Catherine, his beloved wife, came to these airwaves to announce that it was then. Tomorrow will be a week anniversary from when I had the unbelievable honor to bid farewell with with all of you and this team of Russia. That mutual love is so profound. It is just profound, you guys. And so there is a bitter sweetness to this that it's a week since Russia's passing. I can't tell you how enjoyable this is to take today's news topics.


A one point nine trillion dollar covid package looks like it's going to pass. The Democrats are willing to do a budget reconciliation move, meaning they can pass this with no Republican votes. Basically, they just they just shove it through. And it includes things like 135 million dollars for the National Endowment for the Arts. And apparently, I guess they're creating Lykken on Amarone injections. So you don't have to get stuck. You just like National Endowment for the Arts painting.


So it is fun. Also to realize that in the news of the day, we still have Rush Limbaugh. Rush spoke about the fact. You know that Democrats survive on good intentions, Democrat regimes survive. OK, so there's bloats and ten dollars billion stolen from the covid relief packages. But come on, they meant well and spoke about the fact that when it's against Republicans, it's up the evidence that matters. Remember this? It's the what seriousness of the charge we do remember.


But for Democrats, all that matters is good intentions, and that is how leftist regimes survive.


All right. Let me answer my own question. I'm best at that anyway, because, hey, it's a good question to me. The answer is even better. And see, this is the kind of thing that the networks are going to play for their guests to react to on future shows. My question to the good doctor we just had on the phone, I have every government agency is over budget and it is by default and we're spending a trillion dollars a year.


And if we don't have, we're nowhere near balance. So it doesn't matter. Every agency is over budget. So my question to him was, it really doesn't matter, does it, what the budget is? They're going to spend it. So when they spend it, why don't they spend it on staffing the V.A. with doctors? And if the answer comes back, well, there's a limit, you know, it is a budget and we can only spend it.


No, that doesn't wash, folks. The budget doesn't matter. This government is spending on whatever it wants to spend. Look at Obama's budgets that are submitted every day, don't care for DOJ, I don't care if they never get voted on. Look at the desire. There is no spending limit. There is no real limitation on spending. That's why the Tea Party exists. You know what? And I know it left to their own devices. These people would would spend money without any regard for the consequences in a fiscal sense.


So why do they not actually spend it on doctors? And here comes the controversial answer. That's not the purpose of government. The purpose of government from the left standpoint is not results.


If it were. LBJ's Great Society wouldn't be a dismal failure. Remember, we're not supposed to look at the results of liberal programs, aren't we? There aren't any that are successful. Every social program to come down the pike that the Dems liberals have have authored has busted up minority families, destroyed the border system in this country. I mean, it's a disaster. The social fabric, the cultural rot taking place in this country is again, the result of policy put in place by Democrats.


But with what good intentions?


Yes, we are only supposed to judge the good intentions. Social Security, Medicare, a war on poverty, you name it. All of them are disasters. And because of that, we're only supposed to look at the intentions. The V.A. has got a lot of good people in it, but it's always the case, the mindset of the people that run it. When you have a Democrat like Obama, particularly in office, results are not what matters.


It's a real simple question.


If you are going to go over budget, if money really doesn't matter and isn't that when you get down to it, the the the thing the money doesn't matter. They'll always say, well, we've got a budget.


We can't hire more doctors and budget limits. But they never used that excuse to say they can't grow the size of the agency. So if you're going to spend money you don't have anyway, why not spend it on getting more brain surgery? Spinal surgeons, if that's what the VA needs, get them in there. Why not get a bigger bang for the buck on actual medical care in the VA? Why not do that? I don't know. But it's a choice if they're going to spend more money than they have anyway.


This is my point. It's like the analogy I could best give you would be the House bank. If members of Congress could go write personal checks for any amount of money, regardless what was in their account, then it really didn't matter what their salaries are.


