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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Well, I hope you're having a good week knock on wood so far, all things considered. Obviously, I had to. Change my energetic bouncing off the walls. Like a little kid. Because so much has changed. Just in the past week, I want to thank you for tuning in. My name is Ken and I was talking with the EIB team and I said I remember when I started filling in, this was precancer.


And the each each step of this journey with the Rush family has been different.


And here we are. But the uplifting thing is we're celebrating Mr. Limbaugh's life and wisdom. And I have been asked on several occasions locally in Pennsylvania where I do my show.


What are these what are the words that come to mind about Rush Limbaugh?


And I keep going back to the word gracious, which he has spread through the entire staff, if you can imagine an entire staff, an entire mindset, gracious, approachable class. I'm sure you all heard Catherine on Monday. So I have to say, there's no place I would rather be today than with a whole bunch of Rush Limbaugh fans because I started listening in 89, I think. And I think you're going to enjoy I know you're going to enjoy it.


The team has put together something that's amazing and I've been going through and researching it and I forget how. The ability that Rush had to explain something and sometimes I don't think he even realized he predicted something, one of the things I enjoyed most was his pushback, if you will, on the left rewriting history.


So what did he do? He came up with this great book series, The Rush Revere Time Travel Adventures.


And I was looking at them on the Web site today. And I remember getting them for my sons, who are now 16 and 19, and they're both taller than me and they will not stop eating. But I have the collection and it's a beautiful collection. So I think let's open the show with just a great example of Rush explaining how wonderful you are as Americans and why it's so important to keep teaching how great the foundation of America was and continues.


Go ahead, folks.


This next story, this is another reason why, among many others, that I. And my wife, Catherine, have decided long ago to write these rush revere time travel adventures with exceptional Americans children's books.


And it's you know, we're being validated every day, there's a news story about how we made the right decision here just to write history books for young people, telling them the truth about the founding of this country because it's not being taught. And in places where it's being taught, it's trying to be untaught or unlearned. From the Charlotte Observer, the North Carolina Board of Education hears debate about American exceptionalism, this folks, this is why in the political realm that we find ourselves in the culture why it's so hard to win, because it's a constant battle.


The left never listen to this. The question of whether high school students should be taught that America's status is exceptional compared with other nations dominated debate yesterday over the redesigned Advanced Placement U.S. history course in North Carolina, Larry Krieger, retired history teacher and national activist, urged North Carolina State Board of Education to demand that the College Board revise the Advanced Placement U.S. history course because its 70 page framework omits the mention of American exceptionalism. That was in previous guidelines. This guy wants it put back in instead of teaching that America is a force for good in the world and stands for democracy and freedom, Grieger said.


The new course is designed to promote a globalist perspective and basically teach what Obama runs around, saying, well, there's no difference, just a nation in the world. And I'm sure they think they're exceptional in Belgium and I'm sure they think they're exceptional in Great Britain. We don't know right to say we're exceptional. We're no better than anybody else, which totally distorts the meaning of American exceptionalism. And they're trying to take the whole concept of American exceptionalism out of the Advanced Placement history curriculum all through North Carolina.


That's why we're doing these books, folks, because there is a thing called American exceptionalism, but it's been misdefined. It is not that we are better people. But that's how it's being portrayed and that's how the left is attacking it. The left's got many core beliefs, but one of them is we're all the same. Nobody's better than anybody else. We're all equal. And nobody so the idea that America is better than anyplace else, not possible, especially the people who think we're the problem in the world.


You and me, we think America is the solution to the world, but the whole concept of American exceptionalism has been so distorted, I can give you two definitions of it. American exceptionalism is exactly what Mr. Kreger here says that it is. America is a force for good in the world. America stands for and defends and protects freedom for all. America is a shining light, a beacon, a guidepost for free people. America inspires. America promotes.


That's one definition of American exceptionalism. There's nothing about it says we're better than anybody and nothing about it says we're superior. What it acknowledges is that freedom is the natural born state that we all have. That every human being has a yearning in our spirit to be free, and that's how we're created, the United States documents this but another definition of American exceptionalism, which is one that I prefer just as much. Is this the history of the world is bondage?


The history of the world for human beings is oppression. The vast majority of Americans who have lived. Sorry, the vast majority of human beings who have lived have lived in one form of tyranny or another, they have lived in bondage, they have lived in oppression, they've lived in slavery. They've lived in poverty. They have lived lives. Of abject misery. That's been the story for most people and the quest, the human quest has been to escape that and to improve.


America comes along for the first time in human history and provides the exception to that rule, the American founding fathers establish a nation on the basis of individual liberty and freedom, and it never before happened. Never. The closest you could get to would be the Magna Carta. Back in the 1400's, but that was merely a statement on the human condition, it really did have a lot of governmental power behind it. It wasn't until the founding fathers came along with a founding document.


The Constitution preceded by the Declaration of Independence was which defined. What it meant to be a human being in the world and the United States therefore became the exception. In the world for the human condition. The only place founded, the only place that existed under the premise that all people are free. Created that way, God given rights, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, all that, that's the exception, that's the exceptionalism.


That's why we've written the books. We want every kid in the world and have fun, by the way, to ensure they're historically accurate, adults are telling us on our Facebook page how much they're learning, reading our books. It's great. It's just such an affirmation. But it's also needed because this kind of garbage is happening all over, not just North Carolina. American exceptionalism as a premise is under attack everywhere is under attack on the basis that it means we're better people like as in better DNA and superior, and that's not at all what it is.


America is where everybody wants to go to escape. The way they have to live. That's why they want to come here, and what if America ceases to be that there's no place to escape the way of illustrating just how exceptional the place is, why it's worth preserving, which is what we are all trying to do.


You know, it's amazing as you look around at what's happening today, as you look at the giant fences, 10, 12, 14 foot fences around our capital, Washington, D.C., and to hear Rush's words. I love going back through some of his transcripts over the years, by the way, if you go to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom and this is what I did, I think it was I think it was on Tuesday.


Yeah, it was Tuesday because Todd was guest hosting and.


And I put up the Web site and I scrolled through it while listening to Rush and on the very homepage you've got the ditto head wall of fame behind the scenes team or a spotlight team. Ravier favorites. And as you listen to Rush and you scroll around the Web site, you see America. On the front page, it's beautiful and something else I really like the book about the books is they're heavy. No, they really are. This is not again, it goes back to everything EIB does.


Everything Rush Limbaugh and Katherine did was quality. It was sincere. It was accurate. And you can learn from it. Imagine if schools did that. That would be great. By the way, the number is 800 to eight to 2082.


My name is Ken Matthews and we are celebrating the life of Rush Limbaugh.


You're listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show. And we are. Remembering the words that helped build the largest radio audience in history, people that think, people that care, people that love America, and I'm just glad to be part of that group of listeners that many of whom grew up with Rush and something that Mr. Limbaugh had an uncanny ability to do.


In addition to making the complicated, more understandable or easier to understand, is he had solutions. So I think one of the best solutions that he came up with was teaching young people with an accurate and entertaining, entertaining product.


In the case of the Rush Revere series. And when I was talking about how heavy they are, they're just quality books. I mean, it's quality. This the Rush Revere set is something you can hand down to your great, great, great grandkids. And and I always said if we could just get some professors.


And that was one of my first suggestions after I read them and then shared them with my kids when they were much younger, if we could just get some professors at leftest universities, you know, 40, 50 year old professors, I think that would really help them learn history because so many of them obviously don't know it. And earlier in the week, Katherine. You remember she was on Monday and she was sharing the Rush Revere character, Liberty, and who it was based on their old English sheepdog, Abby.


And for regular Rush listeners, you know all about the pets, you know, they're animal lovers, lot of animal lovers on the show, Abby was the goofball of the pack. Which is why when you hear this next clip. You'll hear a different meaning to this young Rush Revere reader's question.


Well, I was just wondering how you got your inspiration for Liberty, because whenever I think of them, I think of donkey from Shrek.


Well, if you must know, I don't I don't want to give too much away here. But let's say that there was a Scooby Doo influence. In the creation of liberty, but what I really wanted, Larry, was a a what's called a vehicle or a vehicle.


I wanted a mechanism. To actually do the stories, the the thing I like about these books is that the reader is not told in third person about these events that are covered in the book. You, the reader, are taken to the event. You are the time traveling horse Liberty takes Rush revering these students and the reader right back to the event.


You are there as they board the Mayflower. You are there as they're crossing the Atlantic. You are there as they land at Plymouth Rock. You are there with the first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans.