If a member of Congress earns 150000 dollars. And has 5000 dollars in the bank, but can go write a personal check for cash for 25 grand on credit with the assumption that it paid back then doesn't really mean that it doesn't need the money to cover the check. OK, well, same thing with every.


Every cabinet level department, the money doesn't matter if we're over budget anyway and if there's no concern for being over budget and there isn't, when's the last time anybody submitted a budget with less money than the year before? There really isn't any concern about this hellhole. That's why the Tea Party exists. So my only point is if the money really isn't an obstacle, it's just something you pretend is for the consumption of the public. You have to make the public think you care about the budget.


You have to make them think you care about federal spending. But when the rubber meets the road, you don't care. You're spending on whatever. It's not yours. And that's the fun of being in government, unlimited amounts of money and just go spend it. But if there is never an effort to balance the budget and what does it matter if you go over budget by a dollar or 10 trillion dollars?


Well, the only limiting factor is what you think you can get away with.


And there may be a little bit of conscience, but more likely a political calculation.


So if there's no real concern for the budget, if there's no real concern for going over budget, if you're going to spend money that you don't have anyway at the VA, and if you're going to spend that money on something other than doctors and patient care, then what are you doing?


Well, you're obviously not concerned with results. Medical results. You're doing something else with the money, you're growing the administration, you're providing more jobs for fellow level liberals, double traveling liberals, you're providing more administrative jobs to get more liberals in the bureaucracy career that are never going to be fired once they're hired. Can't be reason, not political appointee jobs. You're growing it to put more liberals at work that come out of college with this degree or that degree, maybe don't have any degree, just hire them.


That's how you grow government. This is how you expand your influence of your department, starting with the IRS, whatever agency it is, this is what matters to me.


Who wins elections is why it matters conservatism versus liberalism when it comes to spending and responsible spending and responsible budgeting and so forth. And this is just we're out of control here. But even with all the money that we're spending and it's incomprehensible to the amount of money we're spending, it's incomprehensible. Look at the lack of results we're getting for for crying out loud. With all the money we're spending on creating jobs.


Why aren't there any with all the money we're spending, growing the economy, why isn't growing all the money we're spending on you name it, why isn't it happening?


Well, there are many reasons a government can't do all those things, but, B, they're not spending the money on those things. They didn't spend it on shovel ready jobs, rebuilding roads and bridges in the precious schools. Liberals spend the money on growing the actual infrastructure of government, they create new jobs for nameless, faceless, loyal liberal troops to populate the expanding government.


True believers, ideologues to the hilt. If they really cared and they're going to go over budget anyway, why not pay some doctors at the VA?


Just absolutely as if it's today. The Barack Biden regime wants to give 135 million dollars to the National Institute for Arts and call it covert relief, not to rush do it principles. Show me your budget. I'll show you your priorities. Show me results. I'll show you your budget.


Utterly brilliant.


Todd Hermann in the EIB Network, Todd Hermann on the EIB Network. And it's always in the ABC Network. We are always filling in for our friends who departed this temporal plane and entered heaven last week. I just want to invite you to just think about something as we talk about Rush and what he just described and how it matches what the Democrats are still doing. There is why the Democrat Department of Agriculture had in Florida will not put the flags to half mast in her building, even though Rhonda Santurce, who Rush praised as getting near to a graduate degree from the EIB Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.


Although there are no graduates, she won't move the flags to half mast in honor of Rush Limbaugh because she knows the power of Rush Limbaugh.


We heard from callers that apparently people are politely calling her and saying maybe just do what the governor said. Just saying that I invite you to think about something. I want to take a phone call from a Rush fan, Doug, here in a second.


What if Rush had said.


I can't, you know, start a national radio show until I have this this minimum income or until I have this minimum number of stations or this minimum number of advertisers or or until I have, let's say, 500 stations, then then I'll start.


We wouldn't have EIB. And what if Rush had said, that's why you want me to know, I've decided to write a newsletter, but that's a lot of work. I do the show three hours a day, but you're I'm thinking of working more. You listen to the the Limbaugh, you know, morning updates, Rush Rush updates in the morning, still run in my station in Seattle. Of course, we run them every morning.


Someone invented that probably Rush will send this out to the station, so that's extra work. So he put in efforts. And went above far above for universes above minimum wage because he was willing to put it to work. Did you ever hear Rush? Tell anyone else to do things that he himself didn't do. No, the budgets, the process, I mean, the biggest radio show in the world. This one has a staff sized smaller than my friend who does a government radio show in Seattle on public radio.


They have a bigger production staff. Then the biggest radio show in the world and the best people working on it. Because it's government, no, no, no, there's no minimum work load that people need to take.


This is one of the lessons that Rush taught us from the Senate. Democrats don't change. They're doing the same thing now with these bloated budgets. Let's talk to Doug in Cleveland, Ohio. Doug, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. It's tournament on the EIB Network, Doug. Hey, Dad, how you doing, Dougray? Hey, I wanted to piggyback on Russia's comment about minimum wage, and so now we're going to start paying people to work at Wendy's.


Fifteen dollars an hour. I own my own business, I do photography for real estate. Now, what do I have to pay my employee so that they don't go work in the garden or, you know, at fast food? Do I have to pay them 25 dollars an hour? Now, it drives the price of what I have to pay. It also drives the price of hamburgers up. And now what happens to me is I can't hire somebody at 25 dollars an hour starting.


They might get there. But the point being is now I have to be something above that. So what is it? What do you pay the person who works at the bank that takes care of my money? You pay him 22 dollars an hour now you pay the mechanic 35 dollars or 50 dollars an hour because everything else has to go up accordingly. Otherwise, I'm going to be a no, I'm not going to use my brain for anything. I'm never going to excel.


And I'm going to sit there and I'm going to flip burgers for fifteen dollars an hour instead of actually, you know, doing something positive, more positive than working at minimum wage. It just doesn't make any sense because it affects everyone. It affects the bank. It affects. Yeah. The photographer. It affects, you know, people that work for, you know, or, you know, in radio. It affects every person, every business and business does not take.


And if they wanted a 50 percent margin, they don't they add 50 percent to that. It doesn't go up just 50 cents. It doesn't go up right a little bit.


Right. And what what you're saying, I'm told. No, but let me let me explain what you're saying. I just wanna make sure people understand this because there are people who don't work with margins so they hear margin and they don't understand it. That's the part the business owner gets to keep. Right. I once had a relative of mine who is a truly brilliant woman. You can't say she's not. She's got, you know, a couple of PhDs.


She's a joy to talk to and debate with. And she once asked me, why do businesses even need to earn a profit? And I was I was dumbfounded, I thought, well, that's what the business owner keeps, but then she's saying, but why so much? Well, why would I risk my capital? This is what people who don't start businesses don't understand. We put our capital at risk, our sweat at risk, and we gamble on it.


So when we take on an employee, we're gambling on them. And your explanation of how the you know, the person cooking hamburgers, that's an honorable job. Never, never look past that. Any legal work is honorable work. And please be proud, please, I beg you to be proud of the paycheck you earn if you earn it. And it's legal. I beg you to be proud of it. And you gave a great explanation, and it's it's almost although we don't we don't get to the level of the Mahat, it's it's very Russian.


It's just taking this complex thing and saying we're going to make everybody more expensive. Right. I appreciate that phone call. That's that's perfect. That's a perfect way to put it. And if more people would think of it this way, as Doug from Cleveland did, he's a photographer. There's people who deliver him, perhaps film our cameras, just people who work on his cameras, those people who work on cameras or at the top photography gear, they're skilled, but someone below that is inserting screws into the stands for the lighting.


And someone below that is is is is assembling the boxes that the stains go in. If they're going to be sold. Right. They need to be in boxes and someone is pumping gas into the car. If you're in a forced state like Oregon where you're forced to use full service gas, someone's doing that at every single level. These costs go up. And to the point that Doug made about, you know, making people too expensive so he has to pay people more except for automation.