And I wanted a smart aleck, funny, sort of scatterbrained character that would that would provide the humor and and the lightheartedness. But then when necessary, the character is totally reliable, totally loyal and always on time, even if it looks like the character, I'm going to make it. But what is Scatterbrain somebody that's just you really never know what they're going to do next.


And that was that was the vehicle that the horse Liberty allowed me to create. And I know as far as I'm trying to be as original as possible now, there's everything has been done. There's no really.


Completely, totally original, possible anymore, not since Genesis, but the character of Liberty, the talking horse is something devised specifically by me to be what it is the the the vehicle for humor, lackadaisical, distracted, very smart, totally loyal, reliable, but always keeps you on the edge of your chair wondering if he's going to come through.


Funny, hilarious, fearless, all of those characteristics. Are intended to be included in the character, and it's not really modeled after anybody on purpose, didn't want to didn't want to copycat anything, but understandably, it may remind people of other characters. As Scooby Doo I mentioned and Dawn said, these young people might not know who Scooby Doo is. Well, all the better if they don't. But if they do, at least some guideline as to what we're what we're going for here.


Scooby Doo may be in reruns still for the young skulls full of MASH out there to partake of. There it is.


I was waiting for skulls full of mush. One of my favorite terms. You know, it's interesting.


Think about the decades of Rush Limbaugh. The words, the content, the.


Products in the sense of things, he embrace, things he shared, things he created. The language that changed came coming up with words like drive by media or feminazi, which is one of my favorite I'm sorry, I just triggered somebody's sorry. I didn't mean to trigger you. It's going to be OK. Just the word feminazi. Maybe your wife can calm you down. It's going to be all right. So. I'm going through this over the last few days, especially just because, you know, it was that's the one thing there's such a body of work to celebrate.


There's so many words that we can continue well into the future with Mr. Limbaugh in the in the EIB Network. And I was thinking about how leftist in particular feel the need to rewrite history to take their videos offline to re edit the books. I mean, Obama's book has been re edited. Hillary's books have been re edited. They've taken Biden's stuff offline.


You don't have to do that with most conservatives and you certainly don't have to do it with Rush Limbaugh. You could go back. And I noticed this, too, with President Donald Trump. You could go back 20, 30 years and watch an interview with Donald Trump.


It sounds like the same guy we need to put America first is gaining on us. We need to take care of this. Take care of that.


Rush was the same way. And I think that speaks volumes for Mr. Limbaugh. You go back 20, 30, 40 years. There is no flip flopping. He has been warning us about what could hurt our republic.


And he has been reminding us of our greatness as Americans for years, the number, by the way, is 800 to eight to 28, 82.


Thank you for joining us. You know how much it is appreciated. And again, I get a little goose bumps when I think about all of us either growing up or transitioning in a good way with.


Rush Limbaugh, I don't know how many times as a radio host throughout my career, I have said myself or someone has said to me, when we're discussing anything, it could be anything, it could be the Grammys, it could be global warming, whatever. And somebody inevitably says, what did Rush say?


What do you think Rush thinks? And that says so much when you think about that, if we could bounce it off Rush and that's what millions of you have done and what we have all done. Let's bounce it off, Rush. Let's go. How's the EIB doing it? What would Rush do? And I think. He was on that cutting edge, his words of societal evolution long before. The the fraud of climate change and so many other Thackeray's happening in the world, and that was some of his funniest stuff, I thought it was I just thought the climate change freaking out that took place in this country.


And you know how it works. If you have a different opinion about why weather events occur, then you must be an enemy of the state.


Have you ever noticed, ladies and gentlemen, how the you know, I call them the left and the liberals, a Democrat, whatever.


Have you ever noticed how they claim they love Mother Nature? They just love it, they love, but they don't like humanity much because humanity destroys Mother Nature, but they love Mother Nature. But then when Mother Nature does something nasty, like give us a drought or give us a hurricane, it's not Mother Nature's fault. No, it's our fault. It's mankind's fault. Because man has brought about climate change and Mother Nature is merely another poor victim. Of capitalism and uncaring, unfeeling, mean spirited extremist human beings.


Do you realize there's not going to ever be another normal weather event ever again?


A thunderstorm, a tornado they're going to attach? They already do. They attach every standard operating meteorological event as something special now. And something unexpected is something unprecedented. And it's it's exactly because they have a political agenda attached to this. You know what's really scary? I think, you know, we sit here, we talk about media bias and how the media is thrown in with with the Democrat. But I think it's worse than that. I think it is by it's gone beyond that.


I think now that the media. Exists to defend the state, the media exists to defend the regime, the media considers itself to be part of the state, the government, whatever term you. But state has a special connotation to it in this. Lingo, the way I'm way I'm using it, it used to be that the media was suspicious and doubtful. You remember the old phrase, what is it that holding truth to power? What that meant was that people who were more powerful, the rest of us were going to get special attention and special accountability because they had so much power, because we had elected them and they have that much power.


So they were going to be watched and they were going to be analyzed.


It stopped happening. There is no watching, there is no analysis, there is nothing but pure defense of the state. That's what the media has become when they go and talk to a guest, some special meteorologist, expert or hurricane specialist, there was always a link to climate change. And we have this Ron what's his name from NBC who actually said that the United Nations panel on climate change, once they get the document signed, designed to stop these kind of hurricanes and the media doesn't question it.


The media doesn't oppose it. They don't question it. They never even doubt it. They just report it when anybody comes along and does the job the media used to do, which is doubt and suspect what people in power tell us, we get attacked. Because we are then portrayed as enemies of the state. I think that's really what's going on with the media these days, in addition to whatever left wing bias. But they have now grown to become one with government, one with the idea of big government.


They consider themselves to be part of it. The fact that they're all Democrats is icing on the cake. But it's it's the power that goes along with being part of the state. It's the connections. It's everything. And anybody that that comes along with an opposing view, anybody that does not accept whatever the government says about anything is immediately targeted, held up for ridicule. Major weather disasters, which used to be normal and constantly occurring, are now portrayed as dramatic, drastic, special, one of a kind.


Every damn one of them is one of a kind. And there's always a reason humanity is causing it, not Mother Nature. Mother Nature has become a victim of humanity. It's absurd. A whole thing's 180 degrees out of phase. And I just think it requires a special kind of stupid to be this compliant. It doesn't take any courage, it doesn't take any guts. Can you imagine the media being compliant with Richard Nixon or Ronald Reagan, can you imagine them not doubting a thing?


Can you imagine them thinking they are in the same government with Reagan or Nixon or George W. Bush? Take your pick. If you agreed with George W. Bush, you were the problem, you were a suspect, you were an enemy of the state. So the state is liberalism, whether it's in power or not, and anybody that takes an opposite point of view or questions, it becomes an enemy of the state. And it's on that basis that you are reported on.


It's on that basis they tell jokes about you and it's all done to discredit the critics because the state must never be wrong. The state must be infallible. And therefore, the journalists reporting for the state, not on the state, not about the state reporting for the state, must also be infallible. And anybody this is no different to questioning as pope. You can't do it except they can. The left can because the pope doesn't conform with the state, particularly when it comes to abortion.


So the pope is also an enemy of the Catholic Church because it doesn't conform with the state. I'm an enemy of the state. Because I have not bought hook, line and sinker that every drop of rain, it falls, every gust of wind over 30 miles an hour is because of climate change and therefore my fault and your fault, because that's flat out B.S. and it takes a special kind of stupid.


To acquiesce, to go along, to not think in a challenging way, to not be suspicious, to not even question it. And that's how you get to a point where an NBC reporter can actually tell people. That after a piece of paper is signed at the United Nations. Hurricanes will be stopped. Why wait for that if we have the ability to stop hurricanes by signing a piece of paper? Why don't we sign the piece of paper? Why don't we do it two weeks ago?


So this wouldn't have happened. And when it does happen, the hurricane. Why don't we sign the piece of paper to make it stop? Then why don't we tell that hurricane stop Dud, you have just been signed. We are relegating you to irrelevancy. We just signed a piece of paper, the United Nations. And you don't exist. The hurricane goes away. It doesn't happen, does it? Why don't we steer it away from people? Why don't we steer it away?


Why don't we go out there and make it less strong?


Because we can't. And yet they have made people think that we're going to be able to do this. And people are falling for it. Average ordinary Americans are falling for it because it's reported each and every day. There's no questioning of it. And the blind obedience to the state is the greatest threat this country has because you have the wrong people in leadership in the state. You can say goodbye to the United States is founded.


That's that is why the founding fathers granted the press constitutional responsibilities.