I tell you the truth when I tell you that big tech who's so benefited from the selective, medically useless, deadly, politically motivated lockdown's, they pay people money to create mathematical models on when your job is over and when their software takes over your job and they have the number nailed and they know exactly what it's going to be. And it might be a 15 dollar per hour federal minimum wage.


It's Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network.


There's a bunch of callers made some points about Rush explaining the minimum wage, reminding us that, OK, yes, the person who is doing the hamburgers or, you know, washing cars, that wage goes up. We had Doug say, than the wages he has to pay. People in his photography studio goes up and. And what about people on fixed income? And it goes right back to what Russ said. But if your budget priorities are people and you're going to spend money you don't have, why are you doing ancillary things?


Why not just handed out to people? And if you're going to hand it out, why not give everybody a million bucks? It's it's pure logic. And Rush was so good at that logic. And also. He had the ability to affect Rush Limbaugh, had the ability to to hire a metaphorical moving van and to take all his worldly possessions and move into the heads of the Mockingbird media. What he decided to occupy their minds, Rush Limbaugh occupied their entire consciences because he knew how to do this, he knew them, as he might say, but the back of his formerly nicotine stained hands, you might say that, right.


So Rush loved tweaking the media. He loved driving them nuts. And yesterday on the show, Brett played some classic rush audio from back in the day that demonstrate how you take serious issues like abortion and just nuke the arguments of the left and do it in a way that was instructive and funny.


At the same time, he did that this time that he endorsed Bill Clinton as well. The mother, Bell, California, and great to have you high, thank you, restring has calling this in 1980 to you, but I got in my car, got a business meeting, and you were on the radio and you were talking that you had been listening to President Candidate Clinton and President Bush and you had decided that you were going to support Clinton because he made so much more sense.


And you went on and on for 40 minutes that I was in the car how you were going to support Clinton. And I was believing you. It was terrible.


You were so convincing. Know what reminded you of that?


You know, I've been thinking about it a long time ago. Forget that it was I've always thought about that. But when I came out of my business, maybe after about a half an hour away from the radio, you had talked about, you had just a funny name.


Well, let me tell you, I remember it, too.


It was one of them have been there have been a lot of educational for me milestones in this program that have taught me about those of you in the audience and how you interact with and hear this program.


Let let me explain this to people who may want you endorsed Clinton, people that may not matter.


At the time, folks, I was frustrated.


I can't tell you Clinton was lying his head off the worst economy in the last 50 years.


What really bothered me was people were believing this stuff. I remember I had people calling here saying Russia can't get any worse, meaning the economy.


And it had been worse. It was not bad at all.


It was all made up that we were in the worst economy the last 50 years. And it was the economy at that point was actually rebounding. But it was just Clinton would have been lying about the philandering and lying about everything.


And I was I was near my wit's end trying to get people to believe it. At the time, I didn't realize the fatigue there was with George George H.W. Bush. It really that's what I was not calculating.


I, I just it was the people were ready for a change. Plus, George W. H.W. Bush should read my lips, no new taxes and had gone gone against that reversed himself. So he was he was in his own self-made mess of sorts.


So I decided to try to persuade people in another way.


So that's what you heard?


I opened the program with a twenty minute. Endorsement of Bill Clinton basically saying that I had taken a lot of time and really gone over things Clinton had been saying and had rethought them and beginning to see the value in Clinton as a candidate potential president.


And I ended up announcing my endorsement for Clinton, I went to commercial break. And came back and the phones, of course, were burning and smoking. And when I when I when it came back, the calls were just outrageous, I had a rush to excellence stops scheduled for the upcoming weekend, the guy on the phone said, I'm burning the tickets. I don't even want the money back. I'm burning the tickets. I'm not showing up. I can't believe you'd sell us out.


So I said, What are you talking about? You just endorsed Clinton? I said I did not. Well, I heard, you know, you did not I did not endorse, there's no way I would endorse Bill Clinton and I kept denying it for an hour.