The press is the only business. In the country that has constitutional freedoms specifically spelled out. For the Express, the founding fathers hated it, they were criticized and ridiculed left and right, but they knew that was how. That was the check on the collection of and the the the the having a mental block on the word, the concentration of power, I always doubting it by showing it to be wrong when it was wrong, by causing people not to be blindly obedient.


But yet that's. Where we are, what a perfect segment to. Download and play for your neighbor that has four mask on right now. By the way, this is The Rush Limbaugh Show. My name is Ken Matthews. The number is 800 to a two.


2082 will be back with more words from Rush.


This is The Rush Limbaugh Show. As we celebrate the words, the wit, the wisdom. Mr. Rush Limbaugh and. It is really an honor to be here with you. It is a very. Bittersweet, surreal moment in radio history. But you listening make it that much more special. So I want to continue on the climate change theme, because I was listening to Rush's earlier segment and he and he said the term special kind of stupid and I thought that may be.


The most wonderful thing Rush Limbaugh has ever said about the media, think about how nice they must feel today, someone like Don Lemon or Brian Williams, I'm special, they must be saying.


Rush made me feel special, even though we're stupid and we work at MSNBC. I didn't say that. I was just thinking that out loud. But in the meantime, there's more from Rush right here on this issue.


And in the 1950s, the the state, the media and the left blamed extreme weather on nuclear bomb testing. Which they opposed, obviously, in the 1960s, the media and left blamed extreme weather on space exploration. Remember, those rocket launches were doing horrible things to the atmosphere. Then we got a serious thunderstorm and blamed it on the rocket launches. If you don't, you're not old enough. Trust me, I do. And the media opposed rocket launches because they thought it was going to lead to warfare in the 1970s and 1980s, the media left blamed, quote, extreme weather on air pollution due to industry.


Remember acid rain in all the cities that were going to be destroyed by acid rain. The media left opposes industrialized stats, data and businesses. And so their enemies list is going to get blamed for whatever they can most easily sell. If they want you to hate big business, then blame the weather that affects you every day and tell you that it wouldn't be this bad if it weren't for what big business is doing or weren't testing nukes or if we weren't launching rockets.


In addition to all these things that that the media and left blamed extreme weather on nukes, nuke testing, rocket launches, extreme weather being blamed on air pollution, acid rain. They now blame extreme weather on climate change, global warming. Now, what is that caused by what's causing climate? Well, if you listen to them, capitalism is our progressive advancing lifestyle, our SUVs, our air conditioning. Is causing climate change, our output of CO2, which is a direct result of our civilization and standard of living improving, and they blame that because they don't like capitalism, it's a threat to socialism.


Socialism is where they are fully empowered, capitalism, they're not, they resent it. What's what's his what it's always stunned me, not just about weather and climate change. And how it's dramatically different today. You can read like Drudge is getting a lot of grief today for from places like Popular Science, where you would expect popular science, you would expect it to be about science. It's not. It's about politics. So Drudge advances on his website.


Same theory I'm advancing that there might have been a little bit of global warming hype in the warnings and the forecasting the hurricane.


And they think it's the most outrageous thing in the world. You have to be a loony tune to think that. Now, why do they think they're not even suspicious? And it's because they have totally bought into it. They have become totally obligatorily acquiescent to the state, journalists are supposed to be curious and doubtful and distrustful. But they have been overtaken by what I call a special kind of stupid, defending the state on every single premise and dismissing any criticism as illegitimate.


There isn't a one of them that hasn't bought into mankind is destroying the planet. And I remember when practically all journalists doubted and were suspicious. Of government and investigated and looked into some of these claims that government would make and in some cases it irritated us because there were honest people they were trying to destroy. But the difference is now that the media acts as though it is a branch of government charged with defending and protecting the state, and that is exactly what's going on, and that is at the root I maintain of everything bothering us.


We call it media bias. We call it unfairness. We call it a rigged game, whatever. What it actually is, is that the media is the state and they have taken on as their job, as their responsibility to defend. And protect the state and destroy anybody who criticizes the state. Now, you mark my words, it's already true now there will never be another normal weather event ever.


And there's obviously a total absence of any critical thinking in our country, there's just total buy in acquiescence to the state.


You're listening to the EIB Network. This is The Rush Limbaugh Show. Stick around.


We'll be right back to more action packed hours at no charge to you, 800 to eight to 2082 EIB Network. My name is Ken Matthews and for America's Anchorman. And we continue to. Share with you the words of Mr. Rush Limbaugh well into the future, some of the greatest words I heard Rush say. Out of the studio and he went around and spoke to a lot of people, he touched a lot of lives. He was very passionate.


I love to see him on shows like Donahue or CROSSFIRE, where the folks in the media bubble thought they could blindside him. And by the time he left, he not only convinced the audience of the conservative truths, he managed to get a little a little ribbing in on the host, not rebin like put a ribbon on, but hitting him in the ribs.


And next hour, we have great news about this weekend, the upcoming CPAC convention, including some cool news about Rush, who will be very much a part of it.


And one of the things I'm thrilled about at CPAC, obviously, is, I think a kindred spirit of Rush Limbaugh, and that's President Donald J. Trump. He will be at CPAC.


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Thank you so much for being here and making this enjoyable for all of us as we continue to bring you Russia's words well into the future on the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network. And getting back to counting the votes briefly to the people of Pennsylvania, just so you know, there's plenty of people still counting votes, even though Governor Wolf doesn't believe that we should count votes, actually. But and all around this country, all around this country, people are doing a lot of work regarding the election.


So don't think because you're not hearing it in mainstream news media that things aren't happening.


Don't believe that that's what they want you to believe. We we we've been told to, you know, be quiet about all kinds of major issues that are impacting or not life in particular negatively at the moment. Don't believe it. That's why the EIB Network is here 800 to eight to 2082 this week, this weekend at CPAC. I believe it's already started, but this is outstanding. Rush will be honored at CPAC. He will be inducted into the conservative Hall of Fame.


There's going to be some great, great celebrations of Rush, his life, his speeches. So it's going to be a great opportunity. So if you can see it somewhere, by all means, try to tap into that. I want to go to this next clip, and this gives you an idea of of the power of Rush at the podium. Here it is.


And I must tell you, I'm a little queasy about doing this. A couple of years ago during CPAC, we had some people call and say, why don't you play some excerpts of your great speech? In fact, I've had people say, Rush, why do they even do CPAC anymore? I mean, what's left to be said after your speech? And I I can understand that.


But the kids still need a place to party in Washington in March. What else are you going to do? So I've always felt queasy because people accuse me of trying to upstage.


We had calls from people.


What are you doing? I mean, you just have to even though you're not there, you didn't have to pretend you there and you have to act like you're.


No, no, no. I was requested. Well, in this instance this year, CNN did it. CNN went back to their archives and played soundbites of my CPAC speech four years ago. It was their info, babe.


Brooke Baldwin actually late yesterday afternoon. And this is how she introduced it.


Here's an image you may remember is takes you back a couple of years. This was CPAC 2009, Rush Limbaugh. Remember the speech? He fired them up. What you get at CPAC, you get a lot of talk about conservative principles, lower taxes, faith to the constitution, never bending to the winds of change.


See, never bending to the winds of change, which is a crock, but. That's the agenda. So let's go back at an hour, I was scheduled to finish and it was going so well, they said there's a guy on stage came up and you keep going for a while. They had another half hour to fill in. Sure. No problem.


When we look out over the United States of America, when we are anywhere, when we see a group of people such as this or anywhere, we see Americans, we see human beings, we don't see groups, we don't see victims. We don't see people. We want to exploit. What we see, what we see is potential. We do not look out across the country and see the average American, the person that makes this country work. We do not see that person with contempt.


We don't think that person doesn't have what it takes. We believe that person can be the best he or she wants to be if certain things are just removed from their path, like onerous taxes, regulations and too much government. We want every American to be the best he or she chooses to be. We recognize we recognize that we are all individuals. We love and revere our founding documents, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. We believe that the preamble, the Constitution contains an inarguable truth that we are all endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, among them life.


Yes. Liberty, freedom. And the pursuit of happiness. Those of you watching at home may wonder why this is being applauded, the way conservatives think all three are under assault. Oh, I see a cookie has not edited the applause here. I'll tell you a little truth, as is the case in all of my speeches, I had barely thought about it. That's why I don't like speeches.


I don't plan them. I don't write them. And I live in perpetual fear that when it's time, I'm going to have a brain freeze. What I've I can't write a speech, my mind doesn't it's not nearly as fluid fluent, so I have to adlib these things.