Every call you did, I heard you.


No, I didn't. And then after a while, I started using Clinton excuses. I said, well, OK, even if I did endorse him, it's a long time ago. You can't hold me accountable for things I did in my youth. You can't hold me accountable for things I did long ago.


I just kept denying it, I was trying to you did? You said I finally said, if you can see that I'm lying to you, why can't you see this about Clinton?


And and it turned out to be quite effective as as a as a as a radio experiment, it did not have anything to do with, you know, Clinton still went on to win the election.


Oh, yes. Can I say one more thing? Sure. I was in Hawaii at the time I listened to you from the very first day that you're on the air in Hawaii. It didn't take me six weeks to get the, you know, the fall in love with you guys. It took me one day, but I was a new widow, my husband. And I've been gone a few weeks when you came on and you gave me something to look forward to every morning.


And I'll always be grateful to you for that.


I love them. Good. Yeah, well, it was.


Well, let me ask you this then. When you heard that I had endorsed Clinton, were you thinking, wait a minute, I've been fooled, I've been this guy. Were you getting close to not listening anymore because of that?


Oh, no. You know, I was thinking now he's just he just he's not really up. Or maybe he is. No, no, no.


Because it's back and forth.


Well, as this thing unfolded, the vast majority of people, I am certain, in the audience got it and understood it.


But and it wouldn't have worked had it had we not been able to get all these callers who bought it. I mean, Graham. Or the media or the media reported that they even went and talked to Clinton about it. And the Clinton campaign said, well, we're happy to hear this. Well, I knew we'd get together with them. That's right. I figured the media reported it and let the Clinton campaign was all excited to hear about it.


And then when I explain what the thing really was and everybody dropped it like a hot potato, media dropped it, it stopped the story and I thought this has to have worked. I mean, I'm just not just told people I've demonstrated how this guy is doing it.


But he still went on to to win the election. And I don't think any of that mattered. I just I think people were ready for a change. And it was kind of like a replay of John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address, 1960, talking about the time to pass the torch to a new generation. And that's what the contrast between George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton also represented for a lot of people. And plus this.


This was also key. Clinton and Hillary had it down pat. He did not come off as anywhere near the left wing ideologue that he is. And was she did all that. She didn't have to get the votes, he did, so he was able to adopt this position of moderate Democrat, reasonable even that his Sister Souljah moment, you know, which ticked off the Reverend Jackson.


But Hillary was able to go out and be the radical leftist of the two, and that's that was great teamwork on their part and that has never changed. Its that's always been the way they handled him getting elected. OK, I appreciate the call and thanks much.


This is something about having more fun than a guest host should be allowed to have, even as we mourn our friend one week since he passed. I remember that moment and I remember my friends saying to me, well, you guys endorse Clinton, what are you going to do? And it was I was panicked. And then, of course, I tuned in.


OK, that's why we remember the wisdom of our friend and celebrate his life as Todd Hermann on the EIB Network, Todd Herman on the EIB Network.


As always, we do think of it as filling in for Rush one week since his passing. And I have to tell you, I was trepidations about today because I didn't want to get super emotional like it did Thursday of last week when we bid Rush farewell and Godspeed to heaven. But it's been just the opposite. It's just been a blast just just as a radio guy, just to hear what that man was able to do behind a microphone. It is just to hear it in a new way, not just as a listener.


It's just remarkable. People who didn't know, they didn't know, they didn't care to know, they didn't care to know how much optimism Rush had. He was the eternal optimist. He is now eternally happy with the due to the grace of God. But he was the eternal optimist. Rush was determined about this. He is now God has made him eternally happy. There's a soundbite here I want you to hear. This is our Moha with advice on how we can be happy.


How many times have you heard me say, if you want to really be happy and content, turn off the television, try it? I said turn it off for a week. And see how your life changes, cutting edge of societal evolution. See, I told you so. A new study suggests one possibility the people are not happier.