When you are sure, when you are certain of your core values and beliefs, you don't need a teleprompter. And that was Rush Limbaugh, when you are sure you don't need a teleprompter to say, you know, America's great, you people are awesome.


Capitalism works, free markets work, freedom of speech work, Second Amendment works. The world looks to us. America look. South America looks to us. Europe looks to us. China looks to us.


People are trying to break into our country every day. You don't need to put that on a teleprompter.


That alone should make you wonder about what the heck's going on on the left. If you ask Joe Biden, how is your birthday cake, oh, no one wrote me how it is. I love it when Rush said, if you're tuning in and you're wondering why we are applauding these things like liberty and freedom and pursuit of happiness and life, and that's the truth. He didn't miss an opportunity to let America know where it was in history at the time, where it has been and where it could be going.


If we don't pay attention. And he knew how to get attention, by the way, one quick note before we hit the break. Brooke Baldwin had or I call her babbling Brooke. Brooke Baldwin like a babbling brook. She had introduced that soundbite of rush. I just want to let you know, I know many people are going to be upset.


Brooke Baldwin is leaving CNN in six weeks. She is. Yes, I. Yeah, I know. I know.


Who's going to make Chris Cuomo feel important. Your guess is as good as mine. I'm Ken Matthews. We'll be right back.


Well, I have to say, I'm getting more energized as. The show goes on because of you and your calls and your comments when I opened the show today as a guest host, this was the first time that I had been in studio since Mr. Limbaugh moved on. And I didn't know how I was going to play out.


And then I realized that we are all listeners. So I am your your fellow listener that's working with you. I just happened to be in the studio today and I just had a delicious lunch. My wife makes me lunch every time I fill in for Rush. No, actually, she she makes me lunch regularly. She just started returning my calls when I started for filling in for Rush.


She doesn't, you know, block my calls now, which is very exciting. And I mean, we're still married. We're still married 800 to eight to 82. This is the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network.


And we will continue to bring you Rush's words and wisdom well into the future.


And I wanted to. Actually, the team set it up, do a little bit more CPAC, because this is really a cool thing for Mr. Limbaugh to be in the conservative Hall of Fame at CPAC. So it's going to be an energizing weekend. And the president that was just re-elected, Donald J. Trump, he'll be at CPAC as well. So let's continue with some of Rush's past speech.


We landed the airplane at Dulles and we're driving in. It's about an hour before maybe an hour and a half before I'm supposed to go on and something.


Catherine said something to me. I forgot what it was then I got. A little light exploding, you know what, I'm going to treat this as my first ever address to the nation as though I'm doing a State of the Union speech or whatever, and that's where I got the idea to approach it this way.


I had no idea what I was just a I really didn't. I really don't. And any one of these speeches I've got, I think about it day in and day out. But I never commit to anything. I wait until I hit the stage or right before and maybe jot some notes of things that are on my mind and outline and then go for it.


And that's why I live in perpetual fear of doing speeches, because I I'm scared to death that when the light goes on, I'm going to have a brain freeze and have nothing to say.


It hasn't ever happened, by the way. Anyway, the next bite is everybody was all caught up back then. This is February 28, and it was six weeks prior that I had said about President Obama, I hope he fails, which had caused a big excrements storm. So I thought that I would address it again.


For those of you just tuning in on the Fox News Channel or C-SPAN, I'm Rush Limbaugh and I want everyone in this room and every one of you around the country to succeed. I want anyone who believes in life, liberty, pursuit of happiness to succeed. And I want any force, any person, any element of an overarching big government that would stop your success. I want that organization, that element or that person to fail. I want you to succeed.


Also, for those of you in the drive by media watching, I have not needed a teleprompter for anything I've said. And nor do any of us need a teleprompter because our beliefs are not the result of calculations and contrivances, our beliefs are not the result of a deranged psychology. Our beliefs are our core, our beliefs are our hearts. We don't have to make notes about what we believe. We don't have to write down. I believe that.


We believe we can tell people what we believe off the top of our heads. And we can do it with passion and we can do it with clarity and we can do it persuasively. Some of us just haven't had the inspiration or motivation to do so in a number of years. But that's about to change. Time for one more bite here, and it's a continuation of the whole business of failing and success. I know what's going on with what's going on, we're in the aspects here of an historic presidency.


I know that. But let me be honest again, I got over the historical aspects of this in November. President Obama is our president. President Obama stands for certain things. I don't care. He could be a Martian. He he could be he he could be from Michigan. I don't. It doesn't matter to me what his race is, it doesn't matter he's liberal is what matters to me. And his articulated his articulated plans scare me. Now I understand, OK?


We can't say we want the president to fail, Mr. Limbaugh. That's like saying this is the voice of the new castrati, by the way, guys that have lost their guts. You can't you can't say, Mr. Limbaugh, that you want the president to fail, because that's my thing, you want the country to fail? No, it's the opposite. I want the country to survive. I want the country to succeed. It was the CPAC Olympics and look at I intended to squeeze some phone calls in here, but I'd forgotten how fascinating I was.


And so, anyway, again, not not not trying to do anything with this year's CPAC, but I'm really inundated with requests every year to play segments of it, we always wait till the last of the show to do it causes level offense as we can.


But I love that he forgot how fascinating he was and he probably just triggered how many how many Sois boys and social justice warriors were just triggered. I can't believe he said that he is fascinating and he knows it. It's confidence the left should try it some time without without a teleprompter, you know what, Rush couldn't fit a call in there, but we can.


Let's go to Sarah in Savannah, Texas.


Sarah, you're on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Welcome. Hi, thank you. I'm really glad to get to be honest and share my poem for you. I'm thrilled that you're here. Go ahead. It's called remembering the name Rush. My mom is in tears and I am too, and everyone's going to miss you. We're praying for your family, but even though you're gone, you left a big legacy. I never knew you in person, but I wish I did.


My daddy knew of you since he was a kid. And even though you're no longer alive, you're still alive as a brother in Christ. You spoke to everyone like family and your words reached so many. I only wish you could have seen America become the mother dream, but no one knows when that day will come to pass because for now, not many know of our past, the way America used to be. Seems like a long lost dream.


And your death won't be in vain because so many people know your name. That was beautiful, Sarah. Let me let me ask you can I ask you something? You sound like someone you sound like someone that reads history. Yes, they do. Do you read history, do you have any reference books you'd like to recommend?


Because you sound you sound more intelligent than most college professors. How did that happen? Is that your parents or just reading?


Yes, my mother home schooled me. And so I get to learn all sorts of things that I'd like to learn about history. And basically I'm open to everything. There is, in fact, an interesting fact that my mother told me was when my mother was in school, there was a transfer student from Mexico. And in Mexico, they teach you that instead of us paying Mexico for the parts of the states during the Alamo, during that war, they teach that we stole it from them, which is, I find, a very interesting fact to get to know.




Let me ask you, what are you, about 19, 20 years old? How old are you? I'm 13 oh, I'm 13. I hear you say you sounded like you're out of college now and you're looking for work, but God bless you, sir, and thank you for calling. I know that I know that right now. Rush Limbaugh enjoyed that and he's probably laughing and having a good time.


So God bless you. And thanks for calling. OK. Thank you. All right, take care. 800 to a 228, 82. Wow, that just that was a great a great poem. And, you know, at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, this is what I did earlier this week when I was finding all this information like you about Rush, especially over the weekend. If you surf Rush Limbaugh dotcom, the historical nature of the website's entertaining.


It's filled with content, but it's just a beautiful representation of America on the EIB Network.


Thank you again, Sarah, for that lovely call. Your parents and your friends have to be so proud. You know, we've been revisiting Russia's thoughts on American exceptionalism and.


He had no problem sharing that anywhere, any time, and that has been intentionally, figuratively, well, literally speaking, sometimes if you're at an Antifa rally, people try to pound that out of you.


They don't want you saying it for some reason. Too many people have been indoctrinated into you must feel guilt, you must feel fear, anxiety, but you have to you just can't walk around with your head held high and say, man, this is a great country.


Just something as simple as our military kicks, but think about that statement now in the wrong group of people, it's absurd and education and this is by design.


This is how Marx and Engels wanted to do it. They wanted to capture the education complex.


It says it right in the Communist Manifesto. We have to replace God. We have to replace the family.


And we, as in the state, we have to take control of education. And Rush, for years, he's discussed how young people are more prone to a liberal ideology and his explanation is brilliant. Here it is.


You know, one of the reasons why young people are liberal is because their children, children are used to being taken care of. And liberalism promises to take care of you, the state is going to take care of you. Liberalism means being a child of the state. Liberalism means turning your life over to your rulers and so forth. It's easier. It's it's it's it's it's it's much liberalism. I once told you liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make.


It's the easiest thing in life to do is to be a liberal. Let somebody else take care of you. Let somebody else make sure that whoever treats you wrong is taken care of. Make sure that things are fair and all you have to do is look at suffering and say, oh, that's horrible and you're considered a great person, liberalism is easy. It doesn't solve diddly squat, liberalism makes things worse, but, boy, it's easy to be liberal.


It's easy to let somebody feed you, it's easy. Let somebody pay you not to work, it's easy. To be praised as caring, because all you got to do is look at, oh, that's horrible and you can really than be even higher thought of more highly.


But if you say let's take somebody else's money and give it to that person, it's not fair. Oh, then you are a star liberal.


Easy, that is. I will bet you, ladies and gentlemen, I could have five times the wealth I have. If I've been liberal. I'll bet you if I if I were as effective a liberal as I am a conservative, look at all they would have done for me.


I'd be the start. Television shows, it doesn't matter if I don't have any audience, wouldn't matter, wouldn't matter if I didn't have any audience, I'm just tell you would be easy.


I would be universally loved, adored, appreciated, celebrated for not doing anything.


So easy to be a liberal and children, our children used to being taken care of.


Used to being told what to do or not to do, where to go, where not to go. They're used to their parents not treating them as adults. Some of them don't like it. But in the end, it's really easy having somebody else pay the bills. It's really easy having somebody else buy the car. Josia in Fargo, North Dakota, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.


Good afternoon, Rush. Make a record Fister dittos. Thank you, sir. They are your last comments fit into it perfectly. Is that the reason that you don't like talking about yourself and the reason that, you know, we're not looking for validation through other people of you or me?


Well, anybody, any of us conservative, anybody who loves freedom is not looking for validation through other people like you just said. You know, the going on about, you know, if you were liberal, you'd be five times as rich and everybody would love you. But we're not looking for everybody to love us. Exactly right. What we do exactly right. We want to love ourselves first and be happy. What we do and what we're right.


We are merit based. And everything we do, we're achievement oriented, you know.


Exactly. I mean, you know, and the reason children liberal is because, you know, they want you know, you want your parents to be proud of you when you first you have to be proud of yourself.


Well, but kids, they can't take care of themselves. I understand that. You know, it's it's not like a puppy that you let go at six months. Some adult buys it. The mother puppy, the mother dog doesn't care. It's six weeks. It gets rid of the kid. Some some Sape adult comes along and takes care of the dog. But a human, even at age 21, most of them can't take care of themselves and they don't expect to have to.


That's why it's easy being a liberal.


Exactly, I mean, it's jealousy run rampant, I mean, I you know, I work every day, I produce a product, I provide a service, and I don't begrudge somebody who has a million dollar home who did the exact same thing, who just happened to be more successful or took a bigger chance than I did. Well, that means you're well adjusted.


Exactly. A lot of people a lot of people scratch their heads and they go, why is this just unfair? How come I've done everything right? I played by the rules. And look at these.


I mean, genuine social reprobates are multimillionaires.


How come I'm not? And why do you think people are so into losing their identity? Well, I've been here, Facebook, tweet, whatever they do.


And I want everybody to know who they are because they think fame equals wealth, riches, happiness and all this sort of stuff.


You can see it. You can see. Every day, the seductiveness that liberalism is, you listen to some of these calls, not not just Rush, but the callers. Well-informed and intuitive, that's what makes the show what it is, that's why you walk away with a lesson, you walk away with content, you're entertained, you laugh.


But Rauch was talking to that caller, Josia, I think his name was.


And you listen to that, you go, oh, my God, it is true.


And it is representative of the news media and of Hollywood. Think about it for a moment, think about how easy it is to just talk. About what you're going to do. And your intentions are so well-meaning, you're rewarded and let let's go one step further, because they discuss Rush and Josia discussed, people aren't looking for validation. And I know this is a stretch, but I want to jump over to censorship for a minute because right now our entire country, as you know, the First Amendment is gone.


It's not completely gone, but pretty much it's gone. And sometimes I say that people go, no, it no, it isn't.


We could say, no, you can't you cannot say what you want or what you think on any social media platform, on any major TV network, on any cable network, at the school PTA meeting in the teacher's lounge. You cannot do it. You can't do it any more. Free speech is officially dead. There are some remnants of it remaining, but free speech is dead. We we let it happen collectively as a country. It started back pre Obama and it got to a fever pitch under President Barack Obama because little things would change.


Oh, no, no, no, no. You don't refer to that person like that. Oh, we're not going to tolerate that. If you say that it's hate speech, if you say that it's this speech.


And I guess my comment is, what does it matter if you're comfortable in your own beliefs and with your own speech? What does it matter seriously? What does it matter if there's some offensive idiot on Twitter and you think he's all the things you hate?


So I don't follow him, don't interact with him or her. It's the same with TV and radio and everything else. We're in a dangerous crossroads right now, losing. The big two first and Second Amendment. And that is the key difference between the conservative ideology and mindset which Rush had not only mastered, he believed it with every fiber of his soul, and he was comfortable in it. And he didn't have to run around and say, you know, CNN should be banned.


That cable guy that had me on should be censored. We don't care. We just fix it and move on.


And that is a traditional core value of conservatism. I'm Ken Matthews. We'll be right back.


And we continue to bring you Rush's words well into the future. Thank you for being here today on The Rush Limbaugh Show, 800 202 2082. My name is Ken Matthews.


And Rush listeners for years have incredible memory recall because the things Rush say they're not only insightful and funny, but they're memorable.


And we all walk away saying, oh, he nailed it again. Here's another example.


Patrick in Sonora, California, glad you waited, sir. You're next on the EIB Network. Hello.


Megadose from a safe space in the mother lode. Well, great to have you, sir. I've got to take you on the flashback machine real quick. Two things. One, you were a celebrity judge in 1987 in Chico, California, when Chico State got named party school. I remember that I was the D.J.. You played the music with the girls?


Yes, way back in the Jackson stuff, way back 1980s.


Well, those are some great days.


And the year before you went national. I didn't I'm sorry. I didn't know you back then. I didn't know I was a conservative, but I didn't listen to your show. It was a missed opportunity for you.


A friend of mine was a huge fan. You went over to JB, said he was the bartender there.


That's right. That's right. And you remember when what was it? Chico was named the party school. What was the absolute worst place in the world to live? Was reading what was a summer university.


I mean, Chico. Well, you know, it was University City.


Yuba City was the worst place in the world to live shortly after Chico was named the party school.


And I went up to get my real live from Yuba City and we started a refugee movement back down to Sacramento.


The other memory is this is some of your Grube. You are forgotten favorite.


Well, you're remembering various things that happened in the late 80s in Northern California involving me. But what was the second point you were going to make?


Is your group, your forgotten favorites, something you taught us out here in the institute about the media? And after I stopped laughing, I realized how right you were and you said, here's why the media does what they do. The same reason a dog licks themself because they can.


Well, you've got a memory. And what a memory that was on the EIB Network. Let's go back to the phones. Ken Green Valley, Missouri, is that correct? Welcome to the show, sir. The name's Lani. Oh, I'm sorry. Why does it say that you're well, you're welcome to change it, if you'd like. That's all right. OK, thank you again for taking my call. Talk about memories. You talked about the first hour about anticipating what Rush would say about certain events.


When I retired 12 years ago, they announced that Sarah Palin was going to be John McCain's running mate. And I could not wait until my last day of work to get out to my car and find out what Rush thought about it. McCain choosing Palin and I appreciate Rush being there after this last election to give us some solace and some security about the future and to kind of bring us back down to earth. So I really appreciate Rush's words. And I thank you for the tapes that you're playing.


They just there's reassurance in his voice.


Thank you, Lanny. And and there's reassurance in the listeners not only to the to the EIB team, but to fellow Americans. And again, this is not going anywhere. And what the American people have awakened to, that's not going anywhere either. And that's what's so exciting about this. And Rush is part of that and has been. For decades, and I love the way you said you ran out to your car to hear what he said about Sarah Palin, and then, of course, John McCain threw Sarah Palin under the bus.


So but that's that's for that's for another day. Remember that?


Who would have thought who would have thought of the two? Who would have thought of the two? That Sarah Palin would be the most conservative and she'd be the real fighter, you know, and she was never given a chance.