Maybe we need to be smarter about how we spend our time and know that doesn't mean watching more TV feeling unpleasant. You can think of your happiness as having three components. There's your basic disposition, whether you're by nature happy person or not. Second, there's your life circumstances. Your age, health, marital status, income. Third factor, which is how you spend your time, something you have a fair amount of control over, the other things you might not.


This is the subject of a major new study by academics Daniel Kahneman and Alan Krueger, David David, a whole bunch of idiots for the study. The five professors studied some 4000 Americans asking what they did the previous day and quizzing them in detail about how randomly about three randomly selected events of the day.


The bottom line is the less TV people watch, the happier they were. I told you to try this years ago. Here's the bottom line on the professors in their study of happiness, contentment and so forth, the standout cluster was what the authors label engaging leisure and spiritual activities, things like visiting friends, exercising, going to church, listening to music fishing, reading a book, sitting in a café, going to a party. When we spend time on our favorite of these activities were typically happy.


We're engrossed. We're not especially stressed. Time goes by. We're not bored. We have more leisure time than ever before in our society. And yet we're not doing those things. We're zoning out. We're sitting in front of the television. There's been a significant increase in the hours devoted to what the authors call neutral downtime, mostly watching TV. Women now spend 15 percent of their waking hours at the television. Men devote 17 percent watching TV, maybe low stress, moderately enjoyable.


People aren't mentally engaged the way they are when they're exercising or socializing with other people. Try it. You really should just listen to this program and don't watch any tell it don't. Especially news. Don't, don't. And I will spend the time doing things with your family, your spouse, if you can handle that, going out with friends or what have you, just for a week, maybe. Even if you can't do that, try three days.


TV's addicting to some people and you just see if you're not better off. If you don't if you're not more content, if you're not if you're less worried all the time.


Took that advice, haven't had a TV in 20 years. Let's talk to David works, by the way, David in Danville, Virginia, you got about one minute. David, welcome to Rush's show us Todd Hermann filling in. Go ahead, David, with a minute. All right.


Let me first say just megadose.


And he's talking about back in the early 90s where some of the restaurants here in our local town had restrooms and just housekeeping, where you had to send somebody down 20, 30 minutes ahead of time so you can get a table.


We started noticing some of the management at the dealership that I worked at were disappearing on Friday for two and a half hours there at lunch.


But they're sitting down and one of our local restaurants just and if you were in the restaurant on the other side of the room, it was like a party going on just barely laughs and cheers. And it was just a great time.


That's such a delicious memory. I remember there was a rush room in Seattle place called the General's Barbecue. I loved the general so much. Great barbecue. And oh, you know what? You just brought this terrific memory.


Appreciate that, David. Now, see, now I'm getting emotional. You did me. I got through the whole show without shedding a tear.


And now there's this. David, appreciate the phone call. It's Todd Herman on the EIB Network.


I want to thank Mr. Limbaugh for creating such an incredible catalogue of work that today, a week after he passed into heaven, we can refer back to his work even as we are current on the news. I want to thank Craig and Ali and Mojo and and Mike and Bo and the whole team, Greg, et cetera. It's always an honor to be here. Rush founds early on that he wanted to do radio. And I really do believe with my whole hearts that God has given each of us a talent.


And Rush found his and we found it and thank God for that and the talent that you have, it may not be talkradio for most people it's not. But that talent isn't less important. It's not it's not less important. It's not less potent. And so your talent might be you keep a super tidy mechanic's shop and you fix cars. And that's really important because that's how people take their families about. Your talent might be that you're willing to run into buildings that are burning down so the people running away your talent might be that you care for your children with your whole hearts in your whole soul.


All of us in one way have talent that God gave us. And it's OK as we look back with a mix of happiness and sadness at the talent on loan from God that made EIB also maybe just give a moment of gratitude for the talent that God gave all of us.


This tournament has been an honor to fill in for our friend Rush on the EIB Network.