Well, I really I really appreciate you calling. And it means the world to us. I want to remind people about Rush Limbaugh dotcom only because it there's so much on it. But again, I keep looking at these pictures and when you scroll down that you can change them. And as I'm talking to people like Lanny or Sarah, I'm seeing these wonderful pictures from around the country. And I've always said this for years. I've said this. It's it's like a cross-section of America of all ages and backgrounds.


And it's really a neat a neat thing to see. Crash Do we have time here or do you want me to go into a break? Since we are live, you just tell me in my in my earpiece. OK, good, then I'm going to squeeze something in real quick, because I just cleared it with the team and I wanted to say that when I first started filling in for Mr. Limbaugh as a guest host, it was a supreme honor in in radio because Rush is an icon.


And it was in 2017. It was July. I remember it very well.


And I think almost for the first year of doing Phelan's, I would wear a suit to the studio every day.


And I think people thought I was crazy. But I just in fact, I ran into I ran into other people while I was around there. And some people say, hey, you know, whatever. And why are you wearing a suit? I said, I'm filling in for Rush Limbaugh.


Oh, you know. And then I said to bow one day. Both certainly he was on on vacation right now or on a break, if you will. Do you want to call it a vacation? It's been a rough couple of weeks. I said he said, why do you wear a suit every day?


You know, this is radio, right? And I said, well, what happens if Mr. Limbaugh shows up? What if Rush rolls in here?


Now, remember, this is three years ago. What if he rolls in and he goes, he's not going to roll in here, he's on vacation. You don't have to wear a suit.


So then I slowly weaned myself off the suit. I took the tie and then I went with a kind of Hannity thing because Hannity was in the next studio, which again, that was a big deal for any talk show host. So there you are. You had the blessing and the opportunity to fill in for Rush Limbaugh. And in the next studio is Sean Hannity. So eventually I started dressing like Sean Hannity. Not intentionally. I just said, you know, I'm just going to from the bottom down, I'm going to go jeans, but I am going to continue to wear his work.


It wasn't until maybe last year or two years ago when I went down and met him in Florida. And then I realized I looked at the picture and I said, you know, I kind of look like a slob in that picture. I should have kept some of my my earlier my earlier wardrobe choices. But there I was in the Southern Command talking to Rush and I was in a T-shirt. He was in a golf shirt. So I started out in a suit.


And by the end, well, I didn't look homeless, but I was in a T-shirt. We'll be right back.


You're listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show. And we continue to bring to the wit, the words and the wisdom of Mr. Limbaugh well into the future. I don't know if you know this now, but in California, there's a bill that would have brick and mortar shops. They would have to display both the girls toys and the boys toys in the same section where they get a thousand dollar fine. So you have to have the princess dress with whatever it's all got to be in the same section.


That's the kind of craziness that you learn in that stupid studies class in college. And this was a big thing with Rush because we know that after elementary and high school colleges, that final indoctrination stop.


We'll talk about that next hour.


A young college grad gunned down while simply walking his dog. A mom, Michelle Parker, vanishes after she drops off her little twins as a babysitter.


An Indianapolis mass murderer leaves six dead. Nancy Grace here. These are just some of the cases we're investigating on crime stories. It's so easy to think it will never happen to you, never to my family. Right. That's not true. It does happen. And we want to help.


Every day on crime stories, we break down the biggest breaking crime news and try to put the clues together. We speak with family members, reporters, investigators, police and specialists. Every day is a mission every day, a chance to stop crime and to keep one more person safe.


Join us, listen to crime stories with Nancy Grace on Thee I heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your podcast. Well, we certainly hope you're having a good afternoon and if you're spending it with us. Thank you so much. As we share. So much of the humor and. Perspective of Mr. Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network. And I was thinking about how Rush. And he used to talk about college all the time, and I liked the way he framed it, and I think it made people feel great because in this country you can do anything you want.


You don't need college. And he rejected the notion, Rush rejected it, that you are better than someone else because you have a degree because obvious, obviously.


Well, for proof of that, just look at Joe Biden's cabinet and try to keep a straight face. No, seriously, seriously. Listen to little red lying hood. G, what's her name, Soki. Listen to her, the press secretary, for two minutes. And then say, OK, I don't need a college degree. In fact, Russia always felt college was kind of a click and it can be very cliquey depending on what school you go to.


And I love the way he used to talk about that, because that is one of the core principles of conservatism, you should be judged on your merits, on your achievements, on your ability to get the job done, how you carry yourself, all those things that are not allowed to be taught in schools anymore.


Not a fancy reference with a fancy degree. That isn't applicable to real life. Here's Rush explaining more in his own words. Glenn Harlan Reynolds, a law professor, University of Tennessee, as a USA Today column today. And it's the man after my own heart, he makes the point here that it might actually be necessary to save the country, to elect a president who did not graduate from college. And he makes the assessment not because of psychology. He's a law professor at Tennessee.


His point is, if you look at everybody in the D.C. elite, they're all from the Ivy League, Harvard, Yale, Columbia. Maybe lesser colleges, if there are such things in the Ivy League, but they're all from that that that little geographic part of the country and from that academic. Experience and they're all elites, and it's really an exclusive club with these people, if you're not in that club, you're not getting in it and you're not going to be given respect and you're not going to be given any sort of half chance in this.


I wrote him back. He sent me a copy of the column and I wrote it back. I said, you know, it's just obvious. It's apparent to me. That there are a whole lot of people, particularly those who fashion themselves as our elites, those who think they're better than the rest of us, those who look down their noses at us, those people to me strike me as it never got out of high school. That the the the click structure I in high school stays with them to this day and is one of the animating aspects of their existence.


The idea that you must be a member of a unique club, a relatively small membership, and that just only get in it by having done the same things these people did, that if you're not in the club, you're not serious. If you're not in the club, there's no way you can get in because you had to go to an Ivy League school and graduate. And if you're not in the club, no matter what you do, no matter how much you accomplish it, no matter how much money you make, you're still going to be considered Riff-Raff.


And I think that's that's that's pretty much on the money and it's not new, it's been that way for quite a while.


The stories are legion of all the great Americans successful who have not graduated from college. And of course, the two names that that come to people's mind right off the bat are me and Steve Jobs. And then some people throw gates in there, so there's there are three people who have reached the pinnacle who have not gone to college, and those those two or three names get bandied about all the time in this discussion. But it doesn't matter to the elites, that doesn't matter, it doesn't mean that they are qualified to be in the elite group and the elite group in Washington is what we call they the ruling class or the D.C. establishment, both parties or what have you.


And that's why and it's especially bad in the drive by media.


That is one of the most exclusive and I should say exclusionary groups of people that you can imagine the if you look at it as a club and look at the admittance requirements.


It is one of the most exclusive things to get into, doesn't matter how successful you are. Does it matter how how much money you make when you're more successful than they are, whether you earn more than they do, whether you have a bigger audience and it doesn't matter. You are not gambling in that club. There are certain things that you have to do, but more importantly, you have to have a pedigree. And so anyway, Glenn Harlan Reynolds point is, and it may be, he says, to save the country.


And I don't disagree with this, by the way.


There are far many more people who do not graduate college than do and college graduates today. And it's not the same as it was decades ago, the learning is different. The amount of debt college graduates have when they when they get out of school these days is something that previous generations didn't have to deal with. But it's it's more a point of relatability, understanding. Ordinary people, the people who make the country work, it's all about being able to relate to them and the inside the Beltway elites not only can't relate, they don't want to.


I remember shortly after I moved to New York, which is 1988, so I was at a party, I did these things early on, certain things you have to do when you're starting out that you don't have to do after you get there. And this was a party that people at National Review, a New Republic sponsored, if you can call it, calling the party. What it actually was, was an attempt by both publications, National Review, a conservative, The New Republic liberal, they wanted to combine sales efforts.


They wanted to combine their sales staffs and go out and approach potential magazine advertisers. As a combined unit and sell the genre rather than the specific content of each. I don't know whatever became of it, but that was the reason for the party and there were a number of these elites that I'm talking about who were there. And I'll never forget when I walked up and met one of them, a woman, you'd know her name. I'm not going to mention a name because the point is not diversity, but it's just it's just to illustrate a story.


I've been up running about two years and everybody knew it. It was at the beginning days the program was on a rocket ship escape. And it was it was just shooting straight up and everybody knew about it. And it was the talk of everything because there was not anything like it at the time. Remember, the only. There was no fox, there was no other talk radio, the only other national news organization, CNN. And this this woman I want to introduce myself to her, I'd read her work, I admired her work, and I walked up and introduced myself to her.


Oh, yeah.


You're the guy that has all the farmers and truck drivers listening to him doing the day.


And I want that she's serious or she's using jocularity here to say hello. It turned out she was serious. She was it was an insult with a beaming smile, by the way. And so that that and that, by the way, that attitude among certain of those people has not changed to this day.


What an amazing story. And so true in what Rush said now more than ever. And we got to see it unfold before our very eyes. Although President Trump did go to a good school, he was an outsider. He was not in the clink. So we got to see firsthand how are the Republicans and the Democrats and Hollywood and academia and the unions going to treat?


Just some business guy now grant you he's not just some business guy, but in the world of Washington, D.C., President Trump is an outsider because he speaks his mind. He does his best to follow the Constitution. He doesn't owe anybody anything because he can do is he can do what he wants with his own money, he doesn't need donors to run. So right there, he's out of the clinic.


But what that woman said to rush with the truck drivers in the farmers, you know, you think about that level of ignorance. That is how people in the bubble look at us. Or my parents contractor, business people self-made, didn't go to college. Or they look, I think about some of the successful people in my family and they some of them, some of them dropped out, some of them went to college. But at the end of the day, it's your choice and you will make of it what you want to make of it.


It's that simple. But in places like New York and Washington, D.C., it's gotten out of hand and it's hurt the country because now our government is a collection of clicks, putting themselves first, not America first. Let's get David on from Dayton, Ohio. David, you're on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Good afternoon. Thanks for having me. What I want to call about is my first time I ever heard of Rush Limbaugh, I grew up in Sacramento, California.


I left there in the mid 70s. My mom still out there, always called and said, hey, do you hear this guy on radio, this Rush Limbaugh guy, and say, Mom, his local TV or radio there? I can't hear him at all. She just went on and on about Rush Limbaugh. The first time I saw Rush is on one of his TV shows. And of course, I fell in love. And I what I wanted to say is what Rush is done not only for me, but for my mom.


My dad passed away my mom's life. During the day, sitting, listening to Rush, and when he passed away, my mom's heart was broken, as all of us were, but he kept my mom alive. Rush Limbaugh, I know it. He kept my mom alive because that was gone and that was her whole life. So I want to thank him and tell him what great man, what a great person. And I'm sure I'm getting emotional, but.


AM, thank you, David. He hears you and God bless your family. We'll be right back.


You're listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network. And Russia's words will continue well into the future. And his advice, as we learned from David, thank you for calling, David. 800 202, 2082. My name is Ken Matthews, and it's it's a real pleasure to be here with you and it means the world to the entire IIIB team. And I know it means the world to Rush and Katherine that we are all celebrating Rush together live.


I want to go more on the education thing, because this this this is such a big thing in our lives when you think about the educational debt and where so much of the social justice shenanigans and the snow flickery. Is taking place, it's at the college level, that's the last chance Leftest can indoctrinate you before you get out in the real world, it's the last chance they can terrify you and make you one unsure of yourself and fill you full of leftist anger.


Some people go there and they make the best of it and they and you need it and they love it, but a lot of people, it's just not their thing. And when you look at the success. I'm so glad Rush brought that up, you look at the success of people in America that don't need. A fancy college or they don't need a fraternity, they don't need a special club or clerk, and you could only do that in America.


Thus, the elitist that gravitate toward government. To grab power. And most of us, we just want to work hard to enjoy life, pursue happiness, and nobody explains it better. This is one of my favorite stories about why Rush didn't go to college, and he tells a story about his speech class. Oh, we can't put it in there. Oh, OK, I apologize, I apologize. Let me take another call then. That was a cut that we were going to put right there and then we had to change it around, so that's OK, we'll take a call or leave, and then the next cut will be the speech class story, which is incredible.


Let's go to Kathy in Silverton, Oregon. Kathy, you're on the EIB Network. Thank you so much for taking my call and thank you can for being there for Gresh, because without you people there, we wouldn't have him any longer. And as long as you stay there, we will have a rush. But I wanted to tell you about the restroom that I had in my office here in Silverton, which is a small, small town in Oregon.


And people would come in and listen at my back office because I had the radio on and it was always on Rush. My brother in law came out here in 88 looking for a business to buy, and he told me that he was listening to this marvelous guy named Rush Limbaugh on the radio back on the East Coast. And so I found a station that carried him. And from then on, he was in my back office and people would come in and listen to him and we'd talk about Rush and we'd talk about conservative values.


And this is a beautiful little town. Kind of leans towards the. To the left, but filled with just beautiful people, and they really enjoyed my rush room and we had to close our business in 07. And that's how long we had our restroom. Wow. So now tell me a little bit. I'm fascinated by the rush room. So you didn't have anything out front for Rush? It was just in the back.


Was that was that like I had a back office that was open all the time. And people knew after a while that they could stand in the doorway there and listen to Rush. And it was fascinating. And I enjoyed them so much. And when we closed the office in 07. Mm hmm.


Almost 20 years I go and letters from my customers thanking me for having a place to come to listen to Rush and knew they were totally welcome and we could talk politics.


So you were in essence, you were a the epicenter of free speech in Silverton, Oregon, for two days now.


I don't know that. But me and my people in there and the first person I called when I heard that Rush had passed away was my brother in law. And I thanked him for turning me on to Rush. He's kind of bedridden now in in North Carolina. But I know he's listening. His name is Fred. So, Fred, this is for you. Well, thank you for calling, Kathy.


That is a wonderful story. And, Fred, I hope you're listening this afternoon.


I just think of, you know, Kathy kind of having a an underground railroad of freedom that went through the front of her store where common sense thinking Americans can go and and listen. I just love that concept of of a rush room 800, a 28, 82.


So when we get back, we're going to play the clip, which I was looking at the wrong length. And I apologize for that. I got the on my clip thing here. I got it messed up, but I love the story and we're going to do it. Coming up, where Rush explains speech class.


I always get a kick out of people, especially someone like Rush Limbaugh, who is the top communicator in radio. And they go to a class that teaches you how to speak and communicate. And and they don't do that well in it. It's kind it's kind of like and again, I so think that President Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh are kindred spirits as far as their approach. They're outsiders. They have a passion for America. They just love America.


They love the flag. They love the military. And but remember, people were always telling President Trump, here's how you have to market.


And then he went and dominated Twitter on his own.


Thank you so much for joining us today on the EIB Network. So in this next soundbite, Rush explains why he did not go to college and he shares this. Hysterical story about being in speech class. This education business. Because I didn't go to college, I was forced to go, never wanted to go, never. I couldn't wait to get out of high school. I'm not telling this story in order to. Have it, have it be.


Inspirational and I'm not I'm not trying to convince people to do what I did, I'm just explaining to you why I have the attitudes and the views about it that I do. It's not for everybody. Problem is that colleges is. Is something in our society that supposedly for everybody, if you don't do it, then you automatically have a mark against you. And you saddle people with that, you give a guilt trip. I mean, you're going to end up people going to go to college, have no business being there simply because they think if they don't, they don't have a prayer.


Now, back in the days of the Great Depression into World War two Korean War, we had a different economy. That probably is where this all gets rooted. And at one time, it no doubt was true, but it isn't the case today, but there's nothing wrong if you want to go to college, if your parents want you to go to a fine and dandy, I'm not doing this to talk anybody out of it.


It's just for me. I knew that I didn't want it. I knew I hated school from age eight or nine, and I know that I'm not common in this.


So, again, I'm not I'm not saying any of this for it to be instructive to others. But I do think it's necessary for you to know how many of you been listening for a long time. You think you know the story. I'm going to add something to this. I've never admitted before. I've never told anybody.


About about why, you know, I know what I wanted to do when I was eight or nine years old and it was an obsession, it wasn't, gee, I think I'd like to I knew when I wanted to do and anything that was not related to helping me do that sooner rather than later get better at it. I had no interest in. And that was most of school, the things in school that I thought I was going to need, i.e.


And that's the thing about college, I mean, I remember in high school, you know, when you got to college, you're an adult where they don't call a role and it's up to you to show up and it's all up to you. If you don't go, it's up to you. Your grades reflected, but nobody's going to babysit you. And I get to college, and it was worse than it was in high school. And the things that we had to take ballroom dance taught by a former drill sergeant in the wax is of course, I just looked at it as a waste of time.


Folks, I I've told you this before. I flunked speech. Speech one on one, I flunked it, I went to every class and I gave every speech. The reason that I flunked well, I actually I came close to flunking, I was given an opportunity to pass the course if I read did one of the four speeches or five speeches I had to do during the semester, there was the interrogative, the declaratory, the informative and entertaining, wildly different speech you had to do.


Well, by then I'd already developed a way that I felt comfortable with public speaking. And it did not involve using notes. It certainly didn't involve outlining. So I show up, I give every speech and I get an F pending. Because I didn't outline any two speeches, I didn't turn any outlines, I just got up and delivered the speeches and it was that that I used as an example.


See, this is this they shouldn't call this speech one on one. They should have called it outlined one on one. And then people said, no, you're missing the point. This is to teach you to follow directions, to accept the parameters of instructions and to execute them, because this is what you're going to find in the world. You go to work for some company and they're going to tell you to do something. You had better do it with the ingredients they ask for or you're going to be in trouble.


I said, yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand that, but I don't work for these people, I'm just trying to get out of here. And I just the speech I did four speeches. They were good speeches. The speeches on their own got good grades. So I got I got a redemption. I got a chance to redo the informative speech. And I forget what my original, informative speech was, but I went to a friend of mine who had taken the course three years before me.


And he told me, you know, I gave a speech on a funeral. Business, I said you gave a speech on the funeral business? Yeah, I gave a speech on the funeral business and how it's a rip off here to rip off their. And so really, I said what he I got to be on it.


So he gave me the stuff, he had kept it, he gave me the stuff that it used to make the speech and I gave that speech and the instructor thought it was one of the greatest things he'd ever heard. Same teacher who had heard the same speech three years earlier. And it was I later came to find out it's a speech that anybody can find in Cliff Notes. About the funeral business and how it's and I found the labor, the reason that it was so appreciated it because what it was was simply an attack.


On what some people think is an unfair business that takes advantage of people's sorrow and guilt, and it turns out that this professor happened to have a personal belief about that industry and the speech didn't care who he who we heard, give it as many times he was going to grade it with at least a B or an A. And after that happened, I said, what am I really learning here? I don't want to learn it. I've got a copy, somebody else I don't want to learn that.


I have to say what the professor wants to hear in order to get out of here. That just went against the grain of everything that that I wanted to do in my life.


Not a conformist. And I don't want to do things others have done. And I don't want to say things others have said. And I don't want to say things in the way others have said it. Now, this is just me and for me. It was not a good place. That's not to say that that's the case for everybody else. I am not suggesting any of you hearing me today don't go to school because of my experiences. I'm just giving you the reasons why I have the attitude about it that I do.


There are nine presidents, but they are from the early days of the country who didn't graduate. Nine presidents who didn't go to college. George Washington. Andrew Jackson. Martin Van Buren. Zachary Taylor. Millard Fillmore. Abraham Lincoln. Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, Harry Truman. Yes, that's true, that's certainly making the point that some businesses, some vocations require a college degree, no question about that. I'm not disputing that. But do what you want, do what you need to do.


I'm just telling you that for me, it was not helpful. It it got in my way.


I was so obsessed. I was I mean, I was so desirous. I knew exactly what I wanted to do.


And when I think back on my life.


And people ask me questions about it, things that related to my success, I never, ever think. Of things that happened when I was in school. That led me to where I am, I don't think of those now, I do have favorite teachers. I have a couple of things. I've cited the great things that happen in junior high and high school on the football team and that sort of thing.


But the experiences that I cite that that helped me get where I am all come from real life. And I didn't consider school real life, I considered it prison, it's where I had to go because of my age, it's what my parents, everybody else decided I had to do to go go there, be there at this particular time of day at this age, because that's what's required. And for me, of course, I did it because I had no choice.


But it was not I mean, I literally felt like I was in prison, if the classroom had windows, it was torture because I looked at the windows and I would see everybody driving around walking at that to me was the essence of freedom.


And I was in lockdown. So anyway, it's not for everybody.


Think about how liberating that segment must have been the first time Rush Limbaugh spoke about it on the EIB Network, liberating to people that may not have ever heard somebody as successful as Rush talk that candidly about the freedom of doing, you know, picking the course you want, but more importantly, that you don't need everything, the news media or whoever tells you. So you obviously you have to develop a skill somehow, somewhere, some way. But think about that.


Here is someone who is heard by millions and millions and millions and millions of people, and he basically and this is why I think so many people in academia.


Well, many lean left, but they have a problem with conservatism for that very reason. Because we don't think we need all the things they tell us we need, like, well, you have to have a degree, you have to be if the government isn't bigger, how are you going to and on and on and on. And I think about I think about three great doctors.


And then we're going to take a break. I think about three great doctors who that are probably in the public psyche.


You've got Dr. Jill Biden. Dr. Bill Gates and Doctor Zhivago and I mean, did any of them go to college? We'll be right back.


By the way, just a quick breaking news update. Andrew Cuomo, Governor Andrew Cuomo is being accused by a former aide of now kissing her forcefully without her consent and suggesting strip poker.


And here we thought that was just part of the interview process with anyway. So now you have an Emmy Award winning author, governor and covid death consultant.


Who's they? They want to impeach him. They want him to resign.


And now he's got this this pesky thing that he's got to defend. Tough day. I mean, he probably wishes he was Chris Cuomo at this point. You're tuned in to The Rush Limbaugh Show. My name is Ken Matthews. And very quickly on my Gabb page, Gabb Dotcom, I moved from Facebook to Gabb. I'm still banned from Facebook. You folks know what I'm talking about?


You start throwing the truth around. You're out on social media.


I got kicked off LinkedIn. Who in the heck gets kicked, kicked, kicked off LinkedIn me. So but I am on Gabb and I am on Poller and I'm, I'm clinging by a thread on Twitter 822, 2082. Leslie in Irvine, California. Leslie, you're on the EIB Network. Hello, America, dittos to Katherine and all of the Rush Limbaugh family and condolences. So I was calling because when you played the clips of Rush talking about college and not wanting to go to college, and it just made me think of all these high school students that that think they need to go and they're suffering through high school with all the peer pressure and all the campus culture.


And then they go off to college and it gets worse. And then all the politics involved. And it just reminded me of just a perverted version of mean girls.


It's just, you know, and something something else. It's heartbreaking.


Now, Leslie, is the the way that the what I like to call the scam Dimmick, the overhyping of covid when it wasn't as bad as the media wanted us to believe, it pretty much gutted education for a year.


So you have all these children from from age six all the way up to young men and women in high school, like you said, and college. And and they don't have any socialization at all.


And I'm not talking about socialism. They're running around in mass. They can't see their friends.


Imagine the seven or eight year old being, in essence, isolated from from humans. What is that? It's horrible. It is high. Yeah, yeah, it's heartbreaking. How does your grandson. Seven, seven, oh, my God, I mean, they're hungry for that. And the other thing that drives me crazy is these little kids, their faces are covered and then the adult faces are covered.


So we are taking such a valuable skill from these children, the ability to read a face, to interpret good or negative, they can't see people smile. They can't get a a laugh of approval. And in our state, you can't hug people.


Oh, it's horrible. But I do want I do want to. Well, thank you, Leslie, I appreciate I do want to thank you for calling. And I know everyone here appreciates this.


And before I run out of time, as we wind this show down, I wanted to mention that and I talked about this at the very top of the hour, the level of graciousness, class professionalism and wisdom that Rush Limbaugh not only brought to the industry, but he brought to the EIB team as he and the other architects built it. And you sense it today. I'm I'm working with Greg and Mike and Ali and crash and the level of graciousness and professionalism.


This is part of who Rush Limbaugh was. And that makes it even more exciting and exceptional to even be near this operation and have this opportunity, because that was expected. There was a level of performance and respect and love of America.


And it's just it runs through the staff.


And that's why when people call it, it has a family feel when you interact with the team or you're interacting like today on the phone.


And this is all because of the power and the influence of Mr. Limbaugh.


So I just I wanted to thank you for listening and being a part of it. And we'll be right back after this.


If your motives are pure and you believe and embrace American values and you understand the brilliance of the Constitution and you recognize the value of all people and you don't need a focus group to make your decision, well, then you're a Rush Limbaugh listener and we are grateful for that.


And be clear. We will continue to bring you the wisdom, the words, the wit. Of Mr. Limbaugh well into the future on the EIB Network and I have to thank you for allowing me to be a part of it and being just as gracious as Mr. Limbaugh always was. And I often say that this is the most informed, intelligent audience in radio because the callers on the Rush Limbaugh Show usually offer better analysis than most news organizations. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they steal some of your quotes when you call in.


This is like nourishment for conservatism. That's what Rush built. That's what he shared. It will continue. It will be in books will be online. It'll be here on the EIB Network. Don't ever forget the number 800 202, 82. God bless you. See you next time.


